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00:00:00At in the backyard.
00:00:01>> What were you thinking at that moment?
00:00:03>> Oh, my god.
00:00:05>> His harrowing story, as we learn about the fireworks the brothers used to make the bombs.
00:00:10>>> Hacking turned dangerous.
00:00:12Breaking details on the national security threat, after false reports of an attack on the white house injuring the president.
00:00:18The stock market plunges instantly.
00:00:24Who was behind the frightening hoax?
00:00:27>>> Meet the samurai sword-wielding bishop that sent off a mugger with his weapon.
00:00:37How this barefoot father of six stopped a stalker in his tracks.
00:00:42>>> And the little record-breakers causing big baby fever.
00:00:44Dancing in the streets to a chubby-cheeked beat.
00:00:47Why these tots are quickly becoming the most popular babies in the world this morning.
00:01:07>>> and good morning, america.
00:01:08Robin off today.
00:01:08She'll be back tomorrow.
00:01:09Great to have elizabeth vargas here.
00:01:11We have a lot to get to this morning, including the latest on the boston bombing investigation.
00:01:16>> Abc's brian ross has been reporting on the story from the very start.
00:01:19He's back from boston in new york.
00:01:23And will join us in the studio with brand-new details on the younger suspect and whether he was a jihadist or a brianwashed teenager.
00:01:33>>> Let's get to the exclusive account of the owner of the boat where he tried to hide.
00:01:44Dan harris is in boston.
00:01:46Good morning, dan.
00:01:46>> Reporter: George, good morning to you.
00:01:48Dave henneberry lives on this a crime scene.
00:01:56Henneberry became an instant folk hero when his story came out.
00:01:59And when people get to meet him for the first time this morning, I suspect they're going to like him even more.
00:02:02We're all familiar with his boat, but we haven't met the man himself, until this morning.
00:02:08Dave henneberry giving an exclusive interview to ed harding, an anchorman at our boston affiliate, wcvb.
00:02:20>> I looked on the floor.
00:02:21And I see blood.
00:02:28>> A lot of blood?
00:02:30>> A good amount of blood.
00:02:32>> Reporter: Friday night, after boston lifted the day-long curfew, henneberry stepped outside to check his beloved boat.
00:02:36And that's when he saw it.
00:02:37>> My eyes went to the other side of the engine box.
00:02:42There was a body.
00:02:45And at that moment, what did you do?
00:02:46What were you thinking at that moment?
00:02:47>> Oh, my god.
00:02:48>> Reporter: He ran inside, called 911.
00:02:50And then, the cavalry arrived.
00:02:53In the ensuing battle, which involved gunfire, stun grenades and a robot ripping the tarp off the top, henneberry's boat got destroyed, called the slip away 2.
00:03:07>> This boat is my baby.
00:03:08>> Reporter: But henneberry says he is just happy he's alive.
00:03:10>> People are calling you a national hero.
00:03:11You know that?
00:03:12>> Incidental hero.
00:03:14I wasn't out on the prowl.
00:03:15I was out to see my boat.
00:03:17And I stumbled across this.
00:03:20That's -- you know.
00:03:22>> But you've contacted everyone.
00:03:24You did the right steps.
00:03:25>> Yeah.
00:03:27>> And it reached a successful conclusion.
00:03:28>> It did do that.
00:03:29I guess it did do that.
00:03:35I'm glad -- I'm just glad -- that if -- I hate to use cliche words.
00:03:49But if the people that got killed can get something from me -- >> you know, in many ways, they do.
00:04:02>> Then, I'm at peace with it.
00:04:04You know?
00:04:08>> Reporter: As you can see, henneberry still has some pretty strong feelings about what went down on friday.
00:04:13He is aware, by the way, that there is a campaign online right now to send him cash to buy a new boat.
00:04:18He says he does not want the money.
00:04:21Instead, he says, the money should go to the victims.
00:04:24A direct quote, they lost limbs.
00:04:25I lost a boat.
00:04:27George, back to you.
00:04:29>> Incidental hero doing the right thing, again.
00:04:31Okay, dan.
00:04:32Thanks very much.
00:04:33>> What a remarkable man.
00:04:35>>> There's so many riveting details about that boat owner.
00:04:37And now, to the latest on the boston marathon bombing investigation.
00:04:42There's new details this morning on the condition of the suspect still recovering in the hospital.
00:04:46He's been improved to fair condition.
00:04:49But what was inside the bombs and what his mother is saying, now, about the bombings and the charges.
00:04:54Abc's brian ross has the latest on all of that.
00:04:56Good morning to you, brian.
00:04:57>> Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth.
00:04:58Law enforcement officials continue to question whether others were involved in the boston attack.
00:05:03Despite the claims of the surviving brother to the fbi, that the two of them acted alone.
00:05:09And overnight, there are new details of the attack had been in the planning stages for at least two months.
00:05:15A new hampshire fireworks store has told the fbi, it sold $400 worth of fireworks in february to tamerlan tsaranev.
00:05:23The gun powder and fireworks was likely the explosives used in the marathon bombs, according to bomb experts.
00:05:33>> It was one of the biggest loudest stuff that we have in the store pretty much.
00:05:37The assistant manager of phantom fireworks, tsaranev bought two large mortar kits during the two for one sale.
00:05:49And she remembers his russian accent.
00:05:55>> We don't get too many people in here with russian accents.
00:05:56>> Reporter: Meanwhile, the medical condition of younger brother dzhokhar has been upgraded from serious to fair.
00:05:59And some of his friends are trying to upgrade his image.
00:06:02One friend posted this video on youtube, showing dzhokhar doing the robot dance with buddies on the wrestling team.
00:06:06Friends ask if he was a hard-core islamic terrorist, or a brainwashed teenager, under the sway of his big brother, tamerlan.
00:06:16>> The older brother appeared to be more radicalized of the two.
00:06:20And was the one that drove the need to conduct the attacks as well as the preparation for the attacks themselves, building the bombs.
00:06:28>> Reporter: Tamerlan's wife karina remained out of sight.
00:06:34But the family lawyer came forward to distance her from the acts.
00:06:38>> Involvement like her husband and brother-in-law came as an absolute shock to them all.
00:06:42>> Reporter: There was little sympathy from any of the tsaranev family tuesday, at the funeral of the police officer, who was allegedly killed by the two brothers last thursday on the m.i.t. campus.
00:06:52>> He was killed at point-blank range.
00:06:58For no reason.
00:07:00They are savages.
00:07:01They're evil.
00:07:02>> Reporter: In russia, the mother of the brothers tsaranev, zubeidat, was defiant in claiming her son's innocence.
00:07:06>> My son was muslim.
00:07:10My son was muslim.
00:07:11That's it.
00:07:12What happened is a terrible thing.
00:07:13But I know that my kids have nothing to do with this.
00:07:15I know it.
00:07:16I am mother.
00:07:19>> Reporter: The mother says she may come to the united states to see her surviving son and claim the body of her dead one.
00:07:26But if she does, she faces possible arrest for failing to appear in court in boston last october on charges she shoplifted some $1,600 in clothing from the lord & taylor department store.
00:07:37>> That's a lot of clothing.
00:07:37>> A lot of clothing.
00:07:39>> Brian, thank you so much.
00:07:43>>> Now, to the fake tweet that caused havoc from washington to wall street yesterday afternoon.
00:07:46It looked like a bulletin from the associated press reporting an attack on the white house, president obama injured.
00:07:51Even though it was caught quickly, the fraud showed how much chaos hackers can cause.
00:07:57Jim avila has the the latest from washington.
00:07:58Good morning, jim.
00:07:59>> Reporter: Good morning, george.
00:08:01It's the tweet that took the hack job from nerdy prank to national security issue.
00:08:07It supposedly came from the trusted associated press.
00:08:09Breaking news.
00:08:11Two explosions in the white house.
00:08:13And barack obama is injured.
00:08:14>> At least for a brief moment in time, people believed that government had been attacked.
00:08:20And the president had been injured.
00:08:22>> Reporter: Less than 140 characters causing the stock market to drop 150 points.
00:08:26Almost immediately.
00:08:27And sending the white house scrambling to reassure the nation.
00:08:31>> I can say that the president is fine.
00:08:33I was just with him.
00:08:34>> Reporter: Traders and computers reacting to the tweet, programmed to respond to certain words online.
00:08:40>> Computers don't have emotions.
00:08:42Computers don't have intuition.
00:08:43Computers trade off of one variable and one variable only.
00:08:47Humans use their intuitions.
00:08:48We can look.
00:08:48We can see.
00:08:49We can feel and touch.
00:08:51Looking at this headline right now, we knew pretty quickly it was not a true headline.
00:08:55>> Reporter: Over the weekend, another media giant had its twitter account compromised.
00:09:01"60 Minutes" tweeted exclusive.
00:09:02Terror is striking the usa, and obama is shamelessly in bed with al qaeda, forcing cbs to close its account.
00:09:14Earlier this year the national's two largest newspapers, the new york times and the wall street journal, had their fire walls penetrated.
00:09:26Both accused china of spying.
00:09:27>> Hackers had the first story that we had done about a chinese relative.
00:09:29>> Reporter: A group took credit breach, using not sophisticated technology to panic america and wall street with a few key strokes.
00:09:38Earlier this year, michelle obama, the first lady, had her information put on the internet, including her social security number and her credit report.
00:09:48>> Incredible.
00:09:49This is why national security officials say cyber attacks could be the number one threat.
00:09:52>> And the banks that were hacked earlier.
00:09:55>>> Let's go to the poison letters that were mailed to president obama and other public officials.
00:10:01The main suspect has been released from jail.
00:10:03Charges have been dropped against him.
00:10:04And there's now questions about whether or not he was framed.
00:10:07Abc's matt gutman is in oxford, mississippi, with the latest on this story.
00:10:09Good morning to you, matt.
00:10:11>> Reporter: Good morning, elizabeth.
00:10:14That suspect, an elvis impersonator, who was thought to be the mastermind behind that poisonous plot against the president, he walked out of that courthouse just yesterday.
00:10:23Now, the fbi is focusing on his rival, a karate instructor.
00:10:28>> Overwhelming.
00:10:29To say the least.
00:10:30It's overwhelming.
00:10:31>> Reporter: This morning, kevin curtis, a celebrity impersonator, who was accused of mailing the deadly toxin ricin, to president obama and other politicians, and terrorizing the federal government, for two days last week, is now a free man.
00:10:45>> When you've been charged with something and you just -- you never heard of ricin or whatever.
00:10:50I thought they said rice.
00:10:51I said, I don't even eat rice.
00:10:53>> Reporter: After nearly a week in jail, the charges of threatening the life of the president and others, suddenly dropped.
00:11:00His lawyer says he was framed.
00:11:01>> Very diabolical to me.
00:11:04Very frightening.
00:11:06>> Reporter: Now, authorities have switched their focus om the elvis impersonator to a karate instructor.
00:11:13The fbi swarmed the house of everett dutschke, who ran for a seat in the house of representatives in mississippi.
00:11:23He hasn't been charged in the ricin case.
00:11:26In this picture, he is seen with senator wicker, one of the recipients of those ricin letters.
00:11:31The alleged feud goes back years.
00:11:35In 2007, it seemed to get ugly.
00:11:37Dutschke apparently was posting a videotape on youtube, implying curtis was tearing down his campaign signs.
00:11:42And just a couple of weeks ago, curtis reported on twitter that dutschke had been charged with molestation.
00:11:48This mug shot was taken from that arrest.
00:11:51But the pair has some things in common.
00:11:53They're both musicians.
00:11:57Curtis, of course, partial to elvis and prince.
00:12:00Both also practice martial arts.
00:12:05They have something else in common.
00:12:07Both claim to be geniuses, members of mensa.
00:12:10They said, both of them, they had nothing to do with the ricin-laced letters sent to the president and others.
00:12:16And now, dutschke's attorney is saying he's cooperating fully with the investigation.
00:12:21>> Both claim to be geniuses.
00:12:24But getting back to the charges that the first man was framed.
00:12:27Are there any charges about any evidence to support that?
00:12:29I mean -- >> Reporter: Not really.
00:12:35What we've learned from the investigation so far, is that that ricin was not weaponized.
00:12:39Meaning, it couldn't really hurt someone unless you inhaled a lot of it.
00:12:44What's clear, only, is that somebody's walking out there who mailed ricin-laced letters to the president and others.
00:12:50And the fbi doesn't know exactly who that is right now.
00:12:51>> All right.
00:12:52Matt gutman.
00:12:53What a strangery.
00:12:54>> It sure is.
00:12:58>>> Let's get, now, to josh elliott and the rest of the morning headlines.
00:13:00>> We're going to begin with a developing story that is once again raising serious questions about the safety of the factories where so many of the clothes that we buy in this country are made.
00:13:09This morning, a massive clothing factory in bangladesh came crashing down.
00:13:14Its roof and walls buckling in seconds.
00:13:16The concrete and glass then trapping hundreds of people.
00:13:20Killed at least 76 of them.
00:13:21And that number could rise dramatically.
00:13:23Police say the factory owners ignored warnings about a huge crack in the building side.
00:13:29This comes six months after a fire at a similar clothing factory claimed more than 100 lives.
00:13:36>>> Here at home, millions are on alert across the midwest, with mountains of sandbags straining to hold back record floodwaters this morning.
00:13:44From the air, take a look.
00:13:46You can see whole swaths of peoria, illinois, now under water.
00:13:51Tuesday's rains made for more misery.
00:13:53The mississippi river finally expected to crest today in st.
00:13:57It's more than 11 feet above flood stage in some areas.
00:14:00At least five deaths are being blamed on these floods.
00:14:04Take a look inside this house in michigan.
00:14:06In ruins.
00:14:07Looted to boot.
00:14:09Sam has the forecast in just moments.
00:14:12>>> And pressure's building now in washington to do something about the flight delays now plaguing airports from coast-to-coast.
00:14:18Lawmakers want to force air traffic controllers to go back to work.
00:14:22Saying furloughs, which were blamed for 1,200 flight delays on monday alone could be easily avoided.
00:14:30But efforts by both political parties failed in the senate last night.
00:14:33>>> And a trip to the store turned into the scare of a lifetime for this ohio woman.
00:14:38The thief grabbing her purse in the parking lot takes off.
00:14:40But she refuses to let go.
00:14:42And is dragged along.
00:14:44Actually hanging on to his car.
00:14:47She managed to call 911.
00:14:48Other shoppers came to her rescue.
00:14:50She was shaken up.
00:14:51Thankfully, this morning, she is okay.
00:14:58Rock climbers in the french alps have captured a dangerous yet spectacular scene.
00:15:01They were a safe distance away, when the earth started to move, setting off this.
00:15:06Avalanche and landslide.
00:15:10Really rolled into one.
00:15:11It started with snow giving way at the top of the mountain.
00:15:13But everything else you see here, just came tumbling down.
00:15:14Tons of dirt, rock, trees.
00:15:15Thankfully, no one was hurt.
00:15:20>>> And finally, if you need an inspirational story to help you feel good about being alive, boy, have we got one for you.
00:15:28And it's all thanks to a 21-year-old named cameron lyle.
00:15:32He is a track and field star at the university of new hampshire.
00:15:35But he has decided to give up his sport, missing the final and most important competition of his entire college career, so that he can donate his bone marrow to a complete stranger.
00:15:46All he knows is that the patient is 28 and is dying of leukemia.
00:15:52And they are a perfect match.
00:15:54So, cameron joined the bone marrow registry two years ago, thinking he might never be a match for anyone.
00:15:58Then, he got that call.
00:16:00Take a listen.
00:16:01>> When they said I was a match, they said, would you like to proceed?
00:16:03And I said absolutely.
00:16:05And I hung up the phone.
00:16:07And I kind of realized, wow, i think athletics are over now.
00:16:12>> Doctors told cameron he had a 1 in 5 million chance for being a match for a nonfamily member.
00:16:18Those odds came through.
00:16:21And I know there's one wonderful woman watching at home, who understands just how important a gift that is.
00:16:27>> What's so great is that the generous act came even before the thought.
00:16:33He didn't even think about it.
00:16:34>> Boy.
00:16:35He's a winner.
00:16:35I think he's a winner in all of our books forever.
00:16:40>> Saving a life.
00:16:41Great guy.
00:16:41>>> You have a weird story.
00:16:42>> Well said.
00:16:43We cover a lot of stories here " but this one really caught our eye this morning.
00:16:51You p don't often hear the words.
00:16:53Samurai sword-carrying mormon bishop in the same sentence.
00:16:57So, we needed to know more.
00:17:03A woman outside was screaming for help.
00:17:04>> Jumped out.
00:17:05Put some clothes on.
00:17:06Grabbed my sword.
00:17:08>> Reporter: The mormon bishop, immediately grabbed a 29-inch, carbon steel samurai sword, which he keeps by his bed and ran outside.
00:17:17>> This is what I have for home defense.
00:17:18>> Reporter: Needless to say, the would-be mugger was in shock.
00:17:21>> When he saw the sword, he said, I'm leaving.
00:17:26I'm leaving and took off running.
00:17:27>> Reporter: Barefoot.
00:17:30His sword drawn, hendrix gave chase.
00:17:35Dropped his chop stick.
00:17:36And he made it to his car.
00:17:37And he was getting in.
00:17:39And I just yelled at him, ha.
00:17:40I have your dna.
00:17:40And I've got your license plate.
00:17:41You are so done.
00:17:43>> Reporter: Just the sight of the sword-wielding father of six was enough.
00:17:46An hour later this man, grant egerston, turned himself in to police.
00:17:50And as for kent hendrix, he said this is the first time he had to use that sword.
00:17:58But he ripped a page out of "the art of war," the greatest victory is that which requires no battle.
00:18:06And the bishop says he hadn't touched the sword in years.
00:18:09But he was glad it was around so he could help.
00:18:11>> He keeps a samurai sword by his bed?
00:18:12>> Who doesn't, elizabeth?
00:18:13>> I know.
00:18:17>> And he dropped his chopstick and ran.
00:18:21I would, too.
00:18:23>> Good for him.
00:18:24>>> What have you got, sam?
00:18:25>> Samurai bishop.
00:18:28We have brand-new pictures out of st. louis.
00:18:29Josh told you about the flooding at the top of the show in the news segment.
00:18:32Take a look at this because, now, the new watches and warnings have been extended along the mississippi river.
00:18:40From st. louis to baton rouge.
00:18:42All of the swollen water here has to drain down the mississippi.
00:18:44The next few days into next week, that's what's going to happen.
00:18:47There's more snow melt.
00:18:48That's why you see fargo in that area have watches and warnings out, for what will happen with the warmer air tomorrow, next week.
00:18:56Speaking of warmer air, philly at 72.
00:19:00New york at 70.
00:19:01Washington at 75.
00:19:01Raleigh at 77.
00:19:02Rain moves in tonight.
00:19:03But it's a gorgeous day today.
00:19:06Here's where cool air is around the country.
00:19:07Dallas, it's a little chilly this morning.
00:19:09In the next half hour, we'll show you how this gets taken care of working into next week, with some milder temperatures.
00:20:24>> Rain moves out of chicagoland today.
00:20:26But not before making it their wettest april on record.
00:20:28>> Wow.
00:20:29All right, sam.
00:20:29Thank you so much.
00:20:31>>> D coming u "gma, tears in the courtroom at the trial of jodi arias.
00:20:35And could testimony from her ex's former girlfriend turn the case upside down?
00:20:39>>> Plus, new details about amanda knox's life behind bars.
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00:24:25>> Now from abc7 news, good morning, I am eric thomas.
00:24:29An update is expect product caltran on the investigation into broken bolts on the new span of bay bridge.
00:24:37326 The 96 steel bolts broke last month on casing that connect the bill columns to control movement during appear earthquake.
00:24:48A retired metal specialist submitted a new analysis on monday suggesting that more beltway bridge anchor rod could snap in coming years unless caltran replaces them.
00:24:59Now the wednesday morning commute from leyla gulen.
00:25:02>> Speaking of bridges and track, we are going into san francisco with this brand new accident involving five cars, with injuries involved, along northbound 2ity to northbound 101 connection we are looking at 34 miles per hour approach the intersection.
00:25:16A look at the berkeley drive headed westbound along 80 out of hercules down to the toll, it is half an hour drive on that 15 minute stretc >> we are tracking for, three quarters of a mile at novato, and 30 minute flight arrival delays at sfo, with temperatures 20 to 30 degrees cold than yesterday and compared to yesterday our temperatures are from 7 to 14 degree cooler than yesterday.
00:28:16Tomorrow will be the coolest day ♪
00:29:58>>> check out those moves.
00:29:58Those babies can dance.
00:30:00It's a new ad for evian that's gone viral.
00:30:04Thank you for liking that.
00:30:05>> Come on.
00:30:06It's funny.
00:30:06You have to love it.
00:30:10>> 30 Million views and counting.
00:30:13Is it set to make history for ads?
00:30:17And they're going to hire eddie for the laugh track.
00:30:20>> We love those questions.
00:30:22That's eddie, our stage manager.
00:30:24Who is the laugh in the background?
00:30:26>> A lot of people think it's sam.
00:30:28>> But it's eddie.
00:30:29>> Thank you, eddie.
00:30:33Robin's off today.
00:30:34She'll be back tomorrow.
00:30:35It's great to have elizabeth vargas here.
00:30:37>> It's great to be here.
00:30:39>>> Coming up, amanda knox is speaking out in an interview with "people" magazine, about her most terrifying moments about her time in perugia's prison.
00:30:56>>> And sharon osbourne speaking out for the first time.
00:30:58She's revealing new details about her husband, ozzy's, addiction.
00:31:03And whether they are really calling it quits.
00:31:05I sure hope that answer is no.
00:31:07>>> And chaz bono's astonishing weight loss.
00:31:12Dropping 60 pounds and counting.
00:31:14And he's speaking out about how and why he's overhauled his life.
00:31:18>>> First, we're going to get to the latest on the jodi arias trial.
00:31:24Lightning round of prosecution witnesses yesterday.
00:31:27Including one of the victim's ex-girlfriends and more tears from arias.
00:31:34Here's ryan owens on the trial.
00:31:36>> Reporter: Tears on both sides of the courtroom, as this grueling four-month trial, suddenly raced into overdrive.
00:31:42Tuesday, the prosecutor called five witnesses in a matter of hours.
00:31:47>> Did you know an individual by the name of travis alexander?
00:31:49>> Yes, I did.
00:31:51>> Reporter: Deanna reid dated alexander for years before he met jodi arias, the woman who would shoot and repeatedly stab him.
00:31:59And years later, claim it was self-defense.
00:32:02>> Reporter: At any point did he become physical, throwing you down?
00:32:06Put his hand osen you in any way, shape or form?
00:32:15>> No.
00:32:15>> Reporter: Alexander family wept as they worked to rehabilitate the reputation of their brother.
00:32:22>> He was always a gentleman.
00:32:24He never pressured me.
00:32:26>> Reporter: The defense countered, just because he treated one girlfriend well, doesn't mean he didn't abuse arias.
00:32:33The jury also heard from one of alexander's close friends, who shot this video of him, with a group of co-workers the year before he was killed.
00:32:46He says that blonde head in his lap belongs to jodi arias.
00:32:50She cried when watching the video and saw this picture of him kissing her.
00:32:58The defense claimed arias was his dirty little secret.
00:33:01He would rarely acknowledge in public.
00:33:03Apparently nothing about jodi arias is secret anymore.
00:33:06Those seats behind her are filled up every day.
00:33:09People drive hundreds of miles just for a glimpse.
00:33:13Tuesday, one spectator whose here almost every day sold her seat to another woman for $200.
00:33:20For "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix.
00:33:24>>> For more, let's turn to mark geragos.
00:33:28Thanks for coming back, mark.
00:33:29Selling a seat?
00:33:30>> I've seen it happen before.
00:33:32People line up around the courthouse.
00:33:35It becomes quite a spectator sport.
00:33:37>> It's clear what's going on on the prosecution side.
00:33:43Everybody saying jodi arias is a liar.
00:33:45>> They've established that.
00:33:46She is a liar.
00:33:47What the defense is trying to do, ultimately, try to hang this case.
00:33:51Ask the judge for lesser offenses, which would have been manslaughter, things of that nature, based upon provocation.
00:33:59If they get one juror who believes this should be a lesser offense and hang that jury between first and something else.
00:34:09>> That's all it takes.
00:34:10This trial has been going on for so long.
00:34:12Do you think most jurors have an open mind?
00:34:14>> I don't believe that for a second.
00:34:16Even though they're told, they're instructed, they're supposed to keep an open mind.
00:34:20A lot of the jurors will get back in the jury deliberation room.
00:34:24First thing they'll say, let's just convict her.
00:34:28But there will probably be a couple who will want to hold out.
00:34:31Who will want to discuss the evidence and go through it methodically.
00:34:34If you look at some of the questions they were asking, which is a good insight into the jury, in arizona, they let you do that.
00:34:41I think a lot of these people are very in tune with what's going on and fascinated by it.
00:34:46>> You spent a lot of time in the courtroom.
00:34:49These jurors are asking tough questions.
00:34:52>> They're paying close attention.
00:34:54More attentive than most juries I've seen.
00:34:56>> You saw one of the jurors excused.
00:34:58I don't know how much you can read into that.
00:35:00I've been in cases where they excuse one juror.
00:35:02The juror wants to hang around.
00:35:04They don't want to leave.
00:35:05>> Does the defense at this point want to keep stringing this out as long as they possibly can?
00:35:09>> I think ultimately, it's a very unconventional strategy.
00:35:15But what the defense did with her, by putting her on the stand for 17 or 18 days is almost unheard of.
00:35:20In 30 years of practice, I've never seen it.
00:35:22But there is something to that.
00:35:25It's tougher to put somebody to death when you've gotten to know them.
00:35:29Even if you don't necessarily like them, it's somebody you know.
00:35:32And it's tougher to do.
00:35:34>> And raise just doubt in one juror's mind?
00:35:37>> Beyond a reasonable doubt and you've got something.
00:35:39>> Thanks, mark.
00:35:40>>> Now, to the latest on amanda knox.
00:35:43Her long-awaited memoir, is due out this friday.
00:35:47And in a brand-new interview with "people" magazine, knox is revealing new details of her harrowing ordeal.
00:35:54What she thought when she was first arrested.
00:35:57And how she is haunted every day but what happened.
00:36:02Neal karlinsky has the story.
00:36:04>> Reporter: In a new interview time in an italian prison was so difficult, she considered killing herself.
00:36:12So lonely, she caressed family pictures in a photo album.
00:36:16Anso terrifying, she says he was sexually harassed.
00:36:19The freedom I'm most grateful for has to do with reclaiming my " I'm not a murderer.
00:36:28According to the magazine, in her soon-to-be released tell-all, he considered suicide by suffocating herself with a garbage bag.
00:36:36Or cutting herself in the shower.
00:36:37In the courtroom, I was called a liar and a murderer and a deemed, she tells "people" magazine.
00:36:44The moniker, foxy knoxy, was a playful childhood nickname that had to do with her skills on the field.
00:36:53Knox writes about having her every move analyzed from afar.
00:36:57Including this now-famous video of her kissing then-boyfriend, raffaele sollecito outside of the crime scene.
00:37:05First I showed not enough emotion.
00:37:07Then, I showed too much, she wrote, according to "the new " knox says a prison chaplain helped maintain her sanity.
00:37:15Teaching her how to play piano on a keyboard cut out of paper.
00:37:19>> She didn't know what was tweet was.
00:37:24She didn't know who justin bieber was.
00:37:26She didn't remember how to wash clothes in a washer and drier.
00:37:28She had to come back and adapt again.
00:37:31>> Reporter: Now, facing a new trial, why write a tell-all book.
00:37:35Knox tells "people," I'm tired of speculation.
00:37:37I wanted to lay myself out in a completely honest way.
00:37:41It was, you can judge me.
00:37:42But this is what you have to judge me on.
00:37:45For "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle.
00:37:51>> "People" magazine goes on sale in new york and los angeles today.
00:37:55It goes on sale nationwide on friday.
00:37:57And diane sawyer has an exclusive primetime hour with AMANDA KNOX, ON APRIL 30th, 10:00 Eastern.
00:38:06>>> Walk this way while I let you in on -- a little bit of that.
00:38:11I know.
00:38:13We've been concentrating on the spring showers.
00:38:15We thought we would pull out the april flowers from the biltmore estate.
00:38:22You can stay there.
00:38:22It sounded like an ad.
00:38:23It wasn't meant to be.
00:38:24It's just lovely.
00:38:25Here's what's going on.
00:38:26We have all the warm temperatures, now, moving across.
00:38:29I know it's cold in dallas today and a good part of north texas.
00:38:32But this happens over the next few days.
00:38:35Chicago, 70 on saturday.
00:38:38Fargo, 68 on saturday.
00:38:39That's important because of the huge snowpack there.
00:38:42But it's a sign that warm air is moving across the country.
00:38:44And this time it means business.
00:38:46It looks like it will stay for days and days.
00:38:50On the west coast, we have gorgeous weather today.
00:38:54, to san >> lovely, lingering look at the big board.
00:39:20All that was brought to you by united health care.
00:39:25>>> Coming up, sharon osbourne sets the record straight after ozzy's addiction confession.
00:39:30Is the long-time couple really calling it quits?
00:39:33>>> Also, the scathing letter one college student wrote to her sorority sisters.
00:39:38 so many are calling her a real-life mean girl this morning.
00:39:43I've always had tokeep my eye on her...
00:39:44But, I didn't alwayswatch out for myself.
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00:43:21>>> It is now 7:43.
00:43:22And we have the latest on sharon and ozzy osbourne and whether they are really calling it quits after more than 30 years of marriage.
00:43:32Sharon speaking out to set the record straight, sharing emotional family details about what's really going on at home and how she's holding up right now.
00:43:39>> Am I happy?
00:43:41Am I upset?
00:43:43Yes, I am.
00:43:43I'm devastated right now.
00:43:49>> Reporter: Emotions ran high on "the talk," as sharon osbourne revealed intimate details about her husband's ongoing battle with addiction.
00:43:54>> I never knew he was using prescription drugs.
00:43:59>> Reporter: Setting the record straight for the first time, since ozzy osbourne took to facebook last week, admitting he had fallen off the wagon.
00:44:07He wrote, I would like to apologize to sharon, my family, my friends, for my insane behavior during this period.
00:44:15>> It's a disease that hurts the person that has the disease.
00:44:20But its hurts the family.
00:44:22>> Reporter: And while their relationship has been rocky, sharon shut down rumors that the couple is splitting.
00:44:26>> We're not getting divorced.
00:44:29>> Reporter: And this is not the first time the hollywood couple has faced tough times.
00:44:33Both of their kids, kelly and jack, have struggled with their own addictions.
00:44:44Recently, more issues.
00:44:47Jack's m.s. diagnosis.
00:44:49Sharon's bubble mastectomy.
00:44:50>> It was my decision.
00:44:52And I'm happy with my decision.
00:44:55I'm fine.
00:44:56>> It's no surprise that it's been a very difficult time for the osbournes.
00:45:01With sharon's own health issues, her son's and her daughter's.
00:45:05And ozzy has been watching all of this.
00:45:08>> Reporter: Sharon told her co-hosts, her family will get through this tough time.
00:45:12And in true osbourne style, she couldn't miss a chance to end it on a humorous note.
00:45:18>> We will deal with it.
00:45:19And this, too, shall pass.
00:45:21Otherwise, my husband will be taken to hospital to get my foot removed from his [ bleep ].
00:45:28>> I love that.
00:45:29>> I do, too.
00:45:30She is hilarious.
00:45:31We arerooting for the whole osbourne family.
00:45:39>>> Coming up on "good morning america," chaz bono's remarkable weight loss.
00:45:47>>> Also, we have a "play of the day" for you.
00:45:48People skiing towards a world record.
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00:50:01>>> Right then.
00:50:01" >> no pressure.
00:50:08No pressure.
00:50:08>> George -- let's hope so.
00:50:11>> Come on.
00:50:12>> It's a good enough one.
00:50:14We're going to the slopes.
00:50:15>> Oh.
00:50:19>> That's why I picked it.
00:50:25That's 30.
00:50:2530 People, this is a world record.
00:50:30>> Pretty good.
00:50:31>> Are you kidding?
00:50:32>> Look at that.
00:50:33>> Wow.
00:50:33>> I thought they were just going to ski down the mountain.
00:50:37>> No.
00:50:38They stuck it.
00:50:39>> One guy on the end.
00:50:40>> They stuck it.
00:50:42>> Yeah.
00:50:44>> One down on the far right.
00:50:45>> Oh, vargas.
00:50:46We were so close.
00:50:46>> Sorry.
00:50:49>> Thank you, sam.
00:50:49Thank you.
00:50:51>> That's incredible.
00:50:52>>> We have a lot to get to.
00:50:56"People" magazine's most beautiful woman, fantasia's here life.
00:50:59Thank you.
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00:55:38>>> there they are, waiting.
00:55:41For game show confidential here, " >> now from abc7 news.
00:56:07Good morning, I am eric thomas.
00:56:09San francisco firefighters are pulling in massive overtime, one lieutenant alone earned more than $200,000 in overtime may.
00:56:16The firefighters union says chronic under staffing is the problem.
00:56:22>> Mike?
00:56:23>> Sunny but for the coast by noon today.
00:56:25Temperatures stretch from 58 at half moon bay to about 82 in antioch.
00:56:28We will be five- to ten-degrees cooler tomorrow.
00:56:30Leyla gulen?
00:56:31>> We have a [sic] alert on the eastbound san mateo brick and it sound like a serious injury accident at the high-rise starting to land a helicopter and they will take those injured to an area hospital but right now you cannot see the cars coming through with westbound traffic headed out of hayward to foster city.
00:56:51Hire -- here is the map, avoid the san mateo bridge, use couple bar continue instead.
00:59:53[ Cheers and applause ] >>> people on tv right now.
01:00:07Lara, hold that thought.
01:00:09What you're listening to is one of the most famous game show themes of all-time.
01:00:12We're not going to call on you right now.
01:00:14Good morning, america.
01:00:16We are playing game show confidential.
01:00:21Give you the secrets behind your favorite game shows.
01:00:24A little dancing.
01:00:25>> A lot of dancing.
01:00:28>> Let's get right to it.
01:00:31>> Elizabeth is here.
01:00:32She grew up in germany.
01:00:33>> I did.
01:00:35>> Let's go.
01:00:36Come on.
01:00:40It's time to play "name that " >> all right.
01:00:47" let's meet our lovely contestants.
01:00:54So -- no time.
01:00:57And are we ready?
01:00:58Are we ready?
01:00:59Here we go.
01:00:59You all have your buzzers.
01:01:02As they just proved.
01:01:04Play the tune, please.
01:01:08maybe some.
01:01:13" >> that's right.
01:01:17>> Well, of course it is, josh, thank you.
01:01:27>> The original run from 1955 to 1973.
01:01:31One more.
01:01:31One more.
01:01:32Here we go.
01:01:35All right, hot shot.
01:01:37you either need medical attention or you have the answer.
01:01:39Lara spencer.
01:01:41" >> the answer is right.
01:01:47>> I never realized how fragile the buzzers are.
01:01:48>> Lara's answer just registered on the richter scale.
01:01:53Lots more coming up.
01:01:55>> That's right.
01:02:00>>> But first, in this half hour -- you can put down the skinny mike now.
01:02:06We're going to have a scathing letter that one college student wrote to her sorority sisters.
01:02:08And it has gone viral.
01:02:11As you said earlier, it is nasty.
01:02:15>> Yeah.
01:02:16>> It's unbelievable.
01:02:17>> It's unreal.
01:02:18People doing dramatic readings of it.
01:02:21A real-life mean girl, coming up in just a bit.
01:02:23>>> Just to keep track, it is now lara, one, sam, one.
01:02:27Nothing for you.
01:02:28>> Oh, wow.
01:02:29>> Just a little game show competition scoreboard.
01:02:32>>> And we also have chaz bono coming up, showing off his brand-new body.
01:02:36The "dancing with the stars" alum revealing how he has dropped 60 pounds.
01:02:43And he's not stopping there.
01:02:46>>> And that is a magazine on the wall, "people" magazine, who is the fairest of them all?
01:02:49The most beautiful woman in the land.
01:02:51Here's a hint.
01:02:52She has famous parents.
01:02:56You'll find out who "people" magazine picked as the most beautiful woman in the world.
01:02:59>> I agree with the choice.
01:03:02>> Really?
01:03:05>> Going out on a limb there?
01:03:07>>> Also, fantasia live.
01:03:08>>> First, we're going to begin with josh.
01:03:09>> New developments in the >>> we're going to begin with the new developments in the boston marathon attack.
01:03:13We have learned that tamerlan tsaranev bought some $400 worth of fireworks at a store in february.
01:03:25Part of those fireworks were the explosives used in the bombs.
01:03:29>>> Meanwhile, the younger tsaranev in fair condition.
01:03:30As law enforcement officials continue to question whether others were involved in the attacks.
01:03:39His mother is defiantly claiming her son's innocence.
01:03:41The fbi questioned her for a second time today.
01:03:42, she could be arrested because of an outstanding shoplifting charge.
01:03:50>>> And now, to the stunning twist in the ricin scare.
01:03:52The mississippi man accused of sending the deadly toxin to president obama and other politicians has now been released from jail.
01:04:01All charges were dropped against kevin curtis.
01:04:05Authorities are now shifting their focus to a karate instructor, who allegedly had an ongoing feud with curtis, but no charges have been filed.
01:04:17>>> And overseas, the new and deadly strain of bird flu has spread outside of china for the first time.
01:04:20A man from taiwan, who recently traveled to china, is now the newest confirmed case.
01:04:26More than 20 people have died from it so far.
01:04:28And doctors say this strain spreads more easily from birds to people than the previous strain.
01:04:32>>> A frantic search, meanwhile, under way for survivors after a clothing factory packed with workers in bangladesh suddenly collapsed.
01:04:40Killing at least 76 people and trapping hundreds.
01:04:44Police say the owners ignored warnings about a crack in the wall.
01:04:51The country's garment factories, many which produce clothes for top, global brands have a long record of safety violations.
01:04:59>>> On wall street, it could be a third day of big gains today.
01:05:03Thanks to encouraging profit reports.
01:05:04The dow gained 152 points tuesday, recovering after the nosedive that was set off when hackers sent a false tweet from the associated press about an explosion in washington.
01:05:14>>> And if you noticed more company on the road during your morning commute, you're not alone.
01:05:19Overall traffic congestion, up 4% so far this year.
01:05:22And apparently, you can blame the improving economy.
01:05:25You darn economy.
01:05:28>>> And finally, this is -- this is -- a warning to business owners who want to run free promotions tied to their favorite sports teams.
01:05:36Be very careful, people.
01:05:40You see, larosa's pizza in cincinnati.
01:05:41They weren't sure how good the reds would be.
01:05:46They promised a free pizza to each ticket holder any time the reds struck out 11 opposing players.
01:05:54Three weeks into the season, the reds' pitching staff has been unreal.
01:05:59Record number of strikeouts.
01:06:00It's like this is happening every other day.
01:06:04La rosa has now handed out some $100,000 in free pizza.
01:06:06So far.
01:06:08The season doesn't end until october.
01:06:12>> Oh, now, I'm worried for la rosa's.
01:06:13>> We're all worried for la rosa's.
01:06:18>> The reds, on the other hand, that's all they needed was a little pizza.
01:06:21>> I don't know.
01:06:22The economy's improving.
01:06:24>> You have to love he's keeping his word, too.
01:06:26>> There you go.
01:06:29>>> Indeed.
01:06:29Good morning, everybody.
01:06:30We begin with some movie news.
01:06:33You loved him in the spandex, those losers who peppered each other with rubber balls.
01:06:42Now hollywood funnymen ben stiller and vince vaughn are " >> I wasn't aware we were clamoring for more.
01:06:53>> I have been for years.
01:06:54Fox has commissioned the sequel that ben and vince have wanted to make for years.
01:07:03And I wanted, as well.
01:07:04Another instant classic coming your way.
01:07:05Pure fun.
01:07:09>>> Also, in "pop news" this morning.
01:07:11The formula to finding your perfect man may be knit one, purl two.
01:07:22Man-shaped pillows.
01:07:24And she customizes them.
01:07:27You can order accessories for your knitted man.
01:07:32Like mustaches, tattoos.
01:07:34You name it.
01:07:35There's a picture.
01:07:38On the website, it shows that your cat -- >> I don't think we should save you on this one here.
01:07:43>> Yeah, we're going to let you -- >> I love this.
01:07:50Only because now you can drive in the hov lane.
01:07:54>> Oh.
01:07:56>> Just put it in.
01:08:00>> I think it's the -- you know, we have the blow-up dolls for guys.
01:08:03>> Oh, wow.
01:08:08>> Anyway, that's coming -- thank you.
01:08:13>>> Also, anybody looking for their own private idaho?
01:08:15Bruce willis is looking to sell his rustic retreat in haley, idaho.
01:08:21He bought it in 2003, following his divorce from demi.
01:08:24Here are the stats.
01:08:29On this palatial home.
01:08:3320 Secluded acres, pool, gated entry, separate guest house.
01:08:36The lavish home, minutes from skiing and bike trails.
01:08:41Bruce is not above bargains.
01:08:42He started at 15 and has gotten it down to $13 million.
01:08:48>> If it gets down to three.
01:08:49>> We are so in.
01:08:51>>> It was only a matter of time before the cat got shamed, as well.
01:08:55It's only fair, really.
01:08:56We showed you dog shaming from tumblr.
01:09:00Now, there's some for felines.
01:09:01Cat shaming.
01:09:06I pretend to like visitors.
01:09:08But when they reach down to pet me, I bite them.
01:09:11Not nice.
01:09:13That's your "pop news" today.
01:09:14>> Thank you, lara.
01:09:15>>> Sam, what do you have?
01:09:18>> Good morning, everybody.
01:09:19How are you guys?
01:09:23I just feel like that we do need to say it's going to become lovely today for you guys in times square.
01:09:32I know it's a little chilly this morning.
01:09:33You have some cold hands.
01:09:34Where are you from?
01:09:35>> Wyoming.
01:09:36>> Wyoming.
01:09:37All right.
01:09:37It's going to get beautiful today, like 70 degrees.
01:09:41Like philadelphia, also going to warm up later today.
01:09:43Gorgeous shot.
01:09:45Wpvi, by the way, owns that town in the news business.
01:09:49Make sure you're tuned to them this morning.
01:09:5171 In charleston.
01:09:5275 In washington, d.c.
01:09:5284, Gorgeous in miami.
01:09:53Tampa, as well.
01:09:54That's where the warmth is.
01:09:56There's some rain moving east over the next 24 hours, however.
01:10:02Nashville, you're getting some showers.
01:10:04Washington, new york, and boston, late tonight.
01:10:09The heaviest rain, tornado watches in southern louisiana.
01:10:11Do watch for the possibility some of the storms could get stronger than forecasters are thinking.
01:10:14There's cooler fog on the west coast this morning, in the southwest corner.
01:10:16But portland shines at 74.
01:10:54>> No.
01:10:55It can't be time to go already, we're still having fun here in times square.
01:11:00But let's go inside to lara.
01:11:00Oh, lara?
01:11:01>> Thank you, sam.
01:11:05>>> And here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning " the scathing letter one woman wrote to her sorority sisters.
01:11:10It went viral.
01:11:10And now, many are calling her a real-life mean girl.
01:11:14>>> Chaz bono has revealed his brand-new body.
01:11:16How he dropped 60 pounds and counting.
01:11:17>>> And the latest couple booted from the ballroom is joining us live.
01:11:22>>> That is fantasia, also live, right here on "gma," in times s square.
01:12:09-- over.
01:12:10The intense ache made it hard to do the things that I wanted.
01:12:14My doctor diagnosed itas fibromyalgia -- thought to be the resultof over-active nerves that cause chronic,widespread pain.
01:12:20Lyrica is believedto calm these nerves.
01:12:22I learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain.
01:12:26So now, I can do moreof the things I enjoy.
01:12:30Lyrica is not for everyone.
01:12:31It may causeserious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions.
01:12:34Tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior.
01:12:39Or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling.
01:12:47Common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet.
01:12:52Don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
01:12:54Don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you.
01:12:57Those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica.
01:13:01With less pain, I'm feeling better with lyrica.
01:13:04Ask your doctorif lyrica is right for yourfibromyalgia pain.
01:13:25Dad, I think you ate the bones.
01:13:28I ate the bones!
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01:15:06They took me to the hospital, AND THE DOCTOR PUT MEON A Bayer ASPIRIN REGIMEN.
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01:15:15I'm a blue-collar worker.
01:15:19Go talk to your doctor.
01:15:20You're not indestructibleanymore.
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01:15:45Demonstrating how we blend the fruits.
01:15:48Try all our tasty ocean spray 100% and light 50 juices.
01:15:57[ Cheers and applause ] ♪ I'm gonna get you ♪
01:16:03>>> that's a nice song choice for this next story.
01:16:08"Gma" "heat index" this morning with a scathing, profanity-laced letter a college student sent to her sorority sisters.
01:16:19Pretty startling rant, caused a backlash.
01:16:24Could she be the meanest mean girl ever?
01:16:25Paula faris has the story.
01:16:26>> Get in, loser.
01:16:26We're going shopping.
01:16:27>> Reporter: They're the girls we love to hate.
01:16:33>> Cut out girls' pictures from the yearbook and write comments.
01:16:41>> Reporter: Girls who seemed downright nasty and bad to the bone, as characterized in movies " but what we're about to show you isn't a movie.
01:16:46It's real life and really profane.
01:16:48This e-mail containing over 50 expletives which we've concealed, was sent by one woman to her delta gamma sorority sisters at the university of maryland.
01:17:01Saying, I've been getting texts on texts about people literally being so bleeping awkward and so bleeping boring.
01:17:09The now, infamous e-mail, ripping into them for not being social enough during greek week.
01:17:17The e-mail now spawning spoof madness on the internet.
01:17:20>> Tie yourself down to whatever chair you're sitting in.
01:17:24>> Because it's going to be a rough ride.
01:17:25>> Reporter: Dozens of videos like this one, from funnyordie's michael shannon.
01:17:31>> You're saying to yourself, omg, I've been having so much fun with my sisters this week.
01:17:38Then punch yourself in the face.
01:17:39>> Reporter: Her sorority telling abc news overnight, they have a team working to take all appropriate action in the aftermath of this event.
01:17:46And that this letter, in no way, reflects the values of delta gamma.
01:17:52The university saying they won't comment as to whether or not they'll be taking disciplinary action.
01:17:57And while some students are finding humor in it.
01:18:03>> I think it's a great letter.
01:18:04>> I think it's written by a guy.
01:18:06No way a girl can possibly speak like that.
01:18:08>> Reporter: Perhaps this young lady is having the last laugh in the voice of michael shannon.
01:18:11>> For those of you who are offended at this e-mail, i apologize.
01:18:17But I really don't [ bleep ].
01:18:17Go [ bleep ] yourself.
01:18:18>> Reporter: For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york.
01:18:22>> Pretty inspired, that michael shannon.
01:18:24>> Yeah.
01:18:26I like the one remark.
01:18:27>> It had to be written by a guy.
01:18:30>> It's already, from "entourage" times 100.
01:18:34I cannot express to you.
01:18:34Oh, yes.
01:18:37It was -- >> the dramatic reading?
01:18:40>> Yes.
01:18:45" >> we should get into it.
01:18:47>> It's so profane, you can't really -- >> we had to be careful in that piece.
01:18:52It's bad.
01:18:53>> School officials say no disciplinary action taken yet.
01:18:55But if they find any real threats, they will.
01:18:58>> Okay.
01:18:59>>> Moving on.
01:19:03Next in our "gma heat index," chaz bono is making headlines for his brand-new look.
01:19:05The "dancing with the stars" alum is showing off his dramatic weight loss over the weekend.
01:19:09He didn't lose it over the weekend.
01:19:11He's showing it off this weekend.
01:19:14He shed 60 pounds in 5 months, and abc's diana perez has the story.
01:19:22>> Chaz!
01:19:23>> Reporter: Looking better than ever, over the weekend, chaz bono stepped out at the 2013 glaad media awards in los angeles, down an amazing 60 pounds and counting.
01:19:38>> It's very clear when you look at chaz, he looks healthier.
01:19:43He looks happier.
01:19:44More self-confident.
01:19:47>> Reporter: Just look at the astonishing before and after.
01:19:49The 44-year-old taking to twitter to celebrate with his fans.
01:19:52I hit the 60-pound weight loss mark this week and feeling really good.
01:19:56Thanks for all of the support.
01:19:57Growing up the child of two famous parents, chaz has struggled with his weight for some time.
01:20:01>> I think after my dad's side of the family.
01:20:04My mom's mom is skinny.
01:20:05But on my dad's side, it's really different.
01:20:11>> Reporter: So, how did the former "dancing with the stars" contestant, who once hit the scales at 250 pounds, do it?
01:20:14>> I'm here with chaz bono, who has decided to come on "the doctors" to get help here, to lose weight.
01:20:20>> Reporter: By taking medical tests.
01:20:23>> Are you sleeping well?
01:20:27>> I can't fall asleep.
01:20:28>> Reporter: And facing scary wake-up calls.
01:20:30>> Chaz is one big risk factor waiting to get into a bad situation.
01:20:32>> Reporter: Chaz overhauled his life, changing his workout regime to dancing and mixed martial arts and rethinking his diet.
01:20:39>> We did go with meals that were high in protein and low in carbohydrates.
01:20:45Focus was on clean, whole, unprocessed eating, which is key for lifestyle.
01:20:47>> Reporter: And now, take a look at the results.
01:20:50>> Wow.
01:20:54>> I feel great.
01:20:55Really good.
01:20:56I'm kind of not used to everything yet.
01:20:58>> Reporter: Though, he's still getting used to his new svelte figure, the sky's the limit for the new chaz.
01:21:04So, what's next?
01:21:09>> I think maybe that will be the next transition we make, finding love for chaz.
01:21:11>> Reporter: For "good morning america," diana perez, abc news, new york.
01:21:13>> Good for him.
01:21:14That's great.
01:21:16>> Our thanks to diana perez.
01:21:21>>> And burning up our "heat index," the dancing tops starring in what could be the most popular commercial ever, with so many people now having baby favor.
01:21:28Abc's bianna golodryga is here with it.
01:21:30You can't not smile watching this.
01:21:31>> I get excited that my son can almost walk, but dance.
01:21:40The babies with fancy moves are advertising evian, garnering millions of views right now.
01:21:43Can they topple the bottled water's previous record?
01:21:49Give these kids a beat.
01:22:03>> Reporter: This ad for evian's baby and me campaign is giving viewers across the web baby fever.
01:22:14It's the follow-up to the 2009's roller babies, the diaper-clad dance crews getting down to rappers and the like.
01:22:21The guinness book record holder for most views online ad, roller babies has been seen for than 65 million times.
01:22:33Since then, people have been clamoring for more.
01:22:35This week, evian delivered.
01:22:39Just four days after its release, baby and me has been watched 24 million times.
01:22:45>> This video shifts the image of what evian has traditionally been, which is sort of the high-end, ladies' water.
01:22:54Now, you have cool special effects with babies.
01:22:57It suddenly makes the brand more appealing to the younger demo.
01:23:04>> Reporter: So, what makes these babies so special?
01:23:06The ad's director says it's the magic of those smiles.
01:23:07>> This type of commercial is about happiness, about energy.
01:23:12And simply about the future because babies are future.
01:23:15>> Reporter: If you're wondering what evian water has to do with babies, you're not alone.
01:23:20We thought the same thing.
01:23:21It turns out the company has a long history with babies.
01:23:23Evian's global brand director said that bottled water was first recommended as the perfect baby for babies in europe.
01:23:32>> I didn't know that.
01:23:33>> I didn't, either.
01:23:34>> I love that ad.
01:23:39>> Oh, look.
01:23:39Right here.
01:23:44>> That's kind of weird.
01:23:46>> I love it.
01:23:47>> We all have a -- >> yeah.
01:23:49>> Dancing babies.
01:23:50>> Dancing babies, waltzing away.
01:23:55>>> By the way, this is a tough morning now.
01:23:56The competition really heats up " it's tough to see, victor ortiz goes down for the count.
01:24:04Let's take a look at the moment, right here.
01:24:06>> The couple with the lowest combined total of scores and votes, therefore leaving right now is -- victor and lindsay.
01:24:18>> It is tough to see him go.
01:24:19It's tough to see them go, by the way.
01:24:21Lindsay, this is your first season as a pro.
01:24:25So, victor ortiz and lindsay arnold are here, live from l.a.
01:24:30Good morning, you too.
01:24:31Thank you for being up with us this morning.
01:24:33Victor, how does it feel this morning?
01:24:34You went a long way, farther I think than any other boxer in the competition has.
01:24:40So, how do you feel?
01:24:41>> I feel great.
01:24:42I'm on coffee right now.
01:24:46And I'm enjoying this -- I'm just enjoying the fact that i got to experience such a wonderful thing.
01:24:50And this beautiful gal next to me, had to put up with me for some time.
01:24:56So, I'm definitely blessed.
01:24:57>> I got to tell you, watching this dance right now, you guys look really wonderful.
01:25:00You came a long way.
01:25:01Lindsay, what was the hardest thing to overcome with him, dancing?
01:25:06>> Honestly, I think at first, it was just the fact that I had to get him out of his shell and make him actually want to dance in front of millions of people.
01:25:13Once he did that, he did so well.
01:25:16And he honestly has improved so much.
01:25:18So, I'm really proud of him.
01:25:21>> Victor, are you going to keep dancing now that the show is over?
01:25:26>> Absolutely not.
01:25:30But I will always be this little lady's fan.
01:25:33And everyone on the cast because, hey, they're amazing.
01:25:38>> Why absolutely not, though?
01:25:41Was it that difficult?
01:25:43>> Did you see the two left feet by any chance?
01:25:49>> We did see lindsay land a pretty good punch.
01:25:50Lindsay, are you going to stick with the boxing?
01:25:52>> Oh, yeah.
01:25:53I think I am.
01:25:55I might take it up.
01:25:56And be his next -- >> she hits pretty hard.
01:26:00>> We can see it right there.
01:26:00>> Victor.
01:26:03I know that -- tell me the different muscles you use for boxing versus dancing.
01:26:07Were you really sore despite being in fantastic shape already as an athlete?
01:26:16>> I've definitely been hurting quite a bit.
01:26:17Actually, yesterday, the last dance, my legs were hurting so bad.
01:26:22It felt like when I jumped off of the stage, it felt like my muscles were going to burst because they were hurting so bad.
01:26:29It was just a fun time, though.
01:26:29Great experience.
01:26:30" "dancing with " >> now from abc7 news, good morning, I am eric thomas.
01:26:57There are major delays on the san mateo bridge this morning following a crash in the last half hour.
01:27:03Leyla gulen?
01:27:0527 we have a look at the san mateo bridge and take a look at this, plenty of spectators slowing the sig-alert in the eastbound direction at lie rise an injury accident and they were going to land a helicopter but they could not and they brought if an plan.
01:27:20Eastbound traffic is reduced to one lane open so we see very few cars making the drive from foster city to hayward but the westbound traffic is very busy at this hour.
01:27:29We will take a look at it and it is solid red and you want do avoid the san mateo bridge, take dumbarton.
01:27:37>> The ac transit board meets to decide whether to put off a fare increase in july, but the planned hike raises the adult 25 and some worry that the transit could lose money by raising prices if it trigger as drop in ridership.
01:29:30>> We are tracking fog in the north bay, at quarter-mile visibility in flap -- napa but 30 minutes of flight arrival days at sfo with clouds cascading from mount tamalpais at sutro towers.
01:29:45Temperatures are today are seven to 14 degre ♪
01:30:14[ cheers and applause ] >>> there is fantasia right there, performing, "i got it right," the hot, new single from " >> absolutely.
01:30:28She looks fantastic.
01:30:30It's fun to have her back.
01:30:31She has a new album back.
01:30:36She is in a great place now.
01:30:37We're going to talk to her.
01:30:39>>> Also ahead, we're revealing who is on the cover of the beautiful people issue of "people" magazine.
01:30:47Here's a clue, in just a moment.
01:30:48She is an oscar winner who wears many hats, including a chef's hat.
01:30:54I think that gives it away, personally.
01:30:59I can unveil her in moments.
01:31:01>> Okay.
01:31:02>> Okay?
01:31:03>>> We also have game show confidential, now under way, bringing back your all-time favorites to the show.
01:31:09And we've got some secrets from these shows.
01:31:11Also, some bloopers of the classics.
01:31:14Behind the scenes.
01:31:15And I got the opportunity to go behind the scenes of "wheel of " it was really fun.
01:31:21I learned a lot about that show.
01:31:23>> And about the alphabet.
01:31:26Here we go, ready?
01:31:28>> Ladies and gentlemen, welcome your host of "game show confidential," josh elliott.
01:31:32>> Thank you.
01:31:36>> You did that really well.
01:31:38>> Lara, in the barn with one.
01:31:40Sam in the barn with one.
01:31:43The german-raised elizabeth vargas, is behind.
01:31:46George, I expect a lot more out of you.
01:31:49"Name that game show tune," song number three.
01:31:51Play it, please.
01:31:59>> That's it.
01:32:05" >> what is it, lara?
01:32:09>> I need help.
01:32:12>> I know.
01:32:14>> Oh.
01:32:15>> You're right, elizabeth.
01:32:16>> You buzzed first.
01:32:18>> Wait.
01:32:18Did I get it right?
01:32:20>> You did not.
01:32:20Thank you for playing.
01:32:21>> Okay.
01:32:27>> Lara -- >> you know, george -- >> can we get a paramedic?
01:32:32>> George, I wasn't screaming.
01:32:34That was heavy breathing.
01:32:37" " " >> you knew that, right?
01:32:46>> I got the family part right.
01:32:49>> You get partial credit.
01:32:51>> This is not good, josh elliott.
01:32:57>> Better sound.
01:32:58We need better sound.
01:32:59>> You're playing for a beautiful trophy, by the way.
01:33:02>> Oh, I love that.
01:33:04Give me my trophy.
01:33:07>> Okay.
01:33:07>> More to come on that.
01:33:08>>> I want to get -- I see larry hackett's here from "people" magazine.
01:33:17>> Come on over.
01:33:19>> Okay.
01:33:21It's a very special issue.
01:33:22Talking about it a lot this morning.
01:33:24The most beautiful issue on newsstands in new york and l.a.
01:33:27What is it on newsstands?
01:33:29>> It's on newsstands now.
01:33:31>> Right now.
01:33:32And we've given some clues as to who the most beautiful woman in "people's" opinion is.
01:33:39And you have one more for us.
01:33:41>> She has remade herself as an avatar of modern living.
01:33:45Modern, healthy living.
01:33:46>> I just interviewed her.
01:33:49>> Why don't you unveil, "people's" most beautiful woman is -- >> gwyneth paltrow.
01:33:55>> There she is.
01:33:56>> She was so -- >> isn't that beautiful?
01:34:00>> Great picture.
01:34:01Great picture.
01:34:02>> She looks fresh and clean.
01:34:04That picture says springtime, doesn't it?
01:34:07She is one we had for many years.
01:34:09She had many roles.
01:34:10Famous boyfriends.
01:34:12She's been in the public eye for a long time.
01:34:13She's 40 years old.
01:34:15She looks fabulous.
01:34:16And she talked candidly about what it takes to look like that in her modern life.
01:34:21For someone who's been around for a long time, she's very honest.
01:34:24>> Wow.
01:34:24>> Used to work out two hours a day for that.
01:34:27>> It's nice to have somebody be candid about that.
01:34:30Oh, I'm going to chase my toddler and look fabulous.
01:34:34She talks about the grueling diet she's been on.
01:34:38The two hours a day at the gym.
01:34:42>> When she eats cheese and martini, she has to do extra work.
01:34:46>> What goes into the choice?
01:34:48>> We're a big magazine.
01:34:50It has to be someone who is relatively mainstream.
01:34:55Someone who you're familiar with.
01:34:58And gwyneth paltrow, as we all know, has her detractors.
01:35:01But part of it is the discussion and the debate.
01:35:04People going, that's a good choice, that's a bad choice.
01:35:07You want to be in that conversation.
01:35:09>> I love your other choices.
01:35:14Kerry washington to me, is spectacular.
01:35:18Connie britton, another fabulous choice.
01:35:20>> She was on for many reasons.
01:35:22But her hair mostly.
01:35:23>> Linda gray also.
01:35:27>> Did you know that linda gray " >> really?
01:35:37>> Yeah.
01:35:37>> So many great pictures in the issue.
01:35:39You have pictures without makeup.
01:35:44A whole thing on selfies.
01:35:48>> She's in there without makeup.
01:35:50>> Are you serious?
01:35:52>> Yeah.
01:35:53And jane fonda at 75, who looks unbelievable.
01:35:57>> Larry, thank you for bringing that to us.
01:35:58>> Check out the issue.
01:36:01"People" magazine in new york and l.a.
01:36:02And nationwide on friday.
01:36:04>>> Sam, you have the weather?
01:36:05>> I almost got into the game show -- let's get to the boards.
01:36:10Here's just one or two things we're going to show you.
01:36:12Our twitter and facebook pictures.
01:36:15A picture out of washington.
01:36:19Gorgeous sun rise or sunset there.
01:36:22And minnesota, more snow.
01:36:25And we're going to start melting that snowpack.
01:36:26This morning, that's where the cold air is.
01:36:3016 In denver.
01:36:3117 In rapid city.
01:36:32The warm-up starts to sweep across the country today.
01:36:34This one looks like it wants to last.
01:36:36In the deep south and the mid-atlantic and the east.
01:36:39Fargo, 68 by saturday.
01:36:42Chicagoland, 70 by the time we get to saturday.
01:36:45Hello, today, in vegas, about 80 degrees.
01:37:12>> All of that weather was brought to you by ocean spray.
01:37:17>> You say all of the cold air is in the middle of the country.
01:37:19>> It's gorgeous this morning.
01:37:21It's so much better.
01:37:26>>> Thank you, guys.
01:37:28Now, to the movie that tackles terrorism and its group, " yesterday, we had kate hudson.
01:37:41And today, we have riz ahmed.
01:37:45Thank you for going coatless.
01:37:46>> I was thinking.
01:37:48>> It's a fascinating story.
01:37:49You play a character, a pakistani man in america after 9/11.
01:37:55He's climbing the ladder at wall street.
01:37:579/11 Happens and everything changes for him.
01:37:59>> Yeah.
01:37:59In many ways, the film is about the american dream.
01:38:02It's about an immigrant coming to this country full of hope and optimism, about the promise this country holds out for so many people.
01:38:10And it's kind of a coming of age story.
01:38:15A young man finding his way in life.
01:38:17And he does that through his relationships, with jim cross, his boss.
01:38:23And with kate hudson.
01:38:24>> What a prize.
01:38:27You placate hudson's -- >> I didn't get to take the prize home, though.
01:38:32It was amazing working with kate.
01:38:35She is someone I had tremendous admiration.
01:38:38She had a 1-month-old baby on set.
01:38:41So, the to be able to film for such long hours.
01:38:45To go to breast-feeding and on action hand the baby to someone.
01:38:49And burst into tears moments later, is absolutely incredible.
01:38:52>> Powerful film.
01:38:54Your first leading role.
01:38:55You're also a rapper.
01:38:56>> I am, yes.
01:38:58I am.
01:38:58>> Can you give us a little?
01:39:00>> You have to help me out a little bit, maybe.
01:39:03>> Okay.
01:39:04Can we help him out.
01:39:07>> Inspiration.
01:39:07>> Go.
01:39:08>> Okay.
01:39:09Guys, the movie's out friday.
01:39:13Mira nair directed it.
01:39:14What's it called, george?
01:39:16>> "The reluctant " >> I feel like I'm the guy.
01:39:20And people say I loved you in " >> yeah.
01:39:28>> Riz ahmed.
01:39:30It's this friday in selected theaters nationwide.
01:39:33>>> Coming up, inside scoop on your favorite game shows.
01:39:36That was grys of walking to give a breast cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade.
01:40:41It was such a beautiful experience.
01:40:42(Jessica Lee) ♪ AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL ♪
01:40:44(woman) WHY WALK 60 MILES In the boldest breast cancerevent in history?
01:40:48Because your efforts help komenserve millions of women and men facing breast cancerevery year.
01:40:54VISIT TO REGISTER Or to request more informationtoday.
01:40:59It was 3 days of pure joy.
01:41:01♪ And it's beautiful ♪
01:42:19>>> there it is.
01:42:20One lucky contestant will walk away with that very, very great trophy.
01:42:25That's something.
01:42:26We continue with "game show " your classic moments from "the price is right," and "family " everyone has their favorite.
01:42:36And every game show has their secre secrets.
01:42:41We're going to tell you the secrets behind the scenes that make the shows fun to watch.
01:42:48Chris connelly has the scoop.
01:42:49>> This is the final answer heard all around the world.
01:42:53He's won a million dollars.
01:42:55>> Reporter: When it comes to big winnings.
01:42:56>> Ken jennings.
01:42:58>> Reporter: Big gambles.
01:42:59>> I've got a good feeling about this.
01:43:01>> Reporter: And really big reactions.
01:43:04>> The most famous is the woman who got invited to come on down " and she came on down and lost her top.
01:43:13>> Reporter: Nothing beats a game show.
01:43:16A daily double of daytime and primetime tv.
01:43:19>> People at home love to see other people win.
01:43:21I feel like I'm santa claus.
01:43:23>> Reporter: Offering tooth thi hosts, caffeinated contestants.
01:43:27And tricky questions.
01:43:28>> Something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house.
01:43:33>> Naked grandma.
01:43:34>> Huh?
01:43:34>> Reporter: Along with fantastical prizes.
01:43:37>> You win.
01:43:38You win the corvette.
01:43:41>> Reporter: Celebrities, unafraid to uncork a few sinkers.
01:43:46>> Lust, gluttony and sloth are collectively known as what?
01:43:50>> The bill of rights.
01:43:55>> Many of these young actors got parts on the game shows and became popular later on.
01:43:59>> Reporter: And the skinny microphones.
01:44:02Best of all, under-pressure participants, serve up a bounty of bloopers.
01:44:07>> During what month of pregnancy does a woman begin to look pregnant?
01:44:12>> September.
01:44:13>> What is your favorite part of our "newlywed game" set?
01:44:19>> Probably wife number two.
01:44:21>> Reporter: New technologies could keep the game show out of final jeopardy.
01:44:25>> Game shows have taken on a new life on the internet, on the cell phone.
01:44:32These things will never go away.
01:44:36>> Of course, game shows, here " time to play more "name that " to recap the scores, lara spencer with two.
01:44:48Sam champion with one.
01:44:49And after checking with the judges, elizabeth vargas has half a point.
01:44:52>> Half a point.
01:44:53>> That's half a point more than we thought she'd have.
01:44:57Number four, play that tune.
01:44:59>> It was mine.
01:45:00I got it.
01:45:05" >> just ask the judge.
01:45:08>> It's the only thing -- >> well done.
01:45:12" I would not have known that show.
01:45:15Please, name this game show tune.
01:45:25you're kidding me, people.
01:45:27Lara spencer?
01:45:29>> "Wheel of fortune"?
01:45:31>> No.
01:45:33>> Samuel j. champion.
01:45:38>> Millionaire.
01:45:40>> Judges?
01:45:40>> It's called "who wants to be " >> and the final.
01:45:45This is big.
01:45:46This is big.
01:45:46This is going to decide the game.
01:45:47Name that tune.
01:45:50>> lara spencer.
01:45:54>> I pushed it too soon.
01:45:57>> Fabulous prizes.
01:45:59>> George?
01:46:01" >> and the winner -- and the winner -- >> thank you, josh elliott.
01:46:13>> Who would you like to thank?
01:46:16>> Well done.
01:46:16I'd love a brand-new car and that gorgeous fur.
01:46:25>> Just remember, have your pets spayed and neutered.
01:46:29Tomorrow, in "game show confidential," we go behind the scenes.
01:46:34And on friday, we're going behind the shows that lara couldn't name.
01:46:38"Wheel of fortune," with lara spencer.
01:46:41>>> Coming up, fantasia.
01:46:41Go nowhere.
01:48:54[ cheers and applause ] >>> fantasia is out with her first album in three years.
01:49:01It's hard to believe it's been nearly ten years since fantasia " and since then, she has seen her share of highs and lows, "with side-effects of you" fantasia is ready to come back.
01:49:16You were ready to walk away from music a couple of years back.
01:49:20>> I think we lose the focus on the music.
01:49:23>> What brought you back?
01:49:24>> It's the people.
01:49:25The fans.
01:49:27They tell me that, you know, you sang that song.
01:49:29You blessed me.
01:49:30I know what I do is to bless people.
01:49:33All that other stuff, I don't care about anymore.
01:49:35>> You rocked "american idol" last night with the song you're about to sing.
01:49:39She's performing the lead single off her album "side effects of " fantasia is singing, "lose to " >> yes.
01:49:50>> Those who are watching this morning, I hope that this song blesses you.
01:49:58♪ Never felt so ugly pretending that he loves me ♪
01:50:03♪ sometimes it's just that money never had to afford me ♪
01:50:08♪ now, I'm sick and tired of you ♪
01:50:11♪ just takin' right off know when I forgive you ♪
01:50:18♪ you ain't here for dinner like I'm a beginner ♪
01:50:24♪ I loved you for your inner, inner, inner ♪
01:50:31♪ and the next guy is out there somewhere ♪
01:50:35♪ but you won't dare 'cause you're too scared ♪
01:50:42♪ have you ever ♪
01:50:47♪ but he ain't willing to make it last ♪
01:50:51♪ sometimes you gotta lose to win again ♪
01:50:57♪ if it makes you cry, cry, cry ♪
01:51:03♪ and all you do is fight can't get no sleep at night ♪
01:51:10♪ sometimes you gotta lose to win again ♪
01:51:21♪ ever felt so sorry all you did was worry ♪
01:51:24♪ you didn't want nobody thought it would get better ♪
01:51:28♪ but it's fallen more than oh, it's fallen more than ever ♪
01:51:38♪ I just hoped that we would 'cause you're always ♪
01:51:43♪ up to no good maybe it'll take someone else ♪
01:51:47♪ to show me better but I don't wanna leave ya ♪
01:51:58♪ hey ♪
01:52:00♪ have you ever ♪
01:52:04♪ but he ain't willing to make it last ♪
01:52:08♪ sometimes you gotta lose to win again ♪
01:52:16>> take it to the bridge.
01:52:23♪ Some of you know what it feels like ♪
01:52:24♪ caught up just in his light ♪
01:52:25♪ don't wanna try again thinking what's the difference ♪
01:52:30♪ why am I not interested?
01:52:31'Cause when you've been broken ♪
01:52:33♪ you feel like no one can fix it ♪
01:52:35♪ yeah ♪
01:52:40♪ have you ever needed ♪
01:52:44♪ needed someone so bad but he ain't willing ♪
01:52:47♪ to make it last whoa, yeah ♪
01:52:48♪ sometimes you gotta lose to win again ♪
01:52:50♪ win again oh ♪
01:53:00♪ and if it makes you cry if it makes you ♪
01:53:03♪ cry, cry, cry ♪ all you do is fight can't get no sleep at night ♪
01:53:16♪ sometimes you gotta lose to win again ♪
01:53:22[ cheers and appla >>> how about one more big thank you for fantasia.
01:56:12>> I get happy on stage.
01:56:13>> Thank you.
01:58:59>> Now from abc7 news, good morning, I am eric thomas.
01:59:03A sig-alert, an update on the san mateo bridge.
01:59:07Leyla gulen?
01:59:08>> We have an update on the sig-alert eastbound 92 with two lanes open and one remains closed.
01:59:14This is the eastbound direction at the high-rise with an injury accident out there and still very heavy traffic.
01:59:20Avoid it and take dumbarton and the westbound commute is looking slow into foster city.
01:59:27>> Thank you very much.
01:59:28Cooler again today by seven to 14 degrees, upper 50's along the coast where it will be cloudy with sunshine by noon and 62 at