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00:00:01John oliver is a highly esteemed medium.
00:00:04>> The first impression that i received is a feeling in my solar plexus that there is a tremendous element of danger with this case.
00:00:15>> Narrator: Carla baron is one of the most well-known psychic profilers in the country.
00:00:19>> Not only is there an element of danger, but there could be danger for us.
00:00:23>> Narrator: Patrick burns is an expert in paranormal research.
00:00:27>> Anytime a high-ranking public official goes missing, there's always the possibility of organized crime being involved.
00:00:34>> There's something more here than just a missing person.
00:00:39>> Narrator: Both john and carla have wide experience working with law enforcement, but can they shed new light on this mystery?
00:00:46The team will spend 24 hours in central pennsylvania, looking for clues to jump-start th case.
00:00:55To begin their investigation, the team first needs to visit the courthouse where ray gricar built his career prosecuting criminals.
00:01:04>> That morning, he didn't come to work.
00:01:08He didn't come here.
00:01:09>> Narrator: John and carla have been given no details on the case.
00:01:12>> What are your impressions?
00:01:13>> They watched him every day at the same time.
00:01:17I definitely get something, like, over there in those shops.
00:01:23>> When you first mentioned his name, I received a psychic impression on the left side of my body.
00:01:28I don't know what that means yet -- if he was struck there, grabbed there.
00:01:32I'm not sure.
00:01:33I want to dive in deeply and see how my body reacts to what is here.
00:01:41>> Patrick, this is chief shawn weaver.
00:01:43>> Narrator: Prick meets with the detectives running the case and gets more background on the investigation.
00:01:48>> This is the laptop we recovered from the river.
00:01:51We were able to trace those numbers back to confirm that this is the laptop that was issued to ray.
00:01:56>> Narrator: But when the computer was found, the hard drive was missing.
00:01:59>> It didn't just come out on its own.
00:02:01It was physically removed by somebody.
00:02:03>> Narrator: A month later, that hard drive showed up at the river's edge, but police may never know how or if it's connected to ray's disappearance.
00:02:11>> The experts are telling us they're unable to recover any data at all from it.
00:02:19>> Narrator: With no body and so little physical evidence to go on, john tries to connect with the victim in the place where he spent much of his life -- the courtroom.
00:02:29>> I have a picture of him that I haven't looked at yet that I'd like to use to connect to his energy.
00:02:39There is a feeling of him wanting to get away.
00:02:44That doesn't mean that I feel he's run away.
00:02:46I don't know yet.
00:02:47I feel that energy in this man.
00:02:51>> Narrator: John presses on, trying to make a deeper connection.
00:02:55>> I'm gonna look at his eyes now.
00:02:56I feel like I've gotten as much as I can from the picture, not looking at it.
00:03:00Yes. okay.
00:03:03Face-to-face with him finally.
00:03:08I'm looking deeply into ray's eyes.
00:03:11This is a man that is troubled about something.
00:03:17>> This bench.
00:03:18>> Narrator: Carla can't shake the feeling that a man had been watching ray for some time.
00:03:27>> No.
00:03:27He's in a car.
00:03:28He's sitting over here.
00:03:30It was either this corner or here.
00:03:35I get this person's a smoker.
00:03:38He's parked in his truck, like, in front of the drugstore, getting a pack of cigarettes while he's waiting.
00:03:47He's been sitting here waiting to see what ray's gonna do.
00:03:51>> Narrator: Back inside the courthouse, john tries to pick UP THE D.A.'s PSYCHIC TRAIL ON The day he disappeared.
00:03:58>> Wait a minute.
00:03:59I see hands on the wheel.
00:04:01I don't know why I'm seeing a red car.
00:04:04>> Narrator: John has hit a bull's-eye.
00:04:07>> Ray's car is a red mini cooper.
00:04:09It was very distinctive.
00:04:11>> Someone wants to meet with you?
00:04:16Is that it?
00:04:19Based on the psychic impressions I'm getting, ray was going somewhere by himself to clear his head and never came home.
00:04:29>> Narrator: John and carla have picked up ray's psychic trail.
00:04:32Can it lead them to the missing ?
00:07:00>> Narrator: Searching for new leads in the strange disappearance of ray gricar, carla and patrick retrace his 45-mile drive to lewisburg along highway 192.
00:07:11John takes an alternate route, sensing the river itself may hold vital clues.
00:07:18>> I feel something here.
00:07:19>> Narrator: With no guidance, john finds the place where ray's car was discovered.
00:07:24>> I'm not saying that he's there, but he's been here.
00:07:28>> He was meeting somebody.
00:07:29>> There's someone sitting in his car with him.
00:07:31I think that could have been the last person to see him before he disappeared.
00:07:36>> The same guy that I saw that was in that driver's seat.
00:07:41>> Narrator: A few hundred yards downriver from where gricar's car was found, john gets a strong psychic impression.
00:07:47>> I get the feeling that ..
00:07:53There's something in the water that belongs to his substance, to his person.
00:07:59I feel it sinking.
00:08:00>> Narrator: John doesn't know that ray's laptop and hard drive were discovered just a few feet away.
00:08:05>> It's more than one thing.
00:08:08Two or three things.
00:08:10I hear the sound three times.
00:08:14It's something made of metal.
00:08:17>> Narrator: If john is right, another crucial clue may still lie hidden in this water.
00:08:24Back upstream, carla is determined to find out what happened to ray.
00:08:28She and patrick meet up with detectives at the lewisburg parking lot where ray's mini cooper was discovered.
00:08:34>> Can you take us around the area here?
00:08:37>> When we found his car, it was parked just about in this spot right in here.
00:08:42He could have went to another vehicle if it was parked here.
00:08:45It's just kind of wide open.
00:08:47>> I'm gonna walk you to where the other car was.
00:08:49>> There was another car here?
00:08:51>> Yeah.
00:08:52Hold on.
00:08:55It's catercorner.
00:08:57He walks this way.
00:08:59He's got a cigarette in hand.
00:09:01The guy leans in.
00:09:02How tall are you?
00:09:04>> 5'11".
00:09:04>> He's about your height.
00:09:06>> Ray's looking at the cigarette, but he doesn't say anything.
00:09:09I think normally that would bug him.
00:09:11>> Narrator: Carla has hit the nail on the head.
00:09:13>> One of the first things they noticed when they opened the car up was an odor of tobacco and some very fine cigarette ash, which we all thought was kind of strange because ray was not a smoker and would never let anybody into the car that smoked.
00:09:28>> Narrator: A cigarette, an agitated stranger -- carla is onto something.
00:09:36In order to find ray gricar, john will use a technique called "remote viewing" that allows him to envision a wide area and then zoom closer and closer to a psychic hot spot.
00:09:47>> As soon as I'm tuned in, I'll tell you and I'll start to sketch.
00:09:53>> Narrator: John draws a series of maps for the detective.
00:09:57>> I want to concentrate to see if I can get any visual images.
00:10:02Hopefully "x" marks the spot.
00:10:11The first thing that I did is i asked myself, "do I sense that he's still in the state of " page number 2, then.
00:10:21In the distance are mountains or hills.
00:10:24So here are tracks.
00:10:26This is water or a river.
00:10:27Then we're coming in closer to " around this time somewhere, i 7" or " that is approximately the number of miles from the place of disappearance.
00:10:41>> So from here in lewisburg?
00:10:43>> Yeah.
00:10:43Here, I just marked little trails in here, and it's very, very steep, very rocky here.
00:10:49There's an overlook.
00:10:51There's trees.
00:10:52There he is.
00:10:56..closer, and then my trail runs out here.
00:11:00>> That's interesting.
00:11:02>> Narrator: John's map bears a startling resemblance to a place the detective knows.
00:11:06>> He described the area enough that I knew exactly where to take him.
00:11:10South of lewisburg on the susquehanna river is shikellamy state park.
00:11:15At the park, here, is actually an overlook.
00:11:20It's not very far.
00:11:21I'd say it's within 17 miles of ..
00:11:25>> We're this close.
00:11:26We have to have a look, right?
00:11:28>> Let's go down.
00:11:30>> What I'm seeing is this series of bay doors in a row -- light-colored.
00:11:36>> Narrator: Carla has a vision of ray being taken to an industrial building.
00:11:40>> You go over the railroad tracks, then there's an access road into the bay doors, where the shipping/receiving area is.
00:11:47>> Can you lead me in a direction from here?
00:11:50>> Turn off to lewisburg.
00:11:53Take us this way.
00:11:57Stay on this road.
00:11:59We will make a right here.
00:12:02Why I don't know, but we will.
00:12:06We're close.
00:12:11To the railroad tracks. go.
00:12:14This is it. this is it.
00:12:15I'm telling you, for some reason, I know where we're going.
00:12:18" >> holy [bleep] >> look at this.
00:12:22>> And look -- they're beige.
00:12:24I've got chills.
00:12:26Carla visualized where we are -- the shipping/receiving dock that we've just pulled up to.
00:12:35>> Narrator: Carla has pinpointed the place she thinks was taken the day of his disappearance.
00:12:41But where did he go next?
00:12:44>> This type of area feels right to me -- the way that the land is looking, the way we're getting up higher.
00:12:54>> See?
00:12:55There's the susquehanna river right there.
00:12:57>> That'the same river that we ..
00:12:59>> Exactly.
00:13:00>> The trail is through the trees.
00:13:03Oh, yeah.
00:13:03There's an overlook there. look.
00:13:05>> There's your mountains.
00:13:07>> Oh, yes.
00:13:08>> And this is just a sheer rock face.
00:13:11>> Straight down.
00:13:12>> Yeah.
00:13:16>> Narrator: The detective is mystified and reveals a startling piece of information known only to police until now.
00:13:23>> Shortly after he disappeared, we had some information that he may have possibly been seen here.
00:13:28>> Really?
00:13:28>> We couldn't put any validity to anything.
00:13:30>> I see.
00:13:32>> But that's why, when you were drawing that, that's what stuck in the back of my mind.
00:13:36I'm thinking, "he's describing " >> there's some type of foul play involved.
00:13:42It's beginning to look more and more like a murder.
00:13:47>> Narrator: When we come back, a nighttime investigation yields some chilling new clues.
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00:17:19>> Narrator: Both john and carla now believe that missing d.a.
00:17:23Ray gricar was the victim of foul play.
00:17:25To piece together what happened to him, the team gathers at the river, not far from where his car and laptop were found.
00:17:32>> There's a strong possibility that there is a psychic vibe, a presence here.
00:17:38Part of his personality is still in this area.
00:17:43>> Narrator: Patrick will use a wide array of highly sensitive equipment to monitor the site for any paranormal activity.
00:17:50>> We've got two laptop computers to log the data.
00:17:53What we're looking for here is a sudden dip in temperature over a short span of time to indicate possible paranormal activity.
00:18:00>> Narrator: With patrick carefully studying his monitors, carla and john begin their readings.
00:18:07>> Okay.
00:18:09I'm behind the wheel of a car.
00:18:12I want to see if I can speed the drive up to something identifying.
00:18:25In the car.
00:18:26This man is meeting him for some reason.
00:18:29>> He said, "i need you to come with me.
00:18:32Either you come with me, or harm " ..
00:18:42Ray was taken away for a drive.
00:18:46>> I see these railroad tracks.
00:18:49>> He went away for a drive.
00:18:51>> Then I see these bay doors.
00:18:53 >> we weren't supposed to stop.
00:19:02>> His hands were tied.
00:19:04His feet were tied.
00:19:07They wanted to know, how much did he know, who did he tell?
00:19:11Ray, by accident, came upon a name having to do with some other case.
00:19:17That's why this happened.
00:19:21>> I feel some terrible sensation in the upper-left quadrant of my body.
00:19:27>> They beat him.
00:19:29I get it was mostly about the head.
00:19:32>> I don't know if ray's been grabbed there.
00:19:35>> I see his head tilted back.
00:19:36>> Struck there, hit there, stabbed there.
00:19:39>> Narrator: As john and carla see ray in increasing danger, patrick reports sudden activity on the temperature sensors.
00:19:45>> We've got a temperature drop.
00:19:53>> It's -- >> it's a very odd sensation.
00:19:56>> I get something from the left, like they -- >> [ screams ] >> the one sensor is significantly colder than the other two.
00:20:09>> Narrator: The sudden localized change in temperature seems to indicate paranormal activity.
00:20:14The team is on the right path.
00:20:15>> There goes sensor number 2 again.
00:20:17It's dropping.
00:20:18>> I don't sense that ray's body is actually here.
00:20:23>> I've moved forward to someplace else.
00:20:26I don't know where I am.
00:20:28>> Narrator: John tries to VISUALIZE THE D.A.'s FINAL Moments.
00:20:32>> It's like ray is not -- almost like he's not conscious.
00:20:40It's like it runs out.
00:20:43The road runs out.
00:20:51>> Narrator: The team is now convinced that ray gricar was murdered.
00:20:55But if they want to help police catch his killer, they'll have to find some more concrete clues.
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00:24:24>> Narrator: John and carla have revisited the day ray gricar nt missing.
00:24:28>> John, you seem to be subscribing to the homicide theory, as carla does.
00:24:34>> Narrator: Now they must deliver some more identifying clues.
00:24:37>> Where do you think the authorities need to focus their investigation from this point forward?
00:24:43>> There's something still in the water that belongs to him.
00:24:47It could be the keys.
00:24:49The keys.
00:24:51The police need to search an area like my picture.
00:24:55That's where I see you're gonna find him.
00:24:58>> Carla, how are they going to solve this?
00:25:01>> I think the laptop and the hard drive were a ruse.
00:25:07I think that that was throwing us off the track, and it was on purpose.
00:25:10Our best best is to go to this business -- this shipping/receiving area.
00:25:19Ray lost his life.
00:25:20>> Narrator: John and carla have given detailed descriptions that may lead detectives to ray gricar's body.
00:25:26Now they shift their attention to the identity of the killer.
00:25:30>> I would look at ray's case files -- who he was looking at within the five weeks -- okay, I'm getting a period of five weeks -- leading up to this time.
00:25:41I'm seeing money changing hands.
00:25:43I'm seeing trucks.
00:25:45Drug-trafficking definitely.
00:25:48>> Well, carla, I haven't told you this yet, but ray had a very big drug bust that he had prosecuted two weeks before he went missing.
00:25:57>> Really?
00:25:59>> Really.
00:26:00>> Narrator: Suddenly, john is struck by a chilling new impression of the killer.
00:26:04>> I see him again.
00:26:06I remember this now.
00:26:08>> Narrator: He senses that someone with a secret is very close.
00:26:12>> I have the feeling that somewhere behind me -- I'm pointing toward the town -- there is a shop or a building that this man goes into regularly -- an upstairs apartment, a shop.
00:26:23Find this man, and you will find out what happened to ray gricar.
00:26:29>> Narrator: In the course of their investigation, john and carla have discovered several new clues.
00:26:33>> There's someone sitting in his car with him.
00:26:35>> Narrator: They believe ray was meeting a man in lewisburg and was abducted.
00:26:39>> Go over the railroad tracks.
00:26:40Then there's an access road.
00:26:41>> Narrator: He was taken to a warehouse.
00:26:43>> They wanted tknow, how much did he know, who did he tell?
00:26:46>> Narrator: He was beaten and killed and his body dumped in a nearby state park.
00:26:50>> "X" marks the spot.
00:26:53>> Narrator: The team's findings have been turned over to investigators, who will now take a fresh look at the case.
00:27:00>> Carla and john were very credible with us.
00:27:02They gave us information that we were able to confirm that was not available to the public.
00:27:08>> Come on up.
00:27:09>> It's given us more grounds to go back and look at some areas a little closer, to give us some more leads to work on.
00:27:21--Captions by VITA >>> My name is sergeant david laughlin with the akron police department.
00:28:12Since akron is a college party town, you deal with a lot of people and with that comes a lot of drug and alcohol offenses we have to deal with.
00:28:20Got a lot of cars parked around this area.
00:28:22I know there's a party or two, nothing out of control just yet.
00:28:26People are starting to come in, guarantee is people will be carrying underage, open containers.
00:28:34These two guys walking right at now.
00:28:37There's no way they're old enough to have those beers in their hand.
00:28:40Hey, come here a minute.
00:28:42You're old enough, aren't you?
00:28:44>> Yeah.
00:28:44>> Where's your id?
00:28:46>> I left it at home.
00:28:48>> How do I know how old you are?
00:28:51I don't know.
00:28:51>> How old are you.
00:28:54>> 18, 19.
00:28:55>> 21.
00:28:55>> What's your social security number?
00:28:58>> I have my card in my wallet.
00:29:01>> Dude.
00:29:01>> I'm going to have to get out and deal with this craziness.
00:29:06What's your name?
00:29:08>> Dan.
00:29:08>> Last name.
00:29:09>> [ Bleep ].
00:29:10>> Date of birth?
00:29:13>> JUNE 27th, I BELIEVE.
00:29:15>> You believe?
00:29:16You believe your birthday is JUNE 27th?
00:29:19All right.
00:29:19You want to keep jerking me around here or you want to like straighten this thing out now?
00:29:30Date of birth.
00:29:32>> 9-16-90.
00:29:33>> There we go.
00:29:33Was that so hard?
00:29:35>> Not at all.
00:29:37>> All right.
00:29:38Been arrested before?
00:29:39>> Yes.
00:29:40>> For what?
00:29:42>> Misdemeanor paraphernalia charge.
00:29:44I spent 11 days for it and i didn't pay my fine.
00:29:46>> Do you have an id?
00:29:50You're actually trying to tell