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00:00:15"Whelmed, but not ov biologist biography, bio " tonight, kevin nealon, jordan, music from karmin, and special guest todd rundgren with cleto and the cletones.
00:00:32And now, here's jimmy kimmel!
00:00:41[ Cheers and applause ] >> Jimmy: Welcome.
00:00:59Thank you for watching.
00:01:05The fact that we'll all probably die alone -- I appreciate it.
00:01:11We have some good stuff planned for you tonight.
00:01:17 jordan, the b does not stand for basketball.
00:01:26And todd rundgren, he has a new album and a new shirt, also, it seems like.
00:01:32Well, thank you for coming.
00:01:34It is great to have you here.
00:01:35You know, there is some big news in the world of daytime television today.
00:01:39This morning, elizabeth hasselbeck announced effectively " she signed with the houston rockets.
00:01:49Actually, she is leaving to join " she talked about her exit, maybe in contrast to the talk that the hosts don't get along.
00:02:02She shared an emotional good-bye.
00:02:04>> I think the person to sit in this chair, I will not be the last person to sit in this chair, the past ten years have been nothing.
00:02:16>> And so we'll be right back of course, with hot topics.
00:02:20>> Jimmy: You know what?
00:02:22Maybe it wasn't emotional but she did say good-bye to the women on the view.
00:02:26She has been there for ten years now, she was a contestant on survivor, and abc hired her from that.
00:02:37She ate a grub bug.
00:02:39She has been on thousands of shows, and tonight we look at some of her finest moments as we say good-bye to our colleague and our tv friend, liz.
00:02:50>> I asked you a question.
00:02:52>> You asked me a question.
00:02:54>> You wouldn't even answer your own question.
00:02:57>> Wait, wait, wait.
00:02:58>> We're talking about two different things.
00:03:03>> No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
00:03:04>> This is a criminal -- >> be treated -- >> I'm trying to get to the bottom -- >> who need a home, that is a complete bigoted statement to say that -- it is bigoted, no, no.
00:03:22>> Thank you.
00:03:23>> Jimmy: Well, you know -- [ cheers and applause ] >> Jimmy: The good news is, on fox news, nobody will disagree with her at all.
00:03:32Not only did elizabeth leave "the view," joe behar is leaving, if you want to watch real in-fighting, you're stuck with the housewives.
00:03:46And hollywood boulevard is teaming for visitors to have fun.
00:03:52This game is called "you catch " guillermo is on the roof.
00:03:59Hello, guillermo.
00:04:01>> Hi, jimmy.
00:04:03>> Jimmy: What are you wearing, a parachute -- here is how the game works, if they catch the item he drops they get to keep it.
00:04:24That is how we got the name.
00:04:26All right, let's go down to my cousin, sal, who is positioned on hollywood boulevard.
00:04:34>> I have this one right here.
00:04:36>> Jimmy: Hello, what is your name?
00:04:40>> April.
00:04:40>> Jimmy: Where are you from?
00:04:42>> From farmersville, california, in between bakersvilland fresno.
00:04:48>> Jimmy: Oh, that is the best part of the state.
00:04:51Are you ready to catch a fabulous prize?
00:04:57>> I am.
00:04:58>> Jimmy: All right, put the helmet on, guillermo is four stories up.
00:05:03Hi, guillermo.
00:05:06>> I'm very high.
00:05:07>> Jimmy: Now, are you ready?
00:05:08Do you have an item?
00:05:12>> I'm ready, I'll get it.
00:05:13>> Jimmy: Okay, and are we ready on the ground?
00:05:16>> I am.
00:05:17>> Jimmy: All right, let's play " all right, guillermo, you're not -- you're not the one that gets it.
00:05:26You're supposed to -- when did we get that?
00:05:29Like an hour ago?
00:05:30All right, so that is -- what flavor is that, guillermo?
00:05:34>> Chocolate, vanilla, and that is it.
00:05:38>> Jimmy: All right, it looks pink to me, are you sure?
00:05:43>> Oh, and strawberry.
00:05:44>> Jimmy: And strawberry, you forget the strawberry, huh?
00:05:48>> Yeah.
00:05:49>> Jimmy: All right, let's make sure the contestant can hear what she is about to catch or attempt to catch.
00:05:55Are you ready, guillermo?
00:05:56>> Yes, jimmy guillermo okay, are you ready down on the ground?
00:06:02And release the fries.
00:06:03There you go, it is a good toss.
00:06:08We are going to have to mark that an error.
00:06:11>> Thank you.
00:06:12Thank you.
00:06:13>> Jimmy: All right -- >> hold on, the sprinkles are coming.
00:06:17>> Jimmy: No, the sprinkles are not coming, well, it was a nice try but you didn't catch it.
00:06:25We'll come back to you in a minute.
00:06:28Cousin sal and guillermo are throwing ice cream on the people.
00:06:32You know we have writers on the show.
00:06:35Justin bieber is doing weird things again.
00:06:39Tmz shows him in the kitchen of a restaurant in new york peeing into a mop bucket, like a janitor's -- well, here it is.
00:06:49All right -- so -- that is justin talking.
00:06:55And there he is, peeing, too.
00:07:00When you're justin bieber, the world is your toilet.
00:07:02By the way, what I like about this video his pants are exactly the same as they are pulled down or pulled up.
00:07:10There is no difference.
00:07:12By the way, the weirdest part of the video is this guy right there standing on the stairs.
00:07:17Watching him.
00:07:18Either a very diligent bodyguard or a very obvious pervert, I'm not sure.
00:07:25All right, keep going.
00:07:34>> You're not going to remember him -- >> what are we?
00:07:43>> We are [ bleep ].
00:07:47>> Jimmy: You know what?
00:07:50It is time to pick him up.
00:07:52We have had enough.
00:07:57[ Cheers and applause ] I don't know if it is just justin bieber or our own little king joffrey we have to deal with here.
00:08:09All right, let's go outside to have our next contestant.
00:08:11>> He is very excited, this guy.
00:08:14>> Jimmy: What is your name?
00:08:17>> Jonathan.
00:08:18>> Jimmy: Where are you from?
00:08:19>> Clarksville, tennessee.
00:08:22>> Jimmy: All right, and what do you do there?
00:08:24>> I'm a walmart associate, sir.
00:08:26>> Jimmy: Okay, have you played any baseball?
00:08:29>> No, sir.
00:08:30>> Jimmy: You have not?
00:08:31All right, well, strap on the face mask, we want to make sure you're protected and we're going to go back up on the roof.
00:08:42Guiller guillermo?
00:08:43>> Yes, jimmy.
00:08:44>> Jimmy: Now what is that?
00:08:44>> It is a beach ball.
00:08:45>> Jimmy: Why is it flat?
00:08:46>> Oh, because it has money.
00:08:48It has a 100 dollars inside.
00:08:50>> Jimmy: Oh, but why is it flat?
00:08:53>> Oh, I don't know.
00:08:54>> Jimmy: Okay, blow that thing up a little bit, will you?
00:08:58>> Oh, blow it?
00:09:00>> Jimmy: Yeah, you know how they do.
00:09:03No worse ball for the beach than one of these, ironically, all right, okay, we were going to fill it with quarters but it killed somebody at rehearsal today.
00:09:16Okay, are you ready down on the ground?
00:09:21>> Yes, sir, we're ready, yes, sir.
00:09:23>> Jimmy: All right, jonathan, are you ready?
00:09:25>> Yes, sir.
00:09:25>> Jimmy: All right, here we go, two, three, one and drop it.
00:09:31Wow, that came down quickly.
00:09:32That is a shame.
00:09:34Let's look at the instant replay here, oh, wow.
00:09:37All right, well, we're still looking for a winner.
00:09:39Thank you, jonathan.
00:09:41Here is a weird story, this guy, A SCIENTIST, eugene McCarthy, one of the world's leading scientists, he said he believes that the human species was probably created when pigs mated with chimps.
00:10:01And that is how we got jersey shore.
00:10:04I know, we've seen intense similarities in the dna of chimps and pigs.
00:10:09And in his opinion, there is a good chance, a probability that adam and eve may have been a pig and a chimp.
00:10:21It turns out george was even more curious than we thought.
00:10:26And inter-species can mate, a lion and a tiger mate, it is called a liger, and a pig and a chimp would make pimps, I guess.
00:10:38It makes you think of all the accomplishments from humanity, all of that may have happened because one night a pig and a chimp got a little drunk and went for it.
00:10:50Scientists say they believe this union would have paired a male boar, which if you can imagine that, and the off spring, with the chimp mother.
00:11:02Today he held a conference to explain it in laymen's terms as best as he could.
00:11:09>> The male direction of the cross was likely with the female chimp.
00:11:16>> Can you explain in detail the actually hiberization event?
00:11:24>> Of course this is pure speculation, I think it is likely that the male chimp was like, I have been watching you for sometime and I think you are something with your hairy thumb.
00:11:38And the chimp was like, I love the way you run around in your own feces.
00:11:45Why don't we tell our own family?
00:11:48They don't need to know.
00:11:52This is so wrong but so right.
00:11:55Where are you going?
00:11:55You're going to miss where the baby pigomes out.
00:11:59>> Jimmy: Turns out men really are pigs, there is scientific evidence.
00:12:04We'll be right back, we'll have more drops off the roof.
00:12:07But kevin nealon, michael b.
00:12:11Jordan, and todd rundgren is here.
00:12:18[ cheers and applause ] and not another soul in sight ♪
00:12:34only you, only you ♪
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00:12:52[ Both ] NO.
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00:16:59>> Jimmy: That is todd rundgren, sitting in with the band tonight.
00:17:05Kevin nealon, and karmin are back stage telling stories, ryan seacrest may be picking up his eighth job, he reportedly signed a deal that would make him the game show host.
00:17:22It happens 24 hours a day for 12 days straight.
00:17:27And ryan will host it on nbc while he continues to host american idol on fox.
00:17:33Years from now I predict that we will find out that ryan seacrest could only breathe if he was speaking into a microphone.
00:17:43Hey, let's take time to learn something, find out what our country's greatest minds are up to.
00:17:50This is "this week in science".
00:17:52>> A new study suggests that instead of eating those fatty comfort foods, simply drawing it on a piece of paper will bring you comfort.
00:18:05[ Cheers and applause ] >> Jimmy: A new study suggested how could it be wrong.
00:18:08All right, let's go back outside to play "you catch it, you keep " all right, marianna, you will not be able to catch this.
00:18:18>> You don't know that.
00:18:20>> Jimmy: Do you play any baseball?
00:18:22>> I used to play softball.
00:18:28>> Jimmy: You did play softball?
00:18:28That is great.
00:18:29We do have hope for you, and where are you from?
00:18:33>> San francisco.
00:18:36>> Jimmy: All right, you're prepared for this?
00:18:39>> Yes.
00:18:40>> Jimmy: All right, guillermo, what do you have there?
00:18:43>> I have a noodle there with expensive watches -- >> Jimmy: A pool noodle with expensive watches, how expensive are those watches.
00:18:52What are we talking about there, guillermo?
00:18:56>> I think there may be rolex -- >> Jimmy: No, I don't think there is a rolex on there, maybe a timex, but not a rolex.
00:19:11All right, you have to be careful with that thing, it looks like it may fly down into the street.
00:19:17And let's go down, are you ready?
00:19:21>> Yes.
00:19:21>> Jimmy: All right, on the count of three, two, one.
00:19:25And here it comes.
00:19:27Oh, no!
00:19:28Oh, so close, so very close, there it is again, in slow motion.
00:19:33All right, we got to do one more, we have to try one more.
00:19:37Guillermo, what do you have up there?
00:19:39>> Well, I have a cooler with hot dogs.
00:19:42>> Jimmy: All right, that is good.
00:19:43All right, let's go back down outside meet our contestant.
00:19:46What is your name?
00:19:47>> Amir mustafa.
00:19:51>> Jimmy: What is your name?
00:19:53>> A mir mustafa.
00:19:59>> Jimmy: Where are you from?
00:20:00>> Tampa, florida.
00:20:01>> Jimmy: What do you do?
00:20:04>> Mixed martial arts.
00:20:06>> Make fun of his name again.
00:20:10>> Jimmy: I apologize in advance.
00:20:11All right, good, you're a mixed martial artist, you should be able to handle this, hey, amir, do you eat pork?
00:20:23>> No, I don't.
00:20:24>> Jimmy: Oh, great.
00:20:26Well, don't worry, these are all beef, then, that are coming down.
00:20:31All right, let's go back on the roof.
00:20:33Guillermo, you may have to run after you drop this one, all ñ right.
00:20:40By the way, your throwing has been excellent so far.
00:20:42>> Oh, great.
00:20:43>> Jimmy: Are we ready down on the street?
00:20:47>> Let's do it.
00:20:51>> Jimmy: All right, he is ready, two, three, one, and drop it.
00:20:53Oh, yes!
00:20:54You know what?
00:20:55I have to say technically i think we can call that a catch!
00:21:02Nicely done.
00:21:03[ Cheers and applause ] >> Jimmy: There you go, thank you, amir.
00:21:06We have a good show tonight.
00:21:08Kevin nealon is here, and jordan is here, and music from todd rundgren.
00:21:19[ Cheers and applause ] hello, it's me, I thought about it for a long, long time ♪
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00:26:18>> Jimmy: That is the great todd rundgren sitting in with the cletones tonight.
00:26:23He is on a world tour, and with " " and starting friday you can see him in fruitvale station.
00:26:39 jordan is here, and karmin from the sony outdoor stage.
00:26:45Tomorrow night, we have two jeff's for you, jeff bridgebridges, from bravo, jeff lewis.
00:26:58And a friend of the show, you know him from "weeds" and can see him at the funny bone, or see him on his new dvd called " please welcome kevin nealon.
00:27:26[ Cheers and applause ] >> Jimmy: Do you know todd rundgren?
00:27:30>> Yes, I love todd rundgren.
00:27:33>> Jimmy: You know each other personally?
00:27:37>> Yes -- we go way back, we were in garage bands together.
00:27:40>> Jimmy: Really?
00:27:42>> No.
00:27:42>> Jimmy: You just got back from africa?
00:27:45>> Yes, I just did a film with adam sandler in africa -- >> Jimmy: Adam doing a film in africa?
00:27:59>> Yeah, you ever been to africa.
00:28:03>> Jimmy: Yeah?
00:28:04>> It is an amazing country, you are kind of jet lagged, the first couple of days for me, we went on a tour ride, the first animal he brought next to me was a lion and a lioness, so that snaps you out of your jet lag.
00:28:20>> Jimmy: You brought pictures, should we go through them?
00:28:24>> All right.
00:28:24>> Jimmy: Actually, I'll hold them up for you.
00:28:27>> All right, there are lions everywhere, jim -- jim or jimmy?
00:28:33>> Jimmy: Either one is fine.
00:28:35>> It says, please stay in your vehicle, you may encounter free-roaming lions, and they give you an exit, before that, everybody said how do we get out of here?
00:28:50And the elephant, a beautiful creature, this is a statue in front of our hotel, beautiful creature.
00:28:57>> Jimmy: Speaking of beautiful creatures -- >> see, now, this is in front of nelson mandela's cell.
00:29:04At cape town.
00:29:06My wife was taking the picture and I thought I was -- I was about to smile, I shouldn't be smiling in front of his cell.
00:29:14You don't want to be like -- yeah.
00:29:17So it was more like this -- >> Jimmy: So that is your respectful look and your son -- >> he is 6 years old, he doesn't know who nelson mandela is or who I am.
00:29:31He lost his first tooth on that trip, so that is a memorable one -- I didn't know if the tooth was loose, or the rest of his head was stationary, and the tooth was loose -- >> Jimmy: I never thought of it that way, but you're right.
00:29:48>> Okay, what happened, this is driving school.
00:29:52They have a little townships, i call them shanty towns.
00:29:59I lost my cell phone, in a theater, I think the usher took it.
00:30:04So I located it on the icloud, i saw it was a very bad neighborhood, but I tracked it.
00:30:13Apparently he got caught texting, and he had to go to driving school.
00:30:19>> Jimmy: Remarkable, were you able to apprehend him?
00:30:22>> This is the b & b, a little charming b & b -- >> Jimmy: Just a "b" maybe, the family really goes all out with accommodations.
00:30:38>> Okay, this is another sign, warning, please look under your vehicle for penguins.
00:30:43If you go to cape town, there is a lot of penguins, there is a lot of road kill in the parking lot?
00:30:50>> Jimmy: There is?
00:30:51>> Yeah, these signs should be everywhere, because even in l.a.
00:30:55They used to get under the car.
00:30:57>> Jimmy: And now they're all gone, because we didn't have the signs.
00:31:02I don't believe there are penguins, I think it is just a tourist trap.
00:31:07>> Talking about signs, this is a restaurant, tequila, beer, chili, boobs -- >> Jimmy: I have never seen chili boobs -- this is -- >> okay, this is just a sign i saw in the johannesburg airport, I thought it was kind of funny.
00:31:31That is a lovely item, a good cake topper.
00:31:34This is another sign talking about the monkeys.
00:31:37Because if you don't close your door nes in the hotel, the monkeys will come in and take your kids.
00:31:46>> Jimmy: Did they come in?
00:31:48>> No, I was terrified.
00:31:50Also you have to put a do not disturb sign because the housekeepers will come in while you're sleeping.
00:31:57>> Jimmy: They do, why?
00:31:59>> Because that is their job, that is what they're paid to do.
00:32:03So the guy also got another ticket and had to go to another driving school.
00:32:07That was a completely different driving school, I was not letting this guy go, by the way.
00:32:12>> Jimmy: Oh, this is a good one.
00:32:14>> Now, what happened here, jimmy, my son wanted to take pictures of animals because i just like taking pictures of signs.
00:32:22I gave it to him.
00:32:23And he went out and took pictures and you know how kids are.
00:32:31>> Jimmy: Yeah.
00:32:32Looks like this one may have sprung a leak?
00:32:34>> Yeah, that one is actually leaking -- >> Jimmy: I have never seen a five-legged elephant, have you?
00:32:42Those are very rare, aren't they?
00:32:45>> Yeah, you know kids, kids will be kids.
00:32:48>> Jimmy: What is going on there?
00:32:50I mean, how does that work?
00:32:52>> Well, he takes the trunk and eats what he wants -- >> Jimmy: No, no, no.
00:32:58Kevin nealon, we'll be right back with kevin nealon.
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00:38:53>> Jimmy: Hi, there, we are back.
00:38:56Todd rundgren is here, kevin nealon is here, and michael b.
00:39:02Jordan and karmin.
00:39:03And later this summer you're going on tour with dana carvey.
00:39:10>> That is right, I think it was about a 30 city tour, and then we decided to go back and do a couple of dates this summer.
00:39:19>> Jimmy: Is this the first time you performed since then?
00:39:22>> Yes.
00:39:23>> Jimmy: How will it differ from the first time -- >> that is a good question, jimmy, you well, you know from the first tour we had a lot of perks.
00:39:33Like I remember we worked in denver, colorado, once, and john travolta came, because we had a mutual friend.
00:39:41And he offered us all a ride back on his jet to l.a.
00:39:45And dana and dennis were not good fliers, they wanted to go on a commercial airline.
00:39:52And I thought hey, man, you don't turn down the opportunity to get on a jet with john, and he is flying the jet, he is a pilot.
00:40:01And we get over the rockies.
00:40:04And all of a sudden the plane is about how m -- bumping all over the place, and I'm thinking what have i done?
00:40:13And the cockpit door opens, i see john up there flying, and i am thinking, what am I doing, vince barbarino is up there.
00:40:27And then later he comes back, and says sorry about the bad air -- >> Jimmy: I don't believe that dennis and dana didn't want to be flown by john travolta, and i don't blame them, not that i would turn a ride down by john -- >> I would rather fly with him than -- >> Jimmy: Than who?
00:40:51>> Than you.
00:40:51>> Jimmy: Well, that is a good decision.
00:40:54>> Well, he was a pilot.
00:40:56>> Jimmy: So will you be doing any new material?
00:40:59>> No, it is all the same from 1987.
00:41:04I golfed once with the managers back from journey, I said are these guys writing new songs?
00:41:11He said we don't encourage it.
00:41:14Todd, am I right?
00:41:17>> Are you ever wrong?
00:41:18>> Jimmy: When you started out, were you confident?
00:41:21Were you nervous?
00:41:22>> Well, you know, you're always nervous at first.
00:41:26Then you become confident.
00:41:28I was so confident I remember bringing a heckler to my own show.
00:41:34What happened, I worked in dallas, my roommate calls and says can she come to your show?
00:41:40So I drive by, pick her up, she was very nice, I drove her to the club.
00:41:46She goes in, the opening act is going on, she is drinking and drinking and drinking, by the time I get on she is totally hammered.
00:41:55And she is heckling me.
00:41:57Just a drunk heckler, you know, distracting everybody.
00:42:02And then I get off the stage, and I'm in the lobby talking to a friend.
00:42:06And the manager comes in and says you got to take your friend out, she is passed out on the table.
00:42:12I didn't evençó know her, she was heckling me all night.
00:42:16I had to put her in the car, drive her back to the car, bring her into the house and put her on the couch.
00:42:23And I was going to leave, and i thought what if she throws up and drowns in her puke?
00:42:28So I had to sit there until her roommate came home and just watch her.
00:42:32The person who heckled me and ruined my whole night.
00:42:36>> Jimmy: The heart of a comedian, the heart of gold.
00:42:40>> You're absolutely correct, jimmy.
00:42:43>> Jimmy: Kevin nealon has a dvd -- looks like a cd to me.
00:42:48>> It is actually an lp.
00:42:50>> Jimmy: There it is, it is called "whelmed, but not " you can see kevin at the funny bone in virginia beach, virginia.
00:43:00Thanks to you, and we'll be right back with michael b.
00:43:03Not the basketball player, he is a different guy.
00:43:05We'll be right back.
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00:48:30[ cheers and applause ] >> Jimmy: Todd rundgren is sitting in with the cletones, and karmin is still to come, our next guest is one tiny initial away from being the greatest basketball player who ever lived.
00:48:46His new movie is called fruitvale.
00:48:50Please welcome michael b.
00:48:56[ Cheers and applau [ cheers and applause ] >> Jimmy: What happened?
00:49:06>> Oh, dude, I was going back to the hotel room with my girlfriend, she was not really used to walking in the heels, she fell, took me down, I tried to be a good guy.
00:49:23>> Jimmy: See, you have been punished for it.
00:49:24>> The funniest story was me, my hand surgeon, we were trying to come up with a story, I said I'm on the jimmy kimmel show, what should we come up with -- >> Jimmy: You punched hitler in the face.
00:49:43Wait, hitler is dead, I know, that is how much I hate him.
00:49:47I pounded him.
00:49:49Now, I want to ask you about your name, is it a problem having a name like michael jordan?
00:49:54>> A little bit, it gets in the way a little bit.
00:49:58>> Jimmy: What are the bad things about it?
00:50:02>> Calling for a pizza?
00:50:06It is the most disrespectful thing, you got to call back and get him to -- no, no, I actually went down there one time and slammed my id on the counter.
00:50:16He was like you know what?
00:50:19I'm sorry I insulted you.
00:50:20He gave me two free pizzas.
00:50:27>> Reporter: It is not like he said kareem abdul-jabbar -- and your dad's name is michael jordan.
00:50:33>> I'm named after my father.
00:50:35>> Jimmy: You're named after your father, what year were you born?
00:50:41>> '87, Jordan was running rampant in the league.
00:50:47>> Jimmy: You're dad probably had something to do with that.
00:50:52Saying I'm naming my son, michael jordan.
00:50:54>> He didn't really realize what he was putting me through.
00:50:59 jordan, I'm michael b. jordan.
00:51:04>> Jimmy: Of course, there has to be a michael c. jordan.
00:51:07>> I can't do that to him, no.
00:51:09>> Jimmy: Eventually it will fade, well, with him, maybe it wouldn't fade.
00:51:16Do you ever go into a foot locker and say I would like a pair of "air me".
00:51:24>> That is really bad, I am actually going to a dominican republic for a friend of mine's wedding.
00:51:32And I was flying standby at the time.
00:51:35And the lady at the kiosk, she couldn't speak english really well, and she was like michael jordan, is that your father?
00:51:45Yes, it is my dad.
00:51:49She actually bought me first class both ways.
00:51:51I felt bad, I did, I did, I felt bad for about two seconds until I sat down in that first class seat.
00:51:59>> Jimmy: And you felt a lot better.
00:52:00And when you were a kid you were acting, how old were you when you started acting?
00:52:07>> About 12 years old.
00:52:08>> Jimmy: You did a show with cosby, not the cosby show, but in brooklyn, cosby was in queens.
00:52:18Who did you play on the show?
00:52:22>> This kid named michael jordan.
00:52:24>> Jimmy: You have been preparing for it your whole life.
00:52:27>> It was like a small role, i had maybe four or five lines.
00:52:30I had a kid in the classroom, and he was giving every student something to do.
00:52:36Like one kid was making paper planes, one chewing gum.
00:52:40He said michael, I want you to brush your hair through the entire episode.
00:52:46Even if you're saying your lines, I wanted to get waves, i keep brushing my head, get waves, keep going to school.
00:52:54I can do that.
00:52:55So we taped two segments, one in the morning, one in the afternoon.
00:53:01So all during rehearsal, I'm brushing my hair, brushing my hair, not realizing by the first segment my scalp was going to be completely raw.
00:53:11So I stopped brushing my hair half way during the first segment, and I remember during the break he said I asked you to do something, michael.
00:53:19I said I know.
00:53:20He said what did I ask you to do?
00:53:22I said brush my hair, he was like what didn't you do?
00:53:26I stopped brushing my hair, so literally, I was brushing my hair furiously -- >> Jimmy: If you had just rubbed jello on it, it would have been fine.
00:53:43You guys missed an opportunity.
00:53:44This movie of yours is great, apparently, I have not seen it.
00:53:46But you won the grand jury award at sun dance, wow!
00:53:51Not just the regular jury, the grand jury.
00:53:54>> I got both of them.
00:53:55>> Jimmy: And sometimes you could get an oscar nomination out of something like that.
00:54:00>> That has happened before.
00:54:02You trying to jinx me on tv?
00:54:05>> Jimmy: I tell you what, if you do, should happen to win you should just stroll out there brushing your hair the whole time.
00:54:14Or brush oscar's bald head.
00:54:18It is a serious movie.
00:54:20It is a real story.
00:54:21>> Yeah, it is about this kid named oscar grant.
00:54:27He was fatally murdered in oakland by the bart transit police, face down, shot in the back.
00:54:31They caught it on the cell phone footage.
00:54:34And it hit the internet and youtube and kind of blew up from there.
00:54:39And the cop actually -- he was sentenced to two years for involuntary manslaughter, only ended up serving a month, it took place the last part of his life.
00:54:54We just wanted to give oscar a little bit of humanity back, because when a person loses his life, by an officer, he gets polarized.
00:55:07I think it is unfair for a person to get judged for a small part of his life.
00:55:12So we really wanted to give a little humanity back.
00:55:22>> Jimmy: Well, congratulations, thank you, michael b. jordan.
00:55:31We'll be right back.
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00:58:01>> The jimmy kimmel live concert series is brought to you by sony.
00:58:04>> Jimmy: All right, here with their new single, called " karmin.
00:58:21♪ Used to be your baby used to be your lady thought you were the perfect lover ♪
00:58:24♪ all the harmony went fallin' out of key, so now you gotta find another now you're talkin' crazy ♪
00:58:27♪ sayin' that you made me like I was your cinderella you and me are through though watch me hit it solo ♪
00:58:32♪ I'mma do it acapella, yeah I'mma do it acapella, yeah once upon a time I met the perfect guy ♪
00:58:44♪ he had that colgate smile he had that suit and tie mama always said get a rich boyfriend ♪
00:58:48♪ you don't gotta love 'em girl, you can pretend you bet I totes believed her yeah, every word she said ♪
00:58:55♪ thought he was gluten-free but all that I got was bread mama always said nice guys finish last ♪
00:59:01♪ beat him at his own game honey, take the cash ooh, and what a lucky girl you will be ♪
00:59:05♪ but no he didn't do jack for me I want a bean with the beanstalk ♪
00:59:11♪ and if the magic ain't right, time to walk used to be your baby used to be your lady ♪
00:59:16♪ thought you were the perfect lover all the harmony went fallin' out of key, so ♪
00:59:25♪ now you gotta find another now you're talkin' crazy sayin' that you made me like I was your cinderella ♪
00:59:30♪ you and me are through though watch me hit it solo I'mma do it acapella, yeah ♪
00:59:37♪ whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh I'mma do it acapella, yeah out on our first date ♪
00:59:43♪ he took me gourmet we hit that olive garden