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00:00:00- three flex payments 32, and that and much more on hsn today.
00:00:05[♪♪ Music ♪♪] good morning, thank you for waking up with hsn today, we have some great products of the next three hours.
00:00:22 well your first hour is all terry lewis clarins.
00:00:27 it is such a rare treat, everything is fifty- we have leather jackets, and did you know this?
00:00:38If you missed my my wedges and that work under $20 I had as added back into the show under $20.
00:00:47 this lady makes things happen, she is a mover and you know, it is really hot in here, we need an air-conditioner.
00:00:59 are ususally --are you seriously >>host: hot right: It is all part of we have the "amanda" air conditioning unit.
00:01:19Not a beloved terry lewis,--now everybody loves terry lewis, and you can always go to our web site and select ask hsn if you have you could fill out the form and send it in.
00:01:42And we can answer your question on alternatively, if you want to join in this hour, maybe you have a sizing question, please call 1-866-376-talk or send an e-mail to not if you are ready to save it big time, here is amy morrison.
00:02:05 if you are noticing that beautiful jewelry i am wearing, it is it is on june 21st, we can not see this and look at my necklace, wait until you see the diamonds that around of this.
00:02:27This will be on june 00 .
00:02:36Beautiful pieces by thank you for shopping with hsn today, this is a special addition, a retreat where all of our terry lewis items we jumped in with a terry lewis classic, it is really feminine, it is your denim jean jacket or cotton your 90, your jacket is choose indigo or white in your pants are only available in leopard in your jacket is white or these are on sale, I will go over some of the great we do not have a lot of time, and if you are new to hsn and you want to know what terry lewis is all about.
00:03:38She has been with hsn for twenty years, design your own clothing line for the past ten this is luxury without this is what terry lewis is all about, she knows what the customer we will go through some of the details of your indigo blue, $15 off this jacket, it is the perfect finishing piece, 25 long, you do have some spandex as well, and this is completely blind.
00:04:20You have a hot pink I will share with you there princess seeming, here is your white collar with a lie a green colored if you are stuck with an old boxy jacket, not for it comes in below your bustline now our model is wearing the white denim jeans, and the bootcut strip like, petite, average, or tall, or under $40.
00:05:04Some jackets sizing, like I said almost in white we only have medium-three x, a small it was forty, m = forty-two 1/2, what x = fifty, three x = fifty in your indigo, dark blue, medium-three x is all that is look at those great leopard pants, all cotton, she makes these it so figure you have a small leopard print item number there is a little bit of stretch in these, flat front on these, perfect to go back with camel, tan, black, and there is elastic and back side zipper twenty-two amends clause forty- one,, ..) buy more and save on shipping and handling, fifty percent off in traditional fashion item,--each additional fashion if you are wondering what these jeans are, these are your bootcut denim jeans with stretch, we have petite, average, or tall, 90, and look at those shoes, are those adorable?
00:07:06These are aj valenci, medium and wide sizing, in white, fuchsia pink, navy blue, black, orange, these are summer sandals you this was my host pick as well as the host pick up colleen item #381- we now continue with you have at least one animal-print in your terry lewis gives us a choice of a jacket this skirt screen is black --this skirt sams black pumps.
00:08:08You have a zipper going to the top of this jacket, the detailing is down even on the reverse collar.
00:08:26Do you see how this it -- lining matches, it if you are looking for something exotic, that is courier or corporate, that shows you have spring in your step it is this skirt your skirt length is , four-twenty- four, it is ninety- five% cotton two% --ninety eight% cotton, two% spandex this is really ladylike because the longer length, I do not know if I would wear these together, it depends how much i remember talking with terry lewis, she said she designed these to be if you are looking for a more vintage prints, this is it.
00:09:46Some animal prints can get a little bit too large, this is kept small, clean, it is a rare treat to have these on sale, you have great stretch.
00:10:01Your skirt is 25 in.
00:10:04Long, six eagles twenty eight and a half, ten = thirty in the half, twelve = thirty-two, fourteen it was thirty three and a half, eighteen = thirty eight, twenty-four womens = forty-four, now you do have elastic on the backside of this you do not need to worry about bulk in the and when you get this this is sewn down so you need to pull this up part for a kick we will go over some jackets dimensions which will look fabulous with white denim how often you find a cotton jacket that is lightweight your skirt is $20 off, a buy more and save on shipping and you can also pick up the jacket, which is $30 off, you do have hip that would be perfect back with dark, pants or extra small bust in the jacket it was thirty eight, s = forty, large peak was forty-five and a half, three x = we do have all sizes and will let you know when they're I cannot wait for you to see --we will let you know when they are this is a we have silk in violet, navy, green, this is $50 off, this is here are the issues I was asking for, it is my host pick and I had all elastic, I want to show you how this is this too good to be this is like heaven, i wore these for host pick, these are all if you have a tendency to swell, these will stretch with you.
00:13:06You have comfort inn here, it says aj valenci, built for this is a line down exclusively for hsn try to find a slingback sumac like --shoe like I love shoes, you need to have a good pair of shoes for the summertime.
00:13:38Now here is a jacket we will have later on, and we have three other colors and silk, now this is something every in the do you have those yellow raincoats I still have one from 10th grade, so does melissa. it stink.
00:14:15This is a mature woman on the move.
00:14:19You can see this in dark chocolate or light tan, but this is reversible, it is like to jackets and this is all water resistant, if you live in this city, going to the grocery store, show the exotic side here with your fall leopard look--with your fake leopard if you are going out for the evening or have a special occasion, did you can we leopard skirt or black skirt, add some spring tears that,-sprang-to your this is the same jacket, it just reverses to the faux leopard I will go over some sizing for you, I love the color, reily jackie -- collar really jackie you have jackets, coats, trench coats, storm coats, this is , you have front pockets, matching buttons, perfect for a career if you are looking for a more feminine much more much more rain jacket, this is it.
00:16:24Small eight was forty-three and a large it was forty-nine, three x = fifty-six and 1/2, dry clean, water resistant, do not forget about your denim jeans, we have petite, average, or tall, and do not forget about white in a straight leg or bootcut on your terry lewis really knows how to fit her jeans well.
00:17:02Thirty-three in the average for the jeans, thirty-five in the tall prevent bootcut or straight, white or indigo denim any of polyester, cotton, think about getting those white denim jeans, and pair of wrap with a all about living life to its fullest all on sale, get a grown- under two hundred of these remain, this is the no. two in one.
00:17:47Thank you for all of your phone calls, white jeans are difficult to find, we have bootcut, petite, average, a you need white jeans for the summer, we have a lot going on this morning and hsn today, including hsn terry lewis clearance, here is your leather jacket in your motorcycle style or as a prop from with snaps--zip up front with snaps.
00:18:27It feels like the softest labmskin, item number is 085- now this jacket is all about yacht club styling, i think white may be we have white or deep navy blue, or get your silk jacket in navy, violet, or green, item number 085-824.
00:18:58White is available that is coming up this hour.
00:19:05 is coming back to hsn, here is more information.
00:19:10[♪♪ Music ♪♪] [commercial] [commercial] [commercial] [reading] [♪♪ music ♪♪] thank you for waking up with hsn today, and always for shopping with hsn today, many of you have been with hsn for thirty- two years, begins next month is our birthday month and we have many surprises for you.
00:21:12Now this is terry lewis classics, 54-six percent off, this is luxury without limits,--we have many items fifty% batch sixty% this is your suede jacket or blazer, we have taken $60 off, this is your 3/4 lengths lead, this is persimmon, and this modern, contemporary, a ucollar.
00:22:05You can wear this in the office, complete line, soft shoulder pads,--completely lined, soft shoulder we also have chocolate, this is a mandarin collar style, and is a also available and a that is also persimmon, we only 1x-3x.
00:22:55Always really graceful on the neckline, a classic lazer that terry lewis does for now, she was spicing this uall three buttons are in the front, to pockets as well, an oasis of style, and the caribbean blue we have persimmon with your unique color cause a shawl collar---a unique shawl collar.
00:23:39In your mandarin collar we have persimmon, and brown, and really limited in turquoise I wanted to go through colors under $60, genuine leather, this great blue color is called blue, we have chocolate, and we that persimmon comes into choices, 3/4 sleeve or shawl collar, the 3/4 sleeve is slightly longer than shawl collar, and the chocolate comes in the mandarin collar style, we have sold at thousands of these easy to wear, really flattering, extra small bust it was a thirty eight, s = 40-count l = forty- five and a half, the three x = fifty- i do not want you to look at this suede and say it is too hot, but maybe in the office, or galling to see a it does get colder at night up north, this of the perfect back with . it comes with a shawl collar or classic blazers.
00:25:19 your jeans are still available, the issues under $20 would go back --the shoes under $20 will go back perfectly.
00:25:36Now these match, i love things that match, this is the aj valenci coral shoes and these item #381- 749, thank you very I love how everything coordinates bac together, we will not have time for a full presentation.
00:26:10Coming up, do you what the safari how do you do this affordably without missing this is your "safari" style, the bamboo color is not your --is knock your socks off, to credit card payments of $44.95.
00:26:35Here are your bootcut jeans, in your choice of straight leg or bootcut, indigo or white, please ask your sales representative about sizing. only $39.90.
00:26:54We are now moving on to storm gear, there are still rainstorms hitting a lot of this is your storm cut with a zipper lining, it is $69.90, $40 off.
00:27:24Water resistant, we will walk through start with bright yellow, classic navy, tan, and do not forget their red color, and cl black, navy, yellow, and here is i want to show you what is so unique.
00:27:59First of all, this will on a button and snap all the way you are looking at approximately thirty eight in the half when I unzip this to have a completely jacket which is a barn jackie, do you see we call this the equestrlook, high-end european you actually have a sack and a jacket, you are going to receive a raincoat which is lightweight, and also, the inside barn coat which is completely fully lined with faux fur . you know you need a new jacket, instead of spending $200 or $300, pick this piece up, we are getting really busy, dyed to match the zippers, even in your arms, down your arms, completely line, that is saying and then we have this great raincoat, which is included, really light weight, there is tn coat.
00:29:49And that I will go over some sizing.
00:29:53You can see, the girls are wearing this separately, you have the barn jacket, and melissa is wearing both of these together, it is lightweight, and you have this fabulous bargain coat, it is a longer length of thirty in half inches, by itself it would easily cost to $100.
00:30:24Medium it was forty- six, l = forty- nine, three x = sixty-one and a half, to jackets in one, you can see everything going on com it is not just live, we have things going on there is a joan from lancome who will be here tomorrow, friday, saturday, we have a lot of shows going on, we love it when lancome is here to in the 00 , we have rarities' an exclusive jewelry line if you like luxurious the pieces, all genuine wait until you see these this sunday, .
00:31:31All of these pieces are exquisite, many of you are still calling for the aj valenci shoes.
00:31:43Under $20, this is my host pick, not many remain, look at the stretch, you will not walk out of these, really comfortable black, fuchsia, coral, out now this election for march is bright and right and on trend, --this collection from march is bright and right and on we sold these for one hundred two to $9- $139, I want to go over how beautiful these pieces are.
00:32:31You have two choices, one has a mandarin collar, and one has around the neck and one as long sleeve that zippers on the front this is persimmon, here are your two same color, but 2 this is your zip-front leatherjacket, and this is your zip- front leather coat, you have zip leather, both in persimmon, this has a modified neckline, same length and bust measurements, one has more detailing, then you have your bamboo color, this neutral, do you love we call both of these bit even though they are different colors,--we are calling both of these a bad bill even though they are different colors,-- your button detail is your raglan sleeves, this is the one you are asking for, then we have this beautiful blue color we are calling this plain blue, this is a $37.45 on flex pay.
00:34:21Also, do not forget this gorgeous, deep, rich navy blue I know this is coming across your screen is black, this is deep rich yacht club navy you can even see this snap closure, gold button detail lang, is this it is a soft landing, these are jackets you would wear now, this is a softer lightweight jacket, do you see how this you go to the five star department stores this would cost easily $300, quickly we will go through some sizing, this is a sporty kind of sometimes jackets are to frumpy, this is a more fitted style jacket, this is really a tailored, a bamboo color that carol is wearing back with those leopard pants, i she looks so well put together and, then you are looking at 23 in. in length.
00:35:47Extra small bust is the thirty three logic was forty- six, one x = forty- nine, three x = fifty-seven and a and stacie has shoes to match the jacket, she is wearing the coral shoes, with a persimmon jacket and the indigo jeans.
00:36:15Item #381-749, which is listed on the bottom of this grain all your aj valenci shoes, she put this entire outfit together for about here are your shoes, $20, your jeans under $40 that is $60, plus $74 for the jacket, so about $140, that is a great deal, especially when you talk about the quality of the we have blue, persimmon, here is your pants, do you see how all of these work together to make getting ready in the morning easy, fun, but you always look like you are a first-class woma.
00:37:11We have tendencies to look for our offense, you need to start purchasing separates to expand your wardrobe,--we have tendencies to look for entire outfits but you need to start purchasing these indigo jeans will go with currently everything you have.
00:37:39If you want a fitted white shirt, thick belt, little about, fun flip-flops', do you see how that one pair of jeans can transform the way you get ready in the especially good pair of jeans, we all have jeans, it is like a good girl friend, you only have one really good the only of what really good pair of jeans, we have this in turquoise, persimmon, mandarin collar, regular color, here is your bamboo, you have the banded collar and zip up, what are you doing adam freeman?
00:38:27 I am using my dirt devil kruz, I thought you were dancing there for a second, it floats like a dancing lady, what does that mean?
00:38:41[Laughter] it floats on the surface because of these great wheels skid let me talk cents for a moment, we have the dirt devil kruz coming up next hour, this was a host pick of mine if you want free shipping and handling, you will see why this is not only is this so fast, quick, and effective at quick clean-up, but this looks designer the man who designed this designed the method it was at designer who created this pretty dirt devil kruz weighs virtually nothing if you want to change the look of your bedroom you will love the best buy of the day, our today's special from now you are looking at honey crimson, you have a silver chocolate which is my favorite, and there is silver gold, wait until you see those, everything you are looking at is a nine piece ensemble for under $100, it is amazing, a whole new look for you better.
00:39:56 more terry lewis classics after this.
00:41:30[Reading] [♪♪ music ♪♪] the key for wickiup and shopping with us and hsn today, this is a special edition of and remember, you can buy more and save on your shipping and handling let us talk about true luxuries, we have our leather jackets, storm jackets, this is a perfect every day contemporary, five- star resort jacket.
00:42:09But not only is this so, but look of at this, styling, inside is soft cotton, your outside only 3/4 length sleeve, you have pleating around your arms, if you roll this up, there is a ball, a textile designer, will the expensive, his jackets are about to hodge is $50, $300, --are about $250, look at the navy blue, I will show this to you coming back with the navy blue shoes, great with white we have navy blue, and this is what we call it is a gorgeous green color, kind of like a lime color, it all has this beautiful prints, complete and utter luxury without limits, and you can see a little bit of stretch around the waist area, and the details on this is incredible, maybe you are looking for a new jacket to wear around the office, or when you are going to lunch, you want to do the yacht club style, melissa uber chic.
00:44:08This is the yacht club look which is in white or navy.
00:44:18You can see the three colors that donna is wearing, that is one of the% the jacket i am wearing as well as melissa, is the front zipper jacket with shirring, but these are all caught these are if you are looking for the jacket with a cardigan style, round pleaded neckline, this is your zip-front jacket with shirring, bright with denim jeans, fully lined, and I would love to hear from you, we will go over this lays graceful on your body, if you are into yacht club styling, with white aj valenci shoes, and that is a perfect look.
00:45:31Whether you are twenty, eighty, ninety years old, right on trend, we will go through sizing, small it was forty-two, m = forty-four and a half, one x = fifty- one, 2x = fifty- five, three x = fifty-nine, easy, relaxed style, a fresh smart design, you cannot beat one what melissa is wearing is caught in in blue or white, and what i did% silk with cotton lining is what donna is wearing print $40 off today, please use automated melissa is wearing that aj we have medium and wide sizing, pick up the white denim jeans, those bootcut jeans 90, item do not forget the beautiful jacket under $40, you are looking at $40 for the pans, $40 for the jacket, these are your crisscross elastic wedge, three and 1/4 inch heel, you are out the door, and you can look like melissa or or either one, same exact p she is wearing those in black.
00:47:22Thank you for your phone calls, stay on the telephone line all right, I know we have more to get to this hour, the safari look, we are seeing these in the catalogs and I keep thinking those are the pants, jackets, by the time you add boho chic jewelry, you have spent five this is 90, $80 only five hundred of these here is a persimmon, forty- four 1/4 inches long, do you not camera pans, ivory --camel pants, I returned now this is a neutral or course kind of peace to have been searching for, notice of the caller on this, you have a soft shirt collar, you do not have any hard ankles around your face, lather inside and out,-- leather inside and out, you have on the reverse side, you have an inverted backplate as well, i think that is important in the when you are driving, if it feels like it is pulling apart, that is your inverted pleat, it will give you an , you have a tide of leather belt included, you do have bell sleeves, with a angular line, it is so beautifully and so soft as . now you do have molded it shoulder pads, it is just enough to balance your out, you are getting this home for under $45, the girls are wearing their aj valenci issues, savvy, upscale, i love the way carolyn is wearing these, and she has the aj valenci shoes, you can go sassy or exotic, or look at stacie, she has on the fabulous aj valenci shoes, you just need some on the bottom of your screen, underneath our time, or i should sit above our time clock is the aj valenci crisscross wedge, medium or wide sizes, all elastic, it was my host pick, orange, fuchsia, black, white, navy, some sizes on your belt- it leather jacket,-- belted small it was forty-one and three-quarters, largely was forty- seven in the quarter, two x = fifty-four and a half, three x it was fifty eight and after small now soldout in all -- extra small now soldout in all three you really need a new "safari" style jacket, instead of spending $80 on cotton, which you cannot wear up north, this will take you all of the way through the fall season, who says you can only do boho chic and the you will see boho chic in the fall and winter time, you will continue to see nude hear, nude our first lady wears a lot of swing coats and dusters, this is a first-class feel.
00:52:11You have it pleading in the back to get extra room, there is two hundred remaining with arabic calling in, we will continue boho chic and to fall and winter, you can grab it now for 95 a month on a credit card.
00:52:32And do not forget your aj valenci now we are limited in these, under $80, only 150 remain in brown, or nav and you have a longer length on this, that is a really cute eyelet design, it is done in suede, it is really soft, we will now continue, we have more to share look at this, $7.
00:53:19Everybody went crazy over this jacket, look how adorable this jacket is, you how ruched neckline, black, camel, pink, with button closures, excuse me, I have a frog in my throat item now we have another quick special for all of these colors are limited, and the only have a few more minutes look at we will run through all of the different colors, we have a lot to get through . notice that antique buttons, it almost looks like a vintage style, only 25 on flex pay, , navy, aqua, bamboo, it does give this a perfect feminine touch, it is not too boxy, sometimes when you look at five buttons, a can be boxy, this is lightweight and now this is chocolate, and this is a classic do you see the soft ribbon like piping it is in deep rich chocolate brown, full length sleeves with buttons, a classic for about and, fuller and the boston area,--a classic three boston, fuller and the bust area.
00:55:29Violet really shows I will show you the reverse side, pleading in the background, princess seams, it would not be too tight, here is the yellow, and that we yeah pistachio, yellow, violet, chocolate, all done with piping and satin, you're shorter blazer, comes in bamboo, aqua or turquoise perfect summer 95 fully lined buttons, i have never had a pot and a falloff on the terry lewis piece,-- I have never had a button fall off of the terry lewis one of her buttons have never I would love to hear from you even though i only have a few minutes remaining.
00:56:45This is a lightweight jacket, you can wear this right now, not in the middle of summer, but you can wear these with two cute pants, where this to the office, not something you would want to wipe out out because it is too hot outsid.
00:57:11These colors are gray, you never need to worry about any of these colors beat -- being off of the all of these colors are the perfect shades.
00:57:28These are all of the perfect colors, twenty-four 1/4 inches in length, i will run through some sizing, extra small bust because forty, s = forty- two, largely was forty-seven and a half, two x = fifty- five, three x = fifty-nine, notice of the girls are wearing the matching aj valenci shoes and now these are difficult to find, difficult to find colors, look at this and this notching is done exquisitely, and all of the lining is dyed to match, we will go through these colors, turquoise, aqua, do not beef afraid of aqua and dark denim or aqua and ivory or even flannel great.
00:58:36We have been a bit, chocolate, violet, yellow, pistachio-- do not forget your jeans and petite, average, a tall, I am wearing eight sharing jacket, I will give you the item number for this and here are my host pick you cannot beat the is, medium and wide sizing, two more hours of it is in today's start the--hsn today start right now