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00:00:00Less incidents, less problems with the staff, things of that nature.
00:00:04Narrator: But the work programs, like those in the bike shop, furniture factory, and barbershop, come with their own risks.
00:00:14Officers routinely discover weapons, like these blades, which were stolen from a pendleton workshop.
00:00:22INMATE robert McIntyre is serving life for double rder.
00:00:27McIntyre: I got two life sentences.
00:00:28Just had a bad day and ended up killing two innocent people.
00:00:32Nobody I knew, you know?
00:00:35Some bad decisions.
00:00:37Narrator: Mcintyre is a big man with a violent temper.
00:00:42230 Pounds. I hit really nice.
00:00:45Narrator: Today, he's working with a paintbrush on the prison's new mural project.
00:00:51McINTYRE IS GLAD TO BE OUT OF HIS CELL, But he understands the rules of the game.
00:00:57McIntyre: It's a control method.
00:00:59"We'll give you this, and then we'll threaten to take it away from " Narrator: Allowing inmates to work largely unsupervised in prison halls may seem like a big risk, but offenders know they must tow the line or be locked in their cells.
00:01:16The psychological battle between the administration and the convict is a constant, ongoing tension.
00:01:26Narrator: But for some the incentives don't work.
00:01:30Breond yarbrough is one of them.
00:01:33" I grew up in chicagogang-banging, so crime wasn't reallynothing to me.
00:01:40Narrator: He's serving life for strangling two men.
00:01:46He's been busted for trying to smuggle cocaine into prison.
00:01:50Yarbrough: I should have been in prison or I should have dead a long time ago.
00:01:55So if this ain't saving me, it's saving somebody else.
00:01:59If I was out, still on the street, I probably would have killed somebody else.
00:02:03Narrator: For chi-town and inmates like him, serving their sentences means doing hard time.
00:02:10But chaos can still erupt without warning.
00:02:14Up next, the prison faces a worst-case scenario when two inmates vanish.
00:02:21Then, officers storm a cellblock to send inmates a warning.
00:02:27Hi. I'm michelle. I'll be your parole officer.
00:02:29A dangerous criminal goes back to the streets.
00:02:31Asher: He is classified as a violent sexual predator.
00:03:37d Narrator: Superintendent brett mize took over indiana's pendleton maximum-security prison in march, 2008.
00:04:43His mission was to bring order to a population full of violent offenders.
00:04:49Mize: Murder, rape, armed robbery.
00:04:52We've had them up from 20 years all the way towe have an offender in here that's serving 280 years.
00:04:57Narrator: Before mize, pendleton had a history of chaos, riots, and fights like this one, caught on the prison's closed-circuit monitoring system.
00:05:09His team includes more than 300 officers and an internal affairs department, which investigates all crimes committed in the prison.
00:05:19Investigator mike rains is the superintendent's eyes and ears.
00:05:24He's worked at pendleton for 30 years and once took 20 stitches to the head after an assault by an inmate.
00:05:33I got a private call on my cellphon uh-huh.
00:05:36And they said they'd bring me up here to see my boyfriend.
00:05:40[ Sniffles ] today, rains is interrogating a woman who came to visit her boyfriend in prison.
00:05:46During a routine search, or pat down, security found two suspicious packages she was trying to smuggle into the visiting room.
00:05:54Tell you what it is right now.
00:05:58You didn't make up the packages, huh?
00:06:03This is tobacco.
00:06:06Feels like rolling papers.
00:06:08You realize that bringing this stuff in's a felony?
00:06:12Rains calls state police to arrest the woman, but his investigation inside prison walls is just beginning.
00:06:21Rains: While we were interviewing her, her boyfriend was calling heron her cellphone.
00:06:26You could hear her phonevibrating.
00:06:29And he had actually text-messaged her and asked her what's going on.
00:06:33Narrator: That means that her inmate boyfriend has a cellphone, and they are strictly forbidden.
00:06:40Cellphones can be used to make drug deals or intimidate witnesses.
00:06:45Rains sends officers to find the boyfriend and his illegal phone.
00:06:50Rains: We're searching him right now and another inmate that she gave us a name for, and we're searching both of them for phones.
00:06:58She had a lot of information she'd like to give up, but bottom line is that she's on her way to jail, and we'll deal with him inside.
00:07:11Narrator: Rains dispatches officers to a cellhouse, where they roused jerole adams, " he's serving 40 yearsfor drug dealing.
00:07:23Rains suspects this inmate is another member of the smuggling ring and that he could be hiding a phone.
00:07:30What the hell is going on, man?
00:07:32WHAT, ARE YOU SHAKING ME DOWN? Rains: Yeah.
00:07:37Narrator: But in a psychological cat-and-mouse game, officers don't tell fatback what they are looking for or why.
00:07:50Officers don't find a phone, but the investigation isn't over.
00:07:55The next day, rains ratchets up the pressure on him during recreation.
00:08:01She said something about me?
00:08:03Rains: Oh, yeah.
00:08:06We'll talk about it.
00:08:08See you later, fatback.
00:08:10Rains: He's concerned now.
00:08:12He wasn't concerned yesterday, when we shook him down, but now he's nervous.
00:08:17Narrator: Later, rains calls fatback into his office to get more information or a confession.
00:08:24How many times she been here to see you?
00:08:27I couldn't recall that.
00:08:30Did she bring you anything illegal?
00:08:32No. no?
00:08:35She didn't?
00:08:35Why is it she's telling me that she brought you in a package?
00:08:39I don't know why she would say something like that unless she was mad at me.
00:08:43Why would she be mad at you?
00:08:45I quit talking to her.
00:08:47He doesn't confess, but rains is trying to build a case that could put him in disciplinary segregation and add time to his sentence.
00:08:56Did you see him? did you see his feet?
00:09:00Man: [ laughs ] he was getting way too nervous for somebody that was innocent.
00:09:06Narrator: Enforcing strict punishment for rule breakers is an important part of discipline at pendleton.
00:09:13It shows that we have controlof our facility.
00:09:15I'm trying to keep this facility productive, keep the offenders calm and following all the rules and regulations.
00:09:20Narrator: This afternoon, one of mize's new procedures is under way in the disciplinary segregation unit.
00:09:27It's a cell-evacuation drill.
00:09:30Here, officers and staff rehearse the proper steps in case of fire or natural disasters.
00:09:38Turn around. turn around.
00:09:40Perhaps more importantly, the drill also reminds offenders that they can be moved or subdued at any time.
00:09:49Before they remove an inmate from his cell, officers bind his hands with plastic cuffs.
00:10:01What's up, mama? send me some money.
00:10:03Rains: Huh? last one.
00:10:08Inmates are led to the gym.
00:10:11If anything gets out of hand, a response team is ready with live ammunition and tear gas.
00:10:18[ Indistinct shouting ] yeah, there's a lot of secret communications going on.
00:10:27About 30 minutes into the drill, inmates are already restless.
00:10:34Even in handcuffs, inmates could injure an officer.
00:10:39Rains: I think we got an issue here.
00:10:42Narrator: Officers step in and regain order.
00:10:48When it's time to return the inmates to their ..
00:10:52Where's 22? 22?
00:10:53Narrator:..They are ordered to line up when their number's called.
00:11:01An officer notices that two inmates are missing.
00:11:04They aren't in the gym or in their designated line.
00:11:07They could be loose on the grounds.
00:11:11 ] rains doesn't sound the alarm yet.
00:11:21He's counting on armed officers to keep the inmates from escaping.
00:11:26A few minutes later, rains learns the inmates are found.
00:11:32Everybody's accounted for.
00:11:34Thank you. all right. bye.
00:11:37They got them.
00:11:37Narrator: The two inmates were looking to cause trouble and got in the wrong line to confuse the staff.
00:11:44They'll be disciplined.
00:11:47The day's drill ends with no injuries to officers or inmates, but the next violent encounter could be right around the corner.
00:11:56Up next, a stockpile of weapons is discovered, and officers raid a cellhouse to take back control.
00:12:05And later, gang violence keeps the prison on the verge of chaos.
00:12:31[ grunting, shouting ] [ grunts ] [ Man ] MIKE, COME ON!
00:12:39Mike -- what is your deal, man?
00:12:40 you've been riding me all day.
00:12:42Mike, you're playing like betty white out there.
00:12:44That's not what your girlfriend says.
00:12:45Whoa! whoa! baby, come here!
00:12:47Eat a snickers.
00:12:52[ Man ] HIKE! I'M OPEN!
00:12:54[ grunts ] That hurt.
00:12:56[ Male Announcer ] YOU'RE NOTYOU WHEN YOU'RE Hungry.
00:12:59Snickers satisfies.
00:16:19Narrator: At indiana's pendleton correctional facility, inmates sleep, eat, exercise, and work under the watchful eye of superintendent brett mize and his officers.
00:16:30I try to get at the cellhouseevery day, recreation, the dining hall -- somewherewithin the facility every day.
00:16:37I can't expect my staffto be out here with the maximum-security offenders every day and the superintendent be locked up inside his office.
00:16:46But despite his efforts, doing time at this maximum-security prison can still be unpredictable and dangerous.
00:16:55Offenders using homemade weapons to attack other inmates or staff is an ongoing problem at pendleton.
00:17:03These weapons could be hidden anywhere inside the prison.
00:17:07Finding and removing them is a top priority.
00:17:11Today, lieutenant margie horton is supervising the shakedown in "i" complex.
00:17:17Horton: I have regular shakedowns back here.
00:17:22And the reason we do it's because there's a lot of hidingspaces back here for shanks.
00:17:26Narrator: Shanks are improvised weapons that can be made out of almost any solid object.
00:17:31Once they're filed sharp, they can do serious damage, like these wounds photographed by pendleton investigators.
00:17:43Correctional officer donaldchappel is searching the vents by an ice machinenear the inmate lounge.
00:17:50Horton: Did you find something?
00:17:53Yeah, lieutenant.
00:17:54Describe what you have found.
00:17:56Found two homemade shanks.
00:17:57Shanks like this, a lot of times you will find that if you look at an office chair, you'll see this where it lifts the office chair up and down.
00:18:06And we do have a furniture factory here.
00:18:15There's another shank.
00:18:17Horton: We have to be very knowledgeable and think like they think.
00:18:20Even if we're not like them, we have to think like they think, because we got to find something.
00:18:26'Cause if we don't, it could mean our life.
00:18:29That's probably being in the makings of one.
00:18:33Still ain't sharpened yet.
00:18:35Was in the makings.
00:18:40Come on. march. march.
00:18:43Narrator: Because so many weapons were found today in "i" complex, superintendent mize orders a team of officers to lock-down and shake down the whole unit in the dead of night.
00:18:59Right face.
00:19:03[ Speaking indistinctly ] forward march.
00:19:13Water to the building has been cut off to prevent inmates from flushing contraband down the toilets.
00:19:19The shakedown squad enters from a side door so inmates can't see them coming.
00:19:30Lower left.
00:19:30The search of "i" complex begins.
00:19:43Inmates ay locked in their cells as officers search outside.
00:19:48All they can do is watch and wait until an officer reaches their door.
00:19:55Open. come on.
00:19:58[ Buzzes ] ..
00:20:02Three, four.
00:20:07Before cells are searched, inmates are cuffed and led away.
00:20:13Drug-sniffing dogs go to work.
00:20:17Inside are traces of contraband inmates tried to flush.
00:20:23In a cell at the end of the block, an officer feels something wedged between slices of bread.
00:20:29There's something hard in this.
00:20:36Narrator: It's a big find.
00:20:38Tonight's shakedown was a success and sent offenders an important message -- contraband will not be tolerated.
00:20:50Among the confiscated items, an officer has found parts of a tattoo gun.
00:20:53It's not lethal, but it poses a clear danger inside the prison.
00:20:59 and other serious diseases and allow inmates to show gang affiliations.
00:21:07You're gonna get your swastikas,your "white power" tattoos.
00:21:13You're gonna get your six-point stars, your five-point star.
00:21:17Definitely organizational names and initials.
00:21:20Narrator: Inmate joshua aaron is serving six years for armed robbery.
00:21:26He's built an illegal business giving inmates tattoos.
00:21:30Our camera caught aaron beginning a tattoo.
00:21:34He works in secluded areas, like this one, while inmates keep watch for the staff.
00:21:41Aaron: Lot of guys mad right now that I'm doing something illegal on camera, but facility knows that it happens.
00:21:50And [bleep] them. they ain't doing my time.
00:21:53Immediately following this incident, officers recovered and confiscated aaron's equipment.
00:21:59He will be disciplined.
00:22:01Changing a gang tattoo is another danger.
00:22:05Marco shugars learned that firsthand.
00:22:08He's serving eight years for armed robbery.
00:22:11He was a member of the ultraviolent aryan brotherhood gang.
00:22:15When he quit, he changed his tattoo, or "patch," as gang members call them.
00:22:20I went aheadand had my patch covered up, and that's when all -- you know, everything that happened happened.
00:22:28Rains: shugars hostage, and they had a knife at his throat.
00:22:34They slammed his head intothe window two or three times.
00:22:38Narrator: The brotherhood attacked shugars in this dormitory, where they barricades the doors and lit fire to a mattress.
00:22:46Up next, gangs try to run their own empires from inside pendleton.
00:22:52And later, inmates take revenge on sex offenders.
00:22:56Man: I'd rather just kill them all.
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00:26:40Music Narrator: Inside the 30-foot walls of pendleton maximum-security prison in indiana, rapists, murderers, and other violent offenders live in a society of their own.
00:27:44And gangs try to dominate that world with their own rules.
00:27:50That struggle can ignite violence at any time.
00:27:54On this day, officers break up a suspected gang fight in the dining hall.
00:27:59One inmate is led away in cuffs, another to the infirmary.
00:28:04The victim has a gash in his head and a stab wound on his leg.
00:28:09Officers search the cafeteria but can't find the knife.
00:28:13The fight happened so fast security cameras missed the entire incident.
00:28:19Prison investigator mike rains suspects the gang the maniac latin disciples is behind the assault.
00:28:27After the victim is stitched up, officers bring him to rains' office.
00:28:31He and another investigator try to figure out what happened.
00:28:36Just I ate my dinner, and I was walking out the door.
00:28:40Somebody put me in a choke hold.
00:28:42Y'all got cameras in there, don't you?
00:28:45Are you a memberof any organizations?
00:28:47No. I quit.
00:28:49What did you quit?
00:28:50Maniac latin disciples.
00:28:52And when did you quit?
00:28:54Think january or february.
00:28:56 did they -- no. I mean, I don't know.
00:29:00Rains thinks the inmate is holding back.
00:29:02But after 30 years on the job, he can guess what happened.
00:29:07The inmate was stabbed because he wanted out of the gang.
00:29:11" this gonna be good enough for him for your blood-out, or whatever they call it?
00:29:23This answer is all rains needs to confirm the assault was gang-related.
00:29:28In some gangs, only the death of a disloyal member will satisfy the blood-out ritual.
00:29:36, or protective custody, to prevent further attacks.
00:29:43For superintendent mize, controlling violence among the inmates means understanding how each gang is organized and how it functions inside the prison.
00:29:54Mize: Some staff members here work specifically to find out what initiation process is, what they're doing inside the walls, if they're trying to recruit newmembers, to keep a good temperatureon them to find out what they're doing.
00:30:06Narrator: He relies on hisinternal affairs department to monitor the inmatesfor signs of gang activity.
00:30:12Rains: The gang culture'sreally important with them.
00:30:15They have a leader, and thenyou have section chiefs.
00:30:19You have first sergeants.
00:30:20THEY'RE CALLEDACTUALLY FIRST "Cs." And they controlthe foot soldiers, and they send the foot soldiersout to do all their bidding, their dirty work.
00:30:29Narrator:PRISON OFFICIALS SUSPECT THAT MURDERER Marc tillman is the leader of another gang,the gangster disciples.
00:30:37Tillman deniesthat he's a gangster, but he says gangs are operatinginside pendleton.
00:30:43It's not just a bunchof unorganized guys running around on some,you know, mob action.
00:30:51Yeah, there's drugs.
00:30:53Narrator:THIS INMATE, ENGAI MAUL, Is the suspected leaderof the vice lords.
00:30:59He, too, denieshe's a gang leader.
00:31:01Maul is serving 65 yearsfor murder and goes by the nickname"bumps," allegedly because of allthe beatings he dishes out.
00:31:09Maul: This is a maximum-securityprison, man.
00:31:12So, you know, a lot of brothershere, you know, ain't going home, and a lot of brothers got a lotof time to deal with, right?
00:31:21So you fight a lot of wars.
00:31:24Narrator: Internal affairsmember walter peterson suspects that maul and mause their gangs to run a thriving prison blackmarket in drugs and cellphones.
00:31:35They created a business, andthat business is contraband.
00:31:38They try to get contraband inthrough the visiting room.
00:31:42They try to get contraband through supplies shipped into the facility.
00:31:45Tillman and maul have prison jobs in the bike shop and barbershop where, according to prison officials, they may be able to meet with their foot soldiers.
00:31:57Rains: They know who's getting drugs.
00:31:59They know how it's coming in.
00:32:00But it's proving this is the hard part, because you won't get anything to trace back to them.
00:32:05Everything they do is planned out infinitely.
00:32:09They don't directly get involved with anything.
00:32:12Narrator: The prison's investigation of tillman and maul is ongoing.
00:32:16The two inmates continue to deny they're running gangs.
00:32:20I'm not no gang leader.a gang leader?
00:32:23I don't know whata gang leader is, and I don't knowwhat a gang leader does.
00:32:28I'm just somebody who -- I've been doing a lot of time for a whole lot of years, right?
00:32:33So I got a good rapport with a lot of individuals.
00:32:36Tillman: You just have people in places, you know?
00:32:40You just have people in places.
00:32:42Like every shop around here probably has a clerkor something, you know?
00:32:47And you get fringe benefits.
00:32:49So, I mean, it might not be nothing but some extra kitchen food, you know, or some extra socks and boxers and t-shirts, you know?
00:33:00Everybody's connected some kind of way.
00:33:04Narrator: Out on the street, the gangster disciples and the vice lords are rivals, but prison officials believe that for the sake of doing business, the two leaders have joined forces inside pendleton.
00:33:16The only thing tillman and maul will admit is that they get along.
00:33:20We know that in order to keep things from getting out of hand a lot of times, we have to come together and we have to, you know, work things out.
00:33:32Up next, a sex offender faces off against inmates who want him dead.
00:33:38And later, a dangerous sexual predator goes free when his sentence is up.
00:34:04The catch me if you can, dance your butt off, knock out the lights, motor boating, reloaded and ready for anything, elevator out of order, running like a fool, up, up and away, pedal to the metal, boldly going anywhere-- muscles.
00:34:23, What muscles can do.
00:37:21Narrator: Most of the inmates at indiana's pendleton correctional facility will spend the rest of their lives in a prison cell.
00:37:29To some, that means they have nothing left to lose and no reason to follow the rules.
00:37:35These prisoners are the most dangerous.
00:37:38Here, an inmate looking for trouble climbs onto a railing.
00:37:43He grabs the security camera, taunts prison authorities, then rips out the cable.
00:37:50It's superintendent bretmize's job to keep a lid on defiant behavior.
00:37:56He knows that to prevent violence at this maximum-security prison, it comes down to control.
00:38:03We have offenders that are here365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
00:38:10Narrator: But inside this prison, there's a world just beyond mize's reach.
00:38:16[ Rapping indistinctly ] our cameras caught these inmates rapping about their way of life.
00:38:25Get your hands off of me, dude.
00:38:28Narrator: The murderers, rapists, drug dealers, and thieves who live here have their own set of rules when officers are out of sight ..
00:38:41Man: [Bleep] child molester.
00:38:44[Bleep] Narrator:..Especially when it comes to sex offenders.
00:38:48[Bleep] IN 2007, CHILD MOLESTER kent McDonald was found beaten to death in his cell.
00:38:57His new cellmate was the prime suspect.
00:39:00He's a member of the aryan brotherhood, a gang which authorities say has sworn to kill child molesters.
00:39:07There's always a possibility of a sex offender to be assaulted.
00:39:11The population can pick those guys out.
00:39:14They know who they are.
00:39:15They don't like the people that harm kids.
00:39:17McIntyre: Child molesters deserve to be smacked.
00:39:19You wanted to go preyon a little kid?
00:39:22I'm a grown man.
00:39:23They don't need to hit somebody that is weak like that.
00:39:26So they get slapped.
00:39:27Narrator: Pendleton officers don't discuss which inmates are sex offenders, but brandon perry, serving10 years for armed robbery, says inmates always have waysto find out.
00:39:41Can't get much worse than child molesters.
00:39:43There's not really honorable crime, but if you're in here for murder, robbery, selling drugs, then people don't look at you like that, you know what I'm saying?
00:39:51It's sick.
00:39:52Stephen singleton is serving three years for a sex crime involving a minor.
00:39:58On this day, as he's escortedto the yard for recreation, singleton meets a stringof insults from inmates.
00:40:06[ Indistinct shouting ] [bleep] [bleep] Narrator: The officer tells the inmates to back off.
00:40:16Stick up for him like I stick up for you.
00:40:19Narrator: But he can't stop the boiling hatred.
00:40:27Once in the rec yard, singleton must be kept in what's called a rec cage.
00:40:32If officers didn't lock him away from other inmates, he wouldlmost certainly be attacked or even killed.
00:40:42Narrator: Convicted drug dealer jasper chastain is in a nearby cage.
00:40:47I can't believe you guyspulled this child molester down here with us, man.
00:40:51That's ridiculous.it's disgusting.
00:40:53[Bleep] baby-raping bastard.
00:40:54Narrator: Chastain is serving 15 years for making methamphetamine.
00:41:00He says he'd love to get his hands on singleton.
00:41:03I feel it's my right as a human being to make their life hell.
00:41:08Narrator: Protected by the cage, singleton taunts chastain.
00:41:12Here I am. we're not in the cell anymore.
00:41:16We're right here.
00:41:25Philman bickle is serving life for child molesting and sexual misconduct with a minor.
00:41:31He is the constant target of violent threats.
00:41:35They want you to hang yourselfor cut your throat.
00:41:39"Why don't you just die?
00:41:40" when they call you chomo, which is their pet name, it's a combination of two words -- child molester.
00:41:51Narrator: And for inmates, there's another reason to hate bickle.
00:41:55He's a former police officer.
00:41:58Bickle's a marked man.
00:42:01He lives in protective custody where other inmates can't touch him.
00:42:06Bickle: They'd like to kill you.
00:42:08They beat you up.
00:42:09There's many people beaten up and stabbed.
00:42:12Not met, 'cause I've been segregated.
00:42:17But if I was to go out into the general population, I wouldn't last very long.
00:42:25Take care of it pretty quickly.
00:42:27Narrator: Up next, a violent sexual predator walks free.
00:42:33Do you have any idea what the restrictions are for housing as a sex offender?
00:43:13No way.
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00:45:31Narrator: Since march, 2008, brett mize has been cracking down on violence and bringing order to indiana's pendleton correctional facility.
00:45:41The proudest thing I am so far of what we've able to accomplishhere in the facility is the number of staff assaults that was going on in this facility.
00:45:49They would average from 17 to 20 staff assaults a month.
00:45:53In the last three mohs, we've averaged zero.
00:45:55Narrator: It's important to keep his staff well-trained and safe.
00:46:01Mize: You can wear these effective today.
00:46:03I'm sure you'll do us a great job.
00:46:05Congratulations. thank you.
00:46:07Congratulations. thank you.
00:46:08But mize knows his most important duty is to keep criminals in here and not on the streets.
00:46:17My biggest challenges are to make sure that we protect the public.
00:46:21We want to make sure that no offender ever gets out of these walls.
00:46:25Narrator: But the protection mize provides lasts only as long as an inmate's sentence.
00:46:32Inmate michael hendersonis being released today.
00:46:37He's served nine years for a sex crime.
00:46:40He's considered a dangerous sexual predator.
00:46:44Michelle asheris his parole officer.
00:46:46She'll overseehenderson's release and keep tabs on himonce he's back on the streets.
00:46:52The community is the primary concern.
00:46:55Our goal is to protect the public.
00:46:58Narrator: Henderson has few resources outside prison.
00:47:02He says he has no contact with his family and no job history.
00:47:08Where'd you work at? I didn't.
00:47:10You've not had employment? not had employment.
00:47:12 here in the facility?
00:47:17Henderson will have to register as a sex offender, but he seems to know little about that or other conditions of his parole.
00:47:25Okay, we're gonna go over what your stipulations are.
00:47:28Do you have any questions upon your release?
00:47:30Well, I don't even know what it's about.
00:47:31Did you complete any of the somm training inside the facility?
00:47:36I completed a prerelease program. okay.
00:47:39That's all I have done. okay.
00:47:41We want to make sure that there's a balance between their freedom and the public's safety, so it is high-risk situation when he comes out.
00:47:50Narrator: There are strict laws designed to keep sex offenders like henderson away from children, but it's unclear how well he understands them.
00:48:01Do you have any idea what the restrictions are for housing as a sex offender? no.
00:48:07As far as you can't live near a school, day care?
00:48:10I don't know nothing about it. okay.
00:48:13Out of all the criminals released from indiana prisons, sex offenders are the most likely to return to prison.
00:48:21You cannot touch, photograph, correspond with, engage in small talk or any unnecessary conversation with any child.
00:48:29Do you have any children of your own? no.
00:48:31 say you're in a store and you run across a child.
00:48:35You can't talk to them.
00:48:35I'm not telling you to be rude or mean to them.
00:48:37But you can't talk to them.
00:48:38You need to walk away from them, okay?
00:48:43In a few minutes, henderson will be a free man.
00:48:46Go ahead and go in that restroom right there.
00:48:49Then you can change, okay?
00:48:52Run inside there.
00:48:54Yeah. I'll watch it. all right.
00:48:58Stevens: Do I like it better when ty're in here?
00:49:00If they're in here, at leastwe know that they're in here, and they're notout there doing stuff that they shouldn't be doing.
00:49:07All right.
00:49:09All that stuff that was in the little envelope, I just put it in here.
00:49:13Narrator: The state gives henderson $75 and will pay for a room at a motel for two weeks.
00:49:24Go right here.
00:49:25A prison vehicle takes him to another town, and he's set free.
00:49:31All right.
00:49:31From that moment on, mize, rains, and the rest of the pendleton staff have no control over henderson.
00:49:49At the completion of filming, convicted sex offender michael henderson had still not registered as a sex offender.
00:49:56The indiana department of correction does not know his whereabouts.
00:50:01Henderson is a wanted man.
00:50:03Inside pendleton, brett mize's battle for control continues.
00:50:09He's confident that his new prrams and strict discipline will continue to improve the prison's dangerous reputation.
00:50:17Here, mize meets with inmate reprzeentatives.
00:50:20It's an opportunity for inmates to voice their concerns, but it's also a way for mize to subtly enforce his main objective.
00:50:29First thing, the last couple weeks have been really quiet inside.
00:50:32I want you guys to take backto the offender population I appreciate their cooperation,helping us out.
00:50:38There hasn't been hardly anyincidents whatsoever.
00:50:41Narrator: During mize's firstfive months as superintendent, violent incidents at the prisondecreased 70%.
00:50:48Mize:got a lot of endurance.
00:50:51That's just whatthe marine corps brought to me.
00:50:53Narrator: It is one more signthat this iraq war vet is winning the battle to controlthe dangerous inmates behind these walls.
00:51:14Narrator: The new century jail in kansas -- ultra-modern and under strict supervision.
00:51:20Turner: If you turn, I will tase you!
00:51:22Turner: This facility is not run by gang members.
00:51:25It's run by deputies, and we do it well.
00:51:26 do you understand !
00:51:34Narrator: Big brother's constant surveillance can cause inmates to snap.
00:51:48[ Indistinct shouting ] ...and the outcome can be deadly.
00:51:53Some people done killed theirself in here.
00:51:55Craighead: James! hey! wake up!
00:51:58[ Indistinct shouting ] --Captions by VITA -&www.vitac.com Captions paid for bydiscovery communications Narrator: The new century adult detention center in johnson county, kansas, just southwest of kansas city.
00:52:20Its jail complex is state of the art.
00:52:26In addition to the computerized system, cameras help monitor the inmates and manage their every move.
00:52:33In control centers like this one, detainees are under continuous surveillance.
00:52:40We have 12 screens.
00:52:41They're in constant rotationof the modules in this building and alsothe perimeter of this building.
00:52:45Cameras are so high-tech that you can basically pull in on a car across the bridge on the other side and take in a tag.
00:52:52Kind of gives us an extra edge.
00:52:54Narrator: The building perimeter, hallways, inside the cells, and in day rooms -- the cameras see everything.
00:53:03With touch-screen technology, the computers help control who gets in and who gets out.
00:53:10We have officersworking in this facility that are able to open,shut doors.
00:53:14They can literallycontrol an entire situation from another building.
00:53:21Lockdown. lockdown.
00:53:21At this time, the facility will lock down and conduct a formal head count.
00:53:25Narrator: Sheriff's deputies oversee the inmates with an iron fist.
00:53:30They respond swiftly and sharply to even the smallest infraction.
00:53:35Smith: These guys aren't coddled by any means.
00:53:37"If you try something,i'm gonna better it" -- that kind of thing.
00:53:39Hi they know how it runs.
00:53:45Narrator: For some, the harsh discipline and high-tech security make this county jail tougher than any prison.
00:53:52Hannibal:theworst jail to be in, 'cause johnson county'ssupposed to be one of the richest countiesin the nation, and they treat you so bad here.
00:54:01This is a terrible jailto be in.
00:54:02They're basicallytrying to break you, for real.
00:54:06Which,it does brea.som people.
00:54:09Narrator: The stress of being here can push some detainees over the edge.
00:54:15That's what happens in november 2009, when a simple card game turns into a violent brawl.
00:54:23A surveillance camera captures it on tape.
00:54:29Inmates roger mills and richard gilchrist are playing cards with two others when mills becomes angry and accuses gilchrist of cheating.
00:54:39I kept telling him I wasn't,but he didn't take it.
00:54:41I mean,he just didn't believe me.
00:54:43And he got mad about it, and he jumped up on me,and we started fighting.
00:54:51Delivered a bunchof savage blows to my head.
00:54:53I got hit at least half a dozen times in the head.
00:54:58Narrator: Deputy charles adelle is on duty.
00:55:11A code 200 signals an inmate-on-inmate fight and calls out any available deputy to respond.
00:55:19It was probably oneof the better fights I've seen while I've been here, as far as it was a pretty good match, both inmates throwing punches.
00:55:28It wasn't one on top of the other.
00:55:30Narrator: Deputy adelle waits for backup.
00:55:34He orders the other detainees to return to their cells.
00:55:39As soon as more deputies arrive, gilchrist gives up the fight.
00:55:43Gilchrist: When I seen them coming in the door, I stopped and walked away.
00:55:48I didn't want them to tase me.
00:55:50[ Taser crackling ] Narrator: A taser delivers a powerful jolt of electricity.
00:55:55It's painful and debilitating.
00:55:57Inmates know officers will tase them, and more.
00:56:02If there's a fight in here, they're gonna bringabout 40 cops in here.
00:56:05 they're gonna mace you.
00:56:08They're gonna slam you down in a chair.
00:56:10And everybody's gonna go locked down.
00:56:11Narrator: Gilchrist doesn't want to risk those severe consequences.
00:56:16So I just got out of there.
00:56:18I just walked over and let them cuff me up.
00:56:20Narrator: As punishment, both men get 20 days in the hole.
00:56:25That's disciplinary segregation, when they're locked up for 23 hours a day in a maximum-security module.
00:56:31Turner: Both of those inmates, as well, are on a full-restraint order, which means they don't come out of their cell without handcuffs and shackles.
00:56:42Narrator: Inmates end up in maximum-, medium-, or minimum-security modules based on their behavior in jail, not their alleged crimes.
00:56:52Accused murderers and rapists can be mixed in with petty criminals.
00:56:57Johnson county spends big money to be on the cutting edge of jail technology, most recently with a $54 million addition at new century.
00:57:09The expansion means new century can now take on hundreds of new inmates from an older jail.
00:57:19The transfer will be the first operation of its kind for the deputies, beginning with the most dangerous and unstable detainees -- those in maximum security.
00:57:31ONE OF THEMIS 20-YEAR-OLD brian McHenry, charged with theft and drivingon a suspended license.
00:57:43Officers suspect he may be mentally unbalanced.
00:57:48On this day, he won't come out of his cell for a shower.
00:57:57It's oneof our general guidelines.
00:57:58You must showerat least three times a week.
00:58:00Narrator: Regular showers help stop the spread of lice and disease, such as hepatitis.
00:58:06CONCERNED about McHenry's mental state, ..
00:58:18...THEN ESCORT A HANDCUFFED AND silent McHenry into a shower room.
00:58:24Put your hand up on the wall.
00:58:28Narrator: But after several minutes, he still refuses to cooperate.
00:58:34If you don't take a shower, okay, we'll have to do that for you.
00:58:38You understand?
00:58:40There's no response at all.
00:58:45Let's get that hose.
00:58:46The deputies bring in a garden hose and make their move with force.
00:58:54Turn around and put your -- turn around -- McHenry: [Bleep] off me!
00:59:00Down! get down! get down!
00:59:03Narrator: Finally, after being restrained by three officers, McHENRY IS STRIPPED DOWN AND WASHED.
00:59:14But then deputies make a discovery.