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00:00:00H, ns.
00:00:03What is the person doing?
00:00:04Unskilled in the word of righteousness.
00:00:06New testament righteousness is righteousness is a gift to be received, not to be performed.
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00:01:26[Music] today with joseph prince.
00:01:32>> You ready for the word?
00:01:34All right, we are continuing from where we left off last week.
00:01:37We finished with abraham praying for abimelech.
00:01:40And for those who were not here, just a quick review.
00:01:44All right, what happened was that abraham was in a place called gerar and there the prince of gerar, a philistine prince, his name was abimelech.
00:01:55And abimelech is actually not a name, it's a title, all right, just like pharaoh is a title.
00:02:01And abimelech saw beautiful sarah and took sarah for his harem but god came to him in a dream at night and god told him, "you're a dead man for she's " and we saw from the typologies that sarah is grace, abraham is faith and we saw last week that when you take grace away from faith, it's a very serious thing with god, amen, unless grace is put back in her place of honor.
00:02:31You see, people are trying to put grace among the women, among the teachings in the church.
00:02:38She's one of the teachings but not a queen, and god will not have it so.
00:02:43Grace is not a topic.
00:02:44Grace is the person jesus christ.
00:02:47Can I have a good amen?
00:02:48Grace is not a doctrine.
00:02:50Grace is the gospel of jesus christ.
00:02:54So abimelech, in essence, represents all christians who try to put sarah, grace, as one of the teachings among the other beautiful teachings, all right?
00:03:03But god will not have it so.
00:03:05And healing never flowed until grace was put back in a place of honor, all right?
00:03:11So here we go, we have seen both abraham as a type of faith and sarah as a type of grace.
00:03:16Let's go the story now, genesis 21, we'll continue.
00:03:19"For sarah conceived and bore abraham a son in his old age, at the set time of which god had spoken to him.
00:03:24And abraham called the name of his son who was born to him-- " which means laughter, tsakhak, all right, in hebrew.
00:03:34Now, whenever faith and grace meets, there's laughter.
00:03:38So make sure there's some noise in the house of god.
00:03:41Make sure there's some celebration and some laughter.
00:03:45You sons of abraham, isaacs.
00:03:48"Then abraham circumcised his son isaac when he was eight days " next verse, "now abraham was one hundred years old when his son " so everybody knew it was a miracle.
00:03:58"And sarah said, 'god has made me laugh, and all who hear will " now this is amazing, abraham named the son isaac because god said, "call him isaac, " but sarah had the spiritual intelligence--she was able to interpret the meaning of the name.
00:04:12All right, let's go on.
00:04:13But another thing that happened with sarah is this, folks, she was 90 years old at this time when isaac was born.
00:04:18Abraham was 100 years old, she was 90 years old.
00:04:21Think about it, she said this, "she also said, 'who would have said to abraham that sarah would '" the word "nurse" there is breastfeed, nurse children.
00:04:34God did something to her body, y'all, something happened to her body.
00:04:40God renewed her youth.
00:04:41In the previous chapter--in fact, two chapters before that, god says, "at this time next year, you will have a baby" and then something happened to her body that year.
00:04:50How do I know?
00:04:50Because abimelech is a heathen king.
00:04:54He's not a spiritual king.
00:04:55He go by his eyeballs and he looked at sarah and says, " now, he has the pick of the land.
00:05:02He's the king of the land so he has a harem full of beautiful girls but he wanted sarah.
00:05:08Because god rejuvenated her youthfulness, her body was renewed.
00:05:13Next verse, now, "the child grew, isaac grew, and was " weaned means what?
00:05:20He goes to solid food, okay?
00:05:22Now if you study the background of those days, they wean a child and they have a party when the child is 3 years old.
00:05:27Now, we all know a baby is weaned at about 6, 7, 8 months, right?
00:05:33They can go to solid food.
00:05:35But in that day and age, they might even breastfeed that baby until he's 3 years old to 5 years old, all right, especially a special child like isaac.
00:05:46So we are putting 3 to 5 years because scholars are saying it's around this time that isaac had a great celebration the day he was weaned.
00:05:54Abraham made a great feast on the same day, not just a feast, man, a great feast.
00:05:59It must be something grand when his son is able to take solid food.
00:06:03But there is a meaning here.
00:06:05If you understand the meaning, you understand what is weaning, you'll be weaning.
00:06:12Are you ready for the spiritual truth?
00:06:14We are all isaacs.
00:06:16All the isaacs said?
00:06:20Let me keep on reading before i show you the meaning.
00:06:22"Sarah saw the son of hagar--" now "sarah saw the son of hagar the egyptian, whom she had borne " now the hebrew word for scoffing here is laughing, all right?
00:06:31But if you read the galatians account of ishmael persecuting isaac, the word "persecute" in the greek in galatians is stronger than just laughing.
00:06:40All right, he was making fun of isaac, but making fun of isaac in a murderous way, in other words, there was hatred in the heart, intent to kill, persecute to the point of death, the way they persecute the early christians.
00:06:51All right, that's the same word used.
00:06:53And in other words, when hagar and ishmael saw isaac being given a special treatment because of great feasts and in that feast, they would decorate the boy with all kinds of ornaments and a special tribal clothes, which means he's the rightful heir.
00:07:11She realized there's no hope for her son anymore to be the heir.
00:07:16So probably she instigated the boy to do things that would harm isaac.
00:07:22Now that carries a death sentence in those days.
00:07:24It's a serious thing.
00:07:25In other words, he did something that, you know, maybe isaac escaped then he start laughing, but it's a murderous thing.
00:07:32It's not a small thing.
00:07:33So you understand when they are cast out, you won't say, " you understand, folks?
00:07:40All right, let's go on.
00:07:41So what did sarah say to abraham?
00:07:43Sarah said to abraham, "cast out this bondwoman and her son; for the son of this bondwoman shall not be heir with my son, namely " now don't forget, the bible calls this scripture.
00:07:59"And the matter was very displeasing in abraham's sight " next verse, "but god said to abraham, 'do not let it be displeasing in your sight because of the lad or because of your bondwoman.
00:08:08Whatever sarah has said to you, '" guys, I know the bible says wives are to submit, but there are times, if you are listening, god says, " amen?
00:08:25Now, he was concerned about ishmael because after all, if your son--it's still your son, isn't it?
00:08:31So abraham was concerned about ishmael and god said to abraham, all right, "yet, I will also make a nation of the son of the bondwoman, because he's your " by the way, in the natural, ishmael became the father of the arabs, all right, and dwelt in saudi arabia later on, all right?
00:08:48So the--in physical terms, the descendants of isaac became the jewish people, the israelis, all right, and the physical descendants of ishmael became the arabs.
00:08:59Now, an arab, when he received jesus, is spiritually an isaac.
00:09:07A jew who rejects jesus christ is an ishmaelite.
00:09:11Do you understand that?
00:09:12So we're not talking about natural things here, okay?
00:09:15Praise god.
00:09:16Now, talking about spiritual things.
00:09:19Let's go back to the account when he was weaned.
00:09:21"He made a great feast on the " when did the persecution start?
00:09:27When isaac was weaned.
00:09:28In other words, isaac wasn't taking milk anymore.
00:09:31Isaac was taking solid food, okay?
00:09:34Now, what is milk and what is solid food?
00:09:36How do we--how do we understand these terms?
00:09:39Bible must interpret bible.
00:09:40In hebrews 5, look at hebrews 5, "for though by this time you ought to be teachers, you need someone to teach you again the first principles of the oracles of god; and you have come to " now listen, "for everyone who partakes only of milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a " in other words, babies who drink milk, why are they babies?
00:10:07Why do they only drink milk?
00:10:08Because they don't understand the word, the logos here in the greek, of righteousness.
00:10:13They don't understand the teaching of righteousness.
00:10:16I've heard babies preach things like, "seek you first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these " now people, we must seek god's righteousness, find god's ways of doing things, learn how to be right with god.
00:10:33We gotta be right in our thinking, right in our speech, right in our actions.
00:10:38What is the person doing?
00:10:39Unskilled in the word of righteousness.
00:10:41New testament righteousness is righteousness is a gift to be received, not to be performed.
00:10:48Let me prove that from the scriptures.
00:10:49Same passage you got the typology of sarah from, galatians 4.
00:10:53Look at galatians 4 in the very first verse, "now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave, though he is master of " the word "child" here is nepios in the greek which means infant, baby, all right, infant.
00:11:13Now the heir, as long he's a child--like my son, for example, my son, justin david, is now 3 months old, very cute, adorable.
00:11:24He's handsome like his mother.
00:11:30All right?
00:11:31And he has that--i don't know where he learned this, his side--that side smile, smoky eyes, amazing.
00:11:39Now my son can only take milk.
00:11:42In my fridge, there are all kinds of goodies, chocolate, you know, filet mignon, all right, grass-fed rib-eye steak, bread, but he can't take it.
00:11:56But my maid can eat.
00:11:59My domestic worker, she can eat.
00:12:02But the thing is this, little justin david is 3 months old.
00:12:05As long as he's a nepios, an infant, though he's lord of all, he inherits everything, as long as he's a baby, he cannot enjoy it.
00:12:16Are you with me?
00:12:17But let's keep on reading.
00:12:18"But he's under guardians and stewards until the time " so paul is talking about the jewish people, all right?
00:12:25He's saying, "even so we--" the jewish people, all right, he's writing to the jewish people in galatia, all right?
00:12:31He says, "even so we.
00:12:32When we were children, in the old testament, when we jewish people, we were children, we were under the--we were in bondage under the elements of " now, children are under guardians and stewards.
00:12:45"Even so we," we jewish people here, all right, "when we were children," in the old testament under law, "we were in bondage under the elements of the " now the word "elements" is very interesting greek word called stoicheion which means the abcs, the abcs of god's teaching.
00:13:02In other words, the law is the abc.
00:13:05When they came out of egypt, the first thing god taught them--they were still babies.
00:13:09The first thing god taught them was the ten commandments.
00:13:11This is the stoicheion of the world.
00:13:14This is the step one, step two, step three, kindergarten level.
00:13:19But jesus would come one day, amen, and he'll bring us grace for the law was given by moses but grace and truth came by jesus christ.
00:13:28That's maturity.
00:13:30So when "we were children, we were in bondage under the " next verse, "but when the fullness of the time had come, god sent forth his son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those who were under the law, that we might receive the " the word "sons" here is the greek word huios, which means mature sons.
00:13:55No more nepios, nepios is under the law, okay?
00:14:00Sons are under grace.
00:14:04Now, we're not talking about growth.
00:14:05Growth is like when you are born again, you're a spiritual baby, you need to come to church, you need to read the word of god, you need christian fellowship.
00:14:11All that is growth, personal growth.
00:14:14He's talking about law and grace here in galatians.
00:14:18When grace came, it brought us straightaway into maturity.
00:14:21Do you know you inherit everything that god has?
00:14:26Huios, sons, mature sons.
00:14:29"And because you are sons, god has sent forth the spirit of his son into your hearts, crying '" now why did the holy spirit leave the hebrew--the aramaic abba down there?
00:14:41Because god wants you to know it " " it's actually the word you hear in israel today when you go, you know, among the children in the playground.
00:14:56You will hear them shouting at their father, "abba, abba, abba.
00:14:59" abba is daddy.
00:15:03God is saying, all right, when you have the spirit of sonship, you call god, "daddy, father, " and sometimes, you know, when you're in need, whether it's for healing or for some breakthrough in your life or there's some need that just arose and you come to god, take time, don't just bring the need straightaway.
00:15:22Take time, all right, and say, " know who you're talking, " are you listening?
00:15:30All right?
00:15:32Make sure there's no spirit of bondage, but a spirit of sonship.
00:15:37I'm telling you, that is a powerful prayer.
00:15:40And you know why you can cry "daddy"?
00:15:42It's a spirit of god's son, jesus that's in you.
00:15:45Are you with me?
00:15:48Let's go back to the story to bring it to an end, praise god.
00:15:51Are you with me so far?
00:15:52All right, so the child grew and sarah saw the son of hagar mocking her boy.
00:15:59She said, "cast out the bondwoman" and the boy was cast out, okay?
00:16:03So finally, abraham took the boy, ishmael, and hagar and sent them out with a bottle of water.
00:16:10And then what happened to the boy?
00:16:12Next verse please?
00:16:13"The boy grew up and became an " now, I got another message down there but I have to go, all right?
00:16:19Because the word "archer" there means what?
00:16:21He's always shooting arrows.
00:16:22All right, sons of the law are always shooting emails and blogging.
00:16:26Oh, sorry, what did I say?
00:16:27Arrows, arrows, you know?
00:16:28They're always shooting fiery darts.
00:16:31You know, the shield of faith that quench all the fiery darts?
00:16:35Where do you think the fiery darts came from?
00:16:37How do you think the wicked one launched the fiery dart against you?
00:16:40There's only one place, the bible says, that burned with fire, one mountain, mount sinai.
00:16:45And the bible says whoever touches mount sinai should be thrust through with a arrow or a javelin.
00:16:52Think about that, whenever you touch the law, arrows are being launched at you.
00:16:56You better be perfect before you touch mount sinai.
00:16:59That's the standard.
00:17:06It's getting a bit quiet in this presbyterian church.
00:17:10Okay, so you think of an archer.
00:17:12Just like his nephew, esau, also a picture of the flesh.
00:17:16He became a skillful hunter, all hunting, all shooting, you know?
00:17:21"He dwelt in the wilderness of paran; his mother took a wife " now, "it came to pass at that time--" what time?
00:17:28After the law has been removed from abraham's and sarah's life, after isaac can grow completely under grace.
00:17:35Isaac does not need to be brought up by any other woman.
00:17:39Grace is enough to bring up isaac, faith and grace.
00:17:46Isaac does not need hagar's help, neither does abraham and sarah.
00:17:53After the law has been cast out, after the son of the law is also out, at that time what happened?
00:17:59"Abimelech and phichol, the commander of his army, spoke to abraham, saying, 'god is with '" the favor of god started flowing.
00:18:07From then on in abraham's life, favor, strength, blessings started flowing like a mighty river.
00:18:12This same abimelech was the one that took sarah away from abraham, now he's coming to abraham with his commander in chief and he says, "god is with you.
00:18:22" keep on reading.
00:18:25Next verse, "now therefore, swear to me," abimelech said to abraham, "that you will not deal falsely with me, with my offspring, or with my posterity; but according to the kindness that I have done to you, you will do to me and to the land in " this prince of the world, abimelech, was the one that abraham feared.
00:18:43He was so fearful of him, he said--he lied to this man, "this " remember that?
00:18:48Now he's no longer afraid of him.
00:18:51In fact, abimelech is afraid of him.
00:18:55Abimelech says, "i can see that " when will the world see that god is with us?
00:19:02When we stop playing hypocrites.
00:19:06Tell the world that god loves them unconditionally, when they come in, we roll out the scroll of all commandments.
00:19:17Abraham is now dwelling in the land that used to belong to abimelech, but there's a new dignity now.
00:19:24You know what abraham did?
00:19:26He asked abraham to swear, ' then abraham rebuked abimelech because of a well of water which abimelech's servants had " now abraham can even rebuke abimelech.
00:19:41God is making the head and not the tail, when?
00:19:43At that time, at that time.
00:19:46Church, are you listening?
00:19:47At that time.
00:19:49God is waiting for the church to mature.
00:19:51And what is maturity?
00:19:52Understanding all that grace is.
00:19:55It's not going back to the law.
00:19:59Those who are not skilled in the word of righteousness are babies.
00:20:07"Then abraham rebuked abimelech about the well of water which abimelech's servants had seized.
00:20:11And abimelech said, 'i do not know who has done this thing; you did not tell me, nor had i ' so abraham took sheep and oxen and gave them to abimelech, and the two of them made a covenant.
00:20:21And abraham set seven ewe lambs of the flock by themselves.
00:20:24Then abimelech asked abraham, 'what is the meaning of these seven ewe lambs which you have '" next verse, "and he said, 'you will take these seven ewe lambs from my hand, that they may be my witness that I have '" now listen carefully.
00:20:36Abraham is coming to a place where he's possessing his possessions.
00:20:41Now, after the law is out, abraham has a surge of faith to possess the land.
00:20:49Are you listening, people?
00:20:51He's now possessing the land and he's saying, "but let it not be said I took this land from you " okay?
00:20:59Here is seven ewe lambs, that means what?
00:21:00They'll give birth in the future and have more lambs, all right?
00:21:03Seven ewe lambs, seven in hebrew is shabua.
00:21:06" when you say: ♪ I swear by the-- ♪
00:21:11okay, swear in hebrew is also shabua, all right, same word as seven, shabua, got it?
00:21:18So seven ewe lambs, shabua, okay?
00:21:22And he dug a well.
00:21:23"And he says, 'this well will be a witness that I've dug--i have ' therefore he called that place " beer in hebrew is not anchor beer or stout.
00:21:35All right, beer is well.
00:21:37Beersheba means well of the seven or well of the oath, the promise, okay?
00:21:44"Because the two of them swore on oath there.
00:21:46Thus they made a covenant at beersheba.
00:21:48So abimelech rose with phichol, the commander of his army, and they returned to the land of the " they never came back to the land again.
00:21:56It's also a prophecy, you know, of the future for israel.
00:21:59One day israel, the law--god is waiting for even the messianic believers, many of them are still holding on to the law but there are many, many of them now, all right, beginning to realize what grace is all about and the law is out of their lives.
00:22:12And when the law is out of their lives, they begin to possess the land.
00:22:16So the thing is this, church, there is a well there as a witness that this land belongs to abraham and to isaac, his son,ot to hmael, okay?
00:22:31And the proof is this, he dug the well, all right, he gave seven ewe lambs to abimelech, abimelech left, okay?
00:22:38Abimelech himself acknowledged, the prince of this world acknowledged, "this land is your land" and he left.
00:22:43Next verse we'll close.
00:22:44"Then abraham planted a tamarisk " what tree was that?
00:22:50Keep that in mind, "tamarisk tree in beersheba, and there called on the name of the lord, " in hebrew, el olam.
00:22:56"And abraham stayed in the land " and that's the end of chapter 21.
00:23:01So church, what am I saying?
00:23:01I'm saying this, all right, it's time for us to come to god in simplicity and say, " what do you need from him?
00:23:10He's your heavenly daddy.
00:23:13"But pastor, I must get right " you are right.
00:23:15If you believe in jesus, you are right.
00:23:17Lift your hands, call him daddy.
00:23:20Say, daddy.
00:23:23 thank you for tuning into our broadcast.
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