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00:02:23 (snoring) (sniffing) he sleeps next to a bowl of potpourri?
00:02:36Oh, that's just wrong.
00:02:37Let's just do what we have to do and get out of here.
00:02:40(Snoring) it does smell nice in here thgh.
00:02:42 gil, you love sun and mary test.
00:02:45Call them and ask them on a date.
00:02:47Gil, you love susan and mary test.
00:02:50Call them and ask them on a date.
00:02:52I love susan and mary test.
00:02:56Johnny and dukey: blagh!
00:02:57Let's roll.
00:02:59It's working. now pay johnny.
00:03:01(Excited squeals) and now, our specially designed hypno-pod will turn gil next door into a test-girl lover by morning.
00:03:09But what happens when he wakes up and sees the headphones?
00:03:11He'll think you're freaks.
00:03:12That's why the hypno-pod self destructs upon waking.
00:03:17Won't that hurt?
00:03:17 (pained screaming) (electricity crackles) that would be a "yes".
00:03:23Uh, time for plan b!
00:03:26(Sniffs) (wistful sigh) yo, dude, do you know where those super-groovy test girls live?
00:03:34I gots to chill with them.
00:03:37(Sniffs) ha. true dat.
00:03:39You should date them, dey are off da hook yo.
00:03:43(Chuckle) oh s-sorry dude. can't hear a thing.
00:03:45(Muted speech) I got my ears singed last night.
00:03:51He will be ours!
00:03:55(Slurp) gil bot?
00:03:58Yep, and until we figure out a way to snag the real one, gil-bot is the next best thing.
00:04:02Sees you've duplicated him to serve drinks, he won't like you.
00:04:08Here's the beauty.
00:04:09If gil comes within 50 feet, gil-bot self destructs.
00:04:12Come, gil-bot, let's make more lemonade.
00:04:15Johnny bro. (sniff) mmm!
00:04:17Oh, you gotta smell this pie.
00:04:20(Explosion near by) susan and mary: aaahhh!
00:04:23(Electricity crackles) we'll never get gil to like us.
00:04:25Because you're going about it all wrong, the way to a gil's heart is not through his ears or through technology, it's through his nose.
00:04:32That is ridiculous. but go on.
00:04:34Haven't you ever noticed gil loves to smell stuff?
00:04:38It's weird.
00:04:42(Sniffs) mmm.
00:04:45(Sniffs) oh, manure world brand manure, even your smell I enjoy.
00:04:51Go home, gil.
00:04:53Ah, gil knows manure is cow poo, right?
00:04:55Yet, he still loves it.
00:04:57So, come and that boy will follow you anywhere.
00:05:02Be here in the morning.
00:05:03We may have some something for you to test.
00:05:08(Cat meows, crickets chirp) (rooster crows) it's a hi-tech scent that perfectly calibrates to the receiver's olfactory preferences.
00:05:14Yeah, you lost us after "it's".
00:05:15Basically, whatever someone loves to smell, you become that smell.
00:05:20And you're gonna test it.
00:05:22What? why would I help you more?
00:05:24And why would I wear perfume?
00:05:25And what do I get out of this?
00:05:27If this works, you won't have to take a bath ever.
00:05:30(Girlish scream) both: we're in.
00:05:33The aroma-master-matic will analyze your own natural oils, enhance your natural like-ability, and- blah, blah, blah.
00:05:39Just make johnny and dog smell good.
00:05:41(Machine whirs) (screaming) (dazed mumbling) okay, just one little spritz.
00:05:53(Spritzes) (sniffs) I don't smell anything?
00:05:58It's a test, johnny.
00:05:59You always start with a micro-dosage.
00:06:00And it will take a while for the special ingredient to take effect.
00:06:04What special ingredient?
00:06:05Are we going to blow up! confess!
00:06:08Susan: it's dark matter.
00:06:09A sub-atomic space age technology that can - in the wrong proportion - attract things other than gil, so just listen to us and go smell good!
00:06:18(School bell rings) (sniffs and sighing) okay, time to hand back your exams ..
00:06:27You might wanna learn a trade.
00:06:29F. c. c. f. f. f.
00:06:36(Sniffs) "a"!
00:06:40For smelling like my mom's fresh baked apple-rhubarb pies!
00:06:53(Sniffs) johnny, you smell like the spring slaughter in the farms of hamburg when I was a child.
00:07:00So I give you a giant hamburg!
00:07:02With cheese!
00:07:06Hey, test, ..(sniffs) but you smell just like the morning dew in my rose garden.
00:07:14(Shocked gasps) I love roses (squeezing effort) johnny: I'm the most popular kid in school!
00:07:25I'm the most popular dog on the block!
00:07:28(Excited barking) can you imagine if we had more of this crud on?
00:07:32We might get money!
00:07:33Or our own game show.
00:07:34Or my parents to let us do whatever we want!
00:07:38Or steak! or steak! or steak!
00:07:41To the lab!
00:07:42 (dreamy sighs) how's the test going?
00:07:45What's that? huh?
00:07:45Oh yeah, perfume of yours.
00:07:47Yeah, it had no effect. I think we need more.
00:07:50No effect?
00:07:53(Sniffs) gil.
00:07:56With a hint of plutonium.
00:07:58Nope. nothing. nada. zilch.
00:08:00Johnny need more smelly stuff.
00:08:03(Spritzes) (dousing grunts) johnny! wait! it's too much!
00:08:07(Energy blasts) (susan and mary scream) what was that big scary noise?
00:08:14That amount of perfume could attract more than people, johnny!
00:08:20Well, we're not sure.
00:08:21Well, I'm sure I'll get more food at school, cash and love from mom and dad so I'll never get in trouble again!
00:08:28Now, let the johnny smells good par-tay begin!
00:08:34(Energy rays reverberate) (whistles through space) (whistling) oh!
00:08:47(Sniffing) ooh, johnny, have we told you how much we love you?
00:08:52And we love you too, dukey!
00:08:54So much!
00:08:55And you smell like the world's most amazing meatloaf!
00:08:59And johnny smells like a chocolate truffle that you could squeeze!
00:09:04.. much... love.
00:09:09(Panting) there he is! it's johnny!
00:09:17(Dogs bark) (girls shriek) and his dog.
00:09:21I gotta have that dog!
00:09:23All: us too!
00:09:25Oh, I think we overdid it.
00:09:27.. run!
00:09:28 (crazed screams and shrieks) (communications equipment beeps) general: a meteor!
00:09:36Uh, that's bad right?
00:09:39And the meteor is heading straight for porkbelly, sir.
00:09:42And more specifically johnny test.
00:09:45Yeah, that figures.
00:09:47Hey, but cool!
00:09:47We can use our new mobile missile system.
00:09:50Destroy the meteor!
00:09:52(Alarm blares) fire!
00:09:55(Button beeps, missile whooshes) (plink) yep. johnny's a goner.
00:10:05Wait, so are we!
00:10:05We gotta save johnny to save ourselves!
00:10:09We gotta get this stink off of us!
00:10:11(Girls crazed shrieks) (dogs bark) (frantic licking) johnny: keep running!
00:10:17(Shrieking and barking) general: why is a meteor aimed at johnny!
00:10:21The positive ions of the dark matter in johnny's perfume must be bonding with the meteors negative ions.
00:10:26Mr. black and mr. white: how do we stop it!
00:10:28Two ways.
00:10:29 we can reverse johnny and dukey's attraction quotient so it repels the meteor before it hits porkbelly.
00:10:34Or two: eliminate johnny and dukey.
00:10:38Ah, I suggest we try the first one.
00:10:39The antidote must be organic in nature to counteract the inorganic particles in the meteor.
00:10:44We have no idea what you just said.
00:10:47We need a helicopter and we need to make johnny smell really bad fast.
00:10:50(Shrieking, dogs bark) hundreds of girls after me, it's my number one nightmare!
00:10:55(Cacophony of shrieks and dogs barking) girls: there he is!
00:11:01Dog catchers: let's get them!
00:11:03Both: ahhhhhh!
00:11:05What's that?
00:11:06Susan and mary: grab it!
00:11:07 (leaping grunt) woo-hoo!
00:11:10Thanks for saving me from all those girls.
00:11:13And the dogs and dog catchers!
00:11:15That's the least of your problems.
00:11:17Say wha?
00:11:18Let's just say a meteor wants to get to know you better too.
00:11:23Whoa! didn't see that coming.
00:11:27Hang on.
00:11:27We're going to block your good stink with bad stink.
00:11:31What kind of bad stink?
00:11:33Bombs away.
00:11:34Johnny and dukey: ahhhhhh!
00:11:38(Splat) it didn't work!
00:11:43Mary: it's not stinky enough!
00:11:45Time for plan b.
00:11:52Mary: he's gonna blast johnny!
00:11:56But not with missiles!
00:11:59Worst experiment ever.
00:12:03 (moo) johnny and dukey: nooooo!
00:12:07(Splat) (sniffs) eww!
00:12:13 (cheer) and might I add, somebody get those boys in a bath.
00:12:22(Splash) can't we get out now!
00:12:24(Sniffs) not even close.
00:12:27Bath number 19, coming up.
00:12:29Johnny and dukey: nooooooooo!
00:13:14The charms, they're Swirled!
00:13:17♪ ♪
00:13:20Wow, wahoo, I'm tele...porting.
00:13:25Me Swirled Charms!
00:13:26Marshmallow power teleport!
00:13:28Phewf, whoops!
00:13:31I'm teleporting! Get the swirled charms.
00:13:34Uh oh.
00:13:35[ Both ] We got him!
00:13:37Marshmallow power teleport!
00:13:39[ Male Announcer ]Swirled Lucky Charms, part of a good breakfast.
00:20:13[Snoring] [alarm ringing] [alarm stops ringing] morning, jack.
00:21:42[Chatters] you're a funny guy, jack.
00:21:47[Chuckling] oh, thank you, jack.
00:21:57Jack, I got to goget ready, ok?
00:22:20Good morning, jack.
00:22:22Sleep well?
00:22:26Nicely, thank you.
00:22:36[Crowd murmuring] Dr. Kendall: Good morning, graduates.
00:23:15Whoa! ah ha!
00:23:20[Tara laughing] [steven laughing] ok, old slugger, we've got 10 bananas.
00:23:32We take away 6.
00:23:34How many does jack get?
00:23:40[Students murmuring] oh, jack.
00:23:51Very funny, jack. very funny.
00:23:59Uh, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to cut this session short.
00:24:03I'll see you all on thursday.
00:24:07Jack, how is anybody gonna believe that you're a genius when you behave like this?
00:24:16[Kisses] [scoffs] [grunting] [bell rings] don't forget. 3:00, saturday.
00:24:57Everyone's invited.
00:24:59[Screeching] Dr. Kendall: Yes, julie.
00:25:06They didn't renew my funds this year.
00:25:10Is there room for jack?
00:25:12Of course.
00:25:13We miss jack.
00:25:14It's been kind of quiet without him.
00:25:16Nancy would love to see her baby again.
00:25:19Uh, I'll make all the arrangements, and--and I'll call you tomorrow.
00:25:25[Beep] [door opens and closes] hi, sweetie.
00:25:46How was your day today?
00:25:47Did you make any new friends today?
00:25:52Oh, honey, I'm so sorry.
00:25:55[Sniffles] son, what happened today?
00:26:05All the girls in tara's class were invited to some birthday party.
00:26:10She wasn't.
00:26:26I know it's difficult, sweetie. hmm?
00:26:30Did you talk to anyone today?
00:26:32They'll tease me. I know it.
00:26:38I know, sweetie. hmm?
00:26:40But once they getto know who you are, it won't matter.
00:26:48Ok. kisses? come here.
00:27:00Darren: Come on, jack, let's go.
00:27:02[Laughing] [laughing] you're a funny guy, jack.
00:27:26[Laughing] [soft rock playing] hmm.