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00:00:49 today -- >> fell ridiculously in love with her.
00:00:54Jerry: a sweet serenade.
00:00:57Hit as sour note.
00:00:59>> All you're good for is cooking sandwiches.
00:01:02>> Would you please send me a man that loves me for me.
00:01:06Jerry: she prayed to heaven.
00:01:08This is what god sent.
00:01:09>> I have a girlfriend.
00:01:12 and heather gives her hell.
00:01:16"] [captioning made possible by nbc universal] [cheers and applause] "] jerry: hey, guys.
00:02:08How are you all?
00:02:09Nice to see you.
00:02:12You're wearing a pink shirt.
00:02:15[Laughter] hey, welcome to the show.
00:02:17My guests say winning back their lover's heart is music to their ears.
00:02:21Please meet daniel.
00:02:22Now he says his excuse to cheat may be hard to swallow.
00:02:27Daniel, what's going on?
00:02:28>> Well, me and my girlfriend really love each other a lot but we just have some problems.
00:02:34Jerry: what are the problems?
00:02:35>> Me and lily still live with my parents.
00:02:37And it's tough because she's always pressuring me to go find her own place.
00:02:43And it will happen but with the job that I work it's just not going happen.
00:02:46 what's the job that you have?
00:02:48>> I work on cars.
00:02:51 but you're not making enough to get a place?
00:02:55>> Not overnight.
00:02:56Jerry: so why are you here?
00:02:57>> The thing is with all the pressure she's put down my neck with moving into our own place, I ended up hooking up with her friend.
00:03:08Jerry: ooh.
00:03:09And how did that come about?
00:03:11>> Well, she works at subway.
00:03:15[Laughter] and she was looking for a footlong?
00:03:20[Cheers and applause] the sandwich, yeah.
00:03:27>> And I go in to get a footlong.
00:03:32Jerry: whoa.
00:03:41So you're gay.
00:03:45[Cheers and applause] "] I'm just being silly.
00:03:52So you go in there because you want a sandwich?
00:03:55>> Yeah.
00:03:56She's being extra nice to me.
00:03:58She's giving me extra provolone and everything.
00:04:03 when they give you extra provolone -- no telling where this is going.
00:04:10>> Once I get to the end of the line, hey, you want some sodas, some chips?
00:04:20I got the cute boy discount.
00:04:25 I didn't know they had that.
00:04:27>> So I'm eating there.
00:04:29And she said hey, I really want to see your band play some time.
00:04:33So I figured yeah, I've give you my number. play.
00:04:38So our gig comes up maybe a week or two later.
00:04:42We're playing and everything and my girlfriend didn't want to come.
00:04:45So I thought why not invite her?
00:04:50My friends are getting their groupies.
00:04:53And I'm not the one that gets groupies.
00:04:58I've been faithful.
00:04:58I thought maybe I should hang out with danine tonight.
00:05:03We went to the bar down the street.
00:05:05We had a couple of drinks.
00:05:07When we got back to listen to the radio and everything, she kissed me and we had sex in my saturn.
00:05:15Jerry: saturn.
00:05:19At least you didn't bring the footlong to uranus.
00:05:25"] ok.
00:05:31So why are you here?
00:05:31>> I want to apologize because I still really love little yeah.
00:05:39-- Love lilia.
00:05:41I wrote a couple of songs for her.
00:05:44I wanted to play one for her.
00:05:46Jerry: oh.
00:05:47Good for you.
00:05:49>> The thing is I'm more of a guitar player.
00:05:53I wrote some lyrics.
00:05:55You think you could sing it while I play guitar?
00:05:59"] jerry: what's her name?
00:06:11>> Her name is lilia.
00:06:12Jerry: ok.
00:06:13Why don't we bring out lilia?
00:06:17[Cheers and applause] oh.
00:06:30Nice to meet you, lilia.
00:06:32How long have you together?
00:06:34>> For a year and a half.
00:06:37 the relationship's going well?
00:06:39>> Great.
00:06:40He's awesome.
00:06:41He's the love of my life.
00:06:42Audience: aw!
00:06:43 what do you want to tell her?
00:06:45>> I just want to play this song for you.
00:06:47I think that would be really cool for you.
00:06:50>> Really?
00:06:51[Beep] [applause] ♪♪ I'm so ridiculously in love with her she makes life more to live for she radiates strength through beauty and power ♪♪♪♪
00:07:11>> [beep] >> you need to mind your business.
00:07:17You need to mind your business.
00:07:20 here is toe's "springer sound-off" -- do you think guys in bands can be faithful?
00:07:29To tell me what you think call 888-jerry-10.
00:07:32That's 888-537-7910.
00:07:36Call right now and receive exclusive offers.
00:07:40Call 888-jerry-10.
00:07:41That's 888-537-7910.
00:07:44I want to hear from you.
00:07:45>> This may -- >> let's go!
00:07:49>> We're putting the spring in " the weather's warming up.
00:07:56>> Jerry, I'm wearing way too many clothes.
00:07:58>> The flowers are blooming.
00:08:02It's a season of surprises.
00:08:03>> I was actually born a male.
00:08:06>> All new.
00:08:09And popping fresh.
00:08:10>> Don't they look hot?
00:10:39 is your life just like an episode of thierry springer show and does everyone tell you -- of "the jerry springer show" an does everyone tell you you should be a guest?
00:10:49Give us a call at 1-800-96-jerry.
00:10:51Are -- >> she works at subway.
00:10:53 and she was looking for a footlong?
00:10:56>> Once I was in the line, hey, you want some sodas, chips?
00:11:00I don't have the money for that.
00:11:03She tells me, it's ok.
00:11:04You've got the cute boy discount.
00:11:07I ended up hooking up with her.
00:11:09I want to apologize because i still really love lilia.
00:11:12I wrote a couple of songs for her.
00:11:15You think you could sing it while I play guitar?
00:11:20[Cheers and applause] apparently he doesn't sing very much.
00:11:22>> No, he doesn't.
00:11:24Jerry: well, I don't either.
00:11:25But he wants to play and he wants me to read the music he wrote for you.
00:11:31>> Oh, really?
00:11:36>> Charles stand next to him so the sound is coming from the same place.
00:11:40[Applause] >> I'll take lead -- >> of course, you'll take the lead.
00:11:45I don't know what the heck you're doing.
00:11:47>> Ready?
00:11:48Jerry: yeah.
00:11:49>> One, two, three, four.
00:11:52♪♪ I'm so ridiculously in love with her she makes life more to live for hope more to hope for she radiates strength through beauty and power her emotions pour into me like warm coffee the body of a woman and courage of a goddess the way she sways her flesh against mine like a garden snake curling up my torso she posesses the wisdom of the old steady as the crane balanced on wood behind calm waters I love you lilia ♪♪♪♪
00:12:44[cheers and applause] "] >> that was great.
00:12:55I loved it!
00:12:58Jerry: I wrote it.
00:12:59He had nothing to do with it.
00:13:02[Cheers and applause] "] I was being silly.
00:13:09He wrote that and he wanted me to -- >> aw, thank you.
00:13:12>> No problem.
00:13:14You know, I don't know when we're going to go out to vegas an everything.
00:13:17And I'm working really hard and all.
00:13:19Before I go out there I think i need to tell you something.
00:13:23>> Ok.
00:13:23>> Well, you know that night you stayed home the other night for that gig?
00:13:29>> Uh-huh.
00:13:30>> I invited danine out and we had sex.
00:13:36>> Why?
00:13:38>> All the pressure you've been doing to me, it just -- it's kind of driven me that way.
00:13:44>> But you know I sacrifice everything, my family moved.
00:13:48I decided to stay here for you.
00:13:51I stopped going to school.
00:13:53I quit my job.
00:13:54Two weeks ago we were supposed to be in vegas and it still doesn't happen.
00:13:59What about the pressure I have?
00:14:00>> You don't know how hard it is to go to work and save all this money so we can get out there overnight.
00:14:07You always want to go over night and it can't happen.
00:14:10You're always nagging at me an it doesn't happen.
00:14:15>> I've gotten messages from the girls saying that you were a cheater and you were unfaithful and I've always beliefed you over all of them.
00:14:25-- Believed you over all of them.
00:14:27>> I'm not a cheater.
00:14:28>> You cheated on me, daniel.
00:14:30>> It's different.
00:14:31>> [Beep].
00:14:34Jerry: trust me.
00:14:35There's a song about this.
00:14:38[Applause] jerry: who did you cheat with?
00:14:45>> Her friend danine.
00:14:47>> jerry: now her?
00:14:49>> Yeah.
00:14:50She's one of my good friends.
00:14:52 you know she works at subways.
00:14:55>> Yeah.
00:14:56Jerry: here's danine.
00:15:00Audience: boo!
00:15:05[Beep] [beep] [beep] >> you're my good friend, danine, you knew we were happy.
00:15:25>> We're not good friends.
00:15:28We were best friends but we're not now.
00:15:31I rarely see you I owe nothing to you.
00:15:33>> Obviously, you're a slut.
00:15:35You're a dirty freaking tramp.
00:15:41[Applause] >> I'm going to beat you -- [bell] [cheers and applause] "] >> you cheated on me with that?
00:15:59 were you aware that they were together?
00:16:01>> Yeah, I knew they were dating.
00:16:04I knew -- do you want to be with him?
00:16:06>> I like him and all but I'm too young for a relationship.
00:16:09I want to explore.
00:16:10I want to explore -- >> what a whore.
00:16:21 are you going to be with him?
00:16:25>> I mean, he's a musician.
00:16:27How's he going to be when you go on tour, daniel?
00:16:31[Applause] in fairness do you think you could be faithful?
00:16:35You're going to be on the road.
00:16:37There are always going to be young women around.
00:16:39Are you telling her that you will never ever be with another woman, she's the one?
00:16:43>> Lilia, I'm telling you I'm never going to be with another girl besides you.
00:16:48>> I don't believe you.
00:16:50Jerry: we'll be back.
00:16:54>> So you're the bitch -- >> yes!
00:16:56And I told you before if you kept calling him that I was going to beat your ass, right?
00:17:06[Bell] you love watching "springer" -- then go to com for your free tickets and you won't miss tomorrow on "springer" -- >> she thinks she's fat.
00:20:25>> She really is.
00:20:26She's about 260 pounds.
00:20:28>> I followed her to the bathroom at the kangaroo store an we had sex.
00:20:33>> That's your husband's best friend.
00:20:35>> I don't care.
00:20:36Jerry: then?
00:20:37>> I slept with my sister's lesbian girlfriend.
00:20:42 they may have sister lesbian drama but duran thinks it will be ok.
00:20:48>> This ain't the last one you're going to be with.
00:20:51" [cheers and applause] "] jerry: thank you.
00:21:05Thank you.
00:21:05Welcome back.
00:21:06My guests today want the truth.
00:21:07Please meet amber.
00:21:08She was hoping that she finally found love.
00:21:12Amber, what's going on?
00:21:13>> Well, jerry, I always had bad luck with men.
00:21:16I can give you some examples.
00:21:18One of my exes wanted to find an apartment for us.
00:21:23I put a deposit down on us.
00:21:25I called him to let him know that I found us an apartment.
00:21:32He said let me call you back because one of my home boys is over here.
00:21:38And little did he know he didn't hang up the phone.
00:21:44He said this fat bitch found me and and I'm going to move you in and not her.
00:21:55 he told her that not knowing you could hear.
00:21:59>> But wait.
00:22:00I've got another story.
00:22:01I was with this other dude.
00:22:07He dumped me.
00:22:09He stole everything I had, I'm not kidding from underwear from shoes to pants -- the guy stole your underwear?
00:22:18>> Yes, and gave it to his crazy new girlfriend.
00:22:20Jerry: so why are you here?
00:22:21Are you finished with men?
00:22:23>> Well, I thought I was -- jerry: yeah, but.
00:22:31>> One day I was at home crying and I was praying I i said, lord, would you please send a man that loves me for me and who I am.
00:22:41And I'm not kidding, jerry, about a week later, this guy named robert wanted me to add him to face bookbook.
00:22:51Next thing I know, we exchanged numbers.
00:22:5600 00 in the morning talk about how we wanted to grow old together with a dog and a house and a pickett fence around it.
00:23:10And everything was going good.
00:23:13And my mom was like why don't you invite your friend to our bond fire.
00:23:20 was that the first time you met him?
00:23:23>> Yeah.
00:23:24But everybody liked him.
00:23:26He was a sweetheart.
00:23:30And the bond fire was over -- did he look like you thought he would look?
00:23:37>> Yeah.
00:23:39They all went to sleep an me and him hung out on my family porch.
00:23:45We had a really strong connection and we had sex on my family porch.
00:23:50Then before he left, he said call me every night and I mean call me -- he didn't take your underwear?
00:23:57>> No.
00:23:57>> He toll me to call him every night to prove to him that i cared about him.
00:24:02I was like all right.
00:24:03And he really meant it because he kept telling me.
00:24:08So I kept calling him every night.
00:24:11I wouldn't get no response, no answer, no nothing.
00:24:13He just disappeared.
00:24:15And I haven't heard from him sense.
00:24:18Jerry: so why are you here?
00:24:19>> I want to know why he stopped talking to me.
00:24:22 because he was the one that told you to keep calling.
00:24:25>> Yes.
00:24:25 well, his name is robert, you said.
00:24:27>> Yes.
00:24:28Jerry: all right.
00:24:29Here is robert.
00:24:34[Applause] jerry: welcome.
00:24:49Nice to have you here, robert.
00:24:51>> Nice to be here, jerry.
00:24:53 she's saying that you guys met on facebook.
00:24:55>> Yes, that's true.
00:24:56Jerry: and how did that happen?
00:24:58>> I hit amber up on facebook.
00:25:02We've been talking.
00:25:03We talked for days and hours and we met and we just connected.
00:25:08Jerry: good.
00:25:09What do you want to say to him?
00:25:11>> I brought you here because i cared about you.
00:25:15I still do care about you.
00:25:16And I want to know why all of a sudden, it was like you just fell off the face of the earth and you told me to call you and you never answered when i called you.
00:25:28>> I'm going to be honest with you.
00:25:31I should have told you this.
00:25:35I've got a girlfriend.
00:25:37>> You've got a girlfriend?
00:25:42>> We've got good history together.
00:25:44Jerry: heaven.
00:25:45>> That's the bitch that's been calling me?
00:25:53Jerry: that's what happens.
00:25:56You ask god to send you a guy.
00:25:58He's going to send you someone from heaven.
00:26:04It happens every time.
00:26:06>> So that's the bitch that's been calling me and threatening me saying she wants to beat my ass when she sees me in the streets?
00:26:14>> Yeah, I was in the room with her when she called you but i didn't tell her to do it.
00:26:20Jerry: wait a second.
00:26:23>> She's tell calling and texting him blowing up his phone.
00:26:29I'm not playing that.
00:26:30>> Shut the hell up.
00:29:02 do you have a sexual secret that you're ready to confess?
00:29:07Well, if so give us a call at 1-800-96-jerry.
00:29:13>> I said lord, would you please send me a man that's caring and that loves me for me.
00:29:21We started talking and a real strong connection came and we had sex on my family's porch.
00:29:27Jerry: porch sex.
00:29:28>> Then I haven't heard from him since.
00:29:32Jerry: why are you here?
00:29:33>> I want to know why.
00:29:35>> I'm going to be honest with you, I've got a girlfriend.
00:29:39>> You've got a girlfriend?
00:29:41Jerry: what's her name?
00:29:42>> Heaven.
00:29:44 you ask god to send you a guy, he's going to send you someone from heaven.
00:29:50Let's meet heaven.
00:29:53[Applause] uh-oh.
00:29:57[Beep] jerry: oh.
00:30:04All right.
00:30:04Heaven, were you aware that he was playing games with her?
00:30:07>> Yeah, he confessed to me about it.
00:30:10He confessed to me.
00:30:11>> So you're the bitch -- >> yes, I'm the bitch -- yes!
00:30:16I am the one that toll you that if you kept calling him I was going to beat your ass, right?
00:30:25>> I'm right here, right now!
00:30:29[Bell] "] [beep] [beep] >> what's up?
00:30:52What's up?
00:30:53>> I said quit calling and texting, right?
00:30:58He's mine, right?
00:30:58>> Ok.
00:31:00>> I warned you.
00:31:03So ass-whupping.
00:31:04>> Oh, really?
00:31:06You whupped my ass?
00:31:08 here's the thing -- i don't know why you're angry at her because he started with her.
00:31:13He didn't tell her about you.
00:31:14She didn't know.
00:31:15What did she do wrong?
00:31:17>> I want her though because i asked her to be honest with me.
00:31:22And she told me she was done.
00:31:25 oh, did you say -- >> but she's still calling him.
00:31:28She's still calling and texting him blowing up his phone.
00:31:32And I toll her -- told her, i wasn't playing that.
00:31:39>> Shut the hell up.
00:31:51"] jerry: do you love him?
00:32:01Do you want to be with him?
00:32:03>> Oh, yes.
00:32:04I do.
00:32:05I forgave him.
00:32:06I forgave him.
00:32:11 why do you think he's not going to do it again?
00:32:14I mean, if he could play such a trick, do you honestly think -- look, you love who you love.
00:32:21That's your business.
00:32:22But why do you believe for a second that he's not going to -- go on facebook one day, you guys have a fight.
00:32:29He's back on facebook.
00:32:30He's sectioning someone again -- >> well, he brought me here -- he's sexting someone again.
00:32:38>> Well, he brought me here, jerry.
00:32:41Jerry: so you want to be here?
00:32:44Make your plea.
00:32:47>> You said I -- you want to be with me.
00:32:52>> I mean, we still can be friends.
00:32:54>> Friends?
00:32:56Oh, no, no friends!
00:33:00>> You're going to let mer pull your -- you're going to let her pull your leash.
00:33:06>> Ain't no leash, baby this is where he wants to be at.
00:33:13>> You can't pull him like no damn dog.
00:33:15>> He's telling you he's done with you.
00:33:19He wants to be with me.
00:33:20So obviously, he likes i.
00:33:22>> Well, let it be but I can still be friends.
00:33:26>> Facebook friends?
00:33:28>> Yeah, yeah.
00:33:30[Bell] "] [beep] >> you seem like a really sweet lady.
00:33:45Here's what I don't understand, why do you want to be friends with him?
00:33:48Don't think about her just for the moment because you're both fighting over the same guy.
00:33:53But why do you want to be with him?
00:33:55>> Because I put six months into it.
00:33:58Me and him had a connection.
00:34:00And I can't let that [beep] go like that.
00:34:03>> Six months?
00:34:04>> We've been together for two years, boo boo!
00:34:09>> But that don't mean -- >> we have sex together constantly.
00:34:12>> You had sex one time on a pornl, on a porch!
00:34:18>> We have sex in my bed, in my bathroom, my living room!
00:34:26 does he get up on the counter?
00:34:28We'll be back.
00:34:32>> I don't want to be with you no more.
00:34:37>> You don't want to be with me.
00:34:39>> Stop it.
00:34:40Stop it with all that.
00:34:41It's over.
00:34:42I done met somebody else.
00:34:44An it's over.
00:34:45I've been cheating.
00:34:46Face it.
00:34:47Just face it.
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00:38:17[Cheers and applause] "] jerry: thank you.
00:38:30Well, welcome back.
00:38:31Mir guests today say they're ready to come clean which will prevent them from living in harmony.
00:38:38Please meet lionel.
00:38:38He says his girlfriend is expecting their second child and he's expecting some drama today.
00:38:44Jerry: lionel, what's going on?
00:38:46>> Today, jerry, I am here to break it with my pregnant girlfriend.
00:38:51Jerry: why would you do that?
00:38:52>> Honestly, actually she's four months pregnant now.
00:38:56We have a daughter right now.
00:38:58And we're always argue.
00:39:00She accused me of cheating.
00:39:03She goes through my phone.
00:39:04When her phone ring, I don't look at it.
00:39:06When she answer it I don't ask her who she's talking to.
00:39:10On the other hand if I'm on the phone, she's all up in my business.
00:39:15Who is that?
00:39:15Why are you talking to this girl?
00:39:18 well, does she have a point that you do cheat?
00:39:20>> Yeah, she knows I cheat.
00:39:24I cheated over 15 times.
00:39:25She know what is' going on, jerry.
00:39:28 well, ok, well, then why are you upset with her?
00:39:33>> I'm upset with her -- the only reason I cheat on her, jerry because I was going to marry this girl at some point.
00:39:39The only reason I cheat on her, honestly is because before -- before hand she was with a friend of hearse.
00:39:48Someone told me a little something that maybe wasn't supposed to slip up.
00:39:53And I asked her about it.
00:39:55She denied it.
00:39:56I go on facebook and I see different.
00:39:59Ever since that day -- we've been together for what, two and a half years.
00:40:04Three or four months in that situation, I was never faithful after that.
00:40:09It was over.
00:40:10She can leave that.
00:40:12I'm never going to be faithful.
00:40:15It was over.
00:40:15 but you still decided to have children.
00:40:20>> If it was up to me, she wouldn't have the baby.
00:40:24 you couldn't just turn over?
00:40:27>> No, sir.
00:40:30[Laughter] >> I told her to get up and she stayed [beep].
00:40:35 well, now we know how you do it.
00:40:45[Applause] ok.
00:40:47So -- oh, gosh, so you're here to tell her it's all over.
00:40:51Is there someone else?
00:40:51>> Jerry, yes, there is.
00:40:53I met another woman.
00:40:59 and she'll never go through your phone.
00:41:01>> No, it's always positive.
00:41:03She knows about her and the kids.
00:41:05And she never goes through my phone.
00:41:09We just get together.
00:41:11We just have straight sex.
00:41:12She calls me in a month or two.
00:41:14 so that's what you're looking for in a woman?
00:41:17>> Not really.
00:41:18I'm just looking for a good time.
00:41:21Someone that's not going to be all down my back.
00:41:25Jerry: delilah's her name?
00:41:26>> Yes, sir.
00:41:28 this is your girlfriend, the mother of your children.
00:41:32She hasn't heard any of this.
00:41:34But let's bring her in.
00:41:37Here's delilah.
00:41:38[Cheers and applause] audience: aw!
00:41:53Jerry: hi, delilah.
00:41:55How's the situation going with you two?
00:41:57>> Well, I love him.
00:41:59Everything's good when he's not cheating on me.
00:42:01 oh, that's the problem that he cheats?
00:42:04>> Yes.
00:42:11 when you see her reacting like this does it make you feel -- >> it makes me feel a little bad but not really because of the situation we've been through, I don't feel bad at all.
00:42:21 what do you want to say to her?
00:42:25>> Delilah, I came here today to tell you a little secret.
00:42:32I understand that you -- that you're probably used to me cheating and all that but this time it's a little different.
00:42:40I don't want to be with you no more.
00:42:46>> Why do you not want to be with me?
00:42:50>> I can't deal with you.
00:42:51I'm honest with you.
00:42:53You can't say that I'm not.
00:42:54But when you constantly want to accuse me, argue with me all the time, it's a problem.
00:43:00>> Why are you saying that i accuse you.
00:43:04I accuse you because you're cheating on me.
00:43:08I can't do anything but accuse you.
00:43:09>> Stop it, stop it with all that.
00:43:11It's over.
00:43:12I done met somebody else and it's been over.
00:43:16I've been cheating.
00:43:17Face it.
00:43:18Just face it.
00:43:18>> We've got a baby together.
00:43:20How can you do ha?
00:43:22I'm four months pregnant with your baby.
00:43:24>> Ok.
00:43:24I will be there for this baby that you got right here.
00:43:27But me and you it's over with.
00:43:30You can call me when you need something for the kids.
00:43:34I'll take care of that.
00:43:37But our relationship has to end right now.
00:43:39I can't take it.
00:43:41You with all this crying, i can't take this.
00:43:49You're looking like a fool right now.
00:43:52Jerry: no, she isn't.
00:43:54In fairness you're the one that's being pretty mean.
00:43:57>> You're going to stand up here and sleep with her man?
00:44:02She can't defend herself but i can -- [cheers and applause] here is today's " do you think guys in bands can be faithful?
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00:47:42>> I am here to break it with my pregnant girlfriend.
00:47:45Jerry: is there someone else?
00:47:47>> Jerry, yes, there is.
00:47:48I met another woman.
00:47:53When we get together we just have straight sex.
00:47:56I don't want to be with you no more.
00:47:59>> Why don't you want to be with me?
00:48:01>> Stop it.
00:48:02Stop it with all that, it's over.
00:48:06I done met somebody else.
00:48:08I've been cheating.
00:48:09Face it.
00:48:10>> We've got a baby together.
00:48:12How can you do that?
00:48:14I'm four months pregnant with your baby.
00:48:20Jerry: here's alexis.
00:48:22Audience: boo!
00:48:30Jerry: do you know her?
00:48:31Do you guys know each other?
00:48:34>> No.
00:48:34 but did you know that they have children together?
00:48:37>> Yes, he told me.
00:48:38 do you feel a little bit bad about that?
00:48:41I mean, just as a woman knowing that there is another woman that has a child with him is about to have another child with him or is four months pregnant.
00:48:51>> She looks stupid up here crying.
00:48:55 you must cry when you get hurt.
00:48:59>> She can't be that hurt she keeps letting him do it over an over again.
00:49:05-- And over again.
00:49:07Audience: boo!
00:49:09>> That's exactly how I feel about the situation.
00:49:11I tell her leave me alone.
00:49:13Leave me alone.
00:49:14She always cries.
00:49:15She makes me feel bad about it.
00:49:17And I end up being suckered back into it.
00:49:21But this time I'm moving on.
00:49:23 do you want to be here with alexis?
00:49:27>> Actually, no.
00:49:29We always have a good time.
00:49:32But I don't see myself with her.
00:49:35>> Me either.
00:49:38>> So you're sleeping with him?
00:49:40>> Yep.
00:49:40>> With him?
00:49:41>> Yep, and you look dumb as hell.
00:49:44>> You standing up here looking even more dumb because you're trying to break a happy home.
00:49:51>> It's not that happy.
00:49:53It's not that happy.
00:49:54>> Who's up here crying over a [beep] that don't even want you?
00:50:00>> I don't care.
00:50:01I stick up for my family.
00:50:03What are you sticking up for?
00:50:05You're looking dumb as hell.
00:50:08Jerry: who is sheron?
00:50:11>> I brought her here because i knew he was cheating on me.
00:50:15I brought her here so she could beat your ass!
00:50:20[Cheers and applause] >> this is my friend.
00:50:38I love her!
00:50:40Shut up!
00:50:41This is my friend!
00:50:42I love her, ok?
00:50:44You're going to sit up here and sleep with her man?
00:50:47She can't defend herself but i can!
00:50:50[Cheers and applause] [beep] [beep] "] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] jerry: all right.
00:51:27Make your plea.
00:51:31>> You can't sit here and leave me.
00:51:36You helped me create this.
00:51:37>> Don't do that.
00:51:39>> There she goes with that crying nonsense again.
00:51:43[Beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] >> you need to mind your business.
00:51:50You need to mind your business.
00:51:53[Beep] [beep] [beep] [beep] >> you ain't got no man in your life that take care of his kids.
00:52:04>> My man treat me good.
00:52:06He's better than that.
00:52:07>> I bet you he's not.
00:52:08>> I bet you that.
00:52:09>> I bet you he's [beep].
00:52:13Jerry: ok.
00:52:16You've got more water than i did.
00:52:20>> That's what I told her.
00:52:22Every time she gets mad, every time she breaks up, she wants to call her friends, calling my phone.
00:52:29I don't have time for it, jerry.
00:52:31>> Because they have love, concern and care for me?
00:52:35>> That don't matter.
00:52:36>> That do matter.
00:52:37That do matter.
00:52:38They care about me.
00:52:40They care if my feelings get hurt.
00:52:44They care that I'm four months pregnant having your child.
00:52:47You have a daughter at home by me already, already.
00:52:51>> I understand all that.
00:52:52>> You think I want to look at her face -- and you think i want to look at her face an i want her to see that I fought for our family.
00:53:01That I fought for me and her daddy to stay together.
00:53:05You want your daughter growing up dating a man like that?
00:53:09You'd be ready to finish her.
00:53:13>> My daughter's going to be way stronge a woman than you ever will be.
00:53:17>> Oh, I'm a strong woman.
00:53:19I'm a strong woman.
00:53:23 before we get started i just want to tell you we've had a whole bunch of students here from u-mass!
00:53:35[Cheers and applause] [beep] >> my question's for robert in the blue polo.
00:53:40Can you do me a favor?
00:53:42Stand up for me for a second.
00:53:44Can you say something for me?
00:53:47Can you say, what you talking about willis?
00:53:53[Cheers and applause] "] [beep] jerry: I am going to u-mass.
00:54:22>> My comment is for the lady in the blue.
00:54:24You need to smack him for singing that song with you and cheating with the hunch back of notre dame.
00:54:33[Applause] our producers have decided that you will take us into the break.
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00:54:56>> Tomorrow on "springer" -- >> she's really fat.
00:55:00She's about 250 pounds.
00:55:01>> I thought I went to the bathroom in the kangaroo store and we had sex.
00:55:06 now christie's hopping mad.
00:55:08>> That's your husband's best friend?
00:55:10>> I don't care.
00:55:11>> I slept with my sister's lesbian girlfriend.
00:55:14 they may have lesbian family drama but duran knows everything will be ok.
00:55:18>> You've been with a lot of hot ♪♪
00:56:23Hot Mess Hot Mess Hot Mess ♪♪
00:56:27♪♪ Your'e a hot kind of love You set me on fire You spice up my night Feed my every desire ♪♪
00:56:35Jack's one hit wonder is now a burger.
00:56:36The Hot Mess is loaded with spicy jalapenos, onion rings and gooey pepper jack cheese.
00:56:41♪♪ Your'e a-a Hot Mess ♪♪
00:56:43And that's how I met your mom.
00:56:46♪♪ Hot Mess ♪♪
00:57:59 you know you can't be very optimistic about any of these relationships because there's little sense of commitment here.
00:58:05In fact, love is being mistaken for commitment.
00:58:08I mean, they all want to be with whom they want to be with when they want to be with them.
00:58:16That of course sounds awfully democratic but when it comes to a relationship it's more about stability.
00:58:24Even when the bells, whistles and heartstrings aren't going off every time you look at each other.
00:58:31And most of our guests today happen to reveal that level of seriousness.
00:58:35And until they do, what we see here aren't relationships but rather long dates.
00:58:41Until next time, take care of yourself and each other.
00:58:43[Cheers and applause]