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Aired at 03:00 PM on Saturday, May 08, 2010 (5/8/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:00It's nice to see you too.
00:00:04I'like to ea with yr husban pase.
00:00:07I' let himno you'reere.
00:00:12I'm texter n.
00:00:20Real seds ings u somebo lose a lloday poibly d youose anytng today, abne
00:00:00Honey, what does this mean: " ( ughing ) !
00:00:18Wh can do foyou, mr daby?
00:00:20- You'ren termat, rit?
00:00:21- Pestontrol spet.
00:00:24Ybe u can lp me wi problem iing.
00:00:28Hodo I g the sme ofeath o of my hse
00:00:02locationwi vato to tabout e new dio sney js 12 cd,ounow, featina ner forereleed jon brotherso ansome of dashottesartists singintoday's ggt hi,li demi.
00:00:13Sohat's it l ha your songherego agaon the cd?
00:00:15It's dinitely hor be a rt of tdio sney jams 1.
00:00:19♪ 'Cae here g g again♪
00:00:22- sohat arsome of urfavote son on the ?
00:00:24-Ttlefidordin spksgood o.
00:00:27- Umand also lwho i byicjona& e adminira.
00:00:00Who I am,a song I didwith the administration, a side pjeat I wked on ts ar, andgive le a try, anat's fmthe tvhowjona it'sever bee leas bore, 'm sgl peoe finally get to hea on th cd, anholly they lit.
00:00:13-Radidiey js s 16 songs, inclingparthe u fromiley cyr.
00:00:19It'a rtyin the usa♪
00:00:22lled uock moreoc ich inudes excluse acoust veo perfornces of fesong at songs arehose?
00:00:31Thsongarwhi am