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00:00:04(click, beep) The bridge, right.Seashell Bridge.
00:00:10So we need to find Seashell Bridge.
00:00:14Do you see the bridge?
00:00:19(click, beep) Yeah, there it is.
00:00:24Si, ahí está.
00:00:25We've got to bring the magic crown back to Mariana.
00:00:29To save the Mermaid Kingdom from all the garbage.
00:00:34Thanks, Clam.
00:00:36See you later.
00:00:38Bueno suerte.
00:00:41Vámonos.Let's go.
00:00:45Bridge, island, sea, kingdom.
00:00:50Bridge, island, sea, kingdom.
00:00:54Bridge, island, sea, kingdom.
00:00:59Bridge, island, sea, kingdom.
00:01:08♪ Come on,vámonos ♪
00:01:10♪ Everybody, let's go ♪
00:01:11♪ Come on, let's get to it ♪
00:01:13♪ I know that we can do it ♪
00:01:16Where are we going?
00:01:19Mermaid kingdom!
00:01:21Where are we going?
00:01:23Mermaid kingdom.
00:01:25Where are going?
00:01:27Mermaid Kingdom! Mermaid Kingdom!
00:01:29A donde vamos?
00:01:31Mermaid Kingdom! Mermaid Kingdom!
00:01:34♪ ♪
00:01:39Mermaid Kingdom! Mermaid Kingdom!
00:01:45We made it to Seashell Bridge!
00:01:48Hey, look at all the numbers!
00:01:52(buzzing) !
00:01:55Hello there, friends!
00:01:58Can I help you?
00:01:59We need to go over the bridge, please.
00:02:03Yeah. We're in a hurry.
00:02:04Oh. Well, there's only one way to crossmybridge.
00:02:08You have to follow the shells from one to six.
00:02:12Good luck, friends.
00:02:13We can do that!
00:02:15(ship's horn blows) Uh-oh! That sounds like the octopus.
00:02:22Dora, here comes the octopus!
00:02:25You found the magic crown!
00:02:27But I'll make sure you never get to the Mermaid Kingdom.
00:02:37(laughs cruelly) Oh, no!
00:02:43There's so much dirt, we can't see the numbers.
00:02:47How are we going to get across the bridge now?
00:02:51We've got to clean up the dirt so we can get across the bridge.
00:02:56I needyourhelp.
00:02:58Will you check my backpack for something we can use to clean up the dirt?
00:03:02You have to say, "Backpack." Say, "Backpack." Say, "Backpack." (jazzy intro plays) ♪ Backpack, backpack ♪
00:03:18♪ Backpack, backpack ♪
00:03:20♪ I'm the backpack loaded up ♪
00:03:22♪ With things and knickknacks, too ♪
00:03:24♪ Anything that you might need ♪
00:03:26♪ I got inside for you ♪
00:03:29♪ Backpack, backpack ♪
00:03:31♪ Backpack, backpack ♪
00:03:33♪ Yeah! ♪
00:03:34Dora needs something she can use to clean up the dirt.
00:03:39Can crayons clean up the dirt?
00:03:45Can sunglassesclean up the dirt?
00:03:50No. That's silly!
00:03:52Can an umbrella clean up the dirt?
00:04:00Can a vacuum clean up the dirt?
00:04:05(click, beep) Yes, it can!Smart thinking!
00:04:09Yum, yum, yum!iDelicioso!
00:04:14DORA: Help Boots vacuum up the dirt.
00:04:18Say, "Vroom, vroom, vroom!" (vacuum cleaner whirring) Again!
00:04:29Vroom, vroom, vroom!
00:04:35The bridge is clean!
00:04:39Great job vacuuming!
00:04:44Now we have to find the numbers on the shells.
00:04:49Do you see the number one?
00:04:54(beeps, clicks) Great!
00:04:59Where's the two?
00:05:05(beeps, clicks) You found it!
00:05:10Where's the three?
00:05:14(beeps, clicks) Yeah!
00:05:19Where's the four?
00:05:23(click, beep) You found it!
00:05:28Where's the five?
00:05:33(click, beep) We're almost across the bridge!
00:05:39I know what number comes next.
00:05:43(buzzing) Woops! I don't think that was right.
00:05:48That's okay, Boots.
00:05:50What number comes after five?
00:05:56Six! Right!
00:06:02Yay! We made it over the bridge!
00:06:06(playing fanfare) Where do we go next?
00:06:18Mermaid Kingdom!
00:06:19We made it over the bridge.
00:06:24Where do we go next?
00:06:29(beeps, clicks) The island! Right!
00:06:33Pirate Island!
00:06:35Pirate Island has a flag.
00:06:38Do you see Pirate Island?
00:06:45(click, beep) Isí, allí está!
00:06:49I see it, I see it!
00:06:51Come on! We've got to bring the magic crown back to Mariana, so she can wish the Mermaid Kingdom clean.
00:06:59And save all the mermaids.
00:07:02Yeah! Let's go!
00:07:23Hey, I think that rock is following us.
00:07:27I don't think that's just a rock.
00:07:30Who's inside that rock costume?
00:07:36Swiper! Swiper!
00:07:38You're too late!
00:07:41Swiper, wait!
00:07:43That's Mariana the Mermaid's crown.
00:07:45Mariana needs her crown to wish Mermaid Kingdom clean.
00:07:50The garbage is making the mermaids sick, and very unhappy.
00:07:56Oh, man! I really like swiping, but I really, reallylike the mermaids.
00:08:07You better bring the crown back to the mermaid's quick!
00:08:11Thanks, Swiper!
00:08:13You're welcome.
00:08:15(squeaky bellowing) What was that?
00:08:18Who's making that sound?
00:08:21(squeaky bellowing) Yeah! It's a whale!
00:08:25The octopus put garbage on the whale.
00:08:28DORA: And the whale can't see with the garbage over her eyes.
00:08:33She's going to bump into us!
00:08:36We've got to tell her to stop.
00:08:38Yell, "Stop, whale." DORA: Louder!
00:08:46Stop, whale! Stop, whale!
00:08:49Oh, I can't see anything with all this garbage.
00:08:56We can help you, whale.
00:08:57We need someone to swipe the garbage from the whale.
00:09:03Who's good at swiping?
00:09:08Swiper! Right!
00:09:11We have to say, "Swiper, swipe." Say it with us.
00:09:18DORA & BOOTS: Swiper, swipe! Swiper, swipe!
00:09:22Swiper, swipe!
00:09:25Hey, I can see again!
00:09:29And thank you, too, Swiper.
00:09:31I love swiping!
00:09:34Come on! we've got to go to the Mermaid Kingdom!
00:09:38To save the mermaids from all the garbage.
00:09:43Let's go!
00:09:47Good luck! Good luck!
00:09:50Bridge. Bridge.
00:09:51Island. Island.
00:09:53Sea. Sea.
00:09:54Kingdom! Kingdom!
00:09:55Bridge. Bridge.
00:09:56Island. Island.
00:09:57Sea. Sea.
00:09:58Kingdom! Kingdom!
00:09:59Bridge. Bridge.
00:10:01Island. Island.
00:10:02Sea. Sea.
00:10:03Kingdom! Kingdom!
00:10:04Bridge. Bridge.
00:10:05Island. Island.
00:10:06Sea. Sea.
00:10:07Kingdom! Kingdom!
00:10:12♪ Come on,vámonos♪
00:10:14♪ Everybody, let's go ♪
00:10:16♪ Come on, let's get to it ♪
00:10:18♪ I know we can do it. ♪
00:10:21♪ Where are we going? ♪
00:10:23♪ Mermaid Kingdom! ♪
00:10:25♪ Where are we going? ♪
00:10:28♪ Mermaid Kingdom! ♪
00:10:29♪ Where are we going? ♪
00:10:31♪ Mermaid Kingdom! ♪ ♪ Mermaid Kingdom! ♪
00:10:34♪¿A donde vamos?♪
00:10:36♪ Mermaid Kingdom! ♪ ♪ Mermaid Kingdom! ♪
00:10:40♪ ♪
00:10:44♪ Mermaid Kingdom! ♪ ♪ Mermaid Kingdom! ♪
00:10:51We made it to Pirate Island!
00:10:56Uh-oh. The coconut trees won't let us by.
00:11:01How are we gonna get across the island?
00:11:05♪ ♪
00:11:08Ahoy, mateys!
00:11:10Welcome to Pirate Island!
00:11:14BOTH: Hi, Pirate Pig!
00:11:16Hi, piggies!
00:11:19Looks like you found a mighty fine crown there, Dora.
00:11:23Ooh! Mighty fine, mighty fine!
00:11:25Very shiny! Nice and gold!
00:11:27It's Mariana the Mermaid's magic crown!
00:11:32Oh! Pirateslovemermaids!
00:11:35We need to get across Pirate Island so we can bring back the crown to Mariana.
00:11:41But the trees won't let us by.
00:11:44Oh, the trees can be very tricky.
00:11:48They're tricky, all right.
00:11:49Tricky trees,tricky trees. Very tricky.
00:11:51But they'll let you by if you dance the coconut conga!
00:11:57ALL: ♪ Coconut conga, coconut conga, coconut conga! ♪
00:12:01We've got to dance the coconut conga to get across the island.
00:12:07Will you dance the coconut conga with us?
00:12:15ALL: Coconut conga, coconut conga, coconut conga!
00:12:20Hey, what's the coconut conga?
00:12:23You'll soon find out, little monkey.
00:12:26Come on, everybody!
00:12:27Get ready to dance the coconut conga!
00:12:32Get ready to dance and wiggle with us!
00:12:36♪ ♪
00:12:38♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:12:40♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:12:42♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:12:44♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:12:46Now to get the trees to move, say, "Conga." ALL: ♪ Conga! ♪
00:12:52♪ Conga! ♪
00:12:53♪ Conga! ♪
00:12:55ALL: ♪ Conga! ♪
00:12:58♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:13:00♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:13:01♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:13:04♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:13:06♪ Say, "Conga" ♪
00:13:07ALL: Conga!
00:13:08♪ Say, "Conga" ♪ ♪ Conga! ♪
00:13:10ALL: ♪ Conga! ♪
00:13:14♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:13:16♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:13:17♪ Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle ♪
00:13:20♪ One more time! ♪
00:13:22♪ Say, "Conga" ♪
00:13:23♪ Conga! ♪ ♪ Say, "Conga" ♪
00:13:25♪ Conga! ♪
00:13:26ALL: ♪ Conga! ♪
00:13:30ALL: ♪ Conga, conga, conga ♪
00:13:32♪ Conga, conga, conga ♪
00:13:34♪ Conga, conga, conga ♪
00:13:37♪ Conga! ♪
00:13:40(playing fanfare) Great conga dancing.
00:13:45We danced all the way across Pirate Island.
00:14:34çmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmçmç Announcer Pin corner!
00:20:44Colgate 360 actiflex!
00:20:45Cleaning more than just teeth.
00:20:47[ Brush 2 ] LEFT! RIGHT!
00:20:48That flexible head really cleans around and in between teeth.
00:20:50[ Brush 1 ] PLUS THE CHEEK AND TONGUE CLEANER Knocks out more bacteria.
00:20:52Bacteria down for the count!
00:20:54[ Male Announcer ] COLGATE 360 ACTIFLEX.
00:20:56For a whole mouth clean.
00:24:10Where do we go next?
00:24:12Bridge, island, sea,Mermaid Kingdom.
00:24:19We made it over the bridge,check.
00:24:23We went across Pirate Island,check.
00:24:27Where doe go next?
00:24:33The sea! Right.
00:24:36The Silly Sea.
00:24:37The Silly Sea is full of silly animals.
00:24:42Do you see the animals?
00:24:50(giggling) Yeah, there's the Silly Sea.
00:24:56(boat horn blowing) Look, there's the octopus.
00:25:01He's dumping garbage.
00:25:05Argh, that's a mean octopus.
00:25:08He leaves garbage everywhere he goes.
00:25:11Everywhere he goes. Naughty octopus.
00:25:14He's so mean.
00:25:16And he's heading for the Mermaid Kingdom.
00:25:20We've got to hurry.
00:25:21Aye, to the pirate ship, piggies!
00:25:29Hoist the sail, mateys!
00:25:31PIGGIES: Hoist the sail, hoist the sail!
00:25:35Where's the sail?
00:25:37No sail?
00:25:38Not going to work. That's not good.
00:25:41Argh, I forgot.
00:25:43We've got no sail!
00:25:47Oh, what are we going to do?
00:25:49Hmm, there are some dolphins who swim in these waters.
00:25:55They can give you a ride across it, if you can find them, that is.
00:26:00I know someone who can help us find the dolphins.
00:26:04My cousin Diego.
00:26:06Yeah, yeah, yeah.
00:26:07We've got to call mi primoDiego.
00:26:11Say, "Diego!" Louder.
00:26:18ALL: Diego!
00:26:27There he is.
00:26:31Hi, Boots.
00:26:32Hi, piggies.
00:26:34Hi, Diego.
00:26:35ALL: Diego, Diego, Diego!
00:26:37Primo, we need your help.
00:26:40We have to find the dolphins to give us a ride across the Silly Sea.
00:26:45Yeah, we have to bring Mariana the mermaid her magic crown.
00:26:50Those dolphins can be hard to find.
00:26:53We can use my spotting scope to look for them.
00:26:56Do you see the dolphins?
00:27:07Yeah, there they are.
00:27:09Allí están.
00:27:10I see them, I see them!
00:27:13We've got to call to the dolphins.
00:27:16Say, "squeak, squeak." Louder!
00:27:24ALL: Squeak, squeak.
00:27:27(squeaking) They heard us!
00:27:35I'll ask them if they'll give you a ride.
00:27:40Squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak.
00:27:43(chirping) They said they'll give you a ride.
00:27:47ALL: Hooray!
00:27:50Gracias, Diego.
00:27:52Thanks, pirate piggies.
00:27:56Come on, we've got to bring the magic crown back to Mariana, so she can wish the Mermaid Kingdom clean.
00:28:05And save all the mermaids.
00:28:07Ivámonos!, let's go!
00:28:12♪ There's so much to see in Silly Sea ♪
00:28:15♪ The silliest sea that you ever could see When you see what I see, yell it out to me.
00:28:26(meow, meow) ♪ There's a fish that meows in the Silly Sea ♪
00:28:30♪ Can you imagine that? ♪
00:28:32♪ What animal does that fish look like? ♪
00:28:37Meow, meow.
00:28:39A cat!
00:28:40BOTH: A catfish.
00:28:44(barking) ♪ There's a fish that barks in the Silly Sea ♪
00:28:48♪ I see him through the fog ♪
00:28:49♪ What animal does that fish look like? ♪
00:28:53(barking) ♪ A dog. ♪
00:28:57BOOTS: I've never seen a dogfish before.
00:28:59♪ There's so much to see in the Silly Sea ♪
00:29:02♪ The silliest sea that you ever could see ♪
00:29:05When you see what I see, yell it out to me.
00:29:12(mooing) ♪ There's a fish that moos in the Silly Sea ♪
00:29:17♪ I hear him mooing now ♪
00:29:19♪ What animal does that fish look like? ♪
00:29:23(mooing) ♪ A cow. ♪
00:29:27A cow fish?
00:29:30(clucking) ♪ There's a fish that clucks in the Silly Sea ♪
00:29:34♪ She's clucking and a-kicking ♪
00:29:37♪ What animal does that fish look like? ♪
00:29:43♪ A chicken ♪
00:29:45BOTH: A chicken fish.
00:29:46Wow, this sea really is silly.
00:29:52(playing fanfare) Yay!
00:29:55We made it past the Silly Sea.
00:29:59Where do we go next?
00:30:00Bridge, island,sea, Mermaid Kingdom.
00:30:08We made it overthe bridge, check.
00:30:11We went acrossPirate Island, check.
00:30:15We made it pastthe Silly Sea.
00:30:19Where do we go next?
00:30:25Mermaid Kingdom, right.
00:30:27We need to find the Mermaid Kingdom.
00:30:33Do you see the Mermaid Kingdom?
00:30:41Yeah, there's the Meaid Kingdom.
00:30:44Come on.
00:30:46Whoa. The water is getting wavy.
00:30:51Look, there's the octopus.
00:30:54And he's dumping garbage in the water.
00:30:58Dora, Boots!
00:30:59Hey, that sounds like Benny the bull and Tiko the squirrel.
00:31:05Do you see Benny and Tiko?
00:31:10Yeah, there they are.
00:31:13BOOTS: Tiko is taking Benny waterskiing.
00:31:16Wow, Benny's really good.
00:31:18Dora, I think Tiko is heading for the garbage.
00:31:23Uh-oh, we've got to stop him.
00:31:26Tiko speaks Spanish.
00:31:28To tell him to stop, we sayparra.
00:31:31Can you sayparra?
00:31:36Say parra.
00:31:40He didn't hear us. Louder!
00:31:49Yay, Tiko heard us and stopped.
00:31:52Whoa, whoa!
00:31:55DORA: Oh, no, Benny can't stop!
00:31:58BOOTS: And he's going to water-ski into the garbage.
00:32:01We've got to help him.
00:32:02If you see garbage, yell, garbage.
00:32:16That was close.
00:32:27BOTH: Benny!
00:32:29Hi, guys.
00:32:40Thanks for helping me with the garbage.
00:32:43No podemos dejar la basura aquí.
00:32:46Tiko says we can't leave the garbage here.
00:32:50Yeah, because someone else will get stuck in the garbage.
00:32:59Yay! Tiko, muchas gracias.
00:33:04De nada, hasta luego, amigos.
00:33:07See you later.
00:33:10Come on,vámonos.
00:33:13(dolphins chirping) MARIANA: My crown!Mi corona!
00:33:18That sounds like Mariana the mermaid.
00:33:20She must be looking for her crown.
00:33:23Where is the mermaid?
00:33:29Right, there she is-- on those rocks.
00:33:33We've got to give Mariana back her magic crown so she can wish the Mermaid Kingdom clean.
00:33:40Come on.
00:33:44Thanks for the ride, dolphins.
00:33:47(chirping) I need my crown!
00:33:52DORA: Hola,Mariana.
00:33:53I'm Dora.
00:33:54And this is Boots.
00:33:58Mariana, we found your magic crown.
00:34:02(gasps) You found my crown?
00:34:05Now I can wish the Mermaid Kingdom clean from the octopus's garbage.
00:34:10Muchas gracias.
00:34:16¿Que pasa?
00:34:17Oh, no!
00:34:18I won't let you use that crown!
00:34:21The octopus has trapped Mariana.
00:34:24And he's going to get the crown!
00:34:26He's going to get the crown!
00:34:28Dora, take the crown!
00:34:32Here comes the crown.
00:34:34We've got to catch the mermaid crown.
00:34:37Put your hands in the air and catch it! Catch it!
00:34:42Catch it!
00:34:44We got it! We got it!
00:34:47Dora, you have to put on the magic crown.
00:34:50It's the mermaid's only hope.
00:35:02I'm a mermaid!
00:35:06Dora, the magic crown will give you just one wish.
00:35:11Make a wish! Make a wish!
00:35:14No, no, no.
00:35:16I wish to get rid of the garbage, and save the Mermaid Kingdom!
00:35:34Look! Some of the garbage is disappearing!
00:35:38But there's so much!
00:35:40The magic isn't enough.
00:35:43We're going to need help from all our friends in the ocean to clean up the garbage.
00:35:50Say, "Cleanup time!" Louder!
00:35:58Cleanup time!
00:36:10Sing with us!
00:36:11♪ Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up ♪
00:36:15♪ Let's work together, everyone do their share ♪
00:36:19♪ Clean up, clean up, come on now and clean up ♪
00:36:23♪ Everyone everywhere ♪
00:36:26♪ We're going to take out the trash ♪
00:36:28♪ We're going to make this place shine ♪
00:36:30♪ Shine, shine, shine, we're going to make it shine ♪
00:36:34♪ Cleaning up is a blast ♪
00:36:36♪ Everybody knows it feels so great ♪
00:36:39♪ Because it looks so fine ♪
00:36:41♪ Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up ♪
00:36:45♪ Let's work together, everyone do their share ♪
00:36:48♪ Clean up, clean up, come on now and clean up ♪
00:36:52♪ Everyone everywhere ♪
00:36:55♪ Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up ♪
00:36:59♪ Clean up, clean up, come on now and clean up ♪
00:37:03♪ Clean up, clean up ♪
00:37:05♪ Everybody clean up... ♪
00:37:09Everything is clean.
00:37:10Muchas gracias. Thank you.
00:37:12Thank you. Muchas gracias.
00:37:14Now we've got to rescue Mariana.
00:37:33There's Mariana.
00:37:34We've got to get her out of that net.
00:37:38Put your arms out in front of you and pull the net!
00:37:43Pull, pull, pull, pull, pull!
00:37:58Look! The octopus is on the pile of garbage.
00:38:03(coughing): This garbage smells bad!
00:38:08You shouldn't dump garbage where it doesn't belong, Octopus.
00:38:12But... but... but I... I love to dump garbage.
00:38:18No one wants garbage dumped on them.
00:38:25(sniffing) Eww!
00:38:28Oh, you're right.
00:38:30I'm really, really sorry.
00:38:33From now on, all garbage goes to the garbage dump, and I'm going to recycle.
00:38:43I promise.
00:38:52Hey, we can all help clean up the garbage.
00:38:59♪ Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up ♪
00:39:03♪ Let's work together, everyone do their share ♪
00:39:06♪ Clean up, clean up, come on now and clean up ♪
00:39:11♪ Everyone everywhere ♪
00:39:14♪ Clean up, clean up, everybody clean up ♪
00:39:18♪ Clean up, clean up, come on now and clean up. ♪
00:39:26Dora, you can stay with us and be a mermaid forever.
00:39:33Oh, Mariana, I love being a mermaid, but I have to go home.
00:39:39And this is your crown.
00:39:41You'll need it to protect the Mermaid Kingdom.
00:39:52Oh, Dora, thank you for cleaning up the Mermaid Kingdom.
00:39:57Here's a mermaid necklace.
00:40:00You can put it on and visit us anytime.
00:40:05Oh, we'll be friends forever!
00:40:13Yay! We brought the magic crown back to Mariana, and saved the Mermaid Kingdom from all the garbage.
00:40:23(playing fanfare) We did it!
00:40:29♪ ♪
00:40:31♪ We did it! We did it! We did it! Yay! ♪
00:40:35♪Lo hicimos. We did it. ♪
00:40:36♪ We crossed the Seashell Bridge ♪
00:40:40♪ And sailed the Silly Sea ♪
00:40:41♪ We did it, we did it, we did it! Hooray!
00:40:45♪ Danced the conga with the coconut trees ♪
00:40:48♪ We did it, we did it , we did it, we did it ♪
00:40:51♪ Picked up all the garbage from the ocean floor ♪
00:40:54♪ And we told Swiper to swipe-- that never happened before ♪
00:41:01♪ We did it, we did it, we did it. Yay! ♪
00:41:04♪Lo hicimos. We did it! ♪
00:41:07♪ We saved the Mermaid Kingdom with our ocean friends ♪
00:41:11♪ We did it, we did it, we did it. Hooray!
00:41:14♪ Octopus will never dump again ♪
00:41:18♪ We did it, we did it, we did it, we did it. ♪
00:41:21We searched for Mariana to give her what we found.
00:41:24Now the kingdom shines because she wears her crown.
00:41:28Yay! Hooray!
00:41:31We did it!
00:41:34Whoo! (click, beep) Wow! We had such an exciting trip today.
00:41:40What was your favorite part of the trip?
00:41:50I liked that, too.
00:41:52My favorite part was riding the dolphins across the Silly Sea.
00:41:56My favorite part was turning into a mermaid and saving the Mermaid Kingdom.
00:42:03Yeah. That was really cool.
00:42:06We couldn't have done it without you.
00:42:08Thanks for helping.
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00:45:15We're going to take yummy, creamy danonino and turn it into a frozen treat.
00:45:20First, we poke the danonino with these little spoons.
00:45:24Then, we're going to place them in the freezer.
00:45:27Luckily, the staff and I have prepared this tray earlier.
00:45:33[Cheering] unlike leading kids' yogurts, danonino has twice the amount of calcium of milk, ounce per ounce, and it contains vitamin d.
00:45:42 power packed to helps kids grow.
00:50:26Are you ready, kids?
00:50:27Kids: Aye, aye, captain!
00:50:29I can't hear you.
00:50:33 ♪♪
00:50:35♪♪ who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
00:50:40♪♪ absorbent and yellow and porous is he ♪♪
00:50:43♪♪ if nautical nonsense be something you wish ♪♪
00:50:47♪♪ then drop on the ck and flop like a fish ♪♪
00:50:49♪♪spongebob squarepants!♪♪ ready?
00:50:52 ♪♪
00:50:54 ♪♪
00:50:56 ♪♪
00:50:58 ♪♪
00:51:02(hearty laughter) (flute playing) [Captioning sponsored by THEU.S. D and NICKELODEON] Where can they be?
00:51:20They should have been here hours ago.
00:51:23Not a customer in sight.
00:51:25If I don't make any money today I'll surely break out in a rash.
00:51:30I'm rich.
00:51:32Look, patrick, eight gold doubloons.
00:51:34Wait! I saw it first!
00:51:37Mine! mine! huh?
00:51:39Boy, mr. krabs, you sure are sweaty.
00:51:41What's this?
00:51:42Where are the doubloons?
00:51:44(laughing) There are no real doubloons, mr. krabs.
00:51:47It's a game.
00:51:48The flying dutchman's treasure hunt.
00:51:50Based on a real treasure map.
00:51:53Take a break and play a round with us.
00:51:55Yeah, come on, sweaty.
00:51:56You finished cleaning the tables?
00:51:58I cleaned the tables, mr. krabs.
00:52:00Aye, but did you scrape all the gum off the underside?
00:52:04I already took care of it.
00:52:07(laughs) All right, lads.
00:52:10Looks like you've shanghaied me.
00:52:12My turn.
00:52:14(blows raspberry) "One of your shipmates has been a bad pirate.
00:52:19" ..
00:52:25It's off to jail foryoumr. krabs.
00:52:29Patrick, you're fired.
00:52:31But I don't even work here.
00:52:33Would you like a job, starting now?
00:52:37You're fired.
00:52:38My turn.
00:52:40One, two, three, four.
00:52:43"Look for the deacon's goose thru the fork in the old tree and head that " well, I see mr. krabs' zipper is undone.
00:52:51Shiver me timbers.
00:52:52(laughing): JUST KIDDING, MR. KRABS.
00:52:54I'm almost to the treasure.
00:52:56Your turn again, mr. krabs.
00:52:59I hope.
00:53:01One, two.
00:53:03"You are a real pirate.
00:53:04"Go straight to the 'x' " you get to dig for treasure.
00:53:12There it is.
00:53:12It's the flying dutchman's treasure.
00:53:14Gold, gold, gold. mine, mine, mine!
00:53:16Hey! mr. krabs is getting all sweaty again.
00:53:19Rev up those fryers, 'cause I am sure hungry ...
00:53:23Help. help.
00:53:24My leg!
00:53:25Can't you see we're closed?
00:53:27Ready for another round?
00:53:29This is my kind of game.
00:53:34I win again!
00:53:35Oh, that's 17 times in a row.
00:53:37I think we ought to call it a night, mr.
00:53:41I really got to get some sleep.
00:53:43Oh, you can't walk out on me now.
00:53:46I'm sorry, mr. krabs.
00:53:48See you tomorrow.
00:53:55Huh? who's there?
00:53:57Come on, spongebob.
00:53:59One more game.
00:54:00I can smell the treasure.
00:54:02Mr. krabs, it's late.
00:54:04Go to bed.
00:54:05Good night, mr. krabs.
00:54:07The wind is perfect, the tide is right.
00:54:11Let's hunt for treasure.
00:54:14Tread softly, lad.
00:54:15If the dutchman hears you we'll never get his treasure.
00:54:21Eight paces north.
00:54:25Mr. krabs!
00:54:27I want to go to bed!
00:54:29 krabs, I'm sorry, but-- it's just a game, you know?
00:54:33A game. that's right.
00:54:36Of course it is.
00:54:37My mistake.
00:54:38I guess I got a little carried away, eh?
00:54:41Though it is treasure we're dealing with here.
00:54:44Sorry for disturbing you, lad.
00:54:54Pineapple ho!
00:54:55Heave to and prepare to be boarded!
00:54:58Oh, go home already.
00:55:00I'm done playing that game, mr. krabs.
00:55:04That's captain krabs to you and this is no game.
00:55:08We're going to be pirates.
00:55:13How'd you like to go on a real treasure hunt?
00:55:16With a real treasure map?
00:55:17Treasure? treasure?
00:55:20 ♪♪
00:55:22 ♪♪
00:55:23hey, hey, belay that skipping.
00:55:25Pirates don't skip.
00:55:26Put on this pirate garb so I won't be embarrassed to be seen with you.
00:55:31Oh, patrick, look.
00:55:32Peg legs and eye patches.
00:55:34Now, don't you feel more like pirates?
00:55:37Look, I'm peggy the pirate.
00:55:41I'm blindbeard, the pirate.
00:55:44Oop. ow!
00:55:47Keep a sharp lookout, spongebob.
00:55:49According to the map we're close to the first landmark.
00:55:54Canwesee the map?
00:55:55.. no.
00:55:56Only the captain can lay eyes on the map.
00:56:00Okeydokey, then.
00:56:03" " .. oop. ha-ha-ha.
00:56:11.. arrgh, captain krabs.
00:56:20.. arrgh, capt... uh, we're arrgh, ..
00:56:26Out with it, man. arrgh.
00:56:28I, arrgh, think, arrgh ..
00:56:36" status report, mr. squarepants.
00:56:42The whole ship is underwater, captain.
00:56:46We're marooned, then.
00:56:47Our treasure hunt will have to continue on foot.
00:56:52This is it, boys.
00:56:53"From the seaweed with two leaves on it " ..
00:57:01Which way, cap'n?
00:57:02Ensign patrick, which way is east?
00:57:06.. let's see.
00:57:09That way, cap'n.
00:57:18Where's the "x"?
00:57:19It's supposed to be right here.
00:57:2110,000 Paces east.
00:57:23.. east?
00:57:25" what kind of compass are you reading, lad?
00:57:30This one, sir.
00:57:32That's west, patrick.
00:57:34You're fired again.
00:57:43We're tired.
00:57:44And hungry.
00:57:46Oh. so this is my crew?
00:57:52And you want to shove off for home.
00:57:55Arrgh. that sickens me.
00:57:57A pirate is not judged by the notches in his cutlass or the size of his booty.
00:58:02A pirate is judged by the loyalty of his crew and without a loyal crew what am I captain of?
00:58:09Just a bunch of sand.
00:58:11(sobs) Don't cry, captain krabs.
00:58:14Yeah, we'll be your loyal crew.
00:58:18(both sobbing) You'll stay with me, then?
00:58:22Both: We'll be the most loyal pirate crew ever!
00:58:26I knew I could count on you, boys.
00:58:31And all for one!
00:58:33I'm so loyal I don't even mind sleeping on the cold, hard ground while captain krabs sleeps in his warm, dry tent.
00:58:44I'm so loyal I haven't bathed in weeks.
00:58:47But we've only been out for a few hours.