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00:00:00Ge, um-- orange-tipped cauliflower, which happens to have a higher vitamin a level than any other tof cauliflower.
00:00:06The orange color-- actually a mutation of the white cauliflower first discovered, I think, in canada back IN THE '70s.
00:00:12The challenger moving that onion mixture to a bowl, and that's off towards the, uh--the pantry station.
00:00:17Some fromage blanc, which is a soft whe cheese, being added to the onion and leeks.
00:00:22It has almost a yogurt-like consistency to it.
00:00:25Uh, the massive amount ofcauliflower is going into a pan on the iron chef's side-- white, purple, orange all in there.
00:00:31We've got dairy boiling over, and that happens when you don't have sous-chefs there to watch your back.
00:00:36You need a handover there, chef? yeah.
00:00:38Chef fraser offering a hand to the iron chef-- don't think he needs it, though.
00:00:42Chef fraser working at the back station.
00:00:44Uh, he was breaking down some purple cauliflower and now is starting in on some of the white variety.
00:00:49Uh, that beautiful kind of-- cut-up green-- well, the romanesco and white cauliflower has gone in with the, uh-- with the bacon.
00:00:58Onion-fromage blanc mixture going down on the challenger's side.
00:01:01That's going on what I called a tart dough earlier, which he patted out onto a sheet tray.
00:01:05And now the pieces of orange, white and purple cauliflower being added to that item.
00:01:11So sort of a free-form tart there-- I'm not sure if chef fraser wants the pieces that big or just didn't have time, since he doesn't have any sous-c um, and the fact that someone actually chose to come into kitchen stadium like this-- I think he's showboating.
00:01:26the master of the showboatis calling me a showboat.
00:01:30 oh, my god, 15 minutes gone forever in what has turned into a history-making event here in battle cauliflower.
00:01:40Now the challenger chef john fraser came into kitchen stadium all alone.
00:01:44And iron chef michael symon has responded in kind.
00:01:47Lost my mind.
00:01:48The mano a mano action will continue when "iron chef america" returns.
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00:05:14uh, this is " today's battle--cauliflower, an exciting ingredient, but not as exciting as the fact that we have two chefs, uh, the challenger chef fraser on this side, iron chef mike symon on this side--alone.
00:05:27All alone in the world--no friends, no help, no nothing.
00:05:31Plenty to catch you up on-- the iron chef has loaded champagne into a pot on the stove.
00:05:35And a mixture of purple,romanesco and orange cauliflower has been loaded into the oven.
00:05:41Now our challenger chef fraser, who started all this, has loaded the cauliflower and onion tart into the oven.
00:05:46And the grated roasted white cauliflower was added to the scallop mousse, wrapped in plastic, and the whole kit and kaboodle submerged in the immersion circulator.
00:05:53So we have a lot going on here in kitchen stadium.
00:05:56But we do need to check in with our judges way up on the other side of the stadium.
00:06:00Uh, to introduce them we go to kevin brauch.
00:06:02konbanwa, ladies and gentlemen.
00:06:04Good evening. here are the judges.
00:06:07Leading off, you saw him earlier in the show when he hand-delivered the secret ingredient to the chairman.
00:06:12From the chef's garden,his family farm in huron, ohio, here is farmer lee jones.
00:06:18Up next, a fine actress whose credits include tv, broadway and the big screen.
00:06:23Most recently she'll be seen " ..
00:06:31Finally, he is the dean of iron chef judges.
00:06:34He is so experienced that the chairman put his palate on the road in a culinary odyssey to select the next iron chef.
00:06:44(Alton) THANKS, KEVIN. UH, BACK ON THE FLOOR, Iron chef cutting up some peaches, and I see a wheat beer out on his board.
00:06:50Oh, that's something for me to drink.
00:06:51Chef fraser adding, uh, some oil to a blender of watercress.
00:06:55Iron chef mike symon is nowfinally dealing with the, uh-- the pasta dough that was rolled out by his sous-chefs before he just kicked them out of the kitchen.
00:07:03 how's thatpasta, chef?
00:07:06Dry pasta would have been a better option today.
00:07:09Chef fraser, uh, cracking eggs into a bowl of rice flour.
00:07:13Of course, rice flour-- typical for a tempura batter.
00:07:15And there goes the club soda, so definitely a tempura here.
00:07:18All right, let's head up to the, uh, judges.
00:07:21Do you think that watching this-- I mean, is this reallya much different battle now that it's just two guys against each other?
00:07:27(Jeffrey) I'D SAY THAT IT'S THE MOST AMAZING Battle that I've seen.
00:07:30Cauliflower is my most favorite vegetable, probably, except for chocolate.
00:07:35And, um, someof the greatest dishes in the historyof the 20th century were cauliflower dishes.
00:07:41Uh, I just can't wait to eat this stuff.
00:07:42I want to--i want to jump down to julie.thanks.
00:07:44I know that it's often hard to follow a-a battle from up there on the judges' dais.
00:07:49Is it a little bit easier now, since you've only got two pieces of action to follow? uh, yeah,definitely.
00:07:53Usually the--what's-- who's closest to us is over herein the sink station, and you sort of get transfixed with what's happening right here.
00:08:00 all right.
00:08:03Well, we've had a lot ofattention about the combatants.
00:08:06I-i want to go next door.
00:08:07Farmer lee, I understand that your operation is primarily sustainable.
00:08:11Can you kind of fill in our audience ON EXACTLY WHAT THAT MEANS? (Lee) WELL,SUSTAINABILITY, We believe, certainly needs to beenvironmentally friendly as well socially responsible.
00:08:19About a third of our acreage in any one year-- a third of itis in production.
00:08:23A third of it isactually sitting fallow.
00:08:25And then another third is actually growing very high-quality components for the compost.
00:08:29Mother nature actually designed a system that's far better than the chemicaland synthetic inputs that we have been usingfor the last 50 years.
00:08:36Well, thank you very much, uh, farmer lee.
00:08:38I've got to get back down on the floor.
00:08:40Iron chef mike symon looks like he's gonna be poaching, uh, some of those oysters in that reduced champagne that he was working with.
00:08:46The challenger heading back over to the fryer, getting a look at the tempura that we talked about earlier.
00:08:50 that's just some large pieces of white cauliflower that got soaked in the tempura batter and are now in the hot oil.
00:08:58I also saw some chanterelle mushrooms being cut up on that side, and those went into the pan with pieces of the romanesco.
00:09:05We've got eggs and sugar in the blender over on the challenger's side.
00:09:08I'm wondering if that could beturned into an ice cream batter.
00:09:10An oyster coming out of the champagne.
00:09:12That now heading to a plate.
00:09:16Since the chefs are both working alone.
00:09:18All right, back with the challenger.
00:09:21He just strained the pot of heavy cream and white cauliflower and added it to the blender of eggs and sugar.
00:09:26I don't know where he's headed with that dish, but it sure looks like an ice cream mix to me.
00:09:30The iron chef just ripping up several different pieces of cauliflower.
00:09:34Uh, the challenging chef's got a stick blender.
00:09:36Some chemical went into that purée, and now he's headed over to his, uh--his blast me.
00:09:42He's getting out some plates.
00:09:43Both of these chefs doing a lot of running back and forth, since they are here alone.
00:09:47They still have to cover all the stations.
00:09:49 here with mike symon's sous-chefs guys,what happened? I don't know. it's crazy.
00:09:56Um, you know, it's-- it's hard enough to finish with three people.
00:10:00I can't imagine trying to do it with one.
00:10:02What do you thinkof the challenger on the other side,and--and, you know, what he broughtto the game today? good luck?
00:10:07I mean, it's the point of no return at this point.
00:10:10You guys look as confused as we all do.
00:10:11LET'S SEEHOW IT GOES DOWN. (Alton) ALL RIGHT, Down in kitchen stadium, the iron chef mike symon, uh, working up a batter .. flour, eggs,uh, wheat beer.
00:10:21Ooh, and a lot of spice mixture going into that.
00:10:23We see coriander going into there, what I think might be smoked paprika--can't tell. turmeric.
00:10:28Uh, some turmeric-- so that's gonna be a batter.
00:10:31Now looking down at the, uh-- the challenger.
00:10:34He's plating.
00:10:34it's actually down on a plate.
00:10:37Iron chef adding the roasted orange, purple and romanesco cauliflower there to a bowl.
00:10:41Uh, let's see, golden raisin, pine nuts, also in there.
00:10:45And I figure I might as well come down here.
00:10:46There's room.
00:10:47 chef fraser asking for more help, maybe doubting his choice to go it alone.
00:10:53Iron chef mike symon being very, very careful not to burn his nuts.
00:10:55You don't want to do that on a day like today, chef. I know, not in kitchen stadium ever.
00:10:59 back with chef fraser-- uh, he's just putting-- putting some, uh-- he's putting just some salmon caviar down on top of his, um, tempura.
00:11:07Iron chef with a blender of white cauliflower, cream, garlic and egg.
00:11:12Uh, that going on down on the oyster presentation.
00:11:1430 MINUTE HAVE ELAPSED. (Kevin) AND YOU'LL Notice, our challenger is starting to sweat a bit with only 30 minutes left.
00:11:20Starting to sweat?
00:11:22Look, we're over halfway through an unprecedented head-to-headbattle here in kitchen stadium, where cauliflower is our secret ingredient.
00:11:28The combatants--two-- chef john fraser on this side and iron chef michael symon on the other.
00:11:34The crazy solo cooking continues here in, uh, kitchen stadium.
00:11:39 just watch commercials quick and come back, 'cause we'll be back.
00:12:21[ inhales deeply ] That's last night's dinner.
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00:15:56hi, welcome back to kitchen stadium.
00:15:59This is "iron chef america" battle cauliflower.
00:16:01Not much happening-- nope, no excitement here today, except for the fact that there's only one chef on each side of the kitchen, and they still have to make five dishes to serve three judges with a bunch of cauliflower.
00:16:11uh, the challenger chef fraser has cut the sausage and white cauliflower and scallop mousse into nice rounds and put the pieces into a pan.
00:16:19Heavy cream has been added to the skillet of poblano, shallot and white wine.
00:16:23And the roasted combo of romanesco cauliflower and chanterelle mushrooms-- that's down on a plate.
00:16:29The iron chef has added paddlefish roe and cauliflower leafto the champagne-poached oyster.
00:16:34Let's get back to it.
00:16:35All right, the iron chef heading for the back pantry area.
00:16:38Sugar. sugar, sugar.
00:16:39WHERE THE (bleep) IS THE SUGAR?
00:16:41He's the only one on that side, so he has to make his own dessert today.
00:16:45 I couldn't find the sugar.
00:16:49The challenger checking on those pieces of what I call the cauliflower sausage.
00:16:53Uh, that's the combo of white cauliflower and the scallop mousse that was wrapped in plastic and then poached in the immersion circulator.
00:16:59Uh, those are nice and brown now and heading over to a plate that has the pieces of chanterelle mushrooms and romanesco on it.
00:17:06Iron chef mike symon-- his pleasantly brown but not burned nuts going into the, uh--the flour mixture.
00:17:12Chef fraser straining the pot of poblano, shallot, white wine and cream.
00:17:17Taking a second to wipe his face, um, he's really having to hustle, since he decided to come in here all alone.
00:17:23All right, looking over on the iron chef's side.
00:17:25He's got that batter coming together.
00:17:27It just has flour, lemon zest, some eggs, the slivered almonds and milk in there.
00:17:30And now the pan-roasted mixture of white, orange, purple cauliflower now being added to that.
00:17:36Chef fraser with the, uh-- the strainedpoblano-infused sauce in a pan.
00:17:39Uh, he added some lecithin, which, of course, is an emulsifier.
00:17:43And now the stick blender is hitting it, so that sauce will become foam.
00:17:47Right, over on iron chef mike symon's side, we've got another purée.
00:17:50Saffron going into a blender with some pickled jalapeño and the orange cauliflowerthat was cooked in heavy cream.
00:17:56We've got figs being cut and brutally brûûléed by chef fraser.
00:18:00He's got his, uh-- his torch out.
00:18:02That, of course, will caramelize the sugars in that fruit.
00:18:05Uh, on the iron chef's side, cory and derek looking on helplessly.
00:18:09They got the day off.
00:18:09Um, iron chef has some lime going into a blender why didn't you guystalk me out of this?
00:18:15"Oh, chef,that's not a good idea.
00:18:17" would have been nice.
00:18:19Chef fraser coming out, uh, from the blast chiller with a purée he made,uh, very early in the battle-- white cauliflower, heavy cream, eggs and sugar.
00:18:28Well, it's got some figs on top of it now that were brûûléed.
00:18:31 I think it's his dessert, because he's got that fig brûûlée on there.
00:18:36He's got some orange zest going down.
00:18:38Maybe some other element is gonna go onto that, but it's basically a cauliflower pudding.
00:18:43So three plates in process on that side of the kitchen.
00:18:46Uh, the iron chef's blender of orange cauliflower, saffron and cream out and getting poured into a little cup.
00:18:55Looks like chef fraser took the lid off that device a bit too soon, got himself a big old mess.
00:19:01That was some darjeeling tea and cardamom, so I was thinking that perhaps he was making his own chai mixture, uh, perhaps for a powder, but it did literally erupt all over the kitchen.
00:19:1220 Minutes to go.
00:19:14Over on the, uh, iron chef's side, mike symon at the deep fryer-- um, some kind of fritter dough-- flour, almonds, heavy cream and the roasted white, orange and purple cauliflower all in that batter.
00:19:29(Alton) ALSO IN THAT BLENDER-- Some of the orange cauliflower that soaked in heavy cream and a bit of honey.
00:19:34So maybe that's gonna be for a dessert.
00:19:36You know, maybe he's gonna make,you know, maybe just a coulis.
00:19:39Uh, the challenger breaking down more cauliflower.
00:19:41He's gone through a huge amount of product.
00:19:43Looks like chef fraser going after the core of that white cauliflower-- no taste difference than the florets, really, but certainly a more fibrous texture.
00:19:51 we'll haveto see what he does with those-- um, well, first going into some water.
00:19:54Second plate coming togetherover on the iron chef's side-- that's his fritter going down with the coulis he made from the peaches and the orange cauliflower.
00:20:03Now dusting, uh-- it looks like some sugar that's--that is his dessert.
00:20:09(Kevin) THAT ONION TART YOU WERE TALKING About and he did that as a freeform at first.
00:20:13That was the onion and cauliflower mixture.
00:20:15Now he's cutting it into shapes, into a plate-able-- uh, a plate-able dish.
00:20:20The watercress oil, uh,now going down next to the tart.
00:20:24Uh, now looking over on the iron chef's side, some cream-soaked pieces of purple, white, orange and romanesco cauliflower being dunked in the beer batter and into the fryer.
00:20:34Um, that looking a lot like a fritto misto, or a mixed fried preparation.
00:20:39We have some very thin slices of serrano ham coming out on the challenger's side.
00:20:43 uh, he's trying to find room on that board, AND HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY. (Kevin) THAT'S Getting cramped.
00:20:48 this isa mess, huh?
00:20:5215 Minutes to go.
00:20:54Wow, time quickly ticking away in the most amazing battlein "iron chef america" history.
00:20:59It's battle cauliflower withchef fraser on this side alone, and iron chef michael symon on this side, also alone.
00:21:06 so whose cuisine will reign supreme?
00:21:09Heck, I don't even know who's gonna survive.
00:21:13What I do know is that "iron chef america" will be right back.
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00:24:23what can I say?
00:24:24Battle, um, cauliflowerraging here in kitchen stadium, a shocking day, uh, here as we have a challenger-- chef fraser came in alone, no sous-chefs.
00:24:35And then iron chef mike symon sent his sous-chefs out of the kitchen.
00:24:38Let's do it. get out! out!
00:24:44.. I'm too old for this.
00:24:47these chefs.whoo!
00:24:49ALL RIGHT, NOW LET'S SEE WHERE WE ARE. (sighs) Chef fraser has the pieces of white cauliflower core in a skillet, and that's getting glazed with some ofthe serrano ham-infused broth.
00:24:59Now the iron chef meanwhile has the cauliflower-braised fritto misto out of the fryer and down in a bowl.
00:25:04And his fresh-made pasta-- it's in the water.
00:25:07Sos let's get back to the action.
00:25:11We're looking at just over six minutes left to fight.
00:25:14Over on the challenger's side,we see that chef fraser is now plating those core pieces that he's--he's kind of glazed and that serrano ham, uh, is going down on top of that.
00:25:25So, um, interesting that he's decided to do one course completely dedicated to the core of cauliflower.
00:25:33I need someoneto wipe my brow off.
00:25:36Iron chef cutting into some parmesan cheese.
00:25:38Over on the, uh, challenger's side, a big old truffle-- that's being shaved on top of that tart, which I am figuring for the middle
00:25:49Iron chef cooking up his spaghetti.
00:25:51 that's now gone into a pan along with some of that, uh, now nice and crispy bacon with the finely cut-up cauliflower of at least three different types.
00:26:02And now that is getting someparmesan cheese grated onto it.
00:26:04And a big old wedge of parmesan reggiano, uh, coming outover on the challenger's side.
00:26:10So parmesan out on both sides.
00:26:11Um, iron chef grated his into the roasted cauliflower, bacon and pasta presentation.
00:26:17And chef fraser now running his parmesan out front and putting it down on his cauliflower and onion tart, where it belongs.
00:26:24Okay, back with the iron chef, those squab pieces are in a pan with some butter.
00:26:27Um, those are the ones he poached in the immersion circulator.
00:26:30All right, some of those canned piquillos being cut up over on the challenger's side, don't know where those are headed yet, although I'm gonna guess at this point that that's probably gonna go with those white cauliflower cores.
00:26:43Yep, sure enough,there they go.
00:26:45Three minutes to go.
00:26:47The iron chef kind of tossing together what I'm gonna call a salad, a mixed salad of cauliflower.
00:26:52(Kevin) PINE NUTS, RAISINS, LEMON JUICE, Lemon zest.
00:26:54 I think one egg went down with the spaghetti dish that he was working with, right in the middle.
00:26:58Okay, so he finished that almost carbonara-style.
00:27:02Oh, yeah. "oh, yeah," he says.
00:27:03Apples now being cut by the challenger amid a pure carnage of cauliflower, the likes of which I've never seen before.
00:27:10I'll tell you one thing, though.
00:27:11Both of these guys are clearly getting the job done.
00:27:14The iron chef cutting downa squab--nice doneness on that.
00:27:17Chef fraser cutting up some picholine olives.
00:27:20How you doing, chef? I'm doing great, bro.
00:27:22 iron chef plating what I called a salad-- pine nuts, golden raisinsand the roasted purple, orange it's a salad, right?
00:27:31The poached and butter-seared squab breast going down on top of that.
00:27:35On the challenger's side, uh, we're looking down at the dish that got the, uh--the apples, which is the, uh--the fried kind of curry tempura.
00:27:42It looks like that's being finished off with-- I thought that that was mascarpone at first, but I think it's greek yogurt. greek yogurt?
00:27:50 I can tell-- tell by that, uh-- that's going down on top of the apples.
00:27:54Somebody gave iron chef symon some champagne ..
00:27:55(Kevin) OH, AND SOMEBODY IS GIVING SOME TO and he's taking some over to the challenger, who I think needs liquorin' at this point.
00:28:01 iron chef mike symon, are you done? done!
00:28:06Done!no way.
00:28:08Iron chef mike symon maybe showing exactly what iron is composed of as he shares that champagne with the judges, but not the host.
00:28:15One minute to go.cheers, guys.
00:28:17(Kevin) WE--WE KNOW THAT WHEN YOU-- When you challenge this guy,he does not take it lightly, and he makes sure you know he's good.
00:28:24YOU NEED SOME HELP CLEANING UP, JOHN?(bleep) Radishes.
00:28:27Chef fraser still toiling, heading back to the pantry for something-- looks like some radish.
00:28:33Looking over the courses that iron chef michael symon'ssolo effort has produced today, uh, he's got a champagne-poached oyster.
00:28:38That, of course, has the, uh-- the cauliflower zabaglione.
00:28:41The fritto misto with the cauliflower.
00:28:44He's got the squab and the spaghetti.
00:28:46Those could interchange as three and four.
00:28:48Then th-the fritter that's been dusted, with the, uh--the sugar will be the final course.
00:28:53 all right, final plating for chef fraser.
00:28:56Thats e poblano foamhe made earlier with the-- of course, the lethicin.
00:29:00That going on the plate with what I called a cauliflower and scallop sausage.
00:29:03 that's got a pile of truffles on it.
00:29:08Uh, and also the watercress purée went on that.
00:29:10He's got those kind of cauliflower cores that he glazed, that got the olives.
00:29:15And then his tempura with the greek yogurt-- and now the radish slices going on that.
00:29:19And he's got his pudding with the fig brûûlée.
00:29:22And I think chef fraser's pretty happy.
00:29:23Uh, he came with a plan and has pulled it off. five seconds.
00:29:26.. three, two, one.
00:29:31(buzzer) HERE IN KITCHEN STADIUM. (cheers and applause) Don't ever do that, what a battle.
00:29:40The challenger came in here all by his lonesome.
00:29:41Alton, he's going alone?
00:29:43.. fraser, you want to go big-time?
00:29:48Let's do it. get out!
00:29:49Making this a historic battle, to be sure.
00:29:52 now let's hear what the competitors think standing here proudly with the challenger chef fraser.
00:29:58If you had it to do all over again, any regrets about not bringing your sous-chefs?
00:30:02I'd bringthree sous-chefs. you'd bring three.
00:30:05 but you got through it, and you got through it well.
00:30:08 yeah, you fi-- thank you.
00:30:13Iron chef mike symon-- um, that was a realbravado move, chef, some--bravado, stupid-- well, any point in the battle where you said,"i shouldn't have done this"?
00:30:24Um, yeah, there were a couple points going back and forth, and then you just kind of get in your groove and-- the--the big thing is--is you can't afford to make a mistake.
00:30:32one mistake, it is over, and this is the way iron chef mike symon rolls. congratulations.
00:30:35Thanks, pal.
00:30:38Our battle is, uh, over, finally, and that, of course, means that judgment is next, when "iron chef america" returns.
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00:34:37welcome back to kitchen stadium.
00:34:39As jeffrey steingarten pointed out-- the most amazing battle ever, battle cauliflower here.
00:34:44Uh, it is time now to go into the judging phase, but before that, we go up to kevin brauch to learn about the scoring. kevin.
00:34:51Absolutely, alton.
00:34:52Okay, everyone, here's how it goes down.
00:34:54Each judge can award a chef up to 20 points.
00:34:57There are 10 point possible for taste, another 5 points for plating design, finally as many as 5 points for their originality in the use of today's secret theme ingredient.
00:35:07And may the better chef prevail.
00:35:09let's now go up to the chairman and get the judging under way.
00:35:15Chef fraser, please tell uswhat your approach was to today'ssecret ingredient.
00:35:21I wanted to make cauliflower obviously the star of every plate, so what I'm trying to do is-- is let the cauliflower be the protein on almost every one of our plates here.
00:35:30We start here with, uh, cauliflower tempura.
00:35:32It's topped with a little bit of chai tea, darjeeling and curry, finished with greek yogurt, granny smith apple.
00:35:40You crazy kid.
00:35:41What were you doing out there all by yourself?
00:35:45 and throwin' things around.
00:35:49And yet the first dish that you bring out is this beautiful, delicate thing that is the very opposite of a mess.
00:35:56 this is a winner, I think.thank you.
00:36:00 the white cauliflower tends to be probably the stronger of all the differentvarieties, and so your combinations here really work well together.
00:36:08And I particularly love the texture of the cauliflower, the way you've prepared it.thank you.
00:36:13Perfect tempura. I've never had it this good.
00:36:16And any deep-fried food would be pleasing to me, so you can imagine how happy I am with this.
00:36:21(The Chairman) THANK YOU, CHEF. NEXT COURSE, Please. thank you.
00:36:24 next, uh, I've grated white cauliflower and folded it into scallop mousse, poached it and then seared it.
00:36:31It's over a fricassee of chanterelle mushrooms and romanesco.
00:36:36When you just have the sausage without the romanesco, I can't say it's particularly cauliflower-ish.
00:36:44I mean, are we tasting the cauliflower mainly, or is the scallop the main taste?
00:36:47The textures are differentthan what I would have expected, and it's different than anything-- anything I've certainly ever experienced in cauliflower.
00:36:53thank you.
00:36:57 thank you.
00:37:00 uh, next we have a freeform tart of onions, crèème fraîîche, fromage blanc, cauliflower.
00:37:07I finished it with a warm salad of australian black truffles, parmesan cheese to combat the sweetnessof the tart and the cauliflower, which when roasted, uh, gets quite sweet.
00:37:17I found the cauliflower to be a little bit overcooked.
00:37:20I particularly like a little bit of crispiness to the cauliflower, but I think this was just a little bit too far for me.
00:37:26I don't mind that there's a little roasted crust to the cauliflower.
00:37:30The thing that bothers me is that the, um, watercress purée is so strong that it's far more than one would need to cut the sweetness.
00:37:41 for our last savory course we have cauliflower core.
00:37:47We're using a commonly discarded portion of the vegetable.
00:37:50We poached itin a serrano ham stock, picholine olives and piquillo peppers.
00:37:55This combination of flavors wasn't my absolute favorite.
00:37:58Overall it's not exactly like a symphony.
00:38:01Somehow most of the flavor in this dish comes from the accessories.
00:38:04I was surprised at how it wasn't at all tough or fibrous.
00:38:08It was really very tender.
00:38:11And it was a really pretty dish.
00:38:13Beautiful job with all your savory dishes, and I've really enjoyed getting to try your don't you have anything negative to say?
00:38:18You know, jeffrey, I leave that up to you.
00:38:21You are negative a suit, okay?
00:38:24NO. (laughter) No, I hate you.
00:38:28I KNOW. I HATE YOU, TOO. (The Chairman)THANK You, chef.
00:38:31Next course, please. thanks.
00:38:33Chef. thank you.
00:38:35To finish we havea cauliflower pudding.
00:38:38Uh, it's served with fig brûûlée, white chocolate, meyer lemon and nutmeg.
00:38:42It's really good, and this brûûlée iteration you got it so smooth.
00:38:49It's really nice.
00:38:52I'm gonna give you props for use of cauliflowerin a completely unexpected way.
00:38:56 to use the cauliflower in the dessert the way that you have brings a lot of different things together.
00:39:03I would have never, ever considered a cauliflower in a dessert, and this is amazing.
00:39:10Thank you. love it.
00:39:12I thought this dish was delicious except where the cauliflower tastes were overwhelmed by the nutmeg.
00:39:18I never thought of having a cauliflower for dessert.
00:39:21You can taste the cauliflower, but it doesn't dominate.
00:39:24And it was just delicious and original.
00:39:27Chef fraser, thank youfor an excellent meal.
00:39:28Thank you.
00:39:31(cheering) Iron chef symon.
00:39:39Please tell uswhat your inspiration was for today'ssecret ingredient.
00:39:44Well, my inspiration today was to use everything up on that altar and give it the respect that it deserves.
00:39:49And I wanted to use everything from stems to leaves to the whole kit and kaboodle, so your first course today is some poached oysters.
00:39:57And we made a champagne and cauliflower zabaglione and topped it with a little bit of american sturgeon caviar and some of the microcauliflower.
00:40:06Come on, that's delicious. it's so good.
00:40:09 doesn't it, though?
00:40:12Oh, my god. wow.
00:40:13 I mean, there's nothing about it that particularly screams cauliflower, you know, but-- you know, but cauliflower and caviar go together it's a wonderful, delicious, beautiful dish, except that there's no taste of cauliflower.
00:40:29You can really taste it in the zabaglione.
00:40:32'Cause that's the only part that has cauliflower.
00:40:35Guys, play nice.
00:40:37Thank you, iron chef. iron chef.
00:40:40The second course-- we had a little bit of fun with fritto misto.
00:40:43Uh, we did the florets of all three different kindsof cauliflower.
00:40:47We also did the flowers and the stems.
00:40:49And then I made a cauliflower purée with the dipping sauce.
00:40:53The presentation--it's fun. it's playful.
00:40:55It's a great interpretation of the cauliflower.
00:40:58I love this dish,and I love your dipping sauce.
00:41:04So that really makes it the star in a great way.thank you.
00:41:09Thank you. next course, please. iron chef.
00:41:11I don't feel many meals arereally complete without a pasta.
00:41:15So, uh, we made a little linguine.
00:41:17Uh, with the sauce-- it is two of the different kinds of the cauliflower, a little bit of smoked bacon, a little bit of garlic and chili.
00:41:26 and with the egg, it's such a rich, wonderful dish.
00:41:30To add cauliflower to a carbonara-- it's a great idea.
00:41:35Um, I won't-- I won't say, like, oh, it's a cauliflower dish, particularly.
00:41:40Um, I agree with most of that, except that it is A CAULIFLOWER DISH IN THAT THERE'S... (Julie) Yes.
00:41:45Cauliflower and cauliflower taste, I think, in every forkful.thank you.
00:41:50Thank you, iron course, please.
00:41:51 the final savory course this evening, guys-- you have a squab breast, which we sous vide with a little bit of five-spice,extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.
00:42:02Uh, it's served over cauliflower salad which we roasted in the oven.
00:42:06And the sauce is made with greek yogurt, mint and cauliflower purée.
00:42:10I was really concerned that there was gonna be just too many flavors going on, but they really-- really seem to work.
00:42:17that squab is very, very tender.
00:42:20It's the only dish of which you could say that if everyone cooked cauliflower your way that the american intake of cauliflower would RISE.(Michael) THANK YOU.
00:42:29I'm only sad because the chairman has left two beautiful, huge pieces of squab that are beautifully browned around the outside.
00:42:37And I just can't believe-- oh, thank you.
00:42:38(laughter) ..
00:42:43go. mmm.
00:42:45Thank you. you'revery welcome.
00:42:46 for your final course this evening, you guys, we made a cauliflower and almond fritter served over a peach coulis, um, with a little bit of vanilla bean and lemon mascarpone.
00:42:59Oh, my god, that's so good.
00:43:01Is there, like, a vat of this?
00:43:04This is a great way to be able to present cauliflower in the dessert.
00:43:08Of the peaches incorporated this.
00:43:12I love this dish.thank you.
00:43:13The peach is just so delicious, so delicious.
00:43:17And I love in your fritter-- you didn't, like, grind those,uh, cauliflowers up very much.
00:43:22 you left us some big hunks in there.
00:43:25And I'm sorry, mascarpone cheese just with vanilla-- mmm.doesn't suck.
00:43:31That is some good eats.
00:43:34I mean, I do like it very much, but I'm not sure that I would like it any worse if there were no cauliflower in it.
00:43:38And what other negative thing can I say?
00:43:41(laughing) DUH, BUT THAT'S...
00:43:43.. that's the whole thing of being a-a cauliflower battle.
00:43:46I mean, do you feel like it's just hidden in this dessert?
00:43:49 I believe that's what I said, almost literally.
00:43:53.. not really. the way you said it was more grouchy.
00:43:57.. critical.
00:44:01No, less screechy, I would say.
00:44:04Iron chef symon, thank youfor a wonderful meal.
00:44:08(cheering) Finger-lickin'-good verdict when "iron chef america" returns.
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00:48:17 this is " today's battle has been cauliflower.
00:48:24The battle is over. the judging is over.
00:48:25And the chairman is ready to hand down his verdict.
00:48:27Keep in mind, there are 20 possible points here.
00:48:3010 Can be given for the taste and flavor of the dishes, 5 for originality and a final 5 for plating and presentation.
00:48:37So let's go up and find out whisine reigns supreme.
00:48:42Today two champions met in battle cauliflower here in kitchen stadium.
00:48:50Chef fraser.
00:48:52Iron chef symon.
00:48:56The judges have spoken.
00:49:06IRON CHEF SYMON. (cheers and applause) So this unique battle ends with a very familiar outcome.
00:49:16Iron chef michael symon has always said the taste of the food is the most important factor, and today his victory in that category proves to be the difference.
00:49:24Kung fu legend bruce lee wrote, "a good fight should be like a small play, " well, we had a serious small play here today, and although our solo samurai chef fraser put up the fight of his life, in the end the iron chef coolly let his boys go for the day and went on prove why he is one of the few, the proud, the iron chefs.
00:49:47On behalf of the chairman, kevin brauch and everyone here at kitchen stadium, I bid you good eating.
00:49:53(cheers and applause) Closed Captions provided byScripps Networks, Llc.
00:49:59Captioned byClosed Captioning Services, Inc.
00:50:11(all) YEAH! WHOA!
00:50:12Big city chefs-- this is samantha.
00:50:14I'm the ceo of big city chefs.
00:50:17We do specialize in personal chef services.
00:50:19Anytime you need a high-end chef for an exclusive party, that's when you call big city chefs.
00:50:25Dinner is served.
00:50:26Oh, this looks beautiful.
00:50:28Get those on ice.
00:50:30Oh, my gosh.
00:50:31I don't know who's crazier, the clients or the chefs.
00:50:35It's a recipe for excitement and disaster all at the same time.
00:50:39This is a really big week for us.
00:50:40Our client tracy is throwing a dinner party for her daughter skylar.
00:50:44My daughter is very particular.
00:50:45it made me throw up in my mouth.
00:50:48This little girl is going to have me killed.
00:50:51So ben wants our chefs torecreate his honeymoon dinner.
00:50:54Ben wants his wife to thinkthat he cooked the entire thing.
00:50:57His wife stacy pulls up, and it's like, get down, get down.
00:51:00The ladies at the bachelorette party thought that stuart was a stripper chef.
00:51:03Oh, my god!
00:51:05This is a crazy week, .. aah!
00:51:09IN BEVERLY HILLS. (man) YEAH!
00:51:15Big city chefs-- this is samantha.
00:51:17 can you tell me a little bit about the event that you're looking into?
00:51:21I'm samantha, and I'm the office manager at big city chefs.
00:51:24This is a really big week for us.
00:51:26We've got a lot of interesting events.
00:51:27We have a fun bacheloretteparty, a romantic dinner for two and a high-end dinner party up in the hills.
00:51:34(Tom) THIS TYPE OF CLIENTELE IS REALLY IMPORTANT To us, because in this town, word ofmouth can make you or break you.
00:51:42Our chefs jesse and brian are on the event.
00:51:45They're both really high-profile chefs.
00:51:47It'll be interesting to see if those two big personalities can come together, instead of really trying to outdo each other.
00:51:54(man) I GOT A CALL TO DO A PARTY.
00:51:56I didn't get a lot of details about it.
00:51:59But I work with high-profile clients, and I like to work alone because you bring your own style, your own flair.
00:52:06Hi, how are you? I'm tracy.
00:52:07Jesse. so nice to meet you.nice to meet you.
00:52:09And the jesse style is very specific, and I like to make sure that that's what's delivered.
00:52:14And so I go into the kitchen, and chef brian's there.
00:52:17What's going on, man? long time.i know.
00:52:19I mean, I know that he's good, and I know that he's there, so let's rock 'n' roll.
00:52:26Jesse and I have known each other from being around.
00:52:29he's seen me in action.
00:52:33But we've never worked together.
00:52:34I have worked with tom now several
00:52:36.. yep.
00:52:38But I want you guys to know this party for me is huge.
00:52:40 it's gonna be nothing short of fantastic.
00:52:42 well, let me show you outside, 'cause this is where the party's gonna begin.
00:52:47So come out here.
00:52:48For 20 years, I've been cooking, and each client is different, no matter what people say, like, oh, yeah, I've done thisparty before.
00:52:53No, you haven't.
00:52:55Maybe you've done the same food but not the same environment, my friend.
00:52:59It all changes.
00:53:00Okay, this is where we're gonna do cocktails, appetizers.
00:53:02And then we'll go inside for the dinner.
00:53:04But it's my daughter's last homecoming dance, AND... (record needle scratches) ..
00:53:11Homecoming dance, really?
00:53:15When she said homecoming, I could have jumped out of my skin.
00:53:18That is awesome. I love challenges like this.
00:53:22Jesse was reallyinto the whole princess factor.
00:53:25But I was just concerned with 17 to 20 privileged teenagers.
00:53:30Wow, yeah.
00:53:32like, what does she like?
00:53:35Like, what are the kids into these days?
00:53:37She is the pickiest kid of anyone that i know.
00:53:40I want a lot of visual things that are gonna happen " the motor's warm, okay?okay.
00:53:49This is asy, paradise salad with my original pineapple vinaigrette.
00:53:54And literally, it's just mmm, mmm, mmm, yumsters.
00:53:56Or how about a tomato toast?
00:53:58Brian just starts busting out these menu ideas that I would offer say, a nice lady at a country club.
00:54:07I used to cook for mary j. blige.
00:54:08I make these golden-fried tortilla chips.
00:54:11She called them crack chips.
00:54:13" okay? they're just yumsters.
00:54:17Did you just tell a mother that you wanted to give her daughter crack?
00:54:21How about an ice sculpture and something on that ice sculpture?
00:54:25What is going on here?
00:54:26I was thinking about cupcakes or something hanging from bicycles along the grass, and, like, the cupcakesare hanging from the handlebars, and that's where they get the cupcakes from.
00:54:38If I could have just walked out at that point, I would have.
00:54:42But we're dealing with homecoming here.
00:54:45This is major.
00:54:46Cute idea would beif we got, like, shot glasses, .. right.
00:54:50And servea soup in it. love the idea.
00:54:52You can top it with a littleflower or something like that.
00:54:54they can just move the flower and take the shot.
00:54:57When you're doing a party for someone, you almost have to, like, see the party through their eyes.
00:55:04there's nothing wrong with that.
00:55:06If I knew about it, I'd say, "hey, listen, jesse, this is my sweet spot right here, babe, you " we can serve like, um, tuna tartare in cucumber, like, sort of cups sort of thing.
00:55:15I like what you're saying about the cucumber, maybe even a hot house cucumber, and we're just slicing it, ..oh, I like that.
00:55:23I like that a lot. that's dope. I like that.
00:55:25oh, here comes skylar right now. this is my daughter.
00:55:31 this is skylar, and this is chloe.
00:55:34What's cooking?nice to meet you.
00:55:36So okay, tell me everything about homecoming.
00:55:38Basically, there's other parties, obviously, and this one has to be the best, or, like, it's not acceptable, like, not okay.
00:55:48Wow, okay.
00:55:49Well, what would be,like, in your--okay.
00:55:52I'm telling you. it's tough.
00:55:53 I'm serious about this.
00:55:56Like, this other girl in my school is having a party.
00:56:00Okay. do you get along with her? bottom line.
00:56:05This teenage girl scared me.
00:56:08Okay, trust're in good hands.
00:56:09 nice meeting you guys.
00:56:13Nice to meet you.
00:56:14I was like, okay sky--i justwant to make you happy skylar, whatever you need, skylar.
00:56:19Okay. oh, boy!
00:56:20Our client melissa is throwing a bachelorette party for her sister renee and all of their friends from boston.
00:56:27Chef stuart will bethe perfect chef for this event.
00:56:30Hey, stuart. I brought you a little surprise.
00:56:32 he's personable, and he's got a great accent.
00:56:36It's definitely nice to have a chef on your roster that is a lady pleaser.
00:56:40 scones, okay. you got it.
00:56:43I want to get the ladiesinvolved, hands-on a little bit, 'cause we're doing a cooking demonstration.
00:56:48So I think we want to bring a chef in to help you out.
00:56:51That would be awesome. thanks, stuart.
00:56:52I'll talk to you later. all right, take care.
00:56:54I'm born and raised in ireland.
00:56:57Being a private chef--you kinda hope when you go to a house that you have a really nice kitchen to work with.
00:57:03So I walked into the kitchen at melissa's house, and I wanted to die.
00:57:07 the fridge was jam-packed, and I had fresh ingredients thati needed to put in the fridge.
00:57:13This kitchen's so small. oh, man.
00:57:16 I love creating my own menu, as opposed to working in a restaurant where you have to do the same menu every day, where this is like fun and exciting and, you know, creating your own menus and seeing their faces as they taste my food.
00:57:28It's kinda why I love doing it.
00:57:30(Tom) CHEF ELIZABETH IS GONNA BE GREAT FOR This event, ..
00:57:35Hi. come on in.
00:57:36And she's great at entertaining people.
00:57:38Both stuart and elizabethhave very strong personalities,