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00:00:46>> Judge Judy: So there was no rent being paid from that apartment?
00:00:49>> Correct.
00:00:49>> Announcer: A son kept in the ..
00:00:51>> Judge Judy: So, this is the problem.
00:00:53Your motherwasa squatter in that apartment.
00:00:55>> I paid rent on that apartment.
00:00:56>> Judge Judy: This is the owner.
00:00:58She never got any rent.
00:00:59>> Announcer:..And his situation isn't looking any brighter.
00:01:02>> Judge Judy: You towed this young man's car.
00:01:05>> I actually parked the car in my garage.
00:01:08>> Judge Judy: You didn'thavea garage.
00:01:10>> Announcer:" you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin.
00:01:20The people are real.
00:01:21The cases are real.
00:01:23The rulings are final.
00:01:24Captions paid for bycbs television distribution tow-company owner amanda adolf is suing 18-year-old isaac cain for towing and storage fees.
00:01:35>> Byrd: Order! all rise!
00:01:40This is case number 445 on the calendar in the matter of adolf vs. CAIN.
00:01:44>> Judge Judy: Thank you.
00:01:45>> Byrd: You're welcome, judge.
00:01:46Parties have been sworn in.
00:01:46You may be seated.
00:01:47Folks, have a seat.
00:01:48>> Judge Judy: Who is this?
00:01:50>> My mother.
00:01:50>> Judge Judy: Good.
00:01:51You can stand up next to him.
00:01:54 adolf, you own a towing company.
00:01:56>> Correct.
00:01:56>> Judge Judy: You towed this young man's car from a property.
00:02:01From what address did you tow the car?
00:02:04" >> Judge Judy: Were you living at 833 [bleep] apartment "a"?
00:02:14>> Yes.
00:02:15>> Judge Judy: Did you have a lease in that apartment?
00:02:17>> No, I have a rental receipt.
00:02:19>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:02:20Did you have a lease in that apartment?
00:02:22>> No.
00:02:23>> Judge Judy: How long had you been living there?
00:02:25>> I had actually been there for about 9, 10 days.
00:02:30>> Judge Judy: Who let you in there?
00:02:31>> I rented the place from a landlord.
00:02:34>> Judge Judy: What was the name of the landlord?
00:02:36>> Her name was amy [bleep] >> Judge Judy: Is that the person who is the landlord of that premises?
00:02:41>> No, it's not.
00:02:42>> Judge Judy: Where did you meet amy [bleep] >> I met her at the apartment that I rented from her.
00:02:48>> Judge Judy: So she was not the landlord.
00:02:51Had she lived in that apartment before you?
00:02:53>> I'm not aware if she lived there or not.
00:02:55She told me, when I met her, that she was the landlord and she was renting -- >> Judge Judy: Well, you tell me how you met her there.
00:03:01>> Actually, I met her through a friend.
00:03:04My friend's friend lived next door to the apartment, and we had went by her house one day, and I was in the midst of looking for an apartment, and then that's when I met amy at the apartment.
00:03:15She was there doing some work or something.
00:03:17>> Judge Judy: In the apartment?
00:03:19>> Yes.
00:03:19>> Judge Judy: Who owns that apartment complex?
00:03:23>> My witness does.
00:03:25>> Judge Judy: Tell me your name.
00:03:27>> My name's jennifer gassner.
00:03:28>> Judge Judy: Do you know ms. cain?
00:03:30>> I do not, ma'am.
00:03:31>> Judge Judy: Do you know someone by the name of amy [bleep] >> I do not.
00:03:35>> Judge Judy: Was she a tenant at 833 [bleep] apartment "a"?
00:03:41>> No, ma'am.
00:03:41>> Judge Judy: Wasanyonea tenant there?
00:03:43>> No, ma'am.
00:03:44>> Judge Judy: So there was no rent being paid from that apartment?
00:03:46>> Correct.
00:03:47>> Judge Judy: cain was living there, she was squatting in the apartment, as amy [bleep] >> yes.
00:03:53>> Judge Judy: Do you have that problem in that building?
00:03:55>> No, ma'am.
00:03:56That's the first time it happened.
00:03:57>> Judge Judy: And when did you become aware of the fact that that happened?
00:04:00>> What was the date, again?
00:04:02I don't recall.
00:04:03>> October 19th is when we towed the vehicle.
00:04:05>> Judge Judy: Now, what I'm trying to explain to you, young man, because I read your answer -- so this is the problem.
00:04:13They're suing you for all kinds of money because they towed your car, and now the car's been sitting, and they want you to pay all kinds of towing fees for the car.
00:04:20>> Yes.
00:04:21>> Judge Judy: You've got a counterclaim for $5,000 for them illegally towing your car.
00:04:25Now, your mother's going to have to prove to me that she wasn't squatting in the apartment.
00:04:30Can you prove that to me?
00:04:31>> Yes.
00:04:31I have a copy of a rental receipt here.
00:04:33>> Judge Judy:..?y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y:y :y:y:y:y:y: AMY [BLEEP] Didn't rent the apartment.
00:04:38>> That's who rented me the apartment.
00:04:39That's who I gave $800 to.
00:04:42>> Judge Judy: Amy didn't live in the apartment.
00:04:44>> She didn't live there -- not that I know of, but she -- >> Judge Judy: This is the owner of the apartment.
00:04:48>> Well, she was saying that she was the landlord of the apartment, and she accepted $800 from me.
00:04:54>> Judge Judy: Do you have a copy of your check to her for $800?
00:04:57>> No, I gave her cash.
00:04:58[ Spectators groan ] >> Judge Judy: No. okay.
00:05:01So, this is the problem.
00:05:02Your motherwasa squatter in that apartment, and your mother let you park your car that you ..
00:05:10>>Iactually parked the car.
00:05:12>> Judge Judy: Hmm?
00:05:12>> I actually parked the car in my garage.
00:05:14>> Judge Judy: You didn'thavea garage.
00:05:17You didn't have a garage.
00:05:18>> Yes, I did have a garage.
00:05:19>> Judge Judy: cain, you did not have a garage.
00:05:23>> Judge Judy: You didn't pay any rent.
00:05:24..I moved my things in and I -- >> Judge Judy: Listen to me.
00:05:26You didn't pay any rent.
00:05:28Let me explain to you what happened.
00:05:30You didn't pay any rent.
00:05:31>> I did.
00:05:31>> Judge Judy: No, you didn't.
00:05:33This is the owner.
00:05:33She never got any rent from you.
00:05:35>> I've never met her.
00:05:35>> Judge Judy: Well, I don't care whether you've met her or not.
00:05:38If somebody else scammed you out of $800 and you don't have a check for it or any proof that you can show -- >> I have a -- I have a rental receipt here.
00:05:47>> Judge Judy: She can't give you a rental receipt.
00:05:49She doesn't own the premises.
00:05:50>> This lady, she accepted $800.
00:05:55As I can, and I really think you understand it.
00:05:58You mayactas if you don't understand it, but you really understand it.
00:06:01If there was a person by the name of amy [bleep] that you claim you gave $800 in cash to, do you have any proof from where you got the $800?
00:06:11Did you get it from a bank?
00:06:12Did you withdraw it from a savings account?
00:06:14Did you withdraw it from a checking account?
00:06:16>> I took money off my card.
00:06:18>> Judge Judy: Show me.
00:06:19>> I don't have my card with me.
00:06:20I didn't know I would have to bring my card.
00:06:22>> Judge Judy: Well, if you took the money off your card, then you would have some proof of that.
00:06:25>> Yes.
00:06:26I didn't bring that with me, but I did bring my rental receipt with me.
00:06:29>> Judge Judy: How do I know what that rental receipt is?
00:06:32You could have written that rental receipt and made a copy of it yourself.
00:06:34But if you're saying to me, "i paid somebody $800," it certainly wasn't the landlord.
00:06:39>> I also dropped a copy off at human services.
00:06:41>> Judge Judy: It certainly wasn't the owner of the premises, so you can't give your son permission to leave his car in a garage that you don't own.
00:06:48You haven't rented.
00:06:49You have no proof that you rented it.
00:06:52>> I rented, and my kid -- >> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:06:54I've said it to you once.
00:06:55I've said it to you twice.
00:06:56I'm not saying it to you again.
00:06:57I've tried to explain it to you.
00:06:59Do you understand what I'm saying, sir?
00:07:01>> I understand that she was squatting, basically.
00:07:03>> Judge Judy: Yes, because the person who actually owns the premises doesn't know amy [bleep] and doesn't know your mother, and nobody was paying rent on that apartment.
00:07:12>> I paid rent on that apartment.
00:07:13>> Judge Judy: No.
00:07:14You paid it to the wrong person.
00:07:15You paid it to some stranger who had no business taking your money -- money that you can't prove to me that you actually paid.
00:07:21>> I have a rental receipt here.
00:07:22>> Judge Judy: Now you can sit down.
00:07:24I've said it four times.
00:07:26So, you had an absolute right to have the car towed.
00:07:30Now, why did you get a car if you didn't have a license?
00:07:34>> Because I was working on getting my license.
00:07:36That way, I wouldn't have to worry about getting a car.
00:07:39>> Judge Judy: No.
00:07:39That's not the way you usually do things.
00:07:41First, you get your license, and thenyou get a car.
00:07:44How old are you?
00:07:45>> 18.
00:07:46>> Judge Judy: How old do you have to be to get a license where you live?
00:07:49>> 18.
00:07:49>> Judge Judy: So, did you get your license?
00:07:51>> No, not yet.
00:07:52>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:07:54They towed your car.
00:07:55So, just that you understand, you had no right to have your car there.
00:07:59>> Okay.
00:07:59>> Judge Judy: So the landlord had a right to call the towing company and say, "tow this car, because it has no business being here.
00:08:06Nobody's paying rent on that apartment.
00:08:08" so they had a right to tow the car.
00:08:11Then they contact you, and they say, "if you come down and you have a license, proof of insurance, and the towing fee for the car, we'll give you your " >> correct.
00:08:23He got notification by the department of motor vehicles, that told him our daily storage rate, the towing fees, the lien fees -- everything as of that date.
00:08:30>> Judge Judy: You have a copy of that notice?
00:08:32>> I do.
00:08:32>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it.
00:08:37>> And the proof of mailing.
00:08:39>> Judge Judy: Where did you mail it to?
00:08:41>> He has a different address as registration on the vehicle at 85 [bleep] which is where the department of motor vehicles sent the notice.
00:08:47>> Judge Judy: Who lives there?
00:08:48>> A friend.
00:08:49>> Judge Judy: A friend of yours.
00:08:50>> Yes.
00:08:51>> Judge Judy: Is that whereyou live?
00:08:52>> Now I do, yes.
00:08:53>> Judge Judy:THEN-- IS THAT Where you were living?
00:08:55>> No.
00:08:55>> Judge Judy: Well, then what'd you give them that address for?
00:08:57>> Because when I bought my truck, that's where I was living, but then I moved because my mom got a new apartment -- the place that we're talking about now.
00:09:06>> Judge Judy: She was only there a few days.
00:09:07>> That's what I'm saying.
00:09:08>> Your honor, at the time that he received that paperwork in the mail, he signed the highlighted section at the bottom that says, basically, "dmv, please stop this lien.
00:09:16Don't allow the company to sell " >> Judge Judy: So you received this?
00:09:20>> Yes.
00:09:21>> And he mailed it back to the dmv.
00:09:23At that time, he knew there was already approximately $2,500 due.
00:09:26>> Judge Judy: How much time elapsed?
00:09:28>> From the time that he got that notice?
00:09:30>> Judge Judy: From the time that the car was towed, how long did it take to accrue $2,000?
00:09:35>> By the time he signed that and sent it back to the dmv, it was approximately 30 days, but he was notified within 5 days.
00:09:42As a matter of fact, they called -- >> Judge Judy: What kind of car is this?
00:09:45>> It's a '94 chevy suburban.
00:09:48But they knew, your honor, the night that we towed the car -- >> Judge Judy: Listen to me carefully.
00:09:52He doesn't have 5,000cents.
00:09:55>> No, that's correct, but, unfortunately, I can't even dispose of the vehicle at this point because he asked the dmv to disallow me to do so, causing me to incur another 61 days of storage on top of that, and the only way I can dispose of the vehicle is if he wants to pay me the $5,600 that's due or sign this paper so I can get the dmv to let me dispose of it.
00:10:17>> Judge Judy: Just dispose of it?
00:10:19>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:10:23>> Your honor, but he confessed to going over a curb to me.
00:10:25>> Judge Judy: So what?
00:10:26He may have gone over a curb.
00:10:28My husband goes over curbs 20 times a day.
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00:12:18>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:12:19Real people.
00:12:20" tow-company owner amanda adolf says isaac cain owes for towing and impound fees.
00:12:27Isaac is countersuing, claiming amanda's company illegally towed his car.
00:12:32>> Judge Judy: You are going to get nothing on your counterclaim.
00:12:35Do you understand that?
00:12:36>> Yes.
00:12:37>> Judge Judy: Nothing.
00:12:39Now, I am prepared to give you $50 on your counterclaim if you sign that paper.
00:12:45If you do not sign that paper, i will issue an order to the department of motor vehicles that my judgment, which you have agreed to abide by, is that she should be allowed to sell that car or junk it or whatever she wants to do with it.
00:13:00So you make up your mind.
00:13:03What's your pleasure?
00:13:05>> Uh, I'll take the $50.
00:13:07>> Judge Judy: Sign it.
00:13:08>> Unfortunately, I'm still owed the amount of money that was ..
00:13:10>> Judge Judy: Well, I know that, but he doesn't have 5,000 cents to give you.
00:13:17>> Excuse me.
00:13:18>> Judge Judy: Perfect.
00:13:19I didn't ask you anything.
00:13:21Now, are we done here?
00:13:23Good. thank you very much.
00:13:24That's all.
00:13:25>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:13:26You may step out.
00:13:27>> He knew where the vehicle was.
00:13:28The police department notified him the day that it was towed.
00:13:31>> They removed the truck illegally.
00:13:33They didn't have the right to be able to move the truck.
00:13:35>> We were protected from the beginning by having the property owner authorize us to tow the vehicle.
00:13:39>> I know that they didn't have the right to do what it is that they did.
00:13:43>> Glad it's finished and I can get rid of it, and it's now not a permanent fixture at my facility anymore.
00:13:47>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:13:49>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF MILLER vs. JONES, STEP Forward.
00:13:53>> Announcer: 21-Year-old morgan miller is suing her former roommate, terrance jones, for damaging her car when he drove over a curb.
00:14:01>> Judge Judy: miller, jones was your roommate and a friend of yours.
00:14:05For a period of time, you allowed him to use a car that you had just purchased secondhand, and he used the car.
00:14:11You had had the car for about two months.
00:14:13He used the car.
00:14:14According to him, he called you up and told you that the car stopped running.
00:14:18>> Correct.
00:14:19>> Judge Judy: Correct?
00:14:19>> Correct.
00:14:20>> Judge Judy: On what date was that?
00:14:21>> October 14, 2012.
00:14:23>> Judge Judy: And on what date had you purchased the car?
00:14:28August 17, 2012.
00:14:30>> Judge Judy: So the car, according to you, when you purchased it, it had a 60-day warranty on the transmission.
00:14:37>> Correct.
00:14:37>> Judge Judy: So you weren't concerned when you got a call from him indicating that the car stopped running.
00:14:42>> Correct.
00:14:43>> Judge Judy: When the car stopped running, what did you do with the car?
00:14:47>> I was notified that terrance had some people assist him to push the car into a parking lot, so when I went after work to see if it would start -- if maybe there was some minor fluke -- it wouldn't start, so I had my sister drive me back to the house, figured it was a faulty transmission, so I told him not to worry about it -- I'd take it to the dealership the next day.
00:15:06And then I had it towed the next day, and when I went there, they assured me that it had been in an accident, and I couldn't believe it.
00:15:13>> Judge Judy: Nahhh.
00:15:14[ Laughter ] so you took the car back to the dealership.
00:15:18You said the car stopped and they put it up on a lift, right?
00:15:23>> Correct.
00:15:24>> Judge Judy: And somebody showed you something.
00:15:26>> Yes.
00:15:27>> Judge Judy: The salesman?
00:15:28>> Yes.
00:15:28>> Judge Judy: And the salesman said, "oh, this isn't the warranty.
00:15:32This isyourproblem," right?
00:15:33>> Exactly.
00:15:34>> Judge Judy: And you believed him.
00:15:35>> I tried to defend it, but there was no way.
00:15:38>> Judge Judy: Good idea.
00:15:40>> Judge Judy: Well, there was no way unless you sued them.
00:15:42>> Mm-hmm.
00:15:43>> Judge Judy: Because your car stopped running.
00:15:44>> Yes.
00:15:45>> Judge Judy: Car doesn't stop running 'cause it's in an accident.
00:15:47I mean, you didn't see any accident, right?
00:15:49>> No, because there's no external damage.
00:15:51It's all internal.
00:15:52>> Judge Judy: Right.
00:15:52Now, when you purchased the car, did you look underneath the car?
00:15:55>> No, I did not.
00:15:56>> Judge Judy: Were you in an accident with the car, mr. jones?
00:15:59>> No, I wasn't, your honor.
00:16:00>> Judge Judy: Anything happen with the car while you were driving it?
00:16:03>> No. it just stopped running.
00:16:04>> Judge Judy: What makes you think that's his fault?
00:16:06>> Because later on, when I had asked him about it when they were assuring me that there's no way -- it had to have gone fast over a speed bump or a curb 'cause it's so low-rise that caused this, when I had asked him, "do you remember going over anything?
00:16:18'Cause I don't.
00:16:19I haven't gone over anything," that'swhen he had told me, a few days later, "oh, I do " >> not true.
00:16:27[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:16:32>> Judge Judy: That wouldn't cause a car to stop.
00:16:35>> Actually, it does, 'cause of the part that it is that causes it to steer and operate.
00:16:39>> Judge Judy: That's a lot of baloney.
00:16:41You bought their story that it had nothing to do with the transmission.
00:16:44The car just stops.
00:16:45It doesn't stop running.
00:16:49anything ♪
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00:17:25,, >> Announcer: Real cases.
00:18:53Real people.
00:18:54" morgan miller says former roommate terrance jones damaged her car when he drove over a curb.
00:19:02Terrance insists he's not responsible.
00:19:05>> Judge Judy: Now, you'd have to go over a whole curb.
00:19:10How do you go over a curb and have the whole bottom of the car destroyed?
00:19:13>> It's the whole passenger side, your honor.
00:19:16It's not the entire bottom.
00:19:18The passenger side underneath is torn up.
00:19:20And I can even show you pictures of it.
00:19:21>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it.
00:19:23>> Okay.
00:19:23I have them on here.
00:19:28So, if you just go -- slide it that way.
00:19:42>> Judge Judy: I don't know what you're showing me.
00:19:44>> I took a picture of both sides of the wheel on the front.
00:19:47The passenger side is where you can see the rod has dropped down.
00:19:50On the driver's side, you can see where it's completely intact where there's nothing dropping down.
00:19:54>> Judge Judy: But that wouldn't cause a car to stop.
00:19:57>> Actually, it does, 'cause of the part that it is.
00:19:59It's a rack and pinon and a whole bunch of other things that cause it to steer and operate.
00:20:04>> Judge Judy: Nah.
00:20:05>> No.
00:20:06>> Judge Judy: That's a lot of baloney.
00:20:07>> Yes, it is, your honor.
00:20:08>> That's what they have been telling me, your honor.
00:20:10>> Judge Judy: You bought their story.
00:20:12>> Yes, she did.
00:20:13>> Judge Judy: You bought their story.
00:20:14If the car was guaranteed for 60 days and you brought it back on the 59th day or the 58th day, you bought their story that it was somebody else's fault -- had nothing to do with the transmission.
00:20:23The car just stops.
00:20:24It doesn't stop running.
00:20:26Where were you when the car stopped running?
00:20:28>> I was right down the street from our job -- about a block away.
00:20:32>> Judge Judy: Were you going to the job or were you -- >> I was coming home from work.
00:20:35Me and her work together, as well as we live together, so numerous times, I would have to drive her car 'cause she was always -- >> Judge Judy: No, I just want to know how far you had driven the car that day.
00:20:44>> About a block or two.
00:20:45>> Judge Judy: And what about you?
00:20:46How long had you driven the car that day?
00:20:48>> That day, I had just driven from home to work.
00:20:50>> Judge Judy: And how far was that?
00:20:52>> I'd say that's about 10 miles.
00:20:54>> Judge Judy: 10 Miles.
00:20:55>> About -- roughly.
00:20:56>> Judge Judy: 10 Miles.
00:20:57Nothing wrong with the car?
00:20:58>> Nothing wrong with the car.
00:20:59>> Judge Judy: And he drove the car a block?
00:21:00>> Yes, your honor.
00:21:01>> Judge Judy: The day before that, how many miles had the car been driven?
00:21:05>> The day before, I'm prett sure I had the day off, so i didn't drive too much, but that weekend, I drove to a different city and back, which was about 48 miles.
00:21:13>> Judge Judy: Car drove.
00:21:14>> Yes, perfectly.
00:21:15>> Judge Judy: Andhedidn't have the car.
00:21:16>> No.
00:21:16>> Judge Judy: And the next day, youhad the car?
00:21:18>> Yes.
00:21:19>> Judge Judy: And so he only drove the car for a block.
00:21:21>> Yes, your honor, that's correct.
00:21:23>> Judge Judy: Well, when do you think this terrible damage was supposed to happen that, miraculously, nothing happened with the car when you drove it to another city and when you drove it to and from work, and he drove it for a block?
00:21:34>> Well, how they described how the damage is in the picture, the -- >> Judge Judy: You can't tell me how they describe it, madam.
00:21:40It doesn't make sense to me.
00:21:42You're giving me mechanic's mumbo jumbo to get out of doing what they're supposed to do 'cause the transmission failed.
00:21:48Where's the car now?
00:21:49>> The car is parked in front of my house.
00:21:51It hasn't moved at all since the day.
00:21:53>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:21:54I would like to see you in an action againstthem,rather than him.
00:21:59>> Your honor, but he confessed to going over a curb to me.
00:22:01>> Judge Judy: So what?
00:22:02He may have gone over a curb.
00:22:04My husband goes over curbs 20 times a day.
00:22:07[ Laughter ] and the car doesn't stop running.
00:22:10I may have to get a new wheel alignment periodically and sometimes new tires if you rip through the tire when you go over the curb.
00:22:19I've never had a car stop running because he goes over a curb.
00:22:24[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
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00:00:00S life because the car caught fire and was destroyed.
00:00:05You want him to pay for the car.
00:00:06>> Yes, your honor.
00:00:07>> Judge Judy: And in addition, you say that he filed a false report about you to human resources where you work.
00:00:15>> Yes, your honor.
00:00:16>> Judge Judy: valdez says that he borrowed your car.
00:00:19You were very nice to loan him the car.
00:00:22It was an old 1979, big, stretchy limousine kind of car.
00:00:25Took it out, and what happened, mr. valdez?
00:00:27>> Well, when I was driving back from where I went to to the place where we currently work, a light came on -- the "stop engine" time came on.
00:00:35I pulled over.
00:00:35I popped the hood.
00:00:36I added water to the coolant reservoir.
00:00:38And I have the specifications showing that that's exactly what it uses as coolant.
00:00:42>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:00:42And this was the first time you had borrowed the car?
00:00:44>> This was the first time I had borrowed this car from him.
00:00:47>> Judge Judy: On what date was this?
00:00:48>> October 28, 2008.
00:00:49>> Judge Judy: Okay, you added water and then you proceeded to go back to the place of business, or at least try?
00:00:55>> Yes.
00:00:55So, I got to the freeway, and three minutes later, there's smoke coming out of the car.
00:00:59I took the nearest exit, and on the ramp, the car shut off.
00:01:02Somebody drove by, and they told me there's fire -- "there's a " I got out of the car, I looked down.
00:01:07There were pieces of rubber, plexiglass, flaming pieces coming down onto the pavement.
00:01:11So, three minutes after the smoke is coming out and the car's standing there, the car's on fire.
00:01:16I go to the car wash right next to the ramp.
00:01:18There's a traffic jam because they can't go anywhere.
00:01:21And I say, "help, help, my car's on fire.
00:01:22" they try to extinguish it with their own local fire extinguisher, but the fire had just grown and it blew.
00:01:28>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:01:29I have visual footage, too, showing the firefighters -- >> Judge Judy: From where?
00:01:32>> This is actually the day of the incident when the car was burning.
00:01:35I recorded it using my cellphone, and this is showing the firefighters breaking into the car, trying to extinguish the fire.
00:01:40>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it.
00:01:42>> Sure.
00:01:42Here, sir.
00:02:02[ Siren wails ] >> Judge Judy: Got it.
00:02:11What time had you borrowed the car, sir?
00:02:13>> I borrowed it the night before, 'cause he dropped it off at work and he left it in the parking lot for me.
00:02:17He showed it to me, and i took it.
00:02:18>> Judge Judy: And you went home?
00:02:20>> Yes.
00:02:20>> Judge Judy: And how far is the trip from your work to home?
00:02:23>> About a 10- to 15-minute drive.
00:02:24>> Judge Judy: And then you drove it back to work?
00:02:26>> And then I drove it from my place of residence to the location where I went to.
00:02:30>> Judge Judy: The next morning?
00:02:32>> The next morning.
00:02:32>> Judge Judy: And how far is that?
00:02:34>> It was probably about an hour and 15 minutes.
00:02:36>> Judge Judy: And you were on your way back from that location back to work?
00:02:39>> Back from that location to work.
00:02:41>> Judge Judy: So, about how far had you driven from your destination before the car caught fire?
00:02:47>> About 6 minutes -- 6 to 7 minutes.
00:02:49>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:02:50What do you want?
00:02:50>> Well, your honor, I'm here today because I tried to help a kid out, and I literally got burned.
00:02:54>> Judge Judy: What do you want?
00:02:56>> I want to be made whole for the loss of the vehicle.
00:02:58>> Judge Judy: That's not happening, unless you had insurance.
00:03:00>> The vehicle was a collector car.
00:03:02>> Judge Judy: Unless you had insurance, that's not happening.
00:03:04You should have had insurance if it was a collector's car.
00:03:07>> I had insurance, your honor, for liability, but not for loss from collision or from fire.
00:03:11>> Judge Judy: You should have if it was a collector's car, mr. allen.
00:03:13He almost got killed.
00:03:14He could have sued you if he was injured.
00:03:17He could have sued you.
00:03:17You would have been standing on the other side.
00:03:19The car was clearly dangerous -- clearly.
00:03:22>> Your honor -- >> Judge Judy: Absolutely, clearly dangerous.
00:03:25A car doesn't catch on fire if it's dangerous.
00:03:27>> I have proof that the car was safety-checked by a master mechanic.
00:03:30>> Judge Judy: If you have the master mechanic, I'd like to interrogate him.
00:03:32>> Yes, your honor, he's here.
00:03:34>> Judge Judy: Let's go.
00:03:34Let's go.
00:03:37>> Michael ramos.
00:03:39>> Judge Judy: Where do you work?
00:03:40>> I work for american tire depot in santa monica.
00:03:43>> Judge Judy: What do you do?
00:03:44>> I repair vehicles, inspect vehicles, make recommendations.
00:03:47>> Judge Judy: How long have you worked for them?
00:03:49>> I worked for this particular company for approximately 4 years.
00:03:52>> Judge Judy: And you work with cars every day?
00:03:54>> Yes.
00:03:54>> Judge Judy: When was the last time you inspected this allen loaned to the defendant?
00:04:00>> The -- >> Judge Judy: No, no, no.
00:04:01Do you remember?
00:04:02>> The exact date, no, I don't.
00:04:03>> Judge Judy: Is there anything that you have that would refresh your recollection as to when you inspected it?
00:04:09>> Nothing that I have.
00:04:10>> Judge Judy: Is there anything allen has that would indicate when you inspected the car and what you did to it?
00:04:15>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:16>> Judge Judy: Okay, take a look.
00:04:24>> The date was 7-18-08.
00:04:26>> Judge Judy: So you inspected the car three months before the car caught fire?
00:04:31>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:31>> Judge Judy: What kind of car was it, sir?
00:04:34>> It was a 1979 cadillac fleetwood limousine.
00:04:36>> Judge Judy: And under what circumstances didyoulook at the car?
00:04:39 allen that I do a full inspection of the vehicle.
00:04:43>> Judge Judy: For what?
00:04:45>> For any "abnormalties" or anomalies that would need to be repaired.
00:04:48>> Judge Judy: Had you already purchased the car, mr. allen?
00:04:50>> Yes, your honor.
00:04:51I sent the car to them on a flatbed truck.
00:04:52>> Judge Judy: Because it wasn't running?
00:04:54>> Correct.
00:04:54I purchased the car not running.
00:04:55>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:04:56You purchased the ca >> Judge Judy: From whom?
00:05:00>> From an auction.
00:05:01>> Judge Judy: How much did you pay for it?
00:05:03>> I think I bought six cars that day.
00:05:05>> Judge Judy: How much did you pay for this car?
00:05:07>> Under $2,000.
00:05:08>> Judge Judy: So you don't know how much you paid for the car?
00:05:10>> No, your honor.
00:05:11>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:05:12>> But I do know the value of the car.
00:05:13>> Judge Judy: I'm not interested in what you think the value is.
00:05:16It doesn't make any difference.
00:05:17You're not getting any money from him.
00:05:19You almost killed him with your car.
00:05:20>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:05:22>> Your honor, if you have a flat tire, you pull over to the side of the road and seek assistance.
00:05:26>> Judge Judy: No, sir!
00:05:27Most people, when they have a flat tire, pull over to the side of the road and fix it!
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00:08:10>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:08:11Real people.
00:08:12" al allen claims co-worker colbert valdez is responsible for his classic cadillac limousine catching on fire.
00:08:22Colbert insists the incident was not his fault.
00:08:26>> Judge Judy: allen, he didn't do anything to your car, sir.
00:08:29He drove your car.
00:08:30He didn't do anything to your car.
00:08:32I'm listening to this as an interesting exercise.
00:08:34>> Your honor -- >> Judge Judy: Now, you want -- does it look like I need your help?
00:08:38>> No.
00:08:38>> Judge Judy: You want to tell me what you did to the car?
00:08:41>> The first thing I did was check the car out.
00:08:43>> Judge Judy: The car wasn't running.
00:08:45What did you do to make it run?
00:08:47>> I replaced the starter.
00:08:48>> Judge Judy: Period?
00:08:48>> No, there was more.
00:08:49>> Judge Judy: What else did you do to the car?
00:08:51>> After making recommendations to allen, I did an oil change, a main-engine motor flush, and completed a full inspection of the vehicle.
00:09:00>> Judge Judy: Don't point out anything to him, mr. allen.
00:09:03Is that what you did to the car?
00:09:05>> Yes.
00:09:06>> Judge Judy: And was the car, after that, running?
00:09:09>> Yes, ma'am.
00:09:10>> Judge Judy: Did you make any other recommendations to allen with regard to the car?
00:09:13>> No, ma'am.
00:09:14>> Judge Judy: So the car was in perfect condition?
00:09:16>> Yes, ma'am.
00:09:17>> Judge Judy: And that was 7-18 of '08?
00:09:19>> Yes, ma'am.
00:09:20>> Judge Judy: Then would you explain to me, sir, that after being driven for no more than an hour and 25 minutes, how come the car caught fire?
00:09:27>> Based on the fact that the engine-temperature light went on -- >> Judge Judy: Why would the engine-temperature light go on if you had fully serviced the car and it was in perfect condition three months before?
00:09:38>> Loss of coolant, short circuit.
00:09:39>> Judge Judy: How could that happen, sir?
00:09:42You're the mechanical expert.
00:09:43You tell me.
00:09:44Somebody is driving the car -- normal conditions, not hot-rodding the car -- driving to a destination and coming back for an hour and 20 minutes in a 24-hour period.
00:09:56What would cause the car to catch fire and burn?
00:09:59>> Uh, driving it past the point of engine-operating temperature.
00:10:02>> Judge Judy: And how could that be after you had already checked the car out and said there was nothing wrong with it?
00:10:08>> The car had been driven several times between that, from the time I inspected it to -- >> Judge Judy: How do you know that?
00:10:15 allen had told me he had driven the car to drop off girl scouts, to take a bunch of friends to an antique-car show, and he had used the car to bring somebody back from the hospital.
00:10:28>> Judge Judy: So that's three occasions in three months -- >> that I know of.
00:10:32>> Judge Judy: So you can't give me, sir, an explanation of why a car that you inspected within 90 days caught fire and exploded?
00:10:41>> The car got hot.
00:10:43It had to have been from either a loss of coolant or from an electrical short, or it could have been that the catalytic converter overheated.
00:10:53>> Judge Judy: And what can you do to prevent the catalytic converter from overheating?
00:10:57>> You have to see signs of overheating of the catalytic converter to indicate that the catalytic converter had gotten hot and recommend replacement.
00:11:04>> Judge Judy: Can you tell that when you're driving the car?
00:11:07>> No, you can't.
00:11:08>> Judge Judy: And what about a short?
00:11:10>> A short circuit -- electrical short circuit would cause a myriad of different things -- loss of power, necessary warning lights going on, which indicates " >> Judge Judy: Right.
00:11:20Which is what he did.
00:11:22>> Initially.
00:11:23>> Judge Judy: Which is what he says he did.
00:11:25So, there are a whole variety of things, according to you, that could result in a car catching fire and burning.
00:11:30>> Yes, ma'am.
00:11:31>> Judge Judy: Thank you.
00:11:33You can sit down.
00:11:33All right, now let's hear the second part of your complaint, allen, because as i indicated to you five minutes ago when we started this thing, you have no case with regard to your burning-up car.
00:11:43You're lucky he didn't sue you.
00:11:44Now let's move on.
00:11:45>> I may not speak to the earlier portion of the case?
00:11:47>> Judge Judy: It's not necessary.
00:11:49>> I think it is necessary.
00:11:50>> Judge Judy: And I'm telling you it's not necessary.
00:11:53He has no liability.
00:11:54Unless what you're telling me is he did not borrow the car the night before, that he had it over a prolonged period of time -- unless you're willing to tell me that, or that you have a witness that saw him do something to cause this car to catch fire -- >> no, your honor, but I can explain why I selected this particular car out of 50 cars to loan to the defendant.
00:12:11>> Judge Judy: I don't care why.
00:12:12In order for you to be successful, you have to establish some act of negligence on his part.
00:12:16>> And I think I can establish that, your honor.
00:12:18>> Judge Judy: Not through your expert, sir.
00:12:20>> Through direct testimony.
00:12:22>> Judge Judy: No.
00:12:23Through whose?
00:12:23You weren't there.
00:12:24>> Your honor, he pulled over and he failed to seek assistance.
00:12:27>> Judge Judy: No, sir.
00:12:28>> He tried to service the car on his own.
00:12:30He has no mechanical qualifications whatsoever.
00:12:32>> Judge Judy: Sir, let me explain something to you.
00:12:35Your mechanic, your expert, just said to me a car can catch fire for a variety of reasons.
00:12:40>> Your honor, if you have a flat tire, you pull over to the side of the road and seek assistance.
00:12:44>> Judge Judy: No, sir!
00:12:44Most people, when they have a flat tire, pull over to the side of the road and fix it!
00:12:48>> Your honor, I would not expect the defendant to attempt to fix any portion of a car.
00:12:52>> Judge Judy: Listen to me, mr. allen.
00:12:54You don't get any money for the car -- period.
00:12:56You're lucky he didn't sue you.
00:12:58You're lucky he wasn't hurt.
00:12:59If he were hurt, he would have sued you and ownedallof your cars.
00:13:03>> I doubt it, your honor.
00:13:04I have very heavy liability coverage.
00:13:06>> Judge Judy: Well, then, he would have owned a good piece of your house.
00:13:09And if you have very, very good insurance, then you should have had insurance to cover this car because a car that you buy for under $2,000 and you don't remember how much you pay for it, is not what I call a collector's car.
00:13:21>> Your honor, the car is worth $20,000 fully restored.
00:13:23>> Judge Judy: Then you got a very good deal.
00:13:25>> That's correct, and that's what I do.
00:13:27>> Judge Judy: Great.
00:13:28Next item of business.
00:13:29You want to tell me, sir, about the alleged complaint that he made against you with your company?
00:13:33>> There had been a great deal of tension since this incident had occurred.
00:13:36I had sent the defendant a letter requesting payment or some sort of acknowledgment of what occurred because I bore all the cost of this.
00:13:44And we hadn't been speaking to each other.
00:13:47We see each other for about 2 hours, 4 times a week.
00:13:50And one night, uncharacteristically, I called my office, and the defendant answered the phone.
00:13:56The defendant is not my boss, has never been my boss, but questioned me on the phone as if he were.
00:14:00>> Judge Judy: You called your office for what reason?
00:14:02>> To speak to a co-worker.
00:14:03>> Judge Judy: And there's one central phone?
00:14:05>> No.
00:14:06Anybody can answer the phone in the office from any desk.
00:14:08Just by chance, the defendant happened to answer the phone that evening.
00:14:11>> Judge Judy: Okay. go ahead.
00:14:13>> When I asked to speak to this co-worker, the defendant asked me if I was calling in late.
00:14:17That's exactly what he said -- " I was taken aback because this has never occurred before.
00:14:23No one asked me if I'm calling in late.
00:14:24It's none of his business if i was.
00:14:26>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:14:29>> Judge Judy: He said to you, "when you get settled, I would " those were your words.
00:14:33>> Not in that tone, your honor.
00:14:35>> Judge Judy: I don't care what tone.
00:14:36Everybody these days is too concerned these days about tone.
00:14:39If you don't like the tone, you go to human resources.
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00:17:33>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:17:34Real people.
00:17:35" al allen says co-worker colbert valdez owes for the cost of a classic cadillac limousine.
00:17:44Al claims colbert is responsible for a fire that totaled the vehicle.
00:17:50>> Judge Judy: allen, do you work at night?
00:17:52>> I do.
00:17:52We're a 24-hour firm.
00:17:53>> Judge Judy: So, you work at night.
00:17:55What time do you work?
00:17:56>> From 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m.
00:17:57>> Judge Judy: And what time did you call?
00:17:59>> About 10:15.
00:18:00>> Judge Judy: And who were you calling?
00:18:02>> Tim.
00:18:02>> Judge Judy: Tim what?
00:18:04Tim what?
00:18:05>> [ Scoffs lightly ] it's a co-worker at the firm.
00:18:08It's a confidential issue.
00:18:09I really can't mention personnel by their full names.
00:18:12He's in fact a juror at the moment in los angeles.
00:18:15>> Judge Judy: So what?
00:18:16What were you calling him for?
00:18:17>> I was calling to find out what the level of work was awaiting me.
00:18:20>> Judge Judy: Go ahead.
00:18:21>> When i, again, asked the defendant if I could please speak with tim, he again said, " again, I was just stunned at this, so I just asked him, " he finally did.
00:18:34I spoke with tim cordially, told him I would be in in about 20 minutes or so.
00:18:38When I arrived at the office, there were three or four people around the defendant, and he immediately said, "i'd like to speak to you when you get settled," as if he were my boss.
00:18:47I've never heard anything like this before, so I said, "i don't know what this is about, but I'm " >> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:18:52So, he said to you, "i'd like to speak to you when you get " >> yes, in a very animated voice.
00:18:58>> Judge Judy: Go ahead.
00:18:59>> So I said, "i'm ready to " so we left the office, and he tried to direct me to the conference room, but I wasn't about to enter our conference room with just the defendant and not a witness present.
00:19:09So I stopped there in the hallway and said, "what is this " and apparently he thought that i was treating him casually and not treating him with proper respect, which I thought was ridiculous.
00:19:17I called to speak with someone else.
00:19:19He happened to -- >> Judge Judy: No, no.
00:19:20Just tell me what happened, sir.
00:19:21So, you stopped in the hallway.
00:19:23He directed you to the conference room.
00:19:24You didn't want to go into the conference room.
00:19:26You stopped in the hallway and said what to him, and what did he say to you?
00:19:29>> He made a statement.
00:19:31>> Judge Judy: What did he say?
00:19:32>> He said, "i am a production supervisor whenever I'm present, not just on the weekends when I'm in charge," et cetera, et cetera.
00:19:39And I was just astounded at this because I didn't care what he had to say.
00:19:43He was notmyboss.
00:19:44And I specifically told him, "have you replaced someone?
00:19:46Is there a reason you're talking " and he didn't answer.
00:19:50He stormed off.
00:19:51I went to my desk and sent an reporting the incident.
00:19:54He did the same thing.
00:19:55Our e-mails arrived approximately the same time, and department had to investigate the claim thoroughly.
00:20:02And almost two years later, I'm still suffering from this.
00:20:05I've lost more than the value of the limousine by the punitive damages I've received as a result of their investigation.
00:20:12>> Judge Judy: Just a second, sir.
00:20:14I just heard a whole conversation that you say you had with the defendant.
00:20:18Nothing is onerous about either part as you described it.
00:20:23He answered the phone.
00:20:24He said, "are you calling in " you were annoyed at the question.
00:20:27You had already had a history with him -- history involving this car where you were trying to get money from him.
00:20:32He asked you again, "are you " 'cause it was, 15 and you weren't at work yet.
00:20:39You didn't know why he was asking you that question because he was not your supervisor.
00:20:42When you came into work, he said to you, "when you get settled, i " those were your words.
00:20:47>> Not in that tone, your honor.
00:20:48>> Judge Judy: I don't care what tone.
00:20:50>> The tone makes a difference.
00:20:51>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:20:52I don't care what tone.
00:20:53Everybody these days is too concerned these days about tone.
00:20:57You don't like the tone, you go to human resources.
00:20:59>> Hysterics in the workplace are one thing.
00:21:01>> Judge Judy: Listen to me, mr. allen.
00:21:03Did you report his tone?
00:21:04>> Yes, his tone and his line of questioning.
00:21:07>> Judge Judy: He reed yours.
00:21:09You reported his tone.
00:21:11He reported your tone.
00:21:12Is that what you just said?
00:21:13>> Yes, your honor, and it's escalated over time.
00:21:15>> Judge Judy: You made a report to h.r.
00:21:16He made a report to h.r.
00:21:17>> Right.
00:21:18>> Judge Judy: Good.
00:21:18You don't have to say anything.
00:21:19>> Okay.
00:21:20>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:21:23>> Judge Judy: If your law firm has been guilty by maintaining an employee who is guilty of harassment -- they're a law firm.
00:21:31You know what that means -- sue 'em.
00:21:43,,,, wouldnever down.
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00:25:14>> Judge Judy: Now, you don't get money for the car, and you don't get money from h.r.
00:25:19You want to sue your law firm for harassment, sue your law firm for harassment.
00:25:23>> Your honor, I spoke with my law firm before suing him.
00:25:27>> Judge Judy: If your law firm is guilty of employing someone who has been harassing you, sue them.
00:25:34If your law firm has been guilty by maintaining an employee who is guilty of harassment -- they're a law firm.
00:25:42You know what that means -- sue 'em.
00:25:44But it's a whole crock of baloney, what you're giving me, mr. allen, and I don't know why.
00:25:49I don't even know why, from 2008 -- it's now 2010, and we're seeing you.
00:25:55I have no idea, unless you're in need of money.
00:25:57>> The claim was made in 2009.
00:25:59I tried to gently allow him to do something.
00:26:02>> Judge Judy: You knew he wasn't gonna pay you for this car in 2008.
00:26:04>> I did not know that, your honor.
00:26:06>> Judge Judy: Well, then, you're pretty slow on the uptake, mr. allen.
00:26:09Your case is dismissed.
00:26:10>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:26:11You may step out.
00:26:12>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:26:18Exclusive video of it.
00:26:19.. but the ... is how the district reacted to this brawl.
00:26:22Plus, what will caltrans do about the questionable bolts in the the new idea being met with skepticism.
00:26:31Then, some dogs will eat .. including your spare it s a bigger deal than ..
00:26:36That can be deadly if swallowed.
00:26:38Show open "Remember we need these bolts not to last for a month-we need >> I think it was a fair decision.
00:27:01I borrowed a car that was a piece of junk, and I don't see why he brought work into this when the complaint arose as a result of insubordination, not to mention the fact that he sleeps at work, and I think that it was overall a very fair decision.
00:27:12>> I think there's a burden of care on the part of anyone who borrows something from someone, if something goes wrong, to seek assistance, or to at least inform the person they borrowed it from before attempting to repair things themselves.
00:27:22>> I don't think that by actually pouring water into the reservoir of the coolant is actually trying to fix the car.
00:27:27I think that's just a rudimentary precaution that anybody else would take under the circumstances.
00:27:31>> He called me and told me, "the car is on fire!
00:27:34" >> I drove the car, continued driving it.
00:27:38Five minutes later, the car is on fire.
00:27:39I could have literally died if stayed in the car a minute later.
00:27:42>> Then he e-mailed me a video called "burn, baby, burn" that he took of my car, which i thought was in poor taste, as well.
00:27:48>> I called it "burn, baby, burn" from "disco inferno," '70s, HENCE 1979 CAR, BUT THERE Was no intention for me to diminish the importance or the severeness of this whole incident.
00:27:57>> Things got out of hand, and i lost the entire vehicle.
00:28:00>> I learned my lesson.
00:28:01I will never borrow a car from al, nor anything else, for that matter.
00:28:04And anybody else who's thinking of even considering borrowing a car, beware and run like the wind.
00:28:09>> I tried to help the kid out.
00:28:10I got burned.
00:28:11>> His cars are pieces of junk, not collectibles like he claims.
00:28:13--Captions by VITAC--www.vitac.com ..
00:28:32>> Your realtime captioner: LINDA marie MacDonald.
00:28:33>>> Remember, we need these bolts not to last for a month.
00:28:36We need them to last for decades.
00:28:38>> Well, a month after the bad bolts were discovered, running out of time for a solution, why there are still no answers plenty of questions of the $6 billion bridge.
00:28:49>> It won't end with delayed flights.
00:28:52How the sequester will make life noisier in one bay area neighborhood.
00:28:54>> And some bay area teachers say classroom violence is out of control.
00:28:58The cell phone video they are using to make their case.
00:29:02Good evening, I'm allen martin.
00:29:03>> I'm elizabeth cook.
00:29:04>>> Finding a fix for those bad bolts on the new bay bridge may be a bigger job than anyone first thought.
00:29:11Turns out, even the bolts that are working fine right now may also need to go.
00:29:17Kpix 5's phil matier explains why.
00:29:19>> Reporter: That's right.
00:29:20Officials got together this morning and got some grim news.
00:29:23The real story here is that they're going to have to be making some very tough decisions in two weeks.
00:29:30And the news today wasn't good.
00:29:31>> I have to say this is not an easy call.
00:29:34This is going to be a difficult call to make.
00:29:38>> Reporter: That was metropolitan transportation commission chief steve hemminger delivering the news that a crucial decision needs to be made about the long-term strength of a second set of giant bolts that were used in
00:00:00>> Judge Judy: So why didn't you leave?
00:00:02>> I had nowhere to go.
00:00:03I had stopped working to prepare to get the house r with nothing.
00:00:09>> Judge Judy: For six months, you lived together and he supported you.
00:00:13>> She really wasn't even working, 'cause she was just worried that I was gonna cheat on her.
00:00:17>> Announcer:" you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin.
00:00:27The people are real.
00:00:28The cases are real.
00:00:30The rulings are final.
00:00:31Captions paid for bycbs television distribution 26-year-old natasha tabrizi is suing her ex-boyfriend, 22-year-old germayne jelks, for a loan for home repairs and furniture and for emotional distress.
00:00:47>> Byrd: Order! all rise!
00:00:54Your honor, this is case number 565 on the calendar in the matter of ta-- >> Judge Judy: Perfect.
00:01:00>> Byrd: Tabrizi vs. jelks.
00:01:01>> Judge Judy: Thank you.
00:01:02>> Byrd: You're welcome.
00:01:03Parties have been sworn in.
00:01:04You may be seated.
00:01:05Ladies, have a seat.
00:01:07>> Judge Judy: tabrizi, jelks was your boyfriend at one time.
00:01:10According to your complaint, he was incarcerated for a period of time and while he was incarcerated there were some friends that he had that were living in his house.
00:01:20Is this a house that you own, sir, or rented?
00:01:22>> I own.
00:01:23>> Judge Judy: While he was incarcerated, these people lived there, but when he was getting ready to get out of jail, according to you, he evicted ..
00:01:30>> Yes.
00:01:30>> Judge Judy:..Told them to leave.
00:01:32And he asked you to go in and sort of straighten up the place and get it ready.
00:01:37That's what this lawsuit is about.
00:01:39 tabrizi, that you went into the house.
00:01:42Not only did you clean it up, but it was a terrible mess, trashed.
00:01:46You bought new furniture.
00:01:48You spent a lot of money to fix it up.
00:01:50 jelks was released from prison when, sir?
00:01:53>> April 1st it was, believe.
00:01:55>> Judge Judy: And the two of you were living together at that point, is that right?
00:01:59>> Correct, your honor.
00:02:00>> Judge Judy: When he was released.
00:02:01You were working?
00:02:02>> I was not working at that moment.
00:02:03>> Judge Judy: So you weren't working?
00:02:04And, you, were you working?
00:02:06>> No, I wasn't.
00:02:07>> Judge Judy: How were you supporting yourselves after april of 2012.
00:02:11>> I had stopped working to prepare to get the house ready for him.
00:02:16>> Judge Judy: How were you supporting yourself, is my question.
00:02:19>> He receives per cap from the indian reservation that he belongs to in minnesota, so he receives monthly payments on the first of every month.
00:02:27>> Judge Judy: So you were living off of his payments that he receives from the indian reservation?
00:02:32>> Correct.
00:02:33>> Judge Judy: I'm curious.
00:02:34What do you receive from the indian reservation?
00:02:36>> I receive about $10,000.
00:02:39>> Judge Judy: $10,000 A what?
00:02:40A year?
00:02:41>> A month.
00:02:42>> Judge Judy: $10,000 A month?
00:02:43>> Yeah.
00:02:44>> Judge Judy: For how long?
00:02:45>> I would say a couple years.
00:02:46>> Judge Judy: Well, was there some sort of settlement?
00:02:49>> It was 'cause our casino had sold some of our land to a power plant or whatever.
00:02:54>> Judge Judy: So it was some sort of a settlement?
00:02:56>> Yeah.
00:02:57>> Judge Judy: And you got a structured settlement so that you didn't get all the money at one time.
00:03:01You get it monthly.
00:03:03>> Yes.
00:03:03>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:03:04 tabrizi, you were living with him.
00:03:07He was paying the bills.
00:03:08It is your claim that some reason you couldn't keep up with the payments on this furniture and stuff, so you took out a ..
00:03:19>> Correct.
00:03:19>> Judge Judy:..That you want him to pay.
00:03:21>> Correct.
00:03:22>> Judge Judy: I'm ready. go.
00:03:24>> I had credit cards.
00:03:26And he would receive his per-cap payment on the first of the month.
00:03:30By the 4th of the month we would be broke because he would purchase jordan tennis shoes.
00:03:34Then I would use my credit cards to charge the shoes.
00:03:37>> Judge Judy: What do you mean?
00:03:38How would he use your credit cards unless you gave it to him?
00:03:41>> We went together, and he said he would always pay me back the 1st of the next month.
00:03:45>> Judge Judy: Why didn't he pay his own bills?
00:03:47Keep going.
00:03:47>> And so he always said that he would pay me back the 1st of the month.
00:03:51Then the 1st of the month would roll around again.
00:03:53He would get paid.
00:03:54Within the first two days, he would take the money, go purchase all the new michael jordan tennis shoes that would come out on the release dates.
00:04:02He would camp overnight for them -- camp for hours, for days, waiting for them to come out.
00:04:07>> Judge Judy: So he did this in april.
00:04:09He did this in may.
00:04:10He did it in june.
00:04:11So why didn't you leave?
00:04:12Why didn't you leave?
00:04:13Why didn't you cut off the credit cards?
00:04:15>> I had no other place to go.
00:04:16>> Your honor, she had places to go.
00:04:18She could have went and stayed with her parents, your honor.
00:04:21>> Judge Judy: Do you owe her any money, sir?
00:04:23>> No, I don't.
00:04:23>> Judge Judy: Did you ever tell her you would pay her any money?
00:04:26>> No, I didn't.
00:04:27>> Judge Judy: Did she ever contribute towards the household?
00:04:30>> Every once in a while, when she had a little bit of money, i guess.
00:04:33>> Judge Judy: Where was she working after may?
00:04:36April she didn't work, she said.
00:04:38Where was she working in may?
00:04:39>> She had found a job, like, but she really wasn't even working, 'cause she just was worried that, like, thinking i was gonna cheat on her.
00:04:46So she didn't want to work.
00:04:47That was the reason for not wanting to work.
00:04:49>> Judge Judy: What kind of job?
00:04:50>> Working at a restaurant.
00:04:51>> Judge Judy: What's the name of the restaurant?
00:04:52Do you remember?
00:04:53>> I can't remember off the top of my head.
00:04:54>> Judge Judy: What's the name of the restaurant?
00:04:56>> Sak's sportsbar in vadnais heights.
00:04:58>> Judge Judy: And how many hours a week did you work there?
00:05:01>> About 35.
00:05:02>> Judge Judy: For how long?
00:05:03>> About three weeks.
00:05:04>> Judge Judy: And after that, where -- if anywhere -- did you work?
00:05:07>> I did not have a job after that.
00:05:09>> Judge Judy: So he was supporting you?
00:05:11>> Yes.
00:05:12But I also had used the money in my savings account.
00:05:14>> Judge Judy: Show me your savings account.
00:05:19This is -- they had printed this up-to-date.
00:05:28>> Judge Judy: This is 2013.
00:05:30We're talking about 2012.
00:05:33>> The bank account that I had while I dated him was through wells fargo, which they had -- >> Judge Judy: So what did you give this to me for?
00:05:39>> They took my money in my savings account from wells fargo and I had it transferred into this new bank account.
00:05:44>> Judge Judy: I want to see -- you said you used your savings to live on in 2012 -- may, june, july.
00:05:52When did you finally separate?
00:05:53>> It was in october.
00:05:54>> Judge Judy: October.
00:05:55So april, may, june, july, august, september -- so for six months, you lived together and he supported you.
00:06:01And what you contributed was the $6,000, or $1,000 a month towards your living.
00:06:08>> Correct.
00:06:08>> Judge Judy: Well, you don't get that back.
00:06:10Why would you get that back?
00:06:12>> He had promised to pay me back always.
00:06:14>> Judge Judy: I don't believe that at all.
00:06:16I think you were living together and playing house and he was supporting you and you were using your credit cards when you were using credit cards.
00:06:22[ Raps desk ] you know, when people live together, doesn't work out -- you got to keep things separate.
00:06:26Now you say that he has furniture that you're paying for.
00:06:28>> Yes.
00:06:29>> Judge Judy: Do you have any of her property?
00:06:31>> No, I don't, ma'am.
00:06:31>> Judge Judy: Do you still live in the house?
00:06:33>> No, I don't.
00:06:34>> Judge Judy: When did you move out of the house?
00:06:36>> I moved out -- fully moved out december.
00:06:38But I was having -- like, all my stuff was there.
00:06:41And mind you this -- while she was staying there, like, i didn't want to be there after we had broken up, so I just had my stuff there.
00:06:48My house had got robbed for all my shoes that I had.
00:06:51And mind you this -- I didn't get one phone call from her or my friend that I let stay there letting me know my house had got robbed.
00:06:58I had to get a call from the police -- them telling me, like, "sir, do you know your house has " and I was like, "no, I haven't received any of that " and then this was when she was staying there, too.
00:07:08You know what I mean?
00:07:09>> Judge Judy: So you don't know who has your shoes?
00:07:11 and I was incar-- >> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:07:13Who's living there now?
00:07:14>> No one.
00:07:16It's gonna be put up for rent.
00:07:17>> Judge Judy: It's gonna be put up for rent?
00:07:19>> Yeah. 'cause I own it.
00:07:20>> Judge Judy: Why don't you live there anymore?
00:07:21>> I just don't like the neighborhood.
00:07:23I've stayed there for too long, you know?
00:07:25Past memories and stuff like that.
00:07:26>> Judge Judy: Anything else you want to tell me?
00:07:28>> That's it, your honor.
00:07:29>> Judge Judy: Anything else you want to tell me?
00:07:31I want you to think of it this way, ms. tabrizi.
00:07:32In a six-month period, which is when you lived together, when you were unemployed and he was supporting you -- he was supporting you, paying the bills, paying for everything -- you were using credit cards.
00:07:43So I want you to think of it this way so you don't feel too badly about it.
00:07:47That's $1,000 a month -- $250 a week -- for rent, utilities and food and entertainment and eating out and everything else.
00:07:58That's a bargain.
00:08:00>> Also, when I was with him, an issue I do have with him.
00:08:04I purchased two very small chihuahuas.
00:08:06And when he had been released out of prison, he had been using mind-altering substances.
00:08:12The issue I have with him, which really hurts me very bad -- i came home from work one day, and I found my two chihuahuas had hot sauce poured all over their chests.
00:08:21I had then asked germayne, "what " his mind was so beyond from the mind-altering substance, and i have photos that have pictures of that.
00:08:30>> Judge Judy: Where are your dogs now?
00:08:31>> [ Voice breaking ] I HAD TO Give them up for adoption because I now have nowhere -- >> Judge Judy: Oh, my god.
00:08:37>> I couldn't take care of them.
00:08:38>> Judge Judy: [ Raps desk ] can't help you with that.
00:08:40>> No. I know. I know that.
00:08:40>> Judge Judy: Can't help you with that.
00:08:42Goodbye. thank you.
00:08:43>> Thank you.
00:08:44>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:08:45You may step out.
00:08:46>> Everything was gonna be fine.
00:08:48We were gonna live a very great life.
00:08:49He then chose to use ..
00:08:52>> [ Chuckling ] BECAUSE SHE'S The one on drugs.
00:08:54Like, clearly, you seen she started crying in there, like she's on drugs, crazy.
00:08:58..Which then led him to be the evil person that he is today.
00:09:02>> The girl is crazy.
00:09:03Clearly, she came here trying to bring me to court for something I don't owe her no money for.
00:09:07>> Mentally, physically, emotionally abused.
00:09:09>> I helped her out, she helped me, and that's just the end of it, you know?
00:09:13>> Just he made me a very mess.
00:09:15>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:09:17>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF FAULKNER vs. DURAN, Step forward.
00:09:21>> Announcer: Jeanette faulkner is suing her grandchild's maternal grandmother, cathy duran, for half the cost of a crib, mattress, and bedding.
00:09:31>> Judge Judy: How old's your son?
00:09:32>> My son is 19.
00:09:33>> Judge Judy: How old is your daughter?
00:09:34>> She is 19.
00:09:35>> Judge Judy: And how old is this child they made together?
00:09:38>> Three months.
00:09:39>> Judge Judy: Great.
00:09:41And you're supposed to be the mature ones, right?
00:09:43>> Yes, ma'am.
00:09:44 [ chuckles ] >> Judge Judy: So this is what your lawsuit is about.
00:09:48You claim that the defendant, whose daughter had a baby and who she's supporting, 'cause the daughter lives with her, along with your grandchild, that she said, "if you bought the crib --" you actually called her and said, "would you go halfies " according to you, she said, yes, she would go half with you on the crib, as long as it wasn't more than $300.
00:10:10You bought the crib.
00:10:11You want the money.
00:10:12>> Yes, ma'am.
00:10:12>> Judge Judy: Doesn't it sound ridiculous to you?
00:10:15[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:10:18>> Judge Judy: If you were my mother-in-law, I wouldn't let you in the birthing room.
00:10:24I didn't even want myhusbandin the birthing room.
00:10:26[ Laughter ] that were those times back then.
00:10:29>> I stood in the hallway crying, judge judy.
00:10:31>> Judge Judy: Who cares?
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00:12:18>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:12:19Real people.
00:12:20" jeanette faulkner says her grandchild's maternal grandmother, cathy duran, owes for half the cost of a crib, mattress, and bedding.
00:12:30Cathy is countersuing for half the cost of the baby shower.
00:12:34>> Judge Judy: Is your son working?
00:12:35>> [ Sighs ] he is not working at this time.
00:12:37>> Judge Judy: So I assume, if he's not working, he's not supporting this child that he made.
00:12:41>> No, he hasn't, but I have.
00:12:42I have contributed.
00:12:43>> Judge Judy: Well, tell me -- every week, every other week, twice a month, once a month, or every once in a while?
00:12:50>> Whenever they've asked me.
00:12:51>> Judge Judy: That's not support.
00:12:54Where is the crib?
00:12:55>> At their home.
00:12:56>> Judge Judy: She says, "i wasn't even gonna mention it, but I made my daughter a baby shower," which I wouldn't have done [chuckles] "and plaintiff said that she would actually kick in some money for the baby shower, so I'm countersuing her " also ridiculous.
00:13:15You have 30 seconds to tell me your story.
00:13:17I have other cases to do today that I'm actually more interested in.
00:13:21If you have two 19-year-old children who are dumb enough to make a child, it would seem to me that the last thing the two of you want to do is to fight with each other -- the last thing.
00:13:29And I assume your son is not living at home?
00:13:32>> He is living with me.
00:13:33>> Judge Judy:NOWHE IS.
00:13:34Prior to living with you, where was he living?
00:13:37>> With my sister-in-law and my brother?
00:13:38>> Judge Judy: Is that because he was a problem?
00:13:40>> No, it isn't.
00:13:41>> Judge Judy: You mean you let your teenager go live with somebody else?
00:13:43And then he lived with her for 2 1/2 months.
00:13:46When he was living with her for 2 1/2 months, did you support him?
00:13:48>> I gave him whatever he asked me for, whatever he needed.
00:13:51>> Judge Judy: Nothim.her.
00:13:53Rent, gas, electric, food -- her.
00:13:57>> No, I didn't.
00:13:58I didn't give her anything.
00:14:00He wasn't even living there.
00:14:01>> Judge Judy: Where was he living?
00:14:02>> He lived at my brother's house and he lived with me.
00:14:04He did not live at her house.
00:14:06He did not live in the duran's home.
00:14:08>> Judge Judy: I don't believe you.
00:14:10>> [ Sighs ] >> Judge Judy: You want to give me the 30 seconds that I offered you before?
00:14:14>> [ Sighs ] >> Judge Judy: Or you just want to say, "let's try to be good grandmas"?
00:14:19You have a 3-month-old baby.
00:14:20Believe me -- both these two 19-year-old idiots are gonna need all the support that they're gonna get.
00:14:26They're gonna time and money.
00:14:28And you're gonna want to see your grandchild.
00:14:30>> Right, and I've seen her eight times since she's been born.
00:14:33The day that she was born -- >> Judge Judy: Do you think -- >> the grandmother here told me that, "don't worry.
00:14:37We'll be able to have you in the birthing room when she's there.
00:14:40" do you know they both stood there right next to their daughter, looking at me when the nurse said that three people could be in there?
00:14:46Do you think the grandfather stepped out and let the two grandmothers be in there and witness the birth of their first grandchild together?
00:14:51>> Jeanette, that was the policy of the hospital.
00:14:54>> Judge Judy: Just a second!
00:14:55>> [ Scoffs ] not me.
00:14:57>> I stood in the hallway crying, judge judy.
00:14:59>> Judge Judy: That's not my problem!
00:15:01That's your problem.
00:15:03You got to teach your son to keep his pants zipped and your daughter to keep her pants up and then you don't find yourself in this situation.
00:15:10But as long as you find yourself in this situation, what you're supposed to do -- first of all, if you were my mother-in-law, i wouldn't let you in the birthing room.
00:15:21That's just me.
00:15:22I didn't even want myhusbandin the birthing room.
00:15:24[ Laughter ] that were those times back then.
00:15:27But if you're my mother-in-law, I for sure don't want you in the birthing room.
00:15:32Maybe it was theirdaughter's wish that you not be there.
00:15:35I don't know.
00:15:36But the fact that you were upset, who cares?
00:15:39There's only one thing that you have to worry about, and that is you have a 3-month-old baby and two idiots for parents!
00:15:45>> Right.
00:15:45[ Laughter ] >> Judge Judy: And I'm looking at two grandparents, and I'm getting the sense that, at least on one side -- I haven't heard from this one yet, because she's gonna tell me about a shower.
00:15:54You want to tell me about a shower?
00:15:55>> Yes, I do, your honor.
00:15:57>> Judge Judy: No, I don't think you do.
00:15:58[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:16:04>> I sent her a message on facebook, letting her know everything that we had planned out for her, and she responded, " >> Judge Judy: Fine.
00:16:12Show me on facebook.
00:16:13>> Well, this is the thing, your honor.
00:16:14>> Judge Judy: Show me.
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00:16:51,, >> Announcer: Real cases.
00:18:58Real people.
00:18:59" jeanette faulkner says her grandchild's maternal grandmother, cathy duran, owes for half the cost of a crib, mattress, and bedding.
00:19:09Cathy is countersuing for half the cost of the baby shower.
00:19:13>> Judge Judy: Now, I think the two of you ladies want to go outside and make arrangements for you to have quality time with your grandchild and have both grandparents spend quality time with this child, because the child needs all the love and affection they're gonna get, and it doesn't start out with a lawsuit over a $300 crib, or a baby shower.
00:19:31>> Oh, and there's more.
00:19:32>> Judge Judy: I don't want to hear any more.
00:19:34You don't want to fuel the fire.
00:19:35>> I don't.
00:19:36>> Judge Judy: There's no point.
00:19:37>> This lady is vindictive, your honor.
00:19:39She is very vindictive.
00:19:40>> Judge Judy: You want to give me the 30 seconds for the crib, please?
00:19:43>> [ Sighs ] my claim has to do with a phone call that was made in november to cathy duran, asking her -- the children told me that they didn't have a crib.
00:19:51She told me that she'd pay for half of the crib, and I asked her how much she wanted to pay.
00:19:55And I told her, I said, "like, " and she said that was fine.
00:19:59>> Judge Judy: Well, what was it -- $200 or $300?
00:20:01That's a contract.
00:20:01I have to know whether there's a contract.
00:20:03$200 Is different from $300 by a third.
00:20:06>> The date of the purchase, i had called her and I let her know, because we've got -- >> Judge Judy: No, you called ..
00:20:11>> And I had found a nice crib.
00:20:13The baby didn't have a dresser or anything, so I got a combination dresser, changing table, and crib.
00:20:18>> Judge Judy: Fine.
00:20:19That's good. that's good.
00:20:21>> To let her know what the price was gonna be for the total, with the bedding and the mattress and everything.
00:20:26>> Judge Judy: And did you speak to her?
00:20:27>> Her daughter was actually relaying between us.
00:20:29>> Judge Judy: No.
00:20:30Did you speak to her?
00:20:31>> I did not.
00:20:32>> Judge Judy: That's not a contract.
00:20:33>> Okay.
00:20:33>> Judge Judy: A contract you make when you speak one person to another, not through an intermediary -- unless you have something in writing.
00:20:38Do you have anything in writing?
00:20:39>> I do.
00:20:40>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it.
00:20:49ON NOVEMBER 29th, YOU WROTE TO Her, "hello.
00:20:53Would you like for me to send " I assume that's her son.
00:20:57Is that right?
00:20:58>> That is correct.
00:20:59>> Judge Judy: "She received the mattress and the crib set yesterday.
00:21:02I hope allison is happy with " so how much did you say you would give her?
00:21:06>> There was never a proposal.
00:21:07There was never an amount.
00:21:08>> Judge Judy: Well, how much were you gonna give to chris?
00:21:11Listen to me, ms. duran.
00:21:12>> I will.
00:21:12>> Judge Judy: You said, "is it all right if I give the money to " what were you gonna give him?
00:21:17>> In the money that she was asking for, at the time, it was not $300.
00:21:20>> Judge Judy: No, no, no!
00:21:21That's not what I'm asking you.
00:21:23>> Okay.
00:21:23>> Judge Judy: What I'm asking you is, you said, "would you like for me to sendthemoney " >> mm-hmm.
00:21:30>> Judge Judy: And she said, " how much were you going to send with chris?
00:21:35>> $150.
00:21:36>> Judge Judy: Great! $150.
00:21:37That's what she gets -- $150.
00:21:38>> She never had any intentions in sending any money.
00:21:40>> Judge Judy: Now you want to give me your 30 seconds on the baby shower?
00:21:45Let's go!
00:21:45>> Okay, we had a baby shower for my daughter.
00:21:48>> Judge Judy: Great.
00:21:49>> I never was intending to share the shower with ms. faulkner.
00:21:53However, she contacted my daughter and said that she would pay for everything.
00:21:56>> Judge Judy: No!
00:21:57You can't tell me what she said to your daughter.
00:21:58That's hearsay.
00:21:59>> Okay, so I sent her a message on facebook, letting her know everything that we had planned out for her.
00:22:04And she responded.
00:22:05I even put an amount on there.
00:22:06There was $15 per person.
00:22:07I said, "if we split it, it " and she said, "oh, it sounds " >> Judge Judy: That's not a contract.
00:22:14>> After that, there was no contact at all.
00:22:16>> Judge Judy: That's not a contract.
00:22:20>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
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00:23:33I had no idea it came from chickenpox.
00:23:40It's something you never want to encounter.
00:23:47com >> Judge Judy: The fact that $15 sounds beautiful is not a contract.
00:25:33A contract says, "i will pay " >> yes.
00:25:36>> Judge Judy: Fine.
00:25:37Show me on facebook.
00:25:38>> Well, this is the thing, your honor.
00:25:39>> Judge Judy: Show me.
00:25:40>> They don't have a message -- >> Judge Judy: Well, I can't >> but I have my witness here that saw it, 'cause we share -- >> Judge Judy: Not interested.
00:25:46..The same facebook page.
00:25:48>> Judge Judy: Not interested.
00:25:49Now, she says $300.
00:25:51I let you put the figure down.
00:25:53"Would you like me to send the " themoney -- not, "how much would you like me to send with " themoney.
00:26:01>> Mm-hmm.
00:26:01>> Judge Judy: Great.
00:26:02Judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $150.
00:26:04Your counterclaim's dismissed.
00:26:06That's all. out!
00:26:06>> Excuse me, judge.
00:26:07I have there -- >> Judge Judy:..out.
00:26:10>> [ Sighs ] >> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:26:11You may step out.
00:26:12>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:26:35>> We housed him in our house when he was kicked out of his aunt's house.
00:26:39>> That's not true.
00:26:40>> Never charged him rent.
00:26:44..He was right in there with the rest of my kids -- never charged him a cent.
00:26:49..Spend the night there, but he wasn't living there.
00:26:51>> Unfortunately, when you don't have the same values and you ..
00:26:54>> I'm not married.
00:26:55I don't have a husband.
00:26:57And I'm a single parent, and i do the best that I can.
00:27:00..View for the future of your children, it ends up like this.
00:27:05>> Well, at least that we could be able to be together.
00:27:08What's gonna happen when our granddaughter has her first birthday party?
00:27:11>> That's my daughter's decision.
00:27:13I don't have to have communication with that type of family for this type of drama.
00:27:16>> I mean, I believe we can.
00:27:17I really do.
00:27:18>> You know, it's up to my daughter whether or not she wants them in her life, not me.
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