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00:00:04From the heartland of america to every nation on earth, this is jack van impe presents the truth in news and commentary.
00:00:15Here now are doctors jack and rexella van impe.
00:00:21Hello and welcome to jack van impe presents.
00:00:25Before we get into the headlines today I just want to express my gratitude to you.
00:00:30So many of you have written to us and you say how much the program means to you, it's enlightening you and helping you with your walk with the lord.
00:00:40Thank you for your letters and we thank you especially for your prayers in these days and then this age in which we're living, right.
00:00:48I want to say that this first headline really troubles me.
00:00:52But it's facts, islam's war on christianity, and we will be showing you some very, very startling headlines from around the world.
00:01:02And islamic leader says we are above the law of the land.
00:01:10And 10,000 rally in cairo demanding sharia law.
00:01:18My, my, what headlines they are.
00:01:21Before we get into all of those, do you remember johnny hart, a great, famous cartoonist and he was certainly respected by cartoonists all over across the united states.
00:01:35It was called b.c.
00:01:38And I would like for you to see a cartoon that he wrote and gave about jack van impe.
00:01:45And it says screech.
00:01:48What are you, jack van umpe?
00:01:50Ballgame and with this he also sent a very personal note.
00:01:56It was so touching.
00:01:57He said; please accept the original with my compliments, my love, and my prayers for your marvelous ministry.
00:02:04In his name, love, johnny hart.
00:02:08Now he has passed away, but we thank the lord so very, very much that in many areas of the journalists there are many christians out there, jack, and he really appreciated you so much.
00:02:21Oh, I'll tell you I was shocked because that appeared I the newspapers all over america and canada, and of course he's talking about a ball game and an umpire and he calls me instead of van impe, van umpe, and umpire.
00:02:34And an umpire is one who arbitrates or decides who's right and wrong in an argument between two parties or two people.
00:02:44Well I don't have to decide that because I've got a book that tells me what's right and what's wrong.
00:02:4915 he says beware of false prophets which come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly they are ravening wolves, they don't really have it.
00:02:59They honor me with their lips but their heart is far from me, mark 7:6.
00:03:03They profess that they know god, but in works they deny him being abominable, disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate, titus 1:16.
00:03:11Now back to matthew 7.
00:03:13After he calls them false prophets in sheep's clothing he tells what happens to them in verses 21-23.
00:03:19Many will say to me in that day, lord, lord, have we not prophesied in your name, and in your name have cast out devils, and in your name have done many wonderful works.
00:03:30Jesus looks at them and says depart from me you workers of iniquity, you bunch of sinners, I never, never knew you.
00:03:38He didn't say that about his sheep.
00:03:4127, my sheep hear my voice, I know them.
00:03:43They follow me and I give unto them eternal life and they shall never perish; neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.
00:03:52Be sure you've got the real thing because jesus is coming soon and you're going to be left behind.
00:03:57Oh jack, I thank you for your message.
00:03:59I really, really do.
00:04:00We need it, don't we, across the world?
00:04:03Now jack also received a book erwin lutzer with a beautiful inscription thanking him for his stand for christianity and my, jack really enjoyed that book and he devoured it, the contents of it.
00:04:16Now there he is, dr. erwin w.
00:04:19Lutzer, senior pastor of the moody memorial church.
00:04:24Do you remember that church?
00:04:25One of the greatest in america it certainly is, and this is a book that he sent to him and that is "the cross in the shadow of the crescent-an informed response to islam's " now it's very, very important that we do devour some of these things and understand, have some knowledge about the differences between islam and christianity.
00:04:52Jack, you really liked this book.
00:04:55Some 13 of the leading christian people of america, great preachers, doctorates and all the rest, theological greats back this book, and I'll tell you I back it.
00:05:07It's one of the greatest things I've ever read on islam.
00:05:12Now he preaches it in love because he loves muslims, but he does not play around, he doesn't play footsies with islamic terrorists like some of these guys out there in the christian world who don't have enough guts to stand up to anyone.
00:05:28They don't have enough back bone to take a chiropractic adjustment.
00:05:32They are mugwump christians.
00:05:34Their mug is on one side of the fence and their wump is on the other.
00:05:38And I mean that.
00:05:39There's my joke honey.
00:05:39Now listen carefully.
00:05:41This man is so powerful.
00:05:45It's the first time I can ever remember that after I read it i bowed my head, and even though I'm under two death threats, i said lord jesus, I rededicate my life to you whatever the cost.
00:05:57That's how much it meant and I'm ordering 2,000 of these and a week from now or so we'll be mentioning that you can get them through our ministry.
00:06:05I'm telling you it is dynamite.
00:06:07There is not enough good I can say about this book, but this is what really moved my heart.
00:06:12He mentioned this thing the boxer rebellion.
00:06:15The year 1900 one hundred christians were lined up and they laid a cross on the ground and he said if you will stomp on that cross you'll go home alive.
00:06:28If you don't, you're going to be killed.
00:06:30Take your choice.
00:06:32The first seven jumped all over it and they said, go home.
00:06:37The eighth was a young lady.
00:06:39She knelt by that cross.
00:06:40I don't know all the words she said, but what he said in the book moved my heart, it was something like this: Lord jesus I love you.
00:06:48I'll never betray you.
00:06:50The old rugged cross oh, thank you jesus.
00:06:53And they killed her.
00:06:55But the great thing is the next 90 said if she can do that for jesus we can.
00:07:01And they all knelt around that cross and they were all put to death.
00:07:05Oh that moved my heart.
00:07:07We christians are milk toast believers in this country.
00:07:10I'll tell you there's judgment coming.
00:07:13There could be great assassinations in this country by islamic terrorists and others.
00:07:18It's coming, believe me it's coming.
00:07:20They're crying for sharia law everywhere.
00:07:23They had 15,000 march here in connecticut just a few months ago.
00:07:29They've got a lawsuit going in oklahoma to get sharia law.
00:07:31In a minute rexella is going to show you what just happened in texas as they marched?
00:07:35They said we're above the american law.
00:07:38They tried that in australia and you know what the prime minister there said?
00:07:41If you don't like our law, get out!
00:07:43And I'm telling you that may have to happen in america.
00:07:47And I'm speaking the truth believe me ladies and gentlemen.
00:07:49We need more christians like this young girl.
00:07:52Be faithful unto death and i will give you a crown of life, revelation 2:10.
00:07:56 lutzer you blessed me and stirred my heart.
00:08:00You know jack, he also goes a lot farther back in that book and he quotes martin luther.
00:08:08I'd like for you to take a look please at what he had to say.
00:08:10"The protestant reformer martin .. correctly noted that the core teachings of islam are vehemently opposed to the core teachings of christianity.
00:08:21[In other words, the basics of and not until after the spread of protestant missions endeavors in the nineteenth century did christian theologians and missionaries acknowledge luther's insights .." now something that really popped out at me when I was reading that with you was "vehemently opposed".
00:08:49So many people don't really know that they're really very strongly opposed to each other.
00:08:55I'm going to go back and forth with jack here and we're going to do several points and see how they are vehemently opposed.
00:09:01They're so different.
00:09:02They can't be put together.
00:09:05Alright the first one, of course, do you mind going back and forth here jack?
00:09:09Wonderful honey alright the first thing that christians need to understand regarding the islamic belief about jesus is that muslims of course reject the idea that jesus is the son of god.
00:09:20We believe it, they don't right?
00:09:22Oh rexella, here's another book, how missionaries are promoting an islamized gospel.
00:09:30Now 20 great scholars have put chapters in here describing what the modern christian, these new evangelicals, half of them don't believe christ is god anymore.
00:09:43They believe there are many ways to heaven, yea 56 percent, and there are going to be a lot of evangelicals missing in heaven.
00:09:49All they've got is a title not an experience with christ.
00:09:52And the thing is what are they preaching?
00:09:56An islamized gospel where?
00:09:58The missionaries in muslim countries because they now have a new bible put out by wycliffe, frontier and sils which says jesus is not the son of god.
00:10:11They left out 91 verses in the new translation doing away with his sonship to the father, 91 times.
00:10:22That's blasphemy.
00:10:23And oh how wycliffe is upset with me and they're trying to correct it.
00:10:28You can't correct that.
00:10:29My bible is very dogmatic about who jesus is.
00:10:3313 jesus says, peter who do men say that I am?
00:10:45And he said, oh some say you're elias and others john the baptist.
00:10:51But who do you say I am?
00:10:51He said, you are the lord jesus christ, the son of god.
00:10:55He said, peter, flesh and blood has not revealed this unto you but my father which is in heaven.
00:10:59And I say unto you peter, that upon this rock, you're saying that I am christ the son of god, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
00:11:09Boy I'll tell you and the pakistan bible society who said we refuse that bible because many of our people have already died for the true one that says that jesus is the christ.
00:11:22Not only that, but I've got something shocking here from the australian papers.
00:11:26It says the u.s.
00:11:28Government burns bibles.
00:11:30This is a group of bible sent to the afghanistan boys who are fighting to protect those people over there from one another.
00:11:39And they said we need our bible, but it's the true bible that mentions christ as the son of god and the pentagon, but you know who's the head of the pentagon, the president of the united states, said burn them!
00:11:49And they burned them.
00:11:52And we better start realizing why luther was so upset and I'm upset.
00:11:59The error, they're going against the word of god and I'll tell you you're going to pay for it because jesus, who was behind the writing of the book of 16, I jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things, the 22 chapters of the book of revelation, to the churches.
00:12:18And then he says in verses 18-19, I testify to every man that hears the words of the prophecy of this book.
00:12:26If any man shall add to these things, god shall add to him the plagues written in this book.
00:12:31If any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, god shall take away his part out of the book of life and out of the holy city, and from the things written in this book.
00:12:42You're in trouble with god.
00:12:43And I'm telling you, but he bible says jesus is going to come when it is the greatest apostasia in history, a falling away from the faith, ii thessalonians 2:3.
00:12:52It's arrived ladies and gentlemen.
00:12:55And rexella, furthermore in this book on page 181, it mentions what the koran says about this relationship between a father and son on eight different occasions in chapters 4, 5, 6, 9, 17, 19 and 23 stating if anyone believes that christ is god's son he will burn in hell forever.
00:13:19But I've got another book, this one, written by the holy spirit of god, holy men of god spake as they were moved by the holy 21, and this states he th and son relationship is an antichrist.
00:13:36That's pretty plain isn't it?
00:13:38Is he the son?
00:13:40God so loved the world he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life.
00:13:4811, this is the record that god hath given to us eternal life, and this life is in his son.
00:13:56He that hath the son has life; he that does not have the son does not have life.
00:14:02These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the son of god that they may know, not hope so, guess so, think so, know that you have eternal life!
00:14:10Why, through jesus the son.
00:14:11There is no other way.
00:14:13Now they don't believe that jack because they don't believe that jesus died on the cross for the sins of mankind.
00:14:1920 says christ made peace through the blood of his cross.
00:14:252, looking unto jesus, the author and finisher of our faith who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, bearing the shame, and is now seated at the right hand of god the father.
00:14:42There's a word I love.
00:14:43I love that word savior, my lord and savior.
00:14:45Well they do not in any way say that he was the savior.
00:14:4914, god the father sent his son to be the savior of the world.
00:14:5813 says we're looking for that blessed hope and the glorious appearing of the great god our savior, the lord jesus christ.
00:15:07Martin luther knew what he was talking about believe me.
00:15:13These guys today that are getting together and finding all the same similarities between the koran and the bible, man you don't even know your bibles to know enough to do what's right and say that's right.
00:15:21He is the savior.
00:15:23No other savior.
00:15:24There is no other name under heaven given among men whereby 12 and that's the name of jesus.
00:15:31And you know jack; you believe that he's coming back again, that jesus is going to return.
00:15:36But they say when he does he will set his foot just outside of damascus.
00:15:41Boy I wonder where that's found in the word of god?
00:15:434 that his feet will hit the mount of olives and it's going to split down the center and that's right in front of jerusalem.
00:15:52Damascus isn't going to be much 1 says there's a time coming, and it might be soon if they start bombing it, that damascus becomes a heap of rubble.
00:16:03So jesus wouldn't have much of a place to set his feet in the future.
00:16:08Wrong again.
00:16:09Now he will be subordinate according to them to the muslim messiah mahdi.
00:16:15In other words, jesus would be subordinate to him.
00:16:17That is completely ridiculous.
00:16:21Why should my jesus who is god from all eternity, the second member of the trinity, come back as a subordinate of the shiite messiah mahdi?
00:16:31I'm going to tell you something right now and this is comical.
00:16:35A little boy five years of age came into his mother's room after he got all dressed up.
00:16:43And she said honey what are you doing?
00:16:46He said I just heard van impe saying the king of kings is coming so I got dressed up.
00:16:50Mom, get a new dress on and put some lipstick, get ready for the king.
00:16:54That kid knew more than the koran believe me.
00:16:58Alright lets go on right here.
00:17:01The bible says that jesus is coming back regally, royally on that white horse, 11, as the king of the kings, and lord of the lords and he's going to rule and reign on this earth for 1000 years, revelation 20:4.
00:17:19Then he's recommissioned, I corinthians 15:24-28.
00:17:2315 says the kingdoms of this world are become the kingdoms of our god and his christ and he shall reign forever and forever.
00:17:32He's not going to be a second hand man to mahdi.
00:17:37And jack, since he's a faithful muslim he will come back and rule them under divine law or sharia law.
00:17:43I wonder why my jesus who always quoted from the old testament ten commandments, the judeo christian commandment would come back and start talking about sharia law, which has so much killing to do.
00:17:58If your daughter has sex before marriage, put her to death.
00:18:02If he's a homosexual, put him to death.
00:18:05If he says something against islam as a muhammadan, put him to death.
00:18:09If he's an infidel of any other religion, put him to death.
00:18:13No, my bible the commandment says thou shalt not kill and if you do you can get washed in the blood and be forgiven of any sin.
00:18:22Their sins and iniquities will i 12, after they confessed.
00:18:26We've got a far better law than sharia.
00:18:28And they say that he'll be their greatest evangelist.
00:18:30Listen, here's what the koran jesus comes back and he said I'm not a deity, I'm not god, I'm not the second member of the trinity, I'm not the son of god.
00:18:42I lied.
00:18:43I will not have anything to do with the cross as I've come back as an evangelist because i rigged it all and furthermore he says I have become the evangelist under allah and it is my job if you don't convert to put every jew and christian to death.
00:19:07My jesus?
00:19:09That's what they teach.
00:19:10Oh come on van impe.
00:19:12You ready?
00:19:13Get out your koran, chapter 4 verses 157 to 59, 172 to 73, chapter 5 verses 72 and 73, chapter 9 verse 30, and chapter 19 verses 33 and 88.
00:19:31Look it up.
00:19:32No wonder luther was upset.
00:19:33And the last thing jack, this breaks my heart, that jesus will absolutely abolish christianity.
00:19:42Oh I love this one, 10-11, that at the name of jesus every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that jesus christ is the lord to the glory of god the father.
00:19:55Amen and amen.
00:19:57You know jack, we've referred to this but I believe it's very important that we understand that christians are being murdered around the world and this is nothing new but it is being intensified greatly.
00:20:09And I want you to see something here that dr. lutzer wrote.
00:20:14Jack, would you like to read this please?
00:20:17"During the horrific armenian genocide in 1915, turkish authorities in the ottoman empire were determined to 'complete the eradication of the empire's christians,' and 'entire congregations were burned ave iide churches ' even today we hear in the news about militant islamist groups or violent mobs who attack an ... for example, in nigeria, churches are being burned and worshipers massacred as the islamic presence moves from north to south.
00:20:45In 2011 alone, one islamist radical group known as boko haram 'killed at least 510 people and burned down or destroyed more than 350 ... [god help us.they use guns, gasoline bombs, and even machetes, shouting "allahu akbar" (god is great) while launching attacks on ' this group's goal is to completely eradicate christianity in nigeria.
00:21:13In july 2012, a muslim convert to christianity was beheaded in tunisia, and the grisly murder ...
00:21:21Especially tragic in this escalating wave of violence against christians is the .." how very true we're going on here.
00:21:36Texas cair, now that's the texas council on american islamic relations and they say we are above the law of the land.
00:21:39Then the blasphemy law carries a death sentence for anyone who insults islam.
00:21:43Critics say it has been used to persecute minority faiths.
00:21:45And muslims demanding revolution, shariah law, a bakmako and that is mali the militants have imposed sharia law and destroyed ancient shrines in the historic city of ... 10,000 rally in cairo, demand sharia law.
00:22:04And then the iranian leader says we must prep for end of times.
00:22:11And jack, we must tie this all together because christians are being persecuted around the world.
00:22:18Ladies and gentlemen, because of sharia law we are in trouble as americans.
00:22:23Sharia law has taken over four major cities now in england, two in scotland.
00:22:29They're trying to take over belgium and holland and on and on.
00:22:3215,000 Just marched here in america.
00:22:37In hartford, connecticut and then thousands have just marched in texas saying we don't want american law.
00:22:43We want our own law.
00:22:44And where does it lead?
00:22:45A one world government and one world religion and 1 a political leader comes to power and he has kin power over all kindreds, tongues, people and nations, verse 7.
00:22:56All the world worships him, verse 8.
00:22:58Because there is that religious leader and he gets everything changed.
00:23:0225 says when this dictator, the antichrist, comes to power the religious leader coming with him changes the laws.
00:23:12The ten commandments has always been the law of the world.
00:23:16Now sharia law is coming and coming fast.
00:23:19They are even suing oklahoma city because they want sharia law and god help us it's not going to be long until the whole thing is here.
00:23:27What shall we do about it?
00:23:28Mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine of christ, which you have received.
00:23:34Avoid them and have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but rather reprove them.
00:23:40Take your stand!
00:23:42Fight the good fight of faith, I timothy 6:12.
00:23:47I will say amen to that, won't you?
00:23:49And what is the good fight of faith?
00:23:53Having faith in what?
00:23:54Having faith in truly the son of god, the savior of the world, the one who died on the cross for us, how wonderful it is to have faith in the lord.
00:24:05Have you put your faith in him?
00:24:06Have you opened your heart to the lord?
00:24:10He's the only answer for today's problems.
00:24:12And everything in your life that you don't want there the lord will cleanse because he is the savior of the world.
00:24:19Jack would you please open this to an invitation.
00:24:23To you, if you've never opened your heart to the lord, do it now.
00:24:29Millions of muslims are also getting saved and leaving islam.
00:24:31Listen whoever you are right now, jesus is the way and he died for you.
00:24:41He loves you.
00:24:42He wants you to be with him.
00:24:43That's why he suffered on that cross so he'd have the joy of you being in his presence eternally.
00:24:52Pray it.
00:24:53Jesus, son of god, savior of the world, redeemer.
00:24:58Oh you gave your precious blood on the cross for me and that blood will cleanse me and save me today.
00:25:05Jesus I trust in you.
00:25:07I believe in you.
00:25:08I receive you.
00:25:10Come into my heart now precious jesus.
00:25:15In your holy name I pray this.
00:25:18I trust that you prayed that prayer with jack.
00:25:20The savior of the world died for you.
00:25:22Did you open your heart to him?
00:25:23There's my address, write to me please.
00:25:25I'll send you this little booklet first steps in a new direction.
00:25:29It will help you with your new walk with the lord.
00:25:32Hey, you're a child of god.
00:25:33How wonderful to know him.
00:25:35And now friends, we are reviving something.
00:25:38New world order rising and this goes along with everything we've been talking about today.
00:25:44Take a look please at the commerical the new world order, the final sign preceding christ's return was predicted by st. jerome 1600 years ago.
00:25:56Islam began this campaign in the 1400s AND IT WAS IMPORTED INTO Germany on may 1st, 1776, as the illuminati reared its ugly head.
00:26:04Out of this movement sprang six global organizations including the council on foreign relations, the bilderbergs, the club of rome, the united nations and the new age movement all promoting a one-world government and global religion.
00:26:18Henry kissinger, advisor to numerous presidents, stated: Obama is now being primed to create the new world order.
00:26:25Presently two world leaders are waiting the imminent moment of their inauguration.
00:26:30One will become the dictator of the new world order, the other the apostate head of a world religion uniting all faiths.
00:26:36Will their rule become a blessing or a curse to earth's seven billion citizens and will their rule lead to global peace or world war iii?
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00:27:05Oh that combo.
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00:27:49Now back to rexella.
00:27:52Thank you chuck.
00:27:53Now this combo is so important.
00:27:55It's what happens just before he comes so make the call.
00:27:58Now friends I want to leave you with this thought.
00:28:01I drove by a church the other day and saw it.
00:28:03Don't wait for six strong men to take you to church.
00:28:06Go now.
00:28:08We'll look forward to being in your home again next week and until then remember god cares for you and so do we.
00:28:13Bye, bye.