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00:00:01>> narrator: SLOW JOE HAS BEEN A warlock for 18 years.
00:00:14Like many, he considers himself above the law.
00:00:19>> A 1% badge to me means, you know, if I want to ride my motorcycle 100 miles an hour, I'm gonna do it.
00:00:26I live outside of what society deems normal, okay?
00:00:30>> I've had, you know, cops waking me up with guns in my mouth.
00:00:34It's whatever.
00:00:36>> They take pride in the 1% label, because they're telling people we're serious, and you don't want to mess with us.
00:00:42Because of that, they are also the ones in which law enforcement keeps tabs on.
00:00:49>> narrator: THE WARLOCKS' Activity in drug and gun trafficking has brought them to the attention of the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms, or atf.
00:01:00>> Atf saw that we could infiltrate by using long-term undercover operations in groups such as the warlocks.
00:01:09>> narrator: IN 1990, ATF Special agent stephen martin went undercover as a biker.
00:01:18His mission, code-named easy rider, was to befriend john "spike" ingrao, the warlocks' then national president.
00:01:27>> The national president of the warlocks, spike, was an avid bodybuilder and at one time a mr. southeast u.s.a.
00:01:33I, too, was a avid bodybuilder, therefore a perfect in.
00:01:38>> narrator: MARTIN INTRODUCED Himself to spike at a local gym.
00:01:42>> Had hair about down to my waist and a full beard, had an earring, and wore jeans and a cut-off t-shirt.
00:01:48>> narrator: HE POSED AS A Small-time criminal dealing drugs and weapons.
00:01:53>> I said, well, I run marijuana from north carolina down to south florida, and it's pretty profitable.
00:02:00>> narrator: BEFORE LONG, MARTIN Was buying narcotics and firearms from the warlocks.
00:02:06>> And I says, "well, I need a " I said, "do you know anybody " spike says, "i can hook you up with explosives, and I might have a source to hook you up with meth, and I might have a way to " >> narrator: IN LESS THAN A Month, martin had gain spike's trust, and the two became friends.
00:02:30>> So we continued our relationship, saw each other every day.
00:02:34He then took me to the clubhouse one day.
00:02:36He told me that he needed somebody in south florida that he could trust and somebody who could take care of business.
00:02:44>> narrator: THE UNDERCOVER Agent was getting in deeper than he'd ever planned.
00:02:49Six months after the investigation started, martin was patched in as a warlock.
00:02:55Spike created a new chapter of the warlocks in fort lauderdale and appointed martin as the president.
00:03:02>> I'm holding the warlock colors that were presented to me by spike.
00:03:08The new patch that spike made for us was the south florida chapter of the warlocks.
00:03:13>> narrator: WITH THE CHAPTER Established, it was time to recruit new warlocks.
00:03:19>> He then asked me if I had four other friends of mine that I rode with.
00:03:23>> narrator: MARTIN'S RECRUITING Efforts allowed four more members of law enforcement to infiltrate the warlocks.
00:03:31>> The four guys he recruited were all cops.
00:03:35So it was the first all-undercover cop biker chapter in biker club history.
00:03:42>> narrator: MARTIN HAD Infiltrated the gang.
00:03:45But just as he was building his case, the warlocks upped the stakes.
00:03:50Spike called martin to a meeting and told him he needed him to do something for the club.
00:03:56 to blow up the south florida clubhouse of the warlocks' archrivals, the outlaws motorcycle club.
00:04:05>> At our meeting at our clubhouse in januaryn south florida, spike had one of the minnesota chapter members bring down a large pipe bomb to give to me to go ahead and blow the clubhouse up.
00:04:17>> narrator: MARTIN TOOK THE Bomb and was ordered to proceed with destroying the outlaws' clubhouse, but before he could figure out his next step, he almost blew his cover.
00:04:30In 1990, slow joe was visiting martin and his fellow undercover agents at martin's apartment when a neighbor began to complain.
00:04:45little old man comes running over to us.
00:04:48"What the hell is all these " I'm like, "what the hell are " >> he's never seen all of us there, and it surprised him.
00:04:56>> narrator: MARTIN PULLED THE Man aside to show him his badge.
00:05:00>> He shows him a piece of paper, flashes him his wallet, and I saw that reflection through the paper because of the sun, the shadow.
00:05:08So when the old man--the old man saw that, he calmed down immediately.
00:05:13>> When I went back and I told slow joe everything was fine, he was shaking his head, and he " >> I said, "dude, you're a fáááááá cop," and I looked at everybody, and I said, " ♪
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00:09:20>> narrator: ORLANDO, FLORIDA: With the warlocks wreaking havoc, the sunshine state has become a war zone.
00:09:28>> The bombings, the killings, the jail time, prison, all that: It's exciting, you know?
00:09:37>> narrator: AT 24, HALFWAY IS The latest in a long line of bikers who choose to ride with an outlaw motorcycle gang, or omg.
00:09:55Halfway has only been a member for two years, but he's part of a long warlock family legacy.
00:10:02>> My father is a warlock.
00:10:04He's the boss of a chapter.
00:10:06>> narrator: HALFWAY HAS ALREADY Had one brush with death.
00:10:09>> I was shot twice with an ak-47, in the hospital 16 days, in a coma for 11 of those days, but here I am.
00:10:19>> narrator: HE KNOWS THAT Any day could be his last.
00:10:24>> Every day I wake up, no, i don't know I'm going to make it through that day.
00:10:29>> narrator: THAT'S BEEN THE Case for every warlock since the gang first started in 1967.
00:10:37The warlocks were formed by a group of sailors returning from vietnam.
00:10:43They were led by tom "grub" freeland, the first club president.
00:10:58>> He's the founder, you know.
00:11:00We say, "god is good.
00:11:01" >> that's god.
00:11:04>> Grub!
00:11:05>> That's club god right there.
00:11:07That's what we're all about, trying to make that guy proud of us.
00:11:18>> narrator: GB RECRUITED FOUR Of his buddies from his navy days as the original warlocks.
00:11:31>> narrator: RIGHT AWAY, HE SET The warlocks' motorcycle standard.
00:11:42>> narrator: GRUB PICKED A NAME He thought sounded cool, then chose a mythical figure, the phoenix, as the club's symbol.
00:11:51>> The bird, the center patch is the phoenix.
00:11:55It flies through the air and crashes to the ground and burns, and up from the fire raises the war bird.
00:12:03>> narrator: THE WARLOCKS Established their first official clubhouse just outside orlando.
00:12:09>> This chapter's the mother chapter.
00:12:10It's called the founding chapter.
00:12:12This is where it all started.
00:12:14>> narrator: THEY QUICKLY Clashed with the gang that would become their biggest enemy, the outlaws.
00:12:26>> narrator: THE OUTLAWS, Founded in 1935, ARE ONE OF THE OLDEST OMGs.
00:12:32And by 1967, they had claimed florida as their territory.
00:12:38To the outlaws, the sunshine state was their turf, and the warlocks were an invading army.
00:12:54>> Some clubs like to claim a territory that's, you know, the whole state.
00:12:59>> narrator: SLOW JOE REMEMBERS Seeing clashes between the outlaws and warlocks growing up.
00:13:06>> I saw a lot of turmoil between other clubs.
00:13:10It really, really started LATE '60s AND '70s.
00:13:13There's just beefs everywhere, man, and it was all over territory.
00:13:17>> narrator: LIKE THE OUTLAWS, The warlocks wore their vests like uniforms.
00:13:22They displayed their regional affiliation with patches called bottom rockers.
00:13:31>> Well, the top rocker is the name of the club, is, you, you know, warlocks.
00:13:35A bottom rocker signifies your area.
00:13:40>> narrator: IN THE EARLY '70s, Grub and the other warlocks added the "florida" bottom rocker to their vests.
00:13:47The outlaws considered it a declaration of war.
00:14:04>> narrator: INSTEAD OF BACKING Down, the warlocks met the outlaws full force, a battle that's continued ever since.
00:14:13>> Since then, there has been a rivalry and bad blood between the two clubs.
00:14:20>> narrator: BY 1979, GRUB FELT The warlocks had grown too big for him to control.
00:14:26He stepped aside, allowing others to lead the gang and the growing war with the outlaws.
00:14:39>> narrator: THROUGHOUT THE '80s, SOME WARLOCKS BEGAN TO Traffic in drugs and guns.
00:14:45The move intensified their competition with the outlaws.
00:14:58>> narrator: IN 1987, A FIGHT Broke out at the east bay raceway in hillsborough county.
00:15:05A 28-year-old warlock named "george" was stabbed by the outlaws.
00:15:10He died in the arms of his best friend, contender.
00:15:15>> He got stabbed in the back, and when he got stabbed in the back, they twisted the knife and pulled it out and sliced his main artery down his back, and it just-- it was too big of a gash, and he just basically bled to death.
00:15:26>> narrator: THE KILLING WAS Just one as the war exploded.
00:15:30>> It was pretty hard core.
00:15:32Every time you left out of here, there was a bullet whizzin' by you, and the house got shot up.
00:15:36It was really like a lot of people getting hurt or killed.
00:15:40>> It was wide open, man, 24/7, man, nonstop.
00:15:44>> narrator: THE WARLOCKS Continued to expand their turf into new states, eventually opening chapters in minnesota and new york.
00:15:53New members, especially the veterans, were drawn by the gang's party reputation and tight bond.
00:16:03>> This to me is just like an extension of the marine corps.
00:16:05We were brothers back there, a brotherhood right here, the same thing.
00:16:11>> narrator: IN 1990, ATF Undercover agent stephen martin became one of those new members when he introduced himself to the warlocks' national president, john "spike" ingrao.
00:16:25Spike began selling martin illegal drugs and weapons.
00:16:29>> And I says, "well, I need a " I said, "do you know anybody who can get me some firearms " >> the agents that infiltrated the club were supposedly based out of fort lauderdale.
00:16:44>> narrator: SPIKE SOON MADE Martin the president of his own chapter in south florida.
00:16:49Martin and his team were building an airtight case against the warlocks.
00:16:54That changed when slow joe witnessed martin showing someone his badge.
00:17:01>> So I kind of saw this one goin' south, 'cause slow joe did not appear to be a dumb guy.
00:17:08>> narrator: SLOW JOE CONFRONTED The undercover team.
00:17:12>> So for the next couple hours, he's quizzing the agents: "How long does it take " "how many years have you guys " and the times aren't jivin'.
00:17:20They're not even close.
00:17:21So some of the guys, some of the agents, were from out of town, so they don't really know.
00:17:26>> They said, "what the fááá are you talking about?
00:17:28After everything we've been through, how the fááá " and, you know, they got defensive, and, you know, I felt I was in danger at the time, so I let it be.
00:17:38>> narrator: SLOW JOE BEGAN Alerting other warlocks about his suspicions.
00:17:44>> I said, "you know, these " I tried to pass the word out to as many as I could, but I knew it was too late.
00:17:51I knew--you know, I knew what I had done.
00:17:53I just--i knew we were fááááá.
00:17:58>> narrator: JUST WHEN THE Warlocks should have been worried about intruders in their midst, the war with the outlaws erupted.
00:18:07Bear chaffin, the president of the warlocks' edgewater, florida, chapter, had begun to form an alliance with the hells angels.
00:18:17It would be a serious threat to their bitter rivals, the outlaws.
00:18:22>> The whole idea with the outlaw motorcycle organization is territory, whether it be I'm dealing drugs here, don't mess with it, or whether it's mine I'm dealing firearms, it's all territory >> narrator: THE MOVE PUT BEAR At the top of the outlaws' most-wanted list.
00:18:40His wife, jennifer, received a phone call warning her that her husband needed to watch himself.
00:18:46>> It kind of freaked me out a little bit.
00:18:48I hung up and let bear know, and he said that there'd been a price on his head for a very long time.
00:18:55>> narrator: IN 1991, BEAR'S Life came to an abrupt end one morning when he was working on his bike at home.
00:19:05>> Somebody shot him four times in the neck, behind his ear at close range with a .22.
00:19:14>> narrator: WHEN AGENT MARTIN Heard about bear's death, he had no doubt who was responsible.
00:19:20>> When I got the call that bear chaffin had been murdered, the first thought comes is, is the outlaws.
00:19:26>> narrator: MARTIN ALSO KNEW That he was in danger.
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00:23:35VISIT >> narrator: THE WARLOCKS, AN Outlaw motorcycle gang, have been thundering down florida's freeways for nearly 40 years, building their rowdy reputations.
00:24:02>> Some are worse than others.
00:24:04Some are not as bad as others.
00:24:06Some commit more crimethan others.
00:24:10>> narrator: THE GANG HAS Chapters in four other u.s.
00:24:12States, germany, and england, but the gang's home is truly here in the sunshine state.
00:24:20>> This is the state of florida.
00:24:23This is the only place I care about on the map right now.
00:24:27>> narrator: FOR MANY, THEY'RE Simply living the dream.
00:24:32>> At one time in every man's life, you wantedo be in a gang.
00:24:35I don't care what anybody says.
00:24:36That's the way it really is.
00:24:38We just did it.
00:24:41>> narrator: THE WARLOCKS' Symbol, the phoenix, is fitting.
00:24:45Just as the mythological bird is reborn each time it dies, young warlocks rise up to replace the older ones lost to a violent lifestyle.
00:24:57>> >> you might as well die for something than to die for nothing, you know.
00:25:07>> People come to us.
00:25:08They want to be a warlock.
00:25:09They ask me, what does it take to be a warlock?
00:25:11Be a man, that's all.
00:25:15Just got to be a man.
00:25:17>> Pull your balls out, danbo.
00:25:18Really show 'em what it's all about.
00:25:22>> narrator: THE MOST IMPORTANT Warlocks qualification is: >> First buy yourself a harley-davidson, learn how to ride it, and come around, hang around.
00:25:37>> Get to know who we are and let us get to know who you are.
00:25:41>> narrator: THESE FRIENDS OF The gang get invited to the legendary parties.
00:25:48To show support, they wear t-shirts featuring club symbols one favorite is the number 23, for the 23rd letter of the alphabet, and the initials w.f.f.w.
00:26:13The first thing visitors learn is that the warlocks are enthusiastically sexist.
00:26:20>> WE NEED SOME [bleep] Up in here!
00:26:22>> narrator: WOMEN AREN'T Allowed to be full members, but there's no shortage of them willing to be called " >> I've always wanted somewhere where I could belong, and this is definitely somewhere I belong, and I love it.
00:26:39>> narrator: THE PROPERTY Patches on their vests show their commitment to specific club members.
00:26:47>> It originally started from, in the early days, it was for different clubs, when we'd hang out with different clubs, for them to--they don't hit on your old lady because they know that she's with somebody because of the vest.
00:27:01>> narrator: IN SOME One-percenter clubs, old ladies are shared with other members, or pimped.
00:27:08The warlocks deny they go this far.
00:27:11>> They're not prostitutes.
00:27:12They're not drug mules.
00:27:13They're girlfriends and wives.
00:27:15>> There it is.
00:27:17>> They were watching the patch, but we were watching the ass.
00:27:20>> Right; there you go.
00:27:22>> narrator: BEFORE BECOMING Full-time members, new recruits must become probates.
00:27:32>> This is my mother-fáááááá probate.
00:27:34It's our fáááááá probate.
00:27:35Works his ass off all the time.
00:27:37All our probates serve a long fáááááá time to prove they're gonna be in this fáááááá nation.
00:27:41He's working for that center patch and that bottom rocker.
00:27:44You love this fáááááá gang?
00:27:45>> Yes, I do.
00:27:49>> As a probate, things I had to do: Basic duties.
00:27:53I did a lot of security work, did a lot of bartending.
00:27:56>> narrator: OVER THE COURSE OF Several months, a probate must prove his loyalty to the club.
00:28:02>> A probate will perform a number of duties around the clubhouse, from washing motorcycles, guarding motorcycles, escorting old ladies.
00:28:10>> If we deem you're warlock material, we'll let you know.
00:28:15>> narrator: IF HE'S APPROVED By the chapter, the probate is " >> you consider it your birthday.
00:28:25It's as important as the day you were born.
00:28:28It's the day I was born a warlock.
00:28:38>> nar Them on gang rules.
00:29:02>> narrator: SOME NEW MEMBERS Decide the commitment is too much.
00:29:06>> A lot is asked of you, and you have to want to give it, or you're gonna suffer.
00:29:12>> narrator: THOSE WHO TOUGH IT Out earn the right to wear the warlocks' patches.
00:29:17The most revered is the one-percenter patch.
00:29:21>> That original term came from a american motorcycle association president in the '50s WHO SAID, "ONLY 1% Of the people who ride motorcycles are criminals," and some clubs just laughed at that and said, "okay, we'll be " >> the one-percenter patch means to me I fight, fááá, and ride motorcycles.
00:29:44>> narrator: THERE ARE MANY Other warlock patches.
00:29:47Some are self-explanatory.
00:29:49>> That means "stay the hell OUT OF MY [bleep] WAY, " >> do you know what that means?
00:29:55That's my honor to the federal government.
00:29:58IT MEANS [bleep] THE ALCOHOL, Tobacco, and firearms.
00:30:01I wear it bright, dude.
00:30:02They know it every day.
00:30:05>> narrator: SOME WARLOCKS WEAR Their patches permanently.
00:30:08>> That's it, brother, right there.
00:30:10>> Any time I'm going down the road, it's visible to anyone to my left.
00:30:17>> narrator: PERHAPS THE HARDEST Patch to earn is the one " >> my lifer patch.
00:30:24It proves that I've done ten years of service.
00:30:27>> narrator: THE WARLOCKS REWARD Their lifers with undying loyalty, no matter what.
00:30:32One member, spanky, is serving nearly 11 years in federal prison for possession and distribution of meth.
00:30:44Spanky receives money and support from warlocks on the outside.
00:30:50>> We take care of these guys.
00:30:52We write 'em every week, take care of 'em, take care of their families, and that's what we do.
00:30:55>> narrator: MOST WARLOCKS WILL Never get the lifer patch.
00:30:59If they don't end up in prison, they'll end up in the ground.
00:31:03>> A lot, I've seen a lot of people die in my short time in the club.
00:31:07But that's a part of life, you know, and it happens when itappens.
00:31:20>> Every day's a gamble.
00:31:22It's like playing risk, you know?
00:31:24It's roll the dice.
00:31:26>> narrator: WHEN A MEMBER DIES, His photo is added to the crowded memorial found in every chapter's clubhouse.
00:31:34>> We call them the free bird chapter, all brothers we've lost.
00:31:39>> Which is my brother head that died in '04.
00:31:43He was the best rider I ever known.
00:31:45But being the best rider doesn't keep you from getting dead around here.
00:31:48My brother joey, he died in his bed.
00:31:50He got a little hooked up on those oxys and had a respiratory failure.
00:31:55Billy ray died in a road in front of us.
00:31:59>> narrator: BEAR CHAFFIN, Former president of the edgewater chapter, is one of the members featured on the wall.
00:32:06>> Bear?
00:32:07He got killed in his garage execution style by a rival club over in edgewater, florida.
00:32:15>> narrator: IT WAS BEAR'S Assassination in 1991 that would lead to dozens of arrests and nearly break up the warlocks for good.
00:32:25>> It would not only be the largest warlock takedown in history but the largest takedown of a biker organization to date areyou going to have?
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00:36:35>> narrator: ORLANDO, FLORIDA, Home of the warlocks.
00:36:40In 1991, edgewater chapter president bear chaffin was assassinated by a rival gang, the outlaws.
00:36:49>> He was shot in the back of the head four times.
00:36:54>> When you're a one-percenter, you know the rules, and you know going in it might not end well.
00:37:03>> narrator: A YEAR BEFORE Bear's murder, atf agent stephen martin had infiltrated the gang and befriended national warlock president spike ingrao.
00:37:15Martin ran a chapter in fort lauderdale.
00:37:18The members were undercover cops.
00:37:21>> Most chapters had meetings consisting of what they did during the week.
00:37:27Ours consisted of writing reports, listening to tapes, and getting ready for the next operation.
00:37:32>> narrator: BEAR'S Assassination brought the operation to a halt.
00:37:36The outlaws had declared open season on all warlock chapter presidents.
00:37:43Now martin found himself in the outlaws' crosshairs.
00:37:47>> The rumor, too, was that they were after the other four presidents in florida, one of which was me.
00:37:54It was time to bring the investigation to an end.
00:37:57>> We've had a long-term undercover investigation of the warlocks motorcycle gang.
00:38:01>> narrator: THE ATF DECIDED TO >> And today we're closing down that investigation.
00:38:11>> After bear chaffin's death, we had approximately a week to prepare for an operation that we would normally plan for months.
00:38:20>> narrator: THEY WERE ABLE TO Get close to the funeral by offering to provide security.
00:38:27The police escort would lead the warlocks' motorcade out of the cemetery and into the hands of the atf.
00:38:36>> The motorcade is expected to leave the cemetery and go west.
00:38:41We feel the arrest teams should come from the rear, approaching from the rear, to do their handcuffing techniques.
00:38:49>> narrator: AGENT MARTIN And his team would attend the funeral as warlocks.
00:38:53It would be their last act as members of the gang.
00:38:58On the morning of march 2nd, more than 100 warlocks from all over the country attended bear's funeral.
00:39:07>> The day was pretty much normal.
00:39:09We all rode our bikes to the funeral.
00:39:11It went through, you know, without a hitch.
00:39:15>> narrator: S.W.A.T. TEAMS IN Full riot gear packed into rental moving trucks and got into position just outside the cemetery.
00:39:24>> At the gravesite, some things were said.
00:39:26They had a 21-gun salute.
00:39:29My job was to make sure that all of our agents were in one group when we left.
00:39:35>> narrator: THE WARLOCKS, Completely unaware of what was about to take place, began the long procession out.
00:39:43The limousine carrying bear's widow went left.
00:39:46>> I remember telling them, "you're going the wrong way.
00:39:48I want to get up " >> as we were leaving, we wanted to take a left out of the cemetery, but we were forced to take a right.
00:40:04The road was blocked, and we had nowhere to go but right.
00:40:09>> narrator: THE WARLOCKS RODE Straight into a trap.
00:40:13>> Just act normal until you hear the brakes slam.
00:40:17>> Here we go, guys.
00:40:17We're comin' to you.
00:40:18I'll call it, bobby.
00:40:19Stand by, bobby.
00:40:21Truck three, start moving.
00:40:23Okay, here we go, boys.
00:40:26Five, four, three two, one.
00:40:30Go! go! go! go!
00:40:32>> The takedown signal was given.
00:40:34I began to hear it, and as I heard it, I saw somebody in front of me going for their saddlebag like they were grabbing for a gun or something, so I'm getting ready, because I had a couple on me.
00:40:45>> narrator: AGENT MARTIN WAS Taken into custody before he could reach for his weapon.
00:40:50>> Shortly after that, I was laying face down over by a fence, handcuffed.
00:40:55>> narrator: HE WAS JUST ONE OF Dozens of warlocks apprehended within minutes.
00:41:01>> Hands up! hands up!
00:41:03Cover me.
00:41:04Get your hands up!
00:41:06>> And there was, like, what-- 200 to 300 agents in back of budget rental trucks.
00:41:10They come out back of there, and they just raided us with ar-15's and laser dots.
00:41:15>> Get down, down!
00:41:17Down, everybody down!
00:41:19Don't move! don't move!
00:41:20Shut your bikes off.
00:41:21Put your hands in the air.
00:41:23>> And the next thing I knew, man, I'm like this, down on the ground.
00:41:26>> On the ground!
00:41:27On the ground!
00:41:28All the way down!
00:41:29>> I was pulled off my bike,puon the ground at gunpoint, and told, "don't move and shut up," and-- along with everybody else.
00:41:37>> narrator: AFTER THE BIKERS Were taken down and secured, martin and his team were separated from the warlocks.
00:41:47>> They took us five, and they put us in a van, and we identified those who came through the procesng center, ones that we had indictments on.
00:41:56>> narrator: AGENT MARTIN HAD Coordinated the largest outlaw biker raid in the history of the atf.
00:42:03>> As a result of the undercover investigation, we indicted 26 warlocks, arrested an additional 22 on state charges.
00:42:12>> narrator: IN ALL, 42 WARLOCKS Had charges ranging from narcotic trafficking to the manufacturing of explosive materials.
00:42:22Many pled out, while ten served time in prison.
00:42:24>> Some guys got some pretty long sentences.
00:42:28>> narrator: SLOW JOE WAS Convicted of conspiracy to distribute drugs and automatic weapons.
00:42:34>> I did right at six years in prison.
00:42:37I got the second most time out of everybody.
00:42:39Spike got the most time.
00:42:41>> narrator: FOR HIS ROLE IN THE Manufacture and distribution of illegal weapons, former national president john "spike" ingrao served nine years in federal prison.
00:42:53>> He made a bunch of people go to prison, a bunch of people lose their lives.
00:42:56He wound up goin' four years IN TEXAS AND [bleep], MAN.
00:42:58>> 4 1/2.
00:43:00>> Four and half, yea >> narrator: THE WARLOCKS HAD Their own form of justice.
00:43:05To punish spike for initiating cops into the club, the warlocks exiled him for life.
00:43:13>> He's workin' up at home depot, mixin' paint in the paint department.
00:43:18You want to get the address?
00:43:21>> narrator: THE RAID BY THE Atf didn't stop the warlocks' feud with the outlaws.
00:43:28Three years later, the outlaws struck again.
00:43:33>> Our orlando clubhouse was blown--blown up, slap-assed blown up.
00:43:40>> They used, like, compressed ether bottles and come in here and set 'em all up and used a time-delay fuse.
00:43:46And then when it blew up, it blew up the roof.
00:43:48It landed three, three houses down, blew all the block walls out.
00:43:53>> narrator: FOR THE WARLOCKS, The only possible response was to seek revenge.
00:43:59>> If somebody came to your personal house and slapped your mama or punched your dad, what would you do when they crossed you?
00:44:05We just do it to a greater extreme, only because we're extreme people.
00:44:12now, back as the great recession?
00:44:17Or as the recession that made us great?
00:44:20Allstate has seen twelve recoveries.
00:44:23But this one's different. because we're different.
00:44:29As the future we're building with the ones we love.
00:44:33Protect yours.
00:44:35.. in good hands.
00:46:57sitting in a fortune 100 company?
00:47:00A good place to find yourself.
00:47:02And that's exactly where our graduates do find themselves -- in 96 of those fortune 100 companies.
00:47:09Because we make sure ourbachelor's degree ..
00:47:12Meet the needs of businessesby working with ..
00:47:16To develop ourbachelor's degree programs.
00:47:21DeVry UNIVERSITY.
00:47:22DISCOVER EDUCATION workingat
00:47:58For decades, they've battled their archrival, the outlaws.
00:48:03The conflict came to a head in 1994 when the outlaws burned down their orlando clubhouse.
00:48:11>> It was kind of like a cold war back then.
00:48:13It was either hands on or hands off, really, like a lot of people getting hurt or killed.
00:48:20>> narrator: LAW ENFORCEMENT Took notice.
00:48:22In 2001, ten years after the biggest biker raid in history, the atf raided the warlocks again.
00:48:32Diamond dave was one of those arrested.
00:48:44>> Basically I had a firearm in my house.
00:48:46It was an automatic weapon.
00:48:48>> narrator: CONVICTED ON Weapons charges, diamond dave was offered a way out of serving hard time.
00:48:54>> The federal government gave me the option to roll on my brothers or go to prison.
00:48:59Well, I told them there was no choice.
00:49:00I'm going to prison.
00:49:02>narrator: DIAMOND DAVE SERVED Three years.
00:49:06His fierce loyalty is typical in the warlocks, where no sacrifice is too large.
00:49:13>> I'd give my life for it, man; I'd go to prison.
00:49:16I did it.
00:49:18>> It'd definitely be an honor for me to die for this club.
00:49:21>> narrator: AFTER TWO Shakedowns from the atf, the warlocks screen new members more carefully.
00:49:29>> We've become a lot more strict in our background checks.
00:49:32We'll send someone to their hometown and check on 'em to find out if they are who they say they are.
00:49:38You just can't let any guy that walks in the clubhouse and says he wants to be a warlock become a warlock, because you don't know.
00:49:46>> narrator: NEW MEMBERS ARE Required to get a large warlock tattoo, one that isn't easily removed.
00:49:53The club has also changed its by-laws to reduce the chance of being infiltrated.
00:50:00While they're still an omg, the warlocks now claim to operate within the law.
00:50:08[men shouting] >> narrator: LIKE THEIR FOUNDER, Grub, the warlocks' philosophy seems to have mellowed with age.
00:50:24>> How many years you been in the club?
00:50:26>> 22, Going on 23.
00:50:28>> 18 Years.
00:50:29>> Long time for me.
00:50:30>> It's changed a lot since the first time we come in.
00:50:32>> narrator: THEY'VE ALSO DONE The unimaginable and ended their war with their rival, the outlaws.
00:50:40>> A kind of a truce was mediated between the warlocks and the outlaws by an organization called the coalition of clubs.
00:50:48>> What we realized not too long ago was that one person goes to the cemetery, one person goes to the prison cell, and neither one of us wins, so we got to--kind of like got to cease fire.
00:50:58>> narrator: FOR SOME MEMBERS, Like wildman, the streets are too quiet.
00:51:02>> Me, I prefer it like a wartime.
00:51:05When you have wartimes, you got all your brothers.
00:51:09You got all your brothers.
00:51:09They depend on you.
00:51:11>> narrator: THIS OLD-TIME BIKER Doesn't believe the truce will last.
00:51:16>> Peacetime is good time, I guess, but eventually, it's all comin' back the way it was.
00:51:22>> narrator: NATIONAL PRESIDENT Big john says he's made peace with himself by giving up drugs and alcohol.
00:51:29He's still a warlock first, but he's been clean and sober for 12 years.
00:51:35>> I was out of control, and I knew I was better not drinkin' than I was drinkin'.
00:51:40I knew it was better for me personally.
00:51:42I knew it was better for my motorcycle club.
00:51:44So I got up one morning and " never touched it since.
00:51:47>> Hey, big daddy, what's up?
00:51:51What's up, boss?
00:51:53>> I always say when big dad ts here, that's when we eat.
00:51:55>> narrator: FOR HALFWAY, BEING A 21st-century warlock means staying true to the club's roots while updating old traditions.
00:52:04>> My take on a one-percenter diamond.
00:52:07I got to be flashy about it.
00:52:08One-percenter diamond.
00:52:09I'm all glitz and glamour, you know.
00:52:16>> And we do live in a new era, a new age, if you will.
00:52:20You know, there's new technology, so we got to keep up on the times, and that's my responsibility.
00:52:25>> narrator: THE WARLOCKS ARE Using technology to their advantage.
00:52:30They run a warlos website.
00:52:33>> In 20 years, where do I see myself?
00:52:35Here, planet earth, rocking and rolling, worldwide electrified warlock.
00:52:39>> narrator: THE GANG HAS ALSO Developed new alliances.
00:52:44>> Some of their associate clubs in florida are the misfits, the wolf pack; the sons of silence hang out with them a lot.
00:52:55>> narrator: THANKS TO THE Connections being made by young members like halfway, the warlocks' influence now extends from coast to coast.
00:53:05With more thanutlaw motorcycle gangs.
00:53:14>> It appears that they continue to get stronger, and they're still on the road to being a force to be reckoned with in the outlaw motorcycle world.
00:53:24>> narrator: FOR THE WARLOCKS, The future is as endless as the open road.
00:53:37>> Having a brother three feet beside you, three feet in front of you, man, a pack of 10 okay, with all them warlock birds just flying, man, that phoenix just burning the road, man, just putting the miles on it, man, that blacktop.
00:53:50You know?
00:53:51Where are we going?
00:53:52Wherever it takes us, you know.
00:53:54What are we gonna do?
00:53:55We're gonna party and have a good time, man.
00:53:58Riding my motorcycle wide-fáááááá open.
00:54:00>> If you ain't a warlock, you ain't sháá!
00:54:16>> male narrator: YOU'VE ..
00:54:18>> We're outlaws.
00:54:19We're supposed to be outlaws.
00:54:21>> narrator: TERRORIZING ..
00:54:26>> narrator: ALL ACROSS The great state of texas.
00:54:30>> In san antonio, the bandidos are like tortillas and tacos.
00:54:33They're part of the landscape.
00:54:39>> narrator: LIKE EVERYTHING Else here, they're bigger and badder.
00:54:43>> We unloaded two pistols, 22, emptied it.
00:54:48>> narrator: IF THEY'RE CLOSE By, violence isn't far away.
00:54:52>> When you stab somebody 20 times, it's 'cause you hate them and you want them dead.
00:55:15>> narrator: THE BANDIDOS ARE One of the largest motorcycle GANGS, OR OMGs, IN THE WORLD.
00:55:22Only the hells angels are bigger.
00:55:25These outlaws ride harleys, traffic drugs, carry weapons, and run prostitution rings.
00:55:352,500 Strong, the bandidos rule the roads in the u.s.
00:55:40And stretch across the globe from europe to asia and australia.
00:55:49San antonio, texas, hub of the gang's activity.
00:55:55The cultural gateway of th southwest, its landmarks include the alamo, hemis fair tower, and the river walk.
00:56:14>> narrator: "BILL," WHO ASKED To have his identity concealed, isn't hiding from the cops.
00:56:27He fears his former gang.
00:56:31 army veteran, he was drawn by the outlaw image and brotherhood of the bandidos.
00:56:49>> narrator: ED WINTERHALDER IS Also an army vet.
00:56:54At age 14, he saw dozens of harleys ride up to a carnival.
00:56:59From that moment on, ed wanted to be a biker.
00:57:10>> I knew then and there that's what I wanted to be.
00:57:12And that's what I was.
00:57:14It's something that's born into you to be a biker.
00:57:19>> narrator: WHILE 99% OF Bikers are law-abiding citizens, ed and bill wore badges of honor, showing their allegiance to the other 1%.
00:57:351%Ers thrive off their lawless reputation.
00:57:39>> I think that's all the bandido lifestyle is about is criminal activity.
00:57:43There's no other reason to join up with an organization like that.
00:57:50>> They want to feel like they can do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it and that society can't tell them what to do, the cops can't tell them what to do.
00:57:58>> narrator: WHILE SOME Bandidos are law-abiding citizens, to the public, the one-percent patch means trouble.
00:58:05For richard merla, a former high-ranking bandido, riding with the gang was a lifelong dream.
00:58:17The patch was the most important thing in his life.
00:58:21>> I've been in the inner circle.
00:58:22I've been in the circle, man.
00:58:24People are scared just because of the patch.
00:58:29>> narrator: AUGUST 16, 2004: Richard merla and two others were hanging out behind this san antonio house.
00:58:41Robert quiroga, a former world-championship boxer and one of merla's friends, was also there.
00:58:47>> Robert quiroga was a local hero.
00:58:50He was san antonio's first