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00:00:00The booty kickersare up next!
00:00:02Booty kickers, come on!
00:00:04All right, all right, yeah!
00:00:06Yeah! all right. - we're ready!
00:00:10- This next wall is a special wall, okay?
00:00:12It's a one-player blackout wall, all right?
00:00:15- Ooh! - ooh, I know, I know.
00:00:18Now let me explain what that means.
00:00:19When the wall comes out, the studio lights will flash on and off, on and off, on and off.
00:00:23So you have to remember what the shape looks like, 'cause it might be dark by the time the wall gets to you.
00:00:28Now who's playing? - I am.
00:00:29 you playing, tiana?
00:00:32both: THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT--SHOW Me the money.
00:00:36- Yeah, yeah! - all right!
00:00:37 wait, wait, wait, i like that handshake, wait, wait, what was it?
00:00:41ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, both: Show me the money!
00:00:44- I like that! I like that!
00:00:46All right.
00:00:47- You got this, tiana!
00:00:50- SHOW ME... all: The hole in the wall!
00:00:54Three, two, one!
00:00:58- Jump through, tiana! jump through the hole.
00:01:01You gotta jump.
00:01:02Jump through the hole. come on, tiana!
00:01:04 - jump through the hole!
00:01:05Go through the hole, go through the hole!
00:01:07Yeah, yea--yeah! yeah!
00:01:16- Stand right over here.
00:01:20- Yeah! - all right, all right.
00:01:23All right, that was bad.
00:01:24- Show me the money. - all right.
00:01:26So I guess you found the money, right?
00:01:29Let's go to the replay. - you got the money.
00:01:31- But, mommy,i'm scared othe dark.
00:01:33[screams]- GO THROUGH THE HOLE!
00:01:35- but mommy, I don't wanna go through the hole.
00:01:40Wait, I can't seewhat happened.
00:01:42Oh, you made itthrough the hole.
00:01:45That's 10 pointsfor the booty kickers!
00:01:48The score is booty kickers, 10,the schmerlsters, 0.
00:01:53We'll be right back with morehole in the wall right after this.
00:01:57[cheers and applause] - Whoo! whoo!
00:05:21- Welcome backtohole in the wall!
00:05:24The score isthe booty kickers, 10, the schmerlsters, 0.
00:05:28Right now,it's the schmerlsters' turn to play round two.come on, fellas.
00:05:32Your turn, come on.
00:05:35All right.
00:05:36- Yeah. - guess what.
00:05:37You also have a blackout wall.
00:05:39Now let me explain it to you one more time.
00:05:41Someone will stand in the play area.
00:05:43The wall will be coming at you.
00:05:44The lights will be going on and off in the studio.
00:05:46You have to remember what the shape is and make it through.
00:05:48Who's playing for you guys? - I will!
00:05:50- You will? all right, chad!
00:05:52Chad, all right! all right!
00:05:56- Agh!
00:05:58- SHOW US... all: The hole in the wall!
00:06:02Three, two, one!
00:06:08You can do this!
00:06:11- You can do it, chad!
00:06:12Jump, jump through. - oh, wow.
00:06:14Oh, wow. - just jump through, chad.
00:06:15- Make the shape. it's coming at you, chad.
00:06:18It's coming at you, chad.
00:06:24- Oh, yeah, oh, yeah! one-one, baby!
00:06:28- Yeah, yeah!
00:06:30- [laughing] - get over here, get over here, get over here.
00:06:36I know you made it through the hole, but let's check the replay to see if you made the shape.
00:06:40- Ah!- what's wrong, chad?
00:06:42Don't like mynew low-energy lighting?
00:06:44Just trying to makethe show green, my man.
00:06:46While chad takesa shot in the dark, and makes it through.
00:06:50But hedoesn't make the shape, so he doesn't earn the points.
00:06:54Too bad, chad.
00:06:55Unfortunately, youdidn't try to make the shape, so you don't get any points.
00:07:00 next time, next time, next time.
00:07:02- Great try, though.
00:07:04- We'll get it next time. that's okay.
00:07:05- Next time, all right? next time.
00:07:06 - go over there and hang out for one second, all right?
00:07:11It's round number there,and the booty kickers are up.
00:07:15Are you all ready to play?come on.
00:07:16- Yeah!whoo-hoo!
00:07:18Yeah! whoo! - all right.
00:07:22- WE SMELL WHAT... all: Money!
00:07:26.. - whoo!
00:07:29- Chants, everything.
00:07:30All right, now, your next wall is a three-player wall worth 30 points-- 10 points for every player that makes it through.
00:07:35Hit that play area. let's get started.
00:07:40Here we go.
00:07:41SHOW US.... all: The hole in the wall!
00:07:45Three, two, one!
00:07:50[all chatter] - It's looking good.
00:07:59It's looking good.
00:08:01- Yeah!
00:08:10- Wow!
00:08:14Whoa. - whoo!
00:08:15- That's what we talking about!
00:08:18- Oh, wait a minute.
00:08:21Wait a minute, hold on.
00:08:22Wait a minute. now it looked good.
00:08:23You matched the shape, you made it through the hole.
00:08:26Let's go to the replay right now.
00:08:28- WHOA.- [screams] - This wallhas the booty kickers - wait, wait, wait.
00:08:33Wait, wait, wait.- don't you know, fetitia?
00:08:36The wall waits for no one.
00:08:38That's okay, you all made it intime to kick the wall's booty.
00:08:43- You all got 30 points!- yeah!
00:08:51- 30 Points!
00:08:52Good job. schmerlsters, come over here.
00:08:56All right,all right, all right.
00:09:00you're down by 40 points.
00:09:03Are you ready? - time to come back, yeah!
00:09:05- All right, time to come back, all right.
00:09:06It's a three-player wall worth 30 points.
00:09:0810 Points for every player that makes it through the wall.
00:09:11Now I'm confident you guys can do this.
00:09:13Are you confident? - yeah!
00:09:14- Say, "we're confident!" we're confident!
00:09:16- We're confident! - all right.
00:09:17If you're confident, get out there on that play area.
00:09:19Let's see you make it happen.
00:09:22Here we go, blue team!
00:09:23- We can do this. we can do this.
00:09:24SHOW US.... all: The hole in the wall!
00:09:28Three, two, one!
00:09:32All right, guys, you can do it.
00:09:34You can do this. you can do this!
00:09:36Stay in the play area! stay in the play area!
00:09:39Stay in the play area! - I got the leg.
00:09:43I got the leg, I got the leg, I got the leg.
00:09:49[splash] - Yeah! yeah! - yeah.
00:09:59- Oh! - good job.
00:10:02[laughing] Whoo!
00:10:08Good job!
00:10:10Looks like you guys got some points, but let's see if everybody stayed in the play area.
00:10:14Dad coaches his teamon how to use their arms, but doesn't remind themto stay in-bounds.
00:10:19[whistle blows]CHAD DOESN'T STAY IN The play areaand doesn't earn any points.
00:10:23Ethan kicks it up,makes the pass, and scores!
00:10:27..- ah!
00:10:30- BY THE WALL.[splash] - Looks like, ethan,you made it through.
00:10:37So 10 points!
00:10:3710 Points!you got 10 points, baby!
00:10:40you're on the comeback trail, you're onthe comeback trail, all right.
00:10:44All right,that is round number three, with a score ofthe booty kickers, 40, the schmerlsters, 10.
00:10:51We'll be right back with more action here onhole in the wall.
00:10:56[cheers and applause] - Welcome backtohole in the wall!
00:14:36The score isthe booty kickers, 40, the schmerlsters, 10.
00:14:41Time to play round four.
00:14:42The points are doubledand the wall is faster.
00:14:46All right, all right?
00:14:48Now, starting round four, we got the schmerlsters!
00:14:53Come on over! - yeah!
00:14:54- You can do it. - all right.
00:14:56- Comeback time! - all right.
00:14:58.. two minutes left...
00:15:01Can you score a touchdown? - yeah, we can.
00:15:03 looking for that touchdown.
00:15:06[chuckles] This next wall is a special wall.
00:15:09It's a two-player prop wall, all right?
00:15:12Now what that means is two players will have to go through the wall wearing different props.
00:15:16As a matter of fact, let's take a look at your props right now.
00:15:21- Wow. - wow.
00:15:23- Oh, wow.
00:15:25You have to get through the wall wearing these marching band hats, and carrying the drums and the baton.
00:15:30The wall is worth 40 points-- 20 points for every player that makes it through the hole in the wall.
00:15:35If you're ready, hit the play area!
00:15:40 this is how you do it.
00:15:42.. - come on, guys.
00:15:43You can do this. you can do this.
00:15:47Stay in the play area, match the shape.
00:15:50SHOW US.... all: The hole in the wall!
00:15:54This is for 40 points.three, two, one!
00:15:59- Switch, switch!
00:16:00Lower, chad. chad, back.
00:16:03Back! chad, back!
00:16:06 stay in the play area!
00:16:10Aw! - yeah!
00:16:13Yeah! yeah!
00:16:17Yeah! - good job.
00:16:19- I don't know, fellas. this is a close one.
00:16:21Let's go to the replay, okay?
00:16:23Check out the replay.
00:16:26From the top,the brothers switch it up.
00:16:27Chad is so excitedto march with his drum, he beats it right outof the play area.
00:16:31It's time to packfor band camp, chad.
00:16:35- AH.[grunts] - Ethan leads the band and doesn't let this wallrain on his parade.
00:16:42That's 20 points!
00:16:43- All right!- yeah!
00:16:44- That's 20 points.
00:16:47Head back over there,schmerlsters.
00:16:52All right, the booty kickers are up next.
00:16:55Booty kickers, come on!
00:16:57- Whoo! - we got it!
00:17:01- I'm not going in the water no more.
00:17:02- You're not going in the water no more?
00:17:03- No, we got this. - you got this?
00:17:05No mas agua. okay, cool.
00:17:07[laughing] All right, now, here we go.
00:17:10You saw the two-player prop wall already, right?
00:17:12all: YES. - OKAY, SO IT'S YOUR TURN To face the two-player prop wall, okay?
00:17:15Now remember, it's-- - no.
00:17:17- NO? YES. - [laughing] - Now, remember, it's worth 40 points-- 20 points for every player that makes it through the hole in the wall,all right? - all right.
00:17:23- Now y'all ready to see your props?
00:17:25all: YES! - OH, EMILY!
00:17:28- Monster boxing gloves.
00:17:30What two players are going?
00:17:31- I got this. - I guess I'll go.
00:17:34- Oh, okay. tiana?
00:17:36- You know why we got these?
00:17:37'Cause we're a one, two, knockout punch.
00:17:38- Oh, they're one, two, knockout punch!
00:17:40Now don't forget, it's worth 40 points.
00:17:43- Yeah! - y'all got this.
00:17:45- Now remember, both you and the props have to go through.
00:17:49And you have to start in the play area, all right?
00:17:51- All right. - you got this?
00:17:52Here we go.
00:17:53SHOW US.... all: The hole in the wall!
00:17:57Three, two, one!
00:18:02- Ah!
00:18:03- Oh, yeah! you gotta do it.
00:18:06Here it is.
00:18:10It's coming to you.
00:18:12[splash] AH!
00:18:15[chuckles] Looks like you got the "float like a butterfly" part down.
00:18:31[indistinct chatter] .. come here, girl.
00:18:36Didn't you just tell me you weren't going in the water anymore?
00:18:39- I thought I wasn't. - you though you wasn't.
00:18:40[laughing] GOOD JOB.
00:18:41Let's check out the replay, all right?
00:18:43[bell dings] We present ourmain event of the evening.
00:18:47- in the red corner, we have fierce fetitiaand tiana the terror.
00:18:52They try to get in a jab,or is that a hook?
00:18:55But end uptaking a body blow.
00:18:57- Ah.- it's a double knockout.
00:19:03No props and no people made it through, but the booty kickers win!
00:19:08[cheers and applause] The final score, 40 to 30!
00:19:12Congratulations, you wonthehole in the walltrophy!
00:19:17 thank you for this team!
00:19:21Not only have you got your hands on that fabulous .. - yes, yes!
00:19:25- But you also have earned a chance to go up against our impossiwall!
00:19:30 - well, it's a nearly defeat this wall, and you will be immortalized not on, but in f fame, all right?
00:19:40- We ready for this. - you're ready for this?
00:19:42all: YEAH. - OKAY, NOW, THE IMPOSSIWALL Is a one-player balloon wall.
00:19:46What that means is that you and the balloons have to make it through the hole in the wall.
00:19:50All right, now who's gonna go?
00:19:51- I'll take it, I got it. - you'll take it?
00:19:53- I got this, I got this. - all right, fetitia.
00:19:54 all right, you all hold the trophy.
00:19:56You take the balloons, all right?
00:19:58This is for all the marbles.
00:20:01Step in that play area!
00:20:03- [screams] - ALL RIGHT.
00:20:07Audience, you ready?
00:20:09[cheers and applause] Here we go!
00:20:12SHOW US.... all: The hole in the wall!
00:20:16Three, two, one!
00:20:21Oh, you gotta get it.
00:20:23It's coming at you.
00:20:24- You want it! come on, mommy!
00:20:28Mommy, come on!
00:20:30- It's coming at-- you can do this!
00:20:32You can do this!
00:20:33You can do this!
00:20:36Oh, no!
00:20:37You didn't make it with the props!
00:20:40Fetitia, come here.
00:20:42Come here, come here.
00:20:45You were so close! look!
00:20:47Look at the replay!
00:20:48Fetitia's jumping for joyand ready to party.
00:20:54- but forgot to invite the balloons.
00:20:57It's her party and she'llstay dry if she wants to.
00:21:01Congratulations,booty kickers!
00:21:03I'm teck holmes.
00:21:04Join us next timeonhole in the wall!
00:21:12[cheers and applause] - Whoo, butt!we kicked butt!
00:21:17all: [chanting]WE KICKED BUTT!
00:21:19Captioning byCaptionMaxwww.captionmax.com Captioning byCaptio [Bats squeaking] [thunder] [cackling] Fred: Come on!
00:22:17[Shaggy shouting] [scooby-doo panting] split up!
00:22:24[Cackling continues] come on, scoob!
00:22:28I'm right behind you, raggy.
00:22:32Change of plans!
00:22:36Aah! aah!
00:22:38And stay out!
00:22:40[Both grunting] [muffled shouting] time to unmask the person behind this mystery.
00:22:48It's you?
00:22:51Like, it can't be!
00:23:05Remember, people, just because this isthe last day of class doesn't mean this test doesn't count.
00:23:12[Clank] huh?
00:23:18Oh, no.
00:23:20No. no.
00:23:21[Clank] [ticking] [chuckling] [school bell ringing] yes! ha ha!
00:23:35[All cheering] cowabunga!
00:23:37[Beach music playing] [chuckling] all right.
00:23:41[Grunts] hot dog. hot dog.
00:23:45Let's dance. whoo-hoo! whoo!
00:23:48Whoo! yeah!
00:23:51[Vocalizing] [chuckling] whoo-hoo!
00:24:03[Whistle] [record scratches] uh, guys,what are you doing?
00:24:08Both: Huh?
00:24:09I know you're really excitedthe school year's over, but our seasonalemployment awaits.
00:24:15Like, I didn'teven have time to get a tan.
00:24:18Uh-huh. come on.
00:24:24[Horn honks] [all cheering] [sighs] well, it sure is luckythat daphne's uncle is opening his new country club this summer, hey, v?
00:24:36 withoutthese summer jobs, we'd never be ableto pay back old man frickard for the damagewe did to his barn.
00:24:43Say cheese.
00:24:45Hee hee hee!
00:24:46What is he-- oh, scoob's got a new hobby-- scrapbooking.
00:24:51What happenedto gardening?
00:24:53It didn't work out.
00:24:54Everything he planted,he'd just dig right up.
00:24:57[Both chuckle] hmm.
00:25:00Daphne said weshould hit the road right after school.
00:25:04Any signof her or fred?
00:25:10[Gasps] !
00:25:12.. jinkies.
00:25:20Well, i, for one, think we deservean explanation.
00:25:24 yes, there's always beenan undeniable chemistry between you two.
00:25:29..when didthe transformative reaction finally occur?
00:25:34Guess it startedthat night at old man frickard's.
00:25:38Yeah. remember, velma?
00:25:40We followed the trailof the vengeful scarecrow up into the hayloft.
00:25:44[Exhales]this is impossible.
00:25:45We'll never findanything in here.
00:25:50If I wasn't so pun in verse, I might even say it's like looking for a needle in a haystack.
00:25:55 [girls screaming] !
00:26:05Are you ok?
00:26:07I am now.
00:26:11Like, run! what is it, shaggy?
00:26:13Let's just say this is gonna be a real barn-burner!
00:26:15.. [shouting] look out!
00:26:21Daphne: And thus, we're stuckpaying for a new barn.
00:26:24Again, just forthe record, "