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00:02:34all right, karen, there's gotta be a story behind this pink.
00:02:39Well, this was my room growing up, and i loved pink.
00:02:41It was pink as a child, and then when I became a teenager I tried to change it to a little bit more of a lavender shade, and I think that pink .. yeah, it's stillxx pretty pink.
00:02:53Okay. 'cause this is a pretty bold color.
00:02:54But first, let's declutter the room so we can get to that.i agree.
00:03:00If you're trying to sell your house, even if you don't live in it, don't use it for storage.
00:03:04You want to make sure that every room is clearly defined.
00:03:13All right, karen.
00:03:16Since this pink is pretty bold.
00:03:18And we're using a tinted primer.
00:03:19This is very similar to the wall color.okay.
00:03:21But it's tinted so that we have to use less coats of paint.
00:03:25And tinted primer is like half the cost of regular paint.
00:03:36It looks better on that wall.
00:03:37Okay. what do you think?
00:03:39What about pushing it up closer?
00:03:40 no, no, no.
00:03:42Because then it shows the buyer that it's too small in here when you put a bed up against the wall, you know what I mean?mm-hmm.
00:03:48So it's better to at least have it angled or centered on one wall of this room.
00:03:52And so this our only solution.
00:03:55Later, realtor gara cole stops by to talk about reducing ruth's listing price.
00:04:01I have a recommendation on where I think this houseshould be priced.
00:04:05I don't thinkyou're gonna like it, but I think it's gonna be necessary here.
00:04:09Yeah, I think we need to reduce the price to $250,000.
00:04:13Oh, my gosh.are you serious?mm-hmm.
00:04:15We've only hadthree homes sell in the last six monthsin this area, and they were all in that range-- around $250,000.
00:04:24I think the stagingis very important, but I think, that, together with the price reduction is what's gonna get this house sold. okay.
00:04:29If that's what we need to do, then I guess-- well, we gotta do it for mom, let's get it sold. okay, good.
00:04:34With a quick sale in mind,they decided to drop the price to $250,000.
00:04:42Next, we're calling in a professional to give us a hand with the out-of-control landscape.
00:04:49The overgrown holly bushes have been hiding the house for years.
00:04:52Low-lying shrubs and colorful perennials will give the landscape a clean and manicured look while not breaking the bank.
00:05:04Updating the accessories and giving the front door a fresh coat of paint will help remove years offthe appearance of the entrance.
00:05:10For a total cost of only $60, it's a wise investment.
00:05:16Coming up, an economical way to update worn-out counters, .. that's amazing.
00:05:23And some simple tips for final touches.
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00:08:41Okay, guys,i have a lot of changes that I want to make here,but we don't have a lot of time and we don't have a lot of money.
00:08:47First thing first,i want to take this table out because it's way too big for this space.
00:08:52And the cartwith the very old microwave.
00:09:00All right, guys,we've gotta do something it's in really bad shape.
00:09:05Well, we don't havethe budget to replace them with granite countertops,but I do have a solution, and we can handle it ourselves. okay.
00:09:14You got it? got it.
00:09:20Installing a countertopcan be a do-it-yourself project.
00:09:23I picked up this piece for $113 at the local hardware store.
00:09:27The first thing I have to do is cut an opening for the sink and stove.
00:09:35You always want to start with a pilot hole, so your jigsaw can fit in.
00:09:41I don't want to cut all four sides out because then, the laminate countertop will fall through and it might cause cracks.
00:09:46So what I'm gonna do is screw a board in place into the countertop that's not going to be used.
00:09:52That way, when I make my cuts vertically, it won't fall through, it'll hang onto the board.
00:10:07Works every time.
00:10:10To give the kitchen a more open feel, the colorful ceiling is going a fresh white.
00:10:15And the old light fixture is coming down to make way for a modern replacement.
00:10:21Sabrina, I do wantto thank you very much for helping ruth out 'cause she is gonna love it.
00:10:25Listen, I'm happy to do it.
00:10:27I gotta tell you, though, I wish I was here a year ago.
00:10:30Would've saved us-- to help us out sooner.
00:10:32Exactly. yeah, absolutely.
00:10:34And what color are we doing in here, sabrina?
00:10:35This is taupe.
00:10:38So it'll coordinate nicely with the countertops.
00:10:41Mm. looks a little gray.
00:10:43Yeah.taupe is gray.
00:10:44 yeah, it's like a tannish gray.
00:10:46Oh, okay.
00:10:52Next, we're replacing the old and worn-out cabinet hardware with new contemporary ones.
00:10:58Even the smallest touches make a big difference.
00:11:02Which onedo you like better?
00:11:04Be honest.
00:11:05Uh, no, these.okay.
00:11:07They're great. yeah.
00:11:07The buyers are gonnalike this one better, too.
00:11:09Yeah, the bars are nice. mm-hmm.all right.
00:11:13All right, bryan, drop in the sink.
00:11:16There we go. perfect.
00:11:17Okay, hold on a minute. oh, there it is.
00:11:20We can't afford a new stove, but we can afford new knobs.
00:11:23Oh, great.
00:11:25So what do you use in the polish?
00:11:26This is just a really fine steel wool.okay.
00:11:28Dry, and it'll polish the stainless steel bright.
00:11:31Oh, okay. great.
00:11:34That's amazing.
00:11:36Not a new stove,but a better-looking one, right?
00:11:39It looks a lot better. good.
00:11:44You want to make sure that your windows are super clean for the open house.
00:11:48A good tip is to use a window cleaner that's made for cars.
00:11:51It creates a protective barrier to repel dirt and water.
00:12:00We needed some neutral art for the living room.
00:12:03So an inexpensive solution is-- I found these place mats, 4 for $20 on clearance, and this fabric, so I frame them to add a little bit of color to the room.
00:12:22Coming up, will our staging be enough to impress the buyers?
00:12:26I like this color.
00:12:28And the v.i.p. reveal next.
00:12:32My gosh.
00:12:33I received an email from michele-renee jansen from big bear lake, california.
00:12:37Her and her husband have had their house on the market for a year now.
00:12:41Their son's about to graduate college, and they want to retire to a smaller place, so they've asked for my help staging their living room.
00:12:47Here are my suggestions-- because you live in big bear, the paneling is okay.
00:12:51But because we have wood paneling, wood ceilings and wood furniture, it's a little bit of wood overkill.
00:12:56So I'd switch out the coffee table, the end tables and your tv cabinet for wrought iron pieces or paint them black.
00:13:02I'd move the love seat over to make sort of a sectional, so that we could clear up the window.
00:13:07And speaking of the windows, I want the buyers to notice how beautiful they are.
00:13:11So I want to switch out these panels with something that actually goes from the top of the window to the floor.
00:13:16And since art is such a personal choice, I'd switch everything outwith something a little more neutral, like black and white photos.
00:13:22IF YOU NEED STAGING ADVICE, LOG ON TO To submit your stories and photos.
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00:16:16It's open house day for ruth, so we're setting out the final touches.
00:16:20For more ideas on how to stage your home FOR A QUICK SALE,VISIT
00:16:27Before the buyers arrive, our realtors are back to check the place out.
00:16:31The landscaping is absolutely beautiful.
00:16:35Beautiful.nice color.
00:16:36Very nice.nice variation.
00:16:38Nicely done. nicely
00:16:39Before, overgrown busheshid the house from the street.
00:16:43Now with well-groomed and colorful landscaping, buyers can actually see the house from the curb.
00:16:49And with fresh paint, years have been erased from the home's exterior.
00:16:54Yes, yes.much more better. this is great.
00:16:57Absolutely. great.
00:16:58Buyers walking in to the old living room WERE GREETED WITH 1970s DéCOR AND STARK WALLS.
00:17:04But with a warm neutral paint color and contemporary touches, this room has entered the 21st century.
00:17:10And spending only $200 a month on rental furniture is an excellent investment to assure a quick sale.
00:17:17And lookwhat we have here.
00:17:20Okay.isn't this lovely?
00:17:21Now this is much better. no more of the pink.
00:17:24And you know, actually,with the bed situated this way, it opens the room up.
00:17:30Before, the bedroom was too bold with its electric shade of pink and misuse as a storage shed.
00:17:36Clearing out the clutter, painting it a soft tone and rearranging the furniture gives this space definition, while $250 worth of contemporary décor and accessories make this bedroom a peaceful retreat.
00:17:50Wow, what a transformation.
00:17:54Very nicely done.
00:17:55New countertops, modern.
00:17:57Kitchen lookswide open now.
00:17:59The old kitchen was cramped and sported décor out of another era.
00:18:04By opening up this space, updating the hardware and installing a new countertop, this space is ready for cooking.
00:18:11Only $300 spent, and buyers will no longer turn and run when they see this updated and upgraded selling feature.
00:18:22Hi. hi.
00:18:23Welcome. thank you. oh, thank you.
00:18:25I have some information here for you.
00:18:27Looks nice, looks clean.
00:18:30The paint color's pretty.
00:18:32Nice and open.
00:18:34I like this a lot.
00:18:34oh, yeah.
00:18:37I like this color.
00:18:40Oh, yeah. look at the countertops.
00:18:43Isn't that pretty?
00:18:45The open house was a huge success.
00:18:47Buyers were immediately impressed the second that they walked in the door.
00:18:50I think this house is definitely gonna sell.
00:18:53I love it.
00:18:55The newly staged home seemed to be a hit at the open house, but there's still one very important person to take a tour.
00:19:05My gosh.
00:19:09You like it?yes.
00:19:12I love it.
00:19:13Oh, my gosh.
00:19:15It's so different.
00:19:19Thank you. you're welcome.
00:19:22Come on. really. stop.
00:19:24You're gonna make me cry.oh.
00:19:27The open housewas a huge success.
00:19:31So hopefully, soonyou're gonna get an offer because everyonewho walked in the door couldn't believewhat they saw.
00:19:37Well, it's a big change.
00:19:38Yeah, they said it looked like a brand-new house.
00:19:46I always wantkisses, really.
00:19:52It's been two weeks since the first open house.
00:19:56Well, we have not sold the house yet, so we're just stillcleaning up a little bit and getting everything ready.
00:20:01You know, finishing upwith all the finishing touches.
00:20:03It definitely looks like a newer house.
00:20:05So I'm hoping with all the updates and changes that, you know, we'll get an offer here real soon.
00:20:09The biggest challenge when trying to sell your home is removing yourselffrom it because it's such an emotional experience.
00:20:15But once you do that and you neutralize, it's gonna appeal to the most amount of people as possible.
00:20:19Now that ruth's house has a more contemporary look, the perfect offer is just right around the corner, and she's gonna be ableto retire stress-free.
00:20:29(Clive) VIRGINIA WEBSTER MUST FACE THE FACTS About her d.c. dwelling.
00:20:34It's wrong on so many levels.
00:20:38Well, I like cool.
00:20:41We're goin' green.
00:20:42So they can sprout up a sale.
00:20:44Grab and go.
00:20:46I can do that.
00:20:47You're a madwomanwith that thing.
00:20:49Help me.
00:20:53Closed Captions provided by Scripps Networks, Llc.
00:20:56Captioned byClosed Captioning Services, Inc.
00:21:01, homeowner virginia webster wants to turn her empty nest into an opportunity for a fresh start.
00:21:07That means her move is in her near future, but first the team must revamp her place, so it is ready for the market.
00:21:13Shane tallant is on his way to get the scoop.
00:21:15Hi, shane. what's goin' on?
00:21:17Not much. let's take a look at your house.
00:21:20Come on in.
00:21:22So what's the story with this place?
00:21:25It's a beautiful place.
00:21:26I've raisedtwo children here, and now that they are grown, I would like to downsize.
00:21:31Whoever buys this housewill have a fabulous view, and I would liketo bring some of that green, that environmentalaspect into the home.
00:21:40So you want to do, like, an eco-friendly makeover.
00:21:44That'd be very exciting.
00:21:47Virginia's lovely environmentof northwest , is a prime real estate location, located in the heart of rock creek park and just on the border of silver spring, maryland.
00:22:03Her 2,500-square-foot rambler has a lot going for it with a foyer that opens up to the living room, charming guest bedroom and spacious kitchen.
00:22:12All right, virginia, here's the plan.
00:22:14I'm gonna give you this. okay.
00:22:16Because our real estate expertshirley mattam-male is here.
00:22:19That's fine.
00:22:21I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm, I'm--wow.
00:22:23Wow. I'm very much into constructive criticism.
00:22:26That's a reallygood attitude to have, 'cause I bet you that's what it's gonna be.
00:22:29I'm sure.
00:22:33Shirley, how are you?
00:22:34Well, I have to tell you, the homeowners already are a winner.
00:22:39Rock creek park!
00:22:40We can frolic in the park.
00:22:45I like that very much. okay, come on.
00:22:48I actually am pleased with most of the things I'm seeing here.
00:22:52I love the hardwood floors.
00:22:55And I love that accent.
00:23:02It's a nice element that it's there, 'cause it's--i mean, it's--it's there.
00:23:07But, shane, why is this empty?
00:23:09I do not have a green thumb!
00:23:11Our homeowner asksif we could bring some of the green elementsfrom the outside, inside.
00:23:15What we are finding in our marketplace is that buyers are asking for homes that have some element of eco-friendly design.
00:23:22Good for the environment and good for my wallet.
00:23:25Well, I know that there's probably some things that you don't like, too.
00:23:30Nowhere in recent history was linoleum floors popular with home buyers.
00:23:35The wood paneling really dates this home.
00:23:39Let's move onand see the next spot.
00:23:44So this is oneof the spare bedrooms.
00:23:47And that is boujou.
00:23:50Oh, cute name, does not belong here.
00:23:54If he could understand, he'd bite you.
00:23:56I tell all my sellers during open house, all pets have to go.
00:24:01A lot of peoplehere have allergies.
00:24:04There is so much stufftaking up valuable floor space.
00:24:07In a house that onlyhas three bedrooms, trust me on this, this has to be showcased as a bedroom.
00:24:14Done, let's go.
00:24:18 please don't make me!
00:24:22This is wrong on so many levels.
00:24:26This is personal now.
00:24:27Well, what do you say we sitdown and have a talk about it.
00:24:31Oh, wait.
00:24:34The table is for my punch bowl.
00:24:36Had some good times in that kitchen.
00:24:39We've got ugly countertops, horrible cabinetry.
00:24:43We've just got a mishmash of appliances here.
00:24:46The reaction that you got from me, I'm afraid, is exactly what's gonna happen to all the buyers, because it is so ghastly ugly.
00:24:57Maybe it is that bad.
00:24:59Taniya nayak has $2,000 and a plan to pair up eco-friendly design with a high-dollar return.
00:25:07We're goin' green.
00:25:08Yeah, I'mexcited about that.
00:25:11I love going green.
00:25:12 ugly linoleum floors out, cool, hip, environmentally friendly floors in.
00:25:17WELL, I LIKE COOL. (laughs) YEAH.
00:25:19And all this paneling right here is coming down.
00:25:24But we're gonna reuse it in a very cool way.
00:25:28I like cool, and I like recycling.
00:25:31We're gonna add some lush, plush, greenness to the planter.
00:25:34Oh, excellent. good?
00:25:36It needs it.
00:25:39This room hasa little bit of an identity crisis goin' on here, so let's just zone in on one thing and make ita nice extra bedroom that is gonnadraw buyers in.
00:25:51I saved a littlebit of material from another house that we did, and I have an awesome way that I want to reuse it to create a focal point.
00:25:59I am not gonna tell you right now what it is.
00:26:01I'm gonna keep it as a surprise.
00:26:03paint to paint the room, and let's check outthe big finish, the kitchen.
00:26:08Okay.let's go, let's go.
00:26:13The last room,the money maker, your kitchen--it's notmakin' any money right now.
00:26:18I can tell you that much.
00:26:19I'm gonna give that refrigerator a stainless steel look, and you're gonna see how.
00:26:24We are gonna putan interesting backsplash, which is made outof recycled material that is going to wowbuyers when they walk in.
00:26:32I love it.
00:26:34The countertops?
00:26:36When I say these words, tell me if they mean anything to you-- concrete, coal ash, paper and recycled glass.
00:26:45Sounds like a city dump.
00:26:48I have found the greatest, coolest countertop.
00:26:50 this isa great, easy, do-it-yourselftype of material, and when it'sall said and done, this kitchen is gonnago from here to here.
00:27:00I trust you.
00:27:02She trusts me.
00:27:05Recycling oldpaneling is exciting.
00:27:08Oh!oh, yeah, dude!
00:27:10And taniya's headboard project calls for a secret weapon.
00:27:15Some big, burly men.
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