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00:00:00Suing her former roommates, andrew kendall and james mills, for rent, damages to their apartment, and stolen property.
00:00:09>> Byrd: Order! all rise!
00:00:13Your honor, this is case number 43 on the calendar in the matter OF BOOTH vs. KENDALL/MILLS.
00:00:16>> Judge Judy: Thank you.
00:00:17>> Byrd: You're welcome, judge.
00:00:18Parties have been sworn in.
00:00:19You may be seated.
00:00:19Ma'am, have a seat.
00:00:20>> Judge Judy: Miss booth, these two gentlemen were your roommates, and it is your claim, since they're no longer your roommates, that one of them owes you for some rent.
00:00:28Who's james?
00:00:29>> I am.
00:00:29>> Judge Judy: That would be james.
00:00:31He owes you for some rent that you covered for him during the time he was there, and then andrew -- you would be andrew?
00:00:37>> Yes, ma'am.
00:00:38>> Judge Judy: Miss booth purchased a computer on her credit card at your request.
00:00:42You acknowledge that.
00:00:43>> Yes.
00:00:44>> Judge Judy: And you were supposed to make the payments on it.
00:00:47You took the computer with you when you left the apartment.
00:00:50You had not finished paying for the computer, and miss booth wants her money because she's paying for the computer through her credit card.
00:00:59How much is still owed on the computer?
00:01:00>> About $1,860.
00:01:01>> Judge Judy: How much was the computer?
00:01:03>> Total, $2,000.
00:01:04>> Judge Judy: So you didn't make many payments?
00:01:07>> No, it was two months -- $90 each -- and then the falling out.
00:01:11And actually, the only reason i stopped making payments was because through the argument of getting released on the lease and, you know, moving out and such, she then said, "i want the " I said, "hey, you can have the computer back.
00:01:25It was never a question, but i " >> Judge Judy: Why?
00:01:28>> Because I'd paid $180 for this computer, and then I'm not gonna have any items of which -- >> Judge Judy: Absolutely right.
00:01:34You don't get items.
00:01:35Did you use the computer?
00:01:36>> Yeah.
00:01:37>> Judge Judy: So, you're sticking her with a computer that she didn't need -- I assume you have your own computer.
00:01:41>> I do, ma'am.
00:01:42>> Judge Judy: Right?
00:01:42>> Right.
00:01:43>> Judge Judy: You got to pay her for the computer.
00:01:45>> Well, she wanted it back.
00:01:46>> Judge Judy: But you didn't give it to her back.
00:01:48>> No, because I felt like she needed to pay me what I paid her.
00:01:51>> Judge Judy: No, she doesn't.
00:01:52How long did you use it?
00:01:53>> Two months.
00:01:54>> Judge Judy: That's what you paid.
00:01:56$90 A month.
00:01:57You used it for two months.
00:01:58It's depreciated in value.
00:01:59If she went to sell the computer, maybe she could get 1,000 bucks for it.
00:02:03It would just cover her losses.
00:02:04Now do you understand?
00:02:05>> A little bit, yeah, but i still think -- >> Judge Judy: I don't care what you think.
00:02:09What you think is irrelevant to me.
00:02:11Do you get it?
00:02:12>> Yes.
00:02:12>> Judge Judy: Where's the computer?
00:02:14>> Judge Judy: "Uh" is not an answer.
00:02:16I want to know -- >> I was going to -- >> Judge Judy: And I don't want to hear what's in here.
00:02:20I want to know where the computer is.
00:02:22>> The computer was sold because of the cost -- >> Judge Judy: To whom? to whom?
00:02:26>> I sold it to a pawn shop.
00:02:28>> Judge Judy: Give me the name of the pawn shop and the date you sold it.
00:02:31>> I, off the top of my head, could not.
00:02:33>> Judge Judy: I don't believe a word that you just said to me, sir.
00:02:37>> Okay.
00:02:37>> Judge Judy: Which means that if I don't believe you, I don't like you.
00:02:41You tell me why you sold the computer, sir.
00:02:43>> Because the -- >> Judge Judy:" don't think.
00:02:47Just tell me the truth.
00:02:48>> Okay, the truth was -- >> Judge Judy: Hey.
00:02:51If you tell the truth, you don't have to have a good memory.
00:02:54>> I'm just saying -- because the pinch of which moving out was so abrupt, due to the cost of moving out and the deposit for a new place, rent, such and so forth because I was not getting as many hours at my job because of the economy and whatnot, I sold the computer to move out.
00:03:10>> We needed -- >> Judge Judy: I don't want to hear from you!
00:03:17I assume that andrew can read.
00:03:21>> Byrd: Seems a reasonable bet.
00:03:23>> Judge Judy: I have marked with a large circle what andrew swore to in his answer.
00:03:31I would like andrew to read it.
00:03:36>> Byrd: Here you go, andrew.
00:03:37>> Judge Judy: Just what I've circled, andrew.
00:03:41>> Byrd: Maybe he can't.
00:03:42>> Judge Judy: Just what I've circled, andrew!
00:03:44Take a deep breath!
00:03:45>> Okay, "the computer since " >> Judge Judy: Want to read that again, a little slower, so we can all hear it?
00:03:52>> "The computer has since " >> Judge Judy: So what was that big story you just gave me about losing hours from work, and you had more expenses, and all those other things, and that's why you sold the computer?
00:04:05This says that you sold the computer 'cause it broke.
00:04:08>> The computer -- >> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:04:11One is this sworn statement.
00:04:13So, you want to tell me which one is the truth?
00:04:16>> The computer was slightly broken.
00:04:18The hard drive had crashed when I sold it, but the reason I did sell it was not because of the hard drive.
00:04:23>> Judge Judy: You love it?
00:04:24Do you love it?
00:04:25Do you love it?
00:04:25This guy is a real idiot.
00:04:27How old are you?
00:04:28>> I'm 24.
00:04:29>> Judge Judy: He's 24, and he thinks, at 24, he's smarter.
00:04:35You have parents?
00:04:36>> Yes.
00:04:37>> Judge Judy: You think you're smarter than your parents, andrew?
00:04:39>> No.
00:04:40>> Judge Judy: Then why would you think you're smarter than me?
00:04:42And this is my job.
00:04:43>> I'm just stating the truth.
00:04:44>> Judge Judy: No, you're not.
00:04:46You didn't state the truth.
00:04:47You gave me two totally inconsistent statements.
00:04:50"A," I told you I don't believe that you sold the computer.
00:04:53You weren't able to furnish me with the name of the place you sold the computer to, nor, i assume, a receipt for the sale.
00:04:58Would that be a fair statement, sir?
00:04:59>> That'd be a fair statement.
00:05:01>> Judge Judy: Right.
00:05:02So then I questioned whether or not you actually sold the computer, so I said to you, "why " you're not even a good enough liar to remember what you swore to in this deposition, because in this deposition, it said, " you gave me a whole geshikhte of why you sold the computer.
00:05:21"I was out of work.
00:05:23I had no hours.
00:05:25I had expenses from moving.
00:05:27" nowhere did it say the word "crashed," so then, when i confronted you, andrew, which is why I'm telling you why I think you're an idiot, because you think you're smarter, you say, "well, it did crash once, and it wasn't working right, but that's " you see, you get into trouble, andrew, when you don't tell the truth right from the beginning.
00:05:47Isn't that right, james?
00:05:48>> This is true.
00:05:49>> Judge Judy: This is true.
00:05:50So, so far, you owe her $1,860 for the computer.
00:05:55Now, who punched a hole in the door?
00:05:59>> Me.
00:06:00>> Judge Judy: And you punched a hole in the door because?
00:06:03>> We were having an argument, and she slammed it in my face.
00:06:06I was intoxicated at the time, and I -- >> Judge Judy: Punched a hole in the door.
00:06:11Now, do you have an estimate, miss booth?
00:06:13>> Yes, I do.
00:06:14>> Judge Judy: For fixing the hole in the door?
00:06:16>> Yeah, and I have pictures, too.
00:06:17>> Judge Judy: Take a look at them.
00:06:21>> And can I add to the computer?
00:06:23He also took software with it when he left, and I printed off the values of the software.
00:06:26>> Judge Judy: I'm not interested.
00:06:28>> Okay.
00:06:28>> Judge Judy: Oh, this is a good hole.
00:06:33What about the holes in the wall?
00:06:34>> I did put one hole, and that was in my bedroom.
00:06:37>> Judge Judy: How much of a security deposit did you leave?
00:06:40>> Judge Judy: "Uh" is not an answer.
00:06:42>> $300.
00:06:43My part was $150.
00:06:44>> Judge Judy: That he left behind.
00:06:45Is that right, miss booth?
00:06:47>> Yes.
00:06:47>> Judge Judy: Very good.
00:06:48So, that means he owes you $250 in addition to the $1,860.
00:06:51>> I don't believe that's correct.
00:06:53>> Judge Judy: I don't care what you believe.
00:06:55I don't care what you think.
00:06:56>> Okay.
00:06:57>> Judge Judy: It's irrelevant to me what you believe or what you think, and I haven't even questioned you yet.
00:07:02>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:07:04>> Judge Judy: Which idiot of these two did you know before you moved in?
00:07:08>> The tall one.
00:07:08>> Judge Judy: The tall one.
00:07:10[ Laughter ] so, the little one came as sort of an extra added attraction?
00:07:14>> Announcer:..
00:07:15>> 17-Year-olds don't hang around with 14-year-olds.
00:07:18The only time they do is when the 17-year-old has a problem.
00:07:21Something doesn't click right.
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00:08:36>> Announcer: Real cases.
00:08:37Real people.
00:08:38" samantha booth says ex-roommates andrew kendall and james mills owe for rent, damages to their apartment, and stolen property.
00:08:48>> Judge Judy: Now, did you pay your rent when you were supposed to?
00:08:52>> There were a few months I was not able.
00:08:54>> Judge Judy: Perfect.
00:08:55And who covered your rent when you weren't able to?
00:08:58>> There was one occasion and only one occasion in which sammy did.
00:09:01>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:09:02How much did she cover for you?
00:09:04>> The one time that she did, it was for $80.
00:09:06>> Judge Judy: $80?
00:09:07>> No, I covered two other months on top of that.
00:09:09>> Judge Judy: Shh.
00:09:10What month was it?
00:09:13>> Judge Judy: If you don't remember, say, "i don't " don't make it up.
00:09:17Uncross your arms.
00:09:19>> I believe september, but to be honest, I do not remember.
00:09:22>> Judge Judy: Very good.
00:09:23You're learning the drill.
00:09:25What month's rent did james not pay?
00:09:27>> He did not pay november and december, and the $80 was actually from august that got prorated into september.
00:09:32>> Judge Judy: Did you pay december's rent?
00:09:34>> I did not pay december's rent.
00:09:36>> Judge Judy: Why?
00:09:37>> Because, first off, I was not on the lease, and we were out of THE HOUSE DECEMBER 3rd.
00:09:40>> Judge Judy: But you were in the house december 1st and 2nd.
00:09:43>> Yes, I was.
00:09:44>> Judge Judy: Then you pay december's rent.
00:09:46>> No.
00:09:46>> Judge Judy: No, but you will pay december's rent.
00:09:48How much was your share of the rent?
00:09:50>> My share of the rent was 1/5 at the time.
00:09:52We had five people living in the house.
00:09:54>> No, his girlfriend was with him.
00:09:56>> Judge Judy: Hey.
00:09:58Which idiot of these two did you know before you moved in?
00:10:00>> The tall one.
00:10:01>> Judge Judy: The tall one.
00:10:02[ Laughter ] so, the little one came as sort of an extra added attraction?
00:10:07Okay, how much was your share of the rent?
00:10:09>> For december, I'm not entirely sure.
00:10:11>> Judge Judy: Well, good.
00:10:12You're not sure?
00:10:13I love the answer.
00:10:14How much was his share of the rent in december?
00:10:16>> $180.
00:10:16>> Judge Judy: When did you get new roommates?
00:10:18>> I actually somehow found them ON DECEMBER 15th.
00:10:21>> Judge Judy: Oh, great, so he doesn't owe you for december's rent.
00:10:24He owes you, so far, $80.
00:10:25What else does he owe you for?
00:10:26Did he pay november?
00:10:27>> He did not pay november.
00:10:28>> I did pay november.
00:10:29>> Judge Judy: Show me.
00:10:30>> I don't have any paperwork stating that I didn't pay her for november because there was no paperwork anywhere.
00:10:36>> Judge Judy: Why would she allege that you didn't pay november?
00:10:40>> The reason being is rent for november and december was late and lost.
00:10:44>> Because of you.
00:10:45>> Judge Judy: Just a second.
00:10:47Late because of whom?
00:10:49>> Because of everyone.
00:10:50>> Judge Judy: I'm just talking about you.
00:10:51>> This is true, but -- >> Judge Judy: I'm just talking about you.
00:10:54I only care about you.
00:10:55>> I was short about $30.
00:10:58>> Judge Judy: So how much did you give her?
00:11:00>> I gave her my portion, my $180, for november, and I gave her 50 additional dollars for my portion of the electricity.
00:11:09>> Judge Judy: Did he give you any money in november at all?
00:11:11>> No.
00:11:12>> Judge Judy: And what was his share of the rent in november?
00:11:14>> $180.
00:11:15>> Judge Judy: So he owes you $180 and $80.
00:11:17>> Yes.
00:11:17>> Judge Judy: Great.
00:11:19So, he owes you $260, and he owes you $2,110.
00:11:23That's for the computer and fixing the holes and the door.
00:11:27>> On the software he took, it totaled $1,000.
00:11:30It is not small programs.
00:11:31They're video-editing and music-making software.
00:11:34>> I don't even know how to use that, your honor.
00:11:36I don't even know what she's talking about, and she did call me that it was missing, and we actually looked for it before all this happened in our house and still had not found it, so she assumes -- >> Judge Judy: He owes you $2,110, and he owes you $260.
00:11:48Thank you very much.
00:11:49That's all.
00:11:50>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:11:52You may step out.
00:11:54>> Miss booth was a partier, and there were many, many, many different people in that house.
00:11:58>> He considered two more people a party.
00:12:00>> There was a lot of partying.
00:12:01I didn't even touch alcohol before I met miss booth.
00:12:03>> Having a couple drinks is not a party.
00:12:05>> Don't live with roommates.
00:12:06It's just a lose-lose situation.
00:12:09>> Problem solved.
00:12:10>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:12:12>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF RUE vs. PEREZ, STEP Forward.
00:12:16>> Announcer: Denise rue is suing the parents of her son's friend, maria and jose perez, for the cost to fix her car after their 14-year-old son crashed the vehicle into a friend's house.
00:12:30>> Byrd: Go over there.
00:12:31>> Judge Judy: Miss rue, this is your son.
00:12:33He's 17.
00:12:33>> Correct.
00:12:34>> Judge Judy: He has a driver's license.
00:12:36>> Correct.
00:12:36>> Judge Judy: He asked to borrow your car to go out for an evening.
00:12:39Where did you tell your mother you were going?
00:12:42>> I was gonna go bowling.
00:12:43>> Judge Judy: What?
00:12:44>> Bowling.
00:12:44>> Judge Judy: Bowling.
00:12:45So, your mother said, "sure, " but you never intended to go bowling.
00:12:49Is that right?
00:12:50So you, "a," lied to your mother.
00:12:52>> Yes.
00:12:52>> Judge Judy: And where did you go?
00:12:54>> To my friend's house to drink.
00:12:55>> Judge Judy: Friend's, whose ..
00:12:57>> Jordan.
00:12:58>> Judge Judy: And how old is jordan?
00:13:00>> 15.
00:13:01>> Judge Judy: And why were you going to jordan's house to drink?
00:13:04>> Because his parents weren't home.
00:13:06>> Judge Judy: I think that they should probably have kennels for teenagers, to put them in when you're going away for a weekend, and they're too old for a babysitter and too young to be left alone.
00:13:18You just board them in a kennel.
00:13:20[ Laughter ] what do you think about that, miss rue?
00:13:22>> It would've been good that night.
00:13:24>> Judge Judy: I think it would be great a lot, except we'd lose a lot of cases here.
00:13:28So you were going to jordan's house, who's 15, because his parents were going away and thought jordan was mature enough to stay alone without a nanny.
00:13:37>> Your honor -- >> Judge Judy: Don't speak.
00:13:40Did you go directly to jordan's house?
00:13:42>> Yes.
00:13:43>> Judge Judy: And where did perez come in to jordan's house?
00:13:47>> I went to go get him.
00:13:48>> Judge Judy: That's what we're talking about.
00:13:53Now, what's your first name?
00:13:54>> Michael.
00:13:55>> Judge Judy: So, which was it?
00:13:56Did you go get michael before or after you got to jordan's house?
00:14:00>> Before.
00:14:00>> Judge Judy: And the purpose of going to jordan's house was to drink.
00:14:05And you know michael is 14 years old, right?
00:14:09>> Yes.
00:14:09>> Judge Judy: Now, he couldn't have gotten to jordan's house without you because he doesn't ..
00:14:15>> License.
00:14:16>> Judge Judy: License.
00:00:00Thing, and that's a question that I have.
00:00:03Miss salatino, why would your neighbor, who is not a kid -- i mean, this is a kid prank -- do such a thing that is really so juvenile?
00:00:12>> Back in 1999, we had a problem with my mailbox, with my outgoing mail, and I do have a tape right here that shows her messing with my mailbox.
00:00:22>> Judge Judy: That's in 1999.
00:00:23We're talking about seven years ago.
00:00:24Could we have something more current, please?
00:00:26>> We went on a cruise.
00:00:28My husband and I went on a cruise this year of 2006, celebrating our 30th anniversary.
00:00:33We invited them to go.
00:00:34They couldn't go.
00:00:36I think she was mad that we still went ahead with our plans.
00:00:39When we came back from the cruise, that's when all of this started.
00:00:43>> Judge Judy: So you think that because you went ahead with your anniversary cruise that she retaliated and started ordering these magazines.
00:00:51>> Yes.
00:00:52>> Judge Judy: Did you have any words about it?
00:00:53>> No.
00:00:54>> Judge Judy: Okay, then I'm gonna get back.
00:00:55Miss salatino, what proof do you have for me that miss soliz, your neighbor, was responsible for you receiving these dozens of magazines?
00:01:03>> I have copies of the postcards, insert cards, that i spent hours contacting the magazines, and they sent me copies of it.
00:01:12And I have a copy of her handwriting.
00:01:13>> Judge Judy: All right, let me see them, please.
00:01:27Okay, would you show this to the defendant and ask her, please, if this is her handwriting?
00:01:37>> Yes, it is.
00:01:44>> Judge Judy: Would you hand this to the defendant, please, and your pen.
00:01:52I want you to write this down.
00:01:55Emily salatino, 23 [bleep] drive, cincinnati, ohio, 45251.
00:02:06Now I want you to skip a line.
00:02:08I want you to write this down, please.
00:02:10Emily salatino, 23 [bleep] drive, cincinnati, ohio.
00:02:20Skip a line.
00:02:22>> Okay.
00:02:23>> Judge Judy: emily salatino, 23 [bleep] drive, cincinnati, ohio.
00:02:32I'll take that back, byrd, whenever she's finished.
00:02:46Who are these two people?
00:02:48>> This is my neighbor and my husband.
00:02:49>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:02:51It's my understanding from your papers, miss salatino, that this is the proof that you have.
00:02:56You believe that the handwritings in this case prove that the magazines were ordered by the defendant.
00:03:04>> Yes.
00:03:05>> Judge Judy: I'll hear your expert.
00:03:06Is that you?
00:03:07>> Yes.
00:03:07>> Judge Judy: Step up, please.
00:03:08Tell me your name.
00:03:10>> My name is bart baggett.
00:03:12I'm a court-qualified document examiner.
00:03:14>> Judge Judy: In what courts have you been qualified?
00:03:16>> Superior court in los angeles and in texas, dallas civil court.
00:03:19>> Judge Judy: How many times have you testified in courts in the state of california?
00:03:22>> Once.
00:03:23>> Judge Judy: And were you at that time qualified as an expert?
00:03:26>> Yes.
00:03:26>> Judge Judy: Okay, fine.
00:03:28Let me show you this document, mr. baggett.
00:03:33Was this given to you by the plaintiff as a handwriting exemplar of -- >> yes.
00:03:39I received a copy of this, and i labeled it "known handwriting " >> Judge Judy: baggett, are you able to say with a reasonable degree of certainty that the order forms and the handwriting exemplar that you were furnished of the defendant's were written by the same person?
00:03:56>> Yes, ma'am.
00:03:57>> Judge Judy: Tell me why.
00:03:58>> I have brought some exhibits to explain it.
00:04:00>> Judge Judy: I'd like you to do that for me.
00:04:01>> Great.
00:04:04First of all, this is what i consider the known writing that I had to work with.
00:04:08This is some of the subscription cards which are in question.
00:04:12Now I broke it down.
00:04:13I really brought about three very good, illustrative examples that I think you could very clearly see that there are similarities.
00:04:21First of all, I had to ask the question is if someone's trying to obfuscate or change their writing, what would it look like?
00:04:27And the first thing about all these handwriting samples is they're very, very slow and meticulous, which means it's probably not going to match the natural handwriting perfectly.
00:04:36>> Judge Judy: What about the cards suggest to you that the handwriting was done very slowly?
00:04:41>> Excessive ink, very wide pen, as well as lots of very rounded and extra ink "splots" throughout.
00:04:50If you write very quickly, it's fewer ink "splots" would build up at the end of the pen.
00:04:54The things that to me were very revealing is things that I found under the microscope.
00:04:59There were certain pen lifts in three letters that I want to show the court, which if you were trying to fix somebody's writing, you would probably miss it because it's an unconscious pen lift, and I've analyzed that under a microscope if you'd like to see those.
00:05:10>> Judge Judy: I would.
00:05:11>> Great.
00:05:12FIRST, THE TOP OF THE H's.
00:05:13And over here we picked a top of the "l," which is a very similar letter.
00:05:16They're all up strokes.
00:05:17This is theredbook.
00:05:18Notice there seems to be a huge missing ink in the lower part of " here is an "h," and I've taken these and split-screened them on the television.
00:05:27>> Judge Judy: I'd like to see it.
00:05:29>> Okay.
00:05:31So here we go.
00:05:32Now this is kind of an indent or pen lift here on the question, and this is the known.
00:05:37Notice there's consistent pen lifts.
00:05:39There is split number two -- a different letter, same pen lift.
00:05:43There is pen lift here, extra ink there -- very unconscious.
00:05:47There's another letter that we found that was very similar, and this is a little easier for the average eye to see, which is the number 2.
00:05:54And here is the defendant's number 2 here.
00:05:58It's a very square 2.
00:06:00And here is the 2 with the very angles.
00:06:03My experience with forgery cases is that people do a very good job faking their handwriting with alphabet, but then the numbers they go back to sort of how they normally write.
00:06:12So, oftentimes, the numbers are very, very revealing.
00:06:15Also, we've blown these up here to show the angularity of the writing.
00:06:19So here it is, of her 2 -- very angular, opposed to the loopy 2, which is what a lot of people do, how we learn in school.
00:06:25And here is a very poor copy of an angular 2.
00:06:29And then finally the lower loops, which I think is the most " here we have the subscriptions, and almost all the "y" loops have a huge pen lift as you turn from the "y" and going north -- big pen lift, big pen lift.
00:06:45>> Judge Judy: And that's it?
00:06:46>> So those three things I think make a case for someone trying to obfuscate the handwriting, but showing up that it is the same person because of these unconscious differences and similarities.
00:06:56>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:07:00>> Judge Judy: She acknowledges that she was miffed about something, and she did a very stupid thing she shouldn't have done.
00:07:05It's seven years ago.
00:07:05You can't be punished forever.
00:07:07We need more than that.
00:07:08>> Announcer:..
00:07:09>> My granddaughter has suffered.
00:07:11I want it stopped.
00:07:13It has to stop.
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00:09:54JuJuJuJuJuJuJuJuJu >> Announcer: Real cases.
00:09:58Real people.
00:09:59" emily salatino claims neighbor linda soliz forged her name on countless magazine subscriptions.
00:10:07Emily has brought handwriting expert bart baggett to testify on her behalf.
00:10:12>> Judge Judy: Well, I am certainly not an expert in the field of handwriting.
00:10:17Certainly, looking at this from an untrained eye, one would not say that these two people are the same.
00:10:24>> No, it's very different-looking, as far as slant, pressure, et cetera.
00:10:27>> Judge Judy: Very different-looking, and certainly many of these cards are different-looking, as if different people wrote the cards.
00:10:33Some are printed, some -- >> I agree with you.
00:10:35However, looking at that, I made the conclusion they are written by the same person maybe using their left hand.
00:10:41So I also went down that road.
00:10:42I agree.
00:10:42>> Judge Judy: Possible, but then you said that people may be able to change their handwriting, but when they come down to writing numbers, they usually go back to the way they usually wrote numbers, right, which is why you looked at the 2.
00:10:56>> Yes, ma'am.
00:10:56>> Judge Judy: I'm looking at the 4 and the 5 on what she just wrote and all of the cards -- they are really totally dissimilar.
00:11:11>> I agree.
00:11:12They do not match.
00:11:13>> Judge Judy: The only one that you found that matched was 2, right?
00:11:17>> Of the numbers, yes, ma'am.
00:11:19>> Judge Judy: But the 2s certainly don't match this.
00:11:21>> And that we haven't analyzed.
00:11:23>> Judge Judy: Well, this she just wrote very quickly, which is the way I was trained to have someone give a handwriting exemplar.
00:11:30I was in the business for a while myself.
00:11:32Thank you, sir.
00:11:34Anything else you want to tell me?
00:11:35>> No, ma'am.
00:11:36>> Judge Judy: Have a seat, please.
00:11:38Miss salatino, what motive would miss soliz have for doing something like this?
00:11:43>> I think she was mad that we went ahead and went on the cruise without them, and the proof from '99 of her messing with my mail shows a pattern.
00:11:52>> Judge Judy: You have her doing that seven years ago.
00:11:55According to what you say, there was a misunderstanding.
00:11:58The two families got back together again ultimately, and it was over.
00:12:01And she acknowledges that she was miffed about something, and she did a very stupid thing.
00:12:06She went over, and she put down the flag on your mailbox.
00:12:08It was a childish thing for her to do.
00:12:09She shouldn't have done.
00:12:10It's seven years ago.
00:12:11You can't be punished forever.
00:12:12We need more than that.
00:12:14Did you order these magazines?
00:12:15>> No, ma'am, I did not.
00:12:17>> Judge Judy: Do you know who did?
00:12:18>> No, I do not.
00:12:19>> Judge Judy: Why did you stop communicating with her after they went away on their trip?
00:12:23Were you angry?
00:12:24>> No, we didn't stop communicating.
00:12:26I have e-mails where she's e-mailed me.
00:12:28We've talked.
00:12:29But then when I started talking a lot to one of the other neighbors, she quit talking to me.
00:12:34She hasn't talked to me hardly at all.
00:12:35>> Judge Judy: So she was angry about a new friend that you had, you think?
00:12:38>> Yes, ma'am.
00:12:39>> Judge Judy: Miss salatino, i am so sorry that you had all this aggravation.
00:12:42Unfortunately, this is a court where I require proof.
00:12:45 baggett is a lovely expert witness.
00:12:48And although he may be right, i am not comfortable enough to label somebody a felon and guilty of mail fraud on that kind of evidence.
00:12:57So it's too bad that you people who used to be friends are no longer friends.
00:13:01Maybe you can be friends once again, but I'm not satisfied that you've proven your case.
00:13:05Case is dismissed.
00:13:05That's all.
00:13:06>> Byrd: Parties are excused.
00:13:07You may step out.
00:13:08>> Announcer: And now the next case.
00:13:10>> Byrd: All parties in the MATTER OF BROWN vs. DAVIS, STEP Forward, please.
00:13:14>> Announcer: Rebecca brown is suing her granddaughter's mother, crystal davis, for an outstanding cellphone bill and for the return of her granddaughter's clothes.
00:13:24>> Judge Judy: Miss brown, i gather that your son and miss davis had a relationship.
00:13:29>> Correct.
00:13:29>> Judge Judy: And that relationship produced a child, a little girl, and you have legal custody of that child.
00:13:35>> Correct.
00:13:36>> Judge Judy: You claim two things.
00:13:38You claim that when your granddaughter goes to visit with her mother, or had in the past, her mother kept some property of your granddaughter's that you bought for her.
00:13:47>> Correct.
00:13:47>> Judge Judy: And, in addition, you say that she owes you some money for a cellphone that you got for her.
00:13:52>> Correct.
00:13:52>> Judge Judy: I gather that that's some of the property that was at your house?
00:13:56>> Yes.
00:13:57>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:13:58Byrd, could we move that property from one table to the next, please?
00:14:01Is that all the property of your daughter's that you have at your house?
00:14:05>> Yes.
00:14:05>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:14:07Now I assume, miss brown, that you believe that there is more stuff there at the house than just this stuff.
00:14:13I'm not interested.
00:14:15That happens.
00:14:16Where is your son?
00:14:17>> My son lives in virginia.
00:14:19>> Judge Judy: Well, how often does he see his daughter?
00:14:21>> He does not.
00:14:23>> Judge Judy: Why?
00:14:24>> Because he doesn't want to.
00:14:25>> Judge Judy: Are you in touch with him?
00:14:27>> I sent him an e-mail just recently, encouraging him to come see his daughter because his daughter made several remarks to me that concerned me as a parent about him.
00:14:37She stated she hates him because he does not love her.
00:14:40>> Judge Judy: Sounds to me as if you got a lot on your plate.
00:14:44>> Yes, I do.
00:14:45>> Judge Judy: Now, miss brown, have you sued your son for child support?
00:14:50>> No.
00:14:51>> Judge Judy: Why not?
00:14:52>> Because from the last time i heard, he was unemployed, because my intentions were to take him to court.
00:14:59>> Judge Judy: You should.
00:15:00>> And I will, once I find out that he's working.
00:15:02>> Judge Judy: You don't have to wait until you find out that he's working.
00:15:05I'm gonna tell you why.
00:15:06Because in the courts in this country, you are presumed to be able to take care of your children.
00:15:11And when I sat in the family court, I would say to people, "i'm making an order.
00:15:15You go out and find yourself a job.
00:15:17And I don't care if you collect cans at a nickel a can, but you are going to support this child.
00:15:22And if you don't, I'm gonna put you in jail.
00:15:24So you're gonna have a choice.
00:15:25You're gonna go to jail, or " that's it.
00:15:31>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
00:15:33>> Judge Judy: I don't care if you go out and sell your blood every day!
00:15:36I would have sold the bling on my hands, anything that was necessary.
00:15:41You get me?
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00:18:46dgdgdgdgdgdgdgdg >> Announcer: Real cases.
00:18:50Real people.
00:18:50" rebecca brown claims her granddaughter's mother, crystal davis, owes for a cellphone bill.
00:18:58Rebecca claims crystal is a deadbeat mom.
00:19:01>> Judge Judy: Now let me hear about this phone bill.
00:19:04She got you a cellphone.
00:19:05>> Yes.
00:19:06>> Judge Judy: At your request.
00:19:07>> Yes.
00:19:08>> Judge Judy: And you were supposed to pay the bill.
00:19:10>> Yes.
00:19:10>> Judge Judy: Did you pay the bill?
00:19:12>> Yes.
00:19:12I paid her what I used for that phone, which was $102.59.
00:19:18>> Judge Judy: Why did you get her the phone, miss brown?
00:19:20>> I gave crystal the phone, your honor, because of her daughter.
00:19:24Tyrell is crystal's daughter, and she wanted to be in touch with her mother.
00:19:29And I said, "okay, if I give her this phone, I would be able to track her by that number so her " she ran the phone bill up $102 the first time.
00:19:40And the second time she ran the bill up, it was $281.26.
00:19:46>> Judge Judy: Did she pay the $102?
00:19:47>> She finally paid $100, and the second time, she came back around the end of january, and she brought $100.
00:19:56>> Judge Judy: So now she's given you $200.
00:19:58>> She's given me $200.
00:19:59And I said, "you owe me more " >> Judge Judy: All right, so far she owes you an extra $181.61.
00:20:05>> $181.26.
00:20:07>> I'm not disputing the fact that the bill might be another $181.
00:20:11I told her clearly, when she gave me the phone, that I had started a new job, and the bill was gonna be two days late.
00:20:19>> Judge Judy: Are you telling me, miss davis, that your payment was two days late and that she canceled the phone?
00:20:24>> Yes.
00:20:24>> Judge Judy: Is that right?
00:20:25>> No, that's incorrect.
00:20:26>> Judge Judy: How late was it?
00:20:27>> The bill was at that point 60 days late.
00:20:31>> Judge Judy: Miss davis, she doesn't look like the kind of lady that has psychotic breakdowns.
00:20:36Why do you think that after a couple of months she would say, "now I'm gonna cut off the phone 'cause she's two days late"?
00:20:43Does that make sense to you?
00:20:44Doesn't make sense.
00:20:46And if it doesn't make sense, it's not true.
00:20:48>> It's the reality.
00:20:49>> Judge Judy: No, it isn't.
00:20:51That may be your reality.
00:20:52I want you to get in touch with your reality.
00:20:54When was the last time you saw your daughter?
00:20:56>> The last time I saw my daughter was coming from christmas.
00:20:59I had her for christmas, and i took her back to her.
00:21:01That was the last time that i seen my daughter.
00:21:04>> Judge Judy: When was the last time you made an attempt to see your daughter?
00:21:06>> The last time I talked to her on the phone was a sunday afternoon, and she was so upset about the phone bill, it wasn't even nothing really said.
00:21:13I was like, "hello, this is " she was like, "i have nothing to say to you until I see you in court" and hung up the phone.
00:21:19>> Judge Judy: Okay.
00:21:20So we're gonna take care of this 26, and then I assume that you're going to go and see your daughter.
00:21:26>> I would hope that I can see my daughter, which one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.
00:21:30I shouldn't have been held from seeing my daughter.
00:21:33>> Judge Judy: You're absolutely right, because that punishes your daughter.
00:21:35Do you have other children, other than your son?
00:21:38>> I have two sons.
00:21:39>> Judge Judy: Two sons.
00:21:40And where is the other son?
00:21:41>> My other son is out on his own.
00:21:43He's 24 years old.
00:21:44When they get a certain age, they have to leave my house.
00:21:47They have to become responsible.
00:21:48>> Judge Judy: Good.
00:21:49No failure to launch in your house.
00:21:50>> No, no.
00:21:54>> Announcer: "Judge judy" continues in a moment.
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