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00:00:00o after it.
00:00:01There ain't no one fool enough to take on an Alaskan bull worm.
00:00:06metallic scraping) You got a bathroom in this place?
00:00:21I'll catch your worm for you.
00:00:24That is, if'n you're willing to pay.
00:00:27MR. KRABS: No!
00:00:28You'll never get a cent out of me.
00:00:32I'd rather that worm come in here right now and eat you all alive.
00:00:38(panting) (sighs) Sorry.
00:00:46(chuckles) Aw, shucks. I don't want your money.
00:00:49I was just playing up the drama of the moment, is all.
00:00:53(nonchalant laughter) (weeping sobs) Nope, I'm gonna take that spineless critter down for nothing 'cause this is personal.
00:01:03Look, my tail's gone.
00:01:04(gasping) Varmint must have got it while I had my back turned, the coward!
00:01:10(groaning) I am going to get back what's mine.
00:01:18But Sandy, you don't know what you're up against.
00:01:21We're talking about an Alaskan bull worm.
00:01:25Well, I don't know nothing about Alaska but lookee here.
00:01:29Back in Texas, I wrangled bulls and I wrangled worms.
00:01:33Far as I concerned doing them both together just saves rope.
00:01:36Now,'m going to go kick me some worm tail.
00:01:41But Sandy, you don't know.
00:01:42Don't worry, Spongebob. I won't be long.
00:01:48Go get him, Sandy.
00:01:49We have the utmost confidence in you.
00:01:51Now, what was that idea ofyours?
00:01:55PATRICK: Push!
00:01:56(groaning) (Spongebob panting) Wait!
00:02:01Hey, Spongebob you coming to watch?
00:02:05Don't go!
00:02:06Why not?
00:02:07Sandy, I saw it.
00:02:09It's big, scary and pink.
00:02:11So's Patrick's bellybutton but I ain't afraid of that, neither.
00:02:15You'll get massacred.
00:02:16Spongebob, I'm from Texas.
00:02:18What you think is big, and what I think is big are two totally different bigs.
00:02:22Besides, he's got my tail. I can't take that sitting down.
00:02:26Okay, but what if the worm didn't take your tail?
00:02:30If that worm ain't got my tail, who does?
00:02:33Um... I do.
00:02:34You do? Where?
00:02:36Uh, in my... pocket.
00:02:37(giggles): Well, why didn't you just say so?
00:02:40Give it here.
00:02:41Come on.
00:02:42(creaking) Oh!
00:02:45(rattling) Spongebob, that's a paper clip and a piece of string.
00:02:50No, it's not. This is your tail.
00:02:53How would you know? It's always behind you.
00:02:56Oh, don't go, don't go (voice breaking): don't go...
00:03:00Spongebob, what is the matter with you?
00:03:03Now, I'm going to go give that legless rascal what for.
00:03:07And there ain't nothing you can say to stop me.
00:03:10Oh, yeah?
00:03:11What if I said "Blargin fedibble no-hip?" Well, I got to admit, that slowed me down.
00:03:18But I'm still going for him.
00:03:20You know, tails are so overrated.
00:03:22Let's just forget about it and go home.
00:03:25I've got ice cream.
00:03:26With nuts.
00:03:28Sandy, this is your pappy speaking and I forbid you to go after this worm.
00:03:32Y'all come back here, young lady.
00:03:35You ain't my pa.
00:03:36Sandy, if you want to get to that worm you're going to have to go through me.
00:03:41(creaks) Sandy, no, I can't let you.
00:03:46I'm not going to let you get killed.
00:03:49If you find him, you'll get eaten for sure.
00:03:52Ain't no way some dumb, old sea worm's going to make a meal of me.
00:03:57I'm too Texas tough.
00:03:59(sobs): No...
00:04:00Not tough enough. Not tough enough.
00:04:04Spongebob, quit your worrying.
00:04:06I can take care of myself.
00:04:07After all, who's the strongest critter in Bikini Bottom?
00:04:11(horn blows) You are.
00:04:15And who put the "hiya-hi-ho-k" in karate?
00:04:20And who saves your yellow backside from certain destruction on a regular basis?
00:04:26(meekly): You do.
00:04:27Right, and I can handle your little bull worm, too 'causeIam the best there is.
00:04:33There ain't nothing too big or too ornery for me to catch.
00:04:38Say it.
00:04:39There isn't anything...
00:04:41Ain'tnothingtoo big or too ornery for you to catch.
00:04:45But... Ah!
00:04:47But... Ah!
00:04:48And... Oh!
00:04:49We... Oh!
00:04:51I... No!
00:04:52Yeah, but... No.
00:04:53You see... No!
00:04:54I... Oh!
00:04:57(sniffs) Worm sign.
00:05:01He's in that cave.
00:05:02Sandy, are you sure you...?
00:05:04Course, I am. I'm going in and I ain't coming out till I got me a big, heaping plate of worm stew.
00:05:11(cries) Aha!
00:05:15There you are, you tailnabbin' varmint.
00:05:19(crushing blows) I'm winning, Spongebob.
00:05:25Sandy, that's not...
00:05:26(crushing blows) Hiya, hiya!
00:05:30This shouldn't take long.
00:05:32Sandy, that's not...
00:05:33(crushing blows) (Sandy cries out) Almost done.
00:05:38(crushing blows and shouts) Yeehaw! I got him, Spongebob.
00:05:46Boy, howdy!
00:05:47This critter put up some sort of fight.
00:05:49But I'm from Texas, and as you can see no worm is a match for me.
00:05:54I even found my tail.
00:05:57That's not the worm.
00:05:59That's not the worm.
00:06:01That's his tongue.
00:06:07(voice breaking): Oh...
00:06:10this is thetongue.
00:06:12And the whole thing is the worm.
00:06:16Run for your life!
00:06:19(growls and roars) (panting) So, what's the plan, Sandy?
00:06:30Run faster!
00:06:31I could have thought of that.
00:06:33Hey, wait a minute.
00:06:34I was right, wasn't I?
00:06:37Aw, he is too big for you, isn't he?
00:06:39Not now, Spongebob.
00:06:41I want to hear you say it.
00:06:42Can we talk some other time?
00:06:44Say it.
00:06:45Say it, or I'll trip you.
00:06:47No. Get away.
00:06:48Say it. Not now.
00:06:49Say it. Okay.
00:06:50You were right, and I was wrong.
00:06:51I was wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.
00:06:54Are you happy now?
00:06:55I knew it.
00:06:58(growls) (screaming) (panting) (growling) Not again.
00:07:17Uh, Sandy?
00:07:19What do we do now?
00:07:21(panting) (roars) I've got it! Spongebob, you still got that paper clip and that string?
00:07:30I'm way ahead of you, Sandy.
00:07:33Look, it's a necklace.
00:07:34"S" for "Spongebob" or "S" for "Sandy." That way they can identify our bodies.
00:07:40No, silly, how about "S" for "Save our skins"?
00:07:51Now,thisis what I call a rodeo.
00:07:54We'll be nice and safe up here.
00:07:56(train whistle blowing) (screaming) (panting) We did it!
00:08:13He'll never get out of there.
00:08:15We saved the town.
00:08:17Yay, let's go telleverybody.
00:08:19PATRICK: Push!
00:08:20(groaning) Push!
00:08:24(groans) ALL: Hooray!
00:08:28(whooshing) Ouch.
00:09:29♪ oh lolli lolli lolli ♪
00:09:30♪ lollipop ♪
00:09:31[ pop! ] ♪ Baa-oom, boom, boom ♪
00:09:33♪ call my baby lollipop ♪
00:09:35♪ tell you why ♪
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00:12:12Ñ l([email protected] Ph8ú80XPPh8ú80XPr ÷ q ÷ N Iát( Bot: Calling all umis.
00:13:24Team umizoomi!
00:13:27All: One, two, three, four.
00:13:28♪♪ Umi ♪♪
00:13:29♪♪ zoomi ♪♪
00:13:31♪♪ umi ♪♪
00:13:32♪♪ umizoomi, umizoomi ♪♪
00:13:33Bot: ♪♪ In a world that's not so far away ♪♪
00:13:37All: ♪♪ Umi city ♪♪
00:13:39Bot: ♪♪ You can count on us to save the day ♪♪
00:13:42Kids: ♪♪ umizoomi, umizoomi ♪♪
00:13:44Milli: ♪♪ We can measure ♪♪
00:13:45Geo: ♪♪ Build it together ♪♪
00:13:47Milli: ♪♪ You can help us, you're so clever ♪♪
00:13:49ot: ♪♪ WE'VE GOT MIGHTY MATH POWERS ♪♪
00:13:52All: ♪♪ You can call us any hour ♪♪
00:13:55♪♪ bah, bah-dah, bah, bah-dah, bah, bah-dah ♪♪
00:13:57♪♪ we are a tiny team ♪♪
00:14:00♪♪ bah, bah-dah, bah, bah-dah, bah, bah-dah ♪♪
00:14:03♪♪ we go behind the scenes ♪♪
00:14:05♪♪ bah, bah-dah, bah, bah-dah, bah, bah-dah ♪♪
00:14:08♪♪ there's nothing we can't do ♪♪
00:14:13And you!
00:14:13Oh, hi, I'm milli.
00:14:22I'm so happy to see you.
00:14:25I'm at the park today.
00:14:27Do you like to go to the park?
00:14:31Me too.
00:14:33Look, it's my brother geo.
00:14:35Geo, show us a skate trick.
00:14:38I can't do my trick because my skate is missing a wheel.
00:14:43Missing a wheel?
00:14:44This is bot, our best robot friend.
00:14:49Hello, hello.
00:14:54 ♪♪
00:14:58let's find a wheel to fix my skate.
00:15:01Do you see a wheel?
00:15:05Oh, yeah, right there.
00:15:09Here you go, geo.
00:15:10And this will keep your wheel on nice and tight.
00:15:16Thanks, bot.
00:15:18I'm happy to get you rolling again, geo.
00:15:21I'm ready to do my trick.
00:15:23Do you want to see it?
00:15:26Great, here I go.
00:15:35.. that was cool.
00:15:38Nice skating, geo.
00:15:40[Whirring] listen.
00:15:44[Whirring] it's the umi alarm.
00:15:47That sound means someone needs our help.
00:15:50When someone has a problem in umi city ..
00:15:55Mighty math powers!
00:15:59We're team umizoomi.
00:16:01We can find out who needs our help ..
00:16:09Team umizoomi, it's me, nick.
00:16:11I really need your help.
00:16:13Hi, nick, what's the problem?
00:16:14I'm at the rolling toy parade, and my lion toy just fell down a hill and it's stuck.
00:16:25Oh, no, now it's broken.
00:16:29I'm supposed to be the leader of the rolling toy parade.
00:16:33I can't do that if my lion toy's broken.
00:16:36Don't worry, nick.
00:16:37We'll use our mighty math powers to fix that toy.
00:16:41Thanks, team umizoomi.
00:16:43We need to fix nick's lion toy so he can be the leader of the parade.
00:16:49We're really gonna need your help.
00:16:51Will you help us fix nick's lion?
00:16:56You will?
00:16:59Yeah! yes!
00:17:00Now you're on team umizoomi with us.
00:17:03We'll call you umi-friend.
00:17:07Hello, umi-friend.
00:17:09Welcome to the team.
00:17:11It's time to get our mighty math powers ready.
00:17:15Come on.
00:17:18♪♪ I'm milli ♪♪
00:17:20♪♪ I can make any pattern ♪♪
00:17:22♪♪ with my dress ♪♪
00:17:28♪♪ Pattern power ♪♪
00:17:33♪♪ I'm geo ♪♪
00:17:34♪♪ I can build anything ♪♪
00:17:37♪♪ with my shapes ♪♪
00:17:43♪♪ Super shapes ♪♪
00:17:47♪♪ I'm bot ♪♪
00:17:49♪♪ I can show you anything ♪♪
00:17:51♪♪ on my belly, belly, belly-screen ♪♪
00:17:58♪♪ Traffic light ♪♪
00:18:00umi-friend, that's you.
00:18:03You've got mighty math powers too.
00:18:06Let's see your mighty math powers.
00:18:09Count down with me.
00:18:11Start with five.
00:18:15Three, two, one.
00:18:17♪♪ You've got mighty math powers ♪♪
00:18:21♪♪ mighty, mighty math powers ♪♪
00:18:23♪♪ you've got 'em ♪♪
00:18:24♪♪ you've got mighty math powers ♪♪
00:18:31now our mighty math powers are ready.
00:18:34Let's go fix nick's lion toy so he can be in the parade.
00:18:39Let's take the umi-car to the park.
00:18:42Calling umi-car, calling umi-car.
00:18:45Come and get us.
00:18:48[Horn honks] milli!
00:18:55Ok, team, seat belts on.
00:18:57[Seat belts clicking] to make the umi-car zoom really fast " All: Umizoomi!
00:19:11Bot: To the parade!
00:19:14Geo: Hold on to your helmets.