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00:00:05>> Are you going to be going to rehab?
00:00:07>> Justin fleeing panama, his girlfriend lashing out.
00:00:10What she's calling a giant lie today and why cops are about to tighten the noose on bieber.
00:00:17>>> New celebrity baby scandal.
00:00:19>> The movie star accused of secretly fathering a love child.
00:00:23>>> Christie brinkley rocking a bathing suit at 60 on the cover of "people".
00:00:27>> MY SWINGING 60s.
00:00:29>> Christie talks cosmetic surgery and why she refused to pose in a bikini.
00:00:34>>> "Extra" is on super bowl countdown.
00:00:37>> Kate updown doing the victor cruz salsa, plus the five hottest couples in the nfl.
00:00:41>> He looks so good naked.
00:00:44>>> Then miley lap dancing with women and doing a naughty new duet with madonna.
00:00:52>> You see her doing this hoedown thing with me now.
00:00:54>>> Plus, "dancing's" craziest couple tony and leah reunited and roasting each other.
00:01:02>> That might be a little embarrassing!
00:01:04>> This is "extra," universal studios hollywood, the entertainment capital of l.a.
00:01:09>> Hey, everyone, welcome to " I'm mario lopez.
00:01:11>> And I'm maria menounos.
00:01:13Coming up, the "people" magazine cover all of america will be talking about, christie brinkley in a swimsuit at 60.
00:01:22The one thing she admits isn't real about her looks, coming up.
00:01:26>>> But first, the biebs has come home, and his troubles are just getting started.
00:01:30Here's jerry.
00:01:31>> The biebs under siege.
00:01:32>> Hey, justin.
00:01:33>> His model gal pal under fire.
00:01:35>> So are you guys a couple now?
00:01:37>> The two face the cameras and new questions.
00:01:42New video, justin escaping panama but not the paparazzi.
00:01:44>> Are you going to be going to rehab when you get back to the states?
00:01:47>> And not the police.
00:01:50News breaking today they've gone to court to get their hands on videos of bieber in that lamborghini trying to nail down their case.
00:01:57>> There she is.
00:01:58There she is.
00:02:00>> How was panama?
00:02:03>> The woman who was with him for his intervention vacation arriving home to miami also refusing to talk.
00:02:07>> Is he out of control?
00:02:08>> Chantel jeffries on damage control, blasting stories she's got a long rap sheet and tried to sell jb out for 20 grand.
00:02:17Jb releasing this sneak peek of his new video for "confident," drew says music should be the last thing on justin's mind now.
00:02:26>> Work has to stop, and treatment needs to be the focus of the next probably three to six months regardless of what the actual circumstance is.
00:02:34>>> Hugh grant's stunning new secret revealed, a secret love child with this swedish business exec?
00:02:43"The sun" claiming hugh's baby was born in december 2012 but grant's paternity only revealed when his name appeared on the birth certificate just last month.
00:02:50>>> Newly single.
00:02:53Newly dating?
00:02:56Heidi klum's breakup revenge, looking this good at her first public appearance since splitting from her bodyguard boyfriend.
00:03:04Justin's ex selena gomez joining her at last night's stand up to cancer event.
00:03:08Today conflicting reports the 21-year-old is dating 17-year-old austin mahone set up by none other than selena's bff taylor swift.
00:03:18>>> Tomorrow?
00:03:18>> A little birdie told me you might have a new friend in your life, selena.
00:03:23>> Really?
00:03:23" >>> of course, the big trending story over in new york and new jersey is the super bowl.
00:03:29>> Yeah.
00:03:31They've transformed broadway into super bowl boulevard.
00:03:39That's where a.j. is right now.
00:03:41>> Hey, guys, front page of the post today, superman peyton manning of course, a big story line.
00:03:43The other big headline the weather.
00:03:44However, the cold not ruining our fun out here.
00:03:46Wish me luck.
00:03:53I'm about to go down the taboggen run right now.
00:03:55>> The height machine officially turned up to 11.
00:03:56"Extra" covering every angle of super bowl xlviii, everyone from front page peyton to end zone dancing kate upton ready for sunday's big game.
00:04:07Upton spiking her designer bag in this behind-the-scenes video from her vogue shoot and stealing some salsa moves from giants receiver victor cruz, who is excited the game n his town.
00:04:19>> A little bittersweet because you're not in it.
00:04:20>> Obviously we would be loving to play with the game.
00:04:24>> Cruz hanging with our hilaria baldwin at time warner cable's new interactive new york studios.
00:04:35>> We'll be in this very venue with about 300 boys and girls club kids just talking to them about the importance of staying in school.
00:04:42>> Fox nfl sunday hanging with a.j.
00:04:43>> What do you think about the game being played in new york/new jersey?
00:04:45>> It's historic because it's the first cold weather outdoor stadium.
00:04:50It's because it's new york and it adds an energy, an element that nowhere else has.
00:04:52>> We're going right to the top for our game day forecast.
00:04:54>> I'm not going to the competition with you.
00:04:55>> The weather channel's sam callaway in a walk-off on h&m's virtual cat walk.
00:05:00>> I think we've got a great game.
00:05:02I think we've got temperatures IN THE 30s AT KICKOFF, LIGHT Wind, not much precip.
00:05:07>> Polar vortex or not, a full house expected for the game.
00:05:08Well, this full house a little different.
00:05:11What's up, guys?
00:05:14>> Hey, mario, it's john stamos, bob saget, and dave cowlier.
00:05:21We're doing our commercial for oikos yogurt.
00:05:22I think it's pretty funny.
00:05:23>> Very funny.
00:05:24>> You heard the man.
00:05:24Take those pants off.
00:05:26That's going to stain.
00:05:28>>> Well, also on super bowl sunday, christie brinkley makes it to the sixth level and is turning 60 years old.
00:05:33And she looks amazing.
00:05:34>> Yes, she does.
00:05:35Check her out on the new cover of "people" magazine, looking unbelievable.
00:05:39>> Wow.
00:05:40>> Also big happy birthday to oprah who turns 60 today.
00:05:44And we're breaking down how 60 is the new 40 in hollywood.
00:05:47>> Brand-new video, christie in stilettos, a sweater and nothing else.
00:05:53This is the big 6-omg.
00:05:57>> I'm actually calling it my SWINGING 60s.
00:05:59I really feel like I've finally come into my prime.
00:06:02>> Brinkley's stunning swimsuit body grabbing the "people" cover, refusing to wear a bikini so she wouldn't embarrass her kids.
00:06:09Though not much has changed in 30 years.
00:06:14>> The best anti-aging secrets i can say is to add a little hair.
00:06:17>> Her hair to wear extensions the only thing fake on this beauty.
00:06:21She says never say never about plastic surgery and does get once-a-month noninvasive facials.
00:06:25The secret to this body?
00:06:29A mostly vegan diet, and she does zumba.
00:06:33>> I was just zumbaing, moving around and doing my rumba.
00:06:38" how does the $3 billion woman celebrate a milestone birthday?
00:06:41>> Originally I was going to do a big la dee diaw and then i decided nah.
00:06:50>> No pics, workers at o's estate getting ready for a scaled down celebration.
00:06:54Oprah kicking off this decade with a killer spin class.
00:07:01>> Another star turning 60 this year, howard stern.
00:07:03I'll be at his star-packed birthday party in new york this friday.
00:07:06I can't wait.
00:07:08It will be such a blow without.
00:07:09>> A blast right there.
00:07:09>>> Well, it wasn't his birthday, but the video of vin diesel celebrating a milestone has gone viral.
00:07:19>> Yeah.
00:07:19Vin posting the video on his facebook page, dancing to katy " seconds after, social media went crazy saying vin had to be drunk or it was accidentally leaked.
00:07:31None of that is true.
00:07:31He made the video for his fans because his movie "riddick" was the top selling dvd of the week.
00:07:34Today katy perry tweeted her approval, a simple yes, vin diesel.
00:07:38>> You know, I never thought I'd see that side of vin diesel, lip-syncing, a little mini twerking going on right there.
00:07:46Speaking of twerking, we were with the queen of twerk last night, miley cyrus herself.
00:07:54>> The fact that she's here kind of doing this kind of hoedown is so unbelievable.
00:07:57>> The first ladies of pop going a little bit country, a little bit shock and roll for the mtv unplugged special airing tonight.
00:08:07>> It was awesome that she was so down with that.
00:08:09>> Just days ago miley partying with a topless woman wearing a bear head.
00:08:14"In touch" has all the exclusive details.
00:08:17>>> Jessica simpson too hot for the web.
00:08:20These sexy new swimsuit pics crashing her web site because so many just watchers couldn't wait to see this.
00:08:26>> And the weight keeps coming off.
00:08:29>> You can see more slimmed-down jessica in her latest weight watchers ad.
00:08:34>>> Brand-new rhianna snap.
00:08:36And, yes, she can even make sweat pants look good.
00:08:42Ri-ri hitting gma dishing on her new campaign and revealing where she was for her big grammy win for best contemporary album.
00:08:49>> I was at home.
00:08:49It was quite an emotional moment.
00:08:51>>> matthew McConaughey bringing texas to italy.
00:08:56Matt in rome to launch "dallas buyers club" before he heads back to hollywood for the oscars where the movie is up for six nominations.
00:09:01>> The script was around for 20 years, and it was rejected 137 times.
00:09:06So it was a minor miracle just the fact that we did get it made.
00:09:14>>> My, the glee girl going justin bieber with us.
00:09:18A look at her all-new cosmo for the latina photo shoot.
00:09:25>>> Up next, h&m's david beckham versus scarlett johansson.
00:09:30>> If only I could make this message go viral.
00:09:32>> It's our new battle of the stripped-down super bowl spots.
00:09:34>>> Then dancing with the stars partners leah remini y reunite on "extra" xt their new tmi lovefest.
00:09:49>> I always thought she was amazing.
00:09:50>> Shut up.
00:09:50>>> Plus, "extra's" he said/she said with the hottest couple at the super bowl.
00:09:52>> Kind of fun to be half naked.
00:09:54>> Can you tell us your favorite body part on your wife?
00:09:55>> "Extra" brought to you by walgreens, at the corner of happy and healthy.
00:11:01>>> Coming up, great new video that defines grace under fire.
00:11:06How weatherman jim ..
00:11:26...Kept sending me coupons for cat food.
00:11:28I'm just not a coupon clipper.
00:11:29 can I get a reward for that?
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00:12:43>>> This is going to be cool on super bowl sunday.
00:12:46Godaddy is teasing that a person is going to quit their job during one of their ads.
00:12:53>> Godaddy is actually insisting the person is real and her boss has no idea she's quitting.
00:12:56>> That's one way to go out with a bang, I guess.
00:12:59>> Our lifestyle correspondent hi laria baldwin is in new york with more buzzed about super bowl ads.
00:13:11>> Hey, guys.
00:13:12I'm outside h&m here in times square and everyone is talking about h&m's big super bowl ad with david beckham.
00:13:15Fans can vote whether it ends with him covered or uncovered.
00:13:17Right now we've got your ultimate sneak peek at all the big game day ads.
00:13:27Becks, morpheus, the starting lineup for the super bowl spots, and at 133 grand per second, you've got to make each one count.
00:13:35Qu you've seen a lot of david beckham but if you want to see more, you have until saturday night to cast your vote.
00:13:41>> I think I know what one is going to end up being.
00:13:43>> How do you make soda sexy?
00:13:44Let scarlett johansson drink some.
00:13:45>> If only I could make this message go viral.
00:13:51>> Scar-jo disrobing for make your own soda kit soda stream.
00:13:53>> This is a product I've been totally obsessed with.
00:13:55>> Really?
00:13:56>> For six or seven years, yes.
00:13:57I have machines everywhere.
00:13:58I have them in every trailer.
00:14:00I outfit every set with them.
00:14:04>> "Extra" exclusive, morpheus is back and he's selling kias.
00:14:08>> Take the blue key.
00:14:10>> "Extra" the only show on set with laurence fishburne as he resurrects his iconic matrix character redefining luxury vehicles.
00:14:23>> It will be nice to see me as morpheus in this absurd kind of context.
00:14:25>> Back to beckham.
00:14:26Remember you have until saturday night to decide his super bowl sunday fate at vote for beckham.hm.com.
00:14:35So far birthday suit becks is in the lead.
00:14:37>> Yeah, I'm guessing it's going to stay in the lead.
00:14:39>>> Well, it was 1991 when I met leah remini back on the set of " she was a firecracker back then and is even more so now.
00:14:57They're still outrageous.
00:14:57>> That's disgusting.
00:14:58>> They're still dancing.
00:14:59>> I think you just had sex with me.
00:15:00>> I think so, too.
00:15:02>> And they're always up for a laugh.
00:15:05>> I know this answer!
00:15:09This might be a little embarrassing for you!
00:15:13>> Dancing's leah remini and tony dovolani reuniting on leah's terms.
00:15:15>> They didn't let me have my moment!
00:15:18>> The tv land sitcom "the " >> she's the teacher.
00:15:21And I'm the student.
00:15:22>> Tony guest starring as a groom-to-be who can't dance.
00:15:25>> You've got two left feet.
00:15:25>> Yes.
00:15:28He's talented and he's charming. was funny.
00:15:31>> No, baby.
00:15:32>> I tried.
00:15:34>> I tell my husband every day, you're the looks of the operation, and I'm the funny.
00:15:37You've got to stay in your own lane.
00:15:41>> A videobombing co-star kristen johnston stealing the laughs.
00:15:43>> I hate when she gets the attention.
00:15:45>> The attention now?
00:15:46On tony's celebrity crush.
00:15:47>> Jennifer lopez.
00:15:51>> Now it's going to be really awkward.
00:15:53>> Yeah, right.
00:15:54I just outed you.
00:15:57>> I worked with jennifer in " I always thought she was amazing.
00:16:00>> Shut up.
00:16:02>> Who was leah's first kiss with?
00:16:03>> If he remembers this story.
00:16:06But a lot of times guys don't listen to you.
00:16:10>> It was with a girl, right?
00:16:12>> Was it with another girl?
00:16:13You idiot.
00:16:14It might have been.
00:16:16>> Tony and leah and "the exes" go for more laughs february 19th on tv land.
00:16:20>> And kristen johnston is pulling double duty tonight.
00:16:24She also appears on the new episode of "kirstie".
00:16:26>> Excuse me, sweetheart?
00:16:28>> Sweetheart is my sister.
00:16:29I'm go screw yourself.
00:16:31>> That's on tonight on tv land.
00:16:35>>> Coming up, "extra" counts down the hottest nfl wives.
00:16:39And we're getting personal with super bowl xlviii's sexiest couple.
00:16:42>> Your husband is super hot gorgeous.
00:16:46>>> Plus, charlize theron's red dress re-created.
00:16:49How you could steal her style for 15 bucks.
00:16:51>>> Online now, your first look at "from dusk till dawn" the tv series.
00:16:54>> I make the plan.
00:16:56Everyone executes it.
00:16:57>> Don johnson, wilmer valderrama, demons, what else do you need?
00:17:01It's at extratv.com.
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00:17:06All your favorite tv stars.
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00:17:24>> Hi, everybody!
00:17:25>> And you.
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00:20:20>>> now, this has got to be the funniest video of the day.
00:20:22I love this.
00:20:24The weather channel's jim cantore and his payback for dumb videobomber who tried to ruin his live report.
00:20:29>> Obviously here at the college of charleston they're already having a good time.
00:20:32>> I love how he didn't even miss a beat, right?
00:20:33Real professional.
00:20:35, maybe the broncos or seahawks should sign this guy up to a contract, huh?
00:20:39>> They should, mario.
00:20:41You know the cold weather won't affect them this sunday.
00:20:44The broncos' eric decker will be going for his first super bowl title.
00:20:47But today he's grabbing another title, one he shares with his stunning wife.
00:20:54Hut, hut, hot.
00:20:55This is the "extra" list of the five hottest nfl couples.
00:20:58>> Fun to be half naked with each other like we usually are.
00:21:06>> Number five, chargers antonio gates married since 2011 to former hip-hop video vixen sasha dindayal.
00:21:10Number four?
00:21:10>> Lauren tannehill.
00:21:12>> She's the former bikini model/nurse/cheerleader turned rifle toting blonde bombshell wife of miami dolphins qb ryan tannehill.
00:21:20The college sweethearts have been married since 2012, and she went viral when she left this assault rifle in the back seat of a rental car.
00:21:29She's famous for feuding on "the hill," at number three bears qb jay cutler and kristin cavallari.
00:21:42He just signed a new deal worth 126 million bucks which he will be spending on baby number two.
00:21:45>> It just makes all of the small problems seem so ridiculous.
00:21:47>> No football couple more known than tom and giselle, but did you know she's worth over twice as much as the three-time super bowl champ?
00:21:53They've got mega mansions on both coasts and right now are hanging in the bahamas.
00:21:59>> Your husband is super hot gorgeous.
00:22:02>> Which is why broncos wide receiver eric decker and country singer wife jessie james are number one on our list.
00:22:08>> If you had to pick your husband's sexiest feature, what would you pick?
00:22:11>> I don't think I can say it on camera.
00:22:14>> Jessie!
00:22:17>> He looks so good naked.
00:22:21>> Now everybody's seen them both pretty much naked in their new gq spread, shot when she was five months pregnant with their first child.
00:22:28>> You're going to be the best dad in the whole world.
00:22:31>> Can you tell us your favorite body part of your wife's?
00:22:33>> Just the entire thing.
00:22:35>> All the too hot for tv gq shots up now at extratv.com.
00:22:40>> And we've got the perfect hookup for this sunday's super bowl, the kindle fire hdx, track up-to-the-minute live stats or with the seven-inch display you can watch all the game day video highlights.
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00:24:10Just make a straight line to safeway.
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00:26:03>>> Renee is with me now wearing the color of the moment.
00:26:06>> Yes, red is definitely hot right now.
00:26:10Also wearing it for a good cause.
00:26:12Raising heart disease awareness and doing it in star-studded style.
00:26:16This is how you do a red carpet.
00:26:18>> Burlington is your go-to for the red dress.
00:26:21>> "Extra" and burlington at the shoreham hotel in new york city to re-create these style is everything looks.
00:26:29Charlize theron going strapless.
00:26:29>> This is really on trend right now.
00:26:31>> Accessorize with shine, suede and silver heels, a crystal bracelet and two-tone clutch.
00:26:36>> This look was inspired by carla gugino's lace dress.
00:26:40To mimic the circular pattern, within the dress, we paired it with a circular, sparkly earring.
00:26:47>> Next, keep it classic like monica potter.
00:26:50>> The wrap dress is only $24.99.
00:26:52>> Finish the look for under $60.
00:26:56And rocking red can save lives.
00:26:59Burlington launching the heart of style tour, making health screenings fashionable.
00:27:02>> Every stylish woman is going to love this.
00:27:04>> More info at extratv.com.
00:27:08>> And speaking of red, will the success of taylor swift's "red" album help her land entertainer of the year at the acm awards?
00:27:18Nominations are out today, and taylor will be facing off with luke bryan, george strait, miranda lambert and blake shelton.
00:27:24That's a tough lineup right there.
00:27:25We'll see you tomorrow.
00:27:27>>> Next "extra," whitney houston's daughter, whitney's so-called secret son.
00:27:30Their first interview together since they got married, next "