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Aired at 04:00 PM on Friday, Nov 19, 2010 (11/19/2010)      View all transcripts from this day


00:00:04To the lab!
00:00:05Behold, the tele-kinesis machine.
00:00:07It provides new tele-kinetic mutant powers and their aggregations.
00:00:13Susan and mary: just stand on the "x".
00:00:16(Lever cranks, energy whirs) (erratic yelps) I feel smart.
00:00:22 well, what should we do with our new evil mutant powers?
00:00:26Hm? take over the world?
00:00:28Anyone? world domination?
00:00:30Hey, what about that earth day thing johnny talked about.
00:00:33He said there's a "chill-i" cookff!
00:00:37(Maniacal laughter) they're in the living room wondering what to do next.
00:00:41And that's right where we want them.
00:00:43Now, what other mutant powers do we have?
00:00:46You can teleport.
00:00:46Johnny and dukey: no way!
00:00:47Just pull down both your arms, teleport to the house, ..
00:00:52And bring them back here to be locked up in this nueron-plasma jail cell.
00:00:55Sounds like a plan.
00:01:06They're gone!
00:01:07.. (thinking grunts) (frightened screams) whacko: that's it, run!
00:01:12Run from our mutant superiority!
00:01:15(Flaming fart) (chewing) you guys have got to try this green chili!
00:01:20Ooh! this one has extra beans!
00:01:23They're at the carnival and taking over the city.
00:01:25Of course. teleport power, activate!
00:01:30(Exasperated sigh) I know, I know, you want me to surrender ..
00:01:38Come save us, johnny x!
00:01:40Shout all you want, mayor, but johnny x has run away!
00:01:46Think again, whacko.
00:01:47There's only two mutant you's and five mutant us'es! ha ha!
00:01:53Turn and burn, boys.
00:01:56Oh, great, he can teleport now?
00:01:59We can't teleport.
00:02:00This is bad!
00:02:01I suggest you bolt, sir, while you stilhave nine lives left.
00:02:09Hey, wanna go for a ride?
00:02:12Two down, three to go.
00:02:15I quit, sir.
00:02:17Oh, you'll be back.
00:02:19Come out johnny x and super dorky.
00:02:24Come out where I can see you!
00:02:27Ha ha! there you are!
00:02:30(Farts, flames blare) (chuckles) oh! this is so not fair!
00:02:36(Chuckles) man I hate that kid and super dog!
00:02:41Hey, why don't you just teleport the cage to the earth day carnival and save the trips?
00:02:46Why not.
00:02:48I give up.
00:02:49Your mutant powers are too strong!
00:02:52I will get in the cage.
00:02:54And you'll un-freeze my dad, and stop annoying me so I can go on the bounce house!
00:02:59Oh yes. yes. noooo!
00:03:04 because you're now frozen and completely immobile!
00:03:09Whacko: yes! heh-heh.
00:03:10We've finally defeated johnny x and stupor pooch.
00:03:14 (maniacal laughter) mayor: and we are all doomed!
00:03:18And man is this chili good with extra beans.
00:03:22I ate the whole pot.
00:03:23Did you say the whole pot?
00:03:25Oh yeah!
00:03:29I have mutant power poots, don't i?
00:03:32(Growing rumble) !!
00:03:35 (fleeing screams) (huge fart, flames blare) johnny and dukey: looking for us?
00:03:43You had to eat the chili!
00:03:44You couldn't just get a corn dog!
00:03:47So how should we defeat them, super mutant powered pal o' mine?
00:03:51The old fashion way.
00:03:52 (grunt) (loud fart) (cheers) thank you, johnny x, for saving our town once again.
00:04:02And now let's enjoy our earth day carnival.
00:04:06And take a wild ride on that super bounce house!
00:04:10Because the world is safe again!
00:04:15 (screaming) (spaceships whir) ?
00:04:20Dark vegan: johnny test!
00:04:22I told you I would return and I have!
00:04:25So enjoy your "end of the earth day carnival".
00:04:30(Laughs) I just wanted to jumpin the bounce house!
00:09:21 (laughing) (gasps) man, it's hard to breath with this thing on.
00:09:29I repeat, I just wanted to go on the giant bounce house!
00:09:32Suck out all the water and cut down all the trees on this wretched planet and get me johnny test!
00:09:39(Vacuum suctions water, power saws whir) (whirring) teleport!
00:09:49(Explosion) (giggle) did you stop the evil dork 5?
00:09:54We have another small problem.
00:09:57Curses! but no matter.
00:09:59Johnny will perish along with this earth and- jillian: daddy!
00:10:04Oh, crud.
00:10:05You said you weren't gonna invade the earth!
00:10:08I said I would "think" about not invading the earth.
00:10:10And I "thinked" about it and, well, I'm invading.
00:10:12 we are supposed to be on vacation and you promised not to work and not to seek revenge.
00:10:18I am an evil ruler.
00:10:20 you get a job and support our planet.
00:10:23I'll gladly quit!
00:10:24Jillian: I won't let this happen.
00:10:27(Water sloshes) (vacuum whirs) you are grounded for the rest of this invading vacation!
00:10:34And no tv!
00:10:36Mrs. vegan: hmph!
00:10:38Dark vegan: okay.
00:10:38Relocate to the outer atmosphere and continue sucking up of all the earth's resources.
00:10:43(Maniacal laughter) (ships bleep and whir)