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00:00:03That means forever.
00:00:05But, my friends, far from retired, ..
00:00:12[ Indistinct radio chatter ] ...filled with the spirits of sailors and marines who served her well before they went to their final rest at the bottom of the sea.
00:00:26I've been aboard other carriers, even a couple submarines.
00:00:30They don't feel like this.
00:00:33The usshornetmay be the most haunted place on the planet earth.
00:00:38Narrator: On thehornet, undead sailors walk every corridor.
00:00:43They man the gunsat every station on every level.
00:00:52Sounds strange?
00:00:55Well, not to me.
00:00:56This mass haunting makes perfect sense.
00:01:00Keith: Thehornet was under attack 59 times.
00:01:04[ Indistinct shouting ] they'd get strafed.
00:01:06They did lose 14 men in combat from shrapnel or strafing.
00:01:10Approximately 104 pilots and air crew did not come back to the ship.
00:01:13Narrator: And if the enemy constantly trying to send you to a watery grave wasn't there was the ship itself.
00:01:23Oh, and trust me, my friends, she was more than capable of turning a sailor into a headless ghost.
00:01:30Keith: Aircraft carriers are among the most dangerous places in the world to work.
00:01:33The biggest danger on an aircraft carrier would be the flight deck and maybe the catapult room.
00:01:39That's a very dangerous place.
00:01:42Cables snap, and they can cut you right in half.
00:01:47[ Screaming ] Narrator: Now, you might think there'd be complete chaos with so many ghostly sailors running all over the ship.
00:02:05But no -- not in this navy, my friends.
00:02:09Someone has to give orders, even to the dead.
00:02:16Heath: For all of the spirits who are here, there's a recognized chain of command.
00:02:23I've seen the spirit of this officer a few times on the ship, always keeping an eye on things.
00:02:29My sense is that he's at the top of a chain of command of the ghosts.
00:02:34The commander of the spirits may be the spirit of admiral j.j. clark himself.
00:02:45Narrator: Clark was the ship's courageous world war ii commander.
00:02:51So who better to lead his men through the rough seas of eternity?
00:02:58Heath: Admiral clark workedhis way up from the lowest level on up to the four-star admiral, and he was native american.
00:03:04He was the first flag-rank native-american officer in the u.s. navy.
00:03:09And jocko was liked very much by his men.
00:03:11The crew did rally around jocko, and they did respect him greatly.
00:03:15Narrator: [ Laughs evilly ] and, apparently, they still do.
00:03:19As some modern-day visitors to the usshornetwill ..
00:03:25...Jocko is still on duty, serving his country from beyond the grave.
00:03:34Based on what we have learned about the ship and the experiences that people have had and what's been reported to us, I'd say that admiral clark is just as in command of the folks on the ship today as he was during world war ii.
00:03:51The first time I heard about admiral clark as a spirit here on the usshornetwas on my first visit, actually.
00:03:57A woman who works in the foundation was walking around and literally talking to various ghosts, and she ran into a high-ranking officer who identified himself as jocko clark.
00:04:08There were pictures of prominent officers and other folks that were pulled out, and she recognized this one gent as the high-ranking officer and found out that it was rear admiral j.j.
00:04:20Between 1998 and 2002, we can say that dozens of peoplehad encounters with j.j. clark.
00:04:27On one of my journeys over here to the usshornet, we went out on the back deck.
00:04:37All of a sudden, I saw this man, and I knew immediately, 'cause I had goose bumps, that this was a ghost.
00:04:47The interesting part is this hat that he's wearing.
00:04:51And it covers his whole head and has kind of a brim.
00:04:56And he just started talking to me, telling me that he came back frequently to the usshornet because he loved it here.
00:05:07His men were here.
00:05:11Narrator: "jocko" clark still walks the decks of the usshornet.
00:05:17What's that, you say? you're still not convinced?
00:05:21Well, you just sit tight because in a minute, the admiral himself might just start barking out orders.
00:05:28And you had better step in line.
00:05:31My sister and iexperienced an apparition in the admiral's deck.
00:05:36The photo looked like admiral clark.
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00:08:52Auerbach: Based on what we have learned about the ship and the experiences that people have had and what's been reported to us, I would say that admiral clark is just as in command of the folks on the ship today as he was during world war ii.
00:09:08Narrator:A DECORATED LEADER, TO THIS DAY, ..
00:09:17Narrator:..Barking out orders to the usshornet'screw of specter sailors and phantom marines.
00:09:43And we were aloneon the admiral's bridge, which is above the flight deck.
00:09:49And we smelled cigar smoke.
00:09:53And that was a little startling, since we were the only ones there.
00:09:58So, we were just kind of turning off lights, and we heard what sounded like footsteps ..
00:10:05[ Footsteps pattering ] ...and the chain kind of moving like someone was tugging at it.
00:10:17So we went outside to investigate 'cause it was just very odd.
00:10:22We just scurried out through the back exit, down the other ladders and got to the flight deck.
00:10:27But as we looked up, I thought I saw something moving through the window.
00:10:33My sister and I experienced an apparition of somebody actually in the admiral's deck.
00:10:40And I had my camera with me, so I just flashed a picture.
00:10:47When I developed the film, you could see a man, a transparent man, peering out of the window.
00:10:51The photo looked very eerily like admiral clark -- definitely.
00:11:01It had his hair, his hat, his kind of face line.
00:11:06If you look at a picture of him and compare it with the apparition in the photo, it was definitely a match.
00:11:13That was very scary.
00:11:20Narrator: clarkstill commands ..
00:11:27Even in death.
00:11:31Auerbach: This is a little surprising on the ship.
00:11:33Most of the time, you hear about ghosts being in places where they recently died or died years before.
00:11:39But clark died well after the ship was out of commission.
00:11:49Narrator: Surprised?
00:11:50Well, my friends, you know what they say.
00:11:53A captain must go down with his ship.
00:11:57Thehornetis still floating.
00:12:00So where else would admiral clark be?
00:12:06Heidi: You're talking about the men of the greatest generation of america.
00:12:09They don't really make men like that anymore.
00:12:12There was some kind of nobility to it.
00:12:16Admiral clark loved the ship.
00:12:18It's love, and it's some kind of patriotism and history that just will always survive.
00:12:29Narrator: The patriotic ghost of admiral "jocko" clark, along with the spirits of countless sailors and marines, ..
00:12:41...Eternally bound to protect the vessel that they gave their lives to defend.
00:12:50Auerbach: There's dozens of spirits here.
00:12:51And everybody who's had communication with them, whether they're psychics or other witnesses, felt that they're here and have been here to support this ship's history and to support its existence.
00:13:06Keith: Thehornet has a spirit of its own, which helped save the ship from the scrapyard.
00:13:11And I do believe the spirits that haunt the ship are here just to make sure the ship is preserved and the history is preserved for future generations.
00:13:21It's likely that these folks will stick around until they perhaps feel that their business is done.
00:13:28But otherwise, as long as they're having a good time and supporting the ship, they'll stay here.
00:13:40[ Indistinct radio chatter ] ...still led by their commander...
00:13:47...But now in a brave new fight -- this time to preserve their ship and everything she fought for.
00:13:54Because, my friends,if you've been paying attention, you know that duty and honor never die.
00:14:01They are very much alivein the form of the ghosts that still wander the decks of the usshornet.