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00:00:00Nation, ride halfway there, get off the bus, buy a ticket to a new destination, then start the process over again.
00:00:08>> If they were trying to track myvements, I could at least -- >> his strategy works.
00:00:15The trail goes ice cold.
00:00:17One of the few hopes detectives HOLD ON TO IS that McGuffey will contact a family member.
00:00:31They track down her mother in texas and ask for her help.
00:00:32>> We attempted it to explain the importantness of locating him not only for his safety but ours.
00:00:35WE ASSUMED MICHAEL lee McGuffey was still armed, on the run.
00:00:39He knew police were pursuing him and we didn't want to see law enforcement or anyone else be hurt as a result of his fleeing.
00:00:47Michael's mother at one point during our first visit with her told us that she believed that he would probably go out and commit suicide.
00:00:55>> I don't know what you're bothering me for.
00:00:57If he did this, he has killed himself by now.
00:01:01Leave me alone.
00:01:02>> McGUFFEY'S MOTHER REFUSES TO Cooperate.
00:01:06Detective shipman gets the sense that she's covering for her son.
00:01:09>> I think she really felt like her son was a victim in all this.
00:01:14And, obviously, she was very protective of him.
00:01:20She felt like shelly was really stigator of everything that had gone wrong.
00:01:29I think she was willing to do whatever she could to protect her son.
00:01:32>> MEANWHILE, McGUFFEY CONTINUES To work his bus strategy.
00:01:36He's heading for his home state of texas, where he hopes to get help from his family.
00:01:42After a week of bus trave McGUFFEY IS RUNNING OUT OF MONEY And otions.
00:01:50He is desperate for his mother's help, but he fears police are tapping their phone lines.
00:01:55He decides a letter is safer.
00:01:57He tells her he'll be in dallas in a few days and he sets up a meeting spot.
00:02:02>> I'm about to go to mail that letter to my mom and my stepfather because basically I'm just a little boy that wants to see his mom.
00:02:10>> What he doesn't know is police are monitoring her mail, too.
00:02:15>> We did mail covers for his parents, looking at their mail to see whether or not they were receiving any correspondence from him.
00:02:24>> If police interce McGUFFEY'S LETTER, THEY'LL KNOW Exactly where and when to pick him up.
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00:05:20>>> ON SEPTEMBER 27th, 1993, michael McGuffey shoots and kills his ex-wife.
00:05:32Now he's on the run.
00:05:34He sends a letter to his mother in brownwood, texas, asking for help.
00:05:39But police are monitoring her mail.
00:05:41But because he used a courier mail system, the letter reaches his mother undetected.
00:05:52He asks his family to meet him at a designated spot and tells them to bring him some money.
00:05:57Detective mark shipman is the vernon, washington.
00:06:02>> McGUFFEY HAS OWNED AND Operated a nursing home and some apartments and had some other properties in the brownwood area.
00:06:10They were influential and they did have a financial means to HELP michael McGuffey flee further.
00:06:19>> A FEW DAYS LATER, McGUFFEY Goes to the meeting place.
00:06:23>> I was hesitant.
00:06:24I watched for their car, but i really expected -- you know, i expected the police to intercept the letter.
00:06:30And I expect to be caught at that point.
00:06:32But when they showed up, to tell you the tru I was just happy to see my mom.
00:06:40When I saw my mom, just tears welled up in our eyes and we hugged each other.
00:06:46She was holding her baby that she didn't know if she was going to see again and she says, mike, I can't believe this happened.
00:06:52>> HIS MOTHER gives McGuffey $10,000 in cash.
00:06:58>> I got something for you better than the money.
00:07:01>> But his brother gives him something far more valuable.
00:07:03A fake birth certificate.
00:07:07>> Thank you.
00:07:07>> He says, you know, mike, if you want to, you can take this for a driver's license in oklahoma and just take that and this birth certificate and see if they'll give you a picture i.d.
00:07:26>> McGUFFEY MAKES A QUICK TRIP By bus to oklahoma and comes away with a state-issued i.d.
00:07:33Under the name of mark allen price.
00:07:35 and birth certificate once I get my driver's license from oklahoma, I buy a plane ticket to houston and from houston, I buy one straight to mexico city.
00:07:53I figure once I'm on those planes it would be hard to catch up with me.
00:07:57I just want to get to mexico.
00:07:59Once I get to mexico, I can lose them with the bus system in mexico.
00:08:03>> One of the frustrating parts of this manhunt is that mike McGUFFEY WAS SUCH AN AVERAGE Looking joe.
00:08:11He was about average size, no real distinguishing features other than at one point he was a body builder.
00:08:17I think that made it really tough to put out a description of who you're looking for when he could look like the average guy walking down the street.
00:08:26>> It's been three weeks since McGUFFEY STARTED TO RUN.
00:08:27He has made it to mexico.
00:08:31>> Federal investigators are following leads, but they are all dead ends.
00:08:34>> We thought he was on some fishing boat in alaska and we sent leads up there.
00:08:38They interviewed various boat captains and fishermen and weren't able to determine that he had been up there or was working there.
00:08:46>> Really didn't like mexico city, because -- I don't know.
00:08:50It was too big and it was too crowded for me.
00:08:53And so I decided to go to alcapulco.
00:08:59This sounds terrible after committing a murder but I did, i said I would like to go to alcapulco, it it sounds like somewhere I might enjoy being.
00:09:09See if beach and sun will clear my mind.
00:09:11I might as well -- I don't know, have a little fun before I get caught.
00:09:16>> Soon after arriving in ALCAPULCO, McGUFFEY FINDS A Motel and checks in.
00:09:22For the first time he feels like he might have gotten away with murder.
00:09:26Then he hears an unexpected knock at the door.
00:09:39[ Knocking ] >> what he sees brings panic to his mind.
00:09:46Two mexican police officers are knocking at his door.
00:09:49>> I look out the peep hole and there's two cops.
00:09:52I said son of a gun.
00:09:54I knew I shouldn't have came here to alcapulco.
00:09:57First place they're going to look.
00:09:59They're going to catch me in this tourist place.
00:10:06I said okay, okay.
00:10:06Calm down, mike.
00:10:07You can handle this.
00:10:07So I pile all the furniture up against the door.
00:10:19Go over to the window, look down.
00:10:21Oh, my god!
00:10:22It's like four or five stories up.
00:10:25And there's this little bitty drain pole.
00:10:28>> McGUFFEY CONSIDERS HIS Options, climb down five stories on a thin drain pole or face the police.
00:10:40>> Open the door and the cops are going, sir, you need to give us the pants back you stole.
00:10:44I'm like, what?
00:10:47And I'm saying, no.
00:10:49So they're trying to tell me in broken english that basically the guy on the floor above me had hung his pants out to dry out the window.
00:10:59I'm like oh, my god.
00:11:00I'm going to prison because somebody thinks I stole a damn pair of pants.
00:11:05>> McGUFFEY STRUGGLES TO Communicate with the mexican police.
00:11:10He knows they have the wrong man but McGuffey needs to make sure that they don't find anything that makes him attack a closer look at him.
00:11:18>> I don't really want them to find that ten grand I have in the room.
00:11:22Why do you have a tourist with $10,000 cash?
00:11:25They'll think I'm down there, trying to buy drugs or whatever.
00:11:28>> McGUFFEY QUICKLY REALIZES Resistance isn't helping.
00:11:32He dies a different tact is the best way out of the situation.
00:11:38>> I didn't know if those pants ever existed or if these guys were just looking for a bribe.
00:11:45>> For somebody who has the money it might be easy to pay your way out of a situation, even if you were to get caught.
00:11:51>> It's a close call f McGUFFEY, SOMETHING HE'LL HAVE To be prepared for as a fugitive in mexico.
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00:15:18>>> Detective shipman has texas authorities requesti McGUFFEY'S MOTHER.
00:15:23He has reason to believe that she's helping her son financially and knows more than she's telling.
00:15:33>> She had removed more than $23,000 from her bank account and she had obtained -- or $20,000 of those dollars in $20 bills.
00:15:43We believe some of that money was used to further michael lee McGUFFEY'S RUNNING.
00:15:51>> We knew they had money and they were sympathetic to michael.
00:15:55And we were able to do various records checks.
00:15:58In addition, the local police department down there was very aware of michael's status as a fugitive.
00:16:04They would periodically go by.
00:16:05We would check on certain holidays and birthdays, things of that nature.
00:16:12And routinely, we would reinterview family members to see if they had any sort of contact with michael.
00:16:15>> Aside from the suspicious withdrawal of money, the fbi cannot find any evidence that McGUFFEY AND HIS FAMILY ARE IN Communication.
00:16:24HERE, TOO, McGUFFEY HAS DEVISED A plan to keep agents from picking up his scent.
00:16:31>> I never lost contact with my family.
00:16:34I would call a payphone in the united states.
00:16:36We had three different pay phones.
00:16:38I would call the first one.
00:16:40If she didn't answer there, i would call the second one.
00:16:42Either my brother or my mom would show up at the pay phone.
00:16:46>> Yeah.
00:16:47Listen, can you send a little more money?
00:16:48>> We would talk every so often.
00:16:50If I needed some financial help, they would wire the money through western union to me.
00:16:54>> Where are you at right now?
00:16:55>> They did send me a lot of money and did help me a lot.
00:16:59>> In addition to sending money, McGUFFEY'S BROTHER PASSES ALONG Unnerving news.
00:17:05>> Detective shipman keeps breathing down our necks.
00:17:08>> Detective shipman has been relentlessly questioni McGUFFEY'S MOTHER.
00:17:13When he hears this, it makes him more determined to avoid capture.
00:17:17>> That's what inspired me to not get caught.
00:17:19It really did.
00:17:20Any time that I even thought about turning myself in, i wouldn't do it just because i wanted to get the better of that person.
00:17:34>> Nearly two years pass and McGUFFEY HAD SETTLED QUIETLY Into mexican life.
00:17:40In the city of guadalajara, he supports himself with money from his mother and odd jobs he finds around town.
00:17:48>> When I first went to mexico, I bought a little book, spanish for tourists.
00:17:54I learned how to speak five sentences.
00:17:57Started out with five sentences.
00:17:58From that, people would teach me how to speak, teach me one or two words a day until about six months later I could speak spanish.
00:18:07I spayed away from anybody that could speak english or anybody that was american.
00:18:11I figured that was the best way to get caught.
00:18:13>> McGUFFEY STICKS TO HIS PLAN And sticks to himself for two years.
00:18:19That's all about to change.
00:18:20One day, he finds himself at a bar, watching football.
00:18:24And he lets down his guard.
00:18:26He notices another american at the bar.
00:18:29>> We start talking back and forth and the dude seems like a pretty good guy.
00:18:33He goes, well, I'm a trade consultant here at the consulate here in guadalajara.
00:18:39>> The two americans share round after round and talk about life back in the u.s.
00:18:44THEN, ACCORDING to McGuffey, his new acquaintance lets him in on a secret that catches him completely off guard.
00:18:51>> He says I'm not really a trade consultant.
00:18:54I'm an fbi agent here in guadalajara.
00:19:01He knows if he does, the agent will become suspicious.
00:19:05>> If I run out of there, this guy is going to follow me and figure out what the hell, at least look at theas wanted sheets.
00:19:12>> INSTEAD, McGUFFEY DECIDES TO Try to play it cool.
00:19:16When the agent asks about his life in mexico, he gives very general answers.
00:19:20>> He said, hey, what are you doing down here?
00:19:26I said I'm an elect rigs.
00:19:27I help people out with little security systems and stuff like that.
00:19:29>> McGUFFEY HOPES TO CHANGE THE Suspect but his new friend continues to pry, asking question after question.
00:19:36>> I'm all paranoid.
00:19:38I think, this guy, is he really just feeling me out or is he playing me so he can i.d. me?
00:19:44>> McGUFFEY FIGURES THE BEST WAY To avoid arrest is to make his new friend forget everything about him.
00:19:54>> Have another beer.
00:19:55Get this guy's and hopefully he can't remember me at all.
00:19:58>> After hours of drinking, the fbi agent is heavily intoxicated.
00:20:03They make plans to meet again.
00:20:05IT'S A date McGuffey is determined not to make.
00:20:11INSTEAD, McGUFFEY PACKS AND Immediately leaves guadalajara.
00:20:17It's his only chance to stay one step ahead of authoriies, but he may be too late.
00:20:25The fbi receives an anonymous tip, identifies a washington state man fitting the DESCRIPTION OF michael McGuffey.
00:20:32Ing as in mexico locate their suspect.
00:20:34Could this be the end of michael McGUFFEY'S RUN?
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00:24:23Music >>> In 1993, murder suspect michael McGuffey flees to mexico.
00:25:17After two years on the lam, the fbi gets a tip to his whereabouts.
00:25:22They think they've got him cornered in puerto vallarta ACCORDING to McGuffey, detective SHIPMAN calls McGuffey's family to let them know they're about to catch their fugitive.
00:25:41>> They called my ex-in laws and they called my mom.
00:25:44And said you guys lost.
00:25:47That really turned that into a competition when they did that.
00:25:54>> WAITING OUT HOPE, McGUFFEY'S Mom returns to the phone call.
00:26:00She says are you calling me from the jail phone?
00:26:05Like I always do, mom.
00:26:07You're not in washington?
00:26:09>> The fbi suspect in peurto vallart aturns out to be a mistaken identity.
00:26:16>> We had a fugitive, we thought IT WAS michael McGuffey.
00:26:21They interviewed the suspect, turns out he was a fugitive from washington state for a different crime.
00:26:27They weren't able to arrest him at that moment but it scared him so much he fled back to the state of washington and turned himself in.
00:26:33>> While authorities focuseded ON THE FALSE LEAD, McGUFFEY Slips away.
00:26:37He settles in the small town of santa anita in order to lay low.
00:26:43>> And there's no gringos there, nobody there that -- very few people there that can even speak any english.
00:26:50>> McGUFFEY SOON FINDS A LOCAL Bar where he can hang out.
00:26:55>> After a while, I got to know the bartender, people that own the bar and got to be really good friends with all of them.
00:27:00>> McGUFFEY FEELS U.S.
00:27:02Authorities will not find him hidden deep within mexican me society.
00:27:06But here there's a different threat.
00:27:09Kidnapping and ransom from local drug cartels.
00:27:12>> Down there, they have like -- one guy was called the ear loper.
00:27:16And they cut pieces of you off and sent them to your family.
00:27:19If they sent a little finger or ear or whatever to your family, it speeds up the money coming.
00:27:24>> McGUFFEY IS CAREFUL TO WATCH His back.
00:27:27>> I go back to the bathroom and notice these two guys back there and one says to another one, i don't know, about yay big.
00:27:37Just walked in.
00:27:39Bad time.
00:27:40>> McGUFFEY MINDS HIS OWN Business, trying to keep a low profile.
00:27:46>> Walked back out to the bar stool, started bringer drinking my beer.
00:27:49>> His friend, lorenzo, gives him some bad news.
00:27:53>> Lorenzo comes over and says, mike, you're in trouble.
00:28:00That guy over there thinks and he might kill you.
00:28:04He has the two goons there making sure you don't leave the bar.
00:28:09You have to talk to him and work it out.
00:28:14>> Mike has to find a way to convince the drug dealer he's not a d.a. agent.
00:28:26Otherwise he would kill him to keep him quiet.
00:28:28>> If he did it, nobody in that bar would have said anything to cops.
00:28:29It's that kind of bar.
00:28:30I knew that, they knew that.
00:28:32>> To prove it, the dealer insists McGuffey use the drugs.
00:28:37>> I never done coke before.
00:28:39He sliced off big chunks of coke.
00:28:42I said might as well now.
00:28:43I'm dead anyway.
00:28:44If I don't do this coke he's really going to think I'm d.e.a.
00:28:54>> The two men binge on drugs and alcohol all night.
00:28:58>> We sat there.
00:28:59We did coke till the bar closed.
00:29:13>> Finally, the dealer is CONVINCED of McGuffey's story and lets him go.
00:29:18It's another close call.
00:29:20ONE THAT makes McGuffey rethink how he lives his life on the run.
00:29:29It's now been over two years since the murder of michelle McGUFFEY.
00:29:39For detective shipman, the trail for her killer has nearly gone cold.
00:29:47>> I got something for you, better than the money.
00:29:49>> But now investigators learn something about michael's BROTHER, shane McGuffey that could crack the case wide open.
00:29:56>> Shane had obtained a texas state driver's license in the name of mark allen price with his picture on it.
00:30:03It was our belief at that time that shane had acquired an alias and that he was attempting to legitimatize that alias for his brother, michael.
00:30:20>> Now they have a name to look for.
00:30:23They begin to track the name mark allen price.
00:30:25What's more, the fbi is increasing public awareness on the case in hopes that someone WILL CRACK AND TURN in McGuffey.
00:30:33>> If we were able to keep the pressure up and keep him publicized, then eventually someone would come forward with the information that would lead to his arrest, whether -- because he made someone angry or people got tired of seeing his face on the television.
00:30:47We also knew he had several aliases and we were consistently watching for those names to pop up in different parts of the country.
00:30:54>> ACCORDING to McGuffey, his family now feels it's too risky for him to receive money under his alias.
00:31:01>> Hi.
00:31:01Hi, honey.
00:31:02>> What's wrong?
00:31:04>> Well, I can't send you money any more, mike.
00:31:07>> What?
00:31:07>> It's just not safe.
00:31:08I can't do it.
00:31:09>> If the cash dries u McGUFFEY CANNOT SURVIVE ON THE Run.
00:31:13It will force him to make a desperate move.
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00:34:17>>> michael McGuffey has been on the lam in mexico for three years.
00:34:22His lifeline has been the money his mother, anita, wires to his alias.
00:34:27Now authorities have discovered the name he's using and the money is about to dry up.
00:34:32McGUFFEY HAS HAD SEVERAL CLOSE Calls while on the run.
00:34:36He figures his best bet is to stay away from the bar scene.
00:34:40When he meets carla osona, his life takes an unexpected return.
00:34:46>> One day he came into the video store where I was working.
00:34:51I helped him because he didn't to rent a movie.
00:34:57Later he came to my work and k asked me out to lunch.
00:35:01>> Her smile lit up my heart.
00:35:03I went from being paranoid all the time to -- basically I got soft.
00:35:12When questions about his life in THE U.S. ARISE, McGUFFEY SLYLY Avoids the subject.
00:35:18Karla doesn't know the truth.
00:35:21>> I had no idea about his past, about his ex-wife and how she died.
00:35:26It came as such a surprise.
00:35:33Life seems comfortable.
00:35:35But her parents are concerned about McGuffey's intentions.
00:35:39>> They're like, this guy is an american, you've been together all this time, he's using you.
00:35:46She came to me and said is this true?
00:35:49Are you using me?
00:35:50I said I love you with all my heart.
00:35:53She said then why don't we get married?
00:35:56>> McGUFFEY TELLS CARRLA THE Truth about his past.
00:36:04>> I skarla, I'm wanted for murdering my first wife.
00:36:08But it wasn't my fault.
00:36:09>> He told me it was an accident.
00:36:10And I believed him.
00:36:16In fact, I still do.
00:36:17>> I would love to marry you, but I can't because it's -- i don't want to put you in that risk.
00:36:19I love you too much to -- for you to have that hanging over your head for the rest of your life, especially after they do catch me.
00:36:26She said she still wanted to marry me.
00:36:29>> ON APRIL 30th, 1997, McGUFFEY Marries karla in a catholic service.
00:36:39Living near karla's family, McGUFFEY IS ABLE TO COMPLETELY Disappear from the radar.
00:36:46IN ADDITION, McGUFFEYCONTACTS His mother and tells her he can start receiving money again.
00:36:54>> I've got a new plan.
00:36:56>> If she sends it to his wife, karla, the fbi won't know to trace it.
00:37:05>> Great idea, sweetheart.
00:37:07See, I knew something would work out.
00:37:09>> Over nine years probably sent me from like $80,000 to $100,000.
00:37:14>> McGUFFEY IS FINALLY ABLE TO Establish a new life.
00:37:17He feels confident that now he'll never get caught.
00:37:20>> I love you, too, miky.
00:37:22>> Love you.
00:37:23>> Several years pass without incident.
00:37:26ON JUNE 8th, 2001, McGUFFEY AND Karla give birth to a son.
00:37:32>> He was a great father.
00:37:34He would sing him songs.
00:37:35He would wake up in the middle of the night to feed the baby.
00:37:38He used to take the baby to the park.
00:37:40, detective shipman has not forgotten the McGUFFEY CASE AFTER EIGHT YEARS.
00:37:48After countless dead ends and a cold trail, shipman gets advice that puts the case back on track.
00:37:57>> I spoke with an fbi agent in darion, connecticut, who just completed a parallel case to the McGUFFEY CASE.
00:38:08He said mark quit looking for him.
00:38:09Follow the money and you'll find him.
00:38:11>> Shipman goes back to the case and looks for new clues McGUFFEY'S FAMILY.
00:38:18>> We learned michael l McGUFFEY HAD LIFE INSURANCE FOR $400,000.
00:38:24I contacted the life insurance company and found out even after the homicide the premiums were remaining current.
00:38:32>> Detective shipman learns that McGUFFEY'S MOTHER IS CONTINUING To make payments on his life insurance.
00:38:42He concludes, number one, her son must still be alive and, number two, she knows where he's living.
00:38:49Finally, officials receive the tip that makes the case.
00:38:52>> Law enforcement is the function of the community.
00:38:54Some of the biggest cases are solved when someone picks up a telephone and calls in a tip.
00:38:58>> I've got some info for you on McGUFFEY.
00:39:02>> The tipster provides them with specific details of the most recent transfer from anita in brownwood, texas, to her son in mexico.
00:39:11>> He was receiving money in mexico through western union.
00:39:15I was able to determine which store he was receiving money and how often.
00:39:19From that, we were able to contact our assistant legal cache in mexico city.
00:39:27>> Instead of karla picking up the money as she has done the last few years, this wire will BE PICKED UP by McGuffey.
00:39:35>> Karla was at home, taking care of our son.
00:39:41The doctors wanted us to keep him in the house for the first six months of his life.
00:39:45>> ON NOVEMBER 16th, 200 McGUFFEY GOES TO PICK UP A WIRE Transfer.
00:39:51He is taking a risk by breaking a rule that has kept him safe for years.
00:39:58>> Basically I just got over confident.
00:40:02>> McGUFFEY IS PICKING UP THE Money.
00:40:05Things do not go smoothly.
00:40:06>> This person that's supposed to -- that does all the computer work and types everything in seems to be having problems.
00:40:12The computer seems to be having problems.
00:40:15She said don't worry about it.
00:40:17Give me a few minutes.
00:40:18I'll have it worked out and get the money to you.
00:40:21>> Outside, mexican officials set their trap.
00:40:36>> I feel about four or five guys grab me and drag me to the door from behind.
00:40:41Don't even have a clue who it is at the time.
00:40:43All these guys are in plain clothes.
00:40:45I can see they've got pistols.
00:40:48They were dragging me out of this place and then as they drag me out, there's a bumplg of other guys out there with like AK-47s AND STUFF.
00:40:55They get me out to the curb, trying to put the handcuffs on me and I'm like, that's not happening.
00:41:01I get my feet on the curb.
00:41:03I see this bus that's coming.
00:41:05I start shoving us all out in front of it.
00:41:07>> As the bus bears down on the MEN, McGUFFEY'S ONLY HOPE IS That they will let go.
00:41:13>> I can get us in front of this bus, these guys are going to let go of me, because they want to live.
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00:43:36We're never gonna catch anything.
00:43:39Patience, son.
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00:45:46>>> Guadalajara, mexico, NOVEMBER 16th, 2001.
00:45:52michael McGuffey has been on the run for nearly a decade after killing his ex-wife.
00:46:03Now mexican immigration officers are trying to arrest him for over-staying his visa McGUFFEY IS NOT GOING DOWN Without a fight.
00:46:13>> I catch my feet on that curb, start shoving us all out in front of that bus.
00:46:19>> They fail to present identification.
00:46:21McGUFFEY FEARS HE'S BEING Kidnapped.
00:46:24McGUFFEY IS WELL AWARE OF THE Gruesome consequences of a kidnapping.
00:46:31He realizes there's only one way out.
00:46:33>> I get us in front of this bus theerks guys are going to let go of me because they want to live.
00:46:39I can go to the other side of the highway.
00:46:42I can take the risk of getting hit by the bus.
00:46:45Maybe I'll die but it's better than being kidnapped.
00:46:47>> THE MEN overpower McGuffey and throw him to the curb.
00:46:53>> They finally convince me that they're immigration officers and so I finally let them put on the handcuffs.
00:47:11So on the way to the airport i said, man, come on.
00:47:13It's just a visa.
00:47:14Let me just pay you for the visa.
00:47:16They said how much money do you have?
00:47:19>> I have a grand I'm picking up there.
00:47:22I'll let you have that.
00:47:23>> The mexican authorities don't accept the bribe.
00:47:32They take him to the airport.
00:47:33They hand him off to an american federal agent.
00:47:39>> We were somewhat creative in how we returned michael lee McGUFFEY BACK TO THE UNITED States.
00:47:45He had over-stayed his time in mexico.
00:47:48He was essentially deported to the united states from mexico.
00:47:50>> I was not arrested for murder.
00:47:55I was arrested because I over stayed my visitor's visa.
00:48:01>> After eight years and two MONTHS, michael McGuffey is back where it all started.
00:48:06He now comes face to face with the man who has tracked him all these years.
00:48:11>> When I saw mark shipman, i knew I was caught.
00:48:14I knew it was over.
00:48:16>> And he said to me, so you're thone.
00:48:20I said, yes, I'm the one.
00:48:22And he said, well, you can't blame a guy for trying.
00:48:30>> I did feel like I got away from the law and I got over confident and because I did feel like I got away from the law that's the reason I got caught.
00:48:42>> The capture of micha McGUFFEY IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS IN The fbi where you're able to point to and say specifically on this day, I did something to help my community be a better place.
00:48:52>> McGUFFEY IS CAPTURED BECAUSE Of the determination of law enforcement.
00:48:56 vernon police department, the fbi and the mexican immigration officers.
00:49:01>> You know, this is a case where a police department just wouldn't let a case die and maybe they didn't make all the right decisions all the time, but they just never let it go.
00:49:14>> McGUFFEY ENTERS A PLAY OF Guilty for the murder of michelle McGuffey.
00:49:20>> On the eve of this big murder TRIAL, mike McGuffey signs a guilty plea and it starts off sounding very contrite and sad and apologetic for what happened, remorseful and then suddenly towards the end there's this part about, but shelly may have provoked what happened to her.
00:49:44And the judge who sentenced him was just flabbergasted by it.
00:49:50>> michael McGuffey is sentenced to 26 years in prison.
00:49:56He is ordered to have no contact with his daughter or the victim's family.
00:50:04MICHAEL lee McGuffey is now a prisoner at the washington state penitentiary in walawala.
00:50:12BEHIND BARS, McGUFFEY REFLECTS On his life on the lam.
00:50:16>> Too hard of a life on the run.
00:50:19I tell you what.
00:50:20That is one thing about being on the run.
00:50:21It's like you're burning the candle at both ends.
00:50:24You know, I just feel old and tired.
00:50:30Being in prison, it's basically like being in a holding pattern for death.
00:50:36It's just a big nothingness.
00:50:38--Captions by VITAC-- www.vitac.com >>> He's killed before and he'll kill again.
00:50:45>>> An escaped prisoner with a violent history is on the loose.
00:50:49He goes home to his home turf to settle a score.
00:50:52>> Marshall brown, referred to as the enforcer.
00:50:56His capture is the cop's top priority.
00:50:58>> With marshall brown we were prepared for a possibility of issues.
00:51:02>> Hands up!
00:51:04>> This fugitive is a master at eluding police, and he won't go down without a fight.
00:51:13Closed captioning provided by discovery communications >>> criminals sometimes try to escape from justice.
00:51:19This is the story of how one ♪♪♪♪
00:51:23>>> july 3, 1977, horace morrison settles in for a quiet evening at his taylorsville, north carolina home.
00:51:31He has no idea there's a price on his head.
00:51:36>> How long has it been going on?
00:51:38>> Morrison is about to testify against a local gang member.
00:51:44It's a decision that will cost him dearly.
00:51:48The triggerman is 19-year-old marshall lee brown.
00:51:52He's already a veteran drug runner and hired thug.
00:51:57Brown has paid $50 to mack sure morrison keeps his mouth shut.
00:52:01>> I know that I made the wrong people mad.
00:52:05They decided that he was a liability or threat.
00:52:10That's the rules.
00:52:27>> brown immediately makes his escape, heading some 350 miles , where he plans to lay low until things cool down.
00:52:37>> I kept the weapon and the code of silence, don't say nothing.
00:52:44>> But someone in the gang breaks that code and talks to police.
00:52:49Two weeks after morrison's murder, brown hears a knock at the door.
00:52:53> I just snatch the door open and it was two united states marshals.
00:52:59>> ON NOVEMBER 17th, 1977, Marshall lee brown is convicted of second-degree murder for the contract killing of horace morrison.
00:53:10He's sentenced to life if prison.
00:53:12>> My thought was, well, that's the end of marshall brown.
00:53:23>> it's a bitter pill to swallow and brown can't stop thinking about who to blame for putting him behind bars.
00:53:31>> I'm wondering who could have betrayed me, you know what I'm saying?
00:53:35Because there was more than one person involved and I'm wondering why did it come to me?
00:53:45>> He's assigned to the notorious pope youth institution in raleigh, south carolina.
00:53:50Many of polk's inmates are hard core criminals and the cell block is ruled by violence.
00:53:56>> Kill or be killed.
00:53:59>> Brown decides he'll do what it takes to survive on the inside, but one way or another, he's eventually going to get out.
00:54:07>> It's better to be dead than spend the rest of your life in prison.
00:54:10>> Escape from polk is difficult, but brown is willing to be patient.
00:54:16He spends days lifting weights, practicing martial arts and learning all he can about wilderness survival.
00:54:22>> I think marshall brown was going do everything he possibly could to be 100% prepared for the journey he was fixing to take.
00:54:34>> As the years roll by, brown establishes himself as a model prisoner.
00:54:39>> Good day officer.
00:54:45>> after 16 years behind bars, his good behavior earns him a transfer to a minimum security facility in charlotte.
00:54:54>> Marshall brown is basically a very intelligent individual.
00:54:57He knows how to manipulate others and himself.
00:55:01He can have the discipline, you if you will, to get what he desires.
00:55:08>> Brown manages to get himself enrolled in a prison work release program.
00:55:12Each morning he's transported to a county construction project in downtown charlotte.
00:55:18Brown is trusted to work without the supervision of corrections officers.
00:55:22It's an opportunity he can't resist.
00:55:33>> THE MORNING OF APRIL 12th, 1996, After more than 19 years in prison, marshall brown walks off the job site and disappears.
00:55:45By the time prison officials get word that brown's missing, the escapee is already out of the area.
00:55:52He eventually makes his way to the woods outside charlotte.
00:55:56>> Well, after I made my way out of the immediate area of danger, you might say, I got on my knees and kissed the ground and spent my first night outdoors under the stars.
00:56:11>> He was going to remain on the top priority list until he was captured.
00:56:16>> Rocky nance was with the defendant corrections fugitive recovery team in 1996.
00:56:24>> We're going to check every lead we get, no matter how minor and no matter how insignificant it may seem.
00:56:29We'll turn over every rock and every stone.
00:56:33>> Nance is surprised to find a note in brown's prison locker apologizing for his escape and in a warning, brown writes whatever will be will be.
00:56:45>> The note in the locker concluded that he was going to do anything he was willing to do to stay a free man.
00:56:53>> I had made up my mind that there was no way I was going to let them catch me alive.
00:57:00>> Brown knows he's got to stay below the radar.
00:57:04He's the subject of a state-wide man hunt and his mug shot's been on the local news.
00:57:09Brown gets a tent and a supply of food from an old friend.
00:57:14Hepends most of his time hiding out deep in the north carolina woods.
00:57:19Drawing on his army training and the wilderness survival skills he learned in prison.
00:57:25Brown has a portable scanner to monitor police activity.
00:57:29He hopes to get a warning if the cops move into his area.
00:57:32>> It was so stressful.
00:57:34It was more stressful than even doing the time becau you can't go to sleep sound because you have to keep your ears open.
00:57:44You have to use your nose to try to smell people, you know what I mean?
00:57:49Y ♪♪♪♪
00:57:57>> brown wants to move about 40 miles north to the small town of statesville where he can be close to members of his old gang.
00:58:05He spends the next few nights traveling through the woods under cover of darkness, hoping to avoid detection.
00:58:10He's careful not to use a flashlight when moving near populated areas.
00:58:14>> The night vision stuff they didn't have or it was just coming into being so they trained us how to just see in the dark anyway.
00:58:26>> Brown makes it to the statesville area and sets up his tent outside of town.
00:58:32He feels relatively safe hiding out in the woods, but as winter approaches, it's time for a change.
00:58:38>> It can become depressing, just sitting there and you've got to do so much.
00:58:43Human nature, you can only stay in the woods so long.
00:58:46You've got to have clothing, food and shelter at some point.
00:58:51>> Brown didn't break out of prison just to make friends.
00:58:54He wants to get back in the drug game and make some fast money.
00:58:58Less than one week after his escape, brown hooks up with some of his former gang in statesville, north carolina.
00:59:05>> The thing was to work with them and earn enough funds and