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00:00:17department of education ♪♪ emmy wished on a dragon's tail ♪♪
00:00:32♪♪ and that's what started dragon tales ♪♪
00:00:34♪♪ around the room the dragons flew ♪♪
00:00:37♪♪ but emmy and max knew what to do ♪♪
00:00:39♪♪ they climbed on the backs of their dragon friends ♪♪
00:00:42♪♪ now the adventures never end ♪♪
00:00:44♪♪ dragon tales, dragon tales ♪♪
00:00:49♪♪ it's almost time for dragon tales ♪♪
00:00:51♪♪ come along, take my hand ♪♪
00:00:54♪♪ let's all go to dragon land ♪♪
00:00:57♪♪ there's ord, he's the biggest ♪♪
00:01:04♪♪ not so brave of heart ♪♪
00:01:05♪♪ there's cassie, so shy, oh, so very smart ♪♪
00:01:07♪♪ there's zak and wheezie, they're so fun ♪♪
00:01:09♪♪ 'cause you know 2 heads are better than one ♪♪
00:01:12♪♪ dragon tales, dragon tales ♪♪
00:01:14♪♪ it's almost time for dragon tales ♪♪
00:01:17♪♪ come along, take my hand ♪♪
00:01:20♪♪ let's all go to dragon land ♪♪
00:01:30it's alive. mwa ha ha ha!
00:01:33Max, dad and I are going to the store.
00:01:36Wanna come?
00:01:37Nah! I'm makin' monsters.
00:01:42[Gurgling] ew! gross!
00:01:47Sure you don't want some brains?
00:01:50Heh heh heh heh.
00:01:57Oh come back!
00:02:08Mom: Max, did you call me?
00:02:11No, mom!
00:02:12The dragons are calling, but I don't wanna go without emmy.
00:02:19What if they need me?
00:02:20I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart.
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00:02:32Department of education Ord: Max, over here!
00:02:44I'm so glad you could come!
00:02:50Where's emmy?
00:02:51She went to the store with my dad.
00:02:54Do you wanna play?
00:02:55Nuh-uh. we gotta help maui.
00:02:58Who's maui?
00:02:59[Chattering] she's our slippery-flippery, sea dragon friend.
00:03:05And she can't find her little sister lanai so we said we'd help her look, only we can't swim as well as maui.
00:03:11So we got this cool submarine, and now we can all look for her, and that's why we need your help, so you're gonna help us, aren't you, max, huh?
00:03:21Aren't you?
00:03:23But we should wait for emmy.
00:03:26Well, when is she coming?
00:03:28I'm not sure.
00:03:29[Chattering] maui says she can't wait.
00:03:33We gotta start looking for her sister lanai right away.
00:03:37Are you comin', max?
00:03:40But I've never been in dragonland without emmy.
00:03:44We could really use your help, max.
00:03:52Thanks, max.
00:03:53[Chattering] maui says she'll look by the waterfall.
00:03:59So we'll go the other way.
00:04:01[Chattering] you betcha, maui.
00:04:04We'll meet ya back at the island in the middle of the lagoon.
00:04:08[Chattering] well, what are we waitin' for?
00:04:12Let's rub-a-dub dub and get in the sub.
00:04:15 [snort] wow! I've never been in a submarine before.
00:04:58What are you doing, ord?
00:05:01Holding my breath.
00:05:02Hee hee hee ya ha ha!
00:05:03You don't have to hold your breath, ord.
00:05:06 you can breathe in a submarine, even when you're underwater.
00:05:13Boy, am I happy to hear that!
00:05:16A periscope!
00:05:23Max: There sure are weird-looking fish around here.
00:05:28Hey, I think I see maui.
00:05:33Ow! ow!
00:05:34I was first!
00:05:36I was!
00:05:37We'll share.
00:05:41I can't tell what it is.
00:05:45Oh, it's just a jellyfish.
00:05:48Now what we need to find is a peanut butter fish, and we can have peanut butter and jellyfish sandwiches.
00:05:54 [snort] ..
00:05:59Out in the big lagoon all alone without her sister.
00:06:04Just like me.
00:06:06I wanna go home.
00:06:08But we haven't found lanai yet.
00:06:10I know, but I miss emmy.
00:06:14What are we gonna do, zaky?
00:06:16Maybe max will feel better if we give him our picture of emmy.
00:06:20Wheezie: ♪♪ Love it ♪♪
00:06:22here, max.
00:06:25I guess havin' her picture does make me feel a little better.
00:06:30So can we keep looking?
00:06:32Ok. for a while.
00:06:35 and while we look, we can sing a seasick sea song.
00:06:39 [snort] ♪♪ come all ye sailors and listen to me ♪♪
00:06:45All: ♪♪ Yo-ho ♪♪
00:06:47♪♪ blow the dragon down ♪♪
00:06:49♪♪ 'cause I am the captain whose name is wheezie ♪♪
00:06:53♪♪ yo-ho ♪♪
00:06:54♪♪ blow the dragon down ♪♪
00:07:00w-what was that?
00:07:03It's a sea monster!
00:07:06He's got us! abandon ship!
00:07:09Women and dragons first!
00:07:11Aw, keep your scales on, zaky.
00:07:14It's just a friendly octopus.
00:07:16Wanna play with me?
00:07:18 we have to look for a little lost sea dragon.
00:07:22And I have to get home to my sister.
00:07:25But I wanna play.
00:07:30I don't think he's gonna let us go!
00:07:33W-what are we gonna do?
00:07:35Go fish!
00:07:36This is no time to go fishing, zaky!
00:07:40" the card game kind.
00:07:45Ooh, I just love card games!
00:07:47Can I play? can i?
00:07:48How's a card game gonna help us get away from the octopus?
00:07:53You'll see.
00:07:56Help me give out 7 cards to everyone, wheezie.
00:07:59♪♪ Love to ♪♪
00:08:03open the hatch, ord.
00:08:08And now 7 for mr. octopus.
00:08:20You go first, max.
00:08:26GOT ANY 5s, WHEEZIE?
00:08:381, 2, 3!
00:08:39 [snort] ..
00:08:56Unh-uh. go fish.
00:08:59You got a jack, zak?
00:09:03No. go fish.
00:09:07Take a card, already!
00:09:14It worked!
00:09:15Way to go, zaky!
00:09:19Full-speed ahead!
00:09:23Hey, no fair!
00:09:38We've been looking for a long, long time, and we haven't seen lanai anywhere.
00:09:46And I miss my emmy.
00:09:48We can't stop looking now.
00:09:51But I wanna go home.
00:09:53Maybe we'd better turn around, wheezie.
00:09:55Wait! max wasn't missing emmy so much before.
00:10:00When we were singing.
00:10:02" you're a genius, wheezie!
00:10:07And I'm cute, too.
00:10:08 [snort] wheezie's right.
00:10:11There must be something you can do, max, that's so much fun you won't think about emmy so much.
00:10:18Like what?
00:10:20I know!
00:10:21How'd you like to be a sub captain?
00:10:26Can i?
00:10:27She's all yours, captain max.
00:10:32This is cool.
00:10:33♪♪ Come all ye sailors and listen to me ♪♪
00:10:38♪♪ yo-ho ♪♪
00:10:39♪♪ blow the dragon down ♪♪
00:10:41♪♪ 'cause max is the captain ♪♪
00:10:43♪♪ who's sailing to sea ♪♪
00:10:45♪♪ yo-ho ♪♪
00:10:47♪♪ blow the dragon down ♪♪
00:10:54[Chattering] unh-uh. we didn't find lanai either.
00:10:59And it's getting real late.
00:11:02I guess it's time for max to go home.
00:11:05I wish wecoulda found her, but thanks for theneato submarine ride.
00:11:10I couldn't stay indragonland without emmy if I wasn'twith my best friends.
00:11:16[Chattering] what'd she say?
00:11:20That you just helped her figure out where lanai is.
00:11:25I did?
00:11:26Yeah! come on!
00:11:40[Chattering] it's lanai!
00:11:55We found her!
00:11:56Way to go, max.
00:11:57You're the best! ha ha ha!
00:11:59What did I do?
00:12:01[Chattering] when you said you couldn't have stayed in dragonland ..
00:12:08Maui figured that lanai might feel the same way and be with her best friends.
00:12:14You helpedfind lanai, max.
00:12:16And you did it,even though emmy wasn't here with you.
00:12:20You're my hero.
00:12:23I wish, I wish, to use this rhyme, to go back home until next time.
00:12:32You shoulda come, max.
00:12:34Dad gave me a quarter so I could ride on the big blue dolphin in front of the store.
00:12:39That's nothin'.
00:12:40I went to dragonland by myself and was captain of a submarine in search of a missing sea dragon.
00:12:47Oh, max, just 'cause I got to ride the dolphin, you don't have to make up a story.
00:12:52I know you'd never go to dragonland without me.
00:12:56But i-- never mind.
00:13:05Max, wait!
00:13:05What kind of submarine? what's a sea dragon?
00:13:08Captioning by the nationalcaptioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- ♪♪ Come on now, get on your feet ♪♪
00:13:14♪♪ we're gonna sing some songs and shake to the beat ♪♪
00:13:16♪♪ here we go, we're ready to start ♪♪
00:13:19♪♪ dragon tunes, dragon tunes ♪♪
00:13:21♪♪ let's all sing some dragon talestunes ♪♪
00:13:28♪♪ ohh ♪♪
00:13:32♪♪ walk like a chimpanzee ♪♪
00:13:33 ♪♪
00:13:35♪♪ hop like a kangaroo ♪♪
00:13:38♪♪ roar like a lion roar ♪♪
00:13:42[roar] ♪♪ talk like a cockatoo ♪♪
00:13:46hello. hello.
00:13:49♪♪ There's just so much to see ♪♪
00:13:51♪♪ there's just so much to do ♪♪
00:13:53♪♪ there's lots of fun for me ♪♪
00:13:55♪♪ and lots of fun for you ♪♪
00:13:57♪♪ come on and let's go to ♪♪
00:13:59♪♪ the zoo ♪♪
00:14:02♪♪ oh, yeah, yeah ♪♪
00:14:05♪♪ walk like an elephant ♪♪
00:14:08[trumpets] ♪♪ stretch high as a giraffe ♪♪
00:14:13[ahh] ♪♪ clap like the seals do ♪♪
00:14:17] ♪♪ do your hyena laugh ♪♪
00:14:22[ha ha ha ha ha] ♪♪ there's just so much to see ♪♪
00:14:26♪♪ there's just so much to do ♪♪
00:14:28♪♪ there's lots of fun for me ♪♪
00:14:30♪♪ and lots of fun for you ♪♪
00:14:32♪♪ come on and let's go to ♪♪
00:14:34♪♪ the zoo ♪♪
00:14:38♪♪ sing it again ♪♪
00:14:41♪♪ yeah ♪♪
00:14:42♪♪ walk like a chimpanzee ♪♪
00:14:44♪♪ hop like a kangaroo ♪♪
00:14:45♪♪ let me hear your lion roar ♪♪
00:14:47[roar] ♪♪ let me hear your cockatoo ♪♪
00:14:51♪♪ There's just so much to do ♪♪
00:14:53♪♪ at the zoo ♪♪
00:14:58♪♪ now we're done that was so much fun ♪♪
00:15:00♪♪ singing and dancing with everyone ♪♪
00:15:01♪♪ so let's go back with all our friends ♪♪
00:15:04♪♪ where the adventures never end ♪♪
00:15:06♪♪ to dragon land, dragon land ♪♪
00:15:13Max: Ready?
00:15:16Here goes!
00:15:17The volcano works. lemme try!
00:15:23Blow harder!
00:15:27Ha ha ha ha!
00:15:30Ha ha ha ha!
00:15:31Ok, enough volcanoes.
00:15:33Let's go to dragonland.
00:15:35Good idea!
00:15:37I wish, I wish, with all my heart, to fly with dragons, in a land apart.
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00:15:48Department of education ready?
00:15:58Ready! ready! ready!
00:16:13Both: Hi, ord!
00:16:14Max, emmy!
00:16:17Whatcha doin'?
00:16:18We're practicing for tonight's firebreathing celebration.
00:16:23Can we watch?
00:16:24Of course.
00:16:26Sit here.
00:16:29My mouth's so dry.
00:16:30All this firebreathing makes me really thirsty.
00:16:35Makes my breath taste all smoky.
00:16:37I just need to freshen up with a little brushing.
00:16:40..back teeth.
00:16:43..my teeth.
00:16:45Ooh! somethin' to we my whistle.
00:16:53[Gulping] [gurgling] ahh!
00:16:57Much better.
00:16:59Zak, wheezie, come on.
00:17:01Let's try it again.
00:17:13[Coughing] come on, wheezie.
00:17:16Stop kiddin' around.
00:17:19[Coughing] I'm not!
00:17:21My firebreath! it's gone out!
00:17:24Maybe you're blowing too hard.
00:17:26Or too soft.
00:17:30Oh, no!
00:17:32Oh, no!
00:17:33You wouldn't.
00:17:34You couldn't!
00:17:35You didn't take a sip from a plump gump flower, did you?
00:17:40Oh, wheezie!
00:17:41Everyone knows you need to stay away from those.
00:17:44They make your firebreath go out.
00:17:47Aah! I forgot!
00:17:48 what if I never breathe fire again, !
00:17:54It'll be ok, wheezie.
00:17:56Maybe we should go see dr. booboogone.
00:17:59Great idea!
00:18:00What are we waitin' for?
00:18:02The doctor?
00:18:17Well, wheezie, I think you're right, but let's make sure.
00:18:24Oh, yes, my dear, plump gump juice.
00:18:27It sticks to your throat and makes your firebreath go out.
00:18:31Will I ever breathe fire again?
00:18:34Don't worry, wheezie.
00:18:36If you follow the instructions I'm about to give you, I promise your firebreath will return in no time at all.
00:18:44Really? it will?
00:18:46 booboogone, would "no time at all" include tonight?
00:18:51We have to perform at the firebreathing celebration.
00:18:55Oh, I think you'll be fixed up by tonight, but you must follow these 3 directions exactly.
00:19:04First, find the shell of a pink tree snail, trade it for a giant's flute without fail.
00:19:10Go to rainbow canyon and play the flute right, and then, only then, will your firebreath light.
00:19:18Thanks, dr. booboogone. thanks.
00:19:23Do you think she's ok?
00:19:25I hope so.
00:19:27Uhh! uhh!
00:19:28What did the doctor say?
00:19:30Will you get your firebreath back?
00:19:33I will!
00:19:34I just need to-- to-- ooh, something about a flute.
00:19:43Something about a giant.
00:19:45 first i--i-- oh, no!
00:19:48There are 3 things to do, and we can't remember.
00:19:52 booboogone to draw a picture of each thing we have to do?
00:19:56Then we can look at the pictures to remind us.
00:20:00♪♪ Love it ♪♪
00:20:02be right back.
00:20:03Zak: Not aga-a-a-ain!
00:20:09First, find the shell of a pink tree snail.
00:20:13Trade it for a giant's flute without fail.
00:20:16Go to rainbow canyon and play the flute right, and then, only then, will your firebreath light.
00:20:23Hey, there's sid sycamore!
00:20:27Hi, sid!
00:20:30Wait! a giant's flute!
00:20:32Maybe sid can give us a ride up to mungus, the giant.
00:20:36But that's following directions in the wrong order.
00:20:39Zak's right.
00:20:40One time max and I made a cake and mixed up the directions, and we wound up with cake mush.
00:20:45But the frosting tasted good.
00:20:47Ok, the first thing we have to do is find a pink snail shell.
00:20:51Pink snails like pink trees, and I know just where one is.
00:20:59Wow! that's the pinkest tree I've ever seen!
00:21:04A snail trail!let's follow it!
00:21:15Here we are!
00:21:19 ♪♪
00:21:21anybody home?
00:21:24Now, who all's makin' all that horrendous noise?
00:21:28Hi. my name's wheezie.
00:21:29I'm tryin' to get my firebreath back, booboogone said I needed a pink snail shell.
00:21:34Well, you don't think I'm gonna part with my gorgeous shell, now, do ya?
00:21:41But, you know, there are quite a few little ol' shells on the ground.
00:21:46I'm sure no one will mind if y'all just help yourself.
00:21:53I found one!
00:21:54They're under the leaves.
00:22:05We'd better hurry.
00:22:05There's not much time before the firebreathing celebration begins.
00:22:10Thanks, miss tree snail.
00:22:12Bye, y'all.
00:22:19What do we do with the shell, wheezie?
00:22:21Trade it for a giant's flute without fail.
00:22:24Now we can go see sid sycamore.
00:22:29Why, of course I'll take ya to visit mungus.
00:22:33Just "leaf" it to me!
00:22:35Heh! heh heh heh!
00:22:36"Leaf" it to me. heh heh! hey, get it?
00:22:39Ha! leaf! ha ho ho! I crack me up.
00:22:43All aboard!
00:22:54Here we are!
00:22:56Mungus land!
00:22:57Thanks sid! thanks, sid!
00:22:59.. rootin' for ya!
00:23:03Ha ha ha ha! hey, get it?
00:23:05Ah ha ha ha! root! oh, I crack me up!
00:23:08I got a million of 'em.
00:23:19One knock comin' up.
00:23:24Who's there?
00:23:27I forgot how big he is.
00:23:30Mungus, it's us!
00:23:34Oh, my old friends. come back for a visit?
00:23:38We need your help, mungus.
00:23:40Wheezie lost her firebreath and-- booboogone said I needed to trade this for a giant's flute, and you're a giant and-- [gasp] is that a pink snail shell?
00:23:52Oh, goody!
00:23:53I can add it to my shell collection.
00:23:56Here. let me show you.
00:23:58My blue one and my red one this is-- is for a pink snail shell.
00:24:05Ha ha ha! wonderful!
00:24:07But what about wheezie's flute?
00:24:08 now, where did I put my little flute?
00:24:17 I do have a troll's nightcap and a fairy's necklace.
00:24:22Would they work instead?
00:24:23 booboogone's directions said we need a flute.
00:24:27Ah! ha ha ha! here it is.
00:24:32Step 2.
00:24:34Maybe I really will get my firebreath back by tonight.
00:24:41Take us down, sid.
00:24:43Hey, "knot" a problem.
00:24:46Ha ha ha! hey, get it?
00:24:48..uh, eh...
00:24:50..oh, never mind.
00:24:53See ya! bye!
00:24:55Come back soon!
00:24:57Go to rainbow canyon and play the flute right, and then, only then, ..
00:25:03Firebreath light.
00:25:07Here we come!
00:25:10Wish me luck.
00:25:12[Irritating noise] try your firebreath, wheezie.
00:25:21Oh, no.
00:25:22Don't worry. blow the flute again.
00:25:27[Irritating noise] oh, that was even worse.
00:25:32It's gettin' dark.
00:25:34Zak: The firebreath celebration has probably started.
00:25:38What did I do wrong?
00:25:39Wait! did you blow the flute right?
00:25:43Oh! I have it upside-down!
00:26:01[Coughing] [gasp] it's back! it's back!
00:26:05Yay! yay! yay! yay!
00:26:08Way to go, sis.
00:26:11And now, wheezie, zak, ord, and cassie will perform.
00:26:31I wish, I wish, to use this rhyme, to go back home until next time.
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00:26:39Department of education hey, we have to to play volcano again!
00:26:46I don't think so.
00:26:48Why not?
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