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00:00:35Even the president is about trying to get methamphetamine war beat so much.
00:00:41But yet when there's a person like me that calls the FBI But yet when there's a person like me that calls the FBI and gets hung up on, and then gets yelled at right now from you and you're against this stuff-- >> You're too close to the fire.
00:00:57>> It's not a matter of stopping me, I'm not-- >> So you think it's and $300 worth of dope?
00:01:01>> When you're out there trying to do what I was-- >> And then, okay, so you're smoking it with them and you say, in Jesus' name, you lay hands on 'em, "You need to quit the speed." Well, tell me, do you sit down-- Pretend like I'm a speeder, okay?
00:01:12Now tell me what you're gonna tell me after I just took a hit, 'cause I'm listening an The biggest thing that I was after out there-- >> I'm listening.
00:01:20All right.
00:01:21>> --was the mind control they're putting in so much things.
00:01:25Because meth, it's poisoning people.
00:01:27>> Mm-hmm.
00:01:31>> That was pretty wild.
00:01:33That was definitely the craziest bounty hunt I've ever been involved with.
00:01:39There's absolutely no way I probably could have handled this by myself.
00:01:43( Beth ) Dropping off.
00:01:50>> Okay, ready?
00:01:51You got copies and warrants?
00:01:53Got 'em, Leland.
00:01:54>> Right.
00:01:58So not him, it was his boss.
00:02:01>> Yes, sir, Dog Chapman with a prisoner, million-dollar bond, Eric Ludwick.
00:02:06>> Thank you, sir.
00:02:09>> Hi, sir, how are you?
00:02:12>> These are the copy of Mr. Ludwick's-- This one is for $1 million.
00:02:17This one is for $50,000.
00:02:20This is Officer Decker.
00:02:23>> Duane Lee, go with him and we're outside.
00:02:25You got his shoes?
00:02:26Good, right?
00:02:27Thank you, sir.
00:02:30( Dog ) Right now, incarceration is about the only thing to help him.
00:02:32You know, I wish the guy good luck, I hope he makes it.
00:02:35I know one thing, he's got to stay away from that methamphetamine.
00:02:39Okay, listen, you're in this circle this time, okay?
00:02:42Thank you, Lord, for us meeting Dean, thank you for the capture, bless us as we do our Rocky Mountain Roundup.
00:02:47In Jesus' name, amen.
00:02:49( Beth ) ( Lyssa ) Amen!
00:02:52You know, I never really found quite the perfect time to do this, and I appreciate you guys so much and everything and I just-- I wanted to give you that car.
00:02:58Oh, what?
00:02:59You guys are so awesome and I appreciate you so much.
00:03:02Don't lie.
00:03:04Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...
00:03:07Dean handed me over the key right here.
00:03:10This is the key to my new car, '65 Impala.
00:03:11Every time I start that car up, I'm gonna think about you, Dean, and you, Eric, and I'm gonna love driving it.
00:03:14Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.
00:03:19Dean just gave me a car.
00:03:21( Duane Lee ) He said "you guys." No, wait, no, I-- He said "you guys." Who was working on this car?
00:03:25>> Dude, I was working-- >> Dean, you just made this kid so happy.
00:03:28>> Thank you, Dean.
00:03:29>> We're gonna pick up like three or four more of your guys.
00:03:31>> Bye, Dean!
00:03:32See you tomorrow!
00:03:33>> We'll see you tomorrow, okay?
00:03:36>> Sounds good.
00:03:36( Leland ) That was a good night.
00:03:37( Dog ) Okay, let's go.
00:03:38Rocky Mountain Roundup two.
00:03:41We are on a roll.) Dog the Bounty Hunter was apparently in Montrose tracking down wanted criminals.
00:03:48The Dog turned Eric Ludwick over to a deputy at the Montrose County Sheriff's office.
00:03:52He's now being held at the Mesa County jail on bonds totaling more than $1 million.
00:04:05>> These ones right here we're working.
00:04:09These three and then those four I can take home and then that one...
00:04:11>> Listen, the whole idea is to round 'em up, so, you know, however they go, they're going in.
00:04:13( Beth ) Okay, we're gonna look at this guy right here.
00:04:15What's his name?
00:04:17Caesar Galicia.
00:04:20>> Caesar, all right.
00:04:21>> This is a $2,500 bond for assault.
00:04:26We have a very, very full and busy day, so we gotta kick it.
00:04:31>> All right, let's go.
00:04:36>> It's our second day up here in Montrose, and we're headed out on another Dean Hergenrader bond.
00:04:42>> So we are still doing our Rocky Mountain Roundup.
00:04:47Caesar Galicia is a felony bond for assault, is right down the street.
00:04:50That's where we're headed first.
00:04:54>> So do you want us to go-- Like, drive by it once first, with just one car, or where do you want to get it?
00:04:59>> Yeah, let's just-- Pull over right here.
00:05:01Pull over, go by, look.
00:05:02Okay, we'll be right back.
00:05:04>> Sonny, wait here with us, will you?
00:05:06>> 10-4.
00:05:08>> So we're gonna go check it out, first.
00:05:10We're gonna go look at the layout of the house with just one vehicle, so that it doesn't draw so much attention.
00:05:16( woman ) Turn left and then your destination's ahead on the right.
00:05:32>> Is there an alley?
00:05:38This is it, right here.
00:05:39We're on the back side of it.
00:05:42>> Okay, Beth, tell us what you got.
00:05:44>> Okay, so basically, what we have is we have a back alley that you can go down.
00:05:48It's a blue house.
00:05:49We can take you to the alley and then come around to the front.
00:05:52( Leland ) And it's the first blue house right after the condos.
00:05:57I'm gonna make a quick left and it's gonna be on the right-hand side.
00:06:00Do you see me up here, Duane Lee?
00:06:03>> Okay.
00:06:11>> This is it right here.
00:06:12It's that blue house.
00:06:15>> Yeah.
00:06:17>> Whoever's gonna handle back door needs to be right here.
00:06:27>> Let's ask the neighbors next door here.
00:06:31>> How are you?
00:06:31We're looking for a fugitive.
00:06:33Do you know who Caesar is?
00:06:35( woman ) He's in trouble, huh?
00:06:46>> Go to your front door.
00:06:46( woman ) Oh, okay.
00:06:50>> Hi, we have a warrant for arrest.
00:06:51Is he here?
00:06:53>> ( Beth ) Caesar.
00:06:54>> Oh, yeah.
00:06:56>> Can we search your house?
00:06:59>> Come on in.
00:07:00>> Yes, he's here, upstairs?
00:07:01>> Cuffs, cuffs, cuffs, cuffs.
00:07:02>> Yes, she said yes.
00:07:03( Dog ) Come on.
00:07:04Take a look, guys.
00:07:06>> This is his address.
00:07:09>> I don't know.
00:07:14>> He lived here in March.
00:07:16>> Did you live here after March?
00:07:18>> Maybe injunio.
00:07:20>> Do you have a lease or something?
00:07:21>> Yeah.
00:07:25( woman ) Here is the paper for rent.
00:07:28And here's the...
00:07:30>> Yeah, May 14th.
00:07:32Okay, so you're a new tenant.
00:07:34>> No, not here!
00:07:36>> She said yes he was at first.
00:07:41>> They moved in two months after the guy's bond was written, so we have to figure out where he went from here.
00:07:45>> Aloha.
00:07:46>> Okay.
00:07:47>> Okay, thank you.
00:07:52Whenever you get done playing, Lyssa.
00:07:57He's not at this address.
00:07:58I just hit his address and nothing on him.
00:08:01He moved out two months ago.
00:08:03You got anything else on him?
00:08:04They all want to round up five, six, seven guys, you know, in one day, which is great, but these files are so incomplete, it's gonna be tough.
00:08:12( Beth ) And listen, why did you write this bond?
00:08:14You don't even have nothing on here.
00:08:16No address, no apps, no cosigners, nothing.
00:08:18Okay, write thtuff down.
00:08:19I gotta get to the next location, dude.
00:08:21I am out of time.
00:08:23Okay, bye.
00:08:25Do you want to drive, Leland?
00:08:26I need to work the case.
00:08:35>> Okay, so the next person's name, tell me that.
00:08:38>> The next person up is Jose Ramirez.
00:08:41>> Okay, Jose Ramirez.
00:08:43( Leland ) Yeah, we have a picture.
00:08:45( Duane Lee ) Here he is.
00:08:53>> Using fake names.
00:08:59>> So, his real name then, he's probably got other warrants.
00:09:07( Leland ) Follow me, guys.
00:09:11>> Right here-- Kids.
00:09:13This is it right here, where all the kids are, right here.
00:09:15>> Lyssa, Beth.
00:09:17>> Hola!
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00:13:12Okay, back door, back door !
00:13:13>> Okay, back door.
00:13:14Okay, back door, back door!
00:13:16( dog barking ) >> Why'd you lock the door on your baby?
00:13:19Come on, lady, you left your baby outside.
00:13:23What's up with that?
00:13:25Is this your dad?
00:13:26Do you know where's the boy?
00:13:28>> Yeah, that's my boy.
00:13:29>> Okay, let us look.
00:13:30>> Can we search your house?
00:13:32>> Yeah.
00:13:32Yes, my house.
00:13:33>> Okay.
00:13:34>> Hi, how are you, sir?
00:13:36How's it?
00:13:36Is your son here?
00:13:37>> No-- >> Is your son here, the house-- >> Where's he at?
00:13:40Where's he living at?
00:13:41>> Uh-huh.
00:13:50I'll check it out.
00:13:53( Dog ) So when is he supposed to come home?
00:13:55>> Is it this guy?
00:13:56>> Yep, that's my stepbrother.
00:13:58>> Where do you think he is?
00:13:59>> He's in Montrose, probably, somewhere.
00:14:00>> Want to make a couple calls and see if you can find him?
00:14:02Without him knowing that we're here.
00:14:04>> Jose, is he here or Mexico?
00:14:11Your son.
00:14:17He gave your name?
00:14:25That's not his real name, Jose.
00:14:27>> What's his real name?
00:14:28>> Eraclio.
00:14:30>> They call him "Rocky." >> Rocky.
00:14:33>> Can you show us where he is?
00:14:35>> No.
00:14:38But probably my sisters can.
00:14:38But I just need to call them.
00:14:40Hello, do you know where Rocky is?
00:14:45Well, hey, I'll call my other sister, okay?
00:14:47See if he knows where he is.
00:14:49Where's your sister, Obie?
00:14:52My sister Obie?
00:14:52>> Is that her number?
00:14:55Let me see.
00:14:59>> Yep, that is.
00:15:00>> Did you have a different number than that?
00:15:01>> Sometimes he gives out false numbers, just trying to trick the police.
00:15:06>> Yes, I know.
00:15:21>> Did you call the number I said?
00:15:23>> Yep.
00:15:23>> You did?
00:15:24>> Now I'm gonna call my last sister, see-- I don't know why nobody's answering.
00:15:30>> Okay, write all those phone numbers down for me.
00:15:34Okay, we gotta get serious about this right now because your daughters are playing games.
00:15:37Get on the phone and find your daughters.
00:15:40I need Mary Ellen on the phone.
00:15:43Hi, Mary Ellen.
00:15:44The guy's warrant is in the dad's name.
00:15:45He's just saying he saw him a couple days ago, and then he keeps saying he don't know nothing, he don't know nothing, nothing, nothing.
00:15:51I said that's ( bleep ).
00:15:52His nothing is a something.
00:15:54Come, come.
00:15:56Hold on, Mary, I'm putting the dad on the phone, Jose.
00:16:01Maria Elena.
00:16:13Where else does he stay during the week?
00:16:15>> Usually with my sisters.
00:16:17But he never tells us anything.
00:16:18>> Right.
00:16:19>> Because he already knows that my dad has already called the police on him.
00:16:44All right, I'll call you back.
00:16:46( Mary Ellen ) Bye.
00:16:47Okay, B-Y.
00:16:47We go.
00:16:53( Beth ) We're gonna follow you, huh?
00:16:54( Jose ) Okay.
00:17:03( Dog ) Right there.
00:17:06( Beth ) This is it.
00:17:15>> Hi there, boy.
00:17:18>> Bueno.
00:17:19>> Yes?
00:17:21>>Esta Cristian?
00:17:23The brother-in-law, you are?
00:17:26How are you doing?
00:17:27>> Good, good, nice to meet you.
00:17:28What's your name?
00:17:28>> Ricky.
00:17:29>> Ricky, nice to meet you.
00:17:30( Beth ) Hi.
00:17:31What is going on?
00:17:31>> We're searching for your brother.
00:17:32The biggest problem here is that the boy has given your dad's name.
00:17:35So the warrant is under Jose Ramirez.
00:17:38>> Oh, my God.
00:17:39>> So if your dad gets stopped, he's going to be inconvenienced a lot.
00:17:44Anywhere you know that maybe we can stop by?
00:17:47He hangs out on Compadre and 4th.
00:17:50>> Right there, like, right on the corner?
00:17:52Yeah, there's a fire department right there and it's-- it's a block north.
00:17:56>> It's like a brick Victorian.
00:17:57>> Is it a duplex or is it just a house?
00:17:59>> No, I think it's just a house.
00:18:01>> Let's go.
00:18:02Thank you.
00:18:03Thank you very much.
00:18:06>> Thank you, I'm sorry.
00:18:11I'm so sorry to bug you at your house.
00:18:12Okay, thank you.
00:18:13Thank you.
00:18:14( Dog ) Usually, if you give a fake name, the reason they do that is they've got a warrant in their real name, so when we catch him, we will tell the sheriff to run his other name.
00:18:22He'll probably have several warrants against him.
00:18:27( Beth ) Does he think that's a probable?
00:18:29>> Yeah, there's a firehouse and then it's the next block down.
00:18:33>> It'll probably be this rock house right here on the left.
00:18:35This fits the description.
00:18:37( Dog ) Yeah, there's a car there, there's someone there.
00:18:39>> We'll put Duane Lee here.
00:18:49( Beth ) Psst, psst!
00:18:50There's someone in there.
00:18:51Right there, look.
00:18:51See the door up there just closed?
00:18:53Okay, they just looked out the window here.
00:18:55>> Look, they're looking out the window.
00:18:56>> Where's she at?
00:18:57>> She's looking out the window right here.
00:18:58>> Come downstairs.
00:18:59>> You need to come down now and open the door.
00:19:01We're gonna kick in your door if you do not come down and answer it.
00:19:04I can see you in that upstairs bedroom.
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00:23:29We're gonna kick in your door >> You need to come down now and open the door.
00:23:31We're gonna kick in your door if you do not come down and answer it.
00:23:33I can see you in that upstairs bedroom.
00:23:40>> He's there.
00:23:43>> ( Leland ) Oh, yeah, here they come.
00:23:45>> Yeah.
00:23:47>> Yeah, we have warrants.
00:23:48>> Excuse me?
00:23:49>> We have warrants.
00:23:50>> I don't know.
00:23:50>> Okay, I wanna show you a picture of a guy that lives here.
00:23:52>> Jesus-- >> Rocky.
00:23:54He lives here.
00:23:55Which room does he stay in?
00:23:55( Beth ) We need to search.
00:23:56Where does he sleep?
00:23:57>> Right there.
00:23:58/Let's go.
00:23:59>> Let's go look.
00:24:01Show us.
00:24:01Rocky Ramirez.
00:24:02We have a warrant for your arrest.
00:24:04>> Okay, let's search it good.
00:24:05♪♪ It's time you get what comes to you ♪♪
00:24:08♪♪ And your day has hardly come ♪♪
00:24:11♪♪ You gonna see me eye to eye ♪♪
00:24:15♪♪ See where I'm coming from ♪♪♪♪
00:24:18>> Rocky, you better come out.
00:24:21>> Why you come running like that?
00:24:22You think we caught him or what?
00:24:25>> Fresh water.
00:24:27He just got here.
00:24:29>> Let me get somebody who speaks Spanish on the phone, okay?
00:24:31Where's the girl?
00:24:33>> No one's here now.
00:24:35>> I seen the girl up in the window when I was outside on the side.
00:24:39>> Hold on, Mary.
00:24:43Here, speak.
00:24:47Where are you at, Duane Lee?
00:24:50How the ( bleep ) they get on the roof?
00:24:51( Leland ) I thought we had this ( bleep ) surrounded.
00:24:53What the ( bleep )-- how old are you anyway?
00:24:55Beth, you got some juvenile runaways up here.
00:24:58>> Mary Ellen, ask him if these two girls are runaways.
00:25:01>> Two girls were stashed right over there, in the corner.
00:25:03( dog barking ) ( Dog ) Now, what in the "F" are you two girls doing in this pad?
00:25:16>> We just got here to see my Uncle Adrian, that's-- >> Okay, but isn't there such a thing as school and parents and you both just-- >> I do go to school.
00:25:24I'm on my way to Job Corps.
00:25:25>> You just woke up, right?
00:25:26>> We're going to Job Corps this year.
00:25:28>> So you're running away.
00:25:28You're running away, flat-out, I know it.
00:25:30And so are you.
00:25:31So, yes, Dog, I ran away.
00:25:33Get the "F" back home.
00:25:35We'd have came in here blazing, shooting guns, who'd have got shot?
00:25:38>> Us.
00:25:39>> Yes, now come on, girls.
00:25:40What the hell are you doing?
00:25:41>> I'm sorry.
00:25:43You know he's here and if he's here, I'm gonna get you, huh?
00:25:47I'm gonna put you in jail if he's in this house and you didn't tell me.
00:25:51>> Have you seen this guy?
00:25:53He lives here.
00:25:55>> He just left for work.
00:25:57Where's he at work?
00:25:58He's at ( bleeps ).
00:25:59He's at work, go, go, I got where he's at, go, go!
00:26:01( Leland ) Come on.
00:26:03>> I'm coming with you, 'cause I know where the restaurant is.
00:26:04>> How far is it from here?
00:26:05Five minutes...
00:26:07two minutes?
00:26:07>> Not even five minutes.
00:26:09( Dog ) Everybody come on right now.
00:26:10Come on, come on, come on, come on.
00:26:12>> Okay, Lyssa's gonna go with you.
00:26:13Who's running?
00:26:16>> He just had left for work.
00:26:17He works at this little restaurant.
00:26:18We're going through the house, we find two 16- and 17-year-old runaway girls.
00:26:23( Duane Lee ) They had their windows open, they had two bags sitting there and I'm like, ( bleep ), somebody's up there.
00:26:27And as soon as I went, they're laying on the side, hiding, ducking.
00:26:30I said, "Oh, hey," and she went, "( bleep )." So the two runaway girls are showing Beth where he works.
00:26:39Okay, there it is right there.
00:26:41>> Red roof on the left building-- 10-4.
00:26:44( Beth ) We gotta get somebody to the back, 'cause if he's in the kitchen, he's gonna run from the back.
00:26:53>> There's the door right there, Leland.
00:26:55( Lyssa ) Stay by that door.
00:26:58>> Sonny, are you there?
00:26:59( Lyssa ) He's right here at this side door.
00:27:02>> Okay, we're going in.
00:27:03>> She said he's in a tan shirt.
00:27:05>> He's in a tan shirt, you guys, tan shirt.
00:27:08( Beth ) Can we have one of the girls go in and see if he's there?
00:27:13>> I'll go get 'em, Dad.
00:27:14I know who he is.
00:27:16Have you seen him at this restaurant before?
00:27:18>> Yes.
00:27:19>> 10-4, she's seen him at this restaurant before, she knows this is where he works.
00:27:24( Dog ) Hold on, everybody, this is not the guy.
00:27:28Beth, come right now, right now.
00:27:32Are you sure that's not him?
00:27:34>> I'm positive, it's not, 'cause the moles weren't right.
00:27:39( Duane Lee ) How come you're not living at home?
00:27:46Where's your dad live?
00:27:50Up in Denver?
00:27:51What am I supposed to do, let you walkway?
00:27:52What happens if something happens to you?
00:27:53Plus, the man being mad at me.
00:27:55What's God gonna do to me?
00:27:57>> Well, my grandma's coming to pick me up tomorrow for Denver.
00:27:59>> Well, who can come now to pick you up that's a relative?
00:28:01>> My Aunt Beth.
00:28:03>> So what if we call Aunt Beth and say come get you?
00:28:05If we can you to your Aunt's house, then you guys'll be cool.
00:28:11>> Look, that girl in the old truck.
00:28:13Right there, Beth.
00:28:14( girl ) This is my aunt.
00:28:15>> This is your aunt?
00:28:16( woman ) I don't know what she's doing.
00:28:17I know, we're just-- She was missing for a couple weeks.
00:28:20>> We're just reluctant to leave her on the street like this when we know she's a runaway.
00:28:25>> Well, her parents are gonna get a call from me.
00:28:27>> Listen, I just caught her during a ( bleep ) raid for another guy, these two were jumped out the window and were hiding on the roof.
00:28:34What are you doing?
00:28:34Come on, man, go home.
00:28:35All right, go home.
00:28:39( Dog ) Oh, you're her auntie?
00:28:40Oh, I feel so much better now.
00:28:42All right, aloha.
00:28:50( Beth ) Now we're going back to Dean's office to see if we can just catch up on what's going on.
00:28:55( Dog ) Maybe this-- it's not for the guy himself, maybe it's for these two runaway girls.
00:29:00( Duane Lee ) The girls are supposed to go and live with their dad in Denver in a couple days and I guess they just got out of their house a little too soon, so the aunt promised she'd take care of 'em for the next couple days before they leave, so, yeah, we feel good about that.
00:29:14Missed our guy, but we fixed the girls.
00:29:19Hi, aloha.
00:29:22>> Hi there.
00:29:22>> Hey, how's it?
00:29:24>> Good.
00:29:24( Beth ) Hey, girl.
00:29:25( Dean ) How you doing?
00:29:26Good, how are you?
00:29:27Good, good.
00:29:28How's it going?
00:29:29>> Believe it or not, this is my home office.
00:29:30It's that little cubbyhole in there.
00:29:31It's pretty-- >> And who lives in this part?
00:29:33>> This is where Wilma lives.
00:29:34>> Hi, how's it going?
00:29:36>> And this-- that's little Wilma right there, huh?
00:29:37>> Yep.
00:29:38( Beth ) Okay, Wilma.
00:29:39Come on, Dean, come out here.
00:29:41>> So, you know, when we're out driving around today and we're hitting house after house after house-- There's nobody in these houses.
00:29:49This guy, Caesar Galicia, moved out right after you bailed him.
00:29:53Four months ago.
00:29:56Jose Ramirez, do you know that that's not even his name?
00:29:58His name is Rocky.
00:30:00you're chasing a ghost.
00:30:02I mean, you can't tell me anything about any of these people, 'cause you don't know.
00:30:06You got a problem, because this is a big stack of crap.
00:30:10You gotta really pay attention to what's going on.
00:30:12These guys will eat you guys up.
00:30:14( Dog ) Yeah, you are Amish.
00:30:15I see your honesty.
00:30:17>> No way!
00:30:18>> No, that's very good, listen.
00:30:21Do you?
00:30:21Let me see one.
00:30:24Please, yeah.
00:30:24( man ) You're not supposed to take pictures, so we didn't have a lot.
00:30:31( laughing ) Right on.
00:30:34>> Now you believe me, huh?
00:30:35>> Listen-- No, I believe you, I can feel your spir.
00:30:37I respect you guys a lot, you're very honest.
00:30:39So before we leave, 'cause he was a bishop, I want him to lead us in prayer.
00:30:43( Beth ) Okay.
00:30:45>> We just thank you, Lord, for bringing these guys into our lives, Lord, and I just thank you for what you do through their hands as they go about catching people and helping people.
00:30:55In Jesus' name, amen.
00:30:56( all ) Amen.
00:30:59>> Good, right on.
00:31:00>> Okay.
00:31:01>> That guy'll be calling you.
00:31:03>> You take care of Dean for me, okay?
00:31:05( cheering ) Hey, how's it, how's it?
00:31:12I feel like I'm at a rock concert.
00:31:13What's up?
00:31:14>> Aloha, hi, hi, hi.
00:31:16>> Thank you.
00:31:17>> Thank you, girls, aloha.
00:31:18Okay, ready?
00:31:24( Beth ) So we shook things up a lot out here.
00:31:26Rattling trees and shaking bushes sometimes does more than actually putting your hands on 'em.( Dog ) Okay, listen, we need to head back right now to Castle Rock and regroup.
00:33:03Unwrap youparadise.
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00:33:06Covered in rich, creamy chocolate.
00:33:11Almond joy and mounds.
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00:35:19( thundering ) ( thundering ) >> We're expecting a storm.
00:35:27It feels good, it's cold.
00:35:29Us Samoans like cold weather.
00:35:31Well, we came back from Montrose a couple days ago 'cause we had a couple cases of Dean's.
00:35:36( Dog ) We got so many right now that instead of working one particular person at a time, we're gonna work different ones.
00:35:42( Beth ) So today Mary Ellen is gonna try to help me out with some of the Spanish surnames on some of these Dean Hergenrader's problem files.
00:35:54Okay, I'm here.
00:35:55( Dog ) Hello, how's it?
00:35:56>> Hi, honey.
00:35:57>> Aloha, how are you, good?
00:35:59>> Sir, how are you, good?
00:35:59>> I'm good.
00:36:00>> Good.
00:36:00>> Eric, what's up, brother?
00:36:01>> How are you, good?
00:36:02( Dog ) We have Mary Ellen, who speaks fluent Spanish.
00:36:03She's a bondsman.
00:36:04She volunteered herself to come down and help us.
00:36:08>> Ready?
00:36:09Let's start in here.
00:36:09( Beth ) What we really need to do is we need to break down into teams, basically, and the boys need to do some research.
00:36:15I want to give each one of them a file, let them try to find a neighbor, a relative, a whatever.
00:36:20So we gotta work on these a little bit.
00:36:22This Kimberly Fenner case is kind of hard.
00:36:24You really need this one.
00:36:26Leland, you guys, I'm gonna give you Joshua Jacobson, okay?
00:36:29To Eric.
00:36:31And Jeremiah Tomaske, Duane Lee.
00:36:34And then we have this Vinessa Sparkman.
00:36:36( Dog ) This is the one we called you for.
00:36:38>> And that Maria Vasquez.
00:36:39They said that they saw Maria Vasquez running around Grand Junction.
00:36:42So let's just split up, get to computers and see what we can figure out.
00:36:45Okay, break!
00:36:53>> Good luck.
00:36:54( Mary ) I'm planning to leave town tomorrow morning to celebrate our anniversary, so I thought I can give her a few hours today.
00:37:01And I need Vinessa Sparkman.
00:37:03>> Some of these, all we have is a name and a case number.
00:37:06This is like starting from scratch.
00:37:08This is Joshua Lee Jacobson and he's on a $5,000 bond for failure to comply.
00:37:15>> This is the girlfriend of this guy or the cosigner?
00:37:17>> Yeah, but she's also-- That's the girlfriend, but they had the car registered together, the house registered together.
00:37:23>> Do we have this girl's phone number on the app?
00:37:27>> Can you believe these files?
00:37:28( Mary Ellen ) Uh, no.
00:37:29>> Yeah, all of them are this way.
00:37:31>> That's crap.
00:37:32>> Beth gave me the file of Jeremiah Tomaske.
00:37:38He is a homeowner up in Montrose, so we're trying to find a phone number right now, see if we can just call him and tell him to get in there.
00:37:47>> So the file I was assigned is a Kimberly Fenner.
00:37:51$5,000 bond for failure to appear.
00:37:54That's all it says.
00:37:58( cell phone ringing ) This is her mom.
00:38:04>> Hi, is Chris there?
00:38:06Yeah, this is Dog the Bounty Hunter, who's this?
00:38:09This is Dog the Bounty Hunter, is Kimberly there?
00:38:12Hi, can you hear me?
00:38:16Oh, Ms. Kimberly, guess where you're at?
00:38:18Right there in Arizona.
00:38:21( Beth ) Hi, is this Holly?
00:38:23This is Beth Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter's wife?
00:38:26So, listen, I was calling about Joshua Jacobson.
00:38:36Okay, bye-bye.
00:38:39>> This guy's in custody in Colorado-- No, he's in Colorado Springs.
00:38:42( Beth ) We need somebody to verify it's actually real.
00:38:45Call, Leland.
00:38:51>> Unbelievable.
00:38:53Dean, do you think you could send me over a copy of Maria's file?
00:38:58And also, Vinessa's file.
00:39:01( Duane Lee ) You need help there, Dad?
00:39:02( Dog ) No, I've got it, don't worry.
00:39:04( cell phone ringing )