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00:00:01And benefits like accident forgiveness.
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00:00:05Wow! great.
00:00:05Now let's get you initiated into the program.
00:00:09What is that?
00:00:12Here you go -- automatically enrolled.
00:00:15Painless, right?
00:00:16Totally painless.
00:00:18Rewarding loyalty.
00:00:21Call or click today.
00:02:53Ed: My turn!
00:02:55My turn!
00:02:56My turn, my turn!
00:02:59Ed, your toys are marvelous!
00:03:03And drafty.
00:03:04Am I the only one who works around here?
00:03:11Ed: Come to your master!
00:03:14Ha ha ha ha!
00:03:15Listen to the mechanics of the gears winding and whirring!
00:03:20Yeah, like my stomach.
00:03:22Hello, stupid windup toy.
00:03:26[Shrieking] [laughing] do you smell buttered toast?
00:03:31Your stupid toy ate my breakfast!
00:03:36Stay back! back!
00:03:39Do not mess with your master!
00:03:43Obey me!
00:03:45[Laughing] huh?
00:03:55[Grunting] go get it, dr. brownstein!
00:03:58Did ed actually crawl underneath his bed?
00:04:03[Ed groaning] got it!
00:04:08[Seagulls crying] !
00:04:13I can't breathe! I must have fresh air!
00:04:17Aah! aaaah!
00:04:19Ed: Aaaah!
00:04:20Don't go!
00:04:23Penelope! edmund!
00:04:28I hate birds. they're so useless.
00:04:32Come back!
00:04:36You're a wimp, ed.
00:04:38[All cheering] check this out.
00:04:42[Cheering] go, kevin, go!
00:04:51Awesome, I don't know, but very good, yeah?
00:04:58Kevin? big deal!
00:04:59What's with this stuff, anyway?
00:05:01Kevin is breaking a world record.
00:05:03World record? he's a hack!
00:05:12Aah! ow!
00:05:14And eddy.
00:05:16I suppress my pain of laughter.
00:05:19Don't worry about it, rolf.
00:05:21Eddy just talks in dorkinese.
00:05:36Oh, boy!
00:05:37It's beautiful!
00:05:40Oh, way big!
00:05:41Kevin: Give it to me, jonny.
00:05:43..that's some skid mark, huh, plank?
00:05:48It must be at least 32 feet in length.
00:05:51Jonny: 32 Feet!
00:05:52A new record!
00:05:55What? now you're some kind of psychic yardstick?
00:05:59Let me congratulate you with a victory armpit rub.
00:06:04[Laughing] so what?
00:06:06We could beat that.
00:06:07If only we had a sack of potatoes.
00:06:10Potoes wouldn't aid us in any way, ed.
00:06:13 why don't you show us what you got?
00:06:18No problem!
00:06:19We're pros! just watch us.
00:06:21There he goes, involving you and i with his use of plural pronouns.
00:06:26This one's for you, nestor!
00:06:42Is everyone watching?
00:06:43Well, duh, eddy.
00:06:44This contraption only takes up half of the cul-de-sac.
00:06:49World record, here we come!
00:06:52Plural pronoun!
00:06:54Oh, dear!
00:06:57[All screaming] [groaning] oh, you guys are good.
00:07:04[Laughing] real pros.
00:07:12How can I compete?
00:07:15My feet swell with joy.
00:07:18Come on, jimmy.
00:07:23Like knitting?
00:07:27We knit a big blanket, a huge blanket!
00:07:31Kevin would have to outknit us!
00:07:34.. that he would.
00:07:35I like blankets with little fringes on them-- not knitting!
00:07:40" knitting. please!
00:07:48Yeah, yeah!
00:07:5056 Belly slams in a row!
00:07:54And not a bead of sweat!
00:07:57You are good, but I must tempt you with rolf's record for unicycle shenanigans.
00:08:02Right, but don't count your chickens.
00:08:05Why would I not count my chickens?
00:08:07Chin-ups are an easy record, jimmy.
00:08:13Half-pints over easy!
00:08:17Ha ha ha ha!
00:08:17Now spin them around like a sick goat.
00:08:20Rolf, you sure are old-world.
00:08:23Ha ha ha!
00:08:24Some record, kev. what's next?
00:08:27Pillow fluffing?
00:08:30What are you dorking about now?
00:08:32The record just set bymoi and my two engineers-- the fastest trip around the world with a rocket car that went so fast, the paint peeled off.
00:08:44Yeah, right.
00:08:45You don't have a rocket car.
00:08:47Oh? then how do you explain this baguette?
00:08:50I picked it up on a fuel stop in france.
00:08:53And I got this chinese food in china land.
00:08:56Record-breaking rocket car. unh!
00:08:59All right, moo goo gai dork.
00:09:02Let's see your rocket car.
00:09:05Does it have shiny fins?
00:09:06How fast does it go, rocket man?
00:09:09Does it have knobs?
00:09:12Just down the lane.
00:09:15Oh, boy!
00:09:16Show us, eddy!
00:09:17Right. let's go.
00:09:20To the rocket car!
00:09:22Excellent idea.
00:09:25After you.
00:09:27Please lead the way.
00:09:29Right this way.
00:09:31You first.
00:09:33Eddy: Watch your step!
00:09:35Kevin: Follow the yellow brick road.
00:09:38Voulez-vous, and I do mean you.
00:09:43Edd: All done.
00:09:45Oh, that's so cool, double-d.
00:09:47Thank you, ed.
00:09:48Can we visit the planet of bacon men and have the marrow sucked from our bones?
00:09:54It's just a prop, ed.
00:09:56It's too small.
00:09:57! please, ed.
00:10:03I insist.
00:10:05Ladies first.
00:10:07[Groans] this is a rocket car?
00:10:12Yeah, right.
00:10:13Is that a traffic cone?
00:10:16Ready for launch!
00:10:18[All yelling] oh, dear! itistoo small!
00:10:27Room for one more!
00:10:30Touch me with that broom, and I'll tear off your eyebrow.
00:10:34Ready, double-d?
00:10:35The success of this is slim to-- ok, prepare to blast off!
00:10:40Watch the head, big guy.
00:10:45Where's the other dweebs?
00:10:47You want to be cramped up with ed's pits?
00:10:50[All talking at once] prepare for blastoff!
00:10:56Igniting turbine thrusters.
00:10:58Shaving spark plugs. contact!
00:11:04Ah, baby!
00:11:07We're moving, sarah.
00:11:10 we're already passing through scotland.
00:11:14Look, look! a man wearing a dress!
00:11:17Rolf: Ha ha!
00:11:20Now we're whizzing past switzerland.
00:11:23I smell a goat!
00:11:24Yes, look!
00:11:26Fine mate for victor, yes?
00:11:29Get over it, rolf.
00:11:31[Kids yelling] look--mexico. let's tan.
00:11:41I'm homesick.
00:11:44[Panting] hmm?
00:11:50Plank's feeling a little woozy.
00:11:55'Cause we're over the specific ocean.
00:11:57[Roaring] Jimmy: Jiminy! a shark!
00:12:00[All yelling] [roaring] do not fear.
00:12:07[Toilet flushes] hyperspeed! ha ha ha ha!
00:12:14There goes egypt.
00:12:20Pop goes the eddy.
00:12:23Heh heh. hi, kev.
00:12:25[Whistling] .. what are you doing?
00:12:29Kevin? please!
00:12:34Can't you take a joke?
00:12:37[Yelling] oh, dear!
00:12:41[All laughing] [all yelling] [moaning and groaning] Edd: Not good!
00:13:05[All screaming] Ed: Whoa-ho-ho! alley-oop!
00:13:10[Screaming] [coughing] I think I swallowed a turtle.
00:13:20..what country are we in?
00:13:25And we've broken everything but a record.
00:13:28Can I wear a dress again?
00:13:31[Laughing] here it comes!
00:14:11The first cupcake cereal ever!
00:14:12♪ New cupcake pebbles, party in a box ♪
00:14:15♪ Tastes yummy like a cupcake ♪
00:14:17♪ makes you want to rock ♪
00:14:19new post cupcake pebbles.
00:14:21Part of a good breakfast.
00:14:22♪ Party in a box! ♪ yum yum!
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00:16:12How do I know if I'm getting a good deal?
00:16:14You should talk to the specialist.
00:16:16The specialist?
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00:16:19It's easy.
00:16:21Okay, pickles!
00:16:24Do your thing.
00:16:26[ Bell rings ] that's amazing!
00:16:30I trained him myself.
00:16:35Same coverage, more savings.
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00:17:56Garfield: [ Snoring ] [ alarm clock rings ] [ up-tempo music plays ] [ chuckles ] >> that's right, victoria.
00:18:28We were switched at birth at the hospital.
00:18:30>> Garfield: Odi-e-e-e-e-e!
00:18:32>> Odie: [ Mutters ] >> Garfield: Remote-control emergency.
00:18:35Will you please change the channel before I get severe brain rot?
00:18:39..True heir of the vanderfeller fortune.
00:18:41>> Liar!
00:18:41>> Garfield: No, that's the volume, odie.
00:18:43Did you forget everything i taught you?
00:18:45It's the button on your left.
00:18:47>> Odie: [ Barks ] >> Garfield: Oh!
00:18:50First a soap opera.
00:18:52Now a talk show.
00:18:53>> Odie: [ Pants ] >> Garfield: No, wait.
00:18:56That's sir leo.
00:18:57..Under a great deal of stress lately.
00:18:59Ever since he broke up with paw li, the paparazzi have been harassing him.
00:19:03>> Paw li is the siamese supermodel turned actress who costars alongside sir leo in his latest movie, " the movie has gotten rave reviews, but it hasn't done so well in the box office.
00:19:16>> No, and that's been a huge disappointment to sir leo.
00:19:19He hoped his celebrity status would bring this art-house film the success of his previous blockbusters.
00:19:26>> Garfield: [ Scoffs ] some people have real problems.
00:19:29My remote control doesn't work, and am I complaining?
00:19:33Turn it off, will you, odie?
00:19:35>> Odie: [ Barks ] [ tires screech ] hmm?
00:19:38 ] ] [ vehicle approaches ] [ both sigh ] >> Jon: I don't think anybody saw us.
00:19:51>> Garfield: No one except the entire neighborhood.
00:19:53You look like you just robbed a bank.
00:19:58What are you hiding under there -- plutonium?
00:20:00An alien specimen?
00:20:01[ Cage rattles ] it's moving.
00:20:04Uh, jon, please tell me that's a live lobster in there.
00:20:07>> Hello?
00:20:08I'm beginning to feel rather cramped, if you don't mind.
00:20:11>> Garfield: An articulate, live lobster?
00:20:15 ] you cloned me!
00:20:17I have a copyright on that, you know.
00:20:19>> Garfield: Garfield, odie, this is sir leo.
00:20:23>> Garfield: [ Gasps ] ] >> Jon: He's going to be staying with us for a little while.
00:20:31He's in need of a vacation.
00:20:32>> [ Chuckles ] >> Garfield: Sir leo, here?
00:20:34But this isn't exactly the french riviera.
00:20:37>> Jon: Liz is sir leo's vet.
00:20:38She thought our house would be a quiet place for him to get away from the paparazzi and recover from his nervous breakdown.
00:20:45>> Liz: That's right.
00:20:46You'll be safe here.
00:20:47>> Garfield: The only danger is being bored to death.
00:20:50>> Odie: [ Barking ] ] >> Garfield: And odie's saliva.
00:20:56So, what's with the nervous breakdown?
00:20:58I thought you movie stars had it pretty easy.
00:21:00>> Not quite.
00:21:01I was thrown into show business when I was just a kitten.
00:21:03I've never lived the life of an ordinary cat.
00:21:05 ] >> Garfield: Well, come on, then.
00:21:08I'll show you around.
00:21:10But don't expect any special celebrity treatment.
00:21:13>> Famished.
00:21:15>> Garfield: [ Chuckles ] ] [ belches ] >> if I may, what exactly are these?
00:21:22>> Garfield:..fish sticks?
00:21:25 ] I'm not sure my nutritionist would approve.
00:21:28>> Garfield: Man, movie stars have it rough.
00:21:30Well, I'll eat them if you don't.
00:21:32[ Laughs ] >> [ sniffing ] ] hey, not bad.
00:21:43" ] they're here.
00:21:46>> Garfield: Who's here?
00:21:47>> Them -- the fans, the paparazzi.
00:21:51[ Chanting continues ] [ indistinct shouting ] >> Garfield: Wow.
00:21:57It's a sea of people out there.
00:21:59How did they find you?
00:22:00>> [ Sighs ] they always do.
00:22:02I guess it's back to the fast lane for me.
00:22:05>> Garfield: Or maybe not.
00:22:06I could pretend to be you.
00:22:08I mean, I'm practically identical, right?
00:22:11[ Chanting continues ] okay, okay, so, i, uh -- I got a head start on the fish sticks.
00:22:20But no one will notice the difference.
00:22:22 ] >> go get 'em, tiger.
00:22:24I owe you one.
00:22:26[ Cheers and applause ] [ camera shutters clicking ] [ chanting continues ] [ cheers and applause ] ] [ panting ] why can't they ever resist the need to -- ] ] >> today celebrity cat sir leo spent an entire day signing autographs and posing with fans.
00:22:59>> Hurry up! we're on tv!
00:23:01>> Unlike his recent public appearances, sir leo was in top form.
00:23:05Our crew got the exclusive footage.
00:23:07" ] >> brilliant!
00:23:10You make a better sir leo than i do.
00:23:12>> Garfield: So, when do I get to ride in a limo?
00:23:16>> [ Laughs ]eers and applause ] >> have fun, garfield.
00:23:23[ Yawns ] I think I'll go to bed.
00:23:30>> Hmm.
00:23:30When you get home, I'll have jean-louis put you on that papaya diet again.
00:23:35>> Garfield: I don't think i like jean-louis, whoever he is.
00:23:39>> Anyway, I hate to make you work during your vacation, leo, but I couldn't pass up a tv commercial.
00:23:44>> Garfield: Sounds fun.
00:23:45How much, uh, work can that possibly be?
00:23:48>> Scene 3, take 5.
00:23:52>> Cat-viar puts the "cat" in " >> Garfield: Meow!
00:23:57>> Cut!
00:23:58Yes, um, sir leo, that was good, but let's try that "meow" again.
00:24:03>> Scene 3, take 6.
00:24:08>> Garfield: Me-ow!
00:24:09>> Cut! good.
00:24:10Uh, why don't we try it a little more suave this time?
00:24:14>> Garfield: [ Sighs ] >> scene 3, take 7.
00:24:17>> Garfield: Me-e-e-e-ow.
00:24:19 ] >> scene 3, take 25.
00:24:21>> Garfield: [ Yawning ] meow.
00:24:23>> Scene 3, take 57.
00:24:25>> Garfield: [ Growls ] meow!
00:24:28>> Scene 3, take 74.
00:24:29 ] >> well, I guess that's a wrap.
00:24:36" ] >> to the movie theater, james.
00:24:40Step on it.
00:24:41We're late for the premiere.
00:24:42>> Garfield: I'm warning you, there better be popcorn.
00:24:45[ Tires screech ] " ] >> it's the deverminator!
00:25:00>> Hasta la vista, vermin.
00:25:06[ Rooster crows ] >> Garfield: [ Sighs ] " ] >> Garfield: No!
00:25:24It's not me you want.
00:25:26It's him!
00:25:27[ Chanting continues ] leo, wake up.
00:25:31 ] your fans -- they're outside, they want you.
00:25:35[ Chanting continues ] >> no, they wantyou.
00:25:39>> Garfield: Oh, no, no, no, no.
00:25:41 i-i'm not cut out for this celebrity stuff.
00:25:44I wantmylife back!
00:25:46>> Hey, who wanted to ride in a limo?
00:25:49Who said celebrities had it easy?
00:25:51The fans, the paparazzi -- they're your problems now.
00:25:54>> Garfield: All right, then.
00:25:56They're gonna get a taste of the real me -- or him -- or me -- or -- uh, you know what I mean.
00:26:01[ Cheers and applause ] [ crowd gasping ] [ crowd gasping ] [ crowd murmuring ] " ] [ scattered boos ] >> [ sobs ] [ chanting continues ] ] >> poor dog!
00:26:34[ Crowd murmuring ] >> [ laughing ] brilliant! priceless!
00:26:40We're on every channel!
00:26:41>> Garfield: [ Grunts ] >> thank you, my friend.
00:26:44You've just brought me a lot of free publicity.
00:26:47>> Garfield: Yeah, we'll see who gets the last laugh.
00:26:51[ Cheers and applause ] [ chuckles ] [ applause ] [ crowd gasping ] [ rock-'n'-roll music plays ] ] [ chuckles ] >> att-a-a-a-a-a-ack!
00:27:18[ Crowd screaming ] >> Garfield: Humans -- so predictable.
00:27:25Here's your paycheck, squeak.
00:27:27>> Odie: [ Groans ] [ all cheering ] >> today sir leo fans discovered a different side of their favorite celebrity.