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00:00:00. Bojangles out of me.
00:00:02Don't worry, jimmy.
00:00:04You're in good hands.
00:00:09[Whimpers] runaway train!
00:00:12Look at that, ed!
00:00:13Evil tim is sucking jimmy in!
00:00:16[Screaming] crush the monster!
00:00:22Look at the size of that northern dutch elm!
00:00:25Oh, dear. oh, dear.
00:00:27I can't seem to coordinate my--uh!
00:00:31The curse has passed! you are safe.
00:00:34[Jimmy whimpers] holy moley!
00:00:37Rolf is amused.
00:00:38So, where's jimmy, dude?
00:00:44You got to love him.
00:00:47Speak to me, jimmy!
00:00:50Some things are best left unsaid.
00:00:53Ed: First aid for jimmy!
00:00:55Good choice.
00:00:56[Blowing] [inhaling deeply] [burps] [eddy and kevin laughing] are you with us, jimmy?
00:01:10Stop it.
00:01:11I've got prune lips, sarah.
00:01:14Ed, you slobber-mouth baboon!
00:01:17That was so awesome, huh, rolf?
00:01:20Gee, thanks, kev.
00:01:22 what I meant to say was, it was awesome for a one year old.
00:01:27[Laughs] dork.
00:01:31Is this what we've been reduced to, humiliating each other?
00:01:39Double d, not you, too!
00:01:42No first aid! stop!
00:01:47I feel funny.
00:01:48Funny? you're a laugh and a half, ed.
00:01:51[Laughs] boing! it's a light bulb.
00:01:57Ok, I'm stumped.
00:01:59I believe ed has an idea.
00:02:03For a scam.
00:02:04[Laughs] stick to counting your teeth, ed.
00:02:08I come up with the scams around here.
00:02:11But, eddy, boing!
00:02:13What do you know about scams?
00:02:17Forget it.
00:02:18[Crying] there, there, ed.
00:02:21What's he blubbering about?
00:02:24Boing, eddy!
00:02:24First, you make him the brunt of your joke, now you deny him freedom of concept.
00:02:30He may have thought of something truly unique.
00:02:34It's a good one, eddy!
00:02:37[Ed crying] all right, already!
00:02:41Let's do your stupid scam, ed.
00:02:44I am the man!
00:02:49I learned that trick from sarah.
00:02:51[Laughing] ..
00:02:56A bunch of rocks!
00:02:58[Laughing] rocks?
00:03:02This is on your head!
00:03:15I've marked a spot with an "x," double d.
00:03:19Let's move 'em out!
00:03:22[Horn honks] ed, these rocks are quite large in mass and will require significant force in order to transport.
00:03:34Right over on the "x," double d!
00:03:38Ready or not, here I come!
00:03:41Eddy: Go away!
00:03:42Why am I dressed this way, ed?
00:03:45It's all a part of the big pla yeah, right.
00:03:50Now paint this like an aztec temple.
00:04:00Uh, ed, where's the "x"?
00:04:04Uh, a-b-c-d-l-m-n-o-g!
00:04:07Don't you know your alphabet, double d?
00:04:10But I don't understand.
00:04:12You said "x" marks the spot.
00:04:14All I see is a-- boing!
00:04:17Lunch break!
00:04:19[Donkey braying] well, ed, this is very nice.
00:04:32Thank you.
00:04:37Back to work!
00:04:39" come on, eddy.
00:04:45We have to find rotten spaghetti noodles.
00:04:48How stupid can you--hey!
00:04:54I can't find an "x"!
00:04:57Let go of my ball, jonny.
00:05:00[Mumbles] if your tooth pokes a hole in it, I'll let all the air out of your head.
00:05:06Hey, guys. hello.
00:05:07Look, sarah got me a new teddy.
00:05:10.. mr. yum-yum.
00:05:12Isn't it adorable?
00:05:14Better keep it away from jonny, or he'll eat it.
00:05:17He wouldn't dare.
00:05:19Mr. yum-yum hates saliva.
00:05:21I love you, mr. yum-yum.
00:05:23I think I'm going to hurl.
00:05:26Jimmy's foolish affection for a stuffed hand-cloth touches rolf, as i, too, have a childhood companion.
00:05:32Meet my clam--bobo.
00:05:34To this day rolf seeks comfort from bobo when he is frightened. hello, bobo.
00:05:39Is that a giant clam?
00:05:46Our suckers await unsuspectingly.
00:05:50I thought we'd never get to this part.
00:05:53So, how do we fleece them, ed?
00:05:55We need double d for this part!
00:05:59There wasn't an "x" to be found, ed.
00:06:04Ok, now, double d, it is very important that you give eddy these pancakes. yum.
00:06:10Very well, ed. here, eddy.
00:06:13Pancakes give me gas.
00:06:15Now what?
00:06:16"X" marks the spot, double d.
00:06:19Off you go.
00:06:20There is no "x," ed.
00:06:23Wait for my signal, eddy.
00:06:29Hee hee!
00:06:30Ed! is that mom's teapot?
00:06:33[Crash] maybe.
00:06:35Ed, you're scaring me.
00:06:38Hey! mr. yum-yum!
00:06:40Sarah: Get back here!
00:06:42Now, eddy, now!
00:06:44Now what?
00:06:46Are you going to finish those, eddy?
00:06:50Where's mr. yum-yum?
00:06:52Mr. yum-yum? who, ed?
00:06:54[Growling] pancake?
00:06:57Help me!
00:06:58[Punches being thrown] it looks just like a " excuse me.
00:07:08Ed, I think somewhere along the line you lost your train of thought.
00:07:13Your plan is irrational, muddled, and inconsequential.
00:07:17Is that a doggie treat?
00:07:19What's the rock for, double d?
00:07:23My foot!
00:07:25My head!
00:07:26You're late, eddy.
00:07:28Why did you take the rabbit?
00:07:31Give back jimmy's mr. yum-yum!
00:07:33Mr. yum-yum?
00:07:34You know I'm going to get you for this.
00:07:37Sarah: Hey!
00:07:38Give jimmy back his bunny.
00:07:40I'm but a mere shell of a man without mr. yum-yum.
00:07:44Let's tickle them till they wet their pants.
00:07:47Well, let's not jump to anything rash.
00:07:49It's a simple breakdown in communication.
00:07:52Ed: Fools!
00:07:55Evil tim has beckoned you all, for you all will pay with your brains.
00:08:01Brains? what are we going to do with brains?
00:08:08Mr. yum-yum!
00:08:09[Ed babbling] what the heck's he doing?
00:08:12Embarrassing me to no end.
00:08:13Ed-boy has bitten the belly of a stuffed hand-cloth.
00:08:17Quickly, we must seek encouragement in the bosom of bobo!
00:08:20If you think I'm getting in that thing-- it will doom us all!
00:08:26Listen to it gurgle, plank.
00:08:28[Kids yelling] was that a giant clam?
00:08:32[Sarcastically] nice scam.
00:08:34They took off.
00:08:35So, where's the cash?
00:08:38[Yells] it's your fault!
00:08:40Why do you encourage him?
00:08:43Ah, shucks. sorry, guys.
00:08:46My curse didn't work.
00:08:47But I did everything it said in the comic book.
00:08:50Ed, curses are nothing more than myth and superstition, based only on one's own personal fears.
00:08:57[Cawing] the crow's migration pattern is nowhere near this location.
00:09:05It's as though they were summoned to gather here.
00:09:09But why?
00:09:11Man, I hate birds.
00:09:13[All cawing] evil tim has beckoned them!
00:09:19[Eddy and double d screaming] try to contain yourself, eddy.
00:13:15The adrenaline of irreverence can be quite overwhelming.
00:13:19We're so bad.
00:13:21What are you giving me here, laundry chutes?
00:13:25Very good, eddy.
00:13:26But look closely.
00:13:28One's mother chute, one's father chute, and, last but not least, my chute.
00:13:33Eddy, my chute has been secretly treated with a silicone lubricant, making it the fastest slide to any basement anywhere!
00:13:42No fooling?
00:13:43Now, for safety reasons, I insist you use this pillow, eddy.
00:13:46Better safe than sorry.
00:13:54Eddy, you get back up here and get your pillow.
00:13:58[Thud] bottom floor-- dryer lint, paint cans, lonely socks, and mildew.
00:14:05And arachnids.
00:14:06You got peanuts in your basement, double d?
00:14:09Spiders, eddy.
00:14:10Basements make an excellent home for spiders, and mildred is ready for her weekly examination, aren't you, mildred?
00:14:17Did you just wink at me? yes, you did.
00:14:21[Opera music playing] don't touch that, eddy!
00:14:27[Music stops] of misfit failed inventions, nosy parker.
00:14:35I've archivedthese disasters to remind me of our misguidedattempts and learned from past mistakes.
00:14:41Hey, is that a volcano?
00:14:43Eddy, not that old thing.
00:14:45 does something shoot out of here?
00:14:48Where do you plug it in?
00:14:51Double d!
00:14:55A comedian, huh?
00:14:56[Angry gibberish] oh, dear!
00:15:00[Panting] wait till I get my hands on you!
00:15:05Ed, help!
00:15:10Sarah: Freeze, mister!
00:15:13Put your hands where I can see them!
00:15:15Get that stupid thing out of my face, sarah!
00:15:18 no one sees my brother because he's been grounded.
00:15:24Ha ha ha.
00:15:25This I got to see.
00:15:26Coming, double d?
00:15:28Halt! no visitors!
00:15:32Don't make me have to use this.
00:15:33 it's just a hunk of wood, double d.
00:15:36It's all fun and games till someone gets a sliver, jimmy.
00:15:40Sarah: Guard!
00:15:45Ready and march!
00:15:54Oh, well.
00:15:55You'll have to learn your lesson, ed.
00:15:57Let's go, double d, before I start to cry.
00:16:00We'll miss you, buddy.
00:16:10[Gasps] I think I'm getting heatstroke from this hat, sarah.
00:16:16What's going on, jimmy?
00:16:17There's something in the bushes.
00:16:21I guess you better check it out, private!
00:16:24Move it!
00:16:25[Moaning] howdy, howdy, howdy!
00:16:34[Laughing] a leprechaun.
00:16:42I got you, you little scamp.
00:16:44Jimmy, wait!
00:16:45You get back here!
00:16:47Jimmy? hey, wait for me!
00:16:49What did I tell you?
00:16:50Jonny will do anything for a handful of granola.
00:16:53I'm not sure about this, eddy.
00:16:55Ed's parents will surely tell our parents.
00:16:57Haven't you heard of "consequential punishment"?
00:17:01It's the parental ring.
00:17:02 if that's how you feel, I'll let ed know you were too busy to help him in his time of need.
00:17:09Don't worry about it.
00:17:13The old guilt route, huh, eddy?
00:17:16Works every time.
00:17:18[Ed sniffling] it is not fair.
00:17:40And there you have it-- the yielding abilities of cement are further explained.
00:17:45Eddy! double d!
00:17:50Eddy: Ed!
00:17:56We're busting you out, ed.
00:17:58 I have been a bad boy.
00:18:04Eddy: So, be a good boy.
00:18:07Follow us.
00:18:08Suck in your stomach, ed.
00:18:10I can't do it!
00:18:11Sarah will find out, and she'll tell mom, and I'll be grounded!
00:18:18Ed, you've already been grounded.
00:18:20..i know how to get ed out of here so that even he won't know he's missing.
00:18:27It's the end of the rainbow, leprechaun.
00:18:29Hand over that pot of gold.
00:18:31Nope. up to the fake rainbow.
00:18:33That's all you get for one handful, pal.
00:18:36My fantasy-- crushed by an imp.
00:18:40Back to your post!
00:18:42Hurry it up, double d.
00:18:44All right, eddy.
00:18:47Mm, there we go.
00:18:49A rather apropos substitute for ed's head, don't you think?
00:18:53.. wanting.
00:18:56Hey, fountainhead, we haven't got all day!
00:18:59Why is ed sitting in a box?
00:19:02Shut up, ed!
00:19:03[Thud] and go down the drain!
00:19:07That's it!
00:19:09Eddy: Will you hurry up?
00:19:16How's it feel to be back on the outside, ed?
00:19:19"Outside ed"?
00:19:20But I am grounded, eddy!
00:19:23So what?
00:19:23Has that window been open this whole time?
00:19:27Sarah: Hey, who's there?
00:19:29Freeze, mister!
00:19:34You keep it down in there, ed.
00:19:39Our 2 squirts in blue haven't a clue.
00:19:45Just follow my lead.
00:19:46Eddy: Shh. halfway there, boys.
00:19:49Now all we have to do is go up the-- what happened to the stairs?
00:19:54My parents took them down because I am grounded.
00:19:58That's disturbing.
00:19:59They can keep the stairs because you can jump it.
00:20:03But I am grounded, eddy!
00:20:05Yeah, yeah. we heard it a million times.
00:20:08Let me help, ed.
00:20:10Eddy, don't do it!
00:20:12What's your problem?
00:20:14Ok, ed, just lean back.
00:20:23Behold! the gate to freedom!
00:20:25After me--uh!
00:20:27Don't worry, jimmy. you'll be ok.
00:20:31Slivers aren't fun, are they?
00:20:33You really need to be careful with wooden rifles.
00:20:36Let's find some tweezers and poke and prod and wiggle it around till it pops out.
00:20:41[Squeak] what was that?
00:20:47You work too hard, sarah.
00:20:49Sometimes you have to stop and smell the coffee.
00:20:52What do you know?
00:20:54[Moans] come on, let's find those tweezers.
00:20:59Let's stay in here till the coast is clear.
00:21:02I'm a bad boy! I am grounded.
00:21:06Quick! the window!
00:21:10I believe a solution to all this can be solved with a little brainpower, eddy.
00:21:15[Muffled] I'm game.
00:21:17Hey, ed, time for dinner.
00:21:20Butter toast with gravy?
00:21:22People eat this?
00:21:23Look at him sitting there reading his little book.
00:21:29Where'd you get that book, ed?
00:21:33Did ed's head fall off, sarah?
00:21:36[Growling] Sarah: Ed!
00:21:39Sarah knows, guys!
00:21:41Duh, ed. we heard her.
00:21:43Keep your shorts on.
00:21:44No, seriously, keep your shorts on, ed.
00:21:48[Whistles] [whistling] houston, we have liftoff.
00:21:58[Whistling] let me remind you that I am-- free as a bird, ed.
00:22:08Double D: Not good, not good.
00:22:10Eddy: Go, baby! go!
00:22:14Why do I condone such behavior?
00:22:17[All screaming] [growling] saliva--yuck.
00:22:28Sarah: Jimmy, get out of there!
00:22:33[Groans] guess what, big brother.
00:22:38I'm telling mom!
00:22:40Remember that parental ring, eddy?
00:22:43Oh, great.
00:22:44Nowwe're going to get it.
00:22:48[Rings] double d here. over.
00:22:59Eddy: Hey, this stupid thing work?
00:23:03You need to say "over," eddy, when you're done speaking. over.
00:23:08This stinks.
00:23:09I got grounded forever. over.
00:23:113 Days for me, eddy.
00:23:13A little quality time with my aunts in some-- !
00:23:16What makes you so special? over.
00:23:19[Busy signal] hello? hello?
00:23:22Ed? over.
00:23:25Forget ed.
00:23:27I got a plan for the escape of the-- hello?
00:23:31Ouch. over.
00:23:33Woo-hoo! wow!
00:23:35Must be a party line.
00:23:38Oh, my aching-- do it again!
00:23:42Ha ha ha!
00:23:44[Crash] bring it on home, sarah!
00:23:47[Boys groan] Jimmy: Encore!
00:23:51This time with gusto!
00:23:54Naughty mama!
00:23:55I'm tingly all over.
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