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00:00:00 so it's nice to have you here, but why are you here?
00:00:03>> I'm here today because my mom does not know.
00:00:05I love my mom to death.
00:00:07She's my rock.
00:00:08Like, she's made me the person i am today.
00:00:10Well, not the person I am today, but.
00:00:12I mean, she's made me a really strong girl.
00:00:16Jerry: she made you a porn star.
00:00:18>> My mom.
00:00:19[Laughing] before everyone else has a chance to tell her, I want to be the first one to tell my mom.
00:00:24 what does she think ?
00:00:27>> I told my mom I was modeling for kmart ads.
00:00:32I told her.
00:00:33She was like, what did you do today?
00:00:35Oh, I just shot swimsuits for kmart.
00:00:38She was like, oh, really?
00:00:40And I was like, yeah, I'm doing marshalls tomorrow.
00:00:44I just play off I was doing -- jerry: commercial modeling.
00:00:50Knowing your mom, obviously what do you think her reaction will be?
00:00:54>> Obviously disappointment.
00:00:55Who wouldn't be disappointed when they find out their daughter does this?
00:01:00 if she says, I love you, honey, but you've got to stop this, would you stop?
00:01:04>> I can't.
00:01:05This is my life now.
00:01:07[Cheers and applause] jerry: all right.
00:01:09Here's your mom.
00:01:10Oh, wait.
00:01:10At's right.
00:01:11Your mom is outside the studio.
00:01:13So she hasn't heard any of this.
00:01:15Here she is.
00:01:17Your mom, beth.
00:01:22[Cheers and applause] >> you look so good, mom.
00:01:38>> So do you.
00:01:42Jerry: hi.
00:01:43Nice to have you with us.
00:01:44>> Nice to meet you.
00:01:45Jerry: pleasure.
00:01:47>> Isn't she so nice?
00:01:49Jerry: she's very nice.
00:01:50Very nice.
00:01:53So you don't know why you're here.
00:01:56>> No.
00:01:57I don't.
00:02:00 and you were nervous because it's our show.
00:02:03What do you want to tell your mom?
00:02:07>> I love you.
00:02:08A lot.
00:02:09I do.
00:02:09And I feel really bad because you stuck by me and had my back this entire time, through thick and thin.
00:02:18But -- I love you more than anything.
00:02:25I see you struggle.
00:02:26You work two jobs, and you work so hard.
00:02:29I just don't want to end up like that.
00:02:32I'm not modeling.
00:02:34I do porn.
00:02:39>> That is the most degrading thing that any woman could do.
00:02:43[Cheers and applause] >> it's a wrap.
00:02:48Going home with her.
00:02:52>> Anybody want to come home with me?
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00:06:15>> I moved to kansas city and i started dancing.
00:06:18Then one of the girls was just like, have you ever tried porn?
00:06:22Anything and everything you can think of runs through your mind before you do something for the first time.
00:06:26Then my partner, this nice-looking gentleman walks in, and everything was fine.
00:06:34 it's nice to have you here, but why are you here?
00:06:37>> My name is not molly rae.
00:06:38That is my porn name.
00:06:40[Cheers and applause] my mom does not know.
00:06:46I told my mom I was modeling for kmart ads.
00:06:51 you don't know why you're here.
00:06:53>> No, I don't.
00:06:54 and you were nervous because it's our show and.
00:07:04What do you want to tell your mom?
00:07:06>> Ok.
00:07:06I love you a lot, I do.
00:07:08But I'm not modeling.
00:07:11I do porn.
00:07:19I'm sorry.
00:07:24>> Porn -- I mean, what kind?
00:07:28>> Like, legit porn.
00:07:31>> I don't understand how you could do that.
00:07:34>> It's a personal thing.
00:07:36I wasn't forced into it.
00:07:38I just kind of had the opportunity to try, and I just did.
00:07:44>> I mean, I never -- we never had that at home.
00:07:47>> I know.
00:07:50>> There was never -- you were never around that.
00:07:53I don't think I ever gave you any indication that that was acceptable.
00:07:57Did i?
00:07:57>> No.
00:07:58And I don't expect to you accept it for what it is.
00:08:02I just need you to know.
00:08:06>> That's how you made all your money, huh?
00:08:09>> I see you struggle.
00:08:10You work two jobs.
00:08:11You work so hard.
00:08:12I just don't want to end up like that.
00:08:16I love you, like, more than anything.
00:08:19>> I don't [beep] -- 10 years down the line when you meet mr. right and you get married?
00:08:28>> Then I'll deal with it then.
00:08:29I'm living my life right now.
00:08:31>> That's something that's never going to go away.
00:08:34>> I know.
00:08:34I'm fully aware of that.
00:08:36I knew what I was getting into when I did it.
00:08:38I didn't do porn and go, ha, ha, no one will see it.
00:08:41I knew people would see it.
00:08:43>> You could have had a full scholarship to college with your athletes.
00:08:47>> That's not me.
00:08:50It's not what I do now.
00:08:54I do it for money.
00:08:56The money is amazing.
00:08:58I love it.
00:09:02Honestly, I get tested every 30 days.
00:09:05Every 30 days I go and give a blood and urine sample.
00:09:08Everyone on the set is tested.
00:09:10I can request to see a test.
00:09:13>> I just don't understand.
00:09:16>> I love you to death.
00:09:17>> I love you, too.
00:09:18I love you, too.
00:09:20It hasn't changed how I feel about you.
00:09:22But I just don't understand why would you want to do that to yourself.
00:09:26>> It's a job.
00:09:27Like, everyone else has jobs.
00:09:28It's just a job to me.
00:09:30I go on set.
00:09:31I sign paperwork, contracts.
00:09:33It's a job to me.
00:09:35 it's a little different than my job.
00:09:36I'm just saying.
00:09:38>> My job has its perks.
00:09:41[Applause] jerry: I'm willing to change it.
00:09:46>> I have another question.
00:09:48Like, a drywaller, he's always got an unfinished drywall project at home.
00:09:52Isn't that going to change your outlook -- how can you just -- bye, see you tomorrow!
00:09:59And then go home and want to have an intimate relationship?
00:10:04>> Because there's no strings attached.
00:10:06Like, the person you're working with knows first and foremost that you're there to work.
00:10:10You're not there to gain a relationship and add best friends to your friend list.
00:10:15First and foremost, I probably can't even date while I'm in the industry.
00:10:20>> So how long do you plan on -- in your mind, how long are you going to do this?
00:10:24>> I'm not going to be doing this my whole life.
00:10:27I'm not going to be some 40-year-old milf that you can watch on d.v.d.'s.
00:10:33[Beep] I'm just saying.
00:10:36Like realistically, when you honestly look at it, who is in the business that long?
00:10:42No one.
00:10:43>> Then what are you going to do?
00:10:44>> That's the thing.
00:10:45I've been saving money.
00:10:46Five years from now, I intend to have a agreement you know what i mean?
00:10:49I'm not just going to do porned and up some porn star in l.a.
00:10:54I don't want that.
00:10:54I want to make money and work.
00:10:57Maybe if I get a name for myself, I get a name for myself, but.
00:11:03 what do you do for a living?
00:11:05>> I'm a waitress and bartender.
00:11:07>> She's a hard worker.
00:11:08I admire that in my mom.
00:11:09I do.
00:11:13[Applause] first and foremost, this is my rock.
00:11:17She has stuck by me through so many ordeals.
00:11:20The last thing I want to do is disappoint her.
00:11:24 but you are willing to do that.
00:11:26>> I wish she would look at it from my standpoint.
00:11:29I'm happy what I do.
00:11:30>> I just can't understand to me that is the most degrading thing any woman could do.
00:11:36[Applause] >> everyone has their opinion.
00:11:42Like, five years down the line from this, like, yeah, I'll have regrets.
00:11:46Who doesn't have regrets in their life.
00:11:48>> What about grandma?
00:11:52>> Grandma doesn't have to know.
00:11:55>> We're on national tv.
00:11:58 grandma doesn't watch other how is?
00:12:00[Cheers and applause] I don't know.
00:12:11>> I'm just -- it worries me so much with you out there.
00:12:14You're only 20 years old.
00:12:17There's a lot of bad people in the world.
00:12:19>> I know.
00:12:20But I'm not dumb.
00:12:23I'm smart about my -- obviously porn isn't the smartest thing to get into, yes.
00:12:28But I'm smart.
00:12:29I have a good head on my shoulders.
00:12:31I'm not going put myself in a predicament that I don't feel comfortable in.
00:12:35Jerry: all right.
00:12:36Well, you're saying you're not stopping.
00:12:39>> No.
00:12:40Molly rae still has a few more years ahead of her.
00:12:42Jerry: we'll be back.
00:12:43[Cheers and applause] >> she's the neighborhood ho.
00:12:51She has three kids, jerry.
00:12:53And I feel like she's trying to pin this one on me.
00:12:57It ain't mine.
00:12:58 here is your cousin, alicia.
00:13:01>> You are the father.
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00:13:10 closed captioning provided by -- tomorrow on "springer" -- >> I see one of the star basketball players.
00:16:21He's eyeing me from across the room.
00:16:24 she started with one ball player but she ended it with charmaine's man.
00:16:29>> You're a slut!
00:16:32 plus -- >> you're a jerk.
00:16:34Jerry: houston's got a big ego.
00:16:36>> Girls don't break up with me.
00:16:38 a little personality conflict.
00:16:39>> You don't even have a personality.
00:16:41>> What is this personality thing?
00:16:44" "] [cheers and applause] jerry: welcome back.
00:16:56My guests say family is something you should value the most.
00:17:01Please meet harrow.
00:17:02He says he hopes his family doesn't ruin his -- his secret doesn't ruin his family.
00:17:10>> I think I made the ultimate mistake.
00:17:13Jerry: what's that?
00:17:14>> I ended up sleeping with my baby's mother's cousin.
00:17:20 your baby's mama's cousin.
00:17:22How long have you been going with your girlfriend, your baby's mother.
00:17:25>> Approximately three years.
00:17:27Jerry: oh.
00:17:27So it's a sus relationship.
00:17:29And I assume you love her.
00:17:32>> Yes.
00:17:33 how did you wind up sleeping with her cousin?
00:17:35>> Well about five months ago she come over to me and my girlfriend's house.
00:17:39She was telling us about this big argument she had with her guy at the time.
00:17:43And she told my girl that she didn't want to go back to the same house with him.
00:17:47So my girlfriend told me -- [indiscernible] so you took her to the friend's house.
00:17:57Oh, well we know what that's like.
00:17:59I have no idea.
00:18:00>> In the process, she asked me to stop by the store.
00:18:03So she grabbed some alcohol and what I took her to her destination.
00:18:10She asked know have a drink with her.
00:18:12I took a drink with her.
00:18:13But when the drink was over, in the process she started hitting on me.
00:18:17So I pushed her off, pushed her off.
00:18:21 how much did you push her off?
00:18:22>> I'm going to say a good two minutes.
00:18:24But she -- [laughing] [cheers and applause] she started telling me, if you won't tell, I won't tell.
00:18:34I said, I got a happy home.
00:18:36I go with your cousin.
00:18:37 that takes up about 30 seconds to say that.
00:18:41>> Then I dropped her off.
00:18:43I end up going in.
00:18:46I fell into her trap.
00:18:47We go into the bedroom.
00:18:49I got a quickie.
00:18:50About five minutes.
00:18:53[Laughing] jerry: ok.
00:18:55So two minutes you said no.
00:18:57Five minutes you did it.
00:18:59So that's a seven-minute evening.
00:19:02>> Basically, jerry.
00:19:04Jerry: have you been back?
00:19:06You can't get five minutes here or there?
00:19:12>> No.
00:19:13My conscious was eating at me.
00:19:14I was feeling bad.
00:19:16 so you're here to tell your girlfriend what you did.
00:19:18You don't want to be with her cousin.
00:19:20>> No, I don't.
00:19:21It was something that happened in the spur of the moment.
00:19:25 did you feel bad as you were doing it?
00:19:29>> When it sank in.
00:19:30I started thinking -- [laughing] [applause] I don't need to know the details.
00:19:42I'm just saying -- yeah, but when you start thinking about it.
00:19:46>> I got a guilty conscious.
00:19:49 why have you decided to tell her now?
00:19:56>> Because alicia came to my house about a week ago.
00:20:00She text me saying that it's a possibility that she might be pregnant by me.
00:20:06Jerry: oh!
00:20:07Just takes five minutes to get pregnant.
00:20:11[Laughing] [applause] apparently it did sink in.
00:20:21So we're dealing -- so now you're worried because, oh my gosh, one, your relationship with your girlfriend may be jeopardized.
00:20:30And, two, you may be a dad by her cousin.
00:20:34>> Yes.
00:20:35But, jerry.
00:20:36Jerry: yeah, what?
00:20:37>> To be honest with you, jerry, she's the neighborhood ho.
00:20:43She has three kids, jerry.
00:20:46Jerry: yes.
00:20:47>> And I feel like she's trying to pin this one on me.