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00:00:00deNorth Carolina.
00:00:02It would be nice tobe able to pick up the phone and call my mom.
00:00:04I hope it's everythingthat he's hoping it will be.
00:00:07NARRATOR: So, when it comesto the house hunt...
00:00:09I think there's definitelysome things we agree on and some things we don't.
00:00:14...Drew's great expectations...
00:00:16Oh, wow.That is an awesome view.
00:00:17...put Katie's comforton the back burner.
00:00:20It doesn't have a stove. Yeah, no oven.
00:00:23He could care less 'causehe would rather have the view.
00:00:26NARRATOR:Expect the unexpected...
00:00:29KATIE: It'll eithermake us or break us, so we'll have tosee what happens. Auckland, New Zealand.
00:00:36Don't kill each other. Justrelax, and it's quite normal.
00:00:39[ Screaming ] [ Doorbell rings ] --Captions by VITAC-- Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:00:51DREW: I've alwaysjust wanted to go out and kind of livesomewhere different, so it'sa pretty cool experience that Katie and I get todo something in a completely different placein the world.
00:00:59I got a great opportunitythrough my accounting firm.
00:01:03I just had to take it.
00:01:04NARRATOR: Drew is wrapping up his paperwork tour at the county office to make their move official.
00:01:10So, you're just packing up and moving over to New Zealand for a job, and you don't know anything about this place?
00:01:18That's pretty much it. Yeah.
00:01:20I feel like I have no idea what I need to pack.
00:01:22A picture of us. I love it.
00:01:24So you won't forget us. That will go on our bookshelf.
00:01:26And the "Katie and Drew" book.
00:01:29We will take that, too. [ Laughs ] So you don't forget yourself.
00:01:31So, Drew, which stuff is yours here?
00:01:33After years of collecting memories with Drew in small-town North Carolina, Katie fears it won't be as easy in big-city Auckland.
00:01:43So, I guess my biggest concern is I have no idea how I'm gonna make friends while we're there.
00:01:47I'm definitelymore of a homebody.
00:01:49I like being aroundmy friends and family, so, for me, it's definitelygonna be a tough journey to start with.
00:01:57You know, we lived in England for two years, and I did everything -- met all kinds of people, had a wonderful time.
00:02:03It's kind of been a roller-coaster ride of emotions.
00:02:05There's some times where it's really exciting, other times where it's really nerve-wracking 'cause we have no idea what to expect.
00:02:11It'll be a long way from home.
00:02:13I think it's always more difficult for the spouse 'cause you're gonna be busy all day at work.
00:02:16Flowers every once in a while. Happy wife, happy life.
00:02:19That always helps. Yeah.
00:02:21All I can tell you is just enjoy every single moment.
00:02:25KATIE: We'll see. We'll see.
00:02:27So, with good advice and a few suitcases, the young couple journeys to the opposite side of the globe to start a new life in Auckland, New Zealand.
00:02:38WAYNE: They've done the rightthing arriving in Auckland.
00:02:41Now, I'm an Aucklander,so I absolutely love it.
00:02:44We enjoy a beautiful harbor.
00:02:45The climate'sabsolutely fantastic.
00:02:48The beaches out here are safe and easy.
00:02:51But also, the culture and the people here in Auckland are quite relaxed, and that really is the Kiwi way of doing things.
00:02:58So I got to make sure that Katie and Drew enjoy our lifestyle, our city pretty good.
00:03:05Hey, you guys.
00:03:06NARRATOR: Real-estate agent Wayne Maguire loves Auckland...
00:03:10Are you enjoying this? Are you loving this?
00:03:11It's beautiful. Yeah, it's awesome. Great view right there.
00:03:13NARRATOR: ...and is already busy selling the lifestyle.
00:03:16WAYNE: Live your life outside in Auckland.
00:03:18That's what the climate, that's what the population -- the people -- is all about.
00:03:22But Drew and Katie don't know where to start.
00:03:25So, that's kind of where you come in.
00:03:26We're looking for your expertise to help us out.
00:03:28Tell me about your budget.What are we aiming for?
00:03:31$1,700 a month.
00:03:34Yeah, fantastic.
00:03:34Let's take that as our target and see how close we can get to that.
00:03:36Okay. So, what's on your wish list?
00:03:38What are we aiming to achieve?
00:03:40For me, I would rather havetwo bedrooms.
00:03:43I'd like to havea little bit more space.
00:03:46I'm not so focusedon the size.
00:03:48I'd be willing to compromiseon the size if we can geta good water view.
00:03:53Also, I'm gonna be workingright in the middle of the city, so proximity to the city, being able to walk to workif possible.
00:03:58Some things we agree on, some things we don't.
00:04:01And I always see that with couples, so don't kill other.
00:04:04Just relax, and it's quite normal.
00:04:06I'd love to have a place where I feel comfortable and that I enjoy and that actually feels like home.
00:04:11Other than that, we've never lived in a big city before, so kind of anywhere is great and appealing to us.
00:04:17Yeah, really important, I think, to work out where we want to be to start with, yeah, and get a feel for it.
00:04:21So, if I can show them beautiful parts of town where they're gonna really enjoy Auckland, I think that's worth doing.
00:04:28NARRATOR: Since Drew is willing to give up Katie's two bedrooms for a water view, Wayne starts the search in beautiful Herne Bay with a view for Drew and a suburban feel for Katie.
00:04:40Hey. We're in Herne Bay now.
00:04:41And this is one of Auckland's best suburbs, if not the best suburb.
00:04:45So, right now we're about a mile from Ponsonby, about another mile again off the city.
00:04:50So we've stretched out a little bit on that distance, maybe pushed the walking aspectof it, but pretty close.
00:04:57So, we are$1,750 a month.
00:04:58We're not gonna get two bedroomsat that price, and I think it's gonna be the view that grabs you.
00:05:02Awesome. There you go.
00:05:04So, if you've got a big tick for "water view," man, this will be it.
00:05:08Let's check it out.
00:05:09WAYNE: Now, Drew can clearly be one bedroom.
00:05:12But then we've got Katie thinking about the practicality of it, so let's see how the tension of that works out.
00:05:19How's that?
00:05:21Wow. That is an awesome view.
00:05:22Okay. Let's have a look.
00:05:25Oh, wow. KATIE: [ laughs ] Yeah, it's even better from outside.
00:05:29And that is where the sun sets.
00:05:30Yeah. Awesome. I bet that's pretty beautiful.
00:05:34This is like 180-degree views. It is. It's pretty.
00:05:37The view is definitely awesome.
00:05:39I think we'll both agree on that.
00:05:40So, the whole living area is open-plan.
00:05:42Now, we know it just opens up onto that balcony, so that's great.
00:05:46In here now, you can see the flow of the property.
00:05:48I think it flows really, really well.
00:05:50It makes it feel a lot bigger than just a one-bedroom apartment.
00:05:52I think she may want that extra bedroom a little bit more than I want it.
00:05:57Okay. I think we'll have a look at the kitchen.
00:05:59How's that? Sounds good.
00:06:00Let's check it out.
00:06:01All right. Huh. Okay.
00:06:04So, it's compact. I'll give you that.
00:06:06[ Laughs ] It's kind of tight. Yeah.
00:06:08But I guess it's got everything.
00:06:10It doesn't have a stove.
00:06:13Yeah, no oven.
00:06:14You've got your hot plates there now. No stove.
00:06:16It's just gonna have to be a lifestyle choice, I think.
00:06:19Other than that, if you just think of it functionally, it had everything else that we needed.
00:06:23But definitely not what we would be used to back home.
00:06:25Okay. Let's have a look at the bedroom now.
00:06:28So, here we go -- nice and airy.
00:06:30High style -- And look at those exposed rafters.
00:06:32DREW: they're very nice.
00:06:34Yeah. They're really nice.
00:06:35Okay. So, you like this?
00:06:37Yeah, it's nice. It's not bad.
00:06:37I guess it's a little bit smaller than what we're used to, but I guess that's city living.
00:06:40Everything's a little bit smaller. Yeah, absolutely.
00:06:42For me, I still would kind of like to have the second bedroom.
00:06:44I know that's one point where he could care less because he would rather have the view.
00:06:49This is definitely what we were looking for.
00:06:52My major concern was the distance to the office.
00:06:55Trying to get something to where I could walk to work.
00:06:58It is definitely a drive. That's not a walk.
00:07:01So, here we go.
00:07:02As far as location goes, absolutely fantastic.
00:07:05NARRATOR: Wayne brings Drew and Katie within a mile of the Central Business District.
00:07:10But it's above their budget.
00:07:12A little bit above, yeah.
00:07:13But come on. Let's have a look.
00:07:14Okay. All yours.
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00:10:00So, this isthe Auckland Museum, and apparently they have a lot of really coolhistorical artifacts and exhibitsand performance.
00:10:09NARRATOR: Drew's job relocated him and his young wife, Katie, from small-town North Carolina to Auckland, New Zealand, a place they've never been.
00:10:18We don't knowwhere we're gonna meet friends or where we're gonnaend up living, so I think we kind of havewide-open expectations.
00:10:27NARRATOR: They're greeted in Maori tradition, dating back to 13th-century New Zealand.
00:10:33We kind of are expecting all sorts of things to be different.
00:10:37[ Chanting, rhythmic stomping ] NARRATOR:The dancers perform a haka.
00:10:44Contrary to popular belief, it is not only a war dance but may be used in celebration or in welcoming distinguished guests.
00:10:52[ All vocalizing ] And with so many things unfamiliar...
00:10:56DREW: It's really hard just being new, and we just don't evenreally know where we areor what we're looking at.
00:11:01[ All vocalizing, chanting ] NARRATOR: Real-estate agentWayne Maguire's biggest task is finding themthe right neighborhood in their $1,700 budget.
00:11:11We've never livedin a big city before, so kind of anywhere is greatand appealing to us.
00:11:16So, if I can showthem beautiful parts of town where they're gonnareally enjoy Auckland, I think that's worth doing.
00:11:23NARRATOR: And he started themoutside the city in Herne Bay to give themthe view Drew desires.
00:11:30Wow. That is an awesome view.
00:11:32Isn't that fantastic?
00:11:33Yeah, it's even better from outside.
00:11:35NARRATOR: But Katie's still feeling like a fish out of water.
00:11:38It does not have a stove or an oven.
00:11:41DREW: That's not that big of a deal, but my major concern was the distance to the office.
00:11:47So, I think the challenge -- it's a real one, and every couple has it -- is that they're looking for different things.
00:11:52So, Wayne hopes they'll meet in the middle on Freemans Bay, only a mile from the Central Business District with a spacious house in a small-town neighborhood that will feel like home.
00:12:05I guess this is Ponsonby.
00:12:07Yeah, I like this. It feels very homey.
00:12:10And the more they seeof Ponsonby Road, they would love that.
00:12:14WAYNE: So, here we go.
00:12:14As far as location goes,absolutely fantastic.
00:12:18Ponsonby's just at the end of the street, so you've got all the cafés, all the restaurants, all the nightlife in the world.
00:12:24So, living here -- fantastic.
00:12:26But we have to think about work.
00:12:27It might be a bit of distance to work, okay?
00:12:30Budget-wise -- Okay,a little bit above budget, okay?
00:12:34So, we're $1,850.
00:12:35Okay, okay.A little bit above, yeah.
00:12:37Yeah, a little bit above.
00:12:38So we need to work out how that goes.
00:12:40But come on. Let's have a look.
00:12:41Okay. All yours.
00:12:43Oh, this is nice.
00:12:47KATIE: I think this is a great space.
00:12:50I think it's definitely my taste, definitely something I would go for.
00:12:53And what a beautiful layout, the way this all works, you know?
00:12:56You can go around there.
00:12:57You've got your dining area around the back.
00:12:58But this lounge and connected with your kitchen -- This is pretty good.
00:13:03Yeah. It's a great, open feel.
00:13:04Let's have a look at the kitchen and the rest of it.
00:13:05Come on through. Lots of space, functional kitchen.
00:13:09Yeah, I guess the one thing I notice is no view.
00:13:12We got this giant, big, green thing back there, but no sea view.
00:13:15Dead right, so let's have a look at the deck area.
00:13:18Oh. Yeah. This is really nice.
00:13:19WAYNE: this is a beautiful space.
00:13:22It is nice, too, that it's still connected in with the kitchen and everything else, so it's a great space.
00:13:28I think this is a great place. It's a great townhouse.
00:13:31It's definitely got a lot of space.
00:13:33Something familiar sounds nice when you're living in a new country.
00:13:36So, now, that's straight into the master bedroom.
00:13:39This is really nice.
00:13:40Absolutely beautiful. You look out. It's green.
00:13:43It's private, but the sun and the light still coming in.
00:13:46And I've found the view. The view's over here.
00:13:48It might be hard to see. It might be a sliver of blue.
00:13:51But that is how close we are to the sea.
00:13:55Yeah, I'm not sure I quite call that a view.
00:13:58Okay. Asalesperson'sview.
00:13:59[ Chuckles ] But that's the reality.
00:14:02Oh. This is nice, too. I like this.
00:14:04WAYNE: Pretty neat for the second bedroom.
00:14:06Yeah, definitely. Definitely.
00:14:08I think Katie loved it.
00:14:09I just think having that extra bedroom is something that really interests her, so I think she liked it a lot.
00:14:13Okay. So, tell me. What do you think?
00:14:15I really like this.
00:14:17I love the open space, all the natural light.
00:14:20Not too far from shops and restaurants, which is always a good thing on nights I don't feel like cooking dinner.
00:14:25I think the two things for me that I was looking for that it might not have are the location.
00:14:29It's a little bit further out from work, but I was definitely looking for a view.
00:14:33Okay, cool. Let's keep moving.
00:14:35All right. All right.
00:14:36WAYNE: Look. We haven't got the view on this one.
00:14:39Okay. So think about that, but I've got you right on the water.
00:14:43Drew, location to work couldn't be better.
00:14:46Yeah, that's great. That's awesome.
00:14:47Okay. Let's go through and have a look.
00:14:49Okay. Let's do it.
00:15:56It's been a happy union.
00:15:57He does laundry, and I do the cleaning.
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00:16:04More than you think. very little.
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00:17:56KATIE: It's much biggerthan back home, but if you livein a place like this, you probably get used to it pretty quickly.
00:18:02DREW: Yeah, I know.
00:18:04NARRATOR: Although hesitant at first, Katie followed Drew and his job halfway around the globe, from small-town North Carolina to Auckland, New Zealand.
00:18:14Don't think about what you've left behind.
00:18:16Just enjoy every single moment.
00:18:19Sky Tower straight ahead, yachts.
00:18:21KATIE: Yeah, it's right on the water. It's right near downtown.
00:18:22You got all the restaurants and shops and everything nearby, so...
00:18:28They're learning the lay of the land, as real-estate agent Wayne Maguire tries to find them a neighborhood to settle down in.
00:18:35WAYNE: Okay. So, so far,we've got the view for Drew.
00:18:39He loves the view.
00:18:39You couldn't beat the view that we've shown him.
00:18:41DREW: [ laughs ] WAYNE: And this is one of Auckland's best suburbs, if not the best suburb.
00:18:46NARRATOR: But it was lacking a second bedroom for Katie, and it was too far a commute for Drew.
00:18:51So Wayne moved closer to the Central Business District, even though a city locationstretches their $1,700 budget.
00:18:59I guess this is Ponsonby.
00:19:01Yeah, I like this. It feels very homey.
00:19:04And now we've found for Katie the house that's got the bedrooms and,really, the layout bulwark.
00:19:10It's a great open feel.
00:19:11Something familiar sounds nice when you're living in a new country.
00:19:14But then it's got to be practical for Drew.
00:19:16I think my office is, like, right over that way, so if we can get in anywhere over here, I think that'd be perfect for walking distance.
00:19:22Maybe we can ask Wayne and see if we can get in over here.
00:19:25Yeah, I wouldn't argue too much with that.
00:19:28They're gonna have to work out how they sort this outbetween them.
00:19:30NARRATOR: So Wayne has no choice but to move the search straight to the Central Business District, even though he doesn't think it's a good fit for Katie or the budget.
00:19:39WAYNE: So, we havetwo bedrooms, one bathroom.
00:19:42It's gonna bea little bit smaller than maybeyou were thinking, okay?
00:19:46And it's up a little biton budget, so we're gonna be $1,850on the budget.
00:19:49All right.It's a little bit high.
00:19:50Yeah, so coming upa little bit, isn't it?
00:19:52So think about that, but I've got you right on the water.
00:19:56Drew, location to work couldn't be better.
00:19:58Yeah, that's great. That's awesome.
00:19:59Okay. Let's go through and have a look.
00:20:01Okay. Yeah. Let's do it.
00:20:02Yeah, I think this one definitely has the location.
00:20:05You know, it's definitely walking distance to work for me.
00:20:07KATIE: It's right in the middle of everything.
00:20:09It's right near the water, which is what you wanted.
00:20:12Okay. Come on through.
00:20:14All right. All right.
00:20:18So, here we go.
00:20:19It's a little bit more compact, yes?
00:20:21[ Laughing ] Yes. Definitely. Definitely.
00:20:23Okay. I accept that.
00:20:25But it's totally open plan, isn't it?
00:20:26It is. Definitely. Yes, I would say that.
00:20:29I think the biggest shock was just the sheer size of it.
00:20:31You walk in and you see this room that's living room, dining room, and kitchen all in one.
00:20:37And then, Katie, what do you think about the kitchen?
00:20:39Yeah, can't say I've ever seen a whole kitchen that fits onto one wall, but, I mean, it does.
00:20:45It's got all the nice appliances.
00:20:47And, Drew, you'll never have to hear, "Dinner's ready." You will know.
00:20:50So, should we have a look at the master bedroom?
00:20:52Yeah, sounds good. Okay, cool.
00:20:53Let's have a look. All right.
00:20:57Definitely a little small, I guess.
00:21:00It's compact, isn't it?
00:21:00Definitely smaller than what we're used to, I'd say.
00:21:02DREW: We're just used to, you know, king-size beds and everything just being a little bit bigger, a little bit more spacious.
00:21:08WAYNE: Floor-to-ceiling windows sitting in there, so that I think adds to the space.
00:21:13It opens it up again. Definitely does.
00:21:14I love the aspect of the natural light, and it does make any space this small feel a little bit bigger.
00:21:20And then having the second bedroom -- that was something that you wanted.
00:21:25DREW: Yeah, it's not bad.
00:21:27It's not the biggest.
00:21:29Yeah. Right.
00:21:30Kind of the theme, yeah. [ Laughs ] I think just the size of it, it's just -- it's gonna take a lot of getting used to.
00:21:35Yeah, I think we'd have to definitely change our lifestyle inside the apartment and get used to that.
00:21:40It's not about living inside your apartment.
00:21:42This climate's beautiful. It's a safe city.
00:21:45It's a gorgeous city.
00:21:46You got to be out there living and enjoying it, and that's why we're right here on the waterfront.
00:21:50Okay, guys. So what do you think?
00:21:52KATIE: It's definitely got pros and cons.
00:21:54Overall, it does feel a lot smaller. Definitely.
00:21:57Walking distance to work is great, so that's a definite plus.
00:22:01It's a really good location, which is huge.
00:22:04I think my problem is that it's a lot smaller.
00:22:07NARRATOR: Has Katie convinced Drew that size matters?
00:22:11So, is that our decision, then?
00:22:12Yeah. I think that's a good choice.
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00:25:02This area is called Mount Eden.
00:25:04It has this really cool volcano right in the middle of it that we're gonna attempt to drive up.
00:25:11NARRATOR: Drew and Katieare starting a new life in Auckland, New Zealand.
00:25:15It's an awesome view.
00:25:17Wow. This isreally pretty up here.
00:25:19But first,they must decide on a home, even though none of them fitwithin their $1,700 budget.
00:25:26DREW: We're trying to go throughand find a place in one day and settle in before work, so it's really hardjust being new and really having to trustand rely on Wayne's expertise, 'cause we just don't evenreally know where we areor what we're looking at.
00:25:39Okay. So now we've gotthree properties to look at.
00:25:41And they're all great propertiesfor different reasons, and Katie and Drew could pickany one of them.
00:25:47That's obvious.
00:25:48We've got the one up therein Herne Bay now, and this is $1,750 a month, and that viewis multimillion-dollars that's seen by your neighbors.
00:25:57DREW: Wow. That is an awesome view. KATIE: Wow. [ Laughs ] This is like 180-degree views. It is. That's pretty.
00:26:03But it's only one bedroom.
00:26:04I can kind of get over not having a second bedroom.
00:26:08The view out here is pretty amazing.
00:26:09So, to me, that's not that big of a deal.
00:26:11But how is Drew gonna get on with getting to work and back?
00:26:14That's a drive. That's never gonna be a walk.
00:26:17So we're there in Freemans Bay.
00:26:19Okay. A little bitabove budget, okay?
00:26:22So we're $1,850.
00:26:23And that location is beautiful.
00:26:24It's absolutely gorgeous with the boulevard -- and far more space inside there.
00:26:29It's a very open feel. It's a great space.
00:26:32But the view...
00:26:32We've got this giant, big, green thing back here, but no sea view.
00:26:36We've missed the view.
00:26:37We get here,this is absolute waterfront.
00:26:40It's a really good location,which is...
00:26:42Walking distance to workis great.
00:26:44So that's a definite plus.
00:26:45So, we're gonna be $1,850on the budget.
00:26:47But the budget goes up again,and the size goes down.
00:26:51Definitely smaller than what we're used to, I'd say.
00:26:53WAYNE: But it's totally open plan, isn't it?
00:26:54It is. Definitely. Yes, I would say that.
00:27:08They all had their pros and cons.
00:27:10Yeah, I really love that viewin the one bedroom, though.
00:27:13And also the price.It was the lowest-priced one.
00:27:16At the end of the day,I think having the extra space is probably gonnabe better for us.
00:27:19Yeah. I think the spaceand also the location.
00:27:22I think that locationwas a little far out, so maybe we can agree --get rid of the one-bedroom?
00:27:26Yeah, I think we should get ridof the one-bedroom.
00:27:31Got it narrowed downto the two units with the two bedroomsin it, so...
00:27:36Yeah, and they're boththe same price.
00:27:37So that doesn't really helpmake our decision.
00:27:39Then it just comes down tohaving a little bit more space versus beingright in the middle of downtown, so which do you think?
00:27:46For me, it's the location.You can't beat that downtown.
00:27:49I can walk to work.But what about you?
00:27:52I think my problem isthat it's a lot smaller.
00:27:54The townhouse is two-story.
00:27:56It's got the bigopen floor plan downstairs.
00:28:00I say we compromise.
00:28:01I say we gofor the city location and still got the two bedroomsthat you were looking for.
00:28:05It's gotthe walk to work for me.
00:28:07It's the same priceas the other one, so it's kind ofa win-win.
00:28:10Yeah, I thinkwe'd be happy there.
00:28:12I think the area is great and kind of makes upfor the lack of space, so I thinkwe can make it work. Cool.
00:28:17NARRATOR: Without a viewor abundant space, the young couple makesa tactful compromise.
00:28:22At $1,850 per month,Katie gets her two bedrooms and Drew gets his waterfront location.
00:28:40DREW: Doing the city-living thing, that's been a change in our lifestyle, but we find we're out and about a lot more here and we're not just kind of cooped up inside and staying to ourselves, so I think the location has definitely made up for the lack of room here.
00:28:51KATIE: I think it's been a good amount of space for the two of us.
00:28:54But we were a little kind of hesitant at the beginning just 'cause it's a lot smaller than we're used to, but I think we've just found that it's been great, and the lack of space really hasn't been that much of an issue.
00:29:03The biggest challenge with using the oven is having to convert it from Fahrenheit that we're used to into Celsius.
00:29:10So, besides the oven, how are you liking this place?
00:29:13I like it.
00:29:14It's definitely taken some getting used to, I think, just having such a small space, but we're getting used to having less things cluttering up our space, which is always a good thing.
00:29:23And you're so close to everything here.
00:29:26It's really nice.
00:29:26We've met a lot of really great friends from all over the world, and it just makes itthat much better, and it makes itthat much easier to be here and to be far away fromthe familiar stuff of back home when you have great experiencesto look forward to and great people to experiencethem with.
00:29:42Never a dull moment. That's very true.
00:29:45[ Laughter ]
00:00:01From the nest of england'shigh-fashion lifestyle.
00:00:04I think that'll lookreally good on holiday.
00:00:06Especially with a tan.
00:00:06But things are aboutto get flipped upside ..
00:00:12LOOK AT THAT.(laughs) Definitely gonna have tosend one of those home. yeah.
00:00:16Emma wants to try and make overher fashionista persona.
00:00:20OH, MY GOD. IT'S COLD.(laughs) Can she get herselfback to basics?
00:00:25Is there not a bath?no.
00:00:27It's a little bit small.
00:00:28(Jasmine)IT'S SUCH A GOOD HOUSE.
00:00:30Apart from,i really wanted beachfront.
00:00:33Watch as"house hunters international" takes in the pristine beautyof mission beach, australia.
00:00:40Life's justso sweet here.
00:00:43(doorbell rings) --Captions by VITAC-- Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:00:55Don't thinkyou'll be needing many of these.
00:00:57OH, THESE AREMY FAVORITE SHOES. (laughs) (Emma) MY LIFE AT THE MOMENT ISI WORK A 9:00 00 office job and spend every weekendgoing out.
00:01:06I'm sure you'll getsome attention in those.
00:01:10I feel that there'sa lot of pressure on being up to datewith the latest fashion and the party lifestyle.
00:01:16Too hot out there.
00:01:17BUT YOU KNOW ME -- I LOVE MY MAKEUP. (laughs) I'm looking to move to australia and just have more of the laid-back lifestyle.
00:01:25Without a career or ties holding her back, emma realized now is the time to try something completely out of character.
00:01:33I'm so stressing, like, I've got so much stuff.
00:01:37Julie: Well, anything that you really need, I'll post you.
00:01:40I've done quite a lot of research, and I could have moved to sydney or melbourne, but I feel that I would easily carry on my lifestyle I have here, and I don't want that.
00:01:49And I've thought mission beach just looks so beautiful.
00:01:53We're excited for looking for your new house, anyway.
00:01:57I know.
00:01:57Ideal, I would absolutely love to live on the beach.
00:02:01It would just completely change my life.
00:02:04Are you going to share?
00:02:05Hopefully, I'll be able to find someone to move in with.
00:02:08I think, initially,it will seem like a holiday.
00:02:12How she'll cope after three or four months with not many shops about, I'm not quite sure.
00:02:17I can't believe it this time.
00:02:19Well, better things to come.
00:02:22I don't know whether I'm gonna enjoy this very relaxed, chilled-out lifestyle, " but we'll just have to see what comes up.
00:02:33Exchanging the cosmopolitan world she's known for a secluded one without her family, a job, or a roommate, emma hopes to transform her life in mission beach, australia.
00:02:48As the closestmainland launching point to the great barrier reef, mission beach's unblemished and natural terrain is almost a secret in australia.
00:02:58The isolated feel and relaxed pace of life draw its 3,500 or so permanent residents into experiencing its surplus of flora and fauna.
00:03:08Living with more trees than people, emma may have to drastically alter her expectations of how easy it will be to adjust to things here.
00:03:18Do you want a cocktail?
00:03:19OH, YES, PLEASE. (laughs) (Jasmine) EMMA CAME IN HEREA FEW WEEKS AGO Looking for a job.
00:03:25We didn't actually haveany positions available, but she also said that she waslooking for somewhere to live.
00:03:30What would you like?
00:03:31Sex on mission beach.
00:03:32Yeah, I can definitelydo that for you.
00:03:34I need someone to live with,as well, so we decidedto go house-hunting together.
00:03:38(Dianne) SO, TELL ME --WHAT'S ON YOUR WISH List?
00:03:40(Jasmine) WHAT WE'RE REALLYLOOKING FOR Is perhaps two bedrooms,maybe one bathroom.
00:03:48We'd absolutely lovebeachfront.
00:03:51I would like a bigger kitchen,being a chef.
00:03:53And we've got a budgetof about $1,500 a month.
00:03:56 I'm surei can find something for you.
00:04:01Yeah!sounds good!
00:04:02It's fairly slow --the market -- at the moment, but, you know,we're fortunate at mission beach that we've got propertiesto cater to everyone's budget.
00:04:10I'm sure it's gonna bea difficult choice for them.
00:04:13Bearing in mind that emma'sjob status is still unclear, di goes the sensible route with an apartment that'sunder-budget at $1,400 a month, but also gets emma seaside.
00:04:25So, this one's got everythingyou've asked me for -- two bedrooms,one bathroom.
00:04:30It's beachfront, and within very close walking distance is a couple of restaurants.
00:04:36Oh, that's brilliant. fantastic.
00:04:37Let's go across and have a look.
00:04:39Okay, sounds good.
00:04:43Wow. this is cozy.
00:04:45(Emma) OH, YEAH.
00:04:47Oh, fairly average oven, electric top -- not too bad.
00:04:53The kitchen's a fairly good size.
00:04:55It's like a mum's kitchen -- you know, everything in its place.
00:04:58I think we'll manage.
00:05:01The furniture's probably not something I'd choose, but it looks cozy enough.
00:05:06It looks comfy, yeah.
00:05:10Oh, wow! look at this!
00:05:13Oh, my gosh. wow.
00:05:14I can see you bringing me breakfast here every morning!
00:05:17YEAH! (laughter) I did feel at home straightaway, and then obviously, when you look at the view, it's just fantastic.
00:05:24We couldn't really ask for too much more.
00:05:26So, is this the main bedroom?
00:05:29(Dianne) YEP. SURE IS.
00:05:31Oh, this is nice and big.
00:05:33This is nice.
00:05:34I'm not really sure about the air-conditioner being right above our head.
00:05:38Do you reckon it'll be noisy?
00:05:39Maybe, but this is the view you've got to look at.
00:05:42I think, perhaps, that might compensate for a little.
00:05:44 the beachfront one is amazing.
00:05:48And the one at the back overlooking the pool is light and airy and really nice.
00:05:52I don't think there'll be too much of a squabble to see who has which bedroom.
00:05:56Let's go and have a look at the bathroom.
00:06:01Obviously not as big as probably I'd like for both of us.
00:06:07But is there not a bath?
00:06:10No. no?
00:06:12(Dianne) BUT THE GIRLS LOVE THE BEACHFRONT Apartment.
00:06:15The view -- that's a big bonus.
00:06:16Perhaps they'd like a bit more space in the kitchen/bathroom area.
00:06:20So it'll be interesting to see what they finally decide.
00:06:23I absolutely love everything about this place.
00:06:26My only downside is the furniture.
00:06:29It's a bit outdated for me.
00:06:30But I reckon we'll probably be spending most of this time out on the balcony, anyway.
00:06:34I mean, the view's just fantastic.
00:06:37It's quite nice.
00:06:38I mean, the kitchen's a little bit small and fairly old.
00:06:41The bathroom's a little bit small for two of us.
00:06:44 it's pretty much perfect.
00:06:47And well within your budgetat $1,400 a month.
00:06:51Well, let's move on.
00:06:53Yeah. thank you. okay.
00:06:55So, here we are.
00:06:57This one's got two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and, best of all, ocean views.
00:07:03Good stuff.
00:07:04Emma's love for the beach may not equal how much jasmine is willing to pay for it.
00:07:09This is fantastic.
00:07:24tool, price and we help them find a policy that works for them.
00:07:28We've been working on something very special.
00:07:31[ Minions gasp, chuckle ] Ohhh!
00:07:38No, the universe will have the pricing power they deserve.
00:07:48We'll work on it.
00:07:50Stopping at nothing to help you save.
00:09:57Oh, I hope not.they're scary things.
00:10:01Hope you can run fast.
00:10:02Oh, no. don't say that.
00:10:03Emma steele wanted to completely upend her chic lifestyle in england.
00:10:08So she set out, without a job or much planning, to trade in her high heels for flip-flops in mission beach.
00:10:15I am such a home-comfortskind of girl.
00:10:18I don't think anyone thoughti would move to mission beach.
00:10:23Her new roommate, jasmine, has a tall orderin helping emma throttle down to meet the laid-back paceof this unblemished oasis.
00:10:32Oh, look at the water!
00:10:34Oh, this is so gorgeous.
00:10:36Mission beach isa fantastic place to live.
00:10:39It's so quiet and's got such character.
00:10:42This is just why I came here.
00:10:44It's just absolutely beautiful.
00:10:46Oh, be careful.
00:10:47It's a really transient town with lots of tourists coming through all the time for the adventure sports.
00:10:51You wouldn't be able to do this in the creeks that we have back in england.
00:10:55No, you'd get hypothermia.
00:10:57Emma's gonna fit in fantastically.
00:10:58There's so much potential keeping the laid-back day or just for a lot of fun.
00:11:03I think she'll love it.
00:11:04(Jasmine) A BIT DIFFERENT TO HOME?
00:11:07And such a little hidden treasure.
00:11:08I'd have never have found it.
00:11:10Emma is also puttinga lot of faith in jasmine to ease herinto finding a home here in their $1,500-a-monthbudget.
00:11:17Wow. this is cozy. oh, yeah.
00:11:19Things are not off to the smoothest of starts.
00:11:22Obviously not as big as I'd like for both of us.
00:11:25But the view is helping to soothe some of her fears.
00:11:28I can see you bringing me breakfast here every morning.
00:11:32YEAH! (laughter) Di wants to wow them, but to do that, she has to up the ante on all fronts by ignoring emma's job status and busting their budget at $1,600 a month.
00:11:44(Dianne)SO, HERE WE ARE.
00:11:46This one's got two bedrooms,two bathrooms, and, best of all,ocean views.
00:11:52Good stuff.
00:11:53Let's go and have a look.
00:11:55Yep. great.
00:11:55Here we go. we are excited.
00:11:58Thank you.
00:12:02Oh, wow. look at the size.
00:12:05Look how big it is. this is amazing.
00:12:09This is fantastic.
00:12:12Look at the kitchen.
00:12:14(Dianne) IT COMES WITH EVERYTHING, Right down to the cutlery and crockery.
00:12:18It's a little bit small.
00:12:20(Jasmine) IT IS.
00:12:20You'll probably be in here the most, anyway.
00:12:23SO THAT'S FINE. (laughs) WHATEVER. (laughs) I would like a bigger kitchen, being a chef.
00:12:28The oven's fairly old.
00:12:29And for the amount of money that we're paying, I'm hoping for something a bit better.
00:12:36WOW! (laughs) This view's amazing.
00:12:40Oh, my goodness! look at it.
00:12:42I know.
00:12:43It's absolutely stunning.
00:12:44The nearest beach to me at home was like a two-hour drive away, and now it's just a two-second walk.
00:12:50It's close to restaurants and shops.
00:12:53So I absolutely love it.
00:12:55(Dianne) THIS IS THE MASTER SUITE.
00:12:58Wow! this is definitely mine.
00:13:00Oh, my goodness. look how big it is!
00:13:03Come on through here, and there's something else -- a bit of a surprise.
00:13:07Whoa! it's huge! and a shower!
00:13:10Oh, my god!
00:13:11I can't believe this.
00:13:13This is fantastic.
00:13:15The master bedroom is just wow.
00:13:18It's probably the size of my whole house back home.
00:13:21I think I'm gonna get the master bedroom.
00:13:24I'D LIKE TO THINK I AM, ANYWAY. (laughs) Come and I'll show you the other bedroom.
00:13:29(Jasmine) IT'S QUITE SMALL.
00:13:33Two beds.
00:13:34Maybe we can push them together.
00:13:35I think we're gonna have a bit of a fight on our hands.
00:13:38You know, the person that has the second bedroom gets the short straw, really.
00:13:45Oh. it's quite small.
00:13:48Where's the toilet?
00:13:49The toilet's also separate to the bathroom.
00:13:52I'm not too keen on that.
00:13:54So, we'll see.
00:13:56So, what do you think?
00:13:58Absolutely love it.
00:14:00It's right on the beach.
00:14:01It's close to restaurants and shops.
00:14:04One of the bedrooms is considerably smaller, though.
00:14:07The kitchen's a little bit small.
00:14:09I mean, I think the rest of the place makes up for the smaller kitchen.
00:14:12Even though emma really likes it, you know, I think we need to remember that it is over-budget.
00:14:18And we can't let her dreams kind of get in the way of how much we're gonna be spending.
00:14:23We'll have to really have a good think about this one.
00:14:27So, here we are. this is south mission beach.
00:14:30This one's two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and it's well within your budget at $1,200 a month.
00:14:35For jasmine to finally get her needs met, emma may need to reel in her expectations.
00:14:41(Emma) THE BEACH IS A 10-MINUTE WALK?
00:14:43Yeah, 10 minutes that way.
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00:17:50(Emma)I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE That the weather'sjust like this every day.
00:17:52I know.
00:17:54The pressures of maintaining a fashionista lifestyle grew to be too much for emma, so she decided to do something about it.
00:18:01Like, you try to describe a place like this back home, and they just don't cut it, really, to say it's so pretty.
00:18:08Trading in the hectic landscape of england for the serenity of mission beach on a whim is not as soothing as it may seem.
00:18:15I think my mum and dad thinki'm mad just packing up and just leaving to goto the other side of the world.
00:18:21I was speaking to my mum last night, and she was like, "god, you're not missing anything at home, emma.
00:18:27" I've never left home for longer than a few weeks at a time, so this really is the unknown.
00:18:35She'll have to come for a holiday.
00:18:37Oh, I'd love to get her over.
00:18:38I'd love to get all my family over.
00:18:40Like, that's the only thing missing.
00:18:42I just feel that now is my time to move on and do something with my life.
00:18:47I think it's gonna be more about the experiences, rather than what I'm gonna wear and how I'm gonna look.
00:18:53Life's just so sweet here.
00:18:56Mission beach's laid-back pace and secluded beauty is a distinct departure from england.
00:19:02And finding a place to renthere for $1,500 a month is right where emmawants to be.
00:19:08Oh, wow!look at this!
00:19:11I did feel at homestraightaway.
00:19:12Balancing her expectationsof living beachside without a job to pay for it is creating some rough waters with her new roommate, jasmine.
00:19:22This is fantastic.
00:19:24I think we need to remember that we can't let her dreams kind of get in the way of how much we're gonna be spending.
00:19:29Jasmine is trying to flowwith emma's wishes, but since they're bothsharing the rent, di switches gearsto swing the focus toward jasmine's tastesand wallet.
00:19:40LOOKS REALLY NICE.(chuckles) Nice, quiet area.
00:19:44(Dianne) IT'S TWO BEDROOMSAND TWO BATHROOMS And well within budgetat $1,200 a month.
00:19:50Oh, that's good. fantastic, yeah.
00:19:52And then the ocean's just about a 10-minute walk away.
00:19:57Let's go and have a look.
00:19:58Yeah, great. okay.
00:19:59What's really nice about this property is they're all individual villas.
00:20:07Oh, wow!
00:20:09Wow! this is amazing.
00:20:11Nice, big kitchen.
00:20:13Yeah, that's granite. yeah.
00:20:15Oh, great. big oven.
00:20:18The fridge does come with it?
00:20:23I really love a gas cooktop 'cause electric cooktops are useless.
00:20:28Looks good.
00:20:29Yeah, definitely.
00:20:30And this is the main bedroom.
00:20:33Oh, my god. oh! I love this room!
00:20:39Oh, look at this.
00:20:41(gasps) THAT IS AMAZING!
00:20:43(Jasmine) THIS IS AMAZING.
00:20:44It is so big.
00:20:46I thought for somewhere like this, we'd be paying a lot more for the price.
00:20:49I don't know if we can really beat this place.
00:20:53So, here's bedroom number two.
00:20:56This is really big.
00:20:57It's a huge room.
00:20:58 this is really big, as well.
00:21:03Yeah, no, I like this.
00:21:05Well, the modern villa tour went really well.
00:21:08They were very impressed with the fact that it came in under-budget by $300.
00:21:12Although this meets all the requirements, I think they're really looking for the beachfront.
00:21:18So, what do you think?
00:21:19It's beautiful. it's such a good house.
00:21:23Really modern.
00:21:25It's really spacious.
00:21:26It's like we have our own house.
00:21:28I love the kitchen, too.
00:21:30It fits everything on our wish list.
00:21:33Apart from, I really wanted beachfront.
00:21:36And the fact that there's not many shops close by.
00:21:39Don't forget, this one's $300 under your budget.
00:21:42That's a really good price.
00:21:45This is a definite maybe.
00:21:48Yeah. yeah.
00:21:49A definite maybe.
00:21:50(laughter) Di's made it quite hard for us.
00:21:55I mean, it's three great apartments.
00:21:57Emma and jasmine need to compromise so their blossoming friendship doesn't wilt under the pressure of their differing priorities.
00:22:05Well, what do you think?
00:22:38@[p3 ♪♪
00:22:42♪♪ ♪♪
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00:24:55It's been a long day.
00:24:56Oh, my gosh. it has.
00:24:57Di's made itquite hard for us.
00:24:59I mean,it's three great apartments.
00:25:00Without a job to depend on,emma will have to figure out what's more importantfor her lifestyle makeover -- being practicalor being in paradise.
00:25:10Under their $1,500-a-monthbudget, house one gives emmaher coveted beach access.
00:25:17Oh, wow!look at this!
00:25:20Thought you'dlike it.
00:25:21An undesirable interiormay make jasmine question her new roommate's affectiontowards their locale.
00:25:27Wow. this is cozy.
00:25:28Busting their budgetat $1,600 a month, house two offersbreathtaking views and ample amounts of space.
00:25:37Look how big it is.this is amazing.
00:25:40Emma feels the place is worth taking a financialleap of faith for.
00:25:44Jasmine is not so sure.
00:25:46It is over-budget, and I think we're gonna havea bit of a fight on our hands.
00:25:50At $1,200 a month, house threeis the most affordable.
00:25:54But this spacious modern villais still coming up short.
00:25:58(Jasmine) IT FITS EVERYTHING ON OUR WISH List.
00:26:01Apart from, I really wanted beachfront.
00:26:14I think we need to kind of rule one out.
00:26:17For me, I'm definitely gonna go with the modern villa.
00:26:21But it's the cheapest.
00:26:23And it really is my favorite kitchen.
00:26:25For me, it's just the location.
00:26:27My kind of dream is to live by the beach.
00:26:30I love the kitchen.
00:26:33I mean, it's not too much of a walk, but you really wanted to be on the beach, didn't you?
00:26:38So it's probably not the best one.
00:26:44Okay, so what have we got -- the beachfront apartment and the ocean-view complex.
00:26:49Ocean-view complex -- it meets everythingthat I dreamed of.
00:26:53The only downsideis the cost.
00:26:56And one bedroomreally is a lot smaller.
00:26:59And I also don'tparticularly like the kitchen.
00:27:03The beachfront apartmentis under-budget.
00:27:05Both roomsare fairly good.
00:27:07I like the kitchen there,as well.
00:27:09Yeah,location's fantastic on it.
00:27:10But I remember the bathroombeing so small for both of us.
00:27:15I mean,the ocean-view complex -- I obviously love that one.
00:27:19I don't think we need to be that extravagant.
00:27:22It's more than we wanted to pay, and it's more than we need, really.
00:27:25It is, and I can see where you're coming from.
00:27:28But me coming from england, like, I've never lived or ever seen anything quite like that.
00:27:33But then one person really gets the short straw with the smaller bedroom.
00:27:39At the moment, I don't have a job, but I know that there is a lot of local work about, and I do have enough savings to be able to afford a little bit more rent if I did get the bigger bedroom.
00:27:51So, you know, I'm willing to do that 'cause I really do love that apartment.
00:27:57Well, maybe we give it a go.
00:28:00Yeah? oh, fantastic!
00:28:03Willing to take on the pressure of her fair share of the rent, emma chooses house two.
00:28:08Now she and jasminewill be able to bask in this beachside haven.
00:28:22I'm working on the local banana farm, which is something I never thought I would do in a million years.
00:28:31We get up at an early hour, which was a bit of a killer at first.
00:28:34But I'm outside in this beautiful weather, beautiful surroundings, and it just beats being in a stuffy office.
00:28:45LOOK AT THAT! (laughs) Definitely gonna have to send one of those home.
00:28:49Emma's fit in really well to mission beach.
00:28:52So, do you grow all this? yeah.
00:28:55Oh, wow.
00:28:55I've definitely made the right choice in giving up my city lifestyle 'cause this lifestyle's just so chilled-out.
00:29:02Have you ever had a crab?
00:29:04No. come on. I'm from leeds.
00:29:07Thanks to jasmine for helping me settle in.
00:29:09It's been a lot easier than I thought.
00:29:11 have a good day.
00:29:13We're both so happy we chose the ocean-view complex.
00:29:17And for me, personally, it's a dream come true.
00:29:20So, I got the smaller room in the end.
00:29:22It's all right.i pay less rent.
00:29:24I love it, though.great apartment.
00:29:26Still takes my breathevery time I look at this view.
00:29:30It's amazing.i never get sick of it.
00:29:32(Emma) OVERALL, I'M EXTREMELYHAPPY LIVING In mission beach.
00:29:35I live with a great person --jasmine's brilliant.
00:29:39And I've got an amazing house.
00:29:40It was the best decisioni ever made.
00:29:43Well, here'sto our new apartment.
00:29:48Good choice.
00:29:49YEAH. (chuckles)
00:00:00It'll just bethe two of us, and not all this other hustleand bustle at work going on.
00:00:07(woman) THIS HOUSE IS$864,000.
00:00:09Oh, so that's quite a bitabove our budget.
00:00:11Match the sizeof their dream?
00:00:13(Glenn) THIS IS AWESOME. I LOVETHIS--THE Pool, the beach.
00:00:16Very nice. wow, what a great little courtyard.
00:00:18Find out when"house hunters international" heads south of the borderto san carlos, mexico.
00:00:24Wow. see, now this is what I'm talking about.
00:00:33Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:00:36Captioned byClosed Captioning Services, Inc.
00:00:41Chilly outside. a little bit.
00:00:43It'll be nice to get back down to mexico, where it's nice and warm. yes, it will.
00:00:47(Glenn) WE LIVE IN HEBER CITY, UTAH.
00:00:49In summertime, it's great.we love summer.
00:00:52Glenn cannot sit still.
00:00:54He's constantly running or biking.
00:00:56But come winter, their outdoor lifestyle is forced indoors.
00:01:01Sometimes you feel a little trapped, because you can't just go outside and walk around easily.
00:01:06We've made it a habitevery winter to get out and travelsomewhere warm.
00:01:12We stumbled intosan carlos, mexico, and we just--we fell in love instantly.
00:01:18Now they're looking for a permanent residence in this laid-back beach town.
00:01:23HEY, REX, YOU WANT TO MOVE TO MEXICO? (growls) The impact that our move will have on our relationship I think will be good.
00:01:30Yeah, I'm looking forward to being able to sort of separate from work.
00:01:34Glenn turned his passion for off-roading ..
00:01:40Is that gonna be strong enough mounting on that, or are we gonna need to add some additional bracing?
00:01:43(Jennifer) I WOULDN'T SAY HE'S A WORKAHOLIC In utah, but he does tend to sit at his computer and answer e-mails.
00:01:51I call it "work mode." work mode.
00:01:52Drop that lower control arm down, um, unbolt the sway bar.
00:01:58I'm hoping that maybe by working from mexico, I can get a little bit more balance, and as long as I've got internet access, as long as we can talk on the telephone, I think we can make it all work.
00:02:08Glenn and jennifer hope that by retreating 1,000 miles south to the beaches of san carlos, mexico, they'll find more time together.
00:02:19This quiet resort town, situated wherethe sea of cortez meets the sonoran desert, is a destination for north american snowbirds.
00:02:28They flock here looking for sunshine, sport, and stress-free living.
00:02:33Glenn and jennifer can't wait to escape to their winter retreat.
00:02:38There's a great dealof opportunity for people to come down hereand buy big pieces of land or waterfront properties and everything in between.
00:02:46What's really important to you?
00:02:48.. yeah.
00:02:49And I want to be able to carry akayak right down into the water.
00:02:52One of my priorities wouldbe a space for the dogs. mm-hmm.
00:02:55I kind of tend to go towardsthe more clean lines.
00:02:58Mexico kind of puts its own twist on that modern design.
00:03:01They'll add, like, a splash of color to a wall.
00:03:04It'd be great to find a home that has those mexican accents.
00:03:08 I like it out on the west side, because I can go out mountain biking there, I can go trail running a little bit easier.
00:03:16I like it in town, just for access to things.
00:03:18What kind of budgetdo you think you have?
00:03:20We were thinking somethingaround $750,000.
00:03:22I'm going to suggest that perhaps we're gonna look at some homes that might be above your budget, thinking that we might have the opportunity to have a negotiation with the seller.
00:03:31If you think that you can get us a better deal on something, we're, you know, we're all over that.
00:03:37Diane knows that the best beachfront properties are outside their budget, so finding their dream home will be a challenge.
00:03:45Let's go look at some houses. buckle up.
00:03:47Several miles west of town is a mexican villa that has the clean lines jennifer likes and the proximity to mountains that glenn prefers.
00:03:57At $864,000, it is more than $100,000 over budget, but has additional features diane thinks will win them over.
00:04:06With some negotiation somewhere in the middle, I think they could find it's not too far out of budget.
00:04:12Welcome to 11 puesta del sol.
00:04:16That's great space.
00:04:18Wow, this is nice.
00:04:21Does the patio furniturecome with--with the house?
00:04:23This house isfully furnished.
00:04:25So every piece of furniture we see-- everything, including the art.
00:04:34Wow. wow, look at this space.
00:04:36Pretty nice. I like the vaulted ceilings.
00:04:39Excellent pieces.
00:04:40I kinda think that we'd need to lighten up the room a little bit maybe, kind of paint it a little bit brighter color.
00:04:46All right, the kitchen.
00:04:48It's got lots of space, has a wine fridge.
00:04:51I'm not crazy about the countertops, I'm not really a fan of grout.
00:04:56The house is pretty much move-in ready.
00:04:58Maybe change a couple of the paint colors, and, uh, do something with the kitchen counter down the road.
00:05:04Come, I'll show you. what have we got?
00:05:06Now what is this, a spare bedroom?
00:05:08This is one of the guest bedrooms.
00:05:11There's three decent-size bedrooms. nice.
00:05:14Well, let's go look at the master. all right.
00:05:20And the master bedroom.
00:05:22Nice. wow.
00:05:23This is a nice room. I like the color.
00:05:26I like the furniture. this is really cool.
00:05:29And this is--i mean, this looks like it's all sort of hand-carved furniture.
00:05:34Master bathroom?
00:05:37Not as big as I would like, but, um, looks like it's got two sinks, so that's good.
00:05:42That's always a good thing.
00:05:43There's a few little things that they didn't quite like, but certainly, it's a large home, it's on the beach.
00:05:51See, now this is what I'm talking about, diane.
00:05:53This is awesome. it's fabulous, isn't it?
00:05:56Yeah, this is--this is what we're looking for, is basically the beach lifestyle, we can just walk right out on the beach, bring our kayaks out, our surfboards.
00:06:06(Diane) I THINK THAT JENNIFER AND GLENN Found 11 puesta del sol much to their liking.
00:06:11It's a question of, is that the magic house?
00:06:15Definitely, for me, the drive into town could be an issue, but the furniture was awesome, the artwork was incredible.
00:06:21Maybe change a couple of the paint colors, for us to make that work, diane would have to do some hard negotiation for us.
00:06:29It would be great with the swimming pool .. yeah.
00:06:33But it would have to come down in price.
00:06:35Well, if you love it, then we can talk to the owner, and maybe we can negotiate a price. okay.
00:06:40Let's go see the other houses first.
00:06:42Oh, yeah, let's do that.
00:06:44Wow. yeah, this is nice.
00:06:47Diane is working hard to find their dream property and stay within budget, but it's gonna cost them some key items on their wish list.
00:06:54Is there sand, or is it always rocky?
00:07:10And a shirt for her date.
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00:07:16Kate's plate gets Mike a treat.
00:07:18Her bag gets her a mention.
00:07:19And her shirt gets Mike's attention.
00:07:21But her shirt ALSO gives 16 meals.
00:07:23Her bag gives 28 meals.
00:07:25And her plates give Fifty.
00:07:27So now Shawn gets lunch.
00:07:28A family gets dinner.
00:07:29And lots of people smile.
00:07:31Kate did a great thing.
00:07:32And the people she feeds will too.
00:07:34Well done Kate. Enjoy the plates.
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00:07:59Let's get ready to bundle and save.
00:08:03Oh, I think I broke my spleen!
00:08:04Home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers.
00:09:41Outdoor enthusiasts glenn and jennifer can't stand to be stuck inside for one more utah winter.
00:09:47You don't see people outside,'cause it's--it's cold.
00:09:50And since we like being outside so much, sometimes you feel a little trapped.
00:09:54But thanks to their adventurous pursuits, glenn and jennifer can now afford to switch things up.
00:10:00I was into four-wheeling, so I kind of neededto make my own parts, since nobody else was doing it, and that's when jennifer said, "you should just do this, and start selling them to people," and it worked out.
00:10:10 what can I help you with on that?
00:10:13With a thriving business, glenn and jennifer now have the geographic flexibility to fly south to san carlos, mexico, for the winter.
00:10:22But will their high expectations match the hefty price tag?
00:10:26I WANT TO BEON THE WATER... (Diane) YEAH.
00:10:28And I want to be able to carry akayak right down into the water.
00:10:31Diane knows there's roomto negotiate, so she wantedto show them a house that has it all,and then some.
00:10:37 see, now this is what I'm talking about, diane.
00:10:39This is awesome. I really like the pool.
00:10:42That's a bonus that we weren't necessarily looking for.
00:10:45But the price is way overtheir $750,000 budget.
00:10:50This house is $864,000.
00:10:52It was not only over our budget, but significantly over budget, so we'd definitely need to do some negotiating there.
00:10:58Heeding the couple's financial constraints, diane locates another property.
00:11:03It has the modern design elements and proximity to town that jennifer wants, and isn't far from the mountain activities that glenn likes, but at $825,000, it is still over their budget.
00:11:15It is marginally higherthan what they wanted to spend, but we understandin real estate both the buyer and the sellertend to have a meeting of the mind somewhereif it's not too far out, and this one'snot that far out.
00:11:30(Jennifer) WOW. (Glenn) YEAH, THIS IS NICE.
00:11:32Welcome to casa mar. looks great.
00:11:35Can't wait to get inside.
00:11:37Wow. this is a great courtyard.
00:11:39This is kind of what we were looking for for the dogs.
00:11:42Nice secure perimeter.
00:11:46And this is a quintessential beach house.
00:11:49 they're quite rich with that wood.
00:11:54And this--what--this floor-- this isn't tile.
00:11:55No, it's acidized concrete.
00:11:58Concrete. be good for the dogs, too.
00:12:01It's low maintenance.
00:12:02Let's go check out the kitchen. okay.
00:12:05Now this is a kitchen. you like this one?
00:12:08I'm liking this kitchen.
00:12:10I don't really see much pantry space, though, so I think maybe food storage that could be a problem.
00:12:18As we come down the stairs, we have three bedrooms and two bath.
00:12:23We're kind of used to, in utah, everything being on the same floor, and here we'd have to be going up and down the stairs all the time, so that's maybe a drawback for us.
00:12:34(Glenn) WOW. (Diane) WHAT DO YOU THINK?
00:12:37Yeah, this is a nice room.
00:12:38(Jennifer) IT'S A GOOD SIZE MASTER.
00:12:41Check out the view.
00:12:42Let's pretend like we're waking up in the morning.
00:12:45I WONDER-- (Glenn) ALTHOUGH, YOU KNOW, THAT Wall out there kind of blocks the view from the bed a little .. yeah.
00:12:51It'd be great to be able to lay in bed and look out, but they put that wall up a little too high when it was built, so that's a consideration.
00:12:59Master bath.
00:13:01It's nice.
00:13:02I love the sink, but there's only one of 'em. uh-oh.
00:13:05Yeah, I don't know what that means for me.
00:13:07So should we check out the other bedrooms?
00:13:09Yep. sure, let's go.
00:13:14And this is a guest bedroom.
00:13:17This is nice-- a queen-size bed.
00:13:19Not really crazy about the furniture in here, ..
00:13:21 for a guest room, it'll work.
00:13:25I grew up in southern california, and the mission-style house was everywhere.
00:13:28I've always kind of liked looking at that type of house.
00:13:32Wow, this is quite the view.
00:13:35It's extraordinary, isn't it?
00:13:37Wow. yes.
00:13:38 this looks like a great area for kayaking, take the paddleboards out.
00:13:46I guess this is the way out to the beach.
00:13:50Looks like the way. uh-oh.
00:13:52That looks like it needs some work.
00:13:54That's not so good for the dogs.
00:13:57Is there sand, or is it always rocky?
00:13:59Sometimes it's rocky, and sometimes it's sandy.
00:14:02Is it always so windy out here?
00:14:04It's often windy during the winter months, so you'll have to take that into consideration.
00:14:09I like the beach access here.
00:14:10It'd be nice to have it be a little more sandy maybe, but it sounds like the sand kind of comes and goes with the weather.
00:14:17This is really a great space, diane.
00:14:19What do you think about the dogs up here?
00:14:20Do you think they can-- I think this will be a good space.
00:14:24You know, one thing about this house is that it doesn't have a pool, and the house at puesta del soldid have a pool, and I didn't thinki would want a pool, but after seeing that pool right there next to the beach, that was nice, I have to admit.
00:14:38I really like the place, but the price is an issue, so we might have to end up going with another house.
00:14:46Diane finally finds a home that's on budget, but its style raises a few question marks.
00:14:54Wow. wow.
00:14:56Check out the ceiling.
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00:18:36When I'm at work, I don't want other peopletalking to me or disturbing me, and that can sometimes be hard for jennifer to deal with.
00:18:43Is that gonna be strong enough mounting on that, or are we gonna need to add some additional bracing?
00:18:47Striking a work-life balance hasn't been easy for this utah couple, which is why they're looking for a second home in san carlos, mexico.
00:18:55You guys ready?come on, follow me.
00:18:57Its stunning coastline on the sea of cortez offers world-class diving and fishing, but today, glenn and jennifer are just enjoying the scenery and each other.
00:19:06(Jennifer) I THINK IT WILL BE BENEFICIAL To our relationship if we can do more things together and just get him out ofhis work mode some more.
00:19:14Diane has been exhausting all her resources to find the couple their perfect winter retreat ..
00:19:22 see, now this is what I'm talking about, diane.
00:19:25This is awesome.
00:19:26But a limited budget will limitthe scope of their dreams.
00:19:32This is whatwe're looking for, but is way too expensive.
00:19:38For us to make that work, diane would have to dosome hard negotiation for us.
00:19:43 they'requite rich with that wood.
00:19:46Its rockier beachand strong winds are a turnoff.
00:19:51Diane has to dig deep to find one last property that is not only under budget, but right on one of the calmest beaches in san carlos.
00:20:01This hacienda has a price tag of $579,000, nearly $200,000 under budget, but it's not modern and could use some updates.
00:20:12Casa rosa. it's so close to town.
00:20:15 I mean, it's-- main street's right there.
00:20:20Let's look inside.
00:20:22Isn't this amazing?
00:20:24Wow. very nice.
00:20:26Wow, what a great little courtyard.
00:20:28It has kind of a-a real mexican feel to it.
00:20:31(Diane) IT IS MEXICAN TRADITIONAL, AND THEREFORE, Very different,but it is so beautiful and so much under their budget that they could take the difference in the price and put everything personal in it that they wanted to make it theirs.
00:20:46Wow. wow.
00:20:48This is cool. wow.
00:20:51Check out the ceiling.
00:20:55Let's go check out the kitchen.
00:20:56(Diane) IT'S, UH, IT'S NOT PARTICULARLY LARGE, But it certainly is very functional.
00:21:01It is quite cozy. it is very cozy.
00:21:03Nice, uh, ocean view for when glenn's washing the dishes.
00:21:07If we get this house, we're gonna have to do something with this kitchen.
00:21:10Well, how much did you say it was? $579,000.
00:21:13So there's definitely room in the budget for-- that gives us a lot of room.
00:21:18The kitchen was small, but, uh, you know, it does have a great ocean view, so, uh, can't complain too much about that.
00:21:26(Jennifer) YES. SURE.
00:21:28Gonna go upstairs and check out one of the bedrooms.
00:21:32Got a king-size bed in here, so it does have quite a bit of room, and a full attached bath.
00:21:36This is a really interesting space. it is.
00:21:39And this is the master bedroom.
00:21:41I love these old doors they've got.
00:21:44It had some really interesting architectural details, not only in the house, but also in the way it was furnished as well.
00:21:50 all right.
00:21:53Wow. whoa.
00:21:59I'm not sure I'm liking this countertop.
00:22:01I think the bathrooms could be updated a little bit, uh, but that's, you know, this place is well within our budget, and I think that's something that we could definitely do.
00:22:11 this is a big deck.
00:22:14 there's no wind going on.
00:22:16(Diane) NO WIND, JUST THE GENTLE LAPPING Of the surf.
00:22:19 that makes it better for the paddleboarding, wakeboarding, and kayaking and things, so, yeah, yeah, I like that feature, too.
00:22:28So what do you think?
00:22:30I really like this house.
00:22:32I mean, it needs some work, but it's so far under our budget that we could--we could definitely fix it up.
00:22:37I'm really surprised at how much I actually do like this house, um, 'cause I usually go for the clean, modern lines, but, uh, I really, really liked all the mexican detail, the windows.
00:22:49I like how close it is to town.
00:22:51I think it ticks all of our boxes, doesn't it?
00:22:56All right, so we've got some serious discussions here to do.
00:23:01.. great beach.
00:23:03Maybe the best beach of the ones that we saw.
00:23:05.. beautiful, clean lines.
00:23:07.. we could really just renovate the jury is out.
00:23:13I think I know which one I want.
00:23:15I kind of have a favorite as well. okay.
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00:23:38And it tastes good?
00:23:40Sure does!
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00:23:47What's the rush?
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00:25:38All right, so we've got some serious discussions here to do.
00:25:42Glenn and jennifer are looking to buy a modern home in san carlos, mexico.
00:25:47It must be close to their $750,000 budget, near town, and on the beach.
00:25:54.. yeah.
00:25:55And I want to be able to carry a kayak right down into the water.
00:25:58House 1 comes with a pool overlooking one of the mostpristine beaches in san carlos.
00:26:04I love the swim-up barat the pool.
00:26:06I could totally see you making me some drinks.
00:26:07(Glenn) GREAT BEACH-- Maybe the best beach of the ones that we saw.
00:26:13But at more than $100,000 over their $750,000 budget, they may not be able to get it for a price for us to make that work, diane would have to do some hard negotiation for us.
00:26:24Priced at $825,000, house 2 is also over budget, although it has the modern design elements glenn and jennifer are drawn to.
00:26:35Clean lines, great, uh, views.
00:26:38But the rocky beach and strong winds AREN'T IDEAL CONDITIONS. (Glenn) IS IT ALWAYS So windy out here?
00:26:44(Diane) IT'S OFTEN WINDY DURING THE WINTER Months, so you'll have to take that into consideration.
00:26:48House 3 comes inway under budget at $579,000, and is conveniently located in the heart ..
00:26:56Close to the restaurants, close to the stores, close to the gym for me.
00:27:00But is in need of some serious updates to suit glenn and jennifer's taste.
00:27:04I'm not sure I'm liking this countertop.
00:27:06This is kind of crazy with this bright green tile and these big grout lines.
00:27:10Think we're gonna have to do some work on that.
00:27:22well, maybe we should knock one off our list and start from there. okay.
00:27:27I think I have one that I can pull off the i-i-- yeah, it had some nice features to it, but the price--that probablywould be the first that I would checkoff my list, too. yeah.
00:27:39So then between casa mar and casa rosa.
00:27:43That's a tough decision.
00:27:45They bothhave great things.
00:27:47They both havea few drawbacks.
00:27:49All right, so casa mar, we havethe beautiful, clean lines, great kitchen,great deck, or casa rosa, close to town, greatarchitectural details, great water access.what do you think?
00:28:01 I think I know which one I want.
00:28:04You want to see if they match up? yes, let's.
00:28:07All right, count of three, ready? okay.
00:28:09One, two, three-- casa mar. casa mar.
00:28:12Whoo! good job.
00:28:14I think the next thing we need to do is call diane and see if she can talk to the owners, and maybe get that price down for us a little bit.
00:28:20All right,let's go do it. let's do it, yeah.
00:28:22Although it was sellingfor $825,000, they managed to negotiatethe price down to $797,000, $47,000 over budget.
00:28:38Hey.bienvenido a casa mar en san carlos.
00:28:42Come on in.
00:28:44We are incredibly happy with the choice that we made.
00:28:47Casa mar is just perfect for us.
00:28:49The table here has been great.
00:28:50It's kind of turned into my business desk.
00:28:52I've been kind of updating some of the pictures and some of the text on the suspension kits.
00:28:58I have one of the greatest views in the world while I'm sitting here working, and that's exactly what I was looking for when we were leaving utah.
00:29:05Life here in san carlos is pretty good.
00:29:07We've really settled into a routine here.
00:29:11Beautiful sunset, man.
00:29:13Great place.
00:29:15We've really made some great friends here, both expats and local mexicans, so we're really fortunateabout that.
00:29:21Now somebody tell me what"sunset" is in spanish.
00:29:25Atardecer. atardecer.
00:29:26We really love it here.our dogs love it here.
00:29:29It's just really worked outfor our whole family.
00:29:31Good job, sweetie.give me a kiss.
00:00:00H--the job is in trinidad.
00:00:02" flowers, fruits,blah, blah, blah.
00:00:08They're excitedfor the opportunity.
00:00:09ppthey're coming.
00:00:12But finding the perfect housein trinidad is a bigger challengethan they expected.
00:00:17This house is gettingmore expensive by the SECOND. (Gina laughs) You can't, like,do much in there.
00:00:23It's not as largeas the houston bedroom.
00:00:24Well, you said once,"everything in texas " watch as expat expectations ..
00:00:32 you have roomvvfor a dishwasher.
00:00:36As"house hunters international" travels to trinidad.
00:00:45Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:00:49Captioned byClosed Captioning Services, Inc.
00:00:57It's time for the garnett family to leave their friends behind as they prepare to join andrew in trinidad.
00:01:04 do they have, like, a market?
00:01:07They have a supermarket, but compared to ours here, it's really small.
00:01:11Andrew's new job comes with a generous stipend, but housing in trinidad doesn't come cheap.
00:01:18(Gina) THE RENTS ARE, YOU KNOW, SIMILAR, We've been told, to new york city.
00:01:22So, to me, $5,500 a month should really getsomething amazing.
00:01:27But hopefully, we'll see.
00:01:29(man) WILL ANDREW PICK THE HOUSE, Or will you and the kids fly down no, when we get there, we're gonna go look.
00:01:36 he's not picking it without me.
00:01:42My husband and I are not in disagreement about what we're looking for, but we have different things which I think can coexist in the same place.
00:01:49He's really-- wants to have a caribbean feel.
00:01:53The inside of the house is more what I'm concerned with.
00:01:56You want strawberries? I know you like those.
00:01:59It will be an adjustment for my children, I think.
00:02:02(speaking indistinctly) But that's actually a big important reason why we're living there because we want the experience of our children being exposed to many different cultures.
00:02:11Bye, daddy. we miss you. we love you. bye.
00:02:14See you in a couple weeks.
00:02:15Okay, I miss you girls, too. I love you.
00:02:19Leaving the comfort of the houston suburbs, the garnett family travels 2,500 miles to embrace a new culture on the island nation of trinidad and tobago.
00:02:36Trinidadis trinidad and tobago.
00:02:38It's a twin island state.
00:02:40Tobago is much more quiet and leisurely and touristy, whereas trinidad is more of a vibrant oil- and gas-based economy.
00:02:492 million people.
00:02:54The garnetts have never lived outside the , so roger henderson wonders if he can manage american expectations in the tight trinidad real estate market.
00:03:06Well, I would liketo have four bedrooms, but if we can't find something,three bedrooms would be okay.
00:03:12And I'd liketo have a nice kitchen.
00:03:14We'd reallylike to have a pool.
00:03:16In fact,we promised our children that in orderto come to trinidad, we neededto have a pool. what about location?
00:03:22I want to be, you know,near the school.
00:03:24Kids are gonna be goingto the international school.
00:03:26I'm gonna be havingto drive and pick 'em up.
00:03:28Closer to the school,your rents tend to go up.
00:03:31Do you have a budgetwe can work with?
00:03:32Well, we'd like to stickwith our company budget which is $5,500 u.s.a month. okay.
00:03:38(Roger) THE ABILITY TO GET A HOUSE With a pool, four bedrooms, close to the school within our budget is gonna take some doing.
00:03:47That unit you have listed with us at fairview-- is it still available?
00:03:52To ease the transition, roger starts the hunt in a community close to school that features fully furnished american-style homes.
00:04:01To tick all their boxes, he's forced to goover budget at $5,800.
00:04:07Well, why don'twe just go inside and have a look? wonderful.
00:04:16(Roger) OKAY, HERE WE ARE. THIS IS THE GROUND Floor.
00:04:18 okay, so let's go in here first and have a look.
00:04:25This is what I like to refer to as the entertainment room. that's wonderful.
00:04:30Imagine us all watching tv down here. yeah.
00:04:33Have a look at the lawn, and then we'll go upstairs. okay. great.
00:04:41Oh, wow. look at this, roger. oh.
00:04:44Look at all the boats.
00:04:46(Roger) WELL, I PROMISED YOU A NICE VIEW, And there it is.
00:04:50It goes all the way from the east as far as you can see, and it goes all the way west down to south america.
00:04:54On a clear day, you will see south america from here. wow.
00:04:57That's the school right down there, right?
00:04:59And the school is very close right there.
00:05:04This is the pool.
00:05:05I mentioned to you that the pool is just a little small for an adult, but the kids, I think, would love it.
00:05:10They could fit in there and have a good time.
00:05:11I'm not sure that that pool is much more than an oversized jacuzzi.
00:05:16I mean, not like a normal swimming pool.
00:05:19Oh, wow.
00:05:20Look at this kitchen. this is great.
00:05:22I like this great island.
00:05:25I can imagine doing a lot of cooking or at least gina doing a lot of cooking.
00:05:27Gina does the cooking, yeah.
00:05:32Living and dining room.
00:05:34Okay. I like it.
00:05:35This room's still a little bit tight for, like, dining and living.
00:05:42Come right in.
00:05:44(Andrew) WOW, ROGER.
00:05:45I can imagine relaxing out here quite easily.
00:05:48The only thing is those handrails look a little low.
00:05:51I wonder if the kids would be okay up here.
00:05:52That's set up for a little kid to climb right up.
00:05:56(Andrew) WHEN I THINK OF THE NEWBURY HILL Address, safety-- it's definitely concerning.
00:06:00I don't want to bring my family to a new country and find ourselves in an unsafe situation.
00:06:09Okay. obviously, one for the children.
00:06:11A little bit small. it'll be hard to fit.
00:06:14It's gonna be a squeeze in here, but I guess there's the downstairs, too.
00:06:17We don't have to put everything in here.
00:06:19Okay, this one's pretty much a mirror of the other one.
00:06:22(Roger) AGAIN, THEY'VE LEFT A BED HERE FOR You, chest of drawers, lots of cupboard space.
00:06:26These are a lot smaller than the rooms they they're smaller, but at least there's some good cupboard space, so I think we could put some of the toys in there.
00:06:35They're the same size, so at least the girls WON'T FIGHT OVER THEM. (laughs) THEY WON'T Fight, yeah.
00:06:39As we enter the master bedroom, the bathroom. there's a his-and-hers sink.
00:06:44It's a little bit off the main bedroom, but it's okay.
00:06:47This is our master bedroom.
00:06:49You have a big bed which they've left here for you, a king-size bed, chest of drawers.
00:06:53You have bedside tables.
00:06:54It's not as large as the houston bedroom, ..
00:06:56Well, you said once, "everything in texas is bigger." that's right.
00:06:59That includes bedrooms, you know?
00:07:01(Gina) I REALLY LIKE THE KITCHEN And that there were four bedrooms.
00:07:06I like that a lot.
00:07:07The things for me that were a little bit of a concern was the size of the pool. I wish it was bigger.
00:07:10 and it also has a gorgeous view.
00:07:14 they are a little bit low.
00:07:17When I think about the pool maintenance and the garden maintenance, that's gonna be a little bit more, .. a little extra cost.
00:07:25We'll have to think about that.
00:07:28It's five bedrooms, five baths, swimming pool.
00:07:33At 8,000 square feet, house number 2 may be tough to pass up.
00:07:38Ooh, look at the pool.
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00:08:29Hey mom! dare me to do a back-flip?
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00:08:34It's rated for class five white water.
00:08:39No, no!
00:08:41No, huh?yes!
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00:09:39Backflips and cartwheels.
00:09:41Love, warmth.
00:09:41Here, try this. mmmm, ok!
00:09:44I like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on.
00:09:47Breakfast I'm very impressed.
00:09:49This is a great cereal!
00:09:49Honey bunches of oats.
00:09:51I hear you crunching.
00:10:27Can you reach it? can you reach it?
00:10:29There's one. there's one. can you reach it?
00:10:32Don't fall on us.
00:10:33To follow andrew'sjob promotion, the garnetts are migratingfrom texas to trinidad.
00:10:41And then, also,we just thought it would be a great life experience for ourselves there are quite a lot of scarlet ibis.
00:10:48The scarlet ibis is the national bird of trinidad, and this sanctuary is a protected area.
00:10:55And most importantly, we want the experience of our children being exposed to many different cultures.
00:11:03But the first housegave them culture shock.
00:11:06These rooms are a lot smaller than the ones they have now.
00:11:08When I think about the pool maintenance and the garden maintenance, that's gonna be a bit more, and it's above our budget, so we'll have to think about that.
00:11:17For house number 2, roger digs deep and brings the hunt a half-hour east where they can get the tropical feel and more bang for their buck.
00:11:29Wow, look at this.
00:11:33It's five bedrooms,five baths.
00:11:36The budget is $5,500.
00:11:37You have the poolfor the children.
00:11:39Up on the higher levels, you have an open patio.
00:11:41You want to get inside to see what it's like?
00:11:44Sounds good. let's do it. let's go.
00:11:49The feature of the house, in my view, is this master bedroom with its midnight kitchen.
00:11:54 I never have to get out of bed.
00:11:57 and now you can see the expanse of this room.
00:12:01It's huge. huge.
00:12:03The bedroom sweeps in almost a half-moon fashion. okay.
00:12:07And then you have a balcony out here, which is your private balcony. wow.
00:12:11Look at that bathroom.
00:12:12 i want to get in right now.
00:12:15Look at. it even has a shaving mirror.
00:12:17(laughs) IT LOOKS LIKE THERE'S SHOWERHEADS Up and down the whole thing. it's incredible.
00:12:21 okay, great. yeah.
00:12:25 you can wake up every morning to this view.
00:12:29It was really a neat home in terms of the views and what we could see.
00:12:33I thought we could live there.
00:12:35OOH, LOOK AT THE POOL. (Andrew) IS THAT A real turtle in there?
00:12:38IT LOOKS LIKE IT'S FLOATING. (laughs) Well, gina, this is the pool you promised your children. yes.
00:12:43They could have snacks.
00:12:45They would think they're movie stars.
00:12:46Roger, this will definitely hold our promise to the kids. well, I'm glad for that.
00:12:50It was a neat pool, and it had a deep end and a shallow end for them to stand.
00:12:54It had an infinity edge where they could look out, and I really like that pool.
00:12:59Let's go and see the kitchen, dining room.
00:13:01All right. okay, let's go.
00:13:03Let's see what's here and what's not here.
00:13:05Okay. don't forget, this is unfurnished.
00:13:07Oh, so you have to bring your own appliances.
00:13:10.. okay.
00:13:12 and the dryer.
00:13:14 you have room for a dishwasher.
00:13:17 as i you-- that's fine (Andrew) WHEN YOU RENT IN THE U.S., Usually you get your appliances when you rent, so this was a new adjustment for us that this one didn't come with those things.
00:13:32And as you're having your meal, you have the perfect view of the gulf coast.
00:13:39Wow. all I see is green.
00:13:41Oh, this would do good for zoe.
00:13:44Don't you think? it's, like, big enough.
00:13:45'Cause they're gonna have to have their toys in here. sure. there's closets there.
00:13:49She could put some of her toys in there.
00:13:52And it has its own bathroom.
00:13:54Second bedroom, I would think, for the girls.
00:13:57Pretty similar.
00:13:58A little smaller, different color.
00:13:59 this would be good for our older daughter.
00:14:02Zoe will be jealous when she sees this balcony.
00:14:05But the other one's bigger, and she has more toys. okay.
00:14:08We just have one more balcony to show you.
00:14:09Okay, great.
00:14:11So let's go ahead and see that, shall we?
00:14:12(both) OKAY.
00:14:15(groans) Well, here we are-- the top of the house. wow.
00:14:20Living in the moka house, I would feel like we have definitely moved up a class level.
00:14:26The whole neighborhood was beautiful.
00:14:28The houses were all so humongous.
00:14:30I love the kitchen, and the whole main living area there.
00:14:34And that master bathroom was pretty nice.
00:14:36But it might cost us some money to get all the appliances and extra furniture and all that kind of stuff.
00:14:42(Andrew) THE MOKA HOME WAS SO BIG.
00:14:44It'd be nice to find something just a little bit more comfortable.
00:14:47Wow, I love the clean lines in here.
00:14:50It's very nice.
00:14:51But will the garnetts be open to apartment living?
00:14:54I don't know how we would all fit.
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00:18:06(camera shutter clicks) ARE WE GONNA LOOK In the house over there?
00:18:08 when the garnett family accepted the offerto move to trinidad, they thought it wouldbe a great opportunity to move to a tropical island and soak up a different culture.
00:18:19When you look up there, see the little white house?
00:18:21 and then there's a big thing next to it.
00:18:24 maybe that's where all the cannons are right now.
00:18:28The hilltop location of fort george was the perfect spot for the british to watch over the capital city of port of SPAIN IN THE 1800s.
00:18:37"It was believed that this chest was found " yay, it has gold in it!
00:18:43"It might have had expensive jewelry and valuables.
00:18:45The mystery of how it got up to port george " so far, they're debating between an american-style house that's close ..
00:18:54It's not as largeas the houston bedroom.
00:18:57Well, you said once,"everything in texas " that's right. that includes bedrooms.
00:19:01And immersing the familyin a trinidadian neighborhood.
00:19:04Wow,what a huge room.
00:19:05 you have room for a dishwasher.
00:00:02Is having growing pains.
00:00:03It's still under construction,it looks like.
00:00:04(man) YEAH.
00:00:05.. I feel a little cramped.
00:00:09And the prices are higher.
00:00:10 how much over?
00:00:16What's this areasupposed to be?
00:00:18The wall, it's supposedto take you outside.
00:00:20 there's no space for a kitchen.
00:00:24In the tropical paradiseof puerto cayo, ecuador.
00:00:34Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:00:37Captions byVITAC.
00:00:44One of the things I really don'tlike about l.a. is traffic.
00:00:47(Dahiana) ABSOLUTELY,I'M DEFINITELY READY To, like, slow down, like, leave behind ..
00:00:55After years of living with the pedal to the metal, it's time to ease up on the gas.
00:01:00There's not even a stop sign or a light in puerto cayo.
00:01:03Do you have shops there? I'm pretty sure.
00:01:05If not, you've got to drive, like, an hour and a half to, like, an actual mall sort of store.
00:01:10You--you must be super excited about going back home to your family.
00:01:14My mom and my dad are super excited that we're talking about, like, you know, starting like a-- uh, growing the family, like, you know, having a kid.
00:01:20And they're happy to have me come down.
00:01:21That, too.
00:01:23You know, we want to, like,go and be with family in front of the beach,you know, find a house there.
00:01:28With dahiana leaving her job behind, they'll be relying on sean's income, working remotely as a web developer.
00:01:35D.'s GONNA HAVE HER HANDS A LOT MORE FULL, Because, technically, uh, she should be pregnant ..
00:01:39Not right now, but later, yeah.
00:01:42The max of our budget is $100,000.
00:01:44It's a great example, I think, of the sort of thing that we're gonna have to deal with as it comes.
00:01:49I don't think you can be that prepared for a move.
00:01:52Eager to escape life in the fast lane, sean and dahiana travel 2,500 miles to reconnect with family and start one of their own.
00:02:02(seagulls screeching) Puerto cayois a tiny fishing village of 5,000 people.
00:02:09Cozy homes line the town's 1-lane road running north to south along the beach.
00:02:15Warm tropical breezes, mountains, and white-sand beaches provide tourists and expats a slow-paced way of life and a bounty of fresh fish, fruits, and vegetables.
00:02:29A little bit of mantequilla. mm-hmm.
00:02:32That's--that's butter.
00:02:34Uh-huh. the ecuadorian way to eat it. mm-hmm.
00:02:41Oof, what is that? he likes it like that.
00:02:43It's a block of cheese. you will like that.
00:02:45THERE YOU GO. (woman laughing) Real estate agent miguel rossignoli sizes up the growing real estate market.
00:02:51Four years ago, I didn't see a lot of people living here.
00:02:54It was morelike a tourist place.
00:02:57But now I see a lot of people moving into puerto cayo.
00:03:01Prices are getting higher.
00:03:02We're looking forthree bedrooms, two bath.
00:03:03Two bath.
00:03:05It's very important for usto have a lot of open space.
00:03:08We not onlyhave family here, but we're workingon starting a family here soon.
00:03:12The outside space, a big gardenor, like, a nice patio, something that incorporatesa lot of nature elements.
00:03:18 it sounds fantastic.
00:03:21Actually, I want to move to thathouse you--you want to buy.
00:03:24And with plans for dahianato be a stay-at-home mom, the budget is important.
00:03:31$100,000 Isn't a budget that we really havea lot of flexibility in.
00:03:35If you move here with $100,000, you might have to do something with the house.
00:03:39So how do you think about, like, construction on the house, like, remodeling, like, if you have to make some changes in the house?
00:03:45 totally open to see any houses that need a little bit of renovation.
00:03:51If sean is really willing to get his hands dirty, then miguel can offer a perfect ocean view without killing their budget.
00:03:59It's still under construction, it looks like.
00:04:01(Miguel) YEAH, IT'S GONNAGET DONE PRETTY Soon.
00:04:04The househas three bedrooms.
00:04:05 does that also, like, include it being finished, or do we have to finishall of it?
00:04:12$93,000, It's gonna be done.
00:04:14Oh, wow. oh, wow.
00:04:16 I mean, it's like-- yeah, look at this. look at it.
00:04:19.. is this-- what is this, pine?
00:04:21It's, uh, pine? yeah.
00:04:23You have the kitchen. I like it.
00:04:25Yeah, it's spacious. yeah.
00:04:26WE COULD PUT THE WHOLE FAMILY IN HERE. (chuckles) It also has the view. I like that.
00:04:30I can be making my drinks over here and, like, just watching the whales. yeah.
00:04:35So this one of the bedrooms you can see.
00:04:37(Sean) IT'S SPACIOUS ENOUGH. I MEAN, IT'S A good size.
00:04:39You want me to-- does it come with, uh, air-conditioning?
00:04:42Uh, no. it's gonna be hot here.
00:04:45 well, it's supposed to be the dining room.
00:04:49The wall, it's supposed to take you outside.
00:04:53But they're gonna cut a door into the wall?
00:04:58We have to do stuff with this room. yeah.
00:05:00Like, it's not totally done, and it's not my favorite room in the house.
00:05:03My husband loves to take on projects.
00:05:05I don't want to have to be dealing with construction.
00:05:08Oh, wow.
00:05:09(Sean) OH, WOW. LOOK AT THAT. OKAY.
00:05:11Yeah, that's am--this sells the house right here. no, this is good. this is really good.
00:05:16(Sean) THE VIEW IS AMAZING.
00:05:18The under construction thing, I think I could work with it probably more than dahiana could.
00:05:22 yeah, let's check them out.
00:05:27It's a good size.
00:05:29I mean, uh, it'd be great for kids. definitely.
00:05:31Two bunk beds, are the beds cement?
00:05:34Oh, yeah.
00:05:35(chuckles) (laughs) THAT'S TRUE. IT'S A GOOD POINT.
00:05:39That's good, all the bedrooms have a bathroom.
00:05:42It's a perfect kids' bathroom.
00:05:43 what do we have here?
00:05:46Cement beds. more cement beds.
00:05:48 how many kids do you have?
00:05:51YEAH. (laughs) I don't know if we're gonna need six.
00:05:58The concrete beds are a style for people here.
00:06:01It might sound like a-- not a good option, but it's gonna give them a lot of potential.
00:06:07(Miguel) SO WHAT DO YOU THINK, GUYS? IT'S In our price range.
00:06:11Um, it's got this amazing ocean view.
00:06:13The ocean view, I can hear the ocean.
00:06:15 the only thing for me was, um, the-- the bedrooms are kind of weird with the cement beds.
00:06:20It would mean that, you know, we've to work on the house to finish it, to really make it our own.
00:06:25Yeah, I'll prefer the less work that we can do.
00:06:29Uh, the construction-- I want to arrive to a house that is already done and beautiful.
00:06:33I want to enjoy the beach.
00:06:35I don't want to have to be dealing with construction.
00:06:36(Sean) SO WHAT ELSE YOU GOT? OH, LET'S GO And take a look, yeah.
00:06:39Come on. let's do it.
00:06:41So there you are, guys, a beautiful house.
00:06:45Miguel takes them to a move-in-ready house.
00:06:49It's a little bit over your budget.
00:06:51How much over? $5,000.
00:07:00after pleasin' faster than kenny can dodge a question.
00:07:03Honey, how'd that test go?
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00:09:32Okay, if you see a monkey-- I want to see a family of monkeys.
00:09:37You see them in the tree? oh, my god.
00:09:39Dahiana is eager to introduce her new husband to the primitive town she left behind as a child.
00:09:44Look at this thing. that's, uh, called bird-of-paradise.
00:09:47 yeah, and THEN IN SPANISH IT'S CALLED A... (speaking Spanish) A... (speaking Spanish) MM-HMM, 'CAUSE THE Leaves look like plantain leaves.
00:09:56Puerto cayo's wide-open spaces are inspiring a sense of empowerment THAT SEAN DIDN'T HAVE IN L.A.'s CONCRETE Jungle.
00:10:03(Sean) DAHIANA AND I HAVE ALWAYS HAD AN INTEREST In growing our own vegetables.
00:10:08We would loveto kind of dabble in the idea of, you know,organic living.
00:10:11I'M GOOD, YEAH, YEAH. I LIKE IT. (chuckles) But leaving behind the conveniences of city life ..
00:10:18 with a very, very tall tower.
00:10:22And so is findinga finished house on the beach.
00:10:25But they're gonna cut a door into the wall?
00:10:27I think I could work with it.
00:10:29We have to do stuff with this room.
00:10:31I don't want to have to be dealing with construction.
00:10:33Sean may have to dig deeper into their budget it's not that you're gonna get the most beautiful housein the world for $100,000.
00:10:42Inspiredby their love of nature, miguel refusesto be discouraged.
00:10:47He offers a move-in-ready housejust off the beach.
00:10:51It's a 3-bedroom house.
00:10:52IT'S A LITTLE BITOVER YOUR BUDGET. (Sean) How much over?
00:10:56$5,000. Okay.
00:10:58Surrounding the property is beautiful.
00:11:01The first time that you walk up onto it, and you see pine trees, and you have this beach setting, and, you know, you can imagine the sun setting out there over the ocean-- it's gorgeous.
00:11:09Come inside and take a look. oh, wow.
00:11:11AND PLEASE, GET A LOOK. (laughs) (Sean) WOW.
00:11:14And it has a bar. I love the bar. yeah.
00:11:16 well, you wanted a social area.
00:11:18I can't think of what's more social than a bar, right? oh, I love it. yeah.
00:11:21The first thing that hits you is the size of the usable space.
00:11:24And it's already built, just ready to go.
00:11:25 you can hear the waves.
00:11:29.. yeah.
00:11:32But you can't see them exactly. yeah.
00:11:33There's not like a place that we can see actually, yes, in front, yeah.
00:11:38Yeah, all right. yeah, okay.
00:11:39So what do you think about the wood house?
00:11:41 this is--this is wood. yeah.
00:11:44 wow, it goes all the way inside, too?
00:11:48Open space to the outside. beautiful.
00:11:49I like the connection between the inside and the outside. you can feel the--inside.
00:11:52It's beautiful. mm-hmm.
00:11:53 but look at this, I mean, the countertops with this wood, this is just unbelievable.
00:11:57So this is the whole kitchen, right? yeah.
00:11:59 we do a lot of cooking, too, so that's one thing.
00:12:04I don't have place for fridge.
00:12:06I don't have a kitchen in the kitchen.
00:12:08This the master bedroom. wow.
00:12:10(Dahiana) OKAY. OKAY, YEAH. ALL RIGHT.
00:12:12 it keeps going, yeah.
00:12:15Well, it's-- I love the deck space, too.
00:12:17 it has windows.
00:12:20It has, you know--like, it's not a dark bedroom.
00:12:22So how's the bathroom? the bathroom is good.
00:12:25Yeah. it's a good-size bathroom.
00:12:26I like the-- yeah, it's got some nice wood trim, yeah.
00:12:29And the tiles are nice.
00:12:31Okay, this is the kids' bedroom?
00:12:34Yeah. kids' bedroom, bunk beds.
00:12:36Yeah, bunk beds. yeah.
00:12:37 this is like summer camp, yeah.
00:12:39It's just a little small, don't you think?
00:12:40It's a little small, yeah.
00:12:43 it's basically the same size.
00:12:47WELL, THAT-- THAT WAS A QUICK TRIP. (laughing) And I see now, this one has a window that faces the beach. yeah.
00:12:53Bunk bed--i'm gonna play kid right now.
00:12:56From the bed number one, you can see the ocean.
00:12:59You have another bathroom over there.
00:13:00Okay, so this is like the community restroom?
00:13:01Yeah, basically.
00:13:04Okay. oh, it's not bad. it's actually bigger.
00:13:06YEAH. (laughs) yeah, coming back outside really does it.
00:13:11The outside's magnificent.
00:13:13So what do you guys think about the house?
00:13:14I love the open space. that's huge for me.
00:13:17Obviously, there is enough space for us to do anything. anything, yeah.
00:13:21I gave them everything they asked me for.
00:13:24The only thing that I don't have is the big kitchen and the ocean view.
00:13:28The one main concern is just the size of the house and how fast we would outgrow the house.
00:13:31Definitely the kitchen.
00:13:33 we--we need space for a fridge.
00:13:36I feel like we're paying more for the outside, but we're not getting as much on the actual house.
00:13:41Let's see what else you got, and, you know, we can figure it out. okay.
00:13:46This house is beautiful.
00:13:48Miguel has one last chance to find a beachfront property within their budget.
00:13:52I have a little surprise inside for you.
00:13:53(both) OKAY.
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00:15:01So now Sarah gets lunch.
00:15:03A family gets dinner.
00:15:04And lots of people smile.
00:15:05Mike did a great thing.
00:15:07And the people he feeds will too.
00:15:08Thanks Mike. Enjoy the Bike.
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00:17:40(camera shutter clicking) LEAVING HER MODELING Career behind, dahiana and her husband web developer sean sean is gonna continue, you know, like, workingand bringing in the income, and I'm gonna kind of likesettle us in on the beach that all of my family can comeand like, you know, enjoy the beach and the sandand the ocean views.
00:17:58The warm, shallow watersof the puerto cayo beach make it an ideal location for whale watching.
00:18:04(Sean) THEY'RE MOVING FAST, TOO. (Dahiana) Yeah.
00:18:06Dahiana spent many happy summers as a child on these waters. wow.
00:18:12Wow. that's awesome.
00:18:14WHAT A SHOW. (chuckles) Now she's ready to make new memories with her husband and a family of her own.
00:18:22(Dahiana) YEAH.
00:18:24It's crazy to, like, be here and, like, remember, if we can just get the house, then I think that everything else kind of falls into place.
00:18:33Plans to raise a family on just one income, sean is willing to roll up his sleeves to staywithin their $100,000 budget.
00:18:41What's this areasupposed to be?
00:18:42The wall, it's supposedto take you outside.
00:18:43I think I couldttwork with it, probably morethan dahiana could.
00:18:50It's not totally done, and it's not my favorite roomin the house.
00:18:52 how much over?
00:18:56$5,000. Okay.
00:18:58And it's already built, just ready to go.
00:19:00And you know what? you can hear the waves.
00:19:03.. yeah.
00:19:05But you can't see them exactly. yeah.
00:19:07 they want to have a space for kids.
00:19:11They want to live in front of the beach.
00:19:12 with only one more chance, miguel decidesto test the waters in a more rustic neighborhood.
00:19:20This house is beautiful.
00:19:21It has the three bedroomsyou were looking for. it's interesting.
00:19:25There's a lot of green, it looks like, out here. yeah.
00:19:27(Sean) IT'S ACROSS FROM THE BEACH, WHICH Is beautiful.
00:19:30Uh, one the other hand, there's some buildings or walls that are kind of around that kind of doesn't make for the most perfect surrounding.
00:19:38So this is it? you like it? yeah.
00:19:40This is it. wow.
00:19:41So the good thing, it'sunder your budget for $90,000.
00:19:44 and I have a little surprise inside for you.
00:19:48 okay, yeah, let's take a look.
00:19:54It's the-- yeah, this is, like, a nice lounge.
00:19:56I love the plants that are already there.
00:19:58The combination with the wood and the bamboo, the rugs--like, it's all nature materials.
00:20:05Okay. okay.
00:20:07It's small, yeah. it's petite.
00:20:08Yeah, that was my first reaction walking in. at the same time, it's big.
00:20:12 you have a lot of this space.
00:20:15You're not gonna feel, like, really in a little spot, I kind of already feel like I'm in a little spot.
00:20:22(Sean) WHEN YOU WALK INTO THE HOUSE, You have this heavy contrast of this beautiful outside patio.
00:20:27It's really tight.
00:20:28So this is the kitchen.
00:20:32 oh, I do need a kitchen.
00:20:34 yeah, it just worries me that we cannot put our stuff, like, the kitchen.
00:20:39We need a kitchen with an oven.
00:20:41Like, you like to cook a lot. we cook, yeah.
00:20:43.. so it might need a little construction in here.
00:20:47Let's take a look at the bedroom, yeah.
00:20:49Bedroom's that way? wow, that was fast.
00:20:50Yeah, sure, go ahead.
00:20:52(all laughing) OKAY.
00:20:54It's not a big house, but it's nice.
00:20:56The windows need work. they are antique.
00:20:59Oh, wow, cement beds again.
00:21:02It's a thing with this country, huh?
00:21:05Yeah, well, we don't want you to destroy beds.
00:21:07The beds--cement beds again.
00:21:08.. oh.
00:21:12Okay. it's bigger.
00:21:13IT IS BIGGER. THERE'S A PLUS. (laughs) YEAH.
00:21:15 the windows, still old.
00:21:18 so is this the bathroom?
00:21:23SMALL. OKAY. (laughs) I feel a little cramped. I like the wood.
00:21:27(Dahiana) DEFINITELY WALKING INTO THE BATHROOM, we're cramped in over here.
00:21:30Oh, this is fun. up the stairs. this is cute.
00:21:31This is like being a kid again.
00:21:34I LIKE THE FUN STAIRS. YEAH. (laughs) ♪ Dun-dun-dun dun-dun-dun-dun ♪ it makes me want to put a fire pole in the house.
00:21:38Oh, wow, look at the-- I didn't even notice the lamp.
00:21:41It's beautiful.
00:21:42Well, it's a bamboo your style, ecuadorian-made JUST FOR YOU. (laughs) OKAY.
00:21:48So this is cool.
00:21:50I like it. uh, yeah, it's-- it's big.
00:21:53Yoga studio. yoga studio.
00:21:58That's--that's tin?
00:21:59 yeah, I wonder how hot that's gonna ..
00:22:02 let me take you to the surprise.
00:22:07 well, you have to step over here and take a look of it.
00:22:15Nice. wow, okay.
00:22:16 you have the ocean view you're looking for.
00:22:19 the house is smaller, but, uh, at $10,000 under and with this view, uh, this is pretty awesome. yeah.
00:22:28We would have to work a little bit on the rooms.
00:22:30 like, the size of the rooms, the cement beds again.
00:22:32For the price you're paying, it's a great deal.
00:22:34All right, you know, we've got some pretty tough decisions we got to go make.
00:22:39Definitely the construction I know I was cooler with than you were.
00:22:42Will they go for the ocean view, or dig deeper into their budget for the convenience of ready-made?
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00:24:06♪♪ ♪♪
00:25:12well, are you readyto move back?
00:25:14Ecuadorian native dahianais moving back home from l.a.
00:25:18For a more tranquil life with her new husband sean.
00:25:21You're not gonna miss traffic, right?
00:25:23Definitely not the 405.
00:25:25They both agree on the location.
00:25:27The house needs to be near the beach, but with a budget of $100,000, their choices are limited, and dahiana wants to move right into a finished home.
00:25:37I'll be open to see any houses that need a little bit of renovation-- little bit here and there, yes, but not, like, a lot of construction or renovation.
00:25:49But it's stillunder construction the view to me was a big point.
00:25:54The view was--yeah.
00:25:56That's true.
00:25:58But I also felt like, you know, that house .. it wasn't finished.
00:26:03At $105,000, house 2 is over budgetand lacks a view, but it is move-in readywith a large outdoor area.
00:26:11 it has the bar which we both love.
00:26:14The only thing about it for me was that the space in general from the house, especially for the price that's over our budget, is not enough house.
00:26:24House 3 is the cheapest optionat $90,000, but the indoor spaceis small and needs updating.
00:26:30(Sean) IMMEDIATELY WHEN I WALKED IN, I LOVED The patio area.
00:26:34(Dahiana) ME, TOO. I FEEL THAT THE OUTSIDE, It's no problem with the house.
00:26:37 yeah, going to the second floor, the upstairs, I loved it.
00:26:41The one thing, though, about that house that, like, kind of has me worried is the kitchen, and the space inside is not big.
00:26:56 yeah, me too.
00:27:00 the kitchenis practically nonexistent.
00:27:04Log cabin is out. log cabin's out.
00:27:08All right, so house on the beach-- huge, huge, huge lot.
00:27:13You know, I felt like we got a lot of lot and got a lot of house, and beautiful ocean view, right?
00:27:17 I felt like, you know, if we--we did it, we could take advantage of the $7,000 that we would save, 'cause it's under the budget. it's only $93,000.
00:27:27And--and I could make it the house with the extra little things that you like.
00:27:33So you're gonna have $10,000to extend the kitchen.
00:27:36Beyond just the kitchen that--that was really small, um, the house was still kind of cramped up as well.
00:27:42Now for me, walking up the stairs, it was pretty fun.
00:27:44 and then walking out the balcony and, like, just having yeah, I felt like the social space in the blue and white house was--was awesome.
00:27:52You know, the thing for me that honestly maybe separates the two homes was thatthe blue and white house, I felt like, you know, we walked out on that patio, I saw us sitting on that patio having drinks, ..
00:28:04And I'll be happy.
00:28:07 white and blue house?
00:28:09 let's do it. mwah.
00:28:12Are you ready to start living in ecuador?
00:28:13Sean and dahianaagree on house number 3, and at $90,000,they're under budget.
00:28:19They've got the ocean view,the large outdoor space, and some money left over.
00:28:29(speaking indistinctly) It's just so awesome to go over to the lime tree or the orange tree, and, like, everything is organic. yeah.
00:28:37I mean, we've gone from grocery store to--to farm store.
00:28:41Yeah, it's amazing.
00:28:43Well, we need to go pick up some onions as well, yeah, there you go.
00:28:48 you're gonna go catch it.
00:28:50I'll take care of it. I'll take care of it.
00:28:52Definitely the house has worked out great.
00:28:54When we moved in, I went and gotall the tools I needed to immediately startworking around the house.
00:28:58Oh, yes.
00:29:00We've still gotplans for the house.
00:29:01Even though we're moved in,we're not done.
00:29:04We were originally really concerned by the house size, and it turns out that, you know, the lifestyle here, we spend almost all of our time outside anyways.
00:29:13How's the internet working? ugh.
00:29:15Good? like a champ.
00:29:17HOLA!(laughing) (Dahiana) BEING CLOSE TO MY FAMILY AGAIN Has been such a huge,huge difference.
00:29:25Here's to family.
00:29:26(Dahiana) BEING CLOSE TOTHE FAMILY IN FRONT Of the beach in this beautiful house,like, you can't ask for more.
00:29:32 I think the decisionxxto move here was one of the best decisionswe ever made.
00:29:36It's amazing.
00:00:000 Hoursa week.
00:00:02And wife suzanne is overloadedwith their son's schedule.
00:00:06We're gonna be late,hurry, hurry, hurry.
00:00:08I can't handle this anymore.
00:00:11So they're selling it alland moving to suzanne's homeland of tahiti.
00:00:17And here you go,a coconut.
00:00:19But suzanne's visionof the perfect island ..
00:00:24Might be too rich for paul.
00:00:26The price for this houseis 1.2 million u.s.
00:00:29Will they see eye to eye?
00:00:32Watch as house huntersinternational discovers the islandmoorea, tahiti.
00:00:38Maui, did you see the spout?
00:00:54I've got to, I've gotta run.
00:00:56I've got meetings all morning.
00:00:58Life for suzanne, paul, and maui is go, go, go.
00:01:02We never see each other.
00:01:07He leaves at 7 a.m.
00:01:08Come back home maybe the earliest at 8:30.
00:01:13Maui has an art class tomorrow and then we have soccer practice, martial arts also.
00:01:21Hurry up, sweetie, we've gotta go. okay.
00:01:24Is pretty speedy.
00:01:25I'm gonna be gone on another trip.
00:01:26For a long time suzanne and I had talked about wouldn't it be great to have our little dream house in tahiti.
00:01:31I want you to take care of mommie while I'm gone.
00:01:36And I just came home from a trip for business and was just exhausted and beat.
00:01:41I came in the door and we looked at each other " and we were ready to start packing.
00:01:47Before paul takes his last business trip, the family has one more breakfast together in l.a.
00:01:53I'm really excited about the move.
00:01:55I'm nervous at the same time.
00:01:56It's a big thing for you.
00:01:58They speak french there and it's not going to be the same.
00:02:02There will be some changes because we don't have all the conveniences of here.
00:02:05I'll be counting on you a lot.
00:02:07It's gonna be great, actually.
00:02:09I'm really looking forward to being in a place where I can have dad time with maui.
00:02:13Anyway, I'll call you when I get there.
00:02:15It's been suzanne's dream to move back home.
00:02:19I'm excited to show maui the way of life over there and also being with my family.
00:02:25Honestly, I have no idea what I'm going to do for work.
00:02:27I'm gonna jump in the deep end of the pool and see what happens.
00:02:31While paul takes his final business trip, suzanne and maui fly 8 hours to meet paul on moorea.
00:02:41Moorea is in the heart of french polynesia, 9 miles northwest of the island of tahiti.
00:02:49Formed as a volcano approximately 2 million years ago, moorea is surrounded by a green lagoon and circled by the blue polynesian sea.
00:03:00Tahitians maintain their rich culture and french is the primary language among the locals.
00:03:07Basically, the way of living is open houses.
00:03:11That's what I really love.
00:03:14I want something the way I used to grow up.
00:03:16So happy to see you guys.
00:03:18With their life savings on the line, paul hopes his wife will keep it simple calling on real estate agent emily biotteau-colos.
00:03:29We're thinking about$700,000 u.s.
00:03:32So our dream is to havea little cottage somewhere by the sea, or at least to haveocean views.
00:03:38Ideally if you can findsomething that has three bedrooms.
00:03:42And something that maybehas a nice garden.
00:03:44Her little dream house and our chance to live in the islands.
00:03:46Okay, what is the location that you're really looking for in moorea?
00:03:50I would like to find something toward more like the ferry boats.
00:03:54I lot of people like you have a house in moorea.
00:03:57For them it's more convenient to take the ferry to tahiti.
00:04:01Tahiti is definitely where you will find more shops.
00:04:05You have different restaurant options.
00:04:07You have the cinema.
00:04:08What they are really looking for is a tropical paradise.
00:04:12They want to get outof their los angeles life and live like a polynesian local.
00:04:19Emily begins on a remote section of the island.
00:04:23House one is a distance from the shops and ferry, but has a private beach.
00:04:29The first house thatwe are seeing is a two bedroom.
00:04:33It's $600,000 u.s. dollars.
00:04:36Under budget. exactly.
00:04:38Wow, just open space, it's so nice.
00:04:41So the land is going up there to the coconut tree.
00:04:45It's really huge.
00:04:48And here you have your little white sand beach.
00:04:52It's really private, it's a beautiful spot.
00:04:55I love the feel of the place.
00:04:57It's a bit far from the ferry boat dock, but the neighborhood is wonderful and quiet.
00:05:01Okay, here we go.
00:05:10So here is the living room.
00:05:14I love the view. me, too.
00:05:16You can see the ocean from inside the living room.
00:05:18That's just great.
00:05:20This house is very colonial, very spacious.
00:05:24I love colonial house, but this one for me is a bit old maybe.
00:05:32It was a little bit rustic, but that's part of the charm of a colonial house.
00:05:37It's not really my cup of tea.
00:05:38Here you have the fully equipped kitchen.
00:05:41I like the open of it.
00:05:42Here's the kitchen and stuff and tables.
00:05:44It's really nice.
00:05:45This is under our budget so that's is a good thing.
00:05:47It may not be exactly what we want, but maybe we'd have some budget to fix it up.
00:05:51And this is the master bedroom.
00:05:53Viewing the lagoon again.
00:05:56Yeah, I like that!
00:05:57And this master bedroom has its own bathroom.
00:06:00Oh, check it out.
00:06:03This is the shower.
00:06:07Maybe this is too small for you.
00:06:09You need something bigger.
00:06:11No, I can hold it up very high.
00:06:13I like a shower.
00:06:14I'd like to have a shower with a nozzle i can stand under.
00:06:17That's my dream come true.
00:06:20Okay, so here is the mezzanine.
00:06:23It's very spacious over here.
00:06:24It's bigger than I thought it would be.
00:06:26Wow, now this is a nice view.
00:06:29That's beautiful.
00:06:33I love the place here.
00:06:36It's really nice.
00:06:37I like this kind of living, just kind of open.
00:06:40And do you think maui will like it?
00:06:42He'll want to make a fort out of it.
00:06:43The upstairs mezzanine had an open airy feeling to it.
00:06:45And you can see the lagoon and I thought that was really nice.
00:06:49Look! wow, wow, wow.
00:06:51Look at the water, it's so clear and so beautiful.
00:06:54I really love this spot, big yard.
00:06:56Bedrooms are a bit small.
00:07:00Right by the water so it was really impressive.
00:07:02I prefer something a little more spacious.
00:07:06So you can see the tropical garden.
00:07:09If suzanne wants more spacious living, emily knows where to find it within their budget.
00:07:15A very large terrace.
00:07:17What, it is.
00:08:14know Cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol?
00:08:16And it tastes good?
00:08:18Sure does!
00:08:21It's the honey, it makes it taste so...
00:08:24Well, would you look at the time...
00:08:26What's the rush?
00:08:27Be happy. Be healthy.
00:08:30♪ ♪ ♪
00:08:36some things won't last 25 years.
00:08:39Some things will.
00:08:41Save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
00:10:05You spear it on the thing.
00:10:06With their move backto her homeland, suzanne is excited to share her culture with her family.
00:10:12Being back home for me is kind of, I mean, I love it.
00:10:16It's kind of like I never left home.
00:10:18I basically know a lot of people, almost the whole island.
00:10:22Nothing changed.
00:10:30And here you go, coconut.
00:10:32You grate the coconut.
00:10:33That's how you get the coconut milk.
00:10:35You take the coconut, maui, and you wrap it up.
00:10:39You want to try?
00:10:45Good job.
00:10:47Bon appetite.
00:10:48Can I have some?
00:10:52Can I try?
00:10:54Speaking tahitian.
00:10:59Suzanne feel really quiet and cool like the island life.
00:11:03And paul is a little more stressed like in the u.s.
00:11:07What will be the most difficult is to find a good compromise.
00:11:12Paul gave up a successful career to make his wife's homecoming dream come true.
00:11:18And he's worried aboutdraining their bank account.
00:11:20This is under our budget, so maybe anything that isnot exactly what we want, at least we'd have some budgetto fix it up.
00:11:26This one, for me, is a bit old maybe.
00:11:30I prefer something more spacious.
00:11:33With suzanne's lukewarm response to a traditional tahitian colonial, emily takes them to a beach style home.
00:11:40It's on budget but farther away from suzanne's family.
00:11:44Here we are.
00:11:49It has three bedroomsand two bathrooms.
00:11:52The price is $700,000u.s. dollars.
00:11:56So let's check this out.
00:11:59This is so pretty.
00:12:01Look at this.
00:12:02You have a natural swimming pool here.
00:12:04The reef is not so far so you can see them swimming here.
00:12:11Just here in front of the house?
00:12:13In front of the house.
00:12:14Oh actually, look!
00:12:16There is is.
00:12:17Yeah, there is one.
00:12:19Did you order that just for us?
00:12:22It's breathtaking when you first arrive, the panoramic view of the ocean.
00:12:26And when we pulled up there was whales.
00:12:27We could see their spouts out in front of the house.
00:12:29That was pretty impressive.
00:12:32A very large terrace.
00:12:34Wow, it is.
00:12:36Really nice.
00:12:38So here, first, the living room.
00:12:42And when you open the window, the living room gets even larger.
00:12:48It opens the whole way.
00:12:51This place is just beautiful.
00:12:55They have these big windows.
00:12:57That was a surprise when emily pushed the whole thing back.
00:12:59And it feels like it more really right inside the house.
00:13:02The whole wall is a view, so it's the whole house looking at the ocean.
00:13:08It's an impressive view.
00:13:10So it's a very spacious kitchen.
00:13:14Easy to walk through.
00:13:15You have lots of space to work on things.
00:13:18Love it, love it.
00:13:19I love the colors, too.
00:13:21And the dining area here.
00:13:23So you can see this room is very, very special.
00:13:25It's really huge with the terrace opened like this.
00:13:29And here on the right you arrive in the master bedroom.
00:13:35With a king size bed.
00:13:39I like the size of the room because you have room to walk around the beds.
00:13:42The master bedroom was really nice.
00:13:44It has ocean views as well.
00:13:45And then it has the connecting bathroom.
00:13:48These steps are interesting.
00:13:50You step down into the shower.
00:13:52This is something I love.
00:13:55Does the faucet work?
00:13:59Honestly, for me, to be able to stand under a showerhead is a dream come true.
00:14:05So this is awesome.
00:14:06The step-down shower is really cool.
00:14:08And the high showerhead is a dream for somebody that's tall.
00:14:12The property itself is quite open.
00:14:15It's just wonderful.
00:14:17The feeling of the house as you walk up to it, it's a seaside cottage.
00:14:20I'm just sitting here with the sun and the breeze in my face.
00:14:23But if you live near close to the waves salt spray can be an issue for cars and the house in general.
00:14:29That's something we'd have to think about.
00:14:31The only thing that I don't really like about this place is just my family lives on the other side of the island.
00:14:37I'm not sure if they are ready to put more money for the investment.
00:14:43So I'll check this out with them.
00:14:46So we are at the bel air gated area.
00:14:50Getting close to suzanne's family might take paul out of his comfort zone.
00:14:56Okay, what's the price?
00:14:571.2 Million u.s.
00:14:59Take a check?
00:16:09♪♪ ♪♪
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00:18:13With their move to suzanne's homeland, the sloan's are enjoying the abundant marine life of moorea.
00:18:22Moorea is the second most populated of the 118 polynesian islands.
00:18:28The shallow lagoon surrounding the island is home to more than 500 species of fish and other exotic sea creatures.
00:18:39Island life is really easy going.
00:18:41Don't worry much about anything.
00:18:43It's close to nature life.
00:18:47It will be difficult for paul at first, because he's used to running things all the time.
00:18:54After years as a marketing executive in l.a.
00:18:57If you can just email that to me that would be excellent.
00:18:59Paul is leaving it behind to fulfill his wife's homecoming dream.
00:19:04While he can afford her island dream home, without a job he's concernedabout spending their life savings.
00:19:11This is under our budget so at least we'd have somebudget to fix it up.
00:19:15A little bit old for me.
00:19:17It opens the whole way.
00:19:19What I don't really likeabout this place is that my family lives on the other side of the island.
00:19:24After two affordable houses, paul is concerned that suzanne hasn't found her dream home.
00:19:30And even the quaint things about the island are becoming stressful.
00:19:34Driving around the island makes me nuts, because there's no addresses.
00:19:38They don't use maps.
00:19:39" " I don't know how they find anything.
00:19:44Since the sloan's can't agree on a modest home, emily goes more upscale, hoping they'll see not just a home, but an investment.
00:19:53So we are at the bel airgated area.
00:19:56It has four bedrooms,four bathrooms.
00:19:59And what's the price?
00:20:001.2 Million u.s. dollars.
00:20:03Only? take a check?
00:20:05I know that it is a little bit more expensive than what you are looking for.
00:20:07It's very important for me to show you what is available on the island.
00:20:15And welcome.
00:20:17Whoa, okay.
00:20:22This is spectacular.
00:20:23And you haven't seen everything yet.
00:20:27And so on you right the fully equipped kitchen.
00:20:30State of the art equipment.
00:20:33I don't know what to say.
00:20:36It's gorgeous. very nice.
00:20:39No, this is wonderful.
00:20:41I love the fact that it's so open.
00:20:43It's really great.
00:20:44I don't know, it's just a gorgeous home.
00:00:03(laughing) I DON'T LIKETHE COUNTERTOPS.
00:00:06...Only the best will suffice.
00:00:08Alison's definitely the onethat I want to please the most.
00:00:11There is a tennis courtout back.
00:00:12(Alison) THERE IS?! I'M JUST KIDDING.
00:00:16Oh, wow!
00:00:17...La pura vidain tamarindo, costa rica.
00:00:22If dan doesn't find us a tennis courtor a ceramic-tile kitchen, I saywe fire the dude, man.
00:00:27(laughs) (doorbell rings) --Captions by VITAC-- Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:00:39Can't wait to get down there,see the next sunset.
00:00:43Yeah. those are great.
00:00:44One of my dreams was to just have a job somewhe working on a beach under some palm trees.
00:00:49(Alison) WE DO NOT LIKE WINTER.
00:00:51We don't like the snow and the cold.
00:00:52 we love being out in the sun.
00:00:57Okay, so, we got tennis equipment, tennis balls, jimmy buffett.
00:01:03Ohh, he doesn't need to go with us.
00:01:0520, 25 Years ago, I started following jimmy buffett, and he inspired me to look for that island life.
00:01:12Decades later, mike found what he was searching for.
00:01:16(Mike) THE FIRST TIME WE WERE IN TAMARINDO, We found this restaurant.
00:01:19And this last time we went back, it was for sale.
00:01:21After years spent at the helm of a toledo investment firm, mike is ready for a change of pace.
00:01:28He's taking his hard-won income and trying his hand in the restaurant world.
00:01:32(Mike) THE PURCHASE OF THIS RESTAURANT, NO Doubt, is gonna be a challenge.
00:01:36You really have to be hands-on involved on it.
00:01:38Determined to make their new venture a success, mike and alison are putting down roots in tamarindo.
00:01:45So, mike, you have this beautiful restaurant now.
00:01:48Are you a little bit concerned that you don't have a place to stay yet?
00:01:50Yeah, that might have been the backwards way of doing it, but I just figured, worst-case scenario, I'll sleep on the beach.
00:01:56(laughter) YOU KNOW?
00:01:57With mike's energy focused on the nibbana, finding a home where alison will be comfortable is essential.
00:02:04Working at the restaurant is a full-time job, and having alison happy with somewhere to stay is important to me.
00:02:09It'd be great if we could find a kitchen like this that's kind of spanish-looking.
00:02:13We would want to buy a house with a swimming pool, a tennis court.
00:02:19With the fate of their new beachfront restaurant on the line, mike and alison make the 2,200-mile trip to the sun-drenched shores of tamarindo.
00:02:30Located along costa rica'snorthern pacific coast, tamarindo is hometo just 500 people and a bale of giant leatherback turtles that famously nest on the town's beaches.
00:02:43With dozens of top-tier surf breaks along its shores, tamarindo's tourism industry has exploded in recent years, with visitors now far outnumbering locals.
00:02:55And real-estate agent dan talbot is no stranger to the region's lure.
00:03:00I first came on vacation, and like everybody,i fell in love with it and moved here several months later.
00:03:06(Dan) HELLO! HOW YOU DOING?
00:03:08Hey! hi, dan. good. how are you?
00:03:09We're now under the pressure and timeline to find them a home here in costa rica so they can start focusing on their new business and less on where they're gonna live.
00:03:18So, first of all, what would your budget be?
00:03:20(Mike) I'D LIKE TO KEEP ITCLOSER TO $350,000, If possible, fairly closeto the restaurant.
00:03:24The closer the commute for me,the better.
00:03:26We don't necessarilyhave to be on the beach.
00:03:27It's probably significantlymore expensive to be right on the beach.
00:03:31Ideally, a swimming pool, and it'd be greatto have a tennis court.
00:03:34A tennis court is somethingwe'd really like to see.
00:03:37We've wanted one in toledofor a long time.
00:03:39So, what's the style of homethat we're looking for?
00:03:41I'd love to have it looktypical costa rican -- you know, I love the ceramictile, terra-cotta -- something that looks traditional down here, with the colors and everything.
00:03:49Knowing alison really appreciates the design features, I think alison's definitely the one that I'm gonna want to please the most.
00:03:55I'm pretty picky about designing and artistic and everything.
00:04:00Although time is short, alison's standards aren't budging.
00:04:04Mike and alison have asked me to find a home that's within walking distance to their new business.
00:04:09We are gonna have to narrow down our search.
00:04:12House 1 is lacking a tennis court, but dan's hoping its unique local design will satisfy her eye for detail.
00:04:20Well, here it is.this is casa leona.
00:04:22(Alison) WOW. I LOVE THE TILES.I LOVE THE Roof.
00:04:26Hacienda-style home, so that means that all the enclosed rooms are the bedrooms.
00:04:30It's four bedrooms, four baths. oh, wow.
00:04:32Couldn't get you on the ocean, but I got you a pool.
00:04:36What price range is this gonna fall into?
00:04:38They're asking right now$395,000.
00:04:40Oh, wow.
00:04:41(Mike)A TENNIS COURT IS SOMETHING We'd really like to see,but it's like, if you can get enough propertyto put a tennis court, it's way too expensive.
00:04:52Oh, wow!
00:04:53Oh, man!
00:04:55(chuckles) I LOVE IT.
00:04:56(Alison) WHEN WE WALKED INTO CASA LEONA, Man, it really jumped out to me, looking very traditional, very spanish.
00:05:03I noticed the tiles as soon as we walked ..
00:05:06That's exactly what was on your wish list.
00:05:08It's open. nice breakfast nook here.
00:05:11Yeah, that is nice.
00:05:12(Mike) WE WERE MISSING A COUPLE OF THE CONVENIENCES That we have at home -- dishwasher, which I'm in favor of.
00:05:17But you don't do the dishes, anyway, so it doesn't matter.
00:05:21At least we got a dishwasher.
00:05:22How many bugs are gonna come in while you're cooking?
00:05:24A lot of people offset that with planting plants such as citronella.
00:05:28Oh, okay.
00:05:30I like this -- having the pool in the middle of the house.
00:05:33It's different.
00:05:34I like the pool. I like the setup.
00:05:35But I am a little bit concerned about the amount of space we would have to put some lounge chairs out here.
00:05:40There are some options of pushing back the railing slightly.
00:05:42Thought about that.
00:05:43(Mike) I THINK THE FACT WE'RE NOT GOING TO Be on the beach does mean that the area around the pool becomes a larger factor because, really, it's gonna be a focal point when we have guests over.
00:05:53So, when it rains, it's probably pretty loud.
00:05:55Is it gonna be uncomfortable, very humid in the house?
00:06:03It's different.
00:06:04Here we have the first guest bedroom right here.
00:06:06Is there an age limit on the guests?
00:06:09Well, in this room, maybe 12.
00:06:11I love purple, but I really wouldn't want that room to be purple.
00:06:15Oh, it's nice. I mean, it's easy to change.
00:06:20Here's the master bedroom.
00:06:21(Alison) OH, WOW! THIS IS BIG.
00:06:24Nice sitting area.
00:06:25And a full, full master bath.
00:06:28Oh, okay. wow. nice.
00:06:32Very large, completely remodeled.
00:06:35Spanish colonial-style shower.
00:06:37Yeah, that's interesting.
00:06:38I like that -- the little arc there.
00:06:40So, tell me -- what's your overall thoughts?
00:06:42WELL (clears throat) I LOVE THE AESTHETICS Of it.
00:06:45I love the tile. I love the stone, the fountain.
00:06:49It's very unique, very artsy.
00:06:51The style itself is nice, but would we want to be living that every day?
00:06:54That's the question, I would think. yeah.
00:06:57(Mike) IT CERTAINLY FITS THE FEEL Of the kind of house that we're looking for.
00:07:00At the same time, the outside living and the smaller patio area around the pool would probably be a couple of the big detractors.
00:07:08I think a hacienda-style home can't fit everybody, and I think mike and alison -- I think they're kind of on the fence about it.
00:07:21Mike and alison hit a bump in the road.
00:07:24So, here we are -- casa ruby.
00:07:27(Mike) INTERESTING.
00:07:28.. it's different.
00:07:47♪♪ ♪♪
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00:09:00You know what?
00:09:00Why don't you go get some frozen yogurt.
00:09:03I got this.
00:09:03You're so sweet.
00:09:06You got this, right?
00:09:07I do got this.
00:09:08Let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
00:10:16How are you?
00:10:17Nice to see you again. you too.
00:10:18After decades spent in the financial world, mike holly is taking his investment firm on the road in order to pursue the dream of a lifetime.
00:10:28Mike is going to be the new owner of the nibbana.
00:10:31(Mike) THE WAY I ENVISION IT IS SOMETHING Of a cross between key west and chicago food.
00:10:36And if you intersect them, it lands at tamarindo.
00:10:39I got to tell you guys -- I mean, my wife and I -- the time we came into the restaurant, we loved it so much that we decided to buy it.
00:10:46I have every expectation it'll be successful, but I have no guarantees of that, either.
00:10:51So I'm really looking forward to working with you and can't wait to get started.
00:10:55(Alison) JUST WITH MIKE GETTING ADJUSTED To running the restaurant, I think he's gonna, you know, spend more time doing thatthan with me.
00:11:02Facing lonely days ahead, alison is focusingon finding a house with a traditional spanish style she loves.
00:11:10And real-estate agent dan talbot is discovering just how tough a customer ..
00:11:16This is interesting, though -- this countertop doesn't match this one.
00:11:19A tennis court, too. wouldn't that be great?
00:11:22...While mike remains committed to practicality.
00:11:25I am a little bit concerned about the amount of space we would have to put some lounge chairs out here.
00:11:29Still unable to locate a home with a tennis court, dan addresses his clients' concerns about outdoor living space with a more conventional floor plan.
00:11:47...BUT DAN'S BETTING HOUSE 2's UNIQUE FEATURES Will be a hit.
00:11:51So, here we are -- casa ruby -- 3 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths,3,200 square foot.
00:11:57.. it's different.
00:11:59Not quite the traditional spanish style we were looking for.
00:12:03Very industrial-looking, very angles-and-bars.
00:12:08That certainly started to raise some red flags immediately.
00:12:11Also, the price was reduced from $550,000 to $385,000just recently.
00:12:15It's gonna be some good valuehere, definitely, in the house.
00:12:18(water running) Wow!
00:12:21There you have it.
00:12:22Oh, look at the fountain, mike.
00:12:25Very large kitchen, with all your modern amenities.
00:12:30It's huge. I like it.
00:12:31(laughing) BUT I DON'T LIKE THE COUNTERTOPS.
00:12:34I thought you might say that.
00:12:36That's a pretty easy fix, though.
00:12:37You can change that out very, very easily.
00:12:38(Mike) WELL, THAT STAINLESS STEEL DOES MEAN Work for us.
00:12:41I'm probably okay with it.
00:12:44I know it's a big deal for alison.
00:12:45(Alison) I LIKE THE POOL.
00:12:47Pretty impressive.
00:12:50It's sufficient. it's sufficient.
00:12:51We don't need a large yard.
00:12:52Certainly, the pool area is much more conducive to the type of pool activities we are interested in doing.
00:12:59We get to go up the spiral staircase with lots of plants.
00:13:04So, here we have it.
00:13:05Ah. the master.
00:13:07Yeah, okay.
00:13:07As you can see, you get a bit of an ocean view.
00:13:10Oh, wow.
00:13:12Oh, yeah.
00:13:13You can see it, yeah. a peek of view.
00:13:14That was more than we asked for. that's right.
00:13:16Nice view of the backyard here, too.
00:13:19Right. very nice.
00:13:20So, here's your very own spa bathroom.
00:13:23(Mike) OH, OKAY.
00:13:24There's a lot of light in here.
00:13:26Huh. there's only one sink, though.
00:13:28 there could be an option to change this out.
00:13:31We could probably get a double.
00:13:32That would be a minor issue, but in general, ..
00:13:35I like the bathroom and the bedroom.
00:13:38There you are.
00:13:40Nice deck, great view of the pool.
00:13:46Well, I got to say, initially, not very good, but it's got some pretty good positives.
00:13:51The kitchen's probably the biggest issue, and I know that's gonna be a concern of alison's.
00:13:56I like the way that everything faces toward the pool and opens up to the pool.
00:14:01It has potential.
00:14:02I think, on this home, I hit several of the points that they were interested in.
00:14:05However, I feel like they may go in a different direction because of the modern style.
00:14:10(Mike) AT THIS POINT, WITH CASA RUBY, WE'RE Kind of torn between are we moving forward on the house, finding what we want, or are we moving away from what we're really looking for?
00:14:25There is a tennis court out back.
00:14:26(Alison) THERE IS?! I'M JUST KIDDING.
00:14:28...It usually is. oh, man.
00:14:47Ok, well, remember last week when you hit vinny in the head with a shovel?
00:14:50[Chuckling] I do not recall that.
00:14:53Of course not.
00:14:54Well, it was too graphic for the kids, so I'm going to have to block you.
00:14:58You know, I gotto make this up to you.
00:15:00This is vinny's watch.
00:16:33into flavor?
00:16:33Yes. With Nature Made VitaMelts.
00:16:35Tasty vitamin supplements that literally melt in your mouth In flavors like creamy vanilla...
00:16:41...And juicy orange Irresistibly melty Nature Made VitaMelts.
00:18:05dreamedof existence.
00:18:08(Mike) I PROBABLY BECAMEENTRANCED WITH THE Beach starting with jimmy buffett.
00:18:12And he's convinced his wife, alison, to give it a shot.
00:18:17Tennis is one of the biggest things we do together.
00:18:19With 300 days of sunshine, their new home should be well-suited to days spent on the court.
00:18:28The fact that there's not enough space for a tennis court seems to be an ongoing issue, no matter where we go in the world.
00:18:33If dan doesn't find usa tennis court or a ceramic-tile kitchen,i say we fire the dude, man.
00:18:39(laughs) With mike's restaurant already in full swing, time is running short.
00:18:44Having been here and purchased the restaurant, we need to have somewhere that we can stay almost immediately.
00:18:50And alison's long list of demands means they may have to compromise.
00:18:55Do you think this works as a worst-case alternative, if we can't get our own?
00:19:00Hard-court surface. we're used to that.
00:19:02On top of that, too, I mean, it's really not that expensive.
00:19:06Unable to turn up a court,dan is desperately trying ..
00:19:13(Alison) I REALLY WOULDN'T WANTTHAT ROOM To be purple.
00:19:16...And he hasn't aced it yet.
00:19:18In a last-ditch effort, dan takes a big gamble.
00:19:22House 3 is a classic spanish-style home, conveniently situated just blocks from mike's restaurant.
00:19:28(Dan) BEING THAT MIKE AND ALISON WERE LOOKING For a home so quickly, I wanted to show them another home that fit a colonial style, but with all the modern amenities.
00:19:36But it's missing one important feature.
00:19:39Lacking a pool was their biggest issue.
00:19:43Oh. wow!
00:19:45(Alison) OH, NOW,THIS LOOKS SPANISH.
00:19:48There is no pool here, but there is a tennis court out back.
00:19:51! I'm just kidding.
00:19:53Oh, man.
00:19:54However, it is a block to the beach.
00:19:56You're very, very close to the beach.
00:19:58The asking price --i think you'll like it -- it's $399,000.
00:20:01(laughing) OKAY. OKAY?
00:20:07(Dan) SO, HERE YOU ARE.
00:20:08 of course, the first thing I see is the kitchen.
00:20:12Here's your tile.
00:20:14I love it.
00:20:15You have a dishwasher.
00:20:16Yep. I like the cupboards, though.
00:20:18I like the coloring of the wood.
00:20:22Very large balcony. ooh!
00:20:24If you wanted to add a pool, this is all roughed in to have a pool down below.
00:20:28(Mike) ROUGHED IN?
00:20:29Roughed in.
00:20:30You may have to do some renovations.
00:20:32(laughs) HERE WE GO AGAIN.
00:20:33(Mike) EVEN THOUGH WE'RE CLOSER TO THE BEACH, We'd still kind of like to have the privacy of that pool, where we can just walk out the back door and be at the pool immediately.
00:20:41That seemed to be a fairly expensive proposition to do that.
00:20:45Here you go -- the ground floor.
00:20:47Oh, okay. master.
00:20:50This is actually one of two masters.
00:20:52Really? where's the other one?
00:20:54(Dan) UPSTAIRS. OKAY.
00:20:55This is the main bath.
00:20:58(Alison) OH. NICE.
00:20:59 I'm not even worried about that.
00:21:01But do you like the blue color?
00:21:03 I mean, it matches the blue in the kitchen.
00:21:04(Dan) JUST TAKE A HARD RIGHT THERE. WE'RE Just gonna head upstairs.
00:21:08(Alison) OH, OKAY.
00:21:16It's quite similar.
00:21:16I personally would build up the upper level there just to create more storage.
00:21:20This has definitely a larger bathroom.
00:21:23(Alison) OKAY.
00:21:24And as you can see, the highlight -- heads out to its very own private balcony.
00:21:28Right. wow! okay, nice.
00:21:30Up a little higher -- a great view.
00:21:31(Dan) YOUR VERY OWN LARGE, PRIVATE BALCONY -- with a great vista.
00:21:36Nice mountain shot, tree shot.
00:21:38Lot of houses here, too. there's a few homes.
00:21:40Are we gonna be seeing these people watching us -- everything we do up here?
00:21:43For the most part, you're positioned that nobody's looking at you.
00:21:46Depends on what you plan to do up here.
00:21:48(laughs) THAT'S A GOOD POINT.
00:21:49You know, some nice bamboo curtains would give you more privacy up here.
00:21:53But then we wouldn't have the view.
00:21:54Well, unless you don't know how to use a drawstring.
00:21:57(laughing) OKAY. OKAY.
00:21:58So, overall, what's your thoughts on the house?
00:22:01(Alison) I LOVE IT.
00:22:02I like it a lot, actually, especially since she loves it.
00:22:04No pool. no swimming pool.
00:22:06I know we're close to the ocean, but, still, we kind of like our privacy hanging out at the pool.
00:22:11I thought twice about bringing them here.
00:22:13However, with it being a block off the beach and a block and a half away from the restaurant and plenty of room for a pool to be added, I think it was a good contender and well worth showing them.
00:22:25(Alison) I JUST WISH WE COULD TAKE SOME OF One house and combine it with some of another house.
00:22:30Mike and alison face the music.
00:22:33We got to find something because, otherwise, this is our alternative option, okay?
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00:23:30♪♪ ♪♪
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00:23:59Sorry, I have gas.
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00:24:59Mike holly spent ages fantasizing about an equatorial paradise.
00:25:0525 Years ago, I started to look for that island life, and I thinkwe found it here.
00:25:10Now he's just inches awayfrom realizing his dream.
00:25:14But alison's particular tastes have left their house hunt in limbo, and time is not on their side.
00:25:20We got to find something because, otherwise, this is our alternative option, okay?
00:25:25Well, I'm not gonna be sleeping on the beach.
00:25:26House 1 is the embodimentof the costa rican style alison came looking for.
00:25:33It was pretty impressive whenyou first walked in, right?
00:25:35Oh, yeah.nice, open style.
00:25:36But its exposed layoutis cause for concern.
00:25:40That outdoor-living thing --i don't know.
00:25:43And at $395,000, it's well overtheir $350,000 budget.
00:25:49House 2, listed for $385,000, has a spectacular pooland a fountain.
00:25:56The way the whole house overlooked the swimming pool -- that was nice.
00:25:59But it's farther from the restaurant.
00:26:01Wow, that road going up to it -- that could be a problem.
00:26:04And its austere design is the antithesis of alison's taste.
00:26:09Something out of -- I don't know.
00:26:11Space, right. yeah. space -- there you go.
00:26:12House 3 has great spanish styleand the ideal locale.
00:26:17I love the feel of was very costa rican.
00:26:21But the cost of adding a pool on top of the $399,000price tag is steep.
00:26:27We also have to dothe renovations, so the cost is gonna go uppretty quickly on that one.
00:26:40Do you have any gut feelingas to which one ..
00:26:43...take out first?
00:26:47Because of just that wholeindoor/outdoor thing.
00:26:50I just -- I think it's great,but, boy, i don't know.
00:26:54Down the road, are we reallygonna like living like that?
00:27:00Which then brings us backto casa ruby and casa nola.
00:27:06That's even tougher, then,because, uh, in their own regard,they're both very nice.
00:27:10Yeah, so, casa ruby -- it's kind of cold-looking,but I love the layout.
00:27:15I like the fountain.
00:27:15But, then, casa nola --it has the spanish feel to it.
00:27:20No pool, nowhere near as much privacy.
00:27:23But close to the restaurant.
00:27:25Okay, I think I've made my decision.
00:27:28Okay. let's see if we're on the same page.
00:27:31All right.
00:27:32The one I really think I want is, believe it or not, casa ruby.
00:27:38(laughs) Okay, well, actually, we agree.
00:27:40All right! yay!
00:27:43Fins up!
00:27:43Mike and alison put in a bid on house 2 and settle on a priceof $355,000, just $5,000 over their budget.
00:27:58Oh, this is great.this is pura vida.
00:28:01(Mike) COSTA RICA --THE SAYING IS "PURA VIDA," Which is the "good life," and we've been living that.
00:28:07We need to get a couple floats, so we can just kind of hang out in there and float around.
00:28:11Absolutely. sounds good.
00:28:13Since we've been down here in costa rica, we've been playing tennis, we've been going to the beach.
00:28:18We've been slowly working on changing the house.
00:28:21Well, I've been looking at some paint colors.
00:28:25I knew this was coming, but that's all right.
00:28:27(Alison) JUST WITH SOME COLOR CHANGES, Maybe changing the countertops, we can really make it look more spanish.
00:28:34These are, like, tropical colors, so I thought, well, maybe this might be a good place to start from.
00:28:41We haven't really done much yet.
00:28:43I just know from experience that, often, you don't want to just go right in and start changing things.
00:28:48You need to live in it and get a feel for it.
00:28:51It'll come together eventually.
00:28:53We got something special to sell tonight.
00:28:55We got some very fresh red snappers.
00:28:57Yeah, it's really an interesting dynamic, living here, because we're not only meeting a lot of expatriates, but, also, visitors from, really, all over the world at the restaurant.
00:29:09Hey. good to see you.
00:29:10So, what are the best surf spots around here, you guys?
00:29:12(Dan) YOU HAVE ONE RIGHT OUT FRONT OF YOUR Restaurant.
00:29:15Really? okay.
00:29:16At lunch, you can grab your board and head out and head back for a sandwich after.
00:29:19It's still taking some timeto get used to the fact that this is actual reality.
00:29:23I do still feel likei'm living a jimmy buffett song, and I actually am.
00:29:29Fins to the left.fins to the right.
00:29:32You're the only beta in town.
00:29:34Fins up, you guys.
00:00:01But to find the right home... I have some surprises for you.
00:00:05Oh, that's incredible.
00:00:07...Amanda usesher maternal instincts...
00:00:09I'm still a little bit worriedabout the spiral sta So, we have to sharethe yard?
00:00:15ANTHON: You do.
00:00:16...while Darrylfocuses on finances.
00:00:18We're coming hereto open a business.
00:00:20I mean, the whole thingcould really fall apart.
00:00:22you're killing me herewith this.
00:00:24That's a lot of stressand pressure on me.
00:00:25NARRATOR: With a small budgetand a big family...
00:00:28"How can we make this work?How can we make this work?" You know, in Grenada,anything can happen.
00:00:31NARRATOR: ...when"House Hunters International" tests the waters in Grenada.
00:00:35♪♪ Always visitthe Isle of Spice ♪♪
00:00:39[ Doorbell rings ] --Captions by VITAC-- Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:00:54Are yougetting excited now?
00:00:55Totally. Especially withthis cold weather today, man.
00:00:58I can'twaitto hit the beach.
00:01:00[ Laughter ] NARRATOR: A family with an appetite for adventure, the Kotyks are getting a last run around Austin, Texas, where they've lived for the past two years.
00:01:09AMANDA: Darryl and I met at a motivational-speaking seminar.
00:01:13We've been marriedfor nine years.
00:01:15We have three children.
00:01:16We have Cassie,who's 13, Indy is 6,and River is 2 1/2.
00:01:20And we also have two dogs --Nacho and Tambo.
00:01:23Always on the move, the Kotyk familyhas lived throughout North America, Central America,and the West Indies.
00:01:29I don't think we take thetraditional approach to life.
00:01:32[ Grunting ] We don't really feel there's boundaries or limits.
00:01:35We have this kind of gypsy spirit.
00:01:37So are you worried about how the kids might adjust to the move?
00:01:40We will be home-schooling still.
00:01:41I think that's gonna really help them settle in and adjust.
00:01:44Yeah, as long as our family's together, I think that's what matters.
00:01:47Moving to a tropical location sounds all fantastic and dreamlike, but there's a lot at stake.
00:01:52What's the job situation? You know my love for cycling.
00:01:54I have a local partner down there.
00:01:56We're gonna have a café that's, you know, coffee and drinks and everything like that, but we're also gonna have bike tours, bike rentals.
00:02:01We're setting up a new business in Grenada, which is gonna take money to invest and get things started.
00:02:06So, really, that's a lot of stress and pressure on me.
00:02:09AMANDA: How are you feeling about the move, Indy?
00:02:11INDY: Good.
00:02:12And how about you, Cass?
00:02:13I'm super excited.
00:02:14I can't wait to be back on the beach.
00:02:16Amanda and I traveled to Grenadathree years ago now and really loved the island and just kind ofkept it as a potential location for us to move toin the future.
00:02:24It's kind of heavy.
00:02:25AMANDA: We're really looking to simplify life, and Grenada -- just kind of really laid-back, and it has a cool vibe.
00:02:31Oh, looks like we're all packed and ready to go.
00:02:33This is all we need is you guys, right?
00:02:34We don't need anything else.
00:02:35What do you think? Should we just pack you up? No.
00:02:37NARRATOR: With their bags packed and pets stowed, the Kotyk family flies 2,800 miles southeast to the Caribbean island of Grenada.
00:02:46MAN: ♪♪ Sweet Grenada ♪♪
00:02:49♪♪ A lovely placein the West Indies ♪♪
00:02:53♪♪ We have plenty hill and valley ♪♪
00:02:56♪♪ Plenty coconut tree ♪♪
00:03:00♪♪ People of all descriptions ♪♪
00:03:03♪♪ Through the entire island ♪♪
00:03:06Grenadais a happy-go-lucky island.
00:03:08It's quite beautiful.
00:03:10In the past several years, Grenada has been seen as one of the top 10 islands in the real-estate market.
00:03:16Since the economy worldwide has taken a bit of a hit, people are more willing to negotiate prices.
00:03:23Tell me what you're looking for.
00:03:25Well, we're looking for three bedrooms,two bathrooms for sure.
00:03:28We'd prefer a houseto an apartment, if possible, because of the privacyand more space outside.
00:03:33The house itselfdoesn't have to be overly large, as long as there's placesfor the dogs and kids to play outside.
00:03:39Either walking or bikingdistance to the beach.
00:03:41How about furniture?
00:03:42Do you guyshave your own furniture?
00:03:43No, we kind of came intendingto rent a fully furnished.
00:03:47What is your budget?
00:03:47We're really lookingto stay under $1,500.
00:03:50[ Laughs ] Do you haveany flexibility on that?
00:03:53For the ideal,perfect place, we might be able togo up a little bit.
00:03:57To find a property that has all the things that you're looking for, we will have to look at properties that are listed a bit higher and aim to negotiate down to your price.
00:04:07Okay, good.
00:04:08All right, well...
00:04:09ANTHON: I'm not gonna allow budget to limit the properties that we look at.
00:04:14I'm going to focus on the lifestyle requirements, and then we'll go from there.
00:04:19NARRATOR: Real-estate agent Anthon Antoine starts the hunt at a property close to beaches and biking on Mount Hartman Bay.
00:04:28So, this is a three-bedroom,two-bath, and it's listed at$1,700 U.S. per month.
00:04:35DARRYL:I notice it looks like more than just one house, though.
00:04:39Yes, they're actuallythree separate apartments.
00:04:42So, we have to share the yard?
00:04:44You do, but it is a nice front yard with fruit trees.
00:04:48So, this is the veranda.
00:04:51I can definitely see us putting our table out here for eating.
00:04:55You can see the ocean.
00:04:56AMANDA: It would be nice to have closer ocean views.
00:04:59To be honest, for the budget, I didn't even think we'd get an ocean view at all, so having at least even a little bit of a peek at the ocean is nice.
00:05:06Oh, this is cute.
00:05:07Oh, yes, Caribbean yellow. I like it.
00:05:10It's comfy, too. It's okay to sit down, right?
00:05:12Yes, of course. [ Laughs ] AMANDA: No, this is really cute.
00:05:15It's not big, but it's really cute.
00:05:17Wow. This is actually a pretty big kitchen, actually.
00:05:21The stove is beautiful.
00:05:21The kitchen was a nice, big kitchen.
00:05:23Not a whole lot of counter space.
00:05:25DARRYL: It's funny. I actually thought there was a lot of kitchen counter space.
00:05:28I don't know. Maybe that's me. [ Laughs ] I could use more. Okay, okay.
00:05:31You could also barbecue right outside of the kitchen area.
00:05:34Oh, nice!
00:05:35So this would be the grass area for the dogs and the kids?
00:05:37Yes, this is part of it.
00:05:40There's grass all around the building.
00:05:43It's a little bit slanted, so, I mean, playing games and that up there would be limited.
00:05:47And then there's no fence.
00:05:49But I don't know how big of a problem that would be.
00:05:51Not having a fence in the backyard is a bit of an issue for me because I am home with the kids and the dogs during the day, and it would be nice to just feel comfortable with them being enclosed and safe.
00:06:00This is a master bedroom.
00:06:02Ah, closets. There's two closets in here.
00:06:04DARRYL: And, again, ceiling fans, which is really good.
00:06:05Yeah, that's nice. How's the beds feel?
00:06:08Yeah, it feels good. Good. [ Laughs ] It's a little bit smaller than I was expecting to get.
00:06:13DARRYL: I'm fine with the space.
00:06:14I'm not one of these people that needs a large master bedroom.
00:06:16Hey, so, let's take a look at the second bedroom.
00:06:19Oh, Ilovethe color.
00:06:20DARRYL: I like the colors in every room is different.
00:06:22This is cool. So, would this be -- This would be Cassie's bedroom, I guess, right?
00:06:26Yeah. I can see her putting her books up there.
00:06:27It looks like a lot of closet space for her, too.
00:06:30ANTHON: This is a shared bathroom. There's no tub.
00:06:33And it would be nice to have a tub for River.
00:06:36Yeah, River would like a tub.
00:06:37ANTHON: So, this is the third bedroom.
00:06:39AMANDA: Again, Ilovethe color. Yeah, nice color.
00:06:42But there is only one bed, and for the boys, we would kind of like either two twin beds or bunk beds.
00:06:47I'm sure we can discuss that with the owner.
00:06:49They're pretty wild sleepers.
00:06:51They wouldn't really fit on one bed too easily.
00:06:53What do you think?
00:06:54AMANDA: I really like the feeling of the house.
00:06:57It feels very homey.
00:06:57DARRYL: There's just a real good vibe to the house.
00:06:59I just can't explain it, but it feels good.
00:07:01But there's definitely some negatives.
00:07:03It's over our budget. That's a big one.
00:07:04The fact that it does not have a fenced-in backyard is going to be a little bit of an issue for me.
00:07:09And sharing -- I know that it feels very private, but, you know, it's still not a private house.
00:07:15So, this is the Lovers Lane property.
00:07:18NARRATOR: Anthon delivers on a private house, but the cost for privacy has Darryl in sticker shock.
00:07:25It's listed at $2,400 U.S.
00:07:27Ooh, baby, come on, now.
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00:08:27You can't changecolor like we do.
00:08:28Valspar has theLove Your Color Guarantee.
00:08:30If I don't love it, I getanother color free.
00:08:32I'm thinking more this.
00:08:36Valspar Signature,look for it only at Lowe's.
00:10:13Up! up! Let's see whatwe can buy at the market, okay?
00:10:16NARRATOR: Darryl and Amanda have moved their family every couple of years in search of adventure.
00:10:22Now they're in Grenada.
00:10:24Grenada is one of the world's largest exporters of nutmeg and mace and is famous for its spice market.
00:10:30So, what drew us to Grenadawas the friendly people.
00:10:34I got a selection of spices here.
00:10:36Local spices from this island.
00:10:38They're all local?
00:10:39Yeah. Oh, wow. Okay.
00:10:40Oh, it smells good. You want to smell, Rivs?
00:10:42Have that organic, kind of, farmer-market-type mentality.
00:10:45We really want our family to be involved in that culture.
00:10:48How do you, like, grind it up?
00:10:49First of all, the nutmeg like this.
00:10:51Whoo! Okay, and you get a nut inside.
00:10:52And you start grating the nutmeg on your rice pudding, your ice cream. Okay.
00:10:57DARRYL:Moving a family of five, plus two dogs -- not easy, for sure.
00:11:02To find a new place,we really go off more of a vibe.
00:11:05It feels very homey.Yeah, it feels good.
00:11:08There's just a real good vibeto the house.
00:11:10NARRATOR:But with a new café to open, a good vibe doesn't make upfor the downsides of Darryl'stight $1,500 budget.
00:11:17There's not a whole lot of counter space.
00:11:18DARRYL: That's funny. I actually thought there was a lot of kitchen counter space.
00:11:21So, we have to share the yard?
00:11:23ANTHON: You do. And then there's no fence.
00:11:26It's stressful, but we know that it's all gonna be worthwhile once we settle down, we get into our life in Grenada.
00:11:31Nice to have you in a beautiful country.
00:11:33Oh, thank you. We're happy to be here.
00:11:35NARRATOR: Real-estate agent Anthon aims to please Amanda with more space and security for their family with a private home in the area Lovers Lane, but Darryl will have to trust him when it comes to the price.
00:11:47It's a 3-bedroom house,2 1/2 bath, and it's listedat $2,400 U.S.
00:11:53Ooh, baby,come on, now.
00:11:54It's a little bitabove your budget, but, you know, in Grenada,anything can happen.
00:11:57The list prices remain stable, but you can engage the homeowners if you want to get a deal.
00:12:03So, this is the house.
00:12:05DARRYL: Wow. This is big, man.
00:12:07AMANDA: Yeah, this isveryspacious.
00:12:09Yeah, this goes way up there, doesn't it?
00:12:11It does. Very high ceilings.
00:12:15Ooh, a pool.
00:12:16ANTHON: Yeah, so you've asked for outdoor space, and this is it.
00:12:20Small, manageable, wouldn't cost you too much to run.
00:12:22AMANDA: Yeah, I mean, the kids would love having a pool in the yard.
00:12:26And it's an enclosed space, so you can be outside, but still secured.
00:12:30DARRYL: I definitely thought, "Wow. Like, is this something we can really afford?" 'cause it's abighouse.
00:12:36Look at all the counter space.
00:12:38DARRYL: Yeah. Big kitchen.
00:12:40Whoa. And look at this view, man.
00:12:41I could do dishes all day long with a view like this.
00:12:44AMANDA: Yeah, that's nice.
00:12:45ANTHON: Very nice. That's a view towards Mount Hartman.
00:12:48Only problem is the dining room should be outside and not inside.
00:12:50DARRYL: I'd prefer to have outdoor space, instead of all that massive indoor space.
00:12:56But there is a lot of space for the kids to roam around, a lot of space for our schooling, so that's a bonus.
00:13:00ANTHON: So, this is a master bedroom.
00:13:01Wow! Another massive room.
00:13:03Mm-hmm, this is so massive, our whole family could just live in this one room, I think.
00:13:08So, the stairs land in this open area.
00:13:10AMANDA: Yeah, this is nice.
00:13:12This is the first bedroom.
00:13:15DARRYL: It's a good size. Yeah, good size.
00:13:17Yeah, for the boys to share.
00:13:20It's nice that the kids would all have access to the bathroom from their bedrooms.
00:13:24And there's no tub again.
00:13:25Well, it looks like you could almost step into this.
00:13:26Would that act like a tub? It can.
00:13:29Yeah, maybe it'll work for River.
00:13:30Again, this is a nice size for Cass.
00:13:33And, again, a great view out the window.
00:13:35I think she gets the best view.
00:13:37That's like a million-dollar view right there.
00:13:42All right, so, what do you think, Amanda?
00:13:43I mean, Ilovethe ocean views.
00:13:45You know what, though -- all the views are from inside the house.
00:13:48There's really nowhere to sit outside and look at the ocean.
00:13:51But the kitchen -- all that counter space.
00:13:54I mean, that would be so awesome.
00:13:55And the huge master bedroom.
00:13:56What do you think about the cost?
00:13:58Yeah, that's a little bit scary for me.
00:14:00I just feel that maybe some of the things the house has isn't enough to warrant that extra cost.
00:14:05I don't mind going a little above if we get the right things.
00:14:07I have some surprises for you as you go in.
00:14:08[ Laughs ] NARRATOR: Unable to find a cheaper home that meets their needs, Anthon sets their eyes on outdoor living worth breaking the budget for.
00:14:19AMANDA: [ Gasps ] Look at the view!
00:14:20DARRYL: Oh, my gosh!
00:15:26into ♪
00:15:29♪ and I'll never desert you ♪
00:15:32♪ I'll stand by you ♪
00:15:37So that's our loyalty program.
00:15:38You're automatically enrolled, and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get.
00:15:40Great! oh!
00:15:44♪ I'll stand by you ♪
00:15:46♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪
00:15:48isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program?
00:15:52Standing by you from day one.
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00:16:31Humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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00:16:41Blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred.
00:16:47Before starting humira , your doctor should test you for tb.
00:16:49Ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common.
00:16:54Tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores.
00:17:02You should not start humira if you have any kind of infection.
00:17:05Ask your doctor if humira can work for you.
00:17:08This is humira at work.
00:17:29Hey, guys.What's happening?
00:17:30MAN:Just playing some games. Yeah, what are you playing?
00:17:33Who's winning?
00:17:35[ Laughter ] NARRATOR: Cycling enthusiast Darryl Kotyk is opening a bicycle café on the island of Grenada.
00:17:42With houses priced above his budget and no current income, he's faced with the difficult task of keeping his family happy.
00:17:49Why do you slap the dominoes down?
00:17:51Is that just for effect? [ Laughter ] Indy, you want to jump in and try?
00:17:56You want to try? Cassie's gonna try.
00:17:57All right, you're gonna sub in for one of these guys.
00:18:00DARRYL: Feel pretty guilty if things don't go according to plan because I'm the one that initiated the move.
00:18:04I want to make sure that everybody's having a good time.
00:18:07CASSIE: I can use this one?
00:18:08Yeah. You slap it down there.
00:18:10Slap it! Nice!
00:18:12I'm a little more laid-backwith things.
00:18:14Darryl's definitely the practical one.
00:18:16Oh, nice one, Indy.
00:18:17DARRYL: This is a big move, and there's a lot of unknowns still at this point.
00:18:20I mean, the whole thing could really fall apart, which would be really devastating.
00:18:24So that's why I have to bereally strict on this budget.
00:18:26DARRYL: Thanks, guys! Thanks for letting us play.
00:18:29NARRATOR: Darryl might have no choice but to go above his budget of $1,500 in order to meet all his family's needs.
00:18:36ANTHON: It's listedat $2,400 U.S.
00:18:39Ooh, baby,come on, now.
00:18:41Wow.This is big, man.
00:18:43The kids would love havinga pool in the yard.
00:18:44ANTHON:And it's an enclosed space.
00:18:46NARRATOR: But to gothatfar over budget, they want more.
00:18:49All the views are from inside the house.
00:18:51There's really nowhere to sit outside and look at the ocean.
00:18:54With nothing listed in their price range, real-estate agent Anthon knows he must find a private home worth stretching the budget for.
00:19:02They're trying to find a three-bedroom home with lots of outdoor space.
00:19:06I believe your property could be perfect.
00:19:09He takes them to Tradewinds, a vacation villa accustomed to short-term renters.
00:19:12But for longer-term residents, there's more room to negotiate.
00:19:17The best-equipped homes in Grenada are usually offered on the short-term market to tourists at higher rates than familieswho choose to rent long-term.
00:19:26Now, this is a three-bedroom,four-bathroom house.
00:19:29DARRYL:Four bathrooms? Wow.
00:19:30It is listed at$2,500 per month.
00:19:33Whoa. That's pretty steep,Anthon.
00:19:35I know it is, but thisis island living at its best.
00:19:38That's whatwe're looking for.
00:19:40AMANDA: [ Gasps ] Look at the view!
00:19:42Now,that'sthe view I want.
00:19:45That is...gorgeous!
00:19:46Very nice. Man.
00:19:48There's a view here and a view over there.
00:19:49It was like the ocean was everywhere.
00:19:51AMANDA: It exceeded my expectations.
00:19:54AMANDA: I see the pool already.
00:19:55DARRYL: Yeah, and it's a big one.
00:19:56ANTHON: There's a deep end, a shallow end.
00:19:58The shallow end is less than three feet, so I think most of your kids should be able to handle it.
00:20:02That's better for the kids.
00:20:03There's space for the dogs to kind of roam around.
00:20:06And it's all fenced.
00:20:07And that's definitely a big bonus. [ Laughs ] That's the living area.
00:20:12This is gorgeous!
00:20:12DARRYL: Oh, Anthon, come on.
00:20:14I mean, you just see right to the view.
00:20:16There's lots of counter space in the kitchen.
00:20:18And you can hop right into the pool from the side here, huh?
00:20:21That's right. [ Laughs ] I just can't stop looking at this outside.
00:20:24This is all I care about right here.
00:20:27AMANDA: I absolutely love this property.
00:20:29All of the indoor-outdoor living space.
00:20:30DARRYL: It's something we never would have thought we could really afford.
00:20:33So, the bedrooms are downstairs? Yes, they are.
00:20:36It's down a spiral staircase.
00:20:37Yeah, this I worry about with River a little bit.
00:20:40I mean, we have a 2 1/2-year-old.
00:20:41I worry about him on the stairs.
00:20:43This is a master bedroom straight ahead.
00:20:46AMANDA: Oh, this is nice.
00:20:48DARRYL: Oh, this isreallynice.
00:20:50It just feels so warm and cozy and...
00:20:52And the doors are designed to fold all the way open and expose the outdoors.
00:20:56Wow. So, you can see the view from here, too. Beautiful.
00:21:00This is a huge bathroom -- two sinks, which we haven't seen anywhere.
00:21:04DARRYL: No kidding. And a ginormous tub.
00:21:06That's perfect. The kids would love that.
00:21:08Yeah, I've always wanted a shower like this.
00:21:10ANTHON: You can actually sit on one of the rocks and have the rain shower. Wow.
00:21:14I didn't think I'd ever get so excited about a bathroom.
00:21:16It's the best I've ever seen in my life.
00:21:19So, this is the second bedroom.
00:21:20AMANDA: Oh, this is cute. I think Cass would like that.
00:21:23I definitely had a homey feeling.
00:21:24You just get that good vibe again.
00:21:26DARRYL: Mm-hmm.
00:21:26ANTHON: Bedroom with a bathroom in it, as well.
00:21:28Another bathroom.
00:21:29DARRYL: Other than the fact we'd have to figure out the bed situation, I think it'll be okay.
00:21:34So, this is the rooftop pavilion where you get 360-degree views.
00:21:39DARRYL: Dude, you're killing me here with this.
00:21:42AMANDA: Oh, that's incredible.
00:21:44You got mountains over there. We got ocean there.
00:21:46So, now you've seen everything in this house.
00:21:47What do you think?
00:21:49I'm still a little bit worried about the spiral staircases.
00:21:53But other than that, I mean, it is absolutely breathtaking.
00:21:55It's amazing.
00:21:57You know, the budget is so important to me, but I said for the right things, you know, there's got to be a way, so I'm just in my head thinking, "How can we make this work? How can we make this work?" In a way, I wish we never saw this house because now I am so tempted to blow our budget out of the water.
00:22:13But now we have to get to reality and decide where we're gonna live with a new business and all these uncertainties still coming ahead.
00:22:18It's not that we can just say, "Yes, we make this much money each month and we can afford something like this." I just can't see us going way above our budget.
00:22:25That should definitely be the one.
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00:25:16DARRYL: So, what do you think,sweetie?
00:25:18Did we make a good choiceby moving to Grenada?
00:25:20AMANDA: Definitely.[ Laughs ] I mean, look around.Look at this.
00:25:26NARRATOR: Darryl and Amanda have uprooted their family from Austin, Texas, to open a café in Grenada.
00:25:33With houses listed above their budget and the financial uncertainties of a new business, they have some hard thinking to do.
00:25:41We really have to make a decision.
00:25:42Priced closest to their budgetat $1,700, House 1 has a good feel.
00:25:47There's just a real good vibeto the house.
00:25:48I can definitely see us puttingour table out here for eating.
00:25:51And you can see the ocean.
00:25:52NARRATOR: Although there are some privacy issues.
00:25:54AMANDA: The fact that it does not have a fenced-in backyard is going to be a little bit of an issue for me.
00:25:59House 2 on Lovers Laneoffers security and space.
00:26:03Our whole family could just livein this one room.
00:26:04NARRATOR:But for such a price increase...
00:26:07ANTHON: It's listedat $2,400 U.S.
00:26:09Ooh, baby, come on, now.
00:26:10NARRATOR: lacks Caribbean charm.
00:26:12DARRYL: The only problem is the dining room should be outside and not inside.
00:26:15NARRATOR: Tradewinds offersboth privacy and ocean views...
00:26:19AMANDA: It isabsolutely breathtaking.
00:26:21...but could be a risky move as far as budget and safety go.
00:26:24ANTHON: It is listed at $2,500 per month.
00:26:28I'm still a little bit worried about the spiral staircases.
00:26:40Lovers Lane --that was a big house.
00:26:42Huge.I mean, I'm just a little concerned that we want to be outsideas much as possible, and every viewfrom that house was inside.
00:26:49You're right, and, I mean,that's a big part of why we're here isthe indoor-outdoor living space.
00:26:52I just can't see us going way above our budget for something that doesn't have a lot of the things we're looking for.
00:26:58Yeah, I think if we have to eliminate one, that should definitely be the one.
00:27:01I agree. Let's get rid of that one off the list.
00:27:07But now between the other two. It's a tough one.
00:27:10Tradewindsabsolutely blew me away.
00:27:12I mean, it was so gorgeous,so tropical-feeling inside.
00:27:16You know, the other one --Mount Hartman -- it really has that vibe.
00:27:20It still hada view of the ocean.
00:27:21Still, the yard not being fenced.
00:27:23It worries me. It honestly worries me.
00:27:25I mean, Tradewinds -- it had lots of outdoorliving-space -- the fenced yard.
00:27:29Well, Amanda, you know budget's the biggest thing.
00:27:31We're coming here to open a business.
00:27:33It just really scares me a lot to be tapped out way too high on budget.
00:27:38I really do thinkMount Hartman would make me not be stressedabout every month -- having to have enough moneyto pay for rent.
00:27:44Yeah. But I justloved Tradewinds.
00:27:48We live our lives based on feeling and vibe.
00:27:51And I know right away Mount Hartman really did have that homey feeling.
00:27:54We both kind of said, "This feels like home." Yeah, true.
00:27:58Like, I can really picture us doing our homework out on the deck, picking oranges off the trees.
00:28:02Should we talk to Anthon and just see if we can get that right in our budget?
00:28:05Yeah, if he could even bring that down to at least our budget, that would be really fantastic.
00:28:13You agree? Okay. I agree.
00:28:14Let's go tell the kids. All right. All right.
00:28:16NARRATOR:Darryl and Amanda play it safe and choose to rent House 1.
00:28:21And as Anthon predicted...
00:28:23Is that a deal?
00:28:24Very good. Very good. I'll let them know.
00:28:25...the owner negotiates down totheir budget of $1,500 a month.
00:28:35Hey, guys.
00:28:36Hey. DARRYL: We're in the area called true Blue.
00:28:38It's a great locationfor our bicycle café.
00:28:41Most people are sitting around having a coffee, bike by their side.
00:28:45They can look at the sailboats out there.
00:28:46AMANDA: Yeah, I love seeing the boats there.
00:28:48DARRYL: And, guys, we're gonna set up a BMX track over there so you guys can get on your bikes and do some jumps and things like that.
00:28:53CASSIE: That'd be awesome.
00:28:55I like that. You love bicycles. I know.
00:28:58I just can't wait to open the doors and get going.
00:29:03And I want you to put your answer in each of the boxes.
00:29:06The home is working out really great for us.
00:29:08What is in there, River? Is that your orange?
00:29:10One of the major concerns with this house was the fact that the backyard was so sloped and not fenced-in for the dogs.
00:29:15And it's turned out not to be a huge issue.
00:29:19Whoa. It's like piñata time.
00:29:21The kids seem to like picking fruit off the trees.
00:29:23And the dogs have been fine with no fence.
00:29:28The islandis absolutely beautiful.
00:29:29And, I mean, we couldn't ask fora better place to have moved.
00:29:32How about you guys?You happy to be here?
00:29:36Yeah. Yeah?
00:29:37We're excited about all the goodthings that are gonna happen, and it's just another chapterof our adventurous family.
00:00:00That's weird.
00:00:02You might be wondering whyon earth I've brought you here.
00:00:05Will this couplefind common ground?
00:00:07 there's no study space,xxthough.
00:00:11Find out when"house hunters international" HORSES AROUND IN St. KITTS.
00:00:16 yeah, I'm sureppit will.
00:00:19This is amazing.
00:00:27Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:00:31Captions byVITAC.
00:00:34Ever sinceshe was 5 years old, kelli bogard has dreamedof being a veterinarian.
00:00:40I just kind of knew I would dowhatever it took to get there.
00:00:47ARE THESE FOALS BORN THIS WAY? (woman) NOT All foals are born this way.
00:00:50But realizing her dream, meant leaving the love of her life behind in louisiana.
00:00:56I was accepted into ross university before I even met gavin.
00:01:00So I let him know right up front that I was moving.
00:01:02" you'll want to move your stethoscope so that you're listening to all areas of that lung field.
00:01:09After four months apart, GAVIN IS FINALLY JOINING KELLI IN St. KITTS.
00:01:14It's very, very hard, him being so far away and us barely getting to talk.
00:01:17And he's risking it all to be reunited with her.
00:01:20Well, I had to quit my job.
00:01:22I had to sell my brand-new truck.
00:01:23It was hard, but it was harder living without kelli.
00:01:28Eager for a tropical rendezvous, gavin crosses the caribbean 2,000 miles TO St. KITTS.
00:01:35I'll take a taxi, and I'llsee you later this evening.
00:01:38Okay, love you, too. bye.
00:01:42I couldn't live without her, this will be the first time gavin and kelli live under the same roof.
00:01:49 but they're not on the same page yet.
00:01:53MY VIEW OF St. KITTS Is gonna be completely different from what he sees.
00:01:56He's gonna jet ski, go to the beach, paddleboard probably most of the day while I'm studying.
00:02:00(chuckles) What do you guys think is abnormal in this picture?
00:02:05(Gavin) SHE'S GONNA LOOK FOR A GOOD ENVIRONMENT To study, a good environment to relax.
00:02:09And I would like just a nice view.
00:02:11If we don't get the view, we don't get the view. yeah.
00:02:13We'll just have to go around the corner and see the view. yeah.
00:02:17And while gavin searches for a new job, they'll be pinching every penny they can.
00:02:22I'm looking for something that's gonna match the budget of a student.
00:02:25Gavin has been working since he was young, so I know he'll find something to do.
00:02:29 I'm glad you made it here, too.
00:02:32I hope you like it 'cause we'll be here for a while.
00:02:35Located off the eastern coastof puerto rico, St. KITTS IS KNOWN For its gorgeous viewsof neighboring nevis island, white sandy beaches, and perfect tropical climate.
00:02:49The place itself is beautiful.
00:02:51We have all year-round sunshine.
00:02:53People are fantastic and incredibly welcoming.
00:02:58 but with many students seeking homes near the school this semester, inventory is low.
00:03:07So gavin and kelli will have trouble finding what they want in their tight student budget.
00:03:12Do you want to just tell me the key bits we want to dogs.
00:03:18So I know that it's, like,kind of hard to find placesthat take dogs here. mm-hmm.
00:03:22And is there anything else thatyou're--that you're looking for?
00:03:25A view, if possible. mm-hmm.
00:03:27That would be nice. okay. anything else?
00:03:30Two bedrooms--i need like a separate area that I can go off toto, like, do my homework and--and be separatefrom--from him. all right.
00:03:36 what's the maximumxxthat you feel that you would wantto go to for your rent?
00:03:42We would like to stay $1,500and--and below for the rent.
00:03:47I know you're in a rush to move into somewhere, .. yeah.
00:03:50With gavin--gavin now being here on island.
00:03:52 so if you're free right now, yeah, that would be wonderful.
00:03:56 we would love to do that.
00:03:59Brilliant, let's go.
00:04:00Real estate agent jo delay starts with a property close to kelli's school that offers scenic views for gavin.
00:04:07But it doesn't have the second bedroom kelli wants for studying.
00:04:10Okay, guys, this is starboard house.
00:04:14The rent itselfis $1,400 u.s. a month.
00:04:17Your two larger dogsare no problem here.
00:04:21Hmm. okay. um, all right?
00:04:22Now there is something very special that I WANT YOU TO SEE. (chuckles) yeah, we're ready. let's go.
00:04:28I'm ready.
00:04:32Now this is what I wanted you both to see.
00:04:34(Kelli) WOW, THIS IS NICE, VERY NICE. (Gavin) Yeah, wow.
00:04:36 this would be your view ..
00:04:43Straight over the southeast peninsula and over nevis. that's amazing.
00:04:47Yeah, it's real good. yeah.
00:04:49Now I know both of you will have probably ..
00:04:52(chuckles) THE POOL DOWN HERE.
00:04:56 and I cannot guarantee that this will be a fully functioning pool if you chose to rent here, but you've literally ..
00:05:04Yeah. right on your doorstep.
00:05:05That's true. yeah. that's true. that is true.
00:05:08I could see myself living here.
00:05:10The fact that they're so dog-friendly is great.
00:05:12And then the pool that could possibly be done, that--that would probably top it off for US. (Gavin) YEAH.
00:05:19Here we are then in the golby suite.
00:05:22Your kitchen is just right through here.
00:05:24 this is real nice.
00:05:26So like you asked for, pots, pans, knives, ..
00:05:31Good. great.
00:05:33Bring you through to your living room.
00:05:38So here we are in your living room.
00:05:40Yeah. beautiful, beautiful furnishings.
00:05:42And they have your ceiling fan. yeah.
00:05:43Um, so with your windows open and your fan going, you get the really, really nice breeze.
00:05:46(Kelli) OH, THAT'S GOOD.
00:05:48Nice sitting area, but the fridge out of place on the left, it just kind of throws off the balance.
00:05:53And it was still a nice place with a very nice view.
00:06:02Mm-hmm. it's real nice.
00:06:03 now you've got a small study desk here, kelli.
00:06:05I don't know whether that's gonna be large enough for what you need or whether you like to I don't think it's gonna be large enough.
00:06:12I would rather something not in the bedroom.
00:06:15Okay. yeah.
00:06:16I know gavin'll be in there.
00:06:17He'll be playing a video game, and I'll not get anything done.
00:06:19So I would rather not study in the bedroom.
00:06:27Go ahead, kelli, have a look.
00:06:31The shower's nice, but it's kind of small.
00:06:33 it's not--it's not too small.
00:06:37You'll have room. where's the tub?
00:06:38(chuckling) YEAH. WHERE'S THE BATHTUB? (laughs) It's not, you know, unusual for bathrooms not to have a tub.
00:06:43Most people tend to have a-a quick shower.
00:06:46Oh, okay. yeah.
00:06:47(Gavin) I WOULD HAVE LIKED TO SEE A LARGER Bathroom, some newer furniture, like a more up-to-date place.
00:06:54Now a really nice feature from this bedroom is the fact that you've got french doors that lead straight out onto your own terrace.
00:07:01Oh, wow. okay. okay.
00:07:02The french doors then lead from your bedroom ..
00:07:06This is really nice. it's real nice.
00:07:07Which just all comes back to your view.
00:07:08Yeah, I can handle this.
00:07:10(chuckles) (chuckles) WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS?
00:07:13The study space isn't ideal really.
00:07:15It's a little secluded in the bedroom. mm-hmm.
00:07:17I guess I'd like to see some more to compare it to. mm-hmm.
00:07:20The view itself isn't really worth the price that it is.
00:07:24There's probably some things that she would like to see different.
00:07:28GETTING KELLI WHAT SHE WANTS... (Jo) DO YOU Think this study area will work for you then, kelli?
00:07:32 yeah, that is a nice desk.
00:07:45[ ding! ] Losing your chex mix too easily?
00:07:48Time to deploy the boring-potato chip decoy bag.
00:07:50Then no one will want to steal the deliciousness.
00:07:52[ Male Announcer ] WITH AVARIETY OF TASTES And textures, only chex mixis a bag of interesting.
00:08:00♪♪ unh ♪♪
00:08:01♪♪ ♪♪
00:08:03 ♪♪
00:08:04♪♪ ♪♪
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00:10:14Gavin cobbsgave up everything TO JOIN HIS WIFE-TO-BE KELLIIN St. KITTS.
00:10:19Are you excitedabout the boat ride? yeah.
00:10:21I hear that it's really nice. yeah. really?
00:10:24(Gavin) MY FAMILY AND FRIENDSTHOUGHT I WAS Crazy, probably at first.
00:10:28Why would I moveto the caribbean, quit my job, sell my truck, sell pretty much everything I own?
00:10:32It was hard, but it was harder living without kelli.
00:10:39So I'm not sure how he's gonna dealwith being out of the country.
00:10:42It's a risk living together for the first time in a foreign country.
00:10:46In wants ..
00:10:50Now you've got a small study desk here, kelli.
00:10:51I don't think it's gonna be large enough.
00:10:54I would rather something not in the bedroom.
00:10:57He's having a hard time suppressing his own priority, I still have a great view from the kitchen.
00:11:04(chuckles) SO IT'S LIKE I WAS SITTING AT The sink, and I was like, okay, I could cook some meals here.
00:11:09Until gavin can find a job, they're on a tight $1,500 budget.
00:11:14And with students claiming most of the 2-bedrooms, real estate agent jo delay is in a tight jam to ease this growing divide.
00:11:22So she tries outa villa with views that maxes out their budget but offersmore study space for kelli.
00:11:29So welcometo calypso bay resort. all right.
00:11:32This is actually one of the most sought-afterdevelopments on the island.
00:11:36And it's the only one that's actuallyon the caribbean side as well.
00:11:38Oh, wow.
00:11:40It's $1,500 u.s. per month.
00:11:42Oh, good. that's good.
00:11:43Um, and the poolyou were looking for is here.
00:11:45It is a 1-bedroom villa,so not an apartment.
00:11:49The landlord will accept both of your dogs.
00:11:51So you about ready to go and have a look INSIDE? (both) YEAH, LET'S GO.
00:11:56Great. thanks.
00:12:00Nice couch. does it pull out?
00:12:02Is it, like, a sofa sleeper or is it just a couch? I have no idea.
00:12:05You don't know? should we check? yeah.
00:12:11(all) IT IS. THERE YOU GO.
00:12:12It's very up-to-date, newer furniture. yeah.
00:12:14And that's what we were looking for.
00:12:16(Jo) SO YOUR STUDY AREA, KELLI... (Kelli) Okay.
00:12:18 yeah, that is a nice desk.
00:12:21And it has, um, a good amount of storage ..
00:12:25Yeah. to put stuff in.
00:12:26But I'm a little concerned that the tv is ..
00:12:28Okay. and then the kitchen being so close.
00:12:31When he's cooking or watching tv while I'm studying, it might be a bit of a distraction. mm-hmm.
00:12:36Where's the view?
00:12:38(laughs) With this particular property. ah.
00:12:42Up in the pool area, magnificent views from--from there. okay.
00:12:47All right.
00:12:48Can you deal with that? I guess so.
00:12:49YOU'LL THINK ABOUT IT? (laughs) YEAH, WE'LL See.
00:12:53I may not have a view, but I got-- at least I got nice gardens to look at.
00:13:01 and if you want to just come and have a glimpse over the balustrade, hey, that's a nice-size pool.
00:13:08I can do a cannonball OFF OF THIS RAILING INTO THAT POOL. (laughter) Good luck with that.
00:13:13From what I've noticed, it's one of the bigger pools in the area.
00:13:16So we can swim laps and maybe even have people over, have a barbecue and stuff like that.
00:13:23This villa has the most lovely kitchen.
00:13:27And it does come fully equipped, so pots, pans, knives, forks, everything comes with the villa.
00:13:32Good, good. okay, that's what we need.
00:13:34Uh, you've also got a dishwasher and a full-size fridge/freezer. okay.
00:13:39What's going on here?
00:13:40A washer and dryer in the kitchen? mm-hmm.
00:13:42 it is pretty ..
00:13:46 to have your--have your, uh, washer/dryer and the kitchen at the same time, yeah.
00:13:48 I guess everything's all in the same room for me.
00:13:52I can cook, clean then, wash clothes. yeah.
00:13:55All in the same spot. yeah.
00:13:58Now this is where you get to look over your pool. all right.
00:14:02IT'S NICE. (Kelli) YEAH.
00:14:03 that's what I'm talking about.
00:14:07It's pretty nice. it is nice.
00:14:09The maintenance and cleaning of the pool is covered by the owner.
00:14:12So you don't have to worry about that at all. okay, that's good.
00:14:15Good. so I don't have to clean the pool.
00:14:17Okay. this is nice.
00:14:19Huh. it's real nice.
00:14:20The shower's big, but, again, there's no TUB. (Jo) MM-HMM.
00:14:23.. yeah, but, again, commonplace here.
00:14:26Okay, okay.
00:14:27I'm lazy, so the upstairs, downstairs is-- you know, i-i have to come upstairs to get a drink.
00:14:33I have to bring the clothes upstairs 'cause the bathroom and stuff is downstairs.
00:14:36So it'd make it easier if it was all on one floor.
00:14:41 it is big and a beautiful, king-size bed, too. yeah.
00:14:45 really, really good-quality furniture in here.
00:14:48Yeah. another flat-screen tv, too.
00:14:51Sweet. yep. yeah.
00:14:52And built-in closets so you've got plenty of storage.
00:14:54Okay. huh.
00:14:55 is right over the bed, so that's a good thing. exactly.
00:14:59A compromise of kelli's study space ..
00:15:03(Jo) THERE IS DEFINITELY A VIEW HERE FOR You. I see that.
00:15:07Could change the game.
00:15:08OKAY, GAVIN, VIEW. (chuckles) YEAH, IT'S An awesome view.
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00:18:51 that's a long way to fall.
00:18:53(laughing) KELLI BOGARD HAS DREAMED OF BEING A veterinarian the move, to me, is extremely important because I've been workingtowards it my whole life.
00:19:03And now it's finally come true.
00:19:05And it's very overwhelming and very exciting.
00:19:07And I think it'll be great.
00:19:09 you gonna go in the water?
00:19:11Yeah, I'm in the water, look. go deeper.
00:19:14But gavin and kelli ARE COMING TO St. KITTS FOR DIFFERENT REASONS.
00:19:17Gavin is seeking island aesthetics.
00:19:18Your wonderful, fabulous view over the beach yeah, this is real nice.
00:19:23 but kelli's more focused on practical necessities.
00:19:27(Jo) DO YOU THINK THIS STUDY AREA WILL WORK FOR YOU THEN, KELLI? (Kelli) YEAH, That is a nice desk.
00:19:31With no job and no experience living together, GAVIN KNEW IT WAS A RISK MOVING TO St. KITTS.
00:19:37I was a little nervousof selling everything and moving here at first, but itwas harder living without kelli.
00:19:42But even in a sparse market, real estate agent jo delay is determined to make it work.
00:19:48So she scours the listings and findsan unconventional apartment located inside a rental homethat comes in under budget.
00:19:59And you might be wondering why on earthi've brought you here, 'cause there's clearly construction work GOING ON. (chuckles) Yeah. right.
00:20:06This structure, um, behind you is actually a gazebo that's forming part of a-a new swimming pool that the owner, um, is adding onto the property.
00:20:15There's only about a month's worth of work left. okay.
00:20:19The apartmentis under budget. that's great.
00:20:22It's $1,300 u.s. per month.
00:20:23It includes water, gardening,and basic cable.
00:20:27Again, no problem for your two dogs.
00:20:29Okay, good. all right.
00:20:30And, gavin, we do have a view. I see that.
00:20:34(laughs) IT'S QUITE NICE, TOO.
00:20:40OKAY, GAVIN, VIEW. (chuckles) YEAH, IT'S AN AWESOME VIEW. (chuckles) This one's a little bit of a-a different perspective.
00:20:48 which is great 'cause I'm sure you can feel the breeze a little bit now as well. the breeze.
00:20:52 this is real nice. yeah.
00:20:55I'm excited about the view.
00:20:57You get both the caribbean and the atlantic view here, so it's real nice from this house.
00:21:06Much more of a traditional caribbean feel to it, THE LOVELY, LOVELY BRIGHT COLORS... (Kelli) Mm-hmm.
00:21:14But you've got loads and loads of space in .. yeah.
00:21:18Mm-hmm. and french doors on two sides.
00:21:20So, again, for the breeze, it really, really helps.
00:21:23It is real roomy. it is really colorful.
00:21:25Mm-hmm. yeah.
00:21:29Now carrying on with the traditional caribbean theme, ..
00:21:35 yeah, it's got a good color arrangement.
00:21:38Again, fully furnished, so all of your crockery okay, that's nice.
00:21:44So have you got any thoughts on the it's very different.
00:21:50Not at all what I expected, so it's neat.
00:21:54I thought the kitchen was a little strange.
00:21:55IT KIND OF LOOKED LIKE IT WAS FROM THE '70s With the bright colors and the bright tiling on the countertops.
00:22:04'S WEIRD. (chuckles) So you go ahead and have look in.
00:22:08The weirdest thing about the kitchen is that it opens into the bathroom.
00:22:12I think that's kind of gross.
00:22:18(Kelli) THIS IS MY FAVORITE COLOR. (Jo) IT Is. isn't it gorgeous?
00:22:23 another traditional, uh, caribbean color in your, uh, in your bedroom. yeah.
00:22:27 you've got two closets and the, uh--and there's-- and the drawer space. yeah.
00:22:33Yeah, in here. ooh, that's little.
00:22:36I guess you've got a lot of clothes then, yeah, more than would fit in here I think.
00:22:41There's two closets. oh, yeah, okay.
00:22:45And you've got air-conditioning in here as well.
00:22:47 again, like a lot of properties here, in the living areas, but they do in the bedrooms yeah, all right.
00:22:56And your third balcony is right outside these doors.
00:23:00I'll follow you.
00:23:04(Jo) SO YOUR THIRD BALCONY. (Gavin) WOW, This is nice.
00:23:07And another important thing to remember that's great.
00:23:12It really is.
00:23:13The fact that he likes it so much definitely is a plus.
00:23:17He's the one who has to spend most of his time here while I'm at school most of the day.
00:23:21So it's really important to me that he likes where we choose.
00:23:26STUDY SPACE... (Kelli) IT HAD A NICE DESK.
00:23:28I'm a little concerned with the location of the desk.
00:23:31Or tantalizing vistas?
00:23:33(Gavin) IT HAD A GREAT YARD WITH A GREAT View, a good yard for the dogs to run around in.
00:24:43♪♪ ♪♪
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00:25:14Lease this all-new cadillac ats for around $299 per month or purchase for 0% apr for 60 months.
00:25:21Come in now for the best offers of the model year.
00:25:45@ gavin wants views, but kelli needs study space.
00:26:00So it wasa really long day today, but we saw somereally nice places, huh?
00:26:04It was pretty fun, too. I know. it was fun.
00:26:06House 1 is under budgetat $1,400 a month and offers the island viewsthat gavin desires.
00:26:13I still have a great view from the kitchen.
00:26:13(laughs) So it's like I was sitting at the sink, and I was like, but kelli is having a hard time picturing herself in an awkward layout.
00:26:23Now you've got a small study desk here, kelli.
00:26:24I don't think it's gonna be large enough.
00:26:27I would rather something not in the bedroom.
00:26:30At $1,500 a month,house 2 is right on budget and gets an "a"-plus for kelli's school needs.
00:26:34(Jo) DO YOU THINK THIS STUDY AREA yeah, that is a nice desk.
00:26:41But gavin can't see THE CARIBBEAN SUNSETS HE CAME FOR. (Gavin) Where's the view?
00:26:46(Kelli laughs) With this particular property. ah.
00:26:51At $1,300 a month, house 3 has the lowest priceand garden views for gavin.
00:26:56 but kelli is left wondering if she'll have to study on one of the verandas.
00:27:02One thing I noticed, so far, is there's no study area.
00:27:16all right, so which one should we eliminate first?
00:27:18 the starboard house.
00:27:21Yeah, I think so,because the other two, it comes with a lotppof extra stuff, I'd like to-- it's not really worth it.
00:27:32 so it was real nice.
00:27:36 but they had a pool.
00:27:39 it's a nice desk, nice storage space and everything, but the location of it, being right by the kitchen and the living room, that kind of concerns me.
00:27:48And I also don't know where I could move it to, you know? yeah.
00:27:52So that's a concern for me.
00:27:54 it had a great view, yeah, and, like, caribbean and atlantic view.
00:28:00Yeah. it was also under budget.
00:28:02 yeah, a big plus.
00:28:04The bathroom being attached to the kitchen like that, we might have some problems with some smells coming from the bathroom at times.
00:28:10 would you be willing I guess so.
00:28:15I mean,it had a wonderful view.
00:28:17But I guess I can always goto the--the community pool good, good, so you agree?
00:28:23(chuckles) CALYPSO BAY?
00:28:24YES, I AGREE. (chuckles) OKAY, GOOD. LET'S Call jo now, because she said it was high demand, and it just came, uh, open a couple days ago.
00:28:31Okay, let's go.
00:28:33Gavin and kellitake the home that offers kellithe best study space.
00:28:38Gavin may not gethis picture-perfect views, but the private pool spacewins him over.
00:28:45(Kelli) WE DEFINITELYMADE THE RIGHT DECISION With this rental.
00:28:48It had pretty much everything we wanted, except the view.
00:28:53But it had everything we needed.
00:28:57The biggest surprise for me is that the view's not bothering me too much 'cause I'm always out and about.
00:29:02I'm in school from 8:00 to 5:00 every day.
00:29:04And then when I come home, I have more schoolwork to do.
00:29:07This place has become home to us.
00:29:09We've mad it our own. we've made it comfortable.
00:29:11I enjoy being here. he enjoys being here.
00:29:14Everybody likes it.
00:29:14AT LEAST I GET TO ENJOY IT. (Kelli) HAVING Gavin and the dogs here with me is definitely the best decision.
00:29:20I wouldn't have stayed if they hadn't come.
00:29:22I did make the right decisioncoming here.
00:29:24It was tough, and it wasvery nerve-racking for me, but it turned out to be the bestdecision I've ever made.
00:29:29It is real pretty.
00:00:01Now, after years of planning, they're ready to make their island dream come true.
00:00:07Belize has always been on the top of our list.
00:00:09But they're in for some surprises.
00:00:12Hey little man.
00:00:14Some welcome...
00:00:16This is too...
00:00:20And some not so much.
00:00:21They are asking $525,000 dollars.
00:00:25Watch as Lisa and Ron uncover the possibilities...
00:00:29Got some pottery.
00:00:31As House Hunters International goes to Belize.
00:00:34This is paradise.
00:00:51What time are you getting home today?
00:00:53Well, guess maybe 5:30 or six?
00:00:55Okay, so six.
00:00:57We went down to Belize in 1997.
00:00:59And we were just blown away witht he coral reefs in the water.
00:01:02And then the people were the most friendly people.
00:01:05And then we started seriously talking about what is life going to be like after Charlotte?
00:01:10They made a ten year plan to work longer hours and save their money.
00:01:15I'm an internet entrepenuer.
00:01:16I do the programming side of websites.
00:01:19I'm a speech pathologists.
00:01:20My typical work day is about a 14 hour day.
00:01:24Here, let me help you out here.
00:01:26I'll wake up at 5 am.
00:01:27I'll call my partners.
00:01:29I've got the new screens done.
00:01:30Sometimes we'll stop at 9 o'clock at night.
00:01:33It's exhausting.
00:01:35I am not gonna miss this.
00:01:36All right, guys.
00:01:38The biggest thing that we're excited about is not having to work as much.
00:01:42Probably just volunteering at the schools.
00:01:45Then you're gonna end up having just one income.
00:01:47How's that gonna work out for you guys?
00:01:49Just have to live more simply.
00:01:52Which I guess is the point.
00:01:54We don't have to buy shoes.
00:01:56We really just want to wake up and look at each other and ask what do you want to do today, not what do we have to get done today.
00:02:02It'd be great to get our own little island somewhere, but you guys are actually doing it.
00:02:08That's phenominal.
00:02:11It doesn't seem right to rush through life without spending time with the person you love.
00:02:16Ron and Lisa leave Charlotte, flying 1,300 miles, eager to make their dream of living in Belize a reality.
00:02:27Formerly known as British Honduras, Belize is located on the northeastern coast of Central America.
00:02:33The Belize barrior reef provides ideal conditions for scuba diving and snorkorling.
00:02:40Natural preserves are perfect for wildlife sightings.
00:02:45And Mayan ruins date back to 1,000 B.C.
00:02:50Ron and Lisa's final destination, San Pedro, is on the island of Ambergrease Key.
00:02:56One of more than 450 off shore islands of the nation of Belize.
00:03:01We've been dreaming about doing this for so long.
00:03:03So it's exciting that all the work and time that we spent is like we're almost there.
00:03:12My dream property in Belize would be a condo, so we don't have to do any maintenance.
00:03:17Two bedroom, two bathroom.
00:03:18Second story so we have a private balcony.
00:03:21Beachfront views.
00:03:22I think the big challenge that we're gonna have based on some of the prices that we've seen on the internet, we're gonna have to raise our budget a little bit.
00:03:31With Ron and Lisa's wishlist in mind, real estate agent Ari Bender Trejo.
00:03:36Knows the best way to find a beach front property.
00:03:40I'm real excited to show Ron and Lisa properties by boat because they'll really get a chance to see how beautiful the island is from the water.
00:03:48Here we go.
00:03:49Which is a huge selling point.
00:03:51My biggest challenge will be to get these guys all the details that they want in this beach front property and still be able to come close to their budget.
00:04:00Ari begins at the Grand Carib Belize Resort, two miles north of San Pedro's town center.
00:04:08The unit that we're coming to see is a two bedroom, two bath unit on the second floor, ocean front.
00:04:14It's 1,200 square feet with a nice big veranda out front.
00:04:18And it is listed at $475,000 dollars.
00:04:21Are you ready to go take a look?
00:04:23Yep, let's do it.
00:04:25I think you'll see it's well worth it.
00:04:27C'mon let's go.
00:04:32So welcome to unit 84.
00:04:36These are all local exotic Belisian hardwoods.
00:04:39The door, the shelves, this lovely dining room furniture.
00:04:44Everything you see here all the furnishings are included, custom made for this space.
00:04:50It's a very nice open flow concept that we have here between the dining area, the living space and the kitchen.
00:04:59I love the curves, it gives it such a nice feel.
00:05:02Yeah, it's definitely different.
00:05:05And look at this view guys.
00:05:07Oh man, come check it out.
00:05:08Come sit down on the couch.
00:05:10Let's see if I could do this.
00:05:12Could you sit here and get used to this view?
00:05:15I just love the bright colors and all the arches and doorways and hardwood.
00:05:19The first thing that popped into my head was wow, what craftsmanship.
00:05:23Everything seemed like they really thought this through.
00:05:27It was pretty impressive.
00:05:29Wow, this is so cute.
00:05:31We have mahogany custom cabinetry.
00:05:34Stainless steel appliances.
00:05:36The countertop is not granite I guess?
00:05:38No it is not granite, it is corian.
00:05:41But it does have some wonderful features aside from that.
00:05:44Look at the view here.
00:05:46So while you're doing your dishes...
00:05:48It's beautiful.
00:05:50I love that it's right on the beach.
00:05:52So that's great.
00:05:53We don't have to look out at somebody else who has a better view.
00:05:57This is the master bedroom.
00:05:59Again we have the vaulted ceiling.
00:06:01But one of the things I really thought you guys would find special is this gorgeous large picture window view.
00:06:08You were not wrong.
00:06:10That's beautiful.
00:06:11Let's check out this outdoor space.
00:06:14Check this out guys.
00:06:17That is beautiful.
00:06:20Isn't that nice?
00:06:21I love looking at that boat dock.
00:06:23It seems back home we have lots and lots of deck space.
00:06:27I guess originally I was picturing something a little larger.
00:06:31Maybe a table and chairs.
00:06:33There are so many things that are nice about it.
00:06:36The big thing is the $50,000 difference in the price.
00:06:40Ron and Lisa differ in their priorities.
00:06:43Lisa is really interested in that pretty location.
00:06:47Whereas Ron wants to see those numbers translate into a good investment.
00:06:52I can see why the price is where it is.
00:06:54I can see there's a lot of value here in terms of location.
00:06:58I would love it if the price was lower.
00:07:04I'm going to be taking you to a two bedroom, two bath unit on the second floor here.
00:07:09Ari brings down the price, but Ron and Lisa's expectations will need to be lowered too.
00:07:16Like to take a look?
00:07:18All right, let's go.
00:07:24Wait a sec!
00:07:27I found our colors.
00:07:28We've made a decision.
00:07:30Great, let's go get you set up...
00:07:31We need brushes.
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00:09:58That's cool.
00:10:00After years of saving up for a simpler life, Ron and Lisa Serea are leaving their hectic lives and moving to Belize.
00:10:09This is called green eguana.
00:10:11Although the males can get to an orange brown color.
00:10:14Oh there he is, I see him.
00:10:16Oh, there he is.
00:10:17I just want to spend more time with him.
00:10:19We just want to play and live life and see what the world has to offer.
00:10:22We'll be giving up all the financial security, but at the same time we'll be able to spend more time together.
00:10:27And to be able to have more fun together.
00:10:30We don't see any monkeys in Charlotte.
00:10:33I want to learn how to do that call.
00:10:35There he is!
00:10:37Look at that, he's coming over.
00:10:39Hey little man.
00:10:45You're awesome.
00:10:46This is so much better than Charlotte.
00:10:49Goodbye monkey.
00:10:51He's just a wild monkey but he's my friend.
00:10:54With a plan to work less, they're hoping to buy their dream home without depleting their savings.
00:11:01It is listed for $475,000.
00:11:03I mean you can see it's a very nice open flow concept that we have here.
00:11:09Look at the view.
00:11:10It's beautiful.
00:11:12Ari's next house is a reality check.
00:11:14She wants Ron and Lisa to see what their $420,000 will actually buy.
00:11:20This place is gorgeous.
00:11:22It is.
00:11:24I love the pool.
00:11:25You've got your restaurant over there.
00:11:27Let me tell you a little bit about what we're going to see here.
00:11:30I'm going to be taking you to a two bedroom, two bath on the second floor here.
00:11:35It's actually over 1,700 square feet.
00:11:38Wow, that's big.
00:11:39And one of the best things about this is the price.
00:11:45That's better.
00:11:47Want to take a look?
00:11:48Yes, let's go.
00:11:51Okay guys, c'mon in.
00:11:54Wow, this is really pretty.
00:11:57Oh wow, this is great.
00:12:01This is a great space for a desk.
00:12:03I'm really excited about the price, and for all the space that we're getting and that we're getting an office.
00:12:09So that's a big thing.
00:12:10I don't want to have a bunch of computer equipment laying around on the kitchen table.
00:12:17Yeah, this is really cool.
00:12:21I like the two tone wood.
00:12:23Matches the fan really nicely.
00:12:26Okay, let's take a look at this living space.
00:12:28The really beautiful large coffee table.
00:12:30Wow, that's huge.
00:12:31And I wanted to invite you guys to sit down and try this out.
00:12:35So you can really see what it would be like if you were staying here.
00:12:40It's like palm trees and you can see the reef.
00:12:46Wow, this is huge.
00:12:48Yeah, this is huge.
00:12:50This is a pretty immense veranda.
00:12:52I want a hammock right here.
00:12:54And that's the thing, you really have enought space here to play with.
00:12:58You've got views to the water there.
00:13:01I wish that beach was right here.
00:13:05You know that's going to be one of the big problems.
00:13:08The one big thing for me is to be on the beach.
00:13:11It's literally a 20 second walk to the beach.
00:13:14That's something that we definitely want to have here.
00:13:18So you can see really nicely appointed stainless steel appliances throughout.
00:13:23It's got really nice granite countertops.
00:13:26There's just not a lot of them.
00:13:28I feel really enclosed in here.
00:13:30You feel like this is a little small for you?
00:13:32I think what they did was choose to feature the living area.
00:13:37They know that's where you're going to be spending the vast majority of your time.
00:13:41It's not like you cook a lot.
00:13:43I don't cook, but all our friends know that.
00:13:45And so when they come over they always bring all the food.
00:13:47And they always kind of take over.
00:13:48And so it's also kind of like the gathering place.
00:13:50So you want to have it open and big enough to accommodate everybody.
00:13:55This is nice, I love the bed.
00:13:57I do like having the TV there, that's a good thing.
00:14:00This is better than we have at home.
00:14:02A little bigger and a little better.
00:14:04I think Ron's really excited about the price.
00:14:06I can probably get over the directly on the beach thing because of the price.
00:14:11More important to me is the amenities and the livability of it long term.
00:14:15So we either have to lower our expectations or increase what we're willing to pay.
00:14:21So this is the unit as I said that I'm going to be showing you.
00:14:24How much of their savings are they willing to risk?
00:14:28They're asking $525,000 for this.
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00:16:56[ Holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry!
00:17:01Let's get ready to bundle and save.
00:17:05Oh, I think I broke my spleen!
00:17:06Home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers.
00:17:43This is the jaguar temple I guess.
00:17:45You can tell by the big jaguar head.
00:17:47Dissatisfied by a life focused on work, Ron and Lisa are moving from Charlotte to Belize, hoping for a more basic way of living.
00:17:57Ever since we went down to Belize, we talked about that would be the place that we would want to end up one day.
00:18:02It's always been like a dream to end up here.
00:18:04We never really imagined it could actually happen to us.
00:18:07Ancient Mayan ruins are tourist hot spots in Belize.
00:18:12Archeologists continue to dig for uncovered treasures.
00:18:16And the descendants of the Maya live in Belize, retaining the customs of their ancestors.
00:18:23So I guess this was the palace, one of the residences.
00:18:25This is another 400 A.D. time period I guess.
00:18:30It's supposed to be two story.
00:18:34Two stories.
00:18:37This would be the master bedroom?
00:18:38Yeah, I guess so.
00:18:40I think if we find something that's above our budget, we would ask ourselves well in ten years are we going to care about this or not.
00:18:45If we're happy living there then it's worth the extra money.
00:18:49Let's just grind it up.
00:18:51Oh my gosh.
00:18:52Hey look, it comes fully furnished.
00:18:55Got some pottery there.
00:18:57You wanna keep this one on the list as a possibility.
00:18:59I think we should keep this one on the list.
00:19:02But with a budget of $425,000, buying their dream home could put a strain on their savings.
00:19:09There seems to be a lot of workable space in here.
00:19:12I wish that beach was right here.
00:19:15Ari decides to throw caution to the wind with an exclusive beach front property.
00:19:21If Ron and Lisa can stretch their budget further, the perfect home is on the horizon.
00:19:27So this is the unit as I said.
00:19:29It's a two bedroom, two bath, 1,600 square foot.
00:19:35Right up on the front, ocean front.
00:19:37They are asking $525,000.
00:19:42Take a breath, breath in, breath out.
00:19:45The reason I'm showing you this, even though it's quite a bit above your initial budget, is I think you're going to see how it has hit all those high points for you.
00:19:57If you want those things this is what you need to be spending.
00:20:02Shall we take a look inside?
00:20:04Yeah, all right let's go inside.
00:20:07Guys, welcome to A-2.
00:20:11Oh my God.
00:20:12This is unbelievable.
00:20:16I had a feeling you might have that reaction.
00:20:19I love the wood and everything in here.
00:20:21All important Balinese furniture.
00:20:24This feels like a home and there's plenty of seating.
00:20:30I loved all the hardwoods inside and it just takes your breath away.
00:20:33There's so many beautiful things to look at.
00:20:36And it just feels so solid.
00:20:36It's exactly what you'd like your dream of your home in Belize to look like.
00:20:43Wow, I guess these are all local hardwoods.
00:20:46Yes, this is mixed Belesian hardwood.
00:20:48The granite on the countertop that wraps all the way around is also of Belisian origin.
00:20:55Yes they are.
00:20:56You've got a beautiful open layout into the dining room.
00:20:59So if you're hanging out here preparing some snacks, you can talk to your guests there.
00:21:04You can talk to your guests here.
00:21:06When I walked into the kitchen I almost fell down I was so excited.
00:21:09It was so beautiful.
00:21:11The kitchen definitely inspired me to at least think about learning to cook.
00:21:19I'm in trouble.
00:21:20Come and check out this master bedroom guys.
00:21:23Super high ceilings, crown molding throughout.
00:21:27Lots of that mixed Belisian hardwood that you guys like to much.
00:21:32Yeah, this is gorgeous.
00:21:33Nice, lots of natural light in here.
00:21:37Totally off the hook.
00:21:39I see somebody putting ketchup on their hamburger.
00:21:41I don't know if I want to see that from my bed.
00:21:45I think that even though it is ground level, the verandas really private.
00:21:50You feel really private when you're inside the main area.
00:21:55And I really, really love this condo.
00:22:00When Ari first told us the price, I was just like that price is very hard.
00:22:06I wasn't surprised about his reaction to the budget.
00:22:10I know he was shocked.
00:22:12Since we're going to be moving here full time it has to be perfect.
00:22:16What Lisa wants Lisa gets usually.
00:22:19Let's dump one of them and that way it'll be a lot easier.
00:22:23Should they hold on to their savings, or go for broke?
00:22:27So, what do you think?
00:22:45Wait a sec!
00:22:48I found our colors.
00:22:49We've made a decision.
00:22:51Great, let's go get you set up...
00:22:52We need brushes.
00:22:54You should check out our workshops...
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00:23:00I want to paint something else.
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00:25:19I've been dying to come here.
00:25:21They have these intertubes you can float in and they drop down like beer and rum punch.
00:25:24So we should totally go swimming.
00:25:25After years of planning Ron and Lisa are ready to make their island dream come true.
00:25:31I actually don't have any concerns that we won't love it, just because the dream has been building.
00:25:37But to stay with their plan of less work, they might have to live with less savings.
00:25:44House one satisfies most of their must haves.
00:25:48But it is listed for $475,000.
00:25:51The price is a bit of a stretch.
00:25:53You can see it's a very nice open flow concept.
00:25:57House two provides financial peace of mind.
00:26:01The price point is $399,900.
00:26:04But may not add up.
00:26:06I feel really enclosed in here.
00:26:08To their dream of a home.
00:26:10I wish that beach was right here.
00:26:13Over budget at $525,000, house three could mean a big dip into savings.
00:26:23This feels like a home.
00:26:24But if they're willing to pay the price, the payoff is perfect.
00:26:28This is what you dream of your home in Belize to look like.
00:26:42Let's dump one of them and then that way it'll be a lot easier.
00:26:45I know which one I want to dump.
00:26:47Which one is that?
00:26:49House nummber two.
00:26:51Okay, I agree.
00:26:51I couldn't live in that kitchen and it wasn't beach front.
00:26:57The first house we looked at was pretty cool.
00:26:59And that was a little over what we had talked about spending.
00:27:02It was $50,000 more, but it was amazing right?
00:27:05You walk in there and it had the curvy walls.
00:27:08All the bright colors and the second story.
00:27:11The veranda was pretty small.
00:27:13Then the last one was...
00:27:14Can't even breathe when we walked in there it was so beautiful.
00:27:18Right on the beach.
00:27:19And it had that amazing architecture.
00:27:21It was totally beautiful, I mean the living area.
00:27:24You had a problem with the privacy.
00:27:27I did have a problem with the privacy.
00:27:29Over budget was very difficult to stomach.
00:27:33So, what do you think?
00:27:37You know, I don't want to compromise on that second floor because I know that would be a problem.
00:27:45So what's it gonna be?
00:27:48Grand Carib.
00:27:49It's got a big kitchen, you gotta learn how to cook.
00:27:52Can you do that?
00:27:54Give me a kiss.
00:27:57With house one, a moderate stretch of the budget buys the home of their dreams.
00:28:14Are you liking this?
00:28:16Well that was a lot easier than I thought.
00:28:18I know there's like no lines.
00:28:19That's good and they have everything that they need.
00:28:22The island mentality sinks in pretty fast here.
00:28:24Nothing is an urgent matter.
00:28:27It's just like, oh well, it'll work out.
00:28:29So it's like a whole new life because it's not all worked focused.
00:28:33It's more on fun.
00:28:35What day is it, you know.
00:28:37It might be tuesday.
00:28:38What do you feel like doing, what do you want to do.
00:28:40Give bobby a call and go out on the boat?
00:28:43The condo is working out fantastic.
00:28:44It's like the best thing we've ever done.
00:28:48The sun wakes us up with beautiful sunrises.
00:28:51Just sitting on the veranda, I love that.
00:28:54You can hear the waves breaking on the reef.
00:28:57This is exactly what we were looking for.
00:28:59The feeling's really private even though we're part of a really large complex.
00:29:03Yeah, that was a surprise.
00:29:05I wanna take a nap.
00:29:07I think we have time.
00:29:10We've gotten to know a lot of the neighbors.
00:29:12Congratulations. Welcome home.
00:29:17It's like an instant family.
00:29:18This is paradise, you're moving to paradise.
00:29:23We love to go snorkleling and riding bikes.
00:29:27We like swimming and running on the beach.
00:29:33If I could sum up this whole experience, I would just say living the dream.
00:29:39That's what we're doing.
00:29:41Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc