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00:00:02Original motive was.
00:00:05>> Glensheen was packed to its 22-karat gold-leaf ceilings in priceless treasures.
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00:03:12>> As a trained investigator, when you hear that there's going to be a large amount of money that is going to result from one individual's death, you can't eliminate the possibility that that was the motive in the case.
00:03:29>> Narrator: At the time of her murder, elizabeth congdon was worth $45 million, a fortune she was born into.
00:03:37Elizabeth was the last remaining child of duluth iron magnate and millionaire chester congdon.
00:03:43A shrewd businessman, chester amassed a fortune developing large tracts of ore-rich land.
00:03:51Congdon and his wife, clara, had seven children, including elizabeth.
00:03:56In 1905, he commissioned the top architect in minnesota to create his family home, a 39-room jacobian-style mansion overlooking lake superior.
00:04:08The 14-acre estate boasted a gardener's cottage, a carriage house, stables, a boathouse and pier, and magnificent gardens.
00:04:20The interior was just as spectacular.
00:04:24>> Chester and clara congdon spared no expense in decorating glensheen.
00:04:28It has furnishings from around the world, fireplaces faced with algerian marble, italian marble, ceilings accentuated with 22-karat gold leaf, beautiful tapestries and oriental rugs.
00:04:44>> Narrator: Chester hired artists from the tiffany glass company to design the light fixtures and stained-glass windows.
00:04:51>> Everywhere you look in the mansion, there are just exquisite, beautiful furnishings that the family had both gathered from their travels around the world and also had specially designed for glensheen.
00:05:06>> Narrator: The congdon's lifestyle matched their luxuriant surroundings.
00:05:09Family dinners were formal affairs, black tie every night.
00:05:15The children attended the best schools in the country, and ran with the sons and daughters of america's most blue-blooded families.
00:05:23After graduating from prestigious vassar college, elizabeth congdon returned home to glensheen and took an active role in duluth's junior league.
00:05:33IN THE 1930s, STILL SINGLE, SHE Adopted two girls, jennifer and marjorie, and showed them what it meant to be a congdon.
00:05:45>> Unlike most girls, when they needed to buy new clothes, the stores came to glensheen.
00:05:50The girls didn't go to the stores.
00:05:52And the clerks would ferry over boxes and boxes of clothes for the girls to try on.
00:06:00>> Piano lessons on the steinway grand, chauffeured limo rides to playdates, vacations to europe and mexico, elizabeth gave her girls everything.
00:06:10But her elder daughter, marjorie, had a hunger for money that couldn't be satisfied.
00:06:17>> We heard that marjorie was, from the beginning, an unusual child.
00:06:23>> She was an extreme spendthrift even from childhood, actually.
00:06:26She had gone to, for instance, a wall's department store in the '50s AND '60s AS A YOUNGSTER AND Ran up bills unbeknownst to her mother.
00:06:36>> She'd remove items of value from the house, from glensheen, sell them.
00:06:42The family would have to go buy them back.
00:06:44>> Narrator: Elizabeth enrolled marjorie at the dana hall school in massachusetts.
00:06:49The prep school was known for being strict, but it was no match for marjorie's cunning.
00:06:56>> She was writing letters home to her mother constantly asking her mother to send her more money.
00:07:01There were also letters in which marjorie seemed to be trying to manipulate her mother and mislead or perhaps intentionally lie to her mother in order to get more money.
00:07:11>> Narrator: But elizabeth was no pushover.
00:07:14She realized that marjorie had some mental problems and sent her to the menninger clinic, an upscale psychiatric center in topeka, kansas.
00:07:22>> She was evaluated there, and family members say that they recall a diagnosis of marjorie being a sociopath.
00:07:32>> Narrator: After a year of treatment, marjorie moved to louis to finish school, and things started looking up.
00:07:38Marjorie met dick leroy, an ambitious young insurance underwriter.
00:07:43Just a few months later, the couple were married at glensheen.
00:07:47They moved to minneapolis, and from the start, marjorie was in domestic bliss.
00:07:55>> They were very much in love.
00:07:58They had seven children together, and at times during the marriage, they tried to build what we would consider a fairly normal life together.
00:08:07>> Narrator: It seemed that marjorie had finally overcome her troubled past.
00:08:12She became an expert homemaker and doting mother.
00:08:15But as time went on, her old spending habits resurfaced.
00:08:20>> Marjorie wanted her children to have the best of everything, and she spent accordingly.
00:08:25So when her children, at her urging, became active in various activities like skating or horseback riding, she would buy custom-made riding boots by the dozens or have ice skates specially made.
00:08:39>> Narrator: Soon it appeared that there was nothing marjorie wouldn't do to get her children ahead.
00:08:45>> At the state figure-skating championships, one of marjorie's sons advanced to the nationals, but only after his rival took a startling spill and was knocked unconscious.
00:08:57No one could prove foul play, but there were whispers around the rink that someone had tampered with the boy's skates.
00:09:05>> Narrator: Marjorie's compulsive behavior began to take its toll on her marriage.
00:09:10>> Dick leroy was already getting calls from creditors about bills that marjorie had incurred without his knowledge.
00:09:16This was to be a pattern that only got worse as time went on.
00:09:21>> Narrator: Dick divorced marjorie in 1970.
00:09:24She still had a family trust to draw on, but it never seemed like enough.
00:09:29Time and time again, she went back to glensheen with her hand out.
00:09:32Her solicitation didn't go over well.
00:09:36>> Marge had a great deal of friction with family members because many of them looked upon her as the black sheep in the family who had gotten a divorce, had all of these children, and was constantly in need of financial assistance.
00:09:51>> Narrator: Ivember 1974, marjorie returned to glensheen.
00:09:56She kitchen and told the staff she wanted to give her mother some homemade bread and marmalade that she had brought.
00:10:03She insisted on preparing it herself.
00:10:06Within hours of eating marjorie's snack, elizabeth fell >> her vital signs started to go down, and she darn near died.
00:10:15Well, when she started to come around again, marjorie gets out of town.
00:10:22>> Blood tests showed an elevated level of a powerful sedative, moclobamide, and this was a drug that was not on elizabeth's prescribed list of medications.
00:10:34>> Narrator: To avoid publicity, family members chose to handle the incident internally.
00:10:39They never confront marjorie.
00:10:41But glensheen staff are instructed never to leave elizabeth alone with her daughter again.
00:10:48Two years later, marjorie moved to golden, colorado, with her youngest son, ricky.
00:10:53There she met her second husband, an unemployed salesman named roger caldwell.
00:11:01>> They both began talking about a common dream, and that was to start a horse-breeding or a ranch business.
00:11:08She and roger began buying up very expensive ranch properties.
00:11:13>> I received phone calls from creditors and individuals and banks and lenders indicating that they were owed money by marjorie.
00:11:23Roger expressed to me grave concerns regarding marjorie's spending habits, as well as marge's activities at what he would refer to as conning people.
00:11:38>> Narrator: By the late '70s, the caldwells had dug themselves into a deep financial pit.
00:11:43Marjorie's trust-fund payments barely covered her and roger's outstanding bills.
00:11:49>> They were way over their head in debt, and they had begun to engage in illegal activities -- bouncing checks, they were under investigation for insurance fraud involving a burglary that investigators thought had been staged, and were using fraudulent credit cards.
00:12:07So they were in as desperate financial shape as anyone could imagine.
00:12:14>> Narrator: Detectives learn that in may of 1977, less than a month before the murders, roger paid a visit to duluth to ask elizabeth and the congdon trustees for $750,000.
00:12:27His plan was to build a horse ranch in colorado.
00:12:30Appealing to elizabeth's softer side, roger produced a doctor's note, saying that the ranch would be the best thing for her grandson ricky's asthma.
00:12:40But the couple had forged the letter on stolen stationery, and the trustees sent roger away empty-handed.
00:12:48>> In june of '77, marjorie and roger caldwell were broke.
00:12:52I mean, they had no income.
00:12:56They had no funds.
00:12:58They were living day to day or week to week at the holland hotel, which was not what you call an upscale hotel, in golden, colorado.
00:13:07I mean, they were in a desperate situation.
00:13:11>> Narrator: On june 27, 1977, elizabeth congdon is found murdered.
00:13:18Her estate totals $45 million.
00:13:21Marjorie's share is one of the largest, at nearly $8 million.
00:13:26With so much money at stake, detective waller decides it's time to take a closer look at the caldwells.
00:13:34When the couple arrives in duluth for elizabeth's funeral, he calls them in for questioning.
00:13:41The meeting is short.
00:13:43Marjorie tells the detective that both she and roger were at the laundromat in golden, colorado, the morning of the murders.
00:13:50But waller can't keep his eyes off roger.
00:13:54>> Roger had a cut on his lip.
00:13:56He also had a very swollen right hand.
00:14:00And he had a cut on one of his fingers.
00:14:01And I'm thinking back to the autopsy, and the severe bruise that velma had on her left cheek and jaw.
00:14:12And I really felt then that we were really going in the right direction.
00:14:18>> Was marjorie a black sheep in wolf's clothing?
00:14:21Had she sent roger into the mansion that night to do her dirty work?
00:14:26With two women dead, investigators were determined to FIND OUT.U THE LINK. [ phone beeps ] ..
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00:18:02>> The duluth community was shocked by the murders of elizabeth congdon and velma pietilspeculation, not only among the public, but also in the media, about the crime and who might be responsible.
00:18:15>> The police almost immediately suspected that family members were involved, which even elevated the story, and we were just falling all over each other trying to find out what was next.
00:18:28>> At the funeral, the caldwells made quite an impression -- roger in a turquoise western suit, marjorie in a floral blouse and tight white pants.
00:18:39They bought these getups at duluth's fanciest clothier and charged the $2,000 bill to the woman in the casket.
00:18:48>> Right after the funeral on the 30th of june, we had made a decision to pull the caldwells in again, have roger's hand looked at.
00:18:59>> Narrator: But when waller goes to the hotel where the caldwells are staying, he finds the couple has checked out.
00:19:05Fortunately, the room hasn't been cleaned.
00:19:09Inside, waller finds a receipt from the minneapolis airport dated june 27, 1977.
00:19:16It's a huge break.
00:19:19The receipt places at least one of the caldwells in minnesota on the day of the murders.
00:19:24>> It was the best thing that had happened yet in this case, that receipt.
00:19:30And to think that how close we'd come to not getting it, you know, had the room been cleaned before we got there.
00:19:36It was great.
00:19:38>> Narrator: The receipt is traced to an airport gift shop where an employee remembers someone matching roger's description.
00:19:45>> A man, identified as roger, comes in carrying a wicker case, which, in itself, is kind of unusual, and buys a garment bag.
00:19:53And that's what the receipt is for.
00:19:57>> Narrator: A call to glensheen confirms that a wicker case is among the items missing from elizabeth's bedroom.
00:20:03Then waller heads to the golden, colorado, motel where the caldwells had been living for the last year.
00:20:11>> The clerk at the holland house says that a self-addressed envelope has just arrived for roger caldwell, and it's postmarked duluth, minnesota, june 27.
00:20:23>> Narrator: Inside the envelope, waller finds a small, gold byzantine coin.
00:20:27>> The other investigators go to glensheen, and sure enough, there's a gold coin missing from the memorabilia case in elizabeth congdon's bedroom.
00:20:36>> Narrator: Using samples of roger's signature, experts confirm roger wrote the address on the front.
00:20:44On the backflap, a latent fingerprint expert finds a thumbprint.
00:20:49Compared with roger's prints offense, investigators get some good news.
00:20:55The prints appear to match.
00:20:58>> It was like christmas or your birthday.
00:21:01I mean, here we've got, you know, this big case, you know, with all this pressure, you know, and, I mean, we've got it.
00:21:14We know we've got the right people.
00:21:18>> And remember getting the call and them say, "we've got them.
00:21:21We've got them.
00:21:23This is it.
00:21:23We've got his fingerprint placing him in duluth the time " >> Narrator: Meanwhile, fellow detectives start tracking the caldwells.
00:21:32>> They had determined that roger, marjorie were staying at the holiday inn near the airport in bloomington, minnesota.
00:21:40>> Narrator: Waller returns to minnesota on the next flight.
00:21:44Ar team enters the hotel room while the couple is out.
00:21:48>> And one of the items on that bed is that garment bag that was purchased at the airport the morning the murders were discovered.
00:21:56Also in the room is one of the wicker cases.
00:21:59And we discover a pantyhose container filled with jewelry.
00:22:06And looking at the jewelry, some of the items are items that were stolen both from elizabeth congdon's dead body and also from her jewelry containers in her room.
00:22:19>> Narrator: Marjorie returns to the hotel alone and finds waller waiting for her.
00:22:24>> I told her her rights she still wanted to talk to me.
00:22:27But you got to remember, marjorie thinks she's smarter than everybody.
00:22:30>> Narrator: She tells him she and roger were shopping for real estate in colorado the weekend before the murders.
00:22:36But waller knows marjorie is lying.
00:22:39From his conversations with the real-estate agent and other friends in colorado, he knows that marjorie was alone that weekend.
00:22:48Next, waller pours the stolen jewelry into marjorie's lap and asks her where it came from.
00:22:55>> And I immediate spot the diamond-sapphire dome ring, and I ask her, "do you recognize " and she says, "oh, it's a duplicate of what my mother " and then she says that she wants to talk to her attorney, dave arnold.
00:23:09>> I got a call from marge.
00:23:10She informed me that she and roger were at the holiday inn, but that I should probably get dressed and come out and join the party.
00:23:19" and she's, "well, I have about " I indicated to her that she should keep her mouth shut, not say anything, and I would be there as quickly as I could.
00:23:31>> Narrator: Marjorie's lawyer arrives and stops the interrogation.
00:23:35But waller knows that with the receipt from the airport, the fingerprint evidence, and the jewelry, there's enough right now to arrest roger.
00:23:45Marjorie will have to come later.
00:23:48>> The strategy is, let's get the murderer first, and then we'll go with the person who, obviously in our minds, conspired and was the woman behind the man.
00:23:59>> Narrator: Roger caldwell is charged and arrested on july 5, 1977, for the murders of his mother-in-law and her nurse.
00:24:08A week later, detective waller returns to colorado to hunt for more evidence.
00:24:13At a local bank, he finds a safety-deposit box in roger's name rented one day after the murders.
00:24:21>> And we go in that safety-deposit box, here's this will dated the 24th of june, three days before her mother's death.
00:24:31>> It promised roger caldwell 5 million of marjorie's inheritance upon the death of her mother.
00:24:39>> A murder contract.
00:24:41I mean, clear and simple, that's what it is, a murder contact.
00:24:49>> This murder mystery had it all -- a shocking crime scene, a bizarre family plot, and soon, a courtroom drama that would be the talk of minnesota.od game. good game.
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00:29:29>> Narrator: One year after his rest, roger caldwell's murder trial begins.
00:29:34Prosecutor john desanto is optimistic despite the fact that there's no smoking gun.
00:29:40>> There were no eyewitnesses that could say they saw roger at the mansion commit the murders.
00:29:45It's purely circumstantial.
00:29:46And so every piece, every circumstance is so significant.
00:29:50>> Narrator: The state's case is simple.
00:29:53Roger is the patsy who did the deed, and marjorie is the mastermind.
00:29:58>> The congdon murders were such a big deal in duluth that the judge moved the trial to crow wing county 120 miles away.
00:30:07Hordes of reporters descended on the little town of brainerd for the final chapter of minnesota's greatest who-done-it.
00:30:19>> We were gonna show them conclusively and beyond a reasonable doubt that roger caldwell committed these murders, that he had a motive to commit these murders.
00:30:285 million irrevocably upon the death of elizabeth congdon.
00:30:36>> In roger's trial, I think everyone felt that it was going pretty well for the prosecution from the beginning.
00:30:42They had jewelry that they'd found that had come from the mansion.
00:30:46They had a woman at the airport who could identify roger.
00:30:51There was the fingerprint on the envelope that experts came in in roger's trial and said, "yes, indeed, that's his.
00:30:58He must've been in duluth that day because the postmark says JUNE 27th." >> Narrator: But when the state rests, roger's attorney, doug thompson, tells the jury there's room for doubt.
00:31:09>> One of the defense's strengths was the fact that roger caldwell's picture had been mistakenly released to the media, and it appeared in local newspapers.
00:31:18That called into question the positive identifications by the two airport employees at the gift shop where roger had supposedly bought a garment bag.
00:31:29>> Narrator: The state's case is far rom airtight.
00:31:32>> We were unable to tell a jury how he got to and from the murders.
00:31:39We could not put roger caldwell on a mode of transportation.
00:31:45>> But you have to remember, in 1977, you didn't have to show identification to get a ticket to go on an airplane.
00:31:52>> There was also a lack of physical evidence that directly linked roger caldwell to the crime scene.
00:31:58There were no fingerprints found at the mansion belonging to roger caldwell, and there were not hairs that could be identified as roger caldwell's.
00:32:06>> Narrator: But then lab results reveal that blood left at that scene matches roger's to eliminate 82% of the people as the source of that blood evidence back in 1977, '78.
00:32:25What I contend is, out of that 18% were 18,000 peop the day of the murder.
00:32:33There's only one person that had 5 million on the death of elizabeth congdon, and that was roger.
00:32:43>> Narrator: During deliberations, the state knows the stakes are high.
00:32:47If roger goes free, there's little chance at nailing his partner in crime.
00:32:53>> I told the jury in my closing argument thathis was step one that had been completed.
00:32:58So I wanted them to know there was gonna be a step two.
00:33:01It was a focus that marjorie was the woman behind the man the whole time.
00:33:06>> Narrator: The jury returns their verdict -- guilty on all counts.
00:33:11>> There was certainly a giddiness of, yes, I achieved the result I wanted, yet there was still always a sadness.
00:33:20There always has been for me.
00:33:22Two women prematurely died, and they should not have.
00:33:26And there's sadness in the families.
00:33:31>> Narrator: But the case is far from over.
00:33:33Weeks after roger's conviction, marjorie is charged with conspiracy to commit murder.
00:33:40When she turns herself in, she's accompanied by minnesota's leading defense attorney, ron meshbesher.
00:33:47>> People kind of think, "if i did it, I'm gonna hire " >> the prosecution's weakness going into marjorie caldwell's trials is that they expected it would essentially be a repeat of what they had done at roger's trial.
00:34:01However, you had a new defense attorney, and the prosecution certainly did not anticipate that the defense would bring out some surprise new evidence that would blow holes in the prosecution's case.
00:34:16>> With her high-priced top-gun minneapolis attorney, marjorie had more than evened the playing field.
00:34:22The duluth tribune dubbed the MATCHUP CITY SLICKER vs.
00:34:27Country bumpkin.
00:34:28Would this be another case of MONEY TRUMPING JUSTICE?uRTHIS MORNING'S Meeting? that was pure poetry.
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00:38:27>> Narrator:..
00:38:29Marjorie caldwell's murder trial opens at the dakota county courthouse in hastings, minnesota.
00:38:36>> Prosecutors had a tougher burden this time because they weren't alleging that marjorie was there and actually had committed the murders.
00:38:43They were saying that she had helped plan them and was a conspirator on that, and that's very, very hard to prove that because roger wasn't talking.
00:38:53>> We had to reprove that roger committed the murders.
00:38:57But I wanted a jury that would understand, again, a woman born with a silver spoon in her mouth who was ungrateful, ungrateful to the point that she murdered her mother to speed up her inheritancwhen her mother was 82 years old.
00:39:10>> Narrator: The state's star witness, detective gary waller, tells the jury about marjorie's inconsistent statementss whereabouts on JUNE 27th.
00:39:21>> One thing that cops like almost as much as the truth is a ..because if we can show that somebody's lying, that's often as good as if they confess.
00:39:32Marjorie gave seven versions of where roger was that morning.
00:39:36>> Narrator: But the key piece of evidence is the jewelry found in the c during her interrogation, marjorie claimed they were replicas.
00:39:46>> We brought in the jeweler who first put the ring together for elizabeth congdon years before this.
00:39:52There were markings onring that said to him, that he identified in the courtroom, made this ring as distinctive as a person to him.
00:40:01This was elizabeth congdon's ring.
00:40:03This was no duplicate.
00:40:05>> Narrator: Because another jury had found roger guilty of the murders, meshbesher faces an even tougher challenge.
00:40:12>> And I understood what the hurdles were, but they still had to connect marjorie to the case.
00:40:17Should I just tell the jury that, yes, roger did it, but marjorie had nothing to do with it?
00:40:22Or should I basically use a dual defense and claim that there was no proof that roger did it?
00:40:28And obviously if he didn't do it, marjorie couldn't have done it.
00:40:34>> As a coconspirator, marjorie's guilt was only as good as roger's conviction.
00:40:40If her lawyer could create reasonable doubt about roger's involvement, marjorie's acquittal would be in the bag.
00:40:49As it often happens, this case would hinge on a single piece of evidence.
00:40:56>> The fingerprint on the envelope was a key bit of evidence.
00:41:01Desanto, in his opening statement, probably put too much emphasis on that fingerprint, but it was such a good piece of physical evidence that he essentially told them, the jury, in so many words that you can disbelieve everything else, but the fingerprint you can't challenge.
00:41:21>> Narrator: Meshbesher tells the jury that the state was wrong during roger's tri.
00:41:25The fingerprint was misidentified, and he has a qualified expert to prove it.
00:41:31>> He says, uh, "this is not roger's fingerprint, not his thumbprint, which they claim.
00:41:36It's not his fingerprint, either.
00:41:39" " >> we had a conflict of experts, our expert, meshbesher's expert, so I had suggested to john let's get somebody that's worked for the fbi and have them look at it.
00:41:55>> Narrator: The state ups the ante and brings in a third fingerprint expert to dispute the defense team's findings.
00:42:02>> He said, "give me a few hours in the kitchen here.
00:42:05You guys leave me alone, and I'll give you my opinion after i " after a few hours, he came and told us that, in his opinion, it was a misidentified fingerprint, and that was an emotional, psychological turnaround in that case.
00:42:19It made it a different case.
00:42:21>> Narrator: The prosecution is devastated.
00:42:23Their plan has backfired.
00:42:26On july 21, 1979, the jury reads their verdict -- not guilty on all counts.
00:42:34Marjorie is a free woman.
00:42:36>> John and I went into the ..where john broke down because it was that devastating.
00:42:47>> After marjorie was acquitted, I called some of the jurors from roger's trial and asked them if they'd been following, and severaof them said that they thought they would reconsider now, and they thought maybe roger didn't do it.
00:43:02>> Narrator: Based on the evidence from marjorie's trial, roger files an appeal with the state supreme court.
00:43:09>> I get a call about midnight, or a little after midnight.
00:43:12I'll never forget it.
00:43:13It's someone from the duluth news tribune,and the first words on the phone were, waking me out of a dead sleep were, "are you going to retry " and I said, "what are you talking about -- retry " he said, "the minnesota supreme court has reversed his convictions.
00:43:30" " I remember kneeling at the side of the bed.
00:43:35I remember just sobbing on the side of the bed that I couldn't believe this happened.
00:43:43And, again, I still get emotional thinking about it, saying, you know, "maybe I'm just not cut out to do this kind " >> what a failure of justice, a real punch in the gut.
00:43:59It looked like marjorie and roger may have gotten away with murder.
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00:45:10fromlast night.
00:45:11>> Woaaahh. my family's in town.
00:45:13[Phone rings] mom! phone!
00:45:19purer than your intentions.
00:45:25oh, bud light!
00:45:29Here. we. go.
00:45:29This is a hospital. you're sick.
00:45:31This party's going to be sick. whoop.
00:45:34What's up guys -- room 324.
00:45:36Can we fill this with ice?
00:45:38Clear! shhh.
00:45:39( coughs ) YOU'LL NEED THIS, TRUST ME.
00:45:43Bud light in 324.
00:45:45We gotta ice these down!
00:45:46It's the sure sign of a good time.
00:45:48 here we go.
00:45:50( neighing ) NURSE COSTUMES, I LIKE IT!
00:48:07>> We're already five years into this, and it had taken a toll on us, physically, emotionally, uh, family-wise.
00:48:15I mean, it had taken a toll.
00:48:18>> Narrator: With marjorie's acquittal and roger's overturned conviction, it seems as though no one will pay for the brutal murders of elizabeth congdon and velma pietila.
00:48:29Now investigators have two choices, both equally bad -- go back to trial a third time or strike a deal with the killer.
00:48:39>> There was a lot of public pressure to keep roger caldwell in prison.
00:48:44They did not want to see roger caldwell go free.
00:48:48>> We weren't looking forward to another trial.
00:48:51We didn't think there was a good chance of getting another conviction.
00:48:54>> Narrator: Roger agrees to plead guilty to the murders in exchange for his release from prison, but the details of the crime remain a mystery.
00:49:03>> The prosecution did not get what it wanted out of the confession.
00:49:07There were many questions that roger caldwell did not answer.
00:49:12 deals immunity for information, it's a risk.
00:49:17You hope the guy will come clean and really start dishing the dirt, but this time, the gamble didn't pay off.
00:49:25Roger caught a well-timed case of amnesia.
00:49:29>>Was drinking and didn't remember like, you know, really key thing is how did he get to the mansion that night?
00:49:36He says, oh, you know, he just didn't really remember, thought, he'd, you know, maybe took a cab or something.
00:49:41And it just wasn't definitive enough for those of us who really cared about what happened.
00:49:47But, I guess, in the legal sense, you know, he admitted he did it, and that's what they were looking for, and that solved the case.
00:49:56>> I think we should have stood up and said, "no deal," because we never got anything that we didn't already know.
00:50:07He did not implicate marjorie.
00:50:11The reason he didn't implicate was gonna be a pay day.
00:50:17>> Narrator: But roger never sees the money marjorie promised him.
00:50:21He returns to his hometown of latrobe, pennsylvania, b get a steady job or control his drinking.
00:50:29>> He became, as time went on, much more frustrated, much more cynical about how he was effectively still in prison because no one would hire him.
00:50:39>> Narrator: Finally roger's depression takes its toll.
00:50:42>> Roger committed suicide in 1988.
00:50:46He took to the grave those unanswered questions, and we'llhat he knew.
00:50:54>> Narrator: In his suicide note, he writes, "what you need to know is that I didn't kill those girls, knowledge, ever harm a soul in " >> I went to his funeral and stayed around a few days and found out that he actually girlfriend that he was living with in latrobe, and shortly before he killed himself, he actually had beaten her up quite badly, broken her arm, and she was in the hospital.
00:51:22So I knew that he could harm someone, that he did have that within him, especially when he was drinking.
00:51:29>> Narrator: In 2003, dna testing finally shed some light on roger's involvement.
00:51:35The flap of the infamous envelope is swabbed, and two dna markers are identified.
00:51:41Compared with a known sample of roger's saliva, it's a near-perfect match and rules out 99.93% of the population.
00:51:53>> He was the person who committed the murders, but he wasn't the person who drew this all up.
00:52:00>> Narrator: Right after elizabeth congdon's death, glensheen was turned over to the university of minnesota as deeded in her will.
00:52:08The estate remains almost exactly as it was on the night of the murders.
00:52:1480,000 Visitors tour the property every year.
00:52:20Marjorie remarried.
00:52:22In 1984, she was convicted of setting fires at two vacant homes she was trying to sell.
00:52:29She spent two years in state prison, was released, and moved to arizona with her husband.
00:52:35Six years later, marjorie was again convicted of arson.
00:52:39She was sentenced to the maximum 15 years and emerged finally in january 2004 a free woman again at 71.
00:52:50As long as marjorie is free, investigators believe a murderer has escaped justice.
00:52:57>> We didn't have any doubt, never a doubt that these two people were responsible for the deaths of those women.
00:53:05>> I don't think marge would permit herself to think that she had anything to learn from this at all because I'm sure that marge maintains that everything that happened that was good was something that she brought about, and anything that was bad was a conspiracy or a frame-up.
00:53:26It's only in those quiet recesses of her mind when she's alone that maybe she has some doubts or misgivings, but i wouldn't presume to suggest that you'd ever see them.
00:53:40>> In 1979, five of marjorie's seven children sued their mother to have her disinherited from the congdon fortune.
00:53:49She settled for a fraction of what was left to her in the will, far less than she would have gotten if elizabeth congdon wasn't murdered.
00:54:00>> Narrator: A spectacular mediterranean island with a luxurious and decadent hotel.
00:54:05>> If you've never seen pike's, you've never been to ibiza.
00:54:08>> Narrator: Its owner, a legendary adventurer and playboy.
00:54:11 pike has had in excess of 3,000 lovers.
00:54:16>> Narrator: But when someone ..
00:54:19>> It was exciting to hear i-- $5 million, u.s. cash.
00:54:22>> Narrator:..It turns out it's too good to be true.
00:54:25>> This is just a cold-blooded, intercontinental, transatlantic fraud turned into murder for hire.
00:54:32>> From miami to the mediterranean, an amazing true story of con artists, beautiful away greed, tonight on "power, privilege, " >> Narrator: The islands off of international jet set -- a luxurious paradise of mansions, yachts, trophy wives, and enormous egos.
00:55:19On the evening of february 16, in key biscayne.
00:55:26The victim had been shot twice in the head.
00:55:30>> One was a distant shot.
00:55:31It could have been a couple feet away.
00:55:33Execution-style, he's finished off -- back of the of the head.
00:55:37>> It was one of the most calculated homicides I ever dealt with.
00:55:40>> Narrator: Police find a bracelet and a travel visa and identify the victim as dale pike, 43.
00:55:47They also discover that pike had just flown to miami from ibiza, spain, another island haven for rich pleasure-seekers.
00:55:55The victim's father, tony pike, owns a famous hotel on ibiza.
00:56:00>> Tony pike and his hotel were legendary.
00:56:03Celebrities from around the world came to stay at the hotel and party with tony.
00:56:09But now his son was dead, and he was left wondering who did it.
00:56:25>> Narrator: For decades, ibiza has been the destination of choice for the rich who spend y chasing escape.
00:56:33The beaches are beautiful, the clubs never close, and there are plenty of substances to abuse.
00:56:39On an island famous for decadence, the prince of pleasure was tony pike.
00:56:45Nice to meet you.
00:56:46There was nine icelandic finalists that came here.
00:56:50After that shot, they all relaxed so much, they all took their tops off.
00:56:54>> He's legendary.
00:56:55>> Narrator: His hotel was the ..
00:56:57>> That was bon jovi.
00:57:01>> Narrator:..And the rich came to relax and mingle.
00:57:04>> Anybody who was anybody, if they came to ibiza, they would come and stay at pike's.
00:57:09>> Narrator: Tony pike's parties for celebrities like singand freddie mercury of queen were all-night marathons.
00:57:16>> It was very, very decadent, and it was over-the-top.
00:57:20>> Narrator: But pike himself had come from humble beginnings.
00:57:25Born into poverty in england, he joined the navy at 14.
00:57:28>> I grew 5 inches in the first year at sea, 'cause I had food for the first time.
00:57:34>> Narrator: By 19, he'd settled in australia with a wife and soon had 2 sons, dale and bradley.
00:57:40But domestic life proved too tame for tony.
00:57:43He traveled around the world, a ship captain in thailand.
00:57:57In 1 he was lost at sea with a model.
00:57:59>> Well, she said, "i don't mind