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00:00:01When you arrive in waterfall city everything will be explained just as soon as you register.
00:00:09We don't want to register for anything.
00:00:11We just want to get home.
00:00:12I imagine that's so.
00:00:16This way.
00:00:38this is the bus?
00:00:39He's a brach.
00:00:41We'll be traveling with him across the rainy basin.
00:00:43(David) WHAT'S THAT FOR? (Marion) ARMOR.
00:00:45That's to stop him from getting killed.
00:00:50He says he much appreciates the protection.
00:00:54The bus is secure.
00:00:55We will be leaving in five minutes.
00:00:57Waterfall city direct.
00:01:02(man #1) TICKET, PLEASE.
00:01:06Room at the back.
00:01:07(man #2) EXCUSE ME.
00:01:10He won't eat us, will he?
00:01:11Brachs are plant eaters.
00:01:55(Marion) TO GET TO WATERFALL CITY WE HAVE To cross the rainy basin.
00:01:59It's the domain of the carnivores.
00:02:02We only cross when it's absolutely essential, and then only in convoy.
00:02:06.. we carry extra food to appease them.
00:02:10Appease them?
00:02:12The carnivores aren't evil.
00:02:13They're just hungry by nature.
00:02:21So, do you have any weapons?
00:02:23We won't fight the carnivores.
00:02:25He means if they attack us.
00:02:28I understand.
00:02:29Dinotopians don't carry weapons.
00:02:32Weapons are enemies, even to their owners.
00:02:35Third code of dinotopia.
00:02:37Wait a minute.
00:02:38You have a law that says you can't defend yourself?
00:02:39There are ways to defend yourself without using weapons.
00:02:42And besides, it's only one in five convoys that are attacked.
00:02:47.. good.
00:02:51Now just complete this hideous picture for us.
00:02:54Exactly what kind of dinosaurs are we likely to encounter?
00:02:59Tyrannosaurus rex, of course.
00:03:02Of course.
00:03:05Of course.
00:03:18(David) WHAT'S HAPPENING?
00:03:19Why are we stopping?
00:03:20(Marion) THE BRACHS... SOMETHING'S SCARING Them.
00:03:27(David) WHERE IS HE GOING?
00:03:30What is it?
00:03:58These droppings are fresh.
00:03:59.. there are hundreds of them.
00:04:03I've never seen anything like it.
00:04:06Dinosaurs never hunt in herds.
00:04:08(man) THESE ONES DID.
00:04:15(Marion) THERE'S A SMALL OUTPOST AT THE EDGE Of the forrest.
00:04:17We've got to make sure they're safe.
00:04:19Come on.
00:04:26(thunder clapping) (Marion) WHAT'S HAPPENED HERE?
00:04:51Where is everybody?
00:05:10(David) WHAT IS IT?
00:05:12The sunstone has failed.
00:05:15What's a sunstone?
00:05:17It's our source of power.
00:05:19It keeps the outpost in second and safe.
00:05:23This one's dead.
00:05:25What happened to it?
00:05:42What's going on?
00:05:47Must've been the thunder.
00:05:48We should get back to the brachs.
00:05:50We can't.
00:05:51The next outpost is more than five hours away.
00:05:54The brachs will never carry us through the storm.
00:06:01Then we'll have to find shelter here.
00:06:42(David) THAT'D BE GREAT.
00:06:44Yeah, I'm starving.
00:06:45Any chance of a steak?
00:06:47A burger or some chicken?
00:06:51You want a bird to eat?
00:06:53We eat only fruit and vegetables in dinotopia.
00:06:57And you, do you eat meat as well?
00:07:00Uh, me?
00:07:02No, no.
00:07:03I'm a very strict vegetarian.
00:07:05Why, thank you.
00:07:07Oh, it's bitter.
00:07:09You're supposed to peel it first.
00:07:13I see you haven't lost your touch, karl.
00:07:21Has he always been that way?
00:07:23(David) YEAH, I GUESS SO.
00:07:25I've never spent this much time alone with him before.
00:07:28You're brothers but you don't live together?
00:07:31.. no, we hardly see each other at all.
00:07:34We have different mothers.
00:07:38See, my father, he led a very active social life.
00:07:42We were born just a few months apart, but we didn't grow up together.
00:07:49We're not exactly best friends.
00:07:54I'm sorry about your father, david.
00:07:58Thank you.
00:08:00(roaring) Did you hear that?
00:08:09They're harmless.
00:08:10Creatures of the rainy basin.
00:08:13Well, something's making them panic.
00:08:15Something's making me panic.
00:08:58.. what is it now?
00:09:01I swear I heard something.
00:09:03It's like a rumble coming through the floor.
00:09:06Just go back to bed.
00:09:22Let's check it out.
00:09:31Can you see anything?
00:09:35.. nothing but jungle out there.
00:09:41.. well, I thought...
00:09:46You thought a t-rex was coming to get you.
00:09:57.. run!
00:10:08.. quick!
00:10:35Keep going!
00:10:49(Marion) OW!
00:11:03You okay?
00:11:17.. there's skybax.
00:11:20He came to help us.
00:12:02I am oonu, squadron leader, skybax corps.
00:12:06I think you just saved our lives.
00:12:07Yes, this time you were lucky.
00:12:10I'm going to recommend this bus service be suspended until further notice.
00:12:15We cannot guarantee the safety of the passengers.
00:12:17And you, stop.
00:12:19No one but a rider ever approaches a skybax.
00:12:22These are not tame birds.
00:12:25If you value your life, stay back.
00:12:29I will provide you with an airborne escort for the rest of your journey.
00:12:33What happened to everybody here?
00:12:35We rescued the rest of the staff earlier.
00:12:37We flew them out before the storms came in.
00:12:39But three people and their triceratops patrol are still missing.
00:12:43As yet, we've had no sightings.
00:12:46I fear they are dead.
00:12:49Okay, let's go.
00:12:51.. follow us.
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00:16:44see counselor.
00:16:45.. a matchstick.
00:16:47And she's obviously never dieted, or ever eaten anything.
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00:18:22(Marion) WE DON'T APPROVE OF VIOLENCE IN Dinotopia.
00:18:25Even when it saves your life?
00:18:27That t-rex almost killed us back there.
00:18:29Our lives are no more precious than that of the tyrannosaurus.
00:18:32Come on, marion, eat or be eaten, kill or be killed.
00:18:35That's the law of the jungle.
00:18:36We're human beings and that means we're at the top of the food chain.
00:18:41We are recent guests on this planet.
00:18:43The dinosaurs have been here for 160 million years.
00:18:46Mammals like us are only living.
00:18:48Look, I like my dog back at home ..
00:18:50Know what I'm saying?
00:18:51 well, yeah, you bet I do.
00:18:54BUT YOU'RE NOT. (David) KARL FEELS SUPERIOR To everything.
00:18:56(Karl) IF DINOSAURS ARE SO SMART, THEN HOW Come they're doing all the manual labor?
00:19:00Dinosaurs take pride in their strength.
00:19:01Well, they're still carrying us around on their backs.
00:19:04There's many things you can learn from a brachiosaurus.
00:19:07.. like what?
00:19:09Like humility.
00:19:46I've never seen anything like it.
00:19:54(David) IT'S A BEAUTIFUL CITY.
00:19:55It's like something out of a fairy tale.
00:20:00Marion, your world map's a little bit off.
00:20:04America isn't joined to europe.
00:20:07At the beginning of the triassic period, all the continents were joined together in one huge super continent called pangaea.
00:20:13I'm surprised you didn't know that, david.
00:20:32(Marion) THERE HAVEN'T BEEN NEWCOMERS IN Many years.
00:20:35You're celebrities.
00:21:05The mayor of waterfall city is coming to greet you.
00:21:16This is the palace.
00:21:42who's that guy?
00:21:42He looks like a clown with all those robes on.
00:21:45Hello, father.
00:21:48I heard about the tyrannosaurs attack.
00:21:50I've been so worried. I'm fine.
00:21:52There's nothing to be frightened of.
00:21:54But I would like to address the senate on what I saw.
00:21:56Oh, yes, plenty of time for that.
00:21:58.. quarter to nine by the time the speeches have dragged on.
00:22:06Now, on behalf of the people of dinotopia, i, waldo seville, the 207th mayor of waterfall city and speaker of the dinotopian senate, extend to you our warmest welcome and hospitality.
00:22:20(applause) Excuse me, mr. mayor?
00:22:26Our plane crashed into the sea.
00:22:27David and i, we escaped, but our father was trapped in it.
00:22:31What we need is a search party.
00:22:32.. uh, the senate awaits you and we will address all your concerns.
00:22:41(Waldo) RECORDED ON THIS SCROLL YOU CAN SEE The names of those shipwrecked souls whom destiny has delivered to our land.
00:22:48They number thousands, from all corners of the earth, from every century.
00:22:54Those poor unfortunates, cast away on the winds of misfortune only to find a better life, a life of harmony and fulfillment here on the shores of dinotopia, and we are their descendants.
00:23:12(applause) Please, please do sign.
00:23:45Welcome to waterfall city, david scott.
00:23:49(applause) And a very warm welcome to you too, karl scott.
00:23:56(applause) We would like to formally accept you into the waterfall city academy where you will, after training, be given the chance to become full dinotopian citizens and to find your saurian life partner.
00:24:15You mean one of those scalies?
00:24:17We don't use that ugly term here, but yes, you will be paired with a dinosaur.
00:24:23There's a ceremony and we take a vow.
00:24:26It's like a marriage.
00:24:27Well, thank you for the offer but we have to get home.
00:24:30Our dad's still out there.
00:24:32There's no way we can stay here.
00:24:33We understand that you both must be upset, but many dinotopians have lost their friends and families in the shipwrecks that brought them here, but I'm afraid your past life is gone.
00:24:42This must be a big shock to you, but when you understand the truly wonderful life we have here-- marion, we have to get off this island.
00:24:49I'm afraid that's impossible.
00:24:52Over the centuries, a few have tried but they've all perished on the razor reef.
00:24:56.. how do you know no one's ever made it?
00:24:59Had you ever heard of dinotopia before you arrived?
00:25:03No. exactly.
00:25:04Now, you can't imagine how exciting this is for us.
00:25:08You're the first new arrivals for many a long time, and we are all waiting to hear of the changes in your world.
00:25:13Come along, come along.
00:25:16Our last off worldo was shipwrecked in 1944.
00:25:19So, what has been the principle changes in your society since then?
00:25:27Oh, yes, yeah.
00:25:28Are you still at war with the germans?
00:25:30No, no, we won that one.
00:25:32Oh, well done.
00:25:33So, you'll tell us about the significant historical events that have followed.
00:25:38Uh, significant events.
00:25:41Let's see.
00:25:42There was the war in vietnam.
00:25:44And, uh, watergate.
00:25:46Uh, the gulf war.
00:25:47.. and that's when they knocked down the berlin wall.
00:25:50They knocked down a wall? right.
00:25:52Was there something wrong with it?
00:25:53Um, that's-that's a little hard to explain.
00:25:59.. uh, oh, the space program.
00:26:01.. that's when neil armstrong walked on the moon.
00:26:04Technology is very advanced these days.
00:26:07We all have mobile phones and dvds and laptops.
00:26:09Everybody's on the internet.
00:26:11.. i-i think we're all a little confused.
00:26:13I thought you said that someone walked on the moon.
00:26:16(laughing) The most significant event in my history is falling out of the sky and watching my father swept away to drown.
00:26:30Welcome to dinotopia.
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00:32:19(David) IT'S JUST INCREDIBLE, ISN'T IT? (Marion) You'll get used to it.
00:32:23I'm not so sure.
00:32:24I don't understand how a place this big hasn't been found before and isn't on any maps.
00:32:29(Marion) IS THAT SO SURPRISING?
00:32:31What do you mean?
00:32:32(Marion) ARE THERE NO MYSTERIES LEFT OUT There where you came from?
00:32:35(David) WELL, NO, THERE'S A LOT OF THINGS We don't know about in our world.
00:32:40This is the ancient library of dinotopia.
00:32:43(David) THIS IS YOUR LIBRARY?
00:32:45It must be centuries old.
00:32:48Look at all these scrolls.
00:32:52I'd love to read some of them.
00:32:54You might find that a little bit difficult, seeing as they aren't written in english.
00:33:00What's he doing? dinosaurs hate turning pages.
00:33:03They do their best thinking when their feet are moving.
00:33:06(speaking foreign language) Gosh, I'm sorry.
00:33:25.. it's perfectly all right.
00:33:27 this dinosaur can talk!
00:33:33(speaking foreign language) (speaking foreign language) MADAM MARION.
00:33:35David and karl scott, right?
00:33:37Uh, and yes, I can speak english and french.
00:33:40Bonjour, mon ami.
00:33:44I can understand 17 major human and saurian languages and imitate many natural sounds.
00:33:50I was top of my class.
00:33:51So, how many dinosaurs can talk?
00:33:53.. all of them.
00:33:55But very few learn to speak english properly, how exciting to meet you.
00:33:59You know, i-i just love mammals.
00:34:01I have to leave you now.
00:34:03I'm going to speak to the senate.
00:34:04Goodbye. well, wait a minute.
00:34:07Where are we supposed to go?
00:34:08Where are we gonna sleep?
00:34:09.. I thought you'd been told.
00:34:11Zippo has kindly agreed to give you temporary accommodation in his house.
00:34:16Yes. goodbye.
00:34:18You mean we're staying with a di-- a librarian.
00:34:23Right, librarian.
00:34:24.. hmm.
00:34:34This is-this is delicious.
00:34:38Your fork, karl.
00:34:39You're, uh, very kind to put us up, zippo.
00:34:39Oh, no, not at all.
00:34:41I find you a very interesting species.
00:34:43I just love the way you jump about, very quick reactions, and the way you eat with your little knife and fork, cutting up all the food first.
00:34:50I mean, it's so funny.
00:34:52So, do you have a-a human partner?
00:34:55I was partner to sylvia the hatchery, but I've never sought another after my soul mate's death.
00:35:01.. how'd you score a babe like that?
00:35:09.. huh.
00:35:12It's a spiritual union I don't think you quite understand yet.
00:35:18No, I'll never meet another like her.
00:35:27(speaking foreign language) Food's getting cold, darling.
00:35:35I thought you spoke beautifully to the senate.
00:35:38I couldn't believe my little girl looked so grown up.
00:35:43Today was very interesting, but the next meeting's not scheduled for another month.
00:35:47Oh, the dinotopian way is the reasoned way.
00:35:51A good mind is a calm mind.
00:35:53(speaking foreign language) Father, this isn't the first time the sunstone has failed, and I've never seen tyrannosaurus running in herds.
00:36:07Perhaps the outer settlements are being attacked because the sunstones are failing.
00:36:13That's, uh, an intriguing idea.
00:36:15I shall send out skybax patrols to confirm the reports before the next meeting.
00:36:25Very cool.
00:36:26We are in the nut house.
00:36:27Yeah, I know, but what a place.
00:36:30I mean, it's just incredible.
00:36:33And all that talk about partners, doesn't that seem a little creepy?
00:36:36I mean, we're talking about lizards here.
00:36:39I mean, this is-this is some kind of utopia where everyone lives in harmony.
00:36:43Yeah, well, there's no way I'm gonna ever be walking around with a lizard girlfriend.
00:36:47As for studying at saurian, whatever that is, you can forget it.
00:36:50Why do you always turn against everything before we've even started?
00:36:53What's the point when we're going home anyway?
00:36:56.. and how are we gonna do that?
00:36:58I mean, you saw what the razor reef did to our plane, right?
00:37:00You know, the more I listen to you, the more I think you want to stay here.
00:37:02Of course I want to go home, but we don't know how to right now, so all I'm saying is we should try and make the best of it.
00:37:08.. i-i can't believe it!
00:37:12Think about it, karl.
00:37:12Don't you see that something absolutely amazing has happened to us?
00:37:15No, I think watching dad die has kind of ruined it for me.
00:37:17You know I didn't mean that.
00:37:21Well, I think I know what dad would say.
00:37:24He'd say this was a great adventure and we should be exploring and seeing things that no one's ever seen before.
00:37:30Maybe we should stay, just for a little while, see what life is like here.
00:37:36Maybe that's because you don't have a life back home.
00:37:38Well, I do, and I want it back.
00:38:10Uh, before your grandmother ariana died, she gave me this.
00:38:16She said it wasn't to be passed to you until after your 18th birthday.
00:38:22What is it? open it.
00:38:28What does it say?
00:38:30" uh-huh.
00:38:41The sunstone.
00:38:44This was her greatest treasure.
00:38:47The explorer arthur dennison found it and gave it to her at least 100 years ago.
00:38:56It's almost perfect.
00:38:58Apart from the prime sunstone, I've never seen its equal.
00:39:02Ariana knew you were special, even as a baby.
00:39:06Marion, I would like you to lead the sunstone parade next week.
00:39:10Oh, father, that would be the greatest honor.
00:39:17I tell you, my dear, there is nothing could make a father prouder.
00:39:21She's very nice to look at, isn't she?
00:39:23Don't let the mayor catch you staring at her like that.
00:39:27He'll run you out of town.
00:39:29He's not for the likes of us ordinary people.
00:39:32I was just, uh, having a look around.
00:39:34Of course you were.
00:39:35Who wouldn't on a wonderful night like this?
00:39:38Oh, karl, I hope you don't mind me saying but, uh, that brother of yours, a bit of an odd sort, isn't he?
00:39:44Oh, we're only half brothers.
00:39:46We've never really been that close.
00:39:53I'm sorry that your father's gone.
00:39:58So am i.
00:39:58I'll be saying a little prayer for him tonight, if that's all right with you.
00:40:05Why don't you call on me at the shop sometime?
00:40:07Whenever you get tired of the scalies trying to change you.
00:46:05breathe deep.
00:46:06Seek peace.
00:46:08I can't believe you just said that.
00:46:10.. you're giving me the creeps.
00:46:13.. it's agree day.
00:46:15(Zippo) OTHERS FIRST, SELF LAST.
00:46:18Others first, self last.
00:46:20Do one thing at a time.
00:46:22Do one thing at a time.
00:46:25Ah, ah!
00:46:25Here are your two new classmates, david and karl.
00:46:28Breath deep, david and karl.
00:46:31Seek peace. no way.
00:46:33.. this school is for little children.
00:46:35 uh, oh, yes, it's a beginner's class.
00:46:40Forget about it, zippo.
00:46:41(Zippo) NO, NO, WELL, I THOUGHT YOU'D BE Delighted.
00:46:43The visiting tutor in this class is your traveling companion marion.
00:46:47This term we will be studying saurian.
00:46:50At the end of the term you will sit in examination and write your answers in footprint language.
00:46:55Now, who can tell me the first code of dinotopia?
00:47:00One raindrop raises the sea.
00:47:03Very good.
00:47:04I will now read to you all the codes of dinotopia.
00:47:09.. one raindrop raises the sea.
00:47:12.. survival of all or none.
00:47:16.. weapons are enemies, even to their owners.
00:47:20.. give more, take less.
00:47:23.. others first, self last.
00:47:26.. observe, listen and learn.
00:47:30.. do one thing...
00:47:35Karl, that is unnecessary destruction of ..
00:47:40...And that is not how stegosauruses reproduce.
00:47:43(laughing) .. sing every day.
00:47:48.. exercise imagination.
00:47:52.. eat to live, don't live to eat.
00:47:56Now, who knows where we would find all the codes of dinotopia written down?
00:48:01Pick me, pick me, pick me!
00:48:03In fountain square.
00:48:05Very good, david.
00:48:08I read it in zippo's city guide.
00:48:09(Marion) AND A VERY SPECIAL SIGNIFICANCE To all dinotopians.
00:48:13Ancient legend tells how it was brought up from the world beneath tens of thousands of years ago.
00:48:21It's a mythical place where dinosaurs were said to have found sanctuary at the dawn of time.
00:48:26.. give more, take less.
00:48:30Very good.
00:48:31You can see down near the bottom here that the very last code is missing.
00:48:35All that can be made out are the first three letters, f-i-n.
00:48:40Nobody knows what the 11th code is.
00:48:42Anyone like to guess what the 11th code might be?
00:48:45Find a way out of here. shh.
00:48:46Did you say something, karl? yeah.
00:48:48.. do I need a pass?
00:48:50.. but tonight's homework will be on the codes.
00:48:56Forget it.
00:49:16karl, shouldn't you be at school?
00:49:20No, I quit.
00:49:22Oh, dear.
00:49:23Perhaps there's something else you'd like to do?
00:49:27.. there must be something you like to do.
00:49:32.. that's library property.
00:49:42That's not how we read scrolls.
00:49:45.. no, zippo, it's a game.
00:49:47.. oh, can I play?
00:49:52Okay, we're ready.
00:49:54Now, what do I do?
00:49:55You're at that end. right.
00:49:57Now grab your bat. uh, grab the bat.
00:50:00Hold it like this. uh, like this?
00:50:02That's it. mmm-hmm.
00:50:04Okay, so you're clear about what happens when I hit the ball over the net? I hit it back.
00:50:08You've got no questions about the rules?
00:50:18Oh, yes, yes, yes.
00:50:24Oh, dear.
00:50:25(Karl) TWO-NOTHIN'... TRY AGAIN, ZIPPO.
00:50:29Just getting the hang of it.
00:50:32Don't worry, zippo.
00:50:33You'll get there.
00:50:35(Marion) I'M UPSET THAT KARL HAS LEFT MY Class.
00:50:38Did I do something wrong?
00:50:39No, no, it's not you.
00:50:41Karl quits just about everything.
00:50:43He doesn't know what he wants.
00:50:45.. sometimes, but sometimes I'm not so sure.
00:50:52You seem pretty sure of what you're doing.
00:50:55.. it's my destiny.
00:50:58Is that what you want?
00:51:00How can you want anything other than your destiny?
00:51:02You do ask the strangest things.
00:51:03Well, suppose you don't know your destiny.
00:51:06It knows you.
00:51:07You find each other, that's all.
00:51:09Marion, if i-- would you like to see the prime sunstone?
00:51:11.. i, uh, sure.
00:51:14Yeah, i-i'd love to.
00:51:16Let's go. come on.
00:51:20Here you go.
00:51:21Very good.
00:51:26That's it? that's it.
00:51:29How many points did I score? none.
00:51:31.. I win.
00:51:33Well, I don't understand it.
00:51:34Usually I have excellent hand-eye coordination.
00:51:36Well, there ya go. when can we play again?
00:51:39I'm sure I'll be able to beat you at this game.
00:51:41I can honestly say that humans will always beat dinosaurs at ping pong. oh, let's play again.
00:51:47I creamed you.
00:51:49.. uh, this is fun.
00:51:51I haven't had so much fun in a long time.
00:51:53.. me neither.
00:51:57Think fast.
00:51:59Oh, oh.
00:52:01.. got ya.
00:52:04We'll have to race.
00:52:06We've only got about ten minutes.
00:52:18there's 361.
00:52:20.. I'll race you.
00:52:23(David) SLOW DOWN... I'M DYIN' HERE.
00:52:26(Marion) DON'T BE SILLY... THIS IS NOTHING.
00:52:29(David) MAYBE FOR YOU IT ISN'T.
00:52:40Are you all right?
00:52:43Just my asthma acting up.
00:52:45I don't suppose they sell inhalers in waterfall city?
00:52:55it's fantastic!
00:52:58I had no idea.
00:53:00You don't have cities like this where you come from?
00:53:13I think we're a lot farther up than I thought.
00:53:16This is what powers the whole of dinotopia.
00:53:19It's the most powerful sunstone ever found.
00:53:22It's almost flawless.
00:53:27What are they doing?
00:53:29Every evening the prime sunstone regenerates all the other sunstones across dinotopia.
00:53:38.. it's almost time.
00:53:40We can watch it from here.
00:53:44So where do sunstones come from?
00:53:45All we know is that they're very old.
00:53:47Legends say that they were mined from the world beneath at the beginning of time.
00:53:51They've been found all over dinotopia, but not for many years.
00:54:18breathe deep.
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00:57:53.." couple days of that, and I will be in a bathing suit in no time!
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00:59:33what are you reading?
00:59:35One of our course books.
00:59:38Why? what's it called?
00:59:41" and you don't find that sick?
00:59:48It's a very interesting book.
00:59:51Another week and then I'm leaving.
00:59:52.. and what's the plan?
00:59:55I don't need a plan to know I have to get outta here.
00:59:57You got a week to decide whether you come with me or not.
01:00:01I mean, what are we doing here?
01:00:02Well, karl, I'm trying to study for graduation.
01:00:04.. what are you talking about, graduation?
01:00:07.. we're not dinotopians.
01:00:09.. can't you see that?
01:00:10Look, I don't have time to argue with you, okay?
01:00:14Are you insane?
01:00:15There's a dinosaur sleeping in the next room.
01:00:17Yes, exactly.
01:00:18Karl, this is the chance of a lifetime.
01:00:20We are the first in our generation to see anything like this.
01:00:23They're screwing with your head, david, and you just don't get it, do ya?
01:00:27Why are you so negative about everything?
01:00:29You know, this is always what happens with you.
01:00:31You're stuck, and for the first time in your life no one is going to bail you out.
01:00:35Why don't you stop being so selfish and at least get to know this place before you condemn it?
01:00:41I'm going and you're coming with me.
01:00:44Look, karl, not that you bothered to ask, but I kind of like it here.
01:00:49I can't believe I'm stuck here with you.
01:00:52Well, it wasn't me who was flying the plane.
01:00:55.. do you blame me for what happened?
01:00:57.. huh? let go of me... let go of me!
01:01:00If you ever say that again, I'll kill you, david.
01:01:03I swear I will.
01:01:32karl, come in, come in.
01:01:34I was just closing on the shop tonight.
01:01:39You've got a long face, have ya?
01:01:41No, I'm fine.
01:01:44What's this?
01:01:45Oh, that's ogfa.
01:01:47If you believe the legend, he ruled over a mythical place called the world beneath.
01:01:53Some say it exists.
01:01:54Others say it's just stories for children.
01:01:56And what do you think?
01:02:01How can I help you, my friend?
01:02:14I want to get off this island.
01:02:18I see.
01:02:20Well, take a seat.
01:02:22I was just having a bite to eat.
01:02:25Everyone says it's impossible to leave.
01:02:29They certainly want you to believe that it's impossible.
01:02:32They don't want the rest of the world knowing about their little paradise.
01:02:35I don't care about their little paradise.
01:02:37Can I get off this island?
01:02:40Well, I have spent the past 20 years collecting ships logs, charts, maps of the tides and reefs that surround this island.
01:02:51There's only one more thing I need to buy my own ticket out of here, but we'll never see it.
01:02:58It's the captain's log of the rebecca's folly.
01:03:01Well, where's this captain's log?
01:03:03In the archives of the ancient library, but the only one who's got the keys is that scaly.
01:03:09Zippo. yeah.
01:03:12SO WHY DON'T YOU GET IT? (laughing) No, no, no, no, no, no.
01:03:18They'd never let me near that library.
01:03:21No, on account of an incident to do with one of my relatives.
01:03:26Small fire a long time ago.
01:03:28Nothing to do with me, but just another example of scaly persecution.
01:03:37Now, come to think of it, it wouldn't be too difficult for you to get a hold of that book.
01:03:44You mean steal it?
01:03:45.. it doesn't seem right, and ..
01:03:49I mean, they haven't done anything to me.
01:03:52This is what they did to me.
01:03:56I was exploring a sacred temple when one of the ugly buggers took a great big chunk out of my leg.
01:04:01That's what they do when they don't agree with ya.
01:04:03Think about that.
01:04:11You get one of these? mmm-hmm.
01:04:16What's it say?
01:04:19It's an invitation from marion.
01:04:22What for?
01:04:25Hello? can't you read it?
01:04:27.. anyone ever tell you that?
01:04:30Only you, karl.
01:04:34Here ya go.
01:04:41You're welcome.
01:04:49it's quite fantastic, isn't it?
01:04:52You'll scarcely believe your eyes-- the theme this year is the world beneath.
01:04:57So the world beneath, that really exists?
01:05:00According to legend, it was the place where the sunstones were originally found.
01:05:05The heart of dinotopia.
01:05:08Where's karl?
01:05:29sorry, zippo!
01:05:39.. oh, I'm so excited.
01:05:42The ceremony's about to begin.
01:05:50(roaring) (trumpets playing) Long ago, a terrible darkness struck the earth.
01:06:08The seas churned and the skies turned black and the light of the sun was lost from the land.
01:06:18Our ancestors sought refuge and caves deep below the earth where they found food and shelter and magical stones which brought light.
01:06:32A young girl left the safety of the world beneath and climbed up to the surface, a sunstone illuminating her way.
01:06:43(trumpets playing) Higher and higher she climbed in the darkness, not knowing that this was night.
01:06:52(applause) Beautiful.
01:07:42centuries passed, and a great civilization evolved but no one had ever seen the sun.
01:07:50Then, the dawn came, and she saw that the skies had cleared, and that the sun shone once again.
01:08:04Our ancestors followed her from the world beneath, and they brought with them the magical stones and they built dinotopia-- the world beneath was sealed.
01:08:17The great ruler of thy decreed that it should remain a sacred place, undisturbed forever more.
01:08:27(applause) (fireworks exploding) [ Female Announcer ] WHAT WILLYOU GAIN WHEN ™™ pride.
01:10:42[ laughter ] [ Woman ] I'M FEELING THAT!
01:10:44[ Female Announcer ]THE Special K CHALLENGE™™ Begins january 1st.
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01:10:50™™ wow!
01:14:14I, uh, really enjoyed the show.
01:14:18(children laughing) It was a ceremony.
01:14:24Thank you.
01:14:25Yeah, uh, whatever, it was a saurian spectacular.
01:14:29Karl, I want you to come back and finish the course.
01:14:32Is that why I got an invitation?
01:14:35Look, I can't do school, never have.
01:14:37Why should I start now?
01:14:39Because you're not the person you want to be.
01:14:41Oh, and you are?
01:14:42You have it all, do you?
01:14:44If you can't pass school, I'll spend an hour a day teaching you personally.
01:14:51Okay, deal.
01:14:53And in return, you'll sit for your footprint exam.
01:14:58Your graduation question is, how are we to live?
01:15:01You have an hour to answer in any way you wish.
01:15:04You may begin.
01:15:30Zippo, you look upset.
01:15:32What's wrong?
01:15:33The most terrible thing has happened.
01:15:37I can't bring myself to use the word.
01:15:40A book has been stolen.
01:15:42Oh, really?
01:15:44Well, maybe it just got lost somewhere.
01:15:46Every inch of the library has been searched.
01:15:50I've been through antiques, antiquities a dozen times.
01:15:53Who would do such a thing?
01:15:56Look, zippo, books get stolen from libraries all the time.
01:15:59Not in dinotopia.
01:16:00It's inconceivable to steal knowledge that should be for all.
01:16:07It has to be here somewhere.
01:16:34stop writing, please.
01:16:38(Karl) YOU SAID YOU'D HELP ME GET OFF THIS Island.
01:16:41Yes, yes, yes.
01:16:43And I'm a man of my word.
01:16:44I just need to study this book.
01:16:47Now this captain's journal charts the course of the toll ships I told you about.
01:16:53A little bit of patience and I'll find the record-- the one that didn't make it through.
01:16:58Yeah, but I thought we were trying to find a way out.
01:17:00Of course we are.
01:17:02I just need to get something for the rec.
01:17:04.. you said a way off the island.
01:17:07That was the deal.
01:17:08If you want to come with me, be here tomorrow at midnight.
01:17:11But come alone.
01:17:13No, I can't go without my brother.
01:17:16Your brother?
01:17:19Follow me.
01:17:30Let me show you something, karl.
01:17:35Horrible when it happens to kin, isn't it?
01:17:39Seeing him sucked in.
01:17:41He's still my brother.
01:17:43I can't just leave him here.
01:17:45Was your brother.
01:17:47You may not be able to trust him.
01:17:50Not anymore.
01:17:54(speaking foreign language) So are you looking forward to graduation tomorrow?
01:18:14Yeah, sure.
01:18:15I can't wait to hear your five minute answer.
01:18:22The question we asked was perhaps the most important question any dinotopian can be asked.
01:18:28How are we to live?
01:18:30David, yours was possibly the longest answer we've ever had, at 17 pages your argument was an exhaustive one, and you're clearly not frightened to say what you believe many times within the same document.
01:18:41But perhaps the finest answer we've ever had was written by karl.
01:18:45Marion will now read karl's answer aloud for the entire assembly.
01:18:50Is this the real life, or is it a fantasy?
01:18:54Caught in a landslide, no escape from reality.
01:18:58Open your eyes, look up to the skies and see.
01:19:04(applause) That's cheating!
01:19:10That's the lyrics to bohemian rhapsody!
01:19:16Karl's answer was very inspiring, marion.
01:19:19Yes, it was quite special, zippo.
01:19:21(Zippo) IT WAS THE WAY HE COMBINED FANTASY And reality and then compared it with the landslide.
01:19:28Have you ever done anything in your life when you haven't cheated?
01:19:32Always been a sore loser, david?
01:19:33Hey, I worked hard to get through that exam.
01:19:36You're taking this dinotopia stuff way too seriously.
01:19:39What is it you've got against this place?
01:19:42I wouldn't know where to start.
01:19:43I think you're still trying to blame dad's dying on dinotopia.
01:19:45Is that it? hey, leave dad out of it.
01:19:48I'd be glad to.
01:19:50I mean, let's face it, he pretty much left us out of his life.
01:19:53Don't talk about him like that.
01:19:54At least you two had something in common.
01:19:56 wonder why that was.
01:19:59Well, he dumped my mother and then he did the same to yours.
01:20:01But you still worship him.
01:20:03Don't talk like that!
01:20:05.. without dad around, I feel free.
01:20:10Kinda makes you think, doesn't it?
01:20:12I'm almost glad he's gone.
01:21:05my dear, those two were just never suitable for a dinotopian education.
01:21:09But father, I really do feel it's my duty to look for them.
01:21:12Marion, they're gone.
01:21:13Now we have searched, but nobody's found any sign.
01:21:16Now don't forget that tomorrow you travel to hidaba.
01:21:19You're due to start your habitat training.
01:21:31I feel like I failed them both.
01:21:33I should never have made karl go back to school.
01:21:35No, no, no, they were in my charge, marion.
01:21:37It is I who have failed them.
01:21:39I must go and find them. what?
01:21:41Out there? I have no choice.
01:21:43My father's going to be furious.
01:21:45That could be grossly understating his reaction.
01:21:48I suppose I should go and get my bag.
01:21:51You don't think I'm letting you go alone, do you?
01:22:22well, what do you want today at the central postal office?
01:22:26Messenger bird 371 at your service.
01:22:30Now, I must remind you that our due rates are in effect from tonight.
01:22:33(Marion) SORRY, 371.
01:22:35(bird) WHAT?
01:22:53(Karl) COME ON, DAVID... TALK TO ME.
01:22:57(coughing) (Zippo) KARL!
01:23:02It's zippo and marion.
01:23:04(Marion) KEEP UP, ZIPPO.
01:23:07(Zippo) OH, WHERE COULD THEY BE?
01:23:09You know, I've never been so far from waterfall city in my life.
01:23:18Bravo, marion.
01:23:20You brought a postal bird.
01:23:22(bird) WHAT?
01:23:25...Help us remind you there was a surcharge for delivery messages outside waterfall city.
01:23:32How can I help?
01:23:33Message reads, are you karl or david?
01:23:35Destination of message?
01:23:36Follow the river as far as you can until sunset.
01:23:41No responsibility can be taken for delivery of messages without precise destination.
01:23:46I understand.
01:23:46I want you to fly as fast as you can and ask anyone you meet.
01:23:52(bird) ...CAN I LEAVE A MESSAGE WITHOUT A Proper destination.
01:23:56So, so what do we do now? wait.
01:24:02(Karl) WHERE ARE WE?
01:24:16.. wait here for a minute.
01:24:21I'm going to check it out, okay?
01:25:19I don't know where to look.
01:25:21Up the river could be anywhere.
01:25:23What kind of destination do they call that?
01:25:25It all looks the same from up here anyway.
01:25:32His last bottle.
01:25:35$1300 Worth of port in one afternoon.
01:25:39We didn't like the taste, so we mixed it with coke.
01:25:43It actually made it better, remember?
01:25:46That was a great christmas, wasn't it?
01:25:49Santa didn't come that year.
01:25:52What was that?
01:25:53Say it again?
01:25:54Santa didn't come that year.
01:25:57.. it was just that he was awful pissed.
01:26:03Davey, davey!
01:26:05Come on, davey!
01:26:07Stay awake.
01:26:10Can you hear me?
01:26:12Don't fade on me, okay?
01:26:16I can't do this on my own.
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01:29:41I need something nice and easy.
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01:30:37Don't wait. call now.
01:30:40O0 c1 ♪♪♪
01:31:47are you karl or david?
01:31:49Karl, that's me.
01:31:51End of message.
01:31:52Postage has been pre-paid.
01:31:54Thank you.
01:32:14(bird) COME ON... HURRY... THEY'RE JUST UP Ahead this way.
01:32:18Karl, david?
01:32:19ARE YOU THERE? (bird) COME ON.
01:32:22(Marion) KARL?
01:32:26Someone's here.
01:32:30Karl? over here.
01:32:42(Marion) WHAT'S HAPPENED?
01:32:51He feels really cold.
01:33:01He's very far away.
01:33:14.. listening.
01:33:21Come back, david.
01:33:46do you have another message?
01:33:47Yes, now you must fly to the darber, and tell them to send a rescue party as soon as possible.
01:33:52Don't stop for anyone or anything.
01:33:55.. go.
01:33:59They're usually quite reliable.
01:34:04Oh, what a find!
01:34:06Oh, what a marvelous find!
01:34:08This temple has been lost for centuries.
01:34:12.. here!
01:34:13Ogfa, the great king of the world beneath.
01:34:15The legend says he was half man, half dinosaur.
01:34:19Quite remarkable!
01:34:22I do believe you have confirmed my research.
01:34:25This must lead to one of the entrances to the world beneath.
01:34:29.. what, zippo?
01:34:31The legend has it that all the entrances are guarded by carnivores.
01:34:34.. if this is an entrance, the carnivores will think we're violating their sacred space.
01:34:40.. I haven't seen any carnivores lately.
01:35:12.. we have to get out of here, fast!
01:35:15Come on!
01:35:16 david, we have to leave now.
01:35:19I'll get zippo. I'll wait for you.
01:35:21.. take david and go.
01:35:25Get out of there now!
01:35:26.. these carvings are quite unique.
01:35:30Zippo, we must go.
01:35:31Come on! hmm?
01:35:33.. marion!
01:36:30.. come on!
01:36:32.. run, marion!
01:36:47Come on, you can make it!
01:36:54(Karl) GO, MARION!
01:36:57Go, go!
01:37:03Jump, marion, jump!
01:37:11I'm coming, zippo!
01:37:25Help me, karl.
01:37:35He was eating me!
01:37:37I hope you choke on it!
01:37:40Come on, david.
01:38:53well, I'm quiteconfident we arecompletely lost.
01:38:57Wait herea minute.
01:39:27(Marion)OVER HERE!
01:39:29Over here!
01:39:31I found them!
01:39:32..they're over there!
01:39:36They found us.
01:39:42Can you take usto the darber?
01:39:45Our friend is hurt.
01:39:47We can escort you to the ridge, and you will find the road to the darber from there.
01:40:33Rosemary is the matriarch of the darbar earth farm.
01:40:37What does that mean?
01:40:38Well, in your world, I suppose it means she's in charge.
01:40:46Hi, I'm karl.
01:40:47I've heard a lot about the two of you.
01:40:49None of it good.
01:40:57David is very sick.
01:40:59How did you manage to cause so much trouble in such a short time?
01:41:03It's a skill, honed over a lifetime.
01:41:05It's time you hone some other skills.
01:41:09Come on, david.
01:41:14Yes? please tend to david, he's not well.
01:41:17Of course, of course.
01:41:18(Rosemary) THANK YOU.
01:41:19He's going to be fine, karl.
01:41:21They'll take good care of him.
01:41:26(Rosemary) NOW THE DARBAR'S A WORKING COMMUNITY, With 7,000 acres, fields, farms, hatchery.
01:41:35We supply over half the fruit in waterfall city.
01:41:38But right now, I want you to help care for your brother, while marion and I prepare soup.
01:41:44Okay, I'll see you later.
01:41:48Come on, zippo.
01:41:51I've got postal birds from your father every day.
01:41:55He's furious with you for going after the boys.
01:41:59I'd like to know why you chose to defy him.
01:42:02I just did what you would do in my situation.
01:42:04I thought they could be in danger.
01:42:09Marion, they're outsiders.
01:42:12They don't yet understand dinotopian ways.
01:42:23You're different.
01:42:25You're wearing it, aren't you?
01:42:27I understand it was half yours to give.
01:42:31Thank you.
01:42:36It may protect you one day.
01:42:39The carnivores are straying from their traditional territory.
01:42:42Five of our brachiosaurus were killed last night.
01:42:46The hatchery's full of orphans.
01:42:47I tried talking to the senate, but nobody would listen.
01:42:50Hardly surprising when you know who's in charge.
01:42:52Five years is a very long time to refuse to speak to father.
01:42:55Marion, I have never refused your father a conversation.
01:42:58And it's not very dinotopian.
01:43:03My husband writes his woes and is backwards much too much.
01:43:07He should live closer to the earth.
01:43:10You're very different than him.
01:43:13You have the gift of understanding.
01:43:17I don't want to be treated differently from anyone else.
01:43:20Nevertheless, my dearest daughter, you are different.
01:43:33Welcome home.
01:43:54has anybody seen karl?
01:43:55No. he may be in the barn.
01:44:02Good lord, sir.
01:44:03So that's 23 match point.
01:44:06Match point?
01:44:07Oh, yes, right.
01:44:12Take that.
01:44:13Nice steal shot, zip.
01:44:19... Fetching the ball. I win.
01:44:21Nice try, zippo, but you only got three points.
01:44:24.. well, I'm improving.
01:44:26If you want to win, you're going to have to learn how to smash.
01:44:29I haven't got a smash?
01:44:31That's right, like this.
01:44:36Well, I will learn how to smash.
01:44:41What do you think you're doing?
01:44:42I-i was hoping to challenge karl for a rematch.
01:44:46Don't you have duties back in waterfall city?
01:44:50Yes, matriarch.
01:44:51Yes, I must return soon.
01:44:52But I'm studying mammals in their natural environment for my thesis.
01:44:57You're writing a thesis on me?
01:44:59Yes, reasoning, feeding and, uh, breeding.
01:45:02You're studying me?
01:45:03I'm not going to be your guinea pig.
01:45:04Unless I'm mistaken, guinea pigs are furry rodents.
01:45:07Enough of this.
01:45:09Karl, you're not on vacation.
01:45:10You're expected to work with the other students during the day.
01:45:13Look, no disrespect, rosemary, but I'm not a dinotopian and I don't want to become one, okay?
01:45:19Do you intend to eat our food?
01:45:22Well, yeah, i-i guess.
01:45:24Then you'll help us make it, starting now.
01:45:27And please address me as matriarch in the future.
01:45:37That was close.
01:46:01ah, david, I've brought you some drinka.
01:46:05Hey, zippo.
01:46:06I've come to say goodbye, david.
01:46:08I must return to waterfall city to tell the senate about the sacred temple.
01:46:13I've brought you some tea.
01:46:25(coughs) UGH!
01:46:26What is this stuff?
01:46:28It's a plant-- ocktail longevis.
01:46:31Regularly drunk it could prolong life expectancy to 250 years or more.
01:46:36I think I'd rather die young.
01:46:39So how long have I been asleep anyway?
01:46:42Almost a week.
01:46:44.. wow.
01:46:46I must have been really sick.
01:46:48So what's been happening? it's been fascinating.
01:46:51Marion and karl have become real good friends.
01:46:55What do you mean, friends?
01:46:57Karl doesn't have any female friends.
01:46:59Well, they barely stray from each other's company.
01:47:04(Zippo) WHAT IS IT?
01:47:05Let me use my convalescence to study the brachiosaurus.
01:47:24(Marion) TELL ME ANOTHER ONE.
01:47:26(Karl) LET ME THINK... KNOCK, KNOCK.
01:47:28Who's there? goliath.
01:47:29Goliath who? goliath down, you looka tired.
01:47:33Is goliath a real name?
01:47:35He was a giant--a boy, but a boy killed him with a slingshot, saved a whole town.
01:47:41Everybody knows the story of karl and goliath.
01:47:43Tell me another one.
01:47:51He's made a miraculous recovery.
01:47:56My daughter says you're a brilliant student.
01:48:02She says you have a gift for saurian languages.
01:48:06Well, i-i'm glad she thinks so.
01:48:09You know, she's a great teacher.
01:48:11She even helped karl through school.
01:48:13Why does that surprise you?
01:48:18Karl's not exactly a model student.
01:48:21He's rebellious.
01:48:23I think he's carrying around a lot of anger.
01:48:28Almost as much as you.
01:48:34You're splendidly clever, but you seem unhappy.
01:48:38Are you always going to stand outside life, watch it go by?
01:48:45I don't think there's anything wrong with being a loner.
01:48:51Not if you really want to be alone.
01:49:26where are you going?
01:49:28.. go back to sleep.
01:49:30What do you mean, nowhere?
01:49:32I'm just going to get some air.
01:49:34See you later, okay?
01:50:01Hi, girls.
01:50:03Anyone know where I might be able to find, ..
01:50:09Listen, I was wondering if you were doing anything tonight?
01:50:14Maybe we could go for a walk.
01:50:16It's beautiful out.
01:50:19What do you say?
01:50:52(indistinct chatter) It's come to my notice that you've both broken student rules about leaving your sleeping quarters.
01:51:18Would you like to tell me what happened last night?
01:51:24I'd appreciate your complete honesty.
01:51:27Look, rosemary, I'm sorry if we broke your rules.
01:51:30We were just having a little bit of fun, you know, being spontaneous.
01:51:34Watch how you speak to me.
01:51:36We went for a swim.
01:51:41Karl has a little problem with authority.
01:51:43He's been kicked out of 11 schools.
01:51:45David, I wasn't speaking to you.
01:51:50Why aren't you nesting properly?
01:51:54Because I don't belong here, and I don't think I ever will.
01:51:58Is that clear enough for you?
01:51:59I think tonight's ceremony might change your mind about staying here.
01:52:03I doubt it.
01:52:05I'm sure of it.
01:52:08(Waldo) THE FLOOR RECOGNIZES PROFESSOR ZIPPO Stenosaurus, resident scholar at the ancient public library, who wishes to present findings of his recent research.
01:52:20(Zippo) YES, UH-UH, THANK YOU, MAYOR.
01:52:24I have news of the utmost importance.
01:52:27Since I've returned I've been working throughout the night in the library comparing ancient scrolls and carvings.
01:52:33I have no doubt that I have discovered--with some help-- one of the three entrances to the world beneath, the ancient temple of carnivores.
01:52:44As dangerous as it is, I believe an expedition ..
01:52:53Almasaur politely reminds us that we must never under any circumstances violate the sacred world beneath.
01:52:59.. traditional views must be respected, but this is a terribly important discovery, and if you would just look at my research.
01:53:07It is forbidden.
01:53:09How can we ask to be left in peace and then trespass on the territory of others?
01:53:12These places belong to the carnivores.
01:53:15We must respect their territories, now, more than ever.
01:53:19Yes, but perhaps there are sunstones to be found in the world beneath.
01:53:22By your own admission, you only just escaped with your lives.
01:53:26No expedition will be sanctioned under any circumstances.
01:53:30This session of the senate is closed!
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01:56:10O0 c1 (Rosemary) THIS IS THE LAST NIGHT WE'LL SPEND Here.
01:57:48The harvest is being gutted once again for another year, and it's time for you to move on.
01:57:57(Rosemary) I WANT NO ONE TO SPEAK FOR THE Next four hours, no matter how strong the temptation.
01:58:03It's time for you to see as the dinosaurs see.
01:58:08(Rosemary) IT'S A GIFT WE'RE ALL BORN WITH.
01:58:13Listen to the earth.
01:58:20Try and clear your mind of all holds.
01:58:24(Rosemary) WE'RE ALL PART OF EVERYTHING-- No more or less.
01:58:31Everything on earth has the same heartbeat if you listen.
01:58:38(roaring) . I'm gonna start laughing in a minute.
01:58:51You all have your, uh, mystical experience.
01:58:54I'm going to bed.
01:58:57All right, karl.
01:59:55.. you okay?
01:59:57Actually, I think okay would be an understatement.
02:00:03I can't remember feeling this good, ever!
02:00:07This is really something, isn't it?
02:00:10It's like--no words!
02:00:14No words to describe this.
02:00:21(Rosemary) SAMANTHA...
02:00:24We're in accord.
02:00:25You're of the sea.
02:00:26You'll work with the dolphins of dragonfly coast.
02:00:34You are of the land.
02:00:37You'll remain here and train in the hatchery.
02:00:46You are of the sky.
02:00:49Of the sky?
02:00:51In accord.
02:00:54Are you sure? yes.
02:00:56You'll undergo skybacks training in canyon city.
02:01:07Marion, you're not assigned to habitat.
02:01:18Bethany, you're of the land.
02:01:20You'll study climate in the great plains.
02:01:29Why didn't you assign me a habitat?
02:01:32You're not of the sea, you're not of the earth or-or the sky, you're-you're special, you're of everything.
02:01:44But, what if I don't want to be special?
02:01:49With david.
02:01:50It has the largest teranadon swarms on dinotopia, and they're becoming increasingly aggressive.
02:01:55I want you to-to study them.
02:01:58You're just giving me something to do.
02:02:00No, what I'm asking you to do is very dangerous, and I don't ask it lightly.
02:02:06Marion, the lights are going out all over dinotopia.
02:02:11But what does that have to do with the teranadons, or with me?
02:02:16Men don't mind the problem.
02:02:18A single raindrop raises the sea.
02:02:21Oh, and look after david.
02:02:24He's part of the solution.
02:02:27I don't want to stay here without you.
02:02:29If you really care about me then try.
02:02:32Trust my mother.
02:02:35I really can't say how much marion and i will miss you.
02:02:38We really will miss you, karl.
02:02:40You're not really joining the skybacks, are you?
02:02:41I mean, the first time you see one of those birds up close, you're going to freak.
02:02:46Don't worry, I'll look after david.
02:02:48Oh, really?
02:02:49Actually, we'll look after each other.
02:02:54Breathe deep, karl.
02:02:57Yeah, you too.
02:03:11(David) SOUTH CACOOT!
02:03:13Left, left!
02:03:15South cacoot!
02:03:16South cacoot!
02:03:17You're very funny, david.
02:03:19Marion, I don't know who your mom's trying to kid.
02:03:22Karl should be the one going to canyon city, not me.
02:03:25Why do you say that?
02:03:26Karl would know how to ride nobelander.
02:03:29I think my mother knows what she's doing, david.
02:03:32There's more to you than meets the eye.
02:03:35She knew that the moment she met you.
02:03:39And so did i.
02:03:59This is like a chronic nightmare within a very, very bad dream.
02:04:04David, it's beautiful.
02:04:08Come on, I'll hold your hand.
02:04:15There it is, david, canyon city.
02:04:29.. can you see it?
02:04:32There's no way I'm looking down there.
02:04:37How far down is that?
02:04:406,000 Feet.
02:04:416,000 Feet?
02:04:42.. nothing is 6,000 feet down.
02:04:48Your mother has made a terrible mistake, and I have to tell someone here, who's in charge, right away.
02:05:00Breathe deep. seek peace.
02:05:02I'm marion and this is david. I know.
02:05:04.. welcome to canyon city.
02:05:08Marion, the city council is waiting to welcome you.
02:05:11Well, I'm going to see you again soon, right?
02:05:13.. don't worry.
02:05:16I'll show you to your quarters.
02:05:24By the way, that's not what flyers say.
02:05:28What do you mean?
02:05:29Well, the reply to breathe deep is fly high.
02:05:33Fly high, okay.
02:05:35So, are you as terrified as I am about this course?
02:05:38Not at all.
02:05:40I've waited all my life for this opportunity.
02:05:46(David) AND YOU THINK IT'S A GOOD IDEA, LIVING This high up on the edge of a cliff?
02:05:50(Romana) WELL, IT'S PART OF GETTING CLOSER To the skybacks.
02:05:52We learn to see the world the way they do.
02:05:56Here we are.
02:06:03This will be your station.
02:06:06I'm next door if you need anything.
02:06:08From now on you must wear your uniform at all times.
02:06:12Your first class will begin at dawn tomorrow, and you must not be late.
02:06:31Hi, uh, they, uh, gave me this card.
02:07:07Follow me.
02:07:08You've got to be very quiet.
02:07:10The triceratops has just given birth.
02:07:12You're not related to rosemary or marion, are you?
02:07:15Rosemary's my mother and marion's my elder sister.
02:07:21Here we are.
02:07:24This is the incubation room.
02:07:26Warmer temperatures change developing embryos to males and cooler to females.
02:07:34You can only tell when they're ready because before hatching they squeak.
02:07:38Have a listen.
02:07:41They squeak? yep.
02:07:44.. huh.
02:07:46That's your ticket.
02:07:5026, 26, 26.
02:07:54Okay, karl.
02:07:56This one's yours.
02:07:58What do you mean mine?
02:07:59You have to look after it.
02:08:01No, I don't understand.
02:08:03It's your saurian life partner.
02:08:11(Oonu) BREATHE DEEP!
02:08:12(everyone) FLY HIGH!
02:08:15I am oonu, squadron leader of the skybacks support, and I will be your instructor.
02:08:21There are approximately 4,200 dinotopians working in canyon city, and only 12 skybacks riders each year are selected.
02:08:30Step forward.
02:08:34The statues you see before you are called the sentinels.
02:08:38They divide the canyon.
02:08:40The air above them belongs to the skybacks.
02:08:43The space below, to the tyranadox.
02:08:46Since the two species split long ago, all attempts to communicate with the tyranadox have failed.
02:08:51You can not ride a skybacks if you have fear in your heart.
02:08:55They will sense that fear and they will not approach.
02:09:00In a moment, third year cadets will begin their morning flight.
02:09:04Until then, observe.
02:14:11Pants, pants, pants.
02:14:14I am folding the pants.
02:14:17The pants are lonnnnng.
02:14:21[Laughing] do they go on my head?
02:14:25Do they?
02:14:26Do the pants go on my head?
02:14:29[Baby squeals] no, they go on my legs!
02:14:31Narrator: Everyday moments can become teaching moments because learning starts long before school does.
02:14:35Give your child the startthey need at bornlearning.org.
02:15:51Listen to their small snorings.
02:15:54Is this your idea of a joke?
02:15:56Take her back to the incubation room at once!
02:16:00Do you want to kill your partner?
02:16:03What are you talking about?
02:16:05Class, thank you.
02:16:08Karl, this is your saurian partner.
02:16:12Now take her back where it's warm.
02:16:15Who said I wanted a partner?
02:16:17I agreed to stay here and work.
02:16:19I didn't agree to this.
02:16:26What did you feel when you communed with the brachiosaurus?
02:16:34I don't know.
02:16:38I guess, I felt something.
02:16:39It's really hard to explain.
02:16:42You felt part of something more than yourself.
02:16:50You felt part of our world.
02:16:54It's all I have to teach you, karl.
02:16:57But it's the most important thing you'll ever learn.
02:17:02Now, put her back.
02:17:05She needs to be kept warm.
02:17:10You keep calling it a her.
02:17:12How do you know it's a her?
02:17:14I just know things, karl.
02:17:24Sixth code of dinotopia.
02:17:26Observe, listen and learn.
02:17:28In canyon city your lives will depend on it.
02:17:30Do you understand? yes, sir.
02:17:33.. you never ride as skybacks.
02:17:36You ride with the skybacks.
02:17:59(Oonu) THE MORNING FLIGHT, Where you pass within inches of the sentinel barrier is one of the finest experiences in all ofdinotopia.
02:18:06It is also one of the most dangerous.
02:18:08You have 100 days to learn how to do that.
02:18:13(Oonu) ABOUT FACE.
02:18:17We can only live here because we respect the territory of our neighbor.
02:18:20Any student who descends below the line of the sentinels will be instantly expelled from canyon city.
02:18:26Excuse me, sir?
02:18:27I think I'm in the wrong place.
02:18:29This seems to be a course for pilots, and I'm probably grounding crew or something.
02:18:36To commune with the skybacks, you must first learn to think as they do.
02:18:40Observe them, watch them, see how they fly.
02:18:51This machine simulates sudden changes in wind and air currents which you will experience in the canyon.
02:18:59Let us begin.
02:19:03You first.
02:19:05Come forward.
02:19:11Unless you enjoy flying backwards, I suggest you turn around, sir.
02:19:17(Oonu) YOU WILL NATURALLY WANT TO HOLD ON To the harness, but before you can fly a real skybacks, you will also have learned to ride without holding on.
02:19:27Are you comfortable, cadet?
02:19:55Falling off here is amusing.
02:19:57Falling off in the canyon is not.
02:20:00Again, cadet.
02:20:10(Oonu) AGAIN, CADET.
02:20:15Again! ahh!
02:20:17Again! ooh!
02:20:20Um, sir?
02:20:20I wonder if I should sit this one out?
02:20:29When the skybacks moves, lean in with it.
02:20:32You will find your balance.
02:22:56(Marion) IT'S SO EXCITING.
02:22:57He's only an adolescent, but, the rest of them look up to him because he's an albino.
02:23:03But I think I can make contact with him.
02:23:06He's fantastic!
02:23:08So, how's your training going?
02:23:10Oh, it's thrilling.
02:23:11Yeah, I get a big thrill falling off that skybacks machine.
02:23:16Really? oh, yeah!
02:23:17I don't think it'd be more fun if they were driving nails into my head.
02:23:21Well, I think you look very handsome in your uniform.
02:23:29.. please be careful down there.
02:23:34I don't know what I'd do here without you around.
02:23:56The sunstones are failing here, aren't they?
02:24:00What happens when they all die?
02:24:04I don't know.
02:24:19Well, we have encountered problems like this before, and the solution has always been to keep a calm mind and use our intellect.
02:24:26Well, well, well.
02:24:29You sit there debating on the sunstones failing.
02:24:33You have not been recognized by the floor, mr. crabb.
02:24:37Does the floor recognize these?
02:24:43The sunstones are failing, and your mayor stands there beneath the prowl of a wrecked ship, leading you into yet another disaster.
02:24:52.. we will not tolerate it.
02:24:54I will announce today that by the end of the month there will be 12 new sunstone restorers.
02:25:00Our life and fate could be dramatically improved with skilled attention.
02:25:05What about the sunstone reserve?
02:25:08(indistinct) Absolutely right.
02:25:12You must mean as the wrecks are chewing their way through your throne.
02:25:17We want the truth.
02:25:19How many sunstones are left in the city vaults?
02:25:23Well, the-the reserves are severely depleted.
02:25:28They're all gone!
02:25:32I petition the senate to grant me access to documentation of the world beneath in the ancient library of dinotopia.
02:25:39We must prepare an expedition.
02:25:44In the interest of democracy, we must allow others to speak.
02:26:05Could you spare me a moment?
02:26:07Yes, and you are? I'm cyrus crabb.
02:26:10I'm a dealer in antiques.
02:26:13Yes, I heard your lecture in the senate the other day.
02:26:16It was a rather brilliant presentation.
02:26:18It was hardly a lecture.
02:26:20See, I've recently come into possession of an ancient scroll-- scroll?
02:26:24And, uh, being somewhat of an uneducated fellow, I can't really make it out in detail, but I believe it relates to the world beneath.
02:26:32The world beneath.
02:26:36I welcome your expertise.
02:26:37I'm sure a scholar of your standing would have no trouble identifying the text.
02:26:43I mean, if it's not too much of an imposition.
02:26:45Oh, no, no, no, not at all.
02:26:47It would be a pleasure.
02:26:48If you're sure you don't mind, my shop's just up here.
02:26:52(Zippo) YES, WELL, I SUPPOSE I COULD HAVE A look at it now.
02:27:05(Zippo) YES, YES.
02:27:07This language hasn't been used in over a thousand years.
02:27:10It's incredible.
02:27:12Off the tip of the southern coast in a small reef bordered to the south of the palonga river lies a diamond cave, almost 300 feet below sea level, the cave is guarded .. oh dear, the writing has been washed away.
02:27:28.. I believe this scroll describes an entrance to the world beneath.
02:27:33Well, you take your time, professor.
02:27:40You know, I've only just realized that we may have had some friends in common.
02:27:43Oh, yes? the two boys on the plane.
02:27:46David and karl scott.
02:27:48Yes, yes.
02:27:51I had a little cry when I heard what happened to them.
02:27:54Something off of the great falls like that, terrible.
02:27:58But then I heard rumors that they may have survived.
02:28:01Well, I've just left the boys in the darbar.
02:28:04They're safe and well.
02:28:05.. really!
02:28:07Well, that is good news.
02:28:11I don't believe it.
02:28:12This-this belongs to the library of dinotopia.
02:28:16This was stolen.
02:28:19Well, that's a rather harsh term.
02:28:24This is a terrible theft.
02:28:26.. no, no!
02:28:28What else have you taken?
02:28:29I'm going to have to report you to the authorities.
02:28:33I don't think so, scaly.
02:28:40aretough, gorgeous.
02:28:40Smart beauty is about looking your best and never overpaying for it.
02:28:44You know, if something is expensive that doesn't mean that it's a must have.
02:28:47Pantene can get you to healthy hair.
02:28:48No brand is customized like pantene.
02:28:51For fine, thick,curls and color.
02:28:53Pro-v formulas provideevery strand with what it needs for results you'll loveguaranteed.
02:28:59When you look good,you feel good and if you are getting it for a great price well, then that makes you smart and hot.
02:29:06Healthy makes it happen.
02:30:09[ bird chirping ] [ snoring ] [ clears throat ] Hop to, gang.
02:30:15It's showtime.
02:30:16Uh, do you know this guy?
02:30:18I'm not gonna cry, am i?
02:30:19Only if you don't believe in the power of friendship.
02:30:25You guys are good.
02:30:26[ Male Announcer ] Your favorite movies right when you want them.
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02:30:36That's so cute, it's stupid.
02:34:30this is crazy.
02:34:35What am I doing here?
02:34:48(Zippo) OH... LET ME OUT!
02:34:59(Zippo) HELP!
02:35:11(Zippo) LET ME OUT!
02:35:13Let's all just live in harmony!
02:35:19(Zippo) OH NO... I CAN'T SWIM.
02:35:22Harmony's overrated.
02:35:24(laughs) (Zippo) PLEASE SOMEONE... PLEASE HELP ME!
02:35:38(Zippo) OH, MY GOOD LORD OGFA.
02:35:58I have a message for karl scott.
02:35:59It is polite after long journeys to offer the postal bird a drink, you know.
02:36:04.. hold on a second.
02:36:14There you go!
02:36:18Greetings from marion at canyon city.
02:36:21I miss seeing your face.
02:36:24David seems permanently terrified, but I'm trying to keep his spirits up.
02:36:28You're in my thoughts many times of the day.
02:36:32End of message.
02:36:33.. can I send a reply back?
02:36:36Your words incur a surcharge.
02:37:13no movement yet?
02:37:15Nothing, not even a shake.
02:37:18What's she going to be when she hatches?
02:37:20Other than big? she's a casmiosaur.
02:37:23One of the hadrosaur family.
02:37:26And what do you know about them?
02:37:29They hulk, loudly.
02:37:37Today is about fear.
02:37:38Last year a cadet almost fell to his death on this climb, so your vigilance is vital.
02:37:44Follow me.
02:37:51Come on.
02:38:29.. samantha!
02:38:32It's happening!
02:38:35I think I see something.
02:38:52What are you going to name her?
02:38:54.. I'm not going to name her anything.
02:38:56I can't take responsibility for her.
02:39:10What does she want?
02:39:12She thinks you're her mommy.
02:39:14She wants you to feed her.
02:39:15(Karl) OH, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING!
02:39:18Oh, no.
02:39:20(Zippo) IF YOU HELP ME OUT OF HERE I PROMISE I won't finish that thesis.
02:39:26. come here!
02:39:28What? what do you think that is?
02:39:30.. it's moving.
02:39:50(David) BE MY GUEST.
02:40:01Here, let me help you!
02:40:17Come on, that's it.
02:40:29You can do it.
02:40:35Come on.
02:40:38What's wrong?
02:40:40It's the height.
02:40:41I think-i think I'm having a panic attack.
02:40:44Remember, you're of the sky.
02:40:46I'm not of the sky.
02:40:48I don't know who said that.
02:40:50If anything I'm on the couch.
02:40:54I can't do this.
02:40:55Here, take my hand.
02:40:59(Oonu) YOU MUST FACE YOUR FEAR IF YOU ARE To overcome it.
02:41:03Fear is the future.
02:41:05There is no fear in the present, only action and reaction.
02:41:15this rock is the place from which gideon altaire formed the corp and flew the very first skybacks mission.
02:41:20It is a tradition that every new recruit writes their name on this rock.
02:41:25Jump across, and add your name to this illustrious list.
02:41:59.. well done.
02:42:08Come on, cadet.
02:42:14Make the jump!
02:42:15No, no, I can't do that.
02:42:17Make the jump, cadet! I can't do it!
02:42:20Make the jump! come on, david!
02:42:23I can't.
02:42:25See me tonight after training.
02:42:34calling credit.
02:42:34My name peggy.
02:42:36Peggy, yes, I'd like to redeem my reward points for a gift card.
02:42:38Tell points please?
02:42:45Answer: five fifty!
02:42:475 Dollar, 50 cents.
02:42:49Minus redeeming charge. leaving 50 cents.
02:42:50Say what?
02:42:53Happy time!
02:42:53What kind of program is this?
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02:42:57America's number 1cash rewards program.
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02:43:29Slim-fast. who hastime to slim slowly?
02:47:27easy now.
02:48:09This saddle belonged to my grandfather, ulu, the great world denizen, the finest skybacks rider ever.
02:48:17Romana is his daughter, and has many of his skills.
02:48:21I don't see why anybody thinks I could ride a skybacks.
02:48:24I have a terrible fear of heights.
02:48:27And I don't see how anyone who hasn't experienced that could really understand.
02:48:31You're not frightened of heights, david.
02:48:33You're frightened of something else.
02:48:37Come forward.
02:48:40Do you know whose this is?
02:48:43This belonged to gideon altaire, who formed the corp.
02:48:47The first man to ever ride a wild skybacks.
02:48:51He was two years younger than you when he did it, cadet.
02:48:55Of all the things you do in your life, david, nothing will ever compare to the sensation of flying a skybacks for the first time.
02:49:04.. I've been wrongly assigned.
02:49:07Trust me, I know.
02:49:37no cadet has ever failed my course.
02:49:40And you will not be the first.
02:49:42(man) OONU! (bell ringing) (Oonu) WHAT IS IT? SOMEONE'S DOWN THERE.
02:49:48(screaming) It's marion!
02:50:00(David) MARION, ARE YOU ALL RIGHT? (Marion) I'm fine.
02:50:02(David) COME ON, WE'VE GOT TO GET YOU OUT Of here.
02:50:05Come on.
02:50:08What were you thinking?
02:50:11Look at you!
02:50:13They're scratches.
02:50:15They will heal.
02:50:16You disobeyed me.
02:50:17You deliberately went beyond the safety barriers.
02:50:20Your father gave me express instructions that you would not are not to be put in danger.
02:50:24My father-- your father is mayor of waterfall city and holds me responsible for your safety.
02:50:31My mother sent me to study the teranadons.
02:50:33She said they could hold-- you are not the only one concerned with the future of dinotopia.
02:50:40The fact is, you could've been killed.
02:50:45Your study of the teranadons is now over.
02:50:48You're confined to quarters until further notice.
02:50:53Is that understood?
02:51:01Why isn't she making any noise?
02:51:03 it's very strange.
02:51:06Hadrosaurs are known for their powerful voices.
02:51:09Maybe it's the trauma of her birth.
02:51:12She is an orphan.
02:51:15Last month, the village of benala was destroyed by the tyrannosaurus herd that attacked you.
02:51:20Her mother was giving birth when it happened.
02:51:23She was trampled to death.
02:51:26It's very rare for a dinosaur to lay so many eggs-- 26 in all.
02:51:31All the eggs were smashed but this one.
02:51:34A skybacks rider brought her here.
02:51:37So, have you decided on a name yet?
02:51:40I told you, I'm not going to give her a name, because I'm not keeping her.
02:51:44But you have to name her.
02:51:45All right, okay.
02:51:54That's what I'm going to call her.
02:51:59Well, basically it's a variation on the standard pincer movement from world war ii.
02:52:03(Oonu) PINCER MOVEMENT?
02:52:04Right, I thought maybe the squadron could split in two with riders attacking straight ahead in arrow formation and the others circling around and dividing the herd from behind.
02:52:14Like a pincer.
02:52:21Very impressive.
02:52:23Thank you.
02:53:43very impressive. what?
02:53:45.. hey, cyrus.
02:53:47Never had you down as a nautical man.
02:53:51My father used to race yachts.
02:53:54So, uh, what brings you here?
02:53:58I've been thrown out of waterfall city for asking the wrong questions.
02:54:03Still, they know best about everything, don't they?
02:54:06Yeah, they always seem to know best.
02:54:09You know what I like about you, karl?
02:54:12Blasting me no favors.
02:54:14.. you've been knocked down so many times but you always manage to get up again, don't you?
02:54:19You're a fighter.
02:54:24Forget it.
02:54:26If I have to cross that razor reef, it'll slash you in half.
02:54:29What, do you think I'm going to spend the rest of my life here or something?
02:54:31Listen, listen, without a pilot chart you're dead.
02:54:35Now the gap in the reef, with this chart, at low tide, you can sail straight through.
02:54:45Well, can you get it for me?
02:54:47I will if I can.
02:54:50I will for you, karl.
02:54:54You can rely on me, karl.
02:55:16(Romana) THAT'S IT, THAT'S IT.
02:55:19Hold on.
02:55:26(Romana) FLY WITH IT!
02:55:36.. that's it.
02:55:40Now control it.
02:55:43That's it, that's it, david.
02:55:45You've got it.
02:55:52(applause) THAT WAS GREAT, DAVID. (David) THANKS.
02:55:59(Romana) YOU'VE DONE IT.
02:56:02(Oonu) AS YOU HAVE NOW COMPLETED YOUR TRAINING, I have something to give you before I dismiss the class.
02:56:15When you've flown your skybacks for a full year, you may add your name to the other great riders engraved on the saddle.
02:56:39I have something special for you.
02:56:47You should have this.
02:56:52This was my father's.
02:56:54He would have been very proud.
02:56:56Breathe deep.
02:56:58Fly high.
02:57:07Before you leave, you must remember that the terranagons are now hunting above the sentinel line, and that canyon city has a curfew at sundown.
02:57:16Cadet david, please stay behind.
02:57:22The rest of you are dismissed.
02:57:25Breathe deep.
02:57:26(everyone) FLY HIGH!
02:57:39You have made great progress.
02:57:42But you are still bound to the earth.
02:57:44You're going to fail me?
02:57:46I've done everything you've asked me to and I'm just as good as any of the other cadets.
02:57:51What more do you want me to do?
02:57:54Spend a night with the skybacks, sleep in their nests, then I will give you a saddle.
02:58:02Is this a joke?
02:58:07That's impossible.
02:58:09You know I can't do that.
02:58:14Cadet david, you are dismissed.
03:04:35I heard what happened.
03:04:49You know I'm leaving.
03:04:52This is just a waste of time.
03:04:53He just wants me to resign from the corp, that's all it is. david.
03:04:58How can I climb up to those nests?
03:05:02Did he say you have to climb on your own?
03:05:05No, but-- well, then I'll climb with you.
03:05:08Unless you would rather climb with one of your fellow cadets, such as romana denison.
03:05:17I like romana very much.
03:05:20I thought so.
03:05:21But I don't want to climb with romana.
03:05:26We'd better get ready for the climb then.
03:05:30Are you coming?
03:05:45Don't talk to me, don't talk to me.
03:05:46.. I won't be when I tell you the bad news.
03:05:53I can get you this pilot chart you need, but they won't part with it for nothing.
03:05:57You know I don't have any money.
03:05:59No, no, no, no, not money, not money they need.
03:06:02I'll tell you what they want.
03:06:04That little sunstone from the hatchery roof.
03:06:07.. stealing the book is one thing but I'm not taking their sunstone.
03:06:11Oh, very noble, very noble choice.
03:06:14What's more important?
03:06:16Your life or one of their silly little sunstones?
03:06:19They've got vaults full of them in waterfall city.
03:06:21I've seen them with my own eyes.
03:06:25I don't know, cyrus.
03:06:26What have the scalies ever done for you, eh?
03:06:28.. nothing!
03:06:30A big fat nothing.
03:06:32I can't, it's a hatchery.
03:06:33Anyway, if this chart is so great, why are you still here?
03:06:36Oh, I'm going.
03:06:38I'm going, don't worry about that.
03:06:40When I've got enough treasure to make me king of the world, I'm going.
03:06:45I'll take my chances without this chart.
03:06:48.. you do that until you're dead.
03:06:51Dead as dead, do you understand?
03:06:52Is that what you want? no.
03:06:55Or do you want to go home?
03:07:01I want to go home.
03:07:04I want to go home.
03:07:24.. let's go back.
03:07:27Don't look down.
03:07:28Just take the next step.
03:07:30Remember, one raindrop raises the sea.
03:07:33Will you quit with the sayings?
03:07:35You know, you have a saying for everything.
03:07:38David, look, it's the albino.
03:07:42I think he's following us.
03:07:54Come on, david, you can do it.
03:08:18I can't take much more of this.
03:08:19David, you've got to stop fighting yourself.
03:08:24You must learn to let go of your fears.
03:08:27Well, you're not perfect yourself.
03:08:29No one's perfect, but since you clearly have something to say, perhaps you can tell me what my imperfections are.
03:08:36Maybe I can improve.
03:08:38No, let's just stop this right here, because we'll only end up arguing.
03:08:42I don't argue with anybody.
03:08:44There, that's it.
03:08:46It's things like that--i don't argue with anybody.
03:08:48And why is that?
03:08:49It's because you're convinced that you're right and everybody else is wrong.
03:08:53I mean, why can't you just loosen up?
03:08:55Or behave badly, or tell a lie.
03:09:18Hold on!
03:09:20Stay there!
03:09:23I'm coming!
03:09:24.. I can't move!
03:09:30Here, take my hand!
03:09:38.. come on.
03:09:46Just a little more.
03:09:53Are you sure you're okay?
03:10:03(David) WE MADE IT, MARION. (Marion) YES.
03:10:05(David) IT'S AMAZING, ISN'T IT? (Marion) It is.
03:10:17Here, take my hand.
03:10:31(David) WE DID IT, MARION.
03:10:5026, Did you do this?
03:10:52You know the rules.
03:11:03I told you to stay in your crib, okay?
03:11:05Now you stay in here and sleep.
03:11:14That's it.
03:11:25(Marion) OONU'S FATHER MADE HIM CLIMB UP Here before he could join the corp.
03:11:32I'm sorry I shouted at you before.
03:11:38I was just scared.
03:11:41It's nothing.
03:11:43It's forgotten.
03:11:45You're going to fly, david.
03:11:49I'm sure of it.
03:11:50My mother's never wrong about such things.
03:11:56Why are you looking at me like that?
03:11:59What is it?
03:12:10.. with the toothache?
03:12:13Oh, him?
03:12:14Oh, it was such a long time ago.
03:12:19I think it was then-- yes?
03:12:27...I think I'm falling in love with you.
03:12:31I don't know how else to say it.
03:12:34In love?
03:12:36.. I shouldn't have said that.
03:12:38I'm sorry.
03:12:40You don't have to apologize for the way you feel.
03:12:46I'm very flattered.
03:12:52So there's no chance you have any kind of feelings for me?
03:12:58When I saw you with romana, I felt something.
03:13:02I don't know how to describe it.
03:13:05You did?
03:13:06Well, there are certain things my training doesn't seem to have prepared me for.
03:13:11♪ Why do birds suddenly appear ♪ every time you are near ♪
03:13:17♪ but just like me, they long to be ♪
03:13:22♪ close to you ♪♪♪
03:13:25message for marion.
03:13:26Hope you enjoyed the song.
03:13:28Message from who?
03:13:29Message from karl scott.
03:13:33I don't believe it.
03:13:36This can't be happening!
03:13:38How could we be here, alone, on top of the world, and my brother is sending you sing-o-grams!
03:13:44That is so typical!
03:13:47He sends me messages all the time.
03:13:50He does?
03:13:51Well, I think he might be lonely.
03:13:53.. lonely.
03:13:55(bird) ANY REPLY?
03:13:57Yes, there is a reply.
03:13:59Nice to hear from you karl, we're fine, never better, oh, and don't forget david's graduation ceremony.
03:14:05Yours, marion. and david.
03:15:30I got it. let's celebrate.
03:15:31All right!
03:15:33♪♪ ♪♪
03:15:35whoa, whoa! 10:00 and 2:00, buddy.
03:15:37Hands on the wheel. eyes on the road, right?
03:15:39So this is what it's liketo be driven around, huh?
03:15:40 the francos finished the addition on their house.
03:15:43[ Mom ] OH, YEAH!
03:15:44[ Male Announcer ]THE WANT-IT, NEED-IT...ppSTAY Focused.
03:15:46[ Male Announcer ]...GOTTA-HAVE-IT TASTE OF THE Quarter Pounderwith Cheese, Big Mac, AND Angus Third Pounder.
03:15:50Hey,hop on the expressway.
03:15:52But it's rush hour.
03:15:53[ Male Announcer ]THE SIMPLE JOY Worth waiting for.
03:15:55[ Young man ]HOW'S YOUR BURGER, BRO?
03:15:58[ laughs ] ♪♪♪
03:21:11sorry, karl.
03:21:13Don't know you're leaving the island just yet.
03:21:36He just dropped down out of the sky, like he was a freefall or something.
03:21:41.. it's the albino terranadon.
03:21:45He's followed us.
03:21:47Hold very still.
03:21:52He's communing with you.
03:21:55You must speak his name.
03:21:58His name?
03:21:59How am I supposed to know his name?
03:22:05Find it inside yourself.
03:22:13His name is freefall.
03:22:22I knew you wouldn't let me down.
03:22:24You have the sunstone? you have the chart?
03:22:28Funny you've thrown out that you didn't trust me.
03:22:46I wish you all the luck.
03:22:47Cyrus crabb at your disposal.
03:22:51Thanks, cyrus.
03:22:54Cheer up!
03:22:56I'm sure you'll make it.
03:23:00We'll miss you, karl.
03:23:26You crook!
03:23:28You filthy lousy cheat!
03:23:33I like you.
03:23:35Have a nice trip, sonny.
03:23:46(thunder clapping) Samantha, what's the matter?
03:24:31Karl has gone!
03:24:34So is 26.
03:24:35Let's go and see what's happened to them.
03:24:41Look at that.
03:25:33Go away!
03:26:28You're safe now.
03:26:34(26) Ahh!
03:27:26♪ ♪
03:27:31[ Girl ] QUACK!
03:27:32♪ ♪
03:27:35[ baby coos ] ♪ ♪
03:27:41[ giggling ] ♪ ♪
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03:30:11know is, but even I know it's not nice.
03:30:15Guys, it's okay.
03:30:16We're just gonna needsome christmas magic.
03:30:18 ♪♪
03:30:20♪♪ time for all the boys and girls to cheer ♪♪ christmas magic. of course!
03:30:26Yeah, no.
03:30:26I was thinking the kind of magicthat helps people save money.
03:30:32[ Male Announcer ] GET UNBEATABLE PRICES Storewide with our price match guarantee, including an lcd hdtv or a netbook for under 300 bucks each.
03:31:11(Oonu) THIS GRADUATION CEREMONY WILL BE YOUR First and only chance to qualify as skybacks riders.
03:31:19If the skybacks does not come to you when you call, or if you fail to ride it, you will be dismissed from the sky corp.
03:31:27Let us begin.
03:31:30Cadet romana.
03:31:32Good luck.
03:32:35(applause) Cadet david.
03:32:56Time to fly.
03:32:57(Romana) YOU CAN DO IT, DAVID!
03:33:10Did I miss something?
03:33:19I'm so glad you made it.
03:33:21Look, david's about to fly for the first time.
03:33:45You have been rejected, cadet.
03:33:48Come down.
03:34:12I am sorry, david.
03:34:14You will never ride a skybacks, and you are dismissed from the corp forthwith.
03:34:53David, wait.
03:34:55Look, I'm proud of you.
03:34:57Just leave me alone, okay?
03:34:59You tried, you didn't quit.
03:35:01I wish dad could've seen you.
03:35:03He didn't need to see me fail again.
03:35:05You didn't fail.
03:35:07Wait, dave, dave!
03:35:10Leave him.
03:36:10I don't believe it!
03:36:12HE'S GOING TO JUMP! (Marion) NO, HE'S NOT, Karl.
03:36:15Leave him.
03:37:01Come on!
03:37:19Look! did you see that?
03:37:29Way to go, david!
03:38:51the senate recognizesskybacks captain oonu.
03:38:54We are ready tohear your report.
03:39:00Lord mayor, senators, dunaba hasbeen evacuated.
03:39:05There are reports oflarge scale attacks right along theeastern borders.
03:39:13Permission to speakfrankly, sir.
03:39:15Uh, please continue.
03:39:21Our squadrons can no longerpatrol the eastern territories.
03:39:24 the tyrannosaurus herd is destroying everything in its path, and the terranadons are breaching all theirtraditional boundaries.
03:39:31I request permission toreassign the corp to protect the refugees along the easterncoast toward waterfall city.
03:39:37You are not theonly province to be experiencingdifficulties.
03:39:40We must evacuate everyonein the outer settlements and bring them hereto waterfall city for protection, sir.
03:39:44We cannot support thewhole of dinotopia here on this island city.
03:39:49We simply don'thave the resources.
03:39:51(indistinct) Last week, my newstudents graduated.
03:39:57I have been pushing themharder than ever before.
03:40:00I am not trainingthem to seek peace.
03:40:02I am trainingthem to fight, and I fear I amtraining them to die.
03:40:07He's right.
03:40:07We must make an expeditionto the world beneath to find new sunstones.
03:40:15We must protectour traditions and follow theancient codes.
03:40:19Just as we live by thecodes of dinotopia, so must we prepare to die.
03:40:26And die we will.
03:40:45Lord mayor,lord mayor!
03:40:48Yes, yes,what is it?
03:40:49They're coming, sir. who is coming?
03:40:52The refugees, sir.
03:40:54A sea of them.
03:41:14I could just grab those senators by their robes and shake them.
03:41:19Somebody has to do something.
03:41:22That's called anger, zippo.
03:41:24We're making progress.
03:41:40Madam sunstone won't last much longer.
03:41:44Wait a minute, this looks like the temple in the swamp.
03:41:50(Zippo) YES, OF COURSE!
03:41:52According to the scroll, it is called the temple of cora.
03:41:55These carvings look very familiar.
03:41:58We must go back there.
03:41:59If this leads to the world beneath, that's where the sunstones will be, I'm sure of it.
03:42:02But that's also where we'll find those prehistoric crocodiles.
03:42:05Yes, and my tail is only just growing back, you know.
03:42:08But it's the only entrance, zippo.
03:42:10Suppose it's blocked or flooded, and maybe it's not even an entrance.
03:42:14We're just guessing.
03:42:14That horrible cyrus crabb had a scroll describing another entrance beneath the sea called the diamond cave.
03:42:19I will go to the library and research it.
03:42:22We haven't got time for any more research.
03:42:24I mean, what are we going to do, just stand around and wait for the carnivores to come crashing through the city gates?
03:42:28.. we've got to do something.
03:42:30I'm going back to the temple, even if I have to go alone.
03:42:34Well, I guess we're going back to the swamp.
03:42:36Somebody's got to stay here and look after 26.
03:42:39It would be an honor.
03:42:42Don't leave the window open at night.
03:42:43At her age she can get a chill very easily.
03:42:45I think I do know how to take care of a baby dinosaur.
03:42:48Oh, and she likes her bread dipped in warm milk.
03:42:51You behave yourself, 26, and don't give uncle zippo a hard time.
03:42:59There he is.
03:43:05Well that took long enough.
03:43:06.. I was just making sure she was okay.
03:43:20if you're going where I think you're going, you'd better turn back.
03:43:24You'll never find the entrance.
03:43:26I'm done taking advice from you.
03:43:28Well, I paid three expeditions to explore that swamp temple, and you know what, not one of them came back for their money.
03:43:34We're not afraid.
03:43:36Yeah, that's right.
03:43:38There is another way, karl.
03:43:40It's a safer way.
03:43:41In a few days my plans will be sorted if you want to come with me.
03:43:45.. forget it.
03:43:47Don't be a fool, boy!
03:43:48I'm trapped on this island same as you whether I like it here or not.
03:43:52You sabotaged my boat.
03:43:52Yes, and you gave me a rock instead of a sunstone, what is he talking about?
03:43:59.. I want the same thing you want.
03:44:02I want to save this hell of a place not because I like it because I want to save my own skin.
03:44:07Forget it.
03:44:08Hey, karl!
03:44:19I don't know if it will work.
03:44:21It must be 50 years old.
03:44:24Keep your wits about you, karl.
03:44:27There's worse than mosasaurs to worry about.
03:44:29(Marion) DON'T LISTEN TO HIM.
03:44:31Come on, he's just trying to scare us.
03:45:06Karl, I have to ask you something.
03:45:11Is it true what crabb said, you stole a sunstone?
03:45:14.. I just borrowed it for awhile.
03:45:16Anyway, I gave it back, didn't i?
03:45:18I can't think of anything much worse you could do.
03:45:20It's a hatchery, karl.
03:45:23Yeah, well I heard all about your mountain trip.
03:45:25And what exactly did you hear?
03:45:27That you spent the night with my brother in one of those nests.
03:45:30So, so what happened up there between you two?
03:45:33We got very close, that's what happened.
03:45:35Because unlike you, he's a sensitive soul.
03:46:24zippo found a passageway leading to a hidden chamber.
03:47:26(David) WOW!
03:47:51Come on, let's keep going.
03:48:01Did you hear that? no.
03:48:03Will you stop doing that?
03:48:09I'm getting a bad feeling about this.
03:48:16No, I think david's right.
03:48:17Something feels very wrong.
03:48:21We should leave.
03:48:57.. let's go!
03:49:10Keep going!
03:49:15(Karl) WE'RE TRAPPED.
03:49:30.. let's go, let's go... come on.
03:50:32.. are we glad to see you.
03:50:36David and karl scott, you're under arrest.
03:50:38You'll be escorted by guard and face trial in waterfall city.
03:50:44I can't believe this!
03:50:45We must contact my father immediately.
03:50:47Your father issued the order, marion.
03:50:51Why are we being arrested?
03:50:53On what charge?
03:50:54It's not a single charge.
03:50:55You seem to have broken just about every law in dinotopia.
03:51:16(Cyrus) DON'T DESPAIR, LADS.
03:51:17It could be worse.
03:51:19You could be dead.
03:51:21Hope you've got a good lawyer, not that it will make any difference.
03:51:25Hey, cyrus, that flare gun you gave me came in handy.
03:51:30There's no time to squander over past misunderstandings.
03:51:34We have work to do, boys.
03:51:36A good lawyer.
03:56:28This court is now in session!
03:56:36The charges facing you could hardly be more serious.
03:56:39You have brought disruption and violence to dinotopia.
03:56:44In total, you stand accused of 21 violations.
03:56:51Not only did you attempt to leave dinotopia, which is forbidden, you also stole a sacred sunstone from a hatchery.
03:57:02Not satisfied with these crimes, you both violated the sacred entrance to the world beneath, and awakened the terranadon swarm that has guarded the temple for centuries.
03:57:13There is no defense for these actions.
03:57:16However, you are entitled to representation.
03:57:20Do you have a lawyer?
03:57:21(Zippo) PRESENT, YOUR HONOR.
03:57:22My apologies for being late.
03:57:25Oh dear.
03:57:30Mammals and saurians of the jury, I accept the behavior of these boys is somewhat unconventional, but what heart they have.
03:57:37My own life was saved by an act of selfless dinotopian courage from karl when I was viciously attacked by a giant mosasaur.
03:57:46I would like to enter my half bitten tail as exhibit "a".
03:57:52Would you like to tell us why you were put in jeopardy in the first place?
03:57:56Yes, because the boys had fallen over the falls while fighting at their graduation ceremony.
03:58:01A disgraceful breach of civilized behavior.
03:58:04Yes, yes, well, I would have to agree with you there, your honor.
03:58:09He is on our side, isn't he?
03:58:12We will now take testimony from skybacks captain oonu.
03:58:16Thank you, lord mayor.
03:58:18When david came to the skybacks academy, he was one of the least promising pupils I have encountered.
03:58:23Yet, through strength of character, he overcame his weaknesses, trained hard, and finally showed us that he is a flyer.
03:58:32A flyer like no other I have ever seen.
03:58:35I am proud to have been his teacher.
03:58:37Yes, uh, thank you, captain oonu for that glowing testimony.
03:58:42You may now rejoin your squadron.
03:58:49(Rosemary) I INITIALLY FOUND THE BOYS DISOBEDIENT, Quarrelsome, problematic, they're not like us.
03:58:56And perhaps they never will be.
03:58:59But how can we call ourselves dinotopian if we only respect those who agree with us.
03:59:05If we are to learn, first we must listen.
03:59:11In spite of our differences, I have come to respect the boys tremendously.
03:59:21One raindrop raises the sea.
03:59:24Exactly, your honor.
03:59:26So think of what two raindrops could do.
03:59:29David, we're doomed.
03:59:35None of this would've happened if you hadn't sent our daughter to canyon city.
03:59:39Nothing at all would happen if you were left up to you, waldo.
03:59:42You may be happy to risk our daughter's life, but I certainly am not.
03:59:46Can you stop talking about me as though i am not here?
03:59:49Karl and david risked their lives to save you and everyone else here.
03:59:54And you've thrown them in jail.
03:59:55They are simply being confined to quarters.
03:59:58They must not be allowed to cause any more trouble.
04:00:01The sunstones are failing, that's trouble.
04:00:03At least they had the courage to try and find a solution.
04:00:07Marion, your mind has become clouded in recent months.
04:00:11Those boys are not your responsibility.
04:00:13You should concentrate on completing your studies.
04:00:16Do one thing at a time, seventh law of dinotopia.
04:00:20Eat to live, don't live to eat.
04:00:23Tenth law of dinotopia. marion!
04:00:25Do you see the terrible influence these boys have had on her?
04:00:27She never used to be sarcastic.
04:00:29If you're in such harmony, then why do you live 100 miles away from each other?
04:00:36We both serve dinotopia in different ways, and duty before personal satisfaction.
04:00:44You see, it's happened again!
04:00:48Waldo, why didn't you tell me that this had happened before?
04:00:51It's just a temporary situation.
04:00:53The polishers will be at work even as we speak.
04:00:55It usually lasts only a few seconds.
04:00:57.. if it fails-- we are due to discuss the situation.
04:01:03We're sitting in darkness.
04:01:05Something has to be done.
04:01:06The dinotopia mind is a calm mind, marion!
04:01:14There, you see?
04:01:16Back to normal.
04:01:18Nothing at all to worry about.
04:01:43Don't despair, karl, it could be worse.
04:01:46They only placed you under house arrest.
04:01:49I'm too old to be grounded.
04:01:51.. well, except for you stealing a sunstone, everything else, like going to the temple, we were just trying to help.
04:02:00So why can't the senate understand that?
04:02:02Well, the senate may be angry, but i-i think I can get you a light sentence.
04:02:06I can't believe these people can charge us for trying to help them.
04:02:08I mean, who are they to say what we can and cannot do?
04:02:11Remember to keep your closing speech short, and please, whatever you do, don't upset mayor waldo.
04:02:19All that remains before judgment are the closing speeches from karl and david.
04:02:25Serious accusations have been made and you may speak freely and with candor.
04:02:31Speak freely is about the last thing you're allowed to do here.
04:02:35(Zippo) OH, NO!
04:02:36You do this big number about listening, but nobody really listens.
04:02:39Well, listen to me now!
04:02:41I don't care about your rules and superstitions, so you can do what you want with me, but you should let my brother go.
04:02:50You're going to need every skybacks cadet in the corp.
04:02:52This whole place is going to hell unless you do something about it, and you know it.
04:02:58Oh, dear!
04:03:04You didn't have to do that.
04:03:06Yes I did.
04:03:07And don't make a big thing out of it.
04:03:42wait a minute.
04:03:56This court has reached a judgment.
04:04:01You will both resume your status and you will not leave waterfall city until you both have fully understood your transgressions.
04:04:08Karl, you are deemed unfit to care for an infant, and your casmosaur partner will be taken to the city orphanage for adoption.
04:04:17.. no way!
04:04:19(Zippo) KARL, SIT DOWN... DON'T MAKE IT ANY Worse.
04:04:22We're all in accord on this matter.
04:04:24We would like to lodge an appeal.
04:04:26We will review the case in one year's time.
04:04:29Oh, one year?
04:04:31Court dismissed.
04:04:40I'm telling you, I'm sick of this place.
04:04:42And I'm not going to let them take 26 away from me.
04:04:45Hey, are you listening to me?
04:05:04I'll get it!
04:05:09Oh, oh, oh!
04:05:11No, no!
04:05:12You're going to put me in that sack again.
04:05:14I'm not going to hurt you.
04:05:16You're not? no, I'm not.
04:05:18I'm here to help the boys.
04:05:20You promise? it's all right, zippo.
04:05:24Let him in. oh.
04:05:28But on your head be it!
04:05:35I've waited 20 years for this-- the final pieces of the jigsaw.
04:05:41The captain's log of the rebecca's folly, which you kindly borrowed for me, and the journal of arthur denison, the first true explorer of dinotopia.
04:05:52This is his account of the world beneath.
04:05:54(Zippo) FASCINATING!
04:05:55You see, arthur denison made it to the world beneath and back.
04:06:01.. there was another man with him.
04:06:04That man was lee crabb, my father.
04:06:09Together the two of them explored the world beneath, and on their return they were promptly arrested by the senate.
04:06:16Violation of ancient laws and so on.
04:06:18So, now I know the way to the sunstone caves, and the way out of dinotopia.
04:06:25But I can't do it alone, not with this.
04:06:29I need your help, boys.
04:06:32I don't trust him.
04:06:34What's not to trust?
04:06:40So, you knew about the sunstone cave all along?
04:06:45Well, u se I spent the past 20 years reading everything I could find on the world beneath.
04:06:53The senate would've opped meong ago if they knew of my plans, I'm sure.
04:06:57But lucky for them, they didn't, because now I'm the only one who can save these damn scalies, oh, no offense, professor.
04:07:05Do you have anything we could mix this with?
04:07:10What is that? articus licsius.
04:07:13A rare plant extract.
04:07:23Could you please take this and give it to the guards?
04:07:28It won't harm them, will it?
04:07:30No, no, no, no, no, no.
04:07:31Just give them a nasty little headache when they wake up.
04:07:33Nothing serious, I promise.
04:07:42I'll just leave them over here.
04:07:44(indistinct) Enjoy!
04:07:52Once they find you're missing, they'll block the bridge and we'll be trapped in the city.
04:07:56The canal runs under the garbage shoot next to my shop.
04:08:00One-hundred feet downstream there's a red buoy, I'll leave a boat for you there.
04:08:04But first, there's something I need, and, professor, I'm afraid you're the only one who can help.
04:08:10.. me?
04:08:12Are you sure?
04:08:13I can get us to the world beneath but we don't stand a fighting chance without a map of the caves down below.
04:08:21There's a map? yeah.
04:08:22Denison's journals were confiscated when he returned from the world beneath and locked up in the library archives.
04:08:29If we can find the journal then we have the map.
04:08:32And then what?
04:08:33Take the boat down the polongo river.
04:08:37I'll take care of the rest.
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04:10:31Don't try to out-save me.
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04:10:40people when you don't.
04:10:44see counselor.
04:10:45.. a matchstick.
04:10:47And she's obviously never dieted, or ever eaten anything.
04:10:51[ laughs ] And she says to me, " sixmonths?
04:10:56I need to be in a pink bridesmaid's dress inonemonth.
04:10:59I just want to be able to zip it up!
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04:15:18(Zippo) HURRY... QUICK!
04:15:28(laughs) Good show, boys.
04:15:35.. and god speed.
04:15:51(David) I THOUGHT YOU SAID THE FIRE DESTROYED All the books and scrolls in the world beneath.
04:15:55It's true, the main library was badly burnt, but not all the books were destroyed.
04:15:59After the fire, it was decided to restore the more valuable documents and place them in this archive for safekeeping.
04:16:56(Zippo) OH, IT'S NO USE.
04:16:57We'll never find it.
04:17:23.. I think this is it-- the journal of arthur denison, the touring engineer and explorer volume two, the world beneath.
04:17:35(indistinct) (David) "THIS PRIVATE VOLUME OF MY MEMOIRS "Will never be published.
04:17:47"Dinotopians hold the world beneath sacred "and I have no wish to offend "their deep spiritual beliefs.
04:17:54"Nevertheless, my expedition "by submarine revealed-- uh, perhaps we can read it later.
04:18:00.."i found enormous caves "with strange phosphoresce.
04:18:04"I began to believe they had been occupied in ancient history, " .. this way!
04:18:16You're still upset.
04:18:19We'll get them for good this time.
04:18:29Somebody's coming.
04:18:31Guards, seize them at once!
04:18:34Marion, marion!
04:18:36Don't go with those two boys!
04:18:40Marion, come back!
04:18:44(Zippo) WAIT FOR ME... OH!
04:18:48Why am I doing this?
04:18:49I'll never be allowed in the library again.
04:18:56(Karl) OH, THIS WAY... FOLLOW ME.
04:19:02(Marion) THIS WAY... HURRY!
04:19:07.. you're with me.
04:19:15(David) ZIPPO!
04:19:16.. what are you doing?
04:19:18This is where he threw me in the canal, stuffed me in a sack.
04:19:21This is making me feel very anxious.
04:19:23Don't be such a baby!
04:19:25Where's the boat?
04:19:26It's over there.
04:19:28(Marion) ZIPPO, YOU GO AND GET THE BOAT.
04:19:30WHAT... ME? (Marion) GO ON, GO...NOW!
04:19:41(Zippo) QUICKLY, QUICKLY... GET IN.
04:19:43.. that's it.
04:19:59(Zippo) OH!
04:19:59Maybe one of my ancestors was a sailor after all.
04:20:02Well cyrus really came through for us this time.
04:20:05Well, don't thank him yet.
04:20:06(Zippo) YES, PERSONALLY, I'M NOT QUITE SURE About him yet.
04:20:19(Zippo) WE'RE HEADED FOR THE CARGO CHUTE, But, uh, it's not designed for saurians or humans for that matter.
04:20:25(David) WHAT DO YOU MEAN, ZIPPO?
04:20:30(Zippo) STOP... CHUCK OUT THE ANCHOR.
04:20:33Do something!
04:20:39(screaming) (Zippo) OH, I THINK THAT'S IT NOW.
04:21:35does anyone know where we're going?
04:21:38Uh, no.
04:21:39Guess we're just going to have to go where the current takes us.
04:21:43How very dinotopian, david.
04:21:46It is.
04:21:48Quasa, david.
04:21:57(David) DID CRABB SAY EXACTLY WHERE HE'D Meet us?
04:21:59He seemed to think we'd be able to find it.
04:22:03Up ahead, look!
04:22:11Could that be it?
04:22:14(Zippo) OH, DEAR.
04:22:16We could still turn back, you know.
04:22:43(Zippo) W-WAIT FOR ME!
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04:29:42(gasps) WHAT IS IT?
04:29:43Oh, mosasaurus!
04:29:46Who could do such a thing?
04:29:48(Cyrus) WELCOME ABOARD!
04:29:52Good to see you again.
04:29:55I trust you all had a pleasant and uneventful trip.
04:30:01Did you do this?
04:30:03.. oh, me... no, no, no, no, no!
04:30:05Now you're insulting the crabb family name.
04:30:08No, that's merely a small but regrettable part of a collection acquired by my father, who was a man of many trades, much like myself.
04:30:16This was his star house.
04:30:18I'm sorry, would you like a drink?
04:30:23You'll need one where we are going.
04:30:27(laughs) GROSS!
04:30:30Very interesting, isn't it?
04:30:31Rather a smoky after taste.
04:30:35Well, enough talk.
04:30:37Now it's time to show you my pride and joy.
04:30:42Through here.
04:31:14she's a beauty, isn't she?
04:31:16No one knows it survived.
04:31:18Denison's submersible.
04:31:23(Karl) AW, IT DOESN'T LOOK IN TOO BAD OF Shape.
04:31:25(Zippo) OH, CAREFUL, KARL!
04:31:35Maybe not.
04:31:35.. you can be our chief mechanic.
04:31:39And you can be our navigator.
04:31:42Thanks. yeah.
04:31:44.. what can I do?
04:31:46Professor, I haven't forgotten you.
04:31:49Those keen eyes of yours-- sharper than a human, eh?
04:31:52Oh, that's very true, thank you.
04:31:54Will you be so kind as to keep lookout for us?
04:31:58Out there?
04:32:00.. go on, run along.
04:32:03By myself? it's okay, zippo.
04:32:41This one do anything?
04:32:45(Karl) RIGHT RUDDER.
04:32:48This? oh!
04:32:51(laughing) Yes!
04:32:55We like that.
04:33:12Hey, how's it going? hey.
04:33:15You know I've been thinking about this expedition.
04:33:18Well, the first time we found an entrance to the world beneath it was filled with giant crocodiles, right?
04:33:25And the second time it was filled with giant bats, right?
04:33:36What the hell is that for?
04:33:38♪ I will set sail ♪
04:33:40♪ on a ship ♪
04:33:42♪ and never once more will I see you ♪
04:33:45I rest my case.
04:33:51Well, the engine's okay.
04:33:53I replaced the pistons, but I can't figure out what powers this thing.
04:33:58I'll give you a clue.
04:34:07(Karl) OH, THAT'S WHY YOU'VE BEEN STEALING Sunstones.
04:34:11I've tried every sunstone I could find, but none of them seemed to fit.
04:34:17And then I was looking at pretty marion here, and suddenly it hit me.
04:34:25This sunstone was given to me by my grandma.
04:34:27It was given to your grandmother ariana by the explorer arthur denison, wasn't it?
04:34:32" would you mind terribly my dear if we borrowed it?
04:34:48This is the most valuable thing I possess.
04:34:56Fire the propeller now!
04:35:23Well, marion, now it's time to saybon voyage.
04:35:27What do you mean?
04:35:29Well, I'm sorry, my dear, but neither you nor that scaly outside, zippo, can come.
04:35:34There's only room for three aboard this vessel.
04:35:38The submarine is built for four.
04:35:39I'm not one to tempt good fortune, not when the future of dinotopia hangs in the balance.
04:35:44We'll be heavy enough with our sunstones on board.
04:35:47Come on.
04:35:51He's right, marion.
04:35:53Promise me you'll both be careful.
04:35:54I don't want anything to happen to either of you.
04:35:58I love you both.
04:36:00We'll be all right.
04:36:04Okay, let's go.
04:36:12Did you hear that?
04:36:13She loves us both.
04:36:14She was looking at me when she said it.
04:36:16All right, come on, we're wasting time.
04:36:19The world beneath awaits.
04:36:46♪ ♪
04:36:47[ Man ]I SHOULD BE SHOUTING.
04:36:50♪ ♪
04:36:51I should be holding balloons.
04:36:54♪ ♪
04:36:55I should be jumping in the air for maximum year end event effect.
04:36:59♪ ♪
04:37:06I'd want to punch me.
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04:37:31>> Okay, first you have two spoons.
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04:37:34>> Got it.
04:37:35>> Bang 'er back and forth.
04:37:38There you go. yeah.
04:37:40>> Yeah, this is going really great.
04:37:44Oh, this is actually not bad.
04:37:46>> How's that, eh?
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04:39:13What else is on here?
04:39:17Ooooh, frank.
04:39:20...Daddy gets his dance on.
04:39:22Nice knee caps bro.
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04:42:26Lord mayor. your reports, cadet?
04:42:28The most recent sighting indicates in excess of 100,000 terranadons.
04:42:34Of the three squadrons assigned mission today, only ours is returned. what news of volcanian?
04:42:39Volcanian is gone, sir.
04:42:42There's no one left alive.
04:42:44That's not possible.
04:42:45If they continue on their current flight path, the terranadons will converge on waterfall city in less than 12 hours.
04:42:51Twelve hours!
04:42:52I have other communities to warn, sir.
04:42:56Yes, yes, of course.
04:42:59Breathe deep. fly high.
04:43:11This should send us down.
04:43:14No, no, no, no!
04:43:16Move away, move away.
04:43:21We need to let a little air out.
04:43:31As far as I can tell, we have three hours of good air left.
04:43:35How long does it take to get to the cave?
04:43:37About three and a half hours.
04:44:12are you okay?
04:44:14Yeah, sure.
04:44:22Me neither.
04:44:25Relax, boys, it will be worse than that before we reach the bottom.
04:44:40.. he really made it down to the world beneath?
04:44:45There and back in this very submarine.
04:44:48How come you're not a rich man?
04:44:50Oh, they wouldn't let him return.
04:44:51The scalies didn't like the idea of having a sacred place found, so they confiscated his journal, then his glasses and locked him away.
04:45:01But before he died, he pulled me up very close and he said to me, denison also kept a journal.
04:45:11I've spent my whole life searching for that journal.
04:45:15After he died, they found hundreds of small notes.
04:45:18They all said the same thing.
04:45:21I found them.
04:45:27.. block it.
04:45:29Come on, you can move faster than that.
04:45:35Without the prime sunstone, all the others will fail.
04:45:39This may be the end for dinotopia.
04:45:42What are we to do?
04:45:44The citizens are already gathering in fountain square by the oblistic codes.
04:45:50Will you lead the city in a prayer of hope?
04:45:55.. but, why me?
04:45:58The sunstone I gave you was small, but it was an almost perfect gem.
04:46:03Show it to the city, it will bring hope, and then we can take it to the sunstone tower, ..
04:46:11...For one night at least.
04:46:14I don't have it anymore.
04:46:15I gave it to david and karl to power the submarine.
04:46:19You gave those two the most flawless sunstone ever found?
04:46:24I thought it was the dinotopian thing to do.
04:46:27I only hope it was worth all our lives, marion.
04:46:42maybe we should turn on a light and see where we are?
04:46:46(Cyrus) IT'LL DRAIN THE POWER.
04:46:48We don't want to too soon.
04:46:58.. we're making progress.
04:47:09It's getting really hot in here.
04:47:12Hard to breathe.
04:47:29That's our plane!
04:47:32Prepare yourselves for an ugly sight, boys.
04:47:39There won't be much left of him by now.
04:47:43E fish would have-- if you don't shut up, I'm going to hit you.
04:47:46Seen a few drowners in my time, that's all I'm saying, no offense to you and david.
04:47:53(David) IT'S EMPTY!
04:47:59It can't be.
04:48:13(Cyrus) THERE IT IS, BOYS!
04:48:15We've got to hit the entrance just right.
04:49:49(Karl) FRESH AIR, FINALLY.
04:49:50(Cyrus) COME ON, BOYS, NO TIME TO WASTE.
04:50:09Welcome to the south entrance of the world beneath!
04:56:49(Cyrus) THIS IS OGFA-- Half man, half scaly.
04:56:53Founder of the poseidous, if you believe that kind of rubbish.
04:57:05(Karl) SO, HOW DO YOU GET HALF MAN, HALF Dinosaur?
04:57:09I don't think it's meant to be literal, karl.
04:57:12It's symbolic.
04:57:12Humans and dinosaurs sharing the same thoughts and desires, living together in perfect harmony.
04:57:19I'm with karl on that one.
04:57:21It looks a bit mucky to me.
04:57:23You can't just dismiss an amazing archaeological discovery because it all looks a bit mucky.
04:57:28Once a scaly, always a scaly.
04:57:35Path splits up ahead.
04:57:38Let's have a look at denison's journal.
04:57:47"We walked almost a mile underground due south.
04:57:50"It was back the way we'd come under the mainland, "and I began to realize the world beneath "ran the length and breath of dinotopia.
04:57:59"I followed left for a hundred feet "and then came to the old north gate, "where the code of dinotopia was first carved " over there!
04:58:33This is where the monument in fountain square came from.
04:58:43So that must be the missing code.
04:58:46The first three letters were f-i-n.
04:58:49Well, that's a "d".
04:58:52Find the light!
04:58:54Look at this, boys.
04:58:59(David) LOOK AT THAT.
04:59:01They carved their whole history on it, our history.
04:59:05It's all right here.
04:59:10This is one of those theories, right?
04:59:12The dinosaurs were wiped out by a meteor, and the meteor caused a tidal wave.
04:59:19Looks like the end of the world.
04:59:22Well, that must be the sunstone cave.
04:59:24It became like some kind of arch.
04:59:27It saved them.
04:59:30Scaly history.
04:59:34Come on, we're near, very near.
04:59:49(Zippo) THE ANCIENT SCROLLS WARNED OF SUCH A time, but we must not give up hope, marion.
04:59:55Maybe when we least expect it, help will come.
05:00:43Sunstone fragments.
05:00:46This must be it.
05:00:47We're looking for something a bit bigger than that, karl.
05:00:52This way.
05:00:55But the journal says denison walked due north about a quarter of a mile.
05:00:59That's north.
05:01:01Let's stay on the main path.
05:01:04Come on.
05:01:17Maybe we should split up.
05:01:19We'll cover more ground that way.
05:01:20.. let's all split up.
05:01:23And if you get lost, how are you going to find your way back?
05:01:28I say we follow the main path, all right?
05:01:31Come on.
05:01:36Come on.
05:02:12I think we're lost. great.
05:02:15No need for that.
05:02:18Look what I found.
05:02:34(Cyrus) THIS IS IT!
05:02:36We found the light!
05:03:06this is it.
05:03:09This is everything.
05:03:25(Karl) IT'S UNREAL, ISN'T IT?
05:03:26It looks like something from another planet.
05:03:31(David) OF COURSE!
05:03:33You're right.
05:03:36The temple pictures make sense now.
05:03:39Dinosaurs didn't find the sunstone cave, ..
05:03:45That is the sunstone cave.
05:03:47Come on, boys.
05:03:48Let's get all these loaded.
05:03:50Time's running out for our friends upstairs.
05:03:54(Zippo) IT'S THE END, ISN'T IT?
05:03:56(Marion) I BELIEVE IT IS.
05:03:57I've always said I would never seek another partner after the death of my beloved, but if I ever was it could only be you.
05:04:06I am and always will be your truest friend.
05:04:11Breathe deep, zippo.
05:04:12Seek peace, marion.
05:05:20(Cyrus) HURRY UP, HURRY UP!
05:05:37(Karl) CAREFUL.
05:05:40Well that should do it, boys.
05:05:41I don't think we can take all these, cyrus.
05:05:44They're too heavy.
05:05:45.. it's too dangerous.
05:05:48You're going to have to make a second trip.
05:05:51I don't think she has a second trip in her, something will have to go.
05:05:56What do you mean?
05:05:56Well, let me put it this way-- I don't want to risk losing our precious cargo, so something will have to go.
05:06:07But I don't think it will be the sunstones.
05:06:12You can't be serious!
05:06:12I'd like to thank you gentlemen for all your hard work, but if you'll excuse me, I'll be taking my leave.
05:06:18Cyrus, you are not leaving us down here.
05:06:25What are you gonna do, huh?
05:06:27(indistinct) I knew we couldn't trust you.
05:06:34A little boxer, eh?
05:06:36Well I don't think so.
05:06:41I'm a street fighter and I always rule!
05:08:04What's that?
05:08:04Oh, you mean this giant check for 522 big ones?
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05:08:14You mean the same amount they save ..?
05:08:19Do we haveany giant envelopes?
05:08:21It costs $522.
05:08:23Can you take a check?
05:08:24[ Female Announcer ] YOU COULD SAVE 522 BIG Ones.
05:08:27See for yourself at esurance.
05:08:28people when you don't.
05:08:33voice] activated.
05:08:35Oh, look, he went to jared.
05:08:38- Excuse me?
05:08:39- What's in the bag, dave?
05:08:41- A diamond necklace.
05:08:43- May I see it?
05:08:44- Uh, can I just get directions, please?
05:08:47- I'm sorry, dave.
05:08:47I'm afraid I can't do that.
05:08:49female announcer: Jared, the galleria of jewelry, has five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores, so you'll find the perfect gift every time.
05:08:56- Now can we go?
05:08:57- Oh, dave, you shouldn't have.
05:10:49We love your Weight Watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago.
05:10:52Well that's great.
05:10:53My other can is ringing.
05:10:56Hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view?
05:10:59(announcer) Progresso.
05:11:00You gotta taste this soup.
05:11:17["Stir it up" playing] stir up a smilewith hershey's syrup.
05:13:24Well, well, well!
05:13:25All this time alone in a cave and still alive, eh?
05:13:29Well, it's time to say goodbye.
05:13:35You're not going anywhere.
05:13:40Stay out of it like I never meant it.
05:13:44.. just let him go.
05:13:48Good idea.
05:13:56I hope you enjoy your family reunion.
05:14:06(whistles) (laughing) How did you get here?
05:14:30I saw you drown.
05:14:31I nearly did drown.
05:14:32I finally managed to break free when the plane hit the ocean floor.
05:14:36I thought I was swimming for the surface, but I came out here instead.
05:14:41What'd you do for food?
05:14:42In good time, I'll tell you everything.
05:14:45First off, I want to hear about you two.
05:14:47There's plenty of time to hear about me.
05:14:50Sorry, did I hurt you?
05:14:52Are you okay?
05:14:57I can't believe it.
05:14:58Seeing you both again, it's like magic.
05:15:05You know, I heard your voices, I thought, you know, this is it.
05:15:09I'd gotten weak, I'm beginning to hallucinate, now this is the end.
05:15:16Well, I mean, you kinda surprised us too, dad.
05:15:27God, I missed you.
05:15:29I missed you too.
05:15:31Both of you.
05:15:37.. I don't know what it is but you're different.
05:15:40.. I couldn't believe you facing down that guy like that, whoever he was.
05:15:46Cyrus crabb.
05:16:12Now karl, let's get you up.
05:16:14Come on.
05:16:16This is going to hurt, okay?
05:16:18Come on, lean on me.
05:16:21I just don't have the strength I used to have.
05:16:24Are you all right? yeah.
05:16:25Now, all we have to do is get out of here.
05:16:28Yeah, but how are we going to do that?
05:16:30Cyrus just took the only way out.
05:16:32He's not going very far.
05:16:34Not without any gas.
05:17:05Fix it.
05:17:39No, not like this.
05:18:13that's it then.
05:18:14No more cyrus.
05:18:16And no more boat.
05:18:21There must be another way out of here.
05:18:29(Zippo) GOD FORSAKEN COUNT!
05:18:55Everybody keep together!
05:18:57Come on, stay with me!
05:18:59Come on, keep up, keep up!
05:19:10Come on!
05:19:11Get in, get in, get in, get in, get in, get in!
05:19:33Karl, I told you, I already looked.
05:19:36Denison and lee crabb left the same way they came in the submarine.
05:19:40There's nothing in the journal about any other way out.
05:19:45That doesn't mean there isn't one.
05:19:48Dad, how much of this place have you seen?
05:19:50How much have I seen?
05:19:52I don't know, I've walked two, 300 miles of these caves.
05:19:57It's hard to say.
05:19:58Some of it, I couldn't get through because of the bats, but, no, there's no way out.
05:20:05Trust me, I would've found it by now if there was.
05:20:07Dad, is there any other way out of this place?
05:20:19This is it.
05:20:37Wait a minute.
05:20:40This is the third law of the world, remember?
05:20:43Right, so- temple in the swamp.
05:20:45.. we can get out!
05:20:47That's great!
05:20:52What's wrong?
05:20:53Must be hundreds of feet to the surface.
05:20:55The way I see it, we don't have a choice.
05:20:58He's right, dad, we don't.
05:21:01.. bring back help.
05:21:04What are you talking about?
05:21:05There is no other way of getting back.
05:21:07This is our last chance.
05:21:08There's no way I'm going to go in the water again.
05:21:10I can't do it.
05:21:12.. we can't go without you.
05:21:14I can't do it.
05:21:17I-i'm scared, okay?
05:21:20It's the simple truth, I'm just scared.
05:21:22I can't. dad, you never get scared.
05:21:26Will you listen to me?
05:21:27I can't go back in the water, okay?
05:21:31I don't think you have any idea what it's like to come this close to drowning.
05:21:35I don't want to ever go through that again.
05:21:38Dad, look at me, look at me-- you spent all that time alone in the dark, thinking you would never see or hear another human being again.
05:21:49That would break most men, but not you.
05:21:52You survived and you held on.
05:21:55And I think you're the bravest man I've ever known.
05:22:00Now, this is nothing compared to what you went through.
05:22:03And this time, we can get through it together.
05:22:09All right?
05:22:31You can hold your breath for longer than any of us, remember?
05:22:41This will light the way.
05:22:59We can do this.
05:23:00.. we'll count to three, and then take a deep breath, okay?
05:23:10(all) TWO, THREE!
05:24:04(coughing) Are you okay, karl?
05:24:26Yeah, I'm fine.
05:24:28I can't believe we made it.
05:24:31Dad, you did it!
05:24:35We found the gateway.
05:24:37The gateway to the world beneath.
05:24:39And the sunstone cave.
05:24:41Now I understand it.
05:24:43Dad, you're a hero!
05:25:21been sir.
05:25:22We've saved people a lot of money on car insurance.
05:25:23Feels nice going into the holidays.
05:25:29Will you marry me?
05:25:30Oooh, helzberg diamonds.
05:25:32Yeah, well he must have saved some money with geico.
05:25:34Reminds me of the gecko mating call.
05:25:36Really? how does that go?
05:25:39Shoo be doo be doo.
05:25:43 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
05:26:51This holiday, do you really want to cut corners by using a broth with msg?
05:26:58Swanson chicken broth has no added msg.
05:27:01So for a perfect meal, the secret is swanson, 100% natural chicken broth.
05:27:10yes! yes, yes, yes!
05:27:13[ laughs ] ♪♪ ♪♪
05:27:21[ Male Announcer ] YOU KNOW HER.
05:27:24We know diamonds.
05:27:26And with 25% off our best selling jewelry, together we'll find the perfect gift, right down to the wire.
05:27:31That's why only zalesis the diamond store.
05:27:51What could possibly hold together all the natural energy found in peanuts?
05:27:55Caramel works.
05:27:57Crunchy roasted peanuts and soft chewy caramel come together to give you sweet energy.
05:28:02Payday.the sweet taste of energy.
05:29:03are you okay? yeah.
05:29:20Dad, don't put your foot in the water.
05:29:24Why not?
05:29:25You don't want to know.
05:29:35(roaring) WHAT IS THAT? (David) IT'S ALL RIGHT, DAD.
05:29:44It's freefall.
05:29:46It's what? stay here.
05:29:48Karl, look out for dad!
05:29:49I've got to get back to the city.
05:29:51I'll send for help!
05:33:45(Waldo) IN RECOGNITION OF THE REMARKABLE Courage you have demonstrated in our darkest hour, we present you with this symbol of our gratitude, and request that you and your speed, freefall, join the skybacks squadron.
05:34:01(applause) Well done, david!
05:34:20Thank you.
05:34:21I'd like permission to join the search for my father and brother.
05:34:24Of course, the skybacks patrols and all the air farm riders are out searching for them now, but preliminary reports show no signs of anyone at the temple, david.
05:34:36That's impossible!
05:34:37I assure you, I will expend every effort to find your brother and father.
05:34:41I will not rest until they are safe!
05:35:04who's that?
05:35:19Twenty-six, did you miss me?
05:35:27Did you miss me?
05:35:29Marion, I'd like you to meet my father, frank scott.
05:35:33Very nice to meet you!
05:35:35It's very nice to meet you, too, marion.
05:35:37You'll have to forgive me, I'm a little overwhelmed by everything that's been happening to me.
05:35:42You must be frank scott.
05:35:43I've heard so much about you.
05:35:45.. he's not going to bite you.
05:35:48I'm sorry, my name is zippo stenosaurus.
05:35:51It's an absolute pleasure to meet you, sir.
05:35:54Oh, it's very nice to meet you, too, mr.
05:35:57Oh, zippo, please.
05:36:01You have no idea what pleasure it gives me to meet the father of these two fine young men.
05:36:09I always believed in these boys, didn't i, rosemary?
05:36:13Yes, you definitely did, dear.
05:36:15We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to these fine young men.
05:36:19David scott, you ride the skybacks with the same courage and grace as the great gideon altair, and you, karl scott, will be reinstated as the casmosaur's legal guardian.
05:36:34Never again must we rest on our laurels as we sacrifice progress to tradition.
05:36:41You have brought a new vision to dinotopia.
05:36:50Thank you, lord mayor.
05:37:10David, you were right.
05:37:12The gateway to the world beneath is open again!
05:37:18You found the light!
05:37:21(Zippo) BRAVO, KARL!
05:38:59[shimmering] Serafina Pekkala: There are many universes and many earths parallel to each other.
05:39:29Worlds like yours ..
05:39:35[Whispering sounds] [whooshing] and worlds like mine, where they walk beside us as animal spirits we call daemons.
05:39:48[Growls] Female voice: Are we going to see the child?
05:39:53I should think so.
05:39:56Serafina: So many worlds.
05:39:58But connecting them all is dust.
05:40:01Dust was here before the witches of the air, the gyptians of the water, and the bears of the ice.
05:40:18A golden compass.
05:40:20And it showed them all that was hidden.
05:40:24But the ruling power, fearing any truth but their own, destroyed these devices and forbade the very mention of dust.
05:40:36One compass remains, however, and only one who can read it.
05:40:42Roger: Aaah! you'll never get me!
05:40:44[Boys screaming and shouting] let's go get 'em, lyra.
05:40:50[Boys continue shouting] gonna get you!
05:40:53I'll get you first!
05:40:57You come back here!
05:40:59Roger: Leave me alone!
05:41:00Lyra: Faster, faster!
05:41:01We're gonna get you!
05:41:03Run, roger!
05:41:05[All shouting] [roger panting] UNH! Billy: You are now gobbled!
05:41:08You've got to do whatever I say!
05:41:12 [twittering] [ALL SHOUTING] Lyra: GO, ROGER! RUN!
05:41:16[Shouting continues] Boy: Come on! come on! hurry!
05:41:20Roger: Leave us alone! get him!
05:41:23[Both scream] [boys shouting] AAH! Billy: Come on. come on!
05:41:28[Boys shouting] hurry up, roger, or they'll gobble you!
05:41:33[Panting] Billy: Faster!
05:41:35[All shouting] [both panting] [all shouting] stop!
05:41:44If you value your lives, come no further.
05:41:50We gobbled him fair and square.
05:41:51This ain't no game, billy costa.
05:41:54Don't you know what this gate is?
05:41:56It's the back door to your stupid college.
05:41:59There's a curse on this gate.
05:42:02You gyptians ought to know that.
05:42:04Crossin' this gate is worse than touching someone's daemon with your bare hands.
05:42:09Billy: Why ain't nothin' happened to you, then?
05:42:11[Growling] [hissing] 'cause we live 'ere.
05:42:13We got safe passage, see?
05:42:16And anyway, my mother's the one who put the curse on this gate in the first place.
05:42:20Billy: What mother?
05:42:21I heard you was an orphink and your uncle only left you 'ere 'cause nobody wanted you.
05:42:27Come 'ere and say that.
05:42:29Don't, billy.
05:42:33You should listen to your mate.
05:42:35The scholars got this special room where they deal with trespassers.
05:42:38They got this poison gown, right.
05:42:41And it burns you alive!
05:42:43Rubbish. hand him over.
05:42:46[Whimpers] it ain't rubbish.
05:42:47I'll prove it. I'll steal it.
05:42:50You can have roger, as long as you try it on.
05:42:53All right. bring it with you tonight.
05:42:58Or else.
05:43:02Boy: Billy, don't!
05:43:05See ya later, then.
05:43:09[Boys cheering] Boy: Well done, billy!
05:43:12You ain't really gonna hand me over to them?
05:43:15Of course not.
05:43:16I'll steal any old scholar's gown.
05:43:18He'll never try it on anyway.
05:43:22[Bells chiming] [door opens] lord asriel? morning, hunt.
05:43:29Well, the master will be relieved to hear.
05:43:30You've arrived safely.
05:43:32I'm sure he will.
05:43:49[Shrill whistling] [sighs] Pantalaimon: I wish you'd listen to me once in a while.
05:44:09Stop being such a coward.
05:44:10If I weren't such a coward, where would you be?
05:44:13In the retiring room already.
05:44:23Come on, quick.
05:44:29Let's find a robe and get out of here.
05:44:32Don't be silly.
05:44:34I want to look around.
05:44:35You do know that if you get a smack, I hurt, too?
05:44:44Pantalaimon: Oh, lyra.
05:44:46You're gonna get us caught.
05:44:48[Sniffs] ha ha ha. mmm.
05:44:51[Distant door opens] [gasps] oh, no!
05:44:53[Man talking indistinctly] I told you!
05:44:58Lord asriel is an eminent fellow of the college.
05:45:00And as master of jordan, you must force him to abandon his plan.
05:45:06[WHISPERING] They're talking about Uncle Asriel.
05:45:09I speak for the magisterium.
05:45:11The magisterium has no authority within these walls.
05:45:15My dear fellow, the magisterium has authority everywhere.
05:45:22And lord asriel will be silenced, one way or another.
05:45:29That may be.
05:45:31But while he is at jordan, his proposal will be heard.
05:45:34I'll not dispense with centuries of tolerance and free inquiry.
05:45:39And that's my final word on the matter.
05:45:44[Gasps] I shall call the council to order.
05:45:57Pantalaimon, whispering: I guess we lost that bet.
05:45:59[WHISPERS] Hush, Pan.
05:46:26Lyra, he's leaving. Let's go. Lyra!
05:46:31[DOOR SHUTS] Hunt: THE PROFESSOR-- A really hard time. oh, no.
05:46:36[Growls] it's stelmaria.
05:46:41The master asked me to decant a bottle of the '99 tokay for you, lord asriel.
05:46:46He remembered you were partial to it.
05:46:48[Exhales] thank you.
05:47:08Lyra! it's poisoned.
05:47:11Nonsense. it ain't nonsense.
05:47:13I saw that man from the magisterium pour some powder into the wine.
05:47:19[Door opens] [indistinct chatter] go back in there.
05:47:23Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut.
05:47:25Go on.
05:47:32[Door opens] [indistinct chatter] ah, lord asriel.
05:47:38This is a rare pleasure.
05:47:39May I introduce, um, fra pavel of the magisterium?
05:47:49Closely, lord asriel.
05:47:50That's what the smell is.
05:47:51Master, gentlemen, I shall get straight to the point.
05:47:55Hunt, the lights.
05:47:58This photogram was taken at the magnetic north pole.
05:48:03In svalbard.
05:48:07Kingdom of the ice bears.
05:48:10[WHISPERING] Ice bears, Pan!
05:48:11Lord asriel, is that light rising up from the man's body or coming down?
05:48:14Uh, no, that's-- that's coming down from the sky, but that's not light.
05:48:23IT'S DUST. Man: Dust?
05:48:24[Men muttering] what's dust?
05:48:30I don't know.
05:48:31It can't be the normal sort.
05:48:33They've got plenty of that here.
05:48:36Mirabile dictu, gentlemen.
05:48:37Allow lord asriel to explain.
05:48:41Perhaps you've made a mistake.
05:48:44It could be an aberration or malfunction of some kind.
05:48:48No, it is no aberration.
05:48:51 is quite unmistakable.
05:48:55Dust is flowing into this man through his daemon from a city in another world, a world much like ours in a parallel universe, coexisting with our own.
05:49:06Invisible, intangible, inaccessible!
05:49:10[Quiet muttering] until now.
05:49:10From there, and from a billion other worlds, dust flows, worlds of infinite possibilities.
05:49:17[Chuckling] some where men have no daemons, some where daemons have no men.
05:49:21People without daemons? that's impossible.
05:49:23And even some where there is no magisterium.
05:49:28And no authority.
05:49:30That is heresy.
05:49:36Is the truth.
05:49:37I wouldn't recommend the tokay, gentlemen.
05:49:41It's corked.
05:49:42To discover the source of dust, I intend to travel to these worlds.
05:49:46With a sufficient source of energy and-- ..
05:49:51[All chuckling] I can effect a crossing.
05:49:54I humbly beg the college council to fund such a journey.
05:50:02[Growls] Pantalaimon: she wouldn't listen to me.
05:50:06[Snarls] oh!
05:50:07I will not have my niece slithering round like an alley cat.
05:50:11Lyra: You're not very grateful, are you?
05:50:14I've just saved your life.
05:50:16[Bells chiming] uncle, why did he try to poison you?
05:50:20You wouldn't understand. yes, I would.
05:50:22Well, I don't see why.
05:50:23Apparently you're impossible to educate, a miscreant and a liar.
05:50:30W--what will the magisterium do to you now?
05:50:33The magisterium's days are numbered.
05:50:36What does that mean?
05:50:37Trouble, with a bit of luck.
05:50:41Did you get the money you needed?
05:50:43Are you going north again?
05:50:44The college council has defied the magisterium.
05:50:48I'm leaving immediately.
05:50:49Can I come with you?
05:50:51I want to see the ice bears and glaciers and learn about dust and everything.
05:50:55What do you know about dust?
05:50:57Nothing. good.
05:50:59Keep it that way.
05:51:00Now be a good girl and do what you're told.
05:51:02But you don't do what you're told.
05:51:04You don't let anybody tell you what to do.
05:51:06Yes, and look at the welcome I got.
05:51:08[Growling] [HISSES] Lyra: HUSH, PAN.
05:51:13I see your daemon still changes shape.
05:51:16Hasn't settled yet.
05:51:21That's to do with dust, isn't it?
05:51:23Why kids' daemons can change shape, but grown-ups' daemons can't.
05:51:31Dust is none of your business.
05:51:34Now you try and behave.
05:51:37[Stelmaria growling] my uncle asriel said he'd take me to the north.
05:51:52Next time he goes. he swore it.
05:51:55'Cause he needs my help, see.
05:51:57What for?
05:51:59Fightin', probably.
05:52:02Or spying.
05:52:03He uses me as a spy sometimes.
05:52:05Like now, for instance.
05:52:06I'm supposed to be keeping an eye on them gobblers-- come on!
05:52:10'Cause they took them gyptian kids up banbury way.
05:52:13Billy costa told me.
05:52:14I heard them gobblers take you down to hell.
05:52:17[Chuckling] course they don't.
05:52:20You're afraid of them, ain't you?
05:52:23No, I ain't.
05:52:25[Caws] urgh!
05:52:27But the adults are, because kids keep disappearin'.
05:52:30They go after the poor kids, see.
05:52:32The orphans.
05:52:34And the servant kids as well.
05:52:36Roger, I promise.
05:52:38If you was taken by the gobblers.
05:52:41I'd come and rescue you.
05:52:44You'd come and get me too, wouldn't you?
05:52:46 but everybody would go looking for you.
05:52:49If you was gobbled.
05:52:50You're a lady. says who?
05:52:52 he says that's why your uncle left you here, to make you a lady.
05:52:56Nobody can make me a lady.
05:52:58Not the master and scholars and porters combined, right?
05:53:03Take it back.
05:53:03Or we ain't best mates no more!
05:53:05All right, all right, you ain't a lady.
05:53:08[WINDOW OPENS] Woman: LYRA!
05:53:09Lyra belacqua, get down off them roofs!
05:53:13The master wants you at high table!
05:53:15 [window closes] Man: it was really-- really quite surprising.
05:53:20The state of your knees.
05:53:23And your hair.
05:53:27It's not surprising.
05:53:28Roger and me's been huntin' gobblers.
05:53:31It's dirty work.
05:53:32'Ere, don't you make jokes about them gobblers.
05:53:35Ain't nothin' to play about when children go missing.
05:53:40[Indistinct chattering] Master: Lyra, my dear, the tutor of metaphysics tells me that you've missed your lesson again.
05:53:56Now, I know you do not always understand our need to educate you.
05:54:00But sometimes you must do what others think best.
05:54:04[Chuckles] but I disagree, master.
05:54:08Master: Ahem. mrs. coulter.
05:54:12When I was a young woman, I knew that no one could ever really truly understand me-- except, of course, my daemon-- and that it would be best if we were free to do as we pleased.
05:54:27Sit down, gentlemen.
05:54:29WHO'S SHE? Lyra: Don't know.
05:54:31Hm. but she shut up the master, all right.
05:54:36Our lyra, lyra belacqua, lord asriel's niece.
05:54:41 coulter, a friend of the college.
05:54:48Lovely to meet you.
05:54:50Lyra: Lovely to meet you too.
05:54:53Do you know I've met lord asriel?
05:54:56Mm. it was at the royal arctic institute.
05:54:59We discussed the political structure of the ice bears of svalbard.
05:55:04You've seen an ice bear?
05:55:07As a matter of fact, I have had an audience with the bear king himself, ragnar sturlusson.
05:55:12And I'll tell you something I probably shouldn't.
05:55:16King ragnar is desperate to have a daemon of his own.
05:55:20[Chuckles] bears don't have them, you see, and, uh, ragnar, he likes to think of himself as a person.
05:55:28And he will stop at nothing to get one.
05:55:33But you mustn't repeat that.
05:55:35Oh, I'd never.
05:55:39You know, I feel I can trust you.
05:55:46I have to go back to the north very soon.
05:55:49I'm going to need an assistant.
05:55:52Me? mm-hm.
05:55:54Go to the north?
05:55:56It's cold up there.
05:55:57We'd better get the master's permission.
05:56:02Master--ahem-- I was wondering if I might borrow dear lyra.
05:56:09Only for a while, of course.
05:56:11I'm not sure that would be consistent with lord asriel's wishes for her education.
05:56:17[Chuckles] let me deal with asriel.
05:56:21 you really mustn't.
05:56:34Very well.
05:56:37[Both giggle] [pantalaimon grunts] [growling] [grunts] Progresso.
05:58:17We love your Weight Watchers endorsed soups but my husband looks the way he did 20 years ago.
05:58:21Well that's great.
05:58:21You haven't seen him...
05:58:22My other can is ringing.
05:58:24Hey can you tell my wife to relax and enjoy the view?
05:58:27(announcer) Progresso.
05:58:28You gotta taste this soup.
05:58:30know is, but even I know it's not nice.
05:58:34Guys, it's okay.
05:58:35We're just gonna needsome christmas magic.
05:58:37 ♪♪
05:58:39♪♪ time for all the boys and girls to cheer ♪♪ christmas magic. of course!
05:58:44Yeah, no.
05:58:45I was thinking the kind of magicthat helps people save money.
05:58:51[ Male Announcer ] RIGHT NOW The hottest smart phones are free during the best buy free smart phone sales event.
05:58:56Yes totally free.
05:58:57Now that's christmas magic.
05:59:00[ Male Announcer ] THERE ARE BILLIONS OF People in the world.
05:59:04♪♪ ♪♪
05:59:05but only one dad.
05:59:07♪♪ ♪♪