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00:00:02Please, please, please have a seat.
00:00:05Please have a seat.
00:00:07In honor of the first show of the fourth season, tonight our first player will have four $1 million cases in their game.
00:00:19And right now she has absolutely no idea, so let's get right into it and bring out the models.
00:00:24I love this part.
00:00:24Ladies, please.
00:00:51>> They're all wearing the same wigs.
00:00:54This is how they see if i remember their names through the season.
00:00:58Hello, ladies.
00:01:00>> Hi, howie.
00:01:01>> How great is that?
00:01:03Something greater is somebody walking out of here with a huge prize on our first show.
00:01:08Wouldn't that be great?
00:01:10Hopefully it will end up in this lady's bank.
00:01:13Our first contestant, come on out.
00:01:28Kashika blackburn.
00:01:30Tell me something about yourself.
00:01:32I know nothing about you.
00:01:34>> My name is kashika blackburn.
00:01:39My friends call me rere.
00:01:42So you're a singer?
00:01:44>> Yes.
00:01:44>> Is that what you do?
00:01:45>> Yes!
00:01:49And one of my dreams is to be on broadway.
00:01:51>> That's your dream?
00:01:53>> To be on broadway.
00:01:56>> Hopefully you'll walk out with $1 million.
00:01:59>> I had one more thing to say to you.
00:02:01I have an issue with your contestant.
00:02:05They never go all the way.
00:02:07Today we're going to go all the way for the million!
00:02:10>> Here we go.
00:02:10All right.
00:02:13We have 26 lovely ladies holding 26 cases.
00:02:16Each hold a random amount of money.
00:02:18We don't know what's in every case.
00:02:21One case is holding $1 million!
00:02:25All the way down to a penny, right?
00:02:28All you have to do is pick the case with a million in it.
00:02:32You know what I want to try?
00:02:33You told me you're a singer.
00:02:36I want to do something special.
00:02:37Would you like an opportunity to sing on national television?
00:02:41Wouldn't that be great.
00:02:42I happen to have a microphone right here.
00:02:46>> Okay.
00:02:47>> Why don't you take this microphone, and we wrote our own lyrics, a song from a chorus line.
00:02:57We want to hear your voice.
00:02:58Wouldn't that be great?
00:02:59>> I don't know.
00:03:02That would be great, yes.
00:03:05>> Ladies and gentlemen, the song styling of rere.
00:03:08Go ahead.
00:03:14♪♪ One thrilling competition ♪♪
00:03:17♪♪ coming to raise the stakes ♪♪
00:03:21♪♪ one million dollar mission ♪♪
00:03:23♪♪ maybe just what it takes ♪♪
00:03:26♪♪ four cases filled with a million ♪♪
00:03:31♪♪ oh yes it's true ♪♪
00:03:34♪♪ four shots at winning a million ♪♪
00:03:36♪♪ from you know who ♪♪
00:03:39♪♪ one million dollar mission ♪♪
00:03:44♪♪ and you can't forget the rest ♪♪
00:03:47♪♪ this is mission will be second best tonight ♪♪
00:03:52♪♪ yeah ♪♪
00:03:54♪♪ I'm in the million dollar mission ♪♪
00:03:59♪♪ I'm not saving it ♪♪
00:04:02♪♪ I'm the one ♪♪♪♪
00:04:18>> do you realize what you just sang?
00:04:22How many chances do you have?
00:04:23>> Oh, my god.
00:04:25>> You have four $1 million cases.
00:04:35Fo$1 million chances just like that.
00:04:38>> Howie, you're the bomb.
00:04:39>> I know, as you would say.
00:04:41You know how to play.
00:04:42Now all you have to do is have the case with $1 million in it.
00:04:47>> I'm going to choose 18.
00:04:49I'm about to get emotional.
00:04:50>> Go ahead.
00:04:50That's okay.
00:05:03>> Thank you.
00:05:03Thank you.
00:05:09This is my new beginning.
00:05:10>> That is amazing.
00:05:11You know how we find out if the million is in here.
00:05:15Whatever is in those, is not in yours.
00:05:17Start by opening up six cases.
00:05:19You ready to go?
00:05:20>> I'm ready.
00:05:21Number 3.
00:05:22>> Number 3.
00:05:22Lisa, open the case.
00:05:25>> Oh.
00:05:26>> That's okay.
00:05:27That's okay.
00:05:28We still have four $1 million.
00:05:30>> That's right, that's right.
00:05:33>> 16, Lisa, two lisas in a row.
00:05:36Open the case.
00:05:40That's great.
00:05:41Four more.
00:05:42>> 2.
00:05:42>> Number 2.
00:05:47Mariella, open the case.
00:05:50Three more.
00:05:53>> 5.
00:05:53>> Number 5.
00:05:56Open the case.
00:06:00That's it.
00:06:03>> Number 15.
00:06:03>> Number 15.
00:06:07Brook, open the case.
00:06:13One more case.
00:06:14>> 12.
00:06:15>> 12.
00:06:18That's lauren.
00:06:19Open the case.
00:06:28>> The four million are still there.
00:06:35The banker has brand-new digs to be paid for.
00:06:38He wants to buy that case.
00:06:39Here comes your first offer.
00:06:41The first offer of season 4.
00:06:43Let's see what it is.
00:06:50You really think you can go all the way?
00:06:52>> Oh, yeah.
00:06:53You have to.
00:06:54>> You could turn down even this first offer of $71,000?
00:07:01You say no to that, you have to open up five more cases.
00:07:09Koshka blackburn, deal or no deal?
00:07:11>> No deal!
00:07:14>> Four $1 million are still in play when we come back.
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00:11:20" koshka blackburn is here.
00:11:24We are playing our first million-dollar-mission game >>> welcome back.
00:11:29" we're playing our first million dollar mission game of season four honoring that, we have four $1 million cases for you.
00:11:44You did a terrific performance.
00:11:46Should you walk out with $1 million, what are the dreams for you with this money?
00:11:51>> I always had a dream of being on broadway, and I went for many, many castings and auditions and never got the part.
00:11:57They loved my voice, and they would never cast me.
00:12:01I think it's a weight issue.
00:12:02It's reality, and I want to look like them.
00:12:07So he need gillian michaels from biggest loser to come in.
00:12:13She kicks butt.
00:12:15Don't she kick butt?
00:12:17If I won a $1 million to get a person trainer, hopefu jillian.
00:12:30Number 8.
00:12:30>> Open the case.
00:12:38Four more cases.
00:12:39>> Number 10.
00:12:41>> Anya, open the case.
00:12:46>> That's all right.
00:12:47>> That's okay.
00:12:48We sti$1 million cases in play.
00:12:57>> Open the case.
00:13:03>> Two more.
00:13:04>> Two more.
00:13:05Number 20.
00:13:07>> Okay, open your case.
00:13:12>> Sorry.
00:13:13>> Okay.
00:13:13That's all right.
00:13:15>> That is tough.
00:13:17>> It's okay.
00:13:18It's already.
00:13:19>> One more case.
00:13:21>> Let's go with number 4.
00:13:22Let it be low.
00:13:29Yeah clam!
00:13:35You knocked out two $1 million cases, >> hello.
00:13:42You knocked out two $1 million case so you're taking a bit of a dip here.
00:13:50$51,000 Is the new offer.
00:13:53Here we go.
00:14:01How are you?
00:14:02>> I'm good.
00:14:03How are you?
00:14:04>> I'm doing great.
00:14:05>> Who are you?
00:14:07I'M GWEN, AND I'M KOSHK A's MOM.
00:14:16Can I rub it just a minute?
00:14:18>> There you go.
00:14:20>> I've known her since I was in high school.
00:14:24I know that we talked about the whole weight issue, but as far as I'm keshed, howie, she's bountiful beautiful.
00:14:30Isn't that right, you all?
00:14:33>> You are?
00:14:36>> I'm sherman.
00:14:38I'm her best friend from high school.
00:14:39>> Here's the question.
00:14:43$51,000 Is guaranteed.
00:14:45That's there.
00:14:45Just say deal and it's yours.
00:14:47If you say no deal, she has to open up another four cases.
00:14:51Here's the question.
00:14:55Coshka blackburn, deal or no deal?
00:14:58>> That's not enough.
00:14:58No deal!
00:15:01>> Four cases left to open.
00:15:04Four big amounts there.
00:15:05Let's go.
00:15:06>> 17.
00:15:09>> Okay.
00:15:10Open your case.
00:15:12It would be nice to find a penny now, wouldn't it?
00:15:16>> Yes, it would help me out a lot.
00:15:20Pretty close.
00:15:23>> Three cases left.
00:15:24>> I'm going to say 23.
00:15:28>> Open your case, aubrey.
00:15:38>> 22.
00:15:41>> Okay.
00:15:42>> That's crystal.
00:15:43Open your case.
00:15:50>> You have one more to open.
00:15:53$1 Cases still in play.
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00:19:17[ Cheers and applause ] " we are in a million-dollar mission with koshka blackburn.
00:19:26>>> Welcome back to "deal or no " we're in a million dollar mission with koshka blackburn.
00:19:39We start with four $1 million cases.
00:19:41Two cases remain in play.
00:19:43Two $1 million cases remain in play.
00:19:47One more case to open.
00:19:48>> Let's go with number 9.
00:19:51>> Number 9.
00:19:52Open the case.
00:19:57Be the penny!
00:20:03>> That was a good round.
00:20:04>> That was a good round.
00:20:06>> That makes me happy.
00:20:07>> Not so much him.
00:20:09>> We don't care about him.
00:20:10>> Hello.
00:20:13>> All right.
00:20:14>> Right now you have a cash offer of $95,000.
00:20:20That's great.
00:20:23Wait, that is not all.
00:20:24That is not all.
00:20:25This is a one time offer.
00:20:27A one time offer.
00:20:29$95,000 Is the money.
00:20:30>> Yeah.
00:20:31>> Plus something very special.
00:20:33He listened to you.
00:20:34He heard what you said.
00:20:35Something very special coming out of the vault for you right now.
00:20:38>> What is it?
00:20:39>> You'll see.
00:20:49Jillian and bob from "the " >> oh, my god.
00:20:55Oh, my goodness!
00:21:03You look great.
00:21:04You look like you.
00:21:06>> What's the offer?
00:21:08It's $95,000 plus bob and jillian?
00:21:14>> You're only personal library of the biggest loser dvd and books but a rsonal training session with me.
00:21:25>> That's not it.
00:21:27We're going to give you a one-year membership with the biggest loser meal plan for a whole year.
00:21:35>> What?
00:21:36>> And, and a lifetime membership with the biggest loser online club.
00:21:42So the value of everything that he mention is $17,500.
00:21:47So on top of your $95,000 offer, the total offer is $112,500.
00:21:56This is a onetime offer.
00:21:59A onetime offer.
00:22:01You say no deal to this, they go away.
00:22:12Coshka blackburn, deal or no deal?
00:22:15>> No deal.
00:22:16>> No deal.
00:22:17>> No deal.
00:22:31>> No deal!
00:22:37>> Bob and jillian from "the " let's hear it for them.
00:22:48>> That was a lot to give up.
00:22:49>> That is a lot to give up.
00:22:51>> I can be thin.
00:22:55>> Yes.
00:22:57Heidi, open your case.
00:23:00>> Give me the penny.
00:23:01That's right, that's right.
00:23:05That's good.
00:23:06>> Come on over here.
00:23:07>> What are you all thinking?
00:23:09What case do you want?
00:23:10We're going to go with number 6.
00:23:15>> Megan.
00:23:17Open your case.
00:23:19She's looking for the penny.
00:23:22>> Please.
00:23:27>> Only one $1 million remains, and one more case to open.
00:23:31This is very dangerous.
00:23:32I need you to think about this number.
00:23:35I need you to stay a way from the $1 million remaining case.
00:23:40I'll let you choose that case and find out if you can keep the $1 million in play when we come back.
00:23:46>> Coming up, the banker reveals a surprise twist, but she has to play until the very end.
00:23:53>> That's a priceless opportunity.
00:23:55Deal or no deal?
00:23:56>> The drama escalates as we get down to just one cases and one holding the million.
00:24:01>> $530,000.
00:24:04>> If she turns down every offer, will the banker reveal her dreams.
00:24:14>> I could be the first millionaire on deal or no deal when we come back.
00:24:18Stay with us.
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00:27:37Welcome back to "deal or no deal," season 4.
00:27:41Koshka blackburn, million-dollar mission.
00:27:45We started with four $1 million cases.
00:27:46>>> Welcome back to "deal or no " the million dollar mission.
00:27:51We started with four $1 million cases.
00:27:55We're down to one $1 million case.
00:27:57That's the good news.
00:27:58>> That's what you thought you were going to have today, was one.
00:28:01>> That's right.
00:28:02>> You have one more case to open in this round.
00:28:04You have to stay away from that $1 million.
00:28:08>> Okay.
00:28:08>> Okay?
00:28:09>> Yes.
00:28:10>> Anything but that.
00:28:11>> Anything but that.
00:28:14>> You can go wherever you want.
00:28:19>> I'm going to choose number 1.
00:28:23Number 1.
00:28:26>> Claudia, open your case.
00:28:33>> Okay.
00:28:34That's not too bad.
00:28:36>> The thing is you have a big space between the $1 million and $200,000, which is the next one remaining.
00:28:45Keep in mind we're talking about it bothers you when people don't go all the way, because you could have the $1 million case here.
00:28:53Now it's getting tougher to turn down these offers.
00:28:56>> Yes.
00:28:57>> You ready?
00:28:58>> I'm ready.
00:29:00>> Okay.
00:29:00Here we go.
00:29:04>> That doesn't sound good.
00:29:07>> Ia bit of a challenge here.
00:29:10$66,000 Is the offer.
00:29:12Wait, wait, wait.
00:29:14If you say no to that, you have to open up two more cases.
00:29:17The $1 million case is still in play.
00:29:21He knows that.
00:29:22You have said it bothers you immensely when you watch the show when people end up with $1 million in their case.
00:29:30I think more than 17 have had $1 million in their cases and didn't go all the way.
00:29:36>> 18.
00:29:37>> Me!
00:29:38>> If you go all the way and turn down this offer and every following offer, he wants to show you what he would give you for going all the way.
00:29:46You want to see it?
00:29:47>> Yeah.
00:29:47>> Okay.
00:29:48Watch this.
00:29:50This is famed broadway casting director for hair spray the musical bernie telsey on broadway.
00:29:59Look at this.
00:30:00You want to talk to bernie, or should I tell her?
00:30:04>> I'll tell her, I'll tell her.
00:30:06>> You're doing so good.
00:30:08If you play all the way to the end, I mean all the way, because we love the way you look, here's what we're going to do.
00:30:15We're going to give you a trip to new york and we're going to give you a private audition for me for an upcoming broadway musical and to top it off -- there's more.
00:30:28We're already going to give you a walk-on role on "hair spray" on broadway!
00:30:41>> Thank you very much.
00:30:43A private audition and a walk-on " the cash value of that is $7,000, but that's a priceless opportunity.
00:30:54>> It is.
00:30:55>> Okay.
00:30:57He said you're going to have to turn down all the offers that come your way.
00:31:04Deal or no deal?
00:31:10Right now "$66,000 is guaranteed.
00:31:19>> This is your dream.
00:31:20I say no deal, coshka.
00:31:26>> Okay.
00:31:27>> Broadway, here I come!
00:31:29No deal!
00:31:41>> Two more cases.
00:31:43>> Okay.
00:31:43>> Two more cases.
00:31:45>> We're going to go with number 13.
00:31:48>> Lucky layla.
00:31:51Open your case, layla.
00:31:56>> Whoo!
00:32:09>> All right.
00:32:09End of the road.
00:32:10Go ahead, girl.
00:32:11>> One more case.
00:32:12>> You know that one case is holding a penny, you know one case is holding a million.
00:32:19>> Mine holds a million.
00:32:22New beginnings.
00:32:24>> You could hold a penny, too.
00:32:26You have to think about that.
00:32:29Find the penny now.
00:32:30>> I'm going to find the penny.
00:32:35>> Is she holding the penny or holding the million.
00:32:40You're going to find out when we come back.
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00:35:43[ Cheers and applause ] what a night.
00:35:50" koshka blackburn, what a night.
00:35:54What a night.
00:35:55>> Welcome back.
00:35:57Welcome back to "deal or no " what a night.
00:36:01If you're just joining us, you came out here and got to really audition for america.
00:36:06Your dream is to be a broadway singer, but not only that, the banker -- >> I know.
00:36:11You're fabulous!
00:36:12>> Has challenged you to go all the way.
00:36:16This was your idea because it bothers you.
00:36:19If you just join us, you know what the offer is.
00:36:22If you go all the way you get a flight to new york city, an audition with a director -- bernard talfey and a prooit audition and a walk-on role on broadway.
00:36:39>> That is the chance of a lifetime.
00:36:41It is, it is.
00:36:42>> So is a million dollars.
00:36:44>> We have one more case to open.
00:36:48You chose tamika, 21.
00:36:53>> I think she means open the case.
00:36:56>> Okay.
00:36:57>> One penny.
00:37:00>> So lateda!
00:37:05>> Oh, yeah!
00:37:07What do you think about that?
00:37:09>> He's about to tell you what he thinks about that.
00:37:12It's pretty amazing.
00:37:15You're now moving into one case at a time should you decide to go on.
00:37:21All right.
00:37:23Here's what he thinks of that.
00:37:26You have a six-figure option.
00:37:34That's the offer.
00:37:56If you take the deal you give up that shot at broadway.
00:37:59That's just a chance.
00:38:00This is a guarantee.
00:38:03But the million dollars is still there.
00:38:05What do you think, mom?
00:38:06>> We've had financial hardships before, and I'm looking at that $101,000.
00:38:12I'm looking at that $1 million, and I'm looking a chance for an audition, just a chance for an a audition.
00:38:23I say, go all the way!
00:38:25I can't believe I just said that.
00:38:31>> No deal!
00:38:32>> You know what?
00:38:35You have to turn them down in order.
00:38:38It's not only this offer.
00:38:41You have to turn down absolutely every offer you get.
00:38:46>> A win-win.
00:38:48No deal.
00:38:48No deal.
00:38:53>> Listen to me.
00:38:55This is your chance.
00:38:56It's a win-win situation.
00:38:57No deal.
00:39:03>> Deal or no deal?
00:39:14>> No deal!
00:39:15>> You're one step closer to your broadway dreams.
00:39:19Every time you say no deal, you're one step closer to broad way.
00:39:24>> We're going to go to go with 25.
00:39:31>> I didn't realize you.
00:39:36>> Haley, open the case.
00:39:38>> One penny, one penny.
00:39:42Oh, god.
00:39:43Let it be a penny.
00:39:45>> You're one step closer.
00:39:52>> A big offer is coming your way when we come back.
00:39:55Because koshka has a special surprise visitor.
00:39:58This is Aretha. Hi, Koshka.
00:40:00Announcer: And she has some advice for the banker.
00:40:02Tell the bankerto show her some...
00:40:05>> Stay tuned.
00:40:06She has a surprise visitor, and she has advice for the banker.
00:40:10Tell the banker to show her some r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
00:40:18It comes down to two cases and one case holding the million.
00:40:22If she can turn down every offer yushgs broadway dreams are going to come through.
00:40:29>> I could be a fast millionaire on "deal or no deal," when we come back.
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00:43:37Ck tockto "deal or no deal," where dreams -- dreams -- are gonna come true tonight, or can come true.
00:43:45Koshka blackburn, you are here.
00:43:47You told us from the moment you walked out -- you sung yourself to this million-dollar ..
00:43:52Yes, I did.
00:43:53>>> Welcome back to "deal or no " you said you sung yourself to this million dollar mission, which is your dream to be a singer on broadway.
00:44:02Your dream was to go all the way from 1 toll doll million.
00:44:05Most of those dreams are still very much alive.
00:44:07The $1 million remains and you believe it's here.
00:44:10>> I believe it.
00:44:14>> One of the catalysts is the banker encouraged you to go all the way.
00:44:19You'll be on broad way, right, in hair spray.
00:44:23A walk-on role and you will be on broadway.
00:44:28Wouldn't it be great to have both those things come true, $1 million and on broad way?
00:44:33It could happen here.
00:44:38You're about to get another offer.
00:44:41You have to turn this down and keep going.
00:44:43That's the tough part.
00:44:44You don't have to turn it down, but to get that final offer, you have to.
00:44:48Here's the next offer.
00:44:59>> You believe in this case, though?
00:45:01>> I sure do.
00:45:02Here's to new gings.
00:45:04>> Here's the new offer.
00:45:14It's a guarantee.
00:45:15>> You always put other people ahead of you.
00:45:18You know that.
00:45:19You have to think about what you want to do.
00:45:23You also say that was awe goal.
00:45:29>> Snad to that broad way, I say no deal, baby.
00:45:33Listen to my mouth.
00:45:34Listen to your mom.
00:45:38That's a lot of money.
00:45:40That's more than what I make and probably everyone in this audience.
00:45:43>> That could be a few years.
00:45:46Last look.
00:45:47Deal or no deal.
00:45:52>>> No deal.
00:45:53Go all the way.
00:46:01I believe that I'm going to go on broadway and we're going to take this all the here.
00:46:12>> All right.
00:46:14One more case.
00:46:16>> Let's look for the penny in number 7.
00:46:267 Is supposed to be good luck.
00:46:28>> Oh, a penny.
00:46:39>> Okay.
00:46:42>> Not good.
00:46:44Safety net is gone.
00:46:45>> If you knock out the million dollars next times most you can win is $10,000.
00:46:57>> He's got the millionaire.
00:47:01What's this?
00:47:01I got -- this is so weird.
00:47:03>> Did he hang on up?
00:47:06>> I got like tha a beep.
00:47:08>> Call waiting?
00:47:09>> Hello.
00:47:10Who is this?
00:47:11>> Yeah, who is it.
00:47:14No, really?
00:47:16Oh, my god.
00:47:17I cannot believe -- did I put you on speakerphone.
00:47:24>> High howie.
00:47:26Do you rise the voice?
00:47:28>> This is aretha.
00:47:32How are you?
00:47:33>> It's aretha franklin.
00:47:36>> What's going on?
00:47:41>> No, it isn't.
00:47:46>> Hi.
00:47:47>> Do you know my name?
00:47:48>> Yes, I do.
00:47:50>> Koshuk.
00:47:53>> Oh.
00:47:56Aretha franklin knows my name!
00:47:57She knows my name.
00:48:01The offer is -- aretha listen to the offer, too.
00:48:08One case to open.
00:48:11So do you have a message for the banker?
00:48:13>> The banker to show her some r-e-s-p-e-c-t.
00:48:23Thank you, aretha.
00:48:24Let's hear it for aretha franklin.
00:48:30Deal or no deal?
00:48:37Not off the million, the most you walk out of here is $1,000 and if go all the way or a shottal -- >> I just go through aretha frank lynn.
00:48:52I'm goings to for aretha franklin and broadway, no deal.
00:49:01This is phenomenal.
00:49:05I have to pick another case.
00:49:06I'm go with 26.
00:49:15Come on.
00:49:18She's mocking me.
00:49:27I got it, I got it.
00:49:30That's it.
00:49:31>> Hell lee.
00:49:36You ready?
00:49:37>> Yeah.
00:49:39>> $286,000.
00:49:46A quarter of a million ondollars.
00:49:50What if he's possible you understand end up with a $1,000 and stars on broad way.
00:50:00>> Girl, look at that board.
00:50:02>> Keep going.
00:50:03>> It's a win mif win situation.
00:50:06Even if you don't get any money of meeting on broadway.
00:50:15That's a dream.
00:50:17You said you don't like it when people tonight go all the way.
00:50:24>> No deal!
00:50:25>> No deal.
00:50:31>> Deal or no deal?
00:50:46>> No deal!
00:50:48Koshka: Whoo.
00:50:50One case.
00:50:51Oh, no. we're gonna go with number 24.
00:50:53>> What did I just do.
00:50:59Oh, no.
00:51:00We're going to go with number 24.
00:51:11>> Open the case.
00:51:24One penny.
00:51:25One penny!
00:51:26Oh, oh, oh!
00:51:51>> If you turn this down the guarantee is you go to broad way and get the walk-on and the audition.
00:51:57The other guarantee is if you take it, you're a rich young lady.
00:52:02This is your final offer.
00:52:19Don't get freaky.
00:52:20Don't get freaky.
00:52:29>> It's in the case.
00:52:31It's in the case.
00:52:36>> The last time I posed this question to you.
00:52:40Deal or no deal?
00:52:59>> I want to purchase a house for my mother and father and pay all my bills, but I wrote a check for myself f$1 million and I believe it's here.
00:53:13I don't know what to do.
00:53:15I just don't know.
00:53:18I know it's here.
00:53:18I know it's here.
00:53:21>> We need your decision.
00:53:26>> Howie, the contestants never go all the way.
00:53:33And I'm crazy.
00:53:36I'm too crazy.
00:53:38But I believe if you speak it, it shall be done, so I'm going to say no deal!
00:53:57>> Okay.
00:53:59Here's another question.
00:54:01There's no more oftens.
00:54:04Do you want to swap cases.
00:54:08>> Not to me.
00:54:10For the four seasons.
00:54:16I believe it.
00:54:18I believe it.
00:54:19Sow, howie, we won't say what we were talking about.
00:54:23>> You want to keep your case?
00:54:24>> Yes, yes.
00:54:26>> Do we have the first millionaire on deal on no deal?
00:54:35>> Okay.
00:54:36There are two cases left in play.
00:54:38One is worth $5,000 and one worth $1 million.
00:54:44Your case here is worth $5,000.
00:54:52>> That's all right.
00:54:53>> I'm sorry.
00:54:54Katie, open your case.
00:54:56You know what it you played it all the way.
00:54:58Your dreams are coming true.
00:55:00You're going to broadway, and you know something?
00:55:06You're going places.
00:55:08Thank you so much for being here.
00:55:11Good luck.
00:55:11Thank you, aretha franklin and jillian and bob and the broadway cassing director.
00:55:21The million dollar continuing here.
00:55:27That's on deal or no deal.
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