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00:00:01The aryan circle.
00:00:02It still manages to conduct business using its most ..
00:00:12Terry rayborn, aka "maverick," fought his way to the top of the gang.
00:00:27>> I jumped ranks so fast in the a.c.
00:00:30I hit hard.
00:00:31I was good.
00:00:34>> narrator: AS A TEEN, Maverick was sent to prison for aggravated armed robbery with a deadly weapon.
00:00:41He learned his lesson in the county jail before going to the big house.
00:00:47>> I go in, I'm 185 pounds, 6 foot, but spending five months in the county jail with people who had already been to prison, they're throwing game at me, making me work out real hard, telling me how to recognize everything.
00:01:02So when I went to prison, ..
00:01:09A new guy there, but somebody that'd been schooled.
00:01:15>> narrator: MAVERICK WAS Transferred into the tdc's notoriously violent ferguson unit.
00:01:21>> You don't want to go to ferguson unit, 'cause at the time it was known as the gladiator unit.
00:01:25A bunch of fighting.
00:01:26Just young guys in there, and everybody fights.
00:01:29Everybody's sizing you up.
00:01:30Okay, is the guy gonna fight?
00:01:32Is he gonna be somebody's punk?
00:01:39>> narrator: MAVERICK SAYS He never was a punk.
00:01:42He proved he was a force to be reckoned with from day one, when he challenged a shot caller on the unit.
00:01:49>> Now, I done put this guy on the spot that, okay, now it's either put up or shut up.
00:01:55And when that fight was all said and done, I done knocked him out.
00:01:59And everybody else was like, yeah, okay, he's gonna fight.
00:02:02He's gonna stand on his own two feet.
00:02:04He's gonna be more trouble than it's worth trying to mess with him.
00:02:09>> narrator: THE BROS OF The aryan circle have violent track records,nd defying them could lead to a bloody end.
00:02:17Now they're taking their battle beyond prison walls.
00:02:27Bro dennis clem, aka "big boy," helped take the gang's business to the streets.
00:02:42The 24-year-old had joined the gang in prison during a four-year sentence for deadly conduct with a firearm.
00:02:50[gunshots] >> He had achieved rank in the aryan circle because he had spent so much time in prison.
00:02:56And on his last time out, he met tanya smith.
00:03:02>> narrator: HIS GIRLFRIEND Tanya smith, aka "little feather," dealt meth and marijuana.
00:03:17In 2005, the couple got arrested smuggling guns and drugs across the mexico border.
00:03:25They each served less than a year for the offense before they reconnected in houston.
00:03:30Soon, they started one of the most shocking crime sprees ever to hit the south.
00:03:43July 14, 2007.
00:03:4819-Year-old brandon lewis was on a road trip to houston with three friends.
00:03:54Brandon and two other african-american teens were being driven around by a white friend.
00:04:01>> These young guys came up to see what houston was all about and were just simply being driven around by a friend that grew up in that neighborhood.
00:04:10>> narrator: BRANDON'S MOTHER Thought his friends were trouble and sensed something was wrong.
00:04:16>> I had warned him.
00:04:17I said, "brandon, don't get in that truck," 'cause something about them I didn't like.
00:04:22And he'd always say, " >> narrator: BRANDON'S FRIEND Drove them through his cloverleaf neighborhood.
00:04:30They ended up in front of bro dennis clem lived.
00:04:38>> Dennis clem was probably less than happy, uh, as he stood on his porch and looked out and saw three young african-american gentlemen parked out in front of his house.
00:04:49>> narrator: WORDS Were exchanged.
00:04:52Tempers flared.
00:04:54A fight ensued.
00:04:57Police don't know why, but brandon's white friend ..
00:05:02[gunshots] And they sped away.
00:05:06[tires squeal] Clem's aryan circle instincts took over.
00:05:13No way he'd let them disrespect him like that.
00:05:17>> Dennis clem gets an ak-47 rifle.
00:05:20All the individuals that were in the truck were actually leaving, driving down the street when dennis clem began to fire upon the truck from the rear.
00:05:30>> narrator: THE TRUCK WAS HALF A block away when clem fired.
00:05:33[gunfire] Bullets hit brandon and another passenger.
00:05:40>> It penetrated the truck like butter.
00:05:43The vehicle had multiple through-and-through rounds where a round would go through the tailgate or the bed, into the cabin of the vehie, through the seats, and continue into the dash.
00:05:57>> narrator: BRANDON'S MOTHER Later got the call that her son had been shot.
00:06:03>> Brandon caught two bullets, and they took him to the hospital, but three hours later, he was dead.
00:06:11>> narrator: DENNIS CLEM FLED The scene with tanya smith in tow, but law enforcement was quick to react.
00:06:19>> We received intelligence that he was extremely dangerous.
00:06:22We were told that he had no intention to go back to prison under any circumstance.
00:06:27>> They became a bonnie and clyde.
00:06:29They did.
00:06:30She wrote in one letter, "if you want to follow dennis and i, just follow " >> narrator: ON AUGUST 5TH, Clem and smith rolled into tiny bastrop, louisiana.
00:06:43>> They came to bastrop because they had a friend here, another aryan circle member.
00:06:50He rented the motel room in bastrop in his name so they could stay there, becausethey didn't want anything in their name.
00:06:59>> narrator: CLEM AND SMITH Holed up at the budget inn, located directly across the street from the bastrop police department.
00:07:08For five days, they went unnoticed.
00:07:12Security cameras caught clem and smith shopping at the local wal-mart.
00:07:20But the worst was yet to come.
00:07:24>> We knew that when he was out on the run, for every day that he was out there, he could wreak havoc.
00:07:32getting, headaches and a kind of pressure behind my eyes.
00:07:34I'm wondering if you've ever been checked for cortical spreading depression.
00:07:38[ Doctor ] YEAH.
00:07:40Actually, he was.
00:07:41November 11, 2009.
00:07:43Came back negative.
00:07:44March 23, 2007, a c.t. scan for nasal polyps -- also negative.
00:07:48July 1, 2006 -- advised to quit smoking.
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00:11:26>> narrator: HOUSTON, TEXAS.
00:11:28America's fourth largest city has more than 2 million ..
00:11:33And one of the country's biggest gang problems.
00:11:37>> We have representatives from the west coast gangs, crips and bloods.
00:11:42We have midwest gangs, latin kings, gangster disciples, black disciples.
00:11:48Most of the prison gangs are represented in houston.
00:11:51>> narrator: INCLUDING The aryan circle, founded by a natural-born leader.
00:12:00>> When I founded it, it was to get us through prison.
00:12:03It was to get us through a hostile environment where you had to survive.
00:12:13>> narrator: MARK GASPARD, Aka "cowboy," is the aryan circle's founding father.
00:12:29>> Surviving very well could mean that you might have to kill somebody, certainly that you were gonna have to fight your way through it.
00:12:36>> narrator: IN 1979, COWBOY Landed in the texas department of correction's ferguson unit on a burglary conviction.
00:12:45The unit was deeply divided along racial lines.
00:12:50>> You had a white line, black line, and mexican line.
00:12:53Almost from the beginning, there was just trouble between 'em.
00:12:58I just started seeing a hardship on white guys.
00:13:02>> narrator: BY 1982, Cowboy had seen enough.
00:13:06His brother-in-law recruited him to join the aryan army, one of several white supremacist gangs in the tdc.
00:13:16But infighting soon threatened to break up the gang.
00:13:21>> I didn't like that they turned on each other and started stabbin' each other.
00:13:24It's supposed to be us against everybody else, not whites against white.
00:13:30>> narrator: SO IN 1984, Cowboy took matters into his own hands and started a new gang called the new brotherhood.
00:13:39Cowboy drafted a handwritten constitution and used it to recruit members.
00:13:46>> When we had to go somewhere, we would take copies of the cotitution with us.
00:13:50We would hope that we would run into somebody that we knew that we could pass it on.
00:13:55>> narrator: BY 1985, The new brotherhood had about 30 members, but cowboy wanted a name that better reflected the gang's mission.
00:14:05He decided on the aryan circle, naming it after a gang of assassins.
00:14:11>> That originated from a book by robert ludlum called the matarese circle, and there was a group of men in there that had the circle under their chest.
00:14:22>> Our first patch ..
00:14:29Just a circle right here underneath your, uh, breast.
00:14:36>> narrator: THEY HOPED The simple design would go unnoticed by the tdc.
00:14:41The prison system had begun segregating known gang members, and the patch was a dead giveaway of gang ties.
00:14:51By 199 the aryan circle had spread throughout the tdc and could no longer fly under the radar.
00:15:01Terry rayborn, aka "maverick," learned of the aryan circle when he landed in segregation after an escape attempt.
00:15:12>> We were already across the river almost.
00:15:15The rifles came out.
00:15:16They come off their horses, kneeling down with their handguns.
00:15:19They've already called people on the other side of the river.
00:15:23>> narrator: MAVERICK WAS TOLD He'd be in seg for nine months.
00:15:27It was long enough for a friend to convert him to the dark side.
00:15:31>> He gives me the rundown that we're a group of white dudes who are gonna stand together, that once we get out on the streets, we're going to help each other out.
00:15:40>> narrator: MAVERICK WAS Ordered to attack some gang members on his tier as part of his initiation.
00:15:47These aryan circle members were trying to form a new gang.
00:15:52>> These guys up the hallway say that they're going to get , and they're going to form another gang.
00:15:57The gang they form is the white knights.
00:16:00I ended up catching one of them in the hallway, and I whipped his ass.
00:16:06If you getting out, you going out with bruises.
00:16:10>> narrator: THIS KICKED OFF A deadly war with the white knights.
00:16:16It also proved maverick was down for the cause.
00:16:20>> He followed through with everything.
00:16:22He wasn't one of these kind of people that just had an idea and it petered out.
00:16:25>> narrator: BY 1997, MAVERICK Had become a ranking member , and as tensions with the white knights grew, he became a target.
00:16:37>> At that time, I'm the v.p.
00:16:39In population.
00:16:40Got a job in the kitchen.
00:16:42And two white knights try to stab me.
00:16:45That started a war right there.
00:16:48>> narrator: THE ARYAN CIRCLE Ordered a hit on maverick's assailant.
00:16:54>> They stabbed him and broke the shank off in him.
00:16:57When they stabbed him, snapped the shank so it couldn't be pulled out.
00:17:01Stomped him, kicked him off three row, went down there and stomped him some more.
00:17:08[beeping] And they pulled the plug.
00:17:10[steady tone] >> narrator: THIS ACT Of vengeance cemented the gang's reputation.
00:17:19Cowboy and maverick watched the aryan circle's membership explode.
00:17:25>> We had already decided that we weren't ever gonna be over 30 people.
00:17:29But the 30 thing never held up.
00:17:31It just went on and on from there.
00:17:34>> narrator: THEY DECIDED THEY Needed people on the outside to help them communicate with members in other units.
00:17:44So the gang enlisted women to handle their business on the streets.
00:17:48>> The other gangs and families are missing the greatest influence and source of power and revenue that they could ever find in life by treating their women as "property of" instead of letting them know that they are equal and useful, resourceful, brave, damn smart.
00:18:11>> narrator: COWBOY SCHOOLED to work as a "fixer" for the gang.
00:18:27>> There has never been another woman that held any kind of rank over the men or over the total population until me.
00:18:37>> narrator: K.D. WAS QUICKLY Addicted to the power of her position.
00:18:42>> I'm an adrenaline junky anyway, and I love things like that.
00:18:46" well, not only can I do good for these guys, but I'll be the first woman to have ever done it.
00:18:55>> narrator: TO HELP THE FAMILY Grow on the outside, the aryan circle also recruited new inmates with short sentences.
00:19:05But once they got out, these new recruits had little respect for the a.c.'s way of life.
00:19:12>> The ideals that I had were becoming outdated from the ideals of the new guys coming in.
00:19:22A lot of 'em were gang members on the streets.
00:19:23So they would come in, and they'd already have that mentality.
00:19:28>> narrator: THEY BEGAN DEALING Drugs, an offense banned by the gang's constitution.
00:19:33>> You got people instead of helping you get a job, throwing drugs at you.
00:19:38>> narrator: IN 2000, 29 ARYAN Circle bros in odessa, texas, started cooking meth and ripped off some local dealers.
00:19:48>> You get a guy sitting in a box for ten years.
00:19:52You send him out to a family that doesn't even want him around anymore.
00:19:56What the hell is he gonna do?
00:19:57He's either gonna rob a store or cook dope.
00:20:00Cooking dope's easy.
00:20:03>> narrator: IN 15 YEARS, Cowboy had watched the aryan circle become a ruthless gang of drug dealers and dope fiends, and he wanted out.
00:20:14>> You can't help but sit back and just think, "is this what I want?
00:20:17Is this what I want to do?
00:20:18" >> narrator: BUT DRUG DEALING Was nothing compared to the crime the aryan circle was about to perpetrate on the outside.
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00:24:35>> narrator: HOUSTON, THE OIL ..
00:24:41And home to the bros of the aryan circle: White separatists trying to earn their keep in the free world.
00:24:51>> They're heavily involved in drug trafficking, so they obviously are a danger to our community by bringing methamphetamine.
00:25:03>> narrator: BUT DRUG USE AND Dealing is strictly forbidden by the aryan circle's constitution, which spews a white-is-right ideology.
00:25:14>> We originally started out as a preservation of e white race in a hostile prison environment.
00:25:20I'm for non-interracial marriages, for continuing your heritage, your culture.
00:25:29>> narrator: THE CONSTITUTION 's by-laws and highly regimented structure.
00:25:36>> We had four branches.
00:25:37We had the--the men's branch, the women's branch, the church branch, and we had the external branch.
00:25:44Later on, we did away with the women's branch and just kind of incorporated them in.
00:25:49>> narrator: THE GANG'S LEADERS " >> it was made up of a president, the vice president, the secretary or treasurer, and there was a sergeant at arms.
00:26:02>> narrator: THE CENTER RING Keeps a firm grip on the gang.
00:26:08The aryan circle is divided into districts by prison unit and geographic area.
00:26:14Each district has a chain of command.
00:26:18>> The very bottom would be the lieutenant, then your captain, and then your deputy director, which is called a "dirty dog," and then the director.
00:26:32>> narrator: ORDERS FROM The center ring come down in code through letters to district directors.
00:26:38>> Say you say, " that means it's a green light.
00:26:47>> narrator: TINA MARIE IS A nickname the gang uses for rival gang the texas mafia, and a green light means that it's killing time.
00:26:58>> These gang members run these prisons, and what they say goes.
00:27:04So if it's to kill someone, that person's dead.
00:27:11>> narrator: THE GANG'S Initiation often involves assaulting what they call " >> let's say there's a loudmouth black dude on the unit.
00:27:25You gonna be a prospect?
00:27:27Go take care of that.
00:27:29>> narrator: HOW A PROSPECT "Takes care of business" can determine his future in the gang.
00:27:35>> If the guy catches him in the cell by hisself, it shows me he's using his head as opposed to the guy who does it in the chow hall in front of everybody with a pitcher, busting him in the back of the head.
00:27:46Okay, you're going to be a crash dummy.
00:27:52I'm gonna send you on missions that I know somebody's gonna get caught doing this, but your mentality is that, "okay, you're willing " >> narrator: THIS PROCESS " when a prospect becomes a member, they "patch in" by having the aryan circle tattooed on their chest.
00:28:19The patch is a badge of honor.
00:28:22>> It, like, puts a star on your chest: " >> narrator: TO AVOID BEING Put in segregation, bros will often camouflage the patch in a larger tattoo.
00:28:36>> I got the jacket patch straight off.
00:28:38It's diamond shaped, uh, rotating swastika in the middle of it, and then inside the swastika is a circle.
00:28:46>> The square meant unity, everything equal, and each line meant honor, loyalty, dedication, and brotherhood.
00:28:56>> narrator: EVERY MEMBER SWEARS Allegiance to the aryan circle until death.
00:29:02If a member is asked to leave the gang, he must cover his patch, or it will be removed for him.
00:29:09>> I've heard stories with razor blade straight up cut it off, burn out the circle just like a cattle prod.
00:29:17>> narrator: THE ARYAN CIRCLE Also prides itself on tattoos that display their beliefs.
00:29:24Dennis clem and his girlfriend tanya smith both flew their colors proudly.
00:29:30>> Dennis was covered with tattoos.
00:29:32 tattooed on his wrist in a bracelet, made of wood grain.
00:29:38And he's got a ribbon across his chest with clem on it, and on each side of it is a.c.
00:29:46Tanya's tattoos were evident all over her body.
00:29:49She had thor's hammer tattooed on the back of her neck, and in the middle of her back was a norseman superimposed over a swastika.
00:29:58And then she had tattooed across " >> narrator: THEIR TATS AFFIRM Their faith in odinism, the religion embraced by many aryan circle members.
00:30:12It's based on norse mythology and the gods thor and odin.
00:30:17>> It's an attractive religion to people who are prone to violence.
00:30:23It's very warrior-oriented and kind of the philosophy that most gangs have, you know, "live for today, " >> a lot of them get into it because they think that is the starting point, the basis for aryan because of the vikings being pure.
00:30:41>> narrator: ODINISTS Believe they will be rewarded in the afterlife.
00:30:46>> The belief is that when you go to other side, when you die, if you die as a warrior in battle, you go to valhalla, which is a great hall where you sit around and you drink mead and you fight every day and you get cut up and you kill other people and at the end of the day you're restored to the way you were and you keep doing it all over again.
00:31:04>> narrator: WOMEN ARE CALLED Valkyries, and they play a crucial role.
00:31:09>> The valkyries were daughters of odin that carried the dead from the fields of battle, and if you died gloriously in battle, you were taken to valhalla.
00:31:17>> narrator: ARYAN CIRCLE MEMBER Dennis clem and his girlfriend tanya smith would try to live by the tenets of their religion.
00:31:26For them, the trip to valhalla would start with a deadly shootout in a quiet louisiana town.
00:31:34>> He was ready to go out in a blaze of glory, which he constantly bragged about.
00:31:40Dennis was ready to go.
00:31:42He was ready to go to valhalla.
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00:36:00>> narrator: HOUSTON, TEXAS.
00:36:01By 2007, the brothers of the aryan circle prison gang were making a name for themselves on the outside dealing methamphetamine and murder.
00:36:12>> It's nothing more than just a group of violent people.
00:36:16They're heavily involved in drug trafficking, so they are a danger to our community.
00:36:26>> narrator: DENNIS "BIG BOY" Clem was one of the gang's most violent members.
00:36:33>> He saw himself as a warrior for the white race.
00:36:40>> narrator: JULY 14, 2007.
00:36:44Dennis clem and his girlfriend tanya "little feather" smith were on the run.
00:36:50Clem had killed two african-american teenagers with an ak-47.
00:36:55[gunfire] >> They didn't even know dennis clem.
00:36:59They never had a word with dennis clem.
00:37:01For those guys to die the way they died, because of this man, that sticks with you.
00:37:08>> narrator: CLEM AND SMITH Told friends that they had no intention of being caught and sent back to prison, no matter what the cost.
00:37:19>> He had probably already formulated a plan that if he came across law enforcement that there was an apprehension that was attempted, he'd be no part of that.
00:37:29>> narrator: CLEM AND SMITH Were prepared to die rather than surrender to the cops.
00:37:36>> He made that decision a long time ago, to live by the sword and die by the sword.
00:37:42>> narrator: THE TWO USED Theiaryan circle connections to hide in plain sight.
00:37:50They got another gang member to rent a motel room in tiny bastrop, louisiana, across from the police station.
00:38:01[train whistle blows] August 10th.
00:38:06The aryan circle member who rented the room was also wanted by police for stealing a stereo.
00:38:15Bastrop police detectives chuck wilson and john smith were working the case.
00:38:21The two men had been partners for 11 years.
00:38:26>> These young men were very straightforward, very honest, very sincere, both family men, and very much a part of the community.
00:38:37>> narrator: ONE OF THE Detectives got a call on his cell phone telling him that the man he was looking for had checked into the motel.
00:38:48They headed over, unaware of what they were walking into.
00:38:52>> They made a call during their lunch hour to respond to stolen stereo equipment.
00:38:58I mean, it's not like this was a murder.
00:39:01>> narrator: THE DETECTIVES WERE Cautious, but they unassumingly knocked on the door.
00:39:07[knocking at door] >> You knock on that door, and you just never know what's really in there.
00:39:13It's hard to do much intel.
00:39:15>> Bastrop police.
00:39:16>> It was some time before the door opened.
00:39:20I would say in excess of a minute.
00:39:24>> narrator: TANYA SMITH Opened the door.
00:39:27The detectives could immediately smell marijuana, and they saw a bong on the nightstand near the bed.
00:39:34>> So when she opened that door and that policeman saw that bong in plain view, she knew, at that point, somebody was going to be arrested.
00:39:46>> narrator: DENNIS CLEM WASN'T Going to let that happen.
00:39:49He pulled out two guns and ambushed the detectives.
00:39:53They didn't even have time to draw their weapons.
00:39:55>> They ran outside.
00:39:57And as they ran outside, dennis clem ran out with a gun in each hand firing at these two young police officers as they're trying to flee.
00:40:06And killed both of 'em.
00:40:09>> narrator: THE MOTEL'S Security cameras captured what happened next.
00:40:14Tanya smith immediately walked out of the room, her arms raised, fearing the detectives were still alive.
00:40:23>> Miss smith walks out, purse in hand, and appeared to be on a stroll.
00:40:30She walks off, says nothing to no one.
00:40:33When the owner of the motel asked her what happened, " >> and then she walked away, made a phone call, and escaped back to houston, texas.
00:40:50>> narrator: DENNIS CLEM Rreated back into the motel room as police gathered outside.
00:40:58>> Clem was holding the police there so that tanya could get away.
00:41:03When one of the police officers comes there, he opens the door and makes sure the policeman sees him in full regalia, blue shorts, tattoos all over him, no shirt on, makes certain he sees him and sees him with two black pistols.
00:41:20>> narrator: THE RESPONDING Officers trained their guns on the door.
00:41:24>> He's taunting the officers.
00:41:26The officers are yelling at him, " and he's yelling back at 'em, " >> narrator: AS PARAMEDICS Worked desperately on the fallen detectives, clem emerged, and all hell broke loose.
00:41:46[gunfire] Clem popped off shot after shot.
00:41:55Car windows exploded as police ducked for cover and fired back.
00:42:01During the melee, clem shot and wounded two paramedics before police could stop him.
00:42:07[gunshots] >> He had received no fatal wounds until the last volley.
00:42:12And the last volley-- you can see on the video-- is policeman and outlaw face-to-face, shooting it out with automatic pistols.
00:42:22And it's a hell of a sne.
00:42:25>> narrator: OFFICERS UNLOADED 17 Bullets into clem before he stumbled along the sidewalk, finally collapsing on top of his first victim, detective smith.
00:42:36>> He died on the sidewalk.
00:42:38He got sidewalk justice.
00:42:45>> narrator: DETECTIVES AT The scene quickly learned what had fueled dennis clem's murderous assault.
00:42:51Inside their room, investigators found white supremacist and aryan circle paraphernalia, as well as meth, ammo, and a police scanner.
00:43:03>> I believe that they were listening to the police talk on their radios.
00:43:07I believe they knew from that source that they were there.
00:43:13>> narrator: WITH HER BOYFRIEND Dead, tanya smith was alone and on the run.
00:43:18>> She is the one that orchestrated this murder.
00:43:22But for her opening that door, we don't have a murder.
00:43:26We have two policemen going about their business but for that.
00:43:30She set that trap like a spider.
00:43:34>> narrator: AND IN THE PROCESS, Smith became clem's valkyrie.
00:43:38>> His purpose in life was to die in battle.
00:43:41It just happened to happen that day in bastrop, louisiana.
00:43:45Valhalla didn't take him.
00:43:47Hell took him.
00:43:48There's no question of that.
00:43:49And his girlfriend is just as guilty as he was.
00:43:57narrator: SMITH WASN'T On the run for long.
00:44:00 marshals surprised her at a trailer park near houston two days later.
00:44:06>> She told the police that arrested her, "you'd better be glad I didn't " so listen, you didn't have an innocent girl walking out of that room.
00:44:16You had a murderer walking out of that room, running from the scene, and going to houston, texas, to hide wherein she was caught.
00:44:25>> narrator: SMITH WAS Extradited to louisiana, where she was tried and convicted on two counts of second-degree murder.
00:44:35She'll spend her life in a louisiana prison with no chance for parole.
00:44:41>> She needed to serve her time for her involvement but also to send a message to a.c. members: "We're not gonna tolerate it " >> she knew she was going to get life.
00:44:52Dennis knew she was going to get life.
00:44:54They knew the consequences.
00:44:56They invited the consequences.
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00:48:46>> narrator: IN AUGUST 2007, The heat was on the aryan circle, a violent prison gang.
00:48:55Gang member dennis "big boy" clem killed two teenagers in houston, texas, and two detectives in bastrop, louisiana, just weeks apart.
00:49:13The shootings put the aryan but its members insist this was not a gang-related crime.
00:49:22>> Straight-up killing is not what a.c. stands for.
00:49:26How can you judge an organization or a group or a gang by the actions of a few, handful of people?
00:49:37>> It's like raising your child in a certain fashion and then when they become adults and act that way, you go, "well, I have no responsibility.
00:49:45They're an adult.
00:49:45" not hardly.
00:49:48They know what's gonna happen.
00:49:55>> narrator: THE ARYAN CIRCLE Is still thriving, but some of its older members believe the gang has changed.
00:50:02>> For me to consider it a gang, it really hurts, because that's not what I joined.
00:50:06And that's not what i fought for all them years, for it to turn into a big gang.
00:50:14>> narrator: MAVERICK SERVED 17 Years in prison and is out on parole, working as a tire technician in texas.
00:50:22He's no longer a member of the aryan circle, but he's still down for the cause.
00:50:29>> I mean, I went through so much with so many people that are even still in there that they're my bro, there's no way around it, and I'm gonna be bros with 'em forever.
00:50:39But that don't mean that I've flag or any other flag to be this guy's bro.
00:50:48>> narrator: STILL, HE SAYS, Being a bro does have its drawbacks.
00:50:53, yeah, it cost me a lot of time in prison.
00:50:57A lot.
00:50:59It's hard to say, " but would I recommend it?
00:51:10>> narrator: J.J. HAS Spent the last nine years in segregation.
00:51:15It's been hell, and it was his membership in the aryan circle that got him here.
00:51:20Unless he's paroled, he's got another nine years to go.
00:51:25>> How can you explain to somebody staying in a cell 23 hours a day, being fed through a square slot in your door, or with one hour of recreation in a cage by yourself with a basketball and a pull-up bar-- how you explain that's not the right lifestyle?
00:51:42>> narrator: J.J. IS PROUD OF What the aryan circle stood for, but he doesn't like the gang's direction.
00:51:50>> It's all right to be proud to be white, be proud of your race.
00:51:54But if you want to run around and do drugs and commit crimes, and then that's not helping your people.
00:51:59I don't want to be a part of that.
00:52:02>> narrator: THE ARYAN CIRCLE'S Founding father, cowboy, is now out of prison, working as a cattle rancher in texas.
00:52:10Though he doesn't agree with what's happening in the a.c.
00:52:13Today, he still credits the gang for saving his life.
00:52:20>> There just comes a point in your life where you just decide that, "this is not " it doesn't mean that you don't believe the same way or you don't have the same feelings for people.
00:52:31If it wasn't for the aryan circle in prison, that a lot of us wouldn't have made it back then.
00:52:38>> narrator: STILL, He says he regrets some of what happened under his watch.
00:52:44>> I've seen my bros with their eyes poked out.
00:52:47I've seen 10 or 12 of 'em at a time with their jaws wired together.
00:52:51I've seen 'em dead.
00:52:53I've seen guys that were about to go home that are on death row now.
00:52:57I'm sorry for a lot of that stuff that happened, but I don't think there was any way to avoid it.
00:53:07>> narrator: THE GANG Publishes a bi-monthly newsletter calledthe circular to spread its message of white purity and to keep its membership strong.
00:53:19It seems to be working.
00:53:23The gang has grown to more than 3,000 brothers in more than 13 states.
00:53:29 says that growth has only contributed to the family's demise.
00:53:35>> It's losing its family.
00:53:37It's losing what cowboy's dream was and what all of our dream was up until about four or five years ago.
00:53:44It's very disheartening.
00:53:48>> narrator: EVEN STILL, SHE Says she loves the aryan circle, despite what it's become in recent years.
00:53:56>> It will be just another gang of killers and dopers.
00:54:01We've lost control of all ..
00:54:03[gunshots] And now we have a monster on our hands.
00:54:17>> The battle of normandy is won.
00:54:19And now patton is determined to destroy the german army and put an end to the war.
00:54:25It seems that nothing can stop patton and his armored divisions from completing a legendary charge across france.
00:54:34But patton's bosses continue to infuriate him.
00:54:38Will controversial decisions by eisenhower and bradley keep patton from his ultimate victory?
00:54:49His bold attacks are legendary.
00:54:53See the war as he saw it, and ride along with his hard-fighting troops as they battle their way through world war ii.
00:55:02On this 360-degree battlefield, patton's enemies could be anywhere and everywhere.
00:55:11There's nowhere to run when the war is all around.
00:55:28Following the success of the d-day landings ..
00:55:37The allies are now pursuing the german army deep into france.
00:55:41Hitler is getting squeezed on two fronts as the russians advance in the east.
00:55:53>> As day breaks over a long valley near chambois, france, thousands of soldiers and armored vehicles of the german 7th army are retreating on the double.
00:56:04Aiming for a narrow 2-mile wide gap, but they are nearly surrounded.
00:56:13It's called the falaise gap, but it will soon become " >> general patton was driving fast and furious from the south and he wanted to bag all of the germans that he could within the falaise gap.
00:56:36>> Over the treetops, american aircraft close in.
00:56:43The p-47 thunderbolts are armed to the teeth and about to feast on the exposed army.
00:56:55>> The fast-flying p-47 fighter bomber carries up to 2,500 pounds of bombs.
00:57:01Even more lethal are its eight, browning m2 machine guns, mounted four per wing, each firing at up to 800 rounds per minute.
00:57:13Today, the descendants of the p-47 pack an even bigger punch while supporting ground troops.
00:57:23P-47 thunderbolt has a modern equivalent in the form of an aircraft that was--that is sometimes referred to as the thunderbolt ii, the a-10, sometimes called the a-10 warthog that is used exclusively for tactical close air support purposes.
00:57:43>> AFTER THE P-47s Ripped through their ammunition and shred the orderly retreat, artillery shells begin exploding everywhere.
00:57:57Above the destruction on the western slopes, the canadian army guns are zeroed in.
00:58:11On the eastern side, general george patton's 3rd army is raining down fiery lead.
00:58:23Two massachusetts tankers, tony d'arpino and don knapp survive the horrors of normandy to witness the destruction of an army.
00:58:39>> It was like a shooting gallery.
00:58:41All our tanks were lined up firing.
00:58:43Everybody took a turn to fire.
00:58:44Even the gunner got so tired of shooting that he let somebody else shoot.
00:58:49>> Such carnage I have never seen in my life, the whole 7th army shot up.
00:59:04>> Sickened by the slaughter, some even cheer the enemy onward.
00:59:10>> A german on a motorcycle and everybody and his brother were shooting machine gun at him.