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00:00:00F my poster, I don't want to hear it.
00:00:04I'm not gonna make funof your poster.
00:00:06I'm just gonna tell youit looks stupid.
00:00:09To aheadand vote for dylan.
00:00:10I can't vote for dylan.he's an ear-picker.
00:00:14At least he's givenhis nose a break.
00:00:17You know, gabe, you're gonnaneed the girl vote to win, which, lucky for you,i can deliver.
00:00:24- we shoot a campaign video, post iton the class website.
00:00:28And we'll put yourbaby sister in it.
00:00:31Girls go nutsover babies.
00:00:33I don't get it,but they do.
00:00:35I thought we were enemies.
00:00:38Gabe, let's not put labelson our relationship.
00:00:42We both knowit's complicated.
00:00:44No kidding.
00:00:46I had this dream last weekwhere you-- yeah, it's complicated.
00:00:57( hip-hop music playing ) Okay, probably something like this.
00:01:09Got it.
00:01:10Cool. now you do it.
00:01:22Really good, but you're not doing what I showed you.
00:01:25 I feel like it needs something more, right?
00:01:29Or less.
00:01:29Actually I've been working on some moves ..
00:01:40" hacky hacky hacky hacky hacky hacky hacky sack!
00:01:53What do you think?
00:01:55( chuckles ) WHAT ELSE HAVE YOU GOT?
00:02:02Everybody knows jazz hands, right?
00:02:05Check out these bad boys.
00:02:07Pow pow pow pow pow pow pow pow!
00:02:17Exploding jazz hands.
00:02:25All right, first we want to show you as a strong leader.
00:02:30So act strong.
00:02:36How does that look?
00:02:39What am I looking at?
00:02:42Just make a fist and say, "i will fight for " okay.
00:02:48I will fight for you!
00:02:49 now let's see the softer side of gabe-- the loving brother. chase the kid around.
00:03:01I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna get you.
00:03:03( Charlie giggling ) Aww, the baby's absolutely adorable.
00:03:09People are gonna love her.
00:03:11Now get her out of here.
00:03:18Now let's meet gabe the wise leader.
00:03:26Should I do this?
00:03:33- Just answer these questions. - okay.
00:03:36Gabe, how would you feel about a longer recess?
00:03:38I think it's a great idea.
00:03:40Some of the teachers think we should have more homework. thoughts?
00:03:44That's a terrible idea.
00:03:45The amount of homework we do now is good.
00:03:48And finally, new playground rules-- pro or con?
00:03:50 there's safety and there's fun.
00:03:55You can't have them both.
00:03:57 now say, " I'm gabe duncan and I approve this message.
00:04:05Awesome. we're done.
00:04:06You want to play a video game?
00:04:08Until the election I think it's best we keep this professional.
00:04:15 - or you could be the dummy.
00:04:18 - we could do this all day.
00:04:21We have been doing this all day.
00:04:22Well, I can't be the dummy 'cause I'm not comfortable with you putting your hands up my shirt.
00:04:28You didn't feel that way last week when you had that itch you couldn't reach.
00:04:31All right, then what if we're both dummies?
00:04:34Fine, we're both dummies.
00:04:37I don't know what's been going on in here, but you two just made a breakthrough.
00:04:48Hey, ivy, you got a minute?
00:04:51You found out teddy can't dance, right?
00:04:54 I don't want to embarrass myself what am I gonna do?
00:05:00You gotta tell it to her straight.
00:05:02Just rip the bandage off and say, " you know, that kind of honesty might be better coming from the best friend.
00:05:12You're funny.
00:05:14Fine. I'll do it.
00:05:16I'll just be honest with her.
00:05:18I sprained my ankle.
00:05:21Oh, no. what happened?
00:05:23I was trying to practice some of your dance moves and then I slipped.
00:05:27Mm, too much hacking on the sacky?
00:05:33And right before the talent show.
00:05:36Talk about bad timing.
00:05:38You poor thing, come in.
00:05:45Have a seat.
00:05:47I'm gonna put your foot up.
00:05:50Can I get you anything? are you hungry?
00:05:53- A little. - you know what you need?
00:05:55Some homemade chicken soup.
00:05:59Mm, chicken soup for the chicken.
00:06:12Jo just put the campaign video on the website.
00:06:15- You want to watch it? - sure, honey.
00:06:18( rock music playing ) How well do you really know Gabe Duncan?
00:06:25I will fight you!
00:06:26Jo: He hates babies.
00:06:29( screaming ) Gabe, how would you feel if there was no more recess?
00:06:34I think it's a great idea.
00:06:37( gasps ) Really?
00:06:39And what's your opinion about less homework?
00:06:42That's a terrible idea.
00:06:43The amount of homework we do now is good.
00:06:50And finally, how do you feel about girls?
00:06:54I don't like them at all.
00:06:57Gabe Duncan-- no recess, more homework, hates girls, especially baby girls.
00:07:05I'm Jo Keener and I want to be your president.
00:07:10I'm Gabe Duncan and I approve this message.
00:07:21Okay, I know it looks bad.
00:07:27But what?
00:07:37( bell rings ) - Hi. - hi.
00:07:48You're probably wondering why I'm running on my sprained ankle.
00:07:53Yeah, I kind of was.
00:07:56It healed.
00:07:59Then why do you still have your crutches?
00:08:02Lots of good questions here.
00:08:06Spence, what's going on?
00:08:08All right, look, I faked the injury because there is a problem.
00:08:13- With what? - with our dancing.
00:08:15Oh, spence, not everybody gets the exploding jazz hands the first time out. it's a process.
00:08:21The problem wasn't me.
00:08:24It's no big deal. lots of people can't dance.
00:08:27And you're one of them.
00:08:29For your information, I'm a great dancer.
00:08:31 - oh, like you were about your ankle?
00:08:34 I'm gonna find myself a new partner-- - teddy, come on.
00:08:39I even knitted you special socks to keep your toes warm, 'cause that's another thing I'm good at-- knitting.
00:08:48My class is this way.
00:13:06I'm so glad we decided to forget the ventriloquist act.
00:13:09 juggling is so much easier.
00:13:12- Okay, throw first. - no, you throw first.
00:13:15- No, you throw first. - no, you throw first.
00:13:17- No, you throw first. - no, you throw first.
00:13:19- No, you throw first. - no, you throw first.
00:13:24Emmett, do you want to dance with me in the talent show?
00:13:28- Yes. - great.
00:13:28Let's go to the basement and rehearse.
00:13:31 what just happened here?
00:13:34Teddy just asked me to dance with her.
00:13:36Let's not question it.
00:13:38So you're just leaving me hanging?
00:13:40 you and I are like best buds.
00:13:43We've been through thick and thin together.
00:13:45- You know I will always be there-- -emmett!
00:13:48See ya.
00:13:51( hip-hop music playing ) Pow pow pow pow pow!
00:14:01What do you think? and be honest.
00:14:03I love it. duh.
00:14:08Really? 'cause spencer said I was a bad dancer.
00:14:11Let's not talk about spencer.
00:14:13He's in the past. it's emmett time.
00:14:15So which of my moves should we start with?
00:14:16Actually I'm thinking that we should save your moves till the end.
00:14:20You don't start a fine meal off with dessert, right?
00:14:23So I'll just start dancing, do whatever it is I do-- the meat and potatoes-- and then you can bring it home with the creme brulee.
00:14:31 - a little less creme brulee.
00:14:33- The creme brulee. - a little less.
00:14:35- Creme brulee. - more. right.
00:14:37- Creme brulee. - there you go.
00:14:42Hey, how did it go today, honey?
00:14:45Well, one kid said he'd vote for me.
00:14:47Then he found his glasses and realized i wasn't jo.
00:14:50We have to do something about this jo person.
00:14:54You don't have to do anything.
00:14:56No, I do, I do, because nobody attack my babies.
00:14:59Now bob, I want you to go over to jo's house and punch her dad in the face.
00:15:04If he's anything like jo-- no, thanks.
00:15:08Once again I am the one who has to do the butt-kicking around here.
00:15:11 nobody needs to kick anything.
00:15:14 I've got a plan and I need your help.
00:15:17There, you see? he's got a plan.
00:15:21Would you stop stretching? let's go.
00:15:24I'm not stretching.
00:15:26I'm stuck.
00:15:37Hey, I think we can really take this thing.
00:15:39Look who we're up against-- the magician, the roller skaters, the stilt walker, the kid with the tuba.
00:15:45It's a sousaphone or as he pronounces through his braces, shooshaphone.
00:16:01That was erwin and his sousaphone, playing, believe it or not, " and now please welcome the dance stylings ..
00:16:25( hip-hop music playing ) ( crowd groans ) Emmett!
00:17:06( laughing ) - Are you okay? - get away from me.
00:17:21( crash ) ( laughing ) ( crashing ) ..
00:17:55And friends.
00:17:59And now for our next act.
00:18:00:i'm still here.
00:18:03Please give it up for master ventriloquist p.j. duncan!
00:18:11Hi, everybody. I'm p.j.
00:18:15This is charlie.
00:18:17Say hello, charlie.
00:18:21I was hoping to get by on cuteness.
00:18:24How are we doing so far?
00:18:26( cheering ) And as your president I promise to represent you I also promise to fight for more recess and less homework.
00:18:43And of course, I don't hate girls like some candidates named gabe duncan.
00:18:50Thank you.
00:18:56( booing ) Before I begin, I would like to say something about this campaign.
00:19:02Now a lot of things have been said about me.
00:19:04And even though they aren't true, I'm okay with that.
00:19:13( whimpers ) That's where I draw the line.
00:19:18Now I could stand here and tell you who I really am, but I'd rather show you.
00:19:31I love all my kids equally, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Gabe.
00:19:38I changed the oil in your truck, Dad.
00:19:43Without being asked-- classic Gabe.
00:19:46He's just so loving and so caring, especially with his baby sister Charlie.
00:19:52In fact, Gabe was the most excited about Charlie's arrival.
00:19:58And he made it himself.
00:20:02Gabe's the kind of guy you want to have a root beer with.
00:20:08We'll stay up all night if we have to, but I'm gonna make sure you pass that test.
00:20:14Don't you have to rescue stray animals and find them good homes?
00:20:17Did that before school.
00:20:19Classic Gabe.
00:20:24Gabe's not only sweet and kind, he also has an amazing fashion sense.
00:20:31This one-- fun and playful.
00:20:35This one is off the hook!
00:20:42And they all lived happily ever after.
00:20:49Bob: Gabe duncan-- family first.
00:20:59( clapping ) ( chanting ) GABE, GABE, GABE, GABE!
00:21:22- Hey. - hey.
00:21:24I just wanted to say-- I know what you're gonna say.
00:21:26You saw the talent show and now you want to say "i told you so," because you were right. I can't dance.
00:21:33Actually I was going to apologize for lying about my ankle.
00:21:37Oh, okay. go ahead then.
00:21:39I'm sorry for lying about my ankle.
00:21:41I'm sorry I lied about those socks.
00:21:45I didn't actually knit them myself.
00:21:47I can't knit. or dance.
00:21:49Hey, if I wanted a dancing knitter, I'd date my aunt betty.
00:21:54- So we're good? - we're great.
00:21:56Emmett-- get away from me!
00:22:07Hey, Charlie.So yesterday was the school talent show and I hold in my handthe winning check for $25.
00:22:14Which is made outto PJ Duncan.
00:22:16Yeah, the one that's basedon your cuteness, Charlie.
00:22:20And mine.
00:22:22Anyway, I on the other handowe the school some money for damages.
00:22:26And Erwin saidhe'll "shee" me in court.
00:22:29So my advice is, if someone ever tells youyou're bad at something you love, don't give up.Just make sure you don't do itin front of the whole school.
00:22:38And if I ever offerto teach you how to dance, well, good luck, Charlie.
00:25:50ÇÇÑÑÑA gabe, lunch.
00:26:58All clear.
00:27:02Gabe, really, is all this necessary?
00:27:04Yes, it is. I'm the president.
00:27:08Of room 12.
00:27:10Today room 12, tomorrow room 14.
00:27:15They're painting room 12, so we're moving to room 14.
00:27:20Just eat your sandwich.
00:27:25Gabe, you got a littlesomething on your-- ( laughs ) Oh, whoa gabe, would you tellthe secret service man to get off your brother?
00:27:35Mom, what did I sayabout bossing me around?
00:27:39Oh, you wouldn't.
00:27:41Take her down!