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00:01:44Onsqueezroit dnp OR.uHHEIRT TRAY.[ TH[T: Ym up all of mees on all s wf surfaees and ver ha th uHE ID THFTTY I TUCHLS CLEAJUSTLI AVD IPTU.TCH .. o click d empty6 and closet, jt i÷wwhe fyo reaere's no b ncumbersome .. oliboit de.f ure er o theper g2 mpeonal favite-- it's thezing lowest pfile of y eeper TS CLA, H THISE CLICK E HA!a# Deea sofa,nderneh t be.
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00:04:02I CANO OMHE CARPFHEILTOiE WOOFLOOR, IO E Th hi toi here ie wholhouse ">> 10 miiounsldyou ha tk why es erionve e sw swe uELL TYOU, fuat do anó I'llw u6id ]flich anyon'haveo ink out iou practicallea0 yr c brush gyicbnitic u5- fousis.
00:04:30Esmahi way CLEA- FOARDS, BACKWAS, TrsIV Y Sweeets e job ewen io coerwatch this.
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00:04:57It'sreat, I veitht[eht,!
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00:07:28 t iis--5% thper iders, tch DIRTACK vITBOWJOJNT, T NONLIRU uAND E ICKEVENS Heu5-just g b HERE'S HUR5w A-uERIW)KHENAELFR thw desygn engineeredpickp be a0mes w[ g ntu'] e azrt ty maketr S-EE CLEINYOU EMi A NETOuHE RTBLKANTYuSEOUAND EA Thg.
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00:10:53We're so convinced)that!
00:10:54LOVURWIVESWEETH [VE DEDOUR IsTE Llet n 30 but days 's rightthe swivweeper g2 hasquality an)[perfnce testedo you're t 100% satisfied WIH IVRS, WE'LT TEUCKND RPURCaPCED ITETS Evte RHTOW A W ERUUH YR AT RIG, @sSO TETEVIONFJEr L e u ush deliryree.
00:11:23o swivel sers wi tterieand charge,twni seps,0-dayextended guarant delive, alfor juú!ea pmentof199.
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00:12:29Get rneahe coubevdve ossibl to t vtaircases.
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00:12:36Gjfside--side andrks rftly r th Woman, MZ HUSBANDBE Pp'caue íove tortvaleanerand TAS FOR ANiMORE.VESEONE BERE, But I'defitely gonna use e w,'ltelt y+vel s[eerdhas us at tha cont wor wheveru' mwvinit anit's slithat yan keep g ba and forth and it doesnak I lthe sy relse all e mf ca go in one s D T ALL THECE WomanYOU CLICK,OP IT UPDUMP Uan:..
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00:13:25That makitun r a child bv up0e om a ltle bi>> t mlatc gon e pa acal smyde i hindhindhen u're inn tmen y neeto fi as ch scer yocan6 EST A GRSPSAan: Thobity is gre allows éo geto placesthat would breal irritbtion th a regulacuum clear.
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00:15:55And now, with the nenoip er tu lean ilee it.
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00:19:56H is--trai los cinhem-we'v BACKVDS4RWARDEO SIADY:LE#!MOREITH pOR OUIT at's wfloo theraig otile you casee tlessly uvs ound)[th e ba tawuld b LD BE UR HIFaHDOESN'NT TO t LIKE'N SwI Y Waw it u gets uerh t effoi realat ha ch5% when it cand anu advance[i svfl eeg2 eesesoeuble, thau r[tis ffjcult to rch and io from cqetoath tj e od f ne it to batand its ithi up in jur sy m utrgh í>wu'venhf PER DO AN AF"CKIN T STUT YkUT IANTOvaODT Dot pickguphe tiny st a djrt!
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00:22:00D mb, it uses ider5% t eels it transi letyrpet to 360-deee svelingv.
00:22:13If youy ie r ankindofs,!
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00:22:20Cato a hardw-acar?
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00:22:31Iwev havtw g fth lik rekulaum cer] JUST IN Y DICTION.vHAT QUBBRUSTECHNOTOGiS .
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00:26:31A speonus, lllso get a mjni seper f cruson cehmenthe mpnd the--ely !
00:26:38An ording day,ou ta[m advan oj ou ted-t], for 1 "PICK ITQcPECIAL ANDETND SVESWPET EE6 Ju pbz alipng a handl iou geit a twowive eersith ttieu d CHAvGERSND TuO MSWEE FOST TWO EPAiM19.99.OR THERIEEON And weso convjnced le ur svel swee we've doued OUR ArE.YOLL GET NOT 30 BUU DAYV" Tvi HOM 'S rig, the swivet sweeperg2 beequity an y're 10ed BH YR ELSWEEADLY tAK Backnd rund io pu pri.anitets even br!
00:27:19Ca ave yr orr jor free, as part ófhi exive teleff,weupade tw deli all ve tck the d at ts two swivel sweeps battd chargers TWEPr, T0-Y Exua ausdeliry, l r ju t 9 'u$ he yodit rey D LL THIMBERIG N. HOW TO R.[?w.]ACALL THE Number uc+ ] thecedg waa paa (" d it's s perff, eant I 6I de. It'3t !Can I he you find swmeth t rit )[I shouldot be sh.
00:28:49dwinweanay thegage tmonth.
00:28:51Yju e having troub?
00:28:53e nouncer] Mae are ving tublewit(ir mor.
00:28:55e Foundn r jncahg, Anvi omplety fr.
00:29:02Cahe wi The all,e tto5!
00:29:05Call today""A0B
00:00:00That auangly lig. >>s ry natural.
00:00:03>>T doesn' like m wearing makeup.
00:00:04Woman:JOIN YOU The maable lee gibbons,pl specialuest shing in care seets yoll want kw.
00:00:11>>E want tget th-faced leann rimes.
00:00:13p THE MOMEN TRUTH.
00:00:14>> Beautifulbeautiful, beauful.
00:00:16I HAD SOME HELP! ( c(uckles ) >> Wan:LEARN HOW YOU Caceive er $100 rtof prossional cosmetics absotely fe.
00:00:22Are youfady tosheer cor? >> aolutelz.
00:00:24>> Woman:IF YOUR SKIN COULD £Use a lile magic, KEEPATING T >> Lza Kibbo YOU Ever wdeyour favite stars get thatwls glww?
00:00:36Do they wake up lookg cture peect?
00:00:38Or do th meing hide?
00:00:41W do models lo nly per or do they hbve skinssues, pSTIKE THE ST OF USCOMI UP, HLYWOOD Hoesauty sec reveal.
00:00:52 do you ever wake up in the mning, lo at urself in the rror anwish you could angfomething out your sn?
00:01:00Whetr 's freles, brown otednf, dbrk circl, acne sears, you name it, all he methgat we'd keo ver .
00:01:11R me, it'sness, evfv skin ne, damage t u'd ner it, bee I've also got a secr for lirally airbruing osflaws aw, a makeup that is so light d so natur itke youe wearg ing at all if this sounds lik sheer magic, well, righ because it iseecove st b on thmi d in secds, yourla disapar.
00:01:39>> I got it and tried it, and right away, " >> wheer I feel le I'm lking t of a magazine.
00:01:48It airushed, D IT JUSBLENDS IPEECTLY6 eeibns:EER EOR Is like photo retouching in real time.
00:01:55Imagin uven pigment andark cireles gone.
00:01:59Kles a spots vanifd.
00:02:01 leg veiscs, bthrks, >>ut it on, AND YOUR SKIN FLAwLES It's sh b ce thing, but you don't look like you haveakeup on.
00:02:18oman:THE SECRET Toeer cover is a ppriery blend nat ut-fos minerathat give u the coveraf a liquid but feel like you're wearing nothg at a!
00:02:29>> The most amazing thin aboueer coverto m h ligweight it is my in.
00:02:33pI CAN JUST BSHT Literally this qui.
00:02:37>> Wan:ASSHEECOVE Nera blend wyour skin'ual oils, ni refles light £tolur ur flaws anmahem invisibl>>eer vesedibly different om t typical heavy foundations.
00:02:49Itan handle and tale avy skrobl, d it givouexacy what it sa 's g givu-- it givesousheecwrage.
00:02:55>> Woman: Eer cor's formul we developed by skin care specialist pauline soli for cosm surge clients anwon th pblatic in eonditi >> I had it developed camouag- a healthy alteative that cld cover everythin buu cofeel aufud minesct, youl.
00:03:15>> Woman:ANTHENEN Hollywood scovedeer cover,the buzz was insta.
00:03:19>> Oneaymakeup artist owed uork, d she id, "ihinke ght toiveshr cover try.
00:03:24The coverage iso idible, and yet you could it is amazing miami >> it'wh pplare talking out, and jt makes sense.
00:03:35To wear makeup and noteel keou're wearinany is true mac.
00:03:39This is clean, this is ral, and it amazing hoch coveragyoget.
00:03:43It's beaul.
00:03:44It's jt such a simpl ect idea.
00:03:47>> Lza GibbonsCOUING UP Inheext feminutes, wel o nerky, where skticashoppers ysheeco e first me.
00:03:56Oh, my go you can really see the diffenc this is wonrf >>s, we're gonna g you up close psonal grammy-winner leeannim.
00:04:03W os ose enough to s what haens when takeup comes off.
00:04:08And you're invited to ashr coverwedding.
00:04:10Watchsheer zertransjorm one luckbre all her bresmajd on the mt l day her le.
00:04:17'M gettingared!
00:04:20>> This is the real deal.
00:04:21You can have what you think is uttainable bysingeer cover.
00:04:25It'completely difjerent, pANDSHEECOVERWOULGIVE Any woman t there th traformatio >>eezaibbons: 'SE Tm disver a more beautiful, glowing, sexy new u.
00:04:35This is your moment.
00:04:43>> Leeza Gbons: Lenn rimes a country music superstar singer andonr s n o amwas, s er 4art-toppg singles, and sheas literal grown up in the public e.
00:04:58In 28, leeann revealed a lilongtrug with pasis >> ion't t would noticet me siing here right now, but, y know, I had psorsis and eczema on 80% of my body, anit's something that struled th my ole life t thsheecover I nevehave to nd-guess.
00:05:16I knowll day long it's hjdinyo biggest flaw th you're TO KEEP SFCRET. >> Lee Gbons: Jo me now elmi leann rimes and lebritma ais lisa garner to dcover hosheer cover can be your secret lawls-looking in.
00:05:31>> I'm so ppy >> very excited to hyo re too.
00:05:37>> ( applause ) I havbe a fan for a ng te.
00:05:40Thank you so much.
00:05:41>> And then I heard u were a fan ofshr cover.
00:05:43Yea veeen in tsine for 13 yearsow, and I have tried so many differenpes ofakeup, 'cause I h reallyenuive sn.
00:05:51I' suggled with psoriasis and eczema my ole li and to find a keup that finally will swothe my skin just a blessing.
00:05:59p>> I KW E FEELIN Yea a I jt happened toome roshr cover, and I fell in love wi it, a it ve me my cjidence back.
00:06:06Wel y look mplete flawless, ..
00:06:09That's not the reality for any of us.
00:06:11 we all have things ugglwi thur ski and ings we want tcor.
00:06:15Let look at the thing thbt you may are cerg.
00:06:18>> ( laug(r ) >> Lea alls tohoot h bare-face beforeductio so let's put thaup.
00:06:24YOU GUiS WATCH.
00:06:25Tre's a lot of rednes I ve a lot of broken callaries around my nose and cheeks, and zit omy chi eallbetiful.
00:06:36I'm ing to that, and I'm goinback tyou, " yeat's extly [ithsheer covei feel le casmooutan out all of my flaws so that I cat myest face fwardevertime I walt the or it's just this narally beautiful .
00:06:49Itisthe naturallbeaul you.
00:06:51í> (pplae >> Let'surn it or to you re a professnal makeup artist, and we've seen youwork invani fair, ineosmo.
00:07:01What iu it that you love about usinguheer cover ov yrseland on youclient >> I le how easyt is.
00:07:06It's squick, but it's so effective.
00:07:09It so beautil and th, d it du gi you CAGE. aTALK ABOUT The blurring of fls buness becausi knww, at my age, le that.
00:07:18>> "At yr e," or just at any age?
00:07:19 but it's the mix merals,heica, which takethe ght away fu your fla.
00:07:26You're right.
00:07:27Theay the minerals sit on top of other, the way they lay against e skin-- it's so fi-- frwn those finees and any blemishes weig have.
00:07:37And that's what givfs youe radiance and the glow.
00:07:39>> Yea and it ally does ma aajorifnc ery won should hav the opporty to lbeautifu a thas atsheer covergiveyou.
00:07:45>> WomanSHEER COVER IS A BREAKTHROUGH as devoped a correctivcos]ic fosk conditis as acne, rosaa, and post-uurgical scars.
00:07:56>> One of the in' th ssheeverapart oer mer meups and al fm traditnal liquid mak is tact it has a natural spf, othing botanicals whiccan help calm rednes and atso s ti-onts whichelp minimizphoto-agg anpho damage.
00:08:12I wasn a ear accident oua year.
00:08:16The ce specialist evyone, s likf, "miners.
00:08:20Mineral-based make it's gonna protect you.
00:08:24When foundeer cover, it chaed my li.
00:08:28Pele donotice the sc, and my skin looks great.
00:08:33IT AN AMAZINTHING. >> ( a9ence appl OY, IT You to t bbwut yo day, and I ow it'busy.
00:08:41You're in out of the car, you've got appointuents, you've gotrrandsgrocerie pickinup kid íhbwttom le is, yoakp gets e a rkout, so to proze thatsheer cor can and up to ur by da we sentwins maria and helena out for a 5k run right outside r stio one iseangsheer cover, ane her wearing a very popular liqd makeup, and we're gonna see nohihensare out running, let me sh you shr verrks so that you can ejustow eit is.
00:09:15These are three r covercustomers, r beautil ladies, who have a range of sk issues.
00:09:21T want you to tc as they t their makeup on, and yoll seeowhey transfm theilook.
00:09:26, LAYWU RE>> All: YES.
00:09:27>> Okay, l's dit.
00:09:28Now, iyou'll notice, everybody istarting th their caler.
00:09:32It is so creamy that theadies are applyingt jue cerin whight he?
00:09:38Iave freckles ani doaze dark circles, so I dwa to vethose up.
00:09:42>> H importants a concler you, deshaune?
00:09:44>> Eremely impornt.
00:09:46>> Tremy jmrtant.
00:09:47Concealer, your st frid.
00:09:49Noheck out shann shs cove that birthmark.
00:09:52>> It's so lig th when I rsied it, I ought,hereno way ]his is going to cover bthmark, and re enoh, it ceright up.
00:10:00>>Ook at this.
00:10:01Shannon spdsowh time in the morning putting yourakeuon >>ot muc now she ps e brush in theineral powrs, ls irion the minelslend so ealy, and txey reslightly on top othe surface your skin.
00:10:15It'shat simple.
00:10:17An fwless.
00:10:19That x fast it is.
00:10:20>> (udiee applau ) >> LK HOW ETTYOUR IN I Looks like she has no mp on at all, and yet sxe's vered up those little bleshes.
00:10:28Noook julie.
00:10:30She's flawss.
00:10:31Tha y.
00:10:31>> You're autiful, autiful,eautiful.
00:10:33>> I had se he.
00:10:34>> ( taughr )>> OKAY,SHES D I nt to loom saight out into theudiee thayou casee sheer coverdifferce.
00:10:40There it- a beauful4 sil flss, frh complexi.
00:10:45Th is the look natural skinly better.
00:10:49>> I think the thing that made me fall in love withsheer cover was the coverage.
00:10:53I have very fair, very stive skin.
00:10:57I so b havi dk circs, whici think a t of us do so I begith thesheer corconceale I do uer meyes anth swirl the b, art wog arod and working aund, d it's jt such greateeling.
00:11:13Shr veves a shn anites glow and it gives a freshness.
00:11:19It ibetter an anyiquid fodati I ha evefound.
00:11:22It iamazing.
00:11:23Sheer ver azing.
00:11:25>> Leezaibns: Comi u in jt a bit, our tnsfivishhe 5n, and we'll see which keup wins the challenge and those e'ze sn it all" women from new york city putsheer ver tohe ultimate test.
00:11:38;> Happy endings at a wincountry weivg, and re aut what celebrities might be hid >> I inherited the deep circs, and I'm really selfonus autt, this is the secreteapo >> up xt, ur chance to sta airusng your own fla away int nds shr co :sagoodbye heavy, goopy liquid fndation angeset for thamazin sheer cover, e litwt mineral makeup that gives the verakea li t feelliou're bring watch as freckles or spots simply vanish.
00:12:21Blotchy or-damagedn, w smoothnd flawtess. rees rea? not anymore.
00:12:28Dshcoverwos ke magion uer-eyecles, acne breakouts, eveneg vei, scars, anrthmks >>tever skin pro u haveit can cover there's thing, ion't think thateer ver'tn THAT IT CAT FIX, ICH ISEALLY GOOD >> Woman:EA Vow and receive our ing nefodati two blendable shade based onorlas veloped for doctors, sheer covercontains 10 pe natural minels no parabens.
00:12:58Talc, nfiers, and no fras.
00:13:02Andsheer verhas a prrietary bld of spf 15 sunscreen, othing banicals, ann tea an-oxints,toelp fight the visible signs of pre agi and the minerals go on smooth and silky withur professional studio brush<% aturing bll-naturabris.
00:13:19>> Thesheer coverbrush is so natural and so uoft, d I think that's why the powder feels ssilky goin u'll also re the jaus duoto cceer cuomers are ving about.
00:13:31Just a couple of dabs, and the tohest of flaw vi in seconds.
00:13:35It's a creamy, eamy caler.
00:13:38It has amazing coverage, and t it lootural.
00:13:42>> Wan: Sheer r comes in four kits-- lit, for fair skin; meum, r popular shade[ tan, flive compl and da, for rich, de skin tones.
00:13:54'S ey to choe, we guarantee a perft match for your skin tone.
00:13:59Plus,shr ver comes colete wh ou pulaitioni cleanse ANNOISHJNG MSTIZERp GIVE UR SKIN A youthful, radiant glow.
00:14:08Ll also receive azing exa le avd ingsheever is a breeze with theheer perfection applicatn guide and our k-start dvd.
00:14:22A compte system of high-quity cosmic bruuhes, and skin can sily cost $250r re atetail stes.
00:14:31But cause we sell direct from our ownsheer coverstudiowitho retail markups we'lsend y a one-ntkit sheer cover, bll nine products, r the inedible price of jt $595.
00:14:44If call w, yoll enjoy freipping on us, throu ts after I tried it, I was justooked.
00:14:53Withsheer cover,it goe tw pro, yov don't have to spend lot of money toet an amg produc >>an:WE STA fr, month moy-ck guarantee.
00:15:03Zou n use everything you see here, and notabsoteelighted, send back the empty containe in 60 days for a complete refd.
00:15:12And is deal ge even bftt, youctig now, £cause yowon'pay our alrelopric 95, . when yourder in t v15 m, u'eer cover for the aming price of ont$29.95.
00:15:31 >>eever'sinedible becausit c fit any n's budget, d it's a higquality oduct, you feeke you're being goodo yourself.
00:15:42Woman:AND HERE'S THEFFER U'EEN ITING R. BE AMO T FST 5 CALLERU,pAND U'llet ozer $100orth of prossiol cosmics abte free first, you'll get our and-w traveling cket d, hold concealer, minels, and brush in one pble compac >> now I just f this le ckft duo that's all he hav ani took fantastic: And look.- looat it!
00:16:09>> Wom:NE, YOU'LL RECEIVE This ultra cl sheer lor compact, withighligs, eyeliner, d lip osses.
00:16:15T al a te prsialtudio brushes to yoursheer coverkit.
00:16:20And you'llet thi ylh makfup cas ect fotaking shr verwith y anim anywher isncredible ftollection has a $100 value, yeyou'll receive the gjf d thcomplete shr cover er $250 h ofigh-end cosmetics-- alfor just $.95.
00:16:40And for a mid time, ippis free.
00:16:42>> I w auazed.
00:16:43I ouam getting of ts prod are u uu bruss, t two powders covcear,so.
00:16:49And a great pre.
00:16:50>> Woman:SO WHAT ARE YOU Waitg for?
00:16:52With fe shpi aa ney-ckuaraee the+ dowe to tryingshr ver ght now.
00:16:59Try you'll seeheifferenee.
00:17:01It'sike bare skin, only bette Wan:N'T WA Ajher second to t beautil skin you'll love.
00:17:08Act w, and srt airbrushing your flaws away, this is new york city, éhf fashion avbeauty catal he wor, and wh it coto makeup, new yoers expect the very best.
00:17:26T's see atappens when they ysheer cove the very first time.
00:17:30Tes at goin with your skin, anat your keup does and don't do f y.
00:17:34>> I have little bf red I he roce >> areou ready ttry £sheer co >> absolely.
00:17:42>>Et's wk ourshr covermagic.
00:17:43>> To start wi, we're gonna use our FANTASTIC CONCEALER. >>eeza Gibbo: It so pCREAMY, IT'S SO BLDABLE.
00:17:49It'u la flawrase aeady we're takin the reess righdown.
00:17:53 it doesn't cak or clump oanytng.
00:17:56Hat looks grt.
00:17:56U' ON YOUR WAY.>> IS ICK D IT'S EASY. Gibns:EER Cover mineral undation i 10 natural.
00:18:03Grab it wi youbrush, work it into t bristles, and then buff it on in a circular moti.
00:18:07You'll look like you, only perct take ak.t do y think? h,jve it.
00:18:13D myedness is completely ne >> theedness ine! yay!
00:18:17>> Tha you.
00:18:18>> Leeza Gns: Ou see the lumity, thisind radiancehat you have?
00:18:21Y I gw!
00:18:22>> Ts the mica.
00:18:23>> I klo >>s is wonderf!
00:18:24>> Y lreal py.
00:18:25I le it. this igreat.
00:18:27>>Eer covegives you that airbrushed, LUMINEENT LOOK OPERFTION KEHAT. >> WHEiOU Trysheecor, u're going to be pleasantlyurprisedit inot like other fountion it's like noing you've ever the fact that the minerals flect thligh thgl you'rnna e, the dianit's cetely dierent than anythg I' sn.
00:18:46TECHNOLY W MEiJU N't veo wear a thick d heavfounonase to have flawle skin.
00:18:51£Sheer corwi give u that ls ef.
00:18:53It going tlastllay.
00:18:55Yore gonna look t.
00:18:56People areonnaomvt about th.
00:18:58( alae ) >> Earlier in the show, took tws helena and maria,and [t th o foa run, and now we're ady evl the ofoweer ve coupbres for sying pwwer pTH A LEADING Id foundation.
00:19:13>> Hena d mbria, come on out, gir.
00:19:19Hi, ladies.
00:19:20>> you're s runn running, running, runni.
00:19:24Ay, ladies, ok sai at thimeraere.
00:19:26Let'take a look.
00:19:27Can yosee, audience, the liid makeup?
00:19:29>> Audience: Y!
00:19:30I see a hugdien.
00:19:32Rs all, maria s been weine liquidouion, d I reakiness, ininess, the makp is wearg awby arounyour nos derneath yr eyes and yourheeks.
00:19:41It looks cey.
00:19:43hmwever, helena los gorgus, flawle dsn? absolutely.
00:19:49>> Didouven break a t, girl?
00:19:51>> I.
00:19:52A yethesheer cover hasn cedall.
00:19:54It ht sweated ofj6 you stl ok glowi and ant, but you don't ok streamy at all.
00:19:59But that lookingncredible.
00:20:01>> So thhene here is, , sweapr sts l day,and it's not gonna rub off ..
00:20:07>> Youboen .. your yjrien or hndr whater.
00:20:11 >>hat's amazing about eer coveminerals ithat, asou gthrough the da ea becoming powdery, ich hat you might ink uld happen, 'sxactlyhepposite.
00:20:22Lends in with yo nbral oilsand almost endsp feelg like y've goa soft glow, a moistizer, me ve put aoistizer on.
00:20:29He bt thg abou after usingsheer ve iediately conceals almy sn blemhes and gave me that "girl xt door"- +t-celebrity ok at every womanants >> I ierited t deecircs.
00:20:44Sethese darkires der my eye I had peopte saying, maybe you ou " and I'm reallyelcons abt it.
00:20:53So f m the first thing I abs the coealer du ivese beautil ve in a really easy, lit wa it makes me feel very natural.
00:21:02Thev I jusbrus powder foundatn.
00:21:06Th is meing at is ve healthyndig.
00:21:09It's just betiful, and I tha >> know, there's one d a wan's lif whe she abso has to looher most beautiful, her most radnt andlowing d that is he p>> A: WEINDAY!
00:21:22 and onvery special bridf got a lebrity-yle sheer covermakeover t for herself, t foeveryone the bridarty, and it w beaiful here how it .
00:21:34Okay, we're goingor r make andur hr right w.
00:21:38>> Huys!
00:21:39>> Woman: Go morning!
00:21:39>> Good mornin >>oman: CONSUELO, WHAT ARE Me of your conrns for wed?
00:21:45My ggest nceris I get really dk circle UNR EYFS. WomZ ATH.
00:21:49Ly covered, cpletely taken care of.
00:21:51Sheer coverwill make it lookbsolutely auful. >> is uyedding.
00:21:56>> ( ches d apau ) >> Woman: Re wgo.
00:21:59 >> tha you very mu.
00:22:01>Í Youe welce.
00:22:02EEs OING TO Even your in tone.
00:22:05>> You know what ama, is it feels very lig, iteels likm not really wringny makeu a ilooks grt.
00:22:11You k[ thshr coverthing I was tellinyou about?
00:22:13All e idmaids have gte makeup de, anden, and mom, aneveryone.
00:22:17>> I lovthank u!
00:22:31>> Consuo:UST OK Arhe roon, and tre was ny mom a all mbridmaids,and they lookedsoautifu I ve never ft re gorgeous.
00:22:40Itust perfect.
00:22:47wedding g5es chrand plaud ) >> I hope that my otbrid in t futvre geto have the same expnce at I did >> AllWHOO! >> Cwnsuo:HA Y MH,EER COVER.
00:23:07>> Woman:NOW IT YOURNTOBRH S Pion[ithsheer ve wah as fand ots simply disapar; £unr-e da circles fade away; andsheer coverrks like mac on legei, scar £and bihmks.
00:23:26Eever comes inour kits-- lit,orair skin; me, oumo par shade tan,veomplex; and darkfor rich, deep skin tones.
00:23:37Easy tohof, and we guaraee a pematch for ur sn tone n, ceive our tural minerafoun inu'll g t sdiopowder brush, the duo cole the conditni cleanser and nourisngoisturizer,the exa-th neraseara, plus our cvenient plicatiwn guide and quick-start dvd.
00:24:01>>Sheecoveels as if nothing on, yeit jt hide all of my perfecons.
00:24:06It smoothes evhing out I just dust it on, and I'out the door.
00:24:12Woman:A EOTE SYSM H-quality cosmeticbrushes, and skin care can easily c$2 or re at retl stores.
00:24:22Cae we seldi om our osheer covestudio witho il marku,we'll se you a one-ofshfer ver, all nine produs, for the incredible price oft 9.95.
00:24:35And y cl £yo+oll enjoyshipping ons, through thiclusive limited-time tv offer.
00:24:41>>Eer veriseally rUCH A WONDERFUL AERNATIVE In makeup, because it isbtural, and I think at a t that everne starng to izeas being important.
00:24:50Wan:DERMATOLOGISTS AGREE Th minakeup isaf seitive skin, andsheer ver pHAS A PRRIETARY END PJ 15 SUNSCREEN, Soothing botavs, d age-ting anti-ants,deo ve you the st beautiful sn ever.
00:25:06And this deal ge even better if you act rightow, becau wopay ouready low pre 95, n $495, 95when yrd t next 6 mite you'tletsheer cover jor the amazg prof onl$295 that's r$295 and smbrshoprs can ck in that discount price d never pay a y more.
00:25:33Each n seaso llec n 3-mosulyfshr cover at the lowce of just $295 aon, kuanteed.
00:25:41>>Sheer coveis extremely affordable, and at was wondeo know packet was ming.
00:25:46Ju as as I eded shver,ere it was in the mai >>oman:D HERE THE OFFER You'een waitg r.
00:25:51Be amo t fir00 calle, d you'll getver $1 worth rofessyml coetics ablutely fre wi youpaid order.
00:26:00First, you'll get ou brand-new travelg pocket duo.
00:26:03>>Oothinome umalt packages.
00:26:05This little mi duo concealer THAT'S ALL I KEEP INi RSE.
00:26:08It'u amazi iyou n in that that's all you need ctlly do the who thing.
00:26:13WomanVEXT, YOLL RECEIVE TH ULTRA-COOL Shr color conpact, and you'll ghis stish makeupe, peecfor taking eer coverwiou, anytim anywher is incrediblgift colleion has a 00 value, iet yov'lleceivehese gts d thcomp sheer vet-- $0 ofigencos-- >>sheer cozeris I li how fas is, I likeow conent it is, d I felt like it was a rtlgood iestment.
00:26:46>> Woman STA BEHIND Sheer vfr a ree, o-h y-back grantee.
00:26:51If forny reason re not delhted, u have 60 da pTO SEND E PRODUC BACKFOR A FULL REFD.
00:26:58You can actllusupthe whole prodt and 'll gi you ur mey back.
00:27:02Try it outwhnot?
00:27:03I me, it really is THATIMPLE. >>wm:SOHAT BRYOU Ing fo wi freshippi andmonebacm guarant, the's downside to tryingsheer cove right now.
00:27:14Don'mi out. catl now.
00:27:21>>Shr cor is helpjng cousswmen exencehe beauty and the coidence that'siteraltyhanging >> when you feel confident, then ywu can smile, and I can sma lot en iavesheer cover >> this is a good choice 's nural, it'sd for your skin.give it a try.
00:27:40>>Sheer covemake happy, beuse it lets me look like ieel inside >> eveom o there shou expece best for theiskin4 and they ldn't settle fkr uheer verkes u lookikethat naturallyeaoman that we all asre to be.
00:27:54>> This is yr nt to experiee gorgeo, glowing skin.
00:27:58I promise, you're goa lo it, so give us a cal d letshr ver lp the real you she thh.
00:28:05Thksor wg.
00:28:59rls: SNIERDOLES, SHTBAD, FUGIE NUT BARS, How nyreatsaren the cookie jar?
00:29:12Announcer: The rmallest mom can ha biggest impt ::Evertz HomeONHILL'S LIFE.
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00:00:00Also above my lips, and these are the areas that I saw very, very softened, and to me that's just so important because all I see are these wrinkles when I look, and if I can look and not see wrinkles, it's really a nice feeling.
00:00:12Makes you feel good.
00:00:13>> You can put it on right away, just as you're going out the .. by the time you're downstairs in the elevator, your wrinkles, the laugh lines on your eyes, are gone.
00:00:21>> The dark circles had diminished, the lines had gone .. it was just...
00:00:27It was remarkable.
00:00:29>> Hello, I'm shonda schilling, and today we'll reveal the answers to the age-old question: Can we stop the clock on aging?
00:00:37Do wrinkle creams really work?
00:00:38And is it possible for wrinkle creams to even reverse wrinkles?
00:00:42In just a moment, you'll discover something wonderful that will change everything you believe in about aging skin and wrinkles.
00:00:48You'll hear from plastic surgeons, health experts, and women just like you and me about this wonderful breakthrough.
00:00:55Every day, my skin is exposed to a lot.
00:00:57The sun, the free radicals, chemicals from the polluted air, even the food I eat ultimately affects my skin, and then i unknowingly make it worse by using traditional skin creams that have even more chemicals and preservatives.
00:01:12Ever notice what ingredients are in your skin-care products?
00:01:15Just listen to this interview with the best-selling author offabulous over 50, maccaro, could our wrinkle creams be temporarily hiding the fine lines while creating a much worse skin problem with long-term use?
00:01:28>> As we age, our skin loses its ability to constantly detoxify, and then your skin is depleted of essential minerals and enzymes that are vital in rebuilding your skin's collagen, elastin, and of course, the skin's immune system.
00:01:42So any wrinkle cream you use without restoring these minerals, vitamins, and enzymes is never gonna be optimal.
00:01:49The outer layer of your skin is made up of about 15 layers of flat, dead cells which can easily be penetrated by mineral oil and other petroleum by-products, so these inorganic ingredients are often used in skin products to help carry the active ingredients into the deeper layers.
00:02:06So they build up in your skin layers and become like toxic waste.
00:02:10You know, I've been researching natural health alternatives for over three decades now, and that's why I'm always shocked to find out how many products still use chemicals and toxins despite the fact that research has shown that they're harmful to our health.
00:02:24>> That's hard to believe.
00:02:25>> There's no need to use them.
00:02:27You know, the chemicals and toxins that are in most of the products we buy in the store could be, in my opinion, you know, the primary reason why we're all looking and feeling older way before our time.
00:02:36>> Mm.
00:02:37>> Whether you walk into a high-end department store or a drugstore, you have no idea what you're putting on your skin, elizabeth, or inside your body through your skin, and i don't blame you, because you're not a chemist.
00:02:48>> Yeah, there's a long list of ingredients there.
00:02:50>> You know, there's a lot of research on so many chemicals in skincare products, but I'm gonna focus on two ingredients today that are almost universally used in the skincare industry.
00:03:00Mineral oil is number one and pharmaceutical preservatives known as parabens.
00:03:04 >> so, first, let's take mineral oil.
00:03:07Mineral oil is a product of oil refineries.
00:03:10It's like the same oil you put .. >> really?
00:03:15>> If you can believe it.
00:03:16Mineral oil causes irritation to the skin.
00:03:19Symptoms include redness, itching and pain, may cause allergic reactions, and it goes on to say that chronic exposure may cause dermatitis.
00:03:28>> And you're saying mineral oil is an active ingredient in skincare in this country?
00:03:32>> Elizabeth, nine out of every 10 skincare items women buy in america contain mineral oil, paraffin or petrolatum, and all of these are different names for mineral oil.
00:03:43 women can use up to 20 different products as part of their daily routine on a weekly basis. >> I do!
00:03:50>> So if you count skincare and makeup, you know, women especially are putting these chemicals on their face daily.
00:03:56The problem is, you know, we've been doing it for years, and now they've accumulated, and now they're causing all kinds of problems internally and externally.
00:04:04>> So, in the long run, we're causing our skin to age quicker in exchange for some pretty mediocre short-term results.
00:04:10>> That's exactly it.
00:04:12Parabens are pharmaceutical preservatives that are widely used as antibacterials, and because parabens are the standard of the industry, chances are even the most expensive skincare you buy contains parabens.
00:04:23The national institutes of health website is listing dozens of clinical studies about parabens' side effects as far as inflammation of the skin, dermatitis, allergic reactions and hypersensitivity.
00:04:35.. >> yes.
00:04:37>> And breakouts could really be caused by my skincare products?
00:04:39>> They absolutely could, elizabeth, but the paraben problems don't end there.
00:04:44Earlier studies in the university of reading, england, proved that parabens are absorbed from the skin into the body and have a weak estrogenic effect inside the body. >> whoa.
00:04:54>> Yeah, so these british scientists also found that parabens are found intact in different body tissues, especially breast tissue, which raised all kinds of alarms in the health-conscious communities.
00:05:06>> Who wants chemicals that work like hormones in their body?
00:05:08>> That's right-- health experts have started warning about possible risks. >> wow.
00:05:12>> It's really about how much risk a woman wants to take with her health.
00:05:16You don't need to risk your health to try to achieve a younger appearance when there are safer alternatives.
00:05:22>> Well, today we're talking about chamonix anti-aging maccaro's top pick for a skincare line that does not use mineral oil or parabens in their anti-aging products and that is very effective in both detoxifying and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
00:05:37>> Esotique is what you can call the perfect all-natural anti-wrinkle treatment.
00:05:41It contains clinical concentrations of matrixyl to increase collagen production, hyaluronic acid, grape seed extract, vitamin e and so much more, and it works on fine lines and wrinkles like nothing I've ever used.
00:05:55>> So one product detoxifies .. >> yes. >> and the other one holds the moisture in and works to rebuild collagen day after day and it's been clinically proven with these ingredients?
00:06:05>> You've got it, and it leaves your skin clean and healthy and younger-looking without any irritation.
00:06:10This is definitely the best anti-aging treatment I've ever come across, and this is the most effective I've ever used, hands down.
00:06:18>> I plan on having young, healthy-looking skin as long as possible.
00:06:23That's why I'm so proud to introduce you to chamonix.
00:06:26It is the best skincare I have found to keep my skin healthy, protected, and wrinkle-free.
00:06:32This system has no artificial or harsh chemicals.
00:06:35It leaves your skin feeling smooth and youthful.
00:06:38Even plastic surgeons agree that chamonix is the best all-natural skincare.
00:06:44>> Great skincare is important for everyone because not everyone is a candidate for plastic surgery.
00:06:49I was introduced to chamonix a few years ago.
00:06:52I use it in my practice, and the results are truly fantastic.
00:06:55It's a very unique system.
00:06:58In my practice, I always advocate effective skince whether or not you're having plastic surgery.
00:07:03I recommend clean, paraben-free, anti-aging skincare.
00:07:08Chamonix's all-natural ingredients are clinically proven to boost collagen production up to 300%, and it detoxifies the skin of impurities, so you get clean skin that's reloaded with collagen.
00:07:21This makes a huge difference.
00:07:23>> At my age, it's perfectly ridiculous to think you're going to look like you did 30, 40 years ago.
00:07:29Nobody would want to.
00:07:30I never wanted to have any type of surgery or even botox, because it does make you look totally different.
00:07:36>> This is a product that actually takes five minutes or less that I can apply, I can do it at home on my own time schedule, and I know it's gonna work, and that makes me feel good, and my sons are proud that their mom still is looking pretty good.
00:07:50>> I'd never mention to my husband that I bought yet another product for my wrinkles, but he is noticing a difference.
00:07:57He's telling me I look so well-rested, I look great, i look really energetic, and I'm not gonna tell him where it comes from.
00:08:05>> Announcer: Are you tired of searching for skincare products to fight wrinkles on your face, only to be disappointed every time?
00:08:12Well, your search stops here.
00:08:14Introducing chamonix, the one-and-only complete all-natural skincare system that works.
00:08:20First, the chamonix detoxifying mask pulls toxins out, tightens pores, and prepares your skin to hold more moisture and build more collagen.
00:08:29Then the chamonix collagen builder helps boost your collagen level by up to 300%, leaving your skin cleaner, smoother, and virtually wrinkle-free.
00:08:39Chamonix's all-natural ingredients include matrixyl-- a peptide clinically proven to diminish wrinkles-- grape seed extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin e and calendula, making it a celebrity favorite and the most effective all-natural wrinkle treatment on the market today.
00:08:57>> This worked.
00:08:58It really worked.
00:08:59>> It works.
00:09:00Believe me, it works.
00:09:02>> It's just unbelievable, .. I love it.
00:09:06>> It works right away.
00:09:08>> I've never seen anything like it.
00:09:10>> Announcer: Esotique is so effective, you'll feel the difference from the very first use, and your results are achieved naturally, not with painl surgery, needles, or skin-damaging products such as mineral oil, petroleum by-products or pharmaceutical preservatives.
00:09:27Whether you're at home, with friends, or at work, people see your skin every day.
00:09:32Don't you want to look your best?
00:09:34Well, now you can with chamonix.
00:09:36Hundreds of thousands have already paid $129 for this amazing system, but for a very limited time new customers only will have this opportunity to experience this amazing system not for $129, not $100 or even $50.
00:09:54If you call in the next 20 minutes, you'll get to try the chamonix system at our special tv trial offer of $9.95.
00:10:03Plus, as a thank-you for trying chamonix today, you'll receive a 30-day supply of our revolutionary eye wrinkle reducer, jeunesse.
00:10:11Jeunesse is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in an amazing five minutes.
00:10:18Just apply jeunesse and watch the wrinkles around your eyes disappear in just minutes.
00:10:23A $60 value, yours free.
00:10:26>> I was really skeptical because nothing had ever worked before, but jeunesse literally took years off my face in five minutes.
00:10:34>> Announcer: But there's even more.
00:10:36We'll also give you a 30-day supply of our breakthrough hand magic cream.
00:10:40In just seven days, your hands will look younger, feel softer and, most importantly, be wrinkle-free-- a $40 value, yours absolutely free.
00:10:51That's a total of $100 worth of free gifts just for ordering.
00:10:55So call now and take advantage of this special trial offer on the chamonix detoxifying and collagen building system for 95 plus a small shipping and handling fee.
00:11:06Imagine, you get the chamonix detoxifying and collagen building system, the five-minute jeunesse eye cream and the amazing hand magic for only $9.95.
00:11:17But there's more.
00:11:18We know you want to lose these lines and wrinkles fast.
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00:11:42>> For years, my husband and i have helped raise money to fight skin cancer through our nonprofit organization.
00:11:48After my own battle with melanoma, what I put on my skin was very important to me.
00:11:53I was appalled to find out how many harmful chemicals most skincare products contain.
00:11:58Listen to what one of the top plastic surgeons in the country had to say.
00:12:03>> I treat patients every day that have prematurely aged skin.
00:12:06This can be due to outside factors such as the sun, chemicals, and toxins.
00:12:11They build up and break down the skin's natural collagen.
00:12:15Traditional wrinkle creams might help the skin rebuild collagen, but they don't remove the toxins, so the damage continues.
00:12:22Of course, skin will start to sag, and then people decide to use a cosmetic procedure to fix the dry, wrinkled, and sagging skin.
00:12:30>> If you are just joining us, I'm shonda schilling, and I'm here to tell you about a breakthrough in anti-aging.
00:12:36If you're like me, you have probably tried many different products that just don't deliver results.
00:12:42With the chamonix system, you can actually boost the collagen production of your own skin.
00:12:48Just look at these amazing results.
00:12:51>> Dr. Glat: Here's a scan of a 40-year-old woman.
00:12:54As you can see on the before pictures, she has significant sun damage, blemishing, and unevenness in the cheek area, as well as deep wrinkling around the eye.
00:13:04This scan was taken before she ever started the chamonix system.
00:13:07On the after pictures, you can see thathe lines around the eye arvirtually gone and the age spots and the blemishes are greatly reduced on the cheek area.
00:13:17As a physician who analyzes skin every day, I was very impressed with the results I saw with chamonix.
00:13:22>> We don't all have access to high-tech scans of our skin that prove the creams are working, but with chamonix, you don't need special equipment, because the results are so dramatic.
00:13:33I just love my results.
00:13:35>> I would say the thing that affected me the most was the lines here.
00:13:38I mean, they really bothered me.
00:13:40So to find a cream that you could put on and it would literally just take those away and give me a fresher, flawless finish was amazing.
00:13:49.. it's just the best thing I've found.
00:13:53>> I was happy for her.
00:13:55I wasn't expecting me.
00:13:56I didn't think they could do anything for-- you know, older skin does have more wrinkles and more lines.
00:14:02I've been blessed with small pores, so I thought, "well, " but then when I put this on, I was excited.
00:14:10I really got excited.
00:14:12>> Announcer: Are you tired of searching for skincare products to fight wrinkles on your face, only to be disappointed every time?
00:14:20Well, your search stops here.
00:14:21Introducing chamonix, the one-and-only complete all-natural skincare system that works.
00:14:27First, the chamonix detoxifying mask pulls toxins out, tightens pores and prepares your skin to hold more moisture and build more collagen.
00:14:37Then the chamonix collagen builder helps boost your collagen level by up to 300%, leaving your skin cleaner, smoother and virtually wrinkle-free.
00:14:47Chamonix's all-natural ingredients include matrixyl-- a peptide clinically proven to diminish wrinkles-- grape seed extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin e and calendula, making it a celebrity favorite and the most effective all-natural wrinkle treatment on the market today.
00:15:04>> This worked.
00:15:06It really worked.
00:15:07>> It works.
00:15:08Believe me, it works.
00:15:10>> It's just unbelievable, .. I love it.
00:15:14>> It works right away.
00:15:15>> I've never seen anything like it.
00:15:18>> Announcer: Esotique is so effective, you'll feel the difference from the very first use, and your results are achieved naturally, not with painful surgery, needles, or skin-damaging products such as mineral oil, petroleum by-products or pharmaceutical preservatives.
00:15:35Whether you're at home, with friends, or at work, people see your skin every day.
00:15:39Don't you want to look your best?
00:15:41Well, now you can with chamonix.
00:15:44Hundreds of thousands have already paid $129 for this amazing system, but for a very limited time new customers only will have this opportunity to experience this amazing system not for $129, not $100 or even $50.
00:16:01If you call in the next 10 minutes, you'll get to try the chamonix system at our special tv trial offer of $9.95.
00:16:10Plus, as a thank-you for trying chamonix today, you'll receive a 30-day supply of our revolutionary eye wrinkle reducer, jeunesse.
00:16:19Jeunesse is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in an amazing five minutes.
00:16:25Just apply jeunesse and watch the wrinkles around your eyes disappear in just minutes.
00:16:30A $60 value, yours free.
00:16:33>> I was really skeptical because nothing had ever worked before, but jeunesse literally took years off my face in five minutes.
00:16:41>> Announcer: But there's even more.
00:16:44We'll also give you a 30-day supply of our breakthrough hand magic cream.
00:16:48In just seven days, your hands will look younger, feel softer and, most importantly, be wrinkle-free-- a $40 value, yours absolutely free.
00:16:58That's a total of $100 worth of free gifts just for ordering.
00:17:02So call now and take advantage of this special trial offer on the chamonix detoxifying and collagen building system for 95 plus a small shipping and handling fee.
00:17:14Imagine, you get the chamonix detoxifying and collagen building system, the five-minute jeunesse eye cream, and the amazing hand magic for only $9.95.
00:17:24But there's more.
00:17:25We know you want to lose these lines and wrinkles fast.
00:17:29Calluring this show and get an instant upgrade to priority 95 value absolutely free so that you can start to look and feel younger even faster.
00:17:40This special tv offer isn't available in stores or even online and won't last long, so you must call now.
00:17:50>> As a skin cancer survivor, I was looking for the best protection in skincare, but i also wanted something to take away my wrinkles.
00:17:58I was thrilled when I found chamonix.
00:18:00Our production crew recently caught up with the formulator of chamonix, george faltaous.
00:18:05>> Joining me here in the studio is george faltaous, the pharmacist who developed chamonix.
00:18:10Welcome, george.
00:18:11>> Thank you for having me.
00:18:12>> Now, you're a pharmacist and a nutritionist.
00:18:14How in the world did you get into skincare?
00:18:16>> I was filling prescriptions in my pharmacy in colonia, new jersey, when a customer of mine walked in, and she was browsing around the store, and I asked her if she needs any help with something, and she says she was looking for wrinkle cream with grape seed extract, and I said, you know, "they don't make grape " back then, there was no such thing.
00:18:35I said-- she got a little disappointed.
00:18:37She says, you know, "i read it " and I said to her, "you know, I can make it for you.
00:18:42" " " so she came back the next day.
00:18:47I went into my compounding department, and I made a grape seed extract cream for her-- pure, natural, with only calendula flower extract as the base with some grape seed extract in it, based on my compounding experience and being a nutritionist.
00:19:02She took it.
00:19:03I didn't really make anything of it.
00:19:04Three days later, her friend came in and asked for the same cream that phyllis had.
00:19:09>> [Laughs] >> um, it was amazing, and again, you know, I made it for her, I gave it to her.
00:19:14A couple days later, her cousin came in-- phyllis' cousin-- .. >> wow.
00:19:18>> Yeah, these ladies, I mean, they started spreading the word around.
00:19:22You know, the rest is history, like they say.
00:19:24You know, we have hundreds of thousands of customers now >> one of the big reasons why our products work so well is because the base is so clean.
00:19:32It's a flower extract that's native to the far east that's been used as a healing agent for thousands of years.
00:19:37>> Really?
00:19:38>> It's called calendula.
00:19:40It's a beautiful flower extract, and we fortify it with hyaluronic acid, which is a collagen builder.
00:19:46 >> and that's the base of chamonix skincare, and there's none of the, you know, mineral oil or petroleum by-products or the pharmaceutical bases that, you know, basically what I call plastic base.
00:19:56>> [Laughs] >> and these things that, you know, that will give you shine on your skin but clog your pores.
00:20:01It's like a sheet of plastic that covers your skin.
00:20:04Feels great, keeps the moisture in, but the price you're paying for that is your skin is not breathing, and I think that's one of the, if not the most important factor of why chamonix skincare has the highest loyalty of any skincare line on the market.
00:20:18>> Women want to build the collagen to plump the skin, right? >> right.
00:20:23So tell me about that, and how does chamonix take care of that?
00:20:26>> So the collagen production ..
00:20:30In esotique is matrixyl, which is a natural peptide, five amino acids, that is clinically proven to improve collagen production in your own skin up to 327%, as far as the clinical study's concerned.
00:20:44>> Now, george, I did actually look up matrixyl on the environmental working group's .. >> yeah.
00:20:48>> And it got a zero on the toxicity level, so to me that's amazing.
00:20:52>> That's the key point with chamonix skincare.
00:20:54Everything we formulate, we formulate on this basis.
00:20:57It has to be very clean, but it also has to work.
00:21:00>> I showed everybody what my new look was like, and my daughter just flipped.
00:21:04She said, "mom, what did you do?
00:21:06" >> this is something you can see results with immediately, and i think that's really awesome.
00:21:11>> Announcer: Hundreds of thousands have already paid $129 for this amazing system, but for a very limited time, new customers only will have this opportunity to experience this amazing system not for $129, not $100 or even $50.
00:21:29If you call in the next 10 minutes, you'll get to try the chamonix system at our special tv trial offer of $9.95.
00:21:38Plus, as a thank-you for trying chamonix today, you'll receive a 30-day supply of our revolutionary eye wrinkle reducer, jeunesse.
00:21:47Jeunesse is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the ey in an amazing five minutes.
00:21:53Just apply jeunesse and watch the wrinkles around your eyes disappear in just minutes.
00:21:58A $60 value, yours free.
00:22:01>> When I looked in the mirror, there was a visible change within, within five to 10 minutes and it was, it just made my makeup look so much better and it was simple.
00:22:10>> Announcer: T there's even more.
00:22:12We'll also give you a 30-day supply of our breakthrough hand magic cream.
00:22:16In just seven days, your hands will look younger, feel softer and, most importantly, be wrinkle-free-- a $40 value, yours absolutely free.
00:22:27That's a total of $100 worth of free gifts just for ordering.
00:22:31So call now and take advantage of this special trial offer on the chamonix detoxifying and collagen building system for 95 plus a small shipping and handling fee.
00:22:42Imagine, you get the chamonix detoxifying and collagen building system, the five-minute jeunesse eye cream and the amazing hand magic for only $9.95.
00:22:53But there's more.
00:22:54We know you want to lose these lines and wrinkles fast.
00:22:57Call during this show and get an instant upgrade to priority 95 value absolutely free so that you can start to look and feel younger even faster.
00:23:09This special tv offer isn't available in stores or even online and won't last long, so you must call now.
00:23:18>> Is there a way to get incredibly younger skin and take years off your appearance without such harsh measures as botox and plastic surgery and without using chemicals and toxins?
00:23:29With chamonix, you can.
00:23:31That's why I love chamonix your skin to absorb the clinically proven ingredients in chamonix that boost collagen production three times and reverses fine lines and wrinkles.
00:23:44Just look at all the amazing ingredients that make up the esotique formula.
00:23:48>> The main ingredient in esotique is a peptide called matrixyl, and it's clinically proven to diminish wrinkles by tripling your collagen production.
00:23:56>> Boosting collagen production is important because it improves the structure, the condition, and the moisture content of your skin.
00:24:03The ingredients in esotique have been clinically proven to triple the production of collagen.
00:24:08What this means is you get almost immediate effects, whereas other skincare products have only just moisturized the skin.
00:24:15This actually helps to reverse the aging process of the skin.
00:24:19As a result, esotique gives you the short- and long-term effects of an antioxidant collagen builder.
00:24:25>> I'm over 50 now, and this is the most effective I've ever used, hands down, and it leaves ur skin clean and healthy and yoger-looking without any irritation.
00:24:35What else can I say?
00:24:36>> Ladies, we've been using skincare products for years that have mineral oil and parabens and other chemicals in them.
00:24:43We've been struggling with skin irritations like dry, flaky, dehydrated skin, breakouts, and even more serious conditions like eczema and dermatitis.
00:24:53Thereisa connection.
00:24:55Our skin just can't handle the environmenl toxins and chemicals in our food.
00:25:00And then the dangerous mineral oil and parabens?
00:25:02But it doesn't have to be that way anymore.
00:25:05You have the power to finally stop the clock.
00:25:08The answer is chamonix.
00:25:10I am shonda schilling.
00:25:11Thank you so much for watching.
00:25:14>> I had to drop the skepticism.
00:25:15[Laughs] it was amazing.
00:25:19I saw vast difference.
00:25:20>> My face feels refreshed, and then when I looked in the mirror, that's exactly how i looked-- refreshed.
00:25:26I'm 55.
00:25:27I don't look 30 again, but i look like a really good 55.
00:25:30>> We were looking at each other in the mirror, talking to one another, saying, "oh, my gosh, look at your face, look at your face, look at this, look at that," and so it was kind of exciting 'cause it seemed to work almost instantly.
00:25:41>> I showed everybody what my new look was like, and my daughter just flipped.
00:25:45She said, "mom, what did you do?
00:25:47" >> Announcer: Hundreds of thousands have already paid $129 for this amazing system, but for a very limited time, new customers only will have this opportunity to experience this amazing system not for $129, not $100 or even $50.
00:26:06If you call in the next 10 minutes, you'll get to try the chamonix system at our special tv trial offer of $9.95.
00:26:15Plus, as a thank-you for trying chamonix today, you'll receive a 30-day supply of our revolutionary eye wrinkle reducer, jeunesse.
00:26:24Jeunesse is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes in an amazing five minutes.
00:26:30Just apply jeunesse and watch the wrinkles around your eyes disappear in just minutes.
00:26:35A $60 value, yours free.
00:26:38>> When I looked in the mirror, there was a visible change within, within five to 10 minutes and it was, it just made my makeup look so much better and it was simple.
00:26:47>> Announcer: But there's even more.
00:26:49We'll also give you a 30-day supply of our breakthrough hand magic cream.
00:26:53In just seven days, your hands will look younger, feel softer and, most importantly, be wrinkle-free-- a $40 value, yours absolutely free.
00:27:04That's a total of $100 worth of free gifts just for ordering.
00:27:08So call now and take advantage of this special trial offer on the chamonix detoxifying and collagen building system for 95 plus a small shipping and handling fee.
00:27:19Imagine, you get the chamonix detoxifying and collagen building system, the five-minute jeunesse eye cream, and the amazing hand magic for only $9.95.
00:27:30But there's more.
00:27:31We know you want to lose these lines and wrinkles fast.
00:27:34Call during this show and get an instant upgrade to priority 95 value absolutely free so that you can start to look and feel younger even faster.
00:27:46This special tv offer isn't available in stores or even online and won't last long, so you must call now.
00:00:00D to look 20, but I wanna look good for my a.
00:00:03Natural advantage helps me tw do that.
00:00:06I feel like I'm giving my skin the best can.
00:00:08>> When I telleople that I'm 61, they definitely take me for ten years younger, d tuadvantage is the key.
00:00:15It is. iove it.
00:00:16>> T first time I tried natural advantage, I was really surprised.
00:00:19It's like a mini facelift, and I'm lovin' it.
00:00:23Ofhe wom w heen younger-looking skin with natural advante is jane seymour.
00:00:29Reeently featured as one of peoplemagazine's " w 57 yearsld, ja lks younger than ever.
00:00:37Ju look at these photos of jane taken ten years apar she doesn't look like she's aged a day.
00:00:42It's not surgery, and it nototox.
00:00:44 >> I triedhe most expensive products, I tried the latest skincare fs.
00:00:51Some smelt good, se felt good, but I never w a real differce in my skin until I discovered natural advante.
00:00:58>>W this clinically proven, powerful cosmeceutical can be youanti-aging secre too.
00:01:05Ming up, see amazing ientific proof of w natural advantage can work hear from doctors, dermatologists, and aeheans ouwhy natural advantage works so well and see e incredle results of women just like you.
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00:01:31Plus learn how you c get $35 rth of free gifts d ev save an additional 50% off the already low price of natal advantage only thrgh ts exctusive now every woman can ok yearyounger with natural advaage.
00:01:47Does your skin give away your age?
00:01:49Or worse, make you lk even older?
00:01:52Whev you see a cama, do you hide yourace, or are you readyfor your close-up?
00:01:59Well, I don't mind giving away my age.
00:02:01I'm 57 years old, and ople aske how I keep my in looking its best.
00:02:06I've never had a felif and the time I tried botox, I didn't like of crse,very wan wants younger-looking, more beautiful skin, but how do you get it?
00:02:19I didn't kw what would really work, so I used try everything.
00:02:23I tried the most eensive produc, I tried thlatest skcare fads.
00:02:28Some smelt good, some felt good, but I never saw a real difference in my skin until I discovered natural zant when I saw how it help the overall look of my skin, how it helped my skin to look younger in such a short time, I wanted to find out everything I could about itand share it with everyone know that's wn I decided to talk to the experts and find out what u need in skin care, whateally worku, and [hy.
00:02:53I recentlypoke gabrielle sabini about skin care ANDNATURAL ADvANTAGE.
00:03:00>> So,l me abo retinol, what we have innatural adntage.
00:03:06>> Retinol actually goes deep into your skin, in your dermis which is the layer below thin tt we and it stimulates things at we' lost as we age.
00:03:16It repleshes things that we need.
00:03:18It doesn't just make your skin look better, it actually makes it healthi.
00:03:21>> What makes our retinol erent from the os? >> it's the delivery sysm.
00:03:25You have a microsponge chnology that delivers the tinol to exactly wiere wwant it, in a concentration that's necessary d atnatural advantage does is, it works with the body's ownral neprocfs to revitalize the skin, to rebui the things that we're losing as we age.
00:03:43The adntage of this product is that it doesn'tause the irritation that the and you can e th eve d without having to take areak, without having to start every other night as you do with the prescription retinase.
00:04:00I've seen a dferee.
00:04:02When, you know, I first started,the fine lines have gone ay.
00:04:05If I go have a facial or something done, ey're looking for some srs ..
00:04:11>> ( oerlaughing ) ..Anything done.
00:04:13They really are!
00:04:14And, you know,hey ask , you knowyou know, what's my secret?
00:04:18And it's really no secret-- it'snatural adntage.
00:04:21>> When I tell people that I'm 61, they definitely take me for ten years younger, and natural advantage is the key.
00:04:27It is. love it.
00:04:28It really helps me to take good care of my skin, d when you wake up in the morning after using natural advantage, you see it6 I feel firmer, a it just sorta gives u that kinda glow.
00:04:38Natural advantage is the total package.
00:04:42Okay, I'm a 57-ar-old woman, a I'm not aaid to take off my makeup and show you exactly I usenatural advantage every day.
00:04:50It's just o steps in the morning and two steps at night.
00:04:54The first step is just to wash your face with the daily cleansing gel.
00:04:58It's strg enough to take off ALL Mi MAKEUP ATHE Of a long day's shooting, but it's gentlon my skin, and in the morning, you apply the l-damoisre, with special fruit acids and sunscreen to protect your skin.
00:05:10Atightyou apply the nighttime renewal comple tolean the skin.
00:05:14Just a pea-sized amount is enough for your face and neck, and you'll wake upou-looking skin.
00:05:21It's a difference people will notice.
00:05:23>> I started noticing a differce after probabl three weeks in the clarity, e brightness, and the wrinkles.
00:05:30People started commenting that I ld re r and refreshed, and I really, really do believe in it.
00:05:40>> So, what extly is the special delivery system that's the real secret I asked dermatologist . joel coh to explain how it wos.
00:05:51>>Opical formulations that are applied tthe skin tw impro textu ancolor and to of the skin, it's important that u have adequate amount of materl that's applied to the skin to do something.
00:06:02Sohaving a delivery syem that incorrates a microsponge deyed live system, where some amount of product iselivered, and then, through th sponge and the absorption of that sponge, you t ditional amount of product that is delivered over a period of time, wt this product cano.
00:06:20>> And with all the scienc bendnatural advant the results are truly amazing.
00:06:26It's real scienc that gives you nural beauty.
00:06:30In a clinical study, within eight weeks, 100% of men saw a reductionin the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a decrease in the pearance of pe size, and a crea in the appearance umin blchiness.
00:06:43 uneven skin tone wasmprod by an incredible 70%, and the appear of visible lin and wrinkles was cread 50%.
00:06:54That like seeing half your wrinkles simply seem to disappe.
00:07:02Your skin glows and radiates a more youthful suppless, and you ine from within with naturalonfidence.
00:07:09You're aging naturally, and beautifuy.
00:07:14>> I'm 44.
00:07:16>> I'm 61.
00:07:17>> I'm 40 years old.
00:07:19>> I'm 61 years old.
00:07:21>> I'm 71 yes d.
00:07:23>> Woman:THESE WOMEN ALL LOOK Years youngeanheir tual age.
00:07:27So what's thr secret?
00:07:30Ey use natural aantage, one of t most powerful cosmeceutical anti-aging syemevered.
00:07:38So why is natural advbntage so effective in making women look years younger?
00:07:42Unlike other skincare products, natural advantage is breakthrough formula atngs theree of the most ientifally proven anti-aging ingrients-- alpha hydroxy acids, cosmeceutical strength retinol, and a broad spectrum sunscreen.
00:07:57Combined witthe tented micre delivery system, these three ingredients are time relead in a greater concentration to your skin.
00:08:05So you see younger-lking skin faster.
00:08:08In fac 100% waw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a decrease in the appearance of pore size, and a decrease in the appearance of skin blotchiness, in just eight weeks.
00:08:21Atter what your signs of aging oyour skin ty, natural advantage can work for you.
00:08:26So take control of yr aging and take back your confidence js.
00:08:31Natural advantagehas been jane seymour's anti-aging secret for years.
00:08:35Now every woman can havenatural advante.
00:08:38All it takes is one sile phone call, and it's so quick and easy to use.
00:08:43It's as little as 30 seconds twice a day-- two steps in the morning and twht.
00:08:49Step ones the gentle dailcleansg gel, to remove dirt, l, and impurities, and even stubboreye makeup.
00:08:56St two is l-y moisture, cosmeutical crm with spf 15 to help protect your skin, and alpha hydroxies to smooth your skin, move dead cells, and promote healthy cell turnover for the mostthful- loing skin.
00:09:10Step t in the evening is the amazing nighime renewal complex.
00:09:14It features smeceuticareng retinol, deliver gently to yourkin through our patented microsponge delivery system.
00:09:21It works literally while you sleep to rembly minish the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow's-feet and give you smoothe tural advantage is so effective, yoll see yerowng in in just one wee guaraned.
00:09:36Proceduresike botox, chemical peelsor surgery cacost thousands of dollars, and marequire recovery time.
00:09:43That's why a 1-month supply of this highly concentrated age-fighting system is an amazing bargain at just $89.95.
00:09:50Once you see what it can do for your skin, you'll agree itorth ery penny.
00:09:55But because we sl directly to you with no ded mark-ups, yoll save dramatically.
00:09:59That means you won't pay 95 fornatural advantage, not $79.95, or even $69.95.
00:10:07In fact, when you order now through this special, limited-time offer, these powerful cosmeceutical formulas are s fojust $59.95.
00:10:15We'll even give you a free upade to priority shippi you can get it even faster.
00:10:19>> I really hope you take advtage of this offer you don'tbsolutfllove what it does for your skin, you can send it back for a full rund of your purchase price, even if you've used it all up.
00:10:33In fac I'm so anxious for you to see thnal advantage, I even asked my partners at trusted guthy-rker-- with a 15-year track record in customer satisfaction-- to double the guarantee to a full 60 days.
00:10:46So you've got nothing to los >> Wan:BE AMONG The first 500 callers, and we'll even add two amazing free gts, a $35 value, yours free.
00:10:55The incredible firming and lifting neck treatment, a avity-deing ea for the licate neck and décolleté area that helps smooth and tone the appearance of sagging skin and fine lines a wrinkles.
00:11:07But that's not all.
00:11:08You'll also receive the revolutionary )[ use th easy, at-home glycolic peel first for thquickest rul to instantly give skin a fresh, radiant glow.
00:11:18All together, that's a mbined valf ozer $120, and it'sours for the $595.
00:11:26But act quickly, and y'll save an additional 50%.
00:11:30That's rightorder in the next 15 minutes, 95, 95, but the amazing low price of just $29.95.
00:11:41The unretouched results of these real women who tried natural advantage nlhalfhe f shows thastonishing transformation you could see.
00:11:50So why wait?
00:11:52it's pt's effective, and it works.
00:11:59So join thousands of women and gain thenatural advantage in t fight against vjsible skin aging.
00:12:04 >> if you listen to advertising, there seems b a new skincare breakthrough every year, but if you listen to dertologists and skincare experts, there really he onlyv a small ndful of true, prov skincare breakthroughs in the past veral decades.
00:12:25Alluremagazine recently hailed eight groundbreaking ingredients as "skin innovations that have changed " two are available only through invasive medical procedures and one reques a doctor's prescription, and three are innaral age6 >>tinol is widely recognized as.
00:12:52Natural advantage is the only doctor-endorsed skincare system that combines three of the most scientifically proven anti-aging ingredients--oprietblend alpha hydroxy acids to exliate damaged skin, the purest cosmeceutical rength retinol that retrains your skin to renew itself faer, and a comprehenuive brd spectrum sunscreen to help prevent the sis of future damage.
00:13:17These three ingredients are delivered to yr skin in the highest posble concentration by ourtime-retease microsponge delivery system for maximum results witht irritation.
00:13:28So you look younger faster.
00:13:30You'll see younger-looking skin in just one week, kuaraned.
00:13:38Nerida joy is a wod-renowned aesthecian who's on the cutting edge of skincare.
00:13:41She's been treating celebrity clients at her beverly hills twyes.
00:13:46Here'shat she had to say aboutnatural advantage.
00:13:49>> When I first started usingnatural advantage, day one, I felt activi, and activity is working on live cells.
00:13:56U knat-- it'sike, for a lot opeople, th get nerus.
00:14:00So, y two, I notice, pore size smler.
00:14:03This is pressive.
00:14:04I'm impressed with this.
00:14:05Day three, basically urchanng, a little brighter, browspots a little lighter.
00:14:11Day seven, you're feeling firmness, but wh I found through usingnatural advantage was that the moisture content iny skin was really go and-- d it feels good.
00:14:20U know, it feels really healthy.
00:14:23It was exciting to me to find something that youeel, well, th i- I'really impressed, you know, because it works.
00:14:29>>But seeing is believing.
00:14:32This is the halface of a 40-year-old woman and the effects of tim notice the wrinkles around her eyes andhe lines around her mouth.
00:14:41Now here's the other side of the same womas face after days use ofatural advantage.
00:14:47Wrinkles around the eyes ap virtually gone, and the lah lis have been visibly diminished-- proopositive that natural advantage really wor.
00:14:57>>'Ve hime for years, but this is what works.
00:15:01And there's no reason to spe more money on skincare.
00:15:05The value d quality ofnaturaadvantage are just amazing, and withnatural advantage, you can actual see e appearance of fi lines anwrinkles, the signs of aging and sun damag start to diminh right beforeour eyes.
00:15:18That's why I use naral advantage, and that's why you deserve urwnl advantag >>nny finch might be seen as a model or celebrity, but she's a fier competitor as a star member of t uwomes olympic softball team.
00:15:36Jenny spends a lot of time in t sun and traveling around the world naral advantage has become her best defense against thviuible gn of agi.
00:15:45>> I take my time very seriously, anit takes a lot for me to be able to take a proct with me on the road, and ha timto use it and make time use it.
00:15:55But withnatural advantage, iwantto uset.
00:15:58In the mning, I wa to wake up and I want to put it on, because I know d at'shakeeps you going back each morning and every night before you go to bed.
00:16:07I lovenatural advantage, and I love what it's done for my skin.
00:16:11>> And whemein works, you share it, so we invited a group of natural advantage users to join me for a day of beauty and skincare, and to talk about natural advantage.
00:16:21The thing is that I was asked to do a lot of different products by a lot of different companies, a to tm arreally, really high end, ansome of them are very fams, and I won't give you thnames of them, but, you know, the minimum price of one tube is $150-plus.
00:16:36And could have gone that route, but when I tried this, this worked as well, if not better, and certainly easier.
00:16:43I an, I kept wondering, why do iave put 20 of tse products on, one on top of another and anoth?
00:16:47I mean, if it's going work, ly it's just goi to rk, isn't it?
00:16:51And I stted using this, and I didn'tnnounce it to anyone, that I was using it, and straightaw people started saying to me that my skin was looking really good, and I noced it too, of course, but I then thought, well, you know what?
00:17:04Hocool would it be to actually use and endorse and have a proct thats affordable to everyone, that actually works, that actually has real ingredients, you know, that are scienticay known to maka difference to your skin?
00:17:19. Wonderf product.
00:17:20It does everytng that you say and reest that it's gog to do, and,s you say, the ingredients arproven it's something that nearly anyone could afford.
00:17:33>>Here's so many prolucts t there, and I've tried a bunch-- I'm sure everybody's tried a bunch-- and this su an provt in my skij, just t skin tone, the evenness, and the moisture quality.
00:17:47I love it.
00:17:48I have complaint.
00:17:49I still don't look like you!
00:17:51>> ( laughter ) >> I WANT MY SKIN TO LOOK Really healthy, and I wanna look young.
00:18:02I don't need to loom 2 but I wanna look good for my age.
00:18:07Natural advantage helpme to do at.
00:18:09I feel le I'm giving my skin the best I can, and I thit makes my skin look much healthier than it did befo.
00:18:17>> I've never, ever bought anything from an infomercial before, and so, you know, this is my fst time, and I absolutely l the produc and immediately there was a difference, and I love the way my sn feels and looks, so I am just so happy with it, d I kn evebody atses its going havethe same results that I've seen.
00:18:35>> Natural advantage has made me el as young on the outside as I do on the inside, and I've wanted that my entire life.
00:18:43'Ve been an actress now for-- oh, my god-- 40 years?
00:18:47And it's just been incredibly important toe alws look natural, to look like me.
00:18:51Well, a lot of other actresses are choosingo do all kinds of things to their faces, and, you know, I keep looking, and I keep thinking, should and I just realize that I don't want to do that.
00:19:02I want to look natural.
00:19:03I wao ok agood as I possibly can, and I want to lookike , dnatural advantage has abled me to do that.
00:19:10It's made my skin amazing, and people never believe mage when I tell them.
00:19:16>> I'm 44.
00:19:17>> I'm1.
00:19:19>> I'm 40 years old.
00:19:21>> I'm 61 years old.
00:19:23>> I'm 71 years old.
00:19:25>> Woman:THESE WOMEN ALL LOOK Years unger than their tual a. so what's thr secret?
00:19:32They use natural advanta, one of the most powerful cosmeceutical anti-aging £emereveloped.
00:19:39So why is natural advantage soective in makingomen look years youer?
00:19:44Unlike other skincar products, natural advantage IS A BREAKTHROUGH FORMULA2pTHATNGTO THREE Of theost scieifically pren anti-agg ingredients-- alpha hydroxy acids, cosmeceutical strength retinol, and a broad spectrum sunscrn.
00:19:59Mbined with the patented microsponge devery system, thesree ingredients are time released in a greater concentration to your skin.
00:20:07So you see younger-looking skin faster.
00:20:10In fact, 100% of women saw a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, a decrsen the appearance of pore size, ana decrease in the appearance of skin blotchiness, in just eight weeks.
00:20:23No matter what yousigns of aging or your skin type, natural advae can work for you.
00:20:28So take control of your aging antake back your confidence just weeks.
00:20:33Natural advantagehas been jane seymour's anti-aging secret for years.
00:20:37Now ery man can havel ad all it takes is e simple phone call, and it's so quick and easy to e.
00:20:45It's as little as 30 seconds twice a day-- stepin the morning and two at night.
00:20:50Step one is the gentle daily cleansing gel, to remove dirt, oil, and impurities, £st ts alday istu a cosmeceutical cream with spf 15 help protecyour skin, d alpha hydroxies to smooth yo skin, remove dead cells, and promote healthy cell tr for thmost youthful5 looking skin.
00:21:11Step two in the evening is the amazing nighttime renel colex.
00:21:15It features cosmeceutical-strength retil, delivered gentlyvrn through our patented microsngdelivery system.
00:21:22It works literally while you sleep to remarkably diminish the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and crow'st and give you smoother, natural adntag is so fective, you'll see younger-looking skin in just one week, guanteed.
00:21:38Proceduresike botox, £chemical peels, or surry can cost thousands of dollars, and may require recovery te.
00:21:44That's why a 1-m supply of thihighlyoncentte age-fighting system is an amazing bargain .
00:21:51Onceou see what it can do for your skin, you'll agree it'u worth every pny but because sell directlyo you with no add mark-ups, you'll save dramatically.
00:22:01That means you won't pay 95 fornatul ad no$79.95, or even $69.95.
00:22:08In fact, when you der now through this special, lited-time offer, thespowerful cosmeceutical formulas are yours fojust $59.95.
00:22:16We'll even give u a free upgrade to priority shipping so you can get it even faster.
00:22:21>> Really ho you take advantagef is offer to trynaturaadvantage.
00:22:25If you don't absolutely love what it does for your skin, you can send it back foa full ref of yr purchase price, even if you've used it all up.
00:22:35In fact, I'm sanxious foyou toee younger-looking skin witural advantage, I even asked my paners at trusted guthy-renker-- with a 15-year track record in customer satisfaction-- to double thguarantee to a full 60 days.
00:22:48Soou've got nothing to lose.
00:22:50>> Woman:BE AMONG The first 500 callers, and we'll even a two amazing free gifts, a $3value, yours free.
00:22:57The incredible firming and fting neck treatnt, a gravity-defying cream for the delicate neck and décolleté ar that helps smooth and tone the apance of ggg skin and fi lines and wriles.
00:23:09But that's not all.
00:23:10You'll also reive e relutionary ti-ang peel.
00:23:13Use this easy, at-home glycolic peel first for the quicst results to instantly give skin fresh, radiant glo all gether, that's a coined value of over $120, and it's yours for the crediblerice 95 but act quickly, and you'll save an additional 50%.
00:23:31That's right, order in the next 15 minutes, anyou wot pay 95, 95, but the amazg low price 95, and you can lock in thatiscount ice and never pay a nny more with our home delivery.
00:23:48Each new season, you'll receive a fresh three-month supply of nural adzange atways at our guanteed w price, a convenien service you can canc at any time.
00:23:57The unretouched results of tse rl womenwio ienatural adntage on only half their face shows the astoniing turn-back-time traformation you could se [hy wait?
00:24:08Natural advantage dermatologi-eorsed.
00:24:11It powerful, is effective, and it wor.
00:24:15So join thousands of women and gain thenatural advantage in the fight against visible skinging.
00:24:20Call now.
00:24:23>> When it com to great skincare, I believe every woman deserves her own it doesn't matter if you're or 65 or somewhe in between.
00:24:34And if you're thinking about botwx or se smetic procedure, all I ask that you wait.
00:24:40Trynatural vantagefirs fjve ijustveeek, and I promise you'll see younger-lookinskin.
00:24:47Give it two months, and you won't believe the remarkable changes in your skin--
00:00:00. wnu got it. co og dfep.
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00:05:29>>'Re rit ern, comon!
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00:11:14U O'T LIHOv RU'VE CTHENS NJuH ONE.A TAON Of kout STN A EAP[WEANCE--TgALSTREVH AINGNDOWER Ves e lean, edmusc and uer-b de .-plosas edi s foa arand ne abdinalpu c ivaaytoextre cardio lts fat like candleax REVERY.UHBVA L[TTLEIE I WM L URODZ PE SU+ R f meanttw spk t dev foew maxut (es littlengeruta tri g6ye tsee b t dj [eull 60in)[s er $000, but ii÷yp NfOU1,0006 rPBECAIF CL HE NEXT20INUTES, GET E EN IN FNEAM T PNFNTOF $59ATU T ORLYHRAiNTS 39A'LINCLFO t ity aart uhu whwormayeck 'eOAWLFTJE CK U ju aomjshesonfg PL, WE'LL ND Y ELIITPRVETWE EATIFUaVFINS6 Tlate mea z.
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00:18:45JS AREES!uHEYEVEEV.A Its]ia%jt, , 'sywu wa falheprms they have not de e ne f up t foran'sn l the'ightnng.
00:19:04>>his prm pejf all5-those ieha civ f all yearsand win a MY0s ANA BL. D I 'T TNKALL [EI L I HADALOS N pray paint rtles, í Aou: Y TvANOR BODY JFOUT WIAY.iOGE10 IWO W!INRVFUEXOS CE TING m R-dy dn, kilr)kca f hh-eed fad ne aines for are the sf KNMT RCHALCAE ZM sTEVJNURR Ly tee eastu of !y suslije WEL IVCHENSYLLALR VvH TRMA, EL VVITION TOL YO BY,A FDE TowTAANTI, U Fv OINEPPORT Omunmselanis wts dn,athletic5%d t insane ae Ej To ordupadere delivdeji NEY-rAEE TA[O 60-DLE Ji hp you grt ca AND E OF% N S: YOU V FREAkIT4RK]÷UND SA S transformyif I d coiv f had am mmdov bivd'd hf toa s LYDAYSF THú NGLp!VEC UE JABLYAZuH WV0 DZUCESS Wimut usequipuent,ouivig this is 4yebrold, tie je0 wh have , ..
00:21:33ITN SANFUNgOUNRGBLE.>.HEUEAFV0S AVTI sALEER LET TH TSAtY WJOUT P Me t[odyd clsthat's h ksus.
00:21:59Iazst nuncounfus rhesza UlAMYJUSTATEJ n dio an' me did jumping scks.
00:22:13Em w lea dder for us taneaet wul h rs>> y gavmehe a t iriod han pousybl>>ado fa it uld bfis exte ange hs yfah, THuE I3DA [INSATYPDTH AOUGO ]U FGEí 60 Dn>1 Insity willamf ouofd li as JW, AL WANNDO "k[, ANE NFPP OU I DWANV MI I LW RULGFINI TO HnW I FAB] BODI Loow fn in and ie the gyevi tawavto ke.
00:23:09J[N S Pi!
00:23:14T, which I waun'v sixotp0!
00:23:20An fr ines wstoso in iea t÷ gan ti da >> fv iez have in phyca d I ljkthere's thin0 I ul dif ias challe it.
00:23:41>> Of yostu deteh YOwRLFNE!FHCZBO, YnU+AN WE HEER [Spr3ai rateuys AnnvcARU REZ TO DECAUR LIFE TO IFEsÑ AP Y5V LLINUW KP WH Ieg you SMURITHMFN, EO, C!>>n.ounceV: +Re readysaunue9psaahme nno5ncE LI YAYS EA!
00:24:16Insaty is prably the mosinutr t ont thera meeh trionaouea piods odetefr flkwe SHOTS ONSm , T ub tinafebt lknbu oinnseci flod by srtodofes6aeinalwgrkr x, seezi I ST REP CANPA!
00:24:45O talk cal w,hat+in0vsm&puinit nn,<- BES SETHI Iu'S RSAVITY G i 5% T TEST. A WP CALL TT TELLrYORUE FITNESVE5%EN Ya60, n'behnfa!
00:25:14Enmeo tanh on ofiors, clingyw ccu55terv-sng & restancestrength tea CAvDBS--INALA CANDORE MOVESfR<%NEOM£PURE CARL.
00:25:38s totre rdare at al£co<% N A LITTLE EOUAi WK CURATE He maxur RKTS ILUTERVATCIRCUI CAR5%NDNIBNh ALPL Ese rke -. ANUTEr-BUT TS LOT FASTER !0wkst ev cse bee y cl t nt fies4 you get the ti sa f p for , e ni [aicrkts tdon each E NUtTHB0STABATQMÑR W tan!s at s!
00:26:39Ever y nd k toet yn thpeofr ; eevlin ppwrt uhaun tan brpee u tachalsh evfn seou a bon]s car& bance,r e ñ avdeelijefsando is im to aive. onef e 0 caerrdndet frekrtwssivy.
00:27:07Llecve iity ijvesi d insa ces w3p-day y-backua iet fitsebad we THPU WAVaRIP OFF WAVT TO G Y RAND K IS.
00:27:24DO INrAV60AYS, e fref llengend hym meu , d ye ad ]h >>aUhaYOU N FREAKIN' T, swork t vei dn lt e wehtn 60 ds bnmamo chan ve eeny je!
00:27:55>> Ery parwf my bosformed inetng !>>g eeat would hmeou s f you CLDPUSHR BODY>>aAn6E PRECEDING WAA PAIDRESENTINSATYT YOUBEACi6!!$AA!!HA
00:00:00Sie I s enager.
00:00:04[ icia IT'S CATOPHE, 'Cause even when I do wear make-up, can stl sethe bus.
00:00:11[ male A.nouncerY[OOD, CIFNIA.
00:00:12E tv cital of thworl one day,on sound stage there 60eople cameogether.
00:00:19Le you'dfv exct to e stri in tevision show.
00:00:22People who didn't have "ces" for tv.
00:00:25People with terrible acn acne that ruled their lives.
00:00:29[ Raul IT LOS KEM ARK A MA OR METH I'm not really, like,an etional guy, buis is, lik crazy.
00:00:37[ Female AnnouncUTHAT IFLL THAT COULD GO Away?
00:00:40En I staed see it clear up, was finitely med by that.
00:00:45It was a bigp fomeoingtsidwithout ma-up .
00:00:49[ Female Annncer£IF Y'VTRIEEVERYTHING About the biggest w scntific breakthrough in trement oacne in or 40ears.
00:00:58B eatmt that is anginot only fbut lives.
00:01:04Feel pretty now.
00:01:05I dot feel ugly anymor [ Female Anner IT THEORLD'S FIRSTND O Focnf fing sysm.
00:01:11Xcla with veoam and wi no irtation.
00:01:22Ter started using maxcrity wiusmatter of days, I started fing rults.
00:01:27[ Femannouncer TODA HEAR THE RE TRUTH ABOUT ..
00:01:31See the scnce ..
00:01:38D find owhy it's tnly eatment at's workifor these acne sferers I've never seen people showthisype of improvement their acnwithneedingthhelp of physician.
00:01:49[ Fele AnnouncerYOUR SKICAN BE CLE AGAIN.
00:01:52Fast. no irritation no fake promes.
00:01:56.. and max clarit ♪ ♪
00:02:03ifou have acne, like tseuys, annog you've tried so fa s worked.
00:02:10Ich wre we come in.
00:02:11I'andi'sand we'rhereo tell you abouthe biggestscientifrethrough in trement of breakoutsinr years.
00:02:19Wh! noore zits?we, yeah.
00:02:27 and 's not justanyfo troducing maxclarity, the only acne-clearing sysm wieramechnology!
00:02:35This foa ju sit on yw skiv like creamsd lotionca than cse redns and irritation but this f th azioa penetrates deep to fhtcne, rit atheource, before it bemes pimpand wiirtion.
00:02:48[ Bran A TSWHAT MAKES MAXCLARITY Dierent th anythinelse you've ever tried.
00:02:53[ Alia WHEN BREAK OUT,IT EMBARRASSG, And I'm med, and I sh my skin w clear.
00:03:01[ Ben THIS IS ALICIA T hopeqomey to become actress.
00:03:06Inigh scho, I had perfect skin, but nce I've bee living on o[n I start eang out more.
00:03:13Don't know why.
00:03:16E was afraid her hea make- would wash off and everyoneould sfe acne she desperately tryjng to hide.
00:03:22[ AliaIT'S A CATASTROPHE, #Ause even when I do we make- u can still e the bumps.
00:03:28It+s nttraiv IT ONLY TOOK AUt WEEKUL, D dratillyimoved min I was so self-conscious,and itas embarrassing, an w painf on tide.
00:03:43Skin, n, s vf sot it feels clear, finally.
00:03:49I had breakouts everywhere, noey're tuly ge, anit's azing.
00:03:55#N have alear, smooth complexio #the world'fit foam acne ng system th gives youlear skin fast and with no irritati.
00:04:07Soyou're probablriinthrighnow saying "ben, y isaxary'sexcle veafoachnology so drent 5tHE'SHY Inead wf just tting onhe top oyour skin, whh can y or irrate it, the veafoain maxclar to fikht acne rit its, no irtation.
00:04:33Clinic studiesofhe maxety sy prove e results.
00:04:37[ Drer WELL, IN NYINDIVIDUALS IV THE STUDY, Saw impreuent ruickly, quicker ani woulve e so at weeks, even, we saa dratic improveme in acne.
00:04:45Malari benzoyl peroxid wer-basedoa it's gentle,as use, d allo t mication twpeneate deeply into the in.
00:04:52People w uaxity not only gotetter iner of their nebvt their skin became less red mo glong,bnd more healt lking, an really provedthr cwmplexion.
00:05:02I+ve nevereepeople showthype mprovement in tcne, whovt needing help of physic [ atha I'N TRYING TO FIND METHINTO CURE THIS Acne beuse I've tried so my different products, and they hav+t wor me6 ..
00:05:19They wor [ Ben BECAUSE OF HER ACNE, Atha hated h face.
00:05:23 she wouldn look in a mirror when she passed she s embarrassfd see her fauiland friends given i-i te i this is cte I'm nna behowingrybody throughout my life.
00:05:37Like, feel disgusted I'm just like, "ug but I jll have hope.
00:05:42W, lat my fa I mean, look amz face compared to before, wow.
00:05:47I hadn seemy momfor like mnn.
00:05:49Th ifirst ti I actually s sle.
00:05:51Uay, s "o look at your skin," but th time she s acally like, and I was li, hh it's finallapoval from " I mean, fo I ae,i was constantly gng to clubs, was th but when iad ae,i was the cav now I'm there agn, if yore gonna goo a party, YOU'LL PROBABLi SEE ME THERE. [ laughs I feelrey nww. I don't feelglanymmre.
00:06:20I'm really happy to have clear skin, soful.
00:06:24[ malenn AGATHA HED LOOMING AT HERSELF In the mr.
00:06:28Now she loves her face.
00:06:30Ia [ouldn' s[immin becausher heavy ma-up wod wa o.
00:06:33W she esn't edto wear ma-up at all.
00:06:35Raulhought that nothing could prove his horrible acne.
00:06:38Nwloom at the fference. it's ang!
00:06:42If ye trd evything and given up hopfor imoving your acne, y're ad3 maxclarity wh versafoam, the world's rst and only foam acne fiti system gives youar skin fast and no irrita.
00:06:55Call now to order receive one nthof maxclary -- free!
00:06:59N j, t a jull0-dasupply of mclarity, 9 but it gets even better.
00:07:14Ordein the nt 25 minutes and get maxclarity'smedited foamg boas for smth,ac-fre allve a $1value free!
00:07:24, Thfumalari sysm, onfreefree body wa,d ee shipping, a 2 vblu all fo $ when y ordinhe next 25 minutes ♪ ♪
00:08:18and itsn iitate itlike oth produs do.
00:08:22It'sasy, isa.
00:08:24That's reay imrtt.
00:08:25Polist-remmded that's he.
00:08:28It just o epin theorni d o stepat night.and that'st.
00:08:32Fa tt iou can gesomething that actuatly works, I think, is -- pretty anaz [ Raul MEAN,T WOED.
00:08:38I mean, ere'sno other w tt it.
00:08:42[ Fe AnnouncerMAXCRITY'SEDICATED FOAM Not onee great and is so ea te, ituallts the minrighwhere net .. witho irritation.
00:08:52Hey, that science stuff isreat, but the al proof is from people whactuallysed maxclari.
00:08:57So bennd I didedto follov some peoe te.
00:09:03, 'S okay. they knew were there!
00:09:05Whose lives n affectedby theirtrgl wh ac.
00:09:12Stf em, theyad tried evything out there, and they were desperate for something, like fraes.
00:09:21To becoma singer, t enev she went to auditions, the t thinthey ask about waher rriblee.
00:09:36E lt thathe s thin d do abot.
00:09:38 I want to see resultsbe I think anything, ause I used toget my hopes up, anif iworks, great, ifen ieep koin you mnow.
00:09:47Enta using marit I real jt ltlike the wope filly, I do have very sensitive skin, so aot of productsive me a d retion ift's too harsh.
00:09:59Maxcrity fee lig on my in, and doesn't iitate it.
00:10:04See prss hni.
00:10:07I can see my ski actuly healing.
00:10:09Myriends, becathey koow thatstruggled.
00:10:11Now, whethey m they+re ke, "you lk bzin " loveaxclarity, and it bn a long time coming4 buj love mskin, yes.
00:10:23[ Female Anner ACNEUFFERERS, Arf u ndirof broken ises, and productsthat jusdon't wo?
00:10:33It'sime for foam!
00:10:34Inucg w maxclari, with versa this uque, miced fwa peneates deep into yo bgest problemreas, ging ylear, clean, .t! £creams and lotionscan sit opf urkin, causing irritation but e versafoam in maxclarity iv in the mediciep and fbst o ritation.
00:11:01Anclical studirove maxclaty djerence.
00:11:05Just look!
00:11:064 Out of 5 maxclarity user ..
00:11:10D in only [eeks,96% saresult don't waste time.
00:11:15Get clear ut with maxity fo!
00:11:18[ icibI HAD EAK-OU EWHERE, But now th're tually gone,and it amang.
00:11:24[ Francfsc! I CASEEMY SKIACTUALL[ HEALING Ineaoingackwdsall thme I think it the coolt thing ezer.
00:11:30I ink the foam technolis cpletely nius.
00:11:33[ Fele AnnncerS FOAM IN THE MAXCLATY SYSTEM Thivernot 1, t 2 powe ac fightg mecines, right whe theye need -- with no irritation.
00:11:42First, mnizedbenzl peroxide parti kill acne-inbactdria,before isurfac!
00:11:48Next, the salicyc acid unclogs pores, clea out dead skinells, an the sfaceofour skin in fact4 the maxclaryrevenating toner delivers nearly twe as mhmedicine per dose as either skinidpriv, or mad.
00:12:04And with nirritation is 3 piece maxclarity system was developed by scientists at sel, thrls rgest rmatotogy comp and now, through is special tv offer, their late breakthrough is available wia prescription!
00:12:19 at's h d itoa in, so yocan el working aft the first time.
00:12:24I can't remember the last ti sey this clearver.
00:12:27[ Female AouncerO T!STBRTED,T BRTHE SEAL, Thfn, ju cleanseavtreat he mni- cleanse and tone befe bed.
00:12:36It's thaea!
00:12:38How choney he you wasted on acne trtments tht work f y+ ll, that endright here, right w.
00:12:44Call to orderand reive e month maxclarity fe!
00:12:49£At's rik yoll g not just , but a full 60-day supply maxclarity, an almost $40 value,fojust $19.95.
00:12:58That half the ice proactiv, murad skinid.
00:13:03Buit gets even better.
00:13:04Order in the nt mut angemaxclatydicated aming body wash for smwo,acne-fskin all over.
00:13:12A $15 value fr" plus4 we'll even sp ente!
00:13:17So, t the fullmaxclari system, onfree mon, free by wash,d free shipping, $6valu all just19 when you orderin t next 21 minut.
00:13:30PLUS, R XCLATi PMISE -- See the clr, smooth skinyou wa witno irrion in as ttle as days or retn ev empty ttles for a fullefun remember, no oth acne pruct has versafoam, thf medicated hat ve u ace sk fas and with no irritation.
00:13:51♪ ♪
00:14:08it's obvious everhing you needis in th hdful o.
00:14:13This foam right he.
00:14:14And know wt?
00:14:15When I sed ung maxarit the foamas probabtythe coolest thing about .
00:14:22[ nnif THIS JUST ABRIGHINJT'S GE, U can'e it,n't feel it.
00:14:29 and it tes like two minutes, it evetakeoff up # y don't have to, ke, woy about waing iour fe twice.
00:14:37The lotion, you put it on, sometimes can make you eloily or sticky all d.
00:14:41Th jt completelylv.
00:14:43Ust fes ke myat ski/ and m always in a hurry,pecilyn the rnings.
00:14:47It seasy just to put wash my face, I put on,and I'out the door.
00:14:52W at I've used I'm goa keep ungt, becausit works, and 's fuv.
00:14:59[ Ben ANIS ANT S anles.
00:15:03He's se ost out onalobs beuse the way his skin looked.
00:15:07Sotimfs he stayed indoors for ys aa me just uhe didt ve to show his face to anyone.
00:15:13I hate wng aroun when I bret.
00:15:15I mean, y not to lett get me all e me, but my head, you know, knowing th it's inhere I'M NOT CONFIDEAS I WT TOaBE.
00:15:20Stead of, you ,"abreaking out?
00:15:26"Why isn't there a product out ere that can car my fa u" withinwo weeks, I started seeing resul.
00:15:32Myedne startedoingway.
00:15:33"Myace juut started getting smoother andmoother.
00:15:36My confidee the rj.
00:15:38Was just mubh ier, reomfortable imyn.
00:15:42I can't remember the last time ve sn my face this clearver.
00:15:45I mean, it jt ts big sme on my fa.
00:15:49Ere's yeanother example of a life that'seen ged, thanks to mbxclarity.
00:15:53So perand efftive.
00:15:572 Prfn acne ghrs enetratep d fast.
00:16:01Chec no iitatn,n if you have sensitive skin.
00:16:06[ imitates drumr !96% Saw rosus with maxary am iv just 4 week']eryove I it's n jus uayinit.
00:16:15It's a pron fact maxclatyoam ntains BOTH benzoyLaPeroxidand licylic acid benzoyl pexide targets the baia anthe flmation in ac.
00:16:23While licylic aeid hpsto clear pore and thblockjofhe flie.
00:16:27Ij youse them together, you'reing to hava better effect.
00:16:30Many othe over-the-cnterproducts ll contain o or the r, and at+s because thospructu cabey irtatingto the skin.
00:16:39With maxclarity,tho cabe used togeer to get the good effectwithout getting thf irtati, azd that rllykes a bidiffer foour paentsand r pewp wh .
00:16:48[ ni I'VE TRIED ERYTHI, Whher it creams or sprs.
00:16:52It eher is too drying and takethe stf my hlthy skin wit anhing at all.
00:17:02No one sulhave to livewith the pain d embasmt ni's face e je cpelled thi.
00:17:10I bbsotely hate it.
00:17:11I feel like pele stare at it.
00:17:14J ju, I'ryelf-consciou I would love it, if the was a cure.
00:17:18Within 24 48 hours, the blemishes and the oblem, thessd thsplotcness, itas gone.
00:17:26I think maybe in my wildesdreams I thout that I would have clr , I n rememberheeasingwhen w 1yes old.
00:17:35It was awf.
00:17:36Ma ga me self-confidence, and wre, I'm not unti all e crks in the sidewalk anyme.
00:17:42laug M fighng wh daugh over bhroom time to t mirror.
00:17:47Watchis inrview anwa tgi a shout ou her m itpeher feel bet about el and that's n sething thatyou know, you can put a price on.
00:17:59Th's amazing aeautiful transformation.
00:18:02It jt brksy heart,st, beuse I lo my m, ani'm just so happy that we finally und sothing for r that rlly woly for , bufor me .
00:18:12And ñ owshe'llev rch for ytng ever ain.
00:18:17♪ ♪
00:18:18[ Fema Annouer INODUCING NEW MAXCLARITY, ..
00:18:21The world's first and only afighti system.
00:18:25This uniqucated fo penetrates deep in your biggeroblem aas
00:18:33And with no riti!
00:18:35How much movey havyou sted acne eatmts thatidn't rk for you?
00:18:394 That endsrit , ght no callo orderd receive one month that right.
00:18:48You'll g not just 30, rA FULL 60-DAZ SUPPLYOF MAXCLARITY, Almost $40 value,for $ 'u half the of protiv, mad, or skivid.
00:19:00But it gets en better.
00:19:02Anget xclaty'smedicated foamg body wash ..
00:19:10A $1valu!!
00:19:15Sw, get the fullxclaty sm, e freeonth, free bodwash,and free shippivg4 a $62 lu 95 wh you orderin the next mutes.
00:19:28Pl, mbxclarityrose- e the clea smootskinyou wantith no irritation as little as 50 days rurv thebottles r a full refund.
00:19:46And with no irrition!
00:20:06if youe just now joing us4 let's get you up to spd.
00:20:10I' s'srandi,avd.
00:20:11We'vbeen following a grp of people whied maxclarity for the ve firstime.
00:20:15Anthe sus e amazing!
00:20:19Shaka 15, a really tough time to havead skin.
00:20:23High scol, you're oen definehe youk, and shakira'bc made h feevery embarrassed.
00:20:29Even her friendseder, "what happened to your fe?
00:20:32Makesfe sf-consous abselfabout my l, anit makes m t wantdonyg.
00:20:38My frids andven teachers have not my sk looks morevened and it st anooth.
00:20:45The aru e gwne, d the acne's ge.
00:20:50Mye ist oily anymore.
00:20:53Mykiv s uch tter, augimprovement.
00:20:58I'm mo outgoing with pple, d I love going out places, like eveifit'st tohe store, #i'll bmi, "i wavfa g jt's mirulous d amazing.
00:21:09[ Ben KRISTIN ALSO UNDERANDS The pain of havicne fr an early e.
00:21:14Fact, it's b f's had to wmake-u nc'e waars d.
00:21:17N you imin a second-grader wearing heavy makep.
00:21:21[ istin IT'S JUST ALL EMBARRASSIN You shldev haze to wea make-up when y'rth yng,um, feel like can go out.
00:21:27n 20 YEARS AND DOZE OF PRODUCTS LAT, Kristin is still lkingfor ne tng atill fiy clear her sk.
00:21:34Whakes this ff ho this nn difrentthan that, or th, or this other g that actually made kin woe?
00:21:42Um, so yea I'm skeptical.
00:21:44The difference with maxclariis very mple it works.
00:21:50I even called my mom.
00:21:51I said, "you didn't think there was anything " when I started to s it r up, I s fite moved bth.
00:22:02It w bigp for me going outside withoumake-up on.
00:22:06Is imy face, is is what my facelooks now, anthere noéngthat even come close touching the resultthat I've achvfd with maxclarity.
00:22:17Yov kn, pe rlly lo thefoam over crmsnd lotnu and anyw, those can really irritate your smin.
00:22:24Me veafm is fast-drying, it doesn't leave aesidue atets on yr othes, you can even put your make-up right over it.
00:22:31[ male Annncer THERE ARE MANY THITW LOVE About maxclaty's medicad foam, but the best part is that you see results fast.
00:22:42We wersurised to fd that 4 o of 5 people in their acnein just the first week bnd % w provement I'ze never seen peleshow this type of imprement in ae, witut ndingthe help oa physjcian.
00:23:00We all know at eay there's a lot of people outhertalkingyou yi ty're the who will final, nallymake a dference.
00:23:08 's tough so let'salk straight.
00:23:12'Ve got coellink emotiostorie they've gothr stories, to but whatve g, ..
00:23:25Is the foam.
00:23:26We got the foam, and that' whatakes the difference.
00:23:29That's wt helps naxclari go dand woast.
00:23:33That+shat mas effective, so not only will y see results, yollfastresults.
00:23:39♪ ♪
00:23:41this is raul of eveonwe m, he had tste all acted like it [asn'a big deal, buyotell it affected his life aut it. I mean, it there.
00:23:55I mean, I can't get like tt.
00:23:56[ Ben TW BE HONEST, WE WEREN'T SURE THAT Even maxclary utd keuchofn improvement onhisin [ holm BENZO PEROXIDEAND SAL ACID -- You got toe ery day.
00:24:06Ifou do thatfwr 4 or 5eeks, his est , you tto gsee a rmbtologis after trng maxclarity,me, it worke I mean, there's nother wayo qut it, worked.
00:24:19It just lookslot healthier IT CHANGED, Mi APPEARANCE.
00:24:22It chang a little bit of persalit a le bitore nfence.
00:24:26'S easier onvee with lad ah, it's cool.
00:24:31Um4 fo using this prodt, it looks like I'm wearinga mask or something.
00:24:34But thislike czy it's -- it's cool.
00:24:45W, lk aty face.
00:24:49An, lomyacecompedo befo, wow!
00:24:54I ha my clear inand at all ian elretty now. j n't feel ugly anymore.
00:25:00I ved here f sgiand at fsthing that people no about you,you know -- "are y get that xedonoufa d aftrng so ny ts, to finly find that one thing4you know, it just, it's amazing.
00:25:17[ FemaleouerNOW, Y CAN EXPERIENCE Your own life-angingtransformaon, ..
00:25:23Wod's first and only acne fightingystem.
00:25:27Isnique, medicated foam ..ft!
00:25:35Creams and lotionscan sit on t of ur skin, causing irritation, but the versafoam inaxctary driv ithmedicinedeep a fast, kitacneright atts th n[ irritati.
00:25:48It the fm in the maxclarity syst delivers not 1, but 2 powerful ac fightinnedicines right where 're needed.
00:25:56Li nearlytwas mh medicine per dose as either skinid,proactive,r rad.
00:26:05And with nirritation this 3 pieceaxy system s velodby tcientists sel, the wod's largest dermatologcompany.
00:26:14And now, through thispeci tv ofr, their late breakroh isvaab out a prescription!
00:26:20TO G qRTED, B THE SEAL, She to activate and press.
00:26:24Thenst cleanseantreat in the morning -- eanse and tone before be it's that sy.
00:26:30!How much money he wasted acne treatments that didn't woor you?
00:26:33We, at endrikht hereright now.
00:26:36Ll to order and ceive one month of maxclarity -- free!
00:26:41That's right.
00:26:42Yoet not just 30, but a fu 60-day supply of maxclary, 9 that's half e price of ptiv, mad, or svid.
00:26:56Order inheext minutes d get maxclarity'smedicated foaeing body wash ..!
00:27:08So, get the fullmarity syste a $6value, 95 when you orderinhe next 8 minutes.
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00:27:33The medicatet gives you nee sk fast anwi nirrition.
00:27:54♪ ♪
00:28:04stiefel was proud to bri youis snsored program.
00:00:00Something I woul like to talk about a lot.
00:00:02I tell all my friends about natural advantag >> it really works, and so I've never expernced the me restss I' gten WITH NATURAL ADVANTAGE. >> Wom:THE FOLLOWING Is a paid presention forsheer cover, giving you radiant, pFLLESS SON.
00:02:09>> Wow! I love it.
00:02:11>> Stunning dy!
00:02:12>> Beautiful!
00:02:13>> This stuff is cool!
00:02:14Woman:D ON FORMULAS Deped for doctors, w trusted in hollywood, for perfect coverage that's amazing light.
00:02:22>> It's very natural.
00:02:23>> It est feel like I'm wearinmakeup.
00:02:25>> Woman:JOIN YOUR HOST, The remarkle leeza gibbo, plus special guests sharing skin care secrets you'llannow.
00:02:31>> Wwant to t the bare-facedeann rimes.
00:02:33>> The moment of tth.
00:02:34>> Butiful, beautiful, beautiful.
00:02:36>> I HAD SOME HELP! ( chuckles ) >> Woman:D YOU N reive over $10 wortof professiona cosmetics absolutely free.
00:02:42>> Are you ready to trysheer cover?
00:02:44>>Bsolutel keep watching right now.
00:02:51>> Leeza Gibbons: Do youever wder how yo favorite stars get that flawless glow?
00:02:56Do they wake up oking picture perfect?
00:02:58Or do they have something to hide?
00:03:01W doods look so naturally perfect?
00:03:03E they born th way?
00:03:05Do they have skin issues, just like the rest of us?
00:03:08Coming up, h ttest beautyecret realed >> hi, I'm leeza gibbons.
00:03:14Do you ever wake up in the morning, lookt yourself in the mirror, and wish you could change sometng about your skin?
00:03:20Ether it's freles, brown spots, redness, dark circles, acnecars, you name i we all have something that we'd like to cover up.
00:03:31For me, 's redness, uneven skin to, sun damage, but u'd never knowt, because I've also got a secret for literay airbrushing thosflaws ay, a makeup that is so t and so natal it look like you're wearing nothing at all.
00:03:47If this sounds like sheer magic, well, you' absoluty cause it isshr cover.
00:03:54Yojust brush on the minerals, and in seconds, yourws disapar.
00:03:59>> I got it and tried it, d right away, people were like, "abigail, yo skin!
00:04:04" withsheecover, I feel le I'm walking out of a magazine.
00:04:08It's airbrushed, and it just blends in perfectly.
00:04:11Leezaibbons:SHEER COVER Isottouching in real me.
00:04:15Imagine, uneven pigment and dark circles gone.
00:04:19Freckles and brown spots vashed.
00:04:22Redness and rosace disappearing in seconds.
00:04:26Even leg veins, scars, and birthmarks, all vanishg right fore your eyes.
00:04:32>> You put it on, and your skin is flawless.
00:04:35It'sucni thing, but you dolook like you have makp on.
00:04:38>> Woman:THE SECRET Tosheer cover is a proprtary blend of natural soft-focus minerals at give you the coverage of a liquid but feel le you're wearing thing at all!
00:04:49>> Theosamazg thing aboutsheer verto me is how lightweight it is on my sk.
00:04:54I cajust brusht on literally this quick.
00:04:57>> Woman:SHZERMINERALS BND WITH YOUR Skin'saturalils, mica reflects light to blur your flaws and make them invisible.
00:05:05>>Sheer cover'sivcredibly different from the typical heavy foundations.
00:05:09It can handle and tackle any skin problem, and it gives you exactly what it says +sonnae you-- it gives yousheer coverage.
00:05:16>> Woman: Sheer cover's formulasere developed by skin care specialist pauline soli for cosmetic surgery cli and women with problemic skin conditions.
00:05:24>> I had it developed to camouflage-- a healthy alternative that could cover everything, but you could feel beautiful and lumiscent, youthful.
00:05:35>> Woman:AND THEN, WHEN Hollywood discoveredsheer ver,e buzz was instant.
00:05:39>> One day my maup artist showed up at work, and she said, "i think we oughto givesheer cover a try.
00:05:44The coverage iso incredible, and yft yocould ill see my skin. it is amazing.
00:05:49And when you see me miami, I wearingsheer cover.
00:05:53>> It's what people are talkg about, and it makes sense.
00:05:55To wear makeup and noteel like you're wearing any is true magic.
00:05:59>> Thiiu cbn, this is natural, and it's amazing how much coverage yoget.
00:06:03It's beautiful.
00:06:04'S just such a sim perfect idea.
00:06:08>> Leeza Gibbons: Coming up in the next few minutes, we'll take you to new york city, where skeptical shoppers tryr for the first time.
00:06:16>> Oh, my god, you can really see the difference.
00:06:18 >> plus, we're gonna g you up close and personal with grammy-oner leea rim how clos close enough to see what happens when t meucomes off.
00:06:28D u're to asheer coverwedding.
00:06:31Wahsheer covertransform one lucky bride and l hebridesmaids he mt speciaday of her life.
00:06:37 >> this is the real deal.
00:06:41You can what you think nattainable by usingsheer cover.
00:06:45>> It's completely difrent, andsheer coverwould ve any woman out there at transformatio >> Leeza Gibbons: 'S time to disver a more beautiful glowing, sexy new you.
00:06:55This is your moment.
00:07:03>> Leeza Gibbons: Eann rimes is a country music superstar, a singer and songwriter who rose to fame at age 13.
00:07:10She'u won two grammy awards, has over 40 chart-tog singles, and s has lerally growup in the puic eye.
00:07:18In 200 leen revealed a lifelo struggle with psoasis.
00:07:22>> I don't think you would notice it wi me tting here right now, but, you know, I had psorsiand eczema on 80%f my by, and it's sometng that I've stggled withy whole life, and stleith.
00:07:34But thsheer cover I never have to second-guess.
00:07:36I knowll day long it's hiding your biggest flaw that you're trying to keep secret.
00:07:41>> Leezabons: Join mnowtive ski I've struggled with psoriasis aneczema my whole li, and to find a maup that finally will soothe my skin is just a blessing. >> I know the feeling.
00:08:20>> Yeah, a I just happened to eome rosssheer cover, and I just fell in love with it, and it gave me w youk completely flawless, ..
00:08:29That's not the reality for any of us.
00:08:31 we all have things we struggle th, with our skin, and things we want to cover.
00:08:35>> Let's look at the thjngs that youaybe are coverin >>kay.
00:08:38( laughter >>Eannllowed us shoot h bare-faced before production, so let's put that up.
00:08:44YOU GUYS WATCH. @ (iemuvrs ) >> There's a lot of redness.
00:08:48I have a lot obroken capillaries around my se, and my cheeks, @d that big zitn my chin is really beautiful.
00:08:53>> You look airbrushed.
00:08:54I mean, you really do I'm goin tha I'm gog ba to u, " >>eah, that's exactly how I feel6 withsheer cover I feel like I can smooth out and even out all of my flaws so that I [email protected] my best face forwa evertime I walk out the door.
00:09:07It's justhis naturaz bel >> itisthe naturally beautiful u.
00:09:11>> ( applause ) >> Let's turn over to you, lisa garner.
00:09:16You're a professional up at, and wve seen your wo invanity fair, incosmo.
00:09:22At is it that u love about usingsheer cover on yourself and on your cl >> I love how easy it .
00:09:26It's so quick, but it's so effective.
00:09:29It's so beautiful and smooth, and it does give you that coverage.
00:09:32>> Let's talk about thbturring of aws busine, bei know at my ag I love that >> "at youage, or just any age?
00:09:39>> Okay, we lo tt.
00:09:41Buit the mix of the merals, the mica, ich takes the light away from your fla.
00:09:46>> You're right.
00:09:47It's tay the merals sit on top of each oer, the way they lay ainsthe skin-- it's so fi and then the mica reects the light away from those fine les and any blemishes weight have.
00:09:57And that's what gives you the radiance and the glow.
00:09:59>> Yeah, and it real dsmake a majorifference.
00:10:01Every woman should have the opportunitto look beautiful, and that's whsheer covergiveyou.
00:10:05>> Woman: Eer cover is a breakthrough in cosmetic science.
00:10:09It was first developed as a corrective cosmetic for skinonditions such as , rosacea, and post-surgical scars.
00:10:16>> One of the things th setsheer coverapart from other mineral makeups and also from traditional liquid makeup is the fact that it has a natural spf, othing botanicals which n help calm redns, and it also has anti-oxidants which help minimize photo-aging and photo damage.
00:10:32>> I was in a car accidfnt about a year ago.
00:10:36Skin carspialist, everyone, was ke, "minerals.
00:10:42 when I foundsheer cover, it chang my life.
00:10:48People don't notice e scar, anmy skin looks great.
00:10:53IT'SN AZING THING. >> ( audience applauds ) >> okay, I want yoto think about your day, and I know it's busy.
00:11:01You're in an out of the car, you've got appoiments, you've got errds, groceries, picking up kids.
00:11:04The bottom le is, your makeup gets 'úque a wo so to prove thatsheer cover can stand up to yourusy day, we sent twins maria and helena out for a 5k runght ouide udio here isouthernifornia.
00:11:19Onis wearingsheer cover, and the other isearing a very popular liquid makeup, and wegonna e which makeup lasts the longest.
00:11:28Now, while thewins are out ruing, let me show y howsheer coverworks so that you can see justasit is.
00:11:35These are three sheer covercustomers, our autiful ladies, who have a range of skin issues.
00:11:41But I want you to watch as they put their makeup on, and you'lleeowhey transform their look.
00:11:46So, ladies, you ready?
00:11:47>> All: Yes.
00:11:47now,f you' notice, everodtag th their concealer.
00:11:52It is so creamy thathe ladies are applying it with just a little lightouch.
00:11:57Lie is covering up what right here?
00:11:58>> I have freckles, and I have daircles, so io want to cover those up.
00:12:02>> How important is a concealer to you, deshaune?
00:12:04>> Extremely important.
00:12:06>> Extremely important.
00:12:07Concealer, your best friend.
00:12:10She's gonna cover that birthmark.
00:12:12>> It's so light that when I first tried it, I thought, there is no way this is gog to cov my birthmark, and sure enough, coverit right up.
00:12:20Lk at this.
00:12:21Shann spends how much time in the morning putting ur makp on?
00:12:24>> Not muc now she puts the brush into the mineral powders, swls iright the nerals blend so easily, and they rest lightly top othsuace of your skin.
00:12:35It's that simple.
00:12:37Ann is fwl that's how fast it is.
00:12:40>> ( audience applauds ) >> Look how pretty yousk is.
00:12:44She looks like she has makeup on at all, and yet she's covered up those litt bmishes.
00:12:48Now, look atulie.
00:12:50She's flawless.
00:12:51>> Tnk you.
00:12:52>> You're betiful, beautiful, beautiful.
00:12:53>> I had some lp.
00:12:54>> ( laughter ) >> Okay, brushes down.
00:12:56Ouo lo strout in the aiee so that you can see thesheer coverdifference.
00:13:00There it is-- a beautifu sil, flawless, esh complexion.
00:13:05Is is the look of natal skin, only better.
00:13:09>> I thi t thing at made me fl in love withsheer cover was the cora I have very fair very ssive skin.
00:13:17I so battle having dark circles, which I think a t ofs , so I begin with thesheer coverconcear I under my eyes, and then I swirl the brush, start rking round and working it arod, and 'sust such a great feeling.
00:13:34Sheer covergives a sheen d itives glow and it gives a freshness.
00:13:39It is betteran any liquid foundation I have ever found.
00:13:42It is amazing.
00:13:44Sheer coveris amang >> Leeza Gibbo: Coming up in just a bit, our twins finish their 5k run, and we'll see which makeup wi the challenge.
00:13:53And those "we've seen it all" won from new york city pusheer cover to the ultimate te.
00:13:57>> Wow.
00:13:58>> Happy endings at a we y wedding, and more about what celebrities might be hiding.
00:14:04>> I inherit the deep circles, and I'm really self-conscious about it, and I've tried every product.
00:14:10This is the secret weapon.
00:14:13>> Up next, yo chance startirbrushing your own flaws ay in just seconds withsheer cover.
00:14:24>íoman:SAY GOODBYE To heavy, goopy liquid foundatio and get set fothe amazing sheer cover, the lightweight mineral makeup that gives you the coveragef a liquid but feels like you're wearing nothing at all.
00:14:38Wah asreckles or spots simply vanish.
00:14:42Blotchy sun-damaged ski now smooth and flawless.
00:14:45Redness or rosacea?
00:14:47T anymore.
00:14:49Andsheer coverworks like magi under-ecles acne breakouts, even leg veins, scars, and birthmarks.
00:14:56>> Whatever skin problem you have, it can cover.
00:14:59There's nothing, I don't think, thsheer covehasn't seen thatt can'fix, which is really good.
00:15:05>> Woman:CALL NOW AND RECEIVE OUR AMAjING MINERAL FOUNDATION In two blendable shades.
00:15:10D on formulas developed for doctors, sheer vercontains no parabens.
00:15:18No tc, neru, and no fragrances.
00:15:22Andsheer coverhas a proprietary blend of spf 15 sunscree soothing botanicals, d n tea antixint to help fit the visible signs of premature aging.
00:15:33And the minerals go on smooth and silky with our professional studio brush, featuring all-natural bristles.
00:15:39>> Thesheer coverbrush is so natul and so soft, and I think that's why the powder feels so silky GOING ON. anYOLL ALSO RECEIV The famous duotone concealer pCUSTOMERS ARE RAVING ABOUT.
00:15:51Just a couple of dabs, and the toughest of flaws vanish in send it's a creamy, dreamy concealer.
00:15:58It has amazing coveragd lookso natura >> Woman: Sheer cove comes in fr kits-- light, for fair skin; medium, our most popular shade; tan, for olive complexions, and dark, for rich, ep sn nes.
00:16:14It's easy tohoose, and we guaraee a peect match for your skin tone.
00:16:19Plus,sheer cover comes complete with our pular nditioning cleanserand nourishi mster to give your skin a youtul, radiant glow.
00:16:28You'll also receive our amazing extra length mineral mascara, and usinshcover is a breeze with the sheer perfection application guide and our quick-stt dvd.
00:16:43A mplete system of high-quality cosmets, brushes, and skin ca can easily cost 50 or more at rail stores.
00:16:51But because we sell dict with no retail mku, we'll send you a one-month kit ofsheer cover, all nineroducts, for the incredible price ofust $59.95.
00:17:04And if you call now, you'll enjoy fe shipping on us, through this exclusive, limited-time tv offer.
00:17:11>> After I tried I s just hked.
00:17:14Withsheer cover,it goes to pve, you don't have to spend a lot of money to get an amazing product.
00:17:18>>oman:WE STAND Hindr with a risk-free, two-month money-back guantee.
00:17:24You can use upverything you sehere, and if not solute dightfd, sendack the empty containers within 60 days r a colete refund.
00:17:32And this deal gets even better, ifht, because you won't pay our already low price 95, or even $39.95.
00:17:44When you order in the next 15 minutes, you'll getsheer cover for the amazing pre of only $29.95.that's right. $295.
00:17:54>>Sheer cover'sincredible, because it can fit any man's budget, and it's a higquality product, so youeel like y'r being good tyourself.
00:18:03Woman:AND HERE'S THE OFFER You've been waiting for.
00:18:05Be among the first 500 callers, and you'll get over $100 worth ofrofeionaumetjcs absolutely free with your paid order.
00:18:14First, you'll get our brand-new traveling pocket duo, to hold concealer, neraanbrush in one portable mpact.
00:18:22>> Now I just use isittle po duo.
00:18:24That's all I have to have, ani look fantastic.
00:18:26And look-- look at it!
00:18:28It's ty!
00:18:29>> Woman:NEXT, YOU'LLECEIVE This ultra cool sheer cor compact, with highligers, eyeliner, and lip glosses.
00:18:35We'll so add two m professional studio ushes to yoursheer coverkit.
00:18:40Anyou'll get this stylish makeup case-- r covewith you, anytime, anywhe.
00:18:47This incredible gift collection has a $100 value, yet u'll receive tse gifts and the complete sheer coverkit-- over $250 worth of high-end cosmetic- all for just $29.95.
00:19:00D foa limited time, shipping is free.
00:19:02>> I was amazed.
00:19:03I thght, "am I getting all of ts product?
00:19:05" brushes, the two powdfrs, concler, asw.
00:19:10And a great price.
00:19:11>> Woman:SO WHAT ARE YOU Waiting for?
00:19:13Th free shipping anda money-back guarantee, there+s id to tryingsheer cover right now.
00:19:20>> Try it.
00:19:20You' seehe difference.
00:19:21It's like bare skin, only better.
00:19:24>> Woman:N'T IT Another seco to get beautiful skin you'll love act now, andtart airbrushing your flaws away, withr ver.
00:19:37>> This is new york city, e fashiwn bety capiof the world, and when it cometo makeup, new yorkers expect the very best.
00:19:46Let'e en they trysheer cover the very first time.
00:19:50Tell us what's going o wi your skin, and what your makeup does and doesn't door you.
00:19:54>> I have a little bit of red that I'd like to cover up.
00:19:56>> I have rosacea.
00:19:58>> Dark eyes >> I have adult acne.
00:19:59>> Are you ready to tr eecove >> absolutely.
00:20:02>> Let's work oureer cover magic.
00:20:04>> To start with, we're gonna use our fantastic concealer.
00:20:07>> Leeza Gibbons: It's so creamyit's sblendabl it's like a flaw eraser.
00:20:10>> A alrdye're taking the redness right down.
00:20:13 it doesn't cake or clump or anyt.
00:20:16>> That lwoks great.
00:20:17You're on your way.
00:20:18>> It's quick and it's easy.
00:20:19>> Leeibbons:SHEER COVER Mineral fodations 100% natural.
00:20:23Grab it with your brush, work it intohe bristu, and then buff itn in a circular moon.
00:20:27You'll look like you, onlyerfect.
00:20:30Take a look. what do you think?
00:20:31>> Oh, I love it.
00:20:33Myed is completely gone.
00:20:35>> The redness is gone! yay! thankou.
00:20:38>> Leeza Gibbons: Do you see the luminosity, this kind of radiance that you have?
00:20:41Yeah, I glow!
00:20:42>> That's the mica.
00:20:43>> Glow!
00:20:44>> Ts is wonderful!
00:20:45You look really pretty.
00:20:45>> I love it. this is great.
00:20:47>>Sheer covergives you that airbrushed, luminescent lookf perfection like that.
00:20:54Heyshcove you're going to be pleasantly surprised.
00:20:56It is not like it's like nothing you've ever tried.
00:21:00The fact that the minerals reflect the light, the glow y're gonna see, the radiance, it's completely differt than anyg I've seen.
00:21:06>> Technology now meanyou don't have to wear ahick and heavy foundation base to have flawless skin.
00:21:11Sheer corwill give you that luminous efct.
00:21:13It's going to last all day.
00:21:15U' kon loogreat.
00:21:16People are gonna comment about that.
00:21:19>> (pplause ) >> Earlier in the show, we took twins helena and maria, and we sent them out for a 5k run, and now we're read to reveal the results of howsheer cover compares for staying power with a leading liquid fndation.
00:21:33>> Hena and maria, come on out, girls.
00:21:40>> Hi, ladies.
00:21:41 you're still running, running, running, running.
00:21:44Okay, ladies, ok straight at this mera her let's take a look.
00:21:47Can you see, audience, e liquid makeup?
00:21:49>> Audience: Yes!
00:21:50>> I see a huge difference.
00:21:52Firsof all, maria has been wearing the liquid foundation, and see streiness, shininess, the makeup is wearing away around your nos undernth your eyes and yo cheeks.
00:22:02It looks cakey.
00:22:03'S not looking pretty like that.
00:22:05However, helena looks gorgeous, flawless. >> dsn't she?
00:22:08>> Absoluty.
00:22:09>> Did y even break a eat, girl?
00:22:11>> I did.
00:22:12>> And yet thesheer cover hasn't changed at all.
00:22:14It hn't sweated off.
00:22:15Still lolong and diant, but y don't look seaky at all.
00:22:19Buthat's looking incredible.
00:22:21Lisa, sweat-proof, las all y, and it's not gonnaub off ..
00:22:28>> Your boyfriend.
00:22:29.. Your boyfriend or husband or whatever.
00:22:31Girls, thank you umuch.
00:22:33>> What's amazing about sheer covermirals is that, as you go through e day, instead of becoming powdery, whicis what you might think would happen,it's exactly the opposite.
00:22:42It blends in with ur natural oils, and it almost en up feing like you've got a so glow, like a msturizer, like you've put a moisturizer on.
00:22:49>> Best thing about after usingsheer cover, it immediately conal all my skin blemishes and gave me that "girl next door"- but-celebrity look that every woman wants.
00:23:02>> I inherited the deep circles.
00:23:04See these rk ccles under my eyes?
00:23:07Had people saying, "are you tired?
00:23:09Maybe yoshld " d m real self-cocious about it.
00:23:13So for me,he first thing I grab is the concealer duo.
00:23:17It gives me beautiful coverage really easy, light way.
00:23:21It makes me feel very natural.
00:23:22Then I jt brush on powder foundation.
00:23:26This is something at is very healthy and lig.
00:23:29It's just beautiful, and I love that.
00:23:32>> You know, t'une day in aoman lif where she solutely has to look her most beautiful, her most radiant and glowing, ..
00:23:41>> All: Wedding day!
00:23:44Got a celebrity-style sheer covermaer, not just for herself, but for everyone in thedal party, and it waseautiful.
00:23:52Here's how it went.
00:23:54>> Oka we'oing for our makeup and our hair right now.
00:23:58HI, GS! >> Woman: Od morng!
00:24:00>> Gd morning.
00:24:01Wan: Consuelo, what are some of your concerns for your wedding?
00:24:05My biggest concern is, I get rely dark circles undemy eyes.
00:24:08Woman: comptely coved, completely taken ca of.
00:24:11Eer coverwill make it look absolutely beautiful.
00:24:14>> It's my wedding.
00:24:16>> ( cheers and applause ) oman: HERE WGO.
00:24:19We'll t you hooked up,aby.
00:24:20Thank you very much.
00:24:21>> Y're welcoue.
00:24:22Sheer coveris going to even out your skin tone.
00:24:26Y know what's amazing, IS IT FEELS VERY LIGHT,pACTUALLYITEE LIKE I' not really wearing any makeup.
00:24:30>> And it looks grt.
00:24:31You know thatsheer cover thini was telling you about?
00:24:33All the bridesmaids have gotten makeup done, and jen, and mom, >> I'm getting married!
00:24:50>> Woman: It's beautiful.
00:24:51>> Consuelo: I just looked around the room, and there was my mom and all my bridesmaids, and ey lookedsobeautiful.
00:24:58 it wasust peect.
00:25:07>> (fdstchee and ap0laud >> I hope that my other brides in the future get to have the same experiee that did.
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00:29:18>> You can actuay e up the whole product and they'll ve you your mey back.
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00:29:24I mean, it really is that simple.
00:29:25>> Woman:SO WHAT ARE YOU
00:00:00Faster than a maal bsh, ur tis faster thaanleric, so much easierndterthan a tthbrever.
00:00:07Unlike ordinary ngle-headed brushes that only cln one tooth suat a time, secw sle's six microbrushes rrr teeth in soft brisesgetting into every ok a cray4 peret cleaning the fntthe back,the ti surfaces of your uppeand loweteeth, all t same time.
00:00:23So wt usedo take two three minutes w tas only 30 seeonds.
00:00:28D th0 seck smilethe's no mtwti d rng, flipping and flngstruggling to t at thosimpoibo-ach areasbehind your ont teh there's silyo other us like this, a it's t just er, itetter-- better a re plaquand restoring guhealth than leadinelecie university of tennsee colleg of dentistry fnd 30 second smile be totallsafe ongums andmel, unspaedat removing ai a plaqued improving guheal.
00:00:57The et is 30 second smile's pateed desig autatical e bristles at the perfect 45-degree gle recommended by dentists and periodontists to power ay plaque.
00:01:08That's aosssible with 30 uond smile ves yothsme you've as fl, all the ile fighting g disease to rever gingizitis ansave your tee alu do is bi and guide.
00:01:2030Econd smile does t rt.
00:01:22It litally brushes your teeth for u,er every te.
00:01:26+S safe for veneers and crowns, and it's great ateang braces and plus, 'so easy to hold and use that it'thonly torush e[ awarded e thritis fouvti eas-u mmendation.
00:01:37And it's perfect k fuand easy, they can make mistake,nd you'll bemazed by their denl checku >>this a 30 seco smi AnnouncNOW STAY TUNED Ee what happens when theshocked commuters ..
00:01:53>> WOW! [LAUfHTE >> Aounc: And hoeasy it to remove with 30 cond smile.
00:01:57Then join our hien camera to see w ll your midsrush wh ynot oking, and fiut how0 co smile ce ngivit in ju two so if u wa sparkling, whjte teetealthier gums, freer breath, t e, a the besthecks you've ever had, join one of the nation'sremo healthcarthits, form cffedical correspovdt fornbc khtly newsand#]e sh, bob arnot, as he introces yo to0 send smile.
00:02:31I'm dr. bob arnot.
00:02:33You know tt squey-cleanfeeling u have wheyou've justeen to the den's ofce so how come you have at feeling o dayu a yr, and not every ngle day?
00:02:44Ll, you're either rushing your brushi or t hing wellenough to remove stains,ood ree, a worst of all, aq.
00:02:52This is 30 second smile.
00:02:54It the toothush I' beenusinfor the st s mths, anthere's simply nothinge like it.
00:02:59Iturroundsr eth wi sostles, etly cleang thf side, thide,he biting sfaces, and along the gum ne, p and bottom, all at me time, faster than any rush eved pft every time.
00:03:13Ith the 30 seconsmile, my th fl so cleannd fresh, and I lick my tongue acrosmy teeth and they just feel woful.
00:03:26HEYOU RUB jOUR TONGUE OVER Yo teeth, itust fes clean and frh and w, a it-s st a different feing than whenu simplyse youtwothbru.
00:03:35>> Aually, the 3cond smile does evething for you.
00:03:37Ywu really don'tave y abou6 you just d 30 ses, re g your gums, your teet you'reood to g you're ready to smile.
00:03:44Í> So do yrush up and dn, back and forth, swl arnd?
00:03:49There e many ways to bsh your tee, but one wbz recommended by mt dentists it'sald e bass metd,afthe charlesasu starbyrlng tooth angum li at 45egrees and use these short stkes for evy h.great id, but therareo obms.
00:04:08E, it kes o lo fort of u- a ll three mutes with auat brh and two mis with an electricne.
00:04:16Nuer two, it's hard to do.
00:04:17Eauy to brh ng enough4ust s, and yocan't help buush [ell enough,ecseit actuallperforms t basu method for you all u is and gde annoti, you' not doi the brvshing.
00:04:33The brush is doing t brushing for you.
00:04:3630Ond smilautomaticallypositions the ft outer is at thcorrect 4u-dfgree anglg yo kum lines, surunding yr teh, brushing a theurces of ur upper aower tth t same time.
00:04:49And cause the brh hebdso pivoand swiv, sup gent, comforbly clning every crevice and corner of ®your teeth and masgiou gums t.
00:04:58Fill allhe plarue and ly .. gone!
00:05:04>> My eth are whiter ani love to n my tongue ross my etbnd think, " the 30 smi gizesmyeeth bteclean than iever havin the past in jt 30ecds.
00:05:14Th's t single st importa thing to me.
00:05:16>> My teeth je really eat.
00:05:18It was probay a few days aer I started using it thai ran my ngue ovemy tth a reallyticed how much more slick th felt,nd iually putmy jingeup to tth and rubbedn themaneyere squeaky-ea >> 30 second smile feelsike yojust camstight fm the dentist evertimeou brush,sot is amazinganyodon'tget fliith y othertohbsh at l.
00:05:38The ia er andn prop way to brush your eth, and most peopleustdon't do it right, but the 30 seco smile ds aumatically.
00:05:45YODON'T HAVE TKNOWNiTHINGABOUT THE PRER TECHNIQUERTHE Ane of theristanythjng like that, cause it's built to the 5second smile.
00:05:53It's a great invention.
00:05:54I ve the 30 ndle >> younow 's plae at threal 's clear, st g tt every day, causing tooth decay,bad breath, gum disebse, andlo''f teeth.
00:06:07It nasty stuffnow, hers b little secret.
00:06:11Pl isoft when it first rm but if you don't ve it today, it will haen moow, and once it's hard,a toot can+t g it lyhi- the toh dorie wh you se I sure d if u n't like ungth, art using this.
00:06:2930Econd ile cleans t plaqueff oj every toot fr br fum lines sily, pertly, an tomatically.
00:06:38You can't make a mistake.
00:06:39>> I bary en have toove e twwthbrush at l,ecause just, it'moving like it'gettg, it's g all the rk.
00:06:47Wt'great about e brush is iyou don't have to manipulate a single lile hd sure you get ery crack and thiseally takes atl thhumanror t of bshg.
00:06:57You just gli iaround,e two fiers, and it's so le to us all you hav do is guide simply back andth, it's getting everyere,nd it is working and doing all the rk that I never reallyid onown re.
00:07:11>>Aybe you think y already brh ll enough.
00:07:14There's e way to fint-- they'rcalled disclosing tablets, and they ally real invjsible plaque by tning iig r.
00:07:25Watch what happenewhen I askedsome unsuupecting new yorkers to the bleton their way to work.
00:07:31.. You, d yobrush your teeth this morning? >>id.
00:07:34>> andid you do a pret od job I'mretty svre I d a pretty gjob.
00:07:39What I wantou to do is take this. >>.k.
00:07:42>> Put I youut yowant to chew it, swirl it around.
00:07:45At it will do is it'll cling to any plaque that builds down angheumin taor.
00:07:51>> O mgosh. w!
00:07:56ohmyod, I'm so embared.
00:07:59>> Oh, md.
00:08:00 [laughte >> oh, wow.
00:08:03>> I'm walng around wi®that in my mouth ious I'm not too jd wita manual toous >> Announc-r: Th we asd em to go into the camper t30 second smilthe very ndfe like fourtoothbrush all at to botm,nside, ovtde everything was getting real cleavery fast.
00:08:21>> My eth feel really smooth an, it's amazi.
00:08:24I get that kind of like slic feg when I runtongueov my teeth.
00:08:28Went etty fast,felt vy comfortable, and my .: ite cln: I jí ow it was st and I'm elivg confident in my sm >> using the brush for 30 ueconds al worked d removed l e plaque, cally, and irked racles.
00:08:44Thesay necey t mother of invention, so it's no surprise the 30 second smile wainvent ba man ha just been toe hathe eay gnof g diseasend nded >> the0 second smile dsn't look like a ru, ani i ika toothbshit prably wldvork, beuse in t pasll othe brushes that exied did notork.80% people have gumisease.
00:09:11so y l 30 send smile lwoks this may soundrazy, but itoktofrfecthis, and [eo[ave itfect, a maine thatctually ushes an30 second smile is so easy to u.
00:09:29Simply snap e brusheads to the handle, t on dab ur t actlly guide thebrtles arod your mouth,d in 30 seconds,ou're done tt easyand it's probab the mt comfortae tohbrush you'll ever put yr mouth.
00:09:46>> What abt wonding muchlae you have on urth right n?
00:09:50You t twonder when u art using 30econsmile.
00:09:53It lerallyrushes your teeth for you,erfectly eve tim in a fraion of time wod take with any otr toothbrush on planet.
00:10:02Errealsn anythel me it.
00:10:04I e it, d iturworks for me.
00:10:06Coming up, you'll find out just how poorly these kdergartene ushed wh theirarentsweren'lookinnd how0 second smile chaed t and find out how you c reverse gingivitis th's rig, tually rerse it.
00:10:21But firut, here's how you can t your own 30 sendmile.
00:10:26This 3p second smi >>is 3second smile.
00:10:30>>Thisis a 30 second smile.
00:10:32>> Announc: Well wanbrig whitteeth, hlthy gums, arklk e, andreshbreath, but o has thpatice to brushr threminutes with a manual or elec toothbrush?
00:10:42That's how lg u'repose use 'em, but mostus ®doev come cle.
00:10:46kecse whatsed take two three minutenotas only 30 seconds wit30 secd e, the toothbrushg kthrough that keeps your teeth as shiny and clean as the day you lef the dentist's office I jt kn that afr 30 seconds it's taken care of, IT'S DONE,ND I'M OUT T DOORTH AMILE.>> Anner: 30 Sond sme's six mirushes surund youreth inoft bristles, autotically clea the surfaces, top and bott, alathe same time.
00:11:15All doadyour 30 uecsuilterallybrusyour teeth for y, perfectly, t first te,evertime.
00:11:26And itpatented "can't misssign automaticallyositions the bristles at the perfect 45egree angle recommend byst dentists anperiodontists for poweringway dangers plaque, massbginyo gs,anlpsave yr eth.
00:11:40I havseen turunin my centsho have m disee in as little atwo weeks with the sond m.
00:11:46>> Annouer: Inical study at tniveity tennessee collegf ofentistry fou 30 se smile to be totally safe on gums anenand unsurpasseat rovinbinsd plaqve and iroving gum alth in fact, it'so effective at improving gum health thatit canever the symptoms wi ordinary othbrush, you n socrub too hd, [earinaway enamel andamang yo gums.
00:12:11T wi 3second smiyou don't scatllu just gui the hdleanlet thultroft bristles ntly and effectively cleanyour teeth and massayourums.
00:12:21Secd ume is als10 fe jor veneers and crowns, and great at cleaning braces bridgewooopluso sy tfthat it's thonlyoothbrush awarded the arritis foundation sef-use mmendation, and so fun, you'll ner tworry abyour kids brushi proper again.
00:12:39now, you could snd almost $200 on these electric brushes and still nobrh rikht, t th0 seeo ste,you n'pa$2, not 150, noeven $100.
00:12:5130 Second smile can be yours for only tee payments of st $29.95.
00:12:56T ld everything!
00:12:57Pt of ts introductory offer, we'll take off one full payment.
00:13:01That's nownly two payments .
00:13:05SOND SMILE S LEtE Thatuseruide, and desier brushtand.
00:13:10[E'll evennclude two sets ofbrush heads-- ulasoft d fo gent cleanin and as gums get healter, standa ue for seriostn and plaque removal.
00:13:20Usa pressional tongu scfolly cleanmouth, and tconvennt you go.
00:13:28But wait!
00:13:29Wee go mbke éhis fer irresistible call in the next 20 nutesanll also reiv replacush he for life.
00:13:36You heard right-- frru at's sgs of huds of dollars over the li of your ush.
00:13:43Brush heaor lif e !
00:13:46fr: BUWE'VE Got morebs part of ts inry special, we're going to mp-start you to the whitest,brightesile poib-- up to ninehawhinnl10ayr-- wi 3 cond smi professional tooth whitenem the sells for to $300 or me at theentist'sffice, payppin 30ecwnd smile also ces with the lst warray in the busines- a fu tee years-- and this 30 second smile ney-back grantee.
00:14:16Use it for fl 60 day a if youdeisdoesn'tell you yo gumare althier and yo checp bettern everefor if your teetaren't whir and yw breath fresher,t tu30 secsmile fofu fund a keep r sional tooth whitenin®as our free that's how se we a you're goin love 30ond ile.
00:14:38Pick up the pho d call now.
00:14:43>> These days, the are brushes with sorts of belld whiutlesbut all these brhes are the samewo proems: Theyll require us to u tperfectly, and we have to use t the fact I most of us don't usthem lough or well enough.
00:15:00 fr out of five disease- four wut of five.
00:15:07And e ma cse of gu disease islaque left behind by bad bshing.
00:15:12Th 30 condmi, you can' taked who esn't have 3nds?
00:15:17I n tell you that if you're not in30 second smile, there's a gwod chance you gum disease rig n but don't ev kw .
00:15:27>> I have ve large crecein my, in beten mtebecause o have fou and fives in the pockets of gums, and since I started using 30 secd smile, my gums havne dn twos and hygienists amed.
00:15:47I'm ghting the battle and winning.
00:15:50>> Dr. scharice toeeou.
00:15:52>> Thank you.
00:15:53Í> You'ra ry eerienced peodtist.
00:15:55A wbasjlly talkin >> well, first let's take b look at h healt gare.
00:16:00This is the toh,nd the root OF THEOOTH IS HELDaITHE Bone, and the purpe of t gum is to protect the bone.
00:16:06Atappepeodovtal ase is briand rtarlate on the tooth an cause m to be infl ich is callegiitis.
00:16:12When you have gingit, thf gum eaksowand doe prott the bone as well, it lows the bacriand e taar to start to irritate the bone, and thbone is lost, and when enough bone is lost, tuallyheth can be lost.
00:16:23Inrder to move t plaque operly, u need to brh and fls your teeth, d the best brushi technue is sstechnique, which is holding the brtles at a -degreangleto the a massangack anforth to try a work th bristles rig into thgap tween the tooth d the gum.
00:16:37>>Hat percentc of pfople properly perrm theass method >> zero peen includinmyself.
00:16:43Even if do iperfectly in onspotnd you don't dit lln other , whereveryore missingthatrell gegingit>>0 cond smile has been engineered tproperly pjorm the ss technue.
00:16:55Does I >> iteay does.
00:16:56Yoknowwhen y turthe brh onnd the bristles gw ba and fth, it works the brisesight intthspace between tooth and the m i int 50 seconds?
00:17:05er tn cleaning oneurface at time,hi you do with a gular toothbsh, this just multiplies your ef bau it's caning six rfest®time.i lovfhe 30 secondle.
00:17:14Ve it toatients, and they can cln thr ll, andthey come back happier because their teeth are healthy.
00:17:19>> Dr. schar t y.>> thanks.
00:17:22>>Thk, yould see areal diffencin t look of uree and the health % your gumin just two week or less, but you'll feel the 30 seconsmile difference e very first timyou put ey rlly el really clean.
00:17:39it doethe top and bottom, front and back athme timuz it st to ttch wh nooopbste and t itassagey ms just 'cae it feels good.
00:17:50[Both ug >> I like at it's much faster, 'cause like,o geit ts way lirally isike eight minutesmorning d ght.
00:17:57Iove it. I love it.
00:17:58I fe it all ndand I t he back teeth.
00:18:01Even as a registered denl assistant, I have a problem geinall the aque off the back of my.
00:18:05This wrighback theret the ba tee it's rlly, it's wonderful.
00:18:10I'm konna remmjt my dentist.
00:18:13>> Gorgeous.
00:18:14>> Feels li got new teeth felt ke a wav pque CAME OFF®>> IYOU HAvE ENOUGH MOBITYTO HOLD Uto youmouth, u're done.
00:18:23>> Oh, wow!
00:18:25Dan, youhod y this.
00:18:26 [uckles ye io wa no her toothbrush cleans like 3cond sle just 30 secondinhe morning an30 secds at ght andyou' have theaky-cle, justefthe-dentjst'u-offi feeling every da>> the 30 secondmile ianabsolute phenomenal breahrough in bshing yoeeth.
00:18:47Gis meresher bata bright sle.
00:18:50It's muceasi to keep myee whii can n myongue alonmyteeth and ha THAT FEELING OF,"WOWMi MOUTH FEELS REALLYCLEAN," And I feelt y ngleime I ee 30 seconsmil 30 nd sle does brg THi SPALEAT SEN.
00:19:06It is really aheen that shiuckl after 3secos,oue out a your teeth st fl amazing, likyou ju came from the deist, you know, when you rub your tongue over your teeth anitfes h and smooth and clean.
00:19:19I ve that feelin think about it th w you have 28 fferent eth, and you have to ean three difft rfac on each of then.
00:19:28That 84 fferent rfbeesand if y misjust opot the food particles rml plaque yeft hi ll be causing troubl t w.
00:19:38The onay y can be sure u'reetting 84 spwts spkling clean every timeith secovd smile.
00:19:45I your teetit great.i hbve all my teeth.
00:19:48I have my [isdom teeth.
00:19:49I have tm all, so gettinway inheack for me is ry teeth.
00:19:57It a wonderf feeng I've ner been ableo get back that far.
00:20:00He patients ve seeha wher t, their eath isfresher, they have less plaque, le blein .. every ngle te.
00:20:10Imagine secd smile once in the morningndnce atht for althy gums, arin clean teeth, and a great smi.
00:20:18There really is no other noit'sr u g yo 3co smi.
00:20:25>>isis 3second smi >>THISIS A 30 SECOND SMILE.>> Annncer: WE All want bright white teh, healthy gums, a sparinsmile, and fsh eabuwho has thpatien to brush two or minutes with a manual or electritohbrush?
00:20:41At'sow lu're supposed se 'em, but most of don't even come close.
00:20:45, becse ud take two orhreemites takeu ly 30 seconds30 second sme, the tootrushing breakthrough that keeps your teeth shinyand clean as the d y teft thntist's office.
00:20:57My teh feel wr and brighter and feeclner.
00:21:00I've even gott a cple MPLIMENTS ACTUALLY.>> Announcer30 SECD S X crobrushes sround your eth in soft brtl,autocally cleaning the fron and the biting es, top anbottoualt at the same time.
00:21:13All you do is add your farite tthstf.
00:21:15Then just bite and guide.
00:21:17It's that sy!
00:21:1830 Seeond ile litellbrusyw tth f you, peectly, tir time, every time.
00:21:24And its patent "can+miss" signwmaticly positions thbristles at thect -degree ane commended uostentists and periodontists foporingway danger plaquessaging ur gums4 bnd lpg ve your teeth.
00:21:37>> In 30 secondu or ss, you ll ha opertal cleang everyine time you use it.
00:21:44>>n.ounc: CLINICALDY T univeitof tenne COEGE OF DENTIRi FOUND 30 Second smile btotally safe on gums and enamel, a unsurpasseat removainsand plue a impving gum healin fact, it's effec iving gum heah at caneverse theymptoms of gingivitis onlyo weeks, guaraeewith ordinary toothbrushes, you can al scr too har wearg awnamel and damang ur gums.
00:22:09Nowith 30 cond smile.
00:22:10You don't scrub a.
00:22:12You st gdehe hanand let the ultrasoft bristles gently and effectively cle your tee and massage ums.
00:22:19Econd smile is also 1p0%safe feneers androwns, and grt at cleing bres anbrgework t plus, it'so easy to use thatt's the only toothbrush awded the thtis fodation se-oj-usconmentiwnand so fu you'll ner haze to rry out your kids brhing properlygain.
00:22:37Th caj't make a mistake.
00:22:39®Juhi, thbrisndoo plaque that forms ll be nen only0 conds.
00:22:44Now, you could spend almost $200 tse elebruss d stl not brush right, but with 30 send smi, you n'pay $2, t 150, noeven $100.
00:22:5530 Second ilcan beours 9 but ld everything!
00:23:01Asart of this troductory fer, we'll take off on full payment.
00:23:04Th's onltwo paen 30 second sme cos mplete with bteries, user guide, and designer bru snd'll ev include t sets of brads-- ultrast d for standard blue f superior stain and plaque roval.
00:23:23Pl, a professional tonfper r b y clean mout and ts convenient carryingasso youan have a 30 second smilerever you go.
00:23:31we'rgoing to me is fer irle.
00:23:35Calt ithe next0 nuter life.
00:23:40V heard right-- freerush heads for life that's a savings of hundreds brush heads f lifsi me !
00:23:49Announcer: T wee kot more.
00:23:51As part of this jvtrodvctoryspial, we're going tojump-startou to the whitest, brigt smile ssle to ne shawhit IN ONLY 10 DAiS-- WITH0 Seco sle'srofessional tooth whitening syem.
00:24:03The kit sells up to 00 more he dtist's office, but iu yor free.
00:24:08Stay shippg and processing.
00:24:1030 Second smile al comeswith longearrantin the busins-- a ll yes-and this 3second suile monerant.
00:24:19Use it for a full 60ays, and if your dentesn't ll yyour gumare healthier and your checkubett than er before, ifr teeth en't whiter and your breath fresher, just return second jle r a full refu and keep our profon towhitening system as our fe gi th's how sure we aou're th offfr will nolast lg, pick up the phone and ll n.
00:24:48>> Remember yo mom telli you to brush your teeth when youere a kid?
00:24:52Rememr how welloud wn e'tinwell, I wantedo e if anything has changed in the LA 2 30 YEARS. Ann:ob bring a che cake to this classroom.
00:25:04[Children chee IT SURE MADEHE KIDHAPPi, wanted to see welt and how ng these kids wouldbrush thr teeth when lt on the own.
00:25:17We set up a hdecamera, t out our sttches, anwaited.
00:25:21Turns out they brushed for avera o17econds--17!
00:25:25T nearly lg enwughge anne teeth clean.
00:25:28Then we gave them th30 secd smiland had themrush again.
00:25:31Is time they averaged over s nds-re than ough tim to tir teeth can.
00:25:36D here what had to y outheir nefavorite toothbrush.
00:25:39>> Ieel li my teeth go reallylean and wte >>ou only ne 30 ses to brush youteeth.
00:25:45Yeah, and then ur smile >> it felto me like it onlytook like two seco>íelt ally shi and ean, and ifelt like I was, like, initone at the dentist.
00:25:57.. uagic.
00:25:59>> You d need to go up a wn le regulatoothbsh.
00:26:02...'Cause it's and there's four toothbrhes one, inne toothush.
00:26:08Lit.)[t's ese! we ve t 3se smi!
00:26:14[Cheerin >> the 30 send smis a great ch f my son,o has braces.
00:26:19I've invested a t of time and ney on his braces, a it's very impta that he bruuh hiet and trusthat itis doing t right job to clea it's aat devr a chd thras.
00:26:34>> Now, ushing your teeth prwperly h tenoo long at's been too darn rd, but that's not the caseyme.
00:26:4130 Secd ilf automacally anexpertlyshes your tehperfectly y ti, and it all have 30econdsfille's an incrediz ea way tgesparkling eth and hethy gums bob arno whingou go heatth d a sparkling ®30 SECUME.>> Ancer: NOS HAE To get 30 condmile as part of our special introductory nltwyments ®t $29.95.
00:27:09Yo 30 co sle comes comple with eries, user ide, desr brush std, a professional tongue scraper, o full set bsh heads4 and carryi case.
00:27:20BUT WE'VE u MORE.DER TODAY ANU'LL ALUW Receive plemenbrh he for life, a vings huneds of dollars.and wee ilnodo!
00:27:30We'rgoing toump-stt you to thehitebrigest smile possible, with 30 second smils professial too [hitenst-- yours today r free!
00:27:4030 Second smile also comesit a full threeear replacement warranty and thiney-back guaranteuse full 60u, a if yr etaren't whyter, your breath esher, yr gu healthier, and your checkupsthe bestou've ever had justetur second smile for a full refd d keepur profsional tooth whiteng )[this offer is t available theceding was a paid entationrought tzo 30 second smite.
00:00:01Onions, whip eggs, chop ham and peppers, even grate cheese, all at the same time, for the fastest, easiest omelet ever.
00:00:09In 10 seconds, you can open a can of instant soup or you can make homemade soup from scratch, ready to heat and serve.
00:00:17In 10 seconds, you can begin grating cheese for a snack, or you can grate cheese, shred chicken, chop onions and peppers to make a zesty filling that you caheat and serve, for hot, delicious quesadillas the whole family will love.
00:00:31All three ready to heat and serve, all in 10 seconds or less with the original magic bullet, the personal, versatile countertop magician that does any job in 10 seconds or less.
00:00:42Now you can do small, everyday jobs like chopping garlic or onions without the sticky, smelly mess in just three conds.
00:00:50Grate cheese in just four serew on the handy shaker top and sprinkle onto pasta or pizza, or turn ice, coffee, milk and chocolate syrup into a fancy frozen coffee drink in just seven seconds.
00:01:01The magic bullet is ideal for dips and party foods.
00:01:04Turn tomatoes, onions and hot peppers into zesty salsa ready to eat in five seconds.
00:01:09Make guacamole from scratch in just three seconds.
00:01:11Plus, you can even cook in the magic bullet.
00:01:15All at once.
00:01:16Microwave, then pour on chips for spicy 60-second nachos.
00:01:21And watch this.
00:01:22With these revolutionary self-blending party mugs, making a different froz cocktail for .. made and served right in the same mug.
00:01:30Best of all, for a limited time, you can get your very own magic bullet system free.
00:01:35That's right, get the complete 21-piece system absolutely free.
00:01:39Stay tuned for details.
00:01:40Now, join mick and mimi to find out how you can do any job in 10 seconds or less with the magic bullet.
00:01:48>> Mick: How are you feeling this morning?
00:01:52Look who's come in.
00:01:53>> Good morning, berman.
00:01:55>> God, not so loud.
00:01:56>> Her what about a bit of the hair of the dog that bit you?
00:01:59>> Oh, he's just go ahead, try it, it's a fruit smoothie. >> mornin'.
00:02:03>> Mm, that looks good.
00:02:04Can I have one of those?
00:02:04>> Yeah, me, too.
00:02:05What kind do you have?
00:02:06>> What kind would you like?
00:02:08He's got strawberry and banana.
00:02:09>> Got any berries?
00:02:10>> Sure, I've got berries.
00:02:11I've got some raspberries.
00:02:12I've got some blueberries.
00:02:14I've got some strawberries.
00:02:16Here you go, watch this.
00:02:20Not finished yet.
00:02:23Pop on the blade, give it a quick spin, and just watch.
00:02:27It takes about three, four, ..
00:02:34And look at that-- a beautiful mid-berry smoothie in less time than it takes you to say it, look at that.
00:02:41>> Thank you.
00:02:42>> What is that, a personal smoothie maker?
00:02:44If you want it to be.
00:02:46>> Any chance of getting a real breakfast?
00:02:47>> How about an omelet-- I'll ..
00:02:51, now what next, ike? >> some ham.
00:02:53>> Great. >> tomato?
00:02:54>>Omato, o.k., how aut that?
00:02:56>> O.k., some onion?
00:02:58>> Everything then, right?
00:03:00You want everything, o.k.
00:03:01[Laughter] , we'll just ..
00:03:04Now watch-- I'm chopping the ham and veggies, grating the cheese, and whipping the eggs, all in three seconds.
00:03:12The chine that just made those smthies for bermannd fred will make an omelet for you, ike. >> ooh.
00:03:18>> Look at that.
00:03:19>> Now, while that's cooking, can I interest anybody in any coffee >> where's your coffee grinder?
00:03:25I'll help.
00:03:25>> Oh, sit down and relax.
00:03:26We don't need a coffee grinder, because in less than 10 seconds, we're going to have fresh ground coffee.
00:03:34Now, whether you like a regular grind or let's say, extra fine for espresso, in just seconds, ..
00:03:41Now, look athat.
00:03:42In no time at all, fresh ground .. smell good, yeah?
00:03:46Now, I'm just going to get this coffee started.
00:03:48>> Here you go, ike, a light, fluffy omelet done just the way [bell dings] ah, there's my oven.
00:03:54>> Wow, that was fast.
00:03:56>> And what would breakfast be like without your favorite type of fresh-baked muffins?
00:04:01>> Did somebody say muffins?
00:04:03>> Yes, we did, hazel, and since ..
00:04:07>> And I like mine with fresh, ..
00:04:11>> It takes no more time or troublto make two or three different kinds of muffins than it does to make one.
00:04:28They want.
00:04:30>> Hang a second.
00:04:31You just blended a bunch of smoothies, you whipped up an omelet, you ground coffee, and you mixed up two different types of muffin batter in that thing.
00:04:39What the heck is it?
00:04:40>> It's the magic bullet.
00:04:42>> The personal, versatile countertop magician.
00:04:45>> Countertop magician?
00:04:46>> That's right, because it works like magic.
00:04:49All you do is choose ..
00:04:51>> It comes with two.
00:04:52..Twist it on, put the bullet in the power base, and press.
00:04:55As long as you're holding it down, it stays on.
00:04:58When you want it to stop, let go.
00:04:59>> Or, press and twist and it stays on for hands-free operation.
00:05:04When you want to turn it off, sinply twist it back.
00:05:08>> Wow, that's a lot easier to use than all the appliance contraptions we got for wedding gifts.
00:05:12>> That's right, and look at this.
00:05:13Unlike these complicated machines, yeah, that are so big and clumsy they just end up living in the back of the cupboard. watch this.
00:05:22The magic bullet takes up no more room on your countertop-- look at that-- than a regular-sized ffee mug.
00:05:28>> So, you're going to leave it on your counter and you're gonna want it there because you're going to use it every single day.
00:05:34>> Come on, mimi, every single day?
00:05:36>> Several times a day, because it'll do any job in the kitchen in 10 seconds or less.
00:05:40>> Yeah, 10 seconds or less, mm-hmm.
00:05:43What is the worst job you have to do in the kitchen?
00:05:45>> And almost every meal starts with it.
00:05:47>> Chopping garlic, stinky nasty garlic.
00:05:51>> Well, hazel, it's not so .. watch.toss your garlic into the bullet.
00:05:56It takes a second to put together.
00:06:05...Three seconds.
00:06:05>> And in less te than it takes to get out a cutting board and a knife, you've got freshly chopped garlic.
00:06:14No mess, no stink.
00:06:15But you know what?
00:06:16The worst job for me is chopping onions.
00:06:19I don't kn about you guys, but it makes my hands stink for days, my eyes tear, I just can't stand it, but not anymore.
00:06:26With this, there's no time to cry.
00:06:28.. and in one, ..
00:06:33...Three seconds, you've got perfectly chopped onion.
00:06:39Look at that, and it goes straight from here into the pan.
00:06:43Look at that.
00:06:45>> Oh, watch this, 'cause this is what I do just before the big game.
00:06:47Throw about five or six cherry tomatoes in there.
00:06:50They're the ones I like 'cause ..
00:06:52Little bit of garlic, little bit of jalapeno, throw in an onion, ..
00:06:58Don't forget t blade just takes a second to put on, and watch this.
00:07:03.. two...
00:07:06Three seconds is all it takes.
00:07:10And are you ready?
00:07:10>> Look at that.
00:07:11>> Delicious salsa, you guys, ready to eat.
00:07:13>> Let me see that.
00:07:15>> All right, berman, here you go.
00:07:18>> It really is so easy to use, you're going to use it ..
00:07:23..For every meal.
00:07:24How about a quick, tasty lunch from leftovers?
00:07:28I've got some grilled chicken here from last night's barbecue.
00:07:31And I'm going to put in some apple, some raisins, a squeeze ..
00:07:37..Ah, ah, ah, ah, just to spice it up a bit, my favorite, ..
00:07:41>> Curry powder for .. then I'm going to twist this on, and watch.
00:07:46It chops the chicken, dices the apples, and mixes everything ..
00:07:53...Five, six seconds.
00:07:55>> In less time than it takes to ..
00:07:59>> You've got gourmet chicken salad freshly made and ready to serve.
00:08:05>> And that is a six-second lunch.
00:08:08>> If only dinner were that easy.
00:08:10>> Huh, yeah, dinner's always a production.
00:08:12 start with a couple cloves of garlic, add about two tablespoons of butter, some fresh parmesan cheese and a splash of cream.
00:08:23>> Now watch this.
00:08:24Simply pop on the top, give it a quick spin, and in one simple step, we ground the parmesan cheese, chopped the garlic, and mixed all the ingredients together, and now, we're ady to cook.
00:08:43>> And here's some bullet-fast magic that no other machine will do.
00:08:46I'm just going to twist on one of these vented lids, and I'm going to put it right into the microwave to cook for about 30 seconds.
00:08:53>> You're going to cook with it?
00:08:54>> Absolutely, so now the machine I just prepared my meal in, I'm also going to cook in, without ever dirtying a single pot or pan.
00:09:02>> Now, while mimi's slaving over a hot microwave, I'm going to knock us up a quick pesto sauce, are you ready?
00:09:10Big chunk of parmesan cheese, in goes the garlic, in goes the ..
00:09:16Handful of pine nuts, just throw .. finisofwith a little bit of olive oil.
00:09:23Watch how easy this is.
00:09:25Spin on the top, set the bullet on the base, and now we're chopping the basil, crushing the pine nuts, mincing the garlic and mixing all the ingredients together, and as fast as you can say "bob's your uncle, fanny's your aunt," you've got a beautiful, homemade pesto sauce.
00:09:41Now, all you need to do is pour it over your favorite pasta.
00:09:45Look at that.
00:09:46[Kroupurmurs] and you've got a beautiful, homemade pesto pasta made from scratch in less than 10 seconds.
00:09:56>> And pasta alfredo.
00:09:59I'm just going to whip on the cross blade and pop this on the power base to give it another quick whip, and look at this, you guys.
00:10:08This is amazing.
00:10:11>> Mick: Now, there you've got piping hot fettuccini alfredo and a delicious fresh-made pesto pasta.
00:10:20Believe me, they are both as good as you've ever tasted.
00:10:23>> It still needs a little fresh-grated parmesan cheese.
00:10:26>> Now, watch how fast it grates even hard cheeses with no trouble at all, right in the bullet cup.
00:10:33Seconds, right?
00:10:34Now, I'm going to put on the shaker top, remember this?
00:10:37Just twist it on, look at that.
00:10:39Fresh-grated parmesan cheese for your fettuccini alfredo.
00:10:43Isn't that great?
00:10:44>> Wait a minute.
00:10:45You made two completely different pasta dishes in less than two minutes?
00:10:47>> It takes me longer than that to make the phone call to order a pizza.
00:10:51>> Ah, and no great meal is complete without a bit of dessert, right?
00:10:55.. >> right.
00:10:55>> Watch this, I'm just going to mix a lile bitf cream with a couple of tablespoons full of chocolate syrup, look at that.
00:11:03>> Yum. >> watch this.
00:11:05Now, I'm going to screw on the flat blade-- that's the whipping blade.
00:11:09Remember that, berman, right?
00:11:10Watch this.
00:11:12Give it a quick spin, and have you got six seconds?
00:11:14Then you've got plenty of time to whip up a delicious dessert.
00:11:17 [softer whirring] that's it, you're done.
00:11:20And now, look at that.
00:11:22You've got a delicious, fluffy chocolate mousse.
00:11:28It tastes delicious, and you just saw it made in front of your eyes in just six seconds.
00:11:34>> But if you prefer something a little bit healthier, you know ..
00:11:38>> Try putting in your favorite frozen fruit.
00:11:41I like mangoes and raspberries-- those are my favorite-- and just add a splash of orange juice, or, for you party animals, yourvorite liqueur.
00:11:52 [laughter] >> twist on the blade, and lock it on the power base.
00:11:57Now, it's easy to satisfy that sweet tooth without e guilt, because in just about eight seconds, you've got fancy fat-free fruit sorbet, with no added sugar.
00:12:10Look at this, you guys.
00:12:11>> Man: Ooh, wow.
00:12:12>> Finish it off with a little sprig of mint, and look at that for a dessert.
00:12:16Just think, in a matter of minutes, we made breakfast, two different kinds of muffins, a six-second lunch, snacks, two completely different pta dishes, and two completely different desserts, and all in like, what?
00:12:30The last 10 minutes or so?
00:12:30>> And all without dirtying a single pot or pan.
00:12:33>> That's really going to save me a ton of time and trouble in the kitchen.
00:12:36>> It really will, but, believe it or not,hat's not why mick and I bought the magic bullet.
00:12:43>> The ultimate party machine.
00:12:43Are you ready?
00:12:44Watch this.
00:12:46Mick and mimi's famous15-minute party.
00:12:48Now, I'm just going to throw some cheese in there, a little jalapeno, it takes one second to put together, and it takes two seconds to make-- one, two, what about that?
00:12:59Now, I'm ready to put this in the microwave, and I'm going to get this party rolling.
00:13:02>> And while he's doing that, I'm going to add a little bit of that cheese, some chicken, a .. I'm going to pop on the top, and watch this.
00:13:10.. two... three seconds.
00:13:14I' chopped the chicken and grated the cheese, and now, I'm going to spread it bween a couple flour ttillas.
00:13:22Now I'm going to pop it in the microwave for just about, I don't know, 60 seconds.
00:13:27Here you go, mick, you're done.
00:13:28>> Outstanding.
00:13:31Pour that over some chips, and, uh, nachos, anybody?
00:13:35>> Oh, yeah, yeah, nachos.
00:13:36Those are my favorites.
00:13:37>> Look at that.
00:13:38>> Or, how about a fresh, hwt chicken quesadilla?
00:13:43>> That's incredible.
00:13:44>> Hey, you know what else a party needs?
00:13:49There, I've got some avocado.
00:13:51In goes a couple of cherry tomatoes, a little bit of cilantro, and a little bit of jalapeno in there.
00:13:56We're also going to pop in a little bit of garlic.
00:13:59Watch this.
00:13:59Pop on the cross blade.
00:14:05Three seconds, are you ready?
00:14:08Instant guacamole.
00:14:10It's fresh, it's delicious, watch this.
00:14:13It tastes great, and look at that, and I didn't even use a knife, look at that.
00:14:21>> But the bullet-fast magic ..
00:14:24 [laughter] >> now, watch this-- now, what we're going to do is we're going to put some strawberries in .. you're watching carefully, yeah? >> yeah.
00:14:32>> Into that, I'm going to pop some ice, finish it off with some margarita mix.
00:14:36How cool is this?
00:14:38Have you noticed that all the ingredients are going directly straight into the mug?
00:14:44Yeah, how cool is that?
00:14:45Now watch.
00:14:46.. give it a spin, and watch this.
00:14:50I just lock it into the "on" position, and in just seconds, the magic bullet crushes a whole mug full of ice into a smooth, frosty frozen beverage.
00:14:59So, now you've got a fresh, delicious virgin strawberry margarita, look at that, ready to drink right in its own frosty mug.
00:15:10>> So everyby gets exactly the drink they want made just the way they like it, and now, you can just twist on one of these colored comfort lips to cover up the threads here.
00:15:18>> And they all come in a different color so everybody knows exactly which drink is theirs.
00:15:24>> All right, you guys, come on, let's go, let's get this party going.
00:15:27[Ticking] >> Announcer: What can you do in 10 seconds?
00:15:31You can start chopping onions for an omelet, or you can chop onions, whip eggs, chop ham and peppers, even grate cheese, all at the same time, for the fastest, easiest omelet ever.
00:15:43In 10 seconds, you can open a can of instant soup or you can make homemade soup from scratch, ready to heat and serve.
00:15:51In 10 seconds, you can begin grating cheese for a snack, or you can grate cheese, shred chicken, chop onions and peppers to make a zesty filling that you can heat and serve for hot, delicious quesadillas the whole family will love.
00:16:04All three ready to heat and serve, all in 10 seconds or less with the original magic bullet, the personal, versatile countertop magician that does any job in 10 seconds or less.
00:16:16Now you can do small, everay jobs like chopping garlic or onions without the sticky, smelly mess in just three seconds.
00:16:23Or grind whole coffee beans, coarse or fine, inust four seconds for fresh-ground coffee every morning.
00:16:29Or even take that fresh-brewed coffee, add ice, milk and chocolate syrup, and blend up a fancy, frozen coffee drink in just seven seconds.
00:16:38The magic bullet does any job in 10 seconds or less, yet it takes up no more space on your counter than a coffee mug.
00:16:46And nothing could be easier.
00:16:47Just watch.
00:16:48Simply load ur ingredients, like tomatoes, onions, garlic and hot peppers, into the bullet cup.
00:16:53Twist on one of the specially designed bullet blades, pop it onto the ingenious high-torque power base, then simply press, and in less than five seconds, you've got just the right amount of zesty salsa, garden fresh and ready to eat.
00:17:05The complete 17-piece magic bullet system inudes two heavy-duty bullet cups.
00:17:10The regular size is perfect for dips and party foods, like turninnned beans, onions and garlic into delicious homemade fat-free bean dip.
00:17:19Or turn fresh avocados, tomatoes and onions into zesty guacamole in just three seconds.
00:17:24It's also ideal for turning leftovers, like last night's chicken and vegetables, into taste-tempting chicken salad for a six-second homemade lunch.
00:17:33The large bullet cup is even more versatile.
00:17:35Just toss in fresh fruit, ice, a splash of juice, and the magic bullet becomes a personal smoothie machine, pulverizing the ice and giving you a delicious, nutritious smoothie in just eight seconds.
00:17:45Or add a scoop of protein powder for the most delicious meal replacement fat-loss drink you've ever tasted.
00:17:51Plus, each container is microwave safe, so you can actually cook in your magic bullet.
00:17:55Just watch this.
00:17:57Peppers all at once.
00:17:59Then, just pop it in the microwave and pour over chips for 60-second nachos, or make complete meals in seconds.
00:18:07Simply add garlic, parmesan cheese, butter and cream, blend for seven seconds, pop into the microwave and just like that, you've got a hot and tasty homemade alfredo sauce.
00:18:16You also get two different multi-purpose blades.
00:18:19The flat blade whips, to turn fresh cream into mountains of thick, delicious dessert topping.
00:18:24Also in rock-hard spices like stick cinnamon or fresh nutmeg powder-fine just like that.
00:18:31You also get the versatile cross blade, which chops, blends, mixes batters for breads, and even grates cheeses, hard or soft.
00:18:39Then, twist on one of the two specially-designed shaker tops, and take it straight to the table for fresh-grated cheese on zza or pasta.
00:18:46Next, replace the shaker top with one of the airtight, resealable lids to keep leftoverfresh for days.
00:18:53And because all the blades, bullet cups and lids are dishwasher safe, the magic bullet cleans up in less than 10 seconds, too.
00:18:59You also get the original, magic bullet 10-secovd recipes cookbook, including every one of the dozens and dozens of 10-second recipes featured on this show.
00:19:07And only the original magic bullet comes with this set of self-blending party mugs, turning the magic bullet io the ultimate party machine.
00:19:15Now, making a different frozen cocktail for everybody is easy, so everyone gets their favorite, made and served right in the same mug and with tse multi-colored comfort rings that cover the threads, everyone knows which party mug is theirs.
00:19:28You could spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a counter full of kitehen appliances that still won't do everything the magic bullet can.
00:19:35But right now, during this special introductory offer, you can get the complete, 17-piece original magic bullet syem, including party mugs, for just 99, or just three easy payments of only $33.33.
00:19:47But don't call yet, because you must watch this.
00:19:50Everyone who orders from this program will get this amazing bonus, which turns your magic bullet into the bullet blender, with the same power and capacity as this big $100 blender.
00:20:00But that's not all.
00:20:02Call now and you'll also receive, as a second amazing bonus, the extractor kit, which turns the magic bullet into the bullet juicer that works just as easily as this $200 juicer.
00:20:12Just drop raw carrotinto the top and in seconds, the bullet juicer turns them into fresh carrot juice just likehat.
00:20:17It's so easy, you can make a healthy fruit and vegetable juice cocktail loaded with vitamins and minerals the whole family will love.
00:20:23Best of all, you can put the entire magic bullet juicer in the diwasher, so cleanup is a breezesomething you could never do with this big $200 juicer, and you get them both free-- that's right.
00:20:34It's like getting this $100 blender and this $200 juicer, plus the complete magic bullet system, a nearly $400 value, 99, or just three easy payments but hwld evething.
00:20:48Call in the next 18 minutes and get a second magic bullet free.
00:20:51That's right, get another system, complete with bonuses, an incredible $400 value, absolutely free.
00:20:57All you pay is shipping and handling.
00:20:59Makes the perfect gift for friends and family, or for dorm rooms, boats and campers.
00:21:03This offer is only available on tv, so remember to call in the next 18 minutes and get your second magic bullet free.
00:21:11Call or log on now to get the 17-piece magic bullet system, plus the bullet blender and the bullet juicer extractor kit, all 99, or just three 33, plus shipping and handling.
00:21:23Plus, remember to call in the next 18 minutes to get a second complete magic bullet system absolutely free.
00:21:28All you pay is shipping and handling.
00:21:30Best of all, you can try the magic bullet risk-free for one full month.
00:21:34If it doesn't do any job in 10 seconds or less, simply return it for a full refund of the purchase price.
00:21:39Remember, this offer is only available on tv, so call or log on now and get a second magic bullet, an incredible $400 value, absolutely free.
00:21:49>> I got to tell you, mimi, I can see myself using the magic bullet every day.
00:21:53>> It really is a timesaver.
00:21:55But we are just getting started.
00:21:57See this?
00:21:58>> This turns the magic bullet into the family-size bullet blender.
00:22:03>> So, let's say you want to make a milkshake.
00:22:08Start with a handful of hard peppermint candy, my secret .. [laughs] ...add in a chocolate bar and a squeeze of ..
00:22:17.. don't forget the ice cream!
00:22:20Look at that, plenty of ice cream.
00:22:22>> Add a splash of milk, [laughs] slip on the top, and now you've got a full-size bullet blender that does everything you'd expect a big expensive appliance you've got an entire blender full of chocolate chocolate-chip peppermint milkshake.
00:22:43My favorite.
00:22:45Wait till you guys taste this.
00:22:47>> Mick: Look at that, enough for the entire family.
00:22:50But you've got to see this, because this is what makes the magic bullet truly the most versatile kitchen appliance on the market today.
00:22:57>> With the addition of this ingenious extractor insert, the magic bullet that just became the bullet blender is now the bull juicer.
00:23:06You know how we're all supposed to get five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables a day, right?
00:23:11>> But nobody eats like that, nobody.
00:23:13>> Especially the kids.
00:23:13They won't go near a vegetable.
00:23:15>> Right.
00:23:16>> Ah, well, we may have a >> now I'm going to add a handful of spinach.
00:23:32>> To that, we're going to pop in a couple of pieces of beet root, and to that, we're going to add a couple of florets of brocci.
00:23:43>> Yuck!
00:23:44I hate broccoli!
00:23:46>> In just seconds, you have a delicious juice drink filled with the vitamins and minerals of all the vegetables and fruits that just went into it.
00:23:54>> And you tell me, berman, can you taste any broccoli in that?
00:24:01>> Hey, that tastes great!
00:24:02Not like vegetables at all.
00:24:04>> That's because the taste of the fruit overpowers the taste of the vegetables.
00:24:09U get all the vegetable goodness, but you don't get that yucky vegetable taste.
00:24:13>> Andhe kids will never know.
00:24:14>> You know, I can really see myself using this thing every day of the week.
00:24:19>> Absolutely, this is going to be so great.
00:24:22>> Announcer: Introducing the original magic bullet-- the personal, versatile countertop magician that does any job in 10 seconds or less.
00:24:30Turn ice, fresh fruit and a splash of juice into a delicious, nutritious fresh-fruit smoothie or a protein drink in just eight seconds.
00:24:38Grind whole coffee beans, coarse or fine, for fresh-ground coffee in just four seconds.
00:24:42Chop garlic or onions without the sticky, smelly mess in just three seconds.
00:24:46Or turn tomatoes, onions, garlic and hot peppers into zesty salsa, garden-fresh and ready-to-eat, in less than five seconds.
00:24:53With the magic bullet, frozen berries and orange juice becomes a luscious fat-free sorbet in just eight seconds.
00:25:00Plus, you can even cook in your magic bullet.
00:25:02First, grate cheese and chop peppers all at once.
00:25:05Microwave, then pour over chips for spicy 60-second nachos.
00:25:09Or combine fresh tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and herbs.
00:25:14Puree the tomato and chop the veggies and herbs all at once.
00:25:17Cook in the microwave and serve up a hearty marinara sauce, ready to eat.
00:25:22And only the magic bullet comes with these self-blending party mugs, turning your magic bullet into the ultimate party machine.
00:25:30Now making a different frozen cocktail for everybody is easy, so everyone gets their favorite, made and served right in the same mug.
00:25:37You could spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on a counter full of kitchen appliances that still won't do everything the magic bullet can.
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00:26:05But that's not all.
00:26:07Call n and you'll alsw receive as a second amazing bonus the extractor kit, which turns your magic bullet into the bullet juicer that turns fresh fruit and vegetables into delicious, nutritious juice just as easily as this $200 juicer.
00:26:21But it goes right into the dishwasher, so cleanup is a breeze-- something you can never do with this big $200 juicer.
00:26:27And you get them both free.
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00:27:41The preceding program was a paid advertisement.
00:27:43[Birds chirping] [children laughing] >> Woman: Time for dinner!
00:27:46>> Announcer: Homeland housewares.
00:27:47>> Women: ♪ We make life easy ♪