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00:00:01Found only one set of prints -- brian's.
00:00:06>> To have your own prints in your own house is not that significant, but given the fact that we have this story about what happens -- and the door is really clean otherwise -- it's just one more piece to the >> Narrator: Investigators found shards of glass in the hallway outside the bedroom, leading towards the bathroom.
00:00:26It was easy to see it was from the killer.
00:00:30>> There's some trace evidence, some trar blood and tissue, to a wall right next to the door that exits the bedroom, and that's significant.
00:00:38>> We followed the glass shards to the bathroom, and then inside of the bathroom, we found an additional glass shard.
00:00:46And then we found two black hairs in the sink area.
00:00:52>> Narrator: All of the hairs from that bathroom were sent to the forensic lab for analysis.
00:00:58>> These hairs had a very clumped and very densetation pattern.
00:01:03They were short.
00:01:04They were semicircular.
00:01:06They contained overall characteristics that followed and fell into the footsteps of what one would conclude as being a negroid hair.
00:01:15>> Narrator: Finally, investigators listened to the entire conversation between brian and the 911 operator on the night of the murder.
00:01:26Brian said his father's bedroom door was locked.
00:01:30But he told the operator one small detail that only the ..
00:02:00>> There is no way that brian vaughn would have known that his dad had been shot if the door was locked and he could not gain entry.
00:02:09>> The biggest evidence against brian vaughn was brian vaughn.
00:02:14He was his worst evidence.
00:02:16>> Narrator: Investigators suspected that brian used a 9-millimeter gun from his father's own collection.
00:02:24>> We believe, from talking to his friends and his office manager, that he would have had a gun in his night-side table.
00:02:31And on the night of the murder, no gun was found there.
00:02:34We understood that he has had 9-millimeter guns in the past, as well, and leslie was killed with a 9-millimeter.
00:02:42The gun was, in this case, though, never found.
00:02:44Was never found.
00:02:45>> Narrator: Finally, investigators interviewed the only other person inside the house at the time of the murder, brian's younger brother, chris.
00:02:54>> We asked chris, "would brian " and chris answered, "i don't " we asked him, "could brian kill " "i don't know.
00:03:06He's very athletic, but I don't " " " which is an unusual response, as opposed to "no, he wouldn't do it.
00:03:15No, he couldn't do it.
00:03:16" >> Narrator: Brian vaughn was arrested and charged with his father's murder.
00:03:22But would the jury convict on so little evidence?
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00:06:06>> Narrator: Three months before leslie vaughn's murder, prosecutors believe that his son brian may have set fire to his car as a ploy to get a new one.
00:06:17But his father refused, offering to buy him a used car instead.
00:06:22Apparently, they fought about this and other issues, like his grades in school and how he was jeopardizing his chances for an athletic scholarship to college.
00:06:32According to chris vaughn, the 30 on the night of the murder.
00:06:40Prosecutors believe brian waited until his father went to sleep,