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00:00:01>> I had a one-night stand.
00:00:04She called me up saying she was pregnant with my baby.
00:00:08>> I was actually born a woman.
00:00:14I want to try to make this work.
00:00:16>> You trap med with a [beep] baby.
00:00:18>> It's not all my fault.
00:00:20>> I like seeing you cry.
00:00:23>> He don't want to be with you.
00:00:25>> Everybody [beep] loves a slut.
00:00:28[Beep] >> she's a dirty little ho.
00:00:33[Cheers and applause] "] [captioning made possible by nbc universal] [cheers and applause] jerry: all right.
00:01:00 says he can't hide his secret any longer.
00:01:04T.j., what is going on?
00:01:05>> Well, jerry, I have two different sides to my life.
00:01:09There's a public side that everybody knows.
00:01:11I'm actually an upcoming rap artist.
00:01:15Would you like to hear?
00:01:18Audience: let's hear!
00:01:19Let's hear!
00:01:20Let's hear!
00:01:27[rapping] [cheers and applause] jerry: ok.
00:01:59Well, you've got an audience.
00:02:01Well, that's very good.
00:02:02And so you're an up and coming rap star.
00:02:06So why are you here?
00:02:07>> Well, being an up coming rap artist is actually very be able to keep my head above water.
00:02:19I started working a denney's a few months ago.
00:02:22Jerry: is that above water?
00:02:24>> Yeah.
00:02:25And I met this girl named melissa and we became pretty close.
00:02:30We've known each other about eight months.
00:02:34And we hooked up a couple of months ago.
00:02:38And I moved away.
00:02:39Jerry: after you hooked up.
00:02:41So you hooked up the day before you left?
00:02:44>> Yeah.
00:02:44 oh, it's one of these things.
00:02:47So you hook up with her and then you left?
00:02:49>> Yeah.
00:02:50 is she still contacting you?
00:02:52>> She is.
00:02:53She wants something more.
00:02:55But I figure it was about time for me to tell her a little bit more about me.
00:03:00I think it's about time that she found out that I was actually born a woman.
00:03:04Jerry: whoa!
00:03:10But you hooked up with her and she had no idea you were a woman?
00:03:13>> No.
00:03:17I'm so good at actually covering my identity, that I had a one-night stand previous about a year ago and she called me up three months later saying she was pregnant with my baby.
00:03:30[Beep] [applause] I mean -- I've been living this way since about 5 years old -- so on the serious side you've had to deal with this issue your whole life and obviously it's difficult.
00:03:52But you had sex with this woman and led her to believe that you cared about her.
00:04:02You can't be blaming her for wanting to be with you more.
00:04:08>> Yeah, but, I don't know, it's just -- I didn't even know if it was really going to work out.
00:04:16My feeling is is why -- why go and tell somebody and put myself through that type of stress?
00:04:27 well, then don't have sex with her.
00:04:30So you wanted to get yours and the hell with her?
00:04:34>> Yeah, pretty much.
00:04:35 do you want to be with her?
00:04:38>> I do.
00:04:38I actually do want to start taking stuff seriously.
00:04:42 that's why you're here -- you want to own up?
00:04:45>> I want to own up.
00:04:46I want to tell her what's up and I'm hoping that she'll agree and we can take things further.
00:04:53Jerry: she's outside the studio.
00:04:55Hasn't seen or heard any of this.
00:05:01What's her name?
00:05:03Here's alyssa.
00:05:05[Cheers and applause] >> hi.
00:05:12Audience: aw!
00:05:16 alyssa, nice to have you on the show.
00:05:19Nice to meet you.
00:05:19So you guys -- I think you met at denny's.
00:05:25Well worth it.
00:05:26And you got a good friendship going and then something more on your mind?
00:05:30>> Yeah.
00:05:31Jerry: good.
00:05:34Why is she here?
00:05:35She's lovely.
00:05:36>> Yeah, I'm -- I really like you.
00:05:39And we had a lot of fun.
00:05:42And ever since you moved you don't call.
00:05:46You don't text.
00:05:47You don't answer any phone calls and when you do text back it's very short.
00:05:54What's going on?
00:05:57>> Well, I haven't exactly been straightforward and honest with you about a few things.
00:06:07One major thing.
00:06:08And I wanted to bring you here to let you know that I was actually born a woman.
00:06:17Audience: oh!
00:06:20>> But we had sex.
00:06:23[Applause] >> yeah.
00:06:29I know we did.
00:06:30And you know, I'm pretty good at hiding it.
00:06:35But I -- I don't know.
00:06:39I don't know what to say.
00:06:43>> I know chicks that you hooked up before me.
00:06:45How is it they don't know?
00:06:51 apparently one's pregnant.
00:06:54[Beep] [applause] >> I'm sorry.
00:07:01I know I probably should have told you sooner.
00:07:04And you know, yeah, you do know people that I've hooked up with before but it's not like I go around telling everybody my business.
00:07:12>> What did you tell me?
00:07:13We've known each other for quite some time.
00:07:16>> I just didn't feel like i really needed to at the moment.
00:07:21I wasn't sure if me and you were going to work out.
00:07:23I didn't know if it was going to progress through anything further so why put me through that and why put you through that?
00:07:31You know, I just -- I'm here now.
00:07:35I'm telling this to you now.
00:07:37I'm coming out.
00:07:38I mean, nothing more than I can do to tell you I'm sorry than national television, right?
00:07:46So what I really want to know is would you still be willing to try to make this work with us?
00:07:57>> Yeah.
00:07:58Yeah -- [cheers and applause] >> I like you.
00:08:10I like you a lot.
00:08:13Jerry: well, that's cool.
00:08:14That's really good.
00:08:20[Cheers and applause] jerry: we'll be back.
00:08:30>> You trapped me with a [beep] baby.
00:08:34>> It takes two of us to make a baby.
00:08:39[Beep] >> he [beep]!
00:08:44[Bell] >> do I a lot of stuff for you.
00:08:47Take you places you've never been like putt-putt golf.
00:08:57>> And then a hole-in-one.
00:08:59>> This september, you're invited to the biggest party in television history!
00:09:08Jerry: welcome to our 25th year!
00:09:11[Cheers and applause] >> it will be wilder, >> nasty slut!
00:09:16>> It will be sexier!
00:09:19It will be epic!
00:09:21The 25th gonna forever.
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00:11:59>> I was hoping that you would accept this promise ring.
00:12:04>> I followed him at a party and we just hooked up.
00:12:07>> She's trifling and you know it!
00:12:10I proved that!
00:12:12>> I'm sorry.
00:12:14>> I'm sorry not sorry.
00:12:16-- I'm not sorry.
00:12:18>> She's my best friend.
00:12:20>> You're pathetic!
00:12:26[Bell] >> monday.
00:12:28>> I didn't want to be your boyfriend.
00:12:30You forced that upon me.
00:12:31 do you feel trapped in your relationship and want out?
00:12:35Well, if so text jerry to 88500.
00:12:40Jerry: ok.
00:12:42Natasha says that her relationship is finally back on track.
00:12:44What's going on?
00:12:45>> Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and a half now.
00:12:49Jerry: yes.
00:12:50>> We have a 6-month-old baby.
00:12:53Jerry: yes.
00:12:54>> And we have our own apartment and live together now.
00:12:57And we both have jobs to take care of our baby.
00:13:02Jerry: so it sounds good.
00:13:05>> Yeah, we have had our hard times.
00:13:09 when you've had hard times what are they about?
00:13:11>> The time that he cheated on me and money and arguing.
00:13:16 how did you find out he cheated on you?
00:13:18>> He had told me himself.
00:13:20Jerry: had you suspected it?
00:13:21>> No, I actually had went through his phone and found it out myself.
00:13:28 and he told you, yes, i have been cheating and he said he was sorry?
00:13:32>> Yeah.
00:13:33Jerry: and you believed that?
00:13:34>> Yeah.
00:13:35 and you're back with him now.
00:13:38Do you think he's cheating now?
00:13:39>> Not that I know of, I would hope not.
00:13:44 you say you have a baby with him?
00:13:47>> Yes, we do.
00:13:48 was the cheating taking place while you were pregsnant >> yes.
00:13:51Jerry: ooh.
00:13:56How long in the pregnancy were you?
00:13:58>> It would have been like five months, something around there.
00:14:02 and then he started cheating on you?
00:14:04>> It was like a one-night stand type thing.
00:14:08 but now you're good with him?
00:14:10>> Yeah.
00:14:11Jerry: why are your here?
00:14:12>> I'm here to prove to him that I am ready to take our relationship farther.
00:14:18Jerry: farther than a kid?
00:14:20>> Yeah.
00:14:23[Laughter] [beep] jerry: to get married?
00:14:26>> Yes.
00:14:28 you want to now get married?
00:14:30>> Yes.
00:14:31And actually a couple of weeks ago I had got him a guitar pick " jerry: aw.
00:14:39What did he say when he read the pick?
00:14:42>> He was surprised.
00:14:43Usually the guy is the one that proposes.
00:14:46Jerry: sure.
00:14:47But what did he say?
00:14:49>> He said yes.
00:14:51He was just surprised about it.
00:14:54 on the other side you " [laughter] I'll come up with a better one.
00:15:03You know -- [applause] there you go.
00:15:08Well, let's meet him.
00:15:09And I hope it works out for you.
00:15:12You seem like a nice young lady.
00:15:14Here is shaden.
00:15:20[Applause] >> I'm miserable.
00:15:26This really isn't working for me.
00:15:27You trapped me with a [beep] baby.
00:15:32>> How did I trap you with a baby because it takes two of us to make a baby?
00:15:37[Beep] >> we have a conversation and i say if you ever got pregnant then I wouldn't leave you.
00:15:46Then what happened?
00:15:47You're pregnant.
00:15:48How does that work?
00:15:49>> It is not my fault.
00:15:51It is not trapped.
00:15:52I don't do everything myself.
00:15:55I've done everything I can for you and took care of you.
00:15:57>> I know.
00:15:58 if you didn't want to have a baby, why did you get her pregnant?
00:16:03>> I didn't do it on purpose.
00:16:05 well, I'm trying to remember how all that works but -- [applause] >> we have him now.
00:16:18I don't know.
00:16:18You go through my phone 24/7.
00:16:20I can't go out with.
00:16:21You I'm 22 years old.
00:16:24I want to have a live.
00:16:25I want to have privacy.
00:16:28I want to have friends.
00:16:29I can't.
00:16:30>> You a responsible, a baby.
00:16:33I don't go out myself either.
00:16:35>> You could.
00:16:37>> Yeah, right.
00:16:38Jerry: did you ever love her?
00:16:39>> I love her.
00:16:42I'm just [beep].
00:16:45 so whoa -- what do you want to tell her, why are you here?
00:16:50>> Last friday, I called into work.
00:16:52I left work early and I went to a party.
00:16:54We were drinking, whatnot.
00:16:56Sidney was there, we ended up hooking up in the back.
00:17:03Jerry: you know sydney?
00:17:05>> I've met her a couple of times.
00:17:09I don't know her very well.
00:17:16I don't know how you could do something like that.
00:17:17>> You cheated too.
00:17:18I don't want to hear it.
00:17:21You cheated more than I have.
00:17:23[Beep] a lot more than I have.
00:17:28[Laughter] [beep] jerry: really?
00:17:30>> I have.
00:17:32Jerry: you have, yeah.
00:17:36It didn't say that here.
00:17:37[Beep] [cheers and applause] >> I don't know how you got trapped with her.
00:17:46>> See, this is what I like.
00:17:48I like seeing you cry.
00:17:51 why are you being mean to her?
00:17:56>> That's kind of what we do.
00:17:58>> Hang out -- [cheers and applause] >> come take your springer selfie.
00:18:21Text jstix to 88500 for your free tickets or call 1-800-96-jerry.
00:21:35>> This september, you're invited to the biggest party in television history!
00:21:45Jerry: welcome to our 25th year!
00:21:48[Cheers and applause] >> it will be wilder!
00:21:52>> Nasty slut!
00:21:53>> It will be sexier!
00:21:56It will be epic!
00:21:59The 25th season of springer, everything starts september 21st.
00:22:07>> We have a 6-month-old baby.
00:22:11And a couple of weeks ago I had got him a guitar pick that says " jerry: aw.
00:22:19What did he say?
00:22:21>> He said yes.
00:22:24>> I'm miserable with a [beep] baby.
00:22:26>> It's not all my fault.
00:22:29>> Sydney was there and we ended up hooking up in the back.
00:22:34>> I don't know how you could do something like that -- >> you cheated too.
00:22:38I don't want to hear it.
00:22:42 have you cheated recently on him?
00:22:44>> No.
00:22:46Jerry: ok.
00:22:48So sydney, you kind of know her but -- here she is.
00:22:52Here's sydney.
00:22:53[Applause] >> you trapped him!
00:22:57[Beep] [bell] [cheers and applause] [beep] [beep] "] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] >> everybody loves a [beep] slut.
00:23:22>> He don't want to be with you.
00:23:24>> I don't care what you have to say.
00:23:27>> He's miserable.
00:23:29He's miserable.
00:23:30>> Listen to me -- [bell] "] so in fairness you knew that they were together?
00:23:46>> Yeah.
00:23:46 and you know that they have a child?
00:23:49And you know they have -- [beep] wouldn't you say, wait a second, you have a child.
00:23:58He don't like kids.
00:24:00I don't like kid.
00:24:02We were partners -- [beep] [beep] [cheers and applause] [beep] "] jerry: all right.
00:24:19So you're not saying that you want to be with her?
00:24:22>> I don't even want to be with him.
00:24:24Jerry: it was a one-night stand.
00:24:26>> A couple of nights.
00:24:29>> Neither one of us like relationships.
00:24:32I don't want to be married.
00:24:33We are best friends.
00:24:36Jerry: you used to go together?
00:24:37>> Party, not like date or nothing.
00:24:41[Beep] >> that's how I don't know how he got trapped with her.
00:24:46Leash on her -- [beep] >> apparently you're not to loyal.
00:24:55And if there's cheating what's the difference?
00:24:57There's mutual feelings about that.
00:25:00 what about that, the fact that you cheated on him.
00:25:06It doesn't sound like you want an exclusive relationship with him?
00:25:10>> I have.
00:25:15I have moved farther.
00:25:18>> Explain.
00:25:19>> See, this is what I like -- i like seeing you cry.
00:25:23 why are you being mean to her?
00:25:25>> Why not?
00:25:31 so you just go around being mean to people.
00:25:34You don't care?
00:25:34>> That's not what we do.
00:25:36>> That's what we do.
00:25:37We used to hang out and make fun of people.
00:25:41Audience: boo!
00:25:42>> You suck!
00:25:43You suck!
00:25:44You suck!
00:25:44You suck j -- you suck!
00:25:47>> Tell me something I don't already know!
00:25:51 why do you want to be with him if they're like that?
00:25:55>> Because I know he can be a better person and be the dad that he's supposed to be.