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00:00:00If you'll make the change, god will not only give you new friends he will give you better friends.
00:00:07Friends that you don't have to wonder, "are they for me " friends that don't try to manipulate you into who they want you to be but they celebrate you and help you become who god has created you to be.
00:00:19This may mean you have to change who you eat lunch with every day at the office.
00:00:26That person that is constantly complaining, you don't need that poison going into your spirit.
00:00:31You may have to change and not hang out with that neighbor that is always discouraged and always had a sad song and is always dumping their problems on you, expecting you to keep them fixed.
00:00:46Don't get me wrong.
00:00:47I'm all for helping people and encouraging others.
00:00:49That's what life is all about.
00:00:50But I've also found some people don't want to be helped.
00:00:54They like the attention that it brings them.
00:00:57They are energy suckers.
00:00:58You spend an hour with them you feel like you've just run a marathon.
00:01:03(Laughter) as long as you allow it they will drain the energy out of you, dump their problems, unload all their heartache.
00:01:12And again, it's good to be kind.
00:01:14There are times we have to put up with things in order to love people back into wholeness.
00:01:17But what I'm saying is you cannot spend your whole life trying to pull someone up and expect to fulfill your god-given destiny.
00:01:25Sometimes the best help you can give a person like that is to not help them at all because all you're really doing is enabling their dysfunction.
00:01:35Now they're relying on you as a crutch.
00:01:39They don't have to take responsibility for their behavior.
00:01:45They don't have to learn to encourage themselves.
00:01:47They know you'll always come running.
00:01:49You'll bail them out.
00:01:50You'll cheer them up.
00:01:51What they're really doing is manipulating and controlling you.
00:01:55But friends, you have a destiny to fulfill.
00:01:57You need to surround yourself with people that are not constantly taking something from you but with people that are putting something into you.
00:02:06Proverbs 27 says, "as iron sharpens iron one man sharpens " let me ask you, are your friends making you stronger?
00:02:15Are they challenging you to become a better parent, a better spouse, a better giver, a better leader, a better person?
00:02:27You cannot soar with the eagles as long as you're hanging out with the turkeys.
00:02:31(Laughter) there may be some toxic relationships you have to get rid of, relationships that are doing nothing but make you compromise, make you negative, make you complain.
00:02:44Every time you leave, you're worse than you were before.
00:02:46That's a toxic relationship.
00:02:48I've learned you cannot help a person that will not separate themselves from that toxic relationship.
00:02:57Years ago when I was in my early 20's I used to get my hair cut by this young lady.
00:03:01She was as nice as could be.
00:03:04She had a good heart but she was extremely negative.
00:03:08Every time I went in there, month after month, year after year, she would tell me her problems, how the owners weren't treating her right, making her work extra hours.
00:03:18She had a brother that was very difficult.
00:03:20Often she didn't have the money to pay her rent.
00:03:23Her dad was very sick, on and on.
00:03:25Every time I left, I was depressed.
00:03:29She was very convincing.
00:03:29It's like this guy I heard about.
00:03:33He was sitting by the side of a bridge about to jump and end his life.
00:03:36A man stopped and ran over and said, "don't jump! don't jump!
00:03:39" two hours later they both jumped.
00:03:43(Laughter/applause) that's the way this young lady was.
00:03:47I did my best encourage her.
00:03:48I would pray with her.
00:03:51I gave her money.
00:03:54I sent her customers.
00:03:57It was never enough.
00:03:57One day I realized what I'm telling you.
00:03:59I cannot go where god is taking me with her in my life.
00:04:03I love her.
00:04:04I'm going to pray for her.
00:04:05But I can't fulfill my god-given destiny putting that poison in me month after month.
00:04:11I made a change.
00:04:13You too may have to change where you do business, where you play ball, where you workout, where you shop.
00:04:20Life is too short.
00:04:22Your time is too valuable.
00:04:23Your destiny is too great to spend it with people that are constantly pulling you down, draining the life and energy out of you.
00:04:32The solution is found in mark 5:40.
00:04:36Show them the door.
00:04:37Be kind. be polite.
00:04:38But you need to gradually start pulling away.
00:04:42In the scripture there is a lady by the name of elizabeth.
00:04:45For many years she's been barren; not able to have a baby.
00:04:50In those days a lady was greatly looked down on if she couldn't give her husband a child.
00:04:57But late in life elizabeth conceived.
00:04:59Now she was so excited about finally being able to have this baby.
00:05:03For the first few weeks elizabeth is on cloud nine.
00:05:06Her dream is coming to pass.
00:05:09I can imagine as a month or two goes by she begins to get a little worried.
00:05:14She's never had a baby before.
00:05:15She's hoping and praying that everything is okay but three months, four months, five months, she doesn't feel anything.
00:05:22She starts thinking, "surely I should feel some kind " the longer it goes the more concerned she becomes.
00:05:30One day there is a knock on her door; an unexpected guest.
00:05:35It's her younger cousin, a girl named mary.
00:05:39She was a teenager.
00:05:40Elizabeth opened the door.
00:05:42Mary gave her a great bit hug and said, "elizabeth!
00:05:46I've heard the great news you're " the scripture says in luke 41, "when ebeth heard mary's greeting her baby leaped " at that moment she knew the child was alive.
00:06:02She knew the promise was going to come to pass.
00:06:05Here's my point.
00:06:06God has designed people to come into your life that will make your baby leap, people that will speak life into your dreams, people that will let you know those promises will come to pass.
00:06:20(Applause) mary was a divine connection.
00:06:22She was sent there ordained by the creator of the universe to bring hope, faith, vision into elizabeth's life.
00:06:30She didn't even have to say anything profound.
00:06:35She just said hello and the promise came to life.
00:06:37Just like with elizabeth god has already lined up your mary's.
00:06:44When you get around the right people they can simply say, "good morning" and your baby will leap.
00:06:50That's a supernatural connection.
00:06:54But here's a key; if you keep answering the door and your baby never leaps, then you're answering the door for the wrong people.
00:07:00Don't answer the door for when a gossip knocks.
00:07:02They're not going to make your baby leap.
00:07:06Don't answer the door when a complainer stops by to tell you how bad life is and how you're never going to make it.
00:07:12They're not going to make your baby leap.
00:07:17They're going to make your baby depressed.
00:07:18Don't answer the door when a discourager shows up, when a compromiser shows up, when a "can't do it" person shows up.
00:07:26Make a decision with me, "i'm going to only answer the door for people that make my baby leap, people that inspire me, people that challenge me, people that ignite something " (applause) mary was pregnant with jesus, the son of god.
00:07:43Elizabeth was pregnant with john the baptist.
00:07:45When the promise in mary connected with the promise in elizabeth it was like an explosion of faith.
00:07:51When you get around the right people, when you connect with people that have big dreams, people that understand their destiny, then the promise in you is going to connect with the promise in them.
00:08:08You're going to see god show up and do something supernatural in both of your lives.
00:08:14Like elizabeth, many of you have a promise on the inside.
00:08:16You know god has spoken to you but it's been a long time.
00:08:19You haven't seen anything happening.
00:08:21You haven't felt any movement on the inside.
00:08:24Now you're thinking, is am " I believe god sent me today to be one of your mary's.
00:08:34That situation that you think is over, god is ng, "it's still going " the promise is in you.
00:08:42It's alive and well.
00:08:44You may not see anything happening.
00:08:49You may feel like you didn't hear god right.
00:08:52But god is still on the throne.
00:08:54Right now he is arranging things in your favor.
00:08:58What he promised you he will bring to pass.
00:09:00If you will receive those words by faith then down in your spirit, you'll start to feel something; a kick, a push, a shove.
00:09:08What is that?
00:09:09That's your baby coming alive.
00:09:11When you get around the right people your baby will leap.
00:09:14My prayer is that every time you come in these doors, every time you hear me, in some way I'm going to make your baby leap.
00:09:22(Applause) I'm going to remind you that you are a child of the most high god.
00:09:30You have seeds of greatness on the inside.
00:09:33There is no mistake you've made that is too much for the mercy of god.
00:09:40There is no obstacle too high, no sickness too great, no dream too big.
00:09:45You and god are a majority.
00:09:46When you hear words like that, if you'll let it take root, then on the inside you'll feel faith springing up.
00:09:56That's your baby starting to leap.
00:10:00Before long you'll be convinced.
00:10:05"Hey, I can overcome this addiction.
00:10:07" " another push.
00:10:11"As for me and my house we will " now both feet are kicking.
00:10:16 "the economy is down.
00:10:18Business is slow but I know my job is not my source.
00:10:20My god is my source and I believe he can still " (applause) "now I feel all kinds " if you're going to become all god has created you to be you've got to get around people that will speak life, faith, vision into your future.
00:10:39Some of you have goals and dreams that you've given up on.
00:10:44You've let people talk you out of it and convince you that the promise is not going to come to pass.
00:10:49They've told you that you're too old, or you come from the wrong family, you've made too many mistakes, you've tried and failed.
00:10:54It's just too late.
00:10:54No, here's the key.
00:10:56If you will change who you're answering the door for and start spending time with people of faith, with people that see your potential, with people that will tell you what you can become instead of just describing who you are right now, then your baby will start to leap once again.
00:11:11The truth is, it's not too late.
00:11:16You're not too old.
00:11:17You haven't made too many mistakes.
00:11:19The promise is still alive.
00:11:20Now it's up to you and me to elime the wrong relationships, the people that are pushing us down, telling us what we can't become, taking and never giving.
00:11:30All that's going to do is cause our baby to be born stillborn.
00:11:33We won't give birth to what god put in our heart.
00:11:35Your baby, your dream, it needs mary.
00:11:38It needs that encouragement.
00:11:41It needs that faith being joined together.
00:11:44The good news is god has already lined up the right people.
00:11:47He already has your mary's if you'll just do your part and not answer the door for the wrong people.
00:11:54Friends, the clock is ticking on your destiny.
00:11:57Don't waste another moment ith people that don't sharpen you.
00:12:05Make sure your inner circle, those closest to you, are people that are not just with you but they are really for you.
00:12:11Connect with people that understand your destiny, people that celebrate your uniqueness.
00:12:17Remember, not everyone can go where god is taking you.
00:12:21They may be good people but that season is over.
00:12:26If you don't make a change they can keep you from getting there.
00:12:32But if you'll make this decision that you're only going to answer the door for people that make your baby leap, then as iron sharpens iron you're going to get better.
00:12:45You're going to rise higher.
00:12:46I believe and declare just like with elizabeth you will give birth to every promise god put in your heart and you will become everything god createdme you to be.
00:12:55Do you receive that today?
00:12:56(Applause) we never like to close our broadcast without giving you an opportunity to make jesus the lord of your life.
00:13:04Would you pray with me?
00:13:06Just say, "lord jesus, I repent of my sins.
00:13:08Come in to my heart.
00:13:10" friends, if you prayed that simple prayer we believe you got born again.
00:13:16Get in a good bible-based church.
00:13:19Keep god first place.
00:13:20He'll take you places that you've never dreamed of.
00:13:24No matter what you're going through, god has an amazing plan to accelerate your life into all he has for you.
00:13:29Your life can change for the better-in a single moment.
00:13:33As a thank you for your support of our ministry this month, joel and victoria would like to send you a copy of god's plan to propel your life".
00:13:41God is working behind the scenes in your life.
00:13:44God can accelerate things, he can promote you.
00:13:46Don't give up, stay encouraged, od is breathing in your direction.
00:13:52It may seem like it's never going to happen, but one touch of god's favor can thrust you 50 years down the road.
00:14:00So keep believing.
00:14:01We're praying for you every single day.
00:14:03Thanks for your prayers and your support.
00:14:05And a special thanks to our champion of hope partners for all that you do.
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00:14:14We love you very much and be blessed today.
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00:14:25[Music] >> how do you respond to opportunity?
00:14:36Life offers us a continuous stream of new opportunities?
00:14:40But if we aren't alert to them or if we move too slowly, we will miss the good that's meant for us and for others.
00:14:50Now, don't miss the next opportunity that comes your way.
00:14:53Today and for the next several weeks you'll discover god's purpose in the opportunities before us.
00:15:02 today on in touch, a passing opportunity.
00:15:04>> And jesus came up and spoke ..
00:15:09[Music] >> baptizing them in the name of the father, the son and the holy spirit.
00:15:35Teaching them to observe all that I've commanded you, and I'm with you always, even to the end of the age.
00:15:50>> Have you ever walked away from a situation and thought all of a sudden, I missed it?
00:15:56I just missed it?
00:15:58You say, missed what?
00:16:01Missed the wonderful opportunity to give my testimony.
00:16:04A wonderful opportunity to give a word of encouragement to somebody that you knew were going through a very difficult time.
00:16:13A wonderful opportunity to reassure someone who is in greatre doubt.
00:16:18A wonderful opportunity to be of specific help to someone who needed you at this moment.
00:16:24Oftentimes we let opportunities go by not recognizing that an opportunity is a gift from god.
00:16:30That it's a privilege we have.
00:16:33It's a moment in time in our circumstances in which we're able to make a decision that impacts our life, maybe impacts someone else's life.
00:16:44And oftentimes we just ignore wonderful, godly opportunities.
00:16:49You see, the truth is, an day is a day of opportunity.
00:17:25But think about this above all.
00:17:27Think about the opportunity of having heard about jesus and having trusted him as your savior and having your name written in the lamb's book of life and the assurance that you have that you're going to heaven when you die and the awesome privilege of being indwelt by the holy spirit who guides you, leads you, directs you and teaches you.
00:17:48Think about the promises that you have from almighty god.
00:17:52Think about the opportunity you have to own a copy of the living word of god.
00:17:58Think about the opportunity you have to be instructed, to be taught, the opportunity you have to share with other people.
00:18:05And many of you have the opportunity to teach the word of god, to sing the word of god.
00:18:10Think about all the