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00:00:01And tico helped, too.
00:00:03Thanks, tico.
00:00:05Muchas gracias,tico.
00:00:07De nada.
00:00:11("hic-boom-ohh" sounds echo) There's the sound again.
00:00:19What can it be?
00:00:21Let's go! let's go!
00:00:23Let's go find the sound.
00:00:25But where do we go next?
00:00:32Yellow valley.
00:00:34We made it across the noisy river.
00:00:36(river babbles) ..
00:00:42(arrow beeps) Forest-- right!
00:00:46The quiet forest.
00:00:49And then we'll get to the yellow valley and find the sound.
00:00:54("hic-boom-ohh" sounds echo) Now, where's the quiet forest?
00:01:02Do you see the quiet forest?
00:01:05(arrow beeps) Right-- there it is.
00:01:10Come on, let's go!
00:01:12Say it with us.
00:01:14Both: Hic! boom! ohh!
00:01:17Hic! boom! ohh!
00:01:19Hic! boom! ohh!
00:01:21Hic! boom! ohh!
00:01:28(snoring) It's the big red chicken.
00:01:32Oh, no!
00:01:34The big red chicken is blocking the path to the quiet forest.
00:01:39I think he's taking a nap.
00:01:42Well, we'll have to wake him up.
00:01:45.. big red chicken you have to move.
00:01:51Big red chicken, time to wake up!
00:01:55(snoring) Both: Wake up! wake up!
00:02:00(snoring continues) Wow! that chicken is really sleeping.
00:02:09I know!
00:02:09I've got something in my backpack that will definitely wake up the big red chicken.
00:02:15You do?
00:02:17I needyourhelp.
00:02:19Will you check my backpack and find something that will make a really loud noise to wake up the big red chicken?
00:02:28" " Both: Louder.
00:02:37(piano and string bass playing zippy music) ♪♪ Backpack, backpack ♪♪
00:02:45♪♪ backpack, backpack ♪♪
00:02:46♪♪ I'm a backpack loaded up with things and knickknacks, too ♪♪
00:02:50♪♪ anything that you might need I got inside for you ♪♪
00:02:56♪♪ backpack, backpack ♪♪
00:02:58 ♪♪
00:03:00 ♪♪
00:03:01(music ends) Dora needs us to find something that will make a really loud noise to wake up the big chicken!
00:03:10Will this make a loud noise?
00:03:16Will this make a loud noise?
00:03:24Will this make a loud noise?
00:03:26(arrow beeps) It will?
00:03:29A horn will make a loud noise?
00:03:32(horn blares) Wow! thatisa loud noise!
00:03:38Good work!
00:03:43This is definitely going to wake up the big red chicken.
00:03:50(rustling) Boots, did you hear that?
00:03:54That sounds like swiper the fox.
00:03:56Ooh, that sneaky fox is always trying to swipe our stuff.
00:04:02He'll try to swipe this horn for sure.
00:04:06Could you help us look for swiper?
00:04:09" you see him?
00:04:21Behind us?
00:04:24There he is.
00:04:26We need your help to stop swiper.
00:04:30" say it with us.
00:04:35Both: Swiper, no swiping.
00:04:37Swiper, no swiping.
00:04:39Swiper, no swiping.
00:04:42Oh, man!
00:04:44(rustles) Thanks for helping us stop swiper.
00:04:49Now let's wake up this chicken.
00:04:52(horn blares) (snorting) Ooh, ooh!
00:04:56I think he's waking up.
00:04:59(horn blares) Well, hello there, you two.
00:05:02Hello, big red chicken.
00:05:04Sorry to wake you up but you're blocking the path to the quiet forest.
00:05:10I'm sorry.
00:05:11It's so nice and quiet here I was just taking a nap.
00:05:15But nap time's over now so I'll be moving along.
00:05:19Thank you, big red chicken.
00:05:31Listen, boots.
00:05:33Do you hear anything?
00:05:38That means we're in the quiet forest.
00:05:44("hic-boom-ohh" sounds echo) There's the sound again.
00:05:50I think the sound is getting louder.
00:05:53That means we're getting closer.
00:05:56("hic-boom-ohh" sounds echo) Come on, boots, we need to go through the quiet forest ..
00:06:06(loud snoring and whistling) What's that sound?
00:06:13I don't know.
00:06:15It sounds like someone's snoring.
00:06:18Let's see who it is.
00:06:21(muttering) Oh, no! it's swiper the sneaky fox.
00:06:27(snores and whistles) Dora: He's asleep.
00:06:30If swiper wakes up he'll try to swipe our stuff.
00:06:34We have to go past swiper to get through the quiet forest.
00:06:40What are we going to do?
00:06:42Let's stop and think.
00:06:46I know!
00:06:47If we all do the tiptoe walk we can get past swiper without waking him up.
00:06:53Will you do the tiptoe walk with us and help us get around swiper?
00:07:00You will?
00:07:03Now you need to stand up to do the tiptoe walk.
00:07:09Stand up, please.
00:07:11Stand up.
00:07:14Up, up-- get up!
00:07:15(Swiper snores and whistles) Now tiptoe on your tiptoes.
00:07:21Tiptoe on your tiptoes.
00:07:24" (snores, whistles) You're doing the tiptoe walk.
00:07:31Come on, follow me.
00:07:32Both: Shh, tiptoe.
00:07:35Shh, tiptoe.
00:07:37(moans) (snores) Both: Shh, tiptoe.
00:07:45Shh, tiptoe.
00:07:48Shh, tiptoe.
00:07:51(playing fanfare) We made it through the quiet forest!
00:07:58And we made it around swiper without waking him up.
00:08:03Thanks for doing the tiptoe walk.
00:08:05Where do we go next?
00:08:14Yellow valley.
00:08:19(river babbles) ..
00:08:22Voice in forest: Shh.
00:08:27(arrow beeps) Yellow valley!
00:08:30("hic-boom-ooh" sounds echo) Do you see yellow valley?
00:08:40(beeps) Yeah, there it is.
00:08:48The yellow valley!
00:08:49We're going to find the sound!
00:08:52I wonder what it could be.
00:08:53("hic-boom-ooh" sounds echo) .. it's a sleeping giant.
00:09:01Or maybe it's a dancing potato.
00:09:07Look who's here.
00:09:08It's benny the bull!
00:09:10Hey, let's go ask benny if he knows what the sound is.
00:09:17Hi, benny.
00:09:18We've come to find out what's making that sound.
00:09:23What sound?
00:09:24I didn't hear any sound.
00:09:26You didn't?
00:09:27No. what does it sound like?
00:09:30Come on, we need your help to make the "hic-boom-oh" sound for benny.
00:09:36Say it with us.
00:09:37Both:.. boom... oh!
00:09:41.. can you say it again?
00:09:45Let's say it again for benny.
00:09:48.. boom... oh!
00:09:52Nope, I never heard that sound before.
00:09:57Oh! oh!
00:09:59What could it be?
00:10:02Let's listen.
00:10:03(hiccups, then booms) Oh!
00:10:09(hiccups, then booms) Oh!
00:10:14There it is again.
00:10:15What's making that sound?
00:10:20Do you know what's making that sound?
00:10:29(hiccups, then booms) Oh!
00:10:35Benny! benny!
00:10:35Benny,you'vebeen making that sound.
00:10:39You have the hiccups.
00:10:42Oh, yeah!
00:10:42I've been trying to get rid of my hiccups but they just won't go away.
00:10:49We can help you, benny.
00:10:50My mommy told me a way to get rid of hiccups.
00:10:54All you have to do is count to ten in a really loud voice and your hiccups will go away.
00:11:03.. I don't know how to count all the way up to ten.
00:11:07(hiccups, then booms) Oh!
00:11:10I'll never get rid of my hiccups!
00:11:13Don't worry, benny.
00:11:14We can use our fingers to help you count to ten.
00:11:19I need your help.
00:11:21Let's count to ten on our fingers to help benny get rid of his hiccups.
00:11:27Count with me.
00:11:27All ONE... TWO... THREE...
00:11:33.. five... six...
00:11:37.. eight... nine...
00:11:46My hiccups are gone!
00:11:49All right!
00:11:51All: We did it!
00:11:52(music begins) All: We did it!
00:11:56We did it!
00:11:57We did it! yay!
00:11:58Lo hicimos!
00:11:59 ♪♪
00:12:00♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
00:12:01♪♪ we crossed the noisy river ♪♪
00:12:03♪♪ to the quiet forest ♪♪
00:12:04♪♪ yeah, we did it, we did it, we did it!
00:12:05 ♪♪
00:12:08♪♪ in the yellow valley we found the sound ♪♪
00:12:11♪♪ it was my hiccups ♪♪
00:12:12♪♪ he did it, we did it, we did it ♪♪
00:12:15♪♪ we got a boat from tico along the way ♪♪
00:12:18♪♪ swiper fell asleep, we got past him, hooray!
00:12:22yay! woo! hooray!
00:12:25We did it!
00:12:26(chicken clucks, music ends) (arrow beeps) We had such a fun trip today.
00:12:32What was your favorite part of the trip?
00:12:40I liked that, too.
00:12:41Boots: My favorite part was when we did the tiptoe walk to get past swiper.
00:12:47Dora: My favorite part was finding the "hic-boom-ohh" sound.
00:12:54My favorite part was when you helped me count to ten to get rid of my hiccups!
00:13:01Thanks for helping.
00:13:03(arrow beeps) (arrow beeps)Pz8gúá0,pzHPh0,XPú8h H0,PhXPhJp20,,00,H(0,HPh0, HXPPhú80,Hp2PhXP0,HhJp2,0,HXPú8 0,HXPhJ0,H XP0,H XP0,HhN p6XP0,Hú8h 0,Hxp0,HXP h0, 0, 0,ú0, H, H,ú, ú, ú,Xr2x,Xr8=0z8=0z8=8b8=(b8=híX?(-óX?@-óp?@- (BúI(Jp-h1(BúI(JúI(JúI(JH @ m[m[ Are you ready, kids?
00:20:14KIDS: Aye, aye, Captain!
00:20:16I can't hear you.
00:20:17KIDS: Aye, aye, Captain!
00:20:19♪♪ Ooh! ♪♪
00:20:22♪♪ Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
00:20:24♪♪Spongebob Squarepants!♪♪
00:20:26♪♪ Absorbent and yellow and porous is he ♪♪
00:20:28♪♪Spongebob Squarepants!♪♪
00:20:30♪♪ If nautical nonsense be something you wish ♪♪
00:20:32♪♪Spongebob Squarepants!♪♪
00:20:33♪♪ Then drop on the deck and flop like a fish ♪♪
00:20:36♪♪Spongebob Squarepants!♪♪ ready?
00:20:38♪♪ Spongebob Squarepants! ♪♪
00:20:40♪♪ Spongebob Squarepants! ♪♪
00:20:42♪♪ Spongebob Squarepants! ♪♪
00:20:44♪♪ Spongebob Squarepants! ♪♪
00:20:48(hearty laughter) (flute playing) [Captioning sponsored by THE DEPDUCATION and NICKELODEON] (bell ringing) MRS. PUFF: Okay, class, quiet, quiet.
00:21:08Now, get out your pencils and paper and write down the assignment.
00:21:12(class groans) Did you hear that?
00:21:15We get an assignment.
00:21:16Everyone must write an essay on whatnotto do at a stoplight.
00:21:21(all groaning) Did you hear that?
00:21:24What not to do at a stoplight!
00:21:26In no less than 800 words!
00:21:28(squeal of delight) (all groaning) Did you hear that?
00:21:32800 words?!
00:21:34Yeah, I know!
00:21:36Due tomorrow.
00:21:37And remember, class: Work hard and no goofing off.
00:21:42SPONGEBOB: Okay, Gary, no goofing off!
00:21:45I am about to write the greatest essay of all time.
00:21:48Like most great essays, it will be written on paper.
00:21:52Even me important than the paper is...
00:21:56the pencil.
00:21:57(bell dings) A pencil is sharp or as dull as I like.
00:22:01Hmm, funny, as my ideas grow, you shrink.
00:22:05(chuckles) Well, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day to write an essay.
00:22:10(birds chirping) Okay, here we go.
00:22:14"What Not To Do At A Stoplight." Hey, this is easy.
00:22:21"By SpongeBob Squarepants." Ha! This essay is pure gold.