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00:00:00Things that are errors and fix those before employers look at your credit report.
00:00:07>>Ou should attach a statement explaining your bad credit.
00:00:11For example, what, you might tell a potential employer I was having difficulty feeding my children?
00:00:18What could work?
00:00:19>>Guest: WELL, THAT'S A GREAT Point.
00:00:22Say that there are items on your report that are accurate, that you were not able to pay your bills on time each month.
00:00:29That's where the 100 word statement comes into play to those potential employers who are looking at the credit report to explain to them exactly what happened.
00:00:38That you were laid off, your hours were cut, and that will give them an idea of what they are dealing with.
00:00:45>>Neil: THANK YOU, MICHELLE Glass, we appreciate the pointers today.
00:00:51>>Guest: THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
00:00:53>> Coming up, I have a special interview here with christine o'donnell, I sat down with the republican senate candidate in delaware and what she has to say about the treatment media has given her as a candidate and a WOMAN.Ñó oú?Pxk woYñ7 ç =0Wú í [email protected] w úñyç d[xw [email protected]]z][email protected] z ?l;W ÷@ = tuxo)1 ♪♪
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00:04:57ññçú >> it is so different out here especially in beverly hills.
00:05:25The kid dozen not trick or treat.
00:05:27They post scary pictures of themselves on facebook.
00:05:31The neighbors see it on the IPhone AND THEY FedEx THEM Some candy bars.
00:05:37>> High-tech version.
00:05:39>> And growing up, I hated going to the house where they gave you an apple.
00:05:49Some game our nichols.
00:05:50And I was like, what, give us candy.
00:05:58>> Keep your pictures rolling.
00:06:00>> And if you have a good pumpkin, send us a picture.
00:06:06>> I like all of those suggestions and here are the headlines.
00:06:09Three days until the midterm elections and the president is making a plea to both politicians and the voters in this week's address.
00:06:20>> The outcome on tuesday we need to come together to help put people looking for jobs back to work and some practical steps to take right away to promote growth and encourage businesses to hire and expand.
00:06:33>> Later today the president will attend rallies for senate candidates in pennsylvania, connecticut, and his home state of illinois.
00:06:39And republicans are hoping to capitalize on democratic spending in this week's election.
00:06:45House minority leader boehner drove the point home during the weekly address.
00:06:50>> Americans demand a new way forward from washington, and an approach neither party has tried.
00:06:55It starts with cutting spending instead of increasing it.
00:06:58Making government smaller and more accountable and helping small businesses get back to creating jobs.
00:07:04>> Later today, formulas can governor sarah palin will be on the trail and pushing for republican senate candidate from west virginia.
00:07:15>> New radio scripts from the rescue mission to save ted stevens after the plane crashed.
00:07:24Pilots flying high above the scene reported it would be hard to reach them on foot, and they would need a "really " at times the rescue was described as complex and five died during the crash and the f.a.a. investigation is open.
00:07:43>> A developing story overnight, word that somali pirates hijacked a tanker in the indian ocean, pirates attack the tanker with 24 crew members on board.
00:07:56And five will go on trial in virginia next month for attacking a u.s. navy ship.
00:08:02A federal judge rejected the motion to throw out the case.
00:08:05>> What is coming up in sports?
00:08:12Game three of the world series, the first ever fall classic hosted by the texas rangers and the giants looking to take a commanding three-games lead.
00:08:24And lewis for the rangers who dominated the yankees in two games against sanchez for san 00 eastern time, on fox.
00:08:35, the big three still live in boston but the OTHER BIG THREE, LeBRON, BOSH And dwyane wade in miami, thrilling the crowd at american arabie putting on quite a show against the rival, magic, and DWYANE WADE AT 26 AND LeBRON, 15, And they rolled the rival 96-70.
00:09:00And brett favre's streak of 291 straight starts could end tomorrow.
00:09:05The quaterback wants to start against new england with serious ankle injuries and the coach may not let him because he has not decided between starting him or jackson, and will not make a decision until tomorrow around game time, but you now how this works, gamesmanship in the nfl, and he has a broken ankle.
00:09:26>> Come on, a broken ankle.
00:09:28>> Come on!
00:09:31I can't play quaterback for the nfl and he has a booty on.
00:09:35>> He is a tough guy.
00:09:36But he is tough.
00:09:38And so is rick.
00:09:41So now how long do you have to be in the game to count as a start?
00:09:46>> One play.
00:09:46One play.
00:09:47>> I imagine he will go a drive ..
00:09:53>> Look at this picture sent today.
00:09:59That is good pumpkin carving.
00:10:01Thank you, andrew from florida.
00:10:03If you have your pumpkin carving pictures send them to me.
00:10:09That is a go one.
00:10:11And moving forward and look what we have on in the tropics, still active, and this is tropical storm tomas pulling to the west.
00:10:21We are going to watch this probably grow into a major hurricane and that is the official forecast giving dangerously close to haiti, and some of the models bring it right over port-au-prince as a major hurricane and that would certainly have some devastating effects.
00:10:37 for the saturday, the high temperatures are looking nice for most everyone, and temperatures are looking good here, warm across the areas of the high plains and the radar is locking good.
00:10:50Any problems with one system across the great lakes, not causing a major problem but a little bit of rain and snow and across the west, a bigger system pulling in, bringing heavy rain this morning and across areas of california, they will take it and this afternoon, it pulls inland across the inner mountain west.
00:11:06 only a couple of trouble spots, one across the southeast, and heavy rain at times, across areas of louisiana and across parts of the west looking nice.
00:11:18This election happened, if it happened on tuesday, with the severe weather it would be a problem but this tuesday across the country it will be nice.
00:11:29>> At the most captivating season, tea party favorite christine o'donnell is challenging chris coons for the delaware senate seat.
00:11:37On thursday I traveled to delaware to talk with christine o'donnell about how she is feeling about this coming tuesday and her chances for another major upset.
00:11:47>> What do you thing will happen on tuesday?
00:11:50>> This is an unconventional election year.
00:11:53People are more motivated.
00:11:55More excited.
00:11:56And they recognize what is happening in our country.
00:11:58And those people who have never voted before are not reflective of the poll numbers but they will be reflected on election day and you can feel the incredible momentum and excitement.
00:12:10>> Ladies and gentleman the people of delaware have spoken.
00:12:14>> People called your primary win a stunning upset.
00:12:20Were you surprised.
00:12:21>> We were not surprised.
00:12:22We were not surpriseed.
00:12:26You go on the campaign trail and you meet people who are verien -- who are very enthusiastic and you cannot quantify that until election day.
00:12:41I am confident we can win on tuesday.
00:12:44>> You have managed to become a national almost household name, why has your campaign been so high profile?
00:12:53>>Guest: I DON'T KNOW.
00:12:54I think it's because premy -- preprimary everyone was counting on the incumbent winning and we defied that.
00:13:04Yet in a way, all the national and international attention has actually been not good because my opponent and some not so friendly media have been trying to mischaracterize who I am.
00:13:18>> What do you most bristle at how they talk about you?
00:13:25>>Guest: ONE OF THE THINGS I Hear on the campaign trail is, you are nothing like they paint you!
00:13:32Thank you.
00:13:34.. a lot of people say, you do know the issues.
00:13:37You do care.
00:13:46You are rational and you do believe what I believe.
00:13:48That's great as long as we get the message out by tuesday.
00:13:52>> Do you think you have been treated fairly by the media?
00:13:56>>Guest: NO.
00:13:57I'm not whining.
00:13:58It's what happens when you step into the arena to run for public office, you will be held to a higher standard and get more scrutiny but when you are a woman there is more scrutiny.
00:14:13They don't criticize my opponent some of the things they have criticized me for and I am trying to make this about the issues.
00:14:21What is important to the people of delaware?
00:14:23How will we get jobs back to delaware?
00:14:25What will happen in this economy?
00:14:28That's what should be the focus of this election cycle instead of taking things that I said nearly 20 years out of context, too.
00:14:39>> You went on a date with a witch.
00:14:43Why has that taken on a life of its own?
00:14:46>>Guest: I HAVE NO IDEA WHY IT Has taken on a life of its own, but this election cycle should not be about something I said a decade and a half ago on a comedy show.
00:14:58Something I did when I was in college.
00:15:00I am asking voters to look at who I am now, and look at what i want to do in this election cycle.
00:15:07>> Is anything a candidate did in college fair game?
00:15:11>>Guest: IT SHOULD BE FOR BOTH Candidates about what they are representing now.
00:15:15I have to say my opponent said that studying under a marks imin college made hill become a democrat, that did not get a lot of heat and those were his words.
00:15:28So there is a double standard.
00:15:30>> We should say we did extend an invitation to his opponent, democrat chris coons and we hope to have him on tomorrow or monday.
00:15:37Stick around because next hour we will talk about more personal stuff with her and she gets emotional.
00:15:43Explosive materials bound for caught before reaching american soil.
00:15:47Is the terrorist threat over?
00:15:50Stay tuned.
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00:17:49óñññ] @W úp ú?N rñú çp ñ>ffpló ñnwñ÷eó iñ konp? [email protected] ú ç [email protected] Ñóñkñ4GWçsí SqpyoÑ ímóú ñ:' P ó/tn?? w AO% oñp p<zñSí ñ=:ç ó ÷#k=o r?ó77[[email protected]@< [email protected]@ ñw ÑK8 ? ]wñ ?vwk? ç÷ p )0çg98@ p Ñ çñ?/ z / ÷?óñ zÑmYp Z h txwç ñ >> Welcome back to fox and friends we have a first look at the explosive devices discovered on planes bound for the united states.
00:19:09Those packages reportedly destined for chicago area sin galvestons.
00:19:13HOMELAND SECURITY OFFICIALS:÷dr SAY The explosives have the hallmarks of al qaeda.
00:19:17>> And now homeland security security jap -- homeland security secretary napolitano.
00:19:26Do you have information that there are more packages out there?
00:19:32>>Guest: WE ARE ACTING WITH Caution.
00:19:34Do we have specific information about other packages?
00:19:39But, what we have done and did immediately was to enhance the world's governor everyoning cargo emanating from yemen, to make sure that cargo and passengers remain safe.
00:19:49>> There is a question about whether or not americans wake up this morning and wonder if their government is protecting them.
00:19:57Are we being reactive?
00:20:03If the tips did not come in would we have massive amounts of explosions in chicago.
00:20:08>> The investigation is ongoing into what, exactly, the devices had in them.
00:20:15And how it could have been detonated, and when and what damage it could have caused.
00:20:20So all of that needs to be done by trained scientists and they are doing that right now.
00:20:29However, the security system has no one silver bullet.
00:20:33You have to have multiple layers.
00:20:36This layer starts with good information sharing from the saudis and we were able then immediately to work with other countries, particularly the to begin analysis of what the packages were and what they could have done and we were immediately able to work across the globe to enhance cargo screening rules, particularly for any cargo emanating from yemen.
00:21:02>> It is an incredibly difficult process, imagining how you get through this.
00:21:05You are talking millions of pieces of cargo bound for the united states through the cargo planes, and 84 percent of the packages sent to this country.
00:21:14Are there things we can do to improve the system of screening more packages bound for the united states?
00:21:20>> Well, we are always looking to improve and recognize our adversaries are ever changing, and the threaten environment is ever changing, and we are ever changing, as well, it is not just reactive but pro-active.
00:21:35And screening in and of itself is only one of the many tools we need to use to thwart these kinds of activities, to thwart the plots as we go after those who are the cause of them.
00:21:50>> Congressman, republican, from florida on the house transportation subcommittee said the homeland security security system remains reactive rather than pro-active.
00:21:58Let me read you what he said "rather than dedicating personnel and resources to pat down little old a ladies who pose no threat we should direct our resources to where the real threat exists, " your response?
00:22:14>> I think that comment illustrates he doesn't have a full understanding of all of the security measures that are in place.
00:22:24In we have enhanced passenger screening to make sure passengers remain safe.
00:22:29And that the aviation environment is safe.
00:22:33Yes, we are installing new technology in airports, better temperature, the next wave and it will make sure that substances are detected before any passenger could smuggle them on to a plane.
00:22:48And, yes we are working to improve the cargo environment, but multiple layers, as I said.
00:22:56>> What about the foreign departure sites, we can do everything we want in this country, but if something gets on board a plane in yemen it doesn't matter.
00:23:06>> Again, we are working with the government of yemen, and that was one of the first calls made to look at any cargo out of yemen.
00:23:17That's why other planes were looked at because they had packages containing, containers containing packages from yemen.
00:23:26That's why we put into place immediately new rules governing any cargo emanating from yemen.
00:23:33But these things are ever changing.
00:23:35And the threat enenvironment is ever changing.
00:23:38So we are always constantly thinking not only about what has done, but what could be done in the future and making sure that both internationally and domestically we are dealing with that and involving our nation as a woke.
00:24:02Everyone has a role to play.
00:24:03Everyone has a role to play here.
00:24:05If you see something, say something.
00:24:08>> We appreciate you talking with us this morning.
00:24:10Thank you.
00:24:11Eggs thank you.
00:24:13>> A state taking on school bullying in and out of the the classroom.
00:24:17Do officials have the right to police kids on their own time?
00:24:20Fair and balanced debate is next.
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00:26:21Let's work on your reading, okay?
00:26:24(Child reading) ♪ Some people have ears to hear the cries of those in need...♪
00:26:27... the umpire said, "You're safe." The end.
00:26:30Good job, Max! Thanks.
00:26:31Vanessa, you're next.
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00:27:39m0?C?p8& ÷?;HsÑñ >> New jersey lawmakers intro dpiewsed the antibullying bill of rights called the toughest in the nation demanding teachers report and respond to harassment, intimidation and bullying on-and-off school grounds.
00:28:00And now, for a fair and balanced debate is author of "no kidding," and the director of the legal advocacy for the foundation for individual rights in education.
00:28:12Will, what's wrong with state-wide standards that would train teachers and school officials about how to respond to bullying?
00:28:19>> A couple of things.
00:28:20First of all, the bill paints with a broad brush, forgetting that college students are not 5th graders and it would apply the same penalties for college students as for k-12 and that is a problem.
00:28:35The supreme court held college students enjoy the same full first amendment rights of all citizens.
00:28:42Is is that -- is that a problem?
00:28:46>> My problem is the younger kids, k-12, we found out they are bullied more than we thought after a survey of 43,000 high school students 50 percent admitted to bullying, we have kids killing themself, one jumped off the george washington bridge.
00:29:04We have to do something.
00:29:06>> It is so rampant and so deadly, isn't it important to do something?
00:29:13>>Guest:ñr WE HAVE TO REMEMBER We already have legal regimes in place that address the kind of behavior that resulted in the tragic death.
00:29:21>> But they are not working?
00:29:23>> We need to make sure we are ENFORCINGñ%sr THEM.
00:29:25My organization, the foundation for individual rights in education receives hundreds of complaint each year from students whose rights have been abused by sloppy harassment policy.
00:29:35>> Would this save lives?
00:29:37>> I absolutely think it will and one of the things we to have to address is the crisis in compassion that loads to all this bullying.
00:29:45We have found out that kids starting college now are 40 percent lower in compassion and empathy than kids starting college 30 years ago which leads to the terrible things we have heard recently, harassment, intimidation, and cruelty, and it has to stop.
00:30:01>> We have to start earlier, thank you very much for coming to debate this.
00:30:06>> Thank you.
00:30:07>> Coming up, ohio, the most politically important state in america is what the white house thinks and what happens there could affect you even if you do not live in the state.
00:30:18And governor huckabee will explain what is at stake there.
00:30:24Stay tuned.
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00:33:49>> Good morning, everyone, on saturday, october 30.
00:33:51AND WE HAVE ORH6Sh+ Devices discovered on planes bound for the united states.
00:33:56Are more headed our way?
00:33:599 Secretary of homeland security secretary with the latest on the investigation.
00:34:03>> And the most politically crucial state in america.
00:34:07President obama in ohio for the 12th time this weekend since taking office.
00:34:13Why is there so much as stake even if you tonight live in the state.
00:34:17>> In your hard-earned tax dollars going to americans who cannot use it because they are dead.
00:34:23>> Why in the world is this happening?
00:34:25Fox and friends begins right now.
00:34:28>> We're live.
00:34:36>> We start this morning with the fox news alert, the top story today, brands new video of the devices sent from yemen on planes bound for the united states.
00:34:48Moments ago homeland security secretary napolitano joined us on fox and friends explaining how the system worked to foil this plot.
00:35:03There is no one silver bullet.
00:35:05You need multiple layers.
00:35:08This started with good information from the saudis.
00:35:10>> In london a device was what do we know this morning?
00:35:16>> Hour by hour, guys, we are getting more details of the thwarted plot.
00:35:20Specifically, we have spoke to the dubai police where one of the two explosive devices was NABBED BY FedEx FROM A Yemen.
00:35:31It was more than just a printer.
00:35:34You can tell from the pictures it was "professionally " showing the hallmarks and method of al qaeda.
00:35:42The pictures and the description show a toner cartridge filled with a white powder said to be an industrial explosive used in several terror attacks or attempts especially coming from yemen.
00:35:56Also, shown and described, wiring, linked to a mobile phone and traces of a chemical, all the detonation element for a potential big bang.
00:36:09 where the other suspect package was grabbed in central england top security officials are meeting at this moment in emergency session.
00:36:23Also, the device is being examined by forensic experts.
00:36:27A short while ago we heard from janet napolitano's equivalent in , home secretary and here is how she described what they found in the package.
00:36:39Take a listen.
00:36:40>> I can say at this stage it did contain explosive material but it is not yet clear whether it was a viable explosive device.
00:36:50>> Finally, back over to yemen, where the two packages originated from I am told there is a heightened security prince on the street and I am told that an investigation, full blown, has been opened up and that includes I am told going through the manifests of senders of packagings using ups and FedEx TO FIND OUT WHO SENT It and what the spng -- intention was.
00:37:18All eyes on the dangerous al qaeda chapter sitting in yemen.
00:37:22Ykback and the arabian peninsula.
00:37:26>> A needle in a hey -- in a haystack.
00:37:32>> And three days until the elections, the president pleaing to both politicians and voters in the address.
00:37:40>> Whatever the outcolon tuesday, we need to come together to put people looking for jobs back to work.
00:37:48And some practical steps we can take to promote growth and encourage businesses to hire and expand.
00:37:54>> Later today the president will attend rallies for candidates in pennsylvania, connecticut and whom state of illinois.
00:38:01And republicans are hoping to capitalize on democratic spending in the election.
00:38:07House american leader boehner drove the point home.
00:38:12>> Americans are demanding a new way forward in washington, an approach that neither party has tried.
00:38:17It starts with cutting spending instead of increasing it, making government smaller and more accountable, and helping small businesses get back to creating jobs again.
00:38:26>> Later today, former alaska governor sarah palin is on the trail pushing for republican senate candidate in west virginia and boehner is promising to pitch a bill that cutting spending every system week.
00:38:41>> News of an arrest in the murder of northern illinois university student.
00:38:47Police say this manlikely kill the 18-year-old in a park and set the victim on fire.
00:38:53He was tracked down and arrested in louisiana and he became a suspect after reporting the fire to police himself.
00:39:01>> Police now say that they have tracked down the 84-year-old woman responsible for four crashes on interstate 95 out of philadelphia.
00:39:10We showed you this video yesterday showing the woman cruising along in her wood paneled station wagon going the wrong way on the wrong side of the highway.
00:39:18>> Who was filming this while driving?
00:39:22>> That is dangerous.
00:39:24>> Police say she did not know what she was doing, but, still, charges may be filed.
00:39:30>> Those are the headlines.
00:39:32>> Driving down 95 doing 80 with a flip camera, that is a problem.
00:39:37>> And now, over to the weather center.
00:39:40>> Hard to believe we have tropics going so much.
00:39:43This is the 19th named storm, tomas will become a hurricane and there are reports that there is damage in the caribbean and the water is still warm and likely we will see intensive storm maybe up to category three and major impacts potentially around haiti and obviously we have been concern about this all year long and anything we see will cause major problems.
00:40:11No one is dealing with major cold outbreak right now and that is good news, and here is the forecast.
00:40:15Still very nice, chicago is 61.
00:40:17Lots of sunshine.
00:40:18A few showers around the great lakes.
00:40:20And snow in the higher elevation.
00:40:23The bigger storm is across the west bringing heavy rain into southern california and sunshine around areas of air air -- arizona and new mexico.
00:40:34For tuesday, across the planes, minneapolis, looking nice, and temperatures in the lower 50's and lots of sun.
00:40:41Tulsa, maybe a few morning showers, and amarillo, plenty of sun and temperatures in the 60's.
00:40:47Looking good.
00:40:47You could not ask for a better election day weather-wise.
00:40:51Remember last tuesday, guys, the the big weather?
00:40:57This is much better for election.
00:40:59>> This weekend the president is a very busy man making stops across the country but nothing more important than a stop in ohio.
00:41:08And mike huckabee is here to talk about that.
00:41:11How much is this about 2010 and how much about 2012?
00:41:16Only two democrats in the last century won the white house without carrying ohio.
00:41:21>>Guest: OHIO IS A MICROCOSM Of america for presidential elections and a very important state in terms of the political mood of the country.
00:41:31There is an important fact about 2010 but that is tied to 2012, the governor's race in ohio is red hot and that race will help set the political table for 2012.
00:41:45Obama needs ohio in 12 and he needs a democratic governor to create a landscape so he can run more effectively in ohio.
00:41:53>> Because you are a former governor, I think this is an interesting question.
00:42:01As a dispof you have an infrastructure, and you can get out the vote and know, you have incredible ground campaign so governor strickland in ohio has a leg up, does he not, he knows where the votes are and he has the infrastructure and he may have an advantage over republicans there although he is struggling in the polls.
00:42:21>>Guest: THE GOVERNOR HAS AN Advantage as an incumbent because of what you just mentioned.
00:42:26Not only does he have the political infrastructure in place but he has appointed hundreds if not thousands in little am lets all over the state who are beholden to them for their jobs so when it comes to the election those folks who wish to be reappointed and would like what they are doing, they will be operatives on behalf of the give no matter the party.
00:42:53>> So you did not have to shoot me down.
00:42:56>>Guest: I WILL FIND SOMETHING Else later.
00:42:58>> And now the next story, the democrats have asked for, the pentagon, records of 2012 presidential hopefuls including yourself.
00:43:10What are they hoping to mine from the pentagon about you and your colleagues?
00:43:17>>Guest: MAYBE ROTC RECORDS From college.
00:43:23It is not what they did it, we know they engage in opposition research, that is standard political operating procedure.
00:43:31However, to do that the week's what ought to be the biggest elections and they ought to defend turf, here is what it tells us, that they have already essentially given up and they are expending capital, their political capital, their time, money, andests and energy, on something that is going to happen well beyond the election and they have surveyed the landscape and said there is not a lot more we can do about these elections coming up on tuesday.
00:43:57>> We have a few days, everyone knows the strategy and plans and as a candidate what will going through your minds in a few days before a major election?
00:44:06Anything you can do to drive poll numbers up?
00:44:19>>Guest: DON'T SCREW UP.
00:44:20Be careful what you say.
00:44:21Be careful what you do.
00:44:23Do not do a gerald ford, the weekend before the presidential election in 1976, went to san antonio, texas, and they gave him a tamale and he ate it but he did not take the shuck off.
00:44:40I am telling you that cost him texas and probably cost him the white house.
00:44:44It's the kind of thing you cannot let happen so you have to choreograph every move and every word.
00:44:51The second thing, everything is get out the vote, going door-to-door, not leaving any stone unturned.
00:44:59That means you identify who the voters are.
00:45:02You know who will vote for you.
00:45:03And you call them.
00:45:04Knock on their door.
00:45:05You don't let the sun go down on them until they have voted or they are in a car open the way to the polls.
00:45:11>> And do not go wind surfing on cape cod before the election.
00:45:17Stay tuned.
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00:46:57My landingas better than yours.
00:46:59No, it wasn't.
00:47:00Yes, it was. was not.
00:47:01Yes, it was.
00:47:02What do you think?
00:47:03Take one of the big ones out?
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00:49:04Welcome back to "fox and friends," and governor huckabee is here.
00:49:10And now we are learning that governor charlie crist called condition drik meek asking him to drop out.
00:49:18>> He agreed to be on with us, governor crist and we invited meek and round I don't and they could not come but crist would be on and we would give him fair treatment.
00:49:31I am a rubio supporter.
00:49:33And he abruptly canceled.
00:49:35So, now, rubio will come on and we invited meek and he said he is unavailable, but, it is really disappointing that he AGREED TO BE ON OUR SHOWñs J AND WE Have set it up and he abruptly and without explanation canceled.
00:49:50>> What do you make of charlie crist?
00:49:52We find out two things much.
00:49:54He asked meek to leave the race.
00:49:59And we found out through a florida trial attorney he would caucus with the democrats if he wins.
00:50:05They say he would caucus with the people.
00:50:08What do you make of his positions ever evolving?
00:50:13>>Guest: HE IS THE ULTIMATE Yoga master of politic taking more positions than someone practicing an advanced form of yoga, he is all over the map for everything and it is evident to the people of florida he will say anything and do anything, he wants to be in politics so bad, and, boy, he picked a wrong year to say it is all about me, my having an office.
00:50:37People want principled individuals.
00:50:40I have a lot of respect for meek.
00:50:42I don't agree with anything he stands for but he is a genuine, honest, and straightforward liberal democrat and he is not -- he won the primary.
00:50:53I have never heard of anything like what is happening.
00:50:57>> Are there laws?
00:50:59>>Guest: THERE IS BAKE COMMON Sense moral code that say if you are facing a guy who won the primary overwhelmingly and you could not win a primary and you want out and started your own start-up campaign because you couldn't win, how dare you go to a winner of a primary and trillion him to get out from the other party?
00:51:20He is a republican, by all accounts.
00:51:22And he is calling rubio and asking him to get out.
00:51:25And now the tea party candidate, the tea party we will talk about.
00:51:28On tuesday we will find out if the tea party is a real movement or just a moment in america and you have long said on our air you think it would be a mistake to become a real party.
00:51:39What do you think will happen on tuesday?
00:51:42>>Guest: THE TEA PARTY MEMBERS And right now it is still a lossly formed coalition of people with common goals and ideas, they will have a celebration on that might and they will feel upbeat and I hope they take that into the neck election cycle, holding candidates accountable for positions but not creating a party and not anointing a candidate.
00:52:02That will be their mistake and undoing if that should happen.
00:52:06>> To be a movement opposed to a moment, don't you need some structure and don't you need defined leadership?
00:52:12>>Guest: YOU DON'T NEED Candidates.
00:52:14Leadership is one thing.
00:52:15Let me give you a parallel, the national rifle association is the most effective political organizations in the country because they are principled.
00:52:25Like them or not.
00:52:26The reason I love them is not just because of the issue it is because you can count on them to always say these are our principles if you are with us we are with you.
00:52:34If you against us, we are against you.
00:52:36It doesn't matter whether you are a democrat or republican.
00:52:38They endorse democrats who are with them.
00:52:40They stand against republicans who aren't.
00:52:42So they don't annoint candidates, they may endorse but they don't afloint and say this is our guy, and exclusively, they maintain their focus around the issue of the second amendment, not around a personality.
00:52:56>> Thank you, governor huckabee.
00:52:57Sounds like you will have an interesting show tonight.
00:53:03 here on fox.
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00:54:38Kkç úm@ wó-úO: / ] c pnpú [email protected] ç óO nçúoPçxúp Ñ0 f÷ppz÷ v?óz wñ XwW8 ó >> Quick headlines, a florida jury is recommending a suspect be given the death penalty for killing a wealthy florida couple caught on this surveillance video.
00:57:05He was convicted of leading a group of men dressed as ninjas to rob and kill the couple.
00:57:11There is another big recall of the popular cholesterol lowering drug and 38,000 bottles have a strange odor coming from them.
00:57:20This is the third recall in just three months for lipitor in recent times.
00:57:32>> Some are desperate to lose weight and will try anything.
00:57:35A doctor in los angeles says the method works.
00:57:39He applies a patch to the patient's tongue that meeting eating painful limiting them to a liquid diet.
00:57:48And now our doctor answers that.
00:57:51A patch on the tongue?
00:57:53>> We wrote it up because this plastic is being sutured to a tongue, a new technique the doctor develops.
00:58:04He was walking in mexico, and he saw a bottled alcohol, and, basically by suturing this piece of plastic you cannot eat because it is painful and he puts you on a liquid diet and you may lose weight.
00:58:20I have asked many specialists about this and everyone thinks this is crazy and this is dangerous because you can get an infection on your tongue.
00:58:30Just suture your mouth shut if that is the psychology.
00:58:33But to do this, there are studies to prove this is effective and the potential side effects from getting an infection and getting corrective surgery is huge, so, keep your tongue in your mouth and do the old basic stuff, and get exercise and watch what you eat.
00:58:50>> Do not put extra food in your mouth.
00:58:53>> That's right.
00:58:55And after a sports injury, a bag of ice, we are told that will stop the swelling.
00:59:03But now there is new search.
00:59:05>> Issues is a major component of treating an injury because it reduces inflammation but the argument is they found in animals the inflammation proposals production of a hormone which could enhance healing, so, ice is good idea but do not overdo it.
00:59:23The message I got from the study is perhaps that more things need to be looked at but do not overdo the antiinflammation, if the pain subsides, do not make this a week-long of antiinflammatory drugs because a little inflammation could promote good healing.
00:59:42>> A pennsylvania couple claims in a lawsuit their three year old daughter was taken away after they found high levels of, testing positive for a drug test, opium or whatever and it turns out it could have come from poppies.
01:00:03>> Do you want a hit?
01:00:04Do a hit with me.
01:00:06We have poppy babe els in the "green" room.
01:00:11>> They have a case, absolutely, it has been well documented that the poppy seeds can make a positive drug test positive because this is coming from the opium you mention and they come in different sizes, different flavors but if you consume poppy seeds and you do a drug test.
01:00:33>> But having your child taken away?
01:00:36>> Everything fell apart because they tested the woman randomly and slow was not notified, and the authorities came to the louse and took the baby away, and when she explained everything, they gave the baby pack so I to think she has a logical case.
01:00:50But, yes, she had a positive drug test because of the babe -- bagel.
01:01:01>> Thank you, doctor.
01:01:02>> He is a billionaire who gives millions of dollars to liberal groups and regularly visits the white house.
01:01:08George soros clearly has an agenda.
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01:05:34>> Midterm elections three days away and one of the greatest privileges of being an american, the right to vote.
01:05:39What if your vote did not count?
01:05:41Some voters in north carolina say faulty voting machines are switching their vote.
01:05:50>> In north carolina, the republican party is suing the state board of elections over touch screen voting machines like these.
01:05:57The complaint says when people cast straight line votes for republicans, the computer screens shows votes for democrats.
01:06:04>> The votes were not properly counted.
01:06:07>> Republican state party chairman says they have got be complaints in self counties and charges that votes others are not protected.
01:06:16>> We are going to court to ask a judge to protect the citizens.
01:06:21Democrats, republicans, independent, all so they can have a high confidence level.
01:06:26The whole foundation of our election process depends upon people having confidence the election process is accurate.
01:06:32>> But the democratly director of the state board of elections says the computers cannot be programmed to pick democrats.
01:06:39And that some democrats have complained their screen shows they wanted republicans.
01:06:45She says we have had some reports to polling workers and these were corrected and isolated incidents but have multiplied.
01:06:53There is no hard evidence voters were not able to cast votes as intended.
01:06:58Voters were able to correct the selection.
01:07:06>> He is trying to lay the ground work for the excuse for why his party is going to have a failure on tuesday night.
01:07:12>> In bucks county, pennsylvania they have sequestered 20,000 absentee ballots and ballot after 900 absentee ballotblies were tossed out rejected because of problems with signatures.
01:07:31Often when signatures do not match records that can a side of possible vote are fraud.
01:07:36The republicans are pointing the finger at democrats, and democrats say republicans are trying to suppress the vote.
01:07:42If you have problems with you live, we want to know about it AT FoxNews.COM UNDER "VOTER " and now a democratic strategist.
01:07:55Joe, good morning.
01:07:57Always worrisome to hear reports of voter fraud days before an election.
01:08:02How wide-spread do you think this is?
01:08:05>>Guest: WELL, I DON'T KNOW, Look, we have to do everything WE CANr Daylight and it is looked into and so this does not happen with the voting machines.
01:08:20That is scary.
01:08:23>> President obama has spoken lately in interviews, and "rolling stone," and others, where he has said he is disheartened at the polarizing politics of washington but in the past couple of weeks he is hanging around with george soros a billionaire liberal investors who has backed polarizing issues including prop 19 in california making marijuana legal, among other things.
01:08:48If you advised president obama would you tell him, lay off the soros hanging out?
01:08:54>>Guest: WELL, THE REPORTS ARE Disclosed that he met with him five times, I think, since being in office.
01:09:02George soros, the bulk of the money is spent on taking on human rights violations, supposing them in africa and around the world so there are legitimate reasons to meet.
01:09:12And I point out, look, this is what disclosure is about.
01:09:17George soros is always fully disclosed contributions in what he is funding, and the obama white house disclosed who they are meeting with, which is in contrast to george bush's white house where with abramoff, for example, his visits to the white house were only disclosed after it was forced.
01:09:37So we are getting full disclosures and voters can decide.
01:09:40>> Would you advice the president to associate so closely with someone like that?
01:09:46This washington times had an article about him giving continue 1 million to help pass prop known to legalize drugs including cocaine and devalue dollar, and is this someone you would advice a president who wants to be the consensus builder, would you advise him to meet with george soros?
01:10:09>>Guest: I DON'T THINK THERE Is anything wrong with meeting with george soros.
01:10:14I don't think there is anything wrong with meeting with him five times because of some of his activities around the world that have supposed human rights violations.
01:10:23I'm aware of some of the stuff he has done in africa and it is good stuff that needs to be done by someone.
01:10:28And he is funding it.
01:10:30It is important.
01:10:31>> Thank you, democratic strategist along the strip there, in las vegas, where harry reid and sharron angle are.
01:10:39>> It will be an interesting tuesday in las vegas.
01:10:42>> Thank you.
01:10:42And now right to the headlines, brand new video where a homicide bomber is being blamed for the deaths of nearly 30 people, police say the bomber stormed into the popular cafe and debt toe natured an explosive vest and now only a shell of the building remains.
01:11:00As we mentioned three days until the midterm election and today president obama will make a press for the fellow democrats over the next 12 hours the president will period line three big rallies in three big senate races, headed toe philadelphia for sestak, and connecticut, and finishing the night off in his hometown, chicago, for that election.
01:11:29AND SENATOR john McCain in nevada spending friday night pushing for sharron angle and today, vice presidential nominee, former sarah palin, will be in west virginia, hoping nominee to the senate.
01:11:44And he found out he was about to be fired and that is why this wal-mart worker shot three of his coworkers.
01:11:52This want down in a store in reno, nevada, and the suspect is 45 years old burst into the workplace armed with a happened bun and opened fire and barricaded himself in an office and police dragged him from the store six hours later.
01:12:06The victims, one in critical condition, are all expected to survive.
01:12:10>> Is toyota trying to cover up sudden acceleration problems by piling silence?
01:12:16A class action lawsuit claims that the jeep automaker has been offering buy backs for cars with bad accelerators and forcing the customers to sign agreements.
01:12:27Toyota confirmed the "buy back" program but insisted it is for research and no acceleration problems have ever been confirmed.
01:12:33>> More than $1 billion of your tax dollars are going to today people.
01:12:41The government has sent more than $1 billion to 250,000 deceased americans in the past decade.
01:12:48The office of the senator reviewed data and reports in a statement that the senator will released this statement: "Nothing represents the stupidity of wasteful washington spending more than directing $1 billion taxpayer to the deceased.
01:13:02This is disgraceful and robbed the living of promised " >> those are the headlines, and now outside for weather.
01:13:11>> Everyone is excited to be trick or treating and look at this picture sent from florida.
01:13:17This is madison.
01:13:19Her first halloween.
01:13:21And she is going to love that picture when she gets older.
01:13:26And sand me pictures and we will share those.
01:13:29Halloween is so fun.
01:13:30And now scary stuff in the tropics, this right here, use move forward, that is tropical storm tomas causing damage in the caribbean and pulling to the west with hurricane warnings in effect across the islands and the track of this pulls into the caribbean and likely gaining strength into a major hurricane so we will be in november, and if a major hurricane on our hands and you can see the last couple of icons how little distance it is moving it will slow down and have very devastating effects on haiti and that could be around thursday or friday so this could be a big story for us and we will continue to watch and move forward and look at the united states, we have a big storm this week and that caused problems and now it is calm.
01:14:14A little bit of rain.
01:14:15A little bit of snow across the great lakes and the snow with the will vacation, but move out across the west and we have a new storm, and I don't think it will be figure like to last storm we saw develop into the plains but right now we have heavy rain moving into southern california and central california and snow across areas of the mountains toward the sierra nevers and everyone wants to know about election day, well, a nice day for most of the country, a little bit of problem across areas of the southeast and some areas of louisiana, and southern mississippi and alabama could see heavy rain but beyond that, light showers and across the west, plenty of sunshine for everyone.
01:14:54And now back to you.
01:14:55>> Thank you.
01:14:57A great opportunity on thursday I sat down with one of the most talked about candidates of the political season, delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell.
01:15:06She shared what she has learned from sarah palin.
01:15:12About serving the people, not about letting the media try to get a "got you" moment.
01:15:19She tells us other advice from sarah palin and in part two of our interview find out what she is saying about lessons learned ON THE TRAIL.Ñó oú?Pxk woYñ7 ç =0Wú í [email protected] w úñyç d[xw [email protected]]z][email protected] z ?l;W ÷@ = tuxo)1 ] ..
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01:17:19All prescription nsaids, including celebrex, may increase the chance of heart attack or stroke, which can lead to death.
01:17:24This chance increases if you have heart disease or risk factors such as high blood pressure or when nsaids are taken for long periods.
01:17:31Nsaids, including celebrex, increase the chance of serious skin or allergic reactions or stomach and intestine problems, such as bleeding and ulcers, which can occur without warning and may cause death.
01:17:41Patients also taking aspirin and the elderly are at increased risk for stomach bleeding and ulcers.
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01:18:07Celebrex.for a body in motion.
01:18:41[email protected] JÑéguíçi÷; 3 ñó÷ñp ÑññoéWÑ?0wWñ/yS ?,[email protected] sçhxppih ñ ÑÑóp?oçjNñç5 V[E ;ó2 ó >> And top stories for health: Younger men are not going to the doctor enough.
01:19:08Less than 63 percent under the age of 30 visited a primary care physician in the past year.
01:19:14And a growing concern over the dangers of caffeine and alcoholic beverages after students at colleges in new jersey and washington state ended up in the hospital.
01:19:26 currently reviewing the drinks.
01:19:28And finally, a portable breast cancer could allow women the ability to scream themselves at home, invented by a professor the device uses radio waves to scan tissue for suspicious lumps.
01:19:42For more information on the stories visit com in "for " >> I sat down with why crd on thursday, and -- with christine o'donnell on thursday and she was talking to farmers in delaware.
01:20:01I asked her political questions and a few personal questions.
01:20:06If organizations come in, the last days, there is a lot to expose about my opponents, he wants to raise our utility bills and taxes.
01:20:20>> Do you feel you have had enough support from the national g.o.p. machine?
01:20:24>>Guest: WELL, IT WOULD HAVE Been nice if they worked as hard for me as against me.
01:20:32But, we are chiling in the -- climbing in the polls and the voters can be proud on november 2nd.
01:20:40>> Craigs.
01:20:42>> We will make history again.
01:20:44>> And your sister has been with you on the trail.
01:20:48My sister is very supportive.
01:20:50And unfortunately, people have tried to make an issue of that.
01:20:56I guess it confounds them that there are families with people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs but blood is thicker than politics.
01:21:06We have our shared dysfunction but we love each other and that's, my parents taught us that family is the most important.
01:21:16>> We need people like sharron angle and christine o'donnell.
01:21:21>> Sarah palin?
01:21:22>>Guest: SHE HAS BEEN A BIG Supporter.
01:21:25What advice?
01:21:26>>Guest: WELL, YOU KNOW, Consider who you are impacting.
01:21:30One thing she has shared with me is that it's about the restoring of america and serving the people, it is not about letting the media get a gotcha moment and shared with me to keep them in mind.
01:21:46>> I met a gentleman on the trail, 14-year-old boy named anthony.
01:21:53>> Who are your heroes?
01:21:55>>Guest: OBVIOUSLY MY PARENTS, They got marry as teenagers and my father worked these jobs to make end's meet in our family.
01:22:02And he taught us a great work ethic.
01:22:05>> It struck me this 14-year-old boy should be worrying about grades and girls not losing his farm.
01:22:15People like that I have met up and down the trail who are optimistic and hard times, who are going the extra mile, and there are too many to name.
01:22:25>> It makes you emotional.
01:22:30>>Guest: IT DOES, I DID NOT Get enough sleep.
01:22:32People are suffering.
01:22:33And congress can do something.
01:22:35To make their life better.
01:22:37They are choosing not to.
01:22:38Whether the farmer who is worried about literally losing their form or the small business owners, or the disabled worker, here in delaware they wants to be productive member of society.
01:22:51That want to give pack.
01:22:54One gentleman said to me, when you go to washington, you tell obama our taxes are too high.
01:23:00I said well you vote for me on tuesday and I will get to do that.
01:23:05>> I asked a question no candidate likes, what happens on when if you don't win?
01:23:11And she said she is focused on tuesday and believes she actually will have another surprising upset victory there.
01:23:18>>Guest: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF You lost, got up and go to denny's the next day?
01:23:24>> I wouldn't get up.
01:23:26>> And we sent an invitation to the opponent of christine o'donnell and we hope to have him on tomorrow or monday.
01:23:36>> Awaiting an implosion of six buildings in dallas, one is more than 100 years old and we will bring it to you live at the top of the hour.
01:23:44>> And he is a whiz kid for presidential trivia by trouncing clayton but can he beat me on y side, so you get the same coverage, often for less.
01:24:09That is huge!
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01:26:12It was the biggest race of the year, ♪♪ Sent down to usfrom somewhere up above ♪♪ and no matter what, I was gonna win.
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01:26:23And that's when I realized that some things are more important than winning.
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01:27:07éíiu'óp ?0wM? ó<kU?ñ -XçíXm ?<gwñççJvúG m0?C?p8& ÷?;HsÑñ >> Well, the mid term eleks are just three days away, how much trivia do you know about the government?
01:27:24Our next guest is only seven years old, already a presidential genius and can name all 44 presidents backwards and forward and earlier he cleaned my clock.
01:27:35>> Jamie wilson is facing off and aly the topic is mid term elections and goengal knowledge.
01:27:42Good luck to you.
01:27:43>> Are you ready?
01:27:44>> James are you ready?
01:27:45Born ready.
01:27:46>> Nervous, I don't know why.
01:27:47>> Hands on the buzzer, first question directed to both of you, how many seats are in the house of representatives.
01:27:54>> Jamie.
01:27:55>> 435.
01:27:56>> 435 Is correct.
01:27:58>> Okay.
01:27:58>> Alisyn, you have to press the button.
01:28:01>> I'm warming up.
01:28:03>> And the voting of the people is called what kind of vote.
01:28:13>> Jaden, go ahead.
01:28:14>> The popular vote.
01:28:15>> The popular vote is correct.
01:28:18>> Very good.
01:28:20Alisyn, it's down to 2-0.
01:28:22>> Okay, I'm coming back strong.
01:28:24>> No, you're not.
01:28:25>> And how much you like the senate.
01:28:28How many seats are needed to hold a majority in the senate.
01:28:31>> Alisyn.
01:28:32>> 51.
01:28:33>> How many republicans need.
01:28:35>> To win.
01:28:36>> Yeah!
01:28:37>> And next question, the first political party in the united states was called what, a very easy one jaden.
01:28:44>> Federalist.
01:28:46>> Federalist party.
01:28:47>> Al lynn, where were you.
01:28:49>> Before you heard the question he rang in.
01:28:52>> It was obvious.
01:28:54Number wife the united states congress has two parts or houses, what type of legislature.
01:29:00>> The house and senate.
01:29:01>> I'm sorry, alisyn, you have a chance to answer to it-- >> referred to which-- >> a common term to describe the legislature, two houses or two chambers of congress, congress the house.
01:29:14>> No, the five camrol.
01:29:24>> Americans can submit in advance.
01:29:32>> Absentee ballot.
01:29:34>> And a tie breaker?
01:29:37>> And is that it?
01:29:39>> I'm sorry, jaden correct and congratulations once again.
01:29:43>> Wa, wa.
01:29:44>> And that's not good.
01:29:46>> He beat gretchen, I think he beat us all.
01:29:49Coming up on the show the first look at the explosive vices we are going to talk about the response from the white house.
01:29:59And we're awaiting the implosion of six buildings in dallas.
01:30:03One is more than 100 years old.
01:30:06We'll bring it to you at the top of the hour.
01:30:09>> Six buildings?
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01:33:29>> Good morning everyone, we begin with a fox news alert.
01:33:32Moments ago we got new information about the explosive devices from yemen and we'll go live for the latest developments in just moments.
01:33:41>> It's the key to success.
01:33:43The president and other top democrats becoming ohio players.
01:33:46Trying to stop the republican takeover of perhaps the most crucial state in the nation.
01:33:52Karl rove live with why it's so key, even if you don't live in the buckeye state.
01:34:00>> Now you see it, soon you won't.
01:34:02Change with a big bang and you'll see a live implosion of six buildings right here on "fox & friends" and our show begins right now.
01:34:10>> I'm pressing the buttt >> here take a look, this is live picture.
01:34:19Right now, they do this on the weekend.
01:34:21A live implosion because people aren't around, they're not working downtown dallas.
01:34:27>> This isn't just one implosion, this is an implosion of a complex of buildings, this is going to be huge the first baptist dallas first christian education center and it's at the corner, if you know dallas well, ruth ray hunt veal street I guess.
01:34:47>> Veal street, I know, it's delicious, by the way.
01:34:51>> They're making way for a downtown campus for the historic church and a facility is going in and we going out we enjoy on "fox & friends" and we will bring you that as it happens.
01:35:05>> We have brand new video of the explosive devices that were set from the yep men, we learned that the yemeni authorities are searching for two dozen packages that may also contain explosives.
01:35:20Homeland security secretary janet napolitano joined us " >> these things are ever changing and the threat veerment is ever changing, so, we're always constantly thinking not only about what has been done, but what could be done in the future and making sure both nationally, domestically, we are dealing with that.
01:35:40>> Joining us now, live from von done where one of the devices was intercepted is greg palkot.
01:35:47I understand you have new news this morning.
01:35:48>> Yeah, yeah, the investigation is going on, at least three different continents right now, and we're working our sources, really, around the world.
01:35:56Just got off the phone with a few of my contacts with yemen, we spent time in the last two years, tracking the dangerous al-qaeda chapter there.
01:36:05I'm told that security there has significantly picked up and reminder to our viewers, it was yemen the originating point and it's the two suspect packages believed to be explosive devices.
01:36:19I'm told curt around the airport, very strong and officials, I'm told they're in denial mode and claiming this couldn't have happened.
01:36:33Off the record according to one officials, he said it's undeniable that all signs point to that very dangerous attorney of the world and no confirmation on the other report that you mentioned, know two dozen or 26 packages to be exact can be traced.
01:36:52In dubai, we're speaking to the dubai police one of the countries where the explosive devices were nabbed and they've been showing new pictures and shows that this was more than a printer.
01:37:02In their words, I'm quoting these were professionally prepared devices and exhibit the hallmarks, the methods of al-qaeda and we have been talking about the last 24 hours, the toner cartridge built with a white powder used in terror attempts including last year's christmas day bomber and also wiring and circuitry linked to a mobile phone sim cards and traces of detonation material that could potentially.
01:37:36, finally waiting on word from the emergency session, security officials going on right now the other explosive device was found.
01:37:45They're being a little careful and saying explosive material was found in the device and still looking right now as we speak at whether it was a viable explosive device.
01:37:54Back to you.
01:37:55>> Right.
01:37:56Thank you.
01:37:56>> Live for us this morning.
01:37:58So one of the big concerns is why is there so little screening of cargo planes coming into the united states and what can we do about it.
01:38:08>> Former pilot from new jersey, john, thanks for being back.
01:38:15Are enough packages being screened on cargo planes.
01:38:18>> No, remember, this wasn't found according to reports by screening, this was found by intelligence and I'm glad that the intelligence communities are working.
01:38:30Something failed here.
01:38:32You had a congressman on before and janet napolitano was on earlier and he's worried about little old ladies being severaled.
01:38:43A man with a bomb in his underwear, paid cash and going one way and didn't have any luggage and he successfully got on the airplane so he think the system is not the system we need.
01:38:53We have to step things up and I understand, I think part of his complaint, we're being politically correct and going down the wrong road and these mistakes happen.
01:39:03>> One thing looking at the cargo shipments, the congressman you were talking to was talking about foreign departure cities, specifically yemen or other countries in the middle east that had potential ties to al-qaeda and problems.
01:39:20How do we as american manage to go into the airports and do a thorough job?
01:39:25>> Those airports have facilities for our corporations.
01:39:30I'm sure ups has a facility where they accept that in.
01:39:36They've got to.
01:39:37They load it on the airplanes.
01:39:37Remember, we're talking millions and millions of packages that go through aircraft every day, when you look at the size of the airplanes and they have a 757, roughly about 87,000 revenue payload.
01:39:49Can you imagine how many thousands of packages are in there?
01:39:52And how much time do you have to scan those packages when these things have to be someplace next day?
01:39:58>> Right.
01:39:58And where does that money come from?
01:40:01We know that jewish synagogues where the packages were intent to be sent are on notice.
01:40:09>> Thank you, we appreciate it.
01:40:10>> Thank you.
01:40:11>> Let's get to your headlines, a brazen gun battle in afghanistan leaving at least 30 militants dead.
01:40:18Five coalition soldiers are hurt and stormed military outposes in the middle of the night with grade, mortar and gunsment they were able to help them out.
01:40:31And they're members of the u.s. military.
01:40:34>> Meantime, just three days, al the mid term elections, the president making a plea to politicians and voters in this week's address.
01:40:43>> On tuesday, we feed to come together to help put people who are still looking for jobs back to work and there are some practical steps, to promote growth and encourage businesses to hire and expand.
01:40:57>> Later today, the president will attend rallies for senate candidates in pennsylvania, connecticut and home state of illinois.
01:41:05Republicans are hoping to capitalize on democratic spending m this week's election, john boehner drove the point home during his weekly address.
01:41:15>> Americans are demanding a new way forward in washington, an approach that neither people tied and it started with cutting spending and making government, smaller and more accountable and help businesses get back it creating jobs again.
01:41:32>> And later, sarah palin will be back on the campaign trail.
01:41:36Pushing for john racy in west virginia, promising to pitch a bill at that cuts againing.
01:41:47And police now say that this man, vim curl, likely killed the 18-year-old in a park and set the victim on fire.
01:41:55Curl was tracked down and arrested in louisiana and local media he became a suspect after reporting the fire to police himself.
01:42:04He could get the death penalty if convicted.
01:42:07So, the rally to restore sanity-- what's that called, and/or fear, and/or fear rally getting ready o the national mall this morning.
01:42:20You're looking at live pictures, hosted by comedy central host jon stewart and steven colbert.
01:42:31Celebrities attending cheryl crowe and sam waterson.
01:42:35>> From law and order.
01:42:37>> Those are your headlines.
01:42:39>> And he's also there for td ameritrade.
01:42:42Let's go to rick for the forecast.
01:42:44>> You want our 19th named tropical storm of the season and you know, you think it's an active season and we haven't seen it across the , but others in the caribbean about to get pounded from it.
01:42:56Barbados reporting damage from tropical storm tomas and likely hurricane tomas and caribbean and probably strengthen, maybe into a major hurricane status and you'll notice it slows down toward the end and some models make it make a right-hand turn toward haiti, thursday or friday we could have a problem in the caribbean.
01:43:19 won't see I don't think any impacts from the storm.
01:43:23And fb pretty comfortable out there at least for this time of year and all of that cold.
01:43:27Also no major warm areas out there, to speak of as well.
01:43:30Here is your forecast for you day today.
01:43:32A lot of sunshine, a few showers in across parts of the great lakes and the higher elevation and across the areas of the west, the big storm pulling in, and seeing some showers around the last last area and be careful as you're driving out there.
01:43:46Look at your election forecast for the western states.
01:43:48A lot of sunshine, for montana well above average in some cases, 20, 25 degrees above average and sunshine in parts of colorado, in nevada and california.
01:43:57Everybody is seeing a lot of sunshine for your tuesday.
01:44:00All right, guys, back to you.
01:44:01>> Thank you, sir.
01:44:03John kerry was attacked for being a flip-flopper during the 2004 presidential run, but now he's doing the attacking.
01:44:10Wait until you hear who he's blaming for making voters mad about the economy.
01:44:16>> Down with the old and in with the new in texas, the live implosion, the granddaddy of all implosions moments oye way.
01:44:27You can make itin just 14 minutes.
01:44:30mmmh, Orange Chicken. Great.
01:44:31I didn't feel like going out anyway.
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01:46:08] 1975.
01:46:09My professor at berkeley asked me if I wanted to change the world.
01:46:12" " and that's what started it.
01:46:16Exxonmobil and synthetic genomi have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae.
01:46:22Algae a amazing little critters.
01:46:24They secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels.
01:46:27They also absorb co2.
01:46:28We're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meetthe wor's energy demands.
01:47:30>> Welcome back here to fox businessing foxx live pictures right now from dallas.
01:47:35What could you do with 150 pounds of dynamite.
01:47:38You could blow up six buildings, implode six buildings to make way for a whole new church center in dallas which is what we're waiting for.
01:47:45>> We know how much you like implosions, but this is the granddaddy of all of them.
01:47:50You're about to see six different buildings, oh, hello, go up-- >> switching cameras, they're not on-- >> those men are safe this morning.
01:48:00>> We think it's about to happen and what they're probably doing is pressing a button they're-- in about 30 seconds from now they're going to make way for 115 million dollar makeover, 3000 seat worship center here.
01:48:16>> A 21st century state of the art campus for this downtown church.
01:48:22It's new and improved.
01:48:24They're not doing away with the church.
01:48:28Er ey're making it new and improved.
01:48:31>> Residents say they can't come there for hours afterwards because of the particles in the air and the debris.
01:48:39And that's why they do it on the weekend.
01:48:42And about 15 seconds, let's see if there's a countdown.
01:48:46>> We do not.
01:48:47>> 7-- >> we do hope that this is not a metaphor for the texas rangers, they're playing tonight in texas and they hope to not implode.
01:48:56They're down two games to zip in the world series and i wouldn't want this anywhere near the world series.
01:49:02>> Or the day of.
01:49:03>> Or it could be just the spark they need, right?
01:49:06Here we go, we are hearing a countdown now, let's listen in.
01:49:11>> Standing >> countdown begun.
01:49:19>> Wait for it.
01:49:37>> Nice, wow.
01:49:39>> Goodbye.
01:49:40>> There it goes.
01:49:42The first baptist dallas church center there.
01:49:45The six different buildings, 150 pounds of dynamite bringing this entire complex down to the ground.
01:49:53Dust particles moving into the air for hours, and-- I just saw a bird flying by.
01:50:00>> They weren't watching the memo.
01:50:03That was dramatic.
01:50:04Those were dramatic explosions and took a while for the buildings to start collapsing and look at the aftermath of this.
01:50:10It's interesting that of course, it was a church center, it looks sort of heavenly there with the sunlight coming in and trying to make room for the new, brand new state of the art, 21st century new church complex there in downtown dallas.
01:50:25>> It will have a sky bridge that allows you to walk from complex to complex, 115 million dollars will go into making over this entire center and they're going to start construction on the new church in january.
01:50:36>> Don't forget about the south end plaza with the water tower.
01:50:41>> How could I have forgotten that.
01:50:43>> We'll have a recap if you missed any of the explosive moments, we'll have all of these coming up for ere on the show.
01:50:52Now over to mr. briggs.
01:50:54>> I'm worried if I'm a texas rangers fan.
01:51:01And another democrat playing the blame game.
01:51:03John kerry says that conservative radio show hosts are misleading the public.
01:51:07He claims they're actually undermining the economic progress made by the democrats.
01:51:12Fox news radio host john gibson joins us now with reaction to that.
01:51:16So, what do you think, it's rush limbaugh, it's glenn beck, the blame for the public leaning democrats drove us into the ditch.
01:51:29>> Dave, that was really loud here, I was worried about my car outside.
01:51:33But, this is the story that i tried to tell in my book, the swift boat of america, and obama is blamed for driving the car into the ditch.
01:51:45You look at what happened driving up to the ditch.
01:51:47The democrats are all over the place, it's not that republicans are blameless, but there's democrats surrounding all of them.
01:51:52First of all, the big law that led to the banking crisis was signed by bill clinton, led by his treasury secretary robert ruben, after left the department went to citibank and made 100 million dollars and larry summers, obama's economic advisor was in the middle of all of that.
01:52:12When fannie and freddie started to stink up the joint, bush and mccain were sending regulators up to capitol hill saying look, you guys have to get a hold of it.
01:52:22Democrats, maxine waters, barney frank, meek, stood in the way of reform and the whole thing that republicans can't have the keys back.
01:52:30The democrats should never have the keys in the first place, they were all over the mess we're in now.
01:52:35>> And you wrote a column about just that and we have a little animation to kind of give you the visual of what you're talking about.
01:52:43How it was actually, in your opinion, the democrats who drove us into the ditch.
01:52:47Now, watch.
01:52:49>> Okay.
01:52:59>> now, president obama wants people to believe it was the bush administration specifically at that helped us get there and you say it goes back to jimmy carter, how so?
01:53:09>> Well, in the carter years, the community reinvestment act was passed which pressured banks to make loans to people who really couldn't afford mortgages.
01:53:20Thises with a the affordable housing stuff we heard about for years and years and you and I might have thought affordable housing meant that inexpensive housing was going to be built for low income people, but really what it turned out to be was that low income people got loans that they couldn't afford to buy houses they couldn't afford.
01:53:38This, this starts in carter and it goes all through clinton.
01:53:42Yeah, sure, it was going on during the bush administration.
01:53:47Republican senators helped pass the bills and made it happen, but when you look at the picture where people are cutting the ribbons, they're just democrats all over the place and it is disingenuous to suggest that it was republicans only and it was bush only that led us into the ditch.
01:54:03The democrats like john kerry all over the place and they should take some of the responsibility for it, too.
01:54:07>> Yes, the blame clearly should be shared.
01:54:13John gibson we appreciate you being with us miles away from the implosion, thankfully miles away.
01:54:19>> Blocks, blocks away.
01:54:26>> Thanks, stay safe.
01:54:28Hundreds of families split apart by war and fighting, united.
01:54:35Emotional images ahead.
01:54:36>> And don't worry you're a citizen to vote, one court saying you don't have to prove you have to live here to vote here.
01:54:43>> Our next guest says, where is the common sense.
01:55:13[ Deb ] PEOPLE DON'T JUST COME TO GE CAPITAL For money.
01:55:16They come to us for help.
01:55:17At ge capital, we've been financing taylor guitars for over eight years, helng them build a strong dealer network.
01:55:25.. I like that.
01:55:27♪♪ ♪♪
01:55:33♪♪ ♪♪
01:55:37[ Bob ] I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD PLAY I didt either.
01:55:40♪♪ ♪♪
01:55:43Kkç úm@ wó-úO: / ] c pnpú [email protected] ç óO nçúoPçxúp Ñ0 f÷ppz÷ v?óz wñ XwW8 ó who used to wowo for HP.
01:56:51I was s pposed to retire there.
01:56:52Carly Fiorina changed all that.
01:56:54Fiorina laid off 30,000 people And she shipped our jobs toChina and India.
01:57:01I had to pack my bags and I wasout the door that night.
01:57:02We even had to train ourreplacements.
01:57:06She didn't need 5 corporatejets.
01:57:09One hundred million for herself.
01:57:11Fiorina never cared about ourjobs. Not then and not now.
01:57:13I'm Barbara Boxer and I approvethis message.
01:58:01>> Welcome back to "fox & friends," quick headlines for you.
01:58:05A line of wild fires reignited near boulder, colorado this morning.
01:58:10200 Firefighters ordered to the scene and 2000 people have been ordered to leave their homes.
01:58:14And he found out he was about to be fired.
01:58:17Police say that's why this disgruntled nevada wal-mart worker shot three of his co-workers and locked himself in a store office nearly section hours, luckily, no one was killed.
01:58:31 appeals court shot down, noncitizens to provide ballots.
01:58:43And arizona jan brewer, arizona vote,made their will crystal clear, noncitizens do not have the right to vote.
01:58:53We will continue to purse any and all legal remedies to prevent fraudulent voter registration in the state of arizona.
01:59:03>> He says the ruling flies in the face of common sense.
01:59:06Thank you, thank you for having me.
01:59:07>> It sounds like arizona voters liked this measure that you sperheaded and they approved it six years ago in 2004, but the 9th circuit court of appeals says it violates the national voter registration act.
01:59:20What's your response to them?
01:59:22>> First of all, it's simply not true.
01:59:24We've been to court several times on this and I vote this after several issues and we've had allegations of voter fraud all over this country.
01:59:31People have to recognize it's going on.
01:59:33We have it here in arizona currently, an attempt.
01:59:38We have it going on in colorado, and acorn was being investigated in 12 states for voter fraud, enough is enough and impact us overwhelmingly and I wrote the proposition, after an illegal alien was elected to a city council position in arizona.
01:59:58I mean, good grief!
01:59:59You have to be a citizen to vote.
02:00:01You know, and it's not a burden to ask you to show me some evidence of that.
02:00:05I mean, the voting is such a critical issue.
02:00:09To protect the integrity of our elections is paramount.
02:00:12It's embarrassing to me.
02:00:14And the 9th circuit court.
02:00:15Let me make something clear, the justice department approved this.
02:00:18The 9th circuit court, already, the full court already approved this three years ago and now some back door attempt by two judges of a three-judge panel, it's outrageous.
02:00:31>> Let me read to you from the mexican american legal defense fund says about this.
02:00:36The ruling is an important vindication of federal law.
02:00:39No longer will thousands of citizens in arizona be rejected for voter registration by an unconstitutional scheme that conflicts with federal law.
02:00:48Senator, it sounds as they she's using the same argument against the new arizona law that state law can't trump federal law.
02:01:00>> And they've sued us on prop 200 to protect the integrity of our elections and voting and welfare fraud.
02:01:09Sued us on sanctions going after illegal employers and they can do anything they can, they have no respect for our laws, no respect for the integrity and they must benefit.
02:01:23There's an agenda here, outrageous.
02:01:26>> Thank you for coming on and explaining your point of view on this.
02:01:31Packages containing explosives intending to reach the u.s.
02:01:34Have been intercepted and authorities are investigating two dozen more, how big was the terror plot?
02:01:41Karl rove is next.
02:01:42And years of war and turmoil and after 60 years apart.
02:01:46Hundreds of families finally reunited and emotional reaction straight ahead.
02:01:51And we ask you to show us your pictures, dressed up like the wizard of oz.
02:01:58The rest of you put a spell on.
02:02:01WE ARE GOING TO SHARE NEXT. d[xw [email protected]]z][email protected] z ?l;W ÷@ = tuxo)1 [email protected]= g @[email protected] xóñ ékpzúúúú .
02:05:48>> Just 24 hours before the big day for children.
02:05:50Perhaps the biggest.
02:05:51>> Pretty big for me, too, that's from maniac pumpkin covers and we asked for pictures for the top costumes.
02:06:05Max and joe new jersey, dressed up in this one, the geeky guys.
02:06:10General nerds.
02:06:12>> And a mummy.
02:06:13>> And here is mark, that's a cute one.
02:06:16>> That's mark.
02:06:17>> He's a dinosaur.
02:06:19>> Could be rex from toy story.
02:06:21>> The hickman family in virginia.
02:06:25>> And lindsey sent us this one-- >> from a spider, maybe.
02:06:29>> And a lady bug, right.
02:06:31>> In florida, thank you for connor in maryland, a little cowboy, lots of little cowboys out this year, with the woody and jessie thing going on.
02:06:39>> Oh, wow, john hays in arizona check out that garage.
02:06:44>> That's brilliant.
02:06:45>> Scary.
02:06:45>> That's scary.
02:06:47>> Look at the tongue on that they think.
02:06:50Look at the adorable baby, and this is miles warren, clayton's son.
02:06:55>> He's yoda, we stuck him in a yoda outfit.
02:07:01>> Eat candy, I will.
02:07:04>> And there they are, my woody and jessie, they are obsessed.
02:07:08The pump conditions I carved are woody and jessie and we went out trick-or-treating in the town festival the other day and like ten jessies and ten woodies in a group.
02:07:18>> And I'll try to get pictures of my kids before the show is over.
02:07:21>> See if you can find those.
02:07:25>> In the meantime-- it's if only their mother were on top of it.
02:07:28>> Here are the headlines and somali pirates, away from the coast, there were 24 crew members on board at the time.
02:07:44Meanwhile, five spierts are -- five pirates were on.
02:07:53And the fbi believes the person who has been shooting at marine buildings in the area may be a disgruntled marine or a former marine.
02:08:02They also believe the person has no intention of killing anyone because he or she is striking in the middle of the night.
02:08:08Four shootings, the latest at the national museum of the marine core in virginia, no one has been hurt and because of the shootings, security is now beefed up ahead of tomorrow's marine corps marathon.
02:08:19We have a live look for you at the rally to restore sanity and/or fear, getting underway on the national mall in right now hosted of course by comedy central host jon stewart and steven colbert.
02:08:37People are expected all over the country and celebrities attending cheryl crowe and sam waterson.
02:08:44>> Who?
02:08:44>> From law and order.
02:08:45>> I kid, I kid.
02:08:46>> And look at this, emotional reunion today for nearly 400 people in south korea.
02:08:52They were allowed to visit their long lost relatives in north korea for the first time since the 1950's.
02:08:58The two countries have remained sealed off for decades and reunions like this happen about once every year, here about 1 had,families were selected to participate, so many of the people in their late 80's just wanted to say their last goodbyes, knowing another reunion like this probably won't happen in their lifetime.
02:09:23Six buildings tumble to the ground in dallas and you saw it right here live on our show.
02:09:30[Explosions] >> very dramatic.
02:09:39These structures were at the first baptist church project and made room for a new worship center, complete in 2013 and they will hold more than 3000 people.
02:09:50>> They say everything is bigger in texas, even implosions are bigger in the state of texas, huh?
02:09:55Looks like a nice day there.
02:09:58Look at this-- >> there's a live look now.
02:10:01>> And look at this.
02:10:05Check with rick reichmuth and they had a perfect implosion weather.
02:10:13>> 70'S, sunshine, breeze, maybe winds up to 20, 25 miles per hour.
02:10:18>> Perfect, you can live with that.
02:10:19No rain going on, which is the good news.
02:10:21Take a look at the weather maps, a big storm brewing across areas of the caribbean and it's going to pull into the caribbean through the afternoon and likely strengthen today into a hurricane, and tomas is the name, as you look at the track, it becomes scary by the time we get around four to five days from now, scary if you're in haiti, after the earthquake this year and the recent color outbreak and dealing with the devastating storms.
02:10:44So we're going to be watching that and talking about it this week.
02:10:47Take a look at the temperatures for the day.
02:10:49, really not a bad day for anybody.
02:10:52In fact we are going to deal with 80's, areas of the south.
02:10:57Texas and maybe parts of oklahoma and I think the maps are stuck there.
02:11:01All right.
02:11:02But we'll show you some of this.
02:11:04>> That's what happened, the implosion knocked them off line.
02:11:08>> And considering for electionings, pretty good for much of the forecast.
02:11:13And look for it at how about this, if you're a country who sentences a woman to death by stoning for alleged adultery, what do you know about equality for women?
02:11:30I ask you guys.
02:11:31>> That's a good question and the united nations tried to tackle that question and provide some answers.
02:11:36This summer they set up the agency at the united nations to deal with equality around the world and we're learning this morning to iran and saudi arabia, two countries notorious for gender inequality in the countries are now seriously considered to be members of that women agency board.
02:11:55>> In fact, they've been nominated without any contested and on november 10th they will likely become members of the new agency and let me tell you the mission statement.
02:12:04 women, it's a vital new agency tasked with promoting gender equality and women's empowerment and dave, you referred to the case that's obviously gotten so much press, and we've talked about the woman who has been sentenced to death.
02:12:21That's just one, it's obviously high profile and let's remember, iran is also the place where there are routines amputations and public floggings, there's torture, persecution for anybody with political dissent.
02:12:34All of this, and the idea that they would be part of any sort of women's agency is laughable.
02:12:41Aen people call it appalling and they say that it's totally undermines the credibility of the u.n.
02:12:46>> Does it though?
02:12:47Or does it bring them under greater scrutiny.
02:12:51Maybe if you put them on the list maybe you're in this group and start with a clean slate and like this by death by stoning.
02:13:01And maybe they behave.
02:13:03 were going to-- >> perhaps.
02:13:05>> Going to do anything.
02:13:06>> Let us know what you think about that.
02:13:08Meanwhile, this week, there was a very important birthday celebrated in the world.
02:13:12President ahmadnejad had a birthday this week, did you get him anything.
02:13:15>> I did, I sent him a facebook message anyway.
02:13:19>> And the white house sends him a bit of a birthday wish, they tweet, if you will.
02:13:24Tj crowley.
02:13:25>> The state department.
02:13:26>> State department spokesman sent this tweet out to president ahmadnejad.
02:13:30Happy birthday ahmadnejad, celebrate by sending josh patel and shane bower home.
02:13:38>> He was obviously being sarcastic and you were.
02:13:43And sarah palin says that's not a subject with which to be playful and in her tweet she sent out to her exponentially, mind-boggling foreign policy, kowtow and coddle enemies, snub allies, obama doctrine is nonsense.
02:14:06>> She had to leave out verbs there because it's twitter after all.
02:14:09And the question remains whether or not to be playful with president ahmadnejad and pj crowley arguing a that was his sort of ironic way of engaging them saying send these people home, you've had them locked up, sarah shourd had been released and two other people hiking between the border of iraq and iran, were there accidentally.
02:14:31Let the people go.
02:14:33>> And we have to assume he didn't intend for president ahmadnejad to actually read that tweet.
02:14:38It wasn't directed towards him.
02:14:39>> What was the point of it.
02:14:40>> What is the point?
02:14:41I don't know because it's not directed at him.
02:14:44It's not an address.
02:14:45Ahmadnejad does not tweet.
02:14:46So, I don't know, it does seem a tad inappropriate.
02:14:50>> It seems odd that in terms of the state department sending out tweets like that, I mean, times have certainlily changed.
02:14:58>> Let us know what you think about the tweets from the white house and also tweet us and let us know.
02:15:03>> More on the big story today.
02:15:05The explosives that were loaded on plains bound for the , how is our commander-in-chief, president obama handling the terror threat.
02:15:14>> Karl rove here to weigh in on that next.
02:15:16>> I know he's going to be on because he just tweeted.
02:15:19>> Oh, of course. the wiser.
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02:16:28A simpler way to ship.
02:17:46p >> A fox news alert.
02:18:25Yemeni officials denying reports they have avenue seized another 26 suspicious packages.
02:18:30This comes as we have brand new video of the explosive devices sent from the terror hot bed of yemen on planes bound for the united states, secretary theresa may just released new details.
02:18:45>> Caroline shively is live in washington with the details.
02:18:48What's new.
02:18:49>> Big news coming out of great britain.
02:18:51Theresa may, says following the preliminary investigation the packages they found there was quote, viable and could have exploded.
02:18:58She also said that the target may have been an aircraft and if tonated could have brought it down and may said no further indications that attacks are imminent and also , homeland security secretary janet napolitano, she tells fox that the two bombs we have been talking about have the hallmarks of al-qaeda and contain ptt in: The same explosive used by the underwear bomber last year and shoe bomber in 2001.
02:19:29That's just a preliminary look and investigators are still picking them apart.
02:19:34>> The investigation is ongoing into what exactly these devices had in them.
02:19:41How it could have been detonated.
02:19:43When it could have been detonated and what damage it could have caused.
02:19:46So, all of that needs to be done by scientists and they are doing that right now.
02:19:53>> The two packages were bound for two jewish centers in chicago and kicked off searches in planes in philadelphia and newark and ramp up of security measures.
02:20:03 got the tip-off from officials in saudi arabia and questions remain this morning, what if the saudis hadn't figured it out.
02:20:10 looking into the specific lots separately.
02:20:15Napolitano wouldn't answer officials seemed to look out for that type of plot.
02:20:21Last month they says that they hoped to have a plot against the u.s.
02:20:30>> From the british government there.
02:20:33Let's bring in advisor to bush, karl rove to weigh in on this.
02:20:39Concerning, karl.
02:20:40>> Good morning.
02:20:40>> Based on the assessment we saw president obama come out quickly and speak on this.
02:20:46And other administration speaking on it quickly.
02:20:48What's your assessment how president obama handled all this.
02:20:52>> Let's give them the benefit of the doubt, pretty well.
02:20:54Clearly good intelligence work by the saudies and good level of cooperation with the united states.
02:21:00Obviously, the brits and the officials of the mideast moved quickly on this.
02:21:04My only question would be whether there was done just a little prematurely, but you know, if you're on the inside and you're looking at it you've got to get this information out so that people have a right to know and also, you know, so that you know, you could calm fears about it.
02:21:21If you've got a bunch of airplanes held on various runways, it's going to get out and people maybe read more than it was.
02:21:29This was really good work by the intelligence agencies and I hope this was the extent of it.
02:21:34And I worry that this might be sort of, part of a broader plot and it's a reminder that these people know the calendar.
02:21:41I don't think it's an accident that they, that they tried to do this the weekend before u.s. elections.
02:21:47They like knowing our calendar and they did this in 2004 before the election and i think this is probably time to occur before this election.
02:21:58>> Let's talk about where the president will be this weekend.
02:22:00In ohio the 12th time since taking office.
02:22:02This is a crucial state for various reasons.
02:22:05One, well, two democrats in the last century have won the white house without car iing ohio and also it's about the governor.
02:22:12The governor selects of the secretary of state and has major ballot implications down the road.
02:22:17How important is ohio to the president, specifically the governor's race and is it more about 2012 than 2010, carl?
02:22:25>> Well, first of all, the governor in ohio doesn't select the secretary much state.
02:22:28The secretary of state is independently elected, but look, if you're running for president, it's better to have a governor of your party in ohio than not.
02:22:37Because the governor will have a strong political organization throughout the state.
02:22:41And it's also important for next year for this important-- for this reason.
02:22:45If they have a bad gubernatorial candidate, ted strickland loses reelection, it heightens the likelihood that republicans take the house of representatives.
02:22:56They already control the senate.
02:22:57If they have the ohio house, together these two bodies will redistrict the state.
02:23:01Ohio loses two congressional seats.
02:23:04The three congressional districts in the state that are well below the population required for a district are all held by democrats and the five seats that are well above the number of residents needed for congressional seat are all held by republicans.
02:23:16So, and all kinds of implication for control of congress, for the president reelection in 2012 and look, you have a successful republican governor.
02:23:26In the heart of the mid-- midwest working to create jobs and prosperity in a manufacturing state like ohio and it could be a powerful model for republicans throughout the midwest and this could be bad news for democrats in the years ahead.
02:23:42>> And that's why they call it ground zero of this, these mid term elections.
02:23:47>> That's right.
02:23:48>> Carl, stick around if you would because president obama as you know is it hitting the campaign trail hard to lobby for his top democrats.
02:23:56Will it help or hurt them come tuesday?
02:23:59We'll analyze that.
02:24:00>> And charlie sheen throwing down some serious cash on wine during the infamous night in new york city, the actor proving that love is a battle field.
02:24:12>> Is he using a draw to get out.
02:24:14>> Loving that wine.
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02:24:26I think.
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02:27:41>> We have a couple of quick headlines for, charlie sheen laying down some cold, hard cash for wine and reportedly spent $5900 on each bottle that he downed during his infamous wild night in new york city.
02:27:54Such a pretty picture and he recently made headlines after an adult film star called police to the hotel room at the plaza.
02:28:06And aging rock star, wig, sunglasses, why am I on camera.
02:28:14>> That's real.
02:28:15>> And not a bank robber shall the robber, who some say bears a resemblance to derrick smalls, is still on the loose and you have to imagine that yourself.
02:28:28And karl rove is in.
02:28:30>> To weigh in on that.
02:28:30>> And he's not wearing a wig.
02:28:33Karl, thanks for sticking around.
02:28:35>> You bet.
02:28:35>> Karl, lets he a talk about politics, the florida senate race gets curiouser and curiouser.
02:28:42>> Absolutely.
02:28:43>> There are reports, meeks says that charlie chris, his 50 on monday morning, to basically tell him he'd like to talk to him about getting out of the race.
02:28:55And let's listen to kendrick meek on gretta about this.
02:29:01>> Governor crist called me a quarter to five on monday, okay, he said I'm sorry, i know it's early in the morning, I'll try to reach you or catch you at the apack meeting.
02:29:13Got there an hour before he was supposed to be.
02:29:16When I came off stage he was saying, you know, I really think if you could just allow me to run and get out of the race that I could win.
02:29:25And I told him, governor that's not going to happen.
02:29:28>> And meek says that crist gave him a cross in his pocket from his sister as a gesture to have him consider getting out of the race.
02:29:37What do you make of all this.
02:29:39>> Desperate ambitious and charlie chris wants to be a united states senator and he's trying to force meek out of the race and got bill clinton involved with this and there's no love lost between the obama white house and kendrick meek.
02:29:53Meek supported hillary clinton in the primary and it would give them an outside chance to get them in as senator over rube could he, marco rubio.
02:30:06This is a sign of desperation, you try and get this done well in advance of the election.
02:30:11If kendrick meek were to be forced out at this late date.
02:30:17African-american voters, meek partisans, voters would sit on their hands in the general election, but this is all a side, marco rubio is going to win, 17 points ahead of charlie chris, this is a desperate effort by an ambitious politician to save his career.
02:30:33>> Well said, karl.
02:30:34We'd love to have you stick around for the after the show, show.
02:30:38>> I've got to go get an airplane.
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