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00:00:00d Johnny Test ♪
00:00:05♪ Johnny Test ♪
00:00:07♪ Johnny Test ♪
00:00:28Where a giant ugly destructive pod-thing is destroying porkbelly!
00:00:37(Hiss of vacuum cleaner) (panicked screaming) both: cool.
00:00:42 the super secret government agency has been called in to stop the alien beast from destroying our luxury hotels and kidnapping our best chefs.
00:00:51We can't stop it.
00:00:51But we'll get some bigger weapons and be back as soon as we can.
00:00:55Three, four hours tops.
00:00:57Enough talking, more smashing!
00:01:02Hey! isn't that our house on tv?
00:01:10They took mary!
00:01:15They took susan!
00:01:16And although I'm relieved, we have to do something! we have to?
00:01:21Susan has been abducted by aliens!
00:01:27(Screaming) ugh!
00:01:39(Evil cackle) !
00:01:44It's bling-bling and I'm destroying it for you.
00:01:49I filled my bachelor pod with the best, most expensive stuff in the world, plus chefs and accoutrements that you will love.
00:01:57Thanks, but no way!
00:01:59I'm outta here!
00:02:02Oh, you look mad.
00:02:03Perhaps some ice cream might cool you down.
00:02:08How can you sit here and eat ice cream while our sister is trapped in an alien freak pod!
00:02:13Because the g-dudes said they were gonna get weapons and destroy it!
00:02:21Fire away.
00:02:24(Missile fire) didn't see that coming.
00:02:35(Loud crashing) (scared whimpers) interesting, but I still won't help susan.
00:02:43But she's your sister!
00:02:44Look into your heart and remember all the good times she was there for you.
00:02:53(Ribbit) (whistling) ahhhh!
00:03:02I said to remember the good times.
00:03:05Those were the good times.
00:03:07But we're family; we stick together.
00:03:09That ball thing took my sister, not to mention my ice cream, ..
00:03:19But those aliens are about to face a force they've never faced before.
00:03:24Oh no. no, no.
00:03:27Johnny x and super pooch!
00:03:36I hate this costume!
00:03:38Johnny: come on, boy.
00:03:39You can do it.
00:03:44Come swimming.
00:03:45I've even paid the extra insurance for a diving board.
00:03:50Susan: diving board!
00:03:54(Grunts of effort) ahhhhh!
00:04:08How about a movie?
00:04:09Alarm voice: warning.
00:04:10Threatening aircraft approaching.
00:04:13I knew it!
00:04:13My family, including my genius twin sister and my reckless little brother, are here to save me!
00:04:19Oh yeah! ooh! I'm so scared.
00:04:22Don't start the movie without me.
00:04:30 evil space pod, you are no match for the mutant powers of johnny x!
00:04:37We've got a kid in a cool outfit on a flying dog.
00:04:44Both: eugene!
00:04:45It's bling-bling boy!
00:04:47And what were you expecting, aliens?
00:04:52But I have mutant powers and I am not afraid to unleash them on your latest attempt to date my sister!
00:04:58So let her go!
00:05:00..what's the word I'm looking for?
00:05:04Oh, that's right.
00:05:08 then face my backside-blasting power-pooting wrath!
00:05:13And you face my giant badminton racquet!
00:05:21Ahhhhhhhh! oof!
00:05:25Plan b.
00:05:25We fly lower and butt-melt the feet.
00:05:28The pod will fall, crack open, and susan will roll out.
00:05:36Hose him!
00:05:38(Farts) hm?
00:05:43(Water rushes) (straining grunts) we're running out of water, sir!
00:05:54Ha-ha. I have you now!
00:05:56(Straining grunt) (weak fart) huh?
00:05:59(Straining grunts) I'm outta power poots!
00:06:05Man, I hate johnny x.
00:06:09Ow, ow, ow!
00:06:11Did you save her?
00:06:12 but the good news is aliens didn't take susan; it was eugene.
00:06:16That's even worse!
00:06:18I have an idea!
00:06:19Let's give up.
00:06:19I bet susan's having a great time.
00:06:22I've used this micron-microphone to listen into the pod and you tell me if susan is having fun.
00:06:28Susan: ahhhhhhh!
00:06:30I don't like susan, but nobody hurts the sister of johnny!
00:06:35Is that a zx500 pluto-converter and a black hole simulator?
00:06:40.. for you.
00:06:43 it is an amazing lab, but not complete!
00:06:46I mean, where's the zero gravity chamber?
00:06:50Oh, why it- what?
00:06:51There's only one of those in the whole world and getting it is not like stealing ice cream, you know.
00:06:57Well, then, I guess this place isn't so great after all.
00:07:01 try to please a woman and it's never enough!
00:07:05(Loud metallic clomping) well, the pod is metal so maybe we can rust it or something.
00:07:12(Rumbling) oh, we're in trouble.
00:07:17Didn't I tell you, spy brains, to stop that evil black alien pod!
00:07:23Both: maybe. bye!
00:07:29Mr. black: it's bling-bling, not aliens?
00:07:32That's even worse!
00:07:33And we can't even stop him with johnny x.
00:07:36Then we'll have to team up!
00:07:37Who knows what horrible experiments bling-bling has planned, now that he has the zero gravity chamber!
00:07:46I want a turn! come on, I stole it!
00:07:49Yeah, and you stole me too, so back off!
00:07:53 now, the pod is unbeatable from the outside.
00:07:56So we'll just have to attack from inside.
00:07:59Spy surveillance shows a small evacuation chamber located near the bottom of the pod.
00:08:04 something small like a snake or someone who could shape-shift into a snake could get inside.
00:08:09Get to the command center and open the main hatch.
00:08:13Then we'll enter and finish the job.
00:08:16You want me to turn into a snake and go up its blow hole?
00:08:19You're the one who wanted to be johnny x.
00:08:21Now go!
00:08:23(Groans) (missiles fire) incoming!
00:08:35Johnny: shape-shifting powers go!
00:08:39Alarm voice: intruder alert. intruder alert.
00:08:43Intruder alert.
00:08:47What's this?
00:08:48An emergency escape mini-pod.
00:08:51I'm free!
00:08:52I can get outta here!
00:08:53.. mondo video arcade, maui wave simulator, susan's favorite food places?
00:08:59Select all?
00:09:05Stand down, evil sister stealer, and face my hurricane hands!
00:09:10(Gusts of wind) seat belts!
00:09:16Take this!
00:09:16(Farts) ha, ha! poot retardant suits!
00:09:21Your mutant powers cannot defeat me!
00:09:24.. blah, blah, blah...
00:09:27Normal boy hand go!
00:09:30Uh oh.
00:09:42(Humming) (nervous chuckle) I'm in trouble, aren't i?
00:09:47Now to save my sister from your evil clutches!
00:09:52Susan, we're here to rescue y- mr. white: wow!
00:09:56(Laughing) what took you guys so long?
00:10:00(Giggles) I think we should stay here, and make sure he hasn't damaged anything.
00:10:07Mr. black and mr. white: good plan!
00:10:09 (playful laughter) you know, technically, this is a date.
00:10:17Susan: no it's not.
00:10:18And how could you forgot the most important part of the ultimate fun spa?
00:10:23All: the hot tub.
00:10:24This looks like a job for johnny x!
00:10:30(Straining grunts) all: I'm not going in there.
00:10:34(Contented sigh) a whole new lifefor your hair.
00:11:32Aveeno nourish plus.
00:11:34Proven to target and help repair damage ..
00:11:40Hair with life.
00:11:41Aveeno nourish plus.
00:11:44You won five dollarsin a box of Go Gurt.
00:11:46I won!I won too!
00:11:48Checks please.
00:11:49I won!You sure did, kid.
00:11:51[ Boy ] Yes, I won!
00:11:52Need more checks! I'm working on it!
00:11:55[ Check Man ]It's the Yoplait Go Gurt and Trix Yogurt Cash Giveaway.
00:11:57Millions will play,thousands will win?
00:12:00You're a winner!
00:12:02Thank you, thank you!I won!!
00:12:03I won! I won!! Yes you did fella.
00:12:05[ Check Man ] To win like little man here, see specially marked packages for details or write in to play for free.
00:12:09[ Check Writer ] One hundred thousand kids are gonna win!
00:12:11I need a vacation!
00:13:09(Light patter of falling rain) johnny: ugh!
00:13:16I hate the rain!
00:13:17I don't get you, johnny.
00:13:18When it's sunny outside, all you want to do is come in.
00:13:21And when it's raining, all you want to do is go out.
00:13:23Make up your mind!
00:13:25(Loud beeping) huh?
00:13:27My meatloaf puffs!
00:13:29Dukey: he has a point.
00:13:33Well, not anymore!
00:13:34Life is short, my furry best friend, and we are not going to let a little rain ruin our day!
00:13:41(Groans) ...
00:13:49(Humming) (thunder claps) (terrified screams) ugh.
00:14:01Okay, let's go bug my sisters!
00:14:10As long as we have no distractions, this experiment could eliminate rainy day boredom forever!
00:14:17Johnny: we're bored!
00:14:20Ooh! red gush!
00:14:22Susan: go away, johnny.
00:14:24We're testing the effects of rain on lolo's psyche.
00:14:27(Sad sigh) what's that?
00:14:31" it's perfect!
00:14:34 it's a cross dimensional travel chamber that is not ready for testing.
00:14:37And we still need two more very important ingredients before we can test it.
00:14:43Susan: so stay out!
00:14:44And don't touch anything while we're gone!
00:14:49(Maniacal giggles) whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
00:14:51Let's read the signs one more time.
00:14:54This says "danger" .. this one says "keep out!" fine, stay here and babysit sad lolo, while I have a little fun.
00:15:05Real fun.
00:15:06A whole lot of non-rainy or soggy fun!
00:15:12Oh man, is this fun!
00:15:15Forget it, johnny. it's not working!
00:15:18Johnny: wow! oh man, I'm not bored.
00:15:26Dukey: you tricked me!
00:15:27I can't see a thing.
00:15:29And there's stuff dangling and ow! ow! what was that?
00:15:32Something just touched my head!
00:15:34Calm down.
00:15:36At least it's not raining and look, it's a door!
00:15:40(Heavenly singing) ..
00:15:45For like ever!
00:15:47And it's hot, but cool.
00:15:50(Growling) (growling) (growling) not cool!
00:15:57Head one: destroy them!
00:15:59Head two: now!
00:16:01(Charging yell) ahhhh!
00:16:04Open the door!
00:16:05I can't find the handle!
00:16:08They're getting closer.
00:16:09I know that!
00:16:13Squirrelly man: I'll save you!
00:16:19Dukey: what's going on! who are you?
00:16:21Where are we?
00:16:22Am I losing my mind?
00:16:23Squirrelly man: no.
00:16:24But we have lost our land to the wicked two-headed witch.
00:16:27Cool, they talk.
00:16:29Talking squirrels, that beats a rainy day any day, don't you- well, it was nice meeting you squirrel freaks.
00:16:34(Nerous chuckle) so now if you'll just show us the way out of your lovely hole so we can just get back to our world!
00:16:39 but it is you who must show us, for you are the chosen ones.
00:16:44Squirrels: the chosen ones.
00:16:48Both: say wha?
00:16:49 the cave prophecy states you are to free our world and return it to its lush fertile past with a magic elixir.
00:16:58" cave prophecy? ha!
00:17:03I'd like to see this cave prophecy.
00:17:07(Laughing) ..
00:17:11(Laughing) (laughing dies out) with a majestic army, you are to pour the magic elixir ..
00:17:18 and it's magic will flow through it's veins and bring water back to our world.
00:17:25Johnny: great!
00:17:25As long as I'm home in time for dinner?
00:17:27We're going home now!
00:17:29You're dad will very upset if he finds out you went to another dimension ..
00:17:34(Explosion) (snarling) the two-headed witch!
00:17:39(Panicked screaming) I have you now, chosen ones!
00:17:50(Kung-fu sounds) ooh-ooh-ohh!
00:18:00When did I learn that?
00:18:01 (angry growl) squirrelly girl: quick, to the escape log!
00:18:11We will get you!
00:18:13Ape guard: is that possible, your excellency?
00:18:15Because they are the chosen ones and when does the villain ever beat the chosen ones?
00:18:19Because, well, they're chosen ones.
00:18:29It's the door!
00:18:31And I found the handle.
00:18:32We can go back!
00:18:33Let's go.
00:18:36Why aren't you coming back?
00:18:38We can't go.
00:18:39You saw the powers we had back there.
00:18:41We're the chosen ones.
00:18:43It was a fluke!
00:18:45So let's go!
00:18:46But squirrelly man saved us.
00:18:48We have to save him!
00:18:48 yeah, well, squirrel boy also mentioned an army, but I'm not seeing any army.
00:18:57Yeah, that figures.
00:18:58I am trumphion, leader of the rebel army.
00:19:02We're the chosen ones!
00:19:03Yeah, I know.
00:19:04We are here to assist you.
00:19:06Dukey: him. assist him.
00:19:08Doggy go bye-bye.
00:19:09Come on, we're the chosen ones.
00:19:11When was the last time the chosen ones ever lost anything?
00:19:16The chosen ones never lose!
00:19:18That's why they're "chosen".
00:19:20You're on your own.
00:19:22I'm going!
00:19:24Here I go.
00:19:25Bye johnny.
00:19:27It was nice knowing ya.
00:19:29I mean it.
00:19:33(Crow crows) (clock ticks) (counting grunts) mm-mm-mm.
00:19:37If we don't make it back alive, I'm never talking to you again.
00:19:43(Growling) the fountain is located inside the two witch castle garden.
00:19:51Let me guess, it's heavily guarded, we're outnumbered and they're waiting for us.
00:19:55Most likely.
00:19:57Bring it on.
00:20:00Army: ahhhhh!
00:20:02Ape guard: rebel army approaching!
00:20:04Good. this should be fun.
00:20:07Let us destroy them.
00:20:11Army: ahhhh!
00:20:18(Growling) (maniacal laughter) hi-ya!
00:20:22Huh? ugh!
00:20:24That's johnny: one; two-headed freak: zero!
00:20:27To the fountain!
00:20:31Johnny: pffft!
00:20:32Two-headed witch: loose the gate on them!
00:20:36I told you we were gonna lose!
00:20:37 we have you now, chosen ones!
00:20:42We're gonna win by a neck!
00:20:49I told you.
00:20:50The chosen one never loses!
00:20:53Head one: we can't let him get to the fountain!
00:20:58We're going to make it!
00:20:58 deadly fountain lasers locked on target.
00:21:02Aw, come on!
00:21:03Use your chosen one powers!
00:21:08Do we have any?
00:21:09I don't know! try anything!
00:21:13Hey, I'm feeling something.
00:21:16Computer voice: blasting chosen ones.
00:21:18Not working!
00:21:22(Explosion) hey, you were right.
00:21:26You can't beat the chosen ones!
00:21:30Now let's set squirrelly man and this desert land free!
00:21:39Whoa, didn't see that coming.
00:21:42Trumphion: oh, so close.
00:21:44Two-headed witch: ha, ha, ha!
00:21:46I don't get it.
00:21:47We were the chosen ones!
00:21:51 ha, ha, ha!
00:21:54! you?!
00:21:55You petrified my pooch?
00:21:57Susan: oh, relax, flame-headed brother.
00:22:01 welcome to our hyper-holographic virtual mind chamber.
00:22:04Who? what? where? why?
00:22:05 our simulations are guaranteed to relieve boredom.
00:22:08We really got you, johnny.
00:22:10You lose.
00:22:10! you said you needed two more ingredients for it to work.
00:22:14Right. you and dukey.
00:22:15(Confused) huh?
00:22:16Mary: we get bored too, you know.
00:22:19No fair!
00:22:20It's totally fair.
00:22:21We told you not to go in - you did - and we defeated you.
00:22:24You lose, we win!
00:22:25Both: girls rule!
00:22:27Um, best two out of three!
00:22:33This time we win!
00:22:39Best 3 out of 5!
00:22:40Both: bring it on!
00:22:44Two-headed witch: stop him!
00:22:50(Fireworks explode) squirrels: (cheering) yay!
00:23:00We win! ha!
00:23:01Boys and dogs rule!
00:23:03Best 4 out of 7!
00:23:05Well, you were right.
00:23:06This sure beats a rainy day.
00:23:09All: woo-hoo! ahhhh!
00:23:12Two-headed witch: get them!
00:23:16(Battle yells) oo court now in session!
00:23:25Your honor you got to keep Cocoa Puffs away from me!
00:23:28But, but why?
00:23:29It turns everything chocolaty, and they make me go cuckoo Well they're munchy... Ohh And crunchy... Ahh What's wrong with that!
00:23:37I call my first and ooonly witness...
00:23:40Cocoa Puffs!
00:23:41Chocolate in the court!
00:23:44See, I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.
00:23:47[ Male Announcer ] Chocolaty Cocoa Puffs, part of a good breakfast.
00:23:50I find you guilty, of being delicious!
00:25:12How about going out for dinner?
00:25:13How about helping with math, first.
00:25:17How about calling for takeout?
00:25:19How about calling sylvan?
00:25:22If schoolwork isstressful, call sylvan.
00:25:27And build the skillsfor success. guaranteed.
00:25:33For a free dvd/information kit.
00:25:38Call now.
00:26:49( announcer )Dawn's home in Twinleaf Town is bustling with activity as our heroesattend to a few chores, while preparation continues for the upcomingTwinleaf Festival.
00:27:00That takes care of the schedule then.
00:27:02The Twinleaf Festival's almost here and the first event is a Pokémon lecture by Professor Oak.