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00:00:00Moved out, she owes you for some rent for three months that she did not pay.
00:00:04>> Yes.
00:00:04>> Judge Judy: And in addition, it is your claim that she's responsible for a broken ..
00:00:10>> Yes.
00:00:10>> Judge Judy:..That she did not break herself but her niece broke.
00:00:14You want her to be responsible.
00:00:16When did you room together?
00:00:18>> We roomed together this summer -- from july through september.
00:00:21>> Judge Judy: Where?
00:00:22>> In hallandale, in an apartment.
00:00:24>> Judge Judy: Hallandale ..
00:00:26>> Florida.
00:00:26>> Judge Judy: Florida.
00:00:27>> Yes.
00:00:27>> Judge Judy: And are you from florida?
00:00:29>> No.
00:00:29>> Judge Judy: Where are you from?
00:00:31>> I was born in ohio, but i moved there from new york.
00:00:33>> Judge Judy: You moved to hallandale from new york?
00:00:35>> Yes.
00:00:35>> Judge Judy: When?
00:00:36>> I moved there -- my plane was ON JUNE 18th.
00:00:39>> Judge Judy: Had you made arrangements to room with the defendant before you moved to hallandale?
00:00:43>> Yes, ma'am.
00:00:44>> Judge Judy: Tell me about that.
00:00:45>> We were friends throughout high school -- best friends.
00:00:48And after high school -- >> Judge Judy: You went to high school in new york?
00:00:51>> No.
00:00:52>> Florida.
00:00:53>> Judge Judy: In where?
00:00:53>> In hollywood, florida.
00:00:54>> Judge Judy: And you?
00:00:55>> Hollywood, florida.
00:00:56>> Judge Judy: You moved to new york after high school?
00:00:58>> Yes.
00:00:59>> Judge Judy: Okay. got it.
00:01:00Go ahead.
00:01:01>> I moved to new york after high school, and we continued keeping in touch.
00:01:05In early 2012, she gave me a call and said that things were going badly with her sister and her husband that she lived with and she wanted to move out and find her own place but she knew she couldn't afford it on her own.
00:01:18So she asked me to come down and live with her and we'd split the rent.
00:01:22>> Judge Judy: Who were you living with?
00:01:24>> I was living on my own.
00:01:24I had my own apartment.
00:01:25>> Judge Judy: How old are you?
00:01:26>> I'm 20 now.
00:01:27>> Judge Judy: You moved down in july of what year?
00:01:29>> Last year.
00:01:30I was 19 when I lived with her, but I was 18 when I had my own apartment.
00:01:33>> Judge Judy: What kind of work were you doing when you were in new york?
00:01:36>> When I was in new york, I was a waitress at a kosher deli.
00:01:39>> Judge Judy: And in what borough did you live?
00:01:41>> I lived in yonkers.
00:01:42>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:01:43So you decided to go back to florida.
00:01:46>> Yes.
00:01:47And we were supposed to split the rent.
00:01:49She told me that she found this great apartment in hollywood and we would split the rent.
00:01:55She would get the apartment furnished so I didn't have to worry about that.
00:01:58She had the security and the first month to pay for for herself, 'causi wouldn't be there until almost the end of the month of june.
00:02:05So she said she could take of that.
00:02:07And when I got there, it was a different story.
00:02:09She was sleeping on a blanket on the floor.
00:02:12There was no furniture in the apartment but my boxes that i sent.
00:02:15It wasn't in hollywood.
00:02:16It was outside of hollywood, in hallandale, which I was not familiar with and I didn't have a car, and she ended up not paying rent for the three months that I lived with her.
00:02:25>> Judge Judy: Did you cover the whole rent?
00:02:27>> Yes.
00:02:27>> Judge Judy: Do you have proof of that?
00:02:29>> Yes, ma'am.
00:02:29>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it.
00:02:32>> These are the ones with the rent.
00:02:37And one of them has the wrong date on it.
00:02:40I was in a rush, and I wrote "6/6/12," but I wasn't even in the state at that time.
00:02:43It's supposed to be 7/6/12.
00:02:45>> Judge Judy: How much was the rent?
00:02:47>> She told me it was $700, but I later found out it was $675.
00:02:50So at first, I paid $700.
00:02:52Then I paid $675.
00:02:54And for the third one, I had to pay a late fee, because she didn't let me know till the exact last minute that she didn't have the rent -- again.
00:03:00>> Judge Judy: What date did you move into the apartment, miss soto?
00:03:03>> ME? JUNE 1st.
00:03:04>> Judge Judy: So you lived there for a whole month before she moved in.
00:03:07>> No.
00:03:07>> Judge Judy: Half a month.
00:03:08>> SHE MOVED THERE JUNE 18th.
00:03:09JUNE 18th, ME AND HER WENT, GOT The bed out of storage.
00:03:11I didn't have a truck to do it, and my brother-in-law wasn't helping me at the time.
00:03:14>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:03:15So you were there from the 1st to the 18th alone?
00:03:18>> Yes.
00:03:18>> Judge Judy: Why didn't you wait until she came down?
00:03:20>> Because I was trying to get one set before, like, she came.
00:03:25And, so, yeah.
00:03:26I originally got one in hollywood, but the thing is, they had to give me -- >> Judge Judy: I don't care.
00:03:32>> Okay.
00:03:33>> Judge Judy: Did you pay the first month's rent?
00:03:34>> I paid first month's rent and security deposit.
00:03:36>> Judge Judy: How much security deposit?
00:03:38>> $675.
00:03:39>> Judge Judy: Did you sign a lease?
00:03:40>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:41>> Judge Judy: For how long?
00:03:42>> For -- it was honestly a year's lease.
00:03:45>> Judge Judy: Did you sign the lease?
00:03:46>> No, and she wouldn't put my name on it.
00:03:48>> Judge Judy: Just answer my question.
00:03:50So you signed the lease?
00:03:51>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:52>> Judge Judy: When did you move out?
00:03:54>> September.
00:03:55She kicked me out.
00:03:56>> Judge Judy: She can't kick you out.
00:03:57She's not the -- >> exactly.
00:03:59>> She called me and told me to leave, though, so I got a new apartment with my sister.
00:04:02Yeah, she definitely called me, kicked me out.
00:04:04>> Judge Judy: Oh, she can't kick you out.
00:04:06It's your apartment.
00:04:07>> But she did kick me out.
00:04:08>> Judge Judy: She can't kick you out!
00:04:09>> She made me leave my apartment.
00:04:11That's why I'm here today, because -- >> Judge Judy: No.
00:04:14Did you pay rent?
00:04:15Other than the first month you were living there, did you pay rent?
00:04:18The answer is yes or no.
00:04:19>> No.
00:04:20>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:04:21So you paid no rent in july, you paid no rent in august, you paid no rent in september.
00:04:27>> No.
00:04:27>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:04:28In what date in september did you move out?
00:04:30>> Like, the 20-something of september.
00:04:32I didn't get all my stuff till SEPTEMBER 30th, BUT I LEFT Before then.
00:04:37>> Judge Judy: Well, if your stuff's there, you're there.
00:04:39So you're there for three months and paid no rent for those three months.
00:04:43You want to explain why?
00:04:45>> Okay.
00:04:45The actual agreement was them two split the rent for the first three months because I didn't have a job.
00:04:50I don't know why she's saying it was just her, because she gave her half the rent.
00:04:53First, that was the agreement.
00:04:55Second, as soon as I got a job, those two left.
00:04:59I was working 20 hours a week 00 an hour, and they left.
00:05:03She calls me, "hey, things aren't going well at my house.
00:05:06I need somewhere to stay.
00:05:07" I said, "look, I haven't paid september's rent.
00:05:11I'm trying to find a new place with my sister.
00:05:13I can't afford to live by " she's like, "don't worry about it.
00:05:16I'll pay the rent this month, " " that's when she called me and said, "when are you leaving?
00:05:22I paid rent.
00:05:22" that's why I mean she kicked me out.
00:05:25>> Judge Judy: Did you leave the apartment?
00:05:28>> No, ma'am. I lived there.
00:05:29My things were there until she told me to leave.
00:05:31>> Judge Judy: I don't care who told who to leave, actually.
00:05:33I just want to know whether you were living there?
00:05:36>> I was living there the whole entire time.
00:05:38I went on vacation once, but i was there.
00:05:39>> Judge Judy: When did you move out?
00:05:41>> I left on a plane on OCTOBER 1st, BUT I WAS OUT ON THE 28th.
00:05:46>> Judge Judy: So you left OCTOBER 1st.
00:05:48>> Yes, ma'am.
00:05:48>> Judge Judy: And she left the end of september.
00:05:51Up. up, up, up, up.
00:05:55Were you living with them?
00:05:57>> Yes.
00:05:58>> Judge Judy: How many bedrooms were there?
00:06:00>> It was a one-bedroom, one bed.
00:06:01>> Judge Judy: So, where was everybody sleeping?
00:06:03>> One king-size -- >> Judge Judy: Shh!
00:06:04I'm not talking to you.
00:06:05>> We were on, like, a king-size bed -- all three -- so it was a little uncomfortable.
00:06:09I, like, had my stuff there, but I stayed at my boyfriend's at the time.
00:06:13>> Judge Judy: What does that mean?
00:06:14>> I didn't sleep there.
00:06:15I just had my stuff.
00:06:16>> Judge Judy: You just told me you were all sleeping together in a king-size bed.
00:06:19 and then -- it was just too uncomfortable, so I didn't like to stay there.
00:06:22>> Judge Judy: But the idea was that you weresupposedto stay there?
00:06:25>> Yeah.
00:06:25>> Judge Judy: Now, did you also come from new york?
00:06:27>> No, I've lived here all my life.
00:06:29>> Judge Judy: So, who invited you into the apartment?
00:06:32>> Cassandra.
00:06:33>> Judge Judy: Who's sandra?
00:06:34Raise your hand.
00:06:35That would be you?
00:06:36>> Yes, ma'am.
00:06:37>> Judge Judy: When did she invite you into the apartment?
00:06:39>> I was having trouble at the place I was staying at, and she was like, "you can stay " at first, it was, like, for free.
00:06:46So the first month I was there, I didn't pay anything.
00:06:48>> Judge Judy: What about -- >> yeah, I had no say in that, and then I finally talked to them and said, "you know, three people can't live here and only " and she finally decided to give me a little bit of money for the rent.
00:07:00>> Judge Judy: All right. fine.
00:07:01Now you want to get to the story about the laptop?
00:07:05>> The whole thing with the laptop was I worked nights and she worked two jobs.
00:07:11She worked at the sub center, and she was babysitting her niece whenever she could.
00:07:14And sometimes she would bring her niece to our apartment and i was sleeping and I am not a morning person, so I gave her my laptop and told her, "you can borrow this while she's here.
00:07:25HERE, HAVE SOME DVDs." I gave her "beauty and the beast" and something else.
00:07:28She's 8 months old.
00:07:29And I'm gonna go back to sleep, and they stayed in the living-room area.
00:07:33I come out, because I hear ana come home, and ana is coming into the living room, and I'm coming out of the bedroom into this situation where cassandra is cooking at the stove, an 8-month-old is sitting on top of my laptop, going like this.
00:07:50There's a coca cola can next to it, coke spilled everywhere, all over my computer, and there's melted cheese on it.
00:07:57And i, of course, was very upset, and she goes, "oh, no, no, no, don't worry about it.
00:08:01I'll pay for it.
00:08:02" and, of course, she never did.
00:08:05>> Judge Judy: On what date was that?
00:08:07This was sometime in jul-- no.
00:08:09End of july, early august.
00:08:10>> Judge Judy: I don't care.
00:08:12[ Sighs ] I actually don't care.
00:08:13And then you stayed together august, september.
00:08:15Everybody stayed together.
00:08:17I don't care.
00:08:17[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:08:22>> Judge Judy: Did somebody invite you to live there for free?
00:08:24>> Yeah.
00:08:24>> Judge Judy: Who?
00:08:25>> Cassandra.
00:08:26>> She's lying.
00:08:26>> Judge Judy: Who's sandra?
00:08:27Raise your right hand.
00:08:28>> I'mcassandra,and she's lying.
00:08:29>> Announcer:..
00:08:31>> Judge Judy: What you don't want is your children ever to hear you say anything bad about their mother.
00:08:37>> No, but it's okay just to walk out on your family after 20 years.
00:08:40>> Judge Judy: Maybe she had good reason.
00:08:47But when you hear what s ..
00:08:49.. how much trouble is the city really in?
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00:10:54>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:10:56Real people.
00:10:57" jessica ferrigno says her former friend and roommate, cassandra pollard-soto, owes for unpaid rent.
00:11:06Cassandra claims jessica kicked her out, so she's not paying.
00:11:11>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:11:12What happened to your security deposit that you put down?
00:11:14You lost it?
00:11:15>> Yeah.
00:11:15>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:11:16So actually she owes you for one half of two months' rent.
00:11:19>> Three months, ma'am.
00:11:20>> Judge Judy: No! two.
00:11:21She put down the security deposit.
00:11:22She put down the first month's rent.
00:11:24You paid nothing.
00:11:25>> Yes, but I paid for the u-haul in exchange -- >> I don't care if you paid for the u-haul.
00:11:29But then it doesn't seem actually quite fair, because this young lady was also living there, and she was invited to come in to share the rent, and she didn't pay anything.
00:11:37>> She wasn't invited to share the rent.
00:11:38She was invited to live there for free, and I told her, "listen, I'm not really comfortable with this," and she gave me $100 one month.
00:11:44That's what happened.
00:11:45>> Judge Judy: Did somebody invite you to live there for free?
00:11:48>> Yeah.
00:11:48>> Judge Judy: Who?
00:11:49>> Cassandra.
00:11:50>> She's lying.
00:11:51>> Judge Judy: Who's sandra?
00:11:52Raise your right hand.
00:11:52>> I'mcassandra,and she's lying.
00:11:55[ Spectators murmur ] >> Judge Judy: She's coming from new york, she lives in florida.
00:11:59>> Yes, ma'am.
00:12:00>> Judge Judy: So that means that the two of you knew each other from florida.
00:12:03>> Yes, ma'am.
00:12:04>> Judge Judy: Right. okay.
00:12:05Half of two months' rent.
00:12:06Judgment for the plaintiff.
00:12:07Thank you very much. that's all.
00:12:09>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:12:10You may step out.
00:12:11>> Once I realized that she lied about having the place fully furnished, "don't worry about," I wouldn't have agreed to sleep on a king-size bed with two other girls otherwise.
00:12:19>> It was uncomfortable.
00:12:20It was a king-size bed, three girls.
00:12:22It's crazy.
00:12:22>> The only ground rules of the house -- please don't bring this one person that makes us feel uncomfortable.
00:12:26She'd bring them over, she'd trash the place, and then we were left to clean it up countless times.
00:12:31>> If it comes down to it, I was cooking, cleaning, and driving 00 in the morning.
00:12:36But whatever.
00:12:37>> She would tell us that she'd pick us up from work and then fall asleep and leave us at work at 4:00 in the morning.
00:12:42>> Countless times I was there just, like, crying, 'cause I had no ride home.
00:12:44>> She didn't cook.
00:12:45I don't know what she's talking about.
00:12:46She doesn't know how to clean.
00:12:47>> She thought it was too difficult to pick us up.
00:12:49>> She's a liar, and she lied about everything.
00:12:51>> Yeah, we were friends, but somebody got this attitude of "i'm too cute for this," as she said multiple times.
00:12:57>> Oh, we are not friends at all.
00:12:59I don't need people like that in my life.
00:13:02>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:13:03>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF GONZALES vs. THURSAM, Step forward, please.
00:13:08>> Announcer: Stephani gonzales is suing her estranged brother-in-law, michael thursam, for an unpaid loan to fix his car.
00:13:15>> Judge Judy: Miss gonzales, is your sister here?
00:13:18>> She is.
00:13:19>> Judge Judy: Would you stand up next to your sister, please?
00:13:21Miss thursam, you are currently married but in the process of divorcing the defendant.
00:13:26>> Correct.
00:13:27>> Judge Judy: When was that action of divorce started?
00:13:30>> I moved out in march of 2012.
00:13:32He filed in september of 2012.
00:13:34>> Judge Judy: But you moved out of the house in march.
00:13:36>> Correct.
00:13:37>> Judge Judy: Now you can sit down until I need you again.
00:13:39It is your claim that your soon-to-be ex-brother-in-law owes you money for a loan that you extended to him.
00:13:45>> Yes.
00:13:46>> Judge Judy: thursam says that you did, in fact, give him $1,200 in order for him to purchase a new car -- the engine blew up on his old one, he needed a new one -- that you did it because you wanted to and there was never an understanding that he would return that money to you.
00:14:01Is that right?
00:14:02>> Yes.
00:14:02>> Judge Judy: When did the engine on your car blow up?
00:14:05Month and year.
00:14:07>> May 2012.
00:14:08>> Judge Judy: So in may of 2012, you and your wife were already separated.
00:14:13>> Yes.
00:14:13>> Judge Judy: And what did you do with the $1,200 that miss gonzales gave you?
00:14:19>> I bought a vehicle.
00:14:20>> Judge Judy: And is the vehicle in your name?
00:14:22>> Yes.
00:14:22>> Judge Judy: Only?
00:14:24>> Yes.
00:14:24>> Judge Judy: So your wife has no interest in it?
00:14:27 we had -- >> Judge Judy: Answer is no.
00:14:29Now I'd like you to tell me the conversation that you had with miss gonzales when you advised her that you were having trouble.
00:14:36>> It was in a text message.
00:14:37I asked her to -- >> Judge Judy: Text.
00:14:39Do you have a copy of that text message?
00:14:40>> Yeah.
00:14:41>> Judge Judy: I'd like to take a look at it.
00:14:51 it -- >> Judge Judy: Shh!
00:14:54Well, you handed me the text message.
00:14:57It says, "hate to ask.
00:14:59You probably don't have it.
00:15:01And you don't have to tell cole, but do you have some money I can " I -- >> Judge Judy: Shh!
00:15:07I'm reading. I'm reading.
00:15:08>> Okay.
00:15:09>> Judge Judy:..Borrow to get my intrepid fixed.
00:15:13It needs an engine.
00:15:14If you don't have it, it's cool, but I need $1,500 to get it fixed.
00:15:18I can pay you back $150 a week for 10 weeks, or you might " okay.
00:15:25>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:15:28>> Judge Judy: Her sister walked out on you in march.
00:15:31>> She didn't walk out, ma'am.
00:15:32She was cheating on me -- with four different guys.
00:15:34>> Judge Judy: She left you.
00:15:36>> Yep.
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00:17:54>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:17:56Real people.
00:17:57" stephani gonzales says her estranged brother-in-law, michael thursam, owes for a loan to fix his car.
00:18:05Michael claims the loan was forgiven until he separated from stephani's sister.
00:18:11>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:18:12So now you asked to borrow some money from her.
00:18:14>> Yes.
00:18:15When I got the money, I wasn't home.
00:18:17I told her to leave the money there.
00:18:19She said that she left the money in a stack of papers on my desk.
00:18:22In the envelope where the money was, there was a note that said, call me just so I know that i got the money.
00:18:27So I called her, and that's when she told me, don't worry about paying her back, that she had got a multi-million-dollar settlement from an accident that she was in.
00:18:36>> Judge Judy: That you don't have in writing, do you?
00:18:38>> No, I do not.
00:18:40I can't get any of her legal information, so I won't be able to obtain that.
00:18:45>> Judge Judy: Who cares about legal information?
00:18:47You asked to borrow some money.
00:18:48She lent you some money.
00:18:49Now she wants it back.
00:18:50>> No, she said -- >> Judge Judy: What dif-- yeah, she does.
00:18:53That's why she's here.
00:18:53 she said that -- during her recovery in 2009, me and my wife helped her.
00:18:57I drove to the hospital two, three times a day.
00:18:59>> Judge Judy: Who cares?
00:19:00Now what you're doing, thursam, is you're making excuses -- excuses that I hear all the time from people who borrow money, which is ..
00:19:11"Can I borrow some money?
00:19:13" ...from people who borrow money and then don't want to pay it back.
00:19:18These are some of the excuses.
00:19:20You actually covered the entire menu.
00:19:23I'm speaking.
00:19:24"'A,' she has a multi-million-dollar settlement.
00:19:27" that's one.
00:19:29"Well, if that doesn't work, i was so good to her when she was in the hospital.
00:19:33I took her to the doctor.
00:19:35I took her back and forth here.
00:19:36I took her grocery shopping.
00:19:38And therefore how dare she ask me for this money back that i " >> she told me that I could have it, and she also told me that i was like a brother to her.
00:19:48I was with her sister for 20 years.
00:19:49I've know her since she was 8 years old.
00:19:51And she said, "you're like a " >> Judge Judy: Then what, thursam, do you think that she's doing here today?
00:19:57>> I have no clue.
00:19:59>> Judge Judy: No, I would like you to tell me.
00:20:01>> I have no clue.
00:00:01In order to get your car, you had to give him a check.
00:00:04You want that additional money back.
00:00:06>> Yes.
00:00:07>> Judge Judy: And the defendant says that you authorized those repairs.
00:00:10In addition, it is your claim that some of the parts, because you demanded the parts, and the parts weren't even for your car.
00:00:18>> Some of them were.
00:00:19Some were not.
00:00:20>> Judge Judy: When did you bring your car in to the defendant?
00:00:23>> DECEMBER 16th.
00:00:23>> Judge Judy: Had you ever used his shop before?
00:00:25>> No, I hadn't.
00:00:26>> Judge Judy: Was he recommended?
00:00:27>> No, I didn't know a lot of people in town.
00:00:29I'm just in college there.
00:00:30>> Judge Judy: You found him in the yellow pages?
00:00:33>> Not him directly.
00:00:34>> Judge Judy: But a company.
00:00:35>> I connected to his shop by dialing a number for a different business.
00:00:38>> We own that -- >> Judge Judy: Shh, shh.
00:00:41>> Okay.
00:00:42>> Judge Judy: Explain that to me.
00:00:44>> I called a place called transworld, but instead I was connected to josh at atlas.
00:00:48So I thought I was calling one business, but connected to his business instead.
00:00:52>> Judge Judy: Expin that to me.
00:00:54>> Atlas transmission is part of our corporation.
00:00:57It's one of our businesses.
00:00:58We have several different shops.
00:01:01And transworld was shut down.
00:01:03The number for it is our main shop on hornberger lane.
00:01:06>> Judge Judy: Shut down why?
00:01:07>> It wasn't doing that much business.
00:01:09So we closed it down.
00:01:11>> Judge Judy: How many different names do you have that you operate under?
00:01:14>> Transworld and atlas transmission.
00:01:17>> Judge Judy: Well, transworld has how many shops?
00:01:19>> It only had one.
00:01:20>> Judge Judy: So it doesn't exist anymore?
00:01:22>> No.
00:01:23>> Judge Judy: And atlas?
00:01:24>> Yes, it does exist.
00:01:25>> Judge Judy: How many locations?
00:01:27>> We only have one location.
00:01:28>> Judge Judy: Well, then describe this multifaceted corporation that you have.
00:01:33>> It's set up as a corporation.
00:01:34>> Judge Judy: What's set up as a corporation?
00:01:36>> The business is set up as a corporation.
00:01:38>> Judge Judy: We'll get back to you in a minute.
00:01:40Okay, so you brought it in DECEMBER 16th.
00:01:43You spoke to whom?
00:01:45>> I spoke to josh.
00:01:46>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:01:47Did he give you an estimate of the work that needed to be done?
00:01:50>> They drove the vehicle, came back, and spoke to me a few minutes later.
00:01:53>> Judge Judy: Who spoke to you?
00:01:55>> Josh did, after he spoke with joe, the owner.
00:01:57>> Judge Judy: You don't own it?
00:01:59>> No, I do not.
00:02:00>> Judge Judy: Well, what is your relationship to atlas?
00:02:03>> Judge Judy: A what?
00:02:05>> General manager.
00:02:06>> Judge Judy: Are you on salary?
00:02:07>> Yes.
00:02:07>> Judge Judy: Are you on salary and commission?
00:02:09>> Yes.
00:02:10>> Judge Judy: What's your salary?
00:02:11>> Salary is -- >> Judge Judy: Don't look over there.
00:02:14Look over here.
00:02:14>> Okay.
00:02:15Salary is $500 against 7%.
00:02:16>> Judge Judy: 7% Of whatever you bring in on a weekly or biweekly basis, is that correct?
00:02:20>> Weekly. weekly, yes.
00:02:21>> Judge Judy: So, t more business you do, the more money you bring in, the more money you earn.
00:02:25>> Yes.
00:02:25>> Judge Judy: So, chisenhall spoke to whoever the owner is and gave you a price?
00:02:31>> $886.02, Plus tax.
00:02:33>> Judge Judy: Did you get a quote for that?
00:02:34>> Yes, here's the estimate that they gave me and that I signed.
00:02:37>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it.
00:02:50Would you show this to the defendant, please?
00:02:56Recognize that?
00:02:57>> Yes.
00:02:57>> Judge Judy: Who wrote it?
00:02:59>> I did.
00:02:59>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:03:00So that's what the estimate was.
00:03:02>> Without hard parts.
00:03:03>> Judge Judy: That was the estimate.
00:03:05>> Yes.
00:03:05>> Judge Judy: So when you left there, it was $886, plus tax.
00:03:08>> Yes, he did explain to me that to properly diagnose a transmission, you have to take it out and inspect it internally.
00:03:14He also told me if I kept driving it, I would cause further damage and I might end up stranded on the side of the road.
00:03:20He told me if it was any more, he would call and let me know, and I would have to give my okay before that repair could be done.
00:03:26So I was informed of that and notified I would have to give my okay.
00:03:29>> Judge Judy: That was on the 16th?
00:03:31>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:31>> Judge Judy: And you left the car there?
00:03:33>> Yes.
00:03:33>> Judge Judy: When did you hear from the defendant again?
00:03:36>> DECEMBER 21st.
00:03:37He called and told me that the estimate was not right.
00:03:40There was more damage.
00:03:41At that time, he told me it was $2,700 to rebuild the transmission.
00:03:45I told him I couldn't afford that, that he needed to put my parts in a box, place them in my truck, that I was probably going to buy a car instead.
00:03:53>> Judge Judy: Tell me your version of the conversation of the 21st of december.
00:03:57>> ON THE 21st, I CALLED HER.
00:03:59I told her that it had a lot of damage inside of it.
00:04:01It was gonna cost $2,503, plus tax.
00:04:04I talked to her.
00:04:05I talked to her grandfather.
00:04:06And they authorized over the phone by the last four of her social security number in order for me to fix it.
00:04:12>> He wrongly got that social.
00:04:14>> No, you gave that to me to fix it.
00:04:15>> Judge Judy: How did he do that, miss strawn?
00:04:17>> In the same breath of air that I told him not to fix the repair, he did get my social.
00:04:21>> Judge Judy: How did he do that?
00:04:22>> He made me believe that it was to confirm he was speaking with me, the owner.
00:04:25He didn't explain why he needed it -- >> but -- >> Jud Judy: Quiet!
00:04:28..Or that it was to verify that amount.
00:04:30Because he's not a dumb person.
00:04:31He knows -- >> Judge Judy: No, he's playing dumb.
00:04:33>> Yeah.
00:04:34>> Judge Judy: Would you please tell me what he said to you, that he had to verify that he was speaking to the -- >> he didn't say anything except, "i need the four of your " >> Judge Judy: Did he say that at the beginning of the conversation?
00:04:44>> He was on the phone with my grandfather, and then my grandfather handed me the phone and said, "he needs your social," and josh said, "i need " I gave it to him, and I said, " the same sentence.
00:04:54>> Judge Judy: When was the next time you saw him?
00:04:56>> When I went to get the vehicle.
00:04:58That was the next time I saw him.
00:05:00>> Judge Judy: And when was that?
00:05:02>> THAT WAS DECEMBER 28th.
00:05:03I discovered that it had been repaired.
00:05:05>> Judge Judy: Well, tell me about that.
00:05:07What happened between the 21st AND THE 28th?
00:05:10>> The following day, after the 21st, WHICH WAS THE 22nd, I Called to tell him I purchased a car.
00:05:15Let me know how -- >> Judge Judy: 22Nd?
00:05:17>> I PURCHASED IT THE 21st, After business hours.
00:05:19So I called him the next morning, very early, to let him know that I had got a car, and not -- certainly not to fix the vehicle.
00:05:27That's when he hesitated and told me it had been repaired and I could not get it back until i paid that amount of the very large bill.
00:05:34>> Judge Judy: Which you paid.
00:05:35>> I ended up paying $2,641.27.
00:05:39He took $100 off because my gps was stolen from the vehicle during business hours.
00:05:44>> Judge Judy: Was that gps stolen while in your custody?
00:05:47>> Yes, it came up missing. yes.
00:05:48>> Judge Judy: Unless you took it.
00:05:49>> I did not take it.
00:05:50>> Judge Judy: Well, then it was stolen.
00:05:52>> Yes, it was stolen.
00:05:52>> Judge Judy: So, the answer " >> yes, but we do have signs saying we're not responsible for lost, theft, or damage.
00:05:59>> During business hours.
00:06:00>> Judge Judy: Shh, shh, shh.
00:06:01>> And like I said, we did take $100 off the repair bill in order to try to help her out with the gps.
00:06:07>> Judge Judy: Now, it is my understanding from reading your papers that you had an expert look at the parts that were in the car.
00:06:13>> Yeah, I demanded to have the parts back, and I took them to my trusted hometown mechanic to have him look at this.
00:06:19>> Judge Judy: That would be this gentleman.
00:06:21>> Yes, ma'am.
00:06:21>> Judge Judy: Step up, please.
00:06:23>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:06:26>> Judge Judy: You scammed her!
00:06:28It's a routine that you've fine-tuned.
00:06:30Maybe you learned it from your [bleep] maybe you're just good and you learned it on your own.
00:06:34I don't know which one.
00:06:35But I know exactly what you did.
00:06:37>> Announcer:..
00:06:38>> Judge Judy: The phone was ringing, so you bent down to pick up the phone.
00:06:42>> Yes.
00:06:43>> Judge Judy: And?
00:06:44>> And I hit a tree.
00:06:45>> Judge Judy: So the car rolled, and you hit a tree.
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00:09:36>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:09:38Real people.
00:09:39" 23-year-old whitney strawn is suing transmission mechanic joshua chisenhall for making unauthorized repairs to her s.u.v.
00:09:48>> Judge Judy: Tell me your name.
00:09:51>> Glenn atkins.
00:09:52>> Judge Judy: atkins, how long have you been an auto mechanic?
00:09:55>> Since 1985.
00:09:55>> Judge Judy: What kind of work do you do on cars?
00:09:58>> Now I do transmission work.
00:09:59>> Judge Judy: For how long?
00:10:00>> Since '99.
00:10:01>> Judge Judy: Did there come a time when the plaintiff brought to you a box of parts?
00:10:06>> Yes, ma'am.
00:10:07>> Judge Judy: Did you examine those parts?
00:10:09>> Yes, ma'am.
00:10:10>> Judge Judy: What kind of car did the defendant have at the time?
00:10:13>> She had a dodge s.u.v.
00:10:15>> Judge Judy: What year?
00:10:16>> 2000, I believe.
00:10:17>> Judge Judy: And that's the car that you allegedly repaired?
00:10:20>> The durango, yes.
00:10:21>> Judge Judy: And you examined the parts that she had in the box?
00:10:25>> Yes, ma'am.
00:10:26>> Judge Judy: Do you remember what parts you examined, sir?
00:10:28>> I looked at some clutches, a drum, a pump, a torque converter, and some gaskets.
00:10:33>> Judge Judy: And those were the parts allegedly taken from her car that you replaced?
00:10:37>> Yes, those were some of the parts, yes.
00:10:40>> Judge Judy: Were all of those parts capable of being used in her car?
00:10:44>> No, ma'am.
00:10:46>> All the parts that we gave her came out of her vehicle.
00:10:48>> Judge Judy: No.
00:10:49I think you played sli with her, sir, and I think that your [bleep] ought to put you on a straight salary so you don't have this problem again.
00:10:56Do you understand what I'm saying to you?
00:10:58>> Yes, I do.
00:10:59>> Judge Judy: Because I've been around a long time.
00:11:02Unfortunately, I've had transmission trouble in old cars that I owned years ago and been faced with a situation of you bring a car in, it's gonna cost you $300, and all of a sudden, to get your car out, it costs you $1,200.
00:11:13 atkins says not only were they not for that car, my question was, were they capable of being used in that car?
00:11:22>> No, ma'am.
00:11:23>> Judge Judy: Which means that somebody -- you or somebody else just threw some parts in the car " >> Judge Judy: When her car left, it worked beautiful, and when we called her, her car still works.
00:11:34>> Judge Judy: It doesn't make any difference!
00:11:36You scammed her!
00:11:37>> I did not scam her.
00:11:38>> Judge Judy: You scammed her, and your business scammed her!
00:11:41I don't know if it's the only person that you've scammed, but you seem to do it so easily, sir, you seemed to get that social security number so easily that it's a routine.
00:11:52It's a routine that you've fine-tuned, and you didn't fine-tune it on her.
00:11:56You fine-tuned it over a long period of time.
00:11:59Maybe you learned it from your [bleep] maybe you're just good and you learned it on your own.
00:12:05I don't know which one.
00:12:07But I know exactly what u did.
00:12:09>> She signed a repair bill -- >> Judge Judy: Exactly what you did.
00:12:14You gave her one quote, which was a lowball quote, and once you had the car and you called her and said, "it's gonna cost you more," she said, "don't do it," you said, "sorry, done anyway," and maybe you put a couple of hours into fixing her car.
00:12:29She said, "i want all the " " so you or somebody else threw some old parts in the car.
00:12:36Outrageous, sir.
00:12:37>> She signed a repair bill.
00:12:38For the full amount.
00:12:39>> Judge Judy: She gave you a check for the full amount, sir, because -- because you wouldn't give her her car.
00:12:45Are you telling me that she didn't say to you, "don't fix the car"?
00:12:48>> She never told me not to fix it until after it was installed in the vehicle.
00:12:52>> Judge Judy: That's not my question.
00:12:54You installed it at a time when she had a piece of paper indicating it was gonna cost her 800 bucks to fix the car, and then allegedly -- which I don't believe -- you fixed it for more, and then you called her.
00:13:06Why didn't you call her before you fixed it?
00:13:08>> We called her before we fixed it.
00:13:10>> Judge Judy: No, you just said to me, she authorized it, and it was done.
00:13:14>> When she authorized it, we repaired it, and when she came in to try to stop it, it was done.
00:13:19>> Judge Judy: No. listen to me.
00:13:21That's not what happened.
00:13:23She spoke to you on the 21st when you told her what the bill was gonna be, and she said, " why else would you think she would go out the same day and buy another car?
00:13:33>> She never talked to me until THE 28th.
00:13:35>> Judge Judy: I don't believe you.
00:13:37She says she spoke to you, and you were the one who said to her " because that's your scam.
00:13:43And you're outrageous, and your company is outrageous.
00:13:47Judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of $1,671.14.
00:13:52And if I could add the $800 for the car, I would.
00:13:55But you didn't sue for it.
00:13:56Because that's punitive damages that he deserves.
00:13:59That's all. step out.
00:14:00>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:14:02You may step out.
00:14:02>> You know, they've had 28 complaints with the bbb.
00:14:05>> Every business is gonna have a complaint with the better business bureau.
00:14:08>> In 36 months, have been sued dozens of times.
00:14:09>> I'm not answering that question.
00:14:11>> And it happens all the time, and the government just hasn't shut them down.
00:14:14They simply close down and relocate and rename, and they're getting away with it.
00:14:17>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:14:19>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF HARTMAN vs. ARREOLA, Step forward, please.
00:14:23>> Announcer: Melissa hartman is suing her former friend, christina arreola, for car damages and increased insurance premiums as the result of an accident.
00:14:33>> Judge Judy: Miss arreola, this was a friend of yours?
00:14:35>> Yes.
00:14:35>> Judge Judy: You borrowed her car?
00:14:37>> Yes, ma'am.
00:14:38>> Judge Judy: How long have you been friends?
00:14:40>> About a year and a half.
00:14:41>> Judge Judy: Where were you going that you wanted to borrow her car?
00:14:44>> I was going to apply for a job.
00:14:45>> Judge Judy: And you had an accident.
00:14:47>> Yes.
00:14:47>> Judge Judy: Was the accident your fault?
00:14:49>> Yes.
00:14:50>> Judge Judy: And there was damage to the car.
00:14:52So just tell me briefly about the accident.
00:14:54>> I was reaching down to pick up my purse, and -- >> Judge Judy: For a phone.
00:14:58>> Well, my phone was inside my purse.
00:15:00>> Judge Judy: So, the phone was ringing,o you bent down to pick up the phone.
00:15:04>> Yes.
00:15:04>> Judge Judy: And?
00:15:05>> And I hit a tree.
00:15:06>> Judge Judy: Okay, so the car rolled, and you hit a tree.
00:15:10So the accident was your fault.
00:15:11>> Yes.
00:15:12>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:15:14>> She made the agreement that she was gonna pay my insurance company back so my insurance wouldn't go up.
00:15:19>> Judge Judy: When did she make that agreement?
00:15:21>> Originally when she said she couldn't pay to fix my car.
00:15:24>> Judge Judy: That's not what you wrote in your complaint.
00:15:27>> Announcer: Closed captioning anything ♪
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00:18:14>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:18:16Real people.
00:18:17" melissa hartman says former friend christina arreola borrowed her car and wrecked it.
00:18:24She is suing for the damage caused and increased insurance premiums.
00:18:29Christina is countersuing for harassment.
00:18:32>> Judge Judy: Now, you called her immediately?
00:18:34>> Yes.
00:18:35>> No. she had her mom call me.
00:18:37>> Judge Judy: Okay, and her mother said, "i just got a call from my daughter.
00:18:40" >> yes.
00:18:41>> Judge Judy: Well, that's reasonable.
00:18:43>> Okay.
00:18:43>> Judge Judy: Brought the car home?
00:18:45>> Yes, it was still able to drive.
00:18:46>> Judge Judy: Drivable.
00:18:47So you drove to miss hartman's home?
00:18:49>> Well, she was at my house.
00:18:50>> Judge Judy: So you drove to your house, showed her the car.
00:18:53You had the car fixed?
00:18:55>> Yes, I did.
00:18:56>> Judge Judy: And there came a point when miss arreola gave you some money.
00:19:01>> Yes, she was -- >> Judge Judy: When was that?
00:19:03>> It was about a month later when my insurance came in.
00:19:06>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:19:06And you had a deductible.
00:19:08>> Yes.
00:19:08>> Judge Judy: How much?
00:19:09>> $250.
00:19:10>> Judge Judy: And you rented a car?
00:19:11>> Yes, my insurance paid for the car, also.
00:19:14>> But I originally paid for it.
00:19:15>> Yes, she rented me a car for a couple days when it got -- >> Judge Judy: How much did you pay to rent her a car for a couple of days?
00:19:22>> It was approximately $160.
00:19:23>> Judge Judy: How much money did miss arreola pay you in total?
00:19:27>> $175.
00:19:27>> Along with the $250 deductible and the rental car.
00:19:31>> Judge Judy: $250. What else?
00:19:33>> $175.
00:19:34>> Judge Judy: $175, Which was for what?
00:19:36>> That was the amount that she said that her mother's insurance went up by, her premium was to go up that amount.
00:19:43>> Judge Judy: Okay, and the $160 for the car?
00:19:45>> For the rental car.
00:19:46>> Judge Judy: And when did she give you that money?
00:19:48>> My insurance was back in november, so she gave me that in november.
00:19:51>> Judge Judy: Well, she paid for the rental car, which was $160.
00:19:54That must have been in august.
00:19:55>> Yes, that was the agreement she made with me, though, while my truck was getting fixed.
00:19:58>> Judge Judy: That was the agreement she made with you.
00:20:00>> Yes.
00:20:01>> Judge Judy: And she lived up to that agreement?
00:20:03>> Yes.
00:20:03>> Judge Judy: So she gave you a total of $535.
00:20:06That was your agreement?
00:20:07>> No, the agreement was that she was gonna pay to get my truck fixed.
00:20:11She didn't have the money, so i turned it in to my insurance.
00:20:15She made the agreement that she was gonna pay my insurance company back so my insurance wouldn't go up.
00:20:19>> Judge Judy: When did she make that agreement?
00:20:21>> Originally when she said she couldn't pay to fix my car.
00:20:23>> Judge Judy: That's not what you wrote in your complaint.
00:20:26>> When I spoke to the insurance company and her mother -- >> Judge Judy: You can't tell me what anybody else said to you.
00:20:33That's hearsay.
00:20:34>> Got it.
00:20:35Whatisaid then was that i would take care of anything that they were out financially, so that meant the deductible, the car rental, any money that they were out, and I feel like I kept my end of the deal.
00:20:48>> Judge Judy: You did.
00:20:49I agree with you.
00:20:50>> My insurance went up for the next five years.
00:20:52>> Judge Judy: Well, first of all, miss hartman, that's part of the problem that you have when you lend somebody your car.
00:20:58>> Yes, ma'am.
00:20:59I found that out the hard way.
00:21:01>> Judge Judy: And I don't believe that she made an agreement to pay your insurance, whatever the increase was, ad infinitum, and it may be, you say here three years.
00:21:12Now you say five years.
00:21:14You made an agreement with her, which she abided by.
00:21:17This incident happened back in august.
00:21:20She paid you the $250 immediately, which was the deductible.
00:21:25She rented a car for you for $160.
00:21:28She paid one month of the increase in your insurance, because she said she would do that.
00:21:34She had an accident, she acknowledged it was her fault, and you received $535 from her.
00:21:39She's not responsible for the increase of your mother's insurance over the next five years or six years or seven years.
00:21:46She's not.
00:21:47That's what insurance is for.
00:21:49And if you don't want to risk having your insurance increase, if you're a safer driver than someone else is, don't lend them your car.
00:21:57That's what you have to do.
00:21:58Not lend them your car.
00:22:00But she had an accident.
00:22:01It was her fault.
00:22:02She paid for what she could.
00:22:04>> Yes, ma'am.
00:22:04>> Judge Judy: What you agreed to.
00:22:06>> She agreed when she got her taxes back that she would pay back to my insurance, because i can't afford the extra $200 that my insurance went up, or the
00:00:00Somebody else's dog's business?
00:00:04>> Judge Judy: How many times has your dog bitten people?
00:00:07>> Once -- hers.
00:00:07>> Judge Judy: No.
00:00:08That's not true.
00:00:09>> Well, actually two.
00:00:10>> Announcer:" you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin.
00:00:19The people are real.
00:00:21The cases are real.
00:00:23The rulings are final.
00:00:23Captions paid for bycbs television distribution maureen schwarzman is suing nubia canizalez for the cost of plastic surgery after nubia's german shepherd bit her.
00:00:36>> Byrd: Order! all rise!
00:00:45This is case number 524 on the calendar in the matter of SCHWARZMAN vs. CANIZALEZ.
00:00:49>> Judge Judy: Thank you.
00:00:50>> Byrd: You're welcome.
00:00:51Parties have been sworn in.
00:00:51You may be seated.
00:00:52>> Judge Judy: This is an incident that happened almost two years ago, and this is what I understand, miss schwarzman.
00:00:58You were driving your car, and you saw a stray dog, a german shepherd.
00:01:02>> Yes.
00:01:02>> Judge Judy: You were concerned about the dog, so you followed it for awhile, and then you stopped your car and got out of the car.
00:01:08Tell me why you stopped the car and got out of the car.
00:01:12>> Well, I lost my own dog a year prior to this, so when i saw the dog in the street, i wanted to try and prevent it getting injured or hurt, so i followed the dog into the alleyway behind the house where it had crossed the street, and i figured I'd get out of the car and see if I could see a tag or a collar on the dog.
00:01:30So, as I approached the dog, it had just crossed over the property line and was kind of crouched down a little bit.
00:01:36>> Judge Judy: Crossed over the property line?
00:01:38>> In the alleyway.
00:01:39So, it was in the alleyway -- >> Judge Judy: Was it on someone's property?
00:01:43>> It did go onto the person's property, but I was still in the alleyway, so as I walked down the alleyway, and when I saw the dog, I just kind of raised to go onto my tippy-toes to see if i could see the collar, and at that point, the dog lunged at me in the alleyway.
00:01:57And I put my arm up to protect my face, and that's when the dog bit my arm.
00:02:02And I have the pictures.
00:02:03>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see the pictures.
00:02:04>> Okay.
00:02:08And then the pictures below show the pictures of the street and then the alleyway, you can see.
00:02:18It's pretty graphic.
00:02:21>> Judge Judy: So, when you said you went into the alleyway, this door was open?
00:02:25>> Yeah, the gate to the left, actually, the white gate to the left of that one is actually her gate, and that was wide open.
00:02:31>> Judge Judy: That was open?
00:02:32>> Yeah, that was wide open.
00:02:33>> Judge Judy: Okay, so, you went in to see if you could see the -- >> yeah, I was just walking down the alleyway, and that's when i saw it.
00:02:38>> Judge Judy: I got it.
00:02:39I got it.
00:02:39>> Yeah.
00:02:39>> Judge Judy: I got it.
00:02:43You were severely injured.
00:02:45You have a scar?
00:02:46>> Yes.
00:02:46>> Judge Judy: You would like to have that scar removed?
00:02:48Was it removed?
00:02:49>> Well, I haven't been able to afford to have any more plastic surgery done.
00:02:53I had to get the initial plastic surgery done just to close the wound.
00:02:57>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:02:58Now, as it turns out, miss canizalez is the owner of this dog, right?
00:03:01>> Yes. yes, ma'am.
00:03:02>> Judge Judy: And the gate that the dog went behind, the open canizalez's home, right?
00:03:08>> That's right.
00:03:09>> Judge Judy: And when reading your defense -- you seem to suggest in your defense that once the dog went on your property, she should've minded her own business and left.
00:03:19>> That's right.
00:03:20That's what I feel.
00:03:21>> Judge Judy: What are you, out of your mind?
00:03:23How does she know it's your property?
00:03:25She sees a dog running around -- didn't necessarily have to be your home.
00:03:28>> But the dog knows that's his property.
00:03:30>> Judge Judy: The dog knows?
00:03:30And how was she supposed to figure that out?
00:03:32>> Well, he's at his own territory.
00:03:34>> Judge Judy: How isshe supposed to figure that out?
00:03:37>> What is she doing minding somebody else's dog's business?
00:03:40>> Judge Judy: [ Chuckles ] how many times has your dog bitten people?
00:03:46How many times has your dog bitten people?
00:03:49>> Once -- hers.
00:03:51>> Judge Judy: No.
00:03:52That's not true.
00:03:53How many times has your dog bitten people?
00:03:55>> That I know of.
00:03:57[ Spectators murmur ] well, actually two.
00:03:59[ Laughter ] >> Judge Judy: That would be better.
00:04:02Now, what was your dog doing out?
00:04:04>> He was going out because the gate was open, and -- >> Judge Judy: Who let him out?
00:04:11Who let him out?
00:04:12>> I don't know.
00:04:13Well, he went out on his own.
00:04:14>> Judge Judy: What do you mean he went out on his own?
00:04:16You mean he opened up the door to your house?
00:04:18>> No, of course not.
00:04:19>> Judge Judy: Well, who let him out?
00:04:21>> Well -- >> Judge Judy: Or do you just let him go all the time, alone?
00:04:24>> No, the gate was supposed to close when we left 'cause it's automatically closed.
00:04:29And for whatever reason, that gate, at that particular time, we were having problems with it.
00:04:35And so it closed, we left, and it opened.
00:04:40>> Judge Judy: This isn't the first time your dog has been outside?
00:04:45>> No, of course not.
00:04:46>> Judge Judy: Off your property, unattended.
00:04:49>> Right.
00:04:49>> She let me know when I let her know about the dog bite the day after the incident that they've had a problem.
00:04:55Someone in the neighborhood, their clicker was programmed to the same code as her gate, so when they would come home to pull into their garage, it would open her gate, letting her dog out.
00:05:05>> Judge Judy: Then what she has to do is keep her dog in the house.
00:05:08>> Or change the code on the clicker.
00:05:09>> Judge Judy: Or change the code -- do something!
00:05:11>> Yeah.
00:05:11>> Judge Judy: You got to do something.
00:05:13Why didn't you report this to your homeowners insurance?
00:05:15You live in a home.
00:05:16>> Because we don't own the house.
00:05:18We rent the house.
00:05:19>> Judge Judy: And you have no renters insurance?
00:05:21>> And then the owner made us sign an agreement that any accidents involving the dog, we would have to deal with it.
00:05:27>> Judge Judy: Well, now you're having to deal with it.
00:05:29So, you have to take care of her plastic surgery.
00:05:31>> I don't think I should because -- >> Judge Judy: Well, I don't care what you think.
00:05:34I'm telling you that you have to.
00:05:35>> I don't think I feel responsible for something that she did to herself.
00:05:38[ Laughter ] >> Judge Judy: Listen to me -- you see?
00:05:41I don't instruct these people what to -- you sound foolish.
00:05:44>> Well, I don't care.
00:05:45I'm just defending what I think because why is she doing trespassing, ma'am?
00:05:50>> Judge Judy: Listen to me -- I want you to follow this.
00:05:52There are some people who feel about animals the same way as people feel about children.
00:06:00So, if somebody saw a 4-year-old child or 3-year-old child crossing the street with no other adult around, according to you, they should mind their own business and just keep going.
00:06:13>> Yes.
00:06:14[ Laughter ] if it's a dog, yes.
00:06:17Because this is -- >> Judge Judy: No, we're not talking about a dog.
00:06:20>> This is a german shepherd.
00:06:21This is not a chihuahua.
00:06:22>> Judge Judy: Listen to me.
00:06:23[ Laughter ] Shh! Shhh!
00:06:26We're not talking about a dog.
00:06:28>> She knows it was a german shepherd.
00:06:31>> I'm sor-- >> Judge Judy: Please, do me a favor.
00:06:34I can't -- not gonna get anywhere.
00:06:35Thick like this table.
00:06:37Can I please have the bill for the plastic surgeon?
00:06:40>> Yes.
00:06:50>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:06:50Let me tell you something, miss canizalez.
00:06:52I don't necessarily think you're an evil person.
00:06:55I just think you are misinformed and misguided.
00:06:58You have a responsibility if you have a dog to keep that dog on your property or under your control at all times.
00:07:05That's what the law requ.
00:07:06You allowed your dog, on more than one occasion, to be off of your property.
00:07:10It's not your neighbor's fault that the clicker opens your gate.
00:07:14It's your fault that you have a dog that's out.
00:07:16That's your responsibility, and your landlord was smart enough to say, "you're gonna sign a piece of paper that says if anything happens with this german shepherd, you're personally responsible," which a smart person would've said to themselves, "i better get some insurance," because your dog has bitten now twice that you know of.
00:07:36You don't know how many times it bit somebody when it got out of the gate that youdon'tknow about.
00:07:41And what she did was the right thing.
00:07:44And what you did was the wrong thing because you didn't keep your dog under your control, and that's gonna cost you $5,000.
00:07:53That's all.
00:07:53Step out.
00:07:55>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:07:57>> Unfortunately, I have somewhat of a fear of dogs now, and I've never really had that before.
00:08:01And, so, now if a big dog approaches me, I'm a little bit apprehensive where I haven't been before.
00:08:05>> He was coming home, and he was at home already.
00:08:07>> I went to her house the following day and let her know her dog had attacked me.
00:08:11>>Shewas followinghim.
00:08:12>> She had seen the blood on her doorstep and thought there was some voodoo going on at her h-- I don't know exactly what was going on.
00:08:19>> That's why she got bitten, because she trespassed on our property.
00:08:21>> She was aware that the dog had bitten someone else.
00:08:24>> Well, I'm glad it's done.
00:08:26>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:08:27>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF TACA vs. DELANEY, STEP Forward.
00:08:32>> Announcer: Lisa taca is suing her former friend daniel delaney for stealing her minivan and a valuable coin collection.
00:08:40>> Judge Judy: Miss taca, delaney is somebody that you've known for a long time.
00:08:44You considered him a friend.
00:08:46Your complaint alleges several things -- first, that you agreed to sell him a car for $750.
00:08:54Is that right?
00:08:55>> Yes, ma'am.
00:08:56>> Judge Judy: And you gave her a deposit for that car?
00:08:59>> Correct.
00:08:59>> Judge Judy: I'm looking at your complaint.
00:09:02 delaney give you any money towards the car?
00:09:07>> No, and we had just talked, so there was no final deal with the selling of the car.
00:09:12I received no money.
00:09:13>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:09:14"I offered it to him for $500 and $250 to follow when he was on his feet.
00:09:21I already had another vehicle i was using and the dodge was just sitting in my driveway, so I was fine giving it to him at such a bargain, and, of course, he " now, he says that he gave you $260 as the first payment.
00:09:39Do you have any proof of that, mr. delaney?
00:09:41>> Unfortunately, I do have proof, but it's only showing as an atm withdraw for cash from the bank.
00:09:46>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:09:47Did he give you $260 in cash?
00:09:51>> No, I never received a penny -- nothing.
00:09:55>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:09:58>> I woke up the following morning and found a note along with a can of oysters and crackers.
00:10:03>> Judge Judy: Listen -- I don't care about a can of oysters.
00:10:05I don't care about anything else.
00:10:06 delaney was in my basement, crashed.
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00:11:55>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:11:56Real people.
00:11:57" lisa taca says former friend daniel delaney stole her minivan and coin collection.
00:12:04>> Judge Judy: Now, at some delaney did a very foolish thing.
00:12:09>> Yes, ma'am.
00:12:09>> Judge Judy: He let himself into your house to sort of crash and sleep overnight.
00:12:13You have your own house, mr. delaney, is that right?
00:12:16>> Yes, your honor.
00:12:17>> Judge Judy: And when you left, you took the dodge caravan with you?
00:12:21>> Correct, your honor.
00:12:22>> Judge Judy: On what date was that?
00:12:23>> That was on tuesday, right before thanksgiving.
00:12:27>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:12:28Miss taca, you say that when you woke up in the morning, you delaney indicating that he slept over at the house, and you looked outside, and the caravan was gone, and you went to his house with the police -- >> no, I woke up the following morning and found a note along with a can of oysters and crackers.
00:12:48>> Judge Judy: Listen -- I don't care about a can of oysters.
00:12:50I don't care about anything else.
00:12:51>> No, but the minivan was still at my home.
00:12:53>> Judge Judy: Okay, so, the minivan was home.
00:12:55>> Yes.
00:12:56>> Judge Judy:..?
00:12:57 delaney was in my basement, crashed, and I was trying to wake him up, and he wouldn't wake up.
00:13:03At that time, I had to take my fiancé to work.
00:13:06>> Judge Judy: Okay, that's right.
00:13:07You took your fiancé to work.
00:13:09When you came home, he was gone, and the minivan was gone.
00:13:12>> And along with the title.
00:13:13>> You took the title.
00:13:14Where was the title?
00:13:15In the minivan?
00:13:16>> In my files.
00:13:16>> Judge Judy: In your files.
00:13:18And it is your claim that he also took some coins?
00:13:21>> Yes.
00:13:22>> Judge Judy: And where were the coins?
00:13:23>> My father passed away some years ago, so all his belongings are in my basement where the guest bedroom is, and when delaney would come over and stay at the house, that's where he would stay -- in the guest room.
00:13:34>> Judge Judy: All right.
00:13:35When was the last time that you had seen these coins?
00:13:38>> A couple months prior when i was moving things around.
00:13:42How it came about that he had taken the coins was my fiancé's son had a birthday party, and delaney was giving coins away, and they turned out to be some of the missing coins.
00:13:52>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:13:53Are you saying that before this MINIVAN INCIDENT ON THE 21st, Your fiancé had a birthday party delaney was giving away coins?
00:14:01When was the birthday party for your son?
00:14:03Just stand up.
00:14:04>> The birthday party was the WEEKEND AFTER NOVEMBER 4th.
00:14:08HIS BIRTHDAY'S ON THE 4th.
00:14:09>> Judge Judy: So, it was before this incident?
00:14:11>> Right.
00:14:11>> Judge Judy: Sit down.
00:14:12So, you are not claiming that delaney took the coins at the same time he took the minivan?
00:14:19>> No, I think some of them.
00:14:21>> Judge Judy: Oh, who knows?
00:14:22You don't know.
00:14:23 I do know this -- >> Judge Judy: What do you know?
00:14:25>> Because how I found out the rest of them were missing was a mutual friend had told me that he -- >> Judge Judy: You can't tell me what a mutual friend told you.
00:14:33>> Well, daniel had admitted to taking them before he left my house.
00:14:36>> Judge Judy: Before he left your house when?
00:14:38>> When he took the minivan.
00:14:39>> Judge Judy: Let's get to the minivan.
00:14:40When you went to the defendant's house to get the minivan back, did you take the police?
00:14:47>> I didn't think I needed the police.
00:14:49>> Judge Judy: Did you ever take the police there?
00:14:50>> I only went there one time, and I didn't take the police because I didn't think it was gonna escalate this far.
00:14:55>> Judge Judy: Well, so, that was november 21st or NOVEMBER 22nd.
00:14:58>> Yes.
00:14:59>> Judge Judy: And then what happened?
00:15:00>> The friend that drove me to his house suggested that we leave -- >> Judge Judy: Don't tell me what they suggested.
00:15:05What did you do?
00:15:06>> We ended up leaving because delaney had called the police, and it wasn't in my district, so I decided to go to chesterfield where the crime happened and have a police report filed there instead of having a scandal at the house.
00:15:19>> Judge Judy: I need the police report that you filed, and i need to know -- first let me see the police report that you filed.
00:15:27>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:15:30>> Judge Judy: I want you to take the $5,000 figure that you've had floating around in your mind, and I want you to kiss it goodbye.
00:15:36[ Laughter ] anything ♪
00:15:43.. ♪
00:15:49.. ♪
00:15:54♪ but I won't do that ♪
00:15:57♪ or that ♪
00:15:58♪ or this ♪
00:15:59err no.
00:16:00Not this! definitely not this!
00:16:02[ sobbing ] It hurts but I kind of like it!
00:16:05♪ ♪
00:16:16,, >> Announcer: Real cases.
00:18:13Real people.
00:18:14" lisa taca says former friend daniel delaney stole her minivan and coin collection.
00:18:21>> Judge Judy: Okay, so, why didn't you go get your car?
00:18:24>> It was locked in -- his driveway is a gate, and the gate was closed.
00:18:28>> Judge Judy: Where's the car now?
00:18:30>> It was towed from his house.
00:18:31>> Judge Judy: Yes?
00:18:32>> And then I did not receive a letter from the tow company until a week after.
00:18:36>> Judge Judy: And?
00:18:37Why didn't you go get your car?
00:18:38>> Well, 'cause they charge "x" amount, and I couldn't, by that time, a week staying there -- i couldn't afford it.
00:18:44>> Judge Judy: Well, what do you mean, "they charge 'x' amount"?
00:18:46What's "x" amount?
00:18:47>> I think it was like $300 for the initial tow and then $40 a day or $25 a day -- something like that, but I couldn't afford it at the time.
00:18:54>> Judge Judy: And that's baloney.
00:18:55>> Your honor, if I may?
00:18:56>> Judge Judy: Yeah, you can tell me whatever you want.
00:18:58Let me tell you that you indicated that the value of th car was $700.
00:19:02You sold it to him for $750.
00:19:05That's on the police report.
00:19:06>> That's and then -- >> Judge Judy: Listen to me.
00:19:09That's on the police report.
00:19:10You sold it to him for $750.
00:19:12That's what you told the police.
00:19:14Your last name is hughes?
00:19:15 that -- >> Judge Judy: What's your last name?
00:19:17>> Hughes.
00:19:17>> Judge Judy: Hugs!
00:19:18That's the one that they were talking to, right in here.
00:19:20>> Right, but that number is not substantiated.
00:19:22I don't know whe-- that's an arbitrary number.
00:19:23>> Judge Judy: Well, that's an arbitrary number.
00:19:25It's an arbitrary number that the police officer didn't pull out of the air.
00:19:28>> Last time I checked, the police didn't -- >> Judge Judy: Listen carefully -- very carefully, sir.
00:19:32>> Yes.
00:19:32>> Judge Judy: You're not smarter than me.
00:19:34>> I'm not saying I am.
00:19:35>> Judge Judy: Right.
00:19:36I also know the police don't value cars.
00:19:37>> Judge Judy: Listen to me.
00:19:39She -- put your hand down -- she sold him the car, allegedly, giving him a great deal for $750 because he was a friend, and if he gave her $500, now it's $500.
00:19:49So, that's the value of the car.
00:19:51Now, the fact that you say you paid $4,200 for the car when you told the police, actually, you paid $3,500 for the car -- >> I have -- >> Judge Judy: Listen -- I don't care.
00:20:03And I don't care what kind of an accident it was in because the police also described the condition of the car.
00:20:09Listen to me carefully.
00:20:10What I want to know is why you didn't go get the car out of impound.
00:20:15Was the car insured?
00:20:16That's a very easy question.
00:20:19Was the car insured?
00:20:20>> No, because it wasn't being used.
00:20:22>> Judge Judy: Well, that's why you didn't get the car out of impound!
00:20:25Because in order to get the car out of impound, you need proof of insurance.
00:20:30>> Okay, well, I didn't even get that far because i afford it.
00:20:32>> Judge Judy: I don't know.
00:20:33And I don't know either.
00:20:34Listen -- I can have a confused look on my face, too, but the reason you didn't get the car out of impound wasn't because of the "x" dollars, it was because in order to get the car out of impound, this car that was described by the police as pretty much of a wreck, you needed proof of insurance.
00:20:50So, now, I want you to take the $5,000 figure that you've had floating around in your mind now for the last week, and I want you to kiss it goodbye.
00:20:58>> Your honor, I wouldn't -- >> Judge Judy: I want you to