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00:00:14JESSE:Now what is your dream?
00:00:17'Cause there's nothingyou can't do.
00:00:20And let nothing hold you back.
00:00:22Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I'm Jesse Duplantis.
00:00:24Thank you once again for tuning in to the broadcast.
00:00:27We're going into "Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind," Part 2 of a four-part show.
00:00:32So many people love this.
00:00:33It ministers greatly to them because many people have had encounters with God also.
00:00:37And I talk about my encounters, and many people say, "My Lord, Jesse, it shakes me to my shoes." So let's go into Part 2 of "Heaven: Close Encounters of the God Kind." You're gonna be blessed and you're gonna learn something about God and what He thinks about you.
00:00:57March of 1988--or excuse me, August of 1988.
00:01:01I was at Magnolia, Arkansas, atMagnolia Christian Center.
00:01:05I was preaching a revival for Pastor Paul Troquil, preaching a meeting.
00:01:12Wonderful church.
00:01:15It was Monday.
00:01:16Pastor called me, he said, "Hey, I'll pick you up about 12:00 "and we'll go get some lunch." I said, "Fine." So he picks me up at the Best Western Hotel, Room 105.
00:01:28Normal day, I knew something was up, I could sense it in my spirit, but don't quite know what.
00:01:33You know, you get many different Close Encounters and I'm trying to condense this because it's a long story.
00:01:40He said, "Jesse, if you don't mind, "there's a steak house right across the street; "you want to eat there?" I said, "Yeah, we'll eat there, it'll be fine." So we sit down, we order.
00:01:50I began to get this compulsion to get back to my room.
00:01:53I mean, urgent, but I don't want to be rude.
00:02:01So here comes the food, they lay it down, it's steaming, man, the smoke's coming off of it.
00:02:06I looked at the pastor and I said, "I have to go." And he had a couple of friends, a couple of other ministers with him.
00:02:11He said, "Is something wrong?
00:02:12"Are you sick? Do you feel bad?" I said, "No, I just-- I gotta get back to my room." "Well, is there something wrong?" I said, "No, there isn't anything wrong.
00:02:19"Paul, I don't know what, "I've just got this compulsion to get back to my room.
00:02:24"I'm sorry, excuse me." And I left the food on the table.
00:02:28He said, "Well, we'll bring you." I said, "No, I'll just walk across the street." And here's the food, I just felt so bad.
00:02:32You know, we're eating lunch, the food's sitting there, I mean, just got on the table 10 seconds.
00:02:37Finally, I couldn't stand it.
00:02:38I said, "Paul, excuse me, I'll see you tonight.
00:02:41"I've got to get back to my room.
00:02:43"Y'all excuse me." I got up and walked across the street.
00:02:46I walked across the street, I opened my door, and didn't see a thing.
00:02:50I took my, "Do Not Disturb" little thing, I put it on there and closed the door.
00:02:55It was 1 minute to 1:00.
00:02:57I looked at the clock, you know, those digital clocks that hotels have, and I knelt down.
00:03:02I didn't know what, though, I had no idea what.
00:03:04I sat in this position like this.
00:03:06I don't know if you can see me or not, just...
00:03:09and I said, "Lord, what?" And I was sucked out of my room.
00:03:17I heard this...whoo!
00:03:19I went, "Uh!!!" I just..."Unh!!" Now, I don't know whether I was in my body or out of my body.
00:03:24I believe I was in my body.
00:03:26I was sucked through the roof, I mean, I went through.
00:03:29I just...whooosh!
00:03:32I went, "Whaaaa!!!" And I realized I was moving at a phenomenal rate of speed.
00:03:37And I'm in this vehicle-looking thing.
00:03:40It looked like a ski lift, not that you-- it's not a ski lift, a cable car, you understand?
00:03:45Not something that you can hang your feet off of, an enclosure.
00:03:49And I'm traveling.
00:03:50And I turned around.
00:03:51When I looked up, there was that same blond-headed angel that had told me, and I went, "Hey!" ( Laughter ) And he smiled at me.
00:04:03He said, "You have an appointment with the Lord God Jehovah." And I thought, "Man, am I...?
00:04:12"Wake up." I mean, whoosh!
00:04:14I mean, we are rolling.
00:04:15It looked like a--it felt-- I called it, "A chariot without any horses," An enclosure-looking-type thing, I mean, going at a phenomenal rate of speed.
00:04:27And, all of a sudden, I felt the thing slow down.
00:04:31And it'd come to a stop.
00:04:33And, ladies and gentlemen, when that door opened, the shock of my life.
00:04:39You see, Heaven is wonderful.
00:04:41It's a big place.
00:04:42He hasn't destroyed Paradise, it's all around, all completely around that Holy City.
00:04:49It looks like-- it's a planet.
00:04:51I walked out and saw mountains and streams and trees and flowers, and this fragrance, and I looked and I was just amazed and I came out and I went, "Glory to God!" And the angel went, "Glory to God!" And we both started praising, "Glory to God!" You just say, "Hallelujah," that starts a reaction, boy. ( Laughter ) "Hallelujah!" Just praising God.
00:05:22And I'm looking around, and I'm thinking, "What am I doing here?" I'm walking, I mean, I'm physically walking like I am on this platform.
00:05:32Beautiful, gorgeous trees and streams and water and mountains, totally comfortable, yet I saw snow, yet not cold.
00:05:43Nothing brown, just lush, beautiful, gorgeous valleys and mountains and streams.
00:05:51And I looked at him and I said, "What am I doing here?" He said, "You have an appointment with the Great God Jehovah." He said, "We must go to the City." Now, Paradise is very big, it's huge.
00:06:07So we were walking.
00:06:09We started to walk and I saw trees lined up on the side of the River of Life, ladies and gentlemen-- I knew it was that-- with thousands of people under them.
00:06:19I mean, it just goes forever, just seemed like forever.
00:06:23And these-- how do I say this-- these contraptions were bringing people and these angels were coming out and assigning people.
00:06:32And I noticed I was in my clothes, I was in the clothes that I had on.
00:06:36But these people that were coming out of these machines, looking back on the machine-looking thing, some had robes of righteousness, beautiful, glorious, and they got out and ran, just took off running straight to that City, man, in that line.
00:06:49And there were some that got out, they didn't have a robe on, they had like a gown on, and they would head for that Throne.
00:06:55Everybody wants to get to the Throne.
00:06:57Everywhere you look, you can see that Throne.
00:06:58I mean, it's just everywhere, you can see it, it's high.
00:07:04And I saw them and, all of a sudden, they'd get out of the line, the people with the gowns, and they'd walk over and they'd go underneath those trees and they were eating, it looked like fruit, and they would take the leaves and do this.
00:07:16( Sniffing ) And I asked that angel, I said, "What is that?" I said, "Those people can't go to the Throne of God?" He said, "Yes, the Great God Jehovah is merciful." I said, "But in my theological mind, "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord." But that's true the minute you walk over to that other side.
00:07:34But, you see, ladies and gentlemen, some people don't live for God the way they should.
00:07:38But, you see, God's merciful, He still helps them and touches them, but they look different.
00:07:44They've got to be taught.
00:07:45If you don't learn it here, you are going to learn it there.
00:07:49Now, I'm telling you, and He was --these gowns are beautiful.
00:07:52and when I got back to the earth I began to research it.
00:07:55And I found out that God gives us a robe of righteousness and a gown of salvation.
00:08:03There's a difference.
00:08:04There's some people that don't live close to God, but yet they know Jesus in their life.
00:08:08They could do so much better.
00:08:10They're going to go to the Throne, but it takes time for them.
00:08:13Everybody's trying to get to that Throne.
00:08:15I can't express how wonderful Heaven is.
00:08:18Paradise is beautiful.
00:08:19I'm excited about what's waiting for me and you.
00:08:23Think about that.
00:08:23Let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen.
00:08:24What we don't learn here we are going to learn in Heaven.
00:08:29Do you understand that?
00:08:30I want to tell you something.
00:08:31God is gonna educate everybody.
00:08:32I'm telling you, it's gonna be wonderful.
00:08:33Ooh, I hope you're enjoying this as much as I'm talking about it.
00:08:37Now, this happened many, many years ago.
00:08:39We didn't change this tape at all.
00:08:40We wanted you to see that I had a little brown hair and--or grayish brown, praise God.
00:08:45But I'm telling you, these things are powerful and they're here to help you say, "Jesus, I want to know You more.
00:08:51Jesus, I'd like to see You more." That's what it's all about.
00:08:54So let's go back into the message of "Close Encounters of the God Kind." I'm telling you, you'll sense His presence getting close to you as you watch this.
00:09:03Are you ready?
00:09:04Let's watch it now.
00:09:07You see, ladies and gentlemen, if you've had a lost loved one that's died, gone home to be with Jesus, it happened two years ago, they haven't even gotten to the gate yet; because a thousand years is as one day with the Lord; you equate two years, that's about a second and a half on a thousand-- they're still like--they've just come out of that machine going, "Wow, look at this place!" But I got in the line with those people and people would come up to me and I noticed children singing.
00:09:34Children had little harps, looked about this big.
00:09:37And then I heard this, "He's coming! He's coming! He's coming!" And the Angel of the Lord said, "Come on, quickly, we must go, He's coming." And I understand the Scripture: "Suffer the children to come unto me, "for such is the Kingdom of God." And I saw a glorious light coming, and I looked at Abraham.
00:09:55He said, "That's Him!
00:09:58"It's Jesus." And the angel said, "Come on, come on." He started moving me towards this.
00:10:04As I walked toward that, I got by the Jasper wall.
00:10:09And that interested me because I studied Revelation, I wanted to see that foundation.
00:10:14I said, "Wait, stop, stop!
00:10:15"I want to see the names of those Apostles; hang on." And I saw "Peter." It was--I mean, I looked at the first one and I saw "Peter." And it was just Peter.
00:10:23And the first thing I thought, the next one would be John, but it wasn't; it said, "Peter, Paul, James, John..." on those stones, on that foundation.
00:10:33And the angel said, "Come on, come on." The Lord walked out and these children ran up to Him and began to sing praises to Him and He just hugged them.
00:10:42But, to me, He looked like a shaft of light, He was so glorious.
00:10:45His clothes looked like solid diamonds, sparkling...
00:10:49Shoom! Just-just-just beautiful.
00:10:56And these kids sang and He just rejoiced with them.
00:11:00There are amphitheaters all over this place.
00:11:03This is all in the Paradise end of it.
00:11:05I went in, and as I walked, He turned toward me.
00:11:11Jesus is between 5'11" about 6'1".
00:11:15He's taller than I thought He was.
00:11:19And His hair, I thought was like mine, white, but He turned His head just a little and I caught a glance, and His hair was light brown.
00:11:30But yet when He looks at you, the glory of God is emanating from Him.
00:11:34I fell at His feet; just fell down, man.
00:11:40The Angel of the Lord fell down, you bite the dust.
00:11:46And I saw His feet.
00:11:48And all my life, I thought Jesus had scars, but those holes in His feet were this big.
00:11:59I could see the light shining through them.
00:12:04I understand that His feet look like burnished brass, bronze, because of the glory of God emanating, then I realized how big those nails were.
00:12:16You people don't realize how much He suffered.
00:12:18Man cannot write it down.
00:12:21There's no adjectives to understand what Christ went through, to describe it.
00:12:27I fell at His feet.
00:12:29I'll never forget this.
00:12:30And I put my hand, He said, "Stand to your feet." And the first thing I thought of doing was confess.
00:12:38I said, "Look...I..." He said, "You're forgiven." ( Laughter ) I said, "Eh--" And He put His hand on this shoulder and He looked at me.
00:12:56He said, "Go tell my people I'm coming." And I thought He was going to give me a great-- He would answer me when I thought.
00:13:07I said, "They know that." He said, "No, they don't know that.
00:13:10"Go tell them I'm coming.
00:13:12"I brought you here to tell you, 'Go tell them I'm coming!'" And He had His hand on my-- "Do you hear me? I'm coming.
00:13:22Go tell them!" I guess that's why I haven't rested in my life.
00:13:24It's such an urgency, people just know something is up.
00:13:30He's soon to come, ladies and gentlemen.
00:13:33The flowers, you're wanting to see Jesus, you're wanting to see Abraham, you're wanting to look at flowers, you're wanting to see gold streets, you're wanting to see the City with that glorious, magnificent skyline that's in there-- you're doing this, trying to--but earthly eyes, that's why we need this new body, bad.
00:13:53So we can consume what God-- because this natural mind can't, it just boggles at the things, it's just amazing.
00:14:02He put His hand on my shoulder, I'll never forget this.
00:14:06You say, "What does He look like?
00:14:09He looks right through you.
00:14:12Glory emanating from Him, you just--you want to hug Him, you reach out, it's an automatic reaction.
00:14:21And He doesn't do this, He just grabs you.
00:14:24He can look at millions of people and yet you're the only one He sees.
00:14:30He said, "There's many things you shall see here and learn, "but I brought you here to tell you to go tell my people I'm coming." And He turned around, He took me by the hand.
00:14:44He said, "I want you to meet another king." And I saw a man walking toward me, and he had reddish hair and he had a red beard, and it was a beard about this wide, coming like this.
00:15:00And I knew him immediately, I just knew it.
00:15:04And the Lord said, "I must go back to the Throne, "my Father calls me." And He turned around and walked off and that angel and I looked at that man.
00:15:13I said, "Your name is David, isn't it." He said, "Yes." I said, "Oh, King." He s"Stand, don't bow." He said, "You just looked at the King of Kings." He said, "I've been assigned to take you around." I said, "You've always been an interesting character to me." I said, "I was prophesied on as a child that I would have a life similar to you." And I didn't say this in the tapes but the Lord will let me reveal this to you.
00:15:40He said, "I'll pray for you." He said, "There were some things, "if I'd have listened to the Lord, "I would've never gone through." He said, "So now you have my record, "so follow the record God told me "and you won't walk through some of the places "that I walked through." I'll never forget that.
00:15:57I said, "Thank you." He took me to my house, ladies and gentlemen, ABC Primetime would get mad as a hornet, if they saw my house.
00:16:07( Laughter ) They'd have a conniption fit.
00:16:13You would not believe this place!
00:16:16I walked into this home, there's a water fountain in the front yard.
00:16:19I love manicured grass.
00:16:21Ain't a weed in my yard; I don't like any of that.
00:16:24I like the sidewalks edged.
00:16:26I've got the street edged, edged.
00:16:29I like it pretty, golf course-looking pretty, cut, perfect.
00:16:34Every year I buy Cathy shears and things to help...
00:16:38( Laughter ) to make sure.
00:16:41I just like a manicured place.
00:16:43When I looked at the yards, the grounds, I said, "Look at this place." To me, the foyer of a home sets the mood of a house.
00:16:55When I opened that door, I went... ( Gasps ) I love tall ceilings, 10- to 12-foot ceilings, I love crown moldings, you know, and those big moldings, Antebellum-looking stuff.
00:17:09I was born in the wrong century.
00:17:12I looked and it was exact-- I went, "Look at this place!
00:17:16"This is it!" And when I looked at the furniture, I said, "Hey, I've got furniture like that on the earth!" And David looked at me, said-- I said, "This is Ball-and-Claw furniture.
00:17:29This is Cabriole Leg, this is Queen Ann, I love this." I like Cherry wood, Mahoganies and things like that.
00:17:35He said, "Yes, the Lord knew you'd like it, so we put it in your home." I said, "What?" He said, "We told you He'd give you the desires of your heart." That's God's word for me, and that is His word for you.
00:17:52God knows what the desires of your heart are, but your natural mind can't even imagine what He has in store for you.
00:17:59Look what Isaiah 64:4 says: "For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, "nor perceived by the ear, neither hath the eye seen, "O God, beside thee, what He hath prepared for him that waiteth for him." I'm gonna tell you something, that's a nice place.
00:18:15It's got so many wonderful things.
00:18:17All we've got to do, bless God, is be born again and live for Him.
00:18:21That's not hard living for Jesus.
00:18:22It's hard living on the fence, ladies and gentlemen.
00:18:24Come on, it's hard living religion.
00:18:26I'm talking about born again.
00:18:27If you don't know Jesus, my God, ask Him to come into your life right now and He'll minister life to you.
00:18:33You don't want to miss this wonderful place, and we're gonna live there for eternity.
00:18:37That's what's so wonderful about it.
00:18:39No more sadness, sickness, disease, poverty, all kinds of fighting going on that you see in the earth today.
00:18:45No more of religion fighting religion and people killing people.
00:18:49Think about this, ladies and gentlemen.
00:18:50It's worth living this life that we're living now so we can enjoy that for eternity.
00:18:56In fact, we're already in eternity.
00:18:58Your spirit's gonna live forever.
00:18:59Your soul's gonna live forever.
00:19:00Your body won't, but your spirit and soul will.
00:19:03But guess what, bless God?
00:19:04One day your body's going to also.
00:19:07I want to take you to this segment we love called "Ask Jesse." Many people send us questions, and we like to answer a few questions.
00:19:13So let's go right now into the segment "Ask Jesse." (♪ Music ♪) I really love this segment because it's so challenging to me because people ask me some pretty good questions.
00:19:27Here's a question from a-- I believe a lady named Shakina.
00:19:31She asked this: Yes.
00:19:42Some people don't get as close to God as they're supposed to because their flesh beats them up and everything, but God's grace is beyond human reasoning.
00:19:49So you get a gown of salvation, but, bless God, you want that robe.
00:19:53You understand?
00:19:53Because you know the people by the clothes they wear.
00:19:56It's one of the most amazing things, Shakina.
00:19:59I want to tell you something.
00:20:00You probably know some people not living as close to God as they should live.
00:20:03But you know what?
00:20:04God still loves them, they still will make it.
00:20:06Now, don't take that and take it to the extreme and say, "Well, it doesn't make no difference what I do, I'm gonna always go." No, that's not true.
00:20:13The Bible said, "Beware that your candlestick not be removed." But let me tell you something.
00:20:17God is so gracious and so loving that He reaches out to so many people.
00:20:22Here's another question from Elena.
00:20:24She asks this: Now, that is a great question.
00:20:31I hope so; I believe it will.
00:20:32I believe that you grow, just like you grow here, you grow to the fullness of the stature of Christ.
00:20:37Even though you know all these things right there in the presence of God, we're all growing.
00:20:42God is a wonderful God.
00:20:44Now, I want Cathy to introduce you to some great "Glorious Moments." You're gonna be blessed.
00:20:49So, Cathy, take it away right now.
00:20:53(♪ Uplifting Music ♪) Thank you, Jesse.
00:20:57I'm so happy to be with you today.
00:20:59I have a powerful testimony that I know is gonna stir up your faith.
00:21:02Are you ready to be encouraged in the Lord?
00:21:05I know that it's gonna be a blessing to you.
00:21:07It's a powerful letter from New Zealand that says: That is such a touching testimony.
00:22:13I love hearing the testimony of God bringing comfort to people through the "Heaven" message that God gave Jesse.
00:22:20Now, don't go anywhere because Jesse's gonna be coming back right after this.
00:22:25Cathy: It is in christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.
00:22:30Long before we first heard of Christ, and got our hopes up, He had His eye on us, had designs on us for glorious living.
00:22:39Part of the overall purpose He is working out in everything and everyone.
00:22:44Youwere designed for glorious living.
00:22:48♪ ♪
00:22:56I have to tell you this.
00:22:57None of us should ever be depressed because we have Heaven to look forward to.
00:23:01Isn't that a blessing?
00:23:02Look, the devil doesn't want you encouraged.
00:23:05He hates that.
00:23:05He wants you full of fear and worry.
00:23:07Why does he want that?
00:23:08Because he's full of fear and worry.
00:23:10His end is near because Jesus is coming soon, and you and I have the victory, glory to God.
00:23:19Let me tell you something.
00:23:19I believe this without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus brought me to Heaven and told me, "Go tell My people I'm coming." It was a simple message.
00:23:26"Go tell My people I'm coming." That's why you see me on so much television.
00:23:30That's why you see me preaching all over the world.
00:23:33We hardly ever stop.
00:23:34Because I'm on a mission to do what God told me to do.
00:23:38Can I pray for you right now?
00:23:39Father, in Jesus' name, I ask You to minister to people today.
00:23:42I ask You to touch them and help them, Lord, spiritually, physically financially.
00:23:46Whatever they may need, Lord, I thank You in advance and call those things which be not as though they were because they will be.
00:23:52I decree and declare it today that every prayer prayed in faith is being answered by the power of Jesus' name.
00:24:01Amen and amen.
00:24:03I like praying for you.
00:24:04Glory to God.
00:24:05Think about that.
00:24:06Just that simple prayer together touched the very throne of the Most High God.
00:24:11It didn't get in line.
00:24:12It went right into God's mind, and God's sending forth an answer because it was prayed in faith.
00:24:19Ooh, Lord, I'm starting to preach a little bit here.
00:24:22I can't help myself.
00:24:23Now, stay right there.
00:24:24This show is not over yet.
00:24:24I want to show you something.
00:24:25I'll be back in just a moment with another few words for you, so watch this now.
00:24:31ANNOUNCER: In...
00:24:32Jesse Duplantis shares his trip to Heaven, an event that's touched the lives of people around the world.
00:24:39And I was sucked out of my room.
00:24:41The Lord walked out and these children ran up to Him and began to sing praises to Him.
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00:26:06Some people say, "I wish I could go." Well, some of you can't go, but you've sent me and I've gone.
00:26:10I thank you for helping me preach this Gospel, to tell people that Jesus is coming.
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00:27:08Jesse Duplantis saying I love you.
00:27:10See you soon; bye-bye.
00:27:13ANNOUNCER: In October's Voice of the Covenantmagazine, Jesse proclaims that Jesus is coming and shares what happened when he saw God's throne.
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00:27:34Voice of the Covenant magazine...
00:27:42When I got to the throne of God, I couldn't stand up.
00:27:45I saw 24 thrones, but no one was sitting in them.
00:27:52And I asked that angel, "That's them 24 elders?" He said, "Yes." I said, "Well, where are they?" He said, "Jesse, we are servants here." He said, "They're in the city.
00:28:00"They're ministering.
00:28:01"They're ministering constantly.
00:28:04"You are a servant.
00:28:06"We serve you.
00:28:08Everybody serves." Captions sponsored by Jesse Duplantis Ministries.