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00:00:00>>Well you know, Mark, the reason that I made that DVD is to challenge people.
00:00:03It's to challenge people and say, "Listen, if you follow these three techniques just these three steps, you will be able to make your full investment back." I know it's only $19.95, it's not millions of dollars it's not going to change your life.
00:00:15But here's what it will do, it'll put you on the course of changing your life because the minute you make $19.95 out of this you're going to be motivated because you're going to believe it.
00:00:23But you've also seen money come in, right?
00:00:25When you've seen yourself make money are you just going to turn your back on it and not do it?
00:00:29Of course not, you're going to keep doing it because your motivated by success.
00:00:33And that's my job with this DVD, it's to make every person that picks up the telephone and buys this book successful.
00:00:39And if I can make them successful that's going to make them motivated to be more and more successful and take this and grow it from tw- the first $20 that you make back to hundreds of thousands of dollars like I've done.
00:00:50Or maybe they make $2000 or $3000 a month, it doesn't matter because everybody has a different level of success, right.
00:00:54The point with this DVD is to make them all reach the level of successhat they're happy with and that they want to obtain for themselves and for their families.
00:01:02>You were in a heap of hurt, your dad and family were in a heap of hurt, there are a lot of people out there right now that are in a heap of hurt.
00:01:07Take us exactly through what happens once they've got the book and your program.
00:01:12Well see here's the thing I realized that my dad lost all of his money overnight, just like that.
00:01:16We needed to make money right now real fast, right.
00:01:19So what I wanted to do was I wa to create an opportunity that would allow everybody that picks up the phone and orders this book to get started right now, not 7 days from now, not 10 days from now, not 14, right now.
00:01:28So when they pick up the phone, they dial the number, they order the book.
00:01:31The second they get off of the phone call, they'll have all the information they need to key in their website address, boom, right on the internet.
00:01:38I mean it's built within minutes of getting off the telephone.
00:01:40They'll be able to go live on line to their very own website, right?
00:01:44>>So that's step number one.
00:01:45In a couple of days they're going to get the book in the mail, they're going to get the DVD in the mail.
00:01:48What they're going to do is, they're going to spend about 15 minutes following steps one through three on my DVD that's going to teach them exactly how to make their full $19.95 back or else we'll just give them a full refund, right?
00:02:00>>So once they do that, now they're motivated, now they've seen it work.
00:02:03They're going to read my book, they're going to follow all of the techniques that I show them and they're not going to spend more than 30 minutes or so a night doing it.
00:02:10> Thirty minutes can do it?
00:02:11>>That's-- they're only going to spend a half hour or so a day doing it.
00:02:13And they're going to see this business grow and they're going to see themselves make more and more money because they're implementing these strategies on a daily basis, but slowly, it's a methodical thing.
00:02:21It's not getting rich in 24 hours.
00:02:23It's a real technique and it's a real strategy that takes time.
00:02:27You have to spend every single day, get devoted and dedicated to it right, and you'll be able to build this into huge amounts of income and for yourself and for your family, just like I did.
00:02:36What I do is I teach people to duplicate what I did.
00:02:38I started off, I only spent a half an hour or so a night I made a thousand bucks.
00:02:42I was stoked, I was excited.
00:02:44I made a $1000.
00:02:45But then I kept doing it, right, 'cause it worked.
00:02:47So I kept doing it and I kept making more and more and more and I didn't know where the ceiling was because I didn't have any clue that I could ever make $200,000 a month doing this.
00:02:56So what I'm telling people is forget the riches forget the millions focus on making your first $500 and once you've made that strive to make more.
00:03:04And in this book I teach you how to do that I teach you a methodical path from step one all the way to where I'm at and how you can duplicate my success.
00:03:10> I want you to watch this next success story.
00:03:13I think it will wow you.
00:03:14>> Hi my name is Hallie an I'm a stay at home mom of two and I've been looking for something to make money with over the internet and I found Anthony's system that I've been using for about three months.
00:03:27First month I made around $1200, this last month I made I believe it was $2300.
00:03:36And I've made over $4000 so far using Anthony's system just following what he teaches.
00:03:43>>> We're close to retirement age and after working nearly 30 years in a factory I'm ready for something different and take life a little easier.
00:03:51So I came across Anthony's system, started using his technique, this is not a get rich quick thing, but it does work.
00:03:58I'm making money and I'm happy.
00:04:01> I made over $2000 in less than a month in the program.
00:04:06And I can tell you guys I have tried many, many other programs that the first program that I found that actually works and that people can actually make money in.
00:04:19>>these are just regular people.
00:04:20These are home videos they're not actors, I'm not standing there with a microphone telling them what to say.
00:04:24I mean these are just people just like everybody else watching this show right now.
00:04:28They were sitting at home they were a little worried about it.
00:04:30You know, maybe they had a knot in their stomach they needed to make money but they were worried about ordering something else off TV.
00:04:35These people took action, they ordered this book, they got involved, they got engaged and now they're making money and they want to tell everybody about it.
00:04:42You know, that's what's great.
00:04:43What's really rewarding in this business is when you see other people, just like the people that you've seeing on this show today, that want to share their stories.
00:04:49They want to share their success stories with everybody else, so that everybody else can see that, "Hey this is something different, this is something that works and this is something that everybody should try." And I-- I don't see any reason in the world why people won't pick up the phone and dial the number and order this book because we've shown you that it's completely different.
00:05:05We've shown you that we have the desire to help people and we p- we make money when people make money, so it makes a lot of sense.
00:05:10We also give you a full 30 day money back guarantee.
00:05:13So if for some crazy reason you don't like it, just send it back and we'll give you your money back.
00:05:16But my goal is to create more success stories.
00:05:18My goal is that everybody watching this show right now is able to send me a video just like the ones you've seen on the show today so that I can keep duplicating my success in other people.
00:05:27>In the green room you told me about Adrian [ph?] and Justin [ph?] and how you saved one of their lives.
00:05:31>>When I was in college and I started this, obviously people started seeing that I was making money.
00:05:35You know, I mean, I was excited about it so obviously I was telling people.
00:05:38I was like, "I can't believe I made $1000 this month, you know." And I was stoked, so I was telling people.
00:05:42And- and one of my good friends, his name was Justin, he- he always studied with me.
00:05:45We both had a hard time in school, we weren't gifted we weren't just making straight A's without studying.
00:05:50So we studied a lot together and he'd always come to my apartment and I'd always sit down and study with him and he finally said, "You know Anthony what are you doing?" You know, "How are you making all this money?
00:05:58Will you teach me how to do it?" He was getting engaged he was actually engaged, getting married, he's had student loans.
00:06:03I mean, he was going to have some bills coming up, a family to support, right.
00:06:06And he wanted to make some extra money.
00:06:08So I told him, I said, "Yeah man I'll teach you how to do this, sure." So I set him down and I taught Justin how to do what I knew how to do back then, back then I was making like $2000 a month.
00:06:15I didn't even know that $200,000 a month was on the radar.
00:06:18I was excited and so I taught him what I knew then.
00:06:20Look the information that I gave Justin back in college has completely changed his life.
00:06:25He's in his 20's right now.
00:06:26He's made over $1 million doing this.
00:06:30What I taught him in my apartment has generated him over a million and he's- he's not even 30 years old yet.
00:06:36He was also able to take that money and pay cash for his first house for he and his wife.
00:06:41Now that's what really blew me away because I realized real fast the information that I relayed, the techniques that I taught him, they changed his life but he will never have to worry about what my dad had to worry about in his 60's.
00:06:52And that is, "Oh my gosh, I lost all my money and we're about to be thrown out of our home," because he paid cash for his house.
00:06:58And the way he did that was he followed the strategies and techniques that I taught him.
00:07:03And that just blew me away, I didn't' even know I had the ability teach people to do these of that magnitude, you know, it blew me away.
00:07:09And so I started he-- obviously he started telling people and people talk and now all of sudden everybody is trying to get me to teach them how to do this right?
00:07:15And another one that I decided to teach, you know, because it was family, was my brother.
00:07:20My brother was a college kid all he wanted to do was play Xbox, hang out, he was a typical college kid, you know.
00:07:26He had a job making $12 an hour selling printers, that's what he did.
00:07:30And he saw me making all this money and he said, "Look, gosh, you know, will you teach me how to do this?" And I said, "Well yeah, I guess, you know, I'll teach you how to do it," because at the time I was supporting him anyway.
00:07:40I was paying for him to go to college I figured, "Sure I'll teach you how to make some money so you can pay for your own college." So I sat my brother down and I taught my brother how to do this an I'm absolutely amazed he went from, you know, this- this college kid that all he wanted to do was play Xbox, to really honing in on the strategies and techniques that I teach.
00:07:55My brother has taken this business from, in a year and a half, from nothing but an idea to he-- where he's making over $50,000 a month in this economy, these problems, this President all the stuff right now, he made over $65,000 in February.
00:08:12> That's good.
00:08:13>>That's the level he's' gotten this to in a year and a half.
00:08:15And when I look at that-- and when I look at that and I realize, you know, how has that changed his life?
00:08:19It's absolutely amazing.
00:08:21My brother now has a cushion of income of money stashed away, you know, savings that will support him for the rest of his life.
00:08:28And I realize that and I realize that, look, the techniques and strategies I teach in this book, they can change people's lives just like they've done Justin, just like they've done Adrian, just like they've done to other people that have sent the videos in for this show.
00:08:39The only way they can do that though is if they take action.
00:08:43We can't do it for you, we can help you with it.
00:08:45When you pick up the telephone, you order the book, you get my techniques you get my strategies, I'm going to teach people everything I've already taught, all the people you've already seen on the show, all the people we've talked about and obviously the things that I do myself so they can replicate the success and they'll be able to make money and really become financially secure, which obviously is the goal for everybody.
00:09:02>This is your chance to have more hope in your future than you've had in your past.
00:09:06What I want you to do is get Anthony's book.
00:09:09Your little investment of $19.95 is going to give you a big financial future called Advertising Profits from Home.
00:09:15Plus we're going to give you the bonus of his book Hidden Millionaire.
00:09:19Now one of the other things we're going to give them is a bonus of a website.
00:09:23Tell us concisely what that'll do for them.
00:09:25>>Well look all I've done is I built a website that works.
00:09:27It's made me hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.
00:09:30It's made me millions of dollars over the last five years.
00:09:31>And it took you how long to make it?
00:09:33>>It took me five years to develop it and the hundreds of thousands of dollars trial and error to make it work.
00:09:37Here's what I do.
00:09:38When people pick up the phone they order this book, I'm going to give them a duplicate of my website completely free.
00:09:43I'm never going to charge them for hosting I'm never going to charge them for maintenance.
00:09:46I'm never going to charge them period.
00:09:48It's free for life they can keep it use it forever they're never going t pay a penny for it.
00:09:52I'm going to cover all the hosting fees, I'm going to cover all the maintenance fees because I want them to have no excuses and no reason not to pick up the phone, order this book, get this free website use the techniques in this book to make that website profitable, that's the goal of this show that's what I put together and that's why I'm giving it to them completely free.
00:10:09I'm also going to include this Three Steps to Profits DVD because I know when people get this they're going to say, "Where do I start?" You're going to start right here.
00:10:16You follow these three techniques you'll make your entire $19.95 investment back or we'll give you all your money back, right?
00:10:22It's an easy, proven system that will work for everybody as long as they take action, order the book and start implementing the techniques.
00:10:29I really just want to tell everybody watching this show, listen I- I know that you may be worried about ordering something else off TV, but I really hope that on this show we've shown you why this book is different, my program is different, this show is different.
00:10:40We desire to help you, right.
00:10:42We're not here just to sell you a book we want to get you going.
00:10:45We want to get you engaged and we want to make a difference in your financial future.
00:10:49The reason I wrote this book is to give you the opportunity that I had and that is to do for your family what I've done for my family and create financial stability.
00:10:56But I can't do that for you if you don't pick up the telephone, order this book, take advantage of the free website that I build you all of the techniques and strategies that I put into this book to teach you how to do for your family exactly what I've done for mine.
00:11:08>Ladies and gentlemen, we thank you for watching the Hansen Report because together you're going to turn around your personal economy and we're going to turn around the American economy.
00:11:16Thank you for watching see you next time.
00:11:18>> There's only seconds left to pick up the phone and get Anthony's Morrisonew book, Advertising Profits from Home for just $19.95.
00:11:26Call now and get his book, The Hidden Millionaire, get your very own website and the Three Steps to Profit DVD system absolutely free.
00:11:33Call the number on the screen right now.
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00:13:30>> I would rate the ninja five out of five stars.
00:13:32>> The ninja has truly become my new best friend.
00:13:34>> I felt like I'd turned into a gourmet cook.
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00:15:09To show you even more amazing things the ninja master prep can do for you and to tell you how you can try one for 60 days, here are your hosts, rich hollenberg and marybeth hoyt.
00:15:20>> Hey, marybeth. >> hey, rich!
00:15:21>> Now, during our tv careers, we've used every blender, processor and chopper that came along, searching for that perfect countertop kitchen appliance, and you know what?
00:15:31We finally found it.
00:15:32This is the ninja master prep.
00:15:35It's a food processor, a blender, even a frozen drink maker, and unlike those other machines that work from the bottom up, leaving stuff unprocessed, the ninja master prep uses a multi-blade technology that's brand-new to put the processing power in your hand to do everything faster, better and easier.
00:15:55This is the amazing ninja power pod and let me show you what it can do.
00:15:59Why don't you grab that competitive blender. >> o.k.
00:16:00>> It's a common name that we're all familiar with. >> mm-hmm.
00:16:02>> We're gonna start with just ice, and let's see what happens.
00:16:05>> All right, well, this one has ..
00:16:07.. nothing's really happening-- it's just kind of .. i think I need to add some water.
00:16:13>> Yeah, well, you won't have to add water with the ninja, and I'll show you why.
00:16:17Put the top on.
00:16:18Here's that hand-activated power pod. >> uh-huh.
00:16:21>> And just a few pulses with that power pod and the ninja-quality hardened-steel .. >> wow...
00:16:26>> Just blasting that ice into perfect, creamy snow, and that's what you want when you're making a smoothie. >> wow.
00:16:33>> Take a look at these results.
00:16:34How about that?
00:16:35>> Oh, my goodness, that looks like real snow!
00:16:37>> Exactly, and all you have to .. I have agave nectar-- it's kind of fancy-- but you can add sweetener or honey or anything you want just to sweeten it up a little bit.
00:16:45Blueberries are really high in antioxidants and they're low calories and of course zero fat.
00:16:50>> I love blueberries.
00:16:52>> You just pop that in, the power pod goes on top, just some .. >> look >> on this ninja master prep and check it out.
00:17:01You only have to add fresh fruit to the creamy snow to create an incredible low-calorie, zero-fat frozen smoothie.
00:17:08Another nice feature of the ninja: pop-up spout.
00:17:11You don't even have to take the blades off. >> brilliant.
00:17:13>> And here we go.
00:17:15All that delicious flavor, luscious, creamy texture and extremely low calories and zero ..
00:17:24.. oh, that's so good, and it's so creamy-- it's hard to imagine there's no milk in that.
00:17:28.. that's the power of perfect ninja snow.
00:17:33>> Man:NINJA...
00:17:34>> A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially more than five servings a day, will help decrease your chances of developing long-term diseases or illnesses.
00:17:44The ninja is a wonderful tool to use to help you get those five servings a day.
00:17:49>> Man:NINJA...
00:17:50>> Here we have two food processors that some people may have at home right now.
00:17:54>> I have this one at home.
00:17:55>> All right, let's see how they handle chopping onions.
00:17:57>> Now, chopping onions by hand it takes time, your hands get smelly and your eyes .. >> how's yours doing?
00:18:04.. not so good.
00:18:07>> Mine not so good either.
00:18:08 [laughs] .. not much chopping done on mine, that's for sure.
00:18:13.. look: chunks and mush .. this is not good-- they're not even >> let's get rid of these. >> yes, I agree.
00:18:20, now check out the ninja master prep.
00:18:23Here we're using the 16-ounce container that also has that multi-blade technology, so we're just gonna give it ..
00:18:31>> Mm-hmm-- oh, my gosh, look at how quickly that does that.
00:18:33>> You talk about fast 'cause you know what?
00:18:35 >> in no time, you are ready to cook.
00:18:37>> Oh, my goodness, look at everything is perfectly, evenly chopped.
00:18:41Now, that's how to do it.
00:18:43Smells much better cooking than it does on your hands.
00:18:46>> Man:NINJA...
00:18:48>> Wood fired is an artisan pizzeria that uses the best products in terms of ingredient quality, but also the best preparation products, and we wouldn't use it at wood fired unless it was the best.
00:19:00We're really delighted with the ninja.
00:19:02We grind our cheeses daily, we use it for grinding pistachio nuts, we grind our fresh garlic and our basil-- we make our pesto daily.
00:19:11We use it for grinding our san marzano tomatoes.
00:19:14The ninja has replaced a $400 commercial food processor that is now collecting cobwebs and dust, and it does a better job, so if we can cut the amount of prep time and combine that with truly artisan ingredients, it makes for a unique experience, and our patrons love it!
00:19:32>> Man:NINJA...
00:19:34>> The ninja master prep is also incredible at creating quick and delicious meals from leftovers.
00:19:38>> How about instant southern chopped pork barbecue sandwiches and cole slaw in under 60 seconds?
00:19:44>> Sounds good, you got a deal.
00:19:45I'll tell you what. >> what?
00:19:46 >> I'll take care of the pork. >> sounds good.
00:19:49, first I cut up some of this pork, I'm gonna put it right here into the ninja.
00:19:54.. >> right.
00:19:55>> Or how little you wanna use.
00:19:57Here's some salt and pepper, here's a little bit of barbecue sauce-- again, you control the ingredients-- and we said it's gonna be quick, so we're gonna have to live up to our word.
00:20:04>> Oh, yeah, let me see it.
00:20:07>> Wow, look at that go.
00:20:10That looks really good.
00:20:12 you've got really southern barbecue courtesy of the ninja.
00:20:16 now over here, what I've got is two different kinds .. I'm gonna add a little bit of .. pop the top on, put the power pod on.
00:20:27You ready?
00:20:29 >> you see it mixing together right before your eyes. >> incredible.
00:20:33>> Now all you have to do is microwave that to heat it up, because the pitcher is microwave safe, serve it on a beautiful bun alongside some of that delicious cole slaw.
00:20:41>> Man:NINJA...
00:20:42>> Rich: When we come back, you'll see the ninja make the world's best frozen .. and right now, here's how you can get one to try in your home for 60 days.
00:20:51>> Man:NINJA...
00:20:52>> Announcer: With nearly one million sold, the reviews are pouring in.
00:20:56Everyone loves the ninja master prep.
00:20:59>> I would rate the ninja five out of five stars.
00:21:01>> The ninja has truly become my new best friend.
00:21:04>> I felt like I'd turned into a gourmet cook.
00:21:06>> Announcer: But don't just take their word for it.
00:21:08Cooking experts, blogs and the ninja is "the black belt of blenders," "the best food " "it does exactly what they .. revolutionize " "with the ninja master prep, the " the ninja puts fun and excitement back into your cooking.
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00:22:56Go easily from countertop to tabletop.
00:22:58And seal-tight lids let you serve, seal and store in the same container.
00:23:03Multiple containers provide the ultimate in convenience.
00:23:06Make ahead for later or easily store leftovers.
00:23:09Everything is bpa-free and dishwasher-safe.
00:23:12Cleanup is a snap.
00:23:13Forget about these machines that only make doll-size portions and vegetable mush.
00:23:18Don't spend hundreds on this frozen drink maker.
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00:23:36We'll also include this lifetime replacement warranty.
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00:24:23..] >> Woman: Can your blender at home blast ice into snow?
00:24:36>> Definitely not.
00:24:39>> I smell some burning.
00:24:40So we're not really going anywhere with that, huh?
00:24:42>> Man: No, we're not.
00:24:42>> Feel that power? >> I do!
00:24:44>> What do we have?
00:24:45>> That looks like real snow.
00:24:48Looks really good.
00:24:49>> I mixed yogurt ..
00:24:51You can even hold it down.
00:24:52>> That's perfect.
00:24:53>> That was easy.
00:24:56.. >> it is good.
00:24:57>> What are you gonna do with >> we're gonna mince .. wow, that's fast.
00:25:01Oh, that's great.
00:25:02Peppers are my favorite.
00:25:04Oh, that came out really good.
00:25:05>> Do you ever have leftover coffee from the coffee pot in the morning? >> always.
00:25:08>> I've got light chocolate.
00:25:09>> It looks so creamy.
00:25:10I can't believe it doesn't have milk in it.
00:25:12>> Go ahead and try it.
00:25:13Tell me what you think.
00:25:13>> This is delicious.
00:25:15This is wonderful.
00:25:16>> Three short taps.
00:25:17>> That's awesome, I love it.
00:25:18I want one!
00:25:19>> Man:NINJA...
00:25:21>> The ninja master prep is also the world's best margarita .. >> really? >> and you don't have to spend up to $400 , rich, what about this one?
00:25:29>> Actually, marybeth, there are two big problems with this machine.
00:25:32First off, it cannot turn ice ..] .. ooh.
00:25:39>> Not gonna cut it. >> no.
00:25:40>> Secondly, this is so small, it barely makes one serving of margaritas.
00:25:44>> So, in the ninja, we can make a big old party pitcher of 'em.
00:25:47>> And first we're gonna do what the ninja does great.
00:25:49 >> we're gonna turn this ice into snow. ready?
00:25:52>> Mm-hmm, I'm ready. >> o.k.
00:25:53Being able to make this kind of snow from ice is truly the secret of making ..
00:25:59And other frozen drinks for that matter. >> absolutely.
00:26:02>> Now, since I'm going .. >> mm-hmm.
00:26:05>> I go with some lime juice.
00:26:07>> I'm gonna use the mango sections-- nice and fresh-- and ..
00:26:13All right, you ready?
00:26:19I can't wait.
00:26:21I think that's good.
00:26:23>> All right.
00:26:26>> This looks really good.
00:26:27 >> oh, my gosh, look at this. >> look at that!
00:26:31>> This is like a professional.
00:26:33>> Is it perfect or what?
00:26:34.. o.k.
00:26:35>> O.k., I propose a toast.
00:26:36>> Oh, yeah?
00:26:37>> A toast to the ninja.
00:26:39>> Ooh, perfect. >> all right?
00:26:41.. you know it's a party now.
00:26:44>> Oh, my gosh, that is so good!
00:26:46And you know what's great?
00:26:47You can snap on the top and store it in the freezer to keep it at the perfect serving temperature-- it's absolutely perfect for entertaining.
00:26:54>> I made great, creamy margaritas, and my guests did comment on how great they were, and I think I even sold a ninja .. [laughs] >> I can get rid of my food processor, get rid of my blender and then just use the ninja every day.
00:27:06>> Man:NINJA...
00:27:07>> Hey, you know what I think is a lot of fun? >> what's that?
00:27:09 I bet the ninja can do that in a snap.
00:27:12>> It can, and I'm gonna make it real simple. >> o.k.
00:27:14>> I add some onion, some garlic, and I like mine spicy, .. >> why does that not surprise me?
00:27:21>> Some tomatoes-- I like to buy 'em fresh from the grocery store, and then I add some lime on top, 'cause I like lime juice to make itsalsa fresca.
00:27:30And don't blink, marybeth, because this is going to be one of the fastest demonstrations you've seen with the ninja-- ready?
00:27:35>> And we're using the same power pod that was on the pitcher now on the 16-ounce prep, because it works both. >> and check it out.
00:27:41>> Oh, my goodness!
00:27:42>> You said you were hungry for .. >> oh, yes.
00:27:44>> How about some ..salsa fresca?
00:27:49.. oh, it's beautiful! >> isn't it?
00:27:51>> And you did that so >> and you can really impress your family and friends when you entertain and serve your salsa like this.
00:27:57>> Love it-- and remember, you can pop a lid on either the pitcher or the 16-ounce prep and keep it fresh right in the refrigerator.
00:28:04That's one of my favorite things about the ninja master prep.
00:28:07>> Man:NINJA...
00:28:08>> You know that if you want it ..
00:28:11[Imitates machine] a few times, and if you want it to be chopped, you do that a few less times-- I mean, that's how easy it is.
00:28:18>> Man:NINJA...
00:28:19>> Take your favorite fish and we're gonna make a gourmet breaded crust for that fish right now.
00:28:25 >> and you can grate it yourself so easily with the ninja, so it really only takes .. >> right.
00:28:30>> If you want it coarse, but if you want to go really super-fine with your cheese, since we're making a breading, it still only takes a few seconds.
00:28:37>> That would have taken forever >> oh, my gosh, with a traditional cheese grater? >> mm-hmm.
00:28:40.. now here, pour this out-- look how much you get too. >> that's great.
00:28:45>> Isn't that great?
00:28:47 >> pour this bread in just like so, and this is gonna kind of be the base for the breaded crust that we're ..
00:28:54 >> I wouldn't try this with any other food .. >> and you're using fresh bread-- I love that.
00:28:58It looks so good.