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00:00:00Well, this week, we're actually gonna do that.
00:00:03I mean, the upholstery of a couch, next thing you know, looks fantastic with duct tape piping.
00:00:08How a hat that used to be a toilet seat can be a fresh new lid.
00:00:12It's home fashions, people.
00:00:12Let the show begin.
00:00:15(cheering) Here we go!
00:00:20Now, you know, I've been ..
00:00:24But I've never seen anyone actually wear the carpet.
00:00:26He caught the carpet!
00:00:27He's wearing carpet.
00:00:29(Alicia) He's wearing my hat.
00:00:30(Ty) TELL YOU WHAT, I THINK We've seen something here that has never been seen.
00:00:33I'm not a fan of this one.
00:00:35I mean, i-it looks like a prop.
00:00:37This is a french little number.
00:00:39" " Let's just hope it's clean.
00:00:45I think that's the old chandelier.
00:00:47Is that a 60-watt lightbulb or 100?
00:00:49Now that--that's an idea.
00:00:55Now look at this.
00:00:55Now I've never seen eduardo look as good as he does right now.
00:00:58What's great is he can wear this inside or outside.
00:01:02I love fashion, but I never thought that there'd be a fashion show right outside my old house.
00:01:07Eduardo actually came out wearing a seat.
00:01:11I thought rib was really funny.
00:01:14.. all posing.
00:01:14It's like, yeah.
00:01:16Oh, he's pulled a sword out of nowhere-- a cheeky little sword.
00:01:21(Lizzie) WE WERE Just laughing so hard because people are actually doing that for us.
00:01:26Oh, it was hilarious.
00:01:28So, lizzie, I hope you really enjoyed The house of Bell fashion show.
00:01:33I'll tell you what, though, what isn't in style is that house of yours.
00:01:36so what do you say, people, are you ready for some demo?
00:01:39Well, then let's hit it!
00:01:45Oh, yeah!
00:01:46(Alicia screams) (Ed) YEAH!
00:01:53Oh !
00:01:57We saw the house being demolished, on the abc extreme tv in times square.
00:02:04And it was just laughing-- it's like, "okay, " and it was just--it was great.
00:02:08My god, it's so frustrating trying to figure out ways for getting the house fixed over the last seven years.
00:02:16And when that burden was lifted, was just--was huge.
00:02:21Well, Bell family, Lizzie, Have a great time on vacation, and who knows?
00:02:24Maybe we'll even bring out the red carpet for you when you get back.
00:02:27Bye, guys!
00:02:28We'll see you in a week.
00:02:28Oh, my gosh.
00:02:30Oh, man.
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00:06:16okay, so it's day three.
00:06:17As you can see, our foundation's in, which means now more crack in the foundation.
00:06:22This baby is solid.
00:06:22The walls are goin' up.
00:06:24Now these are aluminum studs, which means the termites no longer can get in the cracks, and they can't chew on anything but metal, which they don't like.
00:06:30But most importantly, these walls are twice as thick, and with that kind of insulation, that's gonna keep lizzie twice as warm.
00:06:37This week I'm really gonna step up to the plate for alicia.
00:06:40You know what?
00:06:40She's such a team player, always goin' to bat for her sister.
00:06:44But I found myself in a little bit of a pickle, 'cause I want to knock this one out of the park.
00:06:48So we came up with this idea of a headboard for a bed, linin' up all these aluminum bats.
00:06:52She's gonna have her own field of dreams with this one.
00:06:54(man) COME ON, GUYS.
00:07:01This week I have the pleasure of designing mike and kathy's master bedroom.
00:07:04Now these guys have just given so much of themselves.
00:07:07This piece here is gonna symbolize their love.
00:07:09It's gonna go above their bed.
00:07:10And you know what?
00:07:11All I need to do now is get these flowers to bloom.
00:07:15Okay, friends, so the bell family's house wasn't exactly working for 'em, but they had a lot of nice stuff inside that they really did like, so me and the blue shirt volunteers this week, we've salvaged one of the old front doors, and we're gonna turn it into a beautiful outside table that will take pride of place in the backyard.
00:07:30And mom and dad can entertain once more.
00:07:32(knock on wood) Hello?
00:07:34Hey, ed, let me out.
00:07:35What are you doin' in there, bruh?
00:07:36Hey, mate, here's the drill you been lookin' for.
00:07:38 I thought I lost that. nice one.
00:07:40Gotta love our volunteers, man. nice.
00:07:49my special project this week is lizzie's bedroom.
00:07:52And the thing is, I want to give her a room that she loves.
00:07:54You know, she's into fashion, but to really kind of figure out what she likes, I kind of have to get into the mindset of a 14-year-old girl.
00:08:00Now what I'm guessing is, is they love fashion, you know?
00:08:03So I'm trying to open my mind to new ideas, because I want the room to kind of make a statement.
00:08:10Looks better than I do.
00:08:24this is one of the many green elements that's going into this house.
00:08:28It's actually a rain harvesting system.
00:08:30It rains a lot here during the summertime, so that rain will be collected from throughout the property.
00:08:35It will be stored in this container and then used to irrigate the land.
00:08:39So it's gonna save the family a lot of money, and it's great for the environment.
00:08:43All right, you're flowing good.
00:08:49Lizzie has made it her mission to raise awareness about blood donation.
00:08:53So this week while she's on vacation, we wanted to make sure that we carried on that tradition.
00:08:58With the help of the red cross, we've been able to organize the local blood drive here in tucson, and so many people have come out, some of 'em to donate for the first time.
00:09:06All right, guys, listen.
00:09:06The family has no idea that you're here, so why don't we, uh--why don't we check in with 'em, okay?
00:09:15 we haven't seen you since last june.
00:09:18I've been to new york before, but it was never for vacations.
00:09:21It was always just to get treatments for diamond-blackfan anemia.
00:09:26So I was pretty excited to go back to visit some kids.
00:09:28Well, I brought you a bear.
00:09:28Thank you.
00:09:30So why are you at the hospital?
00:09:31I just have a little stitches.
00:09:35So I'm in the hospital a lot, too.
00:09:37When you live your life in a hospital, it's always really good just to feel like you have someone else who's going through what you're going through and that you have support from them.
00:09:47(Rib) Hello, Bell family.
00:09:48(all) HI, RIB.
00:09:50Lizzie, you are such an amazing young woman.
00:09:52You've inspired so many people and done so much for the cause of raising awareness about blood donation.
00:09:57And there are some people here That believe in your cause, and they'd like to say hi.
00:10:01Say hi, everybody.
00:10:03(all) Hi.
00:10:04That's a blood drive.
00:10:04Lizzie, This is in your honor.
00:10:08It's the Lizzie Bell blood drive right here in Pima county, Arizona.
00:10:12But you know what?
00:10:12That's not all.
00:10:13We have Lizzie Bell blood drives going on right now all over the country.
00:10:17Why don't you check this out?
00:10:23(all) HI, LIZZIE.
00:10:24We're here in hartford, connecticut.
00:10:26We hope to collect 660 units of blood in your honor.
00:10:30We're in Atlanta, Georgia,, And we're trying to collect 220 pints.
00:10:34We're in cleveland, collecting 270 pints.
00:10:36We're in salt lake city, and we're collecting 230 pints.
00:10:40(cheering) Oh, my god.
00:10:43 collecting 1,000 units of blood.
00:10:46Thanks, lizzie.
00:10:481,000? Wow.
00:10:48(cheering) Hi, Lizzie, I'M gail McGovern, president and c.e.o.
00:10:53Of the american red cross.
00:10:54More than 11,000 pints of blood , to Los Angeles are being donated in your honor.
00:11:02Thanks for being a true Red Cross hero.
00:11:04When I found out that blood drives were held all over the country in my honor, that was a pretty huge deal.
00:11:14Knowing that after everything my family and I have done to get the word out about donating blood, and all our efforts are finally paying off, it's incredible.
00:11:25Lizzie, all over the country people are out here supporting you, supporting your cause that you champion.
00:11:32That's incredible.
00:11:32But there is one more surprise that we have for you right now in New York.
00:11:35So why don't you go out into the atrium and check it out.
00:11:37Say good-bye, everybody.
00:11:37(all) Bye!
00:11:41(all) BYE.
00:11:42See you soon.
00:11:42Thank you.
00:11:48(crowd) LET'S GIVE BLOOD!
00:11:50(cheering) Oh!
00:11:58You're doing a great job.
00:11:58(Kathy) OH, MY GOD.
00:12:00Great job.
00:12:00Thank you.
00:12:01(Kathy) TO SEE PEOPLE DROP Everything to come donate blood for one little girl, it was precious to see that.
00:12:06Because of lizzie's life, we've learned the importance of blood donations.
00:12:10Across the country, every two seconds, somebody needs blood, and in the united states less than 5% of the people who are will donate blood.
00:12:20(all) NEW YORK, THANK YOU For donating your blood.
00:12:23(cheering) ♪♪♪
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00:16:25the roof is starting to take shape, and one of the green elements I wanted to show you up here are these solar tubes.
00:16:30Now they're spread out over the entire roof.
00:16:32They're small, but they bring in a lot of natural light.
00:16:34So when the family get their electricity bill, it's gonna be very low.
00:16:38And that's gonna save the family a lot of money.
00:16:41(Eduardo) THANK YOU.
00:16:41Thanks, you guys.
00:16:44Besides raising awareness of the importance of giving blood, lizzie actually loves to collect toys and give 'em away at the hospital.
00:16:50So all this week, the community has come together to collect toys for lizzie's loot, and we have a special guest, the supernanny.
00:16:59Well, I just had to come down, to be honest with you, and just really help lizzie do what she's doing here.
00:17:04I mean, this toy drive just shows that this young girl is able to relate to so many other sick children.
00:17:11And to be able to just live in the moment with so much purpose and give back, it's inspiring.
00:17:16And what do you think ..
00:17:17I know.
00:17:19Everybody's bringing, right?
00:17:19I know, amazing.
00:17:21You guys are amazing.
00:17:21Look, a whole box .. already.
00:17:26All the way to the top, 86 floors. here we go.
00:17:27(Lizzie) OH, MY GOD.
00:17:29Look, you can see the statue of liberty.
00:17:32(cell phone rings) Hello?
00:17:34(Ty) Hey, Lizzie, it's Ty, man.
00:17:34I know how much You love fashion, and I also know how important it is for you to kind of tell your story and get the word out about donating blood.
00:17:41Well, I've kinda got a big surprise for you.
00:17:45You're going to a photo shoot With "seventeen" magazine!
00:17:48(Mike) WHAT?
00:17:49(Alicia) WHAT IS IT?
00:17:51Photo shoot with "seventeen" magazine.
00:17:54(screaming) Wow, now that's what I call excited.
00:17:58(woman) HI.
00:17:59(Mike) HELLO.
00:18:02I'm ann shoket.
00:18:02" yeah.
00:18:05I-i see your picture every time I read the magazine.
00:18:07And I have, like, all of 'em.
00:18:08Today we are going to give you a "seventeen" makeover and put your picture in the may issue with a story about all the amazing work that you do.
00:18:17When I showed up to "seventeen" magazine's office, I actually got to pick out my own outfits.
00:18:23And the shoes there were amazing.
00:18:26Being able to have my makeup and hair and getting dressed by a professional I seriously felt like a movie star.
00:18:31(man) THIS IS AWESOME.
00:18:32This is some magic right here.
00:18:34Standing in front of the camera and, like, posing-- that was awesome.
00:18:39I know that the message will get out that people do need blood.
00:18:42It's an experience that I don't even know how to thank them for.
00:18:47Thank you, everybody.
00:18:49(Mike) THANK YOU.
00:18:49(woman) GIVE ME FIVE.
00:19:02now the bell family spends so much money on lizzie's medical bills and insurance, we wanted to save them as much money as we can, especially when it comes to their utilities.
00:19:09So to go with our green build, we installed solar panels.
00:19:11Now this is an alternative energy source.
00:19:13What's great about this is by sucking the power up right from the sun, it's gonna save them so much money on their utilities.
00:19:19Now this is what I call a bright idea.
00:19:35lovely job, gang. well done.
00:19:37All right, people, we got the keys!
00:19:38(cheering) Let's move in some furniture!
00:19:47Other way!
00:19:49In the bell family's old home, every single piece of furniture near enough was borrowed or donated.
00:19:55The great thing about this week is every single piece of furniture was brand new.
00:20:00Lizzie is comin' home to a safe home.
00:20:02If that's the one thing that we can give little lizzie, we've completed our task.
00:20:07Let's go. let's go. let's go.
00:20:07Hold on a second.
00:20:13You'll need a chair in your room. let me in.
00:24:33Let's bring 'em home!
00:24:36Oh, yeah!
00:24:38Let's bring 'em home, people!
00:24:41Let's bring 'em home! oh, yeah!
00:24:51welcome home, bell family!
00:24:55Welcome home.
00:24:57Welcome home.
00:25:00Hey there, man.
00:25:01(Mike) I WAS CRYIN' Before we got out of the limo.
00:25:04It always amazes me how many people my daughter lizzie touches.
00:25:09It just chokes me up to know how much of a positive impact she has on people. she's great.
00:25:15She really inspires a lot of people.
00:25:17When, uh, we were here a week ago, I know you guys had done so much to try to keep your family together.
00:25:23You guys have basically sacrificed everything just to make sure she stayed healthy.
00:25:27Well, what's behind this bus is gonna be a safe, healthy home, I can promise you that.
00:25:30So what do you say?
00:25:32Are you ready to see what's behind this bus?
00:25:33Oh, my god.
00:25:36Are you sure?
00:25:36(all chanting) MOVE THAT BUS!
00:25:36Move that bus!
00:25:38Move that bus! move that bus!
00:25:41You guys know what to say.
00:25:42Say it with me.
00:25:42Move that bus!
00:25:44(Ty and Bell family) Bus driver, move that bus!
00:25:49(cheering) ♪♪♪
00:25:55(girls screaming) Oh, my god!
00:26:01Oh, my god!
00:26:04Oh, my god!
00:26:07All right!
00:26:07Oh, my god!
00:26:10Oh, my god!
00:26:13(Kathy) OH, MY GOD.
00:26:14When that bus moved, it looked like anything I had ever dreamed is reality.
00:26:20My old house made me feel worse than actually being at the hospital, because it was just so cold.
00:26:27And it was a nightmare.
00:26:29And now the new house is a place where I can go home after a hospital day and feel happy and healthy, 'cause the house is complete.
00:26:37And it's better than what we could've ever imagined.
00:26:41Give a big hug to john wesley miller and his whole crew, man.
00:26:43These guys have done a good job.
00:26:44(Mike) GREAT JOB.
00:26:46(Ty speaks indistinctly) (cheering) This week was all about giving-- giving a little bit of your time, a little bit of your blood and a little bit of hope.
00:26:58And this family, their story will continue to help other people.
00:27:03And that's what it's all about.
00:27:05It's all about paying it forward, and I think we definitely accomplished that this week.
00:27:09So, bell family, I've been waitin' to say this all week.
00:27:12Go check out your new home.
00:27:12(Mike) SWEET.
00:27:14Go check it out.
00:27:14Come on.
00:27:20All right, push it.
00:27:20Oh, my gosh!
00:27:23Oh, my gosh.
00:27:23Oh, wow.
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00:31:01So, bell family, go check out your new home.
00:31:02(Mike) COME ON.
00:31:05(cheering) All right, push it.
00:31:10Oh, my gosh!
00:31:12Oh, my gosh.
00:31:13(Mike) OH, WOW.
00:31:13 oh, my god, it's us in times square.
00:31:16Oh, wow. oh!
00:31:17Oh, my god, it's us in like times square!
00:31:19(Kathy) THE PICTURES-- Look at the coffee table.
00:31:22(Alicia) OH, MY GOSH.
00:31:26Oh, look at-- it's beautiful.
00:31:26Oh, wow.
00:31:28It's a real kitchen.
00:31:28Oh, my god.
00:31:31When you open the doors of the new house, I couldn't believe that the moment was really on us.
00:31:39The old house was cold.
00:31:41It was falling apart.
00:31:42It was sinking.
00:31:43It was a danger to lizzie's health.
00:31:46But when I saw lizzie go THROUGH THAT DOOR... (sniffles) I saw a little girl come home.
00:31:53She had an incredible burden lifted off of her.
00:31:56We all did. all of us did.
00:31:59(sniffles, sighs) So, bell family, what do you think of your new house?
00:32:05(Mike) AWESOME.
00:32:06(Alicia and Lizzie) ..
00:32:08(Lizzie) It's the same house we left.
00:32:10I ca-- except for it's a whole new thing, isn't it?
00:32:12(Mike and Lizzie) YEAH.
00:32:12Remember in your old house, the first thing you saw when you walked in was gigantic cracks in your floor.
00:32:17Okay, those cracks are gone.
00:32:17Now here's the other thing you need to know about this home.
00:32:20We tried to do a very green build, and the walls are double-insulated.
00:32:24So they're twice as thick as normal walls.
00:32:27It's gonna keep you warmer in the winter.
00:32:29It's gonna keep you cooler in the summer.
00:32:31And it's gonna save you tons on utilities.
00:32:33Now here's the cool thing.
00:32:33There's actually you want to see some more house?
00:32:36(all) YEAH.
00:32:37Well, then go check out the rest of your house!
00:32:38(all yelling) Oh, my god!
00:32:45My room is so cool.
00:32:48Oh, my gosh, I love this.
00:32:53I love my room. it's amazing.
00:32:57It describes my personality perfect, because it's got, like, a sporty side to it and then, like, a girly edge to it and it comes together, and it's amazing.
00:33:05It's everything I've ever wanted.
00:33:15(Mike whispers) It's beautiful.
00:33:21(Mike) Words just can't ex-express the thanks that I have for the people and for what they've done for my family.
00:33:28Our unfinished house is finished, and it's complete.
00:33:32Um, it's not screaming " it's gonna be a-an awesome sanctuary.
00:33:37I think the only way we could thank tucson is to kind of pay this forward and continue what we've been trying to do to-- to help people.
00:33:46Life has not been ..
00:33:49But you really haven't complained.
00:33:51And what you've done is raise awareness and really motivated people to--to give blood.
00:33:55And in the process, that's saved lives.
00:33:57So this week I made your bedroom my special project. okay?
00:34:01So go check out your room.
00:34:04(gasps) Oh! oh!
00:34:10Oh, my gosh.
00:34:13It's yellow.
00:34:13Oh, I love yellow.
00:34:17 that's-- that's the photo shoot " I can draw.
00:34:24Oh, I can actually design.
00:34:28Oh, my gosh, this is a dress I designed.
00:34:31My new room is like a kid going into a candy store for the first time.
00:34:34My favorite part was one of the dresses that I designed, ty actually made come to life.
00:34:42I love the little area where I can draw my fashion.
00:34:45And it's just so cool now.
00:34:47We have an awesome house and a whole new life, a whole new beginning.
00:34:52It's so amazing.
00:34:55This came from one ..
00:34:57One of your designs, okay?
00:34:58And check this out.
00:34:59 this is your new tag for clothing.
00:35:02"A positive"--clothing designed by lizzie bell.
00:35:03Oh, my gosh. oh!
00:35:06It's so cool.
00:35:08(Ty) THIS WEEK HAS BEEN Absolutely huge for this family, but lizzie still has a lot to deal with.
00:35:13She's still gonna have to get blood transfusions.
00:35:15She's still gonna have to fight every day to make sure people donate blood, because it's her life.
00:35:19But now the burden has been lifted from her family.
00:35:23What we've given them is a second chance.
00:35:25They can fight this fight, but they can do it now in safety, and that is what's really changed.
00:35:31So before we got here, you guys were obviously going through a lot.
00:35:35And I know that just getting from one place to another was also a challenge.
00:35:40Well, I've got some really cool news.
00:35:41(car horn honks) Check this out.
00:35:43Oh, yes.
00:35:44(Mike) OH, HO!
00:35:44The folks at ford wanted to give you this.
00:35:47Yeah, all right!
00:35:502010 Ford fusion hybrid.
00:35:52(cheering) (voices overlapping) (Kathy) OH, MY GOSH!
00:35:56Go to the driver's seat.
00:35:56Why don't you go to the driver's seat?
00:35:58Oh, it's got this-- the roof.
00:36:00(overlapping voices) (Mike) ...And everything.
00:36:02 what do you guys think of your new car?
00:36:04(Mike) SWEET.
00:36:04All right, yeah.
00:36:05(laughing) This is the most fuel-efficient sedan in america right now.
00:36:08It's brand new.
00:36:10It has this thing called SmartGauge TECHNOLOGY, Which means it'll help you drive smart and help you drive green.
00:36:14So the more efficiently you drive, the more these green leaves are gonna start popping up in the dashboard.
00:36:19Check it out. you see it?
00:36:19(Lizzie) COOL.
00:36:21(Mike) THAT'S GREAT.
00:36:21(Kathy) THIS IS BEAUTIFUL.
00:36:23(Kathy) A GREEN HOUSE, A green car-- I mean, that is huge.
00:36:25It was an unbelievable gift.
00:36:27To take lizzie to the hospital, some of our trips are three hours one way.
00:36:32It really sinks in that you're on a new horizon.
00:36:36And we all can relax.
00:36:38And we all can breathe again.
00:36:39We feel alive.
00:36:42We feel hope.
00:36:43So, guys, there's one more surprise.
00:36:44(Mike) WOW.
00:36:46Check out your backyard!
00:36:47(cheering) Now we know how much you guys want your family, friends .. entertaining, so we thought we'd bring 'em into your backyard for you.
00:36:59Oh, yeah.
00:37:01So now you guys can entertain outside.
00:37:04You've got a living area over there, outdoor seating, outdoor dining.
00:37:07That table's probably gonna look a little familiar.
00:37:09See what that is?
00:37:10(Kathy) PART OF THE DOOR.
00:37:11(Mike) Part of the front door.
00:37:12(Lizzie) But it looks prettier.
00:37:13(Kathy) IT'S BEAUTIFUL.
00:37:14Now there's something else I want to tell you, too.
00:37:16We know that lizzie's treatments are really expensive, and they don't leave you a lot left over.
00:37:20WELL, CVS/pharmacy Wanted to help take away some of that worry.
00:37:24So they're giving you $100,000 towards lizzie's medical expenses.
00:37:28(Mike) THANK YOU.
00:37:29(cheering) My mom and dad have a whole burden just lifted off their shoulders, because now they don't have to worry about having to pay for the medical bills.
00:37:47There are things that I will always have to worry about, but we don't have to worry about our house anymore.
00:37:52I want everyone to know how thankful I am that they took their time to do this for us.
00:37:58I just want everyone else to know that when you donate blood even once a year, you will save a life.
00:38:05For anyone who's afraid of needles, it's a little pinch.
00:38:08It doesn't hurt.
00:38:09Save someone who's in a car accident.
00:38:11Save someone who has cancer.
00:38:13And definite save someone like me.
00:38:15We have to keep doing what we do in any given week.
00:38:17We can't forget that.
00:38:19Now we come home, and it's peace.
00:38:21Now we can come home, and it's rest.
00:38:23Now we can come home ..
00:38:28In our hearts, too.
00:38:30In our hearts, we can be home, too.
00:38:33That's good.
00:38:33(Ed) AMEN.
00:38:35That's a good thing.
00:38:36Well, I guess there's just one thing left to say.
00:38:40Welcome home, bell family.
00:38:42Welcome home.
00:38:43(cheering) Give me a hug.
00:38:48Hi, little doggy.
00:38:49How are you?
00:38:50(funny voice) WELL, HELLO, Mr. brown bear.
00:38:52(normal voice) WELL, I HEAR You're building a house.
00:38:54(funny voice) Yes, mr. brown bear.
00:38:56I think we caught up today.
00:38:57We worked really har-- eduardo, are you playing vwith the toys?
00:38:59(normal voice) NO. NO.
00:39:00Don't make me have to put you on this naughty step.
00:39:01Come on, hand 'em over.
00:39:02We're meant to be putting 'em in the bin for liz.
00:39:04Yes, miss.
00:39:06(sighs) x >> male announcer: MUSIC FANS, Cribsis about to take it to 11.
00:39:50>> [screams] >> announcer: FROM SIN CITY TO Lovely los angeles, you're invited to go on a star-studded trek through rock's most legendary lairs.
00:40:01First, kick down the door into the residence of rocker dee snider of twisted sister.
00:40:06>> You heard about the g-unit, 50 cent.
00:40:08" it's a freaking tank.
00:40:14>> announcer: NEXT, HEAD OVER TO The home, sweet home of motley crue's vince neil.
00:40:18>> See what makes a man out of me.
00:40:23>> announcer: AND FINALLY, ROCK And roll all night long with kiss' gene simmons.
00:40:28>> Small bed.
00:40:29Do you sleep here?
00:40:32Most of the time.
00:40:34Sometimes you don't sleep.
00:40:37>> announcer: SO UNPLUG THE Phone, turn up the tv, and get ready to riff, because it's time for an arena rock-ready edition ofcribson cmt.
00:40:45>> Yeah, baby.
00:40:48[rock music] ♪♪ ♪♪
00:41:05>> howdy.
00:41:06Bet you didn't think I'd live in this house.
00:41:08I'm dee snider.
00:41:09This is the snider family house.
00:41:11Come on inside.
00:41:13All right, the first person of the household I'd better introduce you to is the family dog, chase.
00:41:19I know, you expected me to have some, like, doberman pit bull animal, right?
00:41:22I just wanted a dog that nobody's afraid of, and nobody's afraid of a pink cockapoo with a black mohawk.
00:41:30This is my wife, suzette.
00:41:31>> Hi, everybody.
00:41:32>> Every square inch of this house has been decorated by suzette.
00:41:37To her credit, there is no plastic over the furniture, but there is a bust of david in here somewhere.
00:41:47This is the kitchen.
00:41:49The nerve center.
00:41:52Traditionally,cribsshows you refrigerators.
00:41:58Here's the difference between ours and everybody else's: We actually use ours.
00:42:04It's just regular stuff in here.
00:42:08We don't do drugs.
00:42:08We don't drink, but, damn, we like coffee.
00:42:12The freezer: we got ice pops.
00:42:15>> A lot of chicken nuggets.
00:42:16>> Chicken nuggets make the world go round.
00:42:19>> Can I just show you guys something that I'm very proud of?
00:42:22>> I told you, this isn't the home improvement network.
00:42:25>> I want to show you my hand-cut granite sink I spent A [bleep]LOAD OF MONEY ON.
00:42:30>> Let's show--check out shane's room.
00:42:33He's the one banging on the drums.
00:42:36>> Wait a minute.
00:42:37[brakes squealing] I want to show you one more thing.
00:42:39>> We've seen it already; what?
00:42:41>> I want to show my pole.
00:42:42>> No, enough with the pole.
00:42:48[drums banging] Yo, yo, yo, yo.
00:42:55This is shane.
00:42:57He's the drummer in the family.
00:43:00I've noticed some of my garbage from my youth, is actually in this room.
00:43:05>> Let me tell you, this man and his children are junk collectors.
00:43:10>> Ah, I found something.
00:43:12This is a kleerpane window cleaner bottle.
00:43:15>> Junk; junk.
00:43:17>> Well, anyways.
00:43:18They just carry on the tradition.
00:43:19They're collectors.
00:43:22Let's see what cheyenne's doing.
00:43:25Cheyenne is our only daughter.
00:43:26>> Have you heard that to "say " >> now I have, thank you.
00:43:29Thanks for sharing that with the--with the viewers.
00:43:33Anyway, cheyenne is a rocker.
00:43:37She does not want this room to be a princess' room.
00:43:41She wants it to be the dark princess' room.
00:43:46What the hell is that?
00:43:48A--a knife?
00:43:50Who gave you a knife?
00:43:51>> [laughing] Changing my theory, shane brought it.
00:43:54>> Are you gonna give it back to him?
00:43:56>> No.
00:43:57>> What is this, for home protection?
00:44:00As anything else, these people should know about your room.
00:44:03I'm taking this knife away.
00:44:05Okay, you do your thing; I'll do mine.
00:44:09I'm gonna show my friends at cribsthe master bedroom.
00:44:14This is where the magic happens.
00:44:19This isn't mom and dad's domain, but I gotta tell you the truth.
00:44:22It really doesn't feel much like my domain at all.
00:44:25My wife in here?
00:44:28A lot pictures, a lot of memories.
00:44:36Me and suzette have 29 years together, so we've shared a lot of good times.
00:44:41Come on downstairs.
00:44:46All right, now let me take you into my home studio.
00:44:50Life after rock and roll, for me, has been in voice-over.
00:44:53You hear me on commercials selling you products and narrating tv shows, and I do it from here.
00:45:02Check out this backyard.
00:45:09This is our spa.
00:45:13It fits 17 people.
00:45:14This is a party.
00:45:17I've got these crazy attack ducks.
00:45:19[ducks quacking] What's up ducks?
00:45:22Come here; come here.
00:45:23Oh, they--the carrier staring away; come here.
00:45:28Time to go check out rides.
00:45:34Pt cruiser.
00:45:36Doesn't it look like a hot wheel?
00:45:40The hummer h2.
00:45:41You heard about the g-unit, 50 cent.
00:45:44" everybody puttin' the spinners, THE LOW-PROFILE, THE 29s, TRYING To make it look like a sports car.
00:45:53It ain't a sports car.
00:45:54It's a freaking tank.
00:45:59If you're into muscle cars, you're gonna love this.
00:46:02One of the ten rarest mustangs.
00:46:05This is a 1969 boss 302 mustang.
00:46:12And over here, our latest acquisition, 2001 viper gts.
00:46:20Damn, don't get hotter than this.
00:46:23Except maybe for our motorcycles.
00:46:24Check this out.
00:46:28This one right here is a von dutch custom cycle.
00:46:34It's a rigid frame, girder front end.
00:46:36It's a brutal ride.
00:46:40And this is my workhorse, right here: indian motorcycle.
00:46:45It's got the whole old-school thing going on.
00:46:49I wanna spend some time in the saddle, this is the bike I'm riding.
00:47:00All right, you've seen my house.
00:47:03You met my family.
00:47:05You've seen my cars and my bikes.
00:47:08I'm taking off.
00:47:09Lock up when you're done, all right?
00:47:10[motorcycles rumbling] >> announcer: CHECK OUT WHO Wants to rock in this residence whencribson cmt comes back.
00:50:07>> Hey, hey, I'm vince neil from motley crue.
00:50:09Welcome to my crib.
00:50:11All right, come on in.
00:50:14[knocks on door] Hold on a second.
00:50:17Hey; hey; hey!
00:50:19Hey; hey.
00:50:21[lips smack] Oh, hey, I want to introduce you to my family, my beautiful wife lia, and this is crackers, and this is cakes.
00:50:31This is the family room.
00:50:33Come on in.
00:50:36I had this couch custom-made.
00:50:39This whole piece right here is one giant piece that was, like, 12 feet long.
00:50:43This is as long as a toyota pickup truck.
00:50:46Who would've known?
00:50:48This is the kitchen.
00:50:50This is lia's lair.
00:50:53She cooks constantly.
00:50:55>> My mom was always in the kitchen, so this is where we hang out the most.
00:51:01>> Lia geradini, so she's italian.
00:51:04She speaks fluent italian, which is--i'll tell you about it later.
00:51:08>> This is also cracker's hang.
00:51:10>> Crackers loves to do different things.
00:51:13>> He loves to stay on the balcony or drink water from the tap.
00:51:20>> Okay, that's enough water.
00:51:22He's gonna pee all over the place.
00:51:24On all thecribs,you gotta see the fridge.
00:51:26You know, I don't know why.
00:51:27We don't really have anything special in there.
00:51:29>> But it's always like this.
00:51:31>> For dinner, we have a little--some enchiladas.
00:51:34>> Twice-baked stuffed potatoes.
00:51:36Meat loaf.
00:51:37>> Yeah, meat loaf.
00:51:37>> Chocolate cake, of course.
00:51:38>> Chocolate cake.
00:51:40>> Kool-aid.
00:51:40>> Yeah, your normal stuff.
00:51:43This is the--kinda like the tv room.
00:51:47This is where we hang out, you know, 'cause it's right by the kitchen.
00:51:52Oh, god, cakes.
00:51:54>> ♪♪ Forever and ever ♪♪
00:51:58♪♪ I love you so ♪♪
00:52:00>> she thinks she's my girlfriend.
00:52:01>> ♪♪ Forever and ever ♪♪
00:52:03>> yes, thank you very much, dear.
00:52:05[lips smack] Come on, kids.
00:52:09>> Come on, babies.
00:52:10>> Everybody up the stairs.
00:52:12Here--i hang a bunch of my guitars up here.
00:52:15A lot of these are, like, one of a kind.
00:52:19This is the pool table room, i guess.
00:52:25I thought this was pretty cool.
00:52:26..with playboy balls.
00:52:31All the plaques from all the years.
00:52:33Very first one I ever got is this one right here.
00:52:37Goldshout at the devil.
00:52:38See how beat up it is, all PEELING OFF AND [bleep]?
00:52:42And, oh, right here, this is cool.
00:52:48[whistles] [laughs] Yeah, baby.
00:52:51So let's get out of here, and let's go to the studio.
00:52:56This is it.
00:52:57This is where we make some music and other things happen.
00:53:03Every recording studio's gotta, like, have to have a hot blonde, like, hanging around, and this is--we call her brianna.
00:53:11Hey, what's up?
00:53:16Look at this.
00:53:17There's a tongue and everything.
00:53:21Isn't that great?
00:53:23Okay, let's see where all the action is.
00:53:26Right over here, the master bedroom.
00:53:29This is the bed.
00:53:34It's a great bed.
00:53:35It's cool-looking.
00:53:38>> We'd love our bed, if we could ever get in it.
00:53:39>> [laughs] This is my daughter skylar.
00:53:47Sassed away when she was ..
00:53:49About nine years ago.
00:53:53But she's still here with us right now, so-- I love this painting.
00:53:58Let's go in the bathroom.
00:53:59Let's check this out.
00:54:02>> We spend a lot of time in our tub, and-- >> a lot of mirrors so I can go like this.
00:54:06>> We love to--yeah, vince loves the mirrors.
00:54:09We love to sit in the tub with lots of bubbles and drink champagne.
00:54:14THERE'S A [bleep]ER OVER THERE Too, in case you have to go to the bathroom.
00:54:16[laughs] >> announcer: COMING UP NEXT, More of vince neil's crib on cmt.
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00:56:25Try children's sudafed.
00:57:32>> We should show them the pool.
00:57:33Let's go out in the backyard.
00:57:37This is the relaxing part.
00:57:39We have a lot of people that come over all the time, so we have, like, lots of tables and chairs.
00:57:45We have a big-ass pool.
00:57:49And you can do laps, or whatever you want in it.
00:57:51And then you've got the jacuzzi.
00:57:54Me and lia like to sit over here, have a cocktail and just enjoy it, you know?
00:57:58This is vegas.
00:58:00Let's go check out the--some of the toys.
00:58:03See what makes a man out of me.
00:58:07The rides.
00:58:08[laughs] Right over here.
00:58:11This is a brand-new 2005 murcielago lamborghini.
00:58:16It seems like everybody oncribs has one.
00:58:18I don't know why.
00:58:21It's got the stuff, man.
00:58:22I mean, how cool is that?
00:58:24The bat.
00:58:27This is the bus.
00:58:30It's a 2002 hummer.
00:58:33We had the flames put on it and the wheels put on it.
00:58:38The school bus is looking pretty--pretty tight.
00:58:42Last but not least, the wild side ferrari.
00:58:492000 360 Modena f1.
00:58:54We bought this car mainly because you have the paddles--the f1 paddles, but there's also an automatic button, so if I get too drunk, lia can drive it home.
00:59:03So this is-- >> happens every week.
00:59:05>> Yeah.
00:59:05[laughs] Let's see my pride and joy.
00:59:11THIS IS THE [bleep] RIGHT HERE.
00:59:13This is a cab custom that they made up for me.
00:59:17It's a place here in las vegas.
00:59:19Everything on here is just tricked out.