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00:00:00Child support.
00:00:02>> Pirro: Let's hit it.
00:00:02>> Bailiff: Please raise your right hand.
00:00:05>> Judge is on the move.
00:00:06Cue the bailiff.
00:00:08>> Bailiff: All rise.
00:00:08The honorable judge jeanine pirro presiding.
00:00:13>> Pirro: Hello, keith.
00:00:15>> Bailiff: Hello, judge.
00:00:15Please be seated.
00:00:17>> Pirro: Jame me is suing nicole, his ex-girlfriend for the value of personal property and she is countersuing he ex-boyfriend for unpaid child support.
00:00:25Now I've read the papers and it appears that the two of you met several years ago and you described the highs and lows in your relationship.
00:00:32However, it's the highs that concern me.
00:00:35Jamie, you say that the defendant was addicted to prescription medication.
00:00:42Vicodin, oxycontin and nicole you agree that it was drugs that broke up your relationship.
00:00:47But you say it was jamie's use of drugs, specifically marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine that broke up the relationship.
00:00:56And the fact that he chose partying and his friends over you and your nine-year-old daughter.
00:01:01Is that correct.
00:01:02>> Yes, your honor.
00:01:04>> Pirro: Why don't you tell me why you are suing nicole.
00:01:07>> I'm suing nicole for some furniture that I purchased while I was with her, that when we broke up.
00:01:13I wanted to return to me but she refused to return it.
00:01:19>> Pirro: How long were the two of you together.
00:01:21>>>>1 Years.
00:01:21>> Pirro: You had a child together.
00:01:23>> Yes.
00:01:24>> Pirro: Okay, all right.
00:01:25Go ahead, jamie, what about the drugs.
00:01:26>> She was using prescription pills and getting very moody and sleeping all day long.
00:01:31>> Pirro: Did you know build this before the two of you decided to have a child.
00:01:35>> I did, but I didn't know it was so bad.
00:01:39I mean she's been doing drugs since she was a kid.
00:01:42>> Pirro: Do you do drugs, nicole.
00:01:43>> Absolutely not.
00:01:44I have his criminal background with 13 arrests including drugs and assault.
00:01:49Right here.
00:01:49I have no criminal background.
00:01:52I mean I don't know where it all coming from.
00:01:54Yes, we both did drugs.
00:01:55Hi a daughter.
00:01:57>> Pirro: I guess what that means is that you have used a few drugs in your day as well.
00:02:02>> Your honor, I will be totally honest.
00:02:04I smoke marijuana, but as far as the other drugs, I've gone to drug counselling and I have taken care of it and I passed.
00:02:10>> Pirro: How many arrests do you have.
00:02:12>> How man arrests do i have.
00:02:15>> Pirro: Yeah.
00:02:16>> Probably, in my whole life, probably around five.
00:02:19>> I have 13 right here.
00:02:21Don't lie to her.
00:02:21>> Pirro: I've got in front of me two, four, six convictions.
00:02:25So how could you have been arrested five times.
00:02:28>> He's been arrested 13.
00:02:29I have your criminal, don't lie to her.
00:02:32>> Pirro: Are you two still together.
00:02:34>> No.
00:02:35>> Pirro: Stop telling him what to do.
00:02:37>> Well, in a way we do talk but that one over there-- .
00:02:41>> Pirro: You have con vintionss, are you lying to me already.
00:02:44>> Right.
00:02:44>> Pirro: You know what makes me crazy here, probation, probation, probation, pro base-- probation.
00:02:49>> That is what makes me crazy.
00:02:51Some point you should go to jail, do you agree.
00:02:53>> Yes.
00:02:54>> I've taken care of all of that.
00:02:56I have taken care of all of that.
00:02:57As far as the drugs, that has nothing to do with drugs.
00:03:01>> Let me tell you what is significant.
00:03:03Lying to the court is significant.
00:03:04>> I'm not lying it to the court.
00:03:06>> You lied to me alread I have to assess who is telling the truth and who isn't.
00:03:10I'm trying to get to the bottom line here and I will.
00:03:13But I want to understand what happened here that you are suing her for furniture that you have a child together and both of you accusing the other of drug use.
00:03:22She gives me a criminal record where you have at least six convictions.
00:03:26>> Does any of that have to do with drugs.
00:03:28>> Didn't I just explain that to you.
00:03:30>> All right.
00:03:31>> Let me ask you this.
00:03:32>> Oh my god.
00:03:33>> Why do you think that your relationship broke up?
00:03:36>> She was high as a kite all the time.
00:03:39>> Pirro: That is what i thought that is where we started.
00:03:41>>Wait a minute.
00:03:42>> Pirro: Why did you decide to have a child together.
00:03:43>> It was an accident.
00:03:44>> Pirro: It was an accident.
00:03:45Having I ierviewers you were-- intercourse is an accident.
00:03:49>> I'm not saying I regret it but it was an accident it wasn't planned.
00:03:52>> Pirro: So why did you two break up.
00:03:53>> The day my daughter graduated preschool, we had a huge party for her.
00:03:57She is very smart.
00:03:58She learned sign language and spanish at fivee years old.
00:04:01She is a very smart kid.
00:04:02We had a huge party.
00:04:03He decides to go to a concert because that was always more important, his music and his concert.
00:04:08>> The concert was after the party.
00:04:10>> That's not true, are you lying, do you have a lie detector test,he is lying.
00:04:14>> There is no reason to lie about that.
00:04:15>> Pirro: Why did you break up, jamie.
00:04:18>> People -- >> it is obvious why I broke up with r.
00:04:20>> It is.
00:04:21>> Pirro: You know what.
00:04:22>> I threw him out.
00:04:23I threw him out, took the keys, said don't come backment let's get it right.
00:04:27I broke up with that.
00:04:30>> Pirro: You broke up with him.
00:04:31>> Because I grew up and i was a mother the way a mother is supposed to be.
00:04:36>> Pirro: How old is this child.
00:04:37>> I have sole custody.
00:04:38>> Pirro: What is the child's name.
00:04:40>> I have sole custody and prime physical placement.
00:04:43>> Pirro: What is her name.
00:04:44>> Haley madison hawkins.
00:04:45>> Pirro: How old is she.
00:04:47>> She just turned 9.
00:04:48>> Pirro: And haley.
00:04:49>> NOVEMBER 7th.
00:04:49She didn't talk to her father because he turn talked to new jersey and didn't see him -- >> I live in another state.
00:04:56>> Pirro: Why dow live in another state.
00:04:57>> I live in new jersey because to look for work.
00:05:00>> Pirro: Are you working now.
00:05:01>> Yes, I am, working part-time I finally found a job.
00:05:04>> Pirro: Are you paying child support.
00:05:06>> I am work on that.
00:05:07>> Nor has he ever paid the irs ever in his life.
00:05:11>> Pirro: To me kids need to eat.
00:05:13You can't work on child support.
00:05:14Dow it.
00:05:15>> Of course.
00:05:15>> Pirro: What are you specifically suing her for.
00:05:17>> For my bedroom furniture, my personal belongings, my collectibles that I had, everything.
00:05:23Everything that I had.
00:05:23I have nothing when I left that house.
00:05:25>> Pirro: All right.
00:05:26But you made the decision to leave with nothing.
00:05:28Did she throw you out.
00:05:29>> She threw me out.
00:05:30I didn't want no quarrel, i didn't want to get in any truble.
00:05:33So I left.
00:05:33I waited a couple of days.
00:05:35I asked for my stuff.
00:05:36I didn't get iting ba.
00:05:37A week goes by or so.
00:05:38She finally brings some stuff to my sister's house and drops it in front of her house in front of the trash cans.
00:05:43>> Pirro: Did you do that, did you return some stuff to his sister.
00:05:46>> I have a witness statement from my sister right here.
00:05:48>> Absolutely, I did.
00:05:49>> Here is the whole deal.
00:05:50>> Pirro: Let me see that statement.
00:05:51So you returned the stuff.
00:05:53>> And I called saying that it was there.
00:05:55And I have a police report saying it was all stolen but I'm being blamed for thought returning it.
00:06:00>> That is the stuff that she-- that is the stuff that she did report.
00:06:03>> Pirro: Let me see the police report.
00:06:05>> So your sister says that I witnessed t call, thank you, keith and a kai guy with a pickup truck drop off a bunch of blue bins near where the trash goes.
00:06:16You damped it near where the trash goes.
00:06:18>> No, the dumpster is right here next to the stuff.
00:06:20I put it in front of the steps and called saying it was there.
00:06:22The dumpster is a few feet over here.
00:06:24>> Looked like a pile of trash.
00:06:25>> Pirro: What is this police report?
00:06:27>> That are you giving me.
00:06:28>> That's everything he says he never got it but really he did.
00:06:32It all got stolen from his cell ar.
00:06:34>> Pirro: This police report that you are presenting to me saying that there was a theft and you are claiming that the stuff that you returned to his sister was actually stolen and that they reported his stuff 1208 en.
00:06:44Is that what you are telling me.
00:06:46>> That's what he told me so I went to the cumberland police because I had to see it for myself and asked for the police report because he told me it is stolen.
00:06:53>> Pirro: So your sister reports that things are stolen from her house, jamie.
00:06:57>> But it isn't the same stuff there was other stuff.
00:07:00It's-- the stuff that she didn't return, the stuff that she returned wasn't even worthy-of-stealing.
00:07:04That stuff I still have.
00:07:06>> Pirro: Let me ask you about haley.
00:07:07Who has custody of her.
00:07:08>> I have sole custody.
00:07:10>> Pirro: And why does she have sole custody.
00:07:13>> Because I went to court to have my child support adjustst because I was out of work.
00:07:17And I wanted to get joint custody with her.
00:07:20And she told the judge that I smoked marijuana.
00:07:22>> That's not true.
00:07:23>> So I told the judge, yeah-- .
00:07:25>> Pirro: Why do I find that hard to believe, that's not true.
00:07:27Would you tell anybody in a minute that he smoked marijuana.
00:07:29>> Of course, I said that, but he took me to court to take her to florida.
00:07:33>> I had to take a drug test, they wanted her to take the drug test also.
00:07:39I knew if we both took drug tests we were both going to fail.
00:07:42>> Pirro: If she is on prescription drugs and doing more drugs this that be land lindsay lohan why would you get her away from it.
00:07:49>> I didn't want my daughter going somewhere with the state car.
00:07:52>> Pirro: But are you have a sister, okayment and I'm sure there are family members.
00:07:55But you know what, that's your decision.
00:07:58>> Stay tuned.
00:07:59There's more judge pirro after this.
00:08:00>> Pirro: What is your relationship with your daughter.
00:08:02>> Very well.
00:08:03My daughter saw me right now she would run to me, grab me and wouldn't let me go.
00:08:07>> Pirro: Is she here.
00:08:08>> Yes.
00:08:09>> Pirro: I want to talk to her.
00:08:10Bring her out.
00:08:11>> And later.
00:08:12>> You wouldn't let the children go to school?
00:08:14>> He thought I was going to leave him so he kidnapped my son for a day.
00:08:18I got him back because i told him that I would be o beat-- obedient and I got my son back.
00:08:25Then he took the kids out of school.
00:08:27I couldn't work any more.
00:08:28He stole jewelry at that point and we were forced to stay in the car without the keys so no air conditioning in mexico in a car all day longhile he drove around guadalajara and sold jewelry.
00:08:39>> Judge jeanine pirro.
00:08:40>> Pirro: I've been a prosecutor, judge and d.a.
00:08:42For 30 years.
00:08:43 she had a 100% conviction rate.
00:08:46>> When you don't do anything the message is it's okay to mess with me.
00:08:49>> She's be ro an advocate.
00:08:51>> Pirro: I started one of the first domestic violence units in the nation.
00:08:55>> A mentor.
00:08:55>> The most important thing that you can learn here tonight is that you must believe in yourself.
00:08:59>> A judge.
00:09:00>> Where do you get off making a decision a child should not see the father.
00:09:04>> Justice with conviction, judge jeanine pirro Chinese.
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00:11:28>> why did you break up?
00:11:31>> It's obvious why I broke up.
00:11:33>> It is.
00:11:34>> Pirro: You know what, no, it's not obvious to me.
00:11:36>> I threw him out, took the keys, said don't come back.
00:11:39Let's get it right.
00:11:40I broke up.
00:11:41>> Okay, you broke up with him.
00:11:43>> Because I drew up and i was a mother.
00:11:45The way a moth err is supposed to be.
00:11:47>> Plaintiff jamie hawkins is suing his ex-girlfriend for the value of personal property.
00:11:52Jamie claims he broke up with the defendant because she was always high on prescription pills.
00:11:56But he admits he lost custody of his daughter because of drugs.
00:12:00>> What is your relationship with your daughter.
00:12:02>> Very well.
00:12:03If my daughter saw me right now she would run to me, grab me and wouldn't let me go.
00:12:06>> Is she here.
00:12:07>> Yes.
00:12:07>> I want to talk to her.
00:12:09>> Bring her out.
00:12:12>> And what is your name.
00:12:13>> Your honor, my name is sherry.
00:12:15>> And I'm jamie's girlfriend,.
00:12:18>> But you weren't there when she moved out.
00:12:20>> She doesn't have a clue at any of this.
00:12:22>> Focus.
00:12:22>> I do have a clue.
00:12:23>> Look at me.
00:12:24>> No, you don't.
00:12:25>> Were you there when he moved out.
00:12:26>> No, I wasn't.
00:12:27And that's not what I am here being a witness about.
00:12:29>> What are you here as a witness about.
00:12:32>> I'm here that he asked numerous of times please return his stuff.
00:12:36And there is always an excuse.
00:12:38First she threw it at the garbage.
00:12:40Then when she knew he filed a claim in small claims court for the furniture, she said well maybe you can have some of your stuff back so it's either did you throw it in the garbage.
00:12:50>> All right, so you are here to say they are fighting about the furniture.
00:12:54>> Exactly.
00:12:54>> What is your name.
00:12:55>> Haley.
00:12:55>> How are you.
00:12:56It's nice to meet you.
00:12:58>> Good.
00:12:58>> Pirro: You seem like a very smart little girl.
00:13:00What dow want to be when you grow up.
00:13:02>> A pokemon trainer.
00:13:04>> Pirro: A what.
00:13:04>> A pokemon trainer.
00:13:06>> Pirro: A pokemon trainer.
00:13:08My kids like pokemon.
00:13:10I want to ask you just couple of questions.
00:13:12What is it like livinging with your mom.
00:13:16>> Fun.
00:13:16>> Pirro: Fun.
00:13:17And when is the last time you saw your dad.
00:13:23>> Don't know.
00:13:23>> Pirro: When is your birthday.
00:13:25>> NOVEMBER 7th.
00:13:26>> Pirro: Did you see your dad on your birthday.
00:13:28>> No.
00:13:28>> Pirro: Did you get a birthday present or anything.
00:13:34>> Forgot.
00:13:35>> Pirro: You forgot.
00:13:36I always remember my presents.
00:13:38If you could have anything you want, what would you ask for.
00:13:41>> I real pokemon.
00:13:43>> Pirro: Well, that ends that.
00:13:44It a pleasure meeting you.
00:13:46You can go back.
00:13:54>> First of all, he had is adorable, and she seems very happy.
00:13:58All right, and that's a testament to you.
00:14:00All right, and I give you credit for that.
00:14:02Because it sounds like the two of are you just in a mess here.
00:14:06I don't like it when I speak to a nine-year-old and she doesn't remember the last time she saw her dad.
00:14:12And she didn't hear from you for her birthday.
00:14:15She doesn't remember if she got a call.
00:14:17>> I called all day long.
00:14:18I will admit all day long i owe child support and I'm behind.
00:14:21>> It's lle he's being controlled.
00:14:23>> He can't even talk to his own daughter.
00:14:24>> Your daughter is not lying.
00:14:25She is not lying.
00:14:26I don't buy that you are a good man if you don't contact her for a birthday.
00:14:30That's all I'm going to say about that.
00:14:32Now, how much in child support are you suing him for.
00:14:37>> He owed over 4,-- 4,950.
00:14:41>> Pirro: Give me the court order.
00:14:43How much do you think, jamie, you have paid in child support over the years.
00:14:47>> Directly to the court, probably a couple thousands dollars.
00:14:49Towards my daughter every time I see her I spend a hundred dollars on her.
00:14:53>> Pirro: The issue for the court is whether or not the defendant has the personal property of the plaintiff and whether or not the plaintiff is responsible for child support for that lovely little girl that i saw a few minutes ago.
00:15:04Now you know if you are married, and you break up, that the furniture gets split between the two of you.
00:15:12You realize that.
00:15:13>> Uh-huh.
00:15:13>> Pirro: And he doesn't have fewer rights because you were not married.
00:15:17>> Right.
00:15:17>> Pirro: You present to the court evidence of a police report saying that i returned this stuff and proof of that is the fact that his sister reported the stuff stolen.
00:15:25>> Right.
00:15:26>> Pirro: The only problem with that, nicole s that what the sister reports stolen are items that are not his, and that what he reports in the police report that was stolen is a thousand dollars cash.
00:15:38So his sister never reported and is this a police report and I am sure that they weren't thinking when this report was made that they need to itemize stuff so they can use in a case so this police report proves to me that the stuff that was stolen was the sisters and they separately identified stuff that was his as cash and no items.
00:16:00Now the counterclaim for child support unfortunately, nicole, makes it very clear that he owes 4900 dollars in arrears.
00:16:09Not to you, but to the state of rhode island.
00:16:14>> Right.
00:16:14>> Pirro: And so you can't get that 5,000 dollars.
00:16:17Instead, the only amount that you are entitled to get according to this order of arrears is 336 dollars.
00:16:25>> Okay.
00:16:25>> Pirro: That is what it shows that he is in arrears to you for.
00:16:28Which tells me that you were getting money from the state to help support haley.
00:16:33So you are getting some money.
00:16:34So even though he is not paying child support he does