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00:00:01Sexual-harassment claims.
00:00:04>> Eddie says they really slowed down her training, reassigned her because of it.
00:00:09He said that she was the victim not only of the harassers, but of the same superiors that she had confided in.
00:00:17>> Narrator: Then investigators noticed small inconsistencies in eddie's story.
00:00:23According to quincy brown's cellphone records, he called the 36 on the night of the murders, which was after eddie claimed they were assaulted at the door of their apartment.
00:00:36>> The call lasted 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
00:00:39It's out of the ordinary that somebody's gonna call and then come over and rape someone and kill them.
00:00:47>> Narrator: The knife found under quincy brown's hand, the one used to kill elise makdessi, didn't contain brown's fingerprints, and his shirt didn't have elise's blood.
00:00:58>> Quincy gets none of elise's blood on his body.
00:01:01How in the world could he have done this and not had any of elise's blood on him?
00:01:04>> Narrator: And on the night before her murder, elise makdessi bought the gun used to kill quincy brown in a sporng-goods store in virginia.
00:01:14>> Then I started suspecting that something is amiss.
00:01:17This may be all a setup.
00:01:22Elise makdessi and quincy brown dead?
00:01:25And why?
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00:04:49>> Narrator: In this video journal made shortly before her death, elise makdessi claimed she had been raped and sexually assaulted by five co-workers at the oceana naval air base.
00:05:00On the tape, she claimed she'd reported these incidents to her superiors and had been ignored, so she threatened to go public.
00:05:26But the navy denied elise makdessi ever filed one single claim, let alone five.
00:05:33>> I was her superior.
00:05:35And my immediate superior was a very tough female, tougher than me.
00:05:39There was no word of this.
00:05:40Nothing was ever reported to any of us, and either one of us would have acted immediately.
00:05:44>> Narrator: One of the men elise named in her journal was quincy brown, the man found shot to death in her apartment.
00:05:54Elise's husband, eddie, claimed brown knocked him unconscious and murdered elise to stop her from going public with these allegations.
00:06:04Investigators weren't so sure.
00:06:07To find the truth, investigators started with the oy hard evidence they had -- the crime >> we wanted fresh eyes, somebody to really tell us something that we weren't able to see.
00:06:21>> Narrator: Virginia beach police contacted rs gardner, a nationally recognized crime-scene analyst.
00:06:28>> This was a very complex crime scene, and it wasn't until we got a lot of the dna information back that we were able to make sense of it.
00:06:36But certain aspects of the crime-scene analysis certainly supported eddie's statement.
00:06:41>> Narrator: But then gardner looked more closely at the crime-scene photos and noticed that they contradicted eddie's story.
00:06:50The autopsy showed that the first shot penetrated quincy's heart.
00:06:55This creates arterial spurts, high-pressure ejections of blood from the body -- and they are easily identified.
00:07:04>> Because the blood is ejecting out in a stream, it breaks up into larger masses.
00:07:09And so what we see in an arterial spurt are very large elliptical-shaped stains.
00:07:15>> Narrator: Eddie said when he saw his wife being attacked, he grabbed the gun from the nightstand and shot quincy brown as he rushed towards him.
00:07:24[ Gunshots ] yet, the blood-spatter evidence and the crime-scene photos showed that quincy brown was facing in the opposite direction.
00:07:37>> There is no evidence whatsoever that suggests that quincy was ever standing when that wound was ejecting blood, or that he was ever facingk towards the nightstand.
00:07:48The void in the arterial spurts on the carpet tell us that quincy was in this kneeling position at the time of the first shot, and that his physical position never altered, other than to lay back.
00:08:01>> Narrator: Investigators now had a theory that eddie makdessi was involved in an elaborate scheme.
00:08:09First, he convinced his wife to make the videotape and written journal accusing her five co-workers of rape and sexual assault.
00:08:19Their plan was to file a lawsuit against the navy.
00:08:24>> Eddie makdessi told several people that this sexual harament with his wife in the navy would be bigger than ..
00:08:33Referring to another civil suit in which someone collected a lot of money from the navy.
00:08:38>> Narrator: And elise was a willing participant in the scheme.
00:08:42>> It was obvious that they had a plan in action.
00:08:45>> It would appear that there may have been some partnership tween eddie and elise as far as setting this thing up.
00:08:52>> Narrator: They planned to prove their case by luring one of the men she named in her journal, quincy brown, to their apartment to have unprotected sex with her, and then cla it s yet another rape.
00:09:06Only this time, they'd have dna evidence to prove it.
00:09:11>> Quincy did not force his way into that apartment.
00:09:13He came there willingly.
00:09:15He had sex with elise willingly.
00:09:17>> Narrator: Investigators believe eddie planned to kill quincy after the sexual act was complete in order to silence him.
00:09:25It's not clear whether elise was aware of this or not.
00:09:29>> Elise and eddie bought the gun in hampton, virginia, the night before this event occurred.
00:09:36I don't know if elise had planned that quincy would die.
00:09:39I don't know.
00:09:40>> Narrator: But why did eddie kill his wife?
00:09:44>> Eddie makdessi had taken out a half a million dollar life-insurance policy on his wife.
00:09:49This was less than 30 days prior to the incident.
00:09:52>> That's a lot of money to have in a life-insurance policy for a sailor who has no family fortune, is not earning but a low rate in the navy, not making much money.
00:10:06>> Narrator: This plus an additional $200,000 from her naife insurance was a significant payout.
00:10:13>> Of the seven deadly sins, greed is my favorite.
00:10:17And this man loved his money, and he was willing to sacrifice innocent people for $700,000.
00:10:25So he could live the good life.
00:10:27>> Narrator: And he could pin her murder on quincy brown.
00:10:31>> He's a cold-blooded killer.
00:10:34>> Narrator: Ironically, elise helped plan, organize, and carry out her own murder.
00:10:41>> The only thing that changed is elise was double-crossed and she was killed in the process as well.
00:10:48>> Narrator: Eddie's plan was almost too perfect.
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00:13:43>> Narrator: Based on the forensic evidence, prosecutors believe that eddie makdessi was responsible for the murders of both his wife, elise, and quincy brown.
00:13:55They believe this whole thing started as a sexual-harassment scam against the navy.
00:14:03Elise makdessi made a videotape and written journal claiming that five men sexually assaulted and raped her while on duty at the naval air base where she worked.
00:14:13Despite her claims on the tape, the navy says she never filed any charges against these men.
00:14:20>> Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape.
00:14:23>> Narrator: But eddie and elise needed forensic evidence, so they invited one of the men she named in her journal, quincy brown, over to their apartment for a sexual threesome.
00:14:36>> Elise would have claimed that quincy had raped her, and therefore, they would have been able to pursue their sexual-harassment claim.
00:14:46>> Narrator: On the night of the crime, there was no assault outside their apartment.
00:14:51When they returned home from dinner, quincy brown called 36, most likely to confirm their date.
00:14:59[ Telephone rings ] >> hello?
00:15:02Are we still on for tonight?
00:15:03He said he'll be here in 15 minutes.
00:15:05>> Okay, let's get ready.
00:15:06>> Narrator: Investigators believe eddie set the scene by tying elise to the bed.
00:15:12To quincy brown, it would appear to be a bondage fantasy for the evening.
00:15:21To the police, it would look like a violent assault.
00:15:27[ Knock on door ] when quincy arrived, he had a condom in his pocket.
00:15:34Perhaps he was encouraged not to use it, although no one really knows.
00:15:39>> Go ahead on in.
00:15:40I'm just gonna kick back and watch.
00:15:45>> Narrator: After the sexual encounter, eddie pulled his first double-cross of the evening on quincy brown.
00:15:54>> Okay, I think you're finished.
00:15:55Break into my house, knock me ..
00:15:58>> Narrator: They blame him for breaking into the apartment and raping elise.
00:16:03[ Gunshots ] it's unclear whether elise knew if quincy would die.
00:16:13>> Cut me loose now, honey.
00:16:14>> Narrator: But she obviously didn't know eddie would double-cross her, too.
00:16:21Eddie staged the scene to make it look like a break-in, assault, and a rape-murder perpetrated by quincy brown.
00:16:29And eddie collects $700,000 in life insurance.
00:16:33>> And maybe he walks away with a sexual-harassment case also.
00:16:37>> Narrator: He almost got away with it, too.
00:16:40But in the end, he left too many clues.
00:16:44>> It was obvious that eddie makdessi was lying to me about what happened, and how things had happened in that bedroom.
00:16:51>> He told us this happened, this happened, this happened.
00:16:54And multiple claims by eddie makdessi were refuted by the forensic evidence.
00:17:00>> Narrator: But when it came time to arrest eddie makdessi, he had fled to russia.
00:17:04>> The problem we're having is that he's now a russian citizen, and we don't have an extradition treaty, so we can't get him out of russia.
00:17:12>> Narrator: Forlmost a decade, eddie makdessi was on the run.
00:17:16Reporter mike mather track him down, despite everyone telling him it was useless.
00:17:23>> The state department at the time told me, virginia beach me, "you're wasting your time.
00:17:28" " sent him an e-mail.
00:17:33He agreed to meet with me.
00:17:35Flew to moscow.
00:17:36>> Narrator: Apparently, mike mather caught makdessi at he clearly didn't like living in russia.
00:17:45>> How can I say this?
00:17:46They took my money, they beat me up, they put me in jail because they thought I was an american spy, and here I was, without american documents to prove that I'm an american.
00:18:02>> Narrator: Makdessi chose to return to the united states and face trial, thinking that elise's videotaped allegations would provide the reasonable doubt he needed for acquittal.
00:18:14>> I want to do that because i know I can prove I'm innocent.
00:18:17I know that what has happened to me and all this that happened to me, the american people should know about.
00:18:28>> Narrator: 14 Years after the double homicide, eddie makdessi went on trial.
00:18:34The forensic evidence was overwhelming.
00:18:37>> We, the jury, find the defendant guilty of first-degree brown, guilty of first-degree murder of elise m. makdessi.
00:18:45>> Narrator: Makdessi was sentenced to two consecutive life terms.
00:18:50>> In cross, we explained very, very well how the blood-spatter evidence contradicted what eddie said.
00:18:58>> It wasn't he said, she said.
00:19:00It was he said, and everyone else was dead.
00:19:02It's never left me that eddie did that, and I've never questioned that he was capable of it.
00:19:09Not even for a second.
00:19:11>> Without the forensic evidence, without ross gardner and the blood-spatter analysis of the crime scene to be able to disprove eddie's statement -- because all we had was eddie's statement and the crime scene.
00:19:25And he had a good story.
00:19:30>> Narrator: Up next, a college co-ed is left for dead in a lovers' lane.
00:19:33>> The blood's consistent with her being struck up to 10 times.
00:19:37>> Narrator: There were plenty of suspects but very few answers.
00:19:41>> The samples could have originated from 20% of the population.
00:19:44>> Narrator: Was it a random murder or jealousy?
00:19:47>> If he couldn't have her, nobody else could.
00:19:50>> Narrator: For decades, the case went unsolved -- until now.
00:19:54>> He is a cold-blooded killer.
00:19:56>> They wanted to solve this.
00:20:06>> Narrator: At the end of a long day in may of 1984, a farmer in tennessee made a startling discovery.
00:20:15>> He noticed some clothing lying in the field.
00:20:17There was actually a body lying there.
00:20:20>> Narrator: The victim was a young girl, wearing only a bra.
00:20:24Her body was covered with two pairs of jeans and a dark jacket.
00:20:31One pair of jeans was hers.
00:20:34The other was a pair of men's jeans.
00:20:37>> Also, there was a black jacket across her body with the sleeve tied around her neck and a pair of panties that she was clutching in her right hand.
00:20:45>> Narrator: She was identified as 18-year-old laura salmon, a local college student.
00:20:52>> Her life was stolen.
00:20:54Her life was stolen.
00:20:57And in such a horrible way.
00:21:00>> Narrator: The autopsy revealed laura salmon died of blunt force trauma to the head.
00:21:06The murder weapon appeared to be the rocks found near her body.
00:21:10>> The blood on those rocks and other material was consistent with her being struck up to 10 times in the head with those rocks.
00:21:23>> Narrator: The medical examiner found evidence that laura had consensual sex sometime before the murder, most likely unrelated to the crime.
00:21:32 salmon had been involved in an intimate relationship with someone within the 24 or 48 hours prior to her death.
00:21:42There were no injuries that would be consistent with forcible rape.
00:21:47>> Narrator: On the men's jeans found with laura's body, scientists found semen from a different individual, presumably the killer.
00:21:58Earlier that at her cashier's job at the kroger grocery store.
00:22:03Records show she left the store around 1:00 p.m.
00:22:07She was supposed to be at an appointment at middle tennessee state university, but she never arrived.
00:22:14>> She was supposed to go to mtsu campus to check on her grades and meet with some of the office personnel over there.
00:22:21After that, she was supposed to go to her grandmother's house to go swimming.
00:22:25>> Narrator: Investigators found laura's car near the store, miles away from the murder site.
00:22:32Investigators found no fingerprints in the car, but they did find a foreign hair.
00:22:39They also found dirt in the wheel wells.
00:22:43>> The fbi lab determined that they were consistent and that there was high probability that road by the crime scene.
00:22:55>> Narrator: Dan goodwin was laura's friend and had been out with her a few nights before the murder.
00:23:02>> I just asked her if she'd like to see a movie, and we wound up going to the movies on sunday, may 27th of 1984.
00:23:09We went and saw a matinee show of "the natural" with robert redford.
00:23:13>> Narrator: At the funeral, dan goodwin promised laura's mother that he'd help find the killer.
00:23:20>> And she just grabbed me and hugged me and said, "please help " >> Narrator: What they really needed was to find the owner of the men's jeans.
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