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00:00:28Hanksgiving, ion people tried to deep-fat-fry their turkey.
00:00:3115 Succeeded in setting their houses on fire.
00:00:35At christmas, there was a lot of driving over the river and through the woods.
00:00:38And a little bit of skidding on the ice and taking out grandma's garage door.
00:00:42So while you're celebrating,tand trouble never takes a holiday. nee.
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00:02:34>> Narrator: Doug mouser told police he was the last person tohis he claimed genna was cleaningdroom when hleft.
00:02:46>> There was no physical evidce that linked himyou , like hai >> tre was no physical nil nada, nothing.
00:03:00Investigat found some suspiciouant ich ey sent toensic ntified the usual specimens you'd expect to find underneath a car -- grass, dirt, and debris.
00:03:18But he als quantities of yellowa weed I s the yellow star thistle, and then I saw the small scraps that had been tak off the body, and I was able compare that to material that had been collected from th theso from the trees that were in overstorabove the canyon whe THE BODY WAS FOUND. >> NarraANISTS CALL Iagnostic charstic aspectsf the plant at differentiate it from others of the same species.
00:03:53 eay in the sea different than they do late in the season, and prior to death, plant materials -- all species -- go through a sequence of developmenta events.
00:04:08>> Narrator: hrusa discovered the star thistle under doug mouser's car was identical in development to the star thistle found near genna's body.
00:04:19While this was significant, it wasn't enough to tie doug mouser to the murder.
00:04:26>> Yellow star thistle is not a rare plant.
00:04:29It is an extremely common plant, so in any given area -- especially of nortrn california and at low elevations -- yellow star thistle coulbe there.
00:04:39>> You can't show that the from the crime scene.
00:04:46It'sifornia, and that with the other flora under the car, it shows that he's been off-road.
00:04:53So he could've picked it up anywhere.
00:04:56Nvestigators agreed, so they turned their attention to the linear marks found on genna's thigh.
00:05:04>> The marks were made by a man-made object.
00:05:07They were clearly of a shape and appearance that would not be normally found in nature.
00:05:12>> Narrator: While looking inside doug mouser's car, detective bosma thought he found what caused them.
00:05:19>> The hair on the back of your neck stands up, and you're going, "thone of the " >> Narrator: But he didn't tell anyone about his discovery.
00:05:29Instead, he sent photographs of genna's skin marks to might ve caused them.
00:05:42Robertson wanted to identify the exact o the microm scanned every autopsy photograph of the marks, which enabled him to cre del.
00:05:58>> We're extracting the the right photograph, and the computer software merges that into a three-dimensi measurement or a model that we can extract and view later.
00:06:13>> Narrator: Judging from the size and shape, robertsonelt buckle.
00:06:27Hans wanted robertson's independent ysis.
00:06:32>> Normally, I don't h infoation, so I wasn't awarehicle.
00:06:37>>arrator:EX ROBTSON Flew to modesto, california, to he wto to re-cate the sapattern that w's t live model the same genna in the backseat of the vehicle over the rear seat belt a hatchba ckats was broken and was kept flat.
00:06:52The modethe tion for the time it would've taken to drive from genna's house t genna's leg.
00:07:26>> When he placed her in there, there's carp on e back of that seat back because it laysflat, ou hav carp the carpetd folds over as hepulls rt that carp HAT ONE OFERE ON HER LEG. Narrator: Just to make sure, robertson put the model's ct into his computer andto tn it was a vir >> the beading which would causeprint on the and own to microns.
00:08:09The wi orientation on that matched, as well.
00:08:17Th med.
00:08:19r: INTERESTILY, TH Theacks doug's c unusu other rs >>hen be able to nail this guy.
00:08:35Now we got him because now we can put genna in that car.
00:08:39>> All the pieces fit togetherat's showing doug mouser guilty of killing genna.
00:08:46>> They didn't theorize [bleep] they didn't theorize [bleep] I'll say that on the screen.
00:08:54I'd even say it in a cou.
00:08:55They have [bleep] any theory other than he threw the body -- he killed her an over ..
00:09:02And that she was in his car because of the mark on her leg.
00:09:05That's all there was.
00:09:08>> Narrator: Based on the forensic botany and ..ser was arrested and charged with his stepdaughter's murdc!
00:09:32You ruined mom's tablecloth.
00:09:34Not this time.
00:09:35What's that?
00:09:37My get out of jail free card.
00:09:38No way. you're busted.
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00:11:36>> Narrator: Prosecutors doug mouser to kill his 14-y >> how can you possibly imagine horrible?
00:11:49I can't imagine it, but it tunately time.
00:11:57genna didn't always do what her parents asked.
00:12:03She had oppositional defiant ..very defiant, very aggressive, very confrontational with the family, with the parents.
00:12:13>> Narrator: The mousers' mall with annie.
00:12:21>> Narrator: On the morning of her death, genna was on the telephone, violating her parents' rules.
00:12:28>> His name's scott.
00:12:32>> Narrator: Prosecutors belive doug caught genna on the phone, lost his temper, and struck her.
00:12:39>> Hello?
00:12:41>> Narrator: Prosecutors believe doug's impulsive act of violence threatened his career.
00:12:48Allegation that he had hit her, struck her.
00:12:50He was working at lawrence livermore lab, and he had security clearance, so any kind of a criminal conviction on his record would've been very difficult for him and put his job in jeopardy.
00:13:00>> Narra Unconscious, and not sure what to do, prosecutors think doug death.
00:13:10[ Telephone beeps ] he removed genna's clothing toe possible trace evidence.
00:13:17When doug pushed genna's body into the backseat of his car, he the carpet and the seat belt buckle left signature marks that wouldn't disappear since there was no blood f doug chose a dump site 15 minutes away, pulled his car off the road, which picked up the bits of star thistle the same stage of development that was found on genna's body.
00:13:55Prosecutors think doug simply got lucky when the security meras at both his office and the fast-food restaurant weren't working.
00:14:05But doug made a crucial mistake during his interrogation.
00:14:14But his emplce that ug logged in.
00:14:19>> Thecencis the greatest the only way I live with the situation is that I did the best that I could.
00:14:59Think possible. personality there.
00:15:05 calm and cool, and the next moment, he's something totally different.
00:15:14Happy to know that people love real answers to what happened to her.
00:15:23And she would be happy to know that we haven't forgotten about >> Narrator: The case against mouser was largely phmmet helped convince the jury.
00:15:36>> Photogrammetry was the key this case would have gone unsolved.
00:15:45ns by >> Narrator: Are blades of grass snowflake -- each one different in some way?
00:16:00Police in the bahamas thought all grass was pretty much the showed them that some grass is just 120 miles off the coast of florida are the bahamas, a group of islands that are one of the world's premier tourist it's particularly popular with golfers since the tropical climate means they can play but in the fall of 1999, the weather turned deadly.
00:17:07The islands were battered by a tropical storm.
00:17:12The next morning, the grounds keeper of the emerald golf course found more than downed trees and water damage.
00:17:20>> We found out that there was a female body on the golf course.
00:17:25She appeared to have been there overnight, and it had been raining for some time.
00:17:31>> Narrator: The victim's throat had been slit, and a one-dollar bill had been carefully placed on her body.
00:17:39>> To me, that sent a very profound message because she was laying out there naked.
00:17:45Her throat was slashed -- that's very graphic.
00:17:48And the only thing that was sort of sitting there speaking to us was a dollar bill.
00:17:55>> Narrator: A few yards away, investigators found the victim's clothing, a woman's ring, and a used condom.
00:18:04>> There was the indication that there was an attempt -- at least an attempt, for the most part -- of a sexual assault.
00:18:11>> Narrator: Police couldn't find the murder weapon even though they searched the entire golf course with a metal detector.
00:18:19The victim was identified as 19-year-old samantha forbes, a recent high-school graduate who lived with hamily just six miles away from the golf course.
00:18:31>> She was loving, kind.
00:18:34She never gave me one hard word one day yet.
00:18:39She was a beautiful person.
00:18:45I don't miss her.
00:18:47>> Narrator: Samantha's mother told investigators that samantha left home the night before with her friend, marjorie saunders.
00:18:56The two went to a local nightclub.
00:18:59>> I took her up there where i work.
00:19:01The minute she reached there, a gentleman was there and said, "samantha, how you doing?
00:19:07" " you know, and they sit down.
00:19:11They talk.
00:19:14>> Narrator: Marjorie and samantha met two men that night.
00:19:18Around midnight, samantha said she was leaving with them to go to another bar.
00:19:23>> She likes to party.
00:19:25Samantha likes to party, and she think it was a little too earlyto go home.
00:19:31She wanted to go -- freeport, there are different discos -- and finish, enjoy her night.
00:19:38>> Narrator: Marjorie said she tried to stop her.
00:19:42>> I said, "samantha, come.
00:19:43" " so two guys, they lift her up, one holding each hand, and took her away.
00:19:52>> Narrator: Marjorie told police she thought the two men were sailors.
00:19:58If true, this was potentially bad news for investigators.
00:20:03Ships come and go from the island port quickly, and the sailors could be long gone by now.
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00:23:31Ahamian lady laying on a golf course with her throat slashed -- and something is definitely wrong about that.
00:23:40>> Narrator: The brutal murder of samantha forbes shocked residents in the resort town of freeport in the bahamas.
00:23:47Marjorie saunders was with samantha on the night she was killed and blames herself for not doing more to prevent it.
00:23:56>> She caught a ride with two totally strangers that I even didn't know.
00:24:01I feel like the whole world came crashing down on me.
00:24:06And from samantha's death upwards to this day, my life hasn't been the same.
00:24:14>> Narrator: The storm that hit the bahamas on the night of samantha's murder complicated the investigation.
00:24:22>> We had a watery environment because it rained, so, certainly, evidence would be lost or destroyed just simply by the water.
00:24:32>> Narrator: Potential fingerprints, hair, and clothing fibers -- to the extent they existed -- were all washed away from samantha's body in the storm.
00:24:41And the rains also removed any biological evidence that may have been on the condom found nearby.
00:24:51When samantha's murder was reported in the local newspaper, a bartender on the island called with some additional information.
00:24:59She said samantha came into her at one point, she got into an argument with one of the >> they exchanged some harsh words, I understand.
00:25:11>> Narrator: The bartender said one of samantha's friends, keith lotmore, stepped in to break it up.
00:25:16>> It appears that keith lotmore, because he knew samantha, tried to calm her down and told her not to worry about that man, to leave him alone and not to answer him.
00:25:27And, apparently, she stopped arguing with him.
00:25:31>> Narrator: After the sailors ft, lotmore and his friend, dominique moss, joined samantha for a drink.
00:25:40>> Mr. lotmore knew samantha.
00:25:43There was conversation that went on, and she asked for a ride home.
00:25:49>> Narrator: And witnesses saw samant leave the bar with both men.
00:25:56>> Wen leaving with anyone, and those persons or that person is the last p be seen with the victim, automatically they will be a prime suspect.
00:26:12>> Narrator: Lotmore worked as a barber.
00:26:16Moss was an electrician.
00:26:20In separate interrogations, they both told the same story.
00:26:24They said they had given samantha a ride home and, after dropping her off, returned to the bar to pick up some food.
00:26:34The restaurant employees confirmed that they did, in fact, return afterwards.
00:26:38>> He went into the restaurant barefoot, I guess, looking for the food that he had ordered earlier for himself and had forgotten to take it away when he left.
00:26:47>> Narrator: Police inspected lotmore's car and found no blood or any other evidence of violence.
00:26:54And they also examined the clothing lotmore was wearing on the night samantha was killed.
00:27:01Investigators found no blood or any signs of a struggle.
00:27:06Police then asked dominique moss for his clothes.
00:27:11>> When the police went to was wearing on that particular morning, h he did not know.
00:27:21He didn't even remember what he >> Narrator: So the clothing appeared to be another dead end.
00:27:29With the help of samantha's friend marjorie, pol down the two sailors who were with samantha earlier on the night she was killed.
00:27:38They admitted they had argued they went to but said they left immediately afterwards and went back to their ship.
00:27:47Their alibi checked out.
00:27:49>> I wonder if I didn't ..
00:27:54She would have been, maybe, alive today.
00:27:57>> Narrator: For now, the mystery surrounding the two sailors had been solved, but there were still more questions to answer.
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