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00:00:00T domestic television william "todd" craven is suing his ex-wife, yvonne craven, for damage to his home and for falsely accusing him of larceny.
00:00:12>> Byrd: Order.
00:00:13All rise.
00:00:18Your honor, this is case number 566 on the calendar in the MATTER OF CRAVEN vs. CRAVEN.
00:00:22Parties have been sworn in, judge.
00:00:24You may be seated.
00:00:25Ma'am, have a seat, please.
00:00:26>> Judge Judy: craven, the defendant is your former wife, and you have two children together.
00:00:31It is your claim that after the divorce, your wife remained in the marital home with the two children with the agreement that she was to take over the mortgage payments on the house and maintain the house.
00:00:42She did not do that, according to your complaint.
00:00:45You reclaimed the home through court process, and when you moved back into the house, or when you reclaimed the house, you found -- you allege that she had done substantial damage to the house, and in addition, you claim that at the same time, she alleged that you stole property of hers, which caused you to be arrested, have to hire an attorney, went to trial, found not guilty, and you want her to be responsible for those fees.
00:01:10Mrs. craven says two things.
00:01:12She said "a" -- she did not cause any damage to the house.
00:01:15"B" -- you did, in fact, take property that belonged to her, and she is counterclaiming because she says that in retaliation for something, you called child protective services on her and embarked on a pattern of harassment.
00:01:28She wants to be compensated for that.
00:01:29When were you married?
00:01:30>> That's a good question, your honor.
00:01:32I don't even remember.
00:01:33>> Judge Judy: When were you married?
00:01:35>> February 10, 1996.
00:01:36>> Judge Judy: And when were you divorced?
00:01:38>> Our divorce was final december 1, 2004.
00:01:40>> Judge Judy: When did you move into this home?
00:01:42>> Your honor, I bought the home in 1993 before we met.
00:01:45>> Judge Judy: So the house was yours before you married.
00:01:48>> Yes, ma'am.
00:01:48>> Judge Judy: Can you explain why your wife remained in the house?
00:01:52>> Yes, ma'am.
00:01:53She had -- actually, we had children, and I didn't want to displace the child, so I wanted to leave her in the house.
00:02:00We made an agreement per this equitable distribution that was signed 5 july, 2005 from the court system, stating that she could remain.
00:02:10>> Judge Judy: Can I see it?
00:02:13You mean that was signed after the divorce.
00:02:16If you were divorced in 2004, this was agreed to a year later, in 2005?
00:02:21>> Yes, ma'am.
00:02:22>> Judge Judy: So, you did it in two separate actions.
00:02:26>> Yes, ma'am.
00:02:27>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:02:32So, this provides that at the time of the divorce, you were refinancing the marital residence by taking out a first and second mortgage, and you were to be solely responsible to pay for the first and second mortgage as long as you lived in the house, correct?
00:02:50>> Yes, ma'am.
00:02:51>> Judge Judy: For how many months, miss craven, did you comply with the terms of this divorce decree, in paying both the first or the second -- >> 11 months, and that's when he quit giving me the bill.
00:03:01'Cause the bill was going to his house.
00:03:03>> Judge Judy: Well, where the bill was going, you knew that there was a first and second mortgage, right?
00:03:08And you made a check payable to that every month, and you stopped.
00:03:12>> I continued to pay the first mortgage.
00:03:14It's the second mortgage I quit paying 11 months afterwards.
00:03:17>> Judge Judy: And why did you do that?
00:03:19>> Several reasons.
00:03:20One -- I did not have the means.
00:03:22>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:03:23Then that's the only reason.
00:03:24>> Secondly, it was discharged from my bankruptcy.
00:03:26>> Judge Judy: Then all I want to know is, at that time, sir, after she filed for bankruptcy and stopped paying the mortgage pursuant to this agreement -- no, you said you stopped paying the second mortgage -- stopped paying the second mortgage, you reclaimed the house.
00:03:40How did you do that?
00:03:41>> I took her to court, and i have this order showing the judgment that gives me back the house.
00:03:45>> Judge Judy: On what date?
00:03:46>> 1 May, 2006.
00:03:48>> Judge Judy: May of 2006.
00:03:50Now, was that a contested or an uncontested proceeding, mr. craven?
00:03:53>> It was definitely contested.
00:03:55>> Judge Judy: Contested.
00:03:56So, your ex-wife did not want to leave the marital home.
00:03:58>> And she did not want to make the payment on the property.
00:04:01>> Judge Judy: Well, she did not want to leave.
00:04:03And you got the property back.
00:04:04>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:05>> Judge Judy: And did you move to evict her?
00:04:07>> The judge did, gave her 30 days.
00:04:08>> Judge Judy: And when did you move out, miss craven?
00:04:11>> June 1, 2006.
00:04:12>> Judge Judy: Now let me see pictures of the property when she moved out.
00:04:17All of these questions were designed to come up with an answer whether this was a happy reclaiming of the property or an unhappy reclaiming of the property, which would all go to motive for damaging the property.
00:04:29That's all I want to see.
00:04:31Okay, so, we have a nice house.
00:04:33And then we have a little garbage here.
00:04:39Well, it's definitely messy, sir.
00:04:41How many years did you live in this house?
00:04:43>> I moved in in february 1996.
00:04:45>> Judge Judy: And you moved out?
00:04:47>> June 1, 2007.
00:04:48>> Judge Judy: So you lived there about 10 years.
00:04:51>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:52>> Judge Judy: Other than the blind that's off and a mess, i mean, clearly there's a mess.
00:04:57You left trash and all kinds of stuff.
00:05:00 craven, that your former wife did not broom-clean the house.
00:05:04>> That's correct.
00:05:05Also, there's a door missing off the washroom.
00:05:07>> Judge Judy: Okay, that happens.
00:05:09>> She took the smoke detectors.
00:05:10She took the cable connectors.
00:05:12She took the garage-door remotes.
00:05:13>> Judge Judy: craven, get over it.
00:05:15When you leave a house that people have lived in for 10 years, you can either leave the house broom-clean if you're selling it, or if you're leaving it under circumstances where you've been evicted by your ex-husband and you've been evicted with your two children, you don't particularly feel as if you have to leave the house broom-clean, which is what she did.
00:05:32She left the house a mess.
00:05:34And if she took the remote for the garage-door opener, either she took it or it was lost or it's in this schmutz that was left here, but you get over that.
00:05:42Now let me hear about the property that you say she alleged that you stole that is part of your lawsuit.
00:05:50>> She was actually supposed to be out on 31 may as per the order.
00:05:53I went over there 1 june to take pictures of the property.
00:05:56She was still in the property.
00:05:57I was gonna take pictures to take it to court 'cause we had court that morning for custody.
00:06:01She didn't show up, alleging that I stole the box.
00:06:03So, then again, it was postponed to a later date.
00:06:05After it was over, I found out that she had charged me with larceny.
00:06:08Before I left, she had confronted me about it.
00:06:10And I said, "i didn't steal your box.
00:06:12You're more than welcome to look " " " >> Judge Judy: What property do you believe he took from you, miss craven?
00:06:20>> The only thing that was in that home was all my stuff for court that morning.
00:06:23My boys slept there while we finished packing up.
00:06:25My cousin and I were there all night cleaning out the house.
00:06:28The only thing were there were clothes for them to go to school, me to go to court in a box.
00:06:32He's tried to allege that I was on drugs, drinking.
00:06:34I took more drug tests that month than I've taken in my life.
00:06:38All my evidence was in that box.
00:06:39He picked up the box and took it.
00:06:41>> Judge Judy: Who saw him pick up the box and take it?
00:06:43>> When he pulled up, I ran outside.
00:06:45I said, "what are you doing " " I said, "please give us five minutes.
00:06:50" he pushed his way in, was in the kitchen with my boys.
00:06:52I said, "i've got to go get " went and got ready, came back.
00:06:55My children were in the living room.
00:06:57He was outside walking around the yard, but this one box in the kitchen -- gone.
00:07:00>> Judge Judy: craven says that he said to you, "i don't have your stuff.
00:07:03" did you go out and look in the car?
00:07:05>> He let me look -- >> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:07:07Just answer my question.
00:07:08>> Part of the car.
00:07:09>> Judge Judy: Which part of the car didn't he let you look in?
00:07:11>> The back trunk.
00:07:12>> Judge Judy: Did you ask to go into the trunk?
00:07:14>> Yeah, he wouldn't let me.
00:07:15>> Judge Judy: Is that right?
00:07:16>> It's not true.
00:07:17I opened every door in the vehicle.
00:07:18>> Judge Judy: Is this the first time that your former wife has alleged that you took property?
00:07:22>> Yes, ma'am.
00:07:23>> No, ma'am, just the first time I've pressed charges.
00:07:25That's the third time he stole from me.
00:07:27>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:07:30>> When I had gone in the house, there were prescription drugs laying all over the house, and also criminal record of her boyfriend.
00:07:36The judge said, "i want you to call child protective services for your own " ,,,, ]Jerry days.
00:08:13But what really happened?
00:08:15Cnn -- not me -- cnn says his assertionabout his tax record " jerry brown went out thereand took credit for the fact that the people of californiavoted for proposition 13, which lowered taxes,which he opposed.
00:08:28And now he's going aroundtaking credit for it.
00:08:30He raised taxesas governor of california.
00:08:33He had a surpluswhen he took office and a deficit when he left.
00:08:36He doesn't tell the peoplethe truth.
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00:09:25,,,,,,,, >> Announcer: Real cases.
00:10:25Real people.
00:10:25" william "todd" craven says ex-wife yvonne craven damaged his home and falsely accused him of larceny.
00:10:34Yvonne is countersuing, claiming william filed false charges with child protective services.
00:10:40>> Judge Judy: Miss craven, what you're saying is there's one box left in the middle of the house.
00:10:44Out of how many boxes?
00:10:45>> Oh, dear lord.
00:10:46>> Judge Judy: A lot.
00:10:47>> A lot.
00:10:48There was one box in that whole house and myself and two children.
00:10:51>> The reason -- should I stand up?
00:10:54The reason that one box was even left in the home is because it had all of her important papers and she wanted that with her at all times.
00:11:00>> Judge Judy: You're talking to me about what's in her mind.
00:11:03I want to knfirst, who you are and when you saw the box.
00:11:06>> My name is teresa gale.
00:11:07I'm her cousin, but I was there all night moving with her.
00:11:10 that morning, as well as my husband.
00:11:13>> Judge Judy: So your husband was there, too.
00:11:15>> Yes, ma'am.
00:11:16>> Judge Judy: Was he moving boxes in and out?
00:11:18>> Yes, ma'am, as well as half a dozen other people.
00:11:20>> Judge Judy: So there are half a doze moving boxes in and out.
00:11:23>> But, judge judy, I had to get my -- he was kneeling down, talking to my youngest son, sitting on the box.
00:11:28I told him, "i've got to get ready.
00:11:29" I picked zack up, got just this little jumper I had in the box out.
00:11:33Zack sat back down on it.
00:11:34>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:11:35So the box contained not only court papers, but a jumper you were wearing?
00:11:39>> Yes, it had what I was wearing to court.
00:11:41>> Judge Judy: So the box contained not only court papers, but clothes.
00:11:45>> Yes, ma'am.
00:11:46>> Judge Judy: Just answer my question.
00:11:48>> Yes, ma'am.
00:11:49>> Judge Judy: That doesn't sound right to me, miss craven.
00:11:52Something's beginning not to sound right to me, madam, because when you keep court papers, and I know about court papers, you keephem in a box.
00:11:59>> They were like this in a box, ..
00:12:03In a suitcase, too.
00:12:04I had 30 days to pack up this home of 11 years and myself and two children.
00:12:08>> Judge Judy: That's enough time.
00:12:0930 Days is enough time.
00:12:10>> I did not leave suitcases out.
00:12:12I grabbed clothes for them.
00:12:13They went to bed before we were finished packing.
00:12:15>> Judge Judy: So what you're telling me is in this one box, there were clothes for you and clothes for your children.
00:12:21Is that what you're saying?
00:12:22>> They were on the box.
00:12:23Excuse me.
00:12:28>> Judge Judy: craven, listen to me very carefully, sir.
00:12:31I am never gonna be able to resolve whether or not that you did or didot, in fact, take the box, but I tell you right now, with at least half a dozen people in there moving boxes in and out and with this box allegedly containing not only the court papers, but clothes and other stuff, something doesn't sound right to me.
00:12:50In any event -- you want to show me something?
00:12:52>> Yes, ma'am, I would like to say something.
00:12:55She had, more or less, a stepmother of 20 years that lived with her father.
00:12:58The day after she allegedly lost the box, she admitted to her that she found the box.
00:13:02She couldn't come today because she's having heart surgery, but she wrote a statement.
00:13:05I also had it notarize, stating what she said.
00:13:07>> Judge Judy: So she's having heart surgery?
00:13:09>> Yes, ma'am.
00:13:10>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it.
00:13:12>> Can I comment on that, ma'am?
00:13:13This is a lady who was my father's girlfriend who he never liked.
00:13:17She never liked him.
00:13:18She moved out of my father's home, and now has it out for me and my family.
00:13:22>> Judge Judy: I just want to read what it says, madam, because there is a reasonable explanation for her not being here, and having heart surgery certainly is a reasonable explanation, I will take a notarize statement.
00:13:33Ordinarily I don't.
00:13:36It says, "the 1st of june, yvonne called her father --" that would be you -- "and then came over to our house.
00:13:43She said she was over at morriston that morning and todd craven was there.
00:13:47She told us that he had taken a box containing all of her important papers.
00:13:51Between the two of them, it was decided to call the police and " absolutely correct of you to do.
00:13:59"She left, met the local police at morriston, and filed a report that todd craven had stolen the box of papers.
00:14:05The next morning, she was back at our house and said that she had found the missing box at her new house.
00:14:12I was told not to say anything because they were going to let things stand as they were, i.e.
00:14:17Todd craven accused of stealing a box that she, in fact, had in " that's what I believed happen.
00:14:24Don't shake your head, madam.
00:14:26I believe that's true.
00:14:28Because it just doesn't make sense to me at all that he would come into the house, see his children, steal a box that looked as if it had clothes in it, amongst all the boxes that were left in the house.
00:14:40Doesn't sound right to me.
00:14:41>> That's not the only time he has a malicious -- >> Judge Judy: I want to tell you something, miss craven.
00:14:46You believed at first that he had taken the box, but then when you got home, 'cause in the chaos of moving all the boxes -- 50 boxes, 6 people working feverishly -- somebody sees a box, throws it on the truck.
00:14:58You get home, you find the box, and say, "well, I already made the complaint, and the hell with him.
00:15:03He evicted me.
00:15:04He evicted the children.
00:15:06I'm gonna let these charges " that's exactly what happened, and that's malicious.
00:15:12>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:15:15>> Judge Judy: If you believe that this boyfriend who's got an alcohol-abuse problem is good to be around your children, that's your prerogative.
00:15:22>> Yeah, but women off the internet aren't good around my children, either.
00:15:26>> Announcer: Closed captioning ..
00:00:03You are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin.
00:00:08The people are real.
00:00:10The cases are real.
00:00:12The rulings are final.
00:00:12Captions paid for bycbs television distribution 22-year-old david olson is suing fellow bar patron chad ellinghuysen for elbowing him in the mouth and breaking his teeth during an argument over a girl.
00:00:27>> Byrd: Order! all rise!
00:00:32Your honor, this is case number 541 on the calendar in the MATTER OF OLSON vs.
00:00:36>> Judge Judy: Thank you.
00:00:37>> Byrd: You're welcome, judge.
00:00:38Parties have been sworn in.
00:00:40You may be seated.
00:00:40Gentlemen, have a seat.
00:00:41>> Judge Judy: When did this incident occur?
00:00:44>> The night after christmas.
00:00:45>> Judge Judy: Date?
00:00:46>> 12-26, 2009.
00:00:49>> Judge Judy: You were out, i assume, with these friends.
00:00:51>> Yes, ma'am.
00:00:52>> Judge Judy: Who was the designated driver?
00:00:53>> Dan was.
00:00:54>> Judge Judy: Who were you with?
00:00:56>> I was with chris wiebusch here, my witness, and two other people.
00:00:59>> Judge Judy: Who was the designated driver?
00:01:01>> I was.
00:01:01>> Judge Judy: But you weren't there when this incident happened?
00:01:04>> I was inside of the bar.
00:01:05>> Judge Judy: You were not there when this incident happened.
00:01:08>> Yes.
00:01:09>> Judge Judy: Good.
00:01:10So, you had been drinking.
00:01:11You had been drinking.
00:01:12You had been drinking.
00:01:13You had been sober.
00:01:14>> Yep.
00:01:15>> Judge Judy: Perfect.
00:01:16Stand up.
00:01:18Whose car were you driving that night?
00:01:20>> My own.
00:01:21>> Judge Judy: Tell me your last name.
00:01:23>> Funk. f-u-n-k.
00:01:24>> Judge Judy: Had you had ANYTHING TO DRINK ON THE 26th?
00:01:26>> No. I went home for supper.
00:01:28>> Judge Judy: funk, you've watched my program before.
00:01:30>> Yep.
00:01:31>> Judge Judy: "Yes" is the answer.
00:01:32You know we don't play around here.
00:01:34>> Yeah.
00:01:34>> Judge Judy: I like to get information through the eyes of sober people, so I'm gonna ask you some questions.
00:01:41I expect honest, direct, and truthful answers to everything that I ask you, including the words that I know that many of your gender don't quite get -- " you understand?
00:01:53>> Yep.
00:01:53>> Judge Judy: I ask you a question and you don't know the " >> okay.
00:01:58>> Judge Judy: olson says that he was saulted by the defendant in a parking lot outside of a bar -- >> yes.
00:02:05>> Judge Judy:..When he was elbowed and hurt in his mouth.
00:02:08The defendant says that it was three against one, which clearly it was.
00:02:13I mean, there were three of you and one of him.
00:02:16And I want you to tell me, sir, what happened on the night of december 26.
00:02:22>> I arrived at the bar, knew I was gonna be their sober cab, but there was a bunch of friends in there that we knew from high school that were meeting for christmas break.
00:02:30We walked out to the car.
00:02:31>> Judge Judy: Who walked out to the car?
00:02:33>> All three of us.
00:02:33>> Judge Judy: Had you picked mr. olson up that evening?
00:02:36>> Yes, I was taking him back to damien's place.
00:02:38>> Judge Judy: This is damien?
00:02:40>> Yep, that's him.
00:02:41>> Judge Judy: And there was just the three of you?
00:02:43>> Yes, in my car.
00:02:43>> Judge Judy: You picked them up at what time?
00:02:45>> It was after midnight -- 00, maybe -- right around there.
00:02:49>> Judge Judy: Where did you pick them up from?
00:02:51>> Beer belly's.
00:02:52>> Judge Judy: Beer belly's, which is a bar.
00:02:53>> Yep.
00:02:54>> Judge Judy: I assume.
00:02:55Do you know how they got to beer belly's?
00:02:57>> One of their cars was there.
00:02:58I think it was damien's, maybe.
00:02:59>> Judge Judy: Is that right, damien?
00:03:01>> Yes.
00:03:01>> Judge Judy: Do you know what time they arrived at beer belly's?
00:03:04>> I have no idea.
00:03:05I was working late that night.
00:03:06>> Judge Judy: You picked them up.
00:03:08They had already had alcohol.
00:03:09>> Yes.
00:03:09>> Judge Judy: And that, you could tell.
00:03:11>> Yes.
00:03:12>> Judge Judy: You did or did not go into the bar?
00:03:14>> I did go into the bar.
00:03:15>> Judge Judy: How long were you there?
00:03:17>> An hour, hour and a half, probably.
00:03:19>> Judge Judy: And in the hour or hour and a half, how much did mr. olson have to drink?
00:03:23>> I saw him with the same drink the whole night that I was there.
00:03:26I was talking with friends.
00:03:27>> Judge Judy: What kind of drink?
00:03:28>> A blue one. I don't know.
00:03:29>> Judge Judy: A blue one?
00:03:31What's a blue drink?
00:03:32>> Uv blue vodka and mountain dew.
00:03:33>> Judge Judy: Vodka and mountain dew?
00:03:36Sounds like something my 3-year-old grandchild would make.
00:03:39>> Very tasty.
00:03:40>> Judge Judy: How many of those had you had during the course of the evening?
00:03:43>> I had three.
00:03:44>> Judge Judy: You had three?
00:03:45Okay, so, you're there about an hour, an hour and a half, and?
00:03:47>> They were ready to leave, so I said that's fine, so we started walking out to the car.
00:03:51We all got in the car.
00:03:53Damien was sitting behind me.
00:03:54David was sitting in the passenger seat, and then i remember that damien rolled down the window, and that's when mr. ellinghuysen grabbed him.
00:04:00>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:04:01I want you to keep your eyes on me.
00:04:03>> Okay.
00:04:04>> Judge Judy: Damien rolled down the window -- the back window.
00:04:07>> Your honor -- >> Judge Judy: Stop!
00:04:09I don't want you to say a word!
00:04:11If I wanted to start with you, i would have started with you.
00:04:14>> Yes, ma'am.
00:04:15>> Judge Judy: Do you understand?
00:04:16>> Yes.
00:04:17>> Judge Judy: Damien rolled down his window.
00:04:18>> Yes.
00:04:19>> Judge Judy: This was in december.
00:04:21>> Yes.
00:04:21>> Judge Judy: Where do you live?
00:04:23>> Minnesota.
00:04:23>> Judge Judy: Minnesota.
00:04:25Careful what we say, mr. funk.
00:04:27Put your hand down!
00:04:29And you saw -- pronounce your last name.
00:04:32>> Ellinghuysen.
00:04:33>> Judge Judy: Ellinghuysen walk over to the back window.
00:04:36>> He was walking out with us.
00:04:37>> Judge Judy: But he didn't get into the car?
00:04:39>> No, he grabbed damien through the car window.
00:04:41>> Judge Judy: Did damien say anything when he rolled down the window to get some air?
00:04:47>> I didn't hear him.
00:04:48>> Judge Judy: Did you hear the defendant say anything to damien?
00:04:52>> I didn't hear anything about that, either.
00:04:54>> Judge Judy: What did you see next?
00:04:56>> That's when I saw him grab damien through the car.
00:04:58>> Judge Judy: How did he grab him through the car?
00:05:00>> Reached through the window with his hands.
00:05:02>> Judge Judy: Where did he reach?
00:05:04>> Chest area is what I saw.
00:05:05>> Judge Judy: And?
00:05:06>> Then he opened up the door, pulled damien out my car door, and then that's when they began wrestling.
00:05:12>> Judge Judy: Okay, so, he pulled damien out of the car door, and the two of them started wrestling.
00:05:18>> Wrestling on the ground.
00:05:19>> Judge Judy: Okay. keep going.
00:05:21>> And then david got out of the car door, went over, and grabbed damien off of mr. ellinghuysen.
00:05:26>> Judge Judy: So damien was on top?
00:05:28>> Yes.
00:05:28>> Judge Judy: So he grabbed damien off the defendant?
00:05:31>> Yes.
00:05:31>> Judge Judy: And?
00:05:33>> That's when he grabbed him off, then we were all standing in a circle.
00:05:36>> Judge Judy: What do you mean, all standing in a circle?
00:05:39You got out of the car.
00:05:40>> Us four, yeah.
00:05:41>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:05:42Well, you didn't tell me you got out of the car.
00:05:44When did you get out of the car?
00:05:46>> After david had damien pulled off.
00:05:48The fight, or the wrestling, was over by that time.
00:05:50I didn't even do anything.
00:05:51>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:05:52So, you got out of the car, and?
00:05:54>> That's when -- >> Judge Judy: Look at me.
00:05:56Don't look down. look at me.
00:05:58>> What I said is that, you know, why are we fighting over this?
00:06:00>> Judge Judy: Why are you fighting over what?
00:06:02>> A girl.
00:06:02>> Judge Judy: Is that what the fight was about?
00:06:04>> It was about some words that were exchanged about a girl.
00:06:06>> Judge Judy: How did you know that?
00:06:08>> That's what he said when we got outside.
00:06:10>> Judge Judy: Oh, well, what did he say?
00:06:12>> That damien called the girl a name, and that's what mr. ellinghuysen got mad about.
00:06:16And we were all standing in that circle.
00:06:17That's when I heard about that.
00:06:19>> Judge Judy: So, you said, "i don't see why we're all fighting about this thing.
00:06:23It's about a girl." whatever.
00:06:25And then what happened?
00:06:26>> That's when we were all standing there, thought it was all over with, we'd all go home.
00:06:30And then, out of the blue, his elbow came up, got david.
00:06:33David went down to his knees.
00:06:34>> Judge Judy: How did that happen?
00:06:36You were all standing around in a circle.
00:06:38As a matter of fact, we have the same four players right here.
00:06:40I want you to stand in the middle right here and stage to me exactly -- you stage to me -- exactly what you saw happen.
00:06:48Get everybody up -- everyone.
00:06:50[ Laughter ] >> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:06:53>> Judge Judy: That's not what mr. funk said.
00:06:56So, between you and your witness, one of you is lying.
00:06:58Either you're lying or he's lying.
00:07:00Who's lying?
00:07:04,,,,,, awful.
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00:08:35>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:08:36Real people.
00:08:37" david olson says fellow bar patron chad ellinghuysen elbowed him in the mouth and broke his teeth during an argument in a bar parking lot.
00:08:48>> Judge Judy: Now I want you to place everybody, including him, where everybody was standing that day.
00:08:54>> This is how I think I -- >> Judge Judy: Move!
00:08:57 ellinghuysen was right there.
00:08:59Damien was right here.
00:09:00>> Judge Judy: G-go.
00:09:02Move where he puts you.
00:09:03Now, what I want you to do is, as soon as you remember exactly how it was -- >> this is how I remember it.
00:09:10>> Judge Judy: Fine.
00:09:12Now I want you to change places with the plaintiff.
00:09:15Change places with the plaintiff.
00:09:18Now I want you to show -- this is where we are.
00:09:20Fight's over.
00:09:21The discussion's over.
00:09:22I want you to show me what you saw next.
00:09:26>> It was all over with, and that's when -- >> Judge Judy: Show me!
00:09:30>> Okay.
00:09:30You want me to put his elbow -- >> Judge Judy: I want you to show me.
00:09:33Take his elbow.
00:09:34Do whatever you want.
00:09:35>> And that's when it went up into his teeth.
00:09:37>> Judge Judy: You're all standing around, and that's how it happened?
00:09:40>> Yes.
00:09:41>> Judge Judy: He lifted up his olson in the mouth.
00:09:46>> Yep.
00:09:47>> Judge Judy: Thank you.
00:09:48Now you can all assume your positions.
00:09:51Well, that's not your story at all.
00:09:53I read your complaint.
00:09:55That's not your story, so either he's lying or you're lying.
00:09:57We have to figure out who's lying.
00:09:59Because let me read to you what you say in your complaint.
00:10:04>> Yep.
00:10:04>> Judge Judy: Mm-hmm.
00:10:06"The defendant opened the door and pulled damien out.
00:10:10The two of them started fighting, and we feared that the defendant might seriously hurt " >> yes.
00:10:18>> Judge Judy: "So I did my best to break up the fight.
00:10:21I pulled thedefendantoff " that's not what mr. funk says.
00:10:27Mr. funk says damien was on top.
00:10:29That's what mr. funk says.
00:10:31He was on top and he was pulled off the defendant.
00:10:36"I pulled the defendant off damien, and he elbowed me in the " that's what you say.
00:10:43>> Yes.
00:10:44>> Judge Judy: Now, between you and your witness, one of you is lying.
00:10:48Either you're lying or he's lying.
00:10:50Who's lying?
00:10:51>> Your honor, can I have a chance to say exactly what happened that night?
00:10:55>> Judge Judy: Well, I don't know if you can tell me exactly what happened, sir.
00:10:58You were drinking.
00:10:59>> Not that much, nowhere -- >> Judge Judy: He wasn't drinking at all.
00:11:02>> Yes.
00:11:03>> Judge Judy: He'syour witness.
00:11:05Either he's lying or your complaint is lying, 'cause that's what happens when everybody drinks.
00:11:09Things get a little blurry.
00:11:11Now you can sit down, mr. funk.
00:11:12You have been a most effective witness.
00:11:17Go ahead.
00:11:18>> Well, we were out that night, like dan said -- >> Judge Judy: I know, you were out that night.
00:11:22I'm now in the parking lot.
00:11:23>> You're in the parking lot.
00:11:25Well, the reason why chad was coming up there, because he was accusing damien -- >> Judge Judy: Of saying something nasty to a girl.
00:11:30I also don't care about that.
00:11:32I care about "up to the car, " >> all right, yep, pulling damien out of the car, and they begin to fight on the ground, where damien got punched in the head.
00:11:41I got pictures here to show you all this.
00:11:43They were on the ground, rolling around, wrestling, or what they do, so I got out of the car.
00:11:47I ran around there.
00:11:48I pulled chad off damien.
00:11:50>> Judge Judy: Okay, so you pulled chad off damien.
00:11:52So your witness is now not telling the truth?
00:11:56Can't be both ways.
00:11:57Either your witness, who's sober, is not telling the truth, or you're not telling the truth.
00:12:02So, I guess it would be your witness who's not telling the truth?
00:12:04>> Yes.
00:12:05>> Judge Judy: So, you pulled the defendant off damien, and then what happened?
00:12:10>> And then they all stood up, and those two continued to argue about what was said to this girl, or whatever, then all of a sudden, he blatantly elbows me right in the mouth, knocking me on my feet.
00:12:20Next thing you know, I'm spitting my teeth out, bleeding.
00:12:22>> Judge Judy: That's certainly not what you wrote here.
00:12:24You said you pulled him off, and as you pulled him off, he elbowed you.
00:12:27That is emotion that I can understand.
00:12:29It's not true, according to him.
00:12:31But it's emotion that I can understand.
00:12:34If he's on top and you're pulling him off, I can understand him, as you're pulling him off, him going like this to you.
00:12:40That, I can understand.
00:12:41Now, it may not have been what happened.
00:12:43According to the only sober one that I've heard so far, it's not what happened.
00:12:47You want to tell me your version of the events, sir?
00:12:49>> Yes, your honor.
00:12:50We were at the bar.
00:12:51I was out with some friends.
00:12:52>> Judge Judy: I'm not interested.
00:12:54Somebody said something nasty to a girl.
00:12:56You went outside.
00:12:57I read your answer.
00:12:58You went outside to make sure nobody did anything to a car.
00:13:00>> To the vehicles, yep.
00:13:01>> Judge Judy: Listen to me.
00:13:02That, I don't believe.
00:13:03And I want to know from you what time you arrived at the bar and what was your drink of choice that night, if you remember?
00:13:08>> We arrived there probably about 10:00 at night.
00:13:10>> Judge Judy: So you'd been there a couple, three hours at least?
00:13:13>> Yeah.
00:13:13>> Judge Judy: What were you drinking that night?
00:13:15>> McGOLDEN.
00:13:16>> Judge Judy: What?
00:13:17>> McGOLDEN.
00:13:17It's a minnesota beer.
00:13:18>> Judge Judy: Beer?
00:13:19>> Yep.
00:13:19>> Judge Judy: Now, you had had some difficulty with one of these guys who said something nasty.
00:13:24That would have been damien saying something nasty to a girl you knew.
00:13:27You went outside, whatever.
00:13:29You had words, and go!
00:13:30>> At the car -- >> Judge Judy: At what car?
00:13:32>> I was following them out because I wanted -- >> Judge Judy: What were you doing near their car?
00:13:35You can follow them out.
00:13:36You don't have to follow them out and be up their nose.
00:13:38>> Yep, I know.
00:13:39>> Judge Judy: Yeah, so you followed him to his car.
00:13:41>> Followed him to his car.
00:13:42>> Judge Judy: Followed him to his car.
00:13:43Now we're getting down to it.
00:13:44>> As I was walking over to the car to make sure nothing was gonna happen, they were driving out.
00:13:48They stopped, rolled down the window of their car.
00:13:49>> That is -- >> Judge Judy: Stop!
00:13:51>> So, they stopped.
00:13:52They rolled down the window.
00:13:53They started running their mouth.
00:13:54I did not pull damien out of the car.
00:13:55He got out of the car.
00:13:56>> Judge Judy: And?
00:13:57>> And that's when it started.
00:13:58We had a little push match, and then we hit the ground.
00:14:01We were wrestling, and nothing happened.
00:14:02>> Judge Judy: And?
00:14:03>> The other two people come around the car.
00:14:05Don't ask me how his teeth got knocked out.
00:14:07>> Judge Judy: And?
00:14:07>> And that was it.
00:14:08We were all back on our feet, and, yeah, he was holding his mouth, but I can't tell you how his teeth got knocked out.
00:14:14>> Judge Judy: Let me ask you this question, sir.
00:14:16Who's fault do you think that is?
00:14:18>> The person that got out of the car.
00:14:19He had a choice to stay in the car.
00:14:21>> Judge Judy: No.
00:14:22Not totally.
00:14:23See what happens when morons drink?
00:14:25How old are you?
00:14:26>> 27.
00:14:26>> Judge Judy: You're getting old enough to know better.
00:14:29You're getting to be a little long in -- listen to me.
00:14:31Listen to me.
00:14:31You're getting to be a little long in the tooth to have bar fights.
00:14:35>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:14:38>> Judge Judy: Did you tell damien to shut his big mouth?
00:14:42>> I didn't.
00:14:42>> Judge Judy: Is he usually a moron troublemaker?
00:14:44>> No, ma'am.
00:14:45>> Judge Judy: But he was that night.
00:14:47>> Yes.
00:14:47>> Judge Judy: Now we're getting somewhere.
00:14:49>> Announcer: Closed captioning ..
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00:17:45>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:17:46Real people.
00:17:47" david olson claims fellow bar patron chad ellinghuysen elbowed him in the mouth and broke his teeth.
00:17:56>> Judge Judy: Now stand up.
00:17:58Last name?
00:17:59>> Wiebusch.
00:18:00>> Judge Judy: Did you see chad leave the bar?
00:18:02>> Chad was already outside.
00:18:04Chad was outside.
00:18:05I seen them three leave, but i was inside talking to some other friends.
00:18:09>> Judge Judy: The question is, did you see him leave or not?
00:18:12>> Not before the fight.
00:18:13I left the bar with him.
00:18:15I drove him, so no.
00:18:16>> Judge Judy: Did you see the other three leave?
00:18:19>> I saw them leave.
00:18:20>> Judge Judy: Listen to me.
00:18:22Your friend says he followed them out of the club.
00:18:27So -- don't try to anticipate what I'm saying.
00:18:29If you tell the truth, you don't have to have a good memory.
00:18:33Your friend says he followed them out to make sure that they didn't do anything to your car.
00:18:39So if you saw them leave, he couldn't have been outside already.
00:18:44>> He was outside.
00:18:45>> Smoking.
00:18:46>> Judge Judy: Don't participate unless I look in your direction.
00:18:49>> At the time, I didn't know nothing was gonna happen.
00:18:51>> Judge Judy: I didn't ask you anything.
00:18:53>> Okay.
00:18:58"I wanted to make sure that they didnng to my friend's car, so I followed them into the parking lot to make sure they got into their car and " so you saw them leave, but you didn't see him leave?
00:19:09>> He was already outside with the girl.
00:19:11>> Judge Judy: With what girl?
00:19:12The girl over whom there was a dispute?
00:19:15>> Yeah.
00:19:15>> Judge Judy: So, now let me understand this.
00:19:19He's standing outside smoking with the girl to whom damien had said an unattractive thing, and now he's outside with the same