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00:00:00And week up to him laying on top of her flat with his arms around her back.
00:00:07On a school night, to me, that doesn't make sense.
00:00:11>> Steve: Is this her biological fact sner.
00:00:13>> No, step father that's raised her since she was 2 years old.
00:00:19>> Steve: When your daughter tells you this, your feeling is?
00:00:23>> Well, before she called me, i woke up in the middle of the night any way with the mother intuition of something's wrong.
00:00:30And I called him and I asked him, you know, what the hell are you doing?
00:00:35And he's whispering on the phone.
00:00:37I'm like, why are you whispering.
00:00:40He was supposed to be getting their mattressed upstairs.
00:00:44Her bedroom is on the right-hand side of the house.
00:00:47We're talking a 6200 square foot house.
00:00:51There's no way you're supposed to be there if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing.
00:00:57So I called him whispering, I said what are you doing?
00:01:01I said, why are you whispering?
00:01:03He said I don't want to wake the kids up.
00:01:05I hang up the phone and she calls me back five minutes later and she says can you not leave me here with greg alone?
00:01:12I'm like, why?
00:01:13She's like, can you just not leave me here alone?
00:01:16I'm like, you need to explain to me why.
00:01:19She's like, when I woke up he was laying on top of me.
00:01:23I said, what do you mean?
00:01:26I've been with him 13, 14 years.
00:01:28He's raised her since she was 2 years old.
00:01:31You just don't think all of a sudden you're going to start laying on top of her now.
00:01:36She said when I woke up his legs was in between mine and he had his arms wrapped around my back and I didn't know what to do.
00:01:42I said, what woke you up?
00:01:44And she said the cell phone.
00:01:47So me being a mother knowing my daughter lies like she does, i said -- >> Steve: Your daughter lies?
00:01:54>> Oh, she lies like the devil.
00:01:56They both do.
00:01:57>> Steve: Your husband and your daughter?
00:01:59>> Says.
00:01:59So I asked her -- she told me the conversation that we were having on the telephone.
00:02:06So in my mind, I'm like, there's no way possible that you could tell me the conversation word for word between me and my husband on his cell phone unless he was right close to you.
00:02:16We hang up, I told her I'll take care of it.
00:02:19He came back over to the house because I was already moving out.
00:02:22The situation was I had dough sided I wanted a divorce and i was leaving.
00:02:26I asked the children, do you guys want to live with me or your father?
00:02:30They wanted to know, what size is your house, I'm like 5,000 square feet, they're like, we're going to stay with dad.
00:02:36I'm like, why?
00:02:37They're like, dad's house is bigger.
00:02:41>> Steve: 1200 More square feet.
00:02:43>> I said fine.
00:02:45Mainly because I'm the parent that makes you do the homework, I'm the one that whoops your behind and he's the friend.
00:02:53>> Steve: If you don't mind me asking, why were you going to get a divorce?
00:02:57>> We just didn't get along any more.
00:02:59We were not on the same page.
00:03:02We were constantly arguing and it just wasn't good for the kids.
00:03:05It just wasn't good.
00:03:07So when he got back to the house, I was upset with him and I confronted him about it.
00:03:13He didn't have a clue of what i was talking about.
00:03:16I said, let's go back over to the house and get this straight.
00:03:19I asked her again in front of him and told me the exact same story again.
00:03:23So he -- I was really angry, and he was just like, okay, well, if you believe this after I've been with you for this many years and I'm like, well what were you dpoing in her room in the first place?
00:03:35And he admitted being in her room but said he went in there to pick her up to put her in her bed.
00:03:40And I'm like -- no.
00:03:42>> Steve: She's 13, 14?
00:03:55who picks up a 5'11" kid?
00:03:59>> Somebody ready strong.
00:04:02He could have tapped her and told her to go to bed.
00:04:04Now, it's a school night, she's in her room, the door's closed.
00:04:08On the right-hand side of the house, he's supposed to be on the left-hand side of the house getting mattresses.
00:04:13Had no business in her room period.
00:04:17>> I didn't know what to do.
00:04:18I was just scared and frightened.
00:04:21>> But thenthe internet, pulling up your shirt, blowing kisses.
00:04:29I'm an old school mom.
00:04:33Somebody's telling the truth.
00:04:35Somebody's lying.
00:04:35>> Steve: The results for your lie detector test is that -- out weekend.
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00:07:31>> The problem with the american dream for families around marriages is that you can get so busy chasing the dream, you can lose each other in the process.
00:07:42>> Amazes me I could go from loving someone to absolutely hating someone so much.
00:07:47>> I said gina I am done with this marriage.
00:07:51>> How in the world is something good going to come out of that?
00:07:56>> How do >> Steve: Attention all college members, come be a part of our special studio audience.
00:08:11Call 877-74-steve, or
00:08:24>> So we argued about it, everything just kind of got out of hand.
00:08:28The police were called.
00:08:31>> Steve: Police investigated?
00:08:32>> They did.
00:08:32They arrested him that night.
00:08:34They interviewed her, and didn't allow me to be in the room when they interviewed her.
00:08:39So whatever she told them, they arrested him and took him down.
00:08:43I did all the things a mother is supposed to do from the beginning.
00:08:48A got a restraining order, I set up a court date, took it to trial.
00:08:55We -- I moved all the kids over to the new house with me, and my daughter just started really acting out differently.
00:09:02Like getting on the internet and setting up websites and she had like thousands of thousands of hits, were of grown men.
00:09:12>> Steve: Trying to contact her.
00:09:15>> Right.
00:09:15And she's on there blowing kisses and that type of stuff.
00:09:19>> Steve: So her behavior changed.
00:09:21>> I'm an old school mom.
00:09:22I don't believe in that type of behavior.
00:09:24You can't be a ho in my house.
00:09:25[ Applause ] so I talked to her about it, and I told her, I said, just two weeks ago, less than a month ago, you claim that my husband was laying on top of you, but then you're here on the internet pulling up your shirt, blowing kisses, talking to these men like you're a grown woman.
00:09:49>> Steve: And she's 14 years old.
00:09:52>> Yeah.
00:09:54I had a friend open up her doors and by the time we got in, i believe in ass whoopings.
00:10:08>> Steve: I believe in it too.
00:10:11>> I give you your freedom, but it's only so far you can go in my house as a kid.
00:10:17And so I locked the internet up, she could only use the internet when I was standing there watching her, and we had -- at the time I hired a nanny to move into my house.
00:10:28So two weeks down the road, this lady just moves out.
00:10:31You know, and she moved out with no pay, no warning or nothing.
00:10:36So I'm thinking to myself, did the kids get on your nerves that bad that you just left without your money?
00:10:43So she said to tell you the truth, they said your daughter was evil and that they didn't want to be the cause of her -- if she got mad at them, what she would say to them that would be a lie.
00:10:55And she came back and said that my daughter told her that I got something special planned [ bleep ] which was the guy that got in the internet for her and found out all the information.
00:11:07And she says I have a guaranteed way to get rid of any man that i don't want my mom to have and it worked.
00:11:13So in my mind, I'm like, damn, is this my kid or is this some -- you know, on the street?
00:11:20>> Steve: That's pretty shocking.
00:11:21>> So this is when I started to think, maybe she might not be telling the truth here.
00:11:27Because you've got to understand, as a mother, when your child comes to you and says, daddy's laying on top of me, your first reaction is to believe your child.
00:11:37As a mother.
00:11:39[ Applause ] just as a mother.
00:11:41I'm not the type of woman that's going to take the man's side over my baby's side.
00:11:47I just don't believe in that.
00:11:48Because I figure like this.
00:11:50She's a kid, you're an adult.
00:11:52You know better.
00:11:53You set yourself up by being in 00 in the damn morning when you should have had your ass upstairs with the mattresses.
00:12:04So -- >> Steve: What happened when you sent your taught tore live with her biological father?
00:12:09>> I sent her there because she started stealing in school, she would get expelled from school and she would tell the principal, I don't have a mom.
00:12:18I live by myself.
00:12:19I'm any neglecteded.
00:12:20I can't get expelled because i don't have anyone to take care of me.
00:12:24I'm there every day.
00:12:26She's living in a 5,000 square foot house saying she's neglected.
00:12:32The principal says, you're never there.
00:12:34I'm like, I'm here every day all day.
00:12:36So I had to go to court, and the judge was giving her a sentence, he told her, you have zero remorse.
00:12:42And I thought about what he said.
00:12:44He said you have zero remorse for what you have done, which was she stole someone's backpack, took their money out of it, and she just made it seem like, well, I didn't know whose backpack it was any way and i needed the money, so I just took it.
00:12:57So I'm thinking to myself now, you've turned the family upside down by saying your step father laid on top of you.
00:13:05You have three siblings that are just not eating now, not learning in school, they're upset, they're worried about their dad going to jail for 40 years.
00:13:15And you're walking around happy like everything is good.
00:13:19And that's what made me think to myself, this child has no remorse.
00:13:23I decided to -- maybe if I send her to thehetto for a little bit, she can say, things are not owed to me, my mom worked hard to give me the things they gave me, not because we have to do this for her.
00:13:43So I sent her to detroit and when she got, there she was like, this is not the type of lifestyle I'm accustomed to.
00:13:49We catch the bus here.
00:13:50We don't have a car.
00:13:51If you don't have no money to catch the bus, you walk.
00:13:54She's like, well, the house is always dirty.
00:13:57He was like, then you get in there and clean it up.
00:13:59So he was basically like, I'm going to take you to school, I'll be there when you get out of school, and you'll come straight home.
00:14:09>> When I woke up, my step father was laying on top of me.
00:14:12>> She's lying.
00:14:16>> I want to know the truth.
00:14:16Somebody's lying.
00:14:17>> Steve: You insisted that your daughter also be lie detected.
00:14:23And the results of your daughter's lie detector test is that -- kitchen, best.
00:14:40Eggland's best.
00:14:42Because of all the great nutrition.
00:14:44I make for my son. the chef.
00:14:46Eggland's best. the better egg.
00:18:08>>> So I call her on her phone and she doesn't answer.
00:18:11The cell phone I provide her with.
00:18:13When I call your phone and I'm paying the bill, you better pick the phone up.
00:18:17So anyway, I took her back to vegas, took her to the doctor.
00:18:20We didn't even go stop to get anything to eat.
00:18:22Went straight to the doctor.
00:18:23So I'm like, okay, she says I'm going to recommend you take her to see a psychiatrist.
00:18:29So I did.
00:18:30We made an appointment the next day and the psychiatrist said your daughter is very vindictive and malicious and I think she needs to go to juvenile.
00:18:41And I'm like, that's your professional opinion?
00:18:42And she's like, yes.
00:18:43And I'm like, I'm not going to put her in juvenile.
00:18:47If she's already lying, stealing and making up whatever, then going to juvenile, she'll just be a professional at t I said I'll be her juvenile.
00:18:55I'll lock her up in my house.
00:18:59So I took her back home.
00:19:02[ Applause ] you've got to keep in mind she's a 4.0 student.
00:19:06So I put her in an adult education student where people are in there because they drop out or whatever.
00:19:11>> Steve: And this happened three years ago.
00:19:13What do you believe now?
00:19:14>> To be honest with you, i don't know.
00:19:17I honestly don't know.
00:19:21Because his story doesn't make sense.
00:19:22He says he went in there to pick her up.
00:19:25He said he picked her up from this way.
00:19:28Meaning if she's laying here, he's picking her up from this way.
00:19:33Usually you scoop them this way.
00:19:34So that didn't make sense to me, first of all.
00:19:36Second of all, you have no reason to pick her up.
00:19:40She's 5'11" if you want her off the floor, tell her to get your ass off the floor and go get in your bed.
00:19:48You don't have to pick a child .
00:19:58>> Steve: What if he passes the test?
00:20:00>> Then I'll apologize.
00:20:01If he did not do this to her, then I owe him a big apology because it took it to the extreme.
00:20:07But as a mother, that's my job.
00:20:08>> Steve: You moved him back in the house, right?
00:20:11>> I'm going to get to that.
00:20:12As a mother, she's not my only child.
00:20:14I have three other children and my three other children were very miserable.
00:20:17I asked them, what's the matter?
00:20:20What is it mommy can do to help you?
00:20:23They said we need our daddy.
00:20:25I was like, well daddy's not coming back.
00:20:29What else can I do?
00:20:31To them their dad is their whole world.
00:20:33I said, well you can live with your daddy and come visit me.
00:20:38They're like, no, we need mommy and daddy back together.
00:20:42So since she was out of control and the kids were not eating, my son was just getting so skinny, my other son was just depressed, my little girl would cry all the time.
00:20:52She went from being a straight a student to an f student.
00:20:59I had to put one son back a grade.
00:21:01I talked to alexis about it, because I felt like it's the right thing to do, since she said he was laying on top of her.
00:21:10I asked her how did she feel if her father moved back in here to work this out.
00:21:15The agreement was to work get the kids healthy and we'll deal with this in court.
00:21:24>> Steve: Any chance of you two reconciling or -- you and greg?
00:21:29>> I can't tell you none of that right now because I need to know the truth.
00:21:32I need to know the truth.
00:21:35[ Applause ] it's not just for my sake, but i have a 9-year-old daughter.
00:21:39I have a 9-year-old daughter, which is his biological daughter.
00:21:43And let's just say we do get a divorce and go our separate ways.
00:21:48He has to have visitation rights to his children.
00:21:50I have to be able to trust that I can send my 9-year-old daughter to him and he's not going to be laying on top of her.
00:21:57>> Steve: And your daughter, since you brought her back from detroit, how is she?
00:22:02>> I've been whooping that ass.
00:22:09[ Applause ] she's -- I put her in college and high school because she's a very intelligent, highly intelligent young lady, and i just felt like -- >> Steve: Did behavior improve?
00:22:21>> She had no choice.
00:22:22She had no choice.
00:22:23Because if I wasn't whooping your behind, I was cycling you.
00:22:27I'm your navy.
00:22:28So we do pushups, situps, squats, whatever it takes.
00:22:34Because I feel like this.
00:22:36For her to be -- thank you.
00:22:41I feel like this.
00:22:43It's my job to save her from herself.
00:22:45So I put her in college, she has full time college and full time high school so she doesn't have time to get in trouble.
00:22:51Then when she gets home, she has to cook, clean, laundry, fold up.
00:22:56I keep her busy.
00:22:57>> Steve: What do you ultimately want to happen today?
00:22:59>> I sort of feel like I'm living in the house and I don't know who's my enemy.
00:23:03I don't know if it's my daughter that's being vindictive and just like really doing what she said, I've got a guaranteed way to get rid of any man I don't want you to be with.
00:23:14Because it's something she said to him that was out of line.
00:23:17So I want to know, is this something coming from her, out of her anger towards me, because I do whoop that behind when you're out o line, or is it a jealousy thing, or did this really happen and you just a pervert and trying to play it off like you're a good daddy.
00:23:37You know?
00:23:37I want to know the truth.
00:23:39I want to know -- somebody's lying.
00:23:41And I don't know who.
00:23:42[ Applause ] >> Steve: So let me just say you're one of the mostly impressive women I've ever met on this stage.
00:23:52>> Thank you.
00:23:53[ Applause ] >> Steve: So what I'd like you to do now is go back stage, I'm going to talk to greg and then we'll at some point bring you back out and get to the lie detector results.
00:24:07>> That's what I want.
00:24:08[ Applause ] >> Steve: She is 5'11".
00:24:21All right.
00:24:21Let's bring out greg.
00:24:25How are you doing, greg?
00:24:27>> I'm fine.
00:24:28>> Steve: You know your step daughter is saying you did this.
00:24:30So until we get to the bottom of it, if you don't mind standing up, okay?
00:24:34[ Applause ] so I'll just ask you, did you make a sexual advance to your stepdaughter?
00:24:44>> Hell no.
00:24:46>> Steve: Did you go and lay between her legs and try to pick her up?
00:24:50>> Hell no.
00:24:52Why would i?
00:24:53That's my daughter.
00:24:54I've raised her since she was 3 years old.
00:24:57Now to wait until she's 14 to do something to her?
00:25:00Come on.
00:25:01This is something -- she's the only one that's got a problem with everything.
00:25:05>> Steve: Who?
00:25:05>> Her mama.
00:25:07My wife.
00:25:07Supposed to be wife.
00:25:08She has a problem with this.
00:25:13>> He shouldn't have been in my room at that time.
00:25:16>> I went in as a father, not as a pedophile.
00:25:20>> Steve: You were asked did you fabricate any part of this story, you answered no.
00:25:24The result for the lie detector test is that -- >> Steve: It's time too take your stand where you give me answers to today's big questions.
00:25:34Is it too easy for teens to get access to alcohol and cigarettes?
00:25:39Dial 877-steve-tv.
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00:25:55That'schange the course of history - what if modern science had never advanced - what if there were no hospitals - what if human rights did not exist - what if there was no compassion, no hope - what if jesus had never been born?
00:28:07 james kennedy to find out - this week.
00:28:59>>> Are you a college student with a shocking story that happened on campus?
00:29:04Call me at 1-888-steve-07.
00:29:13>> I'm upset.
00:29:15I'm serious.
00:29:15I'm really upset.
00:29:16>> Steve: I understand, especially if you say what you're saying is the truth and you didn't do it, I would understand.
00:29:21It's kind of like for the last three years it's destroyed your life.
00:29:24>> Look at me.
00:29:25I used to be a body builder.
00:29:27I lost 30 pounds in weight stressing.
00:29:31>> Steve: Let's look at what your stepdaughter says.
00:29:33We have a clip of that.
00:29:35>> My step father has been in my life since I was about 2 years old.
00:29:44I'm now 17.
00:29:46It was halloween night.
00:29:46My mom took my sister out trick or treating.
00:29:50When I woke up, my dad was laying on top of me, my step father, and his arms were around my head, and I panicked.
00:29:58I was scared.
00:29:59I jumped up and ran to my guest bathroom.
00:30:02 I was just scared and frightened.
00:30:05I couldn't believe what happened.
00:30:06Once he left I went downstairs and called my mom.
00:30:11Right after that we started a report.
00:30:12He shouldn't have been in my room at that time.
00:30:15I still have a distance from him because I still have that in the back of my mind.
00:30:19I'm never going to forget that.
00:30:21My mom believed me at first, but I constantly lied after about small things, stupid things i really shouldn't have to lie about and she stopped believing me.
00:30:30I just want him to come out and say, I did do what -- say he did and apologize for it.
00:30:35That's why I'm here.
00:30:39>> Steve: Now, is she lying?
00:30:41>> First of all, that ain't exactly how it happened.
00:30:44>> Steve: Well, is she lying?
00:30:48>> She's telling a bald faced ass lie.
00:30:53>> Steve: So tell me what happened.
00:30:54>> She was grounded halloween night.
00:30:56Me and my wife was building a bedroom.
00:30:58She wanted to move on her own so she could live her life with her man.
00:31:03They don't tell all that.
00:31:06So I go home, we're building this thing.
00:31:11I'm working the whole day moving things back and forth to the house for her.
00:31:14She says, greg, go back to the other house and bring the mattresses.
00:31:19We put two beds together.
00:31:21I've been working all day, my kids was going to go trick or treating, ways helping angie move the stuff at home.
00:31:28We told alexis to stay in the bedroom with the kids, not on the floor.
00:31:33I go straight up the house where the mattress residents supposed to be at.
00:31:36I look, there's my other two kids.
00:31:40Over here, I'm supposed to get the mattresses.
00:31:42I said where's alexis at?
00:31:44She's supposed to be here.
00:31:47So we call her sneaky.
00:31:48I go down and look for her.
00:31:50She had a history of being on the telephone.
00:31:55So I thought she might be speaking on the telephone.
00:31:59I look downstairs, she's not over there, I go back around.
00:32:02She's in her room.
00:32:03I said, alexis, no answer.
00:32:05Alexis, get up, alexis.
00:32:07Get up.
00:32:08I reached over my daughter.
00:32:09Pulled my daughter up, why are you sleeping down there.
00:32:12She gets up.
00:32:14I said you've been on the telephone, huh?
00:32:21" she gets up and goes to the bathroom.
00:32:23I said, alexis, I've got to go, she said all right.
00:32:27I said what are you doing in the bathroom?
00:32:30She comes out, we laugh, goes upstairs, we start talking about everything, going on.
00:32:35I said guess what, we may have a chance to make this work, I'm going to take care of them.
00:32:43>> Steve: You still loved your wife.
00:32:45>> I still do.
00:32:45And so I totaled her, I said your mom said she didn't want to leave me any way.
00:32:52>> Steve: No sexual touching, no sexual advance.
00:32:55>> First of all, one report said I had one leg on her.
00:33:00If -- did she say I fondled her?
00:33:03>> Steve: This has affected your life.
00:33:07>> Yes it's affect the my life.
00:33:09It's my wife.
00:33:10When she wants to do her thing.
00:33:12Then I've got to hear all this.
00:33:15I've got a -- >> Steve: You've got a good relationship with her.
00:33:19>> I've got an excellent relationship with her and her mama.
00:33:22>> Steve: And your wife?
00:33:24>> We're still shaky shaky.
00:33:25We bought a house, she wanted to have a baby, then the last three weeks I started hearing this, you look like you're on drugs.
00:33:33I said, why do you think I'm on drugs?
00:33:37When my wife is out there with someone speaking in her ear, I'm a nobody.
00:33:42This is my firm belief.
00:33:44My wife has been with me 15 years, she knows I would never do anything to hurt her or my kids.
00:33:51Alexis is still my child.
00:33:53It's still my child, I still love her and I still take care of her.
00:33:55[ Applause ] >> Steve: And what else does your wife accuse you of?
00:34:05>> I'm a drug addict.
00:34:06>> Steve: And before the show you took a lie detector test and a drug test.
00:34:09>> And a drug test.
00:34:10>> Steve: And a drug test.
00:34:14>> Steve: Have you ever touched alexis in a sexual manner, you answered no.
00:34:18Is he telling the truth?
00:34:20And the results for your lie detector test is that -- ,if you're in the tri-state area, call 1-877-steve and reserve your tickets.
00:37:07Would you hope that your -- you could rebuild your relationship with your wife?
00:37:13>> That's what I went home for.
00:37:16>> Steve: I'm saying, would you like -- >> I still love my wife.
00:37:19And my daughter.
00:37:21This is my family.
00:37:22>> Steve: And you're saying things are going pretty good right now.
00:37:24>> They were, until I started inhearing this here.
00:37:27>> Steve: Why do you think you start hearing this here?
00:37:30>> I believe when she started getting somebody else in her life.
00:37:37>> Steve: Lanother man?
00:37:39>> Like another man.
00:37:41As usual.
00:37:41>> Steve: Well,lets bring her back out.
00:37:44>> First of all, what does another man have to do with this situation?
00:37:48Another man don't have a damn thing to do about our kids.
00:37:52I've been living this for three years and I'm sick to death of it.
00:37:56I want to know the truth.
00:37:57>> You've been knowing me for how many years.
00:37:5915 Years and you're going to say all of a child I'm going to lay on my child?
00:38:04>> That's what I want to know.
00:38:06>> What's the point of view even being in her room?
00:38:13>> That's my house.
00:38:14I can go in any room I want.
00:38:16I pay for that.
00:38:18Ain't no child -- ain't no child going to tell me what room I can go in.
00:38:22>> There's a difference in going in.
00:38:24>> I went in as a father, not as a pedophile.
00:38:27>> There a difference between going in the room.
00:38:29You could have stood at the door and said, get up.
00:38:32>> I go, alexis, get up.
00:38:33>> What's the point of picking her up?
00:38:35>> Is there any truth to what he's saying about -- this doubt in your head because that you want to be with another man?
00:38:42>> What does that have to do with it?
00:38:44If I want to be with a man, i can be with any man I want to be with.
00:38:51That has nothing to do with it.
00:38:52>> What I explain to him, it has nothing to do with our inside family stuff.
00:38:57We're talking about my daughter.
00:38:58We're not talking about me getting no nothing on the side, we're not talking about no man, we're talking about my kid.
00:39:03And that's all that really matters.
00:39:06>> Who has a problem with all this?
00:39:07Who has a problem with all this?
00:39:09>> I've got a problem with this because I'm her mama.
00:39:13>> Do we have a problem?
00:39:14Answer the question.
00:39:16Do me and alexis have a problem?
00:39:18>> That's the question that needs to be asked.
00:39:20>> Let me tell you, I know this woman well.
00:39:27I've got a better relationship with my daughter than she have.
00:39:31>> They asked me something, maybe it was consensual.
00:39:35[ Bleep ] that makes me wonder.
00:39:36It makes me wonder.
00:39:39You all walking around all happy like nothing is wrong.
00:39:44>> Steve: What was consensual?
00:39:45>> Like nothing is wrong, and everybody else is upset exempt you all two.
00:39:51You all two are the two that turned everybody's life upside down.
00:39:55>> Steve: What was consensual?
00:39:56>> What I'm saying is -- hey, i don't know.
00:40:03Both of you all are acting like there's nothing wrong.
00:40:08>> Steve: Did she ask you to lay on you?
00:40:10>> Hell no.
00:40:13>> Steve: There was nothing consensual with you two?
00:40:16>> Being her father, yes.
00:40:17>> Steve: All right.
00:40:19>> Well, we'll see on the lie detector test.
00:40:29>> Steve: All right, greg.
00:40:31You know we've got to stand up until we get to the truth.
00:40:33[ Applause ] is he telling the truth?
00:40:45[ Bleep ].
00:40:49>> Steve: I'm going to take a guess, I'm going to say yes.
00:40:50[ Applause ] >> Steve: And that's only because I'm hoping for that.
00:41:00I really -- I hope for your sake that you're telling the truth.
00:41:06So we're going to read angie's results first.
00:41:09Angie, you were asked, are you exaggerating this story to keep greg out of your life, you answered no.
00:41:15Did you fabricate any part of this story, you answered no.
00:41:19Do you believe greg laid on top of your daughter in a sexual manner, you answered yes.
00:41:24Are you looking for an excuse to divorce greg, and you answered no.
00:41:29And the results for angie's lie detector test is that she told the truth.
00:41:34[ Applause ] >> Steve: You insisted that your daughter also be lie detectored.
00:41:49>> Of course.
00:41:50If she's wrong, I'm not going to [ bleep ] up.
00:41:54>> Steve: All right.
00:41:55We weren't planning on lie detecting her, but you insisted, so we did.
00:41:59Did the daughter tell the truth?
00:42:05Alexis, three years ago on halloween, did your step father actually lay on top of you, yes.
00:42:11Did you fabricate the story that your step father laid on top of you, no.
00:42:17Did you fabricate that story to get back at your mother?
00:42:22She answered no.
00:42:23And the results of your daughter's lie detector test is that she told the truth.
00:42:29[ Bleep ] and then we get to greg's and we'll ask the question again.
00:42:39Did he tell the truth?
00:42:44[ Bleep ].
00:42:44>> Steve: On the question did you lay on top of alexis, you answered no, have you ever touched alexis in a sexual manner, you answered no.
00:42:55And the result for your lie detector test is that -- ,time to take your stand where you give me answers to today's big question.
00:43:08Is it too easy for teens to get access to alcohol and cigarettes?
00:43:18Call and tell me what you think.
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00:46:37>>>>>>ízx÷ééé >> Steve: Is your teenage daughter desperate to have a baby?
00:47:13Is she convinced she's ready to be a parent?
00:47:15Call me at 1-888-steve-07.
00:47:20>> Steve: And the results for your lie detector test is that you did not tell the truth.
00:47:28[ Bleep ].
00:47:35>> Why?
00:47:37What reason would I have to lie?
00:47:39>> Steve: You tell me.
00:47:40>> Well, she told the truth.
00:47:42>> I told the truth.
00:47:43>> Steve: Your stepdaughter told the truth but you're the only one failing up here.
00:47:52>> I did not do that.
00:47:55>> I don't know about drugs but you walk like a duck, you quack like a duck, it must be a duck.
00:48:05[ Applause ] >> Steve: Well, he did pass his drug test he took before the show.
00:48:10>> Well, now you're trying to tell me you laid on top of my daughter drug free?
00:48:14>> Yeah, right.
00:48:17I didn't lay on your daughter period.
00:48:19>> I would have accept it'd more if you had been on drugs and laid on top of her.
00:48:23You trying to tell me you're sober and lay on top of my kid?
00:48:29>> You can believe what you want to believe.
00:48:31Believe what you want to believe.
00:48:34>> I believe the test.
00:48:35That's what the [ bleep ] we here for.
00:48:36[ Applause ] >> Steve: You wanted the lie detector test results, he failed, you passed, your daughter passed, what do you want to say to him?
00:49:00>> I can't say that on television.
00:49:07What I do want to say is all that you have put me through, i damn took my life for this, you should have took your life over this.
00:49:20>> You should have took yours.
00:49:22>> You -- you lie to your family, you lie to my [ bleep ], are you [ bleep ] kidding me?
00:49:28>> You're the only person that still believes this.
00:49:30>> Are you kidding me?
00:49:30>> I did nothing.
00:49:33I haven't done a thing.
00:49:34>> You know what?
00:49:35>> I haven't done a thing.
00:49:36>> We said that once the test came out, you were so sure that you were going to pass, that it's [ bleep ].
00:49:43>> I still don't.
00:49:44>> Don't run that [ bleep ] on me right now.
00:49:46>> Steve: Can we just clean it up just a little bit?
00:49:49>> I'm sorry.
00:49:50I'm just on fire.
00:49:51>> You're on fire, how does that feel?
00:49:53>> Boy.
00:49:54>> What you going to do to me?
00:49:56Let's be for real.
00:49:57>> I'm going to walk away from this, and I'm going to get my babies together, I'm going to help them get their minds back on track, all that nonsense you ran through their heads, making them turn against their sister, making me turn against my daughter.
00:50:11>> They don't believe this one bid.
00:50:13They don't believe this one bit.
00:50:14>> I don't give a damn.
00:50:16I'm going to let them know.
00:50:19>> They're still my kid.
00:50:20>> No, baby.
00:50:21Let me tell you something.
00:50:22You will not be left alone with my 9-year-old daughter.
00:50:28At all.
00:50:32>> You know the truth.
00:50:33[ Bleep ].
00:50:38>> I wanted the truth.
00:50:39>> You know.
00:50:39>> I gave you have the benefit of the doubt to come back into your children's lives, I -- i let you -- I trusted you.
00:50:48>> If I -- do you think I would take a polygraph test?
00:50:52Let's be for real.
00:50:53>> You're going to go lay on top of her?
00:50:55>> That should tell you something.
00:50:57Why would I want to come back into your house after you done accused me of setting on your child.
00:51:03Are you crazy?
00:51:04[ Bleep ].
00:51:09>> Steve: I want to point out that you were given the test four times on each question, and you failed all four times.
00:51:20>> All I want, my daughter asked for you to apologize.
00:51:24>> Apologize for what?
00:51:25>> For turning my baby's world upside down, for turning our family's upside down.
00:51:33Not to mention.
00:51:34>> Steve: How about your stepdaughter on the tape and she says, hey, all I want for him to do is say -- >> is to apologize.
00:51:41>> How can I apologize for something I didn't do, just to make everybody happy right here?
00:51:45>> Admit it now.
00:51:47It's out in the open.
00:51:49Just admit it.
00:51:52>> I'm -- >> Steve: If you don't want to do, it nobody can make do you it.
00:51:55>> I'm not apologizing for something I didn't do.
00:51:59>> You failed.
00:52:00The least you can do -- >> Steve: Is there anything you want to say to your daughter?
00:52:06>> I want to say, baby, I -- >> Steve: Well I'll take you to your daughter if you have something to say.
00:52:12>> I've got something to say.
00:52:12I've got something to say.
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00:54:53>> Steve: For your free tickets to "the steve wilkos show" in stamford, connecticut, call -- 1-877-74-steve.
00:55:10>> I am so sorry, baby.
00:55:14I'm so sorry.
00:55:18I did believe you in the beginning, but because you had told so many lies, I doubted you, and I'm so sorry.
00:55:25I'm so sorry, baby.
00:55:30And I promise you, I will never let nobody else hurt you like that, baby.
00:55:34I'm so sorry.
00:55:35But I need you to just be honest.
00:55:39Be honest.
00:55:40Don't cry wolf when it's not meant to cry wolf, because when ally happens to you, baby, people are going to doubt you.
00:55:49They're going to doubt you, baby.
00:55:51You have to tell me the truth.
00:55:52I am here to protect you.
00:55:55I'm a strong woman and stand up for you and to protect you, but you've got to trust me.
00:56:00You've got to trust me, okay?
00:56:05You do not have to deal with this no more because I will handle it.
00:56:11I will handle this.
00:56:12And I did believe you in the beginning and I did do all the things I was supposed to do as a mother.
00:56:18But because you just felt like doing things that, you know, you don't have no business doing, i thought that maybe you were not telling the truth, baby.
00:56:25>> Steve: I hope this helps you, that you've been telling the truth.
00:56:28This has been going on for three years.
00:56:32It must be hard.
00:56:32I know you just want your stepdad to apologize, I guess he's not ready to do that right now.
00:56:39But the good thing is you've got a mom who's a strong woman, a great role model, and move forward.
00:56:47Good luck to you, okay?
00:56:48>> Thank you.
00:57:00--Captions by VITAC--
00:00:00You wanted her to have the child?
00:00:02>> I don't believe the abortion.
00:00:03>> Steve: So you wanted her to have the child?
00:00:06>> Yeah.
00:00:06I wanted her to have the child.
00:00:07Since then, about two months ago, I got a call.
00:00:14And it was a place, foster care, that told me that I had a son in their custody and he was up for adoption.
00:00:22And at that point I was kind of shocked.
00:00:25So they wanted me to come down for a meeting.
00:00:28So they told me that they want me to sign my rights over as parent so he can go up for adoption.
00:00:34I said no.
00:00:36>> Steve: What did you think happened after you broke up?
00:00:38Did you think she had an abortion?
00:00:41>> Yeah.
00:00:42Well, she -- I contacted her once since then, and she did tell me that she had an abortion.
00:00:47>> Steve: So you thought, well, there is no baby?
00:00:49>> Yeah.
00:00:50I thought there was no baby until they called me up and told me about it.
00:00:53>> Steve: So you had to be pretty shocked.
00:00:55Here all the time you're thinking she didn't have the baby.
00:00:58Now you found out she does have the baby?
00:01:00>> Yeah.
00:01:01>> Steve: Did you call her up and say, hey, what the hell's going on here?
00:01:03>> No.
00:01:06They had a meeting with me with her.
00:01:09And I talked to her.
00:01:10And I said, why you doing this to me?
00:01:14And I was like, you told me that you loved me and that you wanted to have a kid with me.
00:01:18I was like how you going to do this to a baby?
00:01:21She didn't have no answers.
00:01:23They still wanted us to sign our rights over.
00:01:26Which I didn't think I wanted to.
00:01:28>> Steve: You want to keep your son?
00:01:29>> Yeah.
00:01:33And -- I'm sorry.
00:01:33>> Steve: You know what?
00:01:35It's got to be -- I see that you're a little bit rattled.
00:01:37I got to imagine, you're a young guy.
00:01:39You're what, 19 years old?
00:01:40>> Yes.
00:01:41>> Steve: First of all becoming a father at 19 has got to be tough.
00:01:44You know, it can't be the easiest thing in the world.
00:01:48But to think, like, okay.
00:01:50You know, it would be like somebody coming out of the audience and saying this is your son, steve.
00:01:53I would be shocked.
00:01:55All of the sudden you have a son that you didn't know about it.
00:01:59I know it's a difficult situation where you're finding out, they're trying to get you to put the baby up for adoption.
00:02:05But when you find out that you have a son, who was going through your head?
00:02:07What was your feeling?
00:02:09>> My feeling was, like, I was shocked about it.
00:02:13But I was happy at the same time.
00:02:15Tears came from my eyes.
00:02:16Like, I was happy because it's my first kid and it's a boy at that.
00:02:21I was wanting to be there for everything.
00:02:23Cutting his umbilical cord.
00:02:24She didn't tell me.
00:02:25She told me she had an abortion.
00:02:27It was really shocking to me.
00:02:29And all I want to do is fight for him.
00:02:34And so after I told them that i wasn't going to sign my rights up for the baby, that I wanted to fight for him, they said that they had involved children and youth.
00:02:42They came and checked out my house.
00:02:45And they cleared everything.
00:02:46I took parenting classes and everything.
00:02:48They cleared it.
00:02:49And they said that I should be getting my son.
00:02:53>> Steve: When you were dating -- and your girlfriend is michelle?
00:02:57Or was michelle?
00:02:57>> Yes.
00:02:59>> Steve: How long had you been with her before she became pregnant?
00:03:03>> Probably, like, four or five months.
00:03:05>> Steve: So you were dating four or five months, and were you guys getting along?
00:03:08>> Yes.
00:03:09>> Steve: Did you get along, good relationship?
00:03:10>> Good relationship.
00:03:12>> Steve: You broke up because she wanted to have an abortion and you didn't want her to have that done?
00:03:17>> Yes.
00:03:18>> Steve: That's why you guys broke up?
00:03:19>> Yes.
00:03:20>> Steve: Do you have any feelings for michelle now?
00:03:23>> No.
00:03:25I have a girlfriend right now.
00:03:29And she's real good to me.
00:03:32We're engaged, actually.
00:03:34And we should be getting married soon.
00:03:36But we have a good relationship.
00:03:38Her family.
00:03:40Her family's been supporting me, like, the whole time with the son.
00:03:44They've been trying to help me get him.
00:03:45They've been calling up lawyers and stuff.
00:03:47>> Steve: And you've done everything you can.
00:03:48You took parenting classes, your apartment checked out.
00:03:50>> I call every day.
00:03:53>> Steve: Have you got a chance to meet your son yet?
00:03:54>> I haven't got a chance to hold him or meet him.
00:03:57All I have is a picture of him.
00:04:00>> Steve: How long have you known you've had a son?
00:04:01>> For about 2 1/2 months now.
00:04:03>> Steve: You haven't got to see your son?
00:04:05>> No.
00:04:05>> Steve: Why is that?
00:04:07>> They said that I had to wait until everything was cleared.
00:04:12And which everything has.
00:04:13And they keep telling me that the people that are holding him in the foster care have been on vacation and that the supervisors from both places have been talking.
00:04:24>> Steve: Again, you never confronted michelle?
00:04:26>> Just the one time when we had the meeting.
00:04:30>> Steve: What did you say to her?
00:04:32>> I just basically said how could she have done this, you know.
00:04:37She could have gave me -- I said please don't go through with this.
00:04:42I said, why don't you just give me the baby and let me go home with him.
00:04:45>> Steve: To take care of your son.
00:04:47>> Yeah.
00:04:47Take care of my son and be a father.
00:04:49>> Steve: What did she say.
00:04:50>> She said no.
00:04:54>> The abortion thing, yes, that idea did happen.
00:04:56I never loved you.
00:04:57And I never wanted to have a baby with you.
00:04:59>> Steve: What are we going to do now?
00:05:01>> Steve: On the morning of june 14th, 2007, THE BODY OF 22-Year-old jennifer nielsen was found by behind a gas station.
00:05:08>> We need your help to help us catch this guy.
00:05:10The police have done everything they can.
00:05:11They need your help.
00:07:35>> The problem with the american dream for families around marriages is that you can get so busy chasing the dream, you can lose each other in the process.
00:07:46>> Amazes me I could go from loving someone to absolutely hating someone so much.
00:07:51>> I said gina I am done with this marriage.
00:07:55>> How in the world is something good going to come out of that?
00:08:00>> How do >> Steve: Why won't she give you your son?
00:08:23>> I guess she believes I'm not the right person to be his father.
00:08:29>> Steve: But you are the father.
00:08:35>> Yeah.
00:08:39>> Steve: Not whether you're right.
00:08:43Well, if she's putting the baby up for adoption, she must feel she's not the right person to be the mother, right?
00:08:51>> Yeah, that's true.
00:08:53The first -- the first thing that got me was -- >> Steve: Why would she give away her own baby?
00:08:56>> I can't even really answer that.
00:08:58But I know the first time when she had her first kid, she was going to put her first one up for adoption.
00:09:05The first baby she had was up for adoption.
00:09:07But she decided to keep it, i guess.
00:09:08>> Steve: Now she has another one and this one, let's put this one up for adoption?
00:09:11>> Yeah.
00:09:15>> Steve: Doesn't that strike you as kind of likwhy is she having babies?
00:09:19>> Yeah.
00:09:20>> Steve: If she's just going to have babies to give them away to other people, to strangers?
00:09:23>> Yeah.
00:09:25>> Steve: Again, if she doesn't want her baby, why wouldn't she give it to the father?
00:09:28If you're saying, hey, I'm stepping up to the plate, I want my son, give me my baby, why wouldn't she give you your baby?
00:09:44>> A thing that kind of shocked me was when I went down there, they were trying to say that -- for me to sign over my rights.
00:09:53But the thing that really shocked me was that my name ain't on the birth certificate.
00:09:59And I said so why are you guys trying to get me to sign over my rights if you're saying I ain't the father now.
00:10:04They kept giving me two different stories.
00:10:05I was and I wasn't.
00:10:07They kept switching up stories on me.
00:10:09Everything's been shocking to me.
00:10:12I've been having a hard time with everything, coping with everything.
00:10:16I've been calling, trying to get everything straightened out.
00:10:18But they keep giving me the runaround.
00:10:23>> Steve: You ready to be a father?
00:10:24>> Yes.
00:10:25[ Applause ] >> Steve: And this is a picture of your son.
00:10:38>> Yeah.
00:10:42>> Steve: Do you know your son's name?
00:10:44>> I mean, on his birth certificate, because she didn't give him a name when he was born, it says baby boy [ bleep ].
00:10:51But they gave him the name nathan, the foster family which he's been staying with.
00:10:57Which I decided to keep him if i get him.
00:10:58Because I like the name.
00:11:00That's the only thing I've seen.
00:11:06>> Steve: When I see you look at your son, I can see, like, pain come over you.
00:11:23>> There's a lot of pain.
00:11:24I just want to be there for him.
00:11:28I just -- I want to see him grow up.
00:11:31I want to take him to school.
00:11:32I want to be there for his games.
00:11:34I want to be there for everything for him.
00:11:36I want to -- I want to tell him I love him.
00:11:39Like, I used to say, like, it's funny.
00:11:41But I used to say that I love him to the picture.
00:11:44Pray that he will come.
00:11:46That he'll come to me.
00:11:49It's hard.
00:11:52>> Steve: It's nice to hear a young man take it so seriously, wants to be responsible, that kind of gets the importance, the magnitude of having a child.
00:12:05Have so many people on my show that just it means nothing to them.
00:12:07They don't care about their children.
00:12:10So I just want to say it's refreshing to have somebody like you.
00:12:13[ Applause ] >> Steve: Now, hopefully, the best part is that you'll get to be his father like you said.
00:12:28I'm going to bring michelle out.
00:12:32I'm sure you've got some questions for her.
00:12:34So let's bring out the woman that had your baby and she didn't tell you about it.
00:12:37Let's bring out michelle.
00:12:41>> I never told you about the baby because you can't take care of him.
00:12:45>> Steve: You want to keep your son?
00:12:46>> Yeah.
00:12:46>> Steve: What gives you the right to decide whether he's ready to be a father or not?
00:12:50>> Steve: The body of 22-year-old jennifer nielsen was found behind a gas station.
00:12:52She was 8 1/2 months pregnant.
00:12:55>> We need your help to help us catch this guy.
00:12:58The police have done everything they can.
00:12:59They need your help.
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00:16:13>> Steve: Let's bring out michelle.
00:16:17>> First of all, shawn -- >> no.
00:16:19You need to -- I am ready to have a baby.
00:16:23I'm ready to raise it.
00:16:25>> I already have a child.
00:16:27You don't know how hard it is.
00:16:28>> You're not around for her.
00:16:29When I was with you -- >> what do you mean?
00:16:34>> When I was with you all you used to do was go out and party.
00:16:35That's all you did.
00:16:38>> Go out and party?
00:16:38>> You had your family watch the kid for you.
00:16:40That's all you did.
00:16:41I'm ready to be a father.
00:16:42I got a good house.
00:16:44I got a good everything now.
00:16:46That baby's going to go home with me, live a life like me, live better like me.
00:16:57>> About the thing that I loved you, I never loved you and i never wanted to have a baby with you.
00:17:02>> Okay.
00:17:03>> We were only together for not even two months, shawn.
00:17:06>> Oh, that's it?
00:17:08>> It was a mistake.
00:17:09And I just wanted to get past it.
00:17:13>> That's not what you told me.
00:17:14You was over at my house every day.
00:17:15If you didn't love me, you was over at my house every day.
00:17:19You wasn't over at my house every day?
00:17:20>> I think you're delusional.
00:17:21That's what I think.
00:17:24>> You told me you love me, you told me you wanted to have a kid with me.
00:17:28Then if I ain't mistaken you told me you wanted to have an abortion because your [ bleep ] told you that would be best.
00:17:34>> Okay.
00:17:35>> Then I told you -- >> that never happened.
00:17:37>> Tt idea did happen but my [ bleep ] was never okay with that.
00:17:44That's why it didn't happen.
00:17:46>> Okay.
00:17:47And then you go and place him in services up for adoption?
00:17:51>> Yes.
00:17:52To give him a better life, shawn.
00:17:53>> He can have a better life with me.
00:17:54I'm his father!
00:17:56That's a good life.
00:17:58That's a good life here with me.
00:18:01>> Why did you bring me on this show to tell me this?
00:18:05>> Because you're the one -- >> no, no, no, no.
00:18:07It is not my decision to give the baby to you or not.
00:18:09It is not my decision.
00:18:11>> You're the one who put me and this baby through this.
00:18:13>> Steve: You did make decisions where you took it out of his hands, right?
00:18:17What right do you have not to, one, tell him you got rid of the baby when you didn't.
00:18:22Why wouldn't you tell him, yeah, I'm pregnant, I'm going to have the baby.
00:18:26He's the father of the child.
00:18:27What gives you the right to tell him otherwise?
00:18:36>> She don't have no reason to tell me otherwise.
00:18:38>> Steve: No, no, no, no.
00:18:39I want to know.
00:18:39What gives you the right to tell him I'm not going to tell you i had a baby and I'm going to give it up for adoption.
00:18:45>> He wasn't ready.
00:18:46He has no idea.
00:18:48>> Steve: Are you ready?
00:18:50>> Yes.
00:18:52>> Steve: If you're ready, why are you giving your baby away?
00:19:04I'm sorry.
00:19:05I didn't hear that last part.
00:19:07>> I don't have enough money to take care of another baby.
00:19:09>> Steve: Okay.
00:19:10So you can't responsibly take care of another child?
00:19:13>> No, I can't.
00:19:14>> Steve: Then why are you getting pregnant and having more children, then?
00:19:19>> [ Bleep ].
00:19:21>> Steve: Because what?
00:19:22>> A mistake.
00:19:23>> Steve: A mistake?
00:19:24>> Everybody has mistakes.
00:19:25>> Steve: Everything has mistakes?
00:19:27>> I did the right thing to give the baby up for adoption because shawn -- >> Steve: Who says that's the right thing.
00:19:31Here's the man who got you pregnant.
00:19:33He says he wants this baby.
00:19:35>> I say it's the right thing.
00:19:36>> Steve: Does he have no say?
00:19:37Only the woman has the say?
00:19:39Doesn't a man have equal right to his child?
00:19:46>> Yes.
00:19:46He does.
00:19:48>> Steve: Then why did you steal that away from him.
00:19:51>> Maybe because he was nowhere to be found.
00:19:54What was I supposed to do?
00:19:57>> Steve: Well, you told him you were getting rid of the baby.
00:20:00>> That's what I wanted to do with the baby.
00:20:02>> Steve: But you didn't.
00:20:02>> I didn't.
00:20:04>> Steve: You have one child already, right?
00:20:06>> Yes.
00:20:07>> Steve: How come you didn't give that baby away?
00:20:10>> I thought I was ready.
00:20:12>> Steve: But you're keeping that one?
00:20:15>> Yeah.
00:20:16It's old enough now.
00:20:18>> Steve: Oh, so when they get to be old enough, then that's a good time to keep them?
00:20:20>> No.
00:20:21I've had her.
00:20:22>> Steve: I'm not trying to be mean here.
00:20:24But I want to know how you make decisions of which babies you have that you'll keep one but give another one away.
00:20:31>> I was young.
00:20:32I was selfish.
00:20:33I didn't know what I was getting into, really.
00:20:36I thought it was going to be easy.
00:20:37I really did.
00:20:38>> Steve: And it was very hard, right?
00:20:40>> It was.
00:20:40It was very hard.
00:20:41>> Steve: Okay.
00:20:42So then you had a baby.
00:20:42You discovered, wow, I'm 17 or 18 years old, right, when you had your first baby?
00:20:46This is very tough?
00:20:48>> Uh-huh.
00:20:50>> Steve: Then how do you put yourself in the same boat right afterwards again?
00:20:54How do you end up being pregnant again, not ready to take care of a child?
00:21:00The first time, yeah, you made a mistake.
00:21:02The second time don't you learn from your mistakes, be a little smarter?
00:21:06Maybe use protected sex so you don't bring children in?
00:21:15>> You're right.
00:21:16I was irresponsible.
00:21:18And I thought it was the best thing for the baby.
00:21:21>> Steve: When you were seeing him, what did you think of him as a guy?
00:21:25>> I -- I still think he's nice.
00:21:26>> Steve: You think he's a nice guy?
00:21:27>> He is a nice guy.
00:21:28>> Steve: Good guy?
00:21:29>> Yeah.
00:21:30I never bad mouthed him.
00:21:32I don't know why the adoption place said I did. .
00:21:34>> Steve: If he's a good guy and a nice guy, why wouldn't you say, like he said, why wouldn't you say, well, you want the baby?
00:21:40You're the father.
00:21:41You're a nice guy.
00:21:42You're a good guy.
00:21:43Here's your son.
00:21:49>> I thought adoption would be the best thing for him.
00:21:51>> Steve: Babies are not disposable.
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00:24:56>> Steve: What gives you the right to decide whether he's ready to be a father or not?
00:24:59What gives you the right?
00:25:04I think the moment you're sleeping with him and having unprotected sex, I think you're giving that guy the right to be a father.
00:25:10You know, babies are not disposable.
00:25:22And, you know, once you have a baby, I don't think you say they're mistakes.
00:25:26They're human beings, by your action, and I think you know -- did you plan on it, no.
00:25:33You know damn well going in if you're having sex, there's a good chance you might have a child.
00:25:38Let's face it.
00:25:39We know that's why you do it.
00:25:40Babies are made that way.
00:25:41You don't need sex-ed steve wilkos class.
00:25:44But I see pain on this guy's face.
00:25:55I mean, when he looked at the picture of his son, and the sorrow of not having his child.
00:25:59And you, you're just like, well, I'm not ready for this one.
00:26:04And this one's old enough.
00:26:06>> That's not even how it is.
00:26:08>> Steve: Well, you tell me how it is then.
00:26:10>> I thought I was ready.
00:26:12And I really wasn't.
00:26:14It was hard.
00:26:15And I realized that.
00:26:16And then when I got pregnant again, I thought adoption would be the best thing for him.
00:26:23>> Steve: Okay.
00:26:24I understand that you thought adoption would be a good thing.
00:26:27But don't you have a moral obligation to at least discuss it with this man before you open up that door?
00:26:35[ Applause ] >> Steve: How about when you're having the baby?
00:26:44Wouldn't you say, hey, I'm going into labor.
00:26:45You might want to be here.
00:26:48>> I didn't know where he was.
00:26:48I didn't know his number.
00:26:50>> Steve: Did you try?
00:26:53At one point when you decided that you weren't going to have an abortion, did you make any effort to say, hey, I'm going to have the baby.
00:26:59I'm going to let you know how.
00:27:00>> How was I supposed to let him know when I had no idea where he was.
00:27:05>> You call.
00:27:06>> Steve: It's just excuses to say I didn't want to tell him.
00:27:08Why don't you just tell the truth.
00:27:11You didn't make any effort.
00:27:13You weren't going to plan on telling him.
00:27:16You were just going to do whatever you chose -- you wanted to do.
00:27:20Well, he's not ready to be a father.
00:27:21I'm making that decision.
00:27:23Well, you know you're not ready to be a mother to another child.
00:27:25Again, how about showing some damn responsibility?
00:27:28[ Applause ] >> I'm pretty sure I did the responsible thing.
00:27:34That baby deserves a better life.
00:27:37>> Steve: If you're not ready to take care of children, then you shouldn't be having them.
00:27:40That's not responsible to get pregnant and then try to give your kids away.
00:27:48That's not responsible.
00:27:50>> That wasn't the plan.
00:27:51It wasn't planned.
00:27:53>> Steve: What was the plan?
00:27:54>> There was no plan.
00:27:55The baby wasn't planned at all.
00:27:56>> Steve: Well, that's not being responsible.
00:27:58>> Right, I was irresponsible.
00:27:58We both were.
00:28:02>> Steve: You say you can't find him.
00:28:04You know, oh, my god, he's in the himalayas.
00:28:06Who knows where he's at.
00:28:07He's hiking alaska.
00:28:11You found him when you needed him to sign the papers.
00:28:13>> I didn't find him.
00:28:15>> Steve: Somebody found him.
00:28:15>> Yeah.
00:28:17>> Steve: Because of some action you took.
00:28:19How were they able to find him.
00:28:19They don't even know him.
00:28:21>> I don't even know.
00:28:22I didn't even remember shawn's last name.
00:28:24I don't know how they found him.
00:28:28>> Steve: You were just having sex with some guy, you didn't even know his last name?
00:28:30>> No.
00:28:32>> Steve: What does that speak of you?
00:28:37>> I knew his last name.
00:28:38I just didn't know how to pronounce it.
00:28:43>> Steve: Are you -- are you kidding me?
00:28:46>> No.
00:28:47I'm not [ bleep ] kidding you.
00:28:48>> Steve: What's your last name.
00:28:50>> [ Bleep ] [ bleep ].
00:28:51He told me his last name once when we first met.
00:28:55>> Steve: Well, then don't sleep with him until you know how to say it!
00:28:57[ Applause ] >> Steve: I'm looking at you, right?
00:29:08And I want to -- I want to show my daughter, this is exactly what I don't want you to be when you're 16, 17, 18, 19.
00:29:15[ Applause ] >> if you didn't know how to get in contact with me, why would you call my friends and tell them that you had an abortion?
00:29:29And not only that, you told them how to contact me.
00:29:31They told me that you told them that I was on probation.
00:29:34That's how they contacted me.
00:29:35Through probation.
00:29:36Obviously you knew how to contact me.
00:29:41>> First of all, I don't know any of your friends except one.
00:29:44I never talk to him.
00:29:46The only reason why I told them you were on probation was so they could find you.
00:29:54>> Okay.
00:29:56This don't make no sense.
00:29:57Why would these people tell me that you came to them and they said they saw you.
00:30:02And you told them, tell shawn when you see him that I got an abortion.
00:30:05Why would they say that?
00:30:08>> Who [ bleep ]?
00:30:12I don't know who either.
00:30:13Because I don't know any of your friends.
00:30:14>> Steve: You made no effort at all to tell him you're keeping the baby and that you were going to have the baby a give him the option of actually being in the delivery room?
00:30:21And put his name on the birth certificate.
00:30:24Maybe give him a chance to name his own son.
00:30:29That baby boy.
00:30:32You didn't give him that option, right?
00:30:34>> No.
00:30:35>> Steve: And why didn't you give him that option?
00:30:40And you feel like getting -- this good guy, in your own words.
00:30:43He's a good guy.
00:30:45Would be nice if you knew his last name.
00:30:47Guy you're sleeping with.
00:30:50What's your last name again?
00:30:56But you think that giving some stranger a baby is a better idea than the own father who comes out here and expresses that he really wants his son.
00:31:06That's -- giving somebody that you have no idea who it's going to be, but you won't give it to his own father?
00:31:10That's a better idea?
00:31:13>> I don't know.
00:31:19>> Steve: June 14th, 2007, the body of 22-year-old jennifer nielsen was found behind a gas station.
00:31:25She was 8 1/2 months pregnant.
00:33:19>> The problem with the american dream for families around marriages is that you can get so busy chasing the dream, you can lose each other in the process.
00:33:29>> Amazes me I could go from loving someone to absolutely hating someone so much.
00:33:35>> I said gina I am done with this marriage.
00:33:38>> How in the world is something good going to come out of that?
00:33:44>> How do >> Steve: At some point are you going to take it seriously, the fact of having sex with men that you are playing with little lives here?
00:34:07And you're bringing this life into the world, the greatest thing in the world, and my god, we're not really knowing who's going to take care of this baby, who's going to -- who's really going to love a child more than the own father, the own mother?
00:34:23You made a mistake.
00:34:24And I want him to get his son.
00:34:26I don't know who's in your life being a mentor or a father figure to you or if you have a father.
00:34:31But I'm trying to get across to you right now is you should hold yourself in higher regard.
00:34:39Don't let anybody have you as a woman to enjoy you as a woman until they give something of themselves to you.
00:34:45Some respect.
00:34:45Some caring.
00:34:47Some love.
00:34:48[ Applause ] >> Steve: I almost want to tell everybody.
00:34:56Treat every baby like an atomic bomb.
00:35:00That's how -- that's how dangerous the situation can be if it's not handled properly.
00:35:04You're playing with somebody's life.
00:35:07It's got to be -- it's got to be the act that's taken most seriously on this planet.
00:35:10[ Applause ] >> Steve: And I'm -- I'm talking to you now like I would talk to my own daughter.
00:35:20Like you are my daughter.
00:35:22I'm telling you, take care of the child that you have.
00:35:27Don't start sleeping with other guys.
00:35:30If you're going to get in a relationship, make sure it's long term.
00:35:34Sleep with somebody that's going to care about you, that loves you.
00:35:36That's going to be committed to you.
00:35:38[ Applause ] >> Steve: You're an attractive girl.
00:35:47I'm sure you're a smart girl.
00:35:49But you're not using your brain.
00:35:51And you're making a lot of bad decisions right now.
00:35:54And you're causing -- you're going to cause pain for your children.
00:35:56You're causing pain to this guy.
00:35:58And even yourself, you're causing pain to yourself.
00:36:03Do you have anything you want to say to him at all?
00:36:07>> Sorry.
00:36:10I shouldn't have judged you so quickly.
00:36:14I shouldn't have lied to you.
00:36:15I'm sorry.
00:36:17>> Sorry ain't going to ever change anything that's already done.
00:36:22That's not going to help me see my son for the first five months that I missed.
00:36:27That's not going to help me say I love you to him every night, tucking him into bed or holding him and squeezing him and do everything with him that I want to do.
00:36:37I dream about that stuff every night.
00:36:41My [ bleep ] wasn't there for me.
00:36:42You know this.
00:36:44I want to be there for him.
00:36:46You know, because who can raise him better than me?
00:36:49Not a foster family.
00:36:53I'm the real -- I'm the father.
00:36:54He looks just like me.
00:36:59That's all I got to really say.
00:37:02Sorry can't change nothing.
00:37:04>> Steve: No, it can't change things.
00:37:06But the truth of it is, if you get your son, if you get custody, it'll be up to you whether you let her be part of his life.
00:37:14I'm not telling you what to do with that.
00:37:17That's certainly something more even if you opened your mind up to it more than what she gave you.
00:37:24But I hope you walk away from this show, and I hope you do think about your actions in the future.
00:37:29And I would hope that you would take the responsibility of having children a lot more seriously.
00:37:38The good news is, you get to see your son in one week, right?
00:37:40You're going to meet him.
00:37:41[ Cheers and applause ] >> Steve: Well, we're going to send our cameras, we're going to tape it.
00:37:56We're going to see this reunion, this joyous occasion between you and your son.
00:38:03And I'm -- I'm envious of you for that first time feeling to see your son.
00:38:15So we're going to follow up.
00:38:16And we're going to follow with you on how things go with your son.
00:38:20But both of you, both of you, work, work at being good parents.
00:38:24How you're talking now, there might be hurt feelings.
00:38:27You talk to each other civilly now.
00:38:29Don't act like children anymore.
00:38:37You are children.
00:38:37But you can't be -- you're both.
00:38:39You gave away your childhood because now you're parents.
00:38:44If you want to be a parent, you don't -- so you really focus on -- and I hope you really mean it, what you're saying up here.
00:38:54And I believe it.
00:38:55I can feel it in you.
00:38:56You want to be a good father.
00:38:57You want to take care of your son.
00:39:00And I hope you do that.
00:39:02And I certainly hope -- you might not like me, and you might not like the way, what I said to you.
00:39:09But, honestly, it's the best advice and it's the same advice I'd give my own daughter of what I told you.
00:39:15All right?
00:39:16[ Applause ] ♪♪♪♪
00:39:37>> well, today is the day I get to go get my son.
00:39:39He's coming home for the first time.
00:39:41I've been getting stuff for him, setting up, cleaning, doing what I need to do to get him.
00:39:46Get things right around my house.
00:39:48I put together a crib for him.
00:39:49I put together his bouncer for him.
00:39:53Washing clothes for him.
00:39:54Working on being a dad.
00:39:54And I'm ready.
00:40:10>> when they handed me my son, i felt reassured that he's coming home with me.
00:40:14And I felt better that he's going to be with me and that i could finally take care of him and show him the loving that he needs.
00:40:22I can't wait until he goes to school.
00:40:25Feels like a dream.
00:40:28A month ago I didn't know I had a kid.
00:40:31I found out I have a kid.
00:40:32And everything has turned around.
00:40:36I probably wldn't be feeling like this right now if this would have happened in the first place.
00:40:40People took that away from me.
00:40:40I've got him now.
00:40:42It's everything I've been wishing for and waiting for.
00:40:51I'm a dad.
00:41:02>> thank you, steve.
00:41:05For helping me get my son.
00:41:06He'd say thank you if he could talk to you.
00:41:09So -- say thank you.
00:41:13Love you, buddy.
00:41:18>> Steve: On the morning of june 14th, 2007, THE BODY OF 22-Year-old jennifer nielsen was found behind a gas station.
00:41:23She was 8 1/2 months pregnant.
00:41:26>> We need your help to help us catch this guy.
00:41:28The police have done everything they can.
00:41:30change the course of history - what if modern science had never advanced - what if there were no hospitals - what if human rights did not exist - what if there was no compassion, no hope - what if jesus had never been born?
00:44:23 james kennedy to find out - this week.
00:44:51>> Steve: It's time to take your stance where you give me answers to today's big question.
00:44:55If a parent hasn't been paying child support, should they still be allowed to see their child?
00:44:58Dial 888-994-5567.
00:45:06Tell me what you think.
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00:45:09Show me where you stand and call >> Steve: On the morning of june 14th, 2007, THE BODY OF 22-Year-old jennifer nielsen was found behind a gas station where she was delivering newspapers.
00:45:31She was 8 1/2 months pregnant.
00:45:34She had suffered several stab wounds, including a fatal blow to the neck.
00:45:40The attack also took the life of her unborn son, ethan, due in two weeks.
00:45:46Jen's husband and two young sons were waiting patiently for her to come home that morning.
00:45:50Instead they were greeted by detectives who delivered news that would shatter their lives.
00:45:55This is the 911 call.
00:46:00>> 911 Emergency.
00:46:02>> Yeah.
00:46:03I don't know if this is an emergency or not.
00:46:06There's a car sitting in front of a newspaper box.
00:46:09I can tell there's no newspaper delivery guy.
00:46:13The lights are on inside the car.
00:46:16The papers are lying on the ground inside the car.
00:46:18I rode around the building to see if he was outside the building or anything.
00:46:21I don't see anybody by the building.
00:46:23>> The car was empty?
00:46:24>> The car was empty.
00:46:25It was funny because the light was on inside the car.
00:46:28The car was pulled up in front of his paper box.
00:46:31>> You said you're calling from a pay phone?
00:46:32>> Yeah.
00:46:33I'm at the [ bleep ] gas station on south side.
00:46:37The car has utah license plates on it.
00:46:40>> What kind of car is it?
00:46:41>> It's a honda civic.
00:46:43>> Color on it?
00:46:44>> Gray.
00:46:45>> We'll get somebody to go out there and check on him, okay?
00:46:47>> All right.
00:47:15>> Steve: I'm sitting with the father of that girl that was brutally murdered.
00:47:18Tell me what happened that day.
00:47:20>> Well, my daughter was out doing her newspaper route for " and when she apparently pulled up to load the newspaper box with that day's newspapers, somebody jumped her.
00:47:36Took her behind the building and stabbed her to death.
00:47:44>> Steve: It's got to even be painful every time that -- i know you're here, and we're trying to make aware the public of what happened and maybe catch the killer.
00:47:52But every time that you do this, ere time you listen to that 911 call, it must be awfully painful for you.
00:47:56>> Doesn't get any easier.
00:47:58It's been a long two years.
00:47:59Tough two years.
00:48:04>> Steve: Tell me a little bit about your daughter.
00:48:07>> You know, my daughter was one of those people that was the life of the party.
00:48:13She would walk in.
00:48:14She would expect everybody to take notice of her.
00:48:17She was bubbly.
00:48:18She was fun.
00:48:19She had a great people personality.
00:48:21And she just wanted to be the center of attention.
00:48:23She was a great kid.
00:48:27>> Steve: God, I can't even imagine.
00:48:31And what's the latest information regarding the case?
00:48:34>> Well, as of right now, we've got dna.
00:48:37They've got a lot of evidence.
00:48:39But we have a sketch of a person of interest.
00:48:42We've got some eyewitnesses that saw this person of interest.
00:48:46And right now we need the public's help to help us find this person.
00:48:53>> Steve: And you've made it your mission to catch this person that has done this to your daughter.
00:48:58What have you done to help catch this killer?
00:49:02>> We've done everything that we can to keep this in the public eye and in the local media.
00:49:06And for the nation, for that matter.
00:49:08We've beaten down doors.
00:49:10We've talked to everybody that we can.
00:49:13We've canvassed the area.
00:49:14We've put out thousands and thousands of fliers.
00:49:17We've had candle light vigils.
00:49:18I do speeches as many times as i can.
00:49:23I try to get out in the public or in the news as much as i possibly can to keep my daughter's case in the public eye.
00:49:32Because I need the help of the public right now in order to catch this killer.
00:49:39>> Steve: I'm happy that we can help you in any way.
00:49:45And I really hope that somebody out there watching has some information and that the person that did this is brought to justice.
00:49:52We're going to give out all the information about the suspect to our viewers.
00:49:56But you haven't, because of the situation, your son-in-law and your grandsons have lived out of state.
00:50:06It's been a rough time for you.
00:50:08You haven't seen them in a long time, right?
00:50:15>> I haven't seen them for almost a year now.
00:50:20>> Steve: Before we bring your son-in-law and your grandsons out, is there anything that you want to -- you want to make a plea to the people that might be watching at home?
00:50:34>> I really do.
00:50:35I ask for the public's help.
00:50:36I ask everyone that lives in the raleigh area, in north carolina, anyone in the country, for that matter, we have a sketch of a person of interest.
00:50:39We neeyour help to help us catch this guy.
00:50:41The police have done everything they can.
00:50:42They need your help.
00:50:42We have a website right now that we've brought up so people can find the sketch.
00:50:44So people can find out all the information about what we're trying to do and what we keep doing.
00:50:47I just need everybody's help.
00:50:47Think if this was your daughter.
00:50:48Just need help, really.
00:51:54Audience: you suck!
00:51:55You suck!
00:51:55You suck!
00:53:37>> Steve: Even as a policeman I'm dealing with these types of situations, but now as a father sitting next to a father i really can't imagine the pain you must be suffering.
00:53:41The only thing that really, i think, will help you is if that person is brought to justice.
00:53:45You haven't seen your son-in-law and grandsons in over a year.
00:53:49We wanted to bring them here so maybe bring a little bit of happiness in your life for right now.
00:53:57Let's bring them out.
00:53:58[ Applause ] >> hi, buddy!
00:54:10Hi, caden!
00:54:17>> Papa!
00:54:19>> Hi.
00:54:20You guys look good.
00:54:21Can I have a kiss?
00:54:27>> Steve: Nice to see grandpa?
00:54:30>> Uh-huh.
00:54:32>> Steve: Well, for the people watching at home, I would like to say that this is a -- this is an important one.
00:54:38This is something that we can do with this show.
00:54:42These two little boys and this man here, they've lost their mother.
00:54:45They've lost their wife.
00:54:46A man lost his daughter.
00:54:48I would certainly hope that if anybody did have any information, that they would come forward and help solve this horrible, horrible crime.
00:55:00Again, if there's anything that we can do, I hope this helps.
00:55:02I hope this helps your family.
00:55:03And I hope it brings this killer to justice.
00:55:09>> I just thank you for having us on the show and allowing us to get back in the public eye.
00:55:13It's only going to take one phone call to solve this case.
00:55:17And it's going to be from somebody out in the public that knows something that's willing to come forward.
00:55:23I mean, we have a reward.
00:55:24I would like nothing better than to pay somebody for them to come up and give us a clue and the information that we need.
00:55:33>> Steve: Well, thank you for coming.
00:55:34And hopefully we can help your family.
00:55:36>> Thank you very much.
00:55:37[ Applause ] >> Steve: Good luck to you.
00:55:46Good luck.
00:55:56>> Steve: There's a $15,000 reward for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of jenna nielsen's killer.
00:56:03The suspect is described as being male, 5'3", 120 pounds, 17 to 20 years of age.
00:56:10He was wearing a black sleeveless t-shirt, baggy blue jean shorts with no belt.
00:56:12Very skinny.
00:56:17Slender face.
00:56:18No apparent facial hair and light skin.
00:56:23He is believed to be hispanic.
00:56:25If you have any information, please call 919-227-6220.
00:56:30Or visit
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