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00:00:01You've both worked for the post office.
00:00:02>> Yes, ma'am.
00:00:03>> Judge Judy: Your complaint alleges that you made a loan to the defendant in the amount of $300.
00:00:08You want it back.
00:00:09The defendant says that it was a loan contingent upon another event happening.
00:00:13That event never happened, therefore she doesn't owe you any money.
00:00:17And in addition, she is counterclaiming because she says that you started to harass her and caused her to change the location of where she was working.
00:00:26So, she's got a counterclaim.
00:00:28 meacham, you and the defendant worked at the same location in the post office.
00:00:33>> Approximately two years.
00:00:34>> Judge Judy: Were you anything other than just colleagues?
00:00:37>> No, ma'am.
00:00:37>> Judge Judy: So far, is that correct?
00:00:39>> Yes, ma'am.
00:00:40>> Judge Judy: Now, tell me about this loan.
00:00:43>> In march 2010, I had a co-worker that we both know.
00:00:47She heard that I had a friend that does tax returns.
00:00:50>> Judge Judy: Who asked you?
00:00:52>> Miss huff.
00:00:53>> Judge Judy: Miss huff asked you, in march of 2010, if you knew somebody who prepared tax returns?
00:00:59>> Yes, ma'am.
00:01:00>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:01:02>> And she asked me could I help her out, you know, with her tax return, 'cause she hasn't paid her 2009 -- hadn't had her 2009 taxes done, plus she hadn't had her 2010 taxes done.
00:01:13So, I gave her a referral sheet and told her that it would cost her $300.
00:01:17That's what he charged, you know, to do tax returns.
00:01:20>> Judge Judy: Is that how it came about?
00:01:22>> No, ma'am.
00:01:22>> Judge Judy: What brought up the conversation of tax returns?
00:01:27>> She came to me and asked me do I have a friend who does tax returns.
00:01:32" you know, but I said, "he " I gave her a referral sheet and told her that, you know -- >> Judge Judy: What do you mean a referral sheet?
00:01:41What does that mean?
00:01:42>> Every time I get a referral for him, he takes $50 off ofmy taxes.
00:01:45>> Judge Judy: You mean takes the amount off thefeethat he's charging you.
00:01:48>> The fee that I would have to pay that he charges me.
00:01:50>> Judge Judy: Okay, so you, in effect, get $50 for every referral that you make to him.
00:01:53>> Make to him, yes, ma'am.
00:01:54>> Judge Judy: And how long have you been doing that?
00:01:56>> Approximately four years.
00:01:57>> Judge Judy: Do you sometimes make enough to get some additional money in cash from him?
00:02:01>> Basically, I make enough money just to have my taxes done.
00:02:05I refer about six people to him a year.
00:02:07>> Judge Judy: Okay. go ahead.
00:02:09>> So then after I gave her the referral in march, she came back to me in april and asked me can I help her out, you know, with her taxes because she didn't have the $300.
00:02:19Her boyfriend, who works for a car dealership, didn't have the money.
00:02:23They were struggling.
00:02:24So, I told her, "well, if I loan you this money, then I want you to pay me back when you get your " she told me she would.
00:02:31So, months pass by, and come july, I asked her then, "have " she tells me that they took her taxes for student loans, so that was for the 2009.
00:02:44She still had her 2010 to file.
00:02:46So, I said, "okay, when you get your money back in 2010 you would give me my $300 back like " she said, "yeah, I would do " in august, comes back -- you know, I take the month of august off for vacation.
00:03:00When I come back in september, she done gone.
00:03:03She left.
00:03:03She went back to another station.
00:03:05>> Judge Judy: Oh.
00:03:06>> After she left to another station, I started calling, asking her about my loan.
00:03:12You know, she tells me, "well, my daughter has a baby.
00:03:15My boyfriend ain't selling " where in july of 2010 -- or 2011, excuse me -- you know, i went to the dealership where her boyfriend worked and bought a brand-new car from him for my daughter.
00:03:26>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:03:27All right, miss huff, that's what he wants.
00:03:30He wants his $300 that he gave you to have your taxes prepared.
00:03:34So let's start out with, you worked for the post office for how long?
00:03:37>> I've been working for the post office 17 years.
00:03:40>> Judge Judy: Why didn't you file tax returns?
00:03:42>> I did file tax returns.
00:03:43I owe for 2009 >> Judge Judy: You owed for 2009 and 2010?
00:03:49>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:50>> Judge Judy: That you hadn't paid.
00:03:51>> That I was paying on.
00:03:52They take it out of my check every two weeks.
00:03:54I do pay on my taxes faithfully.
00:03:55Yes, ma'am.
00:03:56>> Judge Judy: Okay, so they take it out of -- so, why did you need a referral to his friend for tax preparation?
00:04:03>> That is not how that happened, miss judge judy.
00:04:05>> Judge Judy: Okay, let me hear.
00:04:06>> It was in june -- no, he said april.
00:04:08 meacham came to the station and told everybody about his "tax man" that can help you with your back taxes, help you get a nice, pretty chunk of refund, this, that, and the other.
00:04:17" he was saying it'd cost $300 for this man to do taxes, so I'm hesitant about giving my $300 to somebody, because anything that sounds too good to be true usually is.
00:04:27>> Judge Judy: Well, who prepared your taxes before?
00:04:30>> I always went just -- I -- >> Judge Judy: No, no, no.
00:04:32Bup, bup, bup!
00:04:32>> I'm sorry.
00:04:33Other tax preparers did it.
00:04:34>> Judge Judy: First tell me who you went to and how much they charged you.
00:04:38>> It could've been h&r block, $250.
00:04:39>> Judge Judy: Okay, let's say h&r block.
00:04:41And how much did h&r block charge you?
00:04:43>> Like $250.
00:04:44>> Judge Judy: $250.
00:04:45So you paid about the same thing with h&r block as you -- >> yes, ma'am, with no problem.
00:04:49>> Judge Judy: You paid about the same thing to h&r block or to whatever tax preparer you went to as his friend was charging.
00:04:57>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:58>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:04:59And you filed your taxes faithfully every year, so every year you paid that amount.
00:05:02>> Yes, ma'am.
00:05:03Well, just that one year.
00:05:04I had my t-- >> Judge Judy: No, no, no.
00:05:06Every year you said you faithfully paid your taxes.
00:05:09>> To get them done.
00:05:10>> Judge Judy: To get them done.
00:05:12>> Yes, ma'am.
00:05:12>> Judge Judy: And filed them.
00:05:13>> Yes, ma'am.
00:05:14>> Judge Judy: And if you owed some money, they took it out of your check.
00:05:17>> Yes, ma'am.
00:05:17>> Judge Judy: But you paid to filethem.
00:05:19>> Yes, ma'am.
00:05:20>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:05:21Except for this year thathe gave you the money to have your taxes prepared.
00:05:25>> Yes, that I did not ask him for.
00:05:27>> Judge Judy: I didn't ask whether you asked him for it, miss huff.
00:05:29It wasn't that you prepared your own taxes for the last 17 years.
00:05:33Somebody else prepared your taxes, whom you paid.
00:05:37>> Yes, ma'am.
00:05:37>> Judge Judy: So, this was not something new for you, to pay to have your own taxes prepared.
00:05:42>> Absolutely.
00:05:43>> Judge Judy: You were just paying this man, his friend, instead of paying the other tax preparer.
00:05:49>> Right.
00:05:49>> Judge Judy: Right.
00:05:51Just as long as we're all on the same playing field.
00:05:54Now, when you had your taxes prepared previously at h&r block, did you get money back?
00:06:01>> Uh, sometimes and sometimes not.
00:06:03>> Judge Judy: The last, say, three years, did you get money back?
00:06:06>> No, ma'am.
00:06:07>> Judge Judy: Did you get money back when his friend prepared your taxes?
00:06:10>> No, ma'am.
00:06:11They took it for student loans.
00:06:12>> Judge Judy: But you hadn't gotten money back before.
00:06:14>> Right.
00:06:14>> Judge Judy: But you know as a postal worker if you don't pay your taxes, you're gonna lose your job.
00:06:18>> Absolutely.
00:06:19>> Judge Judy: Right?
00:06:21So, you file your taxes every year and you say, "you need more money?
00:06:25Take it.
00:06:26I claimed too many deductions," whatever it is.
00:06:28>> Yes, ma'am.
00:06:29>> Judge Judy: So, now you're going to explain to me why a woman who's worked at the post office for 17 years, who has a responsible job, who's accustomed to paying to have her taxes prepared, doesn't return $300 to him.
00:06:43>> Okay, first of all, I don't meacham -- >> Judge Judy: I didn't ask you whether you owed him.
00:06:47That's what we're here for me to determine, miss huff.
00:06:49>> He got the money order on his own.
00:06:51I never asked him for the money order.
00:06:52I never asked him to refer me to his tax person.
00:06:55>> Judge Judy: How old are you?
00:06:56>> 41.
00:06:56>> Judge Judy: You're 41 years old.
00:06:57Nobody dragged you.
00:06:58You could've gone back to the people who prepared your tax returns before.
00:07:01And you would've had to have done what?
00:07:03>> Pay.
00:07:03>> Judge Judy: Pay them!
00:07:04>> Yes, ma'am.
00:07:05>> Judge Judy: Right.
00:07:06Like you did the last 17 years.
00:07:07>> Right.
00:07:07>> Judge Judy: Well, why would you think you would get a freebie from him?
00:07:10>> I didn't ask for a freebie, judge judy.
00:07:12>> Judge Judy: Well, you did.
00:07:14If he gave you the $300 to pay the tax preparer, and you didn't pay it out of your own money, then that's a freebie for you.
00:07:20>> But I didn't ask him for the money.
00:07:22>> Judge Judy: I didn't ask you whether you asked him.
00:07:24I said it is a freebie.
00:07:25>> Okay.
00:07:25>> Judge Judy: So, the question is, why would you take a freebie from him?
00:07:30>> I didn't take a -- mr. meachamgaveme the money.
00:07:33I didn'taskhim for the money.
00:07:34>> Judge Judy: You know the give and a take?
00:07:37He gives, you take.
00:07:38So when I said to you, "why did " I expect an answer.
00:07:42Hedidgive you the money, and youdidtake the money.
00:07:45Why would you think he would giveyou the money?
00:07:50>> Because he gave me money not for my tax.
00:07:52 meacham wanted something else in return.
00:07:54>> Judge Judy: Oh, just a second.
00:07:57Hold on. hold on.
00:07:58So, you think that he gave you the money -- >> yes, ma'am.
00:08:01>> Judge Judy: Follow my mouth.
00:08:03You're not gonna come out looking good in this.
00:08:05>> Oh, I'm not trying to look good.
00:08:08>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:08:10>> Judge Judy: Oh, there's something wrong with you.
00:08:12What was going on in your head?
00:08:14I want to know what was going on in your head.
00:08:16>> I -- >> Judge Judy: You're 41 years old.
00:08:18Something had to be going on in your head.
00:08:20>> Announcer:..
00:08:21>> He started to get mad, and then he would just randomly come to my house and take the dog.
00:08:25And then he had disputes and fights about it.
00:08:27>> Judge Judy: Well, that's what happens.
00:08:28That's why it's ridiculous to have joint custody of a dog.
00:08:30>> Yes.
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00:11:09>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:11:10Real people.
00:11:11" charles meacham says former boss lisa huff owes for a loan to have her taxes prepared and for slander.
00:11:20Lisa is countersuing for harassment.
00:11:23>> Judge Judy: Now, if you think he gave you the money because he wanted some other favor from you, and you were used to paying for your taxes anyway, why didn't you just say to him, "i don't want your money, mr. meacham.
00:11:35I'm used to paying my own " >> I did tell him that.
00:11:38>> Judge Judy: So then what'd you take it for?
00:11:40 meacham already purchased the money order, sent it off to the ta-- yes, ma'am.
00:11:43 meacham for that money.
00:11:45>> Judge Judy: Oh, there's something wrong with you.
00:11:47>> [ Scoffs ] >> Judge Judy: There's something wrong with -- you're fixated on where you're going, and you're not fixated upon my questions, which is where you should be fixated.
00:11:56>> Yes, ma'am.
00:11:57>> Judge Judy: The $300 -- how did it get to the tax preparer?
00:12:01>> I mailed it in.
00:12:03>> Judge Judy: Who mailed it !
00:12:04>> I did.
00:12:05>> Judge Judy: Then he gave it to you.
00:12:06>> Yes, ma'am.
00:12:07>> Judge Judy: That's what i said.
00:12:08Now, if you knew that he wanted something in addition to just a "thank you" from you, why did you take the money?
00:12:17>> Because that came after the fact, miss judge judy.
00:12:20>> Judge Judy: Well, then why did youthink-- you weren't dating him.
00:12:24>> No.
00:12:24>> Judge Judy: He was nothing more than a colleague, and as far as you've told me, he gathered a whole bunch of the postal workers together and he said, "i got a guy who's terrific at doing tax returns.
00:12:34He's gonna get refunds for you, and he's gotten refunds.
00:12:37" he didn't pay for their taxes, too.
00:12:40Ht. I guess.
00:12:41I wouldn't know.
00:12:42>> Judge Judy: So why would you think, when you accepted the $300, that he was giving you $300?
00:12:48 what was going on in your head?
00:12:50I want to know what was going on in your head.
00:12:52>> I -- >> Judge Judy: You're 41 years old.
00:12:55Something had to be going on in your head.
00:12:56>> I was just questioning why.
00:12:58I didn't ask him.
00:12:58I told him, you know, that wasn't necessary.
00:13:00I could've paid for my own taxes.
00:13:01>> Judge Judy: Judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $300.
00:13:04That's all.
00:13:04>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:13:05>> Judge Judy: Oh, your counterclaim's dismissed.
00:13:08He was trying to get his money back.
00:13:09>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:13:11You may step out.
00:13:13>> Never.
00:13:14..And candies.
00:13:15>> Never bought nothing for her.
00:13:16>> He wanted sexual favors.
00:13:17>> All the stuff she wanting to ..
00:13:19>> From his comments and things ..
00:13:20..Is pretty fabricated.
00:13:21..Just want him to leave me alone and get out of my life.
00:13:23>> I know I was taken advantage of.
00:13:25>> And get him some business.
00:13:26'Cause he old and I'm young.
00:13:27Ain't nothing I can do with that.
00:13:28>> That's the way she is.
00:13:29She just a manipulator.
00:13:30>> And the only thing that he has pain and suffering, he didn't get what he wanted.
00:13:33>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:13:35>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF CERBAS vs. HOWARD, Step forward.
00:13:40>> Announcer: 19-Year-old emme grace cerbas is suing her ex-boyfriend, 19-year-old ryan howard, for custody of a golden labrador named " >> Judge Judy: Miss cerbas, the defendant used to be your boyfriend.
00:13:53>> Yes, ma'am.
00:13:54>> Judge Judy: And let me understand.
00:13:56The defendant's mother bought him a dog.
00:13:58>> Yes, ma'am.
00:13:58>> Judge Judy: What kind of a dog, sir?
00:14:00>> Yellow lab, your honor.
00:14:01>> Judge Judy: When did your mother buy you that dog?
00:14:03>> It was the end of july, beginning of august of 2009.
00:14:06>> Judge Judy: And at that time, were you and the plaintiff a couple?
00:14:09>> Yes, we had been for a month, your honor.
00:14:11>> Judge Judy: One month?
00:14:12>> Yes.
00:14:12>> Judge Judy: And you were living at home.
00:14:14>> Yes.
00:14:14>> Judge Judy: There came a time, miss cerbas, that you moved in to the house with the defendant and his mother.
00:14:19>> Yes, ma'am.
00:14:20>> Judge Judy: When was that?
00:14:21>> That was two months in our relationship.
00:14:23>> Judge Judy: Not particularly smart.
00:14:25Is there any reason you moved in two months into the relationship?
00:14:28>> It was just teenage rebellion.
00:14:30>> Judge Judy: Yours?
00:14:31>> Yes.
00:14:31>> Judge Judy: So, in september of '09, you moved in.
00:14:34>> Yes.
00:14:34>> Judge Judy: And you all lived together in his mother's house.
00:14:37>> Yes, your honor.
00:14:38>> Judge Judy: Did you pay rent?
00:14:39>> No rent.
00:14:40>> Judge Judy: Did you pay utilities?
00:14:42>> No.
00:14:42>> Judge Judy: No gas, no electric, no phone?
00:14:44 I took him everywhere and -- >> Judge Judy: You paid no gas, electric, telephone, no -- you paid nothing.
00:14:50>> Yes.
00:14:50>> Judge Judy: So this is what the case is about.
00:14:52You've now separated.
00:14:53You took the dog initially.
00:14:55He took his dog back.
00:14:57And you want the vet bills that you paid for the dog while the two of you were together.
00:15:03 and I would also like the dog back.
00:15:06>> Judge Judy: You can't have the dog back.
00:15:08It's his dog.
00:15:08His mother gave him a present, unless you're telling me that he -- which you didn't say -- that he gave you the dog.
00:15:14>> While we were dating, there was a point of time where the dog wouldn't eat for him and it would only eat for me, so he said that if we ever broke up, that I would get the dog.
00:15:22And then that's what happened.
00:15:23After we broke up, I left with the dog, and he had no problem with it.
00:15:26And then after he found out that I was talking to someone else, he decided he had a problem with it.
00:15:29And he just took it out of -- because he was, like, mad.
00:15:34>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:15:36>> He's not a suitable caretaker of the dog.
00:15:39He beats the dog, and that is why I decided to step in.
00:15:42I did not like the dog at first, but I didn't want the dog to keep getting beat.
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00:18:50>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:18:51Real people.
00:18:52" emme grace cerbas says ex-boyfriend ryan howard is abusive towards a golden labrador that was given to him as a gift.
00:19:02She is asking for the dog to be turned over to her.
00:19:04>> Judge Judy: Now, when did he take the dog back?
00:19:07>> In january.
00:19:08>> Judge Judy: And when had you taken the dog?
00:19:10>> I had taken the dog about six months ago.
00:19:12>> Judge Judy: Had he seen the dog in that six-month period?
00:19:15 we had an original agreement where he would get him every weekend.
00:19:19And that is when I drove the dog to and from the house and -- >> Judge Judy: Okay, so you had an arrangement that he would have the dog on weekends, and you would have the dog during the week.
00:19:27>> Yes, ma'am.
00:19:28>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:19:29That changed in january?
00:19:30>> No, it changed before that, because he started to get mad and then he would just randomly come to my house and take the dog.
00:19:36And then we had disputes and fights about it.
00:19:38>> Judge Judy: Well, that's what happens.
00:19:40That's why it's ridiculous to joint custody of a dog.
00:19:42>> Yes.
00:19:42>> Judge Judy: If you're not a couple anymore.
00:19:44>> Mm-hmm.
00:19:45>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:19:46What were you doing during the period of time that you lived for two years with the defendant's mother?
00:19:51>> I was going to high school.
00:19:53>> Judge Judy: How old were you?
00:19:54>> I turned 18 and I turned 19, ..
00:19:56>> Judge Judy: Where'd you get the money from to pay for the vet bills?
00:19:59>> Um, I had jobs.
00:20:00I worked as a lifeguard, and i worked in target portrait studios.
00:20:03I worked at dairy queen and -- >> Judge Judy: So, you were working.
00:20:05>> Mm-hmm.
00:20:06>> Judge Judy: But his mother never charged you any rent.
00:20:08>> Correct.
00:20:09>> Judge Judy: So you lived expense-free.
00:20:11So your contribution was paying for the vet bills.
00:20:13>> Well, I mean, in a way, yes, but it was supposed to be his responsibility.
00:20:17That was not supposed to be my dog.
00:20:19It was supposed to be just his dog.
00:20:21And then he was going through a downward spiral where he lost his job, and I ended up having to get money out of my pocket and pay for it.
00:20:27And he was supposed to pay me back, but he never did.
00:20:30>> Judge Judy: Ryan, when you were working, were you paying any expenses in the house?
00:20:34>> No, your honor.
00:20:35Me and my dad had an agreement that if I was doing good in school or trying to go to college or anything to progress my life, he would pay everything for me.
00:20:44>> Judge Judy: But you were living with your mother.
00:20:46>> Well, my father and mother.
00:20:47>> Judge Judy: So when you were working, what were you doing with your money?
00:20:49>> When I was working, I was spending my money.
00:20:51I mean, gas to get to work and everything, just spending it.
00:20:54I mean, I bought my animals everything they needed when i had my job.
00:20:57I always paid for my cat, who i had for five years.
00:20:59I've always paid for all his stuff.
00:21:01I've always paid for my dog's food.
00:21:03The vet bills -- the only reason she paid them was because she offered.
00:21:06My dad -- I very well could've borrowed money from him at that point.
00:21:10>> Judge Judy: Well, I don't are whether you could've.
00:21:12Could've, would've, should've.
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00:22:53Luckily for all your hard-to-wash fabrics there's Febreze Fabric Refresher Febreze doesn't just mask, it eliminates odors you've gone noseblind to Break out the Febreze, and breathe happy ,,,,,,,,,,,, >> Judge Judy: Now, she paid the vet bills.
00:24:54And my comment is, so what?
00:24:56[ Laughter ] >> the reason why I want my dog back is because he was supposed to be training him.
00:25:02The first three months, he did.
00:25:04And then within the first three months, he started to shrug off his responsibilities, and his training became violent.
00:25:10And that's when I decided to step in.
00:25:12And me and munch formed a mother/son bond.
00:25:14And then that's -- >> Judge Judy: You can't have the dog back.
00:25:18The dog's his dog.
00:25:19You may be a better mommy, but it's his dog.
00:25:21You know, unless there was a contract to pay you for the vet bills, you're not really entitled to the vet bills.
00:25:26You were a couple.
00:25:27You were living in the house.
00:25:28That was your contribution.
00:25:29I don't understand why you think that you're entitled to the vet bills back that you paid, if you paid nothing else.
00:25:35>> I paid for his supplies.
00:25:38..a lot of expenses, ..
00:25:43>> Judge Judy: Miss cerbas, i think that you should get another dog.
00:25:46The dog belongs to mr. howard.
00:25:48It was given to him as a gift 2 1/2 years ago.
00:25:50>> But he did not take care of it.
00:25:53>> Judge Judy: That's why people who aren't a couple shouldn't have joint custody arrangements for a dog.
00:25:59It's not something that has a happy ending.
00:26:01But I think the only way it's gonna have a happy ending for you is if you find a suitable replacement.
00:26:06The dog's staying with him.
00:26:08Do you understand?
00:26:09>> He's not a suitable caretaker of the dog.
00:26:11He beats the dog, and that is why I decided to step in.
00:26:15I did not like the dog at first, but I didn't want the dog to keep getting beat.
00:26:19>> Judge Judy: If you believe, miss cerbas, that he is exhibiting behavior that is cruelty to the dog, you report him to the necessary authorities.
00:26:25But I can't make a judgment that you are a better owner of a pet than he is.
00:26:30I lack that capacity.
00:26:32And even if I have that capacity, his mother made him a gift of the dog.
00:26:37He did not give you the dog.
00:26:39Miss cerbas, get another pet.
00:26:40It's his dog.
00:26:41You acknowledge that it was given to him.
00:26:44It's his gift.
00:26:45That's all. thank you.
00:26:46>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:26:47You may step out.
00:26:51>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continue working on a hospital expansion.
00:26:56How this video of an explosion may have cost them the job.
00:27:03A fast-moving wildifre burning flames jump 100 residents of several california towns ordered out.
00:27:10And bart makes a change to ease the commuters who will have to wait a little longer for trains.
00:27:15K-p-i-x 5 news is next.
00:27:19"... so much you can do in this world, so...." >>> That dog would be dead or someone else's custody.
00:27:51>> I don't why she would say.
00:27:54>> Broken ribs, broken bones.
00:27:55>> I disciplined my dog yes.
00:27:56>> I took care of the dog.
00:27:57>> But never violently.
00:27:59>> I even made sure that the dog [ indiscernible ] >> never to the point that i would break him.
00:28:04>> He didn't want anything do with him.
00:28:06[ Indiscernible ] [ screaming and crying ] >> had agreed to share custody with her for a while.
00:28:10>> Because I'm talking to other people doing stuff with my life.
00:28:12>> We were going to get back together and when I found out she going around with other people.
00:28:20>> Take the dog.
00:28:20That's the only thing that affected me.
00:28:22>> There's no point in me sharing my dog.
00:28:24>> Didn't even like the dog.
00:28:27>> Hope there's some way I can work it out.
00:28:30>> I want 100% nothing to do with him.
00:28:32>> But -- only so much you can do in this worlds so -- 00, work at one of the biggest construction projects in san jose has come to a grinding halt.
00:28:42Santa clara county tells the contractor building a new medical center to pack up and get out immediately.
00:28:49Kpix 5's len ramirez has been covering problem after problem with the construction of the hospital.
00:28:54He just spoke to county officials and is live for us in san jose.
00:28:57Len what can you tell us?
00:28:58>> Reporter: Well, the county sent out warnings last week that this could happen.
00:29:04But as of today, no more warnings.
00:29:06The county says its officials are out at the construction site right now literally locking out turner construction from the project.
00:29:17The county has suspended the contractor with the intent to fire the company on tuesday.
00:29:28That was a major steam explosion at the project.
00:29:31No one was killed in that event.
00:29:33But there have been several other delays that have pushed the project back at least 2 years.
00:29:40>> Our major priority at this point is get the project done and it's been pretty clear that turner is not committed to get the project done in an expeditious manner.
00:29:51So we need to take control of the project.
00:29:55>> Reporter: The county will next be sending in a team to